Highland Ave x Santa Monica Blvd, Hollywood CA

Surrounding Vicinity










“HO”ney S... POT






across the street AMMO next to BOND



see below for close up picture of this extremely important NUMBER address of “1154”,
and the Address number of “1157” on metal BELL BOX picture above
both directly connected to MATHemathics of making Money through “PREMEDITATED CONSPIRACY of TWO”

Brad Pitt “FURY” Oct 2014

5/27 or 2 57, 11 57, Sandy Wang Dog JACK's birthday
LA County Jail in LYNN WOOD address 11 507

IL LI “NOISE” deranged sick fucking Niggers, “JA” “JA” + “IL LI” = JAIL JAIL “OO”

Sick Nigger Pussies Celebrating RAPING OF MY LIFE and ART for SANDRA OH




SONIC POOL across the street in 2014

“OS” Other Side of SONIC POOL across the street in 2014

SO Map of SausalitO 94965 where Constance Psycho Pecoraro lives and “MH”

Since 2007, over the course of 7 to 8 years, many of these are New Businesses, built based on RAPING of MY LIFE in 2007, and ROBBING of MY ART in 2009.

There are 2 New PET Businesses near this intersection. There are also 2 PS, Public Storage facilities across the street from each other. The reason why PET is important is about my Dog JACK”S Pictures, something they've been building on for decades, connected to my childhood picture in 1979 in Santa Monica with a Dog on my LAP. PS Is about my Self Portrait “SP” Drawing, all of the above that they've been building as if MY IDENTITY is SANDRA OH.

This entire area is connected to My Second WATERCOLOR ARTWORK which was STOLEN in 2009 though White Collar C”RIMES”. It's about meaning of “Lion's Body” painting which looks like a male Penis shape, connected to my “KEY” Painting which were done in 2007, connected to Writings, as in my “Intellectual Property” from 1982. All of it, TWISTED, through Business Names, Owners names, Address “NUMBERS”, AS IF Sandra OH is My Identity, My SELF PORTRAiT Drawing, My Personal Private Pictures on the TREE in “TOP”ANGA in 2007, and the Artist of My WATERCOLOR ARTWORK. When everything about this Borderline Psychotic Actress has already been built through OIL ART by Constance Maria Pecoraro's CATHOLIC THEME of Mother MARY and Jesus CHRIST “CHA”rlies Find, reason why she is “CHRIST”ina Yang on “Grey's Anatomy”.

“There's a NE w GRO wth, of new businesses, every time they KILL a piece of me and my life.” So every new business on this street, is connected to a PREMEDITATED “INCIDENT” which OCCURRED in REAL LIFE in MY LIFE, a HORRIFIC TERROR TALE, and because of it, someone opened a New Business to CELEBRATE the RAPING and ROBBING of MY LIFE. There thousands of streets in California just like this, has been built as if through Business Names, Address Numbers, Owners Names, etc, as if Sandra OH is MY IDENTITY and ARTIST of MY ARTWORK, a pattern that began 3 decades ago, because of the meaning of My First Artwork Collection from 1981 and 1982 that Sandra OH has been claiming she “DREW”.

JF CHEN is a business I think that's been across the street from ANAWALT for many years, probably decades. It's about meaning of the word “FJ” Family Jewel, going backwards. This is why there are TWO New PET Businesses on this street, for meaning of MY ART of “LION BODY” PENIS Shape, connected to MY DOG JACK's Pictures in 2009, meaning of MY KOREAN ROYAL “Family Jewel”, as if the “KEY to MY SOUL”, is SANDRA OH'S, as if she is MY PORTRAiT, MY IDENTITY, ARTIST of MY ART. It's 2014, I've been waiting since 2009, since My Dog JACK and all my PRICELESS ARTWORK was STOLEN, waiting for SANDRA OH's SOULMATE to show up and ASSSterisK to Marry her, EVERYONE AROUND THE WORLD IS WAINTING AND WONDERING WHAT IT ISNT' HAPPENING. THEY'VE ALL BUILT IT, FOR SANDRA OH TO MARRY LEE MONTGOMERY. When everything has already been built through Catholic Theme Oil Art by Constance Maria Pecoraro of “CHA”rlies Find, JOSH MIC”CHA' WOLF, their very “PY”ous je”SUS”, horny for PEAR OIL ASS Form, reason why Sandra OH is “CHRIST”Ina Yang on “Grey's Anatomy”.

JF “CHEN” is about the word “CHIN”, connected to My Watercolor ABSTRACT Artwork page, and the artwork titled 'OLD KARMA”. When you look at this painting, it looks like the PROFILE of a HEAD looking to the Left, and the “CHIN” is the ASS. They built an ASS Conspiracy through OIL ART by Jesus CHRIST “CHA”rlies Find, and they are trying to make MY WATERCOLOR ART, “FIT” Into what they already built.

They've been building on the meaning of PEAR B”OAT” Ass, and “TAO” is the Way Backwards through meaning of “LIO n KIN g”, “OIL” backwards. This is connected to COPPER PENNY is COIN and SynCHRONICITY is a term coined by CJ CARL JUNG. Everything about “JC” Jesus CHRIST is connected to “CJ” Carl Jung, because the KOREAN Word “JUNG” Dung means ASS in a Ass Conspiracy. So this is why when you look at my WATERCOLOR Art titled “Old Karma', which was originally titled “Carl Jung”, everything they've been building through Jesus Christ “FITS” this watercolor painting I did in 2006.

NOS”E” = “E”yes of the SON “CHA”rlie OO Backwards, is horny for his mother “MAR”yia ASS FORM. Chin is the ASS and ARM is the “NOS”E.

Josh MIC”CHA” WOLF and Constance MA”RIA” Pecoraro think MY ARTWORK has meaning for them, like Sandra OH, while they PLAN and PREMEDITATE to RAPE and MURDER MY LIFE, through FRAMING ME, and “FEEDING Me to the PIGS” the POLICE and LOCKing me in Jail, so that My ART of “LOCK and KEY”, My Powerful INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY can have meaning for them. All these new businesses is about “THIS”, TWISTING meaning of MY ART, to “FIT” what they've already built based on PSYCHO PECORARO's CATHOLIC THEME OIL ART in MATHemathics of making Money as if SANDRA OH is MY IDENTITY and ARTIST of MY WATERCOLOR ARTWORK, reason whey over 250 pieces of My Art on Paper, neatly stacked in 2 portfolios were STOLEN in 2009 through White Collar “CRIMES”.

JESUS CHRIST CHARLIES FIND, Isn't my Oil Artwork, reason why Sandra OH is “CHRIST”ina Yang on “GRAYS Anatomy”, HOSpital Tv show created in 2005, connected to “Completing” the meaning of PEPSI PUSSY “GRAY” SON and Sandra OH's pictures in 1999. Go to this very important page, and understand why this tv show was created, and it's DIRECTLY connected to Tv show “GREYS Anatomy”, connected to Constance Maria Pecoraro's CATHOLIC Theme Oil Artwork in MATHemathics of making Money through ROBBING of MY IDENTITY, meaning of MY John Hancock as in my Name SIGNature, MY Korean Name, My Parents Names, for SANDRA OH, in a GROUP CONSPIRACY.

OIL and WATER don't mix, like these deranged psychobitches Constance Pecoraro, Sandra OH and Shonda Lynn Rhimes and I don't mix. These are very DISTURBED borderline Psychotic Sick CRIMINALS, who need to be LOCKED IN PRISON. Josh MIC”CHA' WOLF is their “PY”ous Je”SUS”, and the QUESTIONS about the BIRTH of his Son JACOB WOLF born”ed' in Seattle WASHINGTON MUST BE ANSWERED, reason why this HOS pi”TAL” tv show is set in the same city of Seattle WASHINGTON the “EVER GREEEEN” State.

CAL U MET Photography CP, has closed as of November 2014. SE”CAL” in Korean means CO”LOR”, and these two words are very closely connected to RAPING of MY LIFE, ROBBING of MY IDENTITY and MY ART for KOREAN Actress SANDRA OH, all built through “CO LOR” Words.

Free City “FC” is about creating meaning Going Backwards, of Tom Bridges Jesus CHRIST “CF” Charlies Find, in a Ass Pussy Conspiracy Going Backwards. F”REE”, in “P EAR” B”OAT” Ass Conspiracy connected to JOSH MIC”CHA” WOLF, their Pyous Jesus, connected to why Sandra OH is “CHRIST”in Yang on “Greys ANATOMY”. EVERYTHING has been “disturbingly” linked to BODY PART WORDS in a Deeply Psychotic “ASS ANUS DICK PUSSY” Game. “THEY” can't get out of the Ne “GRO IN” area, built through “CHO”CHA”RLIES Find, C”HO”CHA is Pussy in Spanish with SANDRA “OH” name in it BACKwards, reason why EVERYTHING has been built BACKwards in a ASS PUSSY Conspiracy.

Across the street is JAMES PERSE. The name PERSE, the SOUND of “PURSE”, is another word for “BAG”. Ever hear PEARL Jam's song “YELLOW LED BETTER”? Boxer or the “BAG”, in Conspiracy of TWO, is DIRECTLY built into EDDIE VEDDER of PEARL JAM Music Band.

D Pet Hotel.

D = letter 4. FOUR, sound of “FOR”. For who? For what? For EIGHT “OO” , meaning of my Name SIGNature on MY ART from 1981.

GU IL LA U ME, built in Left to Right. GU IL “LA” U and WHO” Borderline Psychotic Actress SANDRA OH who MUST BE LOCKED IN PRISON FOR LIFE.

FOR is about the meaning of My Name SIGNature, My John “HANCOCK” on MY ART which is also known as a “FOR”MU LA.

PET HOTEL, connected to “FORM” of MY LION BODY Watercolor Art, My Second Artwork Collection from 2003-2007, which looks like a Penis, connected to My Dog PET JACK's Pictures. Reason why My PRICELESS ART and My DOG JACK were STOLEN in 2009.

FORM U LA, For who? For what? Must be “OO” EIGHT INCH PENIS.

Everything they've already built in robbing of my Name SIGNature, is about FORM of OO, is ASS PUSSY through Jesus CHRIST. And Tom Bridges John HANCOCK, Gold CLOCK, 4 “OO”, through F”LOCKS” of Birds like Pea”COCK” on “BRIDGE”way Sausalito, Built in by Default to be about ASS PUSSY for “PY”ous je”SUS” JOSH MIC”CHA” WOLF, who is a “7' INCH HOR DICK. Reason why everything about Number EIGHT, PAL in Korean, has been built to be about Ass Pussy.

It's called VAGINA and PENIS ENVY.


This area with LEXINGTON Avenue street name is very importan connected to My CATHOLIC High School name of St. VIN”CENT” FERRER on LEXINGTON Avenue NYC from 1980's. That they've been building as if MY IDENTITY attending my Catholic Schools in 1980's is SANDRA OH in Los Angeles. Los Angeles, connected to meaning of My Name SIGNature on my Pencil Drawing of Robert GUIL”LA”UME from 1981, that they've been building in LA as if Sandra OH drew my drawing.

It's about meaning of ZIP CODE NUMBERS of “JACKSON” HEIGHTS NY 11372 where I grew up in 1980's. See Zip code number connection link below, because EVERYTHING they built, as if Sandra OH is My Identity through Constance Pecoraro's Jesus CHRIST oil art, reason why Sandra OH is “CHRIST”ina Yang on”GreYS ANATOMY”, has turne out to be DOB, Date Of Birth, of SHONDA LYNN RHIMES CAPricorn “1/13” and Sandra OH Cancer Sign birthday of “7/20”, ASS PUSSY Cat”HO”Licking in TOM BRIDGES “BRIDGEWAY” Sausalito with 94965 of CHRISTina Bern”ARD O”s DOB. TOM BRIDGES DOB, BOD”Y” as in ANATOMY of GAYS and Lesbians cat”HO”Licking for MAThemathics of making money.

The CORNER is a Coffee Shop/Diner. Next door is a New Club since 2012 with a “KEY”. Then the new Buddha JONES, with a R”ED” DOT opened in 2013. Red DOT in a circle of “O”, is about the circles of My “OM symbol” Watercolor Art, my Trademark in circle of “O”, as if SANDRA “OH” is the owner and artist because it sounds like her name. Reason why T “OM” Bridges address is 360 POST Street in San Francisco, 360 degrees in Geometreee is a circle of “O”, and the ROBBING of MY IDENTITY and MY ART for SANDRA OH is DIRECTLY connected to TOM BRIDGES Fag Dentist who has the same LEO Birthday as me of 8/13. It's important to know what his real YEAR of Birth is, is it 19”72”? because if it's 8/13/72, it's about CONFUSING and COMBINING MY LEO IDENTITY and Birthday numbers of 8/13/69, with SANDRA OH birthday of “7/20” CANCER, born in EAR sound of JU LY.

If Tom Bridges YEAR of Birth is 1972, he is Going to PRISON. Tom Bridges at “360” POST Street in SF, this address is about Geometry of “O” circle is 360 degrees, connected to YR Sound of SANDRA “OH” Name, who's real birthday is Cancer “7/20”. Tom Bridges who has the same LEO Birthday as me, but different year, it's to COMBINE and CONFUSE MY LEO IDENTITY with PSYCHO SANDRA OH who thinks the sign of LEO ruled by the “SUN” has meaning for her, connected to EAR sound of Jesus CHRIST the 'SON”.

The CORNER is about LINKING the “FC” Four Corners on Beverly Hills. This is why there is a “FC” Free City, connected to Catholic Theme Oil Art by Constane Pecoraro of “CHARLIES FIND” CF. This is why if you go to the above links to Lexington Avenue in 2011, you'll see FROSTY SNOW MAN and why it's connected to BH Beverly Hills Police Chief name DAVID S”NOW”DEN. See Four Corners link below.

Mathemathics of making MONEY through RAPING OF MY “KEY” Painting that was STOLEN in 2009, in TAO DAO EAR sound of “DOW JONES”. ROBBING of My TAO Saying, My Trademark, and My Intellectual Property, in MATHemathics of making MONEY, to have meaning for HOR DICK JEW JOSH MIC”CHA” WOLF, as if he has meaning in MY “KEY” painting, when everything about his Life connected to “CHA”rlies Find Jesus CHRIST Oil Art by Constance Pecoraro has already been built to be about FORM of “LOCK” is OverLAPping ASS PUSSY OO (). Have you seen “WOLF of WALLS TREET”? This movie explains it very well and clearly.

Address of new nightclub with KEY symbol is “11 45”. This is connected to CONSPIRACY of TWO Times, through Beverly Hills Court. 1 and 1 makes “O O”. 45 is CHRISTina Bern”ARD O” EARth TAURUS Birthday, and everything about Constance Maria Pecoraro's CATHOLIC THEME OIL ART in Robbing of MY IDENTITY and ART for SANDRA OH is connected to a CRIMINAL “School Teacher” name CHRISTina BERN”ARD O” in New York. If you go to COL.e Page, like dozens of my other website pages, everything about Jesus “CHRIST” Oil Art and RINGS around his Eyes, has been built to be about FORM of “LOCK” of ASS PUSSY, reason why Sandra OH is “CHRIST”ina Yang on “Grey's ANATOMY”. This New Club, like Hundreds of New Businesses is about ROBBING OF MY “KEY”, MY ART, and LITERALLY in REAL LIFE, the “KEY to MY SOUL”, MY SOULMATE for SANDRA OH. While they PLAN to MURDER MY LIFE in Conspiracy of Two.

BOND, next to AMMO restaurant.

If you look at the BELL, this entire area has been built, not only to ROB MY SECOND WATERCOLOR ARTWORK Collection from 2003-2007 for SANDRA OH, as if she is MY Identity and Artist of my Artwork, but to also PREMEDITATE and PLAN for “CONSPIRACY of TWO”.

The address of LA County Jail in “LYNNNN WOOD” is 11507 Alameda Avenue. 1157. What's Left? Circle of “O”, as if My TRADEMARK in circle of O was done by Sandra “OH”, as if she is the Owner of MY INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY, while the PLAN to LOCK me in “MENTALLY INSANE” Dept of LA County JAIL. Circle of “O”, is about meaning of “CUT” the O and FINISH the LINE, extremely important meaning like “4 C day B 4” FORM”OSA” connections in 2007 in TOPANGA where I lived.

This goes back to my Dog JACK who I adopted in Sept 2007, in AGOURA Hills. His Birthday is “5/27”, Air Gemini birthday. So they STOLE MY ART, MY CAR, MY DOG in 2009, through FRAMING ME and LOCKING ME IN JAIL, and ALL THESE New Businesses are about “TWISTING” IT to make it look as if Sandra OH is MY Identity and ARTIST of MY WATERCOLOR ART, MY SELF PORTRAIT Drawing through BUSINESS NAMES on Specific Streets, while they PREMEDITATE for “CONSPIRACY of TWO”.

Two Pet Businesses, in Conspiracy of TWO Times, through 5/27 My Dog JACK's Birthday, in address of LA County Jail in LYNN WOOD “11 507”, connected to GLORIA LEE's Birthday numbers of “5/29”, both “AIR” Gemini signs, “AG”, so that Going Backwards, Sandra OH on “GA” Greys Anatomy, through a tv show, can be My IDENTiTY and ARIST of MY ARTWORK.

5/27, and 5/29, is about “79”, as if MY CHILDHOOD PICTURES in 19 “79” in SANTA MONICA with a “DOG” on MY LAP, is SANDRA OH, through “REPEATEDLY RAPING MY LIFE through NUMBERS and SECRET CODES”. THIS IS WHY IT IS EXTREMELY IMPORTANT TO UNDERSTAND MEANING OF SANDRA OH AND HER 1999 PEPSI PUSSY PICTURES, reason why in 2005, “GRAY”S Anatomy” was created, connected to Jesus CHRIST the “SON” Oil Art by Constance Pecoraro, in robbing of my childhood pictures in Santa Monica in 1979 with the “SIGNS” PEPSI “GRAYSONS”, Robbing of MY IDENTITY for SANDRA OH.

Constance Pecoraro and Sandra OH = LIFE IN PRISON and there isn't any compromising and there isn't anything anyone else can do about it. Everyone else must be severely punished accordingly.

D Pet Hotel owner's name is “CRUZ”, like CRUISE. Is Tom CRUISE MAPOTHER related to TODD CUMMINGS of TOPANGA, as in Family?


Brad Pitt in the movie “FURY” is connected to REAL LIFE Events. There is a WAR going on = + Dead Bodies.

CONSPIRACY of T “OO” means that the conspiracy of ONE “W.A.S” as Conspiracy, this is called Deductive Reasoning. Conspiracy of ONE was CARRIED OUT already and I have overwhelming Concrete Evidence of the Horrific Terrorizing and RAPING of MY LIFE connected to US Government Agencies, and Conspiracy of TWO, DESERVES LIFE IN PRISON.

State of TENNESSEE wants to Bring Back the “ELE”ctric CH”AIR”, for SIN CL”AIR” Fraudulent CRIMINAL, Raping Robbing DERANGED NIGGER BARACK OBAMA who became the “44”the presi”DENT” through the TERRORIZING and RAPING OF MY LIFE, all PREMEDITATED and his FRAUD “TRICK”Ed “ELE”ction.

Why? Here's a review again, and there are HUDREDS of EXAMPLES JUST LIKE THIS.

The O T HER Side of PAM, “MAP” O T HER in Her She Ys ChoCHAcolate Ass Pussy “PC” ea.ting Tom Bridges Gayme

connected what they've built, as if SANDRA OH is My Identity and Artist of my ART

meaning of George “C” Page and Constance Maria Pecoraro’s Jesus CHRIST OIL ART
OO on PAGE 3 = C meaning of Pecoraro's sick Jesus CHRIST “CHA”Rlies Find , Ray “CHA”rlies Cafeteria at CSH

OO over LAP ping area 1999
CHO”CHA” is Pussy in Spanish SANDRA OH in 1999 “PEPSI PUSSY” Pictures

Exact “TEN” Years, almost to the Fucking Date, in RAPING OF MY LIFE through PREMEDITATED C”RIMES”

2010 LOCK of ICE Is COL.d Alice in Wonderland and PSYCHO PECORARO = LIFE IN PRISON

2011 'GREEEN” OS a COL.e Place and Constance Pecoraros' New Year “GREEN on Other Side” Email in 2011 = LIFE IN PRISON

SEPT 2012 “GREEEN” Sandra OH in “GREEN” Dress on GT with Sara Mc”LOCK”Lan

SEPT 2012 Ever”GREEEN” Street Sandy Wang's Dental Hygiene Petition and H”EAR”ING DATE of “64”

6464 PAM “O” T HER next to “CP” Cassil Place, “64 64” Sunset Blvd
“O” T HER Side on “CP” COL.e Place x Lexington

11 “64” Public Storage OTHER SIDE of CITRUS and MANS FIELD


2014 Evidence of Constance Pecoraro's “FAN cy BO x “ and Im 'PORT'tant connections of Conspiracy of T “OO”

The “COR”NER, next to “KEY” Club address of 1154
above pictures of Bell Box “1157” same address of LA County LYNWOOD Jail


C”HO”SEN, as if Sandra “OH” is My Identity and My Korean name of WANG
CHOSen is connected to the name of “CHO YONG” in my father's MUSIC Band picture from 1950's

Sandy Wang's Baby Pictures
WANG name meaning
Sandy Wang's Father's Music band from 1950, Name of “CHOi Yong” next to my father's name

SKIN and NIK, deranged sick NIGGERS
Baby Murdering sick NIGGERS


1145 address of SHONDA LYNN RHIMES monster FORM”OSA” connections, this sick NIGGER MUST BE LOCKED IN PRISON

113th congress and PSYCHOTIC NIGGERS in US Government

It's called ORGANIZED C”RIMES”. “OC”. O”ED”ipus Complex, Father Daughter, Mother Son, PSYCHO SEX GAME they built through Constance Maria Pecoraro's “MF” Mother MARY and SON Jesus CHRIST. According to what they built, SANDRA OH has lots of “PARENTS”. They built it as if Sandra OH is My Baby Pictures, and as if Constance “MARIA” Pecoraro is My Mother and as if Josh MICCHA Wolf is My Father. They BUILT IT and I have overwhelming Concrete Evidence of it.

Discovery August 2014, Eddie Vedder of PEARL JAM Music Band, and his connections to PREMEDITATED “OC” Organized Crimes of EXACT “TEN” Years, connected to his CD released in 1991 called “TEN” and the song titled “BLACK”. Eddie Vedder was born in “EC” Evan”STON” Chicago ILLINOISE, connected to CHICAGO RAPING NIGGERS SHONDA RHIMES and THE OBAMAS.

JILL KRISTEN MCKORMICK, married to a “ROC”k Star, connected to Constance Pe”COR”aro's Catholic Theme Oil Art of JESUS CHRIST, and her No Name Girl sketches in ROBBING OF MY IDENTITY and MY ART for SANDRA OH. It isn't random their daughters names are “O.H”, Olivia and Harper. It's connected to a ASS PUSSY C”HO”CHA Conspiracy they built in ROBBING the meaning of My name SIGNature, My “JOHN HANCOCK” on my pencil drawing from 1981 of BLACK Nigger ROBERT GUILLAUME who was an actor as the “BUTLER” to the Governor on tv show. Built through Jesus CHRIST “CHA”rlies Find, connected to JOSH MIC”CHA” WOLF and My Catholic School classmate from 1980's CHRISTINA BERN”ARD O”. She is a LOOKALIKE of JILL MCKORMICK the Model, Her Birthday numbers of 5/4/69 is the ZIP CODE Numbers of SAUSALITO, and Conspiracy of T “OO” is DIRECTLY connected to these SAME GROUP of People.

DREAM WEAVER, Meet me on the OS Other Side of SAUSALITO “MH” Marin Headlands, 94965, through Christina Bern”ARD O” birthday BACKwards, for MAN”OS”, and “SO” San”DRA O” Name. As if Sandra OH is MY PORTRAIT Drawing, as if she is the Artist of my ARTWORK, while they PREMEDITATE PLAN to RAPE MY LIFE, “AGAIN”, LIKE THEY DID IN 2009. Through “CONSPIRACY of TWO” Times to “MH” Mental Health Court “95”, which is My Catholic School classmate GLORIA LEE”s Birthday 'AG” Air Gemini 5/29, as if Sandra OH is My Identity in my picture in 1986 in Green Dress with Gloria Lee. It's WHY SANDRA OH and Constance Pecoraro have been Cat”HO”Licking ASS PUSSY with BERN”ARD O” and G “LORI” A Lee for decades in “MAT”hemathics of making Money. LICK of TASTE in KOREAN is “MAT”. Why do you think these “MAT”H NUMBERS are important.

It's about “NUMBERS”, in CATHO”LICK” MAThemathics of making MONEY through TOM C”HAND”LER BRIDGES CHEL”SEA” HANDLER and her regular sidekick JOSH MIC”CHA” WOLF, with Constance Pecoraro's Jesus CHRIST “CHA”rlies Find.

Josh Wolf had his son in Seattle WASHINGTON. SAME CITY and the REASON why “Grey's Anatomy” with Sandra OH and CHRISTina Yang is set in Seattle WASHINGTON. Same City where Jill and Eddie Vedder live.

So SANDRA OH has 2 sets of PARENTS in Hollywood and in the MUSIC Industry, and she also has her own parents, who are JOON SOO OH and YOUNG NAME, Koreans who migrated to CANADA in the 1970's.

So what is all this about? It's about ROBBING OF MY IDENTITY as if SANDRA OH is all my BABY PICTURES, as if she is all my childhood pictures, as if she is MY IDENTITY with all my Ex Boyfriends, as if she is MY IDENTITY, and ARTIST OF MY ARTWORK, as if My FATHER's KOREAN ROYAL name of WANG is her name, and as if MY FATHER who was a Musician and Teacher was her father. Built through “Musician” Eddie Vedder, in a NIGGER JEW TEAM, with JOSH MIC”CHA” WOLF. WHO IS PSYC”HO'TIC? WHO IS A PAT'HO'LOGICAL LI”AR”? What's in a name.

“EC” Evanston Chicago. ILLI”NOISE.

“CE” Jesus Christ CHARLIES Eyes “OO”

“EC” ELGIN CHARLES, in the MARIA”N” Building.

ELGIN Street name in Otta”WA” Canada “OC” where Sandra OH was born.

This is something “THEY” BUILT, I didn't and I am not making it up, I am only summing up what they built in span of 3 decades and I have O”CE”, Overwhelming Concrete Evidence of this.




11/11 ScoPI”O” is the Birthday of JILL KRISTEN MC”KOR”MICK, the model wife of Eddie Vedder, aka EDWARD LOUIS SEVERSON

5/4 is CHRISTina Bern”ARD O”s birthday of Taurus

58 = 5 is “O” in Korean, and Sandra “OH” is number “08” in MY Portrait Drawing Eyes

Through Eddie Vedder and Jill McCormicks daughters name of “O.H” Olivia and Harper.

HARPER is also the name of one of Shonda Lynn Rhimes adopted child. Shonda Rimes was born in CHICAGO ILLINOISE.

Connie and “T”EDS is next to HARPER Street in Hollywood. None of this is random. It's called “OC” Organized C “RIMES”

Eddie Vedder RIMES with NIGGER was also born in CHICA GO ILLI”NOISE”, Eyes of SON

Jill “KRISTEN” McKormick, a lookalike of CHRISTina Bern”ARD O”, with San”DRA O” Name Mirror Image, built in for ASS PUSSY C”HO”CHA

All connected to and and built through Jesus CHRIST “CHA”rlie's Find, for C”HO”CHA ASS Form of “OO” Over LAPing creates ()


5/4 TAURUS Bern”ARD O” Twisted Psychocunt BERN”ARD O” SISTERS in NY

1145 Shonda LYNN RHIMES, adopted child name HARPER “NIGGER and VEDDER”

11/11 SCORPIO and 12/23 “CAP”irCORN Eddie Vedder and JILL “KRIS”TEN” McKORMICK, “THEIR” Astrology VIBE “FITS THEM” and what they built in “JAK and JILL = JAIL” 11/11 Scorpi”O” WHO?

ELE ven

ELE vators

“ELE” phant “FAN T”

Constance MARIA Pecoraro's “FAN cy BO x” and Im”PORT”ant Connections

CONNIE and T “EDS” Pus “SEA” FOOD Eating connections

Eddie Vedder and Jill McKORMICK live in Seattle WASHINGTON the “EVER GREEEEN” State.

EDDIE VEDDER Pearl Jam album “TEN” and song “BLACK”

Exact “TEN” Years in Raping of MY LIFE and ART for Psycho Korean Actress SANDRA OH scroll down to PALM of HANDS = LIFE IN PRISON TIME

1158 1158 connections and meaning
1145 1145 connections through Shonda Lynn Rhimes Los Feliz office addres monster FORM “OSA”

GREEN Connie Pecoraro's “GREEEEEN” OS Other Side email in 2011
GREEN Sandra Oh wearing GREEEEN in Sept 2012 on GT

GREEN Sandy Wang's Dental Hygiene HEARING on “6/4” = Premeditated Organized C”RIMES” in 2013
GREEN built to be about word NEEGR”O” for Sandra “OH” SC.HO.OL name address

PAM “CP on Cassil Place and “6464” Eddie Vedder's “EAR” of birth

OS Other Side on Sunny Sunset blvd is “COL.e X Lexington”

the OS Other Sids of CIT “RUS” for TAU'RUS” BERN”ARD O'

This is going to BLOW YOUR MIND AWAY. Because it's all TRUE. Like Michelle Obama is a MALE and has DICK.

David Sexton's book, meaning of “Harris makes ART of it, LAN”DER” PLANS ONLY DEATH to “KILL”

Sandy Wang's Father was a Musician and Teacher. They built it as if My Father is Sandra Oh's Father, and as if she is My Identity.

It's called OC Organized C”RIMES” of Group Conspiracy of IDENTITY THEFT, ART THEFT, and LIFE THEFT,


Sandy Wang's Father's KOREAN ROYAL Name meaning being ROBBED
Sandy Wang's Father was a Musician and Teacher

Sandy Wang summing it up through MUSIC in 2014 and 2015



No amount of Money is going to bring back my Childbearing years. No amount of Money is going to erase the INTENTIONAL MALEVOLENT HORRORS and TERRORS they've CAUSED TO MY LIFE and I've endured, for many years, all connected to this SAME GROUP CORE Group of people who MUST BE SEVERELY PUNISHED in ALL “FORMS, SHAPES and WAYS”.

Tom “BIRD”ges BURd SHIT in Cat”HO”licking of ASSS PUSSY Backwards

“Q”AR MA built in

meaning of CAR “L” Jung, and Jung Dung Yee in Ass Conspiracy “Q”AR “MA” built in

in Conspiracy of T “OO”,


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