HOO RAY HENRYS, new priavate club in Sept 2013

CAPi TAL Grill restaurant in the distance

“TAL” meaning and connections
This is directly across the street from CEDARS SINAI HOSPITAL where they’ve been building for 3 decades for My Identity to be SANDRA OH
reason why SANDRA OH’s Publicist is name DOMINICK
reason why SANDRA OH is on TV HOSPITAL Show “GRE YS YS YS YS Anatomy”

understand meaning of PEPSI PUSSY “GRAYSONS” SANDRA OH in 1999, to MY Childhood pictures in 1979



meaning of PAC hy derm S”KIN”


8713 address, 8/13 is MY LEO Birthdate, what's left? "7", what is TOM BRIDGES YEAR of Birth? is it 19"72"? = LIFE IN PRISON

Repeating Numbers of "8/13" everywhere
Repeating Numbers and meaning of "NUMBERS" in ROBBING MY IDENTITY for SANDRA OH, Real Estate is a perfect example

next to Domi"NICKS" and JerrY'S close a few months ago

meaning of henr "YS" connections
Gre "YS" anatomy
NICK connections

See "NICK" ole Kidman in Jimmy C "HOO" RAY Oct 2013, scroll to bottom


H is the "8"th letter of alphabet, H H = 8 8, meaning of WANG MONTGOMERY Portrait Drawing with "88" in Eyes
meaning of SANDY WANG'S childhood address of 34-39 "88" street JH NY in 1980's and ZIP CODE connections of "113 72"

Sandy Wang growing up in 1980's at 34-39 "88" Street JH NY "11372"
WANG MONTGOMERY Portrait "8 8" in Eyes
"113" is LEE MONTGOMERY's SCORPIO Birthdate

Extremely important meaning of "113 72" JACKSON Heights ZIP CODE and Lee Montgomery birthdate

This CLUB OPENED through DENTAL MENTAL Raping Petition in July 2013

YS isn’t My Name SIGNature and “NIK” isn’t My name SIGNature. MY Name SIGNature on MY ART says “SANDY” or “SANDY WANG”. SANDRA OH through “Words Numbers Colors Codes”, through Gre “YS” anatomy show of BLACK CO”LOR” S”KIN” NIGGER CONSPIRACY isn’t MY IDENTITY, ARTIST of MY ARTWORK, My SIGN of LEO, MY Name “SIGN”ature on MY ART, and she isn’t me, in any of my HAT Pictures, especially of me on “TREE” at TOPANGA in 2007 which is what this is really about. GreYS anatomy HOSpital tv show, is DIRECTLY connected to CEDARS “SIGN EYE” Hospital in ROBBING MY IDENTITY for SANDRA OH, which is next to MacYS and “CAP”I “TAL” GRILL R.I.M.E.S with CAPI”TOL” HILL. It’s called IDENTITY, ART, LIFE THEFT and SEXUALITY RAPE. SANDRA OH MUST BE LOCKED IN PRISON FOR LIFE, or BARACK ET “EERING” OBAMA SICK RAPING DELUSIONAL NIGGER MUST BE IMPEACHED. OG.

One of the main reason why “HAT” has any meaning, is connected to the word “MAN HAT TAN” NEW YORK CITY, which has a Phone Area Code number of “212”. This is important because it’s the ASTROLOGY VIBE Number of JOSH WOLF Libra and CONSTANCE PECORARO Virgo “212”, that they’ve BUILT as if these two sociopaths were My Parents Names, and as if Sandra Oh was My Identity. MAN “HAT” TAN. When you “TAN”, your S”KIN” gets D”AR”K. MAN is connected to Spanish word “MAN OS” which means HAND, connected to meaning of MY John HANcock as in my name SIGNature of “SANDY” on MY ART, that they’ve been building as if it’s SANDRA OH. So through these words, they’ve built as if Sandra Oh “SO” is My Name SIGNature going BACKwards through S”KIN”, as if it’s the “NIK” of her name. All built GOING BACKwards in a disturbing sick Ass Conspiracy through Jesus CHRIST Eyes “OO” Oil painting by Constance Maria Pecoraro. This is WHY JOSH WOLF is a regular on CHEL”SEA” “HAND”Ler show. JOSH WOLF says he is married to BETHANY ASHTON, is Bethany Ashton a “VIRGO” Sign like Constance Pecoraro? Josh Wolf better have PROOF he’s been long time married to Bethany Ashton.

Another reason why MAN “HAT” TAN is connected to this is the word “CITY” itself. For CITY to be about and to have meaning in the word SYNCHRONI”CITY”, a term coined by CARL JUNG, connected to Korean word “JUNG DUNG” which means ASS in a disturbing sick BLACK CO”LOR” S”KIN” ASS PUSSY Pimping CONSPIRACY. What does the word “CITY” have anything to do with the word SYNCHRONI”CITY”, nothing, like Element of “AIR” has nothing to do with ANATOMY of H”AIR”, or FURniture of CH”AiR”, or structure of ST”AIR”, or name of MA”RIA”. See Copper Penny page.


HOO RAY HEN RYS. Expensice, upscale, new night club which opened in Sept 2013. I think it caters to “rich new money niggers”. Opened next to Dominicks, and JerrYS which closed a few months earlier in May 2013.

If you see DOMINICK’S page and surrounding vicinity, you will notice ALLARDYCE Furniture store, and the owner of this Business, looks like “HENRY THOMAS” who was EL”LIO”T in the movie “ET” Extra Terrestrial by Steven Spielberg. It’s about MY Drawing of “ET” from MY First Artwork Collection from 1981 and 1982. Henry T “HO” MAS, Rhymes with Jesus CHRIST MAS, connected to Constance Maria Pecoraro’s OIL Art of “CH”A”rlie’s Find with Horizontal Rings of “OO” around his eyes, which is about meaning of MY “JOHN HANCOCK” Name SIGNature on MY Drawing of Black male actor ROBERT Guillaume from 1981.

RAY Rhymes with GRAY and GAY. As if RA as in Sand “RA” is “Y” my name SIGNature of “SANDY” on MY Pencil Drawing of BLACK Male actor ROBERT GUILLAUME from 1981. This is why Cedars Sinai Hospital has a Cafeteria called the “RAY CHARLES” Cafeteria. CHARLIES FIND “OO” Constance Pecoraro’s OIL ART of JESUS CHRIST, connected to SANDRA OH as ‘CHRIST’ina Yang on “GRAY anatomy”, directly connected to Cedars Sinai Hospital across the street. Cedars “SIGN EYE”.

WHOO RAY WHOO LIO? Connected to “EARL” JONES in LIO N KIN G, “NG”, movie made to ROB MY IDENTITY for SANDRA OH, as if she is My Identity, MY Birthdate of LEO “8/13”, through “THOMAS” CHRISTOPHER BRIDGES gay male dentist who has the same LEO Birthdate as me, through Constance Pecoraro’s OIL OIL OIL OIL painting of Jesus CHRIST, reason why SANDRA OH is “CHRIST”ina Yang on “Grey’s Anatomy”, Scripted Made up Fake TV “HOSPITAL” Show, DIRECTLY connected to REAL LIFE HOSPITAL across the street CEDARS “SIN”AI HOSPITAL, EAR sound of CE”DARS” SIGN EYE, See Sea DARYI BELOW IT the ASSSTERISK. SANDRA OH “WHO” got Plastic Ass Implants, connected to my name SIGNature of “SANDY” with OO made with letter S of my name, SANDRA OH who is a CANCER SIGN, Rules the form of Tits front of the Anatomy.

TOP HAT, connected to MY PICTURES wearing a HAT at “TOP”anga, as if all my pictures taken on the TREE in 2007 is SANDRA OH. What is Sandra OH’s Middle Name? PA TREE SHA? = LIFE IN PRISON

See VINE and “BANNER” street connections, to SANDRA OH who went to Sir Robert Borden High School on “BANNER” road in CANADA, New SOCIAL SECURITY OFFICE in 2010, as a another STEP and ST”AiR” in ROBBING MY IDENTITY for SANDRA OH, through Black Color SKIN NEEGRO “GREEN”BANK Connection. Next to the NEW SS OFFICE on VINE X BANNER is “PICTURE HEAD”, blank face, as if MY FACE is SANDRA OH, TOP HAT, HOO RAY HENRY? DE LONG P. PRAY.

The Address of “1132” of PICTURE HEAD with “TOP HAT” next to Social Security Office on “BAN”NER is about ROBBING the meaning of “ZIP CODE” of JACKSON HEIGHTS NY 113 72, where I grew up in the 1980’s in a “BRICK HOUSE”, and ROBBING MY SOCIAL SECURITY NUMBER for SANDRA OH.

The missing Digit of “7”, in the address is connected to WOLFgang Pucks restaurant “RED 7” at the PDC Pacific DeSIGN Center on SAN VICENTE Blvd, is about ROBBING MY SOCIAL SECURITY NUMBER of the Last FOUR Digits of “6756”, connected to My Catholic School St. VINCENT FERRER classmate GLORIA LEE who’s birthday is “5/29”. 529 can be 5 and 6 and 6, or 5 and 9 and 9, 6756. “7”

If you read the REAL ESTATE Connection page, and how MY SOCIAL SECURITY NUMBER has been arranged to “FIT” as if SANDRA OH was MY IDENTITY, this meaning of the missing “7” for the last FOUR Digits of MY SSN to be SANDRA OH “FP” Fits Perfectly.

This is WHY GLORIA LEE “AIR” GEMINI birthday and her identity is extremely important in ROBBING MY IDENTITY and meaning of MY Drawings from 1981 and 1982 connected to JACKSON HEIGHTS ZIP CODE, for SANDRA OH. This is WHY “CONSPIRACY of TWO” through GLORIA LEE”S Birthday Numbers, as if SANDRA OH is the ARTIST of MY STOLEN Second Artwork Collection and MY PORTRAIT Drawing, DESERVES LIFE IN PRISON for this delusional actress SANDRA OH who is a IDENTITY LIFE ART THIEF.

Real Estate Connections and middle digits of “68”
New Social Security office on BANNER next to PICTURE HEAD “1132”, built in 2010
Missing “7” in WOLFgang Puck Red “SEVEN” at the PDC
new WH LIBRA ry address “625” built in 2010 and 2011

All of the above is WHY BARACK OBAMA has a FRAUD Birth Certificate and FRAUD SSN

Sandy Wang’s LEO Birthday of 8/13, MY Birthday, to have meaning for and BE SANDRA OH, through TOM BRIDES LEO who has the same Birthdate as me. It’s called IDENTITY THEFT in GROUP CONSPIRACY, both which are extremely serious CRIMES.

Address 8/13, what’s left? 7, What is TOM BRIDGES YEAR of Birth? 19”72”? he is going to PRISON FOR LIFE, with SANDRA OH. 2, “OO”. Go across the street to CAPITAL GRILLE, go see the LION STATUES and see what is written on it, “813 2” with letters BARye. BAR, as in MY Childhood Picture with MY Father from 1980 with a Hawaiian “BAR”rel on the Upper Left, to be SANDRA OH, BAR, as if through BAR Associations, LAWYERS and LAWS, through RAPING MY LIFE through UNITED STATES COURTS and JUDGES NAMES, RAPING MY LIFE through Organized CRIMES, as if SANDRA OH is MY IDENTITY and ARTIST of MY ARTWORK.

WHO “LEO”? See JOSH WOLF FACE ASS CRACK mother fucking disturbed FACEBOOK Page, and WILLIE “JULIO”.

BARye LION Statue “813 2”

WILLEY street name, next to Pa Vi “LIO”n market

H = 8 or “OO”.

RAY, as if to confuse My Name of SAND “Y” SIGNature with SAND “RA” OH, on “G RAY”s anatomy” tv show. It’s about MY “ART”, that they’ve twisted to be about this tv show, with PSYCHO ACTRESS SANDRA OH on “Greys Anatomy”. SANDRA OH better know how to DRAW, how to PAINT, and how to SIGN my Name SIGNature on MY ART, at least TEN TIMES CONTINUOUSLY, or be LOCKED IN PRISON FOR LIFE. Because EVERYTHING on this PLANET EARTH, is about SANDRA OH is MY IDENTITY and ARTIST of MY ARTWORK.

H is the 8th letter of the alphabet, 8 can also be written as oo, vertical and horizontal. EIGHT, “PAL” in Korean is the MONTH of MY BIRTH of AUGUST, that they’ve twisted to be about “OO” is FORM of ASS and TITS through Jesus CHRIST “CHA”rlies Find, with Horizontal Rings around his eyes, connected to JEWISH WHORE DICK JOSH MIC”CHA” WOLF, in a conspiracy with Psycho Constance Pecoraro to ROB the meaning of MY “John HANCOCK” as in My name SIGNature of “SANDY” on my drawing from 1981 of Robert Guillaume. MY First Name SIGNature of “SANDY” with OO made with letter S of my name signed Sideways on my drawing of Robert Guillaume from 1981, this is why Constance Pecoraro’s Jesus CHRIST OIL Painting has Horizontal Rings around his eyes “OO”, reason why SANDRA OH is “CHRIST”ina Yang on “Grey’s Anaotmy”.

HENR “YS”, meaning of MY First Name SIGNature of “SANDY” to have meaning for SANDRA OH, Through “Gre YS anatomy” tv show, created by Shonda Lynn Rhimes. See all the “Y’S” in Businesses in MATHemathics of making MONEY as if SANDRA OH is My Name SIGNature of “SANDY”. My Name isn’t “NIK” and My name isn’t “SY” or “YS”, it’s all CODES connected to ROBBING MY IDENTITY and meaning of MY ART for SANDRA OH.

H H, “8 8” is in the EYES of WANG MONTGOMERY PORTRAIT Drawing, that they’ve been building as if SANDRA OH, since the robbery of my priceless Artwork in 2009 through White Collar CRIMES.

EIGHT, EIGHT, in all the “ETTE” connections they’ve built, through the ROBBING and RAPING OF MY SACRED ARTWORK, Portrait Drawings, to have been DONE BY SANDRA OH as if she was MY IDENTITY and MY name SIGNature of SandY, GOING BACKwards through Henr YS, like Gre YS, like JerrYS, mac YS, etc, my name isn’t “SY”, or “NIK”. It’s the CODE created to ROB MY IDENTITY and MEANING of MY Name SIGNature for SANDRA OH, as if she DREW my drawings. Gre “YS”, created by SHO “NDA”, YS + NDA = SANDY, as if it’s S”OH”, SANDRA “OH”, and there is a reason for it, and it’s called PAChyderm “GRAY” Elephant and black color S”KIN” connections of “CAP”RiCORN sign the G”OAT” is YELLOW. BLACK COLOR S”KIN” NEGRO “GREEN” CONSPIRACY.

This is DIRECTLY connected to ROBBING of MY ARTWORK, MY Federally Registered Trade”MARK” through a Nigger Pussy name “YV” ETTE Danielle MARQuis in San Francisco, a “DENT”ist, connected to all the “DEN” connections, ultimately connected to Presi”DENT”. NEEGRO BLACK COLOR S”KIN” SICK RAPING GAME, and GROUP CONSPIRACY, to ROB EVERYTHING about ME, for SANDRA OH. Reason why if this sick ACTRESS isn’t LOCKED IN PRISON FOR LIFE, BARACK OBAMA WILL BE IMPEACHED and/or “OG”.

Yv”ETTE” MARQuis, for meaning of MY Trade”MARK” in circle of “O” to have been DONE By SANDRA “OH” because it sounds like her name. ETTE, as if the “8 8” in Wang Montgomery Portrait Drawing EYES is SANDRA OH. All connected to Black COLOR S”KIN”, as if SANDRA OH is MY Name SIGNature of “SANDY” on MY ART, through niggers S”KIN”, the “NIK” of her name. BLACK S”KIN” because SANDRA OH wants to be MY IDENTITY in MY Childhood picture from 1980, of me wearing “14” White Red shirt. My Pencil drawing of BLACK male actor ROBERT GUILLALUME from 1981, that SANDRA OH has been claiming she DREW for 3 decades, SYNCHRONIZED with BARACK Et “EEER”ING OBAMA’S Political Career in “CHICA”GO ILLINOISE. These two things of “BLACK PEOPLE” from MY LIFE that they have built it to be SANDRA OH, is the REASON for the SABOTAGING and REPEATED RAPING of MY LIFE and MY SACRED ART, connected to fucking NIGGERS.

TOP HAT, you see the “BACK” image of this SIL “HO”U ETTE. Through this word, with “OH” in it BACKwards like “HO” ORAY, it’s about creating meaning of EVERYTHING GOING BACKwards in a SICK ASS CONSPiRACY for SANDRA “OH”. This is connected to MY P”HO” TOGRAPHY Page and My Photos titled “FIRE 1 and FIRE 2”. These were photos I took while celebrating CHRISTMAS in LAKE TAHOE at “SQUAW” VILLAGE in 2004. Anything having to do with CHRISTMAS from MY LIFE to have meaning for this DELUSIONAL SICK ACTRESS SANDRA OH becase everything about MY IDENTITY and MY ART to have meaning for Sandra OH as if she is the Artist, has been built through Constance Pecoraro’s CATHOLIC theme OIL ART of JESUS CH “RIS”T, reason why SANDRA OH is CH”RIS”Tina Yang on “Greys Anatomy”, who thinks she is MY IDENTITY SNOWBOARDING in LAKE TAHOE. SnowBOARD is “WOOD CORE”. Snow BO”ARD”ing in Lake Ta”HO”e, has her name San”DRA OH” Going BACKwards, so ME Snowboarding in Lake Tahoe, MUST BE THIS SICK BITCH and HAVE MEANING FOR HER, like the Upper Left of MY ART WEBSITE “HO”me and “AR”tist, GOING BACKWARDS.

SQUAW, “SAW” “Q” U, the Upper Left computer key letters are “Q” and the letters SWA, letters of MY Name S. “WA” NG. This is why the meaning of”LIO n KIN g” is extremely important in robbing of MY IDENTITY and MY NAME for SANDRA OH, through “Secret CODES”, in MATHemathics of making MONEY as if she is MY identity and ARTIST of MY ARTWORK. For MY “FIRE” SIGN of LEO to have meaning for and BE SANDRA OH, through T”HO”MAS CHRISTOPHER BRIDGES gay male dentist who has the same LEO Birthday as me of 8/13, but different year. This is called IDENTITY THEFT in a GROUP CONSPiRACY. SANDRA OH isn’t My SIGN of LEO, and she isn’t MY Name “SIGN”ature on MY ART.

Snowboarding, What is SANDRA OH’s Middle Name? PATREEEESHA PATRICIA? SPO ? SPO rts? = LIFE IN PRISON and there isn’t anything anyone else can do about it.

Going BACKwards, as if the DUBBED X RATED VIDEO RECORDING of me from 2001 on “WOOD”, secretly taped, as if it’s SANDRA OH, connected to MY “WATER”color ART, “HO”me “AR”tist, SLIDE”SHOW”. THIS IS CALLED PSYCHOLOGICAL RAPING. Like the word SIL”HO”U ETTE, Slide “SHOW”, for MY ART to be about this sick psychotic bitche’s TV SHOW “GREYS ANATOMY”, created by SHO SHO SHO SHONDA LYNN RHIMES, “GA” Greys Anatomy, connected to “GA” Gov’t Agencies, connected to BLACK COLOR S”KIN” SICK DELUSIONAL NIGGERS, “OH” OBAMA HOLDER.

GOING BACKWARDS, “OO” FORM OF HANDCUFFS go on W”RIS”T and R.I.M.E.S with CH “RIS” T., for SANDRA OH who’s been claiming she’s My name SIGNature on MY pencil drawing of ROBERT Guillaume from 1981, through her SCHOOL name of “SIR” Robert Borden. Jesus CHRIST isn’t my OIL ART, and CHRISTina Yang on”Grey’s anatomy” isn’t my tv show, WATER and OIL Don’t mix like these two sick psychobitches PECORARO and SANDRA OH and I don’t mix.

OH, OBAMA HOLDER. “SACRED HEART” 1979. Three decades in the making.


HOORAY HENRYS TOP HAT. PH PICTURE HEAD with “TOP HAT” at 1132 VINE x “BANNER” Street next to new 2010 SOCIAL SECURITY OFFICE in Hollywood. This is something that’s probably been here for many years, because the meaning of “TOP”anga has been going on for 3 decades, connected to LEE MONTGOMERY who lived at the same address I lived in 2007, and he lived there 3 decades ago.

PICTURE HEAD “PH” address is 1132, and this is connected to meaning of my pencil drawing of BLACK Male actor ROBERT GUILLAUME from 1981, which I drew while growing up in JACKSON HEIGHTS NY ZIP CODE of “113 72”. This is why these are extremely important Repeating Numbers, in MATHemathics of making MONEY, and also the reason for RAPING OF MY LIFE through these SAME NUMBERS, so that SANDRA OH can pretend as if she is MY IDENTITY growing up in Jackson Heights NY in the 1980’s.

Picture Head, I’m going to guess this “Business” has been here since mid to late 1980’s, because it’s about a “PICTURE of MY HEAD” in 1984, with my H”AIR” in the shape of letter “C”. VINE, “Heard it through the GRAPE VINE” NIGGER BARACK OBAMA and his FRAUD Birth Certificate with Delivery Doctor name of DAVID “SIN” CL “AIR”. This is why PETER HASON “PH” who is a AIR Gemini in NYC is very important, somehow he got connected to my Catholic School ALL GIRLS school classmates, I think specifically ANGELA PIERCE, and they’ve been building for many years through Constance MARIA Pecoraro’s CATHOLIC Theme OIL ARTWORK of MARY and JESUS CHRIST as if SANDRA OH is My Identity attending my CATHOLIC SCHOOLS in the 1980’s. It’s called IDENTITY THEFT and everything about VINE Street, including the “NEW” Social Security Office that opened in 2010, is connected to ROBBING OF MY IDENTITY for SANDRA OH.

1132, what’s missing? “7”, for meaning of MY “JH” John Hancock, as in my name SIGNature of “SANDY” on My Art of ROBERT Guillaume from 1981, which I drew while growing up in “JH” Jackson Heights NY with very important ZIP CODE NUMBERS of “113 72”.

Meaning of MY Name SIGNature on “ROBERT” GUILLAME Drawing from 1981, is WHY The BUILT and named the school SIR ROBERT BORDEN on “113 GREEN BANK” Road, x BANNER. Connected to SANDRA OH birthday of “7/20”, 113 72.

BARACK OBAMA’S PRESIDENCY is DIRECTLY connected to ROBBING of MY IDENTITY, MY ART and MY LIFE for SANDRA OH, he became the president BECAUSE of the meaning of My Pencil Drawing of BLACK Male actor ROBERT GUILLAUME from 1981, that they’ve been building as if it was DONE BY SANDRA OH. 3 Decades later, reason why MY PRICELESS SECOND ARTWORK COLLECTION was all STOLEN through Organized C”RIMES in 2009, all connected to “GREYS ANATOMY” SANDRA OH and Black Color SKIN NIGGER Bitch SHONDA LYNN RHIMES.

“HOO RAY HEN R “YS”, letters to confuse and combine MY NAME SIGNature of “SANDY” on MY ART, connected to SAND “RA OH” on Gre “YS” Anatomy. My Name SIGNature on MY ART of ROBERT GUILLAUME from 1981 says “SANDY”, it doesn’t say “SY” or “YS” or “NIK”, these are CODES created to ROB the meaning of MY Name SIGNature, as if it’s SANDRA OH, as if this sick borderline psychotic actress is MY IDENTITY, MY Birthday SIGN of LEO, My SOCIAL SECURITY NUMBER, EVERYTHING about ME, connected to DELUSIONAL DISTURBED SICK RAPING BLACK COLOR S”KIN” NEEGROS in US GOV’T. “Greys Anatomy”, GA, Gov’t Agencies, like “AG” Attorney Generals” names.



meaning of Sandy Wang’s SOCIAL SECURITY NUMBER middle digits of “68”

113 “72”, reason why Constance Pecoraro moved to “7 O 7” Bridgeway

HAT in Korean is “MO JA”, as if MICHELLE OBAMA, have meaning in MY “OM” Symbol Artwork in circles of “O”, as if she has meaning in MY DOG “JA”CK’s Pictures, connected to MY Painting of LION BODY which looks like a Male PENIS. It aint’ a fucking neegro’s DICK, or a Black Color S”KIN” Niggers HER SHE “YS” CHOCHAcolate Ass Pussy licking game “THEY” BUILT. It’s a sick PATTERN that began three decades ago connected to MY Pencil drawing of Black male actor ROBERT Guillaume from 1981 that they’ve been building as if it was done by SANDRA OH connected to all “NEEGROS” who love her SCHOOL name of SIR ROBERT BORDEN on “GREENBANK” Road CANADA. NEEGRO anagram of “GREEN” for Sandra “O” Drew my drawing of ROBERT Guillaume in 1981. Like my childhood pictures in Santa Monica in 1979 sitting on Black CANON to be about NEEGROS” DICK through MY “KNEE HIGH SOCKS”, connected to Knee “CAP” BONE is the “PAT”ELLA, and PAChyderm thick S”KIN” Mammal, as if SANDRA OH is MY IDENTITY in all my childhood pictures, all connected to disturbed NEEGROS, and meaning of CO”LOR” G “REE” N. As if through the word S”KIN” she is My Name SIGNature of “SANDY” on MY ART, as if it’s the “NIK” of her name. What is SANDRA OH’s Middle Name? PA “TREE” SHA? Elbow and KNEE bent in MY Pictures taken on the “TREE” at TOPANGA in 2007, that they have built it to be SANDRA OH, reason why NEW BANK of One West Bank opened “OWB” BOW”EL” EL”BOW”, sick “ANATOMY” words, of MY ANATOMY to be SANDRA OH on “Grey’s Anatomy” through RAPING MY LIFE. All connected to these NEGROS in the WHITE HOUSE makes “GRAY’S Anatomy”.

BU”JA” in Korean means RICH. Computer Keys on the Upper Left. A pattern that began 3 decades ago, connected to My First Artwork Collection from 1981 and 1982 which I did in while growing up in JACKSON Heights NY in the 1980’s. REASON why MY DOG “JACK” was STOLEN in 2009. “JA”, “CK” Computer KEYes, ISREAL KEYES. It aint a NEGROS BLACK DICK. This is all connected to MY INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY I WROTE in 1982 “KEY to MY SOUL” while growing up in JACKSON Heights NY with very important ZIP CODE Numbers of “113 72”, which they USED to ROB MY DOG and RAPE MY LIFE in 2009. If KEY is Penis, then LOCK must be Vagina. This is WHY symbols, Numbers, and which LETTER KEYS are on the Upper Left is important, all connected originally to MY Writings of “KEY” to my Soul about LEE MONTGOMERY, to have meaning for JOSH WOLF, connected to My childhood picture in 1981 with MY Father and HAWAIIAN BARREL meaning, to be SANDRA OH.

MO “JA” is HAT in Korean, connected to Man”HAT”tan area code of “212” as if through this Korean word, PECORARO and WOLF Astrology Vibe of “212” has meaning, connected to Korean word “BU JA”, which means RICH. EVERYTHING about meaning of MY Parents Names to have meaning for PECORARO and WOLF has been built through PETER MAXWELL HA”SON” “AIR” Gemini in NYC area code of MAN “HAT” TAN 212. RICH “ARDT” STONE raping connections.

MO “JA” is HAT, this is WHY T”OM” Bridges and T”OM” Cruise is huge in building Businesses in MAThemathics of making MONEY, in creating meaning through words, numbers, colors, CODES, etc, as if SANDRA OH is MY IDENTITY and ARTIST of MY ARTWORK. OF ME Living in “212” MANHATTAN.

MAN “HAT” TAN, MAN connected to meaning of MY John HANCOCK, My Name SIGNature of “SANDY”, to be SANDRA OH, through Spanish word MAN”OS” which means HAND, as if SANDRA OH is My name SIGNature through this word. My name SIGNature of “Sandy” with OO made with letter S of my name, reason why Constance Pecoraro’s Jesus CHRIST has “OO” Eyes, and reason why Sandra OH is “CHRIST”ina Yang on “Grey’s Anatomy” created by Shonda LYNN rhimes, very sick black S”KIN” Negro.

Perfect example of this is the CONNECTING link of HANCOCK park street name in “WH” West Hollywood and HANCOCK Park neighborhood in Los Angeles. Which is about MY name SIGNature on MY ART, as in my “John HANCOCK”, to have meaning through Pecoraro’s jesus CHRIST OIL ART. WH is about White House, and West Hollywood was a city that became an Official in the year 19”84”, 2 years after I did my FAC. 8/4 isn’t Barack Obama’s real LEO Birthdate, it’s about MY Birthday Numbers of “8/13” 1+3=4, through TOM BRIDGES who has the same leo 8/13 birthdate as me, they have BUILT as if SANDRA OH was MY IDENTITY and ARTIST of MY Pencil Drawing of ROBERT GUILLAUME in 1981, reason why Barack Obama became the First Black President, ALLLLLLLLLL connected to MATHemathics of making MONEY that go in “BANKS” reason why they BUILT and NAMED SANDRA OH high school in Canada “SIR ROBERT BORDEN on GREEENBANK Road”. They built it through “DEN TAL” FIELD, connected to Tom BRIDGES gay male dentist, bridges MY Identity, My parents names, for Vir”GO” Mai”DEN” I”TAL”ian sick psychobitch Constance MARIA PECORINA.

MAN “HAT” TAN. When you “TAN” your S”KIN”, it’s D “AR” K S”KIN”, as if through Jesus CHRIST eyes of “OO”, Going BACKwards, it’s the FORM of ASSS, and Sand “RA” OH is my Name SIGNature of “Sandy” as if it’s the “NIK” of her name. GOING BACKWARDS, like Form of HANDCuffs OO that go on W “RIS” T and Rhymes with CH “RIS” T, folds into a “O” sound of SANDRA “OH”, Borderline Psychotic Actress, IDENTITY THIEF, ART and LIFE THIEF who needs to be LOCKED IN PRISON FOR LIFE.

KNITTED HAT meaning of MY Baby Pictures sitting on WICKER CH”AIR”, to be SANDRA OH.

CAP is a type of HAT, connected to PAChyderm meaning and “CAP”ri CORN SIGN of the “GOAT”.

This meaning of “HAT” connections to MAN”HAT”TAN, has been going on for 3 decades, where I grew up and went to High School, they’ve been slowly building and Synchronizing MY LIFE, to also have meaning for and BE SANDRA OH, through Constance Pecoraros CATHOLIC Theme OIL ART, connected to MY CATHOLIC SCHOOLS.

Better be very clear, it’s all MY PICTURES, MY IDENTITY, with “HAT”, and Korean words. RICH ARDT WHO? ART, Sandra Oh better know how to DRAW and PAINT, and SIGN my Name SIGNtaures TEN Times in a ROW CONTINUOUSLY.

If you go to the BANK page, you can understand meaning of MAN = HAT = TAN in Mathemathics of making MONEY as if SANDRA OH is My Identity in pictures of me on “TREE” at “TOP” ANGA. TOP HAT.

EVERYTHING about the OBAMAS in the WHITE HOUSE, + BLACK “SKIN” NEEGROS, makes “GRAY” PAChyderm “CAP”riCORN is YELLOW connections, is about ROBBING MY IDENTITY meaning of MY Name SIGNtaure, MY ART for SANDRA OH. It isn’t Gray, it’s very BLACK or WHITE, SANDRA OH is either MY IDENTITY and ARTIST of MY ART, or she isn’t, there isn’t anything in between.

Man “HAT” TAN, Jesus CHRIST the “SON”, CHArlies Find “OO”, FORM al of “OO”, tits and ass, CHARLES MAN “SON”. For T”HO” MAS CHRIST opher BRIDGES Form of ASS “OO” of SANDRA OH, for Horny Pious Jesus “CHA”rile. OO over”LAP” creates () in Going BACKwarks, through MOTHER MARY “PSYCHO” Constance Maria Pecoraro on BRIDGEWAY, NOR “MAN” BAT “ES”.

FP, Fits Perfectly.

H, H, “8 8” I can DRAW my Portrait Drawing again any time. SANDRA OH better know how to DRAW, how to PAINT, and how to SIGN MY NAME SIGNatures TEN TIMES in a ROW CONTINUOUSLY, if she can’t do this, SHE MUST BE LOCKED IN PRISON FOR LIFE.

This is an exclusive club with a minimum of $3,000 per bottle of wine, going up to $10,000/bottle. It’s where you go to pick up very exclusive “CODES” in “Sending A Message” RAPING GAME in MAThemathics of making MONEY.

Understand meaning of “TAKE OVER” in 2013, connected to D “ART” and “MOUTH” College name of SHONDA LYNN RHIMES disturbed sick black bitch who created “GREYS ANATOMY” to ROB MY IDENTITY and MY ART for SANDRA OH, through MY PROFESSION of “DENTAL HYGIENE” of 20 YEARS in 2013. REASON WHY BOTH OF THESE SICK FUCKING DISTURBED PSYCHOBITCHES NEED TO BE LOCKED IN PRISON FOR LIFE.

If this doesn’t happen, if I don’t get my Pursuant to Title 100 “B”ILLION as per my Copyright page, BARACK OBAMA WILL BE IMPEACHED and/or “OG”. Barack Obama is actually a CRIMINAL, who’s LIFE is BUILT TO ROB MY IDENTITY for SANDRA OH, it’s why his FRAUD Birth Certificate and his FRAUD SOCIAL SECURITY NUMBER is about.

SICK FUCKING DELUSIONAL “NIGGERS” in US GOV’T, Gov’t Agencies = “GA” Greys Anatomy”. “Words Pale in Comparison to Experience”.

TOP HAT, this is about “TOP”anga and MY X rated “PRIVATE” PICTURES on the “TREE” that these mother fuckers are AL CO HOL LIQING in MATHemathics of making MONEY as if MY IDENTITY and MY PICTURES are SANDRA OH.

TOP Hat, TOPanga, reason why TOM CRUISE was in “TOP GUN” in 1986. TOP HAT, reason why TOM CRUISE wants NICOLE KIDMAN to like his “HAT” in “

If TOM CRUISE is related to TODD CUMMINGS owner of property of 20360 Callon Drive TOPANGA, he can potentially go to PRISON for LIFE. “TOP anga” , TOP GUN, Director TONY SCOTT committed suicide in 2012 by jumping of the VINCENT THOMAS BRIDGE, TOM BRIDGES sick dentist who has the same LEO Birthdate as me, ROBBING MY IDENTITY and MY SACRED ART.

TOPANGA, “CAL” lon Drive, See DAVID LIMBAUGH’s page, and his book “CRIMES AGAINST LIBERTY”.

1 sound of WON is MY Middle Name, it’s MY 1 line drawing Trademark. 1 HENRY.

The ONLY meaning Sandra “OH” has in My Art or My Identity, is LOCK “O”, EAR sound of JULIE born Cancer LOCO PSYKO. Pat “HO”logical LI”AR” is in her name, Q” arma isn’t in my name.



HENRY THOMAS, the kid actor from “E.T” in 1982

it’s TRUE go see the face of THOMAS ALLARDYCE


A few days after I wrote about this connection of HENRY THOMAS from the 1982 movie “ET” in the above paragraphs, who looks like THOMAS ALLARDYCE of Allardyce Furniture next to Dominicks, this article was in the NY post online. Because it’s TRUE. I drew “ET”, in my First Artwork Collection in 1981 and 1982.

KID from “ET”. TAO “TE” is the “DIK”. When EVERYTHING they’ve been building is about “OO” is Form of ASS, “KEY for LOCK” SANDRA “OH”. LOCK”O”. DIK, KID Neeee YS, are in the LOW LOW BACK, ruled by “AIR” LIBRA Sign JOSH WOLF, connected to “Gre YS anatomy”, The ASS is BELOIT the KID kneees, and DARI is BELOWIT the ASS. WOLF and OH.

MY First Artwork Collection from 1981 and 1982, is on a STREET name “HENRY” Street in the EAST COAST, in Storage. They can do, and WILL DO, FORENSIC TESTING on the PAPER of MY ART, to prove it’s 3 decades old. That SANDRA OH has been claiming she is the ARTIST, like she DREW MY PORTRAIT Drawing in 2006. SANDRA OH is a DELUSIONAL PSYCHOTIC IDENTITY THIEF who is going to PRISON FOR LIFE.


THOMAS ALLARDYCE the owner of ALLARDYCE Furniture Antique Business

Lookalikes of People are real, but they are different people “inside”, it’s what something looks like to them

GO THERE THOMAS ALLARDYCE, next to George “BURNS” road at CS Hospital

L”ARD” is Grease as in OIL and it BURNS with FIRE 1981 Quest for Fire

DOCTORS at Hospital
Doctor AL”ICE” CHUNG at CS Hospital is a TWIN Lookalike
of Korean Actress SANDRA OH who Plays a DOCTOR on HOS pital tv show, is directly connected to REAL LIFE people and Hospital


HOORAY HENRYS in daytime 2015, across from CS Hospital

H= 8th letter of alphabet

Sandy Wang growing up on 88th street in JH NY in 1980’s

8 8 in Wang Montgomery Portrait Drawing Eyes 2006

Sandy Wang summing it up through MUSIC in 2015, and “CHUNG” connections to Lookalike meaning above


813 Repeating Numbers



H “OO” RAY. H = 8th letter of alphabet. RAY is in the word G”RAY”, and this color word is being USED to ROB MY name SIGNature of “Sand Y” on my Art from 1981 as if it’s Sand “RA” OH.

G “RA” Y, RA is “Y”, and it’s about letters of sand “Y” wan”G” on my “AR”t that this borderline psychotic actress thinks is her name.

H “OO” as if Sandra OH is My ANATOMY of “FORM OF MY BREASTS”, connected to meaning of two circles of “OO” in MY Name SIGNature on MY ART. It’s called RAPE.

8/13/69 is my Leo Birthday, Sandy Wang.

8/13 is THOMAS CHANDLER? BRIDGES Leo Birthday, if his YEAR of Birth is 19”72” he is Going to Lose his Dental License and go to PRISON for a LONG TIME in a group conspiracy of IDENTITY THEFT, ART THEFT and LIFE THEFT.

What is TOM BRIDGES YEAR of BIRTH ? 1972 he is going to PRISON for a LONG TIME
read all sick LIES TOM BRIDGES told on Police Report, 1971 ? or 72???

Repeating Numbers of My LIO Birthday 8/13
meaning of LIO n KIN g

8/13/72 is about Robbing My LEO SIGN, and meaning of My Name SIGNature on my pencil drawing on 8 x 11 paper from 1981, my John Hancock for Sandra OH.

Sandra Oh’s birthday is 7/20. JULY Born CANCER Sign. This is why there is a “OS”CHIN CANCER Center on San Vicente Blvd. Tom Bridges Birthday of 8/13/72 is about CONFUSING MY IDENTITY with SANDRA OH, as if she is My SIGN of “LIO” built through “OIL” Art by Constance Maria Pecoraro and her Jesus CHRIST with “RING”S around Eyes “OO”.

Constance Maria Pecoraro moved to “707” Bridgeway in 2008 or 2009. "7 O 7" Bridgeway is connected to Jill McKormick's YR of 19"77", what's left? YR sound of "O" is Sandra 'OH' in robbing My Federally Registered Trademar"Q" in circle of "O" for Sandra OH.

"YR" of J"ILL" KRISTen McKORMick, P"EAR"L JAM Singer, Eddie Vedder "RHIMES" with NIgger, from CHICAgo "ILL"iNOIS, built in for Jesus CHRIST the SON, in OIL "BURNS", reason why CHICA go ILLI"NOIS" born Shonda LYNN RHIMES created "Greys Anatomy" in 2005, with Sandra OH as "CHRIST"ina YANG, set in "Seattle Washington".

Shonda Lynn Rhimes address of "11 45" has SPECIFIC DIRECTION connections to NOVember born SCORPI"O" birthday 11/11 Jill McKORMICK in Seattle WASHINGTON, in ROBBING My Trademar"Q", My WATERColor ART, MY Portrait Drawing, in a Group Conspiracy, ALL FOR SANDRA OH Korean Actress.

All these same Number connections isn’t random, like "Repeating Numbers" in MATHemathics of making Money through Raping my Life, and Robbing My Artwork, as if it's Sandra Oh.


PECORARO on BRIDGEWAY Sauslito, going to PRISON is a GIVEN.

The FEDS may and can RAID Eddie Vedder and Jill McKormicks' HOUSE in Seattle WASHINGTON, and they may SEIZE "EVERYTHING" they own.

FACTS. They don't change, opinions change.

What is Sandra Oh's middle name? SANDRA OH Middle Name PA”TREE”SHA? SPO? LIFE IN PRISON without Parole.

8137. 2 is what's missing if Tom Bridges full birthday is 8/13/72.

meaning of Sandy Wang’s Name SIGNature on my pencil drawing from 1981 of “SANDY” with OO
meaning of Sandy Wang’s Korean Name of WANG with “OO” circles
OO meaning

2 "OO" 7 registration Sandy Wang's Federally Registered TRADEMAR"Q" in circle of "O"
2007 and TC Road "27" while living at 20360 Callon drive Topanga, Topanga Canyon Road "27"

0 8 Sandy Wang’s H”AIR” and ART, and PATTERNS of “o8” in MY ART and Name


P"EAR" L JAM Singer Eddie Vedder Shonda "RHMIMES" with Nigger from CHICA go ILLI"NOIS" built in for OIL ART of SON Jesus KRIST EN

Shonda "LYNN" Rhimes 11 45 FORM "OSA" Address connections

Scorpi"O" and NOV ember month meaning of Sandy Wang's Art "SHA downs in NOVember"

Back to starting point of why Sandy Wang's life was raped and ARTWORK robbed in 2009, through Premeditated Organized C"RIMES".

707 Sandy Wang's LIFE "Raped" ART "Robbed" through PRE PLANNED, PRE MEDITATED C"RIMES" in 2009, see how the "707" FITS IN

7/20 is Sandra Oh's CANCER EAR sound MI "JU" LIE birthday

On July 20, in 2015, a man's Dead Body was found in Demi M"OO"RE'S P "OO" L.

P"EAR"L you find in OY sters. EAR sound of "O", is sound of Sandra OH name, What's LEFT? PL Pussy Lip, CHO "CHA"rlies Find, CHArlie and CARol Gasko will Meet You in the GA...RA..GE, Cent Scent Sen"TEN"cED to "LP" LIFE IN IPRISON.

For MY "TRAIN"ING and MY LIFE EXPERIENCE, MY IDENTITY built to be Sandra OH, while they Preplan on HOW to Rape my Life through PC PENAL CODE "1370". What's Left? "O", LIFE IN PENITENIARY.

Sandy Wang's 1997 "LP 173" Leadership Training, I was going to be a "Trainer"

Date of Josh Miccha Wolf SON Ja"COB" "3/17" is St. PATRIcks Day is I "RIS" H and it's "GREEN"
i "RIS" H Jill KRISTEN McKormick lives in Seattle Washington, aka "EVER GREEN" State, Pearl "JAM" RHIMES with HAM and "PAM"
I "RIS" H Day of "3/17" is "GREEN" connections
Aa"RON" Hernandez "HA" House Address in Mass "KRISTEN" street

Conspiracy of T "OO" and meaning of "PC" Penal Code of "1370"

why are "PC" Penal Code Numbesr important? "PER KINS COL....e" Law Firm of Obama's Fraud Birth Certificate

Conspiracy of TOO means that Conspiracy of ONE in 2009 W.A.S a conspiracy, this is called Deductive Reasoning. I was FRAMED and SET UP, as soon as Barack Obama moved into the White House makes "GRAYS" anatomy.

So why are these REPEATING NUMBER important again?

meaning of JH Jackson Heights ZIP Code of "113 72" and My Pencil Drawing of Robert Guillaume from 1981

7/20 of Sandra OH Cancer birthday. Her School "SIR" ROBERT BORDEN on "113" GREEN BANK Road in CANADA. = "113 72" of IDENTITY THEFT, ART THEFT and LIFE THEFT Spanning 3 DECADES, = LIFE IN PRISON for SANDRA OH who thinks she is the Artist of My ART and My Identity.

This pencil drawing on 8 x 11 paper exists, they can do FORENSIC TESTING on the Paper to prove I drew it more than 3 Decades ago.

Sandy Wang’s FAC from 1982

Sandy Wang’s ART PHOTOGRAPHY Page and bottom images of “FIRE” looks like a TOP HAT, and a gold DUST PAiN


Sandy Wang’s personal PRIVATE Pictures with “HAT” at “TOP” anga in 2007


BANKS and meaning of MAN HAT TAN and “TOP HAT”

HENRY BONEY of “SPROUTS” is a “NE”w “GRO” wth

HOORAY HENRYS next to DOMINICKS on Beverly Blvd

meaning of “NICK”

YS connections

gre YS anatomy see ST”AIRS”????

Directly connected to Cedars SINai Hospital and all Businesses around it “TOP HEARING”

created by sick black bitch SHONDA “LYNN” RHIMES

“YV” ETTE Danielle MARQUIS black COLOR S”KIN” Nigger in SAN Francisco

New “Water GRILL” and “OY” ster “ETTE” “SEAFOOD” restaurant on OCEAN Avenue

GROUP Conspiracy with a Disturbed sick Italian Psychobitch CONSTANCE PECORARO “SUNNY” Pus “SEA” FOOD connections


raping “AIR” connections

reason why I was wrongfully Locked in Jail in “LYN” WOOD through Judge name MA”RIA” Stratton in 2009

raping “LYNN” connections

in “EXACT TEN YEARS” of raping my life, Repeating Numbers of “4/29”

Thomas CHRISTopher Bridges IDENTITY THIEF who has the same LEO Birthdate as me

who needs to be LOCKED IN JAIL

Copyright Trademark Laws and CRIMINAL RAMIFICATIONS



“TO” TAKE OVER scroll to bottom if you already understand “LION KING” meaning

Where is LOCATION EXACTLY on MAP of West Hollywood?

meaning of “TO” in Korean Characters, sound of “O” name at BRAND NEW “SEA FOOOOO” restaurant in 2013

in Conspiracy with CONNIE Pecoraro at “7 O 7” Bridgeway

“TILT” your HEAD to the Left a little SANDRA OH, Horizontal OO becomes Vertical “8”, LIFE BEHIND VERTICAL BARS

What is SANDRA OH’s Middle Name ? PA “TREEEE” SHA? = LIFE IN PRISON there isn’t any compromising of this

VINE “BANNER” IDENTITY THEFT connections to SANDRA OH in Hollywood

REAL ESTATE DE LONG PRAY connections discovery in Oct 2013

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