Hurricane KATRINA August Sept 2005




meaning of “CHA” syllable
Sandy Wang’s “CHA”rlie Brown Snoopy Dog Bank
it’s about Sandy Wang’s childhood picture in 1979 with DOG on MY LAP, see colors Olive Green and YELLOW VIRGO SIGN

SANDRA OH in her ADULT Pictures, in Olive Green and YELLOW SHOES, thinks she is MY IDENTITY in ALL MY Childhood Pictures from 1979
This is a Repeating PATTERN with PSYCHO SANDRA OH, PEPSI PUSSY 1999

Constance Maria Pecoraro’s “CHA”rlies Find Jesus CHRIST “OO”
I met JOSH WOLF at a DOG PARK in 2008, didn’t know his name until 2009

LOUISville KEY Josh MIC “CHA” WOLF has SEX BUDDIES everywhere LO u “KY”

Sandy Wang SET UP and FRAMED in 2009, “CHA” lineup
LOUIS Shape I RO and “JACK” Throbbing LOUIS shape I ro, JACK rothberg, 2 sick Jewish Men

RAPING MY JACK connected to ROBBERY of MY DOG “JACK” in 2009
ROBBING MY ART and My STOLEN ART of “LION BODY” Painting in 2009


HURRICANE KATRINA. HK. Hit the Southern States very badly in August/Sept 2005, especially in New Orleans.

HK is about the meaning of my baby picture with Knitted Hat sitting on a Wicker CHAIR.

It’s connected to PACIFIC DESIGN CENTER and the CHAIR, connected to KH KAT ie HOL mes, connected to Constance Maria Pecoraro’s CAT HOL ic theme of Mother Mary and Jesus Christ, the VEHICLE to ROB the meaning of MY Parents Names and MY IDENTITY for SANDRA OH. Heidi Klum, ear sound of "CLUE" M.

This was no doubt a devastating tragedy for all American people. The loss was tremendous including lives of people. I don't want to write about this, but I do want to write about WHY they named this Hurricane KATRINA. All connected to creating meaning Going BACKwards, connected to Constance Maria Pecoraro's "CAT"Holic OIL ART in MATHemathics of making MONEY that go in "BAN"ks. It's about the word "NO", used to creating meaning Going Backwards, to be "ON". Like Constance Maria Pecoraro's "NO Name Girl" sketches.

NOON in Korean means Eyes, NOON is midday which is 12. This number is very important because it's connected to MY Writings I wrote about "LEE" Montgomery in my notebook in 1982, and the name "LEE" in Korean Characters looks like the number "21". Over the past 3 decades, they've TWISTED the meaning of MY ARTWORK, meaning of JACKSON HEIGHTS NY ZIP CODE of "113 72" where I grew up in the 1980's connected to LEE MONTGOMERY, to "FIT" and have meaning for JOSH WOLF and SANDRA OH through Constance Pecoraro's CATHOLIC THEME OIL ARTWORK. JOSH WOLF and his SON name JACOB WOLF who was born"ed" on specific date of "3/17" in 1997 which is St. PATRICK'S DAY is "GREEN", like "COLOR of MONEY", is WHY in 2005 I met Constance Maria Pecoraro at her Dentist office, where I worked in 2005, PATRICK "LEE".

Hurricane Katrina began in August 2005, and hit New Orleans during the 1st weekend in Sept, LABOR Day weekend, the same weekend PATRICK "LEE" Fired me, for no reason, after 1 year of working in his Dental Office as his Dental Hygienist. He just said to me, don't show up for work on Monday. I couldn't understand WHY back then, but I do now. As the later Steve Jobs once said, "You can't connect the dots going forward, it can only be done Going Backwards". It’s all connected to SEPT LABOR Day weekend born “9/1” Virgo Constance MARIA Pecoraro, and what they BUILT through her Catholic Theme OIL ART of Jesus CHRIST, connected to JOSH WOLF’s SON JACOB WOLF. It’s important to know what the DELIVERY DOCTORS name on Jacob Wolf’s Birth Certificate, is it a DOCTOR name MA”RIA” ? Like Delivery DOCTOR name of David SIN CL”AIR” on Fraudulent Document of Barack Obama’s Birth Certificate. CL”AIR”, CL. Circle “O” Life of “LIO n KIN g” theme song.

LC Little Chenier, filmed in “New Orleans”, “NO”, created to have meaning Going BACKwards for “ON”. “AIR” LIBRA JOSH WOLF, in the name of MA”RIA” Pecoraro, connected to “AIR” Gemini Peter Hason and Gloria Lee in NYC, and SIN CL “AIR” connections. All leading to and pointing to, ROBBERY of MY IDENTITY, My Baby and Childhood pictures, to BE SANDRA OH in Group Conspiracy of IDENTITY THEFT.

Knitted HAT "KH", my Baby pictures sitting on Wicker CHAIR with "Knitted Hat", like all my baby and childhood pictures, that they've been building as if it's SANDRA OH, through the vehicle of Constance Pecoraros' "No Name Girl" IMAGINARY Sketches. Through VIRGO MaiI"DEN" I"TAL"ian Constance MARIA Pecoraro, born in SEPTember LABOR Day Weekend. Because of this astrology meaning, they've been building for DECADES as if Constance MARIA Pecoraro is My Mother's Identity, as if she gave BIRTH as in "LABOR", to SANDRA OH. VIRGO rules the DIGESTIVE SYSTEM, and the Business of "FOOD" is all about creating meaning, as if Sandra Oh was MY First Birthday Baby Picture with FOOD and MONEY on the table, all connected to Psycho Constance Pecoraro's CATHOLIC Theme OIL ART in MATHemathics of making MONEY. This is WHY certain Repeating Numbers are very important. MATH.

The above reason is WHY is very important to know the BIRTH FACTS of JOSH WOLF's SON JA"COB" WOLF who was born in Seattle WASHINGTON. I think in "SWE DISH"? HOSPITAL, same city as the setting of "Greys Anatomy". Jacob Wolf's BIRTH is DIRECTLY connected to ROBBING MY Baby Pictures, for SANDRA OH. WASHINGTON, sound of My Korean Name, My "BOURNE IDENTITY" of Wang Sin Won which sounds like Washington.

The FACTS such as what is the real true name of Jacob Wolf's Son's MOTHER? What is her name, is it TARA and is she a VIRGO like Constance Pecoraro? I think she is a THAI female, who still lives in Seattle Washington, and whatever she is doing there, her LIFE, like JOSH WOLF's Life, like Constance Pecoraro's LIFE, is BUILT, to support, to create meaning, basically "ROB" MY IDENTITY in a GROUP CONSPIRACY with ThoMAS CHRIST opher BRIDGES gay male DENTIST who has the same LEO Birthday as me, but different year.

What is the DELIVERY DOCTOR'S name on his Birth Certificate? is it "MARIA"? middle name of Constance MA"RIA" Pecoraro?

All of the above is connected to JOSH WOLF's WIFE name BETHANY ASHTON, who they say they've been married for a long time, and that they have a 15 years old SON TOGETHER. W"ASH"ing"TON". WING. It's about my pencil "DRA WING", that San"DRA" OH has been claiming for 3 decades she DREW. WING, is Arms, Upper Body, for meaning of MY Name SIGNature of "SANDY" with "OO" to be about "TITS", Bethany Ashton's Big Plastic Tits, for AIR Li"BRA" JOSH WOLF, in all BRA companies connected to Jesus CHRIST "CHA"rlies Find "OO". Jesus CHRIST was born in a MANger, in BETHLEhem.

ASHton, what is Sandra Oh's Middle Name? PA TREEE "SHA"? Sandra “O” DREW my “DRA” WINGS, through meaning of W “ASH”ing TON, what’s left? “WING”. “O” WINGs Mills is a city in MARYLAND.

O “Wings”, MARY LAND, as if Lee H. Montgomery “Lands”, he is going to “MARY” SANDRA “OH”, as if she IS and she Drew My Portrait DRA “WING”, when this sick gay psychobitch is the REASON why HE LEFT the ACTING BUSINESS in the later 1980’s.

O WINGS Mills MARYLAND, Bethany “ASHTON” name is connected to SANDRA OH and “Grey’s Anatomy” set in Seattle W “ASH”ing “TON”, created by sick black bitch Shonda Rhimes, in a Group Conspiracy to ROB MY IDENTITY for SANDRA OH, as if she is the ARTIST of MY ARTWORK.

It's about ROBBING MY IDENTITY from “BIRTH” as if Sandra OH is My Baby Pictures, all my childhood pictures, my adult pictures, MY IDENTITY and ARTIST of MY ARTWORK from 1981 and 1982, is SANDRA OH, built through Constance Pecoraro's Catholic Theme Oil art. “CHA”rlies Find, Jesus Christ the “SON”, Josh MIC”CHA” Wolf's Son JACOB WOLF born in Seattle WASHINGTON, so that MY Name meaning of “Sin Won” connected to George WASHINGTON, can BE SANDRA OH. Jesus was born in a MANGER in “BETH”lehem, this STORY is being told through THEIR NAMES.

This is WHY the BIRTH INFORMATION of JACOB WOLF is extremely important in finding out the FACTS. What is his MOTHER's Name? Is it TARA and is she a VIRGO like “Mother Mary” Constance Maria Pecoraro? What is the Delivery Doctors name, is it a BLACK COLOR S”KIN” NIGGER PUSSY? Reason for Horrific RAPING OF MY LIFE in Los Angeles since 2007, connected to BIG NIGGER PUSSY SHONDA LYNN RHIMES who created “Greys Anatomy” set in Seattle WASHINGTON, same city where Jacob Wolf was born, in ROBBING OF MY IDENTITY for SANDRA OH in a Group Conspiracy.

Bethany Ashton is a "Director". She directed a movie titled "Little Chenier" which was released in 2006. A Year AFTER "Hurricane Katrina". I don't know what this movie is about, except that it was filmed and set in New Orleans. THIS FILM I THINK WAS FILMED BEFORE HURRICANE KATRINA IN 2005, THEN RELEASED IN 2006. The making of this movie in 2005, is WHY they named the Hurricane, Hurricane KATRINA.

This movie "Little Chenier" is about the letters "CL PECK" written at Westwood Gateway in Westwood, next to "SEP" ulveda Blvd. The movie was titled this, set in New Orleans, to create meaning Going Backwards through the word "NO". CL PECK, Little Chenier in EAR sound of words. Like "CL" Chair and Lamp at the Pacific Design Center, with Shand"WICK" and the monster huge "CHAIR". AS IF through Virgo Maiden Constance MA"RIA" Pecoraro, in a Group Conspiracy, SANDRA OH is MY Baby pictures sitting on WICKer CHAIR.

The craziest thing about this movie, is the CAST, the ACTORS in this movie. It stars an actor name FREDERICK KOEHLER, "FK", who is the younger brother of a friend/acquaintance I knew name MICHELLE KOEHLER from where I grew up in the 1980's in JACKSON HEIGHTS NY. If you understand the meaning of ZIP CODES and WHY JACKSON HEIGHTS ZIP CODE is very important in "MATH"emathics of making MONEY, you'd understand WHY Freddie Koehler was in this movie, being "DIRECTED" by this DELUSIONAL SICK BITCH name BETHANY ASHTON, who thinks and wants to make it look like, as if she is "DIRECTING" the MEANING OF MY ARTWORK, what it means, through her "movies". It's called INFRINGEMENTS, and it's called IDENTITY THEFT in a GROUP CONSPIRACY.

Michelle Koehler had a crush on Jimmy Lyons, who is Nancy Lyons brother, and they all know who Freddy Koehler is. We all hung out and went to parties in Jackson Heights NY in the 1980's. The importance of JACKSON HEIGHTS NY ZIP CODE is WHY LUCY LIU chink pussy is who she is today, she is also from Jackson Heights NY.

UNDERSTAND this meaning, the FACT that an actor from JACKSON HEIGHTS NY “113 72”, who’s sister was someone I knew, who starred in a movie directed by Bethany ASHTON, WIFE of JOSH WOLF, who named his SON “JAC”ob for a reason, is REAL and TRUE. This is EVIDENCE to SUPPORT the ROBBERY OF MY SECOND ARTWORK COLLECTION, in 2009 through WHITE COLLAR CRIMES, connected to ROBBERY OF MY DOG “JACK”, connected to ZIP CODE of JACKSON HEIGHTS NY, IS REAL and TRUE.

New Orleans, aka the "BIG EZ". BIG Eyes as in Hori"Z"ontal "OO". Everything they've been building down there is connected to meaning of BLACK CO"LOR" S"KIN", in Going BACKwards, as if through this word, Sandra OH is My name SIGNature of "SANDY", as if it's the "NIK" of her name. Same thing for Constance Pecoraro who says she got her De"SIGN" Degree from "SAN" Jose and thinks through her Jesus CHRIST OIL Painting with "OO" Eyes, she is MY Name SIGNature of "SANDY" made with letter S of my name signed sideways, why would you sign your school's name on a piece of Artwork you did?

EARTH Virgo in EAR SOUND of words, names, numbers, etc, like shape of planet EARTh in "O", sound of Sandra "OH" name, in Catholic MAThemathics of making MONEY through Pimping ANATOMY of "OO" to be form of Tits and Ass, WHOR EYES Z Tonally built in, through her Jesus CHRIST the "SON" SUN. SUNNY. N "OO" N. GLO"RIA" MA"RIA", HAIR CHAIR STAIR AIR, CathoLICKING Ass Pussy Tit Game.

ELLE is HER in Spanish, in “HER SHE YS” CHOCHACOLATE “CAM DUNG YEE” Ass Pussy game that got started connected to MY Childhood picture in 1980 with a Black Girl, that they’ve been building through Nigger Pussies for 3 decades, as if MY Identity was SANDRA OH.

Sandy Wang’s ST. JOAN of “ARC” CATHOLIC School in 1980’s.

“ARC”, going backwards, sound of “SEE” RA, as in SAND”RA” OH.

As if SANDRA OH is My IDENTITY, MY Childhood pictures attending MY CATHOLIC School St. “Joan of “ARC” in 1980’s, and attending my Catholic High School, St. VIN”CENT” FERRER in NYC in 1985 with MY H”AIR” in the shape of letter “S”, all built THROUGH CATHOLIC Theme OIL ART by Constance Maria Pecoraro. As if she is the ARTIST of MY “ARCHITECTURAL” Drawing of MY Parents House in 1980’s “GARGE DOOR” and My Writings of “IWALY”, as if she is the Artist of My FAC from 1981 and 1982. This is one of the main reasons why you never see any pictures of SANDRA OH from the 1980’s, they BUILT IT as if she is MY IDENTITY. They built it as if My Parents are JOSH WOLF and CONSTANCE PECORARO, when these sociopaths are the same age as me. It’s called IDENTITY THEFT and ART THEFT in a Group Conspiracy.

C the shape of “L” going BACKwards in the ARChitecture of ROLEX BUILDING.

As if SANDRA OH wrote MY Writings of “I WAL Y” on MY ARCHitectural Drawing of MY PARENTS GARAGE “DOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOR” in 1982. See SIDE DOOR? Metal ST”AIR”S as if Sandra OH is My Im”PORT”ant PORTrait Drawing H”AIR” Shape in “C”, while they Premeditate and Conspire for Conspiracy of TWO Times to MA”RIA” MA”RIA” Stratton in MENTAL Health in LA County Jail, as if I had MENTAL Problems.


NOAH’S “ARC” is a story from the Bible, which is a B”OAT”, in a P3AR B”OAT” Ass Conspiracy of Going BACKwards through Jesus CHRIST Eyes is “OO” form of Ass, in robbing of My Parents Names meaning for Wolf Pecoraro and MY IDENTITY for SANDRA OH as CHRISTina Yang on “Greys ANATOMY” THROUGH the vehicle of Constance Pecoraro’s CATHOLIC THEME ART of Mary and Jesus CHRIST the SON.

ELLE is about JOSH MIC”CHA” WOLF and his talent agency in the ROLEX BUILDING, his Talent agency is “PARA LLEL Entertainment”. PARA “L” ELLE. PARA in Spanish means “HER”, in FOR “HER and SHE YS” ChoCHAcolate ASS PUSSY LICKING GAME. Go “SEE” C ”L”, Sin “CL” ARI NET, SICK RAPING NIGGER JOO TEAM in RAPING and ROBBING OF MY LIFE, the “L” at ROLEX BUILDING ARCHITECTURE.

PARA in Spanish means the word “FOR”, sound of “FOUR”, 4, D, as if SANDRA OH is My Childhood CHRISTMAS Picture in 1980 with MY LEG in PURPLE PANTS in the shape of number 4. This is one of the main reasons why Sandra Oh is “CHRIST”ina Yang on “Gre YS Anatomy” in a HER SHE “YS” ChoCHAcolate ASS PUSSY “ANATOMY” PIMPING Game for PYous JeSUS JOSH WOLF, who’s talent agency is in this building. PARA L”ELLE”. PARUH in Korean means “SUCK”, for “SUC” Stand Up Comedian JOSH WOLF.

JeSSUP, for “PY”ous Je”SUS”, C HO.”CHA”rlies Find “OO” Jesus CHRIST Art by Constance Maria Pecoraro, SANDRA “OH” C”HO” CHA, “OO” Ass Over LAP ping Pussy in 1999 Pictures.

OVER LAP ping LAF fing, connected to P”ASS” OVER Holiday of JEWS, connected to CHURCH of Jesus CHRIST of LATTER DAY Saints, connected to “LAF”fing Comedian JOSH MIC”CHA” WOLF, who is Constance Maria Pecoraro’s OIL Painting of “CHA”rlies Find Jesus CHRIST, all connected to MATHemathics of making MONEY, in robbing the meaning of My JOHN HANCOCK, My Name SIGNature on my “DRA”wing from 1981, through Spanish word “HAND” = MAN”OS” in creating meaning of Going BACKwards for “SO” Sandra OH. Same reason why T”HO” MAS CH”RIS”T O FUR BRIDG”ES” opened his Dental Office at “360” P OS T street in SAN FrancisCO. All built going BACKwards as if SANDRA OH is My Name “SIGN”ature, as if she is MY SIGN of LEO, through “OIL” ART by Constance Pecoraro in a CHAIN GROUP CONSPIRACY.

C “L”, reason why JOSH MIC”CHA” WOLF wife Bethany “ASH TON” directed a movie titled “LC” Little Chenier, in “NO” New Orleans. Connected to FRAUDULENT Birth Certificate of BARACK OBAMA and the DELIVERY DOCTOR name “DAVID SIN CL AIR”. “AIR” LIBRA JOSH WOLF, metal of “COPPER” STONE of DIAMOND, symbol of Justice Scales, built to ROB MY FATHERS NAME and IDENTITY in a Group Conspiracy with Constance Maria Pecoraro’s CATHOLIC THEME OIL ART Theme, created to also ROB MY IDENTITY for SANDRA OH, as if she is all my Childhood Pictures and MY IDENTITY growing up in JACKSON HEIGHTS NY “11372” in 1980’s, reason why you never see any pictures of what Sandra OH looked like in the 1980’s, she’s only 2 years younger than me so we grew up within the same “Genre”.

C “L”, connected to BLOW “AIR” in CL”ARI” NET, in MY Father’s Music Band picture from 1950’s, reason why this Delivery Doctors names was “HAND PICKED” to make it “FIT”. Like all the overwhelming concrete evi”DEN”ce I have of Disturbing WHITE COLLAR C”RIMES” that “FITS PERFECTLY” to Repeating Numbers, connected to DELUSIONAL BLACK COLOR S”KIN” NIGGERS in US GOV’T, OBAMAS in WHITE House makes “GRAYS Anatomy”, like “PAC”hyderm is a thick S”KIN” mam”MAL”, like the “GRAY” Elephant. While these sick DELUSIONAL NIGGERS PREMEDITATE and PLAN to “LOCK” ME IN JAIL in “MENTAL HEALTH” Dept as if I had “MENTAL PROBLEMS”, finding ways to “FRAME” ME again like they did in April 2009, when “THEY” are CLEARLY the DISTURBED SOCIOPATHIC CRIMINALS, IDENTITY THIEVES, who are in the Business of ROBBING of MY LIFE, MY IDENTITY from “BIRTH to PRESENT”, MY PRICELESS ARTWORK, for BORDERLINE PSYCHOTIC ACTRESS SANDRA OH.

C “L”, SEE “ELLE”, MICH”ELLE” Obama’s huge P3AR B”OAT” Ass in a Over LAP ping ASS PUSSY “CHOCHA CO LATE” Conspiracy of ROBBING the meaning of MY PARENTS NAMES for WOLF and PECORARO, MY ART of BLACK male actor ROBERT GUILLAUME from 1981, and MY CHILDHOOD picture with a BLACK GIRL in 1980, as if SANDRA OH is MY IDENTITY and The ARTIST OF MY ARTWORK. MY JOHN HANCOCK, as if Sandra Oh is My Name SIGNature on MY ART done by MY HANDS and MY BRAIN, while these sick niggers premeditate to HANDCUFF MY HANDS. DELUSIONAL RAPING FUCKING NIGGERS, these “words” are mild compared to how I feel inside.

C “ELLE”, “Y.D”ani “ELLE” MARQUIS, Nigger Pussy in “CARL JUNG” COPPER PENNY “CAM” DUNG YEE JUNG DUNG Ass Conspiracy through coded words “BLACK YELLOW COLOR S”KIN”, as if SANDRA OH is MY Name SIGNature on MY ART of “SANDY” , as if it’s the “NIK” of her name. I hope San”DRA” OH, who’s been claiming she DREW my DRAWings, knows how to DRAW and PAINT.

C “ELLE”, YVETTE CHAP “ELLE” another NIGGER PUSSY in DENTistry, connected to ROBBING OF MY IDENTITY MY Childhood Pictures in 1979 with “YV” YELLOW VIRGO SIGN, as if it’s SANDRA OH, through the Dental Mental Raping Hearing in June 2013.

“LOR”I HUBBLE at the DENTal Committee in Sacramento, connected to “ROL”ex Building and JOSH MIC”CHA” WOLF connected to Constance Pecoraro’s CATHOLIC THEME Jesus CHRIST “CHA”rlies Find in robbing of MY IDENTITY and MY ART for SANDRA OH in a GROUP CONSPIRACY. Robbing of MY “FAMILY JEWEL”.

Spanish words are very important because the number of Spanish speaking people in California. Original settlers of CA were Spaniards, reason why so many city names have “SAN”. The number of MEXICAN people in CA is astounding, all connected to creating meaning as if Sandra OH is My Identity in 1992 PICTURES OF ME WORKING IN FLORIDA, with a guy name “ED” who is from MEXICO. Mexi”CO”, CO in Korean is “NOS”E”, for “E”yes of Jesus CHRIST the SON is horny for “C HO CHA” in Ass Pussy of “GOING BACKwards” RAPING GAME, all connected to MATHemathics of making MONEY as if “SAN”DRA OH is the Artist of MY ARTWORK, and “DREW” My DRAWings. It’s called IDENTITY THEFT, ART THEFT, LIFE THEFT.

“TRA” BA JO = WORK in Spanish. Work for DINERO = MONEY.

Tom Bridges MARI CON. CON stance MARia Pecoraro’s CATHOLIC THEME OIL ART, for “TAO” is the WAY through these sociopaths and Identity Thieves on “BRIDGE WAY” Sausalito. Mi”CHA”, 3ARth Virgo sign rules the Digestive System for “FOOD”. MI”KA” ASSSSterisK. TV? TARA VIRGO? SWE”DISH” Hospital? JOHN HAN”COCK”, R.i.m.e.s with GOLD C”LOCK” and Tom Birdges F”LOCK” O BIRD SHIT on “STONE” on RICHARDT “SON” BAY. RB.


Sandy Wang’s FAC from 1982

WANG in Korean Characters

Sandy Wang’s BABY Pictures, First Birthday “FOOD and MONEY” picture

PEPSI “GRAYSONS” 1979 Sandy Wang’s childhood Santa Monica picture PEPSI and GRAYSONS Signs in 1979

Sandy Wang and Nancy Lyons in 1985, and her Brother JIMMY LYONS, both know who FREDERICK KOEHLER ACTOR is

“O” Sandy Wang’s Federally Registered Trademark in “O” in 2007

VIR”GO Mai”DEN” SIGN rules the Digestive System, LABOR Day Born “SEPT” Constance Maria Pecoraro

SEP ulveda Blvd next to Westwood Gateway, SEE “CL PECK” Plaque on sidewalk

ASH TON street name in WESTWOOD

ASHTON street next to OPPENHEIMER Building

ASHTON street next to FEDERAL FBI Building in Westwood

Bethany ASH TON, like Ash “TRAY” R.I.M.E.S with PRAY, HOLDing a CIG “SIG” ARRETTE HOLder, R.I.M.E.S with “YV” ETTE and OYsterETTE

Doheny x “ASH” CRO “FT” x DOR “RING” TON = “ASH TON”, in the word W”ASH” ing “TON” “ “ “ QQQ “”” Q”” Q

“O” “CL” Circle “O” LIFE and meaning of “LIO n KIN g”

Elton John sang this song, and meaning of JOHN HANcock and “MAN”OS connections

meaning of Psycho Pecoraro’s CATHOLIC THEME OIL ART

Mother MARY Constance Psycho Pecoraro’s Jesus CHRIST “C HO CHArlies Find “OO”


What happened in 2009, Horrific ROBBING and RAPING OF MY LIFE and MY ART

Sandy Wang’s RAV4L towed to “West WASHINGTON” Blvd in 2009

Sandy Wang’s RAV4L White Collar Crimes, and Letter from Toyota in OWINGS MARYLAND

JOSH WOLF and his SON JACob Wolf, connected to ZIP CODE of JACK SON HEIGHTS NY “113 72”, Vine x BANNER


“AR C” hitecture LIE “RA C”

SUNSET x V “BINE” “16 8”

JACob Wolf birthday number of “3/17”, what’s left? FOREVER “GREEN” “21”

FOR EVER GREEN State of Washington and St PATricks Day connections

DOG DAG, DGA Directors Guild of America

SIN “CL” AIR, name of Delivery DOCTOR on Barack Obama LEO Birth Certificate

JOSH WOLF and SIN CL “AIR”, let’s get all the F”AIR” FACTS

“CL” Chair Lamp is “FUR”niture at “PAC”ific De”SIGN” Center

Thomas CHRISTopher Bridges

who needs to be LOCKED IN JAIL

Patrick Lee in Sausalito who fired me during Hurricane Katrina weekend

Constance Maria Pecoraro’s Catholic Theme of OIL paintings of Jesus CHRIST “CHA”rlies Find

SEA is the OCEAN of Mother Mary

Fraud Documents

JOSH WOLF regular on CHEL”SEA” HANDLER Show, CH in “New Orleans” with 5 is “O” Cent

Hurricane "SANDY" in November 2012

then “SANDY” SCHOOL Shooting in December 2012

Copyright Trademark Laws and Criminal Ramifications

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