Aaron Hernandez of “PAT”riots “SPO”rts Team tight end
in Jail for Murder of Odin Loyd,
Arrested on “June 26”, 2013 what “TIME”?

“R” is the “18”th letter of the alphabet, and sounds like “ART”
around the corner from Rolex Building
JOSH WOLF who was born in Amherst MASS

What is SANDRA OH’s Middle Name? PA “TRI” cia?
Josh Wolf who went to “TRI” Nity University in Texas


meaning of BLACK CO LOR S”KIN”
why is this NEGRO wearing this special Style of HAT?
of ROBBING MY IDENTITY, MY ART, MY LIFE, so that it can have meaning for SANDRA OH
in MATHemathics of making MONEY
a sick RAPING PATTERN that began 3 decades ago, connected to MY Drawing of BLACK Male actor ROBERT GUILLAUME and meaning of “NUMBERS”

meaning of “Y.D”anielle MARQUIS in “SAN” Francisco
D”OH”ENY Drive, “Q”uotation MARQQQQs on “4 oo “ building
LLO “YD” street name in West Hollywood, next to D”OH”eny

meaning of BLACK COLOR S”KIN”, through the word “PA”chyderm
“NIK” connections and meaning in this sick RAPING GAME

Sandra OH and Same Style HAT, Same HAT as Tom Bridges website picture with a Female

meaning of “BAN”ks

Josh Mic’CHA’ Wolf born in Month of “TEN” OCTOBER AIR LIBRA
Constance Maria Pecoraro’s OIL Painting of Jesus CHRIST “CHA”rlies Find
When did Aaron Hernandez move into this house? The number “TEN” 10 is extremely important in RAPING OF MY LIFE and ART

Constance Pecoraro’s CATHOLIC Theme OIL ART
Constance Pecoraro’s OIL Painting of Jesus CHRIST the Son “CHA”rlie
meaning of syllable of “CHA”
in the name of JOSH MIC”CHA” WOLF

Josh Wolf son Jacob Born in Seattle WASHINGTON 4 Ever GREEEN State

SANDRA OH as K “RIS” TINA YANG on “GRAYS Anatomy” set in Seattle WASHINGTON “4 Ever GREEN” State
SANDRA OH who went to “SIR” Robert Borden high school
GREYS anatomy created by Disturbed sick Black Bitch SHONDA LYNN RHIMES of “D ART MOUTH” College in “AE”SCUL.apius SKULL SC.HO.OL

TEN All of the above, connected to GROUP CONSPIRACY of Exact “TEN” yrs of Raing My LIFE and ROBBING MY PRICELESS ART

JILL and KRISTEN business on D”O.H” en Y

P”EAR”L JAM, TEN cd and song title “BLACK”
Fits meaning of Black is for going BACK and BAKE”RY” of Licking Niggers BOWELS

JILL “KRISTEN” Mc”KOR”MICK sick cunt wife of EDDIE VEDDER and their daughters name O.H.
pearl JAM R.I.M.E.S with PAM, CP Cassil Place and Pearl Jams new cd SIREN on Sunset blvd connections CathoLICking CP Cunts and Pussies from LEXINGTON Avenue SVF Catholic School on COL.e and Lexington

Eddie Vedder's Name is written EV.eRYwhere in Los Angeles in MAThemathics of EA.ting BLACK you “DE”Long Pray together, NIGGERS BOWELS Ass Pussies



LEAVES around Sandra OH's MOK AGE

Sign on “ELE”vator as you L.E.A.V.E in Maria”N” Building

HOUSE Addresses in MAThemathics of making Money, monster Real Estate Connections WORLDWIDE

WHEN exactly did Aaron Hernandez move into this House with address of “22” ?

WANG in Korean characters looks like “TO TO”

SANDRA OH who was born in “OT TO WA” CanADA

“TO” in Korean Characters looks like name “OH”, see sign at CONNIE and T “ED”S


TATT”OO” has “INK”, and meaning of “NIK” connections, looking “LF” for T”OM” bridges “WO LF” Going BACKwards

“INK” and NICK connections

NICK is about PAChyderm niggers like DUM”BO” /a>

meaning of White and Red, connected to Sandy Wang’s Childhood pictures in White and Red clothing
they have BUILT as if Sandra Oh was My Identity, through COLOR CLOTHES and WORDS of OBJECTS like “SHO”es

Sandy Wang’s childhood pictures in White and Red
Sandy Wang’s childhood pictures White and Red with a BLACK GIRL in 1980
Meaning of WHITE and RED goes back decades connections




GUM or GOOM, in Korean means GOLd
GUM tissue in the Mouth is called “IM MOM” in Korean,
MOM in Korean is “BODY”
COT in Korean means “FLOW”er

meaning of GOLd is a metal of LEO SIGN
Sandy Wang in GOLD Dress in 1985 with NANCY LYONS “GOL”d LOCK of blonde H”AIR”
Sandy Wang with GLO ria Lee “AIR” Gemini and B”A”G


SANDRA OH who thinks she is MY SIGN of LEO, like my Name “SIGN”ature on MY ART
SANDRA OH and her P3AR shaped Plastic Ass Implants

TOM BURGESS “ED” GOLD U with “GL” Gloria Lee and Gays Lesbians
created by sick black bitch SHONDA LYNN RHIMES

CAN “ADA” and CAN “DY” connection to “Y.D”anielle MARQuis “DENTIST” who I met in 2006

SEPT 2013 GREEN and WHITE Sandra Oh on “George Tonight” with Sara MC “LOCK” LIN

meaning of going RICH”ARDT” HO BACKwards
OO FORM of Handcuffs go on W “RIS” T and Rhymes with CH “RIS” T Target with BO and Peco”ARROW” LIFE IN PRISON


“COT” in Korean means “FLOW”er, Josh “WOLF” is married to Bethany “ASH” TON
What is SANDRA OH’s Middle Name? PA “TRI” SHA?


JOSH WOLF who is a regular on CHELSEA HANDLER Show
JOSH WOLF is a cousin of S”COTT” WOLF

Constance Pecoraro’s OIL ART FLOWers



meaning of BLOOD and “RAD I O” connections
RAD I “O”, connected to D”ARI” as in LEGs of SANDRA OH
DARIO’S PIZZA”RIA” of Ma”RIA” and Sandra OH Dough Ass and Pussy Licking

“AIR” LIBRA JOSH MIC”CHA” WOLF horny for MA”RIA” MA”RIA” through DO”RIA”S BATHTIME in 2013 Sociopath
Josh Wolf a regular on “C” HEL “SEA” HANDLER Show at the ”ROUND Table”


GLOCK Gun, GLO GLO GLO “ria” Lee GOL ‘d’ C “LOCK” OO

GUN is shaped like number “7”, connected to JOSH WOLF DICK Size of “7” inches
“WA” in Korean means “COME”, “NG” U,
Wanger is also known as a Penis

GOL d meaning of LEO Metal of GOL d
1997 Sandy Wang’s GOL d C”LOCK” in 1990’s “OO” top of Tv

reason why Artist of jesus “KRIST” Constance Pecoraro moved to “707” Bridgeway

1999 RAY GUN, OO Study PEPSI PUSSY Sandra OH over LAPping area OO ()

JOSH “D” Study this area with Empty Building JOSH “D”,

JOSH WOLF regular on CHELSEA HANDLER Show, GOLD I LOCK of Blonde H”AIR” Pussy Rhymes with CHelSEA
Real “D” Real “D”

GOLD is metal of LIO and LIO n KIN g
EAR sound of LEO and LIO meaning

KIN Josh MIC”CHA” Wolf loves his Drin”KIN” SHO es

BLUE Car “WASH” “GN” Mercedes BENz on OVER land, for Over LAPping OO creates (), extremely important page of ORGANIZED CRIMES connected to JESUS CHRIST

BLOO eyes Constance Pecoraro’s Jesus CHRIST “CHA”rlies Find RAPING GAME

Sandy Wang FRAMED SET UP by MERCEDES BENZ in April 2009 with “BLUE TECH”

FOUR WAYS to FUCK RECTUM Hole email on “4/19/09”
Arrest by “DU FOUR” the next day “4/20/09”

“WA” Western Avenue, “WA CUM” with a B”OAT” OAR
meaning of BAN ks



JOSH WOLF loves PUMA, he wears it all the time
PUMA is a CAT, in CATHOLIC MATHemathics of making MONEY


SLAMMER, SANDRA OH who went to SIR ROBERT BORDEN high school connections who MUST be LOCKED IN PRISON FOR LIFE



“EAR”nest “WALL”ace who is also known as “FISH” in MIRAMAR

Sandy Wang’s Writings of I WAL Y in 1982

LIO n KIN g with “EAR”L Jones
EAR sound of words, like “O” sounds like “OH”

the “EAR” th at was sold to a “FISH” in the book “THE GIF GIF GIF t”
Fairmont “MIRAMAR” hotel and “FIG FIG FIG” Restaurant

Santa Monica OCEAN avenue OY ster “ETTE” connection on OCEAN avenue
Santa Monica OCEAN ave in 2013 and new ‘WG’ connections

“FIG” uroa monster connections

SEPT 2012 SANDRA OH in SEPT 2012 on “GT” was to recreate meaning of “TG” The GIF t, as if she is ARTIST of MY SECOND ARTWORK Collection which was all STOLEN in 2009
SEPT 2012 SYNchronized with “DENTAL MENTAL Raping Petition”

Constance Maria Pecoraro’s “FISH POLE”, Fish is Pussy, FINISH LINE
Jo “SH” rhymes with FI”SH”, Big ASS FISHING in MARCH 2010

FINISH LINE Bostom Marathon MAP connections

Constance Pecoraro and “CARO LINE” connections, Ready to D.I.E on “707” BRIDGEWAY in 2013


“THREE” is an important number
it’s about the word T “REE”, and it’s about “EER” sound of words,
it’s about sound of “O”, the sound of SANDRA “OH” name, who thinks all CIRCLES from MY LIFE has meaning for her, because it sounds like her name OH

EAR sound of words in P3AR B”OAT” Ass Conspiracy of Going BACKwards
EEER sound in the word G “REEE” N
EARl Jones in “LIO n KIN g”, “GN”

G “REE” N, anagram of word NEEGRO, and meaning of “NIK” in the word “KIN g”

what is SANDRA OH’s Middle Name? PA TREE SHA?
JOSH WOLF who went to “TREEE”NITY University in Texas SAN Antonio

“SHA”ayanna Jen”KINS”
J”OSH” Wolf born in Mass, married to “ASH” TON
what is Sandra OH’s Middle name? PA “TREEEE” SHA? SPO?

“SHA”yanna JEN “KIN”S

“NIK” connections
SHA connections

ANNA tomy of Bethany “ASH” ton’s Big Tits
Bethany ASH TON and “HK” connections

What is SANDRA OH’s Middle Name? PA”TREEE” SHA?


HOS pital SHO w created by SHO nda Rhimes

HOS “Pi” TAL connections


Constance Psycho Maria Pecoraro is going to PRISON for LIFE

Vir”GO” Constance Pecoraro’s No Name GIRL, CHICA is Girl in Spanish
Constance Pecoraro’s new “SUNNY”
meaning of “FUR” sound of FER is “TAL” in Korean
reason why Sandra OH is “CHRIST”ina YANG on “Greys Anatomy” set on “TAL”man avenue HOSpi”TAL” show

Constance Pecoraro is GOING GO PRISON FOR LIFE

What’s missing? “THREE” 11/27 Connected to ROBBING MY LIFE, and RAPING through DENTAL MENTAL PETITON in Group CONSPiRACY of Organized CRIMES


Aaron Hernandez’s Life as he knows it is over, he is in Prison for Life, and he is never getting out.

A Prelude to Sandra Oh, Josh Wolf and Constance Pecoraro Future.

Aaron Hernandez’s house was searched on June 18, 2013 in connection to the murder of his friend Odin Lloyd who was found in a industrial park about 1 mile from Hernandez house, with multiple gun shots to the back and chest.

He was arrested on June 26, 2013, WHAT TIME?, and later that day charged with first degree murder. He is currently being held without bail, in Bristol County Jail.

Carlos Ortiz and Earnest Wallace were also both arrested in connection to the murder.

Aaron Hernandez, SPOrt athlete for the “PAT”riots. His entire life is built on Constance Maria Pecoraro’s CATHOLIC Theme OIL ART, in ROBBING MY IDENTITY for SANDRA OH as if she is the ARTIST of MY ARTWORK. SPO, what is Sandra Oh’s Middle Name? PATRICIA?

Aaron Hernandez, “AH”, they’ve been building as if Sand “RA OH” is the Upper Left two links of My ART Website “HO”me and “AR”tist.

What is JOSH WOLF’s House address in San Fernando Valley? Is it MATILJA Avenue? Sound of MATili”HA”, for robbing the meaning of my “JH” JOHN HANCOCK name SIGNature on MY ART from 1981.

This is WHY in 2007, I was LOCKED OUT from 20360 Callon Drive TOPANGA, and then in 2009, I was FRAMED and Wrongfully LOCKED IN JAIL, during this time they ROBBED ALL MY PRICELESS ARTWORK and MY DOG JACK and my Car RAV4L. 2007, 2009, the numbers of “79” so that ALL MY CHILDHOOD PICTURES in SANTA MONICA in 19”79” can BE SANDRA OH, as if she was MY IDENTITY through Psycho Constance MARIA Pecoraor’s IMAGINARY Sketches of her NO NAME GIRL images.

AaronhernandeZ, AZ, beginning and ending. My Registered Trademark in circle of “O”, FITS MY TAO Saying I created perfectly, AZ, T “Alpha and Omega” Beginning and End. This is the reason why Psycho Actres SANDRA “OH” thinks and wants MY ARTWORK and MY WEBSITE, EVERYTHING about ME and MY LIFE, to be HERS, in a Terrorizing RAPING GAME.

The Spanish word “ZA” PAT OS means “SHO”es, what is SANDRA OH’s Middle Name? PAT REE SHA?

This meaning of his name initials with “HO”me “AR”tist of the Upper Left two links is connected to a person name Peter “HA”SON” in NYC who is in the MUSIC Business. He BUILT it, for meaning of MY First Name SIGNature of “SANDY” on MY ART with OO, connected to meaning of MY Parents Names, GOING BACKWARDS in a ASS CONSPIRACY, to have meaning for JOSH WOLF and CONSTANCE PECORARO. MUSIC, CUM “I” sounds like Eye “S”EX, Eyes of Jesus CHRIST “OO” is FORM of ASS Going BACKWARDS.

This is one of the reasons why My Watercolor painting Titled “OLD KARMA”, previously titled “Carl Jung” is extremely important, In this painting, the “ARM” is the “NOS”E, looking to the Upper Left. The meaning of my Name SIGNature as in my John HANCOCK from my 1981 drawing, has been built through Psycho Constance MARia Pecoraro’s Jesus CHRIST “CHA”Rlie Eyes “OO”, connected to Josh MIC”CHA” WOLF, is Horny for FORM of MA”RIA” ASS Going Backwards. AS if Constance Pecoraro or SANDRA OH is MY Name SIGNature. John HANCOCK, It’s form of HANDCUFFS “OO” that go on W “RIS” T and Rhymes with CH “RIS” T. “HA” SON in NYC.

Aaron Hernandez, they’ve been building and creating meaning as if SANDRA OH is MY ART Website and Upper Left Two links of “HO”me and “AR”tist. 20360 CALLON DRIVE “TOP”anga, Pictures of me on the “TREE” that they have BUILT as if SANDRA OH was MY IDENTITY and MY X RATED PICTURES ON THIS TREE, stolen from MY “LAP TOP” computer. What is SANDRA OH’s Middle Name? PAT”REEE” SHA? SPO ? SPO rts, “PAT”riots, sound of PA “TREEE” OTS.

When did Aaron Hernandez move into this GRAY HOUSE with address of “22”, next to or on “KRIS TEN” street name? Because this is DIRECTLY connected to everything I’ve been writing about, in SANDRA OH in a Group conspiracy to ROB MY IDENTITY.

K “RIS” TEN. As if My ART Website “HO”me and “AR”Tist on the Upper Left is Sand “RA OH”, sandywang.”NET”, Going BACKwards. What is Sandra Oh’s middle name? PA “TREEE” S “HA”? = LIFE IN PRISON.

G “RA” Y, perfect word, to combine so as to confuse, Sand”RA” OH is My Name of Sand “Y”, my Name SIGNature on My ARTWORK. G RA Y, through Colors of Yellow Green “YG”, as if Going BACKwards, Sandra OH is My Name SIGNature of sand Y wan G, and how these letters in my name “TURNS AROUND”, Name SIGNature on my “AR” t. T is missing because it’s the SILENT “T”AO.

The original meaning of this GRAY color is connected to MY childhood picture of me and my Father in 1981, of MY Father wearing a “GRAY” sweater, and meaning of HAWAIIAN “BARREL” on the Upper Left. This is WHY the tv show “GREYS Anatomy” is called this, it’s about meaning of my John Hancock, My Gold CLOCK “OO”, to be form of Ass or Tits, for Tom Bridges meaning of this Hawaiian BARREL, shaped like a Male Penis, Baseball “BAT”, of AIR LIBRA JOSH MIC”CHA” WOLF, his “DICK” fucking OO is Ass and Tits. This is WHY EVERYTHING for OO or 8 to be about form of ASS or TITS is connected to JOSH MIC”CHA” WOLF as Hordick Jew JESUS “CHA”rlie, Constance Maria Pecoraro’s OIL ART of Jesus CHRIST, who is horny for cho”CHA”, which means Pussy in Spanish. This TV SHOW “GREYS ANATOMY” is about AIR LIBRA JOSH WOLF rules the anatomy of “KID” KNEEE YS, in the “LOW BACK”, connected to the word “KNEEE” GRO, and the word for Knee “CAP” BONE which is the “PAT”ella. PATella, PATriots, PATREEEESHA?

AS IF SANDRA OH is MY IDENTITY in ALL MY Childhood pictures, especially in 1979 in SANTA MONICA of me sitting on a BLACK CANON, wearing “KNEE” High Socks.

WANG in Korean characters looks like the letters “TO TO”. 22. SANDRA OH, who was born in “OT TO WA” Canada, thinks she is MY IDENTITY, and MY Father’s ROYAL Korean Name IS HERS. This is WHY the meaning of LIO n KIN g is extremely important, as if SANDRA OH is MY NAME, MY Name SIGNatures on my ART, as if she IS MY IDENTITY. All connected to BLACK CO”LOR” S”KIN”, as if My Name SANDY is the “NIK” of her name. This is why the letters “NG” are extremely important, to complete “WA” of “OT TO WA”, as if SANDRA OH was MY Name of “WANG”, and MY SIGN of LEO, connected to LION KING.

T “HO” Mas CHRISTopher BRIDGES meaning of MY Name SIGNature of “SANDY” with OO made with letter “S” of my name, through Pecoraro’s Jesus CHRIST “OIL” ART, reason why Sandra OH is “CHRIST”ina Yang on “Gre YS Anatomy”, in a sick ASS CONSPIRACY through Jesus CHRIST Eyes of “OO” is ASS. SANDRA OH isn’t my identity, she isn’t my name signatures, Sandra Oh is a CANCER SIGN, metal of Silver, rules the Anatomy of Upper Body of TORSO. This is WHY they built and created this ASS CONSPIRACY, anything to avoid L”OO”King at SANDRA OH is a Cancer and rules the FORM of TITS “OO”. It’s the FORM of HANDCUFFS TURNING AROUND that folds into a “O”, sound of Sandra “OH” name BORDERLINE PSYCHOTIC ACTRESS who MUST BE LOCKED IN PRISON FOR LIFE.

K “RIS” TEN street, when exactly did Aaron Hernandez move into this house? Because EVERYTHING they have BUILT in the last few years, since 2009 ROBBERY of MY PRICELESS ARTWORK, is about creating meaning GOING BACKwards, as if SAND RA OH, is the ARTIST of MY ARTWORK, as if she is “SHOW”ing the WAY Going BACKwards through RAPING MY NAME and MY ART connected to her TV SHOW “Greys Anatomy”. Sand YWA. NG. NET. ‘TEN’, connected to “AIR” LIBRA JOSH MIC”CHA” WOLF born in OCTOBER. SAME REASON why I was LOCKED OUT of MY “HO”Me in OCTOBER 2007, “4 C day B 4” JOSH WOLF’s Birthday “10/19”. Which by the way, is connected to why “9/11” happened.

EAGLES and their famous song, HOTEL CALIFORNIA, “SHE SHOWED ME THE WAY”. Reason why JOSH WOLF FUCKED a CHINK PUSSY who has a “B” EAGLE DOG in 2009, while My Life was being RAPED in LA County Jail in 2009 where I was being Wrongfully Held CAPtive for 5 months. EVERYTHING about JOSH WOLF and EVERY PUSSY he’s FUCKED IN HIS LIFE, is connected to SANDRA OH and CONSTANCE PECORARO. Josh MIC”CHA” WOLF, is their SICK DISTURBED RAPING JESUS CHRIST “CHA”rlie. REASON FOR YEARS OF TERROR IN MY LIFE.

Aaron Hernandez was arrested on “6/26”. Why? Because these NUMBERS are connected to creating meaning AS IF SANDRA OH is MY PORTRAIT drawing on date of “2/06”, as if she is MY PORTrait Drawing H”AIR” in form of letter “C” going backwards, while creating meaning of “Conspiracy of TWO” to Mental Health Court in LA County jail judge name “MA RIA” STRATTON, because everything about MY IDENTITY to BE SANDRA OH, has been BUILT through Psycho Italian SICK CUNT name Constance MA”RIA” Pecoraro connected to “AIR” LIBRA JOSH MIC”CHA” WOLF, as if WOLF and PECORARO were MY Parents names, and MY IDENTITY was SANDRA OH.

I took pictures the day before, of “AH” MANSON Building on “CHARLES” E Young Drive, at UCLA School Campus in Westwood. It’s the ‘RFID’ bug inside me, “THEY” can see and hear everything I do.

It’s about the word “C HO C HA”. C and C is about my H”AIR” in a picture of me from 1984. And “C” in my H”AiR” in my Portrait drawing I drew in 2006. SANDRA OH thinks she is MY IDENTITY and ARTIST OF MY ART, My Portait Face.

CHO CHA in Spanish is Pussy, connected to Constance Pecoraro’s Jesus CHRIST titled “CHA”RLIES FIND with “OO” Rings around his Eyes. C “HO” has Sandra “OH” name in it BACKWARDS, this is why almost everything they built, is going BACKwards in a ASS PUSSY Conspiracy. They say Eyes are Window to the Soul, but for HOR DICK SICK JEW JOSH MIC”CHA” WOLF, EYE is ASS in “AE SCUL APIUS” in Mathemathics of making Money. This is why I’ve had nothing but very sick psychobitches who have Huge Blubber OIL ASSES and huge TITS “OO” stalking me, following me, and for me to LOOK AT THEIR ASS FORM. WHY? I’m not gay. It’s about PIMPING of ANATOMY connected to SANDRA OH tv show “GAYS ANATOMY”.

CHO CHA, CHAR lies Find, JESUS CHRIST OIL ART by Pecoraro, reason why SANDRA OH is “CHRIST”ina Yang on “Greys Anatomy”.

C “HA”, this is about the “HA” waiian BARREL in my childhood picture from 1982 with my father. HA is the name of one of My Father’s Students also from the 1980’s, who has always been like an older sister to me.

HAWAIIAN BARREL “DICK” is Fucking P”3AR” B”OAT” Ass is what they built, based on MY CHILDHOOD PICTURES of me with My “MF” Mother and Father in 1980’s.

HA, as if the Upper Left two links of My ART Website “HO” me and “AR” tist is Sand”RA OH” name Going BACKWARDS. As if My Name SIGNature on MY ART, is the “NIK” name of SAND RA OH, through the word S”KIN” and any word with “NIK”, like COLOR P “INK”. My Name isn’t “NIK” and this isn’t what My Art says.


Do you think it’s random that “AH” ANTHONY HOP “KIN”S” was “HL” Hannibal Lecter in the movie “Silence of the LAM bs” with scenes of “SEW”ING S”KIN”? it’s the SAME “ENERGY”. SAME SICK RAPING ROBBING DEEPLY DISTURBED “ENERGY” of SANDRA OH and sociopaths WOLF and PECORARO in a Group Conspiracy, that has sabotaged my life, the same sick Energy that had Aaron Hernandez murder Odin.

I personally think that Aaron Hernandez has “MURDERED” many people, bodies that were never found.

Aaron Hernandez of “PAT”riots, is SPOrts, what is SANDRA OH’s Middle Name? PATRICIA? SPO ??? in the word SPO RTS, reason why Sandra OH was RITA WU in “ARLI$$”.

This murder occurred in JUNE 2013, JOON Soo Oh is Sandra OH’s Father, who began using the name JOHN OH, to ROB MY JOHN “HANCOCK” Name SIGNature on MY Drawing from 1981. The URL website address of this page, what is Sandra OH’s Middle Name, is named “JOONSOOOH”. See link below.

It’s all about MY IDENTITY, MY ARTWORK, MY DOG JACK, and MY X RATED PICTURES on the “TREE” at TOPANGA in 2007, that they have BUILT to be SANDRA OH as if she is MY IDENTITY. It’s called PSYCHOLOGICAL RAPING.

AA” RON” Hernandez. The word or name of “RON” has been connected to the word “HO”NOR, as if Judges Names in United States COURTS all have meaning for SANDRA “OH”, as if SANDRA OH is the ARTIST of MY ARTWORK, as if she is MY IDENTITY, specifically meaning of MY KOREAN NAME, connected to George WASHINGTON, who was the First president of the United States.

AA A= 1 first letter of alphabet. Aaron Hernandez was born in “NOV”ember “11”. This number has been USED to create meaning of “Conspiracy TWO”, so that MY ARTWORK of “SHAdows in NOVember” can have meaning for SANDRA OH, as if she is the ARTIST of MY PRICELESS ART. SHAdows in November, what is SANDRA OH’s Middle Name? PA TRI “SHA” ?

Conspiracy of T”OO”, that they created, PREMEDITATED, to RAPE MY LIFE, is Backfiring seriously and this kind of PREMEDITATION, is going to LOCK SANDRA OH, JOSH WOLF and CONSTANCE PECORARO LOCKED IN PRISON FOR LIFE, like Aaron Hernandez. For all “OO” or Vertical EIGHT, from MY LIFE and MY ART, to have meaning for these sociopaths in a Group Conspiracy, reason why FORM of HAND”CUFFS” MUST GO ON THEIR W“RIS”T R.i.m.e.s with CH “RIS” T.

It’s about meaning of My LION BODY Painting which looks like a male penis, connected to My Dog JACK. The painting was first titled “Red Velvet” then I changed it to “Double Leo”, and I am a double leo of Sun and Moon both in sign of Leo.

Double LeO, begins and ends with “DO”, this is THEIR code for it, it’s really DL Double Leo. ODIN LO”YD”. See “Y.D” anielle MARQuis in “SAN” Francisco BLACK CO”LOR” S”KIN” NEGRO connection in link below.

This is WHY AARON HERNANDEZ and his Co Conspirators murdered ODIN LOYD. It’s the meaning of “PAC”HYDERM, which means a thick S”KIN” mam”MAL”, EAR sound of PA”KEY”Derm, for MY Name SIGNature of “SANDY” on my Draiwng of BLACK male actor ROBERT GUILLAUME from 1981, is the “TRU NK” of a TREEE, connected to “ART” of KEY and LION BODY in 2006, to have meaning for NEGROS DICKS. As if MY PICTURES on the “TREEE” in 2007, MY SIGN of LEO, My name SIGNature, is SANDRA OH, connected to what is her middle name? PA “TREEE” SHA?

Pa “TRI” CIA, SHA. Reason why JOSH WOLF went to “TRI”nity University in “SAN” Antonio Texas, reason why he is married to Bethany “ASH” TON. P A TRI CIA? Reason why JOSH WOLF used to live and his son JACOB Wolf was born in Seattle W”ASH”ing”TON”, same city where “Greys Anatomy” tv show is set with SANDRA OH. Josh Wolf is going to FOLLOW SANDRA OH into PRISON if he lives on MATIL”JA” Ave. MATIL”JA”, sound of “HA”, for meaning of My “JH” JOHN HANDCOCK to be about Constance MA”RIA” MA”RIA” Pecoraro’s ASS FORM, while they PREMEDITATE to Murder My LIFE through “CONSPiRACY of TWO”. Matilija Avenue “MA” + “AIR” Libra JOSH MIC”CHA” WOLF, horny for Constance MA”RIA” Pecoraro’s Ass and CHO”CHA” Pussy, in GOING BACKwards in a Ass Conspiracy.

My Artwork of Lion’s Body done in Feb 2007 titled “Double LeO”, was originally titled “RED VELVET”. Double LeO begins and ends with “DO”, “ODin Lo YD”, BLACK S”KIN” CO LOR, male negro, so that the Upper Left of my Art Website “HO” me and “AR”tist can be SAND “RA OH” going BACKwards, as if she is MY SIGN of LEO through TOM BRIDGES Gay male dentist who has the same LEO Birthday as me. As if Sand RA OH is My Name SIGNature on MY ART of “SANDY”, as if it’s the NIK of her name. Through ODIN LO”YD”, Tom Bridges GAY MALE ASSSS “OO” through S”KIN” Going BACKwards and AARON really wanted to be fucking his “GIRL” Friend’s Black Color S”KIN” Going BACKwards for Sand “RA OH”. AS if She is ALL PICTURES on “TREE” like my LION BODY Painting, what is Sandra Oh’s Middle Name? PA “TREEEEEEEEE” SHA? “PAT”riots. SPO rts. Sandra Oh is going to Prison for LIFE just like Aa”RON” Hernandez and never getting out.

Aaron Hernandez, wanted meaning of MY “KEY” fucking Black Color S”KIN”, “NIK” Name SIGNature of “SANDY” Going BACKwards with OO, is form of ASS, through his Black Color S”KIN” “GIRL”Friend name Jen”KINS”. He wanted it to be about OO over LAPping creates OO () FISH is PUSSY shape, not a BLACK MALE NEGRO’S S”KIN”, because T “HO” MAS KRIST o FUR is a GAY MALE, and Aaron is a very macho guy. JenKINS and HerNANdez, J and H, meaning of My “JH” John HanCOCK, name SIGNature. As if my name SIGNature is the “NIK” of SANDRA OH.

THIS IS WHY HE MURDERED ODIN LO”YD”. HE IS IN THIS CONSPIRACY WITH HIS BLACK GIRLFRIEND NAME JEN”KINS”, all connected to meaning of BLACK COLOR S”KIN”, connected to JOSH WOLF and SANDRA OH Astrology Vibe of “410”, as if SANDRA OH is MY IDENTITY in my childhood picture with a Black Girl in 1980, when this picture is really about WANG MONTGOMERY Astrology Vibe of 410. EVERYTHING about WANG and MONTGOMERY has been TWISTED, dissected dismembered, then RE ARRANGED, RE FITTED, to have meaning for WOLF OH, this includes the ROBBERY of MY PRICELESS SECOND ARTWORK COLLECTION in 2009, which was all stolen through Organized White Collar CRIMES all connected to JOSH WOLF and SANDRA OH, with Constance Pecoraro, Tom Bridges, “Y.D”anielle MARQUIS as their Co Conspirators in a CHAIN CONSPIRACY.

MY Watercolor ARTWORK of LION BODY titled “Double Leo”, looks like a male penis, “TURNING AROUND”, like my name SIGNature, like my “WANG KEY” Painting, like MY SIGN of LEO and MY IDENTITY of PICTURES on ‘TREE’ at TOPANGA in 2007, that SANDRA OH thinks is HER and they have BUILT it, as if MY IDENTITY IS SANDRA OH, for MATHemathics of making MONEY, connected to “LIO N KIN G” and OIL ART of Constance Pecoraro, through PSYCHOLOGICALLY “RAPING” MY LIFE, and MY SACRED ART “KEY to My SOUL”.

This is connected to meaning of BLOOD which in Korean is “P”, the COLOR “RED”, connected to meaning of “UN” DER SCORE in Going BACKwards to created NEW “NU” meaning. It’s about the word PERI “OD” as in menstruation and BLOOD, BLOOD that fills a Hard Dick, and the COLOR PERI “WIN” KLE. See SE “KAL” page. Then understand JOSH WOLF on his FACEBOOK page and “DOTS” and meaning of Still on B”OAT”.

What is Sandra OH’s Middle Name? PA “TREE” SHA? SPO? SO RO, “EW” Either Way = LIFE IN PRISON.

All of this is connected to a major focal point in WH WEST HOLLYWOOD, connected to WH White House and CORRUPTED BARACK OBAMA, who’s entire Presidency is built to ROBB My Identity and MY ART for SANDRA “OH” sound of “O”. = SO RO.

If you go to the link below of WH MAP, they BUILT the meaning of MY WEBSITE and MY ARTWORK, in REAL LIFE through BUSINESS NAMES and STREET NAMES in West Hollywood, it’s something they’ve been building on for 3 decades. On the Upper Left, behind RAMAGE x KEITH streets, there is a street name LLO”YD”. This is something they’ve been BUILDING ON FOR 3 DECADES, it’s WHY Black Negro “Y.D” ani”ELLE” MARQUIS “MAR KEY”, went to Dental School and “WHY” I met this sick lying black bitch in 2006.

It’s about the street name D”OH”ENY, begins and ends with “DY”, connected to meaning of my First Name SIGNature of “SAN DY”, that they’ve been building to have meaning GOING BACKwards through another street name LLO”YD”, in BLACK COLOR S”KIN” connections, as if SANDRA OH is the “NIK” of my name SIGNature of “SANDY” on my drawing of BLACK male actor ROBERT GUILLAUME from 1981.

This is all connected to ROBBERY of MY Toyota RAV4L, My Dog JACK and My Priceless ARTWORK in 2009, all connected to SANDRA OH, and Black Color S”KIN” Nigger Pussies, specifically “Y.D”anielle MARQUIS in “SAN” Francisco, who worked with another Hindu Dentist name ME “RAV” in 2006. It’s why all MY PROPERTY was STOLEN in 2009, through WHITE COLLAR “CRIMES”.

PA VI “LIO”NS was built connected to MY Painting of “LION” Body, and across the street is a NEW “AH” Animal Hospital, for meaning of MY STOLEN DOG “JACK” and MY ARTWORK, to be and to have been done by SANDRA OH, connected to SHONDA LYNN RHIMES TV SHOW “GREYS ANATOMY”, in MATHemathics of making MONEY. SEE THESE LINKS BELOW AND STUDY IT CAREFULLY.


LIO n KIN g, extremely important to understand what this means, connected to “Going Backwards” for RICH”ARD” BACH, “HO”BAK is pump”KIN”, pumps are SHOes, and meaning of Black COLOR S”KIN”, all created as if SANDRA OH is MY Name SIGNature of “SANDY” on my drawing of Black male actor ROBERT GUILLAUME from 1981, that Sandra OH thinks she DREW, and as if my name Signature is the “NIK” of her name Going BACKwards. As if SANDRA OH is MY IDENTITY and MY SIGN of LEO, through T”HO”MAS CHRISTopher Bridges who has the same LEO Birthdate as me, bridges Constance Pecoraro’s Jesus “KRIST”, “CHA”rlies Find, KRIS”TEN”, AiR LIBRA OCTOBER “10” born Josh MIC”CHA” WOLF who was born in MASSACHUSETTS. Reason why SANDRA OH is “CHRIST”ina YANG on “Grey’s Anatomy”.

SANDRA OH is a CANCER SIGN born in EAR sound of JEW “LIE”, and it’s metal is SILVER, and this sign rules the Front of the Upper Body the TOR”SO”. LIO n KIN g, was created, to create meaning BACKwards, as if Sandra OH is MY Name SIGNature, the “NIK” of her name, in a ASS CONSPIRACY of “OO” through Jesus CHRIST Eyes.

OO form of HANDCUFFS Turning Around, folds into a “O”, the sound of SANDRA “OH” Name. Either Way. WOLF is going to FOLLOW HELLO YELLOW his Calf and Cow, PECORARO and OH into PRISON.

Aaron Hernandez. “AH”, sound of “HA”, does JOSH WOLF live on “MAT”ILIJA Ave in San Fernando Valley? Matili”JA” is the sound of “HA”.

HO me AR tist of my art website links. Connected to HA WA iian BARREL in my childhood picture from 1982 with my father in GRAY Sweater, reason why “GRAYS Anatomy” is set in Seattle WASHINGTON on the Upper Left state, same state where JOSH MIC”CHA” WOLF's Son JACOB Wolf was born”ed”. The DELIVERY DOCTOR and his THAI MOTHER are connected to ROBBING MY IDENTITY for SANDRA OH, as if she is all my Baby Pictures, built through the birth of Josh Wolf's son.

Josh MIC”CHA” Wolf son birth in Seattle WASHINGTON

HA. WA. Iian Barrel Statue in Sandy Wang's Childhood Picture in 1982 with My Father in “GRAY” Sweater.

KRISTEN street.


EDDIE VEDDER who ASSSSTerisKED with “OO” Wedding Rings, JILL “KRISTEN” MCKORMICK in 2010 and they got married in “HAWAII”. As if My Name SIGNature on MY ART from 1981, is Sandra OH, rebuilt through Constance Pecoraro's Jesus CHRIST Oil Art.

They live in Seattle WASHINGTON and have two daughters name “O.H”. Olivia and HARPER, which is about ROBBING MY PORTRAIT Drawing for Sandra “O.H” as if she is the ARTIST of MY ARTWORK, when everything they built, has already been built through Oil Art of CATHOLIC Theme Mother MARY and JESUS CHRIST “CHA”RLIES FIND, reason why SANDRA OH is “CHRIST”ina Yang on 'Greys Anatomy” set in the same city, Seattle WASHINGTON.

OIL and WATER don't mix, like these DE rang ED DE lusional Psychobitches and I don't mix.

JOSH WOLF and EDDIE VEDDER, are PSYCHO CUNT PUSSY “MAGNETS”. THESE SICK DICKS, WHO THINK MY FATHER'S IDENTITY HAS MEANING FOR THEM connected to SANDRA OH, who thinks My ART and My Name SIGNature has meaning for them, through ANATOMY of OO TITS and ASS FORMS of PSYCHOPUSSIES, NEED TO GET THE FUCK OFF FROM MY LIFE, MY ART, MY PARENTS NAMES. Reason for Countless Psychobitches with HUGE PLASTIC TITS and PEAR Asses who STALK ME and FOLLOW ME. Because they have built for My parents names, to be about BODY PARTS of ASS PUSSY DICK, connected to DERANGED ACTRESS SANDRA OH on “Grays ANATOMY” connected to MENTALLY DISTURBED SICK “NIGGERS”.



P”EAR” L JAM. Sandra OH says her middle name is MIJU, which means PEARL in Korean. What is her Middle Name? PATRICIA? PA TREEE SHA? Or MIJU = P”EAR”L?

TEN, and the song “BLACK”, reason why my LIFE has been RAPED and ROBBED in EXACT “TEN” Years, connected to BLACK COLOR S”KIN” SICK NIGGERS in US GOVERNMENT makes “GRAYS Anatomy”.

PEARL JAM, “TEN” cd with song “BLACK”

Exact 10 years

PEARL JAM Rimes with PAM and “SIREN” their new album on Sunset Blvd connections

What “TIME” was AH arrested? I took pictures of “AH” MANSON building on “CHARLES” E. YOUNG at UCLA on 6/26 2013



RFID BUG inside me is REAL

CHARLES E. YOUNG is next to AH”MANSON” building at UCLA


It’s the “RFID BUG” inside me.

I was curious to know, as to what TIME Aaron Hernandez was arrested in his home in Massachusetts, because I took pictures of “AH”MANSON Building at UCLA that same afternoon and was thinking, “FORM AL” name of CHARLIE, Jesus CHRIST the “SON”, in robbing of M John HANcock “OO” meaning, through Spanish word MAN”OS”, in a disturbing ASS CONSPIRACY of GOING BACKwards, connected to SANDRA OH on “Greys ANATOMY” tv show. And the way how my life has been so deeply VIOLATED in ALL FORMS and SHAPES, WAYS my life has been Repeatedly RAPED and ROBBED connected to this PAT”HO”LOGICAL LI”AR” Actress SANDRA OH, who thinks she is MY PORTRAiT and the ARTIST of MY ARTWORK.

Stuff like this routinely happen to me. Like my visit to DPSS, Dept of Public Social Services building on PIC”O” Blvd x SEP ulveda Blvd in Westwood, and the “MARA”thon Boston “Finish Line” Bombing, then the WH White House Lockdown. It’s why Edward SNOWDEN did what he did, the SPYING in “MY LIFE” is beyond how they spy on an average citizen, it’s extremely invasive, and extremely ILLEGAL.

Ever see a BUG on it’s BACK? It’s usually SU SU ffeRING.

Aaron Hernandez Indicted for 2 Slayings in 2012



Aaron Hernandez is being indicted for the slaying of 2 people in 2012, DANIEL ABREU and SAFIRO FURTADO, for mistake of SPILLING DRINK on AH.

He is still in Jail, waiting for Trial of Murder of Odin in July 2013. He will never get out of Jail, for the rest of his life.

My Point is, and always will be, the ISSUE AT HAND is about ROBBING of MY IDENTITY from “BIRTH to PRESENT” for SANDRA OH, who thinks she is the ARTIST OF MY ARTWORK and MY PORTRAIT Drawing. What is her Middle Name? PATRICIA? PA “TREEEEE” SHA? SPO? She is going to PRISON FOR LIFE and there isn’t anything anyone else can do about it.

Spiking DR”INK”S something going on with naming of new CAN DR “INK”.

“R UN” new DR “INK”

Aaron Hernandez new TATTOO while in Jail


JOSH WOLF who was born in Amherst MASS
JOSH WOLF and meaning of birth of his SON JA”COB”
“CAP” ri “CORN sign the G”OAT” SHONDA RHIMES who went to “D ART MOUTH” college

Go directly where I tell you, or you’ll get lost

Constance MARIA Pecoraro’s Sketch of “FINISH LINE”
‘FINISH LINE’ of Boston MARAthon Bombing and MAP of “DARTMOUTH” connections

Aaron Hernandez is in Jail in N. D”ART MOUTH”, BRISTOL County in Massachusetts.

J”OSH” Wolf was born in AMHERST Massachusetts. MASSAchusetts is big in “ROBBING” of My Name SIGNature, My John Hancock, in a “ASS” Conspiracy.

SHO nda LYNN Rhimes went to “D ART MOUTH” college, created “Grey’s Anatomy” tv show, to ROB MY IDENTITY and MY ART for SANDRA OH in a Group Conspiracy, through the vehicle of Constance Maria Pecoraro’s CATHOLIC THEME OIL ART.

AE.SCUL.APIUS SKULL, SCHOOL Names in Mathemathics of making Money. See MAP of Boston “MARA”thon Bombing “FINISH LINE”, it's about Constance Maria Pecoraro's sick sketch of her No Name Girl and “FINISH LINE”. Pressure Cooker with “AiR”. Constance Ma”RIA” Pecoraro, and “AiR” Ear sound 'HEIR” Libra JOSH MIC”CHA” WOLF in MATHemathics of making Money as if they were My Parents, and as if Sandra OH is My FB Firth Brithday Baby Pictures with FOOD and MONEY on the Table.

Constance Pecoraor's sick “FINISH LINE” Sketch and other Mass Terror connections

April 2015, Aaron HER NAN DE Z Trial
Sale of his Jail ID Card online and his SCORPI “O” Birthday of “11/06” Repeating Numbers


All of the above was writtin in 2013 and 2014. There has been many discoveries since then in 2015.

Aa.RON “HER” NAN DE z name and his birthday of “11/06”, is connected to Constance Pecoraro's Website Registration of her No Name Girl in 1998 on “11/09”. 69 in “EAR” sound of words, connected to “EAR”TH VIRGO Sign of Constance Pecoraro. This is DIRECTLY connected to publication of Daniel Ladinsky's book “THE GIFT” in 1999, and the poem titled “EAR” TH.at was Sold to a Fish”. EAR sound of “O”, see Sandra OH PEPSEEEE PUSSSEEEE Pictures and “OO” in 1999 SYNCHRONIZED with all of the above, reason why a year later, 9/11 happened. What's left? “O” EAR sound of name of Sandra “OH”, who thinks she is My Identity and Artist of my Artwork, MY ART with Circles of “O”.

Jesus CHRIST Blows Air in Flute Holes Daniel Ladinsky PEDOPHILE poem of “EAR” TH.at was Sold to a FISH” in 1999
Constance Pecoraro's JESUS CHRIST “OO” CHArlies Find

“EAR”th Virgo 9/1 19”69” Constance Pecoraro's Website Registration in “HER”NDON VIRGINIA on “11/09” 1998
HER SHE ys FETUS SCUL SKULL HER SHE ys choCHA colate ASS PUSSY Cat”HO”LIcking games of Feet us, Feed us, FETUS “SKULL” is a FON “Tan” ELLE

PEPSI PUSSEEE SANDRA OH in 1999, and RAY “CHA”rlies, Ray Gun, Cedars Sinai Hospital connections

Reason why in 2005, HOS PITAL Tv SHO w was created by “SHO”nda Lynn Rhimes, with S.OH. Sandra OH. J”OSH”, married to “ASH” ton, SHO SHA, “AO” of making Money. How do you say Pussy in Chinese?

CHICA go ILLI”NOIS” SHO nda LYNN rhimes, “D.ART MOUTH” College MARCO BARCO Raping connections

Aaron Hernandez lived next to “KRISTEN” street, built in for Jesus “CHRIST”


Sandy Wang's WATERCOLOR ART done in 2007 while living at TOPANGA.

Sandy Wang's Watercolor Art titled “”SHA dows in November””” for SCORPIO Lee H. MONTGOMERY

Like my LION Body painting of LE”O”

SCOR “PI” O, LEEEEEEE H. Montgomery

ScorPI “O”, 11/06. As if my Watercolor Art titled “SHA dows in NOVEMBER” has meaning for him, because Scorpio is a WATER Sign. PAT.riots. PA TREEE “SHA”? What is Sandra Oh's middle name? As if Sandra OH is the ARTIST OF MY WATERCOLOR ART I titled NOVEMBER connected to SCORPIO LEE H. MONTGOMERY. As if My Watercolor was done by CANCER Water Sign SANDRA OH, in TAO of “TORAH”, Sand”RA OH” name, when it's all built in for OIL ART of JESUS CHRIST was a JEW.

Water and Oil don't mix like Psychopaths and I don't mix.

Scroll down to SCOR”PI”O Sign JACKIE LAFUENTE Huge OIL BLUBBER ASS Spic Bitch In MASSACHUSETTS connections.

11/06. SCORPIO.

10/19. AIR LIBRA Josh MIC”CHA” WOLF birthday of “10/19”. Like HERNDON VIRGINIA Registration on “11/09”. It's why “9/11” happened. They say it was a “HO”AX and an INSIDE JOB.

why “9/11” happened, what's left? “O” ear sound of “OH”

HER SHE ys, CHOCHA colate Ass Pussy


SANDRA OH PALM OF HANDS IN SEPT 2014, OCTO “OCHO” is = 88 G “riddles” and Rhimes of continuing this RAPING PSYCHOTIC GAYME = LIFE IN PRISON

Everything I write and say, I have concrete evidence, FACTS, to support what I am saying and writing to be TRUE.

Constance Pecoraro's No Name Girl website was registered in “HER” DON Virginia. DON in Korean is Money. As if I had no name, as I didn't exist, as if My Name and My Identity is Sandra OH built through Constance Pecoraor's No Name Girl “IMAGINARY” Sketches created to ROB MY REAL LIFE IDENTITY and NAME.

“Y” Constance Maria Pecoraro's No Name GIRL = CHICA was created
“Y” Constance Maria Pecoraro's ISN't that LIFE? Was made up with a “QUEST”ion MarQ
TARGET LIFE IN PRISON for PECORARO HOW Constance Maria Pecoraro is ROBBING MY IDENTITY for SANDRA OH in a Group Conspiracy through her SKETCHES of “No Name Girl”

HERN DON VIRGINIA, is DIRECTLY connected to meaning of Rings around “OO” Jesus CHRIST Oil Painting by Pecoraro, it's about “H”orizontal and “V”ertical, as in “OO” or “8”, reason why there is a + intersection inside CEDARS SINAI HOSPITAL, in PL US, MATHemathics of Catho”LICKING” PL Pussy Lips, EW, Either Way. If you TILT YOUR HEAD to the SIDE, OO becomes a 8.

understand meaning of OO over”LAP”ping creates () of Constance Ma”RIA” Pecoraro's OIL PAINTING of RINGS around JESUS CH “RIS” T
understand meaning of OO of RED PUSSY SLIT DRESS of SANDRA OH Signing her “JOHN HANCOCK”

OO LOGO of CEDARS SINAI HOSPITAL, PL, Plaza Lobby, and PL Pussy Lip ART Sculpture

HER “NAN” DE Z, is about my classmates from My Catholic School from 1980's name Xanny “FER NAN DEZ”, “NAN” CY Oxley, and “NAN” Cy Lyons. They've been building through these Names, as if Sandra OH is My Identity in the 1980's and ALL MY PICTURES. Built through Eyes of Jesus CHRIST Cho”CHA”rlies Find, “OO”. NAN “CY”, SEE, PUS”SEA” PEPSI PUSSY PICTURES of SANDRA OH in 1999.


Sandy Wang in 1984 with XANNY “FER”NANDEZ

1985 Sandy Wang in “GOLD” Dress 1985 with NAN cy Lyons

Sandy Wang's classmate from SVF 1980's NAN cy OXLEY

2009 SANDRA OH In “GOLD” DRESS In 2009 who thinks she is LIO LION metal of GOLD

They've built as if Sandra OH is MY IDENTITY attending my Catholic Schools in 1980's through Catholic Theme Oil Art by Constance Pecoraor, Jesus CHRIST CHARLIES FIND, it's why Sandra OH is “CHRIS”Tina Yang on “Grey's Anatomy”, created by “DART MOUTH” College grad SHONDA LYNN RHIMES. It's called a GROUP CONSPIRACY.

This is why you almost NEVER see any pictures of SANDRA OH from the 1980's, because she was so ugly in the 1980's.

They've also built as if Sandra OH who went to SIR ROBERT BORDEN high school in Canada, Drew my Drawing of “ROBERT” GUILLAUME from 1981. How can Sandra OH who is only 2 years younger than me, have attended Two Different High Schools in 1980s, in Two Different Countries, at around the same Time in 1980's? There are so many BIG DISCREPANCIES, LIES and FRAUD like this, what they've built as if this Borderline Psychotic Actress SANDRA OH is My Identity and Artist of my Art, is all FALLING APART and CRUMBLING APART.

Sanra Oh is going to LIFE IN PRISON.



“HO” me “AR”tist on upper left


to be Sand”RA OH” name BACKwards, as if she is MY IDENTITY and ARTIST OF MY ARTWORK. While US GOVERNMENT under BARACK OBAMA and his FRAUDULENT BIRTH CERTIFICATE, created to ROB MY IDENTITY, while they RAPE MY LIFE through PREMEDITATED ORGANIZED C”RIMES”. As if “HO”NOR Judges names have meaning for Sandra “OH”, who they've built as if she is MY IDENTITY since “BIRTH”, as if she is the ARTIST OF MY ARTWORK from 1981 and 1982, AND MY PORTRAiT Drawing in “2/06”.

What is “HA” House Address of EDDIE VEDDER of P “EAR” L JAM? In Seattle WA”SHIN”gt”ON” area code of “206”? As if My Portrait Drawing Date of “2/06” is Sandra OH.

EAR sound of “O”, as if MY Trade”MARQ” in circle of “O” was done by SANDRA “OH”, as if she is MY PORTRAIT Drawing EYES with “o 8”, “O.H”, through his daughters names of “O.H” Olivia Harper. IT'S CALLED IDENTITY THEFT, ART THEFT, LIFE THEFT, IN EXACT “TEN' YEARS OF RAPING OF MY LIFE FOR SANDRA OH.

Eddie Vedder and Jill “KRISTEN” Mckormick, what is the DELIVERY DOCTORS NAMES?


What is Eddie Vedder's “HA” House Address? 107? Y “EAR” of Sandra “OH”, 19”71”, what's left? “O”. EAR sound of “OH”. P”EAR”L JAM, PEAR B”OAT” Rhimes with G”OAT” and LAB C”OAT” in TAO is the Way Backwards of Tom Bridges Jeannie BERN “ARD O” LIO OIL ASS FORM with “CHICA”go “ILLI” NOIS Nigger Jews in Tom Bridges “BT” Body Types with Sandra OH on “Grey's ANATOMY”. “OO” IL LI.

Bernardo Sisters are a lookalike of Jill KRISTEN McKORMICK, and Eddie Vedder is a VERY SICK DERANGED “NIGGER RHIMES WITH VEDDER” RAPIST and PEDOPHILE.

meaning of “17” and “107”

Is Eddie Vedder's House number “107”? is there a ROUND circle of “O” in the Architecture? As if My Trademark in circle of “O”, a 1 LINE Drawing, was done by Y”EAR” 19 “71” ONE of SANDRA “OH”. PRISON TIME.

“AA” ron Hernandez. “AA = 11”, see CHRISTina BERN “ARD O” birthday of 5/4, number 5/4 in Korean is “OSA”, connected to FORM OSA street name, connected to “11 45” ADDRESS of SHONDA LYNN RHIMES of “D ART MOUTH” College. 11 45, FORM “OSA”, FORM of 11 = OO is ASS of SANDRA OH.


“11 45” address meaning 11 45 Address of SHONDA LYNN RHIMES in Conspiracy of “TOO” Deserves LIFE IN PRISON

“NG”? Life In Prison for IDENTITY THEFT ART THEFT P”EAR” JAM Eddie Vedder from “EC” Evanston CHICAgo ILLI”NOISE” built in for Jesus SON OIL ART

Q, S.”W.A” meaning of Computer Keys on Upper Left

meaning of 1”O”7 numbers and BAG
Sandra OH's YEAR of birth of 19”71” in Otta”WA” Canada, “EC” connections

SAME “EQUATION AS IN FORMULA” as “11/06” and “11/09” connections.

O looks like a Q, EAR sound of “Q”ARMA built in.


HO NOR Judges names, scroll down to meaning of “4183 and 26 26” in SENTENCING OF C”RIMES” IN CA. Sandy Wang's Birthday of 8/13, and Portrait Drawing date of “2/06”, C H”AIR” connections.

Mixing of “HO”NOR as in Judges names, to be about “GRILL” Is anagram of “GIRL” is CHICA in Spanish, through BEVERLY “GRILL” next to HO”NOR” BAR. BAR Building across the street on Beverly Drive in Beverly Hills. “BAR” Exam as in LAW, SEE METER SIGN of 8/13/69 MY LEO Birthday, and MY Portrait Drawing on “2/06”.

GRILL is about “CHICA'go ILLI”NOIS” SICK NIGGER JEWS, as in NIGGER RHIMES with VEDDER, Eddie Vedder of PEARL JAM, and SHONDA LYNN RHIMES, OBAMAS from CHICAgo ILLI”NOIS” and they are all “CAP”riCORN SIGN the G”OAT”. “PAC” hyderm “CAP”riCORN. This isn't random.

Deranged SICK BARRY'S “TEA” BO GE TAL Pubic H”AiR” ASS Licking SICK BARACK OBAMA and his FRAUDULENT BIRTH CERTIFICATE DELIVERY DOCTORS name of David SIN CL”AIR” being USED TO RAPE and ROB MY IDENTITY and MY ART for SANDRA OH, while they fucking terrrozie and repeatedly Rape and Rob from me.

I am a grown adult in my 40's, and this is called PEDOPHILE “CHICA”go No Name “GIRL”, DERANGED SICK NIGGER JEW SPIC CHOCHA is PUSSY for CP Constance Pecoraro on BRIDGEWAY, RAPING GAMES.

Beverly Honor “GRILL” and METER SIGN

H”AIR” scroll down to Judges names in CENT SCENT, SENTENCING OF C”RIMES” in CA



David LIMBAUGH knows everything I say is TRUE

Are you getting why he murdered ODIN LLOYD? It's about the meaning of PACHYDERM, which has NOTHING to do with MY LIFE, but being USED to ROB MY IDENTITY, MY ART, EVERYTHING about me for SANDRA OH, built through Constance Maria Pecoraor's CATHOLIC THEME OIL ART. Pa “KEY” Derm is a Nigger's DIK, and PACHYDERM is a Gray Elephant Thick S”KIN” Mammal is Sandra OH is My “NIK” Name SIGNature on my ART going backwards through BLACK CO”LOR” S”KIN”. Aaron Hernandez wanted PACHYDERM as in S”KIN” meaning to be about ASS PUSSY because he is a Male. But NEGROS are building as if it's about “BAR”rel, BAR DICK connected to Robbery of MY LION BODY Paining and My DOG JACK in 2009. NIGGERS Robbing the meaning of My Father's KOREAN ROYAL Name and meaning of his FAMILY JEWEL, to have meaning for and BE SANDRA OH's. It's called IDENTITY THEFT, ART THEFT and LIFE THEFT connected to PSYCHOTIC BARACK OBAMA.

Sandy Wang's TRADEMARK in circle of “O” registered in 2007

PAC hyderm Robbery of Sandy Wang's TRADEMARK, and meaning of PAC HY DERM

PAC iffic De”SIGN” Center Sin CL “AiR” and CH “AIR” at the PDC, is a “CODE”, that I've decoded

West Hollywood. WH, = White House.

OL. What's missing? “E”. LEO. My Lion Body MALE PENIS Shape Watercolor Art, being ROBBED for JOSH MIC”CHA” WOLF DIK, AiR “HEIR” LIBRA rules the anatomy of “KID” NEEEE YS. Built in connected to SIN CL “AIR” delivery doctors name on FRAUDULENT NIGGER OBAMAS Birth Certificate. NE “GRO” GRU “EN” EITHER WAY, like GRUEN WATCH Company on Melrose Avenue, like a nice ROLEX WATCH goes on W “RIS” T and RHIMES with CH “RIS” T, CHARLIES FIND, is built in to be about OIL BURNS, in OIL BLUBBER ASS Conspiracy.

THE “FIGHT” and WAR of wanting to OWN MY John HANCOCK is a DICK is a PENIS, ARTWORK, meaning of MY Family ROYAL KOREAN Name and FAMILY JEWEL SIZE, that stirs people's SEXUALITY, is what CAUSES TO MURDER AND KILL.

Sandy Wang's LION BODY watercolor painting done in 2007

Sandy Wang's Dog Jack's Pictures in “4/19/09”
Sandy Wang's DOG STOLEN in 2009, is he with a NIGGER PUSSY?

BE VERY CLEAR. JUST BECAUSE JOSH MICCHA WOLF IS A AIR LIBRA SIGN, symbol of “JUSTICE SCALES”, it doesn't mean he has meaning in or is above the “LAW”. Everything about his IDENTITY and his LIFE connected to Constance Pecoraro's CATHOLIC THEME OIL ART has been built to ROB MY Parents Names and meaning of “CHA” monster connections. JOSH MIC”CHA' WOLF may be FACING LIFE IN PENI”TEN”I “AIRY”, especially if the mother of his son JA”COB” is name TARA and she is a VIRGO like Constance MARIA Pecoraro. Charlies Find, ELGIN “CHA”RLES H”AIR” Salon in “MARIA”N building. EC. Nigger Jew Teams of RAPING MY LIFE and MY ART for 3 Decades for SANDRA OH.

meaning of Sandy Wang's writings of I “WAL” Y in 1982


JACKIE LAFUENTE SCOR “PI” O Sign, connected to SCOR “PI” O JILL KRISTEN MCKORMICK wife of Eddie Vedder of P”EAR”L JAM RHIMES with HAM and PAM, in JACK and JILL = JAIL is in “THEIR” Names. SCOR “PI” of “O”, EAR sound of Sandra “OH” name and her PL PUSSY LIP, CL I “TO RIS”, rhimes with CHRIST and ROLEX WATCH that go on W “RIS” T, of a Group Conspiracy. Jesus KRIS”TEN” Exact years of raping my life, connected to this DERANGED SICK COUPLE IN SEATTLE WASHINGTON, who's lives are built to ROB MY IDENTITY and ART for SANDRA OH connected to NIGGER “RHIMES” with VEDDER, Shonda LYNN Rimes of “D ART MOUTH” COLLGE.

D ART MOUTH Massachusetts. M “ASSA” in EW, Either Way, of ASS OIL BURN “ARD O” LAFUENTE Conspiracy, built to rob my name SIGNature as in my John Hancock on MY ART, for Sandra OH on “Greys ANATOMY” created by Shonda Rhimes.

JACKIE LAFUENTE in Boston MASS. My catholic school classmate from 1980's, SICK BETRAYING LYING SPIC CUNT CHOCHA

Of Course Aaron Hernandez Murdered, as in he “QIL LED” Odin Lloyd.

Like O.J Simpson murdered NICOLE Simpson BROWN in 1990's.

Like S”COTT” PETERSON Murdered Lacey Peterson.


“HO” me “AR” tist.


PAT ri ots.

What is Sand”RA OH” middle name? “PAT REEE SHA”? SPO? SPO rts.


The PREPONDERANCE of EVIDENCE is Way Greater than 51%. BUT.........it's called CR CRIMINAL RAMIFICATIONS.

The DIFFERNCE between a “TEN” Years SENTENCE and a LIFETIME IN PRISON is the word “PREMEDITATED”, as in PREPLANNED ILL ACTS, MALICIOUS PREPLANNED INTENTIONAL ACTS, carried out and HARM caused to my life, to sabotage My LIFE.

On April 15, 2015 Convicted Murderer Aaron Hernandez was SENTENCED TO LIFE IN PRISON.

What is Sandra Oh’s middle name? PAT…RICIA? SPO? = LIFE IN PRISON, and there isn’t anything anyone else can do about it.

Sandy Wang’s FAC from 1982

Sandy Wang’s Second Artwork Collection 2006 painting titled “OLD KARMA”

Sandy Wang’s LION BODY Painting “Double Leo”

Sandy Wang’s DOG JACK’s Pictures April 2009

Sandy Wang’s dog JACK STOLEN in 2009

“HA” “AH” Hancock Avenue and monster Premeditated Organized CRIMES

“RON” connections

meaning of JUDGES NAMES as in “HO” NOR

COPPER PENNY and meaning of CARL JUNG “CJ” for “JC” Jesus CHRIST

MAN OS and “CO” connections

meaning of BLACK CO”LOR” S”KIN” see Black “CAP” on Josh Wolf

PAC hyderm is a thick S”KIN” MamMAL


NYC Area code of “212” “MAN” HAT TAN, has been built for MORNING STAR Astrology VIBE of WOLF PECORARO

------------>> “AH” new ANIMAL HOSPITAL in WH in 2011

Thomas CHRISTopher Bridges

who needs to be LOCKED IN JAIL

JOSH WOLF who thinks MY ARTWORK has meaning for him and his WIFEY

JOSH WOLF, does he live on MATLI”JA” Avenue? “JA” is “HA”sound

in ROBBING of MY “JH”, through “CO” is “NOS E” in Korean for “E”yes of SON Christ Backwards “OO” is Ass Pussy

Repeating Numbers of 9420 ROLEX building address

Does JOSH WOLF live on MATILI”JA” ave?

Sandra Oh Psycho Actress

the reason why she is “CRIST”Ina Yang on “GREY’S Anatomy”

Sandra Oh who went to “SIR” Robert Bor DEN high school

connected to Virgo Mai’DEN” Connie Pecoraro’s Catholic Theme of OIL paintings of Jesus CHRIST the SON

SEA is the OCEAN of Mother Mary

StudY StudI “O”, Sandra Oh PEPSI PUSSY 1999 “GRAYSONS” connection

What is PAT”HO”logical LI”AR” SAND”RA” OH”s Middle Name? PATREEEESHA?

Delusional Actress SANDRA OH who thinks she is the Artist of My Artwork

What is SANDRA OH’s Middle Name? when did you begin FEARING “PAPER”?


SEPT 2012 and meaning of PERI “OD” in Llo”YD”

SEPT 2012 JOSH WOLF “DOTS” on Facebook Willie JU “LIO” still on B’OAT’

SEPT 2012 Sandra OH in “GREEEN” and White on “GT” SEPT 2012

SEPT 2012 DENTAL MENTAL RAPING PETITION see and read meaning of = sandywa NG. “NET” yeah that’s right sick fucking CUNT HUBBLE, and her “NAN” dez CY GAYTAN

all connected to SANDRA OH SCHOOL “SIR” ROBERT BORDEN in Canada K “RIS” TEN

Fraud Documents

Copyright Trademark Laws and CRIMINAL RAMIFICATIONS


PAVI”LIO”NS across from new “AH” Animal Hospital

RAMAGE, KEITH streets and behind it is “LLO YD” street

SHONDA LYNN RHIMES sick black bitch SEE REAL ESTATE on RAMAGE Street connections

meaning of SCHOOL

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