BERN “ARD” Madoff “4/29” Taurus


Repeating Numbers of “429” and ROLEX Building address



Same FACE Position as HuBBard Lard BRETT BERN
This is about the meaning of My Watercolor Artwork titled “CARL JUNG” and while they want MY IDENTITY and MY ARTWORK to have meaning for and BE SANDRA OH, they fucking Arrest me and Wrongfully Detain me in LA “CJ” County Jail

Sandy Wang’s Watercolor Artwork Titled “CARL JUNG”

Ro”BRET” RizzO in BELL City
BELLCity Officials Arrested in Oct 2010

ThoMAS CHRISTopher BIRD ges “GREEN” CARLisle for Young JUNG Dung Sandra Oh on GREY’s anatomy through Mother MARIA Psycho Pecoraro

Judge MARIA Stratton in LA “CJ” County Jail MENTAL HEALTH Dept


THREE BERNard’s pictures is about RAPIST SOCIOPATH 3AR of 196”3” BRETT ALAN BERN

BRETT BERN who needs to be LOCKED In PRISON for LIFE
I moved across the COUNTRY to get away from this SICK SOCIOPATH STALKER
Black Pussy LEO Bev3ARly Angela DA vis fucking BRETT BERN
Bev3ARly Hills ARREST # 1
Bev3ARly Hills ARREST # 2
Bev3ARly Hills ARREST # 3
BRETT BERN who loves TWO mentally disturbed sick PSYCHOBITCHES PECORARO and OH
Jeannie BERNARDO LEO OIL Blubber Ass Fucking BRETT BERN
Bev3ARly Hills Bar Association
Beverly Drive South

Bernard Madoff is serving a 150 yr prison sentence at BUTNER Prison in North Carolina. Stanley CHASE was one of his main partners, who had a Financial Company in Beverly Hills. Stanley was suppose to have been tried in court but he died I think in 2008. CHA SE, is connected to Korean words, CHA means CAR and TEA, SE means BIRD. Connected to the meaning of My CHArlie Brown Snoopy Dog BANK. CHA is in the name of Josh MIC”CHA” Wolf, one of the many reasons why Connie Pecoraro titled her Jesus Christ “CHA rlies’ Find”.

STANL “EY” and any word ending in “EY”, like Josh Wolf and his “wif EY” on his My Space page. For Jesus Christ EYES “OO” to have meaning in my FAC from 1982, repackaged and recreated for MY Artwork and Identity to BE SANDRA OH, THROUGH the Vehicle of Connie Pecoraro’s CATHOLIC MAThematics theme. “INSIDE JOB” by CHArles Ferguson 2010.

Bernard Madoff may be a Criminal, but he isn’t stupid. He made these comments about the GOV’T being involved in “PONZI Schemes”, because of what I”ve been writing. When the COURT SYSTEM with the POLICE is involved in this MATheMAThics of Making Money, they ARE involved in “CHARLES PONZI” PyRAMid Scheme which is ILLEGAL. It’s one of the reasons why my Canon Powershot Camera was STOLEN in NOV 2010, because I had Concrete Evidence of this.

His name is the reason why BERNARD KERICK, Police Chief in NYC got Four years in Prison. His name is the reason why they fucking love BRETT BERN, who fucked Jeannie BERNARDO, in Tom Cruise’s HuBBARD BUR BIR Tom BRIDges CATHOLIC Church Theme on Bridgeway Sausalito. Scientology is a known to be a PYRAMID Business Scheme, more than a “religion”, and all Businesses in Hollywood around Scientology Centers are connected to this are you “PI”ous and Horney to make money.

The “NO U TURN TICKET” I got in June 2007 was about “Sending a Message” through CODES and Numbers on the Ticket. There was Tampering of My Name SIGNature at the DMV in 2007. MAIL FRAUD which has caused tremendous problems in my life, including the “GRAND THEFT” of my Very Valuable Property from PUBLIC STORAGE in July 2008, is a major piece of Evidence, the POST OFFICE is a Gov’t Agency. I was EVICTED from a Property that didn’t have PERMITS to Rent it out in the first place and had my Rent Money robbed, and I was LOCKED out by a SHERIFF from 20360 Callon Drive Topagna. The list goes on.

My Registered Trademark at the USPTO, and the examining attorney who’s name was MIDGE BUTLER was SET UP, this is a GOV’T Agency. This was about my drawing of BENSON DUBOIS from 1982, the BUTLER to the Governor.

Charles Ponzi business schemes, “CHARLIE’S Find” JESUS CHRIST ISNT MY ARTWORK, it’s CP Connie Pecoraro’s and their Catholic Church Theme of are you “PI”ous and Horney to make Money BASED ON MY IDENTITY and MY ARTWORK, to have meaning for this Deeply Deluded sick bitch, and her Co conspirators of JOSH WOLF, BRETT BERN and SANDRA OH, the REASONS for the Raping of my LIFE.

BERNARD MADOFF, has been doing what he’s been doing for 3 decades. What’s been happening in MY LIFE, has been happening for 3 decades because of ARTWORK I did and WRITINGS I wrote in 1982, which they’ve been building on for 3 decades. The name BERNARD is connected to the BERNARDO SISTERS, CHRISTina and Jeannie BERNARDO, who both went to the same Catholic Schools as me. They are connected to DAN BROWN’S “LEO”NARDO DA Vinci Code, with TOM BRIDGES who is a LEO, and TOM CRUISE who was married to NIC “LEO” KIDMAN. They’ve built a Gigantic ASS Conspiracy because of the Bernardo’s sisters ASSES.

Hollywood Stars are involved because of the movie BEN with Lee Montgomery who was “Danny GarriSON” and Michael Jackson sang the song for this movie. BEN is the reason why I drew the drawing of BENSON Dubois in 1982, and I wrote my Writings for Lee Montgomery. Politicians are involved because BENSON DUBOIS was the BUTLER to the GOVERNOR.

It’s why Beverly Hills Police DU”FOUR” wrote “GOLD DUST” on the Police Report on “4/20/09”. It’s about the Korean meaning of the word “G” or “GE” which is RATS and Mice, RATS spelled backwards is STARS. “G” OLD, Tom Bridges the LEO Metal of GOLD, over the GOLDen GAYte Bridge, with Virgo the Mai”DEN” Connie Pecoraro, in LEOnardo DA vinci code and her CATHOLIC Church Theme of HORNEY JESUS CHRIST, aka JOSH MICCHA WOLF, the hor dick. It’s about having Sandra Oh who is a “STAR” on TV Show “Gre Y’S anatomy”, to BE MY IDENTITY as if She DREW my DRAWINGS.

The LOST SYMBOL, which I haven’t read yet, is connected to SECRET Codes in the CAPITAL OF US in WASHINGTON DC.

The PEOPLE involved in the RAPING of MY LIFE, all need to be investigated, they need to be ARRESTED and JAILED and Punished accordingly. I have worked very hard, for more than year creating these pages and I didn’t do it for nothing. I DEMAND I get my Dog JACK back and ALL MY ARTWORK FOUND. I demand to be PAID for ALL HARM and DAMAGES INTENTIONALLY CAUSED to MY LIFE. BERNARD MADOFF IS PAYING FOR HIS.

STANLEY CHASE was a close Financial associate of Bernard Madoff, he was supposed to be investigated and potentially charged with similar charges, but he died I think in 2010. CHA, means CAR and TEA, connected to Josh Mic”CHA” Wolf’s middle name. “CHA”rlie’s Find. STANLEY’S in San Fernando Valley. “OO”.

STANLEY is connected to STANLEY “HO” of CHINA, who is very deep into the Business of MATheMAThics of Making Money based on TOM BRIDGES the “LEO” who has the same birthday as me, with SANDRA Patricia “OH”, so she can have meaning in my IDENTITY, My SIGN of LEO and My Name SIGNatures. S HO.

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