Giclee Print

The word Giclee is a french verb meaning "to spray" and it is pronounced as "zhee clay". Giclee Print is a digital reproduction of original artwork which is museum quality. The images or paintings are digitally scanned, then reproduced using archival ink with a very high quality, high end, high resolution inkjet printer. The ink is finely sprayed directly onto the archival paper (literally millions of droplets per second) without any film, screen, or plates. Therefore the print itself has a higher resolution and greater color range than that of serigraphy or lithography. With proper care (out of direct sunlight and extreme moisture) the giclee print has fade and color shift resistance of better than 100 years.

All giclee prints in limited edition of 250 and artist proofs are signed, numbered and stamped with a Registered Trademark of authenticity. Photography prints are in limited edition of 250. Prints are unframed and the sizes listed are approximate, please allow marginal change of 1 to 2 inches.

Please email any questions you have regarding giclee prints, print sizes or a special request before you place your order.

Giclee Print on Paper

17" x 24" $450
24" x 30" $550


8" x 10" $100
17" x 24" $300
24" x 30" $400

Allow 4-6 weeks for delivery, specify title and size of print when ordering

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