Jesus Christ on Rail in Carport and Virgin Mary
Sandy Wang's apt building at 20 Shelley Dr, Mill Valley CA in 2006



This Catholic Theme of Jesus Christ and Mother Mary has "stalked" me ever since I met this sick disturbed bitch name Connie Maria Pecoraro in 2005. Tom CHRISTopher Bridges is going to "bridge" Connie Pecoraro aka "Mother Mary Maria" with her Jewish "All My Sons".

It’s a BLACK JESUS CHRIST because Connie Pecoraro wants the drawing I did in 1982 of BENSON Dubois, actor Robert Guillaume, to have been Done by her. This drawing has a Powerful One of Kind SiGNature of my first name “SANDY*”. This is why Connie Pecoraro says she got her Art Degree, which is a Fraud, from SAN Jose University. Why would you sign your schools name on a piece of artwork you did. Connie Pecoraro doesn’t know how to draw with a PENCIL, and Disturbed ACTRESS Sandra Oh doesn’t know how to draw at all.

Tom Bridges Psycho Pecoraro on Bridgeway, because Pecoraro and Oh are both “OM” with GLORIA Catherine Lee and because the Tao is the Way with Doctor Cristina Yang, through MOUTHS, for HER SHE Pussy licking on "Gays Anatomy".

BILL REED, the Apt Manager at this complex placed these Icons.

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