The Last Samurai

Sandy Wang's very important childhood picture, Japanese Calendar on the WALL and image of Janice Jop "LIN" on upper left
NA is ME in Korean, Nate Anable 1998

Japanese EARTH ?Q uake on specific date of "3/11"

I saw Last Samurai while living at "21 Circle Drive" Tiburon in Winter 2003 in "CORTe MADERA" TA"MAL"PAIS avenue
meaning of "LYN" and PAM Mc"LOCK"LIN of 21 Circle Drive
"LEE" connection and Tom CRUISE in 2013 Is TOM CRUISE related to Todd CUM"MIN"GS of TOPanga?


It's the "LAST of the MOHICANS".

LAST “SAM” U RAI. “MAY”or Antonio Villa”RAI” g “OSA”. CHRISTINA BERNARDO birthday of MAY FOURTH, who is married to Antonio, in the name of Tom Cruise “MAY”pother FOURth. OSA in Korean is the numbers 5/4. See link below and read that page. Church of 3AR sound of “SIGN”tology founder “LAF”ayette “RON”ald HUBBARD, who founded his own church in 19”54”.

SAM, in the word CHRIST”MAS”, connected to MY CHILDHOOD CHRISTMAS Picture, which is what Pecoraro’s Jesus CHRIST is based on, for TOM BRIDGES who has the same Leo Sign and Birthday as me, bridges SANDRA OH as “CHRIST”ina Yang on “Grey’s Anatomy” connected to Constance Pecoraro’s jesus CHRIST the SON on page “SAM” is “3”, in Catholick MAThemathics of making MONEY, AS IF this childhood pictures of me was SANDRA OH, like all my baby and childhood pictures. GROUP CHAIN CONSPiRACY spanning 3 decades.

They’ve been building in Los Angeles for 3 decades for MY Parents Names to have meaning for JOSH WOLF and CONSTANCE PECORARO and for MY IDENTITY to BE SANDRA OH. It’s why there is a “SAMURAI ARMOR” in the Lobby at Rolex Building, where Josh Wolf’s agency Parallel Entertainment is.

TOM CRUISE and KATIE HOLMES, for KAT HOL ick OIL and Glass Artwork of Constance Mother MARY PECORARO, the vehicle created to ROB the meaning of MY FAC from1981 and meaning of MY First Name SIGNature of “SANDY” on the very important drawing of Robert Guillaume from 1981.

Directed by EDWARD Z WICK. EZ. Eye is hori Z ontal as in “OO”

WICK of a Candle and Candle Fire “CF” in Korean is CHOT BULL. Connected to the name on the Upper Left of MY FATHER’S Music band picture from the 50’s “Morning Stars” “CHOi Yong. For My Father’s Identity to have meaning for JOSH MIC”CHA” WOLF as JeSUS Christ and meaning of CHO CHA in Spanish which is PUSSY. The reason why it’s “CHArlies Find”. The reason why Sandra Oh is CY “CRIST”ina YANG on “Grey’s Anatomy”.

Nathan Al”GREN”. NA is “ME” in Korean. NAME.

NATE ANNABELL is a guy I met in through a person name ANDREW WILLIAMS in 1998 on a Trip to MAINE. Nate lives in New HAM SHIRE. JOSH WOLF’s parents live in Maine, and his agency Parallel Entertainment is on Wil SHIRE Blvd in Beverly Hills.

SAM in Korean means the number “THREE” and this is THE CODE. For THO”MAS” CHRISTo”FUR” BRIDges HuBBard BIRDs. THREE H=OO, TREE as in the Tree at 20360 Callon Drive TOPANGA. Crui”SE”, Se in Korean means BIRD, Kal in Korean means KNIFE, Tom Bridges “SE” KAL which means CoLOR in Korean. With Jesus CHRIST the SON on page “3”. CO in Korean means NOS”E”, to created meaning BACKwards, for Eyes of SON to be about Big OIL Ass for “ROL”lling ROLex Building Jesus CHRIST JOSH MICCHA WOLF licking fucking OIL Blubber Asses.

THREE, for “TH” TONGue Sounding Words like “TH” RUS ting and “TH” ROBBing connected to 3AR sound of TUNGsten in WOLFramite SHee LITE as in CelluLITE connected to LIGHT BULBS. Tom Bridges BL”OO” Eyes of Jesus Christ with his Gay LEO and 3AR sound of OIL Going BACKwards.


Connected to the “COLOR of MONEY” which is GREEN. N is for NO “R” like L RON HUBBARD and HO NOR Judges names, in 3AR sound of Names, like RICHARD Stone that sounds like RICH ART. GREEN BER BUR BIR G and GLUSKER, Tom Cruise and Entertainment Lawyer to many big Stars and CELebrities.

Mapoth ER MAIDEN Virgo Connie Maria Pecoraro and LYN WOL “BERT” the Mermaid of Mermaid House across the street from 20360 Callon Drive TOPANGA.

Connected to the Color of May “POT” HER as in Marijuana “Maria”. When you Smoke, you “SUC” in AIR, like Stand Up Comic Josh Wolf AIR Libra.

Connected to the meaning of MY FATHER’S IDENTITY and Name, because he loved to play Golf, with TIGER WOODS and Elin Nor de “GREN”. TIGER is a Street name in TOPanga, the reason why Tom Cruise made “TOP Gun” 3 decades ago, it’s how long it’s been going on. It’s why Nathan Al GREN Waves a Tiger Flag in the beginning of this movie.

It’s why there is a deep connection with the color GREEN with Connie Pecoraro and Josh Wolf. It’s originates from the picture of my Green PROM Dress with me and GLORIA CAT”HER”ine Lee, who is a AIR GEMINI 5/29 and we both went to the same CATholic Grammar and High School. Her Identity is a very important connection for ALL of them, because she is a Pharmacist. CATholic Church Theme. Also because her name is “LEE”.

GREN goes back to Phil GRENville, LEE Harcourt Montgomery in the movie “Midnight Hour”. He lived at TOPanga many decades ago. The name GrenVILLE rhymes with CharleVILLE Blvd in Beverly Hills, which is connected to the CHARLIE BROWN SNOOPY Dog BANk I had for many years. The reason why Connie Pecoraro titled her Jesus Christ “CHARLIE’S Find”. I met JOSH MICCHA WOLF at the DOG Park, after I adopted my Jack in September 2007.

SAM U RA I, SAM in Korean means the number “THREE” which is THE CODE, connected to Tho”MAS” CHRISTopher Bridges the childhood picture of me and my Mother and my dog Frenchy with Connie MARia Pecoraro’s Jesus CHRIST on page “3”. The reason why Sandra Oh is “CRIST”ina YANG on “Grey’s Anatomy”.

Their sick deluded gaym is Tom Bridges My Mother’s name and identity with Connie Pecoraro, My Father’s name and identity with Josh Wolf and MY IDENTITY with SANDRA OH. While they RAPE MY LIFE.

For all my Childhood pictures to BE SANDRA OH, AS IF she DREW my DRAwings and she was my Identity. SAN in Korean means Mountain, which is about the picture of me standing in front of the Mountain wearing RED Shoes and RED Shorts. “RED” the Color of BL”OO”d. Rimes with BREAD, as in Connie Pecoraro’s Retail Location of SAND WICHED in between Games People Pray and Lappert’s Ice cream. LAP perts, so that the childhood picture of me sitting on MY FATHER’S LAP, can be Sandra Oh, through Connie Pecoraro and MICHAEL LAPpert. Tom Bridges Josh MICHA Wolf to have meaning in My Father’s identity.

The word "SAMURAI" in Japanese means to be of "SERVICE". This is connected to a MISSION Statement I wrote in my Application to attend an Acupuncture School in NYC in 1995, where I studied it for One Year because I wanted to help HEAL People, and I dropped out because the energy at the school was really chaotic and disjointed. It's the reason why he made "Jerry Maguire" and there is the scene about his MISSION STATEMENT.

For any SOUND of the word "SER" SUR SIR to have meaning for SANDRA OH who went to "SIR" Robert Borden High School, to have been the Artist who DREW my drawing of ROBERT Guillaume from 1981. The REASON why he named his daughter SURI, which means "ROSE" in Persian.

The School is a branch of the PACIFIC School in San Diego, and in NYC it was called the “PI”OM, Pacific Institute of Oriental Medicine. This was when they were building Left to Right, for Mathemathics of are you “PI”ous and Horney to make Money “OM”.

It’s about the childhood picture of me in Korea when I was getting ready to go to school in the morning wearing a BACK “PAC”K. The reason why there are several streets named PACKARD in Los Angeles, connected to the picture of my Doberman Picture with MY FATHER’S CAP on his GOLF BAG in the mid 80’s. This school is connected to TOM BRIDGES the TAO is the Way with Chinese because WANG is a very common Chinese name and a very RARE KOREAN Name. It’s connected to PACific Design Center in West Hollywood and what they were building on SAN Vicente Blvd, connected to MY CATHOLIC High School St. VINCENT FERRER to have meaning for Connie Pecoraro and her CATHOLIC CRUTCH Theme.

UTE in Japanese is "FIRE". U is the symbol of SIGN of LEO "TE" is Eight "OO" backwards. U Tao "TE" Ching Connie Pecoraro on BRIDGE "WAY" Sausalito, through a fag name TOM BRIDGES. This is connected to the VIDEO RECORDING of the VIEW of MY Ass, My Wet Vagina and the "FUSE BOX" that exploded in Fire, while they were secretly taping this video of me.

SAM in Korean means the number “3” and this movie is DIRECTLY connected to TOM CRUISE robbing my Identity, through the childhood CHRISTMAS Picture of me and my Mother, TO BE Connie Maria Pecoraro. SAM is in the word CHRIST “MAS”, which is what Connie Pecoraro’s Jesus CHRIST oil painting is based on, the reason why it’s on page “3”, connected to George “C” PAGE who came to California for the ORANGES, which is about the childhood picture of me and my Father with the B ASKE T of Oranges and Hawaiian Barrel Statue on the Upper Left. Tho MAS CHRISTopher Bridges My Parents Names with Connie Pecoraro and Josh Wolf, and MY IDENTITY with Sandra OH.

It’s the reason why there is a miniature bl”OO” SAMURAI “ARM”OR in the Lobby of Josh Wolf’s agency building at ROLEX Building with a CROWN of THORNS. This is just ONE of many connections with TOM CRUISE and JOSH WOLF. It began many years ago, with NICole KIDman and “Days of Thunder” in “FLO”rida. It has continued with “SEA” Orgs of SIGNtology and Chel “SEA” Handler TV Show where Josh Wolf is a regular. Connected to Street names in SANTA MONICA, TWO “CHELSEA” streets, connected to the Mother MARY Statue on OCEAN Avenue, because the ocean is a synonym of the SEA.

This movie is about several things. It's about my Childhood Pictures. Japanese is about the Japanese Calendar on the wall in The Picture of me and a black girl. This is the reason whenever you see the letters "JC" or "CJ", it's about CARL JUNG, one of the many reasons why Connie Pecoraro's "Charlie's Find" is JC Jesus Christ. There is a Hanger “HER” on the Wall in this picture. This is why they started the HER SHE “CHO”co”Late” Dan BROWN Game with Tom Bridges Black female BE”3AR”Ly “DA”vis. It’s about CUMMING as in Orgasm, Early or Late. It’s why a person name Todd CUMmings bought this property in 2004.

It’s about MY Father’s MUsiC band “Morning Stars” picture and the NAME on the Upper Left in this picture “CHOi Yong”. One of the reasons why Connie Pecoraro modeled for a FORD MUStang Car, because it’s connected to RexFORD Drive in Beverly Hills. In “THEIR” Game, Tom Bridges the EAR sound of the GOLDen GAYte BRIGDE, because he has the same birthday as me and is a LEO, with Connie Maria Pecoraro’s Catholic Church Theme with Mother MA”RIA”, the reason why he has a deep relationship with the Element of AIR, because JOSH MICCHA WOLF is AIR Libra. AIR planes land in HANGARS, Hanger AE, Ass is Eye of Air Earth signs of Pecoraro Virgo and Wolf Libra.

It’s about the pictures of me wearing the BUTTERFLY “NAB” HALter TOP with Red Shorts and Shoes at the Zoo in the Mountains in Korea. In many of my pictures I am wearing White and Red. This goes back to 20360 Callon Drive TOPanga, where Lee Harcourt Montgomery lived many decades ago, and I lived there for a few months in 2007. The original owner of this property is WARREN ROCHE “WR”. This area is pretty deep in the Santa Monica “Mountains”.

SAN is a term of endearment, like a title greeting when you address or approach someone in JAPANESE CULTURE. SAN in Korean means MOUNTAIN.

Last Samurai was directed by ED ZWICK. Eye hori”Z”ontal. His name is about the picture of me and Club Med friend from Mexico, ED. WICK is about the Wicker Chair I am sitting in my Baby picture. Connie Pecoraro wants this baby picture of me to have meaning for her through words like CH”AIR”.

Last Samurai has the same letters as in the name MARIA, what’s left? SU. This is why they want the name Maria to have meaning in the Anatomical body part of the ARM, because in Korean means ARM and the number 8, and Connie Maria Pecoraro wants her Ass to be Horizontal “OO” Ass. ARM is Upper Body and “Charlie’s Find” is on the Lower Right corner of page 3. Mother Mary and her son Jesus Christ, CATHOLIC Theme.

This is connected to the Korean Word for Ass which is Jung Dung, and Tom Cruise wants CAR model Connie Pecoraro to have meaning in Korean Words. He wants the Korean Word "MOM" which means body, to have meaning for Connie Mother Mary Maria Pecoraro's Jung Dung. ThoMAS CHRIST opher Bridges Carl Jung Dung of OIL painting with his Sign of LEO backwards in 3AR sound of words.

The Mountains is about the picture of me standing on the Mountain in Korea, with a Butterfly on my shirt. This is the reason why in the movie, Katsumoto says "We are All Butterflies". It's also about the childhood picture of me sitting on a CANNON in Santa Monica, the reason why they have the cannon scenes. It’s connected to JOSH WOLF who’s agency is in the CROWN of ROLEX Building on Wilshire Blvd and CANON drive, because a Crown goes on the Head of a T “horney” KING for licking sucking and fucking, who ROSE on the T HIR D day.

I've been studying Taoism, Buddhism, Zen and Eastern Philosophy for many years. He knows this because because my life has been "controlled and manipulated" for many years to Oppress me.

This movie is about 20360 CALLON Drive, Topanga Canyon, which is deep in the mountains. It's about a Porn Film which I think was made there many years ago with Lee H. Montgomery. Tom Cruise wants to own the meaning of this Porn Film and kept it ALIVE through creating meaning with their Catholic Church Theme, like he wants to own the Dubbed Video Recording of the View of my Ass.

SAM in Korean means the number "3". This is a very imporant number. It is both Tom Cruise and Lee Montgomery's birthday numbers. The reason why it's an important number is because of the SANSKRIT symbol which looks like the number "35'. It’s important because it’s about Connie Pecoraro’s Catholic C”HUR”Ch theme of Mother MARY and SON Jesus CHRIST which is based on MY Childhood CHRIST “MAS” picture of me and my mother and my dog Frenchy. It’s the reason why her Oil painting of her Jesus Christ is on Page “3”, connected to George C Page TAR PITS Museum on Museum Rowe in Los Angeles.

In this childhood CHRISTMAS picture, the CONIFER Tree Trimmings has the numbers “38”. Page “3” and Horizontal Eight “OO” for Z, last letter of the Alphabet, 26, which is MY Mother’s Birthday backwards of June 2. Tom Cruise wants Connie Pecoraro to have meaning in my Mother name JUNG JA MIN, because JUNG Dung in Korean is “ASS” and “JA”gy in Korean means Penis. Cum “MIN”gs bought this property in 2004. It’s about Lee HARDCORE fucking Montgomery’s Penis in a Big Ass.

Tom Cruise supposedly did the Scene where he BEHEADS the other guy in “38” consecutive moves continuously. This isn’t the reason why My H”AIR” Numbers C=3 and 8 in my Portrait Drawing, the reason why he wants this PORTRAIT Drawing of MY HEAD to have meaning for Connie Ma”RIA” Pecoraro, for the Numbers in my H”AIR” to have meaning for her middle name of Ma’RIA” backwards for AIR Libra Josh Wolf.

S "CAL" P, CALLON Drive TOPanga, "TOP KNOT". SE KAL in Korean means COLOR, SE in Korean means BIRD, KAL in Korean means KNIFE "SWORD". MA"RIA", H"AIR" CHAIR STEPS and STAIRS connections has been going on for decades.

SAN in Korean means Mountain, and SKRIT is about the "SCRIPT" Writings I wrote in my notebook about Lee Montgomery, when I did the First Artwork Collection in 1982. I wrote that he was "Key to my Soul". SANDY is the name I signed on the pencil drawing of BENSON DUBOIS, Black male actor Robert Guillaume. This is why in the movie, Katsumoto takes Algren's "JOURNAL". AL"GREN" is about Lee Montgomery's movie character Phil "GREN"ville in "Midnight Hour".

Tom Cruise wants my FAC and Writings I wrote to have been written by Connie Maria Pecoraro and for my SIGNature “Sandy*” to have been HER, the reason why she says she got her Art Degree from “SAN” Jose University, why would you Sign your School’s name on a piece of Artwork you did.

T"OM" Cruise want EVERYTHING about me, to have meaning for Italian Connie Maria Pecoraro, his puppet and hoax to the world as the Artist who did this FAC. Connie Pecoraro doesn't know how to draw with a pencil. He wants Tom Bridges to BRIDGE MY IDENTITY and the meaning of MY PARENTS NAMES with Connie Pecoraro and Josh Wolf, Sandra Oh wants MY IDENTITY to be HER through their Catholic Church Theme, and they’ve been building this in Los Angeles for more than 3 decades. Street Names and Business Names, Words, Numbers and Colors etc. 3AR sound SIGNtology is known to be a PY “RAM” ID Scheme. Pyramids are in EGYPT. GIP in Korean means HOUSE. There is something going on with Sandra OH’s HOUSE Address Numbers and it’s connected to MY Korean Name and My Social Security Numbers, connected to the GOLD Clock on Top of the TV at “407 E. 87” St. NYC. It has to do with the meaning of my Korean name sounding like WASHINGTON.

DIRECTOR ED ZWICK. His name is about Eye horiZontal "EZ" and Wick is about the wick of a Candle Fire "CF". Candle Fire in Korean is CHOT BULL, and they want the name on the Upper Left of my father's music band "Morning Stars" to have meaning for Sandra "OH"C. The reason why she is CY CRISTina Yang on "Grey's Anatomy". It's connected to the Minora CANDLES and Jewish SYNAGOGUES in Los Angeles, especially Nessah Synagogue in Beverly Hills on Rexford Drive and ETZ JACOB Congregation on Beverly Blvd.

It's about the VIDEO RECORDING of me from 2000, and Fuse Box that exploded during the taping of this Video. They want this VR and my LEO FIRE Sign to have meaning for Sandra Oh or Connie Pecoraro, with Jesus Christ "OO" looking at Ass. Their CATHOLIQ C"HUR"CH Theme is connected to are you "PI"ous and Religously greedy for Money in Business Schemes and Names based on MY ARTWORK to have meaning for Sandra Oh.

CANDLE has the same letters and sort of rhymes with CHANDLER, which is about Chelsea Chandler, Chandler Blvd PILGRIM TV company, MY "OO" Gold Clock on Television, the name Mic"CHA" and MiCHAel, the reason why Connie Pecoraro is good friends with Michael Lappert and has Glass Artwork of CHANDELIERS. Josh Wolf's middle name is mic"CHA" and her Jesus Christ based on the CHRIST MAS childhood picture of me, it is titled "CHARLIE's Find" because of my CHARLIE BROWN SNOOPY DOG BANK. It's a CATHOLIC Theme because MAT in Korean means to LIQ or Taste and it's are you PI ous and Religious for MAT HE MAT HICS of Making MONEY. "PI" Mathematical symbol "TT" is connected to my name WANG written in Korean Characters.

This is connected to the Korean word CHOt Bull, which means Candle Fire. “Charlies’ Find”. They want the NAME on the Upper Left of My Father’s Music band “CHOi Yong”, to be about CHOt Bull, connected to the Menorah Candles at “NESSAH SYNOGOGUE” on RexFORD Drive and CHARLEVILLE Blvd, for Jesus was JEW like Josh Wolf. CB is about the name CHRISTina BERNARDO, my Catholic Grammar and High School classmate. Going backwards, to be about BC, Butt Crack, H=OO is Ass. Goguy in Korean means MEAT.

KATSUMOTO. This name is connected to the CATholiQ Church Theme of are you "PI"ous and Horney to LIQ Fish Pussy and make Money. This is why Tom Cruise was so happy when KATie HOLmes who was raised CATholic and sounds like KE HOLes said Yes to his proposal, "JC" Jumping on Couch for "JC" Jesus Christ, who lives in San FURniture Valley. FURniture companies is Huge in this PI Money making game.

KatsuMOTO is connected to the MIKIMOTO Japanese PEARL Company near Rodeo Drive on Wilshire Blvd in Beverly Hillls. It's why Connie Pecoraro has a painting titled "KIM's Roses" and has a CAT name Dudl"EY".

BAGLEY is about the Blooming Dales LE SPORTS SAC BAG. Like the meaning of RADIO and PERIOD, the only person who knows about this BAG is Gloria LEE, which is connected to MIKE BLOOMBERG being the MAYOr of NYC. They like the word MAY because it sounds like "MAY" Pot her. This is why when I met Sociopath Brett Bern, he took me to VERMONT with his friend David ROSENBLOOM and his girlfriend and stayed at "HER"mitage Inn. Vermont Street is where a big Scientology Center is in Los Angeles.

The meaning of this bag is why Sandra Oh is Rita "WU" on ARLI$$ which has to do with SPORTS, and I've never seen this show. It's the reason why REX LICKLIDER is one of the owners of LA "SPORTS" Club, he wants Jesus CHRIST on REXFORD Drive to be licking FORD Mustang Car model Connie Pecoraro's Ass.

3 is also about a Porn Film made at 20360 Callon Drive, Topanga Canyon. I think Lee Montgomery lived at this address many years ago and made a porn film with a big assed Blonded female. I think the same female in the movie "Mutant Zombies". In the Porn Film, I think there are THREE CUM SHOTS. This is the reason why a person name Todd CUMMINGS bought the property.

The title LAST "SAM"U "RA"i is about the number "3" which is SAM in Korean, and the name of SAND"RA", U "i" which sounds like EYE, as in Horizontal Rings around "CHARLIE'S FIND" eyes "OO". Tom Cruise wants the "3" CUM shots in the porn film with Lee Montgomery to have meaning for Sandra Oh or Connie Pecoraro. The reason why Tom Bridges is oging to Bridge the Br"OO"klyn Bridge, the R"OO"F picture of me, and Heath Ledger's Br"OO"M street in Soho.

EZ. "E"ye hori"Z"ontal. Ed Zwick directed this movie. The word Horizontal is built in to go Left to Right.

This title LAS"T" SAM U RA "i" can also be interpreted "Going Backwards". It's about the letter "i" which sounds like EYE, as in the Horizontal Rings around Charlie's Eyes "OO", which is based on my name SANDY Signature on BENSON. In the drawing he is holding a Magnifying Glass and his EYE BALL is inside the "O". The reason why Pecoraro does Glass Artwork and the reason why she wants the letter "i" to sound like EYE and for "i" to be about ITALIAN.

"i" ARt "U" christ "MAS" T "SAL". The interpretation of the codes are as follows:

SAL in Korean means RICE, and this is an anagram for the name ERIC. ERIC sounds like ERICTION as in Hard on.

"U" is the symbol for the astrological sign of LEO. I am Double Leo and Tom "CHRIST"opher Bridges is a Leo with the same birthday as me 8/13. Tom Cruise wants the word symbol to sound like the word "symBOWEL" because Connie Pecoraro is a Virgo and it rules the digestive tract and the intestines, which leads you down into the rectum.

"T" is for TAO is the Way on Bridgeway.

So going backwards, TOM Bridges is going to bridge my Childhood Pictures, my Sexual Experiences, the Video Recording of me, the Powerful Meaning of my FAC from 1982 with my Writings, so that it can have meaning for Connie Maria Pecoraro. Or Sandra Oh.

3 with "13" is the Gap Space numbers, the reason why Tom Bridges is going to "bridge" with Connie Pecoraro on Bridgeway, because the suspensions of a bridge also looks like the Gap Space, or the CHRIST "3" Tree Trimming shape and Connie Pecoraro not only has a few screws and bulbs missing but her birthdate number doesn't fit.

The only thing Tom is going to bridge is Gay and Lesbians in a 69, through MOUTHS. A Bridges bridges Earth to Earth never touches the Water.

Before Todd Cummings bought this property in January 2004, a Japanese female lived at this address. The main house has 2 levels, and I lived in the detached studio above the garage.

This Japanese female moved into this house because this house address is connected to Lee Montgomery and the First Artwork Collection I did in 1982. It's about a GARAGE ARCHITECTURAL Drawing I did of my parents garage in the backyard. And I wrote Writings on this Garage Door.

They want the childhood pictures of me standing on the mountain to be Sandra Oh. "SAN" means Mountain in Korean. They want The picture of me and the black girl to be Sandra Oh, with the Japanese Calendar on the wall. This is why her name is "SARA" S. LUM. It's about differentiating Sand"RA" and my name of Sandy. I rarely ever go by the name Sandra.

This is the same for SARAH Jessica Parker, who is connected to Lee Montgomery from the film "Girls Just want to have Fun". Sand"RA" Oh wants my first name signature on BENSON drawing "SANDY" to be her and Writings I wrote to have been written by her. "San" "Skrit".

LUM. "Lee Montgomery" U. This is about the Korean Word for Water which is "MUL". MUL is about MULHOLLAND Drive. I am almost positive this Japanese female moved in right after the VIDEO RECORDING of me was Dubbed with another female's body. Sandra Oh wants my Wet Vagina, "WATER" "MUL" to be her, through OTHER PEOPLE'S NAMES.

Sara Lum's FATHER is a DENTIST, and this is connected to TOM Christopher BRIDGES who has the same birthday as me, who is suppose to "bridge" SANDRA OH or CONNIE PECORARO, with the birthday numbers, which are the "Gap Space" Numbers. I think Todd CUMMINGS birthday numbers is the Gap Space numbers too, I think his birthday is 3/13. "13" is my birthday number and "3" is Lee Montgomery's birthday number.

This is big in the Field of Dentistry and the ADA American Dental Association because I've been a Dental Hygienist for over 20 years. They are forming Group Practices in specific cities with Specific GROUP Names, so that the Field of Dentistry and being a "Heath Care Provider" can have meaning for SANDRA OH, Sick Disturbed ACTRESS playing the role of a Chinese Doctor when she is really a SICK PARASITE, that's been feeding off of and draining my life for many years.

Mul "HOL"land Drive is an important street name because it’s connected to Laurel Hill and the naming of Streets in that area, connected to Daniel Ladin”SKY”. Daniel Ladinsky is very closely connected to giving Connie Pecoraro’s Catholic Church Theme “Meaning” in MY IDENTITY, MY Childhood pictures, MY Parents Names, as the VEHICLE to Rob My Identity. It’s where I met Josh Wolf, at the dog park on Mulholland Drive.

Mul”HOL”land is about the meaning of My Writings “KEY to my Soul” from 1982. It’s about the “KEY HOLES” the reason why he was so excited when KatiE HOLmes said Yes to his Marriage Proposal. It was Continuing what he has built through the years with SIGNtology, meaning of 3AR sound of L. RON HUBBARD “BIRD”, Tom BRIDges BridgeWay Sausalito with Connie Pecoraro Virgo the Mai”DEN”, connected to the meaning of TOPanga and the MERMAID en House. This is related to Tom Bridges the Gay Male DENtist, the “DEN” TAL procedure of "FILL a Cavity", FuCk a HOLe. "Charlie's Find" backwards, CF. Which HOLE? Cavity? Anal, Vaginal or Oral? Oral and Anal, because it’s about the TAO Te Ching, T is a He and AO are Anal and Oral Holes. He is a DENtist who works in MOUTHS and he Fucks RECTAL Holes. It’s the reason why Shonda Rimes the creator and writer for “Grey’s Anatomy” went to D”ART”MOUTH College.

When you Fill a Cavity in dentistry, the HOLE has to be competely DRY before you place a filling in it. This is related to U2's recent CD "No More Lines on the Horizon". They've been busy Filling in "A"s and "O"s. O is the hole and A is for Ass. With Lots of SPiT. SILENT SPIT because they want the Dubbed Video Recording of My Wet Vagina to be Connie Maria Pecoraro or Sandra OH. Silent SPIT because the TAO that can be talked about isn’t the True Tao.

Bridgeway SA usalito PecoRA ro, Shape of “3” SAM ASS and “RA” don’t mix well, SAM SA RA. Tom Bridges Gay Ass and Ball LiQing in their MAT HE MAT Hics of CAThoLIC Church Theme.

You should see the movie “SILENCE of the LAMBS” with Antho”R”ney HOPKINS, it’s got EVERYTHING I’ve been Writing about. It’s how long it’s been going on.

The SAN Skrit OM symbol looks like the numbers "35". This is connected to WRITINGS I wrote with my FAC in 1982, and Skrit sound like SCRIPT. Tom Cruise wants the sound of the word "Symbol" to sound like symBOWEL, as in Ass, because Connie Pecoraro, Virgo rules the intestines and the bowels. The reason why Connie Pecoraro says she got her Art degree from SAN Jose University which is a Fraud.

It’s why after he married Katie Holmes, he bought a “35” Million dollar house in Beverly Hills from a realtor name initials “JJ”.

Tom Cruise wants the number "3" to be about the shape of ASS because the SanSKRIT symbol looks like the number “35”. FiVE is about the meaning of MY NAME Connectino with George WASHINGTON and them creating meaning with AbRAHam LINCOLN connected to Bearded JOSH WOLF, and the meaning of 3AR sound of TUNGSTEN and you LICKON with Tongue. WOLFramite Scheelite.

This is also connected to a sketch I did on a legal yellow pad in 1997, the reason why there is something going on with the Exit Signs on this Diagonal Line.

SanSkrit is the reason why in the last few years, SKIRTS have been very big in Fashion.

20360 Callon Drive Topanga is a very important address, EVERYTHING goes back to this address because it’s connected to Lee Harcourt Montgomery who lived there many decades ago, connected to meaning of My Parents Names and My FAC from 1982.

At the end of the movie, Tom Cruise “Nathan Algren” walks back to the village with a Horse and there is a “chic KEN” which is a BIRD, and “NEK” is about SUC, as in Stand Up Comic Josh Wolf and the Chinese year of the “ROOSTER” that both WOLF and PECORARO was born in 1969. Any word with two “O”s, for Jesus Christ Eyes “OO”, the reason why Josh Wolf is Jumping on the ROOF with his “Wifey”.

There are many “connections” with TOM CRUISE and JOSH WOLF. Scientology has a group called the “SEA” Orgs, Josh Wolf is a regular on the Chel “SEA” Handler TV Show, another word for SEA is the OCEAN, which is about MARY Statue on Ocean Ave in Santa Monica. Why is there a BL”OO” Samurai ARMor in the lobby of the ROLEX Building where Josh Wolf’s agency is. It began many years ago, with Tom Cruise supporting Connie Pecoraro Virgo and Josh Wolf Libra SIGN “VIBE” Numbers in Linda Goodman’s book “Love Signs”, the reason why he made “Days of THUNDER”. The reason why since I moved to California, I’ve been TERRORIZED with Housing Terror, in their “NUMBERS” Raping Gaym.

BAGL”EY”, GLORIA Lee, Mike BLOOMBerg, BLOOMFields and ROSEcrans Avenue, BLOOMingdale’s Le SPO rts SAC BAG “LEE”.

SAVAGES, they live like Savages. Like Lee Montgomery’s movie “SAVAGE IS LOOSE” OEDIPUS sy COMPLEX, recreated through OCEAN is another word for “SEA”, through Mother MARY Statue on Ocean Ave in Santa Monica, through the name CHEL”SEA” and SEA ORGS, in PSYCHOLOGY they say we marry our Mothers and Fathers, while RAPING the Daughter’s LIFE. Girls around the age of 5 or 6 want to “MARRY their DADDIES”. Constance Psycho Pecoraro’s “NO Name GIRL”.

At the end of the Movie, TOM CRUISE returns to the Village, and sees the Japanese lady again, he is walking with a Horse, and they make sure to get the CHICKEN in the scene. What is this about? CHIC”KEN” is a BIRD, and TOM “BRID”ges the Gay male Dentist in San Francisco, BRIDGES all BRIDges and all “BIRD”s because it’s in his Name. KEN is “NEK” backwards. NECK is about SUC, as in DEEP THR”OAT”, for Stand Up Comedian JOSH MIC”CHA” WOLF. BO SUCK in Korean means DIAMOND, for meaning of MY NEIL DIAMOND drawing from 1981, to have meaning for this sick HOR DIK RAPING FUCKING JEW Pious Pyous for PUSSY JESUS “CHA”rlie.

NARA in Korean means COUNTRY, and this is the name of a BANK in Korea Town in Los Angeles. It’s Logo design is “CHICKEN FEET”. CHARLIE’S FIND. MAThemathics of making MONEY through Constance Pecoraro’s CATHOLIC Theme, created to ROB the meaning of MY FAC from 1981 and MY First Name SIGNature of SANDY.


LAST Samurai, is connected to MY CATHOLIC High School CLASSMATES Names, St. VINCENT FERRER PUSSIES, who are all supporters of Constance Pecoraro’s CATHOLIC Theme OIL ARTWORK. Besides having attended my 10th year High School reunion in 1997, since I graduated from high school in 1987, I haven’t looked back and haven’t kept in touch with any of them. Since moving to Los Angeles in October 2006, I have discovered that EVERYTHING in LOS ANGELES and in “SAN FERnand O Valley” where JOSH WOLF lives, it’s all based on MY Catholic High School, for CATHOLIC Theme OIL ARTWORK of Constance Pecoraro, in MAThemathics of making MONEY.

TARA “Z”IMMERMAN was the LAST stu “DEN”t in class beside me with “W”ang.

Z is for “OO” Hori Z ontal like Jesus CHRIST “OO” Horizontal EIGHT Eyes, which is based on MY childhood CHRISTMAS picture with TREE Trimming numbers of “3 and OO”, the reason why her Jesus CHRIST with OO Eyes is on page “3”. The reason why SANDRA OH is “CRIST”ina Yang on “Grey’s Anatomy”. EVERYTHING is about supporting SANDRA OH is MY IDENTITY, AS IF she is the ARTIST of MY ARTWORK.

Z IMMERMAN, “MER” for VIR”GO” MaiDEN Constance Maria Pecoraro, who they want to have meaning for the MERmaid House on Callon Drive TOPANGA. Her CATHOLIC theme Oil Artwork of MOTHER “MARY”, AS IF she had meaning in MY MOTHER’S name. MAN, is about SANDRA OH’s Mother’s name of YOUNG NAM. They’ve been building for SANDRA OH to be MY IDENTITY in all my baby and childhood pictures, through PSYCHO “MOTHER” Constance MARIA Pecoraro, through Thomas CHRISTopher Bridges who has the same LEO Birthday as me of 8/13 but different year.

There is a Business called ZIMMERMAN on ROBERTSON Blvd, where they’ve been building for 3 decades, for SANDRA OH who went to SIR ROBERT BOR”DEN”, through VirGO Mai”DEN” Constance Pecoraro’s Catholic Theme, DREW MY Drawing of ROBERT GUILLAUME in 1981.

There is a SKY SCRAPER residential building on East 92nd Street and Lexington ave called RUPERT TOWERS, I think TARA Zimmerman lives in this building or next to it. RUPERT MUR “DOCH” a Pear B OAT AssterisK.

This is why it is very important to know what the NAME of JOSH WOLF’S ex is who lives in State of WASHINGTON, who he had a Son name JACOB WOLF with. She is a Thai female, BANGKOK THAILAND, BAN, as in NABi in Korean means Butterfly, in CATHOLICK MAThemathics of making MONEY that go in BAN ks. ALL SUPPORTING SANDRA OH is MY IDENTITY in My childhood picture wearing a Butterfly HALTER TOP Shirt with Red Shoes.

I THINK JACOB WOLF’S MOTHER’S NAME IS “TARA”, AND I THINK SHE IS A VIRGO, EARTH SIGN. IT IS VERY IMPORTANT TO KNOW HER NAME. This is why Constance Pecoraro has a OIL Painting titled “TARA”, and it’s the reason why the SUNSET District in San Francisco address on QUIN “TARA” was set up in 2006. This address had the numbers of TOM BRIDGES Birthday of 8/13/72. For he bridges meaning of My Father’s name of “SUN”g Bae, and My SIGN of LEO ruled by the SUN of the Solar System.

TARA “RIMES” with “NARA”, and this ENTIRE COUNTRY is BUILT, FOR TOM BRIDGES a sick lying fag DENTIST who has the same LEO Birthday as me, Bridges MY IDENTITY and meaning of MY ARTWORK with SANDRA OH , through Constance Pecoraro’s CATHOLIC THEME OIL ARTWORK, in MAThemathics of making MONEY That go in BANKS. The MEANING of BANKS is very closely connected to NICOLE KIDMAN who married “K“eith UR “BAN”.


Last “SAM” urai, CHRIST “MAS” for Jesus CHRIST on page “3”. SAM in Korean is number 3. SAM SARA in Sanskrit means SUFFPHERING, PecRA ro in SA usalito, FRAUD and CON ARTIST who needs to be LOCKED IN PRISON.

August 19, 2012, TONY SCOTT, the DIRECTOR of "TOP GUN" committed suicide by jumping off the VINCENT THOMAS BRIDGE. See link at bottom of this page.

MINi Japanese SAMURAI Statue in Lobby of “ROL”ex Building

GO THERE ROLex Building

HAR WOOD “BALLS” are “ROL”Ling in MIN ority Report




JH Jim Hayman building in robbing of My “JH” John Hancock on my pencil drawing from 1981
Sandy Wang's Name SIGNature as in my John Hancock, on my pencil drawing of ROBERT Guilaume from 1981 with OO
Sandy Wang's Writings on my Parents Garage “D OO R” Architectural Drawing from 1982
meaning of “OO”

Jim Hayman building, next to Spa”GO”

Jesus CHRIST “CHA”rlies Find RINGS around his Eyes “OO” Oil painting by Constance MARIA Pecoraro
DOR “RING” TON x Robert “SON” Blvd
DOR IA Rhimes with MA RIA, AIR Libra JOSH MC”CHA” WOLF sociopath

1982 The Trial, Hey Judge “HJ” SHIT ON HIM and HER!

Sandy Wang's childhood pictures

Sandy Wang's childhood CHRIST "MAS" 3 Picture in 1981

Sandy Wang's X rated Video Recording

WANG in Korean Characters and meaning of PI symbol

Sandy Wang’s childhood pictures in Santa Monica in 1979, "PI"ous for CATholiQ C HUR Ch and "TT"

Sandy Wang’s Charlie Brown Snoopy Dog Bank

"CHOi" Yong on Upper Left of My Father’s Music Band

St. VINCENT Ferrer Catholic High School

Sandy Wang in GREEN Dress and Gloria CATherine LEE in 1986

Sandy Wang’s Legal Pad Sketch 1997

Lee H. Montgomery in “Midnight Hour” as Phil “GREN”Ville

Repeating Numbers of 11/3 Lee Montgomery’s Birthday and meaning of My FAC and Writings from 1982

“CAUGHT” by Harlan Cohen

“MAY” or Antonio Villa”RAI” g”OSA” 5/4 connections


Andrew Williams and Nate Annabell

T"OM" "CHRIST"opher Bridges DOCtor CRISTina Yang

lying sociopath fag TOM BRIDGES what is his YEAR of Birth?

“300” Beverly Drive = “38”


“Charlie's Find” on Page “SAM” = 3

TIGER WOODS and Elin Nor de GREN

PAC ific Design Center in West Hollywood

TOM CRUISE as ----------- Roy Miller --------

3 U RA "i" sounds like Eye "IE"

AIR planes and AIR port Hangars

SAM "U" "AIR" is an Element


BL"OO" "ARM"OR in Rolex Building

Laurel Hills and MAP ping Connections

Tom Cruise Mapother Fourth

“NIC” Connections

Connie Mother MARY MARIA Pecoraro


Linda Goodman’s VIBE NUMBERS of “212” and “THUNDER”

Sandra Oh as Dr. CRISTina Yang on "Grey's Anatomy"

Sandra Oh as Rita WU

NATE and AL’S on Beverly Drive

NATE Turner on Almont Drive

La Sports Club


20360 Callon Drive Topanga Canyon

TODD CUMMINGS 20360 Callon Drive Topanga Canyon IS TOM CRUISE’S RELATIVE


SANDRA OH is My identity on WEST”BORNE” Street and Union Bank address, “NUMBER” connections


TONY SCOTT Director of TOP GUN commits suicide

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