BEVERLY Hills Library 444 Rexford Drive

Sandy Wang’s Portrait Drawing in 2006 “8” in EYES
SOLAR SYSTEM in 2006, changed from 9 planets to “8”
Beverly Hills going SOLAR in MAY 2011


“444” were numbers in my Mission Statement during my Leadership LP173 Training


AIR LIBRA Josh Wolf rules the KID ne "Y'S"
Scott WOLF and KELLEY Limp
Y'S connections



Sandy Wang’s GOLD CLOCK on Top of TV at “407” E 87th Street NYC
meaning of GOLD Leo metal
407 connections
407 BH Library COMPUTER number in PERIODicals Room

ThoMAS CHRISTopher “BRID” ges 3ar sound of HUB “BIRD”s on BRID geway Leo with OIL

Sandy Wang’s Picture in 1989 with BIRD and “O”
X Rated Video Recording of Sandy Wang
Cyk Gay Bitch SANDRA OH who wants “O” to be about EAR sound of HER name OH, and for Sweater to be about S “Wetter”
Tiger WOODS GOLF “rimes” with WOLF
AIR LIBRA ry JOSH WOLF STONE of Diamond and JUStice Scales


“O” and the BIRD to the Right by the Stairs

Sandy Wang’s BIRD drawing from 1986
Sandy Wang’s Picture in GRAY shirt in 1989 with BIRD and “O”
Sandy Wang’s Powerful ONE LINE MARK
WON in MY Middle Name

Study Studi “O”, Sandra ‘OH’ Pepsi Pussy 1999 and GRAYSONS connections
LONG BEFORE “GREY’S Anatomy” first episode aired in MARCH 2005, it’s years in the making


“HO”nor “GU” ARD for San”DRA” OH name backwards, someone is spending a lot of time and Money looking for Specific Artwork with Specific Titles by Specific Artists, to make it SEEM as if it was LONG BEFORE “We were Born”

TOM BIRD ges who has the same birthday as me
bridges Mentally Disturbed SANDRA OH

sick Bitch who thinks she is “JURIS DOCTOR” with her CRIMINAL FATHER Businessman JOHN OH

Businesses like NEW “HONOR BAR” Celebrating the Raping of my life

meaning of “HO” NOR, to be about Psyc”HO” Sandra “OH” Name

Top picture of STEPhen Garrison and Sandy Wang in front of Brooklyn Bridge circa 1990 STEPS and STAIRS of AZTEC Sweater DESIGN and MY Olive Green COAT


Sandy Wang in OLIVE GREEN Jacket with my first boyfriend Stephen Garrison from 1989

Sandra Oh in Olive Green thinks this Jacket Picture of me and my boyfriend to be her


title of Bird Sculpture “HONOR GUARD”

Sandy Wang’s BIRD Drawing from 1986

Sandy Wang’s picture in 1989 with BIRD

Sandra Oh who thinks MY Portrait Drawing and My FATHER’S Identity is hers, through TOM BRIDges BIRDs FeATHERS

reason why Sandra OH is connected to AN”DREW” FEATHER “STON” a Musician

HONOR "GU" ARD rimes with RICH ARD which sounds like RICH ART


300 connections of Beverly Hills BAR ASSociation

Books in LIBRA ries

The Big Knife

TARGET real life TRUE STORY of Hanni”BAL” the Canni”BAL”



“LEE” name

ELE vator meaning of OTIS ELE vators


something weird going on LIBRARY “ELE”vators, new 2011 WH LIBRARY

very important Constance Pecoraro’s “TENNIS ANYONE”? in 2011 = LIFE IN PRISON for PECORARO

WE WILL ROCK YOU WW “RY” AIR “LIBRA” Josh Wolf sociopath


LIBR “ARIES” are a “GA” Government Agency

AIR LIBRA rules the KID KNEEYS and metal is “COPPER”

David SIN “CL” AIR DeLIVERY Doctor of FRAUD Birth Certificate of BARACK OBAMA

“1/13” CHICAGO ILLINOISE Nigger Rimes with Land”ER” “11 45” address of CAP ri CORN 1/13 Shonda LYNN RHIMES creator of “GA” Greys Anatomy = Government Agencies

112 - 113th Congress in Session 20”14 = 20”15”, “113 …............*72*”

This is the “MH” Midnight Hour Glass Cat”HO”Licking Shit Hole Nit3MAIR

what is TOM C “HAND”LER BRIDGES YEAR of BIRTH? “19 72”? LORI HUBBLE Birthday? A GOLD I LOCK of Blonde HAIR LEO? Yvette CHO”CHA”P ELLE “YV” monster connections

ROBERT CREMEAN Collage and Oil Abstract in “Mission Position”
See “LEGS” in COLORS of “O”range and “W”hite for OH and WOLF
meaning of “DARI” which is LEGS in Korean for SANDRA OH’s LEGS
Tom Bridges Pizza Dough “DARI Os” Pizza on BRIDGEWAY for TAO is the Way
through Constance Maria Pecoraro’s OIL ARTWORK for LARD
for LOW Flying AIRplane of AIR Libra Josh “WOL WOL WOL F” Horny for UN HANG, HANGAR and HANGER meaning

extremely important SEA and DARYA meaning


Orange and White = Wolf and Oh in “mission position”

Study Studi”O” PEPSI PUSSY SANDRA OH in 1999

Eye and Lips on Upper Left corner of NECK TIE in WIND

SUCurasal NECK = Mok Age Connections
Sandra Oh "DIAMOND" Argyle Sweater
Anatomy of NECK and SANDRA OH
“2/11/11” at the BH LIBRA ry


Diamond is about My Neil DIAMOND Pen Ink drawing from the “Jazz Singer” in my FAC from 1981 and 1982

NEIL DIAMOND Pen Ink Drawing from 1982
DIAMOND shape The Picture of Sandy Wang and a incontinent sick black girl

DIAMOND is the STONE of AIR “LIBRA” SUC Josh Miccha Wolf
Argyle S"Wetter" in Bev"EAR"ly Sound of Gay Psychobitch Sandra Oh who wants My Wet Vagina to be her
Sandra Oh and “MOK AGE”
Big Black Pussy SH ON “DA” RIMES creator writer of “Grey’s Anatomy”

The EAR that was sold to a fish says that "ART" is a Conversation between Lovers in a Public Library
in Bev3ARly Hills, everything is about 3AR sound of words


ARTWORK at SEE Dars SIGN EYE HOSpital with SPECIFIC Artists names

Like ARTwork at Cedars SINAI Hospital, someone is spending alot of time finding things which existed "LONG BEFORE WE WERE BORN", of Other People's names and objects that "FIT" what is going on currently. This is what this DISPLAY CASE is about.

This DISPLAY CASE was newly put up in 2010, then towards the end of the year they took it down. It's about CELEBRATING the RAPING of MY LIFE from the year before in 2009, all the SPECIFIC places My Toyota Rav4L was taken to, meaning of sick sociopath TOM BRIDGES EVERYTHING about ME with a disturbed actress SANDRA OH, who needs to be LOCKED in PRISON for LIFE.

RAN "CHO" to CITY is about meaning of MY Parents Names, CHOi Yong is a name on the Upper Left of my Father's Music band picture "MOURNING Stars", and CITY is about My Mother's name of JUNG JA which is about Carl "JUNG" who coined the term SYN chroni"CITY"

E.A. BENEDICT 1869 is about MY drawing of BENson Dubois from 1982, "1869" are numbers in MY Birthday "8/13/69" What's Missing?
"3" is SAM in Korean, for Tho"MAS" CHRISTopher Bridges Jesus CHRIST on Page "3" Eye is Ass "OO", with CHRISTina BERNardo Taurus the Bull, and POPE "BEN"edict "RAT"zinger and CATHOLIC Church Theme
So that MY FAC from 1982, MY IDENTITY and EVERYTHING about me can have meaning for SANDRA OH, "CRIST"ina Yang on "Grey's Anatomy" and LIBRA JOSH WOLF

Sandy Wang's FAC from 1981 and 1982, BENSON Dubois drawing
Sandy Wang's Father's Music Band picture from 50's "Morning Stars" and Name on Upper Left "CY" CHOi Yong
the REASON why Sandra Oh is "CY" "CRIST"ina Yang on "Grey's Anatomy"

Sandra Oh wants my CATHOLIC High School Classmate Taurus the BULL CHRISTina BERNARDO'S ASS to have meaning for her
through ThoMAS CHRISTopher BRIDGES his LEO "FIRE" for 3AR sound of OIL backwards
3"OO" connections
have some "SYN" A "Gogue" ASS MEAT on RexFORD Drive


E.A BENedict = Eye is Ass, as in Jesus CHRIST "OO" Horney for Taurus the BULL CHRISTina BERNardo's ASS Meat
The date on the left 1822- 19 14* with an Asterisk symbol is about my First Name SIGNature of "Sandy *" on the drawing of BENSON DUBOIS from 1982, 3AR sound of "ASS"terisk
"14" is about The Picture of Sandy Wang and a black girl, AS IF it was SANDRA OH

The Circle of "O" is about MY REGISTERED TRADEMARK in a "O", which can be seen FOUR Different Ways and Upside Down

Sandy Wang wearing "14" White and Red shirt with a black girl
Sandy Wang's registered Trademark in "O"
it's why Tom Cruise 3AR sound "MAY"pother "FOUR"th made "RISK"y Business,
and does his "ASS" PART A Me, of Mellow Yellow Sweet and LOW on "DOT"
Taurus "BULL" in Korean means "FIRE", the reason why the FIRE Dept address is "445" with Library of "444" "4/5" 5/4 CHRISTina BERNardo's birthday
BERNARDO Madoff serving 15="O" years in BUTNER NORth CARolina Prison


"BAL" Loon Route, Los Angeles "PACIFIC" RR
They want the "18"th letter of Alphabet "R", for the shape of "o" and "8" in WANG MONTGOMERY Portrait Drawing EYES to have meaning for them

BAL in Korean means FOOT Josh Wolf aka HORNEY for BIG ASS "OO" JESUS CHRIST
"R" behind ROLEX Building of Josh Wolf's Agency PARAllel Entertainment
for SHIN "BAL" which means SHOes in Korean, for Sandra OH and her TV Shoe Show "Grey's Anatomy" CHRISTina Yang
supported by Psycho LOONy Connie PECORARO's Sketches of "BAL"loons, FEET and BUTTERflies
ThoMAS CHRISTopher Bridges through HEWLETT "PAC" K ARD
2009 PCH PACIFIC Coast Highway

Why is there a EQUAL SIGN? MATheMAThics of CATHO"LICK" Church theme of are you "PI"ous and Horney to make Money, for SANDRA OH is MY IDENTITY through Tom BRIDGES

Jo SHOW lf BLOOD "P" filled Hor Dik fucking Hor Pussies
for SANDRA OH "CRIST"ina Yang on "GAYS Anatomy"

Josh Wolf hasn't KUM in "DOT" Sex for a few days


= facing PERIOD icals Sign because "P" in Korean means BLOOD

MATheMathics of PI connections

meaning of PERIOD as in Menstrual BLOOD
TECH in TECHnology
TECH as in my college NY City "TECH" and "300" JAY Street
300 connections

I tried to get the "COLOR" of this sign as best as I could, it is "PURPLE"

so that My Watercolor painting titled "PURPLE MOON" can have meaning for them

MAL in Korean means TALK and HORSE
MOON in Korean means "DOOR" of GYM Morrison


PHAROS is a Peninsula in North EGYPT, connected to a "LIGHT HOUSE"

Sandra OH who wants MY ABSTRACT Page painting "LIGHT" to be HER
The reason why on My 41st Birthday, I was ARRESTED by Det "LIGHT"FOOT in Beverly Hills
LIGHT is about the 3AR sound of the word Cellu"LITE" as in Tom Bridges his LEO with 3AR sound of OIL backwards for Hanging BIG BLUBBER ASS

WLF what's missing? the "O" as in 3AR sound of Sandra "OH"



Sandra "O" CHRISTina YANG on "Grey's anatomy" set in Seattle WASHINGTON

WANG written in Korean Characters

Sandra Oh wants MY IDENTITY and MY NAME of "WANG" to have meaning for her

YC = ThoMAS CHRISTopher Bridges Jesus CHRIST, with CHRISTina YANG, Sandra Oh on "Grey's Anatomy"


"14" next to "EG" GE in Korean means RATS, rats is STAR spelled backwards
"HK" Sandra OH who wants MY BABY Picture of "KH" Knitted Hat to BE HER

"CY" CHristina YANG because of "CHOI YONG" in SANDY WANG's FATHER'S Picture "MOURNING STARS"
Sandy Wang baby Picture of "KH"
Sandy Wang wearing "14" in childhood picture with a black girl
the reason why a BIG BLACK BITCH name SHONDA RIMES created "Grey's Anatomy" as the VEHICLE to ROB MY IDENTITY
PACific DeSIGN Center
KH is about KATie HOLmes, of "HOLMES and YANG" Fashion

Fine Arts for FART is AIR out of ASS "HO"le, Asian Female for Sandra OH "Going Backwards" licking MA"RIA" Mother Pecoraro Pussy


9 in Korean is "GU", "OO" for Sandra Oh who wants people to think she DREW MY DRAWing of BENSON DUBOIS of Robert "GU"illaume in 1982, and is my First name SIGNature of "Sandy*"

L "AR" ge Print = Sand"RA" OH is MY "LP" 173 experience THROUGH Mother MARIA Connie Pecoraro and her CATHOLIC Church Theme
LP backwards, FOC Pussy Lips backwards

Sandy Wang's Leadership Training LP 173
PL PATRicia L"3AR"ned needs to be ARRESTED and JAILED


Kell “Y’S” Coffee and Fud”GE” Factory = “CHA” rlie’s Find” = “F u C k” CF=36
SY, the reason why Robin Williams made the movie “One Hour Photo” Sick Actress SANDRA OH who wants Everything about me to be her

Y'S connections
KELLY BUSBY KriPALu Yoga Instructor in Sausalito
EARth Virgo “HEL”en KELLER Connie Pecoraro
“LICK” in KIDS room
Connie Pecoraro and Mi”CHA”el Lapperts ICE Cream Lick
“SUC” Josh Mic”CHA” WOLFramite Scheelite
WOLFramite Scheelite OU
KELLEY Limp Scott WOLF's wife
John Travolta and KELLY PRESTON
“LICK” Connections

Abraham Lincoln in the Reading Room


Beverly Hills LIBRARY Card 2010, they changed it from 2009 which was in GOLD letters
Sandy Wang's Leadership Training “LP” 173
Sandra Oh in SAME WINDOW Shape of U
GREEN connections
Sandra Oh and GREEN MOK AGE


250 4800 4029 185 = 25 is TEN and "O" sounds like OH,
for Who? for What? FOUR "EIGHT" of "OO" Jesus Christ Eyes, and Repeating Numbers of "429" for "1158" MAThemathics connections
Sandy Wang's registered mark in "O" circle
407 E 87 Sandy Wang's GOLD CLOCK "OO" on top of TV
407 Connections
Tom Bridges his YEAR of "72"
through Connie Pecoraro's new address in 2009 "707" Bridgeway
429 Repeating Numbers
1158 PI connections of Making Money

Sandra Patri”SHA” Oh who wants my KOREAN name and My So”SH”al Security NUMBERS to BE HERS
Sandra Oh on “Gre Y’S anatomy” is the VEHICLE to ROB MY KOREAN NAME the reason why it’s set in Seattle WASHINGTON
Sandy Wang’s Korean names sounds like WASHINGTON


Charlies Arnoldi Artwork at MARK TAPER Center
Charles Arnoldi Artwork at CEDARS SINAI HOSPITAL

Sandy Wang’s Mother in FUR Coat in circa 1988 COIN SLOT picture and “TAYSTEE”


Monster COIN SLOT Elliptical shape connections

VIRGO rules the Digestive System PSYCHO CONSTANCE PECORARO and new “SUNNY” in 2010 = LIFE IN PRISON
like Yellow CORN on the Capir”CORN” is th”ROB”bing on Greys’ Anatomy



Beverly Hills Library 444 N. Rexford Drive, Beverly Hills, CA 90210.

3AR Sound of LIE BRA RY.

ALL LIBRARIES in Los Angeles County are connected to Air LIBRA Josh Wolf, as if he had meaning in my First Artwork Collection from 1982, and the drawing I did of Neil DIAMOND who is Jewish, because Libra sign Stone is the Diamond. The word LIBRA”RY” is about confusing and combing the name Montgome”RY”, like they’ve been combining Sandra OH’s name with my name, to CONFUSE IDENTITIES.

They’ve been building LOS ANGELES as if Sandra OH Drew the Drawings, as if she was MY IDENTITY and as if JOSH WOLF is LEE HARCOURT MONTGOMERY. Through Street Names, Business Names, NUMBERS, and Other People’s names.

This Library opened in September 1990 renovated along with the Architecture of City Hall. The ARCHITECT’s name is CHARLES MOORE. There is a street called MOOREpark in San Fernando Valley, and Connie Maria Pecoraro Mother Maria wants to be Demi MOORE with her Jesus Christ the Son “CHARLIE”S FIND” Josh Miccha Wolf AIR “LIBRA” who lives in San Fernando Valley the reason why my High School classmates are involved in their CATHOLIC CHURCH Theme and the school of ST. VINCENT FERRER “SVF” and “SFV”.

When I did my Self Portrait drawing in 2/06, I didn’t know anything about Beverly Hills or Los Angeles, I moved to Los Angeles in October 2006. The Number Vertical “8” in MY EYE, is the reason why San”DRA” OH wants my “DRA”wing to be her. This SICK ACTRESS is connected to every Traumatic Event in my life, my life being oppresses and repressed so that this Gay PSYCHOBITCH can BE MY IDENTITY. What I say or write about Sandra Oh is the EXACT SAME for Connie Pecoraro.

There is a Jacket hanging inside this Library as a piece of Abstract Artwork. This Jacket is the Olive Green Jacket I am wearing in the picture of me and my first boyfriend of 5.5 years, Stephen Garrison. I think they found this Jacket in the garbage.

The Architectural Design of the Library and the entire City Hall and Civic Center RENOVATION is based on the SWEATER Stephen is wearing in this picture, circa 1989. We are standing in front of the BROOKLYN BRIDGE. I went to St. Vincent Ferrer High School in NYC and NYC TECH College in Brooklyn.

Stephen Garrison is a Gemini AIR Sign. Libraries sounds like Lie Br ARIES, as in Heath Ledger was an ARIES the RAM, who lived in BR”OO”klyn, then later died on BR”OO”M Street. This is connected to T”OM” Bridges Connie Pecoraro on BRidgeway with Horizontal Rings around Jesus Christ “Charlie’s Find” OO.

CAREFULLY study the Artwork in the Library. Next to the Abstract Art of my Olive Green Jacket, there is another piece of Abstract Artwork with a NECK TIE Flipped and a FACE with Lips on the Upper Left corner. This is similar to the hidden “secret code” on the Chinese F"OO"D Rice Karton. This is about ORAL Sex as in SUCking, as in Stand Up Comic Josh Wolf who is a LIBRA. ry. This is the reason why BEN Affleck is choking himself with a Neck Tie on the front cover of ESQUIRE magazine in March 2009. Esquire rhymes with SWIRE, as in TOM Swire “IE” of Mercedes BENz of Beverly Hills. This is the reason why Tom Bridges through MOUTHS and the ORAL CAVITY.

The “ELE”vator in the Library is made by a company called “MONTGOMERY”. Lee Harcourt Montgomery was in the movie BEN with Michael Jackson, the reason why I did my First Artwork Collection in 1982. He was David GarriSON and my first boyfriends name is Stephen GarriSON. The reason why Katie Holmes did ArtHUR “HER” MILLER’S “All My Sons”. Across the street from the Library is LIVE NATION and GIB”SON” Guitars. GibSON Guitars is about the picture of me learning how to play the guitar, Stephen was teaching me circa 1989. T”OM” Cruise wants my FAC from 1982 to have been done by Connie Pecoraro or Sandra Oh.

Next to the Elevator is another piece of Artwork by Robert CREMEAN. It’s an Abstract oil painting, but if you study it carefully, it’s about Two People FOCking in MISSION Position. The Top part of this painting has it’s Leg wide open. The Stripe colors are White and Orange, as in “WO”LF. This is about the picture of me and father in the dining room, with the Hawaiian Wooden Statue and the Basket of Oranges. ORANGES, the reason why Connie Pecoraro’s oil painting of Jesus Christ “Charlie’s Find” is on Page 3, and it’s about George C. Page. The reason why Sandra Oh is wearing ORANGE in her Vibe picture.

This painting depicts MISSION Position sex and I think they put this painting up around the time when Sandra Oh made the movie “Sideways” with Alexander Payne. They are having Mission Position Sex in the movie, FAT SEX. FAT HER Sex. Sick Hor Dick Air “LIBRA” Josh Wolf as the “FATHER” ROLE Sex.

All the TILE work at this Library is connected to Sandra Oh “OO” who wants My first boyfriend Stephens SWEATER Design to have meaning for her and BEVERLY is about Cumming Early. Sandra Oh wants my “S”Wetter Vagina to BE HER. Her Argyle SWEATER is about my GOLD CLOCK from 407 E. 87st Apt in NYC, to have meaning for Gold I Lock of H”AIR” LIBRA Josh Wolf. Sandra Oh is a Sick Disturbed ACTRESS who has been wanting EVERYTHING about MY LIFE and IDENTITY, Especially MY SEXUAL Experiences to BE HER. Gay Psychobitch.

This painting is by the “ELE”vator because Josh Wolf wants LEE H. Montgomery’s Identity to have meaning for him like Sick Actress Sandra Oh and Connie Pecoraro wants MY Identity to be theirs. It’s why the Elevator Brand name IS Montgomery.

Next to this is a Triangular shaped Stairway and there is a statue of a BIRD, it’s titled the “Honor Guard” to have it mean “Dra Oh”, probably a Bald Eagle, and this is about the BIRD drawing I did in 1986. T’OM” BRID”ge”s the RATS “STARS” and Celebrities with BIRDs on Bridgeway, so that Connie Pecoraro and Sandra Oh can have meaning in my IDENTITY and my Artwork.

Right outside of the Library on Burton Way is a sculpture artwork titled “Home” by artist “CHARLES Arnoldi”. Looks like a Bird’s Nest, the Shape of an EGG, as in “GE” backwards. Ge in Korean means “RATS” and Mice and Sandra Oh “Star” and Celebrity wants the Artwork Collection and Writings I wrote in 1982 to have been done by her and this is all about these people supporting her as the person who did it. They are building lies. The Korean Word and meaning of “GE” is the reason why in the TV “GU”ide picture of Sandra Oh from late 90’s, she is sitting on a “EG”G. This sick actress has been attached to my life for many years, the reason why my life has been sabotaged and destroyed, so that this sick cunt can be a “Star” and pretend she did this Artwork Collection from 1982 and my name Signature of “Sandy*” on BENSON of Robert “GU”illaume is her name. This sick ACTRESS Parasite doesn’t know how to draw or paint, it’s all through “WORDS, Other people’s Names, Colors, Business Names, Objects, etc” that they want my IDENTITY to be combined and mixed with this sick bitch, because they’ve been building this based on my FAC from 1982 for almost 3 decades.

PHAROS Operating System is the new operating system they installed at the Library in 2009. This is about having SandRA OH, having meaning in my name and my Artwork, especially my Self Portrait. The picture of me and Stephen, the picture of me on the Motorcycle, with the picture of me and my father in the dining room with the LIQUOR Cabinet, is the reason why Sandra Oh married Alexander Payne and they made the movie “Sideways” with her character’s name being “Stephanie”. Sandra Oh is a Deeply Disturbed GAY Psychobitch Actress who has no identity of her own like Confused and Delusional Connie Pecoraro. The reason why TOM CHRISTopher BRIDGES with the same birthday as me, is going to bridge these Two psychotic bitches. The reason why my life has been severely sabotaged the last 3 years since I moved to Los Angeles.

PHAROS is about Connie Pecoraro's oil painting of "Charlie's Find" Jesus Christ, who "ROSE" to be SUCked. It's about the First Two Links on the Upper Left of my Website Links "Home" and "Artist" and this is about the HAWAIIAN Wooden Statue picture of me and my father, and it's about my FAC and the importance of the Upper Left, mainly the Letters on the Upper Left of the Computer KEYS, because it's about my writing "KEY to my SOUL".

Kelly’s “FU”dge and Chocolate Factory is a new Coffee Shop inside the Library. This Coffee shop NAME is about “Charlie’s Find” and the letters “FUCK”. COFfee spelled backwards Sounds like FOC, the reason why BEN Stiller made the movie “Meet the FOCKers”. It’s related to “ge” “STAR”bucks Coffee and “BAR”istas. And this is ALL BASED on the picture of me and my father with the Hawaiian Wooden Statue on top of the Liquor Cabinet, circa 1983

KELLY’S Coffee and Fudge Factory is about my first name Signature of “SandY” on the drawing of BENSON DUBOIS from 1982, going backwards with a Long Letter “Y”. This Café opened AFTER the Video Recording of me, to have meaning for Connie Pecoraro and her Jesus CHRIST, Josh Wolf, and to have meaning for Sandra Oh Dr. “CRIST”ina Yang on “Grey’s Anatomy”. It’s connected to the Writings I wrote in 1982 “KEY” to my Soul about LEE MONTGOMERY. LILY is about my LILY TATTOO on my lower Back which is in the dubbed VIDEO RECORDING of the VIEW of my Ass. KELLY = KEY and LILY Tattoo on my lower back, is the reason why I met a person I met name KELLY BUSBY in Sausalito. There is a Street called BUSBY in San Fernando Valley which runs PARALLEL with CHANDLER Blvd. Kelly Busby has GOLD I LOCK of BLONDE HAIR and she is a KRI”PAL”U Yoga Instructor from CONNECTICUT NY, who fucked BRETT BERN. Tom Bridges GEs on Brid”GE”Way.

Since it’s the Libra “RY”, YeaR backwards, and FOC and FUC is a Sound, it must be about the 3AR, and Tom Bridges BLUE TOOTH that goes on the 3AR with “OU” symbowel of 3arth sign Taurus Charlie’s Find CF “36” Brett Bern born in the Y3AR “63” with SUC Josh Wolf who has a B3ARD. Tom Bridges is a Gay male, and my FAC from 1982 is about Gay males, and “Charlie’s Find” is an infringement of my FAC. Tom Bridges Glo”RIA” Lee and BEVERLY DAvis, who both fucked BRETT BERN, with Connie Pecoraro and Sandra Oh, so that Mercedes BENz and BENSON, The Picture of me and the black girl, and the ROOF picture taken of me on Gloria’s roof can have meaning for them.

PHAROS is about EGYPTIAN PYRAMIDS. The reason why DOCTOR RAFAT ISKANDER from Egypt was "pimped" with his HOUSE Address of Repeating Numbers of "924" Calle Amable Glendale. It's connected to SIGNtology of PYRAMID Schemes in Businesses, all based on MY IDENTITY and MY ARTWORK to have meaning for and to have been done by Connie Maria Pecoraro, Tom Cruise's Puppet to the World.

Nancy HUNT COFFEY is the Head Librarian. Her NAME is about the sound of FOC "FUC" backwards and the reason why my JACKET is hanging there is about the word E"JAC"ULATION. Her middle name of HUNT is about the name of sch"OO"l a classmate of mine name CHRISTina BERNardo, who went to HUNTER COLLEGE in NYC and I think she is a Teach"HER". I think her sister JEANNIE BERNardo went to the same school. Brett BERN aka School Bus Scum Bag, fucked Jeannie BERNardo.

The word Libr"ARIAN" is about "White Supremist". They want the letters of WS on the Upper Left of the Computer Keys, my name initials of SW backwards, to have meaning for White Supremists. It's about a picture of me and a Blonde Hair female friend name NANCY LYONS. This is why Sandra Oh had her hair colored BLOnde and she is wearing a Argyle Sweater. Sandra Oh wants to be a "White Supremist" and wants the word Sweater to have meaning for her, as in the sound of "S" wetter. Cracked and Dry Psycho Actress.

When you see the Aerial View of Beverly Hills City Hall, it looks like the number "OO", aka "Charlie's Find". LAP D is there also, the number 8 in Korean is PAL, which also means ARM. The reason why they want the Catholic Theme of Mother Mary MARia and Jesus Christ the SON, Connie Pecoraro's oil paintings to have meaning in my FAC from 1982. They want her middle name of "MAR"IA to have meaning for the word "ARM" aka PAL or number 8, and for the Horizontal "OO" rings around Charlie's Eyes, to be the shape of Ass. ARM is Upper Body and going Left to Right "OO" must be Mother Maria's Tits or Gay Jesus is starving for Balls.

This is all very closely connected to BUSINESSES and Business Names in Beverly Hills, especially on Rodeo Drive, and on Canon Drive and Wilshire Blvd.

SCOTT MILLER is the head of the Administrative Dept in the HUMAN RESOURCES of the City of BEVERLY Hills. MILLER One Group owns Mercedes BENz in Beverly Hills. So with Stars and Celebrities names like BEN Stiller which rhymes with MILLER and BEN Affleck, and T"OM" Cruise and Katie Holmes'ART HUR MILLER’s “All My SONS”, all together can "OM" themselves to equal my Identity, the Powerful meaning of my first name "SANDY" Signature on BENSON, and the Powerful meaning of my my FAC which I did 1982. They want to "own" the names Lee Montgomery aka David GarriSON in the movie BEN, and Stephen GarriSON my first boyfriend, and my drawing BENSON which I did while growing up in JackSON Heights, through all these Other people's names. Let me "OM" myself to your BANK ACCOUNTS.

Across the street from the Beverly Hills Library is GIB"SON" Guitar. This is about the picture of me learning how to play the guitar circa 1991. The reason why Taylor "SW"ift is a big star today. When you add SON with Mercedes BENz a few blocks away on Maple Drive, you get BENSON. Down about 2 miles is ROBERTSON Blvd, and all Businesses on this street is about having my Identity and my FAC from 1982 to have been done by Connie Pecoraro or Sandra Oh. Through Business Names and Other People's names.

Through Artwork, where and how the Library is designed, they want my sexual experience with my first boyfriend Stephen Garrison to have meaning for Sandra Oh, the reason why she was character name "Stephanie" in the movie "Sideways". SIDEWAYS is about the motorcycle picture of me taken during high school and Sandra Oh wants this picture to be her. This movie was made in 2003, I didn't start discovering about this Conspiracy to rob my IDENTITY until June 2006, in October 2006 I moved to Los Angeles.

They are busy FUCking, LICking, SUCking, E"JAC"ulating, as in Todd "CUM"MINGS owner of 20360 Callon Drive. While Robbing and Raping my life.

The word or name BEVERLY is about CUMMING EARly. Ear is about the poem titled “The EAR That Was Sold to a Fish” by Daniel Ladinsky because “Art is a Conversation Among Lovers”. It sounds like LIE BRARY.

BEVERLY HILLS CITY HALL, THIS LIBRARY, the POLICE DEPT and THE BEVERLY HILLS COURT are all built based on MY ARTWORK, MY IDENTITY to have meaning for SANDRA OH, AS IF this sick delusional actress did my Artwork and AS IF she was MY IDENTITY. BEVERLY HILLS is a VERY CORRUPT CITY and they've been licking Sandra Oh and Connie Pecoraro's ROTTEN PUSSIES for YEARS.

After the 2.11.11 incident INSIDE the LIBRARY, I found out my Library Card is "invalid" in their system, it says it's LOST/STOLEN. I never reported it stolen or lost, and they closed my Account. They gave me this Specific Library Card number so that THROUGH me using this card, they can have meaning for SANDRA OH and JOSH WOLF.

They've built this ENTIRE LIBRARY based on MY IDENTITY and ARTWORK to be and have meaning for SANDRA OH and I have been "BANNED" from using this LIBRARY.

SUC, Stand Up Comic JOSH WOLF, NECK TAURUS rules the THROAT BRETT BERN. MOK AGE is Neck GA MOK is Jail in Korean, and it’s the ANATOMY, Sandra Oh on “Grey’s Anatomy”. JESUS CHRIST was born in “MAN GER” in the COL…..d on CHRISTMAS isn’t my oil artwork. Water and Oil don’t mix like Psychobitches and I don’t mix. CHIC”KEN” is a BIRD in the word of ANATOMY of “NEK”. FINGERS and HAND is connected to the ARM that’s connected to the SHO ulder that is attached to NEK.

BEVERLY Hills Library 444 Rexford Drive


HUNTLEY Street Name in West Hollywood
WEST BOURNE Street name Hollywood

LEY, LEE meaning


Robbing My Trademark Circle of “O”, to Rape MY LIFE? PSYCHO SANDRA OH LIFE IN PRISON ASAP


Sandra Oh’s LIFE Is built on creating meaning through ‘Other Peopls’s NAMES

She can continue playing this with Lots of Nigger Pussies and White Pussies in PRISON, with perfectly fitting NAMES.

Aud”RY”, RHIMES with LIBRA”RY”, and LIFE IN PENITENIA”RY” don’t C ……RY Sandra OH

Sending A Message in Conspiracy of T”OO”

AE.SCUL.APIUS, SKULL, EAR Sound SCH”OO”L names in Mathemathics of making Money
SCH”OO”L of Fish is Pussy , Fish in Korean is “SANG SUN”, in Tom Bridges Fish AND A”NUS” is a nicer word than Asshole
through Jesus CH “RIS” T the “SON”, remember “STAR GATE” from 1994, “RA” is the “SUN” GOD

Anytime there is a Nigger Pussy with Sandra OH, it’s about robbing MY IDENTITY in 1980 picture with Half Black girl

Sandy Wang in 1980 White Red shirt “14”, and Half Black girl
Sandy Wang in “GOLD” Dress in 1985 with “NAN CY” Lyons

Sandy Wang’s Writings of I”WAL”Y in 1982, and meaning of My name SIGNature is about Michael Jackson’s Asshole in 1981

“O” Sandy Wang’s 1 line drawing inside circle of “O” Trademark at USPTO being robbed by Obama Administration = FEDERAL CRIME

Sandy Wang’s IDENTITY, ART, LIFE and meaning of HAIR”CUT” 1 O 4 “OO”
“6756” last four digits Sandy Wang’s IDENTITY, SSN and meaning of SIN “WON” and middle digits of “68” meaning


“Sending Messages of Conspiracy of Two” = Capital Punishment

CHILLIN OUT, CHILL is “7” in Korean, WOLF Gang “Red 7” IN and OUT of BLUBBER “OO” ASS PUSSY

BLUE “WHALE” at PDC BLUE WHALE building at PDC see meaning of “CL” Chair and Lamp

Across from “WH” LIBRA “RY” 625 New WH LIBRA”RY” robbing MY IDENTITY and ART for SANDRA OH and Gold I Lock of Blonde Hair Mc”COL”L.U.M
Gold I Lock of Blonde Hair HUNTLEY “NAN” CY ‘HUNT LEY’ COFFEE, “Hand CUFFEE” Library Manager at Beverly Hills LIBRARY

PAR “KIN”G Lot Behind the LIBRA “RY” robbery of Sandy Wang’s TRADEMARK in “O”

Why LIBRARIES? LIE “BERRY BARRY”, keep Lying to keep this Raping Game continuing

As if Gold I lock of Blonde Hair “White Pussies” is about WS, White Supremist

AIR “LIBRA” JOSH MIC”CHA” WOLF, “Wolfgang Red Puck “7” = CHILL “IN and OUT” of Lard Blubber Ass
meaning of LIBRARIES

Nan “CY” HUNTLEY COFFEE HUNTLEY Street x Westbourne of Last Four Digits of Sandy Wang’s SSN “6756”, CHILL is 7, what’s left? “566” or 599 or “529”

Conspiracy of “2” Times to Court “95”
Meaning of “529” on SAN VI”CENT”E Blvd, does Sandra OH know GLORIA LEE?
Date of Post “4/29” meaning


TARGET LIFE IN PRISON no compromising PREMEDITATION to MURDER Sandy Wang at ‘CL’ CENTRAL LIBRARY in downtown Los Angeles March 2016


UN “DER” the “TUSCAN SUN”, is in I”TAL”Y

UN DER meaning in EAR sound “NEW” Backwards, FORM Of HANDCUFFS on Sand “RA OH”

“TAL” is “FUR” in Korean connections of Sandra OH licking Boge TAL Pubic Hair is “FUR” down there

Tom Bridges “WEST” GATE and “CL” connections
RA ngley x D “OH”eny “SUN” Dental

Virgo Mai”DEN” I”TAL”ian Constance Pecoraro’s “SUNNY” FISH is PUSSY
7 “O” 7 Bridgeway Group Conspiracy of Pus”SEA” Food eating of Mother Daugther = Pecoraro and Psycho Oh

NAN “TUC” KET near the Connecti”CUT” SOUND in CAPE “COD”


HUNTLEY RHIMES with BINGLEY at “CL” CENTral LIBRAry, “RHIMES” with I”TAL”Y and COPLEY SQUARE in Cut CS Circle Square and get “CL CL”

meaning of name of “LEE” or LEY

SOLA and RAY, the “SOLAR RAYS” looks like A”NUS” fold,

MARIA”CHI”, MYUL”CHI” in Korean is AN”CHO”VY is Fish, as in S”ARD”ines

Tom Bridges Ass Pus”SEA” is Fish AND A”NUS” through Jesus CHRIST the “SON” and Pecoraro’s “SUNNY”

Sandra OH thinks she is My Portrait drawing licking CHO”CHAN”DRA Ass PUCE Clito”RIS”, what exactly is her “GIFT”? SP”O”? G “SPO” T Licking Psycho bitch actress CRIMINAL and LIAR “CL”

MARIA “CHI” on MAP, the SOL LYN DRA Failure, Chil”LIN” Out, CHOW CHILLA is calling Your Name SANDRA OH

C”HILL”, CHILL IN OUT, FIGURE IT OUT, Fig at “7”th in Robbing MY IDENTITY and SSN, “6756”
While it’s Conspiracy of “2” to “95” for me

CHAO, CIAO, ADI”OS”, “CHOW” CHILLA PRISON is calling your NAME CP Constance Pecoraro and Sandra OH

Everyone will be severely punished accordingly.

Preet Bharara in NYC, WHO’S NEXT? Constance Maria Pecoraro, Sandra OH and SHOnda Rhimes LIFE IN PRISON TIME


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