Margo Leavin Gallery

looking down on Robertson Blvd x Santa Monica Blvd

to the Right is PAVILION MARKET
down this same street is ABBEY Bar on Robertson

= Sandra Oh is My LEO Sign, My Name SIGNature on MY “ART” of ROBERT Guillaume from 1981,
Through OIL ART by Constance MARIA Pecoraro of Jesus CHRIST the “SON”
And her School name of SIR “ROBERT” BORDEN in Canada




PACific Design Center



Galle”RY”, like Libra”RY”, Bake”RY”, Jewel”RY”, Beaud”RY”, Upholste”RY”, Found”RY”, Laund”RY”, Dentist”RY”, Facto”RY”, Arche”RY”, Cabinet”RY”, Arte”RY”, Rosa”RY”, Penitentia”RY”.

All words containing this syllable because it’s originally connected to writings I wrote about LEE HARCOURT MONTGOME”RY”. To them, it’s about the 3AR sound of words, abbreviated form of the word YEAR, “Going Backwards”, because EVERYTHING they’ve built is based on 3AR sound of words, for Jesus Christ on page “3”, like Cedars SIGN Eye Hospital, SIGNtology, for my first name SIGNature of “Sandy” with Horizontal Eight “OO” and “ASS”terisk symbol to be about form of ass. T HO MAS CHRISTopher Bridges his gay LE “O” with 3AR sound of “OIL” ASS backwards. HuBBARD LARD OIL Ass. ASS “HO” LE, turning around, like my name Signature.

They’ve been building on the 3AR sound of “O” because of my drawing of ROBERT GUILLAUME of BEN”SON” DUBOIS from 1982, holding a Magnifying Gl”ASS” of “O” with an EYE inside it, with “OO” SIGNature made with the letter “S” of my First name. “O” sounds like “OH”. This is why this gallery is on ROBERT”SON” Blvd. This Art Gallery opened in 2007, AFTER my Portrait drawing which I did in Feb 2006 and AFTER I changed my website domain name from to sandywang.NET.

“AG” Art Gallery, for MY ARTWORK, through Other People’s names, Business names, Street names, to have been DONE by and to have meaning for SANDRA OH as “CRIST”ina Yang on “Gre Y’S Anatomy” going BACKwards, because LEO sign rules the BACK and the Heart, of Mother Mary Heart Foundation in Santa Monica. Y’S, what’s missing? DAN, for DAN Brown LEOnardO DA Vinci Code, for DANiel Ladinsky and his book “The Gift”. For Tom Bridges Jesus CHRIST the SON and Connie Pecoraro’s CathoLICK Church Theme of MAThemathics of are you “PI”ous and horney to make money.

Dan BROWN connected to the BROWN Jacket picture of me with “Merry CHRISTmas” sign in 1987, connected to my CHARLIE BROWN Snoopy Dog Bank which I had for many years. LEOnardO, CHRISTina and Jeannie BernardO, Connie PecorarO in SausalitO, with Sandra Oh, Shon”DA” “C” RIMES.

MAR”GO”, Sandra Oh is my Identity, through Vir’GO’ Maiden Mother MAR ia Pecoraro, this is built in in order for Sandra Oh to have any meaning in My Identity or My Artwork, through Connie Pecoraro’s OIL Artwork and her sketches of “No Name Girl”. This is why MAR”GO” is the name of SANDRA OH’s Contact person for her Website Sandraoh. Com, which I think is her personal friend.

This is TRUE in everything they built, SANDRA OH is MY Identity THROUGH other people’s names, their artwork, their Business names etc. in MAThemathics of making MONEY. While they RAPE MY LIFE and ARTWORK.

The “O” sign has a “EYE” which is about the Eye ball inside the Magnifying Glass “O” that BENSON Dubois is holding. Eye in O, what’s missing? Tom Bridges his gay LE”O”.

Their AWNinG is “GRAY” because it’s about Sandra Oh on “Grey’s Anatomy” and this word has my last name of WANG in it. AWNinG Colors of Businesses is huge, it’s a big part of creating meaning through words and colors.

The address of 812 is about the “8” and “8” in WANG MONTGOMERY Portrait drawing Eyes. I think Jeannie Bernardo, Christina Bernardo’s sister’s birthday is 8/12/ 68 LEO.

They added the “V” or Triangle shape inside the PUPIL, because it’s connected to MY PORTRAIT Drawing Eye, My LEFT Eye with the Bisecting Line of “V”. It says “DIE B”ES”TE ALLER MOGLICHEN WELTEN” This is about Tom BRIDges, BIRD in Korean is “SE” with Tao TE CHing, “Going Backwards” with TEN, October Month born JOSH WOLF, Sandra Oh’s coconspirator to ROB MY IDENTITY and meaning of MY Parents Names and of course MY ARTWORK.

They’ve been dissecting my Name for many years, to make it “FIT” Sandra Oh mentally disturbed actress, to be MY IDENTITY AS IF she is the one who drew my FAC from 1982, through Connie Pecoraro’s Catholic Theme of Jesus CHRIST. Sand “YWA” NG. NET, is connected to Sandra OH, who wants the words “SHE SHOWED ME THE WAY” Backwards to have meaning for her, through “OM”ing with my Catholic high school classmate Grace Navas, with Connie Pecoraro’s “NO Name Girl” NG for Going Backwards. GRACE is connected to TV Show “Grey’s Anatomy” set in Seattle GRACE Mercy West Hospital, DIRECTLY connected to GRACIE Allen street at Cedars Sinai Hospital. NAVAS is about OIL goes on CANVAS connected to SH on DA “RIMES”.

Tom Bridges 3AR sound of his gay LEO with “OIL” Backwards, with the meaning of MY FAC from 1982 and Writings, the reason why it’s on ROBERT “SON” Blvd across the street from PAVILLIONS market which is new since 2009. PA in Korean means SCAL”LION” as in Onion, and through this word, SANDRA OH wants the word LION as in MY SIGN of LEO to have meaning for her. I think her Middle name is “PA”tricia. ROBERT “SON” Blvd, for my drawing of ROBERT Guillaume to have been done by Sandra Oh, through Connie Pecoraro’s Jesus CHRIST the “SON”.

There is a Diagonal Line from Lower Right to Upper Left in the “No parking sign” BUISSON. They’ve been building on this Diagonal Line for many years, originally connected to the Sketch I did in 1997 with the FOOT on the BOX Looking to the Upper Left. Tom Bridges the TAO, with meaning of MY FATHER’s Middle name “BACKWARDS”, because his middle name of BAE in Korean means B”OAT” and P”EAR”. Tom Bridges “FOG in Bridge”, FAG FOG, like Tom Bridges MARGO @ SHAW and SHOW, Sandra Oh’s Website Administrative contact person.

Just up the street is KEITH street, because it’s about MY Writings about Lee Montgomery “KEY to my Soul”, if KEY is Penis then LOCK must be Vagina. They want the drawing I did of Jewish NEIL DIAMOND holding a MI”KE” on the Upper Left from the Jazz Singer to have meaning for Jewish JOSH WOLF, because he is a Air Libra Sign of Justice Scales and STONE of DIAMOND. The “TH” in this word is about “KE” is “TH”ROB bbing, Jesus Christ the “SON”, it’s a TONGUE Sound word connected to 3AR sound of TUNGSTEN in WOLFramite Scheelite. Hor Dick don’t have Keys like Hor Pussies don’t have locks.

This is connected to NICOLE KIDMAN marrying KEITH URBAN. BAN is about the Korean word for BUTTERFLY Backwards, connected to the word BAN. K. TOM CRUISE and NICOLE KIDMAN’S Marriage was a Business Contract, for supporting Fraud Connie Pecoraro as the ARTIST who drew my FAC from 1982, for JOSH WOLF to have meaning in MY ARTWORK and MY FATHER’S IDENTITY.

It’s why they named their first child SUNday ROSE, for Jesus CHRIST the “SON” who ROSE, for CathoLICK MAThemathics of Hor Pussy fucking in are you “PI”ous and Horney to make money for Mel”ROSE” Avenue and “ROSE”crans Avenue and any word with “ROSE” is a “FLOW”er.

This is connected to MY WATERcolor painting titled “CARL JUNG”, with a Profile of Carl Jung’s face, one of the many reasons why I titled it this. The “NOS”E is the “ARM, and Sandra Oh, through Connie Mother MARia Pecoraro, with her SON Jesus CHRIST Josh Wolf Hor Dick to have meaning for her “Going Backwards”. It’s why just up the street on RobertSON and KEITH, there is a HOUSE with GREEN ROOFTOP. Any word with Double “O”s, like F”OO”T, F”OO”D, R”OO”F, Sch”OO”l, Br”OO”m, etc, in Catholic MAThemathics of making Money supporting Jesus Christ and Connie Pecoraro’s Catholic theme OIL Artwork.

This is up the street from ABBEY Bar and restaurant, which is connected to Connie Pecoraro’s Anomie, ABBY, connected to what they’ve been building at PACific Design Center a block away.

MARGO is the name of the person to contact for SANDRAOH.COM, HER Website. Her Email address is @ SHAW, for SHOW, A, O, connected to Tom Bridges the TAO, and DANIEL LADINSKY’S poem “the EAR that was sold to a fish” where he says, what is the first letter of your alphabet, A, O. This is connected to Ocean Ave in Santa Monica where Mother MARY Statue is, the reason why the dedication in the beginning of his book “The GIFT”, he says JESUS CHRIST blows through Flute Holes. His book and the poems in this book are the VEHICLES to ROB MY IDENTITY and the meaning of MY FAC and WRITINGS from 1982, because it was published in 1999, long before I started doing my Second Artwork Collection of WATERColor artwork.

It’s a GROUP CONSPIRACY to ROB MY IDENTITY and EVERYTHING about me, through a lying fag name TOM BRIDGES who has the same birthday as me of 8/13. They’ve been building this for 3 decades.

TOM CRUISE, SANDRA OH, with Connie Pecoraro and Josh Wolf. THEY NEED TO BE LOCKED in PRISON.

MARGO LEA “VIN” is connected to the HORRIFIC RAPING of my LIFE in 2009. My Watercolor Artwork titled “CARL JUNG” “CJ” is the reason why there was weird stuff happening in my life in APRIL 2009, and then they FRAMED ME, with MERCE MERCE MERCE des BENz, for PREMEDITATION ARREST on 4.20.09. So that SANDRA OH can be the Artist and have meaning in MY IDENTITY, through her TV Show “Grey’s Anatomy” set in Seattle Grace MERCY MERCY MERCY West Hospital.

They arrested me on a Specific date of “4/20/09” Repeating Numbers, connected to JOSH WOLF and his agency address at “9420” Wilshire Blvd in the ROLEX Building. Then they WRONGFULLY DETAINED me in LA County Jail, so that MY “CJ” Carl Jung painting can have meaning for their sick Hor dick Jesus CHRIST “JC” licking fucking 3AR sound YOUNG HOR PUSSIES and ASSES, because JUNG Dung in Korean means ASS, so that MY ARTWORK can have meaning for them. During the 5 months I was Wrongfully Detained, they created all kinds of FRAUD Documents, to “repossess” my Toyota, to STEAL My Dog JACK, and over 250 pieces of my Artwork inside Two black portfolios were STOLEN.

The “VIN” is about my Toyota RAV4L “VIN” number which has MY BIRTHDAY numbers of “8/13”. The REASON why my fully paid for SUV was TOWED to Specific places in Los Angeles in 2009, with specific addresses where it had no business being, so to created FRAUD DOCUMENTS, through which they can create meaning, while RAPING MY LIFE.

Margo LEA vin is connected to the word “LEA”F, this is why SANDRA OH had pictures of herself taken with a LEAF around her NECK. Neck is about SUC, as in Stand Up Comedian JOSH WOLF, who has been connected to SANDRA OH for 3 decades. They’ve been building AS IF Josh Wolf was LEE MONTGOMERY’S Identity and MY IDENTITY to be Sandra Oh, AS IF she is the Artist who did my Artwork from 1982 and Wrote my Writings, for 3 decades.

LEAF sounds like LIEF, which is connected to BUSINESSES on Almont Drive 2 blocks West of this street. Next to Repeating Numbers of “429” LIEF Furniture store is NATE TURNER furniture store, the reason why in Sept 2009, when I was released from LA County Jail, Josh Wolf said to me “I Hope Things TURN Around for you”. It’s connected to NATHAN ALGREN Tom Cruise of “LAST SAMURAI”, the reason why there is a Samurai ARMOR in the Lobby of Josh Wolf’s agency Parallel Entertainment in the ROLEX Building. There are more connections with TOM CRUISE and JOSH WOLF than I’d like to write about. HER is a HE, SH is a HE. It’s all connected to RAPIST PEDOPHILE DANIEL LADINSKY. They’ve been building Left to Right for many years, and through BUSINESS Names, they’ve been creating meaning “Going Backwards”.

EVERY word Josh Wolf uses, is about creating meaning for “Going Backwards” of him licking fucking HOR CUNTS, for CATHOLICK MAThemathics of are you “PI”ous and Horney to make Money. He is a deeply disturbed lying SOCIOPATH, who is supporting SANDRA OH as the Artist who did my Artwork from 1982. He thinks MY FATHER’S IDENTITY has meaning for him, and that SANDRA OH is MY IDENTITY. His LIFE is built on this, Tom Bridges who has the same birthday as me of 8/13, bridges My Mother’s Identity and Name with Connie Pecoraro, My Father’s Identity and name with Josh Wolf and MY IDENTITY with SANDRA OH.

This is why even in 2011, he is STILL fucking RAPING the meaning of MY ARTWORK, he says he’ll have Dri”KIN” SHOes on by Wednesday on TWITTER, Chirp like a Hubbard Lard BIRD for Tom BRIDges all BIRDs.

Tom Bridges his gay LE”O”, with 3AR sound of “OIL” Backwards, because Leo rules the Back and HEART, to have meaning for OIL Blubber Heart shaped Asses. C H=OO RIST isnt’ my fucking Artwork, it’s the REASON for YEARS of RAPING of my Life. Do some “TIME” with the one you Love “Going Backwards”.

TOM BRIDGES, TOM CRUISE, KATIE HOLMES are connected to this and they ALL NEED TO BE SEVERLY PUNISHED for 3 decades of Hardship and Abuse of my life, while creating everything about MY IDENTITY, MY ARTWORK and MY LIFE to have meaning for them, while REPEATEDLY ROBBING, ABUSING and RAPING my life the last 5 years.

HOLLYWOOD Infringing on MY IDENTITY and ARTWORK is one thing, creating FRAUD DOCUMENTS to ROB MY MONEY and PROPERTY, to Wrongfully Detain me in Jail for 5 months, during which time I LOST EVERYTHING is a “Organized” Group Conspiracy and CRIMES. So when I link people like NICOLE KIDMAN, it isn’t to say I think she should go to Prison, but to show that there are definite CONNECTIONS to everything I’m writing about.

TOM CRUISE is a RAPIST and I have Evidence of this which isn’t on my Website. He’s been PIMPING sick dicks in my life for many years with Specific NAMES, so that if I had sex with them, they can also have meaning for his Psycho Pecoraro. RAPING through 3rd Party contacts.

MARGO LEAVIN Art Gallery, is the “Connecting LINK” of SANDRA OH’s Assistant name “MARGO”, and MARGO”T” Building on Wilshire Blvd, across from JEWISH TEMPLE “LEVY” EARLY Childhood School. The TAO of “TORAH” like MENORAH, built in for JEWISH JOSH WOLF and Sand “RA OH”. TAO DAO “DOW” of JONES in MATHemathics of making MONEY as if SANDRA OH was MY IDENTITY, ARTIST of MY ARTWORK and as if Wolf and Pecoraro were My Parents.




The MARGO “T” and LEVY School

ROBERTSON Blvd x Santa Monica Blvd




End of ROBERTSON Blvd at KEITH Avenue
“KE I is “TH” ROB bing, Eyes of Jesus CHRIST the “SON”, for OILY ASSSterisK JOSH MI”KA” WOLF for Constance Maria PECORARO ASS FORM

Mar”GO” Leavin Art Gallery
around the corner is KEITH and HILLDALE

JOSH MIC”CHA” WOLF still on B”OAT” and Willie JU “LIO”

“AIR” LIBRA JOSH WOLF, DO”RIA” MA”RIA” GLO”RIA”, “IA C” and meaning of “CJ” Carl Jung and “COPPER PENNY”
SE WOL, sounds like SAIL, R.i.m.e.s with RAIL and HAIL MARy Full of GraCE

Robertson Blvd “PARROT” Bird House


“GREEN” connections

SANDRA OH high school on “GREEN” BANK “BAN”Ner Road in Canada
BANNER street name in Hollywood

PA Vi “LIONS new PA VI LIONS Market across the street opened in 2010
Keith Ave “KA” to be about “ASSterisK” Going BACKwards
JOSH WOLF and “Wilie JU LIO” Ass Face Crack – LIFE IN PRISON


“ROBERT” SON Blvd x Keith Avenue

Sandy Wang’s PENSYL Drawing of Black male actor ROBERT “GU” ILLAUME from 1981
meaning of “SAN DY” Wang name SIGNature from 1981 on Robert Guillaume drawing
“NSA” National Security Agency address of “812 9”

MARGO Sandra OH’s Website Admin Contact “MARGO” at “SHAW” connections
LEAVIN like “LEAF” Sandra OH and “LEAF” on her NECK

Red Green Blue buildings in distance

PAC ific De”SIGN” Center a few blocks away



“COCK”etiel is a bird in the PARROT Family like the “PARA”keet

all “BIRDS”
Tom Cruise “SCIEN”TOLOGY Celebrity Center and “BIRD” restaurant
Constance Pecoraro’s Jesus CHRIST the “S.O.N.” CHArlies Find

John HAN”COCK” meaning of Sandy Wang’s JOHN “HAN” COCK

JOSH MIC”CHA” WOLF agency “PARA”llel Entertainment in Rolex Building “RB” Robertson Blvd

Pea”COCK” reason why there was a Live Pea”COCK” at TOPANGA in 2007

These birds are called “COCKETIELS”, slightly larger than the PARAKEET Bird, but both of the same PARROT Family. All “BIRD” names have specific meaning, and it’s all connected to ROBBING of MY IDENTITY through “BIRD BREEDS”, like the “RED ROBIN”, connected to T”HO” MAS “CHRIST”opher BRID ges, “BIRD” names. This is one of the reasons why all “CIA” agents have “Bird Names”, and it’s connected to what is SANDRA OH’s Middle Name? is it PA “TREEE” CIA? PA Vi “LIO N”, as if SANDRA OH was MY IDENTITY of “LEO”, through Tom “BIRD”ges who has the same LEO Birthday as me but different year, through “OIL” ART by Constance Pecoraro in a Group Conspiracy, OIL ASS Group Conspiracy, all built GOING BACKwards.

Meaning of My Name SIGNature as in my “John HANCOCK”, on my drawing of Robert Guillaume from 1981, meaning of my Writings of “KEY” to MY SOUL”, written about Lee Montgomery in 1982. To be about Josh MIC”CHA” sound of MI”KA” WOLF, on “KE”ITH Avenue. This street was named for meaning of “ASSTERISK” AK, symbol on my name SIGNature, to be about FORM of ASS Going BACKwards, connected to “LIO n KIN g”.

T “HO” MAS CHRISTOPHER BRIDGES Constance Maria Pecoraro’s Jesus CHRIST the “SON” OIL Art, titled “CHA”rlies Find, with JOSH MIC”CHA” WOLF, who’s talent agency “PARA”lell Entertainment is in the Rolex Building. “RB”. Robert ‘SON’ Blvd. It’s a GROUP CONSPIRACY.

TOM BRIDGES meaning of My LEO “SIGN”, MY Name “SIGN”ature aka John HAN”COCK”, r.i.m.e.s with GOLD C”LOCK”, through F”LOCK”S of BIRDS, over the GOLDen GATE BRIDGE to BRIDGE”WAY” with Constance Maria Pecoraro, and “WEST” GATE connections in Los Angeles, to psycho actress SANDRA OH who is “CHRIST”ina Yang on “Grey’s Anatomy”, who thinks she is MY SIGN of LEO and My Name SIGNature on my Art.
ROBERT “SON”, meaning of My Pencil Drawing of “ROBERT” Guillaume from1981, and My Name SIGNature on this drawing, twisted and re created through Constance Maria Pecoraro’s Catholic Theme Oil Art of Mary and Jesus CHRIST the ‘SON’, reason why Sanrda OH is CHRISTIna Yang on “Grey’s Anatomy”, psycho actress who thinks she is MY IDENTITY and has been claiming she DREW this drawing from 1981, through her SCHOOL name of SIR ROBERT BORDEN high school in Canada, on “GREEEN” BANK Road.

“113” GREEN BANK Road x BANNER Road in Canada, reason why this house is “GREEN”. GREEN is an anagram of the word NEEGR “O”, sound of Sandra “OH”.

“MARGO” Leavin Art Gallery, R.i.m.e.s with YELLOW VIR”GO”, AR”GO”, WOLFgang Pucks’ SPA”GO”, DOCTOR ZHIVA”GO”, CHICA”GO”. ILLI”NOIS”.

MAR GO, the name of SANDRA OH’s Website Admin Contact, who I think is her personal friend, see “SHOW SHAW” connections, and meaning of LARRY “SHAW” and PI Day connections.

SANDRA OH’s pictures in 2012 with “ARTS and SCIENCES”, their building is around the corner on KEITH x HILLDALE.

This is called IDENTITY THEFT, ART THEFT and LIFE THEFT in a Group Conspiracy. SANDRA OH must be locked in Prison for Life, with Constance Pecoraro and Josh Wolf, and SHONDA “LYNN” RHIMES need to be locked in “LYNNN”WOOD LA County Jail and never again work in the Entertainment industry. Everyone else must be severely punished accordingly.

Barack Obama MUST be IMPEACHED, thrown out of US Government. Look at the address of this Art Gallery “8/12”, this is My Catholic High School classmate “MICH ELLE” FIGUEROA’S LEO Birthday. See My First Boyfriend “ROBB NUNZIO” page, My Catholic School classmate MICHELLE who was with Robb is connected to why Barack Obama married “MICH ELLE” in HER SHE YS Chochacolate “C ELLE” Game. These numbers “812” is in the address of “NSA” National Security Agency, reason why EDWARD SNOWDEN did what he did in 2013. 812 “9” is the numbers of NSA, the number “9” in Korean is “GU”, connected to my drawing of ROBER “GU”illaume from 1981, that they’ve been building it through sick bitch name Michelle “FI GU EROA” name. They’ve been building through MY CATHOLIC SCHOOL Classmates NAMES, BETRAYING LYING SICK BITCHES from 1980’s who have NOTHING TO DO WITH MY IDENTITY OR MY ART, connected to CONSTANCE PECORARO’s CATHOLIC Theme OIL ART as if SANDRA OH was MY Identity in 1980’s attending my Catholic Schools. This is one of the main reasons why you never see any pictures of SANDRA OH in the 1980’s, they built it, through MY PICTURES as if she was MY Identity. “Grey’s Anatomy” set in Seattle Washington, with SANDRA OH as “CHRIST”ina Yang, OIL goes on CANVAS and R.H.Y.M.E.S with Seattle “GRACE NAVAS” in Robbing of MY IDENTITY FOR SANDRA OH in a GROUP CONSPIRACY.

Raping of My Life, My Child Bearing years, 30’s into 40’s, so that what they built, my identity in 1980’s can be SANDRA OH, are you getting this? RAPING and ROBBING of MY PRESENT, so that EVERYTHING about MY PAST CAN BE SANDRA OH as if she is the ARTIST of MY ARTWORK. There is no words to describe the depth of this delusional actress’s EVILNESS and this BORDERLINE PSYCHOTIC PAT”HO”LOGICA LI”AR” Actress SANDRA OH must be Locked in Prison for Life with Constance Pecoraro and JOSH WOLF.

This is why there was a Live PEA”COCK” at the Property of 20360 Callon Drive TOPANGA in 2007. TOM “BIRD”ges meaning of MY JOHN “HAN COCK” through BIRD NAMES and through TERRORIZING OF MY LIFE.

AS IF SANDRA OH “DREW” MY DRAWINGS, MY “BIRD DRAWING” FROM 1986, one of my Original Drawings from 1980’s I kept with me, which is currently on my website, that was STOLEN with MY SECOND ARTWORK COLLECTION from 2003-2007 through WHITE COLLAR C”RIMES” all connected to ROBBING OF MY IDENTITY from “BIRTH TO PRESENT” and MY PRICELESS ARTWORK for SANDRA OH. SANDRA OH think she drew and “IS” MY PORTRAIT DRAWING from 2006, I don’t want Sandra OH in a Psychiatric Mental Hospital, I want her LOCKED IN PRISON FOR LIFE.

Maybe no one else has a logical reason for “N” word usage, but I’ve got more than just a few reasons why I WILL HATE ALL FUCKING NIGGERS FOR THE REST OF MY LIFE. There is no other “WORD” to describe the ‘HEINOUS’ PREMEDITATED ORGANIZED C”RIMES”, that has sabotaged My LIFE, all connected to BLACK COLOR S”KIN” Mam”MAL” RAPING DELUSIONAL SICK NIGGERS.

It isn’t about “Racism, it’s IDENTITY THEFT, ART THEFT, LIFE THEFT, in Raping and Robbing of MY LIFE MY ART, for SANDRA OH, connected to Delusional NIGGERS, who WANT to make it about “RACISM” because this is their “SCAPE GOAT”.

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