My Space

Maple Drive and "407" Fox Building


Owen Van NETta "NOV"ember on sand"YWA"ng. "NET"

Jesus CHRIST aka Josh WOLFe born in Month of "TEN" October who drives a mini "VAN"


My Space was launched in August 2003. It’s HeadQuarters is in Beverly Hills, specifically on Maple Drive between Beverly Blvd and Alden Drive, right next to Mercedes BENz of Beverly Hills.

On T”hir”d Street and Maple Drive, there is a Post Office, and across the street is the Beverly Hills Tennis Club, where you hit lots of Tennis BALLS with your ARM. Around the corner, on Burton Way is the Beverly Hills Courthouse.

Headquarters for AOL is on Third and Maple 331 “Gap Space Number Address”, across the stree from the BH Tennis Club, I think the Main Headquarters is in JACKSONVILLE FLORIDA. This is connected to where I grew up in JACKSON Heights NY Queens. AOL has a big “O” shaped water fountain, like the one in the Childhood picture of me sitting on my father’s Lap. Morgan Stanley is next door to AOL.

Chris DeWolfe and Tom Anderson are the original founders of this company. Chris DeWolfe stepped down as CEO on April 22, 2009 and Owen Van Netta assumed the position from April 24, 2009 and then resigned on February 10, 2010.

These NAMES are connected to the Video Recording which was dubbed. They want Connie Pecoraro’s oil painting of Jesus Christ “Charlie’s Find” to have meaning in this X rated Video Recording of the “VIEW of my Ass”.

CHRIS, is about Jesus CHRIST. DE is about a Mexican friend name ED from Club Med. WOLFE is Josh WOLF and “E” is for Eye. This is the reason why Josh Wolf is jumping on the ROOF picture with his Wifey and making GAP SPACE Numbers.

The name “ED” is why Connie Pecoraro had a oil painting titled “Ed’s Window”. It’s also about Eric Draven from the movie “The Crow”, the reason why my Housing Terror Address of 20 SHELL”EY” Drive Mill Valley was set up, because the Shell is about a HER and SHE Game of the Shell in the PORN FILM at 20360 Callon Drive Topanga. The reason why Josh Wolf has Wif”EY” and Make it Happen, song titled by Mariah Car”EY”, which is connected to UCLA’s CHARLES “E.Y”oung Drive and the MATrix.

EYES are Windows to the Soul. Windows are made of Gl “ASS”, aka Jesus Christ “Charlie’s Find”, based on my First name SIGNATURE on BENSON drawing of Robert Guillaume “SANDY*” with an Asterisk Key symbol of number “8”, written Horizontally and sounds like ASSterisk, as in Mother Mary Maria, Will you MARRY me on MERRY CHRIST “3”? Isn’t That Life? Q? Dead and AbanDONed mark, but you can still get married.

Chris DeWolfe stepped down as CEO to spend more time in MySpace in China. This is connected to the Dog Park where I met Josh Wolf, and a Chinese Female with a dog name Jake. She started showing up about a year after I started going there with her puppy BEAGLE. This is about Connie “MARIA” Pecoraro and Sandra Oh who wants TAO, to have meaning “going backwards” to have meaning for them. It’s about the Video Recording which they both want it to BE THEM.

It’s all about TOM CHRISTopher BRIDGES the “Way” because the Tao is the Way. It’s about my SAYING and it’s about my POWERFUL Mulitfunctioning Registered Trademark at the USPTO. The WORDS USED by the Examing Attorn”EY” in the Online website pages for my mark. The LOG. GOL d backwards. Gold DUST. BRIDGE MIDGE BUTLER to the Governor.

JAKE is about the Korean Word for JAGY which means Penis. KE is about the Writings I wrote in 1982 about Lee Montgomery, “Key to my Soul”. Sandra Oh wants the meaning of my Artwork, going backwards, Sexually, to be about her, and for my IDENTITY and EVERYTHING about me to BE HER.

This dog park is called Laurel Canyon Park and it’s off of Mulholland Drive. There was a fire nearby in May 2009 which is connected to an incident which occurred in my life in April 2009.

Sandy Wang gets “OO” Handcuffed and Jailed, Wrongfully Detained for 5 months, while Tom Christopher Bridges Sandy Wang’s Yin Yang symbol inside the “O” Circle Mark, Sandy Wang’s SAYING, with Josh Wolf fucking a CHINESE Pussy with a BEAGLE Puppy name JAKE from LAUREL Canyon Park Doggy Style. “She SHOWED me the WAY” in HOTel CaliFOURnia, by the EAGLES, because she’s got the Mercedes BENz and HER mind is Tiffany Twisted, Tom Bridges in the Tiffany Building, and we all just Prisoners of our own Device.


Owen Van Natta is about my “Shadows in NOVember” page. OVN, going backwards. NATTA is about my AbstracT page and my website domain name “NET” going backwards. Because it’s connected to the “View of my Ass” from the back in the Video Recording.

These DATES of when these guys changed postions is CONNECTED to me being Arrested and Wrongfully Detained in LA County Jail in APRIL 2009. Because of Mercedes BENz in Beverly Hills. It was SET UP and this is connected to MICHAEL JACKSON’S death. I was arrested on 4/20/09, Numbers of the ROLEX Building “9420” and Brett Alan Bern’s birthday numbers, because of 9250 Beverly Hills Mercedes BENz address, birthday number of Gloria Catherine Lee backwards.

I think Chris DeWolfe going to work for My Space in CHINA is about JOSH WOLF who Fucked this CHINESE FEMALE at the dog park where I used to take my dog Jack. They were “bridging” with T”OM” CHRISTopher BRIDGES with this Video Recording to have meaning for a Chinese Female, this Chinese Female at the Dog Park is connected to SANDRA OH.

Her getting a BEAGLE puppy and naming him JAKE is about a Beagle dog I had for a few months when I lived with my first boyfriend STEPHEN GARRISON in 1989, I named him MARTY. It’s all about my Writings “Key to my Soul” and the Korean Word for Penis JAGY. It’s about the word “GE” which means RATS and MICE and Rats spelled backwards is STAR, and this Chinese Female is about Sandra Oh who is a “ge” as Star and Celebrity.

It’s about the Song Lyrics to “Hotel California” by the EAGLES and SHe SHowed me the WAY, joSH Eye JACK U La SH ion Cumming in a BAGEL Dough Ass. It’s the reason why Josh Wolf has a PIT BULL and BOXer mix, because it’s connected to the Legal PAD sketch I did in 1997 with the BOX Under My Right Foot, which CAMDEN Drive in Beverly Hills is BUILT on. Pit BULL is about the word CelluLITE BULB, as in BLUBBER Ass Perfect Body U. Love Lower Body U, S “PIT” Fuck a CRACKED and DRY Perfect Ass. The REASON they want my VIDEO RECORDING to have meaning for them. CHRIS De WOLFE of “MYSPACE”.

I got SET UP and SHE SHOWED Josh WOLF the Way with her Bagel Dough Ass Last Summer and Josh Wolf fucked a Chinese Pussy with his Throbbing Baseball Bat Dick, while I was WRONGFULLY DETAINED IN LA COUNTY JAIL for 5 months, because of Mercedes BENZ.

This is connected to BUSINESS NAMES on a Street name CHARLEVILLE BLVD and Beverly Drive in Beverly Hills. There are FOUR CORNERS. F u C k. “Charlie’s Find”. There is a Business called “Doggy Styles” and also about a block down on Beverly Drive, a Hot Dog place called MARTY’S. This is around the corner from were MICHAEL LAPPERT’S used to have his Ice Cream store. Beverly Hills is BUILT on MY LIFE EXPERIENCES to have meaning for a Disturbed Sick Actress name SANDRA OH BECAUSE OF MY ABILITY TO CHANNEL SPIRITUAL ENERGY AND DO POWERFUL ARTWORK.


A perfect example is the Beverly Hills LIBRA Ry and there are literally thousands of Perfect Examples. Stephen is a AIR Gemini and Josh is AIR “LIBRA”. They’ve been “Synchronizing and Building” for many years, almost 3 decades. The reason why my life has been terrorized since I moved to Los Angeles in October 2006, because I started finding all this stuff out and started collecting evidence.

CHRIS DE WOLFE is about COMBINING “Charlie’s Find” Jesus CHRIST “OO” Eyes, to be looking at the “VIEW” of this dubbed ass, and for T”OM” CHRISTopher Bridges to bridge this with Josh WOLF, who he did, with a SUPER Dry Chinese Pussy, for Doctor CRISTina Yang on “Grey’s Anatomy” Sandra Oh in 2009 and Connie Pecoraro and her new address on 707 BRIDGEWAY. “OM” Shon”DA” Leonardo “DA” Vinci Code is THEIR GAME not mine. It’s their EXCUSE to RAPE my life, “DA” “ALL”.

People aren’t people, individually unique, in THEIR SEX GAME, people are clumped into clusters of Lookalikes, it’s about Body Types, and Skin Color, ETC. IT’S ALL ABOUT SEX MONEY AND BUSINESS. BECAUSE it’s about “OM”ing Names, you will usually see the name T”OM” or Thomas, and every PUSSY Josh Wolf has fucked since I met him, was about “OM”ing Jesus Christ “Charlie’s Find” fucking a “OO” PAL CaLF cOW Ass, and “OM”ing my Wet Vagina in the Video Recording and MY GAP SPACE, THROUGH NAMES, to have meaning for them. CHRIST “de” “OM” WOLF EYES Looking and Fucking “OO” Ass.

T”OM” CHRISTopher Bridges Connie Pecoraro’s CATHOLIC Church Theme of Mother Mary and SON Jesus CHRIST “Charlie’s Find” on Bridgeway and CRISTina Yang, Sandra Oh on “Grey’s Anatomy” and T”OM” MOT HER OHiO KATie HOLmes Art “HUR” MILLER “All My Sons”. A Bridge bridges EARth to EARth, Never touches the Water. For “HER”n”DON” Virginia, Isn’t That Life, Dead and AbanDONed Mark.

CDW and OVN, C W”OO”D of the Video Recording and shadows in NOVember. My Space should get a female CE “O”, because “Charlie’s Find” OO Eyes have been Throbbing for a T is a HE and HE is BALLS and “C” is number “3” as in 3AR of Fettner and Bern Shaped Ass, a Ram and a Bull with HORNS. 924 “O”.

Anytime there is the address of HEAD”Q”UARTERS of a Business or a Corporation, it’s about the letter “Q” which is one of the reasons why Connie Pecoraro created her “Isn’t That Life?”, because it’s the Uppermost Left Key on the Computer next to WSA which is my name initials. Connie Pecoraro’s “No Name Girl” Isnt’ That Life is a Dead and Abandoned Mark.

ARTERS is about ART, and it’s also about ARTERIES, because they supply BLOOD to different parts of the body. Like a ERECTION, En”GOR”ged with Blood. This is why anytime there is the name of ERIC, it’s about the “Sound” of Erection. GOR is about several things but it’s about GOR”DON” MacDonald, the dentist, Landlord who stole my Rent and Deposit money in 2006. A judge name “ROY” C”HER”NUS allowed Gordon to rob my money.

These names are about the pictures of me at ROYAL GORGE Bridge in Colorado, during my 6 week Trip Cross Country in 1998. Tom Bridges is going to “bridge” En “GOR” “GE”d Erections with Connie Pecoraro on Bridgeway, because the TAO is the way. It’s about BRIDGING THIS VIDEO RECORDING because the Gap Space Numbers are my Birthday numbers. Wang and Montgomery birthday numbers of 313.

TOM ANDERSON is the Presiden, Owen Van Natta, Mike Jones, Jason HIR SCH ”HORN”. T”OM” Jesus CHRIST the SON wearing a Crown of T HORNs horney mi”KE” for Key HOLes. The name ANDERSON is connected to the John Anderson Business Management school in UCLA, Motherboard of the “MATRIX”. “CHArlie’s Find” on CHARLES E Young Drive.

The companies NEWS CORP, in the FOX Building owned by Rupert Murdoch, and MY SPACE owners are connected to a book written by JULIA ANGWIN “Stealing My Space”. It’s about my VIDEO RECORDING and Major Corporations Worldwide infringing on this VR, infinitely in DEBT to WANG.

Sandy Wang’s Registered Trademark and MIDGE BUTLER at USPTO

Video Recording


Tom CHRISTopher Bridges

“OO” Rupert Murdoch his CHINESE Wife, and his NEWS Corp FOX BUILDING

MECHOW on Camden Drive

EAGLES song lyrics “Hotel California”



“DE” Connections

Josh Mic”CHA”rlie WOLF

CAR Madel MARIA Connie Pecoraro

FORD Mustang Car


Ne”SSA”H Synagogue

BEVERLY DRIVE based on my Video Recording



20 Shelley Drive GORDON MacDonald and BLACK Jesus


ROY Miller

”HER”n”DON” Virginia

Isn’t That Life? Dead and AbanDONed

Mercedes BENz

April 2009

WESTERN Address Toyota Rav4L and Diagonal Map of Los Angeles

PCH Diagonal Line

WESTERN Ave Center Bank Identity Thieves

Trademark Copyright Laws

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