Derivatives of Tibetan and Sanskrit OM Symbol Artwork
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Derivative of the Tibetan Om Symbol 1

Sandy Wang’s Registered Trademark

Federally Registered in 2007 “MIDGE BUTLER” room “107”


Tao is the Way, Alpha and the Omega
Sound and Vibration of the Tao is OM ™

In the beginning was the word, and the word is G-d.

G-d is Universal Energy, Love, Truth, and in it’s most purest essence, it is beyond description by Words.

OM, sometimes known as “AUM”, is said to be the highest mantra or divine word and it is the most revered symbol in Ancient Spiritual Studies. Although it is regarded as sacred and widely practiced in India, it is not part of a particular religion, culture or philosophy. The syllable of OM was not invented by man or a specific religion. It is a symbol of a deep reality that has always existed. OM is omnipresent, omnipotent, and in and of itself it is incomprehensible, so a symbol is necessary to help realize the unknowable.

A mantra is a combination of syllables. The root word "man" in the word mantra in Sanskrit means "to think" and the root word "tra" comes from "trai" which means "to protect or free from the bondage of suffering or samsara". The word mantra literally means "the thought that liberates and protects".

Everything in the universe that is both manifest and unmanifest is made of Chi, Prana, "Energy" which comes from the source and will eventually return to it. The Source, where everything originates from, vibrates with the sound OM. This omnipotent sound and vibration permeates the entire universe and is audible in higher states of consciousness. The vibration of OM is the highest frequency vibration there is. It is the vibration of peace, love and harmony. This subtle energy force emerges from stillness and silence, and it is always present. Basic Physics says Energy cannot be created or destroyed, only transformed.

OM represents the infinite ultimate reality, the source. It relates to the states of waking consciousness, dream consciousness and dreamless sleep consciousness. It is considered to be the first vibrational sound emanated at the beginning of creation and all sounds in the universe can be reduced to the origin of this syllable.

There are many levels of meaning in a mantra which must be experienced to be truly understood. An intellectual explanation and understanding is only a small part of its meaning.

In a state of profound meditation, when the mind and senses are withdrawn from the physical world, all boundaries are transcended and the individual self connects to the Spiritual Energy of the Infinite Ultimate Reality. It is the realization of being Soul.

Four Seasons

actual original Sanskrit Om Symbol

Derivative of the Sanskrit OM Symbol 2

Derivative of the Sanskrit OM Symbol 1

Derivative of the Tibetan OM Symbol 2

Third Eye Chakra, aka Ajna in Sanskrit, is in the center of the forehead and it is a symbol representing the ability of human consciousness to see beyond the obvious, to perceive beyond what is tangible, to reach an inner source of life which is of divine energy and power. When this chakra is fully open, the non-physical realms can be accessed to enhance intuition, clairvoyance and psychic visions. Through this chakra, in the silence of your inner sanctuary, you can find truth, purity and have greater clarity and wisdom.

It is the Chakra of Spiritual Love.

G-d loves you so much

He created only one of you.


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