Robertson Blvd and Alden Drive West Entrance into Cedars Sinai Hospital

Sandy Wangs’ Abstract page created in 2006 TOP Painting Building Number “7” with TRI and “O” with building 78 "OO"

7/3 is TOM CRUISE'S Birthday
Cedars Sinai Hospital
All Saints Spitalfields of London
Newsroom and the famous “IVY” restaurant is around the corner to the Left


to the right on ROBERTSON Blvd
down to THIRD Street and Robertson


8811 building in “O”LIVE Green for “R” is “18”th letter of Alphabet the reason for “R&R”
Rolex Building and in Alley “R”

DON in Korean means MONEY
LIVING STON is the name of a CLOCK company
meaning of GOLD Leo Metal
Blonde ChelSEA Handler is from LIVINGSTON New Jersey
JU LIA LIVING STON is a Public Defender in Beverly Hills Court aka Blonde Barbie Doll
Josh Wolf and his Summer 2010 performance with Heather Mac”DON”ald and ChelSEA Handler

V.B is about ViBe Numbers in Astrology
V.B is about VB Venice Beach
V.B is about VB Ventura Blvd Businesses
Sandra Oh and ASTRO BURGER
407 connections


SA”RA” MARC “O” = Sand”RA” OH who thinks MY Registered MARK in circle of “O” was DONE by her
For Jesus CHRIST on page “SAM” it’s SAM SARA for Thomas CHRIST “O” PHER FIR FER Bridges SUFFERING
SARA, what’s missing? ND, for SANDRA “O” Drew My Drawing from 1982 of Neil Diamond, from the Jazz “SINGER”, the reason why All Saints SPITAL Fields has SINGER Sewing machines on their Window Display

Sandy Wang’s Registered MARK

SARA’S “LIN”gerie


LES HABITUD”ES”, any word with “SE” in it BACKwards, because it means BIRD, and ThoMAS CHRISTopher BRID ges, Connie Pecoraro’s Jesus CHRIST, with Sandra OH as CRISTina Yang on “Grey’s Anatomy” DIRECTLY connected to this Hospital
FRENCH because Pecoraro’s Jesus CHRIST with “OO” eyes on page “3” is connected to MY childhood CHRISTMAS picture with MY DOG FRENCHY
it’s the reason why DOUGLAS CHRISMAS is the owner of Ace Art Gallery next to ROLEX Building where JOSH WOLF’S Agency is

FRENCH is connected to me working for FRENCH Company Club Med in 1992, as a “GO”, and through Olive Green “OG” and Vir”GO” Mai”DEN” Connie Pecoraro, Sandra Oh thinks she is MY IDENTITY in pictures of me
Sandy Wang’s childhood CHRISTMAS picture with my mother and my dog FRENCHY
Sandy Wang working for FRENCH company Club Med as “GO” in 1992
Sandy Wang in GRAY shirt with “CRISTO” on my Lap in 1992

Sandra Oh in OG “Olive Green”, “G”reen and “Y”ellow connections, see THIS CORNER with “OO” in SAME Position as GOLD BALLS

HO SPITAL connections and meaning of “PI”
Century City and WEST FIELDS
BERT FIELDS big lawyer to many stars and celebrities

SOW S”KIN” with SINGER SEWing Machines in STONE of “O”


CHA "YA" BRASSERIE restaurant at 8741 Alden Drive is about "CHA" = Korean word for CAR and TEA,
for meaning of MY Father who was a Gifted MUSician and "TEA"cher, for MY "CHA"rlie Brown Snoopy Dog Bank,
to have meaning for Josh Mic"CHA" Wolf, the reason why Connie Pecoraro titled her Jesus Christ "CHArlie's Find"

a Closer look at CHAYA

CHAYA Downtown
ARI YA on Hancock street
SoraYA Nazarian in April 2011
"YA" Yolanda Aguilar on FIGUEROA street

Through ThoMAS CHRISTopher Bridges “DEN”tist bridges Virgo Mai’DEN” Connie Maria Pecoraro and her Catholic Theme of Jesus CHRIST on page “3”,
SANDRA OH is My Identity and did all my ARTWORK as “CRIST”ina Yang on “Grey’s Anatomy” and she is My Social Security Number = LIFE in PENITENTIARY
If this is a FUSE BOX, it’s about the X rated Video Recording of me to be Sandra Oh = RAPING ENERGY
Sandy Wang’s SOCIAL SECURITY NUMBERS beginning with “078”

Connie Pecoraro’s Jesus CHRIST on page “3” THREE is the CODE with Sand”RA” Oh it’s SAM SARA
around the corner SOLUZIONI SSN in address


Sandy Wang’s old address “407 87” and GOLD CLOCK
Connected to “078” of MY SOCIAL SECURITY Number

407 connections
CHAYA in front of Cedars Sinai Hospital
If SANDRA OH’s House Address has the number “704 87” this sick actress needs to be LOCKED in JAIL
Cedars SINai building is OLIVE GREEN, Sandra Oh and T”OO” GOLD BALLS
Sandra Oh and her SSN ID THEFT isn’t random

Josh MIC “CHA” Wolf Air LIBRAAAAA Zilian
DIRECTLY connected to CHA pel in the Hospital


Everything around this Cedars Sinai sound of “SIGN EYE” HOSPITAL on ROBERTSON Blvd, has been built through “CHA”rlies Find, oil art of Jesus CHRIST by Constance MARIA Pecoraro. As if My Name SIGNature on my pencil drawing from 1981 of ROBERT Guillaume of Ben”SON” DUBOIS who was the BUTLER to the Governor on tv show, as if My “JOHN HANCOCK” as in my name SIGNature on MY ART from 1981, has meaning through Jesus CHRIST RINGS around his EYES, Cedars “SIGN EYE” Hospital. This is why SANDRA OH is CHRISTina Yang on “Grey's Anatomy”, connected to My CATHOLIC High School classmate name CHRISTIna BERN”ARD O”, with San”DRA O” name in it BACKwards in Ass Conspiracy built through Jesus CHRIST “CHA”riles Find. Connected to JOSH MIC”CHA” WOLF.

Through CATHOLIC THEME OIL ART by Constance Maria Pecoraro, they have built as if SANDRA OH is MY IDENTITY attending MY CATHOLIC SCHOOLS in 1980's, as if she is MY IDENTITY, in ALL MY PICTURES including My 1987 Graduation YEARBOOK, as if she is the ARTIST of MY First Artwork Collection from 1981 and 1982. My Catholic High School name of ST. VINCENT FERRER has been linked to SAN VICENTE Blvd which is on the other side of this Hospital.

This is what GRAYS ANATOMY Tv show is all about, as if SANDRA OH is MY IDENTITY attending MY CATHOLIC HIGH SCHOOL in 1980's, as if she DREW my DRAwings while growing up in JACK”SON” Heights NY in 1980's, built through Jesus CHRIST the “SON”.

It isn't G “RA” is “Y” as in SAND”RA” OH is MY Name of “SAND Y”, it's BLACK or WHITE, as in either Sandra OH is My Identity or not. SANDRA OH needs to be LOCKED IN PRISON FOR LIFE, with CONSTANCE MARIA PECORARO and JOSH WOLF, Everyone else must be severely punished accordingly.

This is the corner of Robertson Blvd and Alden Drive in West Hollywood, 1 block South of Beverly Blvd.

This CORNER and the Businesses on this corner is about SANDRA OH, who went to SIR ROBERT Bor”DEN” High School, AFTER I DREW my drawing of ROBERT GUILLAUME in 1982, for her to be the ARTIST who Drew my Drawings. Everything they’ve built around this is about TOM CHRISTopher BRIDGES who has the SAME Birthday as me of 8/13 LEO, bridges SANDRA OH as MY IDENTITY, through Virgo Mai”DEN” Connie Maria Pecoraro’s Catholic Theme, the reason why Sandra Oh is CRISTina Yang on “Grey’s Anatomy” which is DIRECTLY connected to everything they’ve been building at Cedars SINai Hospital.

AL DEN drive, directly leading to the entrance of Cedars SIN ai Hospital. For Sandra Oh who went to SIR ROBERT BorDEN is MY IDENTITY and she DREW my drawing of ROBERT GUILLAUME in 1982. SINai sound of SIGN Eye, for MY Name SIGNatures, for my SIGN of LEO to be this sick disturbed actress through THOMAS CHRISTOPHER BRIDGES who has the same birthday as me of LEO 8/13, BRIDGES Catholic Theme OIL and GLASS Artwork by VIR”GO” MaiDEN Connie Pecoraro on BRIDGEWAY Sausalito. Oil Glass, OLIVE GREEN building, Olive Green outfit wearing SANDRA OH, O LIVE LIFE in PRISON.

This is why DIRECTLY on AL DEN Drive, is the “BRIDGE” of the hospital or the Plaza Lobby. Plaza Lobby for PL PUSSY LIPS, the reason why there is a Sculpture Artwork of Pussy Lip Fold. The reason why SANDRA OH was in a picture in 1999 wearing PEPSI PUSSY T shire with TWO “OO” EARTH on the Upper Left.

EVERYTHING they’ve built for SANDRA OH, is DEPENDENT on TOM BRIDGES and CONNIE PECORARO, it’s been built this way for 3 decades. It’s why it’s a Sick GAY PsyCHObitch licking CHOCHA

This street name ROBERTSON Blvd, through BUSINESS Names and Address NUMBERS, has been built for 3 decades for meaning of MY Drawing of Black male Actor ROBERT Guillaume from 1982 of BENSON DUBOIS, to have meaning through the VEHICLE of Connie Maria Pecoraor’s CATHOLIC Theme of JESUS CHRIST the “SON”. AS IF Connie Pecoraro drew my drawing, who doesn’t know how to draw with a PENCIL. AS IF through Other People’s names and Business names, SANDRA OH is MY IDENTITY and she drew my drawings, sick actress who doesn’t know how to draw at all. They’ve created meaning for ROBERT to be about TH”ROB”ERT, THROBBING and THRUSTING of Hor Dick JOSH WOLF JEW, in Hor Pussies, in there are you “PI”ous and Horny to make MONEY. The TH is a TONGUE Sound and TONGUE Sounds are connected to meaning of WOLFramite Sheelite OU.

Businesses create specific names to SUPPORT these sick disturbed sociopaths. The REASON for years of ROBBING of MY Hard earned Money and Psychological and Emotional RAPING of MY LIFE.

SARA MARCO. What’s missing? “ND” for SANDRA OH drew my drawing of ND Neil DIAMOND in 1982 holding a MIKE on the Upper Left from the movie “JAZZ SINGER”. MARC “O”, Sandra OH sound of “O” drew and painted my REGISTERED TRADEMARK 2006.

SPITAL FIELDS, with SINGER Sewing MAchines on their Window. What’s missing? “HO” spital. Sandra OH drew my drawing of Neil Diamond from Jazz SINGER. This company is INFRINGING on MY Registered Trademark. SEW, Sow and Reap.

Next to CHA YA BRAzilian restaurant. CHA rlies Find. Josh MIC”CHA” WOLF, Air LIBRA Stone of DIAMOND to have meaning in my Neil Diamond drawing because he is JEWISH. To have meaning for them through Big JEWISH STAR at the Hospital, connected to Connie Maria Pecoraro’s OIL Artwork of Jesus CHRIST was a JEW. CHO CHA in Spanish means PUSSY, the reason why Sandra Oh is wearing a Pepsi PUSSY T shirt in 1999.

CHOCHA is Pussy in Spanish, and they created this meaning through the name on the Upper Left in MY FATHER’S Music Band picture from the 50’s, which says “CHOi Yong”. It’s one of the many reasons why Sandra Oh is “CY” CRISTina Yang on “Grey’s Anatomy”. It’s connected to the word JeSUS in are you “PY”ous and Horny to make Money. The reason why there is a Sculpture Artwork shaped like PUSSY LIPS at the entrance of the Hospital.

CHA in Korean means TEA and CAR, the reason why Connie MARIA Pecoraro modeled for a FORD MUSTANG CAR. EAR sound of KARMA. The reason why just up the block is Li”BRA”zilian restaurant called CHA ya.

This is why around the corner from this intersection is IVY restaurant. IVY, for Sandra Oh is MY PORtrait drawing EYES i, and VY Yellow Vagina, ROTTEN at the CORE PEPSI PUSSY SANDRA OH 1999, GRAYSONS connections. IVY is connected to a DENtist in NYC name IVY NELSON, who looks a lot like SARAH JESSICA PARKER.

The meaning of this name of SARA is also connected to a JAPANESE female name SARA S. LUM who lived at 20360 Callon Drive TOPANGA in the Main House in 2007. Her FATHER is a “DEN”tist. JAPAN is connected to the Japanese Calendar on the Wall in my childhood picture of me and a BLACK GIRL of me wearing White and Red, and SANDRA OH thinks she is MY IDENTITY in this picture of me. Thomas CHRISTOpher Bridges gay male DENtist bridges all DENtists, for SAndRA OH who went to SIR Robert Bor”DEN” high school, AS IF she drew my drawing of ROBERT Guillaume from 1982, with SHonda RHIMES who went to DART MOUTH College, in HER SHE PUSSY LICKING GAY’S ANATOMY

I’ve been a DENtal Hygienst for 20 years and my first job in High School was a Dental Assistant, the REASON why TOM BRIDGES went to DENtal School.

Behind CHAYA is STEVEN SPIELBERG building which is connected to my First boyfriend STEPHEN GARRISON. They have built AS IF, Sandra Oh was MY IDENTITY with my first boyfriend, or AS IF she has MEANING in my first boyfriend, because he was married a short time to a British female name “SARA” and he lives in FLO rida. FLO rida, the Lower Right “CORNER” of US Map, to have meaning for Air Libra Josh Mic’CHA” w OLF as horny Jesus Christ. Connected to Connie Pecoraro’s Jesus CHRIST on page “SAM” page “3” “CHA rlies’ Find”, which is why the governor of FLO rida is Charlie Crist, to have meaning for SANDRA OH as DOCTOR “CRIST”ina Yang on “GREY’S Anatomy”.

All based on MY childhood CHRISTMAS Picture of me and my Mother and my dog Frenchy to BE SANDRA OH and have meaning for her. Sandra Oh who went to SIR Robert BorDEN high school, DREW my drawing of Robert Guillaume from 1982, through Connie Pecoraro’s Jesus CH “RIS” T, horny for Form of Ass BACKwards, Thomas CHRISTopher Bridges who has the SAME Birthday as me, bridges his Gay LEO with 3AR sound of OIL ASS “OO”. C H=OO RIS T isn’t my Artwork, Hand Cuffs go on RISTS.

The name TheoDORE CUMMINGS is on the building at Cedars SINai, which is connected to TODD CUMMINGS of 20360 Callon Drive TOPANGA. The word “DOR” sounds like DOOR which is MOON or MUN in Korean, connected to IWALY Writings I wrote in my FAC in 1982 “Garage DOOR” is the reason why JOSH WOLF studied Com “MUN” Ications in college and this meaning of the “ODOR” is carried by “AIR” Libra is DiRECTLY connected to all the “AIR” they’ve been building, HAIR, EN”DOW”ed CHAIR STAIRS, etc.

Todd Cummings property had another tenant, a Japanese female name SARA S. LUM. SA nd “RA” OH, U Lee Montgomery, LUM, is MUL BACKwards, and this is about SANDRA OH who thinks she is MY WET VAGINA in the X Rated Video Recording of me from 2000, they’ve been building AS IF she was for years. Sandra Oh wants the street MUL HO LLAND Drive to have meaning for her Going Backwards because it has “HO” like “HO”me and “HO”rse and “HO”rror. It’s Sand RA Oh Licking Sara “LUM”s Pussy BACKwards.

SARA’S Father is a “DEN”tist, and Thomas CHRISTopher BRIDGES Gay Male DENtist bridges Sandra OH who went to SIR Robert Bor”DEN” High School, with Virgo Mai”DEN” Connie Pecoraro, in HER SHE PUSSY LICKING. Sandra OH needs all these OTHER PEOPLE’S names, so that she can have meaning in MY WATERcolor Artwork and MY Wet Vagina. She is a DELUDED SICK ACTRESS who needs to be LOCKED in PRISON for LIFE.

This is why it’s important to know if TOM CRUISE is related to TODD CUMMINGS of 20360 Callon Drive TOPanga as in Family, the reason why he made the movie “TOP GUN”.

It’s CHRIST “SAM” SARA, which means SU FFER ing.

A few blocks on ALDEN Drive is where my “20 02” Toyota RAV4L was parked in April 2009, it was facing East Directly towards this hospital.

THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT. At the time, I didn’t realize the LINE UP they’ve built on this street from FOOT HILL and AL “DEN” with Mercedes BENz Service Center next to Jewish CHA BAD and DIAMOND TOOL Company all the way down to CHA ya restaurant on RobertSON Blvd, then the Spanish word meaning of “CHO CHA” Pussy LIP ART Sculpture in from of the PL Pussy Lip Plaza Lobby at Cedars SINai Hospital on Al “DEN” Drive inside the Hospital building complex, and the “CHA” pel in this Lobby “BRIDGE”. CHA means CAR and Tea in Korean. For Jesus CHRIST the SON “CHA”rlies Find, connected to Sandra Oh as CRISTina Yang on “GREY’S ANATOMY” DIRECTLY connected to this HOSPITAL, which they’ve been building for 3 decades for MY IDENTITY TO BE SANDRA OH, AS IF she drew all my drawings from 1982, the reason why they’ve SABOTAGED MY LIFE, AS IF she is MY PORTrait drawing and also DID MY SECOND ARTWORK Collection. Connected to PSYCHO Constance Maria Pecoraro’s CATHOLIC Theme in MAThemathics of making Money.

RAV is also known as a Jewish RABBi. See RABBIT HOLE link below.

DON’T forget to LOUIS “FACTOR” in the “VAR”iables of ROBBING MY “RAV” 4 L.

I was SET UP with MERCE MERCE MERCE Des BENz of Beverly Hills on ALDEN Drive and FOOTHILL. Mercedes BENz has been building for many years AS IF Sandra Oh was my Identity and she drew my drawings, through their Car Dealership and their Showroom in Beverly Hills, and in 2008 they opened their brand new Service Center, which is built based on Pictures from my life and my Portrait drawing TO BE SANDRA OH. As “CRIST”ina Yang on “Grey’s Anatomy” set in Seattle GRACE MERCY MERCY MERCY WEST HOSPITAL. ALDEN Drive meets with GRACIE Allen drive inside the Hospital complex.

They’ve been building in Los Angeles for WANG MONTGOMERY to be Sandra Oh and Josh Wolf. This is why this “RR” Rock and Roll opened on this corner, because it’s about the letter “R”, “18”th letter of the alphabet in the EYES of Portrait Drawings of Wang and Montgomery.

ROCK and ROLL, and Josh Wolf on his own website with “WE WILL ROCK YOU”. MY Toyota RAV4L License Plate is “SWWC”, WW, what’s left? SC, for meaning of Cedars “SIGN” EYE in EAR “YR” sound of words, of creating meaning GOING BACKWARDS, for MY ABSTRACT Page to have meaning for them. It’s the TOP Connected Buildings “UNTITLED” Painting on my Abstract page created in 2006, BEFORE I moved to Los Angeles in October 2006. This is why on FIGUEROA downtown LA, there is something “FIG” Happening on “7th” Street, connected to this TOP Painting and the 7th building.

SEVEN, is connected Josh Wolf’s DICK SIZE of 7 inches, the reason why at Pacific Design Center there is WOLFgang Pucks RED SEVEN. They went through this obsession with SEVEN phase in the late 90’s into early 2000. Brad Pitt and “SEVEN years in Tibet”, the “SEVEN Deadly SINS”.

They’ve been building for GOING BACKwards of MY ABSTRACT page to have meaning for them, since the RAPING of MY LIFE in 2009. The only painting on my abstract page that is going BACKwards is the painting titled “LIGHT” with the FOOT on the BOX. FOOT HILL and Al”DEN” for BAL and meaning of “SHO”es, for Sandra OH to have meaning in MY ARTWORK and MY IDENTITY of my Korean Name going BACKwards, for meaning of MY JOHN HANCOCK and “OO” to be the Form of her ASS.

JOSH WOLF who named his dog ROCKey, for Mother Virgo Mai”DEN” Connie Pe”COR”aro to have meaning “Going Backwards” connected to meaning of MY CHARLIE BROWN SNOOPY DOG BANK which I had for many years. ROLL connected to the SCROLL DESIGNS I designed in MY Notebook in 1982, and his agency Parallel Entertainment in ROLex building on Wilshire Blvd. This is why in 2010 Josh Wolf launched his own Website, and he’s been CELEBRATING the RAPING of MY LIFE since then. He, like Sandra OH and PSYCHO Pecoraro is a SOCIOPATH.

7 for MANKIND, next to R “&” R, & = 7 on the computer keys, for “27” meaning of TOM BRIDGES YEAR of Birth of “72” because they’ve been building for many years of Tom Bridges “8/13” same birthday as me. The REASON why in 2009, My TOYOTA RAV4L was supposedly stored at a FIRE Station in Malibu, connected to a FIRE House in West Hollywood on SAN VICENTE Blvd makes “707”, CONNIE PECORARO’S NEW ADDRESS IN 2009, to Complete a LYING SOCIOPATH FAGS BIRTHDAY Numbers of 8/13/72. ORGANIZED CRIMES OF GROUP CONSPIRACY AND I HAVE OVERWHELMING CONCRETE EVIDENCE.

The same reason why KATIE HOLMES has “&” AMPERSAND symbol on her Website. It isn’t that AMPER”SAND” has part of my name SANDY in it, and they are INFRINGING on it, it’s the WAY how it’s Set up, connected to EVERYTHING ELSE that FITS PERFECTLY. Like EXACT DATES and NUMBERS. The reason why TOM BRIDGES hired a lawyer name ROBERT AMPA RAN in 2008 to TERRORIZE me and Falsely Accuse me to harassing him, when he is involved in a BIG CONSPIRACY TO ROB MY IDENTITY.

7 is the NUMBER, for 7 inch DICKS for ALL MAN KI nD. KIDNAM, KIDMAN. Through NIC “LEO” DIKMAN, SANDRA OH is My Identity of “LEO” and NICK name of “SANDY” of my first name SIGNature on the drawing of ROBERT GUILLAUME. NICOLE KIDMAN like KATie HOL mes, both connected to TOM CRUISE, are very close to Constance Pecoraro CATHOLIC Theme, all supporting SANDRA OH is MY Identity and she Drew my drawings from 1982.

WOLFGANG PUCKS “Red SEVEN” restaurant up the street at Pacific Design Center.

It’s about the SEVENTH BUILDING on MY ABSTRACT page in the TOP PAINTING of the Connected Buildings. “O” sounds of Sandra “OH” name. TRI angle, for JOSH WOLF who went to TRInity University, what is Sandra Oh’s Middle name PAT PAT PATREEE SHA? 7/3 is Tom Cruise’s birthday numbers. 7th building with 3 in “O”. My Abstract Page created in 2006 BEFORE I moved to Los Angeles, like my self PORTrait Drawing, which “spiritually chanelled” what they were building in Los Angeles. Since then EVERYTHING they’ve built “GOING BACKWARDS” is about having MY ARTWORK to have meaning for their JESUS CHRIST. Thomas CHRISTopher Bridges his gay LEO with 3AR sound of OIL Artwork of JESUS CHRIST, for SANDRA OH as “CRIST”ina Yang on “Grey’s Anatomy”.

Going Backwards, there is really only One piece of Artwork on my Abstract page that is Going BACKwards, the painting of FOOT on BOX. It’s “SEVEN Deadly SINS”, it’s the PORTrait drawing of the HEAD inside the BOX. In CathoLICK MAThemathics of making Money THROUGH Colors of “Y”ellow and “G”reen, for MY name SIGNature of sand Y wan G to be Sandra Oh, making Money THROUGH the RAPING of MY SOUL for “G lutton Y”, so everything about me can be and have meaning for Psycho Actress Sandra Oh who should be LOCKED IN PRISON FOR LIFE.

CHA YA BRAsserie is a restaurant on 8741 Alden Drive. These numbers are about THE PICTURE of me and a black girl of me wearing a White and Red shirt with the number "14". They want this to be the Astrology VIBE Number of CANCER Sandra Oh and LI"BRA" Josh Wolf Vibe Number of "410". 41 "O" and "O"78, for MY Social Security Numbers to have meaning for SANDRA OH, the reason why Josh Wolf has "jb_2087" picture number with his WIFEY on his Myspace page. Josh Wolf told me he is married to BETHANY.

CHA is about the Spanish word “CHO CHA” which means PUSSY. Catholic MAThemathics of making Money through PYous JeSUS horny for PUSSY LIPS, and just down the block at the entrance of the Hospital is a Sculpture Artwork of PUSSY LIPS. This is connected to MY Father’s Music Band picture from the 50’s “Morning Stars” and the name on the Upper Left “CHOI Yong” CY. In this picture My Father is Blowing a Horn a Clarinet. They’ve been building for my Father’s Identity to have meaning for AIR Libra for many years, and for MY Identity to be Sandra Oh. Blow AIR through Horn, like you BLOW Job and SUC and Stand Up Comedian Josh Wolf.

The meaning of "CHA" is described above, and the meaning of "YA" is about the letter "Y" in my First Name "Sand Y* " Signature on the drawing of ROBERT Guilluame from 1982, which has an "A"SSterisK, Josh Wolf's middle name is MiC"CHA" pronounced as Mi"KA", AssterisK "Going BACKwards". The reason for AMPER "SAND" = & = 7.

CHA in Korean means CAR and TEA. CHA is in the name of Josh Mic”CHA” Wolf. Connected to MY CHARLIE BROWN Snoopy Dog BANK I had for many years, the reason why Connie Pecoraro titled her Jesus Christ as “CHARLIES” Find”, and the REASON why I met JOSH WOLF at a DOG PARK. The reason why MY DOG JACK was STOLEN in 2009. All for CYK MOTHER FUCKING LYING SONOFASICKBITCH JOSH MICCHA WOLF, in CATHOLICK MAThemathics of are you “PI”ous and HORNY to LICK FUCK DOGGY STYLE for “OO” is FORM OF ASS for Horny Jesus CHRIST “CHA”rile, for CHO CHA, PUSSY. JeSUS is very PYous.

7 for MAN "KIND" = N is for "NOR"th, what's left? DIK. The reason why there is so many cho“CHA” connections LINED UP ON THIS STREET, CHO CHA is Pussy in Spanish. CHA in Korean means CAR and and TEA. Sandra OH wants MY “R” AV 4 L to be about her ‘VaginA” BACKwards, a mentally disturbed sick ROTTEN at the CORE SICK PEPSI PUSSY.

The word “MAN” is connected to meaning of MY JOHN HANCOCK as in my NAME SIGNature, Sound of SINAI “SIGN” EYE connected to my drawing of ROBERT GUILLAUME from 1982 with an EYE inside the “O” of the magnifying glass BENSON DUBOIS is holding. THIS IS A VERY IMPORTANT CONNECTION.

YOUNG "NAM" is Sandra Oh's MOTHER'S name, 3AR sound of Carl "JUNG", Mother is MOM and Mom in Korean means BODY, and they want the "OO" of Cedars SINai Hospital Logo, to be the FORM of SANDRA OH's ASS "Going BACKwards". All this is connected to Connie Pecoraro Catholick theme of Mother Mary and SON Jesus Christ, "REPACKAGED" so that MY First Artwork Collection from 1982 and MY FIRST NAME SIGNATURE with Horizontal Eight "OO" can BE SANDRA OH. The word and syllable of “MAN” is a very important link. The REASON why they NEED TOM BRIDGES who has the SAME Birthday as me of 8/13, because LEO rules the Heart and the BACK/Spine. JU LIE born CANCERous Psychobitch actress SANDRA OH, Cancer rules the FRONT of the Body, her TITS and HOrizON TAL is built in Left to Right.

"OO" FORM AL of AN atomy, CHARLES MAN "SON" born in NOVember. CARL MARIA'S CARPET, find it around the corner, next to Cedars SIGN Eye Hospital, SANDRA OH is MY IDENTITY through TOM BRIDGES Mother "MA"RIA Psycho Pecoraro = 3ar sound of KARMA.


SARA MARCO. This is a Riddle of what’s missing? “ND” for SA “ND” RA O. The name MARCO is connected to MY Registered Trade MARK in a circle of “O” to have been DONE BY and to have meaning for 3AR sound of SANDRA OH PSYCHO Actress because her name sounds like O. Connected to the “O” and TRI angle inside the O in my Abstract page TOP Painting. SAM “SARA” means SUFFERING. For Thomas CHRIST “O” PHER BIRDges all sounds of FIR FUR PHER with Jesus CHRIST on page “SAM” = 3.

The “ND” is about MY PEN INK Drawing of ND NEIL DIAMOND from 1982, holding a Mike from the movie “JAZZ SINGER”, the reason why across the street is All Saints SPITAL Fields with SINGER Sewing Machines. SPITAL FIELDS connected to WEST FIELDS building in CENT Ury City, SPITAL, what’s missing? “HO” for HOSPITAL connections in MAThemathics of making Money. CENTury city connected to MY CATHOLIC School of SAINT VIN “CENT” FERRER to have meaning for their Catholic Theme in making MONEY. SEW, sound of SO, REAP and SOW. SANDRA OH is a sick actress who needs to be put Behind BARS for LIFE and SEW JAIL CLOTHING.

CHRIST SAM “SARA”. JESUS CHRIST, CATHOLICK MAThemathics of Licking “ASSSS”TerisK isn’t my Artwork, and I don’t need a sick lying fag name Thomas CHRISTOpher BRIDGES, 8/13 is MY Birthday.



101, Lululemon address is 103, with the O of this store and the O of the Spitalfields store, the’ve got the number “8” or “OO” and Tom Bridges who has the SAME birthday as of me of LEO 8/13, bridges EAR sound of “O” as in SANDRA “OH” as if this sick psycho bitch is MY IDENTITY and did all my ARTWORK
Sandy Wang’s Artwork in “O” Circles
Sandy Wang’s Registered Trademark in “O”

meaning of OO connections


LULULEMON on Beverly Drive

Sandy Wang’s Registered Trademark

phone number has “8/13” MY LEO Birthday numbers


Lower Right “O” and Upper Left “O” of All Saints Spitalfields = OO
JEWISH STAR Olive Green buildings Cedars “SIN”ai Hospital
LuLuLe “MON” and Cedars “SIN”ai Hospital = SIN WON is my Korean name and MY YEAR of birth is 69 and it’s MY Registered Trademark which can be seen Upside Down

meaning of Sandy Wang’s First Name “SANDY*” SIGNature with “OO” on the drawing of ROBERT GUILLAUME from 1982
WANG in Korean Characters with “OO” in same diagonal direction
LEO the LION KING rules the HEART and it’s metal is GOLD
Sandy Wang’s Korean Name of WANG “SIN WON” sounds like SHIN WON
connected to George WASHINGTON on WON Dollar Bill
Sandy Wang’s ONE of a KIND SIGNature on SOCIAL SECURITY CARD with SAME “OO”

Borderline Psychotic disturbed SANDRA OH in “Olive Green” and “OO” GOLD BALLS in same diagonal direction
SHIN Bal in Korean means SHOES, Byung WON in Korean means HOSPITAL, “Grey’s Anatomy” set in Seattle WASHINGTON
for MAThemathics of making Money like ‘SHIN’ in GRAY building on “SW”
Sand “RA OH” in “RABBit HO le” in 2010


September 2011, ROCK and ROLL has closed. LULULEMON will be opening. LuLuLeMon, their Symbol of Upside down letter “U” is the SYMBOL of LEO. They want MY SIGN of LEO, MY ARTWORK of LION, to have meaning for SANDRA OH, through THOMAS CHRISTOPHER BRIDGES who has the same LEO birthday as me of 8/13. This RED “O” is about MY Registered Trademark, just like SPITAL FIELDS of LONDON across the street with their Symbol in a “O”. The Two “OO” placed DIAGONALLY on this corner is about MY Korean name of WANG written in Korean Characters with TWO “OO”. This is why SANDRA OH is wearing her Olive Green outfit with Yellow Shoes and TWO GOLD BALLS exactly in this same position. Olive Green color buildings of Cedars SINai Hospital. Which is about my Korean name of SIN WON.

The Colors of White and Red is about MY Childhood Pictures of me wearing White and Red color Clothes, and through connecting with COLORS, they want MY IDENTITY and my Childhood pictures TO BE PSYCHO Actress SANDRA OH. SE KAL in Korean means COLOR, SE in Korean means BIRD, KAL in Korean means Knife, the reason why Connie Pecoraro paints with a PALETTE KNIFE for TOM BIRDges Colors to “link” MY LIFE with SANDRA OH, THROUGH BRIDGEWAY Sausalito where Connie Pecoraro lives. These two mentally disturbed psychobitches are built DEPENDENT on each other and Tom Bridges, so what I write about one, is exactly the same for the other. Sandra Oh who went to SIR ROBERT Bor”DEN” Hi School, DREW my Drawing of ROBERT Guillaume in 1982, through VirGO MaiDEN Connie Maria Pecoraro, and gay male DEN tist Thomas CHRIST opher Bridges.

The meaning of LEO and symbol of Leo goes back to MY WRITINGS from 1982, connected to LEE Montgomery who had sex with a Blonde Hair Female when he lived at 20360 Callon Drive TOPANGA. MY FAC from 1982 “Spiritually channeled” this. I think this female had a BIG OIL ASS, the reason why they’ve created EVERYTHING to be about EAR sound of words, connected to meaning of my first name SIGNature with an ASSSSSTERISK, for my “OO” in MY Name SIGNatures to be about form of ass, the reason why Connie Pecoraro’s Jesus Christ has “OO” EYES. They’ve been building for his “Porn Film” to have meaning for Connie MARIA Pecoraro Virgo the MAIDEN, and Josh MICCHA Wolf. It’s the reason why TOM CRUISE got his acting career started in “RISKY Business”, and then became famous after “TOP Gun”. Shoot Cum, like you Shoot a Gun for MARIA the LEO at TOP anga. TOM CRUISE MAPOTHER IS THE LEADER OF THIS ASS CONSPIRACY AND HE IS THE ONE WHO HAS KEPT IT ALIVE. TOM CHRISTOPHER BRIDGES IS A GAY MALE LEO, WHO HAS THE SAME BIRTHDAY AS ME, WHO’S BEEN BRIDGING HIS GAY LEO, WITH EAR SOUND OF OIL ARTWORK BACKWARDS, FOR HORNY JESUS JOSH WOLF HORNY FOR ASS “OO”.

A symbol is a symbol, but through EAR SOUND of words, it’s become about sound of SYM “BOWEL”. The reason why someone created the Photoshopped picture of TOM CRUISE with a LADLE and a BOWEL in LEOnardo DA Vinci Code, connected to CATHOLICK MAThemathics theme OIL Artwork by ITALIAN Connie MARIA Pecoraro, and DANIEL LAD IN “SKY”.

LULULEMON is about Going BACKwards, for meaning of Upper Left, Upper Left, T”OO” Times, and NO “M” aria backwards. SANDRA OH to have meaning in Upper Left, like the UPPER LEFT TWO Links of MY Website “HO”me and “AR”tist to have meaning for HER NAME BACKwards and NO “M”aria. The word LULU “LEMON” is about COLOR is YEL”LOW” for Josh WOL f name going backwards. Horny JESUS CHRIST “OO” horny for Form of ASS BACKwards. It’s about EAR sound of my First name SIGNature of “SANDY” on ROBERT GUILLAUME drawing from 1982, with Horizontal Eight “OO” and an ASTERISK, to be about EAR sound of ASSSSTERISK. With Sandra “OH” and “EL” it’s ASS “HO”LE CathoLICKING. Every LuluLemon store I have ever been in, ALL THEIR FEMALE Employees ALL HAVE HUGE PEAR BOAT Shaped ASSES. EAR sound of Sym BOWEL.

Instead of ROCK and ROLL, it’s says ROCK and PEACE. RP. Which is about RED PURPLE color clothes in my childhood CHRISTMAS Picture with my Mother and my dog Frenchy. RP Rapists and Pedophiles. Sandra Oh wants this picture of me like all my childhood pictures me, to BE HER. My LEG position in this picture looks like number “4”, with the “O” on my Shirt, 40. For Who? For What? For “O”, sound of Sandra “OH” name. The reason why I was Set up and Framed in April 2009, WRONGFULLY DETAINED in Jail and spent MY “40”th Birthday in LA County Jail and I had my DOG Jack STOLEN, because Sandra Oh wants all MY DOGS and PETS to have meaning for her connected to JOSH WOLF is a family of the Dog. What goes around comes around. SANDRA OH is “40” years old in 2011 until 2012, MY GOAL for this sick actress is LIFE in PRISON the reason why I’m creating these pages.

The “O” of LuluMon with “O” of Spitalfields, from Lower Right corner to Upper Left on ROBERT SON and Al”DEN” corner, connected to SANDRA OH and GOLD BALLS in the SAME Exact Position, which is about MY Korean Name SIGNature attached to my SOCIAL SECURITY NUMBER. Sandra Oh who went to SIR ROBERT Bor”DEN” high school, through Thomas CHRISTopher Bridges Connie Pecoraro’s Jesus CHRIST the ‘SON’, Drew my Drawing of ROBERT Guillaume of BENSON DUBOIS from 1982.

Thomas CHRISTopher BIRD ges, Jeannie BERNARDO LEO, born in YEAR of 19”68” for “16”OO” PenSYLVANIA Avenue, connected to 20360 Callon Drive Topanga and SYLVANIA Lane, with Connie Pecoraro’s Jesus CHRIST “OO” HoriZontal Rings. Folding into a ONE “O”, connected to “300” what’s missing? IL as in ONE.

THOMAS CHRISTOPHER BRIDGES, THOMAS CRUISE MAPOTHER FOURTH SHOULD PRAY. Tom Bridges his GAY LEO with EAR sound of Sym BOWEL aka ASS, in CATHO”LICK” MAThemathics of Licking ASS HOLes and ComeFORD eating DING le BERRY, because the TAO is the Way. For MY Registered Trademark and MY Artwork in CIRCLES of “O” to have meaning for Sandra “OH” in EAR sound, AS IF she is the Artist who did all my Artwork. They’ve been building on the theme of “O” sound of “OH” name for 3 decades because of the meaning of MY PENC”IL” Drawing of ROBERT GUILLAUME from 1982, the BUTLER to the Governor HOLDING a Magnifying Glass with an EYE inside the “O”, and want MY Artwork in Circles of “O” to have meaning for this sick DELUSIONAL ACTRESS, like MY IDENTITY.



meaning of Sandy Wang’s “John HanCOCK”, and GOLD CLOCK, LEO metal of GOLD
to have meaning for and BE SANDRA OH, through Tom BRIDGES who has same LEO Birthday as me,
through Tom “BIRD”ges PeaCOCK, with my GOLD CLOCK, through Jesus CHRIST Eyes of “OO”

Sandy Wang’s FAC from 1982 and name SIGNature on Robert Guillaume
meaning of Sandy Wang’s Name Signature

Sandy Wang’s GOLD Clock at “407” E 87 st NYC 1990’s
407 connections

FRAMED and Arrested in April 2009, See “GOLD DUST” = this is White Collar CRIMES
meaning of 407 E 87, “707” what left? 4/8, for who? For what? For “OO”

MAPLE DRIVE “407 407” FOX building
for sound of Four, D is the 4th letter of alphabet


The numbers say 150 and 300 = 8/13, what’s left? Number 5 in Korean is “O”, sound of OH
Tom BRIDGES who has the same LEO Birthday of 8/13 as me = IDENTITY THEFT

LAFd, LAPd, PF, Fuck Pussy, through Psycho Constance Pecoraro’s pedophilish sketches of “FISH POLE”

Sandy Wang’s CHRISTmas childhood picture in 1981 see “LEG” Position in number “4”

Constance Pecoraro’s CATHOLIC Theme OIL Artwork
reason why SANDRA OH is CHRISTina Yang on “Grey’s anatomy”, OIL goes on CANVAS and RHIMES with NAVAS

Constance Pecoraro sick Pedophilish sketches of “FISH POLE”
Constance Pecoraro’s New “SUNNY” FISH POLE “FP” Fuck Pussy
Constance Pecoraro’s good friend Mi cho”CHA”el “LAP”pert

meaning of over “LAP” ing OO creates ()

choCHA rlies Find “OO” over LAP ping area, of SANDRA OH PEPSI PUSSY in 1999 and GRAYSON connections, long before GRAYS Anatomy was created in 2005

OO and () ART Sculpture at CSH 2013

for who? For what? FOR “O” 4 “O” Psycho SANDRA “OH”





ZIMMER MAN was the “LAST” person in class to be called in My Catholic High School, TARA Zimmerman

Sandy Wang’s High School classmate TARA ZIMMERMAN who isn’t on this list but she exists

What is Josh Wolf’s son JACOB Wolf’s Mother’s Name is it TARA? And is she a VIRGO like Constance PECORARO? = Confirms GROUP CONSPiRACY

MAN os which means Hands in Spanish

Zim “MER” MAID House in Topanga


“LF” next to “MO”nica Chang = WOLF HOR DIK Fucking PUSSIES


JOSH WOLF “We Will ROCK YOU” WW RY connections

JOSH WOLF who had the TIME of his LIFE Fucking a “LF” LEO FIRE Pussy in Summer 2009, DURING the RAPING of MY ART and MY LIFE

it’s the FI “GU” EROA, FIGURE EIGHT “OO” out yourself
like at the “FIG” in the Fairmont Hotel in Santa Monica


MO”NIC”A C”HANG”, like PF CHANG, CHNKS who think My ARTWORK MY Writings have meaning for them,
MO is upside down “OM”, NIC is about meaning of My Name of “SANDY”
as if it was NICK name of SANDRA OH, CHINK DOCTOR on “Grey’s Anatomy”
C C design of her logo, What’s left? “HANG”, for UN HANG in KOREAN means BANK

Sandy Wang’s TAO Saying and “OM Symbols
Sandy Wang’s Registered Trademark
Sandy Wang’s PORTRAIT Drawing with 1 “O” and “8” in My EYES
8 August is WANG’S Birth month, 11 is MONTGOMERY’S Birth Month

Beverly Hills New Parking SIGNS in 2011 with MY FULL BIRTHDAY Numbers

PF “CHANG” FUK PUSSY connections on FOUR th Street next to “US” Bank
Tom BRIDGES Sandra Oh with “UN HANG”
meaning of BANKS

NICK connections








April 2012 7 for all MAN KIND C “LOSING” C “LOSE” D

MAN OS and HAND Connections


DEMBO, DUMBO, Eye “U” SANDRA OH, my Portrait Drawing “8”
It’s Dumbo the GRAY “ELE”pants “70”th Anniversary, FLY with TWO ARMS, with TWO WINGS
WANG is WINNING, I “WON” since the DAY I was BORN, it’s in my name
O and “OO” is In MY NAME and IN MY ARTWORK

707 Bridgeway
Psycho Constance Pecoraro and her SUNNY

These are BUSINESSES on ROBERTSON Blvd from Alden Drive down 1 block to THIRD Street.

WANG in Korean Characters and meaning of “KING”
Sandy Wang’s Korean Name and WANG in Korean Characters

meaning of “LIO n KIN g”


3AR sound of “LOK”O =Crazy = LOCK “OH” LIFE IN PRISON, SANDRA “OH” and “OO” Connections

INFRINGEMENT of Sandy Wang’s Registered Trademark in “O”

Sandy Wang’s RT


Sandy Wang’s Registered Trademark as derivative, Sw’s creation of “TIBETAN” OM SYMBOL
SYMBOL of LEO looks like upside down “U”
Their gayme is 3AR sound of Sym “BOWEL” is the ASS Conspiracy



inHALE and exHALE, as in “AIR”, for “BOB”, the “NIK” of ROBERT on ROBERTSON Blvd

Sandy Wang’s pencil drawing of ROBERT GUILLAUME from 1981
meaning of Sandy Wang’s John HANCOCK on this drawing from 1981

“AIR” Libra JOSH Mic’CHA’ WOLF on “BOB” Rivers show on the Air
“NIK” names and S”KIN” connections
“WO” Wilshire x Ocean
“CHA”rlies Find “OO” Mother MARY OIL Art


June 2013, almost every Business on ROBERTSON Blvd in 2013 is about meaning of MY FATHERS IDENTITY, meaning of MY Parents Names, in MATHemathics of making MONEY.

Meaning of MY Federally Registered Trademark in circle of “O”, to have been DONE by SANDRA “OH”, connected to JOSH MIC”CHA” WOLF who “TALKS” for a living as a Stand Up Comedian. MY Registered Trademark has Profiles of people who look like they are TALKING. THIS IS ROBBERY OF SANDY WANG’S REGISTERED TRADEMARK in a GROUP CONSPIRACY for MATHemathics of making MONEY. It’s called IDENTITY THEFT. Both are very serious CRIMES.

They’ve been building for MY Childhood picture with a black girl in 1980 of me in White and Red shirt and number “14”, to BE SANDRA OH for decades, for SANDRA OH Cancer and JOSH WOLF Libra Astrology VIBE Number of “410”. When it’s really about WANG LEO and MONTGOMERY SCORPIO VIBE of “410”. It’s MY PICTURE, MY IDENTITY, MY ARTWORK, all twisted to “FIT” SANDRA OH and JOSH WOLF for MATHemathics of making MONEY. Then they also built for JOSH WOLF “AIR” LIBRA to have meaning in MY Father’s IDENTITY connected to CONSTANCE MARIA PECORARO EARTH Virgo “MAIDEN” to have meaning in MY Mother’s MAIDEN Name, through their LIBRA and VIRGO Astrology Vibe of “212”.

MY LIFE, MY SACRED ART, MY RAV4L Car, MY DOG JACK, were ALL STOLEN In 2009, through Organized C”RIMES” all connected to these sociopaths, for Daniel Ladinsky’s Book “THE GIFT”, published in 1999, and he writes that “ART is a CONVERSATION Between LOVERS”. SO WHY THE FUCK ISN”T JOSH WOLF Licking Fucking CONSTANCE PECORARO and SANDRA OH? WHY is JOSH WOLF now long time married to BETHANY ASHTON? So that he can AVOID ASSSTERISK, ASSSS KING SANDRA OH who has BIG LOW LOW Hanging P3AR BOAT ASS, to Fuck and MERRY MARRY HIM? OO, Wedding Rings that go on “4th finger”, REASON FOR HORRIFIC FUCKING REPEATED ABUSE AND PSYCHOLOGICAL RAPING OF MY LIFE and MY SACRED ART.

This is WHY they are “REVERTING” back to CHILDISH CHILDLIKE Ways of Advertising, “WHO’S YOUR DADDY?”, creating NEW Meaning, of “FATHER and DAUGHTER”, for JOSH WOLF to have meaning in MY Father’s Identity and for SANDRA OH to be MY IDENTITY in ALL MY Childhood pictures with MY Father. The reason for this is connected to the Spanish word “CHICA” which means “GIRL”, and the entire city of Los Angeles, and probably the entire COUNTRY, has been BUILT through Constance Maria Pecoraro’s “NO NAME GIRL” IMAGINARY SKETCHES, AS IF through them, SANDRA OH is MY IDENTITY in ALL MY PICTURES, especially all my childhood pictures in SANTA MONICA in 1979.

This is DIRECTLY connected to SICK BLACK S”KIN NIGGER BITCH SHONDA “LYNN” RHIMES who was born and grew up in CHICA”GO” and then went to D ART MOUTH College, for a reason. ADA the American “DEN”TAL Association is in CHICA”GO” ILLINOIS, and through THO “MASCHRIST”opher BRIDES gay male “DENT”ist, who has the same LEO Birthday as me, they’ve been building AS IF SANDRA OH who was born in Can”ADA”, was MY IDENTITY. What does CAN”ADA” have anything to do with “ADA” in CHICA GO? NOTHING, like the field of “DENT”istry, has nothig to do with Sandra OH school name of Sir Robert Bor”DEN”, or Constance Pecoraro Virgo Mai”DEN”, or the PRESI”DENT”, but this is how they’ve been linking and building, through repeating numbers and repeating SYLLABLES, for MATHemathics of making MONEY, AS IF SANDRA OH was MY IDENTITY and ARTIST OF MY ARTWORK.

LOOK AT SANDRA OH when she was a child, she looks nothing like me, and yet, this SICK DELUSIONAL ACTRESS has been claiming for 3 decades she is ALL MY CHILDHOOD PICTURES and the ARTIST OF MY ARTWORK. United States GOVERNMENT, has PSYCHOLOGICALLY REPEATEDLY ROBBED and RAPED MY LIFE, MY ART, for this sick delusional actress. REASON WHY IT MAY BE “OG”.

Who’s your Daddy. “JW DUDAS”. GO “DAD”Dy, “SU”nny.

AS IF through Constance Maria Pecoraro’s IMAGINARY and Pedophilish Sketches of her “SUNNY”, SANDRA OH is MY IDENTITY, and AS IF PECORARO and WOLF have meaning in MY WATERCOLOR ARTWORK and MY PARENTS NAMES.

LOW FLYING AIRPLANE. LFA, over “LAP” Ping “LAF” fing, OO. Creates () PUSSY. JO”SH” Rhimes with FI”SH”, and FI”SH” POLE sketches of Pecoraro’s new ‘SUNNY’, is about PF “FUCK PUSSY”.





June 2013 American “APPA”REL
“Who’s your DADDY” connections in ROBBERY of IDENTITY, ART, and Registered Trademark in MAThemathics of making MONEY

scroll to bottom “WHO’S YOUR DADDY” on ROBERTSON x Alden June 2013
London Boy and “DAD who ROCKS” at KITSON on ROBERTSON Blvd x Beverly Blvd

SUNNY Imaginary sketches of Constance Pecoraro Psycho to ROB MY IDENTITY for SANDRA OH

meaning of why Constance Psycho Pecoraro created her No Name Girl

TILTed Head of SANDRA “OH” in 2012 in Red Dress meaning- and l makes + PLUS in “MAT”hemathics of making Money, Pussy Lip US ,

SEPT 2012 Sandra Oh in “GREEN and WHITE SANDRA OH in “WG” on “GT” in Sept 2012, is DIRECTLY connected to “CONSPIRACY of TWO” and this deserves LIFE IN PRISON

SEPT 2012 EVER “GREEEN” Street Sandy Wang's Dental Hygiene Petition filed in Sept 2012 = ORGANIZED CRIMES of GROUP CONSPIRACY

D ART MOUTH then the celebrating of Raping My Life, and SHONDA RHIMES, “SUCK IT”, sick psychobitch

The meaning of LIO n KIN g, and the “NG” is connected to meaning of what is on the UPPER LEFT of COMPUTER “KEYES”. Letter “Q”, and the letters of MY Name, “S WA”, what’s missing? “NG”. It’s connected to ROBBING of MY Father’s Korean ROYAL Name for SANDRA OH who was born in “OT TO WA” Canada. WA + “NG” = WANG.

“NG” is about the KOREAN WORD SARANG, which means LOVE, and they've linked this Korean word to be about SA”ND”RA OH Name, the “ND” is for NEIL DIAMOND, as if she drew my Pen Ink drawing of Neil Diamond from 1982 HOLDING A “MIKE” from the movie “JAZZ SINGER”.

SARA”NG” in Korean is LOVE, SANDRA OH'S LIFE and ENERGY comes from a very DARK PLACE, and let me tell you it isn't from a place of Love. This Borderline Psychotic Actress is SATAN'S SPAWN on Planet Earth.

SA “ND” RA OH, sound of “O”, as if she is the ARTIST of MY WATERCOLOR ARTWORK, My Second Artwork Collection from 2003-2007, as if she is MY PORTRAIT Drawing, when everything about this Pa”HO”logical LI”AR”, Borderline Psychotic Actress to ROB MY IDENTITY and My ARTWORK has already been built through CATHOLIC THEME OIL ART by Constance Pecoraro.

Water and Oil don't mix like these deeply disturbed psychobitches and I dont' mix.

SA “ND” RA OH, drew my drawings from 1981 and 1982, connected to PUSSIES name “SARA”, like SARA JESSICA PARKER who starred in a movie with LEE MONTGOMERY in 1985. Sandra OH is MY IDENTITY in MY CATHOLIC High School picture with GLORIA “LEE”, and through her Birthday Numbers of 529, Sandra OH has meaning with Lee Montgomery in Astrology Vibe number of 59.

There seems to ALWAYS BE ANOTHER “IDENTITY” or at least 1 person, in T “OM” Bridges SANDRA OH with MY IDENTITY and MY ART, Psychobitch who MUST BE GAY. But her Gayness isn't the issue, it's an IDENTITY THEFT, ART THEFT, LIFE THEFT ISSUE that is going to LOCK THIS VERY DISTURBED ACTRESS IN PRISON FOR LIFE. How many degrees of separation is that?

Understand meaning of why the syllable of “RA” is important, in the name of SAND”RA”. They've built as if SANDRA OH DREW MY DRAWINGS from 1981 and 1982, through linking it with people name AN”DREW”. ART has the syllable of “RA” in it, and because syllable of “DRA”wing is in the name of SAN”DRA”, SANDRA OH thinks she DREW my drawings. Same exact thing 3 decades later, with MY FEDERALLY REGISTERED TRADEMARK in circle of “O” I registered at the USPTO in 2007, for FORM of Circle of “O” of MY ARTWORK, to have been done by SANDRA OH because it sounds like her name of “OH”. Who is PSYC”HO”TIC? What's in a NAME?

SARA is about “ND”, as if she drew My PEN INK drawing of “NEIL DIAMOND” from 1982. “ND”, connected to meaning of Lee Montgo”MERY” name and sound of MARRY, and you KNEEL and ASSSTERISK to Marry. This is why meaning of My Pencil Drawing of ROBERT GUILLAUME and My NAME SIGNature on this drawing was RECREATED and REBUILT through Jesus CHRIST CHARLIES Find, for my Name SIGNature on MY ART from 1981, with OO, to be about FORM of ASS, and for FORM of OO RINGS that go on 4th finger of two people who marry. “4 4”.

Sandra OH was RITA WU on ARLI”$$” $$=44 on computer keys, on H”BO” in the late 1990's. Reason why “BO” Barack Obama is the 44th PREMEDITATED PRESIDENT. Same TOM BRIDGES “BO”GE on BIRD “GE” WAY.

Neil Diamond is Jewish and they've given the meaning of this drawing I drew in 1982 to be about Jewish JOSH MIC”CHA” WOLF, connected to Jesus CHRIST “CHA”Rlies Find Oil Art by Constance Pecoraro with “RINGS” around his Eyes “OO”. MI”CHA” the sound of MI”KA”, to be about ASSSTERISK “AK” Going Backwards. This is shy SANDRA OH is “CHRIST”ina Yang on “Grey's Anatomy”.

All of the above is WHY MY LIFE HAS BEEN REPEATEDLY HARMED And ROBBED, so that everything about MY IDENTITY and MY ARTWORK, that they built in Los Angeles, to be SANDRA OH, can be her. WHY ISN'T JOSH MIC'CHA' WOLF AIR LIBRA Stone of “DIAMOND”, KNEEELing, and ASSSSKING SANDRA OH with “OO” Rings to MERRY MARRY CH “RIS” T MAS him?

Everything about JESUS CHRIST RINGS around his Eyes of “OO” has been to be about ANATOMY of ASS PUSSY, cnonected to my Name SIGNature on my art from 1981. Tom Bridges meaning of my John HANCOCK with GOLD C”LOCK”, and BIRDS in F”LOCK”S, and the PEA”COCK” on BRIDGEWAY, In CATHO”LICK” “MAT”hemathics of making Money as if SANDRA OH is MY IDENTITY and ARTIST OF MY ARTWORK. This is why in EVERYTHING they built, is about ASS PUSSY, and if you study it, it's turned out to be SANDRA OH Cat”HO”licking ASS PUSSIES ANATOMY in MATHemathics of making Money.



This is why EVERYTHING they are building now, throughout 2014, Worldwide, is about as if MY WATERCOLOR ART of MY LION BODY Painting which looks lilke a PENIS, MY “KEY” Artwork, connected to my Dog JACK, ALL OF WHICH WAS STOLEN IN 2009 THROUGH ORGANIZED CRIMES, to have meaning for SANDRA OH, as if MY “KEY TO MY SOUL” has meaning for her, like she is MY PORTRAIT Drawing, and Eyes are Window to the Soul. Because SOUL has her name initials of “SO” reason why the “UL” Upper Left meaning is so important and built in Left to Right. It's about FORM “OO” and CANCER SIGN Sandra Oh rules the Tits, the Front of the anatomy.

MY Second Artwork Collection and KEY TO MY SOUL to have meaning for this soulless psychobitch Actress. SO, it's about “RO” Reproductive Organ, “SORO”.

SA “ND” RA, why isn't anyone NEIL DIAMOND, ASSSKING to MERRY MARRY YOU? Reason for YEARS of TERROR and HORROR in MY LIFE? “RA” in the word WOLF “RA” Mite Scheelite, which is about “TUNG”sten EAR sound of TONGUE, it's SANDRA OH Cat”HO”LICKING G “LORI” A LEE, LORI HUBBLE, Constance MA”RIA” MA”RIA” Pecoraro TUNGsTEN ASS PUSSY.


New Business GYP”SY” 05



The NUMBER 5 in KOREAN is “O”, EAR sound of SANDRA OH Name.

For all circles of “O” in MY ART, My Name in Korean Characters, circles of “O” from MY LIFE, to have meaning for and BE SANDRA OH, built through “EAR”th VIRGO MAIDEN Constance Pecoraro, and “EAR”Th CAPRICORN SIGN of SHONDA LYNN RHIMES, and “EAR”th Capricorn Sign of EDDIE VEDDER of Music Band P”EAR”L JAM.

This new business on this corner is about ROBBING MY Federally Registered TRADEMARK in circle of “O”, at the USP.TO, United States Patent Trademark Office, that’s been LINKED to Gre ‘YS’ Anatomy tv show, and for my registered Trademark to be SANDRA “O” PUSSY. The letters of “TO” looks like name of “OH” in Korean Characters.

It’s about LINKING through NAMES, meaning of My Name SIGNature on my pencil drawing from 1981, of Robert Guillaume who was the “BUTLER” to Governor, with My 2007 TRADEMARK at USPTO and Examining Attorney MIDGE “BUTLER”, in ROBBING MY TRADEMARK as if Sandra OH is the Artist, connected to her SCHOOL Name of “SIR” ROBERT BORDEN, in the word CH “RIS” T. CH”RIS”tina YANG character role of SANDRA OH, being USED to ROB MY REAL LIFE IDENTITY, MY REAL LIFE ART, MY REAL LIFE “SOUL” for this PSYCHOTIC DERANGED PATHOLOGICAL LYING ACTRESS who must be LOCKED IN PRISON FOR LIFE.

Sandy Wang’s TRADEMARK in circle of “O” 2007

EAR sound of “O” meaning

GYP SY. So many ways to create meaning with this word.

GYP SY “RHIMES” with PUSSY. EAR sound of PU “CE” DARI SIGN EYE Hospital down the street.

GYP in Korean means HOUSE, PIG spelled backwards.

EGYPT has P”YRAM”IDS, and the Pyramid is on the ONE DOLLAR BILL, with First President “GEORGE” WASHINGTON.

My Korean Name of SIN WON, sounds like SHIN WON and it’s in the name and word of George Wa’SHIN’gt’ON’.

This hospital is DIRECTLY connected to Robbing my Korean Name of SIN WON, for SANDRA OH, built through Catholic Theme oil art by Constance Maria Pecoraro, reason why in 2005, Grey’s Anatomy HOSPITAL Show was created with Sandra OH as “CRIST”ina YANG.

YANG in “FIRE” in Yin Yang theory, and “O”IL BURNS with FIRE, in QUEST FOR FIRE. “LEADING THE QUEST”.

Both YANG in Korean Characters and the word “O”IL are CODES to ROB MY IDENTITY and meaning of My Name SIGNature of “Sandy’ on my pencil drawing from 1981, as if it’s Sandra OH.


All of the above is why CEDARS SIGN EYE “SINAi” Hospital has street name “GEORGE BURNS”, and why the PL Plaza Lobby is “MARY” and Iving Lazar Lobby. It’s about Robbing my Korean Name, MY CHILDHOOD PICTURES in 1976 in the MOUNTAINS In SOUTH KOREA, of me wearing RED “MARY” JANE “SHO”es.

The Words for HOS pital and SHO es, in Korean language, both with letters of “SHO”nda Rhimes and “S.OH” Sandra OH, is about ROBBING MY IDENTITY, MY KOREAN NAME for SANDRA OH, through secret “CODES” and these Korean words.

SHIN “BAL” is “SHO”es in Korean

BYUN “WON” is HOS pital in Korean

It was built through “CHARLIES FIND” Oil art by Constance Maria Pecoraro in a Group Conspiracy of Robbing the MEANING of my Name SIGNature on my art from 1981, twisted and rebuilt to be about C”HO”CHA is PUSSY in Spanish with Sandra “OH” name in it backwards. The word CH “RIS” T has been built to be about the word CLITO”RIS”, and the RINGS around Eyes of JESUS CHRIST CHARLIE “OO” is about LOGO of Cedars SINAI Hospital of “OO” when it over”LAP”S it creates CHOCHA is PUSSY Form.

What is Sandra Oh’s HOUSE ADDRESS NUMBERS? Does it have the numbers “4 0 7”? does it have “OO” Circles on the Property or the Architecture De”SIGN”? = FORM OF HANDCUFFS ASAP and then LIFE IN PENITENIA”RY”.

Bor”DAN” Bak”TAN”, D”O”T is a Circle of O, EAR sound of Sandra “O.H”
TAN….ya, Rhimes with KEN…ya, OBAMA and HEATH LEDGER connections of Group Conspiracy

See Video of ROBERTSON Blvd, MAT he mat hics of LICKING NIGGER CLITO”RIS” ASS PU”CE” built through Jesus CHRIST the “SON”

> “LF” Live Forever on “Wilshire x Ocean” CHARLIES FIND = Josh MIC”CHA” WOLF

CHArlies Find Oil art by Constance Maria Pecoraro

his Mother MARY on Ocean is the PUS”SEA” ASS FORM on “WO”

Tom BIRDges his Gay Fag in Fog, “LIO OIL” FIRE


YA Sandy Wang’s Name SIGNature on my pencil drawing of ROBERT GUILLAUME from 1981 letter “Y” and “A”sterisk
Sandy Wang’s SCUBA Certification and Instructor name “TAN…YA” in 1997

AIR is the repeating theme again

GOLD I LOCK of Blonde HAIR sick bitches, who think “SW” is about “WHITE SUPremist”,
Licking Sandra OH Ass Pussy through S”HO”W

there are thousands of Mentally Ill GOLD I LOCK of BLONDE HAIR in “GOLD” connections
H “AIR” and AiR element

S “CUB” A, ASS and But Crack is what “THEIR” meaning is

TAN “YA” RHIMES with KEN”YA” and Chic”KEN” is a BIRD, for TOM BRIDGES all BIRDS for Jesus CHRIST on “BRIDGE”Way

KEN “YA” born psychotic Lying Raping OBAMA and his WHITE MOTHER CUNT
Constance Maria Pecoraro, OBAMA’s WHITE MAMA in ‘O.C’ Oedipus Complex themes

Chic”KEN” is a BIRD
in the word “KEN” QUEST, EAR sound “Q” W.E.S.T EAR sound “T SO” Backwards


sick deranged meaning of “NEK”
Raping of Sandy Wang’s ART through HANDCUFFING MY HANDS, so Sandra OH can be Artist of my ARTWORK



Bor”DAN” Bak”TAN” meaning of PERSIAN WORDS, connected to San”DRA” OH School name of SIR ROB….ert BOR…DEN in Canada
Eye is Ass DEN DAN

EVERYTHING on ROBERTSON Blvd is about SCHOOL name of SANDRA OH and Constance Pecoraro’s Jesus CHRIST The “SON”


MAThemathics of making Money through RAPING MY LIFE and MY ART, for SANDRA OH who needs to have a TASTE of MY SHIT

TARGET why the fuck would “PER”sian words have meaning for me, it’s about “THE GIFT” of JESUS CH “RIS” T CLITO”RIS” LICKING

EVERYTHING built on ROBERTSON Blvd, is built in by default, to have meaning for Jesus CHRIST the “SON”, CHARLIES FIND, Oil painting by Constance Maria Pecoraro, reason why in 2005, Grey’s Anatomy HOSPITAL Show was created with Sandra OH as “CRIST”ina YANG.

It’s the ALAN PARSON’S PROJECT “STREET”, besides ALMONT Drive a few blocks away. It’s about CHANGING and “ROBBING” the meaning of My name SIGNature, my John Hancock on my pencil drawing on ROBERT GUILLAUME from 1981, copied, rebuilt and recreated through JESUS CHRIST OIL ART on CANVAS “RHIMES” with Seattle MERCY GRACE WEST HOSPITAL and GRACE “NAVAS” in robbing My Identity for Sandra OH in a Group Conspiracy, as if she is the Artist of my Artwork.

Grey’s Anatomy HOSPITAL show, scripted and made up by a Deranged Nigger SHONDA RHIMES, is DIRECTLY connected to CEDARS SINAI HOSPITAL real life hospital where they’ve been building for 3 decades as if Sandra OH is My Korean Name of SIN WON, as if she is my American Name SIGNature of Sandy on my Art from 1981, twisted and built through the LOGO DESIGN of this Hospital, of when OO oveLAPs, it creates () is Pussy, C”HO”CHA is Pussy in Spanish for SANDRA OH PEPSI PUSSY Connections in 1999.

1981 Sandy Wang’s name SIGNature on my art from 1981 “OO” * is an Asshole, Anus

QUEST for FIRE since 1981, and “O”IL BURNS with FIRE
ALEXANDER BERNIER = The ALEXANDRIA in OLD BANK “OB” Neighborhood of downtown LA

OIL ART of Jesus CHRIST CHARLIES FIND by Constance Pecoraro
L”ARD” Rich”ARD” is OIL connections of OIL ASS PUSSY Conspiracy through AP Alan Parson’s Project

still going on through AP Project’s Golden Boy HEATH LEDGER in CHRYSALIS of “CHA”nge

Sandy Wang’s FAC from 1982

Sandy Wang’s Childhood picture 14 with Japanese Calendar

WANG in Korean Characters

Sandy Wang’s childhood Santa Monica picture


Sandy Wang in OLIVE GREEN Jacket with first boyfriend Stephen Garrison

WANG MONTOGMERY portrait drawings

Sandy Wang’s TOP Painting “Untitled” on my Abstract page and connected buildings, building “SEVEN” of “O” with “TRI”

Sandy Wang’s Registered Trade “MARK” in circle of “O”

Cedars “SINAI” sounds like SIGN “eye” connected to MY Drawing of ROBERT GUILLAUME from 1982, to have meaning for them on ROBERT”SON” Blvd meaning of WANG’S JOHN HANCOCK


IVY restaurant around the corner

Thomas CHRISTopher Bridges


ROBERT AMPA RAN in San Francisco

Connie Pecoraro’s CATHOLIC OIL Paintings

Jesus “CHRIST” on page “3” Josh MIC”CHA” WOLF hor dick sociopath

who went to “TRI” nity University in Texas


Sandra Oh in OLIVE GREEN connected to Cedars SINai Olive Green buildings, GOLD BALLS “OO”

as “CRIST”ina Yang on “Grey’s Anatomy”

Sandra Oh who went to SIR ROBERT Bor”DEN” High School

DEN connections

Hospital Connections

every CORNER BUSINESSES in Los Angeles is connected to this SICK ACTRESS SANDRA OH in MAThemathics of making MONEY, AS IF She was MY IDENTITY and did all MY ARTWORK

JOSH WOLF’s Dog ROC key to create meaning for his Mother Pe”COR”aro BACKwards

Josh Wolf’s Webite in 2010 to Celebrate the Raping of my Life “WW” RY, what’s left? “SC” for Cedars Sinai BACKwards

KATIE HOLMES “Fashion Line” Holmes and YANG and AMPER"SAND"

"410" VIBE NUMBER of Cancer Sandra Oh and LIBRA Josh Wolf

Connie Pecoraro’s TOM CRUISE and KATIE HOLMES Puppet

Connie MA ria Pecoraro FORD MUSTANG CAR

SEA is the OCEAN of Mother Mary

CHA bad on FOOT Hill and DIAMOND Tool next to Mercedes BENz

CHA ya restaurant on Al DEN drive

the Cho “CHA” pussy lip sculpture artwork in front of Cedars SINai Hospital in Plaza Lobby “PL” Pussy Lip

CHA pel LOUIS “FACTOR” in “VAR”iables in MAThemathics of making Money

“CHA”rlies Find

Sandy Wang’s “CHA” TOYOTA RAV 4L parked in ALDEN in April 2009 “CHA” LINE UP

MERCEDES BENZ of Beverly Hills

Specific Date of 4/20/09 GOLD DUST

One month later May 2009 Making it Happen with CROW and the WOLF

Sandy Wang’s TOYOTA RAV4L “SWWC”

MALIBU FIRE Station “70”

Connie Pecoraro’s New address of ‘707” Bridgeway Sausalito in 2009

something “FIG” Is happening on 7th on FIGUEROA Figure it out

HUGE Downtown LA connections

SEVEN inch “RED” blood filled WOLF Dick at Pacific Design Center

EARTH Quake in JAPAN 2011

SARA S. LUM Japanese female at 20360 Callon Drive Topanga


SAND “RA” “OH” and “RA bbit HO le” in 2010 PSYCHO Actress

Fraud Documents to RAPE my LIFE

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