IL Piccolino corner on Robertson Blvd x Rosewood

Second Time around moved to “FC” in Beverly Hills in 2013




IL PICCOLINO, IL in Korean means the number ONE. LIN “O”, as if the childhood picture of me wearing White Red shirt “14” in 1980 with a Black Girl with an image of Janice Jop “LIN” in the picture. 41”O” is a Astrolgy VIBE Number, Wang Leo and Montgomery Scorpio, based on “LIN”DA Goodman’s Astrology Book, that they’ve been building for years as if My Identity was Sandra OH, for her Cancer sign with LIBRA Josh Wolf in 41”O” Vibe.

As if Sandra “OH” is the Artist of My Pencil Drawing of “ROBERT” Guillaume from 1981, and my Name SIGNature on this drawing of “SANDY” with “OO” made with letter “S” of my name, through Constance Maria Pecoraro’s Jesus CHRIST the ‘SON’, on ROBERT”SON” Blvd, connected to her school name of SIR ROBERT BORDEN in Canada. “CHA”rlies Find Oil Painting, Josh Mic”CHA” Wolf, reason why Sandra OH is CHRISTina Yang on “Grey’s Anatomy”, in a Group Conspiracy to ROB My Identity and meaning of My John “HAN COCK”, Name SIGNature on this drawing. Every Business on this street “ROBERT SON” Blvd, is about this.

PICO blvd is a street name in Los Angeles, sound of PIC “O”, sound of PICK “OH” SANDRA OH. “CO” or “KO” in Korean means NOS”E”. I drew a NOSE Drawing in my notebook in 1982. This is where “CO”nstance Maria Pe”CO”raro got the idea to being creating meaning Going BACKWARDS, through her OIL ART of Jesus CHRIST “OO”, “E”yes of the SON, in a ASS CONSPIRACY. Psycho Pe”COR”aro, named picked, to CONFUSE MY IDENTITY, and MY “KOR”ean name.

Pe”COR”arO, for “KOR”ean Actress SANDRA OH in LeonARDO R.I.M.E.S with BERN ARDO Da Vinci Code in MATHemathics of making MONEY as if Sandra OH was My Identity attending My Catholic High School in NYC in 1980’s with CHRISTINA BERN “ARD O”, as if she is My name SIGNature on MY ART which I did while growing up in JACKSON HEIGHTS NY 11372. How can it be? How can Sandra OH have attended two different schools, in two different countries, around the same time in 1980’s, she is only two years younger than me.

Many ITALIAN words and NAMES, have the syllable of “NO” in it, like PINOCCHIO. This is one of the main reasons why Virgo Mai”DEN” I”TAL”ian psycho Constance Maria Pecoraro created her “NO Name Girl”, created to have meaning Going BACKwards, for “ON”, or in combination with another name or word with ‘ON’ in it, for “NOON”, which means EYES in Korean. “OO” Going BACKwards, it’s the FORM of HANDCUFFS that go on W “RIS” T and Rhymes with CH “RIS” T. Jesu CHRIST isn’t My OIL ART and CHRISTIna Yang on tv show “Grey’s Anatomy” isn’t my show, PECORARO and OH are in a GROUP CONSPIRACY to ROB MY IDENTITY and meaning of MY Name SIGNature on MY ART.

This goes back DECADES, to my First Boyfriend ROBB NUNZIO from 1985. Picoli”NO” next to Steinway PIA”NO” = NO ON, as if Sandra OH is My Identity having Sex with all my EX boyfriends, MY IDENTITY during MY TEENAGE Years. THEY BUILT IT and it’s called IDENTITY THEFT, ART THEFT in MATHemathics of making MONEY as if this borderline psychotic actress is My identity and ARTIST of MY ARTWORK.

SECOND TIME around Jewelry and Watch company, because they realized it’s about my First Name SIGNature of “Sandy*” on the Pencil Drawing of Black male ROBERT GUILLAUME from 1982, with Horizontal Height “OO” in my Name SIGNature, the reason why Connie Pecoraro’s Jesus Christ the SON has “OO” Eyes. TIME, connected to the GOLD CLOCK “OO” on top of the TV which I had for many years. Connie Maria Pecoraro, who wants THOMAS CHRISTOPHER BRIDGES who has the same birthday as me of 8/13, LEO, metal of GOLD, to bridge the GOLDen Gate Bridge to BRIDGEWAY Sausalito so that she can have meaning in the SIGN of LEO, and MY Name SIGNatures.

Then they realized that this corner FIT, the TWO PREMEDITATIONS of planning to send to me to LA County Jail TWO TIMES, Mental Health Court with Judge MARIA STRATTON. So that MH, Mermaid House in Topanga, connected to Connie MARIA Pecoraro VIRGO MAIDEN can have meaning in my FAC from 1982, connected to LEE MONTGOMERY who lived at this address many decades ago.

T OO TIMES to MARIA STRATTON, for Horny Jesus Christ “OO” eyes horny for his MOTHER MARIA”S FORM of ASS.

PREMEDITATION as in CONSPIRACY of TWO, means that the FIRST “WAS” A CONSPIRACY, as in Organized Crimes by a Group of people, and this is a very serious CRIME.

new location of SECOND TIME Jewelry and Watch in 2013
Charlies Find “OO” Charleville Blvd and “FC” Four Corners

MI “CHA” EL LAP pert’s ICE CREAM Store used to be where PICKELZ is
Constance Maria Pecoraro’s “CHA”rlies Find “OO” Oil painting

Nigger JEW Teams in "AE.....SKULL....APIUS" in MATHemathics of making Money



Robertson Blvd x Beverly Blvd
Robertson Blvd
Robertson Blvd




it all “FP” Fits Perfectly, because everything I’ve been writing about is TRUE

PAC hyderm is a thick S”KIN” mam”MAL” like the GRAY Elephant
S”KIN” and “NIK” connections


created “GREYS Anatomy”

meaning of all AIR CHAIR STAIR H”AIR” connections
meaning of SKULL and Skeletal BONES, NTR the BONEYARD
AE “SCUL” APIUS word on Endowed CH”AIR” at CDS
Monster CHAIR at PDC


R.I.M.E.S which CH”AIR” is “FUR” Niture as in “TAL”
CAP riCORN SHONDA LYNN RHIMES born in CHICAGO, who created Greys Anatomy on “TAL” man avenue
Gre”YS” Anatomy is DIRECTLY connected to JOSH WOLF and AiR Libra rules the KID KNEEEE “Y’S”
Josh Wolf’s Wife Bethany ASH TON connections = LIFE IN PRISON

The meaning of TAO DAO “DOW of DAVID JONES” in Making MONEY through ROBBING MY IDENTITY through Numbers and CODES
This is TRUE and it’s REAL, scroll down to OGDEN and DELONG “PRAY”

What’s the Connection? CAP I “TAL” Grill RHIMES with CAP I “TOL” HILL
Through Psycho Constance Maria Pecoraro’s NO NAME “GIRL” GRILL Sketches



Sandy Wang’s First Artwork collection from 1981 and my Writings
Sandy Wang’s Social Security Number

Daniel Ladinsky’s 1999 book “The Gift” and SCROLL DESIGNS

Constance Pecoraro’s SCROLL DESIGN next to “SUNNY” and “FISH POLE”
perfect example of “SCROLL DESIGNS on POLE” on Larrabee street Hotel

SANDRA OH and Monster “GREEN LEAF” connections

JOSH WOLF’s Son JACOB WOLF birth info important
BARACK OBAMAS’ FRAUD Birth Certificate and SSN “68”
MICHELLE OBAMAS Food Group change in 2011 to MY PLATE “O”

meaning of “FOOD”



Blood PLATE Lets and PLAT”O” Society at UCLA on Weyburn and Gayley

PLATT JEWELRY took over when Second Time moved to another location in 2013.

PLATT JEWELRY address of 8763 has specific meaning. Whoever the owners are, they are completely and fully hooked into MATHemathics of making MONEY through ROBBING MY IDENTITY through “CODES”, all connected to Constance Pecoraro and SANDRA OH.

36O degrees is known as a CIRCLE as in shape of “O”, the sound of Sandra “OH” name. This is WHY T”HO” MAS CHRIST OPHER BRIDGES moved into his office address of “360 POST Street” in SAN FRANCISCO. TOM BRIDGES is a major person in this Group Conspiracy to ROB MY IDENTITY for SANDRA OH, because he has the SAME LEO Birthdate as me of 8/13, but different year.

So if 360 degrees is “O”, what’s left 87. “O”78 is the first three left digits of MY SOCIAL SECURITY NUMBER.

What is PLATT JEWELRY really about? It’s about the word PLATE as in PLATE of FOOD “O”. This is all connected to EVERYTHING else around this area on ROBERTSON Blvd and SAN VICENTE Blvd, where they’ve been building for 3 decades, as if SANDRA OH was MY IDENTITY, and ARTIST of MY ARTWORK.

PLATE “O” FOOD, as if SANDRA OH was My First Birthday baby picture with FOOD and MONEY on the table. This was BUILT through the birth of JOSH MIC”CHA” WOLF’s son JACOB WOLF, who I think was born”ed” at SWE”DISH” Hospital in Seattle WASHINGTON. This is WHY “Grey’s Anatomy” tv show with SANDRA OH as CRISTina Yang, is set in Seattle WASHINGTON. Connected to “CHA”rlies Find, Constance Maria Pecoraro’s OIL Painting, in CATHOLIC MATHEmathics theme of making MONEY as if SANDRA OH was MY IDENTITY, and as if WOLF and PECORARO were My Parents. This is PSYCHOTIC because these sociopaths are within 2 years of each other, around same age as me.

JOSH WOLF says he is married to Bethany “ASH TON”. This is connected to ROBBING of MY Korean name of “Wang Sin Won” which sounds like Washington, and meaning of my Birthday numbers is an important repeating number on the 1 dollar bill with GEORGE “WASHINGTON” who was the First President of the US. This is WHY “Grey’s Anatomy” is set in Seattle WASHINGTON, connected to WASHINGTON DC as in CAPITOL HILL.

This is WHY it is extremely important to know the birth information of JACOB WOLF, who his mother is, what her name is, and what is the DELIVERY DOCTORS name on his Birth certificate. Jacob Wolf’s birthday of “3/17” is ST. PATRICKS Day is “GREEN” is directly connected to ROBBING of My Identity and meaning of MY ARTWORK done while I was growing up in JACkson Heights NY with very important ZIP CODE number of “11372”. 3/17, what’s left? 21, this number in Korean Characters looks like the name “LEE”. My LEE is LEE Montgomery. Their LEE is GLORIA LEE, who also attended the same schools as me and grew up in the same neighborhood of Jackson Heights NY, and her Identity is important, in ROBBING the meaning of this ZIP CODE NUMBER connected to MY “ART”.

Look at the left letters “A E JW”. This is connected to the word “AE SCUL APIUS”, which is connected to “SCUL” sounds like SCHOOL, connected to creating meaning through “SCHOOL NAMES”. It’s all about meaning of My name SIGNature of “SANDY” on my pencil drawing of black male actor name ROBERT Guillaume from 1981, reason why SANDRA OH went to a school name SIR ROBERT BORDEN high school in Canada and has been claiming for 3 decades she DREW my drawings and is My Name SIGNature of “SANDY”. Same for Constance Pecoraro who says she got her Art degree from “San” Jose, why would you sign your schools name on a piece of Artwork you did? Same for JOSH WOLF who went to college in “SAN” Antonio TEXAS.

This meanig of AE SCULAPIUS, is connected to the Toyota “P R IUS” Cars, reason why SANDRA OH in real life drives a PRIUS Car, like in the movie “Rabbit Hole” in 2010. SANDRA OH who’s been claiming for 3 decades she DREW my drawing of ROBERT Guillaume from 1981, through her school name of SIR ROBERT BORDEN, is a PAT”HO”LOGICAL LI”AR” and a CRIMINAL IDENTITY THIEF. There is a reason why this word is written at CEDARS “SIN”ai HOSPITAL at the EN”DOW”ED CH”AIR” Plaza Lobby. This Hospital is where it all began 3 decades ago, for meaning of MY Korean name of “SIN” WON to be SANDRA OH, reason why she is on the HOSPITAL TV Show “Grey’s Anatomy”, which is directly connected to this hospital, all connected to ROBBING of MY IDENTITY, MY ART, MY DOG JACK in MATHemathics of making MONEY.


This goes back decades, connected to Barack Obama who went to OCCIDENTAL COLLEGE. It’s how this meaning of SCHOOL began, connected to SANDRA OH High School “SIR” ROBERT BOR”DEN” in Can”ADA”. The American “DEN”TAL Association “ADA” is in CHICA”GO”, where Barack Obama’s Political career was built. I’ve been in the field of DENtistry since 1985, and graduated Dental Hygiene school in 1990. This is WHY TOM BRIDGES went to DENTAL School and graduated in 1997. They’ve been building the meaning of my Korean Name connected to George Washington Presi”DENT” through the Field of “DENT”istry for 3 decades.

Shonda LYNN Rhimes who created “GREYS Anatomy” was born in CHICAGO. CHICA in Spanish means “GIRL”, connected to ROBBING of MY CHILDHOOD Pictures, through Vir”GO” Mai”DEN” I”TAL”ian Constance Maria Pecoraro’s NO Name GIRL Sketches, as if My Identity in all my childhood pictures were SANDRA OH, through reinventing them through her imaginary sketches of her no name girls.

PLATT’s JEWELRY, look at the LOGO design of the letter “P” in scroll designs with leaves. This is directly connected to SCROLL DESIGNS I drew in my notebook in 1982, with my Writings about “LEE” Montgomery. This notebook was thrown out after I graudated high school, during a house cleaning, and someone found it in the garbage, like my Olive Green Jacket from the 1980’s, which is hanging inside the Beverly Hills Library as a piece of Abstract Art.

The new LEAVES designs, is about creating meaning as if SANDRA OH is MY IDENTITY on the “TREE” at 20360 Callon Drive TOPANGA address from 2007. The LEAF meaning has been going on for many years, connected to Sandra OH who was born in Canada and the LEAF Flag of the Canadian Flag. Meaning of LEAF has been built to be about shape of PUSSY, like Coffee Beans, like Mussels as in Seafood, connected to SANDRA OH who wants My First Name SIGNature of “SANDY” on MY ARTWORK from 1981, with OO made with letter S of my name, to be HER. AS IF it’s the “NIK” of her name SANDRA OH. This is WHY Constance Maria Pecoraro’s Jesus CHRIST oil art has Horizontal Rings around his eyes “OO”, reason why SANDRA OH is “CHRIST”ina Yang on “Grey’s Anatomy”.

LEAF is about OO is Form of Ass and when it over LAPs and creates () FISH is PUSSY shape. This is absolutely true, I am not making this up, I am DECODING what they built. See SANDRA OH in 1999, PEPSI PUSSY Pictures “OO”.

This SCROLL DESIGN is very important in making connections, it’s how they are connecting MEANING to MY WRITINGS I wrote about Lee Montgomery, and MY INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY, as if SANDRA OH is the writer of my writings. If you see Constance Pecoraro’s new “SUNNY” page, there is a BLACK Panel to the side, with SCROLL DESIGNS, and these scroll designs are connected to specific BUSINESSES in MATHemathics of making MONEY, through creating meaning, as if SANDRA OH was MY IDENTITY, and ARTIST of MY ARTWORK connected to a book published in 1999 called “THE GIFT” by Daniel Ladinsky, this book also has SCROLL DESIGNS.

Meaning of My Korean name of “SIN WON”, is connected to Barack Obama’s FRAUD Birth Certificate, with Delivery Doctor’s name of “DAVID SIN CL”AIR”. This is connected to what is 1 block away, “CEDARS SINai HOSPITAL”, with a building name “DAVID” SAPerstein, SINai, “DAVID” = DAVID “SIN” CL “AiR”. AIR also ODOR like “SCENT”, connected to San VI”CENT”e Blvd, and meaing of “CENT” is a CP Copper Penny, see this extremely important page link below. EVERYTHING LEADS AND POINTS TO CEDARS SINAI HOSPiTAL, where they’ve been building for 3 decades as if SANDRA OH was MY IDENTITY, My Korean name of “SIN WON”, as if she is the ARTIST of MY ARTWORK and My John HANCOCK name SIGNature of “SANDY” on MY ART. This is why “SHO”nda LYNN Rhimes, created tv HOSPITAL show, “Grey’s Anatomy”, which is DIRECTLY connected to this Hospital.

See “SHO”es and “HOS”pital meaning, because these words in Korean language is how they’ve been building for 3 decades, as if “S.OH”, SANDRA OH was MY IDENTITY and Artist of my Artwork.

David SINClair was a real doctor who did deliver babies, but he didn’t deliver Barack Obama in Hawaii in 1961, this doctors name was handpicked for a reason, which is connected to MY Father’s Identity and MY Korean name of “SIN WON”. The CL”AIR” is connected to My Father who was a Musician and his band name Morning Stars from the 1950’s, where he is BLOWING “AIR” into a CL “ARI” NET. This name was handpicked connected to “AIR” LIBRA born in October month of “TEN” JOSH MICCHA WOLF, who they’ve been building for many years, as if My Father’s Identity had meaning for him, as if My Mother was Constance Pecoraro and MY IDENTITY was SANDRA OH.

BARACK OBAMA also has been using a Fraud SOCIAL SECURITY NUMBER, that belongs to a dead man in Connecticut. EVERYTHING about these sick OBAMAS in the WHITE HOUSE, is about ROBBING OF MY IDENTITIY from “BIRTH to PRESENT”, connected to BLACK COLOR S”KIN” SICK RAPING BABY MURDERING NIGGERS, Raping and Robbing MY IDENTITY and MY LIFE for SANDRA OH, all connected to secret coded words of “BLACK COLOR S”KIN”, as if through the word S”KIN”, SANDRA OH is My Name SIGNature of “SANDY” on my PENCIL Drawing from 1981 of a Black male actor ROBERT GUILLAUME, reason why Baracket’EEERING OBAMA became the PresiDENT.

The middle 2 digits of Barack Obama’s FRAUDULENT “68”, and these are the same middle two digits as MY SSN “078 68 ----“ Why did he choose these numbers? Because it’s about meaning of My Korean name “SIN WON”, connected to First President GEORGE WASHINGTON on the 1 dollar bill. Presidents live in the WHITE HOUSE, address of “1600” PENNSYLVANIA Avenue. 68 can also be 6”OO”, what’s left? 1 sound of “WON”. This is WHY the address of 20360 Callon Drive TOPANGA where lived in 2007 is extremely important, the two streets next to Callon Drive is PENNy road, and SYLVANIA lane, PENNSYLVANIA Avenue. It’s the TAO DAO DOW of “DAVID” Jones in making MONEY, through ROBBING of MY IDENTITY through CODES, and MY REAL LIFE PROPERTY through White Collar ORGANIZED CRIMES, all leading up to and connected to the OBAMAS in the WHITE HOUSE, who’s lives are built, to ROB MY IDENTITY and MY ART for SANDRA OH. It’s 3 decades in the making.

The last four right digits of my social security number is in the address of new West Hollywood “LIBRA”ry, across the street from PDC WOLFgang Pucks Red “7” restaurant, which completes my SSN, connected to ROBBING of MY IDENTITY for SANDRA OH, through JOSH “WOLF” Air LIBRA.

This is WHY THOMAS CHRISTOPHER BRIDGES gay male dentist is very important in ROBBING MY IDENTITY because he has has the same LEO Birthdate of 8/13 as me, but different year. This is also why I question the REAL TRUTH of BARACK OBAMAS Birthdate, because they have PROVEN that his Birth Certificate is a FRAUDULENT DOCUMENT, and I don’t think he was born on “August 4, 1961”. He himself have said he was born in the country of KENYA. I don’t think Barack Obama’s birthday of 8/4 LEO is real. It’s about MY Birthdate of “8/13”, 1 + 3 = 4, 8/4, Plus Minus, MATHemathics of making MONEY, all creating meaning as if SANDRA OH was MY IDENTITY connected to very important meanig of the movie “LIO n KIN g”.

PLATT JEWELRY. PLATE “O” FOOD as in “DISH”. This is connected to MICHELLE OBAMA and the changing of the FOOD PYRAMID Group in 2011, to MY PLATE “OOOOO” FOOD. AS iF SANDRA OH was MY First Birthday Baby picture with FOOD and Money on the table.

OBAMAS need to be very clear, and not in deep denial, SANDRA OH isn’t my identity and she isn’t the Artist of my Artwork. She MUST be LOCKED IN PRISON FOR LIFE with CONSTANCE PECORARO JOSH WOLF TOM BRIDGES. Barack Obama is going to be IMPEACHED and these DELUSIONAL SICK NEGROS MUST BE THROWN OUT OF US GOV’T. Fraud Birth Certificatea and Fraud Social Security Number = BARACK OBAMA is a CRIMINAL and a IDENTITY THIEF, and if it was anyone else, they’d be in PRISON by now.

Pay attention this is really important.

WHY do the owner’s of this PLATT JEWELRY story have a “SKULL” shaped CH”AIR”? Why is there a ELEPHANT figure by the window? Who are these owner’s, what are their names, and what is their “Business” really about? These sick people are about ROBBING OF MY “FAMILY JEWEL”, meaning of MY Father’s Korean ROYAL Name, meaning of his Family Jewel PENIS Size of 8 inches. This is connected to WHY MY PRICELESS ARTWORK was STOLEN in 2009, through White Collar C”RIMES”. My LION BODY “WATERCOLOR” Painting which looks like a Penis shape, and MY DOG JACK’S Pictures on 4/19/09, all STOLEN, to have meaning for their sick “PY”ous Je”SUS” JOSH MIC”CHA” WOLF, Constance Maria Pecoraro’s JESUS CHRIST “CHA”Rlie, reason why SANDRA OH is “CHRIST”ina Yang on “Grey’s Anatomy”. OIL goes on CANVAS and R.I.M.E.S with SEAttle Mercy “GRACE NAVAS”, in ROBBING of MY IDENTITY for SANDRA OH and My Parents Names for WOLF and PECORARO.

“AE SCUL APIUS” word on en”DOW”ed CH”AIR” at Cedars SINai Hospital, ear sound of CEDAR “SIGN EYE” Hospital. SCUL SKULL SCHOOL. As if SANDRA OH drew my drawing of ROBERT Guillaume PENCIL Drawing in 1981, through her SCHOOL Name of SIR “ROBERT” BORDEN. Connected to “AIR” LIBRA EN”DOW”ed HOR 7 inch DICK JOSH WOLF, in TAO DAO “DOW of DAVID JONES” in MATHemathics of making MONEY, in Robbing of MY IDENTITY from “BIRTH to PRESENT” for SANDRA OH. All connected to BARACK OBAMA’S FRAUDULENT Birth Certificate and Delivery Doctor name of “DAVID SIN CLAIR”. R.I.M.E.S with CH”AiR”, HAIR STAIR, BOGE “TAL” Pubic Hair licking SANDRA OH.

What the fuck does SCHOOL names have anything to do with MY LIFE, MY IDENTITY or MY ART? NOTHING, they made it all up to make it “FIT”. Like BLACK COLOR S”KIN” NIGGER SHONDA LYNN RHIMES who went to “D ART MOUTH” college, who created “Greys Anatomy”,

OBAMAS and SHONDA RHIMES, all from CHICA”GO” ILLI”NOISE”, Eyes of the “SON” going BACKwards through Vir’GO’ Mai”DEN” I”TAL”ian psychocunt CONSTANCE MARIA PECORARO and her CATHOLIC THEME OIL ART, created to ROB MY IDENTITY for SANDRA OH and MY Parents names for WOLF and PECORARO, all connected to these DELUSIONAL RAPING and ROBBING NIGGERS.


PLATT JEWELRY, connected to the very important name of LAWrence PLATT who is the CHAIR person of the BOARD of CSH. EVERYTHING POINTS TO and LEADS TO THIS REAL LIFE HOSPITAL, CEDARS “SIN”AI HOSPITAL, where they’ve been building for 3 decades, for MY IDENTITY to BE SANDRA OH, as if she is the ARTIST of MY ARTWORK. Reason why this PAT”HO”LOGICAL LIAR, BORDERLINE PSYCHOTIC ACTRESS, SANDRA OH is on a Tv “HOSPITAL” Show, GREYS ANATOMY, which is DIRECTLY connected to this Real life Hospital.

GRAY, Greys Anatomy created by sick black bitch SHOnda LYNN RHIMES. PAChyderm is a thick S”KIN” Mam”MAL” like the “GRAY” Elephant, in a sick BLACK COLOR S”KIN” RAPING NEGRO “GREEN” Bank x BANNER CONSPiRACY, all connected to ROBBING of MY Name SIGNature, My JOHN HANCOCK, on MY ART from1981, as if My Name “SANDY”, is the “NIK” of SANDRA OH, GOING BACKWARDS through niggers D “AR” K S”KIN” CO”LOR”.

DARK KNIGHT, Batman, why does Heath Ledger the JOKER blow up the HOSPITAL in this movie.

COPPER C"OIL" Wiring, instead of TUNGSTEN FILAMENT in WOLFramite Scheelite

OIL Burns with FIRE in QUEST for FIRE
COP per and meaning of "CAM" Dung Yee

Hunger Games, Nigger made it himself on the "TREEE"

a few blocks away NEW COIL PUSSY LIP next to MAC....Y"S = Nigger Pussy LIP at CS see video

“078” is Sandy Wang’s First 3 digits in SOCIAL SECURITY NUMBER
87 “36”, 360 degrees is a “O”, Tom BRIDGES at “360” Bridges and ROBS My SSN for SANDRA “OH”

meaning of Sandy Wang’s Social Security Number in “REAL” Estate and Mathemathics of making MONEY
meaning of Sandy Wang’s Social Security Number, FULL Birthday and BORN Identity name on West “BOURNE” Street

connected to Barack “EEERING” Obama’s FRAUD Birth Certificate and FRAUD SSN



meaning of “ELLE”



meaning of “WOLF”ramite Schee”LITE” in LIGHTBULB

“AIR” Libra Metal of COPPER JOSH WOLF who says he’s married to Bethany ASHTON?!?
BUT they BUILT as if JOSH WOLF and CONSTANCE PECORARO had meaning in My Parents Names

New “COPPER METAL” COIL LIGHTS placed on railings, looks like they are handmade.


This is about JOSH MIC”CHA” WOLF who is a “AIR” Libra sign, Stone of Diamond and METAL of “COPPER”. They’ve been building on meaning of COPPER PENNY for many years, connected to meaning of CARL JUNG “COINED” the term Synchronicity, and a COIN is a Copper Penny, connected to “CP” Constance MA”RIA” Pecoraro, as if she had meaning in Carl JUNG, all connected to Korean word for “ASS” which is JUNG DUNG.

The only way how you can understand meaning of this HANDMADE “COPPER METAL COIL” connection, at this specific BUSINESS, is to WATCH the movie “HUNGER GAMES” Catching Fire, released in December 2013.

The word COP “PER”, has been separated to have meaning for “COP” as in the POLICE, and for “PER” to be about the Color “PER”I WINKLE. JOSH WOLF AIR libra metal of COPPER, needs to be LOCKED IN PRISON FOR LIFE with his CALF and COW, Constance Pecoraro and Sandra OH.

HAM is PORK, as in PIG. See SHOE SHOW SHAW, SHORE “HAM” and PER I WIN Kle Color connections. “CONSPIRACY of TWO” in Sending a Message to have me “FRAMED and ARRESTED”.

meaning of COPPER METAL
PER I WIN kle Color sprayed on SHORE “HAM”
monster raping meaning of PERI “WIN”KLE in Robbing and Raping of MY LIFE and ART
for SANDRA OH psycho actress, her school name of “BORDEN”, in “PER”sian means “TO WIN”
Sandra OH high school SIR ROBERT BORDEN in Canada

KAR MA, KAR "Tell" the Story of why Sandy Wang's CAR and DOG were STOLEN in 2009
Sandy Wang's PRICELESS ARTWORK STOLEN through Organized C"RIMES"

It's about Sandy Wang's childhood picture in 1979 with a Black Dog on my LAP, YELLOW VIRGO SIGN, they built as if it's Sandra Oh

Here is the Sequence of how it was built

Sandy Wang in 1979 with Black Dog EATING My H"AIR", and YELLOW VIRGO Sign
Sandy Wang's HAIR in 1984 and in 2006 and Letter C "CL" connections


all of it can be summed up through CHARLIES FIND, EC Elgin CHA rles in MARIA n building

CAP ri "CORN" Sign Shonda LYNN RHIMES in FORM "OSA" CRAB "O" connections of Licking "O" Pussy

SANDRA OH who thinks she is MY IDENTITY and ARTIST of MY ARTWORK, "DOLCE GABANA" with her Father D"O"G

Sandy Wang’s DOG JACK
Sandy Wang’s DOG JACK Stolen in 2009

Sandy Wang’s “KAR” RAV4L parked on "ALDEN" in APRIL 2009 before I was FRAMED by MB

Sandy Wang’s “KAR” RAV4L with Two Portfolios with MY ART, illegally Repossessed “STOLEN” by TOYOTA Financial in 2009

Robertson Blvd x Beverly Blvd
Robertson Blvd

all connected to Robbing of MY IDENTITY, MY ART for Psycho SANDRA OH
BARC"O" connected to tv show “Grey’s Anatomy” created by SHO SHO SHO nda LYNN RHimes

GAE in Korean is DOG, and it also means "CRAB", Cancer Sign of SANDRA OH

CRAB "O" CRAB "O" on HOPE x BUNKER where all NUMBERS Come together in YEARS of RAPING MY LIFE, for Sandra "OH" psyc"HO"

SHO es in Korean is ShinBAL, BAL is “F oo T” “FT”
Go hand in hand with

HOS pi TAL in Korean is Byung WON in Robbing Sandy Wang's IDENTITY through "Coded Words"

reason why Sandra Oh’s agency “UTA” moved next to FOOT HILL Road in 2012



CF Charlies Find, Fendi Casa = House of COKE Fiends

CF Charlies Find, "CHA" rlie and "CAR"ol Gasko will meet you LIFE IN PENITENIA"RY"

Constance MARIA Pecoraro is a "COCAINE FIEND" on Bridgeway
F "R" IEND with JOSH MIC"CHA" WOLF of Wall STreet

TELL the story, of how SICK RAPING BLACK COLOR S”KIN” NIGGERS made up meaning of CARL “JUNG”, and meaning of D “O” J, sound of SANDRA “OH”, “BAR” as in LAW, “RAB”bit Hole, made it all up to ROB MY IDENTITY, MY ART, MY LIFE in MATHemathics of making MONEY, as if this delusional actress is my Identity and Artist of my ARTWORK.

Both these businesses were here “BEFORE” My CAR “RAV4L” and My DOG “PET” Jack was STOLEN in 2009 through Premeditated Organized C”RIMES”. This is ROBERTSON Blvd, a few blocks up is the “TODD CAR SON” connection to “TOP”anga, and meaning of “FORECEE Day BEFORE” connections.

Years of PREMEDITATED Organized GROUP CONSPIRACY of White COLLAR Crimes like FRAUD DOCUMENTING, “THEIR WAY” to Sabotaging MY LIFE, so that SANDRA OH can pretend she is the Artist of my Artwork in MATHemathics of making MONEY through every BUSINESS Name on this street. It’s about My Pencil Drawing of ROBERT GUILLAUME from 1981, which I drew while growing up in JACK”SON” Heights NY in the 1980’s that Sandra OH has been claiming she for 3 decades. ROBERT”SON”, as if through her SCHOOL name of SIR “ROBERT” BORDEN high school in Canada, and through Jesus CH”RIS”T the “SON” OIL painting of Constance Maria Pecoraro “CHA”rlie’s Find, Sandra OH is My “john HANcock” Name SIGNature. As if through Black Color S”KIN”, My name on MY ART “SANDY”, is the “NIK” of her name.

KAR TELL and PET, Stinging TAIL, “Turning Around”.

it’s TIME to LOCK ”O” mentally ill PACHYDERM “RHINO”
Deranged Raping NIGGERS who MUST BE LOCKED PRISON, SHONDA RHIMES and OBAMAS in White House makes GRAYS Anatomy

"RAPING and ROBBING" is "Entertainment" O.N.L.Y to PsychoPATHS

Sandy Wang's Korean Name of WANG looks like "TO TO"
1979 Sandy Wang's 1979 childhood picture with Black Dog on my Lap

To "ROB" the above childhood picture, of My NAME and IDENTITY for Sandra Oh who was born in Otta"WA"

Through PREMEDITATED Organized C"RIMES", this is what they've done,

"20 07" "4 C day B 4", FORM "OSA", 3AR sound "AS O", SAndra OH, in ROBBING My "Nude Pictures' on TREEE in 2009
"20 09" DU "FOUR" Ways to Say "RECTUM" Email to Josh Mic'CHA' Wolf

Josh Mic'CHA' Wolf and BIRTH of his Son Jacob in Robbing My Identity for Sandra Oh
Were these children BORN in the SAME HOSPITAL in Seattle WASHINGTON?

"BLACK" linked to Dog and School in Robbing My Identity and Art for Sandra OH through PEARL JAM Eddie Vedder, daugthers name "O.H"

BARC "O" = "O" CRAB Grey's Anatomy set in Seattle WASHINGTON, created by Shonda LYNN RHIMES, is DIRECTLY connected to ROBBING MY IDENTITY for Sandra 'O'

All Numbers in Raping my Life come together here on HOPE x BUNKER HILL
celebrating the Robbing and raping of My Identity, Art, Life, Cancer "CRAB" Sign SANDRA OH PSYCHO = LIFE IN PENI"TEN"IA"RY"


T"HO"MAS "C" HANDler BRID...g...ES and Robs my I "DENT" ity, My ART, My LIFE for SANDRA "OH" Psy.C"HO" Actress
through F "OO" D Words as if she was My identity since "Birth"

Sandy Wang's First Birthday Baby Picture and FOOD on table

11 "O" 45 Sin CL "AIR" RHIMES with WELL F"AIR" Ana"WAL"T Lum"BER" Company and BARRY CAR .......PET rapists
11 "45" FORM "OSA" address of SHONDA LYNN RHIMES in Los Feliz = PRISON TIME

11 "45" Address of Shonda LYNN RHimes isn't random, she needs to be AR "RES"TED WITH SANDRA OH ASAP in Los Angeles

BAR...acket"EEER"ing Obama in DC should be Arrested

Barr"YS" CAR and PET = raping and robbing of Sandy Wang's CAR and PET in 2009, for Gre"YS" Anatomy Star Sandra OH psycHO

Sandy Wang's CAR, PET, ARTWORK all STOLEN through White Collar C"RIMES" in 2009

PREMEDITATED Organized C"RIMES", all 4TOLD in 2003 movie "THE ORDER" with Heath Ledger who is alive

scroll down to Hanni"BAL" "RIS"ing and WATCH VIDEO and UNDERSTAND Part 1 and 2


EARTH in circle of "O", Sandy Wang's childhood picture in 1980 with Half BLACK Girl

Sandra Oh in 1999, as an Adult, who thinks she is my childhood pictures, OO overLAPping area of PEPSI PUSSY PSYCHO
Exact "TEN" years in RAPING of MY LIFE and ROBBING of MY ART for Deranged Korean Actress SANDRA OH = LIFE IN PENI"TEN"IA"RY"


Sandy Wang's TRADEMARK at the USP"TO" being Robbed by these RAPING FUCKING NIGGERS through MIDGE "BUTLER" RHIMES with "BRIDGE"

USP.TO + gre "YS" anatomy = PUSSY, C"HO" CHA rlies Find OO

Sandra OH PEPSI PUSSY in 1999, same themes still going on in ASS PU"CE" CliTO"RIS" connections

YR sound of "O" meaning of PAC hyderm is a thick S"KIN" mammal like "GRAY" Elephant and "RHINO" built in for Jesus CHRIST Eyes of "SON"
New WH LIBRA "RY" built through raping my Life and MY ART, PA "TREEEE" SHA? SPO? LIFE IN PRISON

YR sound of "O" SANDRA OH in AUD"RY" RHIMES with LIbra"RY" and Laund"RY" connections = LIFE IN PRISON TIME

BARC "O" Shonda LYNN Rhimes address of "11 45" FORM "OSA" connections and BARC "O"
"O" CRAB HOPE x BUNKER HILL monster Numbers connections in 2015

TARGET Final Concrete Evidence all coming together inside PDC SHOWROOMS in PERFEC "T" RAPING GAMES = PRISON TIME

CHICA go "IL LI" NOIS Raping Pedophile Niggers, SHONDA LYNN RHIMES with NIGGER and EDDIE VEDDER, and Baracket"EEER"ing OBAMAS in WHITE makes "GRAY"

They are all from this city CHICA go "IL LI" NOIS, and also "CAP" ri"CORN" sign the G"OAT"

linked to "CHICA" is GIRL in Pedophile Energy Pimping through Pecoraro's NO "NG" created to Rob my I"DENT"ity for Sandra OH born in "Otta"WA"
Constance Pecoraro's OIL ART of JESUS CHRIST and meaning of "OIL BURNS" in QUEST for FIRE


CHA in Korean is "CAR and TEA" and it's meaning has been linked to CHO"CHA" is PUSSY in Spanish



CHA rlies Find Oil art CATHOLIC THEME by Pecoraro meaning = Psycho Mother MOM in the SHOE SHOW er Negroin Area

FORD MUSTANG KARMADELusional Psycho Pecoraro

Lying Criminal IDENTITY ART THIEF, Constance MARIA Pecoraro who needs to be LOCKED IN PRISON FOR LIFE
Hundreds of Concrete Evidence like this to have PECORARO LOCKED IN PRISON FOR LIFE




This is the Corner with CAR PET you see above


C.O. is NOSE in Korean, for Korean Actress SANDRA OH
CHArlies Find, Josh MIC"CHA" WOLF, ASSSSSterisK for CUT 1O, 4 "OO", Heir Libra "Stone of DIAMOND"

Jesus CHRIST "CHA"rlies Find oil art by Psycho COnstance Maria PeCOraro

CO is "NOS E" in Korean connected to MAN"OS"
connected to "CP" CHiCago ILLI"NOIS" Rapists and Pecoraro's "O"IL ART is a CODE in raping and robbing

The street names up next few blocks are: Ashcroft, Dorrington, Rangley, =

San"DRA" OH "D...ARI" of OIL L"ARD" BELOIT her Snake S"KIN" BELT connections

meaning of "DARI O" and RADIO and "BLOOD" connections

psycho Pecoraro's Jesus CHRIST the 'SON', "CHA"rlies Find
Directly connected to Sandra OH school name of SIR ROBERT BORDEN

Fraud Documents to sabotage my life, so they can rob my "John Hancock" Name SIGNature

monster Luxury REAL ESTATE connections in Robbing Sandy Wang's ART and IDENTITY "SSN"

Sandy Wang's ART and IDENTITY "SSN" being robbed for Sandra OH in Mathemathics of making Money that go in 'BAN'ks


see above pictures from 2 years ago, FENDI CASA = CF Charlie's Find
trying to have Sandy Wang's Watercolor art ABSTRACT page "Transparent Birthmarks" in "LL" to have meaning for Jesus Christ

Sandy Wang's ABSTRACT Page watercolor Art, bottom of page "L L" of ANATOMY

new WATER BRANDS to rob my Watercolor Art for Sandra Oh as if this psycho ACTRESS is the Artist

"O"IL is L"ARD" is a CODE built into NAME of San"DRA O", in QUEST for FIRE, QUT 1 O 4 OO FORM OF HANDCUFFS ASAP


another VIEW of this same street ROBERTSON Blvd
another VIEW of this same street ROBERTSON Blvd heading up to MELROSE "RHIMES" with MANOS

Sandy Wang's Writings of I"WAL"Y on my ARchitectural Drawing from 1982

EAR sound is how they ROB and RAPE and CHA nge meaning
meaning of BLACK COLOR S"KIN" and "NIK"

WATCH go on W "RIS" T and RHIMES with CH "RIS" T in monster Group Conspiracy

LAW nd"RY" RHIMES with AUD"RY" of Sandra OH psycHO actress who is going to PRISON FOR LIFE


LIECA is a new CAM...era Store opened in 2012

CAM Dung Yee meaning

This is cute. But let's be very CLEAR, it's called IDENTITY THEFT, ART THEFT and LIFE THEFT, being disguised as anything else, anything other than what it is, to COVER UP "RAPING and ROBBING".

I don't give a flying fuck if Sandra Oh is GAY or not, that isn't the ISSUE, the ISSUE is that MY LIFE, Sandy Wang's LIFE has been completely SABOTAGED, DURING ENTIRE TWO TERMS OF RAPING FUCKING NIGGER BARACK OBAMA, from "CHICA"go ILLI"NOIS", connected to SHONDA LYNN RIMES who is from CHICA go ILLI"NOIS", linked to NIGGER RHIMES with PEARL JAM SINGER EDDIE VEDDER, all building on CHARLIES FIND OIL ART of Jesus CHRIST by Constance Maria Pecoraro, connected to why in 2005 Grey's Anatomy was created with SANDRA OH as CH"RIS"TINA YANG in a monster GROUP CONSPIRACY of IDENTITY THEFT, ART THEFT, LIFE THEFT. It's Beyond Words PSYCHOLOGICAL RELENTLESS RAPING and TERRORIZING, some things I can't and won't talk or write about here on these pages, but will be SAID and WRITTEN in COURT OF LAW to have these CRIMINALS LOCKED IN PRISON.

KAR tell. CAR is “CHA” in Korean, connected to Robbing of My Identity, My John Hancock, meaning of My Father’s Identity and Name for Sandra OH, built through Constance Maria Pecoraro’s OIL ART of Jesus CHRIST the Son, “CHA RLIES FIND”. I”TAL”ian psycho Constance PecorarO, PINOCCHIO NOSE is getting very long, PECORARO GOING TO PRISON IS A GIVEN.

The Reason why my “RAV”4L was stolen in 2009, after I was FRAMED by “MB” Mercedes BENZ Car Dealership and Locked Wrongfully in Jail for 5 months, when I should’ve been released the next day from Court.

It’s connected to G “RAV” Y THIC”KEN”ER which is CORN STARCH, and everything about robbing my Identity and My ART, MY LIFE for SANDRA OH, is connected to CAPrI”CORN” Sign the G”OAT” of SHONDA LYNN RHIMES and EDDIE VEDDER of P”EAR”L JAM music band and tv HOSPITAL show “Grey’s Anatomy”, with Sandra OH as “CHRIST”ina YANG, which is DIRECTLY connected to real life Hospital CEDARS SINAI “CS”, 1 block away.

It goes back decades, but mainly and most importantly to the address of CALLON DRIVE in TOPANGA where I lived in 2007. It’s about Robbing and RAPING of MY PICTURES, MY ANATOMY, MY IDENTITY on the “S” shaped TREEEE, built as if it’s Sandra OH. What is Sandra OH’s middle name? PATRICIA? EAR sound of Pa “TREEE” SHA? SPO? LIFE IN PRISON. Sandra OH says her middle name is “MIJU” which means P”EAR”L.

This is why the PUG CARPET is on display. The RAPING OF MY LIFE and MY ART, “IS” this TV SHOW “Grey’s Anatomy” created by CHICAgo ILLI”NOIS” NIGGER SHONDA RHIMES “CAP”ri”CORN” Sign, reason why and how BARACK OBAMA became the “44 and 45” Presi”DENT”, of BLACK niggers in WHITE HOUSE makes GRAYS Anatomy of mentally deranged TRANSGENDER Michelle Obama.

Tom C”HAND”ler BRIDGES meaning of My Name SIGNature on my pencil drawing of NIGGER ROBERT GUILLAUME from 1981, that they’ve been building as if SANDRA OH Drew this Drawing, through her School name of “SIR” ROBERT BORDEN in Canada, which was built AFTER I drew my drawing in 1981. Her School name of “SIR” is connected to CH “RIS” T the Son “O”IL ART by Constance Pecoraro, in robbing my name SIGNature on my ART as if it’s Sandra OH, through her ACTING ROLE of CH”RSI”tina Yang on “Grey’s Anatomy” tv show

“CO” is NOS”E” in Korean, “E”yes of “SON” Jesus CHRIST linked to BUSINESSES on ROBERT”SON” Blvd, that they’ve been building as if Sandra OH is MY Name SIGNature on MY ART from 1981, built through someone else’s, Pecoraro’s oil art of Jesus CHRIST in a Group Conspiracy. So Sandra OH needs both Tom Bridges, Constance Pecoraro’s ART, and many other people’s Identities, in order for 1 of My Identity and My ART to have meaning for her.


The connecting link of these THREE RAPISTS, who’s lives are built on Robbing My IDENTITY and ART for SANDRA OH, meet at several points, but the main clear obvious ones are “CHICA go ILLINOIS” where they are all from, CEDARS SINAI HOSPITAL, and the State of SEATTLE “WA” SHINGTON, where Eddie Vedder lives, connected to why Grey’s Anatomy is set in the same City, linked to WASHINGTON “DC”. “CD” Callon Drive, TOPANGA, between PENNY road and SYLVANIA Lane, this address and why I had my RENT MONEY ROBBED and was LOCKED OUT ILLEGALLY in October 2007, is DIRECTLY connected to HOW THIS FUCKING RAPING NIGGER BECAME the PRESIDENT in WHITE House address of “1600” PENNSYLVANIA Ave. And it’s been RELENTLESS TERRORIZING OF MY LIFE, ROBBERY OF MY MONEY, MY PROPERTY, MY INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY, etc. DU DU DU RING THIS FUCKING NIGGERS PRESIDENCY, ALL INTENTIONAL. All Intentional like the Premeditated Organized “C”RIMES of illegally revoking my “DENT”al Hygiene License in 2013 through White Collar C”RIMES”. PREMEDITATED and INTENTIONAL are the Key words in CENT SCENT SENTENCING OF LIFE IN PENITENIA”RY” for IDENTITY ART and LIFE THEFT.


What is Sandra OH’s middle name on her BIRTH CERTIFICATE from Otta”WA” CANADA?

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