Sandy Wang’s Studio Apt 407 EAST 87th St. NYC circa 1998

407 E 87th Street building is a BRICK building known as a “BROWN STONES” in NYC
My Studio apt had a WALL of Exposed BRICKS and a FIRE PLACE which are common in Brown Stones in NYC

See Childhood Pictures of Sandy Wang White and Red
Sandy Wang’s childhood picture in 1980 White and Red

Sandra Oh TV Guide “EG”G and Cancer the “CRAB”

“CRAB” “BARC O” bag in 2012, by Shonda Rhimes sick raping NIGGER PUSSY
Sandra OH “CANCER the CRAB” and Nigger Pussies in CATHO Ass Pussy LICKING as if she is My 1980 childhood picture
Sandra OH HOUSE ADDRESS “407” or “704”, because she thinks she is MY IDENTITY in these pictures in 1990’s in NYC


meaning of GOLD which is LEO METAL

Sandy Wang’s name SIGNature of “OO” meaning, John HANCOCK

TV ? TARA VIRGO? Josh Wolf’s son Mother’s NAME and her SIGN, if this is her name, Josh Wolf is going to PRISON FOR LIFE with VIRGO PECORARO

JOSH MIC”CHA” WOLF, a regular on GOLD I LOCK of BLONDE H”AIR”, pus”SEA” Chel”SEA” HANDler show and “Chelsea COURT” connections of RAPING MY LIFE

Constance Maria Pecoraro’s SICK JESUS “CHA”RLIES FIND Painting, Josh MIC”CHA” WOLF

1999 SANDRA OH “OO” in 1999 Pepsi Pussy “GRAY SON” connections

Sandy Wang’s FRAMED by “CHA” CAR Company MERCE…..DES “BEN”Z in April 2009

connected to “4 C day B4” meaning of MaiMONEY “DES” ACA……….demy sick JEWISH SCHOOL

connected to “CAR LOS” SETTI “NG” UP and Framing me DENT ist on “HANCOCK Avenue”, HANDCUFF ME, so MY HANCOCK can be SANDRA OH

DU “FOUR” Beverly Hills Police Officer and “GOLD DUST” in April 2009 “OO” Form of HANDCUFFS

Sandra Oh GOLDiLOCK of HAIR and Dress
Constance Pecoraro LOCK Holes
Constance Pecoraro’s Front and Back door Gold Frames

“OO” 407 Maple Drive Beverly Hills
TV Tele “VISION” see with “OO” Eyes

Exact TEN Years of RAPING MY LIFE so that SANDRA OH can pretend she is MY IDENTITY

Sandy Wang in “SKIN COLOR” Sweater
I’ve had so many clothes in the color of TAN, BEIGE, S”KIN” COLOR

Sandy Wang in Beige S”KIN” Color Sweater in High School 10 yrs before in 1985

meaning of S”KIN” CO”LOR”
All connected to Borderline Psychotic Actress IDENTITY and LIFE THIEF, SANDRA OH who MUST BE LOCKED IN PRISON FOR LIFE

SEE TELE “VISION” with your EYES “OO”. T is a HE with a Hard on, what’s left? LEE H. Montgomery.

I did my FAC in 1982 and Wrote the Writings “Key to my Soul” about Lee Montgomery. It was in a Notebook, that I think was thrown out when my Parents moved out of their Jackson Heights NY Home. It was thrown out with the Olive Green JACKET that is hanging in the Beverly Hills Library as a piece of Abstract Art.

I’ve had this GOLD CLOCK for many years. It FOLDS into a 1 “O”. They’ve been building on my Writings of “KEY to my SOUL” and this Gold Clock for many years, it’s why in the last 10 years, there are so many new building towers with Clocks on them.

“G” is Old. If it’s about BEN and the Two “G”s Michael Jackson and Lee Montgomery, G is Old MJJ “58” but he died, so “61” Year of ONE” must be G is old.

I bought some DUNGENESS Crabs to cook, and because it was huge, I took a picture of it next to an "EGG", my apt KEYS just happen to be in the picture also. My father was a Cancer the Crab born in the Month of JUNE. Both Sandra Oh and Tom Cruise are Cancers born in the Month of JU LIE.

When I took these pictures in the late 90's they began renovating the Beverly Hills City Hall and the Library, with similar AZTEC Design of the "rug" on the floor and my first boyfriend Stephen's Sweater. They were building it based on my Writings from 1982 "KEY to my Soul". For My Identity, My Artwork, My First boyfriend Stephen Garrison and EVERYTHING about me to BE and have meaning for SANDRA OH, through a fag name Tom Bridges who has the same birthday as me of "8/13" but different year. "GU" in Korean means number "9" Year I was born, and it's also in the name Robert "GU"illaume, as in the BENSON drawing I did in 1982, the reason why Sandra Oh went to Sir ROBERT BORDEN High School, the same reason why she was on TV "GU"ide.

This Apt I lived in for several years on 407 East 87th Street Upper East Side was managed by KENT REALTY company, and I’m sure they have a record of my Leases from 1996-1998.

I had a PICTURE of my BICYCLE “OO” in front of my Fire Place in this apt which was STOLEN, as an isolated incident, as in someone WENT THROUGH the pictures to PICK THIS SPECIFIC ONE OUT and Take it. Like a Specific picture of me wearing PURPLE SHORTS was STOLEN individually.

All my Documents and Records like Leases, Financial Bank Records, Tax Records, ETC were All STOLEN from Public Storage in July 2008.

I have BLONDE HAIR white bitches following me all the time. They want my GOLD CLOCK to have meaning for Gold I LOCK of H”AIR”, because Jesus Christ JOSH WOLF is a “AIR” Libra. The reason why he’s a regular on Gold I Lock of Blonde Hair Chelsea Handler’s Show, who is from LIVINGSTON New Jersey. Livingston is a Clock Brand name. Disturbed Blonde gay bitches who have no creative juices of their own. They Follow and Stalk me wearing Specific COLOR CLOTHES, so that the COLORS in MY Specific WATERCOR ARTWORK can have meaning for them. It’s WANG’S ARTWORK, VIDEO RECORDING and MARKS.

ELLEN DEgeneris might be interested in them.

PAL in Korean is the Number 8 and the word for ARM. 8 can be written horizontally as in “OO”. They want the meaning of number EIGHT in KOREAN, the meaning of MY SIGN of GOLD metal of LEO connected to this GOLD CLOCK, MY First Name SIGNature of “Sandy*” on the drawing of ROBERT GUILLLAUME from 1982 with “OO”, all to have meaning for Jesus CHRIST “OO” Eyes is horny for FORM of ASS of MARia Pecoraro. ARM is Upper Body “OO” must be form of TITS for TITle of “CHA”rlies Find OIL Artwork. They built a huge ASS CONSPIRACY for “OO” to be about form of ASSS connected to my name SIGNature of “Sandy*” with an ASTERISK which is the number 8 Key.

It’s really the SIZE of LEE MONTGOMERY PENIS, 8 inches the SAME SIZE as MY MUSICIAN FATHER. And it’s for T “OO”, because when two people marry, there are TWO RINGS in the shape of “O”.

Tho”MAS CHRIST”opher Bridges CATHOLICK Jesus CHRIST of Connie Pecoraro’s OIL paintings with OIL Blubber Asses through MOUTHS in DENtistry with Mother Maria Virgo the Mai”DEN”, and 3ARs through “BLUE T”OOTH”. 924 0 Turn Bull of Gay Ass and Balls.

What is JOSH WOLF's SON JACOB WOLF's THAI female MOTHER's NAME? Is it TARA and is she a VIRGO like Constance Maria Pecoraro? Was their SON JA"COB" born in SWE"DISH" Hospital in Seattle Washington? The REASON why "DISH TV" was created. THESE QUESTIONS MUST BE ANSWERED, IT IS THE REASON FOR 2 DECADES OF HARDSHIP IN MY LIFE AND REASON FOR YEARS OF TERROR.

GOLD CLOCK on top of TV, OO, for meaning of My Name SIGNature of "SANDY" with "OO" made with the letter "S" of my first name on MY Pencil Drawing of ROBERT GUILLAUME that both JOSH WOLF and CONSTANCE PECORARO think has meaning for them, through their JESUS CHRIST OIL ARTWORK of "OO" CATHOLIC Theme in MATHemathics of making MONEY.

Connected to MY Writings of "KEY to MY SOUL" in 1982 about LEE MONTGOMERY. If KEY is PENSI, then LOCK must be Vagina.

REASON WHY IN 2009, MY "KEY" PAINTING, MY DOG JACK, was STOLEN through ORGANIZED CRIMES. The REASON why Constance Pecoraro moved to "707" Bridgeway in 2009. 407 87. 707, what's left? 48, for who? for what? for "OO" MUST BE FORM OF HANDCUFFS FOR CONSTANCE PECORARO AND JOSH WOLF WHO NEED TO BE LOCKED IN PRISON FOR LIFE. RAPISTS OF MY "LOCK AND KEY".

Summary in 2013.

407 E. 87.

48 or "400" Foothill road new addres of Mercedes BENz Service Center in 2008

MAP le Drive "407" see “LEAF” ()

SANDRA OH and GREEN “LEAF” around her “MOK AGE” GA MOK in Korean means Jail or Prison

Psycho Pecoraro's new address of "707" Bridgeway, what’s left? “400”

CeDARS “SIGN EYE” Hospital logo of “OO”, DIRECTLY connected to HOSPITAL Show “Grey’s Anatomy”

meaning o f over LAP PING Space “OO” = (l)

What is SANDRA OH's House Address? 704? = HOmelesS ASAP and then LIFE IN PRISON

Constance Pecoraro’s jesus CHRIST “CHA”RLIE’S FIND “OO”

Studi Study “O” PEPSI PUSSY “OO” SANDRA OH in 1999 and “GRAY SONS” connection to my childhood picture in 1979

Like everything else about MY IDENTITY, MY ART, MY LIFE, every important “ITEM” from MY LIFE, THEY BUILT IT, for MY GOLD C”LOCK” OO, to have meaning for SANDRA OH, through Constance Pecoraro’s Jesus CHRIST “CHA”rlies EYES of “OO”, the reason why SANDRA OH is Doctor “CHRIST”ina Yang on “Greys Anatomy”. See below link ROBERTSON ALDEN Corner and look for a GOLD “FIRE HYDRANT”. This is an extremely important CONCRETE EVIDENCE, connected to meaning of MY JOHN HAN”COCK”, as in my Name SIGNature of “SANDY” with OO made with letter S of my name, for my LEO sign metal of GOLD, to be “Bridged” by TOM BRIDGES who has the same LEO birthday as me, bridges Pea”COCK” is a BIRD, with My GOLD C”LOCK”.

This is the reason why CEDARS “SIGN” EYE logo symbol of “OO” is very important in ROBBING MY IDENTITY for SANDRA OH, meaning of MY Name SIGNature on MY ARTWORK, through HOSPITAL show “fictional” tv show, “GREYS ANATOMY”. It’s called IDENTITY THEFT, ART THEFT, Intellectual Property Theft. = LIFE IN PRISON.

Sandy Wang’s GOLD EARRINGS with my Mother in 1991

Sandy Wang’s GOLD EARRINGS in High School

FAC 1982 and Writings

WANG in Korean Characters

My friend NATE ANABLE who visited me when I lived in this apt in 1998

GOLD metal of LEO


GOLD FIRE HYDRANT with “704”, this Apt Address I was living in 1990’s in NYC

meaning of MY JOHN HAN”COCK” and CLOCK

Tom C. Bridges “8/13/72” Leo

lying sociopath fag in San Francisco

Sandy Wang in GREEN Dress, “GLO” d RIA “CAT”herine Lee

Sandra OH in “GOLD DRESS” with ROPE and EARRINGS in SEPTEMBER 2009


“CAT” HolQ Church Theme

KATie HOLmes and British GREENWich Mean “TIME” Clock

Connie Pecoraro GOLD I CLOCK of Hair

SANDRA OH and GOLD “OO” EARRINGS whats the big deal, exactly

SANDRA OH who is a CANCER metal of SILVER, who wants GOLD to have meaning for her

Psycho Actress Sandra Oh in GOLD DRESS and "ROPE" Belt

GAE in Korean means CRAB and DOG

Laurel Canyon DOG Park GAE in Korean means DOG and CRAB Dog’s BARK

Chelsea Handler GOLD I LOCK of Blonde Hair big connection

CHELSEA PIERS GOLF Lessons and GOLD I Lock of Hair Ellen NORdeGren
Peeping Tom Blue Hair

ARCHITECTURE of “LOCK and KEY” in Jigsaw Crossword Puzzle Designs

meaning of CRAB the CANCER walks "SIDEWAYS" and BRICK connections

Building Structure and DOOR De”SIGN”s

Beverly Hills Library on RexFORD Drive

Public Storage July 2008

Key Hole Connections

Eye “C” I dentity Thieves

Michael Jackson’s “Breaking News”

CHEL “SEA” “FLOW”Ers on THROBERT”SON” Blvd GOLD I Lock of Blonde HAIR for AIR Libra Josh Wolf

THE ROB CLARK and VILLA on Third Street

TELEVISION “OO” and GOLD’S Gym on COLE Street in Hollywood THEY BUILT IT


Exciting LINEN at PENINSULA HOTEL see GOLD CLOCK “OO” , and WH death at the Beverly Hilton

407 E. 87 Psycho Pecoraro new address of "707" Bridgeway since 2009

what's left? 48 or 4OO "400" of AD HOMINEM Enterprises of CAP'S business

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