924 Calle Amable Glendale


So WHY did this “DOCTOR” answer my Ad in Oct 2006? His Home had lots of “CATHOLIC ART”
For SANDRA OH who plays “ACTING” role of CHINESE DOCTOR “CRIST”ina Yang, on Tv Show “Grey’s Anatomy” HOSPITAL Show.

Repeating Numbers of “429” TERRORIZING ME
all connected to “AIR” Libra JOSH WOLF agency in ROLex Building address of “9420”
Josh Mic”CHA” Wolf married to Bethany W “ASH” ing “TON”
Constance Pecoraro’s CATHOLIC THEME OIL ART of Jesus “CHRIST” CHA rile
reason why Sandra OH is “CRIST”ina Yang, Birth of JOSH WOLF Son JACOB WOLF in SEATTLE “WASHINGTON” is WHY “Grey’s Anatomy” is set there
OO () RAY “CHARLES” Cafeteria Greys Anatomy Hospital Tv show, DIRECTLY connected to everything they’ve been building at CEDARS “SINAI” HOSPITAL with “GEORGE” Burns street
OO () RAY GUN PEPSI PUSSY SANDRA OH in 1999 SANDRA OH in 1999 Cho”CHA” in Spanish means PUSSY

meaning of PYRAMID “TRI”ANGLE on ONE DOLLAR BILL with GEORGE “WASHINGTON” Pyramids are in “EGYPT” as well as “SINAI”, MU “BARAK HOSNI” in EGYPT meaning and ousting of MORSI
meaning of “DOCTORS”
Barack Obama’s FRAUD Birth Certificate and “DOTOR NAME” of DAVID SIN CL “AIR” Rhymes with CH”AIR”
En”DOW”ed CH “AIR” at Cedars “SINAI” Hospital and “Harvey MORSE CODE”
SIN CLAIR “R.I.M.E.S” with CH “AIR” at the PDC “FUR”niture Showrooms, FUR in Korean is “TAL”, reason why “Grey’s Anatomy” is on “TAL”man ave

in a DELUSIONAL PAC hyderm Mam”MAL” S”KIN” Conspiracy
CO in Korean is “NOS” E “E”eyes of the SON BACKwards “OO” is ASS


When I CREATED my online name as “WINNY”, he answered it because it’s connected to “WINNIE’S COUTURE” on Wilshire Blvd, across the street from Rolex Building “924”0 Wilshire Blvd address of Josh Wolf’s agency “Parallel Entertainment”. This is also BRETT BERN’S Birthday numbers backwards, a Repeating Number that has Terrorized me.

The word MARY’S is about have my first name SIGNature of “SandY” going backwards to have meaning for Sand"RA" OH to have meaning in my name Signature of SandY "going backwards" through Connie Pecoraro’s Catholic Church Theme of Mother MARY and SON Jesus CHRIST. It's connected to SANDRA OH who thinks she is MY IDENTITY in MY Childhood pictures of me wearing Red SHOes and Red SHOrts with MARY JANE SHOes. This is why in the last few years, many new Businesses opened with name ending in “Y”S” as in somebod Y”S name. It’s about creating through Business Names, Other People’s Names, based on MY IDENTITY and MY ARTWORK, twisted and repackaged to fit their Catholic Church theme of are you “PI”ous and religious, and Horney to make Money.

Sandra Oh playing a Chinese DOCTOR on "Grey's Anatomy" is connected to Rafat Iskander, and for Tom Bridges to bridge her on BRIDGEway because the TAO is the WAY with Connie Pecoraro's CATHOLIC Church theme, she wants Jesus CHRIST “OO” Josh Wolf, to be looking at her Dr. CRISTina Yang's Ass. This was about creating meaning of "FATHER" through the name "RA" FAT her, as in Sand”RA” OH, for Jesus CHRIST the SON Josh Wolf to begin playing the role of MY FATHER, in their HOLY TRINITY of FATHER SON and HOLY S”PI” TT fucking game, for him licking fucking Carl Jung YOUNG HOR HOLES to have meaning for her TV Show.

Rafat is EGYPTIAN. Egypt is about the “PY”ramid. PI, PY. This is connected to the EGYPTIAN Theatre on Hollywood Blvd, where the Statues and Sculptures all have “BIRD” Wings. Tom BRID ges Hubbard Lard BIRDS on BRIDGEWAY, with Mother “MARY”, Connie Maria Pecoraro. It’s connected to the meaning of One Dollar Bill, My Birthdate and Name, Pyramid and EYE on the Dollar Bill and George “WA”shington.

He had a lot of EGYPTIAN Artwork in his House in Glendale, and I took pictures of them but they were Stolen and Destroyed. I think him being Egyptian might be connected to “Charles Ponzi” Business PYRAMID Scheme. He works for ST. MARY’S Hospital. CAT HOLIC Church theme of MAT HE MAT HICS for are you “PI”ous Religious and Horney to make Money. When I lived in his house, “rented” a room, he brought over a Korean female several times to the house. The Korean CHILDREN’S Artwork in the bookshelf is another Korean connection.

EGYPT, PYRAMID, connected to PYRAMID HOUSES next to CALLON DRIVE TOPANGA which I wouldn’t know about until later in 2007, connected to “TRI” PYRAMID on TOP of GREEN Building at Pacific Design Center where they’ve been building for 3 decades for MY IDENTITY to BE SANDRA OH, connected to PYRAMID with ONE Eye on the ONE DOLLAR BILL with George WASHINGTON. ALL Connected to meaning of MY “BOURNE IDENTITY”, My Korean name of WANG SIN WON, which SOUNDS Like WA”SHIN”gtON. This DOCTOR knew about all this. It’s connected to creating MEANING for MY IDENTITY, MY KOREAN NAME to BE SANDRA OH. Sandra OH REAL LIFE PSYCHO ACTRESS who thinks she is the Artist of my Artwork, as CHRISTina Yang on tv show “GREY’S Anatomy”, set in SEATtle WASHINGTON, connected to real life Hospital CEDARS “SIN”ai Hospital in West Hollywood.

I think him and his brother have connections in EGYPT, and I think it might be connected to the BILLIONAIR Politician HISHAM TALAAT MOUSTAFA, who paid a hitman 2 million to stab his ex girlfriend model SUZANNE TAMIM 30 yrs old, who was living in DUBAI. He was sentenced to death. This is a very similar kind of “Energy” of BRETT BERN, who is an ABUSIVE SOCIOPATH. I dated him for 2 WEEKS in 1997, and he is STILL STALKING me through Other People, and he is connected to all my HOUSING TERROR like SANDRA OH, Connie Pecoraro and Josh Wolf.

“RA” is in the word “AR”T. Sand”RA” OH wants people to think she DREW the DRAWings from MY FAC in 1982. RA FAT is about Sand RA Oh, DOCTOR “CRIST”ina Yang, who wants Jesus CHRIST the SON Josh Wolf to be her FATHER, “924”0 Parallel Entertainment in Rolex Building, in their CAThOLIC, Father Son and HOLY SPITT Money making Gaym. 924 is a Repeating Number. It’s connected to Sociopath BRETT ANAL BERN’S Birthday Number. All my HOUSING TERROR is connected to these same people, and it’s been going on for many years.

RAFAT Iskander answered my AD on roommates.com. My online name was “WINNY”, and his was “RAFAEL”. His address of 924 Calle Amable, Glendale was about 924 “O” address on Wilshire Blvd, ROLEX Building, which is a block away from “Winnie’s Couture” in Beverly Hills. “O” sounds like “OH” as in Sand”RA” “OH” who is a Chinese DOCtor CRISTina Yang on “Grey’s Anatomy”, sick actress who wants the Upper TWO Left LINKS on my Website “HO”me and “AR”tits to have meaning for her HER NAME “Going Backwards”. THE REASON WHY EVERY FRAUD DOCUMENT USED TO TERRORIZED MY LIFE, IS ABOUT THIS SICK PSYCHOBITCH’S NUMBERS “BACKWARDS”.

Cardiologists work on the HEART. It’s about the CARD given to me during my LP 173 Training. Fafat Iskan”DER” is about RED as in Blood filled engorged dick throbbing for HEART SHAPED ASS of MOTHER MARY FOUNDATION in SANTA MONICA. It’s about the VIDEO RECORDING of “View of my Ass” with RED VELVET Lingerie which was Dubbed with a HEART SHAPED ASS, so that my Wet Vagina can have meaning for a PERFECT ASS. ASS CONSPIRACY through my first name SIGNATURE on BENSON, with “Sandy*” sound of the word “ASS”te RISK, is the number 8 KEY on the computer keys. KEY is 8 inch PENIS, but to them, “OO” is ASS, which is really the BALLS, because it’s about Robert Guilluame drawing of BENSON’S “EYE BALL” inside the Magnifying Glass.

Sandy Wang’s INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY, SIGNATURE and WRITINGS. “KEY to my SOUL”. Aster “RISK”. The reason why Tom Cruise made “RISKY Business”. The reason why Lee Montgomery made “Prime RISK”. IT’S HOW LONG TOM CRUISE MAPOTHER HAS BEEN ATTACHED TO MY LIFE.

924 is a recurring number. It is a Sociopath name Brett Alan Bern’s birthday number backwards, 4/29/63 TAURUS. His father’s name is RON, he is the SON of RON, and a Perfect MATch made in Heaven for Sandra Oh, up in NORthridge HOspital going backwards. Sandra Oh thinks she owns Wilshire Blvd because her Agency UTA, United Talent Agency and her agent Billy LazaRUS is on 9560 Wilshire Blvd. The Building Businesses where her Agent is, is a big part of Sandra Oh wanting my Identity and my life experiences to be hers. A perfect example is through the Business BURBERRY which is in the same building as UTA on Camden Drive in Beverly Hills. I think Sandra Oh is Cancer with Taurus Rising.

924 “O” Wilshire Blvd is the address of Josh Wolf’s Agency “Parallel Entertainment” in the Rolex Building. This Address in Glendale was PIMPED, so that through my LIFE and the AddreSS of where I lived can have meaning for sick ActreSS Sandra Oh and her Tv Show “Grey’s Anatomy”, the reason why since I moved to Los Angeles in October 2006, I’ve had problems finding housing, and the only people who answered my ADS were people connected to Sandra Oh.


Every female who is connected to my life, that Sandra Oh wants to “OM” with so they can have meaning for them, Brett Bern had sex with all of them. Jeannie BERNARDO, Gloria Lee, Beverly Davis ETC. They reason why these two are a perfect match.

SON of RON Brett Bern who is a Taurus Bull, is a Perfect Match for Sandra Oh, who is Taurus Rising, and her agency is called “UTA” United Talent Agency and she is CHRIStina Yang because she wants my High School classmate CHRISTINA BERNARDO who is a TAUrus to have meaning for her.
There are specific Psychotic Patterns of Sandra Oh and people who support her, severely psychologically AND physically Traumatizing me, while she plays the role of a “DOCTOR”, when in REALITY, this sick Actress is a Cancerous Parasite. It is so that she can BE my Identity and my Artwork can have meaning for her, while sabotaging my life. This has been going on for many years, before I moved to California in 1999, it was happening in NYC where I lived for over 20 years. I have Concrete Evidence and Documentation of this. This is the reason why Sandra Brown’s book “ENVY” is so powerful.

It's not random it's a DOCtor who answered my ad on Roommates.com, it's about having anything I do, where ever I am living to have meaning for Psycho ACTRESS Sandra Oh who plays the character of a "Doctor" when in reality, Sandra Oh is a Cancerous sick PARASITE, Gay Bitch.

Rafat Iskander working at ST. MARY’S HOSPITAL is DIRECTLY Connected to SANDRA OH, who has been building her life, through Connie MARI a Pecoraro’s CATHOLIC Theme, for MAThemathics of MAKING MONEY. MATH, the reason why there are Repeating Numbers. It’s connected to SANDRA OH on “GREY’S Anatomy” which is DIRECTLY connected to Cedars Sinai Hospital.

GLENDALE has a lot of “ARM”enian people, which is connected to Tom Cruise, because this word has part of Connie “MAR”ia Pecoraro. All Restaurants with the word “FARM”, FARMers MARkets is about her CATHOLIC Church theme of Mother Mary MAR ia and her son Jesus Christ.

This is about the KOREAN WORD “PAL” which means number 8 in Korean and the word for ARM, and they’ve been creating meaning for MY First Name SIGNature of “SANDY*” on MY Pencil Drawing from 1981 of Robert Guillaume with “OO” to have meaning for Constance Pecoraro’s OIL Painting of MOTHER “MARY” and Jesus CHRIST with “OO” Eyes. This is also why Constance Pecoraro is very good friends with MICHAEL “LAP”PERT. PAL BACKWARDS, “OO” for her Jesus CHRIST is horny for Form of ASS BACKWARDS.

Her Jesus CHRIST is the Vehicle created to ROB the meaning of MY First Artwork Collection from 1981 and 1982 and MY Writings. It’s to support SANDRA OH as “CRIST” ina Yang on ‘GREY’S ANATOMY’, AS IF She was MY IDENTITY and the ARTIST of MY ARTWORK. Gre “Y’S”, created by SHO”NDA” Rimes, AS IF SANDRA OH is My Name SIGNature of “SANDY” on the drawing of ROBERT GUILLAUME from 1981, the REASON why this sick disturbed Actress went to SIR ROBERT BORDEN high school and has been claiming she is MY IDENTITY AS IF she DREW my drawings. It isn’t just about MY ARTWORK, it’s EVERYTHING and ANYTHING about ME and MY LIFE, to be this sick disturbed ACTRESS, who’s ENTIRE Acting career and HER ENTIRE LIFE is built based on MY ARTWORK and MY IDENTITY. TO BE HER. BORDERLINE PSYCHOTIC ACTRESS.

RAFAT ISKANDER and this address is connected to 9420 Wilshire Blvd, address of ROLEX BUILDING, where JOSH MIC”CHA” WOLF’S agency Parallel Agency is. They’ve been building for many years, for THOMAS CHRISTOPHER BRIDGES My Mother with Psycho Constance Pecoraro, MY Father with JOSH WOLF and MY IDENTITY with SANDRA OH. RA “FAT” HER, Sand”RA” OH”S Father is JOSH WOLF.

RAFAT works as a DOCTOR at ST. MARY’S HOSPITAL, and I’ve been writing that Cedars SINai Hospital is DIRECTLY connected to Sandra Oh as ‘CRIST’ina Yang on “GREY’S Anatomy” Hospital show set in Seattle WashingtON, SIN WON is MY KOREAN NAME and SANDRA OH thinks MY KOREAN Name is HER. This is connected to the name IRVING and “MARY” LAZARUS in the Plaza Lobby of Cedars SINai Hospital, BILLY LAZARUS is Sandra Oh’s Agency at UTA, United Talent Agency.

They’ve been PIMPING specific “NAMES” in MY LIFE for many years, unbeknownst to me, to “OM” and create meaning through OTHER PEOPLES Names having had “CONTACT” with ME and MY LIFE, for MY LIFE to also have meaning for this DELUSIONAL SICK ACTRESS SANDRA OH. This included guys I’ve met and have had sex with. It’s like RAPE.

RAFAT Iskander’s ART Catholic Theme of Mother Mary and her Jewish SONS

RAFAT Iskander’s House Hallway “Childrens’ Books” and Korean Folk Art



My Father’s Identity through BUSINESS Names in Hollywood

UTA BILLY LAZARUS is Sandra Oh’s agent

the REASON why SANDRA OH is “CRIST”ina Yang on “Grey’s Anatomy”


IRVING and “MARY” LAZARUS names at Cedars SINai Hospital

Sandra Oh Psycho Actress who thinks she is MY IDENTITY


Constance MARIA Pecoraro’s OIL Artwork of MARY and Jesus CHRIST

“3”AR Heart Shaped Ass Mother MARY “YR Ass Man” Brett “ANAL Bern and BEARD Josh “MICCHA” Wolf

“DOC”tor CRISTina Yang, Jesus CHRIST Charlie’s Find

Josh MIC”CHA” Wolf 9240 Wilshire Blvd ROLEX Building

WINNIE’S COUTURE on Wilshire Blvd across the street from ROLEX BUILDING

429 Repeating Numbers

SYLMAR Hospital Bill and HORRIFIC INCIDENT “CAUSED” by this sick DOCTOR RAFAT in abusing my life

HOSPITAL connections

Housing Terror

PYRAMID HOUSES discovered in 2007 on Callon Drive TOPANGA

PYRAMID on TOP of GREEN building at Pacific De”SIGN” Center discovered in 2009

meaning of GEORGE WASHINGTON in the ONE Dollar Bill with PYRAMID

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