April 2009

Hands. Artwork.

These are the events which lead to a horrific event which was “Set Up” in April 2009 “429”. 4/20/09. What I am writing here is redunant, written in many other pages, but it’s the bigger CONTEXT as to why this incident happened, and is being told as a “story” and how these seemingly harmless miscellaneous information are in fact FACTS of FRAUD, that FIT into a bigger picture. Harmful fraud which has sabotaged my life, while they’ve been trying to ROB my IDENTITY, they’ve robbed everything else they can.

All these incidents FIT, with everything else I’ve written about, which has been happening for many years.

Someone caused a flat tire in my car when it was parked on DONHILL and Laurel Way in Beverly Hills on 4/10/09. This White Van was parked behind my car and this wasn’t the first time. I’ve seen this van many times before. The license plate is “429”. This is a repeating number.

DONHILL is connected to Connie Pecoraro’s oil painting titled “Girl on a Hill”, which is a copy of Winslow Homer’s “Fresh Air with Sheep”. DON in Korean means Money, the reason why Pecoraro registered her Dead and Abandoned Trademark “No Name Girl.com” in HERnDON Virginia. Through T”OM”ing with TOM Bridges and Tom Cruise Mapother she wants the TAO is the Way to have meaning for her on Bridge”Way”. Winslow Homer is about the computer Keys and the initials of my Name “SW” on the Upper Left of the Computer Keys. The Uppermost Letter is “Q” and this is the reason why she created her Isn’t That Life”?”. Homer begins and ends with “HER” “OM”.

Don in Korean means Money and since this is a gigantic “web” of Names attached to Business and Corporation Names, it’s all about investments and money. It’s based on people’s names from my life and my artwork, and for my Identity and Artwork to be someone else.

OM in Sanskrit means “Oneness with All”. They want to “own” the powerful spiritual meaning of my FAC from 1982 in which I “spiritually channelled” sexual energy through my Artwork. I repeated this powerful “transference” of energy and manifested through my Artwork in my Second Collection again. The reason why they’ve destroyed and sabotaged my life, so that Connie Pecoraro or Sandra Oh can be my Identity and have my Artwork be about them. It is in all sense of the words “Soul Raping”.

The numbers “14” or “41” are important because of the White and Red shirt I am wearing in The Picture of me and the black girl. These numbers are equivalent to the the letters of “DA” in the alphabet. DA in Korean means “ALL”. This is connected to Connie Pecoraro and Sandra Oh with Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes and their Catholic Theme of Mother Mary and her SON Jesus Christ, Leonardo “DA” Vinci Code who was Italian. Both Connie Pecoraro and Sandra Oh wants this picture of me and the black to be them through T”OM”ing with my life, the reason why addresses where I’ve lived and people I’ve met or have had sex with were “Pimped”.

With this picture of me and the black girl, all of my childhood pictures, with my FAC from 1982, they tell an authentically powerful synchronistic story about Michael Jackson and Lee Montgomery and the movie BEN. It is why they want my Artwork, my name Signature on the drawing of BENSON of Robert Guillaume to be them and have meaning for them, THROUGH Other people’s names, Business Names, Street Names, Words, Colors, ETC.

What was happening prior to these Horrific Events in April 2009, I was STALKED by a STARBUCKS BARista name SELENA who I got into a “PHYSICAL ALTERCATION” with and she pulled my HAIR in the Beverly Hills City Hall parking lot garage.

Since my life has been “bugged and wired” for many years, they know exactly what I am doing at all times and where I am.

My SUV was parked on Alden and La Peer on the border of Beverly Hills and West Hollywood with a flat tire. On 4/10/09, I went to the Service Center of Mercedes Benz to see if I can get my Suv fixed. They knew I was coming, the reason why this Chinese Female with license plate of “PEARL 25” was parked there. Pearl is the “STONE” for the astrological sign of Cancer, both Sandra Oh and Tom Cruise. My father is a Cancer too, and his middle name means two things in Korean, BOAT and Pear, and they want the word TAO going backwards with Pear shaped ass to be Sandra Oh, and for her to have meaning in my father’s name and identity. Pear sounds like Pier, where you dock BOATS and they want Pear to be about PEcorARro year of birth “69” and for the poem by Daniel Ladinsky in the book “The Gift”, “The EAR That Got Sold to a Fish” to be about Connie Pecoraro’s Artwork”, that is based on my Pictures, my Artwork, my Idenity and my Parents Names. Pear is an anagram for rape.

“25” is about the numbers of two 5’s. 5 in roman numerals is V and V. This looks like the shape of my Elbow and Knee in the picture of me on the Tree taken in May 2007. EK is “Key” backwards. The number 5 in Korean is the sound of the letter “O”. The Korean character for the name WANG has 2 “O”s, as in 2 5’s. 5 PLUS 5 is 10. They want my Artwork and Domain name Sand”YWA” NG. NET, “Ten” going backwards, to have meaning for Connie MA”RIA” Pecoraro or Sandra Oh.

On 4/16/09, after what sounded like a gun shot, a loud pop, I got a second flat tire. I walked over to Beverly Hills Mercedes Benz to see if I can get my car fixed. I looked around for someone to assist me and no one was available. There was one parked car with the keys inside it inside the service center entrance, the “Blue TECH” SUV. I sat inside it, and waited inside the car for another 5 minutes. An employee of the garage walked over and showed me how to change the gears and drive the car. I slowly drove the car out, no one stopped me. I was “allowed” to take this car. Mimi Ormond, one of the reps pointed to a poster of a BUTTERFLY when I had first walked in. I had just finished writing a document about Butterflies and the meaning behind this sudden popularity of Butterflies everywhere the same morning. It’s about the childhood picture of me standing on the mountain wearing the Halter Top butterfly shirt, and the song lyrics to one of Sting’s songs, a remake of an old song titled “Walking………………..In the song lyrics, it says “Butterflies and Zebras, Moonbeams and Fairy Tales, Take anything, you want from me. So when Mimi pointed to the butterfly, and I am “bugged”, I thought she gestured without words, non verbally communicated to me, “take anything”. If this wasn’t the case, then it was my misinterpretation. But it’s not, because the entire Mercedes BENz of Beverly Hills is built on having my Identity and Artwork be Connie Pecoraro or Sandra Oh through other people’s Names and by T”OM”ing.

Mimi’s desk had this stapler, and it’s says “Do not remov3 !”. She knows about this “game” with names and numbers. The number “THREE” is a big number. It has the same letters as the word TREE, which is about the Tree at Callon Drive, which is always connected to the Porn Film made with Lee Montgomery many years ago.

BUTTERFLY is about the Butterfly on the HALter Top shirt I am wearing in the childhood picture of me, it’s about the drawing of BENSON, of Robert Guillaume in my FAC in 1982, he was the BUTLER to the governor in the TV Show. BUT is another word for ASS. They want these childhood pictures of me to be Sandra Oh, by “OM”ing with other people’s names and their birthdays. Mercedes BENz of Beverly Hills is about GLORIA Catherine LEE’S identity and her birthday numbers going backwards. Both Connie Pecoraro and Sandra Oh want to be “OM” with her, so that the name of the High School we went to “St. VINCENT FERRER”, can have meaning for them, and the Street name SAN VICENTE in Los Angeles can have meaning for them. Gloria Lee’s Identity is closely connected to Tom Cruise Mapother and to Sandra Oh.

Butterfly is the reason why Midge BUTLER at USPTO was the examining attorney for my Registered TradeMARK. Mercedes BENz manager of the Showroom is name MARK BARS”OO”MIAN. This is about my first name SIGNATURE on BENSON “Sandy*”, which is a “Trade Secret”. Tom Bridges is going to BRIDGE “MIDGE” so that BENSON, the BUTLER to the governor drawing I did in 1982 can have meaning for Connie Pecoraro or Sandra Oh and for it to have been DONE by them.


SAM in Korean means the number 3. 3 looks like the shape of ass. It looks like hanging balls. 3 is about the “Tri”angle of the Gap Space number. It’s about the CHRIST “MAS” picture of me my dog and my mother. This is an important “Code”. It’s also related to “Baked Foods”, the reason why an author name Stephen BAK3R has the letter “E” as the number 3. E is for Eye and they want Jesus “CHRIST” sam “3” to be looking at 3 shape of ass backwards. They like baked foods because it’s made from grain, and has lots of “FLOUR” which rhymes with VELOUR, and Flour is about FLOWer as in Josh WOLF. He is “Charlie’s Find” and they want his “OO” Horizontal Eyes, to be looking at Dough Ass. BAK3, “Rises”, Jesus Christ wearing a Crown of Thorns is Horny. Velour is about the title of my watercolor painting “Double Leo”, which looks like the shape of Penis. The originial title of this painting was “Velvet” because it’s about the Video Recording of me wearing Velvet Lingerie. This is the reason why in 2008 and 2009 Velour MATerial clothing was big in fashion.

The car name BLUE TECH is all about Tom Cruise and Tom BRIDGES bridging everything about my identity and artwork to be Sandra Oh or Connie Maria Pecoraro. BT is TB name initials “backwards” and this is about Tom Bridging the Video Recording of the View of my Ass dubbed with another female’s body. The reason why Blue Tech has a high tech built in Rear View Video Camera when you’re parking or driving backwards.

Blue is about the sound of Judy BLUME. She is the author of a book titled “WIFEY”, the reason why Josh Wolf calls his wife Wifey. BLUE is the name of a Porn Film called “True Blue”. Blue also sounds like BL”OO”mingdales dept store.

TECH is about TECHnology. It’s about ArchiTECT, as in buildings, as in the MATrix, originally connected to the Architectural Garage Drawing I did in my FAC in 1982. It’s about NYC TECHnical College where I went to study Dental Hygiene in BR”OO”KLYN. The same school BEVERLY Angela “DA”vis black female went to school, and Tom BRIDGES is going to bridge the Brooklyn Bridge, Colorado’s Royal Gorge Bridge, the Golden Gate Bridge, Etc, with BEVERLY Davis and Beverly Hills with Connie Pecoraro and Sandra Oh with Josh Wolf, because the Tao is the Way on BridgeWay.

The car was left out Specifically for me, they knew I was coming, and it was a BLUE TECH. It’s connected to everything I’ve been writing about in my Case Files since 2007. They want me to have a “record” of STEALING a “BLUE TECH” while they’re building and creating to ROB MY IDENTITY and to have T”OM” Bridges, and T”OM” Cruise Mapother, “OM” EVERYTHING about me, to have meaning for and BE Sandra Oh or Connie Pecoraro while sabotaging my life. T”OM” Bridges BIRDS and Bridges, Beverly Davis and Brooklyn Bridge and NYC TECH College, and any of MY Artwork or Picture with BLUE in it, so it can have meaning for them.

So I drove the car out of the service center at the dealership on Friday 4/17/09 and my car’s been parked on Alden Drive since 4/10/09 with 2 flat tires and the car wouldn’t start, someone was doing something to my car. I didn’t have the money to get new tires or my car fixed and didn’t want my car to stay parked there. After the loud popping sound, I wasn’t sure what was going to happen. This was Friday afternoon. I was arrested on Mondy afternoon on Beverly Drive in Beverly Hills.

So they’ve given the “meaning” of my first boyfriend Stephen Garrison’s Identity to be Josh Wolf because they are both “AIR” signs, they’ve given my father’s identity to Josh Wolf because my father had a big penis, they’ve given Lee Montgomery’s identity to Josh Wolf because he looks like him from far away, they’ve given the meaning of my FAC from 1982 of Neil Diamond holding a “Mike” on the Upper Left, with my writings “Key to my Soul”, to Josh Wolf because Neil Diamond is Jewish. They given Josh Wolf the meaning of people from my life, my FATHER’S Identity, and then they want me to compete with White Females, Chinese Females, with Connie Pecoraro and Sandra Oh, to compete and fight for my own IDENTITY, my own ARTWORK and my own life EXPERIENCES. IT IS FUCKING INSANE.

This is why I’ve had nothing but “3” shaped big fat assed females following me all the time, especially since I moved to Los Angeles in 2006. This is connected to T”OM” Cruise and T”OM” Hanks, and Connie Pecoraro’s CATHOLIC Theme of Mother Mary and her SON, Jesus CHRIST. Which are both connected to Katie Holmes in ART Her MILLER’S “All My SONS” and DOCtor CHRISTina Yang, Sandra Oh on “Grey’s Anatomy”.

The Blue Tech SUV was loaned out to a VIP and was just returned the Friday afternoon I had taken the car. The police report says, T”OM” Swire discovered the car was missing and stolen on Friday afternoon. Why did he wait until Monday to report it missing? The Beverly Hills police is only 2 blocks away from the car dealership. If he discovered it missing on Friday, with the high tech Satellite Tracking System in the car, they could’ve found the car that afternoon.

Tom Swire lives on GOLDStream Way. The word GOLD is written several times in this police report, which doesn’t make sense and is a “CODE”. It is irrelevant in the context of this situation but written soley for this purpose. GOLD DUST. My dog Jack is described as a GOLD CHIHUAHUA.

GOLD is about the Metal for the astrological sign of LEO. I am a Double Leo. Tom Bridges is a Leo, Beverly Davis is a Leo, Jeannie Bernardo is a Leo, and it sounds like the name LEE, and Oh. O is about the shape of the “O” of Magnifying Glass Robert Guillaume is holding in the drawing of BENSON. GuillAUMe sounds like “OM”. There are lots of Leo’s involved in this because of writings I wrote about LEE Montgomery with my FAC from 1982. Tom Bridges who has the same birthday as me of 8/13 is going to bridge the “GOLDen Gate BRIDGE” and everything about me with Connie Maria Pecoraro on Bridgeway, and with Sandra Oh, Doctor CHRISTina Yang on “Grey’s Anatomy”, because the TAO is the Way. He is going to bridge the meaning of my


GOLD is about the GOLD Lock watercolor painting on my Abstract Page. This goes back to the Gold CLOCK I had for many years when I lived in NYC. If “Key” is Penis, then LOCK must be vagina. The want the Gold Clock and the Gold Lock to be about GoldiLOCK of Hair, as in Blonde Hair females. They want my Artwork and my Writings, to have meaning for Blonde Hair females because it sounds like BLO nde as in Blo Jobs, Hair as in Air Libra, as in SUC AIR like a vaCUuM cleaner, as in SUC Stand Up Comic and COMEDIAN Josh Wolf. This same Gold Lock on my Abstract page is the same lock that was broken by Todd CUMMINGS at 20360 Callon Drive, Topanga on 10.18.07.

GOLD Chihuahua is about the color of my Dog JACK. The watercolor painting titled “Double Leo” which was called “Velvet” originally, and looks like the shape of a penis, looks like the body shape and color of my dog Jack. They’ve given the role of “Penis”, for my dog Jack. So if he is Penis, he must be KEY. My dog Jack and Heath Ledger’s death is connected. He died at few months after I was locked out on 1.22.08. He was found naked.

On 4/19/09, I took my dog Jack for a walk in Coldwater Canyon Park in Beverly Hills. It was at night and I took a few pictures of him. His eyes are Red and they look like they are “ENGORGED” with BLOOD. These pictures look like my watercolor painting of the Lion “Double Leo”. It looks like going Left to Right, correlates to the Bottom Row of my Website Watercolor pages. Going backwards, it correlates to the picture of me on the Tree, with Elbow and Knee in shape of 2 V’s. Going backwards, everything about my pictures and Artwork is about “KEY”, their “going backwards” is about Asses and Balls. Tom Bridges is going to bridge “going backwards”, Connie Pecoraro’s oil painting of “Charlie’s Find” on the Lower right corner with “Bridge in Fog” on the Upper Left, Fag Fag T”AO” Te Chink is the way with DOCtor CHRISTina Yang, Sandra Oh.

I think these pictures I took on Sunday night 4/19/07 and with the email I sent, was the REASON why I was arrrested on Monday. Since I am “bugged”, they know everything I am doing with Electronics. Everything about this arrest was Set Up, and then everything after that, all the documents contain FRAUD information.

Me being arrested is connected to MICHAEL JACKSON’S Death. Michael Jackson’s life is connected to my life because of the movie BEN with Lee Montgomery, the drawing of BENSON from 1982 I did while growing up in JACKSON Heights.

My dog JACK was taken to “CAR”SON Animal Center after I was arrested. When I was in jail, I had a Jail Cell mate name ROBBIE MONTOMGERY. “CHA” in Korean means CAR. He lived on “CAR”olwood Drive in “HO”lmby HILLs. He was preparing to do his shows in Lon”DON”. My car was given a flat tire on 4/10/09 parked on DON HILL. I was arrested because of a “CAR” from Mercedes BENz. This was set up, so that Connie Pecoraro’s painting of Jesus Christ the “SON”, as in Art “HER” MILLER’S “All My SONS”, Jesus Christ “CHA”rlie’s Find, can have meaning in my drawing of “BENSON” of ROBERT Guillaume from my FAC in 1982. For this drawing to have been DONE by her, and for my NAME SIGNATURE to BE Hers. This is true for both Connie Pecoraro and Sandra Oh.

They’ve been “building” this Name, Word, Color, Business Name and Street Name “Game” for almost 3 decades, built going Left to Right. Built to go Left to Right like the word Horiz”ON”tal, based on the word ASTERISK, because it’s “sounds” like ASS ter isk. Built so that my IDENTITY, my ARTWORK, my NAME Signature on the drawing BENSON “SANDY*”, my Parents Names and Identities can have meaning for and be Connie Pecoraro or Sandra Oh, through T “OM”ing with other people names, Tom Cruise Mapother and Tom Christopher Bridges.

They’ve built almost all of Beverly Hills based on my childhood pictures, based on my FAC from 1982, built Businesses with specific people’s names, so that my Identity and Artwork can be someone else, and they’ve ARRESTED ME, by setting me up.


These DISTURBED SOCIOPATHS are constantly creating and recreating through all kinds of Codes, so that MY ARTWORK can have meaning for them. INFRINGEMENT OF MY IDENTITY AND ARTWORK IS HAPPENING WORLDWIDE, Pursuant to Title 17 10 BILLION is REAL. It doesn’t matter how it “FITS” them, IT’S MY ARTWORK AND INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY.


APRIL 1999. APRIL 2009.