JefferSON blvd x CREN “SHAW” Blvd

Sandy Wang’s DOGS

Sandy Wang’s DOG JACK STOLEN in 2009

GROUP CONSPIRA”SEE” is very serious C”RIMES”.

Constance Pecoraro’s CATHOLIC THEME OIL ART meaning
Constance Pecoraro’s Jesus CHRIST “CHARLIES FIND” OO

Sandra Oh Website Registration and MAR”GO” Purcell @ “SHAW”

MAR”GO” Leavin Art Gallery on “ROBERTSON Blvd”

RAPING and ROBBING of Sandy Wang’s Toyota RAV4L, SACRED ART and Dog JACK, all for this corner of MATHemathics of making MONEY

GO, DOCTOR Zhiva”GO” connections

sick black bitch sho”NDA” RIMES who created “Gre Y’S Anatomy” to ROB the meaning of MY ARTWORK, MY Parents Names, and MY Name SIGNature of “SandY”
connected to Constance Pecoraro’s Catholic Theme OIL Artwork of Jesus CHRIST “CHARLIES FIND” OO
with Josh MI”CHA” Wolf as horny Jesus CHRIST “CHA”rlie

BARACK OBAMA in Hancock Park and FIG OLIVE in 2011

FIG OLIVE on LA Cienega Blvd and "KEY HOLE" Shape
KEY HOLE Shape on FLOOR at new West Hollywood LIBRAry "throughway" scroll down to HELL
KEY HOLES at Beverly Hills Architecture at City Hall
THE “KEY” CLUB on Sunset Blvd

SEE VERY IMPORTANT "KEY HOLE" SHAPE in Pictures below. RAPING OF MY “LOCK and KEY”, MY LIFE, MY SOUL, so that DELUSIONAL Borderline Psychotic Actress SANDRA OH, can pretend she is My Identity and the ARTIST of MY PRICELESS STOLEN ARTWORK. = LIFE IN PRISON.

Vine Street turns into Rossmore, and then to Crenshaw Blvd.

VINE Street turns into ROSSMORE

ROSSMORE x MELROSE very important connections and why this street is extremely important

connected to “KIN” ROSS street name in Westwood “GRACE” JEWelers

WESTWOOD GATEWAY and meaning of “SEP”ulveda Blvd

all connected to “Gre Y’S Anatomy” set in Seattle “GRACE” Mercy “WEST” Hospital

SANDRA OH who thinks my name SIGNature of “SandY” on MY Artwork is her “NIK” name

In order for MY IDENTITY and MY ARTWORK to have meaning for SANDRA OH, she NEEDS TOM BRIDGES Josh Wolf and Constance Pecoraro, to have meaning in MY Parents Names

meaning of Sandy Wang’s SOCIAL SECURITY Numbers of “078”

VINE Street and BANner Social Security Admin Office with number of “212”
“212” Morning STAR” Astrology VIBE Number for Libra WOLF and Virgo PECORARO


ROSS MORE turns into CrenSHAW Blvd
a connecting link to “KIN”ROSS Street name in Westwood
for SanDRA Oh is My “NIK” Name SIGNature

See “ARDEN” street name next to ROSSMORE

Sandy Wang’s SACRED HEART Grammar School, Mrs “ARDEN” and Two Negros on upper left

“LOR”raine “ROL”ex Building
Connected to Constance Pecoraro’s Jesus Christ the “SON” on BR idgeway
Constance Pecoraro’s Jesus CHRIST OIL Art of “CHARLIES” FIND


El Ran”CHO”, CHO “CHA” in Spanish means PUSSY

Sandra Oh PEPSI PUSSY 1999, and GRAYSONS connectinos LONG BEFORE the TV show “GREY’S Anatomy” existed


see more pictures of this METRO Station on Crenshaw x Jefferson Blvd

Constance Maria Pecoraro’s “CHA” RLIES FIND “OO”

8/13 is Sandy Wang’s birthday, that Sandra ‘OH’ thinks has meaning for her, through THO”MAS CHRIST”OPHER BRIDGES who has the same LEO birthday as me
the number 5 in Korean is “O”, the SOUND of SANDRA “OH”, who thinks all CIRCLES of “O” from MY LIFE and MY ARTWORK has meaning for her, because it sounds like her name
TOM BRIDGES new Dental Office address of “360” is “O” in Geometry, 8/13 in address of METRO, what’s left? 5 is “O” in Korean, sound of “OH”
for meaning of MY FEDERALLY Registered Trademark in circle of “O”

Sandy Wang’s Federally Registered Trademark

TOM BRIDGES at “360” gay Male DENTIST who has same birthday as me of 8/13
lying sociopath fag who should be Locked in Prison

Constance Pecoraro and “METRO” connections and meaning of “ROBERT” “CHA”tsworth Metro Train Crash on “9/12” 2008

Study Studi”O” SANDRA OH PEPSI PUSSY in 1999

Sandra Oh and “SHAW” connections of her Website Registration in 2007
“CHA” connections

“CHA” rles Manson “5” is “O” connections







Old Remnant of what they’ve been building for 3 decades, for MY IDENTITY to BE SANDRA OH, through Business Names, Other People’s Names etc

Sandy Wang in high school with GRACE NAVAS “GN”
Constance Maria Pecoraro’s “NO Name Girl” NG
Constance Maria Pecoraro’s Jesus CHRIST and MARY OIL Artwork
Sandra Oh as ‘CRIST’ina Yang on “Grey’s Anatomy” set in SEATTLE “GRACE”

DIRECTLY connected to REAL LIFE Hospital Ce”DARS” “SIN”AI Hospital
“SEA” TTLE and “AIR” connections


meaning of "BANKS"

a few blocks to the East on JEFFERSON Blvd



Constance Maria Pecoraro and METRO CHATSWORTH Train Crash in September 2008 connections
What’s behind the METRO Parking Station
meaning of “AR” in the AR CO through G”RA”CE Navas
CO in KO rean means “NOS”e for meaning of MANOS and HAND connections



Sandy Wangs FAC from 1981 and INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY Writings of “KEY to MY SOUL”
the REASON why the word “LOS” is MISSING for 3AR sound “SOUL” Mates BACKwards

KEY HOLE Shape of KING’S LIQUOR on LA Cienega Blvd
Barack Obama visiting FIG OLIVE

this looks like the shape of LIBRA “Justice Scales” SYMBOL in the ZODIAC
Constance Pecoraro’s Jesus CHRIST “CHA”rlie


CHARLES is “FORMAL” of CHARLIE, like SANDY is “NIK” of SANDRA, a “name word” game they’ve been playing for 3 decades
30”45” Jesus CHRIST on page “3” IS “O” sound of SANDRA “OH”, connected to CHRISTINA BERNARDO Birthday of “5/4” O/SA,
in the word SAusalitO where Constance Pecoraro lives

CHRISTINA BERN “ARD O” birthday of “5/4” and “OSA” connections
Constance Pecoraro’s Jesus CHRIST on page “3” is “O” Sandra “OH”
Constance Pecoraro on Bridgeway SAusalitO

MANOS is HAND in Spanish connections



Why is there a “DEN”TAL CENTER next to this Jesus CHRIST Church

Thomas CHRISTopher BRIDGES gay male “DEN”tist
Lying Sociopath DENTIST in San Francisco “US” Union Square
BRIDGES the GOLDen Gate Bridge
Virgo Mai”DEN” Constance Pecoraro
Sandra Oh who went to SIR Robert Bor”DEN” High School
“DEN” connections



Crenshaw Professional "CP" for Virgo Mai"DEN" Constance "mother MARY" Pecoraro CATHOLIC OIL Artwork

DEN connections
Tom Bridges the gay male "DEN"tist who has the same LEO Birthday as me
BIRDGES the GOLDen Gate and Bridge WAY = BUR BER BIR "DEN"

OIL and Glass "OG" Artwork of Constance Pecoraro
Vir"GO" Mai"DEN" Constance Pecoraro and Sandra OH have been LICKING PUSSIES for 3 decades in CATHO LIQ connections
YEL "LOW" "SHO"ES and "OG" = Oil Glass

TOM BRIDGES 3AR sound of CATHO"LIQ" ing P3AR OIL ASS "HO"les for Sandra "OH" BACKwards


SANDY WANG'S Drawing of Black male actor ROBERT GUILLAUME in 1981
White and Red childhood picture of SANDY WANG in "14"
Robert Guillaume BENSON Dubois, the "BUTLER" to the Governor, the REASON why my USPTO Examining Attorny name was MIDGE "BUTLER"

meaning of SEKAL, LAKES Backwards
Constance Maria Pecoraro's JESUS CHRIST "CHARLIE"

3AR sound of Tom Bridges his LEO with “OIL” RICHARDT BACH wards
"OO" FORMAL name of CHARLES MAN"SON" connections


Why is there a BURger KING directly across the street from this CHURCH?
KING for meaning of my name WANG, and BUR, sound of “RUBBER” of MY X rated Video Recording from 2001, to be Sandra OH, for horny Pious PYous JeSUS

Sandy Wang’s X Rated Video Recording

Sandra Oh who thinks she is My Identity in this VR


meaning of NUMBERS “4 and 5” or 5/4/69 CHRISTINA BernARDO’S Birthday Numbers
“499” or 4”29” Repeating Numbers
that usually accompany Repeating Numbers of 5”29”
address of 9420 ROLEX BUILDING
in Zip Code of SAUSALITO 94965


Youth Center = "CY" CHRISTina Yang BACKWARDS

CY is about SANDY WANG's Father's MUSIC BAND from 50's and the name "CHOI YONG"

YONG YANG, A, O, SANDRA "OH" "CHRIST"ina Yang "CY" on "Grey's Anatomy" SHONDA RIMES CAPRI"CORN" the G"OAT" and "RHYMES" with B"OAT"
What is SANDRA OH'S Birthday? "11/30"? "30"th street

it's about the CO "LOR" YEL "LOW"
Josh Mic'CHA' "WOLf" of "ROL"ex building hor dick
"R" Rolex ALLEY
Constance Pecoraro's Jesus CHRIST "CHARLIES" FIND "OO" LU"CY" CY CY CY LIU

CO or KO in Korean means "NOS"E

3AR Leo "OIL" B'OAT' rhymes with CAP riCORN the G'OAT'



PAT"HO"logical Li"AR" SandRA OH, Ps YC "HO"


Sandy Wang's Drawing of "BIRD" from 1986
Sandy Wang's BIRD in "O" Picture from 1989 of me in "GRAY" shirt

"FOOT" in Korean is "BAL", a Bird's C"LAW"

TOM BRIDGES all BIRDS and BRIDges because it's in his NAME like PAT"HO"logical Li"AR" SandRA OH, Ps YC "HO"
What is SANDRA OH's Middle Name? PAT PAT PATricia?
An "DREW" FEATHER STON and Sandra Oh
why it is BUILT IN for JOSH WOLF to have meaning in MY Father’s Identity connected to “GREYS ANATOMY” creator SICK “FAT HER” Black bitch SHONDA ”LYN” RHIMES

"POINT" me to JESUS, when was this Sign added?

Sandy Wang's Watercolor Artwork titled "POINT REYES" and "COW" Reyes in Spanish means KING
WANG in Korean means KING and in Korean Writings, it looks like "TO TO"

Jesus "CHRIST"ina Yang "CY" on "Grey's Anatomy"
Sandra Oh who says she was born in "OT TO WA"
AIR Libra JOSH WOLF in MARCH 2008, he loves his "CALF and COW" and meaning of DAIRY AIR

a few months later, MY PROPERTY at Public Storage was STOLEN through Fraud
RON J "REY" at, in the word "G REY'S"

all AIR CHAIR HAiR STAIR connections

Contance Pecoraro's Jesus CHRIST
CROWN of THORNY Roses go on Head of a KING like Jesus "CHA"rlie
KING connections reason why Burger “KING” Is across the street


DON KING is a BLACK Male in the "BOX"ing business

DON connections
KING connections


Ta”CO” Bell and Pizza Hut = TOM BRIDGES “TB” “PH” Peter HASON for meaning of “MA NOSE” connections

Tom Bridges gay male Dentist in San Francisco
Bridges PETER HASON “PH” in New York City “212”
for meaning of Ma”NOS” which means HA nd in Spanish
"212" Astrology VIbe of WOLF and PECORARO and meaning of "MORNING STARS"


Mc”DON”alds, “SER”ved over “80” million

Sandy Wang’s PORTRAIT Drawing Eyes with “o 8” and HAIR Numbers of C=3 and 8
Sandy Wang’s weird HAIR in altered pictures at DMV scroll down to "RH" connections

DON in Korean means MONEY
Sandra OH “ROP”E Belt who thinks she is MY PORTrait drawing through the word ROP”E”ye
Like she is MY PORTrait Drawing HAIR thorugh RABBIT Hole is a “HARE”
Sandra OH who went to “SER SIR” ROBERT BORDEN High School needs to be LOCKED IN PRISON FOR LIFE
SIR TAJ and ROLEX Building connections WOLF is going to FOL”LOW” Sandra OH into PRISON

CHARLES MANSON and meaning of "o 8"


The number "4" next to "1" =

Sandy Wang's childhood picture in "14"

Sandy Wang in Green dress and meaning of EYE "GLASS" through GLORIA LEE"S Korean Name


next to SW SubWays, combining letters of MY Name "SW" to CONFUSE my Identity with psycho actress SANDRA OH, for meaning of "SHOW and SHAW"

LION KING, Lions are from AFREEKA

Tom Bridges the "FAG in FOG" A, O
Group CONSPIRACY of "Mother Daughter"
and "Father" who is horny for his ca LF and cOW, DAIRY AIR, the SOUND of DERRIERE

Tom Bridges his GAY LEO SIGN with 3AR sound of "OIL"
"3"AR, for Jesus CHRIST on page "th REEEEE"

ARMS of GRACE "AG" "Grey's Anatomy" = they are CRIMINALS

Sandy Wang in Black Dress with GRACE Navas in 1985 High School

"GN" is connected to Constance Pecoraro's "No Name Girl" NO "NG"
NAVAS "RHIMES" with CANVAS for OIL Artwork by Constance Pecoraro of Jesus CHRIST the SON, and SANDRA OH as 'CHRIST'ina Yang on "GA" set in Seattle "WA" + "GN" = WANG

Peter Hason who went to HUMANITIES High School
Tom Cruise and his "HUMANITARIAN AWARD"


TWO TV’S is connected to

“OO” Sandy Wang’s GOLD CLOCK on TOP OF TV

“704” connections
Does SANDRA OH’S HOUSE Address have these NUMBERS of “704” ? = HOMELESS ASAP and then LIFE IN PRISON




M&M and OREO = MARIA and MICCHA who think MY Registered Trademark in a circle of “O” UPSIDE DOWN has meaning for them

Sandy Wang’s Registered Trademark in “O” can be seen many ways including upside down
meaning of ZIP CODE of JACKSON HEIGHTS “ 113 72” connection to my FAC from 1981

it’s connected to MY Writings of GORDON OREO’S connected to “STING” E is A, Engrish with Accent

JOSH MICCHA WOLF, We Will ROCK YOU huge connections
Psycho Pecoraro “Making it Happen” with CROW and WOLF in May 2009 = EVIDENCE of ORGANIZED GROUP CONSPIRACY
Constance Pecoraor’s new Address of “707” Bridgeway meaning
Libra WOLF and Virgo PECORARO “212” Morning Star VIBE number in very important Astrology book


Sandy Wang’s All Girls CATHOLIC High School ST. VINCENT FERRER connections

Constance Pecoraro’s SICK Disturbing CATHOLIC Theme OIL ARTWORK created to ROB my name SIGNature
SWEET word written by CHRISTina BERNARDO in High School
SWEET connections
SWEET sounds like ‘SHOE’ Gar in “BAL” FOOT SHOE connections


Discovery July 2012. These pictures are from Jefferson Blvd, going North on Crenshaw Blvd, so the Top pictures as you scroll down, you are actually going Up on Crenshaw Blvd, and the bottom last two pictures are on ROSSMORE Ave. Rossmore Avenue goes through a very exclusive neighborhood of HANDCOCK PARK “HP”, which is connected to Peter HASON in NYC. Crenshaw Blvd begins at Wilshire blvd and goes South to RANCHO PALOS VERDES, running up and down Vertically. It ends at Del Cerro Park, at a bluff overlooking the Ocean. “Verde” is the Color GREEN in Spanish.

VINE Street turns into Rossmore, then it turns in to CrenSHAW Blvd going South direction, stretching several miles. These pictures are only of several blocks distance on Crenshaw X Jefferson Blvds.

VINE Street and BANNER “VB” is where the Social Security Admin office is with address of “1122”. I don’t know how long this office location has been at this address, but it’s connected to Tom Bridges meaning of my Parents Names with JOSH WOLF and CONSTANCE PECORARO, through their Astrology Vibe Numbers of “212”.

I’ve been writing that they’ve been building for 3 decades in Los Angeles, for MY IDENTITY to BE SANDRA OH, AS IF she is the ARTIST of MY ARTWORK, through the vehicle of Tom CHRISTopher Bridges Constance Maria Pecoraros CATHOLIC Theme OIL ARTWORK of JESUS CHRIST “CHARLIES FIND”. The REASON why Sandra OH is “CHRIST”ina Yang on “GREY”S Anatomy” TV SHOW.

This entire neighborhood surrounding CRENSHAW Blvd and JEFFERSON Blvd CLEARLY SHOWS the remnants of this. Buildings and Businesses that have gone and then eroded away through the years. GRACE PASTERIES is a perfect example, next to “Showroom” boutique.

TV SHOW SHAW. A, O. TAO DAO DOW JONES of CATHOLICK MAThemathics of making Money through Pious PYous JeSUS “CHA”rlie. JOSH MIC”CHA” WOLF.

See SANDRA OH’s WEBSITE Registration “SHAW” connection.

See all the “KING” connections around this neighborhood and there is A LOT as in MANY, connected to meaning of MY BLACK male drawing of ROBERT GUILLAUME drawing from 1981, to have been DONE by Constance Pecoraro or SANDRA OH through their T”HO” MASCHRIST OPHER BRIDGES Jesus CHRIST and CATHOLIC Theme in MAThemathics of making MONEY through “PI”ous “PY”ous JeSUS. MARTIN LUT”HER” KING JR. BLACK MALE RODNEY KING CONNECTIONS. For all the KING connections they’ve been building to have meaning for SANDRA OH and JOSH WOLF, because WANG in Korean means “KING”, because my Father’s family lineage is of REAL KOREAN “ROY”alty. WANG in Korean Characters is “TO TO”

There is no such place as “WEST ANGELES”, it’s either West Los Angeles, or Los Angeles. “WA” is about meaning of MY FATHER’S Name and is HIS IDENTITY, who was a Musician and Teacher, and his IDENTITY has been severely DISTORTED through BLACK S”KIN” NEGROS, to have meaning for “AIR” LIBRA JOSH MIC”CHA” WOLF, through Constance Pecoraro’s Jesus CHRIST the “KING”, the “LORD” of all Lords, like Robbing my RENT Money through LANDLORDS.

WA in Korean means to COME or ARRIVE, but in this Sex game, it’s about Come as in “CUM” or orgasm. What’s missing? “NG”, the reason why these two letters are important in ROBBING MY FATHERS NAME and IDENTITY for JOSH WOLF, like MY IDENTITY for SANDRA OH. The beginning of CRENSHAW Blvd, really begins at “VINE”, then turns into ROSSMORE in neighborhood of HANCOCK PARK, before turning into CRENSHAW, For ROBBING MY “JOHN HANCOCK” as in meaning of MY Name SIGNature on MY Pencil Drawing of BLACK Male actor ROBERT Guillaume from 1981. On ROSSMORE you see CHELSEA COURT next to EL “ROY”AL, it’s about JOSH WOLF who is a regular on CHEL”SEA” HANDler show, on her ROUND TABLE. British Fairy Tale of KING KING KING ART ART HURS Tale and Knights of the ‘ROUND TABLE’. THE RAPING OF MY LIFE is DIRECTLY connected to JOSH WOLF and this GROUP CONSPIRACY, in ROBBING MY IDENTITY for SANDRA OH and MY FATHER’s IDENTITY for JOSH WOLF. WANG in Korean means KING because My father’s family lineage is of Korean “ROY”alty, the GORYEO DYNASTY.

CHURCH of CHRIST, look at the “DOOR” shape, shape of “TONGUE”, connected to WOLFRAMITE Scheelite in “TUNGSTEN”. See SANDRA OH in “Rabbit Hole” in 2010, See her picture with ‘OU’. T”O”ngue T”U”ngsten. AS IF SANDRA OH is MY BABY PICTURES and all my childhood pictures Sticking my TONGUE OUT, through Constance Pecoraro’s CATHO”LICK” “MAT”Hemathics of making MONEY, LICK or TASTE in Korean means “MAT”. It’s why Constance Pecoraro has very good friends with MI”CHA”EL LAP PERT of Lappert’s ICE CREAM.

It isn’t random that there is a DENTAL OFFICE next to this Church, connected to THO “MAS CHRIST”opher BRIDGES gay male DENTIST who has the same LEO Birthday as me, in a Group Conspiracy to ROB MY IDENTITY for SANDRA OH.

This is important. You have to study SANDRA OH’s Website Registration in 2007, and the name MAR”GO” Purcell @ SHAW.

This CRENSHAW Blvd runs Vertically up and down, which runs PARALLEL with ROBERTSON Blvd which also runs vertically up and down. At the TOP of where ROBERTSON Blvd begins where it intersects with “KEITH” Street, KEY is TH “robbing” on ROBERT “SON” of Jesus CHRIST the “SON”, for Hor Pussy “LOCKS”.

There is a ART GALLERY called “MARGO LEAVIN” with an “E”ye in a “O”. This is connected to MY Drawing of ROBERT Guillaume from1981, holding a Magnifying Glass with an “E”ye in a “O”, that SANDRA OH has been claiming she DREW for 3 decades, and Constance Pecoraro’s Catholic Theme OIL Artwork of Jesus CHRIST is the “VEHICLE” to ROB the meaning of MY name SIGNature on MY Drawing of Robert Guillaume. The reason why she is “CHRIST”ina Yang on “Grey’s Anatomy”. It’s why SANDRA OH went to SIR ROBERT Borden high school AFTER I drew my drawing in 1981, it’s how long this sick PARASITE has been secretly attached to my life, and the REASON for 2 decades of HARDSHIP, so I wouldn’t find out.

Get the Magnifying GLASS with Eye in “O”, SEE, SANDRA OH cathoLICKING my All Girls St. VINCENT Ferrer classmates PUSSIES and ASSES, See SANDRA OH Licking “OO” is Form of ASS, through GLO”RIA” MA”RIA” names BACKwards, through BLACK BITCH SHONDA RIMES BIG BLACK PUSSY LIPS.

SANDRA OH mentally disturbed Borderline Psychotic Actress, who needs to be LOCKED IN PRISON for LIFE.

VINE Street turns into ROSSMORE Ave and then it turns into CRENSHAW Blvd.

Santa Monica Blvd and VINE St is one of the many local SOCIAL SECURITY Admin office buildings. They’ve been building for 3 decades for MY SSN and MY KOREAN NAME to BE SANDRA OH, and for My Parents names, to have meaning for JOSH WOLF and CONSTANCE PECORARO. The SS Admin office address is “1122”, the “VIBE” number of “212” of WOLF and PECORARO.

Then on ROSSMORE Ave X Melrose Ave is a Condo building called “CHELSEA COURT”, next to another residence building called “EL ROYALE”. For meaning of MY Father’s Identity and NAME of WANG which means KING because his family lineage is of Korean ROYalty, meaning of MY ARTWORK and the name of HAR”COURT” MONTGOMERY, to have meaning for JOSH WOLF who is a regular on CHELSEA HANDLER SHOW, connected to JUDGES and PUBLIC DEFENDERS NAMES in Beverly Hills COURT.

ROSSMORE is connected to “KIN” ROSS street name in WESTWOOD. For NIK BACKwards in SANDRA OH is My name SIGNature of “SANDY”.

West ANGeles, it’s really West LOS Angeles. WANG in Korean means KING. Burger KING, KING Donuts, there are lots of BUSINESSES in this area with name KING. King in Korean Characters look like the letters TO TO, and SANDRA OH who says she was born in OT TO “WA” Canada, thinks my Korean name of WANG has meaning for her through the word KING. The word KING is about this. “G” or GE in Korean is RATS and Mice, backwards is ‘STAR’ what’s like “NIK”, AS IF Sandra Oh is the ARTIST of MY Pencil Drawing of Black male actor name ROBERT GUILLAUME from 1981, and my First name SIGNature of “SANDY” on this drawing. The ‘NIK’ name of SANDRA. AS IF MY FATHER’S name and his Music Band name from the 50’s “MORNING STARS” has meaning for her.. OT TO “WA”, this is why the letters of “NG” is important for SANDRA OH, connected to Constance Maria Pecoraro. SEE GRACE NAVAS link.

Constance Maria Pecoraro’s OIL Artwork of JESUS CHRIST and Mother MARY, in Thomas CHRISTopher BRIDGES his gay LEO same birthday and sign as me “8/13”, with 3AR sound of “OIL” BACKWARDS, for PYous Pious JeSUS is horny for Pussy and Form of ASS “OO” BACKWARDS. The REASON why Sandra OH is “CHRIST”ina Yang on “Grey’s ANATOMY”. CATHOLIC Theme created to ROB the meaning of MY First Artwork Collection from 1981 of ROBERT GUILLAUME and my First Name SIGNature of “SANDY” on this Pencil Drawing I drew while growing up in JACKSON HEIGHTS New York with VERY IMPORTANT “ZIP CODE” NUMBER connections, the REASON for RAPING OF MY LIFE through “NUMBERS”.

THIS IS WHY THERE ARE “TWO” GAS “OIL” STATIONS ON THIS CORNER. “JC” JESUS CHRIST OIL ARTWORK BY CONSTANCE PECORARO. This is true of almost all gas stations in California at intersections, there is almost always Two “OO”. It’s about Catholic MAThemathics of PI, PYous Jesus in making MONEY. PI symbol of “TT”, I sounds like Eye, “OO” Must be form of TITS as “Charlies Find” is a TITLE.

Constance Maria Pecoraro’s sketches of “NO NAME GIRL”. NO NG, created to ROB MY KOREAN NAME for SANDRA OH. Connected to MY ALL GIRLS CATHOLIC HIGH SCHOOL Classmates names and name of MY Catholic Schools, to have meaning for SANDRA OH “THROUGH” the vehicle of Constance Maria Pecoraro’s OIL and GLASS Artwork CATHOLIC Theme.

“NO NG”, AS IF I have no name, but through WORDS, and OTHER PEOPLE”S Names, for MY IDENTITY and Korean Name to have meaning FOR and BE SANDRA OH, Borderline Psychotic Actress who thinks she DREW all MY DRAWINGS. Going BACKWARDS through the word “NO”.

NO “NG”, connected to GRACE NAVAS. OIL Artwork goes on CANVAS and RHYMES “RIMES” with NAVAS, the REASON why SHONDA “RIMES” created “Grey’s Anatomy” set in SEATTLE “GRACE” Hospital, AS IF SANDRA OH is MY IDENTITY IN MY PICTURES with GRACE NAVAS from the 80’s.

GREEN is very important it has many connections, the most important one being, SANDRA OH who’s been claiming for 3 decades she “DREW” my drawing of ROBERT GUILLAUME BLACK MALE Actor as “BENSON DUBOIS” from 1981, because she went to SIR ROBERT BORDEN HIGH SCHOOL on “131 GREEEEEEENBANK” Road in Canada. The ADDRESS of this SCHOOL was MADE UP, to MAKE MY ARTWORK and meaning of MY Drawing with ZIP CODE of JACKSON HEIGHTS “113 72”, to FIT SANDRA OH with HER Birthday numbers of “7/20”.

Grace Navas wearing a GREEN Scarf around her NECK. NECK is MOK AGE in Korean. GA MOK in Korean means Jail or PRISON.

Going BACKWARDS, “OO” is Form of HAND CUFFS that go on CH “RIS” Ts. Sandra Oh who went to “SIR” Robert Borden isn’t my fucking IDENTITY or the Artist of MY ARTWORK, it’s the REASON for YEARS of RAPING OF MY LIFE.

It’s isn’t about “KEY to MY SOUL”, it’s about JUSTICE in the RAPING OF MY LIFE that’s been going on SILENTLY for many years, and the RAPING OF MY SOUL in 2009, ROBBERY OF MY PRICELESS ARTWORK, MY DOG JACK, in a very SERIOUS and CRIMINAL ACTIVITIES of “ORGANIZED C RIMES”.





Jefferson Blvd and Crenshaw Blvd has TWO Gas Stations. For Tom Bridges Jesus CHRIST “OIL” Artwork, with “OO” eyes with his Gay LEO 3AR sound of “OIL” Blubber Ass BACKwards.

Up the street from MCDONALDS and Taco Bells is ADAMS BLVD and CRENSHAW Blvd. There are THREE Gas Stations on this one intersection, for Thomas CHRISTopher Bridges Constance Pecoraro’s Jesus CHRIST “OIL” ART, in 3AR sound of “OIL” BACKWARDS, for Jesus CHRIST on page “3”.

20360 Callon Drive Topanga. For meaning of MY FAC from 1981, connected to LEE MONTGOMERY who lived at this address many decades ago, to have meaning for Jesus CHRIST SANDRA OH on “Grey’s Anatomy” through TOM Bridges Constance Pecoraro’s OIL and GLASS Artwork of CATHOLIQ Theme. Vehicle created in a GROUP CONSPIRA”SEEE” to ROB MY IDENTITY and the meaning of MY ARTWORK for SANDRA OH, SHAW, SHOW, AO, TAO DAO DOW JONES of making MONEY.

Rossmore Ave X Melrose Avenue Apt building “CHELSEA COURT”

SEA and AIR connections
Rich ARD BACH jonat “HAN” Living”STON” SEA Gull is a BIRD
John HAN cock meaning

JOSH MICHAEL WOLF who is a regular on ChelSEA HANDler show
1982 BRITISH “American Were WOLF in LONDON” connections

Josh Wolf at CROWN of ROLEX building


across the street from Chelsea Court is the “EL ROYale”

meaning of ROYAL name of WANG which means KING

Sandy Wang on ROYAL GORGE BRIDGE in Colorado in 1998

CHRISTina BERN ARD O Birthday of “5/4” in the address “450”
Josh Wolf who went to Trinity University in San ANTONIO TEXAS

Beverly Hills City Hall “CH” address of 450 Cre”SCENT” Drive
Beverly Hills “COURT”
Santa Monica COURT

meaning of JUDGES NAMES
THE “O” DOR carried by “AiR” as in “SCENT” is CUMMING through Russell WASen”DOR”f
SEA “DAR” SINai Hospital and name of THE”O”DOR CUMMINGS

KING connections
NIK connections
NEK connections Chic”KEN” is a BIRD

--------------- RAPING OF MY LIFE, MY ARTWORK MY DOG JACK in GLUTTONOUS GREEN GREED connections --------------
Conspira”SEE” of TWO Deserve Life in Prison

BARACK OBAMA in HANCOCK PARK in 2011 at Antonio BANderas house

ROSSMORE x MELROSE very important connections

Sandy Wang’s Baby Pictures

Sandy Wang’s FAC from 1982 and meaning of Pencil Drawing of ROBERT GUILLAUME and “ZIP CODE” Numbers

Repeating Numbers of “11 3” connections


Sandy Wang’s childhood CHRISTMAS Picture

Sandy Wang and “GRACE” Navas in High School in 1985, PASTREEEES

WANG in Korean means KING “TO TO”

SANDY WANG’S Federally Registered Trademark

BUR GER KING, Sandy Wang’s “RUB”BER of X rated Video Recording

Sandy Wang’s HOUSING TERROR, BLACK JESUS at 20 Shelley Drive Mill Valley and HUGE “GORDON” MAC”DON”ald connection

a few blocks to East on JEFFERSON Blvd and meaning of "JACKSON Heights" and JOSH JACOB

DON in Korean means MONEY

WA and why the “NG” Is important to complete = WANG

see the KEY HOLE Shape? See KEY HOLE Shape on Ground, at new WH LIBRARY in 2011, scroll down

Same KEY HOLE Shape on LA Cienega blvd “JOHN KEEFE”, “KEY and LOCK” of Sandy Wang’s Intellectual Property

Thomas CHRISTopher Bridges

who needs to be LOCKED IN JAIL

meaning of “TAO” sound of DAO like ‘DOW’ JONES in making MONEY

SANDRA OH Website Registration “SHAW” SHOW, A,O, for CREN SHAW Blvd “CHARLIES FIND” OO




EAR sound of LEO and “OIL”


Repeating Numbers of 9420 ROLEX building address

Josh Wolf who studied Com “MOON” ications in TRINITY University FATHER SON and HOLY GHOST University

MOON in Korean means “DOOR” in the name of “ROD” ney KING and “CROWN” of Rolex Building goes on head of a KING connections

RUSSELL WASEN “DOR” F in I “O” WA connections

Sandra Oh Psycho Actress

the reason why she is “CRIST”Ina Yang on “GREY’S Anatomy”

Sandra Oh who went to “SIR” Robert Bor DEN high school

connected to Virgo Mai’DEN” Connie Pecoraro’s Catholic Theme of OIL paintings of Jesus CHRIST the SON

SEA is the OCEAN of Mother Mary

KIN G connections

NICK connections

StudY StudI “O”, Sandra Oh PEPSI PUSSY 1999 “GRAYSONS” connection

What is PAT”HO”logical LI”AR” SAND”RA” OH”s Middle Name? PATREEEESHA?

Fraud Documents

Copyright Trademark Laws and CRIMINAL RAMIFICATIONS

See this CHURCH ENTRANCE with Upside down U and O, SANDRA OH and “OU” in Rabbit Hole 2010

Discovery 2013 JOSH WOLF and Jacob Wolf with Bethan Ashton and “CRAW” “CROW”

T “A,O” of making MONEY

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