EAR “YR” Sound of “C O”, See “OH”, Sandra OH, as if she is My Identity and Artist of my Art

Sandy Wang’s Registered Trademark in “O”
Original Artwork of My Trademark is YELLOW and RED

Sandy Wang’s childhood pictures in COLORADO 1979
Sandy Wang’s adult pictures in COLORADO in 1998

meaning of “CO” or KO in “KOREAN” means NOS”E” and “OC” Oedipus Complex

meaning of the word “COLOR”

Constance Maria Pecoraro’s role is to ROB My Identity and ART for Sandra OH

C “O”

C “O”, SEE Sandra “OH” in “AUDRY”, Life in Peni”TEN”IA “RY”

PEPSI PUSSY “OH”, “BO” G in Korean is Pussy for “CHOCHARLIES FIND”

COLORADO FIRES raging in June July 2012








Everything “COLOR” ADO has been built as if Sandra OH is My Identity in all my childhood pictures from when I lived there in 1980.

CAP ital CITY of “DEN VER”, CO. Built connected to “VIR”go Mai”DEN” Constance Maria Pecoraro and her Catholic Theme OIL ART of mother Mary and Jesus CHRIST, as if she was my Mother, and as if Sandra OH was My Identity.

CO is NOS”E”, for “E”yes of the SON Jesus CHRIST “OO”, Oil art by Pecoraro, built to be FORM of Ass Pussy, reason why Sandra OH is “CHRIST”ina YANG on “Grey's Anatomy”.

See Links for “CO” and LOR” below.



1990? San Jose School project? Constance Pecoraro's JESUS CHRIST “CHA”rlies Find “OO”




Colorado “DARK KNIGHT RISING” Shooting at Movie Theatre Midnight Screening 7/20/12 in AURORA CO
AURORA is “DAWN” as in “MORNING” is A.M.




Red HAIR color

SANDRA OH in “RH” Rabbit Hole”

YANG is “FIRE” and YIN is “WATER”


connected to Sandra “OH” and her acting role as CHRISTina “YANG” see YANG, OH, WANG in Korean Characters = IDENTITY THEFT, ART THEFT = PRISON TIME

let’s not “YANG TAL” talk about how My Identity is being RAPED and ROBBED through KATIE “HOLMESANDYANG” “Sheep Fur” connections
“J H” going BACKwards on Robert’SON’ “Eyes” of the SON connected to MATHemathics of making MONEY as if SANDRA OH was My Identity and ARTIST of MY ART

in ROBBING JH meaning of my JOHN HANCOCK


Why on “7/20”?
This is a Group Conspiracy and these THREE People below MUST BE LOCKED IN PRISON ASAP, SANDRA OH FOR LIFE BEHIND BARS

“707 BRIDGEWAY Psycho Constance MARIA Pecoraro

what is TOM BRIDGES YEAR of Birth? 19 “72”? He is going to PRISON

7/20 is SANDRA OH’s CANCER born in ear JU LIE birthdate

meaning of “113 72” numbers mean in bigger picture

They are DIRECTLY connected to YEARS of PREMEDITATED RAPING and ROBBING OF MY LIFE through White Collar “CRIMES”

COLOR ADO. CO LO RA DO. Where should you separate the syllables to make “meaning FIT”?

COLOR in Korean language is SEKAL. SE “KAL”I 4 NIA.

SE in Korean is BIRD and KAL in Korean is KNIFE. Tom “BRID”ges Constance Pecoraro’s OIL Artwork painted by “PAL”ETTE KNIFE, so that the Korean word of “PAL” which means Number Eight 8 or “OO” can have meaning for Constance Maria Pecoraro, through her Jesus CHRIST OIL Painting of “CHARLIES FIND” with Horizontal Rings of “OO” around his Eyes, created and built based on MY Childhood pictures, My CATHOLIC Schools, and MY Name SIGNature on MY Pencil Drawing of Robert Guillaume from 1981 with Two “OO”.

It’s connected to my Drawing of a NOSE from 1982, which I drew while growing up in Jack”SON” Heights NY in the 1980’s. CO or “KO” in Korean means NOS”E”, and through the Korean word, they’ve been building for meaning of MY Name SIGNature with “OO”, to be FORM of ASS BACKwards, through Jesus CHRIST Eyes of “OO”. They’ve been building on this meaning for many years, the REASON why Psycho Pecoraro thinks MY Watercolor Artwork titled “CARL JUNG” has meaning for her. “CJ” for Jesus CHRIST BACKwards. In this painting, the ARM is the “NOS”E, the CHIN is the ASS, and there is HAIR and CHAIR, and all “AIR” connections they’ve been building BACKwards for “AIR” Libra JOSH Mic’CHA’ Wolf is Horny for MA”RIA” ASS BACKwards through “OO” Eyes. WOLF and PECORARO are SOCIOPATHS, who have been FEEDING on meaning of MY ARTWORK, Meaning of MY Parents Names, for 3 decades.

I retitled my painting “Carl Jung” to “OLD KARMA” in December 2012, because they are USING this painting and the title of “CJ” as a way to “FRAME” and PREMEDITATE for “CONSPIRACY of TWO” connections. They have STOLEN as in ROBBED MY ARTWORK through Organized CRIMES in 2009, created it to “FIT” THEM through new Business names built since 2009, and then TWISTING it around to “RAPE MY LIFE” again in Conspiracy of Two.

CO LO RA DO, DO sound of “DOUGH” as in MONEY the COLOR “GREEN”, MATHemathics of creating Meaning to RAPE MY LIFE again to MAKE MONEY, through Psycho PECORARO and SANDRA OH, Group Conspiracy, so that these two mentally disturbed sick Psychobitches can have meaning in MY ARTWORK, for SANDRA OH’s Show “Grey’s ANATOMY”. It’s “MONEY”, DOUGH, to RAPE MY LIFE in MATHemathics of making MONEY through creating Meaning as if SANDRA OH is MY IDENTITY and ARTIST of MY ARTWORK. DO DO DO DO you understand the PSYCHOLOGY of THIS? It has MANIFESTED ITSELF through JAMES HOLMES.

CAR L JUNG, 3AR sound of “KAR”MA, MARia Mi”KA”, built in.

You cannot REPLICATE the Powerful Meaning of MY FAC First Artwork Collection from 1981 and 1982, like you cannot Replicate MY SAC Second Artwork Collection from 2002-2007 and MY Registered Trademark. This is why Constance Pecoraro who is a Con Artist and Fraud must be LOCKED IN PRISON.

STEVE “BACH” is the Mayor of Colorado Springs Co. See RICHARD “BACH” page.


See Sandy Wang’s Father’s Music band picture “MORNING STARS” from the 50’s. See Sandy Wang’s childhood picture with “DAWN” in Denver Colorado in 1980, wearing White Red gray Horizontal Striped IZOD Shirt.

See Constance Pecoraro’s “No Name Girl” with new name ANOMIE, and White and Red striped shirt with Dudley her Kitty.

JAMES HOLMES “JH” for meaning of My JOHN HANCOCK. See Man Connections.

MIDNIGHT Screening on “7/20” 3AR sound of “JU” LIE Cancer rules the TITS of Sandra OH’S BIRTHDAY. Address of “707” Bridgeway Sausalito, where Constance Pecoraro lives.

ORANGE HAIR “OH”. See “BRAD WOLLACK” on Josh Wolf comedy page, and meaning of LOW DARI rich”ARD” BACK, on Josh Wolf VARIETY page.

See DMV on COLORADO Ave in Santa Monica and SEE SANDRA OH in “RH” RABBIT HOLE. RABBIT is a HAR3, sound of “RH” Red HAIR. Connected to MATHemathics of making MONEY through Businesses especially on ROBERTson Blvd, with brand new ultra fancy "Restoration Hardware" FUR PHER FIR niture store.

COLO “RADO” what’s missing? i. RA DI “O” Sandra OH. Philmore, LOCK is Pussy Lips of Sandra “OH”, LOCO in Spanish means CRAZY. Like new business of “SIR TA J” behind Rolex Building in 2012.

The meaning of COLORADO has been going on for 3 decades, because My Father’s side of the family, his siblings all lived in Colorado in the 70’s, and it is because of his younger sister that my family moved to North America in 1979. We lived in a town called Longmont just outside of Denver, before moving onto New York City. Everything in “DEN”VER CO, has been built for Tom Bridges Constance PeCOraro, VIRgo Mai”DEN”. This is connected to meaning of the word “CO LOR”. What’s Left? ADO, O is the EAR sound of “OH” and DA in Korean means “ALL”, DA= 14, AS IF Sandra “OH” is My Identity in all my childhood pictures in Colorado through Constance Mother MARY Pecoraro’s OIL Artwork and her “No Name Girl” sketches. The reason why Sandra Oh’s ex husband CAP Constantine Alexander Payne’s Production company is called AD HO minem Enterprises. Like the entire state of IDA”HO” is built for Sandra OH is my identity through Virgo Maiden Pecoraro, far away lookalike of Demi Moore, who raised her girls there for this specific reason. REAL LIFE of Creating “MEANING”.

They’ve been building and creating for MY ADULT Pictures in COLORADO in 1998 to BE SANDRA OH, and it is through Constance Pecoraro and her ARTwork and Tom BRIDGES who has the same LEO Birthday as me. This is why Constance Pecoraro registered her Website Domain name of “No Name Girl” WebHOST at VERIO WEB in COLORADO. VERIO the letters of her Earth VIRGO Mai”DEN” Sign, the reason why everything in “DEN”VER is about Tom Bridges Pecoraro Mai”DEN”.

It’s specifically about the “ROY”al “GOR”ge BRIDGE in Colorado Springs. Tom BRIDGES the meaning of MY Father’s Name of WANG which means KING in Korean because his family lineage is of Korean “ROY”alty, with the name GOR”DON” in MATHemathics of making MONEY through her Catholic Theme Oil Artwork. En “GOR”ged DIK of her Jesus CHRIST “CHA”rile JOSH MICCHA WOLF licking fucking specific names and body types “BT”, to have meaning in My FATHER’S Name and IDENTITY, through Constance Pecoraro’s Jesus CHRIST, in CATHOLICK MATHemathics of making MONEY.

This is the reason why JUDGES NAMES connected to this. The meaning of COURT is connected to KING ARTHUR’S COURT and the Knights of the Round Table.

They’ve been building for 3 decades for my Parents Names to have meaning for Josh Wolf and Constance Pecoraro, through Astrology Vibe Numbers of “212” in Linda Goodman’s Book “Love Signs”. They’ve been building for meaning of MY FAC from 1981, my name SIGNature of “SANDY” on MY Pencil Drawing of ROBERT GUILLAUME from 1981, to have meaning for Pecoraro and Wolf. This is why they both went to schools associated with the syllable of “SAN”. Why would you SIGN your SCHOOL’S name on the piece of Artwork you did.

My Drawing of NEIL DIAMOND, from the movie “Jazz Singer” to have meaning for JOSH WOLF because he is “Jewish”, because he is a AIR Libra with STONE of Diamond and because a Diamond is a “JEW”el. Kneel with a Diamond and ASSSterisK for marriage. AS IF Constance Pecoraro drew my drawings from 1981 and 1982 and wrote my Writings.

Air Libra symbol is the JUSTICE SCALES, the reason why they’ve been building the Justice LEGAL System, including JUDGES NAMES, connected to MY ARTWORK and MY Name SIGNature on MY ARTWORK of Robert Guillaume of BENSON Dubois, the Butler to the Governor from 1981.

All of the above is about MY ARTWORK and MY WRITINGS which I wrote for LEE Har”COURT” MONTGOMERY in 1982. Dia “MON”d is in his name, like Har “COURT”. WANG means KING, and it’s about MY “ART”. All TWISTED to “FIT” JOSH WOLF and CONSTANCE PECORARO through T”OM” Cruise Mapot”HER” ART “HUR”, in ROBBING the meaning of My Parents Names, meaning of MY Powerful Artwork connected to Lee Montgomery and his 1972 movie “BEN” which is about RATS in Pipes.

Tom Cruise Mapother Fourth, EAR sound of month of JU LIE Born Cancer, T “HIR” D. Who has a House in Colorado for the specific reasons above.

It’s Lee Montgomery, born in month of NO”V”EMBER T “HIR” D. No Virgo psycho Pecoraro “Fire” ember.

I was in front of a Judge for the first time in my life at the age of 29, in 1999. Every JUDGES Name who have WRONGED ME since then, is connected to MY COLORADO Pictures on “ROY”al “GOR”ge BRIDGE, for Tom “BRIDGES” all “bridges” because it’s in his name. He Bridges my Father’s “ROY”al name of WANG which means KING. Like my pictures with my first boyfriend and my mother in front of the BROOKLYN BRIDGE in 1989, AS IF MY IDENTITY was SANDRA OH, through Pecoraro and Wolf, AS IF SANDRA OH wrote MY WRITINGS of “I WAL Y” in 1982.

ROY C”HER” NUS in “GOR”DON MacDONald Case in 2006.

JAY “FORD” Judge in MALIBU in 2007.

RICHARD STONE, Beverly Hills Court on Burton Way x Rex”FORD” Drive, JUDGE NAME is very important.

Constance Pecoraro’s Verio Web in Colorado, like Vanna White in G”riddles” and Rhymes of words, anagrams, in MAThemathics of making MONEY. Creating meaning through Words, Numbers, Colors, etc, for MY IDENTITY all my childhood pictures in Colorado to BE SANDRA OH.

THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT. SANDRA OH was born in the month of JULY, and she wants all the “EAR” sounds of words to have meaning for her, connected to Cancer STONE is the P”EAR”L, Cancer rules the ANATOMY of “Breasts” and Stomach, but she wants it to be about her P3AR shaped ass BACKwards through the word G”REEEE”N, connected to MY name SIGNature and Meaning of MY FATHERS Name of SUNG “BAE” WANG, BAE in Korean means B”OAT” and PEAR.

The Month I discovered this DELUSIONAL SICK ACTRESS SANDRA OH is connected to meaning of MY ARTWORK in trying to ROB MY IDENTITY, was JUNE 2006, the same month I did almost all of my ABSTRACT page Artwork. While I was living at 2087 31st Avenue in the SUNSET District of San Francisco. These are numbers of TOM BRIDGES Birthday of 8/13/72, which is the same LEO Birthday as me of “8/13/69”. His Identity is VERY IMPORTANT in ROBBING MY IDENTITY for SANDRA OH, it’s about all the meanings connected to the SIGN of LEO, and it’s Metal of “GOLD”. Sandra Oh who is a Cancer metal is SILVER, built in Left to Right, like her HIGH SCH”OO”L “SIR” Robert Borden in Canada.

Sandra Oh wants her ASS going BACKwards to have meaning for her, through the SIGN of LEO which rules the HEART and the BACK, the reason why she needs TOM BRIDGES. SANDRA OH also NEEDS Constance Pecoraro’s CATHOLIC Theme OIL Artwork, in order for MY FAC from 1981 to have meaning for her, through Pecoraro’s OIL Artwork of Jesus CHRIST, it’s the REASON why she is “CHRIST”ina yang on “Grey’s Anatomy”. It is VERY IMPORTANT to know what TOM BRIDGES True YEAR of birth is, is it 19”72”? or 19”71”? he can do Prison Time.

This is one of the main reasons why HORRIFIC TERROR was INTENTIONALLY CAUSED TO ME, all in the MONTHS of JULY. JAMES HOLMES mass murdered in a COLORADO movie theatre opening Midnight Show of “Dark Knight”, the SAME DAY as SANDRA OH’s Birthday of “7/20”.

EAR sound of “JU” LIE, Sandra Oh is a born PAT”HO”LOGICAL LI”AR” who needs to be LOCKED IN PRISON FOR LIFE. Especially if she is LYING about her Middle Name, which she says it’s “MI JU” in 2011. The REASON for this is connected to MEANING OF MY NAME “WANG” meaning of MY ARTWORK, Meaning of MY PARENTS NAMES, and meaning of LEE HAR”COURT” MONTGOMERY, connected to “JU JU JU JU” JUDGES NAMES in “COURTS”. If her name is PATRICIA, sound of PATREEEESHA, she needs to be LOCKED In PRISON FOR LIFE.


JULY 2006 Robbing of My RENT Money and Deposit by GOR”DON” MacDONald and JUDGE name ROY CHERNUS

JULY 2007 Robbing of My RENT Money by TODD CUMMINGS in TOPANGA and Judge name JAY FORD

JULY 2008 ROBBING of My very valuable PROPERTY, Artwork and LAPTOP in Public Storage

JULY 2009 ROBBING of MY ARTWORK and DOG while I was Wrongfully Jailed in LA County Jail


SANDRA OH who says her middle name is “MI JU”, if it’s PATRICIA = LIFE IN PRISON

January 5, 2013, another Killing Spree in same town of AURORA COLORADO, in a “HOS”tage situation by a man name ‘SONNY’. He killed 3 people before being shot by the police, about 5 miles from the same movie theatre in the above shooting in July 2012. It would be interesting to know the DETAILS of this incident. It’s still connected to and all about TOM BRIDGES who has the same Birthday as me, Bridges MY IDENTITY for PSYCHO Actress SANDRA OH, and My Parents names with WOLF and PECORARO. In their CATHOLIC theme Oil Artwork in MATHemathics of making MONEY sick Raping Game.

SONNY ARCHuleta, ARCH is a Part of the “FOOT” or “SHOE” in all the BAL connections. SONNY, connected to Korean word “KO” which means NOS”E”, and this is how they’ve been creating meaning Going BACKwards for “E”yes of the SON of “OO” jesus CHRIST is form of ASSSSS for Horny Jesus JOSH MICCHA WOLF, in CATHOLICK MAThemathics of making MONEY theme.

Sonny Archuleta had a Brother name “PAT” who was murdered in Sept 2012. I’ve been questioning what is SANDRA OH’s Middle Name? Is it PAT RICIA?

SONNY, SUNNY, “OU” RABBIT HOLE goes very deep, Two Psychobitches Constance Maria Pecoraro and Sandra Patricia? Oh who both need to be LOCKED IN PRISON FOR LIFE with 5/29 “AIR” Gemini PsychoMICHINYUN GLORIA CATHERINE LEE.

"SONY" MUSIC Building on LASKY Drive Monster connections
WHITNEY HOUSTON who died across the street at the Beverly Hilton

Costance Pecoraor’s “SUNNY”
Sandra Oh “Rabbit Hole” OU

Royal Gorge in Colorado SPRINGS on FIRE 2013








See Sandy Wang’s pictures in COLORADO on ROYAL GORGE BRIDGE in 1998.

ROYAL GORGE BRIDGE is in CO “LOR” ADO SPRINGS. I don’t think these fires are random, they are DIRECTLY connected to the RAPING OF MY LIFE.

THIS FIRE BEGAN RIGHT AFTER A HEARING DATE of “6/4” 2013, and LORI HUBBLE PETITION. The AG Attorney General’s office from where the Petition was mailed to me is on “300 SPRING” Street. ROYAL GORGE BRIDGE is connected to ROBBING of MY Father’s Korean ROYAL Name, to have meaning for SANDRA OH, connected to JOSH WOLF.

This meaning of LORI name, and meaning of the word CO “LOR” is very closely connected. They’ve been building on this for many years, and I can’t stress the importance of HOW they’ve been using the word CO”LOR” to ROB MY IDENTITY for SANDRA OH. It’s been going on for THREE DECADES. It’s connected to ALL FIRES in COLORADO since my cross country trip in 1998. Below are pictures of LARGEST FIRES EVER, in the ENTIRE HISTORY of STATE of COLORADO. They all happened post 2000. I think most of them were caused by ARSON. There are natural cycles in Life and in Nature, everything dies and then regenerates. FIRES are a Natural event, but not at this level and not at this frequency. THE ENTIRE HISTORY of State of Colorado?, I’d say 90% of these fires were caused by ARSON, and this is connected to Constance Pecoraro’s Catholic theme OIL Art of her Jesus CHRIST the “SON”, and her No Name Girl sketches created to ROB MY IDENTITY and My Childhood pictures for SANDRA OH, in a GROUP CONSPiRACY, Constance Pecoraro website Host was in COLORADO “Verio – Web”.

LOOK AT THE JUDGE”S NAME, STU “ART” H. WAXMAN. SHW. What’s Missing? “O” sound of SANDRA “OH” and her SHOW, as if throug her TV SHOW, “GREY”S ANATOMY”, she is MY IDENTITY and ARTIST OF MY ARTWORK. Reason why they have SABOTAGED MY LIFE through WHITE COLLAR CRIMES Spanning YEARS, all connected to this BORDERLINE PSYCHOTIC ACTRESS, as if she was MY IDENTITY, in a GROUP CONSPIRACY, both which are extremely serious CRIMES, as well as ROBBERY of MY Federally Registered Trade”MAR Q”.

LOR I Hubble, connected to NASA and HUBBLE tele SCOPE, as in SOLAR SYSTEM of new planets of 8, as if SANDRA OH is MY IDENTITY and MY PORTRAIT Drawing, through the ROBBERY of MY ART and MY PORTRAIT Drawing connected to “Solar System”. LORi, in the word CO “LOR” ado. CO in Korean means NOS”E”, connected to Eyes of SON, as in Jesus CHRIST the SON Constance Pecoraro’s OIL ART of Jesus CHRIST, reason WHY SANDRA OH is “CHRIST”ina Yang on “Greys Anatomy”. Reason why SANDRA OH isn’t the ARTIST of MY “WATER”COLOR ARTWORK, OIL and WATER don’t mix, like psychobitches and I don’t mix.


Did you get the meaning of why JAMES HOLMES went on a Shooting Rampage on “7/20”? This is SANDRA OH’s Birthdate. EAR sound of Sandra Oh is a CANCER born in “JU LIE”, who thinks she is MY Birthday of LEO SIGN. What is TOM BRIDGES YR of his Leo Birthday, 19”72”? it’s called GROUP CONSPiRACY for IDENTITY THEFT, of My identity to be and have meaning for Sandra OH.

SANDRA OH in SEPT 2012 on “GT”
6/ 4, 2013 LORI HUBBLE “DEN”tal Petition in SEPT 2012

Understand WHY Edward SNOW “DEN” did what he did in June 2013

YARNell Hill Fire in “ARI”zona



History of COLORADO FIRES since 2000





In the entire HISTORY of the STATE of COLORADO, these are the major fires recorded. They are almost all after year 2000. In the ENTIRE HISTORY of the State of COLORADO? It sounds to me, they may have been caused by ARSON.

I took my cross country trip through Colorado in 1998, visited with my cousins and aunt in Denver.

A year later, Columbine High School shooting occurred and this wasn’t random.








LH Left Hand Canyon

meaning of Sandy Wang's John “HAN”cock as in my Name SIGNature on my art from 1981

Sept 2012 “GREEN” White Sandra OH on GT with Sa”ND”ra McLOCK”lan

Sept 2012 ever “GREEEN” LORI HUBBLE Dental Mental “CO LOR” Petition connection, is LORI HUBBLE LEFT Handed? Is she WHITE or BLACK?

SANRA OH SIGNING her John HANCOCK in Red OverLAPping OO Pussy SLIT Dress 2013


Go directly to find where I point to, or you will get lost

SEPT 2012 SANDRA OH in SEPT 2012 on “GT” wearing White Green
SEPT 2012 “LOR”I Hubble Dental Petition and all Lies, NANCY Gaytan letter and NANCY “LYONS”
SEPT ember born Vir”GO” pscyHO Vir”GO” Mai”DEN” I”TAL”Ian Constance Psycho Pecoraro on “707” Bridge “ Q “ way BORDENDave’s Truck

SEPT 13, 2013 COLORADO is having another CHAOTIC experience, this time due to Heavy RAINS and FLOODING. The entire town of LYONS has been FLOODED and CUT OFF, and all surrounding towns have been evacuated.

LYONS Town, is LORI HUBBLE or YVETTE DANIELLE MARQUIS a LEO? It's about TOM BRIDGES Gay DENTIST who has the same LEO Birthday me, in ROBBING MY IDENTITY, MY LEO “SIGN” and Name “SIGN”ature on MY ART for SANDRA OH Korean Actress who is an IDENTITY and ART THIEF and MUST BE LOCKED IN PRISON.

I've head that “Weather” can be somewhere “Controlled'. But I think there are definitely some “Higher Powers” at work here, and I’m not talking about Spiritual Cosmic Universal kind of Energy Power. I’m talking Scientific Atmosphere experts, “weather experts”. If not, then it truly is GOD’S ENERGY, “Sending A Message” to SICK HUMANS.

It’s amazing how it FP Fits Perfectly, what recently happened in my Dental Mental Petition filed by “LOR”I Hubble. My License was revoked in a letter sent to me from NANCY “GAYTAN”, who is about creating meaning as if SANDRA OH is MY IDENTITY in my 1985 pictures with Nancy LYONS. I put this letter up last week of August 2013. I’ve been questioning if LORI HUBBLE is a GOLD I LOCK of BLONDE HAIR LEO PUSSY with a BIG P3AR B”OAT” ASSSterisK, because it’s about the meaning of “LIO n KIN g”, to ROB MY IDENTITY for SANDRA OH.

CO “LOR” a “DO”, it’s RAINING “RED”, as in MY Double Leo LION BODY Painting, White and Red. The Bottom Row of My Watercolor paintings page.

Meaning of My “Family Jewel”, My dog JACK, MY Lock and “KEY” Painting, all STOLEN, connected to SANDRA OH, through Black Color S”KIN” pussies and Gold I LOCK of Blonde Hair Pussies, in Her She Pussy Ass Pimping, RAPING OF MY LIFE and MY SACRED ART Game.



Extremely important, pay attention
TREE and RUBBER “O”, connected to SANDRA OH in “RABBIT HOLE”
Rabbit Hole “RH” connected to My DMV Picture taken at “COLORADO” Street in Santa Monica
All leading and connected to “GREEEEEN” connections of “LORI HUBBLES Dental Mental Petition in SEPT 2012 connections

CO”LOR” ado, Sandra OH’s birthday of “7/20” and Dark Knight Massacre in 2012, scroll down to LYON FLOOD in SEPT 2013

SANDRA OH in SEPT 2012 on GEORGE Tonight wearing “WG”
LORI HUBBLE SEPT 2012 DENTAL Mental Petition and all the “ART” connections, ‘DMV’ Red Hair

WG Water Grill new in 2013 on Ocean avenue in Santa Monica
WG Water Garden on CO”LOR” ado street in Santa Monica next to DMV

meaning of Sandra Oh in “RA bbit HO le” and “RA OH” the TAO and TORAH of making MONEY
connected to en”DOW”ed Hordik JESUS CHRIST JEWISH JOSH MIC”CHA” WOLF and his wife “ASH” TON
“SHA” connections and meaning


Sandy Wang’s childhood pictures in Longmont Colorado 1979
Sandy Wang’s Dental “HYGIENE” School
Sandy Wang’s Adult pictures in Colorado in 1998

meaning of JUDGES NAMES

COLOR in Korean is “SE KAL”


PEOPLE MAGAZINE issue Sept 30, 2013.

It isn’t random, there is a city name “HYGIENE” in CO”LOR” ado. When exactly was this city named? Probably in the 1980's or early 1990's.

“LOR”I HUBBLE’s life has been “SYNCHRONIZED” with MY DENTAL HYGIENE Career since I graduated in 1990. I don't know where Lori Hubble went to Dental Hygiene school but if she is from CAS and Sacramento, I'm going to guess “CHA BOT” SCHOOL in “AE”SCULAPIUS in MAThemathics of making Money, in OIL BURNS for LARD if FAT of “STERN and AFT” P”EAR” B”OAT” Ass Conspiracy. It would be interesting to see what kind of BT BODY TYPE LORI HUBBLE has, it's an ASS Conspiracy.

HUBBLE Telescope was launched in April 1990. Then they began creating meaning through TOM BRIDGES Gay male “DEN”TIST, bridges VIRGO MAI”DEN” I”TAL”ian Constance Maria Pecoraro on BRIDGEWAY SAUSALITO, connected to Lori Hubble.

They built it connected to JESUS CHRIST the “SON”, OIL ART by Constance Maria Pecoraro, and it's a BLACK “SUN”. For Jesus CHRIST the “SON”, to have meaning through Tom BRIDGES his GAY LEO Fucking “A”NUS”, and Jesus CHRIST the “SON” RINGS around his Eyes are “OO” FORM OF ASS, in Robbing the meaning of My name SIGNature on my pencil drawing from 1981. The Sun rules the sign of Leo, built connected to LIO OIL and CHICA go “IL LI” NOIS, NIGGER RHIMES with VEDDER in OIL BURNS for KEN QUEST for FIRE. Leo FIRE Sign.

LORI HUBBLE and the DENTAL HYGIENE Committee in Sacramento Address of “EVER GREEN” Street isn’t random, all connected to and pointing to SANDRA OH who went to SIR ROBERT BORDEN on “113 GREEN BANK” Road Canada, who is a sick actress on tv show “GREYS ANATOMY” set in “THE EVERGREEN STATE of WASHINGTON”. GRAY and GREEN are both co LORs. This is WHY G”LORI” a Lee’s birthday numbers, repeating sick numbers of “5/29” is in the Reference Number of MY Dental Hygiene “BORD” Scores, connected to G”LORI”A Lee to MY DENTAL Hygiene Profession connected to “LORI” Hubble. These are all names and syllables in words, they’ve been building on for the past 3 decades, as if SANDRA OH was MY IDENTITY through “Name Linking”, same thing as Repeating Numbers, it’s for a specific reason.

It isn’t random that these specific people’s names are published, Julia Lebet”KIN”, and James Tay”LOR”, with “LOR” and “NIK” in their names, and they are seeking shelter at CHRISTIAN “LIFEBRIDGE” CHURCH. T”HO”MAS CHRISTOPHER “BRIDGES” robs MY “LIFE” and MY ART for SANDRA OH, connected to and THROUGH “LORI” Hubble’s Petition, which is connected to “JJ” JOSH and JACOB WOLF, in MATHemathics of making MONEY as if SANDRA OH is My identity and ARTIST of MY WATER COLOR ART on “PA”PER.

“JH” James Holmes Sen”TEN”ced to Life in Prison Plus 3,318 Years in Prison
not 4,408 years, but “3,318” years LMAO



LMAO. Laughing My Ass Off. When I saw this.

This SENTENCING of 3,318 Years came out of “WRIST” Connections of JESUS CH “RIS” T page, and the RETALIATION for this, of new “OAKLEY WATER” BRAND established in 16,000 BC.

LAF, LAP, LAUGH, sometimes sound of “LOCK” in Names, JESUS CH “RIS” T CHARLIES FIND is built in by default to have meaning for Josh MIC”CHA” WOLF, in a Ass Pussy Conspiracy, who’s talent agency is in the “ROL”ex Building, connected to “LOR”I HUBBLE who illegally revoked my Dental Hygiene license in 2013 through White Collar C”RIMES”.


Jesus CH “RIS” T and W “RIS” T connections
W “RIS” T WATCH on Sandra OH meaning

WATCH ME GRO Be.Hind “ROL”ex Building
“ROL”ex Building on “WILSHIRE Blvd”

JOSH MIC”CHA” WOLF the “SUC” Stand Up Comedian
WILSHIRE “RHIMES” with “FIRE” BURNS and “BUL” in Korean is FIRE

ROBBERY of Sandy Wang’s ART, Trade”MARQ”, Identity, LIFE through this SICK FUCKING WHITE COLLAR DEN”TAL” MEN”TAL” CRIMES in 2013

Nasa and Space Shuttle, and “HUBBLE TELES cope”

Scroll down to new “OAK LEY” WATER Brand in 2015


Thomas Chandler Bridges is a F”A”G in F”O”G, in San Francisco, who has the same LEO birthday as me, but different YEAR. What is his YEAR of Birth? Is it 1971 or 1972?

This is important because all of the EVIDENCE POINTS to a GROUP CONSPIRACY of IDENTITY THEFT, ART THEFT and LIFE THEFT, everything about MY ART, MY Name, MY LIFE, built to be SANDRA OH, as if she is the artist of my artwork, built through TOM BRIDGES Constance Maria Pecoraro’s Catholic Theme Oil Art of JESUS CHRIST CHARLIES FIND on “BRIDGE”WAY Sausalito, reason why Sandra OH was Doctor “CHRIST”ina Yang on “Grey’s Anatomy”.

If Tom Bridges Year of Birth is 1972 it’s about Robbing My IDENTITY for SANDRA OH, to “CONFUSE” who is who. My Birthday is 8/13/69. His birthday is 8/13/72. It’s about CONFUSING MY IDENTITY and LEO Birthday with SANDRA OH Cancer who was born on “7/20”. Connected to Why Constance Maria Pecoraro moved to “707” BRIDGEWAY.

James Holmes committed this massacre on “7/20” in “AURORA” COLORADO.

Aurora is another word for “MORNING”, and this is connected to Robbing My Father’s Music Band from 1950’s called “MORNING STARS”, as if My Father was Sandra Oh’s father, built through Jesus CHRIST “CHA”rlies Find, JOSH MIC”CHA” WOLF, reason for Y.E.A.R.S of TERROR and HORROR IN MY LIFE.

Sen”TEN”cing of Life in Prison PLUS 3,318 years.

8/13 LEO sign of MY Birthday, same as Tom Bridges. What’s left? “3” THREE. “TREE”, what is Sandra Oh’s middle name? PA”TREEE” SHA? they built as if Sandra Oh is My Identity in My Private Pictures on the “TREE” in TOPANGA in 2007. SPO? = Life in Prison.

I’ve been a DENTAL HYGIENIST for more than 20 years and in 2013, through PREMEDITATED ORGANIZED C”RIMES”, they Illegally Revoked my License to practice. My Dental Hygiene CALIFORNIA License number is “18278”. Assuming his YR is 72, Tom Bridges LEO Birthday of 8/13/72, what’s missing? “3”. What’s left? “8”, as if MY H”AIR” in MY PORTRAIT Drawing number “38”, is SANDRA OH through RAPING MY LIFE through MY OWN PROFESSION of DENTistry, connected to SANDRA OH School name of “SIR” ROBERT BOR”DEN”.

38, what’s left? 1, WON is my Korean Middle name, 8/13 is MY LEO Birthday, that they’ve built as if it’s deranged psychotic Korean Actress SANDRA OH.

this has been going on for long time, “813” Repeating Numbers





TARGET JOSH WOLF “LOVES” MATH, Numbers makes him “HORNY”, scroll down to “RAYS” in Home Run = LIFE IN PRISON

This is a GROUP CONSPIRACY of IDENTITY THEFT, ART THEFT and LIFE THEFT, reason for Y.E.A.R.S of White Collar C”RIMES” in my life and Years of Real Life TERRORIZING.

What is Tom Bridges Middle Name? YR of Birth?
72? Tom Bridges Year of 1971 on Police Reports are LIES

7 “O” 7 707 BRIDGE “WAY” of Cosntanc

It’s all about ROBBING MY IDENTITY and MY ART, to CONFUSE My Leo Birthday and IDENTITY with SANDRA OH

7-20 Cancer SANDRA OH is a Deeply Deranged Borderline PSYCHOTIC Actress who MUST BE LOCKED IN PRISON FOR LIFE

Why are these numbers important? How do they FIT into the Bigger Picture of “113 72”.

James Holmes, JH, it’s about My John Hancock name SIGNature on my ART from 1981 of “ROBERT” GUILLAUME, which I drew while growing up in “JH” JACKSON HEIGHTS New York ZIP CODE of “113 72”.

James Holmes FATHER name is “ROBERT”.

“JH” Jackson Heights NY ZIP CODE of 113 72 meaning

HOLMS Ian FASHION and EV….”YAN” Water on page “84”
Why Sandra “OH” was CH”RIS”tina “YANG” on Grey’s Anatomy set on “TAL” MAN Ave

ROBBING MY IDEN”TIT”Y and ART for 7/20 Birthday of SANDRA OH PSYCHO Korean Actress who Must be LOCKED IN PRISON

Sandy Wang’s childhood COLORADO Pictures

------- Sandy Wang’s Adult Pictures in COLORADO in 1998 ROYAL GORGE BRIDGE ---------

Sandy Wang’s FAC from 1982

“WAL” DO Fire, Sandy Wang’s “I WAL Y” writings from 1982

Sandy Wang’s father’s Music band from 50’s “MORNING STARS”

Heath Ledger in "DARK KNIGHT"

Broom St SOHO NY

Constance Pecoraro’s Website Registration on “11/9” 1998 right after my Cross Country Trip in 1998

Constance Pecoraro’s Website Host on “11/9” 1998 at VERIO WEB in COLORado in 1998

JUDGES NAMES and my pictures on “ROY”al GORge BRIDGE in October 1998


meaning of “CO LOR”

Katie “HOLMES” Divorce to TOM CRUISE June July 2012 Tom’s Future Predicted wife name of PECORARO isn’t random

DMV on COLORADO Avenue in Santa Monica SANDY WANG”S Drivers License with “RED HAIR” in 2010 picture


meaning of My “JH” JOHN HANCOCK

ORANGE HAIR of BRAD WOLLACK on Josh Wolf Comedy page

What is BRAD WOLLACK’S Calling?

What is PAT”HO”logical LI”AR” SAND”RA” OH”s Middle Name? PATREEEESHA? IS HER BIRTHDAY “7/20”?

WALDO Tunnel in Sa “US” alito

Constance Pecoraro’s HERN”DON” Virginia

Constance Pecoraro’s VERIO WEB in COLORADO 1998

Constance Pecoraro’s VW Vanna White in Wheel of FORTUNE

Constance Pecoraro’s “No Name Girl” “ANOMIE” in WHITE and RED Stripes with Dudley Kitty

Psycho Constance PECORARO on “707” BRIDGE “WAY” Sa”US” alito

KATie HOLmes who starred in BATMAN, there is a street called "BAK MAN" in North Hollywood "TK"

Thomas CHRISTopher Bridges

who needs to be LOCKED IN JAIL

JOSH WOLF who thinks MY ARTWORK has meaning for him and his WIFEY

Repeating Numbers of 9420 ROLEX building address New Business of “SIR TAJ”

meaning of RA Di “O” is a PERIOD as in DOT

Sandra Oh Psycho Actress

the reason why she is “CRIST”Ina Yang on “GREY’S Anatomy”


Sandra Oh who went to “SIR” Robert Bor DEN high school

connected to Virgo Mai’DEN” Connie Pecoraro’s Catholic Theme of OIL paintings of Jesus CHRIST the SON

SEA is the OCEAN of Mother Mary

StudY StudI “O”, Sandra Oh PEPSI PUSSY 1999 “GRAYSONS” connection

Fraud Documents

2011 TEXAS State Burning, JOSH WOLF SCHOOL

meaning of SCHOOL

YARNELL HILL Fire June 2013

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