Malibu Country Mart Children’s Playground


Constance Maria Pecoraro’s BIG “SHO”es
meaning of “SHO”es and “HOS”pital in Robbing MY IDENTITY for SANDRA OH


HammER, begins and ends with “HER”, as in T”OM” Cruise Mapot”HER”.

Connie Pecoraro wants Children’s Playgrounds to have meaning for her because it’s the same as her name initials “CP”, like she wants my Childhood Pictures, my Colorado Pictures, to have meaning for her.

The HAMMER Sculpture is about the childhood pictures of me standing on the Mountains in Korea, wearing RED Shoes. T”OM” Cruise Mapot”HER” has created a Her She Pussy Licking game, so that my childhood pictures can have meaning for “HER”.

It’s about the White and RED shirt I am wearing in The Picture of me and the black girl, there is a HangER on the Wall and Tom Cruise wants this picture of me to be a “HER”.

The name ED “BEN”avente is about the picture of me at Club Med with a Mexican friend name ED, he is wearing a typical Club Med shirt with Flags from All around the World. BEN is about the BENSON drawing of Robert Guillaume I did in 1982. Through other people’s names, and titles of Artwork like this, they want my FAC from 1982 to have been done by Connie Pecoraro or Sandra Oh.

In 1996, I was living at 169 East 91st NYC, the reason why Connie Pecoraro moved to 691 Bridgeway in 1998, because she wants my “Sexual Experiences” from this apt to have meaning for her. It’s fucking Psychotic and it’s RAPING ENERGY.

October 19th is Josh Wolf’s birthday. Jo”SH” is from Am”HER”st Massachusetts and he drives a Green Mini Van with license plate “KCP” for Connie Pecoraro. They want my FAC from 1982 to have meaning for this GROUP of people conspiring to rob my IDENTITY and the Powerful Meaning of my ARTWORK. As you can SEE, this has been going on for many years.

I think when they built this HAMMER, they were busy Hammering away in Beverly Hills, to “SYN”Chronize it with Connie Pecoraro and her CATHOLIC Theme of MOT”HER” Mary in Santa Monica and Jesus Christ in Beverly Hills. They were Synchronizing it with MY LIFE Experiences when I was living in NYC in the 90’s.

HammER is about “HER”, HELen Keller HER, T”OM” Cruise Ma”POT”HER Her.