Hit By Car on 11/26/09 San Vicente and Santa Monica Blvd

Being stalked and followed by Specific License Plates "USS" and Repeating Numbers of "429" Josh Wolf's PARALLEL Entertainment Address
with Specific Name people EG and AK amin "SKY" for meaning of Daniel Ladin"SKY" and SKY connections

This piece of Documents says it’s in the city of SANTA MONICA written by a lawyer, I was hit on Santa Monica Blvd in WEST HOLLYWOOD

Hit by Car Documents
Crooked Lawyer who robbed my Settlement Money EMERY LEDGER

TOM BRID ges All BIRDS and Bridges
with Psycho Connie Pecoraro on BRIDgeway Sausalito
BIRDS Restaurant next to Scientology Center
Tom Cruise Scientology Video “if someone gets in a car accident, you have to stop and help”


Up this street on San Vicente Blvd

the Building behind this Bank has been “EMPTY” for years “JOSH in CONCRETE”
The DESMOND building on CYnthia Street and FIRE STATION "7" Purple Yellow "PY" what's Missing? "USS"
corner of SUNSET Blvd and San Vicente
PCH and Fire Station "70"
= Connie Pecoraro's new address on "707" Bridgeway in 2009


RAGE is about the StudiO “GA” RAGE at 20360 Callon Drive Topanga
to have meaning for “Grey’s Anatomy” Sand”RA” Oh who is a “GE”= “Star” on “SAN” Vi”CENT”e Blvd

Pepsi p"US"sy Sand"RA" Oh 1999, it's been going on for a long time
Gay Psychobitch IDENTITY THIEF Sandra Oh
p"US"sy Bank and Architecture Key Hole Connections
Lick Suck Fuck CUM and Deep "O" Sit Money


SE in Korean means “BIRD” Tom BRIDg ES his gay Leo with 3AR sound of OIL BACKwards for Jesus C H=OO RIST
I sounds like Eye of Jesus Christ “OO”, LA J ock
ThoMAS CHRISThopher Bridges
Tom Bridges needs to be LOCKED in PRISON
Connie Maria Pecoraro’s Jesus CHRIST OIL painting
Mother WOLF and FLOR "ES" connections
the REASON why 9/11 happened on a TU”ES”day




2001 “GA” RAGE RAGE RAGE RAGE, KILL KILL KILL page “52” in David Sexton's book published in 2001

2005 “GA” Greys Anatomy created in 2005

2007 reason why Sandy Wang's LOCK was Bro”KEN” on 10/18, 4 C day B4 “AIR” LIBRA JOSH WOLF birthday
“GA” RAGE Studi”O” at Callon Drive TOPANGA in 2007

They are FOLLOWING Hannibal Lecter in every detail imaginable.

DY “LAN” new in 2014 New DYLAN apts on “LAB”rea


11 “45” meaning SHONDA LYNN RHIMES and SHONDA”LAND”, sick deranged nigger who created “Grey's Anatomy”
to ROB MY Identity, Art, My LIFE, My SOUL, for Borderline Psychotic Actress SANDRA OH in Red Pussy SLIT Dress of SHONDA”LAND”

Sandy Wang's Dental Hygiene Petition and Revoking of My License by NANCY GAYTAN in “8/9” Letter = White COLLAR C”RIMES”
Groups of people will be going to PRISON for a LONG TIME


the same THEME of MY FAC in 1981 which I did growing up in “JACKSON Heights” NY connected to NAMES on this TREE Dedication
is the REASON why MY DOG “JACK” and my Second Artwork collection was STOLEN in 2009

Sandy Wang’s pictures with My DOG and “White Green” GARAGE DOOR in 1980’s
Sandy Wang’s Writings of “I WAL Y” on my Architectural drawing


the building with the KNIFE SLICING up the street and "STONE" Artwork
which is near the corner of KEITH and HILLDALE "KH"

same KNIFE SP"EAR"ing the building ART Sculpture at FOOTHILL Road building in Beverly Hills with JUDGE name RICHARD "STONE"


just down the street from KEITH and HILLDALE "KH" for SANDRA OH is My baby picture sitting on Papasan CHAIR wearing KH Knitted Hat
COOK FOOD, for Sandra Oh is My baby First Birthday picture with FOOD and MONEY on the table
To have meaning for Constance PSYCHO PECORARO "Mother" Mary and Jesus CATHOLIC theme
reason why Sandra OH is CHRISTina Yang on "Grey's Anatomy"

Sandy Wang's baby pictures

THOMAS BRIDGES who has the same LEO Birthday as me in Group Conspiracy to ROB MY IDENTITY

meaning of "FOOD"

through Pecoraro's OIL Artwork of "CHARLIES FIND" OO
where ever there is a FRENCH CHAMPAGNE Bakery

Coin Slot Oval next to CUP of COFFEE, = FOC PUC

Sandy Wang's childhood picture in Santa Monica in 1979 holding a DOG and “VIRGO” Sign on WALL, see Sandy Wang’s mother and “TAYSTEE” Sign with COIN SLOT circa 1988
Sandy Wang's CHRISTMAS picture with my Dog FRENCHY

Study Studi "O" Sandra Oh Pepsi Pussy 1999
“VIRGO” Pecoraro, Constance Pecoraro’s SUNNY COIN Slot


Sandy Wang’s Father Musician and name of “CHO”i Yong on Upper Left and “CLARINET”
meaning of “CHA” connections

Josh Mic’CHA’ Wolf as Jesus CHRIST at CROWN of Rolex, must understand CLARITY PARTNER connections

Constance Maria Pecoraro's cho”CHA”rlies Find Jesus CHRIST “OO”
Constance Maria Pecoraro's CHAMPAGNE
Sandra OH and "CHA" MPAGNE with "CHA" dra

CF CB Charlies Find, CHRISTina BERN “ARD O”
Sandra OH as “CHRIST”ina Yang on “Grey’s anatomy”

like CORN on the COB is YELLOW


“CHA”mpagne. CHOCHA in Spanish means PUSSY. CP.

8919. Constance Pecoraro’s birthday is “9/1”. 89 is the Beginning and Ending numbers of My Birthday 8/13/69. “13”= AC, CAL I 4 NIA. Tom Bridges meaning of My Mother with Psycho Constance Pecoraro, AS IF through her Mother Mary Catholic Theme OIL Artwork and her ‘No Name Girl” sketches, AS IF SANDRA OH is MY IDENTITY in ALL MY PICTURES. I don’t exist, but COLORS, Numbers, Words, Other’s peoples Identity matter in MY PICTURES, so that through creating meaning through WORDS COLORS CLOTHES NUMBERS Etc, SANDRA OH can be MY IDENTITY, AS IF She is the Artist of my Artwork. THIS HAS BEEN GOING ON FOR 3 DECADES.

FRENCH CHAMPAGNE Bakery, FRENCH is connected to my Dog name Frenchy from 1980 and my childhood CHRISTMAS Picture. It’s connected to Pictures of me from when I worked for FRENCH Company “Club Med” in 1992, that SANDRA OH thinks is HER. Meaning of MY ARTWORK from 1981 and MY Picture with my dog Frenchy on CHRISTMAS, is what Constance Pecoraro's CATHOLIC Theme is based on of Jesus CHRIST OIL Artwork with "OO" Eyes on page "3". See my childhood picture.

It’s about MY Childhood picture in SANTA MONICA in 1979, of me with a Dog on my lap, with YELLOW SIGN on WALL “VIRGO”, that SANDRA OH thinks is her through VIRGO Maiden Constance Pecoraro. Catho”LICK” PEPSI PUSSY SANDRA OH, connected to VIRGO Constance “MOTHER” Mary Pecoraro in GROUP CONSPIRACY to ROB MY IDENTITY and meaning of MY ARTWORK, and ALL MY childhood pictures, through Psycho Pecoraro’s IMAGINARY Sketches of her “No Name Girl”, all based on MY Pictures, TO BE SANDRA OH.

MY LIFE MY PICTURES MY EXPERIENCES ARE ALL REAL. Constance Pecoraro lives in a IMAGINARY World of her sick sketches of her “No Name Girl” SUNNY, like Sandra Oh lives in a IMAGINARY world of her “ACTING”, TWO PSYCHOBITCHES in HER SHE Ass Pussy Licking GAME, who THINK THEY HAVE MEANING IN MY IDENTITY and MY ARTWORK. Two Sick Bitches who BOTH need to be LOCKED IN PRISON FOR LIFE, because it’s the reason for 2 DECADES of HARDSHIP in MY LIFE.

Champagne Bakery, CB, connected to my Catholic High School classmate name “CB” CHRISTINA BERN ARDO, built in left to right. But through her name and Constance Pecoraro’s Catholic Theme OIL Artwork of Jesus CHRIST with “OO” Eyes, Bern “ARD O”, SanDRA OH thinks she is My First name SIGNature of “SANDY” with “OO”, the REASON why she is “CHRIST”ina Yang on “Grey’s Anatomy”.

Thomas C “OO” K. Thomas Bridges EATING 3AR sound of ASSS and PUSSY, of Two Mentally disturbed sick Psychobitches PECORARO and SANDRA OH EATING and LICKING Ass and Pussy, who think they are ME and MY MOTHER’S IDENTITY. They’ve been building for 3 decades for My Identity to be SANDRA OH, through Psycho “MOTHER” MARY Pecoraro and her Catholic Theme OIL Artwork.

C"OO"K, for any word with two "OO", like F"OO"D, sch"OO"l, etc, to have meaning in my First name SIGNature of "SANDY*", to have meaning through Pecoraro's Jesus CHRIST with "OO" Eyes. 3AR sound of EATING "ASSS"TERISK BACKwards, and PROPANE GAS forwards. It's all connected to 20360 Callon Drive TOPANGA, and the stove in that Studio is fueled by PROPANE GAS EAR sound of PecoraRO in PAIN. Psycho delusional sick Italian Con Artist, who thinks she has meaning in my Mother's name and Identity, to create meaning, AS IF Sandra Oh is My Baby Pictures.

9/1 is Constance Maria Pecoraro’s Birthday. VIR”GO” EARth Sign rules the DIGESTIVE System, and through this sign, and MATHemathics of making MONEY through FOOD Businesses, they’ve been building for 3 decades AS IF SANDRA OH is my First Birthday Baby Picture with all the FOOD and MONEY on the Table.

It's about "T" is for TAO, Dao Dow Jones of making MONEY. GU and IL in Korean is the number 9 and 1, and Psycho Constance Pecoraro thinks she is MY First name SIGNature on My Drawing of Robert GUILLAUME from 1981. The REASON why she says she got her Art Degree from "SAN" Jose State, why would you sign your schools name on a piece of Artwork you did.

EAR sound of GU IL "T".

This is DIRECTLY connected to the street name “SEP”ulveda Blvd, a few blocks from where “Grey’s Anatomy” is filmed at the SEPulveda VA Hospital. On this corner on Sepulveda Blvd x WESTWOOD Blvd, “SW”, is a big sign that says WESTWOOD “GATE”WAY. WG. Sandy WanG, for my name to be Bridged by TOM BRIDGES who has the same LEO Birthday as me, Metal of LEO is “GOLD”, and he bridges my Identity with SANDRA OH, through “GOLD”en GATE BRIDGE, and BRIGEWAY Sausalito where Constance Pecoraro lives.

SEPulveda Blvd, VIR”GO” SIGN born in the month of SEP tember. FOR MY IDENTITY and MY Childhood pictures in SANTA MONICA in 1979, with a DOG and a VIRGO Yellow Sign on the WALL, TO BE SANDRA OH in a GROUP CONSPIRACY.

This is why it is very important to know if JOSH WOLF’s SON JACOB WOLF was born in SWE”DISH” Hospital in Seattle Washington, same place where “Grey’s Anatomy” is set. DISH, like Plate “O” FOOD. “SW” and “SW”. SW, for my name initials to be CONFUSED with the word “S HO W”, Sandra Oh psycho actress and her tv SHOW, “Grey’s Anatomy” created to have MEANING IN MY ARTWORK,MY IDENTITY My Korean NAME, as if this sick actress is MY IDENTITY and the Artist of my Artwork, the REASON for 2 decades of HARDSHIP and all the Terror and Horror in my life.

Bank of America is on the same corner as Champagne Bakery. BA in Korean means “SEE” with your Eyes “OO”. Next to “ES” men’s clothing store, which is next to “RAGE”.

SE in Korean means “BIRD”. Tom “BIRD”ges all Hubbard Lard BIRDS that fly in “AIR” and all the AIR CHAIR HAIR STAIR connections, connected to “AIR” Libra JOSH WOLF. On SAN VI”CENT”E Blvd. CENT, is a Copper Penny, CP, Copper is the metal of Sign of AIR LIBRA, AIR Carries THE “O”DOR, which is “SCENT”. Connected to my Catholic High School name St. VINCENT FERRER from 1980’s, for MY Identity and My Pictures in high school, TO BE SANDRA OH.

Tom CRUI”SE”, of Church of SIGN tology, the reason why there is a BIRD restaurant across the street from SCIENTOLOGY CELEBRITY Center in Hollywood. “OO” with an ASSterisk * as in my First Name SIGNature, Tom BIRDges, BIRD SHIT, through Virgo Maiden Pecoraro and FOOD Businesses. LEON”ARDO” Da Vinci Code. Open your Mouth in “O”, SANDRA OH, Coma MIEEEERDA, Eat Shit.

So through BUSINESS names like "ES", it's creating meaning GOING BACKwards, in TOM "BIRD"ges, his Gay LEO with 3AR sound of "OIL" Backwards, for My Name SIGNature of "Sandy*" with "OO" made with the letter "S" of my name, to be about FORM of ASS "OO" through Jesus CHRIST Horizontal Rings around his Eyes. THE REASON why I've had nothing but very sick disturbed PSYCHO CUNTS Stalking and Following me where ever I go, for MY EYES to be LOOKING at THEIR BIG OIL BLUBBER ASSES.

Sick RAPING JESUS CHRIST, Constance Maria Pecoraro's ARTWORK, connected to HOR DICK JOSH WOLF fucking Pussies with specific names, for MATHemathics of making MONEY, the REASON for YEARS of TERROR and HORROR, Form of HAND CUFFS "OO" go on CH "RIS" TS.

BRIDGES WOLF PECORARO and OH, ALL NEED TO BE LOCKED IN PRISON FOR LIFE, the REASON for 2 decades Hardship in my life. Reason why My Priceless ARTWORK, over 250 pieces of my SAC second artwork collection from 2004-2007, with my toyota RAV4L and MY DOG JACK were all "ROB"BED and STOLEN in 2009, through WHITE COLLAR, Organized C"RIMES". Sick BLACK BITCH SHONDA "RIMES" of D"ART"MOUTH College, who created "Grey's Anatomy" to ROB MY IDENTITY and MY ARTWORK for SANDRA OH, should also be LOCKED IN PRISON. EVERYTHING about this sick black bitch, like PSYCHO PECORARO, is about creating meaning and Supporting, SANDRA OH, AS IF this she is My identity and the ARTIST of MY ARTWORK.

meaning of Sandy Wang’s John Hancock through MANos connections
meaning of Sandy Wang’s Name SIGNature which is a “Trade Secret”

“OO and OO” on “WR” West”KNOLL” and R”OS”eWOOD




“OO” and “OO” or “TO TO”

Sandy Wang’s Registered Trademark in “O”


lying fag Dentist in San Francisco, what is his YEAR of birth? 19”72”? = JAIL Time

“BRID”ges and BIRDS
for BRIDGEWAY Sausalito and Constance Maria Pecoraro

meaning of Sandy Wang’s Parents Names
WANG in Korean “TO TO”
Sandy Wang’s childhood pictures, and meaning of “PI” Symbol in MATH

3AR sound of words
Constance Pecoraro’s OIL Artwork CATHOLIC THEME meaning
Rich”ARD” BACH, HO”BAK” is Pum”KIN” in Korean

Sandra Oh born in “OT TO WA”
what’s missing? “NG”

“N O R” th is for Going Backwards “ON”
“R” behind ROLex Building

get the pecor ARROWS out, TARGET the “O” Psycho SANDRA OH in Going BACKwards Form of “HC” go on RISTS

I sounds like EYE, and i stands for ITALIAN Psycho Constance Maria Pecoraro, and her Group Conspiracy GANG including Thomas CHRISTopher BRIDG “ES”, SANDRA OH as “CHRIST”ina Yang, connected to Josh MI”CHA” WOLF, her Jesus CHRIST “CHA”rlie in MAThemathics of making MONEY.

LA JOCK, JOCK “RHIMES” with “HOCK”. “HO”CK has letters of Sandra “OH” name in it BACKwards. HOCK is “PIGs Feet”, as in POLICE. The POLICE DEPTS in United States, is BUILT connected to Constance Maria Pecoraro’s CATHOLIC THEME OIL ARTWORK, created to ROB MY IDENTITY and meaning of MY Name SIGNature on my drawing from 1981, of ROBERT GUILLAUME, to have been DONE by SANDRA OH. See “DE” and “SCHOOL” connections below. THIS MEANING of “PIG” and PIGS HOCK is why “SANDY SCHOOL” SHOOTING occurred in Dec 2012.

JOCK sounds like “JOKE” as in it’s funny in making people “LAF”, connected to “SUC” Stand UP Comedian JOSH WOLF, who talks for a living. It’s a very DARK KNIGHT, FUN BOY in the “CROW”. JOSH MIC”CHA” WOLF as Jesus CHRIST “CHA”Rlie, is the REASON for YEARS of PSYCHOLOGICAL RAPING OF MY LIFE, and ALL TERROR CAUSED TO MY LIFE, connected to Constance Maria Pecoraro’s CATHOLIC THEME OIL ARTWORK, created to ROB MY IDENTITY for SANDRA OH and meaning of MY Parents Names for WOLF and PECORARO, ALL connected to BIG BLACK S”KIN” UGLY NIGGER SHONDA “LYNN” RHIMES.

JOCK RHIMES with “LOCK”, in Thomas CHRISTopher BRIDGES meaning of MY JOHN HANCOCK name SIGNature of SANDY with OO, meaning of MY GOLD C”LOCK” in form of OO, through Jesus CHRIST eyes of “OO”, and through F”LOCK”S of BIRD names, in the name of Tom “BRID”gES.


EVERYTHING “THEY” BUILT, “FITS” THEM. Shonda LYNN RHIMES is a sick black bitch who should be LOCKED IN PRISON, with SANDRA OH who needs to be LOCKED IN PRISON FOR LIFE.

“C” WATCH goes on WRIST. “C”RIMES of raping My LIFE and MY SACRED ART.

See the B”OAT” to the Left. See the two circles of “OO and OO” which is essentially about “TO TO”, as in Korean Character of the name of WANG, for meaning of My Father’s name, both my Parents Names, to have meaning for JESUS CHRIST “CHA”rlie, JOSH MI”CHA” WOLF, connected to PI symbol of “TT”, and Jesus Christ Horizontal Eyes of “OO” = TO TO.

It’s about ROBBING MY FATHER’S ROYAL KOREAN NAME, for SANDRA OH “through” Constance Pecoraro’s CATHOLIC Theme OIL Artwork, all connected to JOSH WOLF. It’s about meaning of MY Father’s “Family JEWEL” as in his Penis, to have meaning for JOSH MICCHA WOLF because he is “JEW”ish. They’ve been building for more than 2 decades for MY Father’s Identity to have meaning for JOSH WOLF, SUC Stand UP Comedian, when the ONLY person who has meaning in MY Father who was a Teacher and MUSICIAN, is LEE H. MONTGOMERY. Building for 3 decades for WANG MONTGOMERY IDENTITIES and “SOULS”, to have meaning for and BE JOSH WOLF and SANDRA OH.

“SE” in Korean means BIRD, for THOMAS CHRISTOPHER “BRID”g “ES”, all Bird names and all Bridges worldwide, in RichARD BACH’s book JonatHAN Livingston “SEA GULLS”, going BACKWARDS. THEY BUILT THIS, the reason why Thomas CRUI “SE” Mapother was in “Oblivion”.

8901 “9/1” is Connie Pecoraro’s birthday and 80 is about my GOLD CLOCK “OO” which folds in a 1 “O”
BIRD engraving on Glass Door, Tom “BRID”ges Connie Pecoraro on BRIDgeway

Sandy Wang’s GOLD CLOCK if Key is Penis then Lock must be Vagina
407 Connections

behind this US Bank and EMPTY Building


American APPAREL “APA” in Korean means Father and Josh Wolf’s agency is “PARAllel Entertainment”
It's the reason why I was being stalked by a WHITE BITCH with Specific License Plates
Jesus Christ at ROLEX building address "942"0 Wilshire Blvd "PARALLEL Entertainment"
very PYous JeSUS horny for PUSSY in Repeating Numbers of “429” RAPING MY LIFE





Sandra Oh MOCA at the Pacific Design Center on San Vicente Blvd

“PAC” ific Design Center on SAN Vicente Blvd


CIT I, SIT Eye “OO” and TH “RUS”T in Millions of D”AIR” Y DERRIAIR CaLF C OW on HOR DIK WOLFgang Puck’s Red “7” inch HOR DICK

JOSH WOLF loves his CALF and COW “DAIRY”
Sandra Oh who went to SIR SER “SUR” ROBERT BORDEN High School
SER SIR SUR “TAJ” behind ROLEX BUILDING in July 2012


meaning of DAIRY and DARY “SEA” connections
TH “RUS” T is a 3AR TONGUE SOUNDing word


KOONTZ Hardware, It’s a Beautiful place to DIE “PC” Constance Pecoraro turning around

HAND made “meaning”
like “HAND FRAMED” 5 x 7 connections of PC PsyCho Constance Pecoraro’s Sunny


NO + NO = NOON means EYES in Korean
Y’S connections
LOW LOW LOW like COCO CO CO LOR Yel”LOW” Conspiracy
CAPri “CORN” SHO nda Rimes creator of gre ‘Y”S” anatomy is a SICK CRIMINAL

Josh Wolf and FACE CRACK
CatholiQing “PC” Constance Pecoraro’s ASS Pussy Crack

MATHemathics “8” of making MONEY through FOOD

Palm Tree CO CO Nuts, Nuts as in Psychotic in the name of “CO”nstance Pe”CO”raro, who thinks she is the ARTIST of MY ARTWORK and My Writings

WANG Portrait Drawing eyes with “O 8”

meaning of “CO” is NOS”E” in Korean

“BAL” connections
Sage Stallone son of ROCKY “BAL”BOA

for Eye of Jesus CHRIST the SON in CONSPIRA”SEE” of TWO
It’s why it’s CH”AIR”, D”ARI” LEGS of SANDRA OH and CONSTANCE PECORARO Licking ASS and PUSSY through CATHOLI”Q” CHRISTina BERN ARD “O” “SAusalitO” 94965 connections

SER SIR SUR “TAJ” behind ROLEX BUILDING in July 2012


West Hollywood, San Vi”CENT”e Blvd and Santa Monica Blvd intersection.

Through “BUSINESS” Names with specific address numbers on specific streets, they’ve been building and creating meaning for MY IDENTITY to BE SANDRA OH for 3 decades. Constance Maria Pecoraro’s Catholic Theme OIL Artwork and her No Name Girl sketches are the “Vehicles” created to ROB the meaning of MY Name, Name SIGNature, on MY ARTWORK, because Sandra Oh doesn’t know how to draw or paint, but has been claiming for 3 decades she is MY IDENTITY, and she “DREW” my drawings from 1981 and 1981. Constance Pecoraro’s CATHOLIC theme OIL Artwork of Mother MARY and Jesus CHRIST, is the reason why SANDRA OH is Doctor “CHRIST”ina Yang on “Grey’s Anatomy” set in Seattle Washington fake hospital, which is DIRECTLY connected to Cedars SINai Hospital, down this same street on SAN VICENTE Blvd. Vi”CENT”e is about creating meaning, AS IF Sandra Oh is My Identity through Pecoraro’s Catholic Theme OIL Artwork, connected to CATHOLIC Schools I attended.

This entire block where PACific DeSIGN CENTER is located, is connected to creating meaning for MY IDENTITY to BE SANDRA OH, AS IF SHE IS THE ARTIST OF MY ARTWORK, for catholic MATHemathics of making MONEY through the RAPING of MY LIFE, like I don’t exist, so that SANDRA OH can SHINE be a BIG STAR. Borderline Psychotic REAL LIFE, Deeply Disturbed Actress SANDRA OH, who if can’t draw or paint, if her Middle Name is PATREESHA, needs to be LOCKED IN PRISON FOR LIFE.

The most important connections on this corner is the “US” BANK with a ”BIRD” on their GLASS DOOR, American “APPA”rel, and CITI BANK. This entire area is about meaning of MY X Rated Video Recording, of MY Wet Vagina to be SANDRA OH, through Constance Pecoraro’s Jesus CHRIST, in are you Pious PYous and HORNY for Jesus CHRIST in MATHemathics of making MONEY. THIS IS RAPE. This is why CITI BANK is on this corner. SIT I Bank, Sandra Oh who put her Head Squarely inside the CHOPPING BLOCK, literally dreaming of licking my vagina since the day I was BORN, through Tom Bridges who has the same LEO Birthday as me.

US Bank, see STUDI STUDY “O” PEPSI PUSSY SANDRA OH in 1999, “GRAYSons” connections, long BEFORE the tv show “GREY’S anatomy” was created, connected to Pecoraro’s Jesus CHRIST the “SON”.

CHO “CHA” in Spanish means PUSSY. This is originally connected to the meaning of MY Father MUSICIAN, and the name on the Upper Left “CHOi Yong”, that they’ve created and twisted to FIT the Spanish word CHO”CHA”. CHA in Korean means CAR and “TEA”, and this word is about creating meaning for My Father who was a “TEA”Cher, to have meaning for JOSH MIC”CHA” WOLF, in a Group CONSPIRACY, to ROB the meaning of MY Parents names for Wolf and Pecoraro, and MY Korean Name and MY IDENTITY, for SANDRA OH.

This is why one block West from this corner is the Franchise Chain business “CHA”MPAGNE. CHO”CHA” means Pussy in Spanish. CP. Vir”GO” Constance Pecoraro’s “No Name GIRL”, based on MY Childhood Pictures, “CP”, created to ROB MY IDENTITY, Girl in Spanish is “CHICA” GO.


RAGE 8911. This is about the STUDIO “GARAGE” at 20360 Callon drive TOPANGA. This Studio is in the colors RED and GREEN, the reason why PDC has been building their “RED” Building next to the GREEN which was built in mid 1980’s.

“GA” to be about Sandra Oh on “Grey’s Anatomy”. Sandra Oh thinks she is MY IDENTITY in ALL MY Pictures, she thinks she “DREW” my drawings and wrote my Writings from 1981 and 1982, SAME PATTERN as in she thinks she is MY PORTRAIT Drawings, she thinks she is the ARTIST and OWNER of MY Registered Trademark in circle of “O”, because it sounds like her name “OH”, a pattern that’s been going on for 3 decades.

GA “RAGE” Studio. SANDRA OH thinks she is MY X Rated Pictures on the TREE at Callon Drive TOPANGA, and they BUILT it AS IF she was, through the new LIBRA RY down the street on SAN VICENTE Blvd. This is why I was LOCKED OUT on specific date of “10.18.07”.

GA “RA” GE, “Greys Anatomy”, GA, with Sand”RA” Oh, connected to Tom BRID”GE”s, Constance Mother Maryia Pecoraro on Bird “GE” Way. AS IF Sandra OH DREW my “BIRD” Drawing in 1986. US Bank, for Jesus CHRIST is horny for “P USS Y”, all built in LEFT to RIGHT. The REASON why I got Hit by a Car on this corner in November 2009, because I was being STALKED, by someone who was creating MEANING Going “BACK”wards for “OO” is FORM of ASS, for meaning of MY WATERCOLOR ARTWORK, My SECOND Artwork Collection from 2004-2007, to have meaning going BACKwards for PSYCHO SANDRA OH, who thinks she is My Wet Vagina and the “VIEW from the BACK”. “OO” Form of HANDCUFFS go on ch “RIS”ts BACKwards. LIFE IN PRISON for SANDRA OH, there isn’t any compromising of this.

The meaning of GARAGE is about MY WRITINGS which I wrote “I WAL Y” on MY Architectural drawing of my Parents House “GARAGE DOOR”. GD. SANDRA OH thinks the word “DOG” has meaning for her, AS IF she is My Identity in MY Pictures with MY DOG, in front of MY parents Garage Door.

GD, what's missing? "O" the sound of Sandra "OH", who isn't "God" or has any meaning with God, for God is Good, SANDRA OH is THE MANIFESTATION OF THE ANTI CHRIST. CHARLE MANSON Enery Carrying EVIL PSYCHOBITCH who needs to be LOCKED IN PRISON FOR LIFE.

Study Studi”O”, PEPSI PUSSY CHOCHA SANDRA OH in 1999. “OO” with square in between, connected to overlapped “OO” logo of Cedars Sinai Hospital. Connected to Constance Pecoraro’s Jesus CHRIST with “OO” Horizontal Rings around his eyes. It’s about MY First name SIGNature of “SANDY” on My Pencil drawing of ROBERT GUILLAUME from 1981, that Sandra Oh thinks she “DREW”, like she thinks she is MY PICTURES and MY PORTRAIT Drawing.

The Powerful meaning of MY FAC from 1981 and My Writings, is why JOSH MIC”CHA” WOLF went to “TRI”nity University in SAN Antonio TeXAS. His major in college was COMMUNICATIONS. “MUN” or MOON in Korean means DOOR. They’ve been building for JOSH WOLF and CONSTANCE PECORARO to have meaning in MY Parents Names, and MY Writings of “I WAL Y”, because Josh Wolf is a “AIR” LIBRA, the sign with symbol of JUSTICE SCALES.

I wrote my Writings and did my Artwork for LEE HAR”COURT” MONTGOMERY, and Justice Scales and meaning of Judges and COURTS is connected to his name. Callon Drive TOPANGA address is VERY IMPORTANT, because Lee Montgomery lived at this same address many decades ago, and I lived there for a few months in 2007.

They PIMPED this ADDRESS, so that they can ROB whatever I did while I was there for a few months in 2007, ROBBED MY RENT MONEY, then LOCKED ME OUT. For ALL MY X RATED PICTURES on this TREE to BE SANDRA OH. THEY STOLE “ROB”BED all my very valuable property from Public Storage with MY LAPTOP INSIDE in JULY 2008, through WHITE COLLAR C”RIMES”. It’s RAPE, there isn’t any other word for it.

This "CORN"er is very important, just up the street from PACIFIC DeSIGN Center, buildings owned by CHARLES COHEN. For meaning of MY CHARLIE BROWN Snoopy DOG BANK. The president of PDC is WILLIAM GREEN WALD. White and Green, GARAGE DOOR of my Parents House, and My Writings of I "WAL" Y, the REASON why he is the President.

On Thanksgiving night 11/26/09, I had just walked out of Pavilion’s supermarket on Santa Monica Blvd and Robertson, and was walking towards San Vicente where I was crossing the street and got hit by a car.

TURKEY is a BIRD, and TOM BRID ges all BIRDS on BRIDgeaway Sausalito with Connie Pecoraro PSYCHO, with Everything about me, the reason why sick people STALK and FOLLOW me.

This Document was prepared by a Lawyer I hired and I discovered he is a CROOK. It didn’t happen in Santa Monica, it happened in West Hollywood. Another SICK PIECE of Evidence of Fraud Document they create. This Lawyers name is Emery Brett Ledger, which is an INFRINGEMENT of My Drawings of Montgomery and Ledger. When I hired him I didn’t know his middle name was “Brett”. It’s sick Mother Fucker RAPIST with a Rape Record BRETT Alan BERN, who should be locked up in BUTNER Prison like BERNARD MADOFF, it’s in his Name, like his Perfect Match SOCIOPATH Sandra PATricia OH is in her name.

Emery Ledger is about having MY ARTWORK and MY IDENTITY to have meaning for Connie Pecoraro. His assistant’s name is MELANIE. Melanie StevenSON was my “buddy” in my LP 173 Training. Like Medical and Dental GROUP Practices and offices, it’s the same with LAWYERS. They are forming Groups with Specific Names that “FIT” so that My Identity can be Connie Pecoraro or Sandra Oh. Emery Ledger while INFRINGING ON MY IDENTITY and ARTWORK through His name to be Connie Pecoraro RIPPED me off and gave me the Least amount of Money in my Settlement. He also neglected to pay of the Hospital Bills and LIED to me about it. He pocketed the Money while RUINING my Credit. He is a CRIMINAL.

The reason why he wrote the city of Accident as SANTA MONICA, which is easy to confuse with Santa Monica Blvd which runs all the way across from Santa Monica to West Hollywood, is because the corner of where I was Hit and the street SAN VICENTE Blvd is an important street. Just down the street is the big PACIFIC DESIGN CENTER with “MOCA” Museum of Contemporary Art. There is a Green and Blue building owned by “CHARLES” COHEN, and they are planning to build a Third building the “RED Building”. This Center hosts many Hollywood and Celebrity Events. Sandra Oh was promoting this center with her “MOCA” Ad. This is connected to are you “PI”ous for Catholic Church Theme of Jesus Christ “CHARLIE’S Find”. The reason Connie Pecoraro named her Jesus CHRIST based on MY Childhood CHRIST MAS picture with my mother and my dog Frenchy is because I used to have a CHARLIE Brown Snoopy Dog Bank for many years with bills and coins from all over the World.

SAN VICENTE BLVD is about Sandra Oh and Connie Pecoraro “OM”ing with My High School Classmates from SAINT VINCENT FERRER, especially Grace Navas and Gloria Lee, so that this Street NAME can have meaning for them in their CATHOLIC Church theme. Big KARMA.

This is a large busy intersection and as I walked the light started to change and I picked up my pace. There was a SUV making a Left Turn at this intersection which did NOT STOP and hit me. It should’ve stopped before making this turn. It was going at about 30 mph and if I was about 6 inches forward, it would’ve slammed me hard. Instead it hit my Left Ribs and I fell backwards with cuts and bruises.

The driver of this vehicle was a young 20 something year old blond hair white female, who was with a dark haired middle eastern looking male. The License Plate of the Black LEXUS was 4“USS”927. This was on the corner of “US” Bank which is designed as a part of the “Key Hole Connections”. The Doors of this Bank are Engraved Glass with BIRDS. Just about 3 meters up from the corner of this bank, written in Concrete Cement is the name JOSH.

429 Repeating Numbers of Terrorizing my life for many years, “USS”, What’s Missing? PY, as in EAR sound of “PI” symbol of MATheMAThics of are you “PI”ous Religious and Horney to fuck PUSSY and make Money. ITALY. Italian LEOnardo Da Vinci Code of Raping my life for a Delusional Psycho Pecoraro and a lying Sociopath Josh WOLF.

The two people in this car were STALKING me, they wanted their Names and their Car License Plate to have meaning for JOSH WOLF and a GOLD I LOCK of Blonde Hair female he’s been fucking. In their Catholic Theme of Mathimathics of are you “PI”ous Religious and Horney to make Money. This is a Repeating Pattern that’s been happening for many years.

“429” is a Repeating Number which as Terrorized me for many years. This was just another Repeating Pattern of Birthday Number of Sick RAPIST BRETT BERN “4/29/63”. Same numbers as Horney Jesus Christ JOSH WOLF Agency “Parallel Entertainment” in the Rolex Building numbers of “924”O Wilshire Blvd.

The name says Alexander Kaminsky “AK” and Elizaveta Gourevich “EG”. THEY ARE RUSSIAN JEWS. It’s about RUSSIAN Banks, and it’s about the PI symbol which in Russian language “TT” is a commonly used word like “THE”.

This was about TOM BRIDGES my AsterisK “AK” SIGNature on the drawing I did of BENSON in 1982, with Connie Pecoraro on Brid “GE” Way, Going Backwards, which is HOW MY NAME IS SIGNED on this Powerful Drawing. This is CONSISTENT with EVERYTHING ELSE I’ve written about my Toyota Rav4L being taken to specific places in 2009 with ALL MY ARTWORK INSIDE IT, STOLEN. TOYOTA FINANCIAL OWES ME MILLIONS POTENTIONALLY BILLIONS FOR FRAUD DOCUMENTATION OF MY RAV4L.


This guys name initials is about the Sound of Josh Wolf’s middle name which is MICCHA but the “CHA” is pronounced as KA, and because of this Josh Wolf thinks he has meaning in my Name Signature and my Artwork. It’s about DENial Ladin”SKY” and his book “The Gift” published in 1999.

It’s about my First name SIGNature on the drawing of BENSON with an AsterisK symbol, but because in CALI”FOUR”nia it’s the BEAR, “EAR” Sound of Words, it’s about “ASS”terisk symBOWEL of my name signature. This BLONDE Hair female, is about BLONDE HAIR females who wants my GOLD CLOCK to have meaning for Gold I LOCK of HAIR, ONLY because of Josh Wolf who is a “AIR” Libra. This Blonde Female I think looks exactly like the “YOUNG” Carl JUNG DUNG Josh Wolf was busy fucking last summer in 2009, who SHITTED a POOL of Shit on his HOR DICK while he was fucking her RECTUM. It’s why she was driving “USS”, for trying to change the meaning to p “USS” y. I bet the blonde who SHITTED on his HOR DICK looks EXACTLY like this BLONDE FUCKING BITCH who Hit me. THIS SICK MOTHER FUCKING HOR DICK JESUS CHRIST IS THE REASON FOR YEARS OF RAPING OF MY LIFE.

Her License Plate was about "JE" SUS "USS" Josh Wolf of "942"0 Wilshire Blvd Rolex Building. USS. PY. PI. For a "PI"iece of the "PI" for "PY" fucking. Mercedes BENZ Logo is the PEACE Sign, PIECE of the "PI" of making Money. GOLD i LOCK of Blonde Hair CARL Young Jung Dung Elizaveta Gourevich who lives on BED "FORD" Drive in Beverly Hills. For FORD Mustang CAR Model Connie Maria Pecoraro. The same reason why I was rear ended badly in 2003 by a Gold I Lock of Blonde Hair ANGELA MARIE ESTEPA driving a Mercedes Benz.

When a person is PI OUS, it means that they are “RELIGIOUS”. I sounds like EYE, which is about the EYE inside the “O” of the Magnifying Glass in the drawing I did of BENSON DUBOIS, of ROBERT GUILLAUME in 1982, what’s left? PUS. What’s missing? SY. PI PY. “USS”. ENTERPRISE. NASA. THE REASON WHY I WAS HIT BY A CAR ON “11/26/09” BY A GOLD I LOCK OF BLONDE HAIR PUSSY WITH THE SPECIFIC LICENSE PLAGE OF “USS429” for Horney CROWN of Jesus CHRIST address of ROLEX Building “9420” Wilshire blvd.

It’s the reason why SANRDA OH’S ex Husband Alexander Payne’s Business is called “AD HO MIN EM ENTERPRISES”.

My FAC from 1982 is the reason why Josh Wolf is a comedian. Because The PICTURE of me and the black girl is in the shape of a DIAMOND and because I did the drawing of NEIL DIAMOND who is Jewish holding a MIKE on the Upper Left, they give the meaning of my Artowork and my Writings about Lee Montgomery “KEY to my Soul” to this SiK HOR FUCKING HOR DIK USER JOSH WOLF. One of the places where my Rav4L was taken to in 2009, was on ROSECRANS Ave in NORWALK, there is a street called “MICA” near WOLFE Company and ARI wholesale.

Elizaveta “GO”urevich is about the meaning of “GE” which in Korean means RATS. GE=RATS STAR=EG. It was about creating New Meaning of “Going Backwards” for Sick ACTRESS SANDRA OH and her TV Show “Greys’ Anatomy”, through Connie Pecoraro’s Catholic Church theme.

Her name of “GO”urevich is DIRECTLY connected to EARth Vir”GO” Constance Maria Pecoraro, who thinks MY DOGS have meaning for her, because of my childhood picture in SANTA MONICA in 1979 with a DOG, there is a Yellow Plaque on the WALL which has the word “VIR GO” on it.

This is why it is VERY IMPORTANT to know if JOSH WOLF’s Son Jacob’s Mother who is a THAI female, if her name is TARA and if she is a “VIRGO”. The HOSPITAL where Jacob Wolf was born in, on “3/17”, St. PATRICKS Day is “GREEN”, is DIRECTLY connected to fake Hospital tv show, “Grey’s Anatomy”, just like real life CEDARS SINAI Hospital in West Hollywood, where they’ve been building for 3 decades, as if My Korean name of “SIN” WON is Sandra Oh.

It’s why someone created PETCO. PECOraro. “T” is for Tao Dao Dow Jones of making MONEY.

It's about MY Drawing of ROBERT "GU ILLAUME", GU and IL in Korean means numbers 9 and 1, and Birthday of September 9/1, Constance Maria Pecoraro thinks she is the Artist of My Pencil drawing from 1981, in T is for Tao Dao Dow Jones of making MONEY. GU IL "T" Con Artist Psycho "Mother in the Shower" for Norman BATES for FISH Pussies, in Shower Curtain, who needs to be LOCKED IN PRISON FOR LIFE.

Her License Plate 4 USS 297 is about “7” inch Hor Dik Josh Wolf, of “924” O Wilshire Blvd, Horney Jesus Christ STRETCHING Hor Holes and P “USS” Y Lips. PY sounds like PI, as in Horney, Religious and “PI”ous for CATHOLIC Her She Pussy Liqing Gaym. P and Y is about “PI” LATES and YOGA. Pilates is connected to PONTIUS PILATE from the Bible. Watch all the Pilates and Yoga BUSINESSES, it’s about Hor Dick WOLF Stretching Hor Holes. There is usually a Clock Tower nearby somewhere.

The “USS” part of her License plate is to make it “FIT”, as I’m crossing this street corner, with this SPECIFIC License Plate on a “FILM” of me and this Car in the SAME SCENE with what they built on San Vicente Blvd and SUNSET Blvd just a few blocks NORth from this corner. Sandra Oh wants, and the city of Los Angeles has Built through Business Names on Specific Streets, for MY IDENTITY to BE SANDRA OH, it’s the reason why I was Hit. Just up the street is FIRE Station “7”, based on the Video Recording to have meaning for a GOLD I LOCK of blonde hair because it’s on CYNTHIA Street, and Cynthia StephenSON was a Blonde Hair dentist I had worked with in 450 Sutter St in San Francisco. Her name was “Pimped” in my life, so that My first boyfriend of STEPHEN garri”SON” can have meaning for Connie Pecoraro’s Jesus Christ the SON, Josh Wolf. It’s why the Beverly Hills Library is built based on the picture of me and Stephen.

It's connected to the "US" Bank on this corner, which is about RUSSIAN p "US" sy, EAR Sound of TH”RUS”ting in Rus”SH”ion Pussy, in HER SHE Pussy licking Game. It’s about "RA"ge as in Sand"RA" Oh that Tom CHRISTopher Brid"GE"s. Sandra Oh wants to have meaning "going backwards" through BLONDE HAIR Cunts with the word "MON"ica, so that she won't be licking Glo"RIA" "M"aRIA backwards.

On San Vicente Blvd and Cynthia Street is a Architectually beautifully designed FIRE STATION “7”. Across the street from this fire station is “851” The DESMOND, a Residential complex building. 15 = O, sounds like OH, and 8 is “OO” Horizontal Eyes of Jesus CHRIST. These numbers are about are you “PI”ous Religious and Horney to make Money, connected to my “1158” Santa Monica Address on my USPTO Federal Certificate Document of my Registered Trademark. Everyone is getting a FUCKING PIECE OF THE “PI” based on MY LIFE, MY IDENTITY and MY ARTWORK and MY LIFE is being Repeatedly RAPED.

This FIRE STATION is about the X Rated dubbed VIDEO RECORDING of me to be Sandra Oh. This Fire Station “7”, with the Malibu Fire Station “7” is about CONNIE PECORARO’s NEW Address on “707” Bridgeway, it’s “27” Tom Bridges YEAR of “72” backwards. THE REASON WHY MY TOYOTA RAV4L WAS AUCTIONED ON “7/7” 2009.

It’s about TOM BRIDGES through his Year of “72” MY First boyfriend STEPHEN Garrison’s birthday of “27”, My Dog JACK’s birthday of “27”. The reason why I had my CAR, all my ARTWORK and my DOG Jack STOLEN.

Whoever bought my Rav4L, whoever “adopted” my dog Jack, their NAMES, their ADDRESSES, what they do, is connected to having MY IDENTITY and MY ARTWORK to have meaning for SANDRA OH or CONNIE PECORARO, for MATHemathics of making MONEY through the RAPING OF MY LIFE, MY ARTWORK and MY DOG JACK. This is why no one is giving me any answers, I am still looking for my Artwork and my Dog.

Both Sandra Oh and Connie Pecoraro are “OM” with GLO”RIA” Catherine Lee, who is a AIR Gemini, like my first boyfriend Stephen, and AIR LIBRA Josh Wolf, to have meaning for them, through words like H”AIR” and CH AIR, etc. The name GLO Ria is about my “GOL”d Clock, Gloria Lee looks nothing like a Blonde Hair female, but it’s in her “Name”. Gloria Lee is about them wanting meaning in my CATHOLIC High School St. VINCENT Ferrer, so that SAN VICENTE Blvd can have meaning for them.

Just up the street is a Building painted in Purple and Yellow, WHAT’S MISSING? “USS”. What’s Missing is a BIG part of this “code” gaym. It’s the What’s Missing that are the connecting links of there are you “PI”ous Religious and Horney to make Money, MAT HE MAT HICS Gaym.

I am being “filmed” where I go, there are virtually cameras everywhere, this is why specific people “FOLLOW” me all the time, they constantly Charade and parade around me, to try to create “NEW” Meaning while RAPING my life. TO GET THIS SPECIFIC LICENSE PLATE WHILE I WAS CROSSING THE STREET IN THE SAME “SCENE” WAS VERY IMPORTANT. RFiD.

This is true of all Businesses on SUNSET BLVD, it’s about my Sign of LEO, ruled by the SUN, it’s about my Father’s first name of SUNg Bae. All the Businesses on Sunset Blvd is about having MY IDENTITY and MY ARTWORK to have meaning for SANDRA OH.

PACIFIC DESIGN CENTER is owned by CHARLES COHEN. They were built in the 70’s and they are currently building the RED Building.

Elizaveta Gourevich I think is a RUSSIAN JEW. The letters “TT” in Russian language means something, and they want a “PI”ece of the “PI” from the Repeated Raping of my life. This is why the Old SIGNtology Church on FERNWOOD street and Western Avenue was bought by a RUSSIAN Orthodox Church. It’s connected to Tom Cruise naming his daughter “SUR”i. There were Chinese and Russian females who were “PIMPED” in my life when I went to School and they are connected to Tom Cruise Mapother. It’s connected to LEE EPSTEIN and CARL MCCARDEN and RUSSIAN Brothels in San Francisco and where ever else.

The same reason why Sandra Oh is posing with PEPSI PUSSY T shirt in 1999. PI PY. Ear Sound of Words. This is the only time when these two words RIME in Sound, pepSEE PussEE. “PY” ramids are in EgypT. The reason why “924” Calle Amable Egyptian DOCTOR RAFAT Iskander was Set up, Pyramid is on the ONE Dollar Bill with a “EYE”. Sandra Oh wants MY KOREAN Name to have meaning for her through FAG Tom Bridges because My Birthdate and Name is a Perfect Fit with the One Dollar Bill and meaning of FIR st President George Washington.

See my childhood Santa Monica picture. PEPSI to the Left, GRAY SON to the Right. It’s how long this has been going on and how long this Gay Psychobitch Actress has been attached to my life.

At the corners of this busy intersection in West Hollywood, where I was crossing the street are the businesses “RAGE”, “US Bank”, “American Apparel” and “Philly Fun Steak DepOt”. APA in Korean means Father in Korean. “GE” in Korean means Rats and Mice, Rats spelled backwards is “Star”. This is about Sand”RA” Oh, who is a “GE”, a Star actress on “Grey’s Anatomy” and Connie Peco”RA”ro who T”OM” Bridges is going to bridge on Brid”GE”Way = RAGE. It’s about Josh Wolf who has been playing the “role” of MY father’s Identity, based on my First Artwork Collection from 1982 of Benson and Neil Diamond who is Jewish, Writings I wrote, pictures from my childhood, etc. It’s why it’s the “American” APA, “Father”.

RA GE is about Sand “RA” OH, with Steak “O” which sounds like OH. APA means Father in Korean, “American APPAREL” = “PARA LLEL” Entertainment. Just up the street is Fire Station 7. This was about TOM BRIDGES Bridging “77” TWO Fire Stations, the one on Malibu PCH where my RAV4L was taken to, and this Fire station for his Year of “72” and Connie Pecoraro’s new address of 707 Bridgeway to complete a fag’s birthday. Up the street from here is CYNTHIA Street. This street is why the Dentist Cynthia STEPHEN”SON” was pimped at 450 Sutter Street in San Francisco. She is a Gold I Lock of Blonde Hair. This is all connected to GAY PSYCHOBITCH SANDRA OH.

I kept saying that my “RIBS” Hurt, that I was Hit on my Left RIBS. The took all kinds of X rays from all different Angles but only ONE X ray of my Ribs. The people at CEDARS SINAI Hospital were creating Fraud Documents too. They were avoiding the word “RIB” because it’s BIR as in Tom “BRID”ges BIRds and Ear Sound of Brett BERN name. They kept writing the word “CHEST” instead of RIBS.

Me being Hit by a Car was the continuing of the RAPING of my LIFE, wherever I am, wherever I go, by SOCIOPATHS who all support Connie Pecoraro’s Catholic Church Theme and Dr. “CRIST”ina Yang on “Grey’s Anatomy”.

FAT HER, Steak is from Cows. The reason why WOLFgang Steakhouse exists on Canon Drive in Beverly Hills, just up the block from Wilshire Blvd where Rolex building is, Josh Wolf’s agency “PAraLLEL Entertainment”, Apparel Parallel. Wolfgang Puck has a restaurant called CUT and SPAGO all next to this block, it’s is about “Engrish with Accent is funny as in comedy” and PUCK FUCK, Porn Film. There is also a MAESTRO’S Steakhouse restaurant, with an unusual looking Turn Bull color GLASS Door, across the street from MONTAGE Hotel, a brand new ultra luxury hotel residence in Beverly Hills.

This corner is a Perfect Example of when I say there is something going on with Businesses and Business Names, connected to this SEX Game.

The “Steak” is the Dick Meat, and this female driver who was “FOLLOWING” me, was about p”USS”y as in Pepsi PUSSY Sand”RA” O. It’s on “SAN” Vicente Blvd corner. I had just written a note to myself about Sick ACTRESS Sandra Oh wanting my Identity and my Artwork to have meaning for her. Since I am “BUGGED”, what I write on my blackberry can be read by other people. SandRA Oh, through OTHER PEOPLE who know about this Sex Game, people who are playing this everyday and supporting this sick bitch in Los Angeles, want my FeATHER’S Identity given to be played by Josh Wolf “STEAK Meat Dick”, wants through Business Names like “American” APPA rel to have meaning for her p”USS”y.

This was in WEST HOLLYWOOD, on San Vincente Blvd and Santa Monica Blvd which runs all the way Horizontally from WH to Santa Monica. The Lawyer I hired Emery Ledger CLEARLY KNEW this but wrote Santa Monica as the “CITY” on the Document because they are a part of something Bigger in this VERY DISTURBING CONSPIRACY. This Law Firm is an INFRINGEMENT of MY ARTWORK Through PEOPLE’S NAMES and they RIPPED ME OFF of the Settlement amount. I will go into this another time, I clearly have a Lawsuit against the people who represented me and took most of my money. IT’S A SICK REPEATEDLY RAPING OF MY LIFE PATTERN.

SANTA Monica. SAN in Korean means Mountain, TA in Korean means to Ride or to Burn as in a forest fire. San”RAGE”, Mount, and U TA, United Talent Agency, Ride like a Bull, your STEAK, APA, DICK Meat. This is why UTA, Sandra Oh’s agency United Talent Agency Building is in the same building as Burberry’s, Nike, and Merrill Lynch with a BULL Symbol on Camden Drive.

SAN VICENTE, as in Saint VINCENT “FER”rer High Sch”OO”l. SAN “FER”nando Valley, where American APPA, Comedian Josh Wolf lives, where “Grey’s Anatomy” is filmed in Northridge Hospital. COMEDIAN, Cum Diane, OU Wolframite Scheelite, White Supremist, AIR Libra Josh Wolf, who they want GOLD I Lock of BLOnde H”AIR” to have meaning for. Based on My Writings “Key to my Soul” and my Metal for Leo “Gold” Lock on my Abstract Page Artwork. The reason why Sandra Oh has “Blonde” hair, she wants to “OM” herself and be a White Supremist, for her “SHOW”.

This is about Connie PecoRAro, who wants PHIL Grenville of “Midnight Hour” to have meaning for her, PHIL, Engrish with Accent is PIL, the reason why she asked me to go to the C”OM”ET Club on FILLmore Street in San Francisco. PIL is about the BLUE PILLOW Childhood Picture of me, the reason why she wants to “OM” herself with Glo”RIA” Lee, who is a Pharmacist, so that the names of PILS, RX can have meaning for her name.

PIL is about the PIL in the movie MATRIX. RX. FILL PHILmore with STEAK, SKATEboarding No Name Girl. It’s on SAN Vicente because Connie Pecoraro wants my HIGH Sch”OO”l St. VINCENT FERrer to have meaning for her by “OM”Ing with GLO”RIA” Lee, so that Josh Wolf AIR Libra’s STEAK DICK MEAT who lives in SAN “FER”nando Valley can have meaning for her. This is next to the Post Office on San Vicente, for PecorarO. Santa Monica Blvd, for Mother Mary Maria in Santa Monica, built to go Left to Right.

PIL is about Connie Pecoraro's Father's name of PHIL, FILL more in "O" Steak as in "OO" is Ass and PUSSY, not a Gay Ass. Based on My Childhood CHRISTmas picture, her Jesus Christ is Licking a Gay Ass and Balls hanging below, the reason why "Turn Bull" the color of my Mother's shirt is very popular. S HI RT, like O HI O, C HI cago, C HI nese.

Connie Pecoraro wants my "young sister" from my CATHOLIQ High School SAINT VINCENT Ferrer, KARen MendozA who is from the PHILLIPINES, to have meaning for her, because of the similar AZTEC Design on her Sweater as my First boyfriend Stephen Garrison. The reason why a DENtist name in NYC name MARLA KING who is a Phillipino Dentist was set up in 1997, Marla KING worked for FRED KASTENBAUM “FK” who is married a BRITISH Blond Hair female and they have Twins. Connie Pecoraro wants my Korean name “WANG” which means KING, to have meaning for her, as in SuKING licKING fucKING. The reason why this accident occurred on SAN VICENTE Blvd and the reason why I was Hit by a BLONDE HAIR female.

This is the same PATTERN with Sandra Oh, who wants my pictures with Nancy LYONS who has BLONDE HAIR to have meaning for her and BE HER. And for TOM BRIDGES to Bridge the “GOLD”en GAYte BRIDGE and his SIGN of LEO the LION, so Sandra Oh can have meaning in my GOLD CLOCK. All because Josh Wolf is a “AIR” LIBRA, and they want My Writings of “KEY to my Soul” to have meaning for him, and Gold C “LOCK” of Blonde H”AIR”.

So that the Aztec Design at the Beverly Hills City Hall and “LIBRA”ry of KEY HOLE connections can have meaning for them. They BUILT it based on My Artwork, My pictures and MY WRITINGS, to have meaning for them.

Josh Wolf’s STEAK Meat likes Calf and Cow, like a Horny Bull for Cellulite BULb Judy BLUme BLUbber. BULLS and COWS cum from the same family like Butterflies and MOTHS.

This is in West Hollywood, a predominantly Gay Male neighborhood filled with Gay Bars and Clubs. The reason why the license plate that was “following” me had USS for PUSSY.

ELIZVETA GOURIVICH “EG” and ALEXANDER KAMINSKY. their names initials are “EG” “AK”. This is about my NAME Signature on BENSON and through Denial Ladin”SKY”, it’s a Gigantic Group Chain Conspiracy to ROB MY IDENTITY and the Powerful meaning of my ARTWORK.

This is about Sandra Oh who wants the BENSON drawing of Robert “GU”illaume holding a magnifying glass “O”, to have been done by her and to have meaning for her because BEN is about RATS and mice, and rats spelled backwards is “Star”. I did this drawing from a TV “GU”ide as a part of a Collection of drawing I did after seeing the movie BEN with Lee Montgomery. My first name Signature of “SANDY*” is signed with a Asterisk Key which is the number 8 Key. This is why they want Connie Pecoraro’s oil painting of “Charlie’s Find” with Horizontal “OO” Rings to be about the sound as in “ASS”terisK. The same reason why Sandra Oh is sitting next to TWO Horizontal “OO” Earth in her Pepsi PUSSY picture from 1999. SAME exact reason why she is sitting on “EG”G shapes. Sandra Oh wants my name Signature on this drawing to have meaning for her and her “OO” Ass Implants. The reason why this Sick Parasite ACTRESS always attaches herself to names like “NICK” or “NICHOLAS”.

Kamin”SKY” is also about, as in Daniel Ladin”SKY” and his book “The Gift” with the poem “The Ear That Was Sold to a Fish” because he says “ART is a conversation between lovers”. Sandra Oh wants MY ARTWORK MY NAME and MY IDENTITY to have meaning for her and this POEM.

This drawing I did in 1982 is the reason why she went to Sir ROBERT BordEN high school, but through “OM”ing with Gloria Catherine Lee, wants MY high school St. VINCENT “FER”rer to have meaning for her, because of the street name SAN VICENTE because a “cent” is a coin and CARL JUNG coined the term Synchronicity. Sandra OH’s mother’s name is YOUNG NAM, and they are connected to Building Names at UCLA and the road “Charlies E. YOUNG drive. I’m happy this is Sandra Oh mother’s name and UCLA loves and supports them, especially the JOHN ANDERSON Graduate school of Business and Management, but this Psychobitch Actress has no meaning in MY ARTWORK or MY Parents Names. This is why there is something going on with Sch”OO”ls all over the country, especially IVY League schools, like Cornell and Yale which have both experienced increased numbers of suicides in the last 1 year.

The MATRIX is connected to building names and it’s ARCHI”TECT”URAL designs of the builidings at UCLA Campus, and “CHARLES E. YOUNG” Drive. It’s also connected to BEVERLY HILLS and “CHARLEVILLE BLVD” which intersects with street names like PECK, REEVES and Beverly Drive. The Theme of the “PIL” is about Sandra Oh and her mother who is connected to the Business of Pharmaceutical Drugs or Biotech Companies. It’s why GLORIA LEE, the Pharmacist’s Identity is important, anything and everything Gloria Lee has done in her life, has been about “OM”ing with SANDRA OH, the connection to St. Vincent Ferrer AND JACKSON HEIGHTS.

This is the reason why even the “Bus Stop Signs” at UCLA are little bullet PIL shapes.

This “PIL” is about my High School YEARBOOK Quote and “Engrish with a Accent” which got started by me because of this writing. It’s the reason why Gloria Lee is a Pharmacist. It’s about the Blue “PIL”LOW childhood picture of me, after a great day at the ZOO with my family. I won a RIBBON that day, and this BLUE RIBBON is a “logo” design for a Elementary School on Charleville Blvd with the sign “NO CHILD LEFT BEHIND”. They’ve not only left me behind, they’ve tortured my life on the way to leaving it behind.

All around this area is about Catholic Theme of Mother Mary and Jesus Christ and Connie Pecoraro’s oil painting of “Charlie’s Find” which is based on the CHRIST”3” PICTURE of me and my dog Frenchy and my mother, and based on my First name SIGNATURE on BENSON “Sandy*”. It’s where Sandra Oh’s agency UTA is, it’s where Josh Wolf’s agency Parallel Entertainment is on Canon Drive. “CD”. Callon Drive.

The number of “Stars and Celebrities” who have recently died in connections with RX Prescription “PILS” is unbelievable. Some of it Accidental overdose, I think a few intentional SUICIDES. Heath Ledger committed suicide in SOHO and I think “DJ AM” ADAM GOLDMAN on Lafayette SOHO committed suicide as well. DJ AM and his NAME is about the Korean word for “Ass” “Jung Dung” AM is for Ass Man, GOLD I about the Police Report written by Dufour on 4/20/09, “GOLD DUST” and “GOLD CHIHUAHUA” my dog Jack. Then there’s Casey Johnson, Brittany Murphy, and COR”EY” Haim. ETC.

“SAN”Dra “O” who wants my Artwork to have meaning for her “going backwards”, the reason why she rented a car at DOLLAR Rental Car the day before in Canada, likes BL”ON”DE H”AIR” because then MA”RIA” going backwards wouldn’t have meaning, so she won’t be Licking Maria’s Chocha Puta. This is about Sand”RA” “OH” who wants the first TWO Links on the Upper Left of my Website to be about her name “HO”me and “AR”tits. Connie MA”RIA” Pecoraro wants my Portrait Drawing on the Upper Left H”AIR” to have meaning for her middlen name Ma”RIA”H going backwards. Tom Bridges Gays and LESBIANS, liking pussies going backwards with Sand”RA” “OH” and Ma”RIA”H Pecoraro.

This CORNER is about half a block up from PACIFIC DESIGN CENTER PDC, where the MOCA is located. Sandra Oh wearing her Black and White Clothes for MOCA, because she doesn’t want to be GrAY. Sandra Oh who is a “Star”, a Starbucks Frappucino MOCHA , so that Josh MICCHA Wolf the FATHER, can have meaning for her.

The next morning, TIGER WOODS life began unraveling, after he crashed his SUV. GOLF rhymes with WOLF.

I was hit on the intersection of San Vicente and Santa Monica, right across the street from the West Hollywood Sherff's Dept. The officer who wrote the Report was PHILIPPINO name "QUEMEL". There are LIES on this Police Report, like the LIES in the above document by my Personal Injury Lawyer, it happened in West Hollywood on Santa Monica blvd, NOT IN SANTA MONICA the City.

His marriage to ELLEN “NOR” “DE” GREN is about Sandra Oh, TV Show “Grey’s Anatomy” filmed in “NOR”thridge HOspital in San Fernando Valley, and the meaning of “Midnight Hour” with PHIL GREN”VILLE”, with CHARLE”VILLE” Blvd in Beverly Hills, with Connie Pecoraro’s “CHARLIE’S FIND”, and all the BUSINESSES around this area. It’s about CHRIS “DE” WOLFE of MySpace, TOM CHRISTopher Bridging the “View of my Ass” in the VIDEO RECORDING, with Jesus CHRIST “Charlie’s Find” Eyes “OO”. Meaning of “CHARLIE” Brown, SANDY WANG’S CLEAR GLASS SNOOPY DOG BANK. MONEY.

Having made these “SKY” connections, with the meaning of my ARTWORK, with Daniel Ladin”SKY”, with what has happened to my life since “4/20/09”, my RAV4L, my Dog, ETC.

This is the SAME EXACT PATTERN of a Car Accident I had in November in 2003, on “11/8/03”. Her name was ANGELA MARIE ESTEPA who lived on Chestnut Street in San Francisco. She was a Blonde Hair female 11 yrs younger than me. She Rear Ended the back of my RAV4L, I had Neck Injuries and won this settlement. Her name was about EVERYTHING I’ve been writing about the last 9 months in 2010, and this accident happened in 2003.

I was being stalked because HER Name FIT Connie MARIA Pecoraro's Catholic Theme in LA. In Los ANGELes, STEPs are also ST”AIR”S, for Sick Catholic Church Theme of Mother Mary MARIA Connie Pecoraro PSYCHO and her Sick SON Josh Miccha WOLF, in their Steps and Stairs AZTEC Designs of MERCEDES BENZ for the meaning of MY First name SIGNature on drawing of BENSON, for my FIRst boyfriend STEPHEN Garri”SON” and the meaning of my Writings “KEY to my Soul” and for my GOLD CLOCK to be about Gold I Lock of Blonde Hair Hor Holes for Hor Dick Josh Wolf, who loves having THE TAN Blonde Hair Cunts who follow him to Suck his Dik. The ONLY reason why they want my Gold Clock to be about Blonde Hair, because Josh Wolf is a “AIR” LIBRA and Air is in the word H”AIR”, like AIRplane and the name Ma”RIA” and Glo”RIA” backwards.

It isn’t a Coincidence that I was Hit by a Car, as a Driver and Pedestrian on THANKSGIVING, by almost a TWIN LOOKALIKE of BLONDE HAIR Females in their 20’s. 2003 and 2009.

This is CONSISTENT with Police Reports I’ve made for many years when I lived in TIBURON to the Tiburon Police. I’ve had Cars and People following and Stalking me all the time for many years.

PACIFIC DESIGN Center is home to many Design Companies, for Interior Design, Indoor outdoor Furnishings, Textile companies, ETC. A Design Company “WOLF GORDON” is a tenant in this BL”OO” Building. It is also home to several ENTERTAINMENT Businesses, including ROGERSANDCOWAN.com, TOM CRUISE’S PR company. “SAND”co”WAN”. What’s Missing? Y G. “A” is for Ass, and ThoMASCHRIST opher Bridges my Identity, My name through his GAY Ass with Same Birthday as me, and Connie Pecoraro’s Jesus CHRIST with Doctor CRISTina Yang on “GAYS Anatomy”.

These buildings are owned by CHARLES COHEN. Y and G is about SANDRA OH’s Mother’s name of YounG Nam and Sandra Oh because she is 2 years “YOUNG”er than me, wants MY ARTWORK of “CARL JUNG” to have meaning for her Plastic Ass Implants, because JUNG DUNG in Korean means ASS. This is the reason why there is a building about a mile south on THIRD Street called JOSEPH C. YOUNGERMAN. Young “GER” Man.

They’ve been REDECORATING the Outside of this building, for MY IDENTITY, MY BABY PICTURES to BE SANDRA “OH”, the reason why across the street, where they are building a brand new multimillion dollar LIBRA ry, is a Business “AGA JOHN”, AGGY in Korean means BABY. Library is about LIBRA Josh WOLF. The Businesses all around this area is all about having MY IDENTITY, My ARTWORK and EVERYTHING about me to be this sick ACTRESS PARASITE. The reason is because of my FAC from 1982, and they’ve been building on this for almost 3 decades, as if San DRA OH DREW the DRAWings.

PAC ific Design Center is also connected to Hewlett “PAC”K “ARD” Printers. It’s connected to CAP, Constantine Alexander Payne, and the CAP on MY Father’s GOLF BAG picture, GOLF “RHYMES” with WOLF. ShonDA “RIMES” writer and creator of “Greys’ Anatomy” wants THE PICTURE of me and a black girl to be her and SANDRA OH. THE REASON WHY WHEN I GOT HIT BY A CAR ON THIS CORNER, TIGER WOODS LIFE THE NEXT MORNING BEGAN TO UNRAVEL. IT’S THE “RFID” CHIP.

There is something going on with Sandra Oh’s HOUSE and the ADDRESS which I think might have “407 87” Numbers, because of my GOLD CLOCK picture from 1990’s. Sandra Oh needs to be able to SIGN MY NAME SIGNATURE TEN TIMES in a ROW Continuously, to prove she is the ARTIST and that she DREW my PORTRAIT Drawing.

From SUNSET BLVD all the way down to MELROSE, including this corner on Santa Monica Blvd in West Hollywood, and the PACIFIC DESIGN CENTER, it is connected to MY IDENTITY, MY ARTWORK, MY PICTURES to be and have meaning for SANDRA PATRICIA OH, they’ve been building this for 3 decades. KEPT what already was in existence since 1982 which“FIT” and changed what didn’t.

There are Two SAN VICENTE BLVD in Los Angeles, this one and one that goes through Brentwood. SAN VICENTE is about “SAN”dra “OH” who wants CARL JUNG who “Coined” the term “SYN”chronicity to have meaning for her, because of MY childhood experiences, pictures and Artwork which was Powerfully Synchronistic with Lee Harcourt Montgomery. SYN is about my Korean name “SIN WON” which is pronounced as “SHIN WON”, and VICENTE is about my Catholic High School ST. VINCENT Ferrer in NYC. Through Connie Pecoraro “CP” Copper PENNY is a “coin” and her Catholic Church Theme, and through PENNY Moy a Chinese Female I went to college with, Sandra Oh wants EVERYTHING about me to have meaning for her and BE HER. She wants 20360 Callon Drive Topan”GA” to have meaning for her because of my FAC from 1982 and because Lee Montgomery lived there many decades ago.

ELIZAVETA GOUREVICH and ALEXANDER KAMINSKY both need to be ARRESTED and JAILED on CRIMES of ASSAULT by Auto Charge and STALKING. People and Cars following me for many years has been documented at the POLICE when I lived in TIBURON from 2002 – 2006.

Sandy Wang Santa Monica childhood pictures in 1979

SEE “7”th Building on TOP Painting “173” = 1 circle, building 7, and a TRI “3”

Sandy Wang’s LP “173”

“TT” PI Symbol of Making Money

Sandy Wang in GREEN Dress and Gloria Catherine Lee om 1985


PACific Design Center WOLF GORDON

Tom Bridges HAT with Sandra Oh and “UN HANG” which means BANK


Tom Bridges “GE”s on Bridgeway Sausalito “8/13/72”

Tom Bridges is a lying fag Dentist who should be Locked in Prison

“USS” ENTERPRISE and “WILLIAM” connections




i sounds like EYE

“429” Repeating Numbers

PHILIPPINO KARen MendoZA AZ tec Sweater Design

Tiger w ”OO” ds

CAP Constantine Alexander Payne

CAP who has a Business in “PAC”ific Building

CAP ri “CORN” sign Shonda RIMES who created “Grey’s Anatomy” to ROB MY IDENTITY and My ARTWORK for SANDRA OH

CAPRI cigarettes

CORN is Yellow connections

Hewlett “PAC” k “ARD” Printer

Josh MIC”KA” Wolf and “924”0 Rolex Building


ROLEX Building 9420 Wilshire blvd

BOB Rivers RADIO Show


Sandra Oh DOLLAR Rental Car 2009

Constance Maria Pecoraro on Brid”GE” Way

Hern”DON” Virginia Dead and ABANDONED Mark Isn’t That Life, YOUR FUCKING SICK ENERGY

UCLA built for SANDRA OH, AS IF she Drew my Drawings from 1982


Daniel Ladin “SKY”


Being Stalked and Followed by Chinese Females, STALKING IS A CRIME

Premeditated Arrest on "4/20/09" by DUFOUR, all “GOLD” Dust connections and “GLAS SWIRE” FRAME

May 2009 Connie Pecoraro and Making it Happen with "CROW and WOLF" EVIDENCE of Organized Crime

Toyota Financial FRAUD DOCUMENTS of "repossessing" my SUV and then Auctioning it on "7/7" 2009

PCH Diagonal Line and places where my SUV was taken to, and my dog JACK

MALIBU FIRE Station “7” on PCH

with this Station “7” = “72” Tom Bridges YEAR

EAR sound of MY MONEY “DES”

Connie Pecoraro's New Addresss of “707” Bridgeway

Capt. Hutton at Tiburon Police Reports 2002-2006


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