“Hurricane Sandy” Oct 31- Nov1, 2012

JACOB ROBERTS Shooting in “MALL” in C”LACK”AMAS HV Oregon Dec 2012
SANDY HOOK School shooting on Dec 14, 2012


Fran”KEN” Storm
meaning of “NECK” or NEK in Korean

Sandra OH in “GREEN” MOK AGE LEAF connections


meaning of “AiR” CH”AIR” HAIR” Sick fucking RAPING “AIR” connections
Conspiracy of “TWO” 2

MA”RIA” STRATTON in LA County Jail “MH” Court “95”
through Sick Psychobitch GLO”RIA” Catherine LEE Birthday Numbers of “5/29” for 2 times to “95” so that Sandy Wang in “GREEN” Dress from1985 with Gloria can BE SANDRA OH = PSYCHO
LEE written in Korean looks like “21”, is that NOON or “MIDNIGHT”?

meaing of EXACT DATES and NUMBERS in RAPING MY LIFE 4/99 and 4/09

Where ever GLORIA LEE is in NEW YORK, she needs to be LOCKED IN PRISON FOR LIFE with SANDRA OH
“GREEN” connections of RX of “POT” is “AIR” in RABBIT HOLE goes very deep, SANDRA OH must be LOCKED IN PRISON


Sandy Wang’s Registered Trademark in 1 Line, and can be seen “69” UPSIDE DOWN

Josh “M” Wolf and “W W RY” meaning
Constance Pecoraro and new address of “707” Bridgeway
MARSAW Nail Salon “O” on Melrose Ave next to “URTH” Café

WAT and MAT, MAT in Korean means to LICK or Taste
EAR sound of TONGUE and “TUNG”sten



SIGN and FOOD Trucks “ROLL”ing
meaning of Sandy Wang’s First Name SIGNature of SANDY on Robert Guillaume from 1981
Sandy Wang’s Baby Picture and “FIRST” Birthday picture with FOOD and MONEY

Josh Wolf and his SON JACOB WOLF
Josh Wolf of “ROLLL”ex Building and REAL “D” meaning

Julian Assange and FOOD connections


out of service “FOR” Days, FOUR is a Number, same sound, FOURth letter is “D” in the alphabet

DU “FOUR” and GOLD DUST White Collar C”RIMES” in April 2009

meaning of REAL “D” in 2012 next to “ROL”ex building, “PARA”llel in spanish means FOR
Discovery in 12/12 of DUSTIN THOMASON’s BOOK “RULE of FOUR 4” confirming everything I’ve written

FOR “REAL D”, D= 4, for who? For what? 4 “O” sound of Sandra “OH” and “WOLF” on HOL LOW ay

Breezy Point, Airy Windy Gusty

BREEZY on Santa Monica on Broadway


Hurricane “SANDY” hit NorthEast Coast on Nov 1st 2012.

They called it the FRAN”KEN” STORM. There are specific REASONS why certain WORDS are used in the description of Sandy’s Destrucation. They named this Hurricane this because of what was going on in my life. It’s DIRECTLY connected to “CONSPIRACY of TWO”. It’s DIRECTLY connected to REAL “D” next to “ROL”ex Building on Wilshire Blvd in Beverly Hills. Letter D of the alphabet is the FOURth letter.

HURRICANE is a TOPical Anesthesia brand name, used in DENTISTRY. I’ve been a Dental Hygienist of more than 20 yrs.

“KEN” is “NEK” backwards. NEK in Korean is “MOK AGE”, GA MOK in Korean means Jail or Prison.

NECK is about “SUC” as in Deep Thr”OAT”, SUC Stand Up Comedian JOSH WOLF, connected to TOM BRIDGES Gay male Dentist BRIDGes BLOW JOBS in MATHemathics of making MONEY, connected to SANDRA OH on “GREY”S ANATOMY” created by Shonda Rimes of D ART MOUTH College.

LICK as in WOLFramite Scheelite in EAR sound of TONGUE and “TUNG”Sten in CATHOLICK MAThemathics of making MONEY through Constance Pecoraro’s CATHOLICK Theme OIL Artwork.

Conspiracy of TWO “MEANS” that the FIRST “WAS” A CONSPIRACY, this is called Deductive Reasoning.


Hurricane SANDY, then “SANDY HOOK” SCHOOL Massacre. It isn’t RANDOM.

Discovery August 2014.

1 week before Hurricane “SANDY” Hit the EAST Coast, Sandy Wang’s Ex Boyfriend “CS” Committed Suicide in FLO.RiDA

then “SANDY” HOOK “SC” HO.OL Shooting occurred….

“HURRICANE KAT.TREEEE NA” was named this in “NO”

LEO the LION 7/22 - 8/23

WANG in Korean is KING

meaning of “LIO n KIN g”

Sandy Wang’s LION Painting
Sandy Wang’s Dog JACK on 4/19

is Sandy Wang’s Dog JACK with a BLACK NIGGER PUSSY in “LOOOOOOONNNG” Beach?


This is a very old astrology newspaper clipping from the 90’s. I kept it because I loved the way how he described my inner feelings.

“They” knew it was in my computer files, it’s why they named this Hurricane “SANDY”. It’s about meaning of MY NAME SIGNature on MY ART, that they’ve dissected and rearranged through different people’s Identities, as if SANDRA OH is MY IDENTITY and ARTIST of My ART. As if SANDRA OH is MY SIGN of LEO, through TOM BRIDGES Gay Faggot Dentist who has the same LEO Birthday as me of 8/13. What is his YEAR of Birth? 19”72”, he is going to PRISON and there isn’t anything anyone else can do about it.


Sick Faggot T”OM” BRIDGES the ROYAL GORGE BRIDGE, through Raping of MY LIFE and MY ART, meaning of My Father’s FAMILY JEWEL, for JOSH WOLF SANDRA OH and Psycho CONSTANCE PECORARO in Mathemathics of making Money. Through ROBBERY of MY PRICELESS ART, MY RAV4L, and MY DOG JACK in 2009. It’s an IDENTITY THEFT, ART THEFT and LIFE THEFT in a Group Conspiracy.

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