I sounds like “E”ye for 3AR sound of words, and EVERYTHING they’ve built based on sound of words. For my drawing of ROBERT GUILLAUME BLACK male actor, BENSON DUBOIS from 1982, Holding a Magnifying Glass with an “E”ye in the “O”, with my FIRST Name SIGNature of “Sandy*” with an Asterisk and the letter “S” made into a Horizontal Eight of “OO”, for ear sound of ASSterisk. The reason why Connie Pecoraro’s Jesus CHRIST has “OO” Eyes.


Connie MA”RIA” Pecoraro. PU bic H “AIR”. Curly Nappy H”AIR” on head of BENSON DUBOIS.

Henry Louis Gates Jr in CAM “BRIDGE” MASSachusetts, Harv”ARD” W.E.B DUBOIS African Studies.

NIGE “RIA”. A NIGGER’S H”AIR” is NAP py. Connie MARIA Pecoraro.

Awwww, H”AIR” Disaster of Josh MICCHA NIGA WOLF with Nappy Hair WIG.

Hewlett PAC k “ARD” “HP”. C=3. “PU”bic “PU” ssy H”AIR”. Pubic Hair is F”RON”tal Hair.

Co”LOR” of S”KIN”, ROL that NIK name SIGNature “ASS”terisk and NTR, 3AR Sound of Hubbard LARD BLUBBER RECTUM.

THEY created this meaning based on my FAC from 1982 to have meaning for them. I didn’t.

IE is about 3AR Sound of TOM BRIDGES His “LEO” with “OIL” artwork by Connie Pecoraro backwards, as in OIL BLUBBER CELLULITE “LO” is ASS for Jesus CHRIST JOSH WOLF. O HI O, “OO” Connie Pecoraro and Sandra Oh are “OM” with my Catholic HIGH School classmates, so that My school name of ST. VINCENT FERRER can have meaning for their Hor Dick Josh Wolf in SAN “FER”nando Valley. It’s about the FORM of Eye “OO”, if it’s High it must be TITS, if it’s LOW it must be BALLS. Tom Bridges is a GAY MALE in their MATheMathics of BALL and ASS Rectum LICKING.

IE. It’s in the names CONN “IE”. It’s in the name KAT “IE”. It’s in the name Jeann”IE”, it’s in the name Jack”IE”. Jeannie Bernardo and Jackie Lafuente who both have huge OIL Asses fucked BRETT BERN.

THO MAS CHRIST ofir Bridges, the EAR Sound of LEO, with Connie Pecoraro’s “OIL” Artwork. So that My name SIGNature on Benson and My SIGN of LEO and birthday can have meaning for her and BE her through this Sociopath Dentist TOM BRIDGES.

This is their game: LIO LEO. IE. I is for Italian and I Sounds like EYE. Connie Pecoraro wants the BENSON drawing I did of Robert Guillaume from 1982 to have been done by her. In the drawing he is holding a MAGNIFYING GLASS with his “EYE”ball inside it. I sounds like EYE.

It’s why she says she got her Art Degree from SAN Jose University, so that combined with JOSH WOLF’s JU”DY” BLUME, they can have meaning in my name SIGNature of “SANDY*” and my SIGN of LEO through a Fag name Tom Bridges.

Her Art Degree is a FRAUD, why would you sign your School’s name on a piece of Artwork you did.

"i" sounds like Eye. They want "i" to be Italian Conn"IE" Pecoraro. IE. “OM” with KAT IE Holmes, for the CAT holic C”HUR”ch Theme. The Reason why Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes got married in ROME ITALY. It’s where the VA tic AN is.

IE is about the word and number 6. SIX. Same letters as the word SEX. IE.

Internet Explorer. My Website is Best Viewed with Microsoft Internet Explorer Web Browser. I have this written on my Email website page. They want this to be about ViBe "IE" Numbers and for the "View" to be about my watercolor paintings and the VIDEO RECORDING of the "View" of my Ass which was dubbed.

They want this Video Recording to be ConnIE Pecoraro and they want the Horizontal Rings around "Charlie's Find" Eyes "OO" to be looking at this dubbed Video Recording. They want the word VIEW to be about White Vagina and Italian Eyes, they want my Wet Vagina in this VR to be a White Vagina. You have to be a Deeply Disturbed Psychobitch to want another females vagina to be yours, and Prostitutes like Connie Pecoraro don't have vaginas. Tom Bridges this Video Recording of me with Cracked and Dry Cunt Connie Maria Pecoraro.

IE, is about them wanting letter "i" to be for Italian Connie Pecoraro, Dan Brown's Leonardo "DA" Vinci Code. DA in Korean means All. Through the meaning of this Korean Word, anytime there is they syllable of "DA" they want it to have meaning for all. They want my FAC from 1982 to have meaning for "ALL". Connie Pecoraro's oil painting of "Charlie's Find" was done in the late 90's, an infringement of my FAC from 1982 and my first name SIGNATURE "SANDY*". My Video Recoding was taped in May 2000.

Let me be very CLEAR that I DID NOT CREATE THESE MEANINGS, I’m just DECODING what they’ve been building for almost 3 decades based on MY FAC from 1982, MY Identity and my Parents Names.

The vowels of the alphabet are AEIOU. A is for Ass. OU is about Tungsten which sounds like Tongue, found in WOLFramite and Scheelite. IE. U is the symbol of LEO, and Tom Bridges the LEO is going to bridge this symbol with Connie Pecoraro and Sandra Oh. O is about the sound of the name OH and PecorarO, and they want my "OM" symbols in a CIRCLE "O" to have meaning for them, through Other People's names like the examining attorney at USPTO for my Trademark. Since Connie Pecoraro's own trademark is a Dead and Abandoned Mark, they want my Powerful Multifunctioning Mark to have meaning for her.

You DOT your "i"s and cross your "t"s. They want the Circle, of my Trademark, to be a DOT and for this PERIOD to have meaning for "i"talian lesbian Connie Pecoraro, who's been dreaming of licking my wet vagina since the picture of me sitting on Gloria Lee's ROOF. They want the word Vowels to sound like Bowels as in Ass, and the VIBE Numbers are their Bible Numbers. Astrology plays an important role, but it doesn't rule my life, and LIN"DA" Goodman's Astrology Book is one of millions of books written about on the subject.

The meaning of the DOT, or the word Period, is the reason why TODD Cummings bought the house at 20360 Callon Drive. TOD spelled backwards is DOT. This is explained in detail on Tom Bridges page.

This DOT is why Suri is seen wearing Polka Dot dress the same week Psychology Today in March 2009 was released.

O is 360, and Yellow and Red as YR is "63", OU symBowel of Taurus, TOM Bridges the 3AR sound and Y3AR of "O" with BretT Bern Taurus the T HORNEY BULL who loves Alcoholicking CelluLIGHT BULB Jeananie BERNARDO Asses.

T"OM" SWire is the manager at the Service Center at Mercedes Benz. His name is about my "OM" symbols, it's connected to all the names at Mercedes BENz in the SHOW ROOM which is connected to TOM Cruise and Katie Holmes.

SWIRE is about c"OM"bining my name initials of SW, because it's about the Computer Keys and the letters on the Upper Left of the Computer Keys. Sandy Wang is my name, and they want to "OM" my portrait drawing "Wang" and "Montgomery" through other people's names. It's about the "18" in the Eyeballs of the portraits. They want the Eyes to be about Italian Eyes.

Computer Keys is about my name Signature on BENSON with my first name of "Sandy*" with the Asterisk. This signature with my writings "Key to my Soul" is how this Computer Keys got involved and and why what's on the Upper Left became important.
This entire block surrounding Mercedes BENZ, on MAPLE Drive is connected to the Video Recording of me, News Corp and Fox building is next door.

The movie BEN is with Lee Montgomery and Michael Jackson sang the song, and this movie is the reason why I did the drawing of BENSON in 1982, Robert Guillaume, while growing up in Jackson Heights, Queens NY. Because GLORIA "LEE" grew up in the same neighborhood as me and we went to the same grammar and high school, they want GLORIA "LEE" to have meaning in my Artwork. Mercedes BENz SHOWROOM address is 9250. This is Gloria Lee's birthday backwards, she is a GeMINi Air Sign and both Connie Pecoraro and Sandra Oh wants to be "OM" with Gloria so that St. VINCENT FERRER High School can have meaning for them. So that the street names in Los Angeles SAN VICENTE Blvd, and SAN "FER"nando Valley can have meaning for them.

Through Business Names, Mercedes BENz, GibSON GUitars, BIRDS Restaurant in Hollywood, Business Names on ROBERT SON Blvd, through CAR MODEL NAMES like "BLUE TECH", ETC, they want my Identity, and my FAC from 1982 and Artwork of BENSON, of RoBERT GUillaume, to have meaning for Connie Pecoraro or Sandra Oh.

IE is about LA C"IE"NEGA street name in Los Angeles. It is a major street with many business names on it and runs vertically for miles. It's about "GA", "Grey's Anatomy". Like Topan"GA", like TujunGA, areas in Los Angeles.

La Cienega is about Nega, as in Nigger, IE. Connie MARIA Pecoraro who Arnold Schwarzenegger and MARIA Shriver supports, wants her Jesus Christ "Charlie's Find" to be Black, because of the drawing of BENSON, of Robert Guillaume who is a black male. The reason why when I lived at 20 Shelley Drive, there was a plastic Black Jesus taped to the the Rail.

I did not CREATE this, I am just DECODING what THEY Created.

IE is about the name ERIC. Anytime you see the syllable of “SAL” it’s about the Korean Word for RICE, because Rice is an anagram of the Name ERIC, and ERIC sounds like ERECTION. IE. Sound of Words is about the EAR.

The movie BEN is about RATS. "GE" in Korean means RATS or MICE. Rats spelled backwards is STAR and this is connected to STAR BUCKS and their Coffee.

This is the reason why I had a physical fight with a Starbucks Barista in Beverly Hills in March 2009. I've never had a problem with a barista at a starbucks. This particular barista was about Connie Pecoraro, and T"OM" Cruise Mapother Mother Mary Maria.

This particular Barista drives a MINi Cooper with license plate with letters "BIN". Bin is about Ben. IE. MINI Cooper is about my mother's maiden name of "MIN", the reason why Todd CUM"MIN"GS bought the property at 20360 Callon Drive Topanga, and they want the letter "i" to be about Italian Connie Pecoraro. The same reason why Josh Wolf drives MINI VAN.

COOPER is about the name of a Design school PETER COPPER UNION school in GREENWICH Village, where I took a architectural design class in 1994. This is why MINI Coopers have made a comeback and why CHARLIZE THERON, was in the movie "Italian Job" with Mini C"OO"pers. It's about words with double "OO"s like Br"OO"lyn, Br"OO"m, Bl"OO"m, Bl"OO"d, Sch"OO"l, ST"OO"l, F"OO"d, R"OO"f, C"OO"k, Kab"OO"m, Jimmy Ch"OO" Shoes, ETC. It's about Connie Pecoraro's "CHArlie's Find" with Horizontal "OO" Rings. CHA in Korean means CAR and Tea.

PETER is about Peter HASON, I guy I knew when I was going to St. Vincent Ferrer high school. Connie Pecoraro wants to have meaning with Peter HASON.

This Barista and I had a physical fight at the Beverly Hills LIBRAry, where the police came but nothing was done about it. I've been going to the Beverly Hills Library since I moved to Los Angeles in October of 2006, I've never seen this Starbucks Barista there and all of a sudden she shows up. She was wearing a Camoflouge Print Baseball Cap, a very similar one which was taken and stolen from my car about a week before this incident.

This sick bitch who was stalking me was about supporting Connie Maria Pecoraro, "STAR"bucks. Tom Bridges all the BIRDS and "GE"s on BRID"GE"Way with Connie Pecoraro. GE in Korean is "RATS" and MICE.

IE, is about the word MATRIX. MAT means taste or "LICK" in Korean, and LICK is about LIQ "OU" R Cabinet and the Hawaiian Wooden Barrel Statue of me and my father. OU is about T"O"ngue and T"U"ngsten which is in WOLFramite and Scheelite.

MATRIX is about the PIL as in RX medication of Gloria Lee Pharmacist and Dan Kropas pharmacist. MATRIX is about RIX, "i" is for Italian and rhymes with REX and SEX as in RexFORD Drive in Beverly Hills and FORD Mustang car model Connie Maria Pecoraro.

It's about DOCtors and Medications for SUC AIR Mother Mary Maria Marijuana Dispensaries, as in MA "POT" HER and Gigantic POTS in front of MUSeum Squre on Wilshire Blvd. Pot Dispensaries are big in this, from it's address numbers and location to it's Dispensary Name, the way how their facility is set up to the Naming of Pot Strain names, ETC. It's all about SEX and the dubbed Video Recording of the View of my Ass.

The Matrix has a "MECCA" and there is a street name in San Fernando Valley called MECCA which intersects with Ventura Blvd. It's connected to Josh Wolf's middle name of MICCHA with the same sound of "KA". IE. On this street on VB, is a Adult Toy Sex Sstore called "69" which recently opened in the last 2 years. This store is about Sucking and Licking in a "69". The Matrix is in Westwood at UCLA.

IE is about VIBE Numbers as in LINDA Goodman’s “Love Signs” Astrology Book. ViBe, “IE”, so that all the Business and Business Names with specific numbers, in VB, Venice Beach, Brentwood Village, Ventura Blvd can have meaning for specific astrology signs VIBE Numbers.

IE is about the name BERT F”IE”LDS, Tom Cruise’s Lawyer. This is why one of Conn IE Pecoraro’s painting title is “CRISSY FIELDS”. CF. Charlie’s Find. There is a building in Century City with WEST “FIELD” written at the top, next to Ti OPA building. OPA in Korean means Brother, and Connie Pecoraro wants My Brothers Identities and names to have meaning for her and her BROTHEL. It’s the reason why Dan KR”OPA”S was Pimped when I was living in NYC. The reason why she has a CAT name Dudley Kitty. FIELDS is why there is a street in Santa Monica called CLOVER “FIELDS”. “C” Art is a CONversation between LOVERS. They’ve been building on DENIAL Ladinsky’s poem in Los Angeles for more than a decade. All based on MY Artwork and PICTURES from my life, to have meaning for and to be Bridged by Tom Bridges who has the same birthday numbers as me but different year. For MY IDENTITY to be Connie Pecoraro or SANDRA PATRICIA OH.

IE. “I” sounds like EYE. I is for Italian CATHOLIC Theme of Mother Mary Maria Connie Pecoraro.

Shell”EY”, Mill Vall”EY”, Black Jesus Christ with “OO” EYES, throbbing and horney for “POINT REYES” Calf Cow Fat Ass.

Wif”EY”, Mariah Car”EY”, Mic”CHA” “CHA”rlie “EYE”s are Horney. Make it Happen.

T”OM” Bridges C “HER” ANUS, for ROYally engorged Baseball Bat Dick, Josh MICCHA Wolf. Mapot”HER” “MOT”her RECTUM.

Sandy Wang’s X rated Video Recording

EAR sound of words

20 Shell”EY” Drive, Mill Vall”EY” Black Jesus

KAT “IE” Holmes


jo “SH” fucking T’om’ cruise mapother Mother Mom’s HER’s all his life

Suri Polka Dot Dress

Mercedes Benz and T"OM" SW IRE

BA “SIX” “SEX” IE Backwards, because the Alphabet begins “AB”…..Z

MECCA Ave and Ventura Blvd


JOSH WOLF a fag name TOM BRIDGES His Gay LEO with OIL Asses Josh Wolf is fucking




LA Cienega Blvd and West Knoll


LA Cienega Blvd and BEVERLY Blvd

LA Cienega Blvd and Third Street

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