LA Brea Ave and Santa Monica Blvd

LABREA Ave x Santa Monica Blvd InterSEXshion Video and sound of “WAIT”

meaning of WAIT and WEIGHT
meaning of SEKAL as in COLOR in Korean

WAIT is the title of a movie directed by JOSH WOLF’s Wife Bethany ASH TON

Conspiracy of Two LABrea Ave 2013 "Hot and Juicy"

DT, a Period is a DOT, what’s missing? EAR sound of “O”, horny for SANDRA OH
Sandy Wang’s Registered Trademark in a “O”
meaning of DOT is a Period

Sandra Oh on “GREY’s Anatomy” as “CRIST”ina Yang
connected to Connie Pecoraro’s OIL Artwork of JESUS CHRIST

Sandra Oh “DREW” my drawings through ANDREW FEATHER “STON”
meaning of RICHARD and RICH ART = DT
RICHARD STONE Judge at Beverly Hills Court



HAPpy Nails is about one of the 7 DWARFS Names in FAIRey TALE “Snow White”
It’s also about HAP py = Home Artist Photography of MY WEBSITE
HN, HeaveN is the Upper Left of the KOREAN Flag connected to MY Artwork titled “Doorway to HEAVEN” on my Photography page
What’s left? “PY”, sounds like “PI” in JeSUS CHRIST horny for PUSSY in are you “PY”ous to make Money

Sandy Wang’s Photography “Doorway to HeaveN”
Sandy Wang’s Korean Flag artwork

HAPPY one of the Dwarfs names in Snow White
Constance Maria Pecoraro and her PAT sy CHA “DORE” “Just HAPPY”

T ARGE T = TO TO meaning of MY Korean name in Korean Characters
PI symbol of “TT” with Jesus CHRIST Eyes of “OO” = TO TO
WANG in Korean Characters

Psycho SANDRA OH and “TO TO”
connected to TO TO WAZA Toilet Company in MAThemathics of making MONEY
through Psycho Connie Pecoraro’s CATHOLIC THEME


Sandy Wangs childhood picture with a Black girl name DAPHNE

Psycho Connie Pecoraro’s “No Name Girl”
Psycho Actress SANDRA OH thinks she is MY IDENTITY
Sandra Oh and BLACK Bitch SHO SHO SHO nda Rhimes creator of “Grey’s Anatomy”
SANDRA OH and PEPSI PUSSY in 1999, Study the “OO” EARth Picture

ULTA, Upper Left TA, TA in Korean means RIDE or to BURN
It’s about the meaning of Upper Left of everything
connected to UTA, Sandra OH through Tom Bridges “L”eo is MY IDENTITY


OLIVE GREEN building, all OLIVE Green buildings is connected to MY OLIVE GREEN Jacket from the 80’s which is hanging inside the Beverly Hills LIBRA ry
Sandy Wang and OLIVE GREEN Jacket
Hanging as a piece of Abstract Artwork inside the Beverly Hills LIBRA ry
Psycho SANDRA OH’s “1 4” FINGER Creepy CRYPTIC very Disturbing Picture in OLIVE GREEN


Sandra Oh’s Talent Agency “UTA”
what’s missing? L is for LIBRA JOSH WOLF

e/motion 3 by Paul TzaneTOP O ULOS

PAL in Korean means the number 8, and the word for ARM, U is the symbol of the Sign of LEO
e/emotion, “OO” eyes of Jesus CHRIST on page “3” = OIL BLUBBER ASS that jiggles in movement as JESUS CHRIST is FUCKING ASS
JOSH WOLF says in one of his Vidoes that he loves WAVES in MOTION OIL BLUBBER ASS as he is fucking
for his MOTHER MARY on OCEAN is the “SEA” next to Fairmont Hotel in Santa Monica

MARY on OCEAN avenue
Chel SEA is the OCEAN where there are Lots of WAVES in MOTION
Connie Pecoraro’s OIL Painting of Jesus CHRIST on Page “3”
Connie Pecoraro and MICHA el “LAP” Pert
20360 Callon Drive TOP anga


metal plaque SIGN to the lower right


Sandy Wang’s picture with GRACE Navas in high school 80’s
Sandra Oh CRISTina Yang on “Grey’s Anatomy” created by SHOnda RHIMES, set in Seattle GRACE Mercy West Hospital
DIRECTLY connected to GRACIE Allen street at Cedars SIN ai Hospital
meaning of HOS “PI” TAL connections
Grace NAVAS “Rhimes” with CANVAS, and OIL Artwork of Jesus CHRIST goes on Canvas

AT&T, what’s missing? M is for MARIA in their Catholic Theme of making Money, every BUSINESS listed on the left side is about TOM CHRISTopher Bridges Horny Jesus CHRIST for SHOe, SHOw
STAR BUCKS originated from WASHINGTON in 19’71’, years of Sandra Oh’s birth

meaning of FOUR TEN 4-10


DAPHNE is the name of the Half Black Girl in SANDY WANG's Childhood Picture in 1980
that they've built it as if My Identity is psycho actress Sandra OH connected to Shon”DA” LYNN Rhimes, deranged nigger pussy

Earth on Upper Left Sandy Wang in White Red shirt in 1980 with “DA”phne

EARTH Sandra OH in 1999, who thinks she is all my childhood pictures

Sandra Oh who wants married to GREEK Constantine Alexander Payne who is from Omaha Nebraska
who has a Business called AD HO “MIN” EM Enterprises in Santa Monica

CAP is about “PAC”hyderm, and his connections in OMAHA NEBRASKA FOOD connections to CON AGRA


Baja Fresh is about “Fuse BOX” from the X rated Video Recording of me from 2000
JAMBA JUICE, JAMBA in Korean means JACKET, JUICE is about my Vaginal FLUID
Sandy Wang’s X Rated Video Recording and FB Fuse Box
Sandy Wang’s Jean Jacket in 1985

JJ is about My Mother’s Name Initials of JUNG JA “MIN”


P OM DOR O = P in Korean means BLOOD, OM in Sanskrit means “ONEness with all”, DOR is about DOOR, O sounds like OH =
Tom Bridges COM “MUN” Ications major JOSH WOLF, Horny Jesus CHRIST BLOOD filled Hard Dick with SANDRA OH
Josh Wolf who studied com “MUN” ications
MUN I C PAL Court in Beverly Hills

All I”TAL”Ian restaurants with lots of PASTA and TOM atoes is about TOM CHRISTo “PHER” Bridges FUR, “TAL”
meaning of “TAL” in words like ITAL ian and Hospi TAL
The DOOR into RAY CHARLES Café and TOMatoes
DOOR in Korean is “MOON or MUN” and JOSH WOLF studied COMMUNICATIONS



Jersey Mike’s

Rite Aid is about Sand”RA” OH like Cvs Pharamcy is about Connie Pecoraro
They want RA, to be about MY “AR”Twork BACKwards, next to RadiO SHAck and CHASE
meaning of RADIO
Radio SHAck meaning
Sandra OH and UN HANG in Korean means BANk
CHA se, SE in Korean means BIRD, CHA in Korean means CAR,
Sandy Wang’s CAR Toyota RAV4L STOLEN In 2009, connected to SANDRA OH and Josh MIC”CHA” WOLF


Left Letters “TAR” what’s missing? S = STAR
AVON is about creating meaning of MY Artwork “Shadows in NOVember” to have meaning for Sandra OH BACKwards, the reason why MY LAPTOP was HACKED into by a BIG BLACK BITCH name LISA WALLS in October 2011
Sandy Wang’s “Shadows in NOV ember”

Sandy Wang’s FAC from 1981, Pencil Drawing of Robert “GU”illaume
Sandy Wang learning to play GUITAR in 1990

GU I TAR on Sunset Blvd 2011- 2012
Sandra Oh who went to SIR ROBERT BORDEN high school

Sandra Oh and “NUVO”
LISA WALLS who STOLE MY DATA from MY LAPTOP connected to Psycho SANDRA OH and black bitch SHONDa RHIMES


Carls Jr, next to MacDONalds for “CJ”, for meaning of MY Artwork titled ‘CARL JUNG” to have meaning for Jesus CHRIST, but NO “M”aria Backwards
Because SANDRA OH has been LICKING GLORIA MARIA Pecoraro’s PUSSIES for 3 decades in this “OM” game of wanting MY IDENTITY and ARTWORK to have meaning for her AS IF they were done by her
Sandy Wang’s Watercolor Artwork titled “Carl Jung”

Psycho Connie Maria Pecoraor’s “JC” Jesus CHRIST OIL Artwork
the reason why Sandra Oh is “CRIST”ina Yang on “Grey’s Anatomy”


“GU”I TAR, “STAR” Sandra Oh DREW My Drawing of ROBERT GU illaume from 1982, the reason why this sick actress went to SIR ROBERT Bor”DEN” High school,
so that through Mother VIR”GO” Mai”DEN” Constance Maria Pecoraro and her Catholic Theme ARTWORK and “No Name Girl”, SANDRA OH can pretend she is MY IDENTITY AS IF she DREW my Drawings
GU in Korean means the Number “9”, the EAR I was born and SANDRA OH wants this number to have meaning for her through LICKING Connie Virgo MAI”DEN”s Pussy and ASS BACKwards
Psycho Connie Pecoraro’s “No Name Girl”
Psycho Actress SANDRA OH
who went to SIR ROBERT BorDEN high school
DEN connections


3AR sound of words
What is TOM BRIDGES DENtist YEAR of Birth? 19 71 or 72? 72= Jail Time

connected to EARth Virgo MaiDEN Constance Pecoraro’s new address on “707” BRIDGE Way Sausalito

Sandy Wang’s first boyfriend in 1985 ROBB NUNZIO “GUITARIST”
Sandy Wang’s picture in 1990 playing GUITAR picture

Sandy Wang’s Pencil drawing of Robert “GU”ILLAUME from 1981

Psycho Constance Maria Pecoraro’s Sketch of “GUITAR”
GU I TAR on Sunset Blvd 2011- 2012
Julien’s GUITAR on BEDFORD Drive



LICK Connections
Connie Pecoraro and MICHA el LAPPER ICE Cream LICK
WOLFramite Scheelite TUNGsten
MATtresses and MATheamathics of Making Money


THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT AND THIS ISN’T RANDOM. SEE HOW MANY “RA” YOU CAN SEE EITHER FORWARDS OR BACKWARDS ON THIS ONE CORNER. It’s about Sand”RA” Oh did all my “AR”twork on my Website and she is my Identity because the Upper Left Two links of MY Website has “HO”me and “AR”tist, connected to 3AR sound of words, connected to a poem titled “EAR that was sold to a Fish” in Daniel Ladinsky’s book “The GIFT”. “G” I “FOOT”. SAM SA “RA” means Suffering in Sanskrit.

LA Brea avenue. LABREA, LIBRA, Ass is I sounds like Eye. For FORM of Jesus CHRIST Eyes “OO” AIR LIBRA JOSH MIC “CHA” WOLF, aka “CHA rlies’ Find”.

BAL in Korean means FOOT or FEET. SHIN BAL in Korean means SHOes. Through the Korean words SHIN Bal which means SHOes, and Byung WON which means HOSpital, they’ve been building for Sandra Oh to have meaning in MY Korean name of SIN WON which sounds like SHIN WON.

There are many people who know about this, it’s why someone created a very well photoshopped picture of TOM CRUISE MAPOTHER in a LAB C “OAT”. It’s connected to creating meaning Going BACKwards, for MY Father’s Middle Name of BAE, which means PEAR and B”OAT”, to have meaning for Sandra Oh’s P3AR Shaped Ass as Chinese “TAO” DOCtor on “Grey’s Anatomy”, connected to Connie Pecoraro’s Jesus Christ in CATHOLIC MAThemathics of are you “PI”ous and horny to make Money. TAO “C” BAL, C = 3 for Jesus Christ on page “3”, which is based on MY CHRIST “MAS” picture of me and my Mother and my dog Frenchy. SAM in Korean means the number THREE, which is “THE CODE”. TH any word with these letters for TONGue sounds, like TH Robbing TH rusting, connected to meaning of WOLF “RA”Mite Scheelite and TUNGs TEN, who was born in the month of “10” October.

The “THEME” of SHOES has been going on for 3 decades, you have to see the movie “American WereWOLF in LONDON” from 1982, it’s how long JOSH WOLF has known me, and how long Sandra Oh has been secretly attached to my life, wanting MY Childhood pictures of me with RED SHOES and RED SHORTS standing on the Mountains in Korea TO BE HER.

China Earthquake in May 12, 2008 “SICHUAN Earthquake” with 7.9 magnitude, killed estimated 68,000 people right before the Beijing China Summer Olympics. They built the BIRDS NEST Stadium just for this major event. BIRDS NEST is about Thomas CHRISTopher BRIDges, BIRDS on BRIDge “WAY” because the TAO is the WAY. Birds Nest is about a sketch I did in 1997 of a nude female with her H”AIR” in a BUN, which I never showed it to anyone. But they’ve been secretly spying on me for many years. It’s the reason why my First address when I moved to California was 4 BIRDNEST COURT in Mill Valley CA. The roommate who answered my ad to share an apt KNEW THIS. HOUSING TERROR has been going on for many years. All the Artwork of my Second Artwork collection from 2003 onwards, was all DONE during these many tumultuous years.

The Tao Te Ching has been connected to this for many years. My First interest in studying this Chinese Philosophy began in 1991. EAR sound of TAO, “DOW” Jones and the MAR k ET “EighT”, the meaning of MY First name SIGNature of “Sandy*” on the drawing of Robert Guillaume from 1982 to have been DONE by Connie Pecoraro who says she got her Art Degree from SAN Jose University, why would you sign your school’s name on a piece of Artwork you did.

The reason why a person name Alexander Berenson wrote a book titled “The NUMBER * “ with an Asterisk Mark, which is the number 8 on the computer keys, connected to my First name SIGNature with an AsteRISK, the reason why TOM CRUISE MAPOTHER was in “RISKy Business”.

It’s what drives the MAR ket on Wall Street. Why has there been this Global recession which hasn’t changed or improved since 2007. Because Connie Pecoraro Psycho’s Oil Artwork of CATHOLIC Theme are LIES and FRAUD, that she or SANDRA OH Drew my drawings and is my Name SIGNature of MY First Artwork collection from 1981 and 1982. And it’s DIRECTLY PROPORTIONAL to what they’ve done to MY LIFE, sabotaged it through WHITE COLLAR CRIMES, of Organized Criminal Activities.

This corner shopping complex is going through renovations in September 2011.

This ENTIRE corner, like many corner Businesses, is all about having MY IDENTITY, MY NAME, MY ARTWORK to BE SANDRA OH, through the meaning of the word BAL BACKwards. Because it’s connected to MY ARTWORK, of a drawing I did on a HO riz ON tal Legal pad sketch in 1997 with FOOT on a BOX. BAL in Korean means FOOT, SHIN BAL In Korean means SHOes, Byung WON in Korean means HOSPital. SIN WON, sound of SHIN WON is MY KOREAN name, the reason why Sandra OH is on “Grey’s Anatomy” set in Seattle WaSHINgtON.

STARBUCKS address of “140” connected to MY Childhood picture of me and a BLACK Girl of ME wearing a WHITE and RED shirt with the numbers 14, same colors as TARGET. The Black girl’s name in this childhood picture of me is name DAPHNE, the reason why there is this restaurant café which is a franchise meaning they are located throughout Los Angeles. This is why BLACK SHOnda RHimes created the tv show “Grey’s Anatomy” AS THE VEHICLE to ROB the meaning of MY Artwork and Identity for SANDRA OH, connected to Connie Maria Pecoraro’s CATHOLIC Theme of are you “PI”ous and horny to make MONEY. Through Mother MARY MA”RIA” and all the meaning of AIR, Sandra Oh wants MY Childhood picture of me wearing RED MARY Jane SHOes to be her. SHIN BAL in Korean means SHOes, and through this word with Korean word for HOSPITAL which is Byung WON, SANDRA OH wants MY KOREAN Name, BIRTH Name to have meaning for her, all for MAThemathics of making MONEY, AS IF She was MY IDENTITY and she DREW all my drawings.

STAR BUCKS a Buck is a DOLLAR with George Wa SHIN gt ON, this coffee business got started up in State of Wa SHINgt ON in 1971, year Sandra Oh was born. Sandra Oh as “CRIST”ina Yang on “Grey’s Anatomy” set in Seattle Wa SHIN gt ON, the vehicle to ROB the meaning of my Korean name.

Usually if there is a STARBucks it’s automatically built in Left to Right. GREEN EAR sound of GRAIN of Rice for Tits SandRA Oh as “CRIST”ina on “Grey’s ANATOMY” for her horny Jesus CHRIST “OO” Charlies Find is a TITLE and Sandra Oh is a Cancer Sign which rules the Tits, Front Upper Body.

It’s SANDRA OH Licking Connie MARIA GLORIA PUSSIES and ASSES Either Way, in CathoLICK MAThemathics of she is My identity through a fag DENtist and Virgo Mai”DEN” Connie Pecoraro’s Artwork. SANDRA OH is an IDENTITY THIEF, a very disturbed EVIL sick bitch and she needs to be Locked Behind Bars. C H=OO RIST isnt’ my Artwork, it’s Constance Maria Pecoraro who also needs to be locked behind bars.

TOM CRUISE MAPOTHER is the Leader of Tom CHRISTopher Bridges Connie Pecoraro’s Jesus CHRIST in MAThemathics of making Money.

BAL in Korean means FOOT, SHIN BAL in Korean means SHOes, connected to SHOE SHOW, TV show of “Grey’s Anatomy” with Sandra Oh as CRISTina Yang, the VEHICLE to ROB MY IDENTITY and meaning of MY ARTWORK. Like all of TOM CRUISE’S photo shopped pictures which I found on the internet, like, there are many people who know about this CATholic MAThemathics of are you “PI”ous and horny to make Money, through horney JESUS. It’s why someone created the image of Tom with GREEN Gloves and a LAB c OAT.

It’s connected to the meaning of the word DOC tor, which is connected to the first Html Code of all my Website pages on the Upper Left, < ! DOC type. EX “CLAM” ation, have you ever heard of SCIENTOLOGY’S “The CLAM BAKE OPERATION? C “LAM” = C is 3 for Jesus Christ on page 3, LAM is “SH” eep in HER SHE Pussy licking game, Mapot”HER” and Jo “SH”. LAM is about the Korean word MAL BAK wards, for Josh Wolf who TALKS for a Living as a SUC Stand Up Comedian, the reason why they LOVE the words CUS TOM er Care and Parking in MAThemathics of making Money.

TOM CRUISE, with TOM BRIDGES who has the SAME Birthday as me, have built in 3 decades for MY IDENTITY to be SANDRA OH, through Tom Bridges My Mother with Pecoraro and My Father with Wolf. THROUGH Business Names, Other People’s Names, Street Names, words, COLORS, numbers, etc.

Because they want SANDRA OH to be the ARTIST who DREW my drawing of Black male actor ROBERT Guillaume from 1982, and for her to be all my Childhood pictures.

LAB is a DOG. Dogs are big in this CAT holic MAThemathics game, because of it’s connected to MY Childhood CHRISTMAS Picture of me and my Mother and my DOG FRENCHY, to have meaning for Jesus CHRIST on page “SAM”. Connected to meaning of MY CHARLIE BROWN SNOOPY DOG BANK I had for many years. The REASON why MY DOG JACK was STOLEN in 2009, so that he can have meaning for their very disturbed RAPING GAME of CATHOLIC MAThemathics of making MONEY, while TERRORIZING MY LIFE.

BAL in Korean means FOOT, connected to FOOT HILL Road in Beverly Hills.

This meaning of LAB DOG is the reason why a person name MARGARET BRIDGES answered my ad when I lived in TIBURON in 2003. I wasn’t allowed to have pets, so I placed an ad to volunteer to walk and exercise someone else’s dog who might be busy in their life. Margaret Bridges has the sweetest most adorable BROWN CHOCOLATE LAB name BESSIE. I’d take her to the dog park and the beach in Mill Valley and we had a lot of fun together. After a few months, I stopped and when I talked to Margaret again, she said any time Bessie would see an Asian female lookalike of me, she’d go crazy.

MARGARET BRIDGES I think has a PHD in Child Psychology and works for BERKELEY or is associated with the SCHOOL.

MARGARET, is in the title of a book by JUDY BLUME, one of my teenage years favorite author, “Are you there God? It’s me MARGARET”. It’s DIRECTLY connected to JOSH WOLF who is a regular on CHELSEA HANDLERS Show, who wrote a book called “Are you there God? It’s me VODKA”. It’s why Josh Wolf has “WIFEY” on his Myspace page, it’s another book title by JUDY BLUME.

DAN BROWN chocha co late LAB for CATHOLIC Theme of MAThemathics of are you “PI”ous and horny to make Money. Connected to CONSTANCE MARIA PECORARO’S CATHOLIC Theme OIL Artwork, which is the VEHICLE to ROB the meaning of MY FAC, Writings and Name SIGNature fomr 1982, to ROB MY IDENTITY for SANDRA OH. For MY CHARLIE BROWN SNOOPY DOG BANK and MY CHILDHOOD CHRISTMAS picture with my mother and my DOG FRENCHY to have meaning for “DA”, for ALL.

This is why MY DOG JACK was STOLEN in 2009, and they’ve been creating meaning AS IF PICTURES of me and MY JACK, was SANDRA OH. It’s the REASON why I met JOSH WOLF at a DOG PARK in 2007 and I didn’t begin talking to him almost a year later in 2008.

SANDRA OH wants this Number 140 to be about the VIBE Number for her CANCER and LIBRA Josh Wolf. STAR bucks on the Upper Left, Wa SHIN gtON where “Grey’s Anatomy” is set, where Josh Wolf used to live and the Mother of his Son Jacob still lives there. STAR Bucks, for meaning of MY FATHER’S Name and Identity to have meaning for JOSH WOLF, through Connie Pecoraro’s CATHOLIC Theme of FATHER SON and HOLY SPIRIT TRInity Catholic theme. My Father’s Music band from the 50’s “MORNING STARS” to have meaning for them. 4-10 is the VIBE Number of WANG MONTGOMERY LEO SCORPIO VIBE and this is connected to MY Childhood picture with a BLACK girl of me wearing a White and Red shirt with the NUMBER 14, the reason why LINDA GOODMAN’S Astrology book is a big connection. This picture is a very Powerful SYNChronistic picture connected to LEE MONTGOMERY who was in the movie ‘BEN’, with BLACK Michael Jackson who sang the song for this 1972 movie, the REASON why I DREW my drawing of ROBERT Guillaume of BENSON Dubois in 1982. Through Jesus CHRIST the “SON” they want MY ARTWORK to have meaning for them through Connie Pecoraro’s CATHOLIC Theme of OIL and Glass Artwork. Connected to ALL MERCEDES BENz Car Dealership throughout the world, for “Grey’s Anatomy” set in Seattle Grace MERCY MERCY MERCY West Hospital.

The reason why I was SET UP and FRAMED by MERCEDES BENz of Beverly Hills in April 2009, Arrested on Specific Date of MONDAY 4/20/09, for 9420 Wilshire blvd ROLEX CROWN building, for Horny JESUS CHRIST JOSH WOLF, but NO “M” aria Backwards. So it’s 2011, and I am still waiting for JOSH WOLF and SANDRA OH or CONNIE PECORARO to suck fuck lick and MARRY each other, THEY BUILT IT. IT’S WHY MY LIFE HAS BEEN ROBBED AND RAPED.


LOCK in “CL” PECK connections on Westwood
Sound of LOCK through West “Kn OLL” x Rosewood


Sandy Wang’s Father’s MUSIC Band from 1950’s “MORNING STARS” and meaning of BLOW “AIR” in CL”ARI” NET

“AIR” Libra JOSH WOLF and “EARTH” Virgo CONSTANCE PECORARO “Morning Star 212 vibe”

why does JOSH WOLF say he’s long time married to Bethany “ASH TON” and is this the Truth?
ALL questions about his SON JACOB WOLF Birth Certificate and Delivery DOCTOR must be answered

Psycho Constance Maria Pecoraro
707 BRIDGEWAY address of PECORARO who is going to be LOCKED in PRISON


Sandy Wang’s Catholic High School ST. VINCENT FERRER on LEXINGTON Avenue in NYC in 1980’s

LEXINGTON HOLDING Company next to Rolex Building in Beverly Hills
Pacific Design center and vicinity all built as if SANDRA OH is My Identity attending SVF in 1980s

Psycho Pecoraro’s Email to me in 2005, KA “BOOM” FLOWers “BLOW” her Mind

KOL AMI rhymes with SA”LAM”I.

KOL, sounds like “COL d”, and Jesus CHRIST was born in the Winter on CHRISTMAS when it’s COLD. This is why everything has been built to be about GOING BACKWards,

Barack Obama’s FRAUDULENT Birth Certificate and the LAW FIRM that released his FRAUD BC name “PERKINS COL.E”. PC, for Constance MA”RIA” Pecoraro. COLE Street name in Los Angeles. Like Tom Cruise and NI”COLE” Kidman. Everything has been built as if My Name SIGNature of “SANDY” with “OO” made with letter S of my name on my pencil drawing of Black male actor ROBERT GUILLAUME from 1981, has been Twisted and rebuilt through Jesus CHRIST “CHA”RLIES FIND with “OO” Rings around his Eyes, ART by CONSTANCE PECORARO, as if it’s the FORM of ASS PUSSY, as if it’s the “LOCK” for the “KEY To MY SOUL”, which was WRITINGS I WROTE in 1982 when I did my First Artwork Collection.

This is WHY they ROBBED MY Priceless Artwork, My “KEY” ART, My FAMILY JEWEL meaning through My Art of LION BODY painting connected to MY DOG JACK in 2009, all through WHITE COLLAR CRIMES. As if SANDRA OH is the ARTIST of BOTH of My First Artwork Collection from 1981 and 1982, and My WATERCOLOR Second Artwork Collection from 2003-2007. When everything about meaning of My FAC from 1981 and MY IDENTITY, has been built to be SANDRA OH through Constance Pecoraro’s OIL OIL OIL ART CATHOLIC THEME of Mother MARY and Son JESUS CHRIST. Reason why Sandra OH is “CHRIST”ina Yang on “Greys Anatomy”.

This is a recently built JEWISH CONGREGATION. It has a very unique architecture designs, with small square cut outs on the side of the building with HEBREW WRITINGS.

KOL Ami must be a Hebrew word, I don’t know. But it’s about meaning of “LOCK” Going BACKwards. AMi. I sounds like Eye as in Eyes of Jesus CHRIST “CHA”rlies Find “OO” OIL Painting by Constance “MARIA” Pecoraro, connected to “AIR” Libra JOSH MIC”CHA” WOLF.

The “MA” RIA, connected to “AIR” Libra is about “AM”, as in MORNING, connected to robbing of my parents names, for Josh Miccha Wolf and Constance Maria Pecoraro. It’s about MY Father’s MUSIC BAND Name from the 1950’s, “MORNING STARS” where he is BLOWING “AIR” into a CL”ARI” NET, to be about “TEN” October born “’AIR” LIBRA is “HORNY” for MA”RIA”, AIR “AM” in the MORNING.

They twisted the meaning of My Fathers Music Band name “MORNING STARS” to be about and to have meaning for WOLF LIBRA and PECORARO VIRGO Astrology VIBE Numbers and the words “Morning Stars”. Their VIBE Number of “212” is connected to PETER HASON who is a “AIR” Gemini in NYC who is in the Business of MUSIC, 212 is the phone AREA CODE of MANHATTAN. Through his role in Music Business PETER HASON “BUILT” and ROBBED the meaning of MY Parents Names for WOLF and PECORARO as if these two sociopaths who are the same age as me, are MY Parents, all connected to ROBBING of MY IDENTITY for SANDRA OH, as if she is all my baby and childhood pictures.

KO “L AM” I. KO or CO in Korean means NOS”E”. This is about creating meaning GOING BACKwards through the Korean word, as if Jesus CHRIST “CHA”rlie Find “OO” is looking at ASS and Pussy Going BACKwards. This is very closely connected to robbing of MY “JOHN HANCOCK” as in my Name SIGNature of “SANDY” on my drawing from 1981, with “OO” made with letter “S” of my name, to be SANDRA OH or Constance MA”RIA” Pecoraro’s ASS FORM going Backwards. HANCOCK, HANDS in Spanish is MAN”OS”, connected to creating meaning Going BACKwards for Sandra Oh, through Man”OS”. This is WHY JOSH WOLF is a regular on Chelsea “HAND”ler show, at the “ROUND Table”.

This KOL Ami, is connected to creating meaning as if MY PICTURES in 1990’s with MY “GOLD CLOCK” on TOP of the TV is SANDRA OH. This is why there is a “TELEVISION” Center on “COL”e Street, and reason why on Lexington x COLe street a few block up, there is a “JW” JE”HO”VA’s WITNESS CHURCH. Jesus was a JEW, are you “PI”ous “PY”ous, for Horny Jesus “CHA”rlie looking for “OO” ASS PUSSY connected to T”HO” MAS CHRISTOPHER BRIDGES Gay male DENTIST, in CATHO”LICK” MAThemathics of licking Ass.

JOSH WOLF is fucking licking his “CALF COW” PECORARO and SANDRA OH, Going BACKwards in MATHemathics of making MONEY in robbing meaning of My John Hancock. J “OS” H, JH. LAM. “MAL” In Korean means two things, it means “TALK” and it means “HORSE”. JOSH WOLF talks for a Living, and Sandra “OH” thinks all my ART with “HO”rses has meaning for her because it has her name in it, like My P”HO”tog”RA”phy page, and my Upper Left to links of “HO”me “AR”tist, to have meaning for her name Going BACKwards.

SILENCE of the LAM b, with Hanni”BAL” Lecter. Let’s not “TALK” about “Conspiracy of TWO”, so that everything about MY LIFE from “BIRTH to PRESENT” can BE SANDRA OH, while the United States Government RAPES and ROBS MY LIFE.


This meaning of BLOW “AIR” in CL “ARI” NET, is WHY Barack Obama handpicked the DELIVERY DOCTORS names of “DAVID SIN CL AIR”, connected to ROBBING of MY Korean Name of “SIN WON” for SANDRA OH. All “AIR” connections is about JOSH WOLF “AIR” LIBRA and everything about the SIGN of LIBRA. His FRAUDULENT Birth Certificate and his FRAUD Social Security Numbers, are BOTH connected to ROBBING of MY IDENTITY for SANDRA OH.

This is why there is a Big “CHAIR” in front of Pacific Design Center, and the reason why the NEW WH LIBRAry built in 2011 on San VI”CENT”e Blvd, is connected to “AIR” LIBRA ry JOSH WOLF and CONSTANCE PECORARO and SANDRA “O”.

This is why they FRAMED me and WRONGFULLY LOCKED me in JAIL in 2009, through JUDGE name “MARIA” STRATTON, and this is what CONSPIRACY of TWO is about. Conspiracy of TWO Times to MA”RIA” MA”RIA” Stratton in LA County jail, as if I had “MENTAL PROBLEMS”, while they RAPE and ROB MY Parents Names, MY ARTWORK and MY IDENTITY for SANDRA OH, and meaning of MY JOHN HANCOCK with “OO” for JOSH WOLF horny for MA”RIA” MA”RIA” ASS FORM, in MATHemathics of making MONEY.

This is why there are so many AIR CHAIR STAIR HAIR connections they’ve already BUILT, and it’s turning out to be SANDRA OH CathoLICKING GLO”RIA” MA”RIA” BOGE TAL Ass Pussy, Going BACKwards, because now JOSH WOLF is claiming he’s long time married to Bethany “ASHTON”.

THIS IS WHY THEY ROBBED MY KEY ART and MY DOG JACK in 2009, because everything they already built is based on LOCK is “OO” is ASS and PUSSY, and they ROBBED MY KEY to be and have meaning for JOSH MIC”CHA” WOLF, Constance Pecoraro’s JESUS CHRIST. SO why isn’t JOSH WOLF licking fucking SANDRA OH for THEIR “41 O” Astrology VIBE Built WORLDWIDE? Or JOSH WOLF and CONSTANCE PECORARO in 212 VIBE, THEY BUILT IT, and the entire Planet is Wainting. Why isn’t LEE MONTGOMERY ASSKING SANDRA OH to Marry him? Reason for the RAPING OF MY LIFE, so that Sandra OH can pretend she is the Artist of MY VERY PERSONAL ART done by MY HANDS.



LA B rea streeet name, to be about “BAL” is “FOOT” in Korean Going BACKwards.

BAL is FOOT in Korean, reason why JOSH WOLF is with a FOOTBALL and Trophy in his pictures from 2010.

SHIN “BAL” in Korean is “SHO”es, meaning of LAB rea is about Sandra OH on Greys Anatomy TV “SHO”w. HOSpital in Korean is Byung “WON”, reason why Sandra OH is on HOSpital tv show.

“SHIN WON” is the sound of MY Korean Name, my full Korean name SOUNDS like WASHINGTON. And this is why “Grey’s Anatomy” is set in SEAttle WASHINGTON, connected to JOSH WOLF who is married ot Bethany “ASH TON”, Josh Wolf’s Son JACOB Wolf who was born in Seattle W “ASH”ing”TON”, which is about ROBBING of MY Baby Pictures and MY KOREAN NAME and IDENTITY for SANDRA OH.

This is why meaning of “BAL” connections is extremely important. It’s why SANDRA OH’s agency “UTA” moved next to “FOOT HILL” Road in Beverly Hills in 2012, to create meaning as if SANDRA OH is the ARTIST of MY STOLEN ART from 2009, that was PREMEDITATED, as if she is MY ABSTRACT PAGE Art of my painting with a “FOOT” on a “BOX”.

When everything about meaning of My First Artwork Collection from 1981, meaning of My Name SIGNature as in my John Hancock, to have been done by and to BE Sandra Oh, has already been built through OIL OIL ART of Constance Pecoraro and meaning of “LIO n KIN g”, all created Going BACKwards. “Grey’s Anatomy”, wth SANDRA OH who plays “CHRIST”ina Yang connected to OIL Art of Jesus CHRIST “CHA”rlie by Pecoraro, Josh MIC”CHA” Wolf. OIL goes on CANVAS and “RHIMES” with Seattle Merce “GRACE NAVAS” as if Sandra Oh is my identity attending my Catholic High School St. VINCENT FERRER in NYC in the 1980’s.

This is WHY this Jewish “CHURCH” is located on LEXINGTON ave, connected to MY CATHOLIC High School ST. VIN”CENT” FERRER on “LEXINGTON” Avenue in MANHATTAN, NYC. This LEXINGTON street name in Hollywood, is connected to “LEXINGTON” HOLDING Company building on “CRE SCENT” Drive in Beverly Hills.


meaning of “BAL” is “FOOT” in Korean



sketches of CONNIE “SUNNY” Pecoraro’s “FOOT In WATER”

SANDRA OH agency “UTA” moved next to “FOOT HILL” road in 2012, isn’t random, SEE VIDEO

Sandy Wang’s FAC from 1982

Sandy Wang’s Father’s Music band “MORNING STARS”

WANG in Korean Characters

Sandy Wang’s childhood Santa Monica picture

Sandy Wang in White and Red shirt “14” childhood picture

Sandy Wang’s Legal Pad Sketch in 1997 with FOOT on BOX

Sandy Wang’s Watercolor titled “Light”

Sandy Wang’s Korean which sounds like SHIN WON

George Wa SHIN gt ON

BAL means FOOT connected to FOOT Hill Road in Beverly Hills

Mercedes BENz service center on FOOT Hill road

around the corner from new UTA location next to “FOOT HILL” road

Thomas CHRISTopher Bridges


Sandy Wang’s ex landlord in Mill Valley GREEN BRAE and GOR “DON” MacDONald of 20 Shelley Drive

Psycho Actress SANDRA OH

on “Gre Y’S Anatomy” SHIN BAL means SHOes for Sandra OH going Backwards on LAB rea

created by Big Black Bitch SHO SHO SHOnda LYNN Rhimes

“BAL” connections

Hanni”BAL” Lecter of Silence of the “LAM b”

LABrythe of GRACE Cathedral built in LEFT to RIGHT

GRACIE Allen Drive at Cedars SINai Hospital

Josh Wolf with FOOT BAL

Connie Pecoraro’s Catholic Theme of OIL paintings of Jesus CHRIST “CHA”rlies Find

SEA is the OCEAN of Mother Mary

LAB otte restaurant on 7th street Santa Monica

SO SHIN H”AIR” Salon on 7th street Santa Monica


SHIN restaurant in GRAY Building

FOOT on ROBERTSON Blvd next to Cedars SINai Hospital


LIE “RA” SEEEEE how many “RA” Do you C?

Up the street on LABrea and Fountain avenue

meaning of Astrology VIBE NUMBERS

Fraud Documents to RAPE my LIFE

Yale Student murdered and stuffed inside LAB “WALL”

Detective LIGHT “FOOT” in Beverly Hills and 8.13.10 My 41st Birthday





LA Times Comics and lots of “FOOT”

Tom’s Shoes and Tom Cruise’s FOOT

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