The MELROSE Tri3angle
Melrose Almont Lapeer

Melrose Triangle and “OS” Oscar Generale around the corner

Video of Robertson Blvd and Melrose Ave March 2012

Video of LIEF NADeau, TO TO and turning Left on Melr “OS” e, is a “FLOW”er

Almont x Melrose = SANDRA OH GLOW “RIA” MA”RIA” Bern “ARD O” Boge TAL Ass Pussy licking, “FUR” is “TAL” sten BER g, gar DEN

These are just a few examples of “Penal Codes” of State Criminal Laws, EXCLUDING Federal INFRINGEMENT Laws of Copyrights and Trademarks
additional PENAL CODES


The pictures below are 1 block from SMB to Melrose on Almont Drive
then the pictures turn on Melrose avenue 1 block

through Business names on specific streets, San”DRA OH” is My Name SIGNature of “SandY” through Effre “Y’S” connected to Gre Y’S atomy”


Y’S connections
3AR sound of LEO and “OIL”
Rich”ARD” BACK and sound of L”ARD” is OIL

Sandra Oh Olive Green Yellow Shoe
EAR sound Sandra ‘O’ GOLD metal of LEO
Sandra Oh Green LEAF connections


Santa Monica Blvd, Melrose Ave and D”OH”ENY, known as the MELROSE TRIANGLE, lots of TRIANGLE neighborhoods in Bev3ARly Hills
He bridges the CONE HAT Triangle of MY childhood Hal”LOW”een picture, he bridges my childhood TRIangle shaped Conifir CHRISTmas Tree picture with Jesus CHRIST

Sandy Wang’s childhood TRIangle “CO”ne Hat Halloween picture, childhood CHRISTmas Picture with my “PET”
it’s one of the reasons why JOSH WOLF went to TRInity University in SAN Antonio TX
Tom Cruise of SCIENTOLOGY Logo symbol has TWO TRI angles Blue and Yellow

Sandy Wang’s Childhood CHRISTMAS picture with my “PET” dog FRENCHY and my Mother

to the Left is Doheny Drive and Santa Monica Blvd

through "BT" hotel Tom Bridges his name initials Backwards
D”OH”ENY is built in Left to Right for Sandra “OH”, but through Beverly Terrace “HO”tel across the street from Petco, Tom Bridges name initials backwards, he Bridges his gay LEO with 3AR sound of “OIL” backwards
He Bridges with PETCO, Connie PECORARO and Sandra OH Licking Pussies and ASS “HO”Les.


A block over on ALMONT DRIVE is the Mel ROSE TRIANGLE, for Jesus CHRIST “ROSE” on the T”HIR”D Day,
For JOSH WOLF who went to TRInity University in Father Son and Holy Ghost Trinity
built in Left to Right, but trying to change the meaning and “recreating” through BUSINESS NAMES “Going Backwards”
C H =OO RIST isn’t my Artwork Grays' Anatomy isn't my show, and I don’t need a lying fag name Tom Bridges, it’s MY ARTWORK and MY IDENTITY.

Santa Monica Blvd and Almont Drive

Right around the corner from here on Santa Monica Blvd
DAN “IEL” ladinsky what’s missing? “F” for Element of FIRE
Sandra Oh who wants MY p “HO”tography “FIRE” to be her, the reason why Robin Williams made “One Hour Photo” and was “SY”

ROBbin Williams One Hour PHOTO
Study Studi “O” Sandra OH PEPSI PUSSY in 1999, and GRAYSONS connections LONG BEFORE the tv show ever existed

DAN + LIE f = DANIEL = “U” Ass Eye of “Jesus CHRIST” Going Backwards

TG DANIEL ladinsky mother fucking pedophile rapist author his book “TG” published in 1999

DIRECTLY connected to Constance Maria Pecoraro’s sick JESUS CHRIST OIL ART “OO”
reason why SANDRA OH is “CHRIST”ina YANG on “GREYS ANATOMY” Hospi”TAL” tv show

meaning of “FUR” niture and “TAL” connections
reason why Pecoraro does lots of FURNiture OIL Paintings

Furniture has SOUL, like CLOTHES have SOUL at JAY WOLF a few blocks away
through items like “CHOT Bull” Candle WICKs and HOoka Bongs around the corner on MelROSE ave
“Going Backwards” DO Some TIME with the One you Love

GT SANDRA OH who thinks she is ARTIST of MY ART, has “The GIFT”, through “GT” George Tonight Sept 2012 Raping connections

FIR FUR FER, Thomas CHRISTO PHER Bridges sick actress Sandra Oh, has been going on for decades, the reason why Rebecca SCHAE”FER” was murdered by JOHN BARDO


“GT” Grand Theft MOK AGE = Neck in Korean GA MOK = Jail “4/20/09”
SUCK and Deep Thr OAT with Neck as in SUC JOSH WOLF

GREEN connections the "COLOR of MONEY"

Clarity Partners “CP” and REAL “D” next to WOLFgang Puck
ALL connected to REAL C “RIMINALS” of GREYS ANATOMY RAPING MY LIFE for delusional actress SANDRA OH

“FOUR” connections in Raping my life

Interesting Upside Down address “636” Nate TURNER, TERN is a BIRD that rhymes with BERN

Josh Wolf’s Emails in Sept Oct 2009 "TURN AROUND" connections

Tom Bridges “360” “9420” with 429 Repeating Numbers with Too Joos Rectum Fucking and Ass BOWeling CathoLICKING
4 “29” usually accompanies 5 “29”

for OSA, 5/4, CHRISTina Bern ARD O Birthday 3ar sound of O “DRA” SanDRA OH in her name BACKwards
Josh Wolf made his “Bed” a long time ago, at TRINITY University San ANTONIO TEXASSS, SAX is a LOW Hanging Ass shape
in the ZIP CODE of 94965 SA usalitO “OSA”
all connected to Constance Pecoraro’s CATHOLIC Theme of Mary and Jesus CHRIST OIL Art

I bet PAT ricia L “3AR”ned What is SANDRA OH’s Middle Name PATRICIA? Pa “TREEE Sha?

Sick Black Bitch SHO “NDA” C RIMES of Greys Anatomy
Psycho Actress SANDRA OH
What is SANDRA OH’S middle name? PATRICIA ? = LIFE in PRISON

CAM is for Camera, anagram of EAR sound KARMA
“ERA” anagram of “EAR” sound of words

connected to CANON Drive in Beverly Hills, across the street from Rolex Building

CAM is for CAM”DEN” Drive
across the street UTA on Camden Drive who moved next to Playboy Bunny is a ‘RABBIT’ in 2012
“DEN” connections



My dog JACK’s Pictures on “4/19/09”
Sandy Wang's Dog STOLEN in 2009 "ORGANIZED CRIME"

GOLDen GAYte BRIDGE to Bridgeway
KAYNE AnderSON in Century City

MB ART Gallery, TO TO Japanese company, next to Jenni KAnye and ANDY Compte “S”alon, for meaning of “S” ANDY” name SIGNature from 1980’s “JACK”SON HEIGHTS NY ZIP CODE “113 72”
reason for ROBBERY of MY ART and DOG JACK in 2009 through Organized CRIMES
FRAMED and “SETT” up by “MB” Mercedes BENz
they’ve been creating BUSINESS Names, for every Event of MY LIFE of me and MY Dog JACK to be SANDRA OH through BUSINESSES on specific Streets

Jack and Sandy in 2007
Sandy Wang's DOG JACK was STOLEN in 2009 and letter from PAT PAT ricia L "EAR" ned on "11/3"

"EAR" TH Quake in JAPAN on specific date of "3/11" and "429" connections of KARMA

“SANDY” and combining names to CONFUSE Identity
Y'S connections
Sandra Oh's website and "Y" in website DeSIGN

Sandy Wang’s Registered Trade ”MARK” and name of “MB” Midge Butler

CAR Los “SETTI” meaning of My “JOHN HANCOCK” through HANCOCK Street name, PREMEDITATED CRIMES in 2009 connected to BUSINESSES
“NG” up connected to “NG” of MERCEDES BENZ next to “Church of JESUS CHRIST” isnt’ random

SETTI “NG” up with “BLOO TECH” from MB

Marshall Brown “MB” in “FLO”rida
Dan “BROWN” Leonardo Da Vinci Code in MATHemathics of making Money
connected to psycho Constance Pecoraro’s OIL ART of CATHOLIC THEME

meaning of TOTO My Korean name WANG written in Korean Characters
"ZA" is about the meaning of beginning and end, A-Z 1-26

+ and - = “PI” symbol of “TT” Sandy Wang’s childhood pictures in Santa Monica
Sandy Wang in High School with "GN" Grace NAVAS 1985
WANG in Korean Characters looks like "TO TO"
Sandy Wang's WATERColor Artwork Registered TRADEMARK in "O" is the "A/Z"
because it's FITS MY Saying of the TAO I Created and "COINED"

Sandra Oh who says she was born in "OT TO WA" Canada WA + NG = WANG
Wang in Korean means KING connections

Sandra Oh's agent name Billy LA "ZA" RUS
RUS, the sound of SIR SER "SUR" backwards as in SIR ROBert Borden
SEAttle GRACE "WA"shington, OIL goes on CANVAS and "RIMES" with NAVAS
DIRECTLY connected to Constance Pecoraro's OIL and GLASS Artwork

Tom Bridges SANDRA OH on “Toilet” bowl who needs to EAT Coma MIER”da” her OWN Shit

LIEF Furniture on the corner


20360 Callon Drive Topanga, “GARAGE STUDIO” in 2007
what’s left? “OO” meaning of My John HANCOCK name SIGNature to have meaning through T”HO” MAS CHRISTopher BRIDGES Jesus CHRIST OIL Art by Constance Maria Pecoraro

20360 Callon drive TOPANGA “GARAGE STUDIO” in 2007

The CLUB = Butt Crack on the “UL” Upper Left club

Upper Left connections




is Robb’s birthday 2/16/63?
AZ = 1-26 360 degrees in Geome”TRY” is a circle of “O”

Sandy Wang’s ART with “O” from 1981, and meaning of “LARRY SHAW” and PI day on “3/14”

Sandy Wang’s Federally Registered TRADE MARK in circle of “O” in 2007

M+B on Almont Drive, SETTi “NG” up and FRAMING Sandy Wang = ANAL PARSONS PROJECT on ALMONT Drive = M “O” T, Bridges at “360” POST street in Geometry is a circle of “O”,
TOM BRIDGES “RAB”bit HOLE in Premeditated Organized C”RIMES”
in ROBBING of MY Identity for SANDRA OH

HAWAIIAN “BAR”rel in SANDY WANG’s Childhood picture in 1982 with My Father
Sandy Wang’s Writings of “I WAL Y” in 1982 on my Architectural Drawing



TOM BRIDGES who has same LEO birthday as me of “8/13”, 1+3=4 = 8/4
Sandy Wang is KOREAN and Speaks PERFECT ENGLISH
Psycho Actress SANDRA OH’s website registration and “+ + + + “ PLUS and MINUS in MATH

APRIL 2009, Sandy Wang’s RAV4L parked on ALDEN and someone was doing something to it
Maple Drive MAPLE Drive, Tom Cruise “TC” and “TOM BRIDGES at 360 POST” street
Maple Drive “MB” Mercedes BENz, who FRAMED me in April 2009 “BO” Gray STAIRS

POT day DU “FOUR” on “4/20” is POT Day, for MA”RIA” Stratton
STONE BAR exam, LAW, Judge name RICHARD “STONE” on “4/20” POT Day

SUMMARY in 2013 “CAR” Los SETTI “NG” and FRAMING me, then HANDCuff ARREST of me in April 2009

M&B on Almont
M&B in White House
M&B Mercedes BENz who framed me in 2009
M&B Sandy Wang’s Ex Boyfriend MB who committed suicide


M&B on Almont Ave

Sandy Wang’s ex boyfriend MB from 1990’s

TOP GUN like Ma”POT” and TOP anga, TONY S”COTT” Suicide August 2012

This street, this entire area, Lots of “TRI”angle shaped blocks, is also known as the “ALAN PARSONS PROJECT”.

It’s about a “Project” in MATHemathics of making MONEY, as if SANDRA OH was MY IDENTITY and ARTIST of MY ARTWORK. Something they began building in the early 1980’s, based on MY IDENTITY, MY Name, MY CHILDHOOD Pictures, and MY Name SIGNature on MY ARTWORK done by MY HANDS and BRAIN.

For a GAY Male Dentist name T”HO” MAS CHRIST O PHER BRIDGES who has the same LEO birthday as me, but different year, “Bridges and ROBS” MY IDENTITY from “BIRTH to PRESENT” for a DELUSIONAL Actress name SANDRA OH, who thinks she is MY IDENTITY and has been claiming for three decades, she DREW my Drawings from 1981 and 1982.

Almont Drive. “AD” is equivalent to numbers “14”, connected to my childhood picture in 1980 of me in White Red shirt with number “14”, as if it’s SANDRA OH, connected to Astrology VIBE Number of “410”.

DA in Korean means “ALL”, as if this picture of ME, has meaning for “ALL”, “ALL” BLACK COLOR S”KIN” NIGGERS in “CAM” DUNG Y JUNG DUNG ASS CONSPIRACY, Going BACKwards to be BRIDGED by a Gay Faggot T”HO” MAS CHRIST OPHER BRIDGES.



Jenni Kayne “JK” next to ANDY “S”alon, next to “TO TO”. “S”ANDY WANG, Wang in Korean characters looks like “TO TO”.


Eye for an Eye. TOOTH for a TOOTH.


Melrose x Almont

“OG” Melr“OS”e is a “FLOW’er, for Sandra Oh name BACKwards on Melr “OS”e and Josh “WOLF”
meaning of BALLS

“OG” Sandra OH and Yel”LOW” “SHO”es and “GOLD BALLS”

SEATON has closed, replaced by ART GALLERY

WANG in Korean Characters which look like "TO TO"
Sandy Wang's childhood pictures in Santa Monica in 1979, and Math Pi “TT” connections

Sandy Wang’s childhood picture and Japanese Calendar on Wall

EARthQuake in JAPAN on specific date of “3/11” in 2012
Patricia L “EAR” ned on “11/3”
113 connections and meaning


INNER G”ARD” ENS 8925, effreY'S, RichARD, LeonARD, for San"DRA" Oh is My Name SIGNature of "SandY" on MY Pencil drawing of Robert Guillaume in 1981

owner of this Business is STEPHEN B"LOCK". This is about MY First boyfriend of 5.5 yrs STEPHEN "GAR"rison and the AZTEC Sweater he is wearing, which is what Beverly Hills ARCHITECTURE "AZtec" design is based on.
Going Backwards, "G" in Korean means RATS, backwards is STAR, Sand "RA" OH a "star" wants MY Stephen Garrison to have meaning for her, My "S"Wetter Vagina to BE HER, and the Writings I wrote in 1982 "KEY to my Soul" to have been Written by her. If KEY is Penis LOCK must be Vagina.

Address of 8925 is about Sandra Oh who through "GLORIA LEE" birthday of "5/29" going backwards, wants MY First Name SIGNature on Robert Guillaume signed with Horizontal Eight "OO" to BE HER

Sandy Wang's Grammar School teacher Mrs. ARDen in 1979 and RICH"ARD" and L"ARD" connections
Sandy Wang's First boyfriend of 5.5 yrs STEPHEN GARRISON 1980's
Sandy Wang in GREEN Dress in 1985 with GLORIA CATHERINE LEE birthday of "5/29"

LICKING GLO"RIA" MARIA Pecoraro's BOGE on Brid"GE"Way Zip Code of 94965 5/29 Backwards
529 Repeating Numbers

Sandra Oh is a GAY PSYCHOBITCH Borderline Psychotic

Sandy Wang and Stephen Garrison
Beverly Hills City Hall ARCHITECTURE and LIBRARY
Rodeo Drive Beverly Hills

STERN is a part of a BOAT

Whenever you see a “YS”, there will almost always be a “ARD” because it’s San”DRA” OH wanting my name SIGNature of SandY to BE HER

The same reason why whenever you see a “SW” like Sub Ways, there will always be a “OH” next to it, like a p”HO”to S”HO”p business,
to confuse my Identity and name of SW for psycho actress sandra “OH” connected to the word “SHOW”

like Jerr Y’S, mac Y’S, and Gre Y’S anatomy
RA and Y’S, so that Sand”RA” can have meaning in my first name of SandY Name SIGNature

Scientology is a PYRAMID SCHEME

YS connections

psyc”HO actress sandra “OH” on “Gre YS Anatomy”, like 1999 Pepsi Pus”SY” SANDRA OH pictures

Inner g"ARD"en effre"Y'S" rich"ARD" LEOnARD's = San"DRA" Oh is my name of SandY SIGNature on MY Drawing of Robert Guillaume from 1981
Through TOM BRIDGES who is a LEO same Birthday as me of 8/13, Bridges his Gay LEO with 3AR sound of "OIL" Artwork by Pecoraro, Jesus CHRIST "OO" is Form of Ass
SanDRA OH'S ASS isnt' OIL or Human Tissue, it's Plastic Ass Implant Bags

a Closer look at RICHARD SHAPIRO
Beverly Hills Judge RICHARD STONE
Beverly Hills Public Defender LOUIS SHAPIRO
Melrose and LA Peer
a CROWN of Thorns for Horney Jesus CHRIST JOSH WOLF
Rich”ARD” sounds like RICH ART, San”DRA” who wants my name SIGNature of SandY to be her
NICK connections and Combining Names to CONFUSE IDENTITY
the HONOR BAR and Beverly Grill

2012 summary of meaning of RICHARD BACH
connected to SEA and AIR meaning

CHARLES MANSON 5 is “O” Connections

Video of Robertson Blvd and Melrose Ave March 2012

to the East towards Robertson blvd on MELROSE
MELROSE Avenue towards SAN Vicente Blvd

TONY and RIDLEY SCOTTS Office is across the street from LEONARDS August 2012

Remember these are all BUSINESSES trying to make MY IDENTITY MY ARTWORK, “FIT” Sandra OH, Going Backwards, through letters, words, numbers, their names etc. BU siness, must be Sandra Oh’s Upper Body, as in her sign of Cancer rules the Tits for Jesus Christ “OO”.

ROSE is a "FLOW"er. WOLF Sandra Oh "SO" on Upper Left are SOUL MATes. Rose has THORNS, CROWN of ROLEX building Jesus Christ HORNEY for "OO", ROSE on the T "HIR" D Day. Tom Bridge his LEO with 3AR sound of OIL backwards, for Horney Hor Dick JOSH WOLF fucking Hor Pussies with BIG OIL BLUBBER ASSES, for SANDRA OH's TV Show "Grey's Anatomy". For CATHO"LICK" MAThemathics of are you "PI"ous and horney to make MONEY. BASED on MY NAME and MY ARTWORK from 1982, to have meaning for them, through Connie Pecoraro's Catholic church theme.
T”HO” MAS CHRISToFUR Bridges Jesus “CHRIST” with “BLOO” Eyes “HO”rney for “CRIST”ina Yang Sandra “OH” on “Gay’s Anatomy” like “HO”mbre.

This is why Mel "ROSE" ave Businesses are all connected in CATHOLIC Church theme of MATheMathics connected to Korean Words and MY Korean Name, because it's about SANDRA PATRICIA OH, who thinks she is MY IDENTITY and DID ALL MY ARTWORK, through BRAINWASHING with Connie Pecoraro's OIL Artwork. They've been building in Los Angeles AS IF this sick bitch was MY IDENTITY. SEE concrete evidence of "SO SH IAL Security Number Links.

This is why any word, business, street name, with ROSE is connected, to have meaning for SANDRA OH "SO" = R"OS"E is a "FLOW"er and JOSH "WOLF".

This is why my Toyota RAV4L SUV in 2009 was towed to ROSE crans Avenue, next to WOLF ARI, GORDON INC on MARQU"ARD"T in Norwalk. Very DETAILED in creating FRAUD DOCUMENTS to RAPE MY LIFE in Big Organized Crimes.

BU JA means RICH in Korean. RICH ARD sounds like RICH ART. Meaning of the name RICH"ARD" is about the word L"ARD" connected to MY Catholic Grammar School in1979 and Mrs "ARD"en's class. They've been building in Los Angeles for 3 decades for MY IDENTITY to BE SANDRA OH and secretly "Followed" my Life, and "Synchronizing" it and Building it, through BUSINESS Names, on specific names with specific Owner's Names on specific Street names. It's why they sabotaged my life through Organized C"RIMES" and FRAUD, White Collar CRIMES so no one would find out the REAL TRUTH about who really SANDRA OH IS. A Borderline Psychotic Actress, who if can't draw or paint, or SIGN my name SIGNatures TEN Times in a row continuosly, she needs to be LOCKED in PRISON for LIFE.

L"OO"K, Vision, SEE with your EYES, address of RICH"ARD" SHAPIRO Antique Business. FUR in Korean is "TAL", connected to all sound of FUR PHER, FER, ConiFER Christmas Tree, in I "TAL" Y, Hos"PI" TAL connections in MATH MATH MATHemathics of making MONEY. This Business like hundreds of Businesses in LA has existed and been here for maybe decades, but with New AWNing with stratically placed address NUMBERS, for MY PORTRAIT Drawing EYES Numbers of " 0 8 " to be Sandra OH, and the numbers "59" is about Sandra OH is a Cancer Vibe with Scorpio Sign, AS IF the Portrait drawing of LEE MONTGOMERY who is a Scorpio has meaning for her, AS IF SANDRA OH is MY PORTRAIT drawing. This is why my childhood picture of me and a black girl, of me wearing White and Red in "14" shirt is important, because "41 O" is my sign of LEO and Scorpio Vibe. It's about MY ARTWORK.

This entire BLOCK all around is about MY IDENTITY to BE SANDRA OH, AS IF she is MY PORTRAIT Drawing, AS IF she is the ARTIST of MY ARTWORK, through Business Names and connections of the "WORDS" SHOes and HOSpi"TAL" in Korean language. This is why "Grey's Anatomy" is very closely connected to many "Businesses" in "Griddles and RIMES" of words, in creating meaning to CONTINUE to CONFUSE who IS MY PORTRAIT Drawing and MY IDENTITY. Like G "RA" and Y, perfect combination of SandRA OH, and my name of "SandY". It's been going on for 3 decades. Sho"NDA" Rimes who created gre Y'S anatomy, should be ARRESTED and LOCKED in JAIL, this sick black bitch is about creating meaning, AS IF the childhood picture of me in "14" with a Black Girl IS SANDRA OH.


CHARLES MANSON, number "5" is "O" in Korean, the sound of "OH" name.

Constance Maria Pecoraro who wants my FAC from 1981 to have been DONE by her, through her Catholic Theme, who wants the Korean word for number “ONE” = “IL” to have meaning for her birthday number, who wants Korean words to have meaning for her, connected to M”IL” BANK and MAT “IL”ija Avenue in San Fernando Valley, with M”IL”ART PHARMACY on Beverly Drive “3OO” Connections. I think Josh Wolf lives near MilBANK street. He has a Son with Thai BANGkoK female, who is very closely connected to ROBBING my Korean Name for SANDRA OH. Monstrous GROUP CathoLICKING ASS CONSPiRACY.

Constance Pecoraro’s CATHOLIC Theme OIL Artwork of Jesus CHRIST is built based on MY Childhood CHRISTMAS Picture, to be Sandra OH, it's why she's "CHRIST"ina Yang on "Grey's Anatomy". Constance Pecoraro's OIL Artwork, is the VEHICLE created to ROB the meaning of MY FAC from 1981 and my First Name SIGNature of "SANDY" on my drawing of Robert GU"IL"Laume. They are both Complete FRAUDS who needs to be Arrested and JAILed. C H=OO Rist isn’t my fucking Artwork, it’s the reason for the Raping of my Life and Anatomy isn't my tv show, the reason why Tom Bridges Leo with "OIL" Big Blubber Assed bitches stalk or follow me. PE co RA ro. It's the "RA" Connections + Parallel Entertainment = RA PE. RAPING of MY LIFE, MY ARTWORK, for Benefit of everyone's BANK Accounts in MATHemathics of making MONEY, AS IF SANDRA OH is the ARTIST of MY ARTWORK.

SAME EXACT thing for SANDRA OH, who wants to Use her YEAR of “ONE”, to have meaning in MY ART, as the excuse for East “NO” going backwards, with her Perfect Match BRETT BERN’s 3AR. I”ve been Arrested and Jailed Wrongfully and Set Up, April 1999 in NYC, and Exactly TEN years later APRIL 2009 in Los Angeles. See FOUR TEN link below. ANATOMY isn’t my fucking gaym, MOK AGE means NECK, GA MOK means JAIL in Korean. BU “JA” IL. This these SOCIOPATHS who all need to be LOCKED in PRISON for LIFE, it's 3 decades of creating as if Sandra OH was my Identity and 2 decades of HARDSHIP in MY LIFE, so that this sick bitch can continue pretending she is my identity and the ARTIST of MY ARTWORK.

This area in Beverly Hills is called the Melrose Triangle. The streets that create this TRI angle are Melrose ave, Almont and Lapeer. “MAL” in Korean means Two things, it means to Talk and Horse. This is connected to JOSH WOLF who is a Stand Up Comedian and TALKS for a Living and has a Big HOR DICK that Sandra “OH” wants to have meaning for her, because it’s in her name. The reason why Sandra “OH” wants my Artwork of “HO”rses and Pictures of me with “HO”rses to have meaning for her and BE HER.

This is why they want MALIBU to have meaning for them. MAL in Korean means TALK and HORSE. BU Ja in Korean means RICH. JA in Korean means SLEEP. MALIBU = Tom Bridges U and I on UNION SQUARE with "LAMB" is SH SH SHEEP. It's a HER SHE Pussy Licking gaym built because of THE PICTURE of me and a black girl. It's really a HE and HIM gaym.

This is why MY WATERCOLOR painting titled “PURPLE MOON” is so important to them. It has the number “3” in it, which is a BirthdaY number, a number within MY Birthday number. “3” is Lee Montgomery’s birthday. The CODE is “3”. SAM in Korean, because EVERYTHING they’ve built it based on THOMAS CHRISTO Fur Bridges the childhood CHRIST”MAS” picture of me and my dog Frenchy and my Mother. The reason why Connie Pecoraro’s Jesus Christ is on page “3”.

PURPLE color in Korean is “BO RA”. TOM BRIDGES BL”OO” Eyes of JESUS CHRIST.

THREE, sounds like and rhymes with “TREE” which is about the Tree at 20360 Callon Drive Topanga. Everything goes back to this address bcause Lee H. Montgomery lived there many decades ago and I lived there for a few months in 2007. It’s connected to him and the meaning of MY FIRST ARTWORK COLLECTION and WRITINGS From 1982. It’s the reason why Josh Wolf went to TRI NITY University in SAN Antonio TX.

Everything they’ve built is based on 3AR sound of Words. Scientology = SIGN tology. Cedars SINAI = Cedars SIGN Eye. Therefore if they want my “Purple Moon” to be Bridged by a Fag name Tom Bridges, he must be Bridging TOO JOOS WOLF BERN, BOWEL “ASS”terisk LICKING on the Upper Left. 3AR of Brett Bern with Jesus Christ Josh Wolf at “9420” Rolex Building.

My painting titled “PURPLE MOON” with the number “3” and the “O” of the Moon, is why Sandra Oh has said that her Birthday is November 30, 1972. MOON or sound of MUN, is about the Korean word for “DOOR”, which is connected to WRITINGS I wrote on the DOOR of the Architectural drawing I did in 1982 of my Parents House GARAGE Door and I wrote something on this DOOR for Lee Montgomery.

Je”SUS” CHRIST JOSH WOLF, with his “WIFEY” on his MySpace page, a book title by “JU”DY BLUME, who went to TRInity University in SAN Antonio Texas to study Com”MUN”ications, so that My First name of “SANDY” on the pencil drawing of BENSON DUBOIS of black male actor ROBERT Guillaume from 1982 can have meaning for him, it’s FOREVER BL”OO” EYES of JeSUS for PUSSY in CATHOLICK MAThemathics of licking 3AR sound of ASSSSS terisk.

This is why TOM CHRISTOPHER BRIDGES, who has the SAME Birthday as me of 8/13 LEO, but different year, Bridges with his MOON in VIRGO. For VIRGO MaiDEN Connie Maria Pecoraro who says she got her Art Degree from SAN Jose University on BridgdeWay Sausalito, with JOSH WOLF who studied COM “MOOON” Ications in SAN Antonio, TEXAS. SAN “JA”, BU “JA” In Korean means RICH, sound of RICH ART. Tom Bridges is a GAY Male DENtist who fucks RECTUM Holes. MRx is the symbowel of Virgo EARth Sign.

The WORD MUN or MOON is connected to a Architectural Drawing I did of my Parents Garage in the backyard and I wrote something for LEE MONTGOMERY on the Garage “DOOR”. They want MY FAC from 1982 and MY Writings to have been DONE by CONNIE MARIA PECORARO or SANDRA OH. Connie Pecoraro’s CATHOLIC theme OIL Artwork is the VEHICLE to ROB the meaning of MY FAC, MY Name SIGNature, and MY IDENTITY for SANDRA OH, it’s why she’s Doctor “CRIST”ina Yang on “Grey’s Anatomy”.

MAL is originally connected to LEE MONTGOMERY as “Jeff MALENE” in the movie “Girls Just want to have Fun” from the 80’s. Everything about JOSH WOLF originated with Lee Montgomery first. Everything about JOSH WOLF originated with Lee Montgomery first and they’ve been building Los Angeles for 3 decades AS IF SANDRA OH was MY IDENTITY, she DREW my DRAWINGS, and for JOSH WOLF to have meaning in Lee MONTGOMERY’S Identity.

THIS IS WHY MY TOYOTA SUV was taken to “MAL” IBU in 2009, on PCH PACIFIC Coast Highway, where it had absolutely no business being there, and to understand the BIGGER PICTURE and meaning of this, you have to understand the LAM “P CH” AIR at PACIFIC DESIGN CENTER in West Hollywood on SAN VICENTE BLVD.

See ROSECrans Avenue and the WOLF "ARI" GORDON MARQ "ARDT" connections, there is no doubt in my mind, it's a Group Conspi RA "SEE".

Almont Drive is “AD” and “DA” in Korean means “ALL”. It’s about THE PICTURE of me a black girl, and the White and Red Shirt I am wearing with the number “14”. Because in Astrology, and according to Linda Goodman’s “Love Signs” book, 4-10 is LEO Wang and SCORPIO MONTgomery VIBE Numbers. Sandra Oh wants this picture to have meaning for her too, and through Street and Business Names, she wants MY ARTWORK to have meaning for her and to have been DONE BY HER.

ALMONT, they began creating with this street connected to the Business of HOtels, so that Sandra OH can have meaning “Going Backwards” with no “M”aria pussy liqing which is what almost everything they built is about because it’s Connie Mother MARIA Pecoraro and her OIL painting Artwork.

It’s the reason why Constantine Alexander Payne, Sandra Oh’s ex husband’s BUSINESS in Santa Monica is called “AD HOMINEM”, and the Businesses around it all about supporting this sick bitch to be MY IDENTITY and to have meaning in MY ARTWORK and PICTURES. THE BUSINESSES ON 5TH STREET IN SANTA MONICA IS DIRECTLY CONNECTED TO THE NAME LOUIS “SHA”PI “RO” AND “JACK” ROTHBERG, so that through their names, Sandra Patri “SHA” Oh can have meaning in my “RO” Registered Trademark in a Circle of “O”.

It’s the reason why Tom Bridges Beverly “DA”vis, big black bitch that Brett Bern fucked. He Bridges “ART” and “MOUTH” with Big black bitch SH ON “DA” Rimes, who went to D “ART” MOUTH College and created the TV Show “Grey’s Anatomy” as the VEHICLE to ROB MY IDENTITY for Sandra Oh, Gay Psychobitch Actress.

This picture of me and a black girl, in connection to my ARTWORK from 1982, and the movie BEN with Lee Harcourt Montgomery and Michael Jackson, is why they’ve been building in LOS ANGELES for 3 decades for SANDRA OH to be my Identity. It’s why her ex husband ALEXANDER PAYNE has a Business called “AD” “HO”minem Enterprises in Santa Monica.

This is connected to “MAL”libu, where they’ve been building this for years. For my IDENTITY and my ARTWORK to have meaning for and BE SANDRA OH or Connie Pecoraro. This is why when over 250 Artwork Pieces were STOLEN from inside my SUV Toyota RAV4L, my car was taken to a Fire Station on PCH, for “STORAGE” which is FRAUD DOCUMENTATION.

PCH is Highway 1, with my watercolor painting titled “Purple Moon” that has “3” in it, “13” is a birthday number, the reason why Connie Pecoraro moved to “707” BRIDGEway Sausalito, to complete a Fag’s birthday TOM BRIDGES 8/13/72, her “vehicle” to ROB MY IDENTITY because he has the same birthday numbers as me 8/13/69. They’ve been “grooming” this and creating it all along the WAY of RAPING MY LIFE. The JU JU Judges name at MALIBU Court was JAY”FORD”, for FORD MUSTANG CARMADEL Connie Maria Pecoraro, EARth Virgo. Maria and MiKa = KARMA built into her “CAR”l JUNG 'CJ” Name by default for “JC” Jesus CHRIST.

There are many “MONT” connections because it’s about LEE HARCOURT MONTGOMERY, MY ARTWORK from 1982 and most recently my Current Artwork on my website. The “AL” in the ALMONT is about FORM”AL”, the reason why Josh Wolf is in FORMAL wear with is Wifey. It’s about UCLA and the JOHN ANDER”SON” BUSINESS MANAGEMENT SCHOOL. There is a Column with the writings “MAY LA Force be with you”. It’s a Riddle of Words with the word MAY “OR”, because it’s connected to the EAR sound of Tom Cruise “MAY” Pother “FOUR”ths name, in connection with LEOnardo DA Vinci code and My All Girls CATHOLIC High School classmate name CHRISTina Bernardo who is married to a guy name ANTONIO, the reason why Antonio Villaraigosa is the Mayor. It’s all based on Connie Pecoraro’s CATHOLIC Church Theme of MATheMAThics of are you “PI”ous and Horney to make Money, based on MY CHILDHOOD PICTURES, MY FAC from 1982 and MY WRITINGS, to have meaning for them, AS IF it were DONE by Connie Pecoraro.

The Businesses on these corners are all connected to the meaning of their CATHO”LICK” Theme of MAT HE MAT Hics of are you “PI”ous Religious and Horney to make Money. BASED on MY NAME “WANG” written in Korean characters. It is DIRECTLY connected to the Premeditated Arrest on “4/20/09” where I was WRONGFULLY HELD CAPTIVE in LA County Jail for 5 months with a BAIL of $3,430,000, when I should’ve been released the next day.

It is DIRECTLY Connected to the NAMES of Judges and Public Defenders at the Beverly Hills Court.


My Arrest and WRONGFUL DETAINMENT in 2009 for 5 months was about SYNCHRONIZING the Blonde HOR CUNT who was fucking JOSH WOLF with TAYLOR SWIFT’S quick rise to STARDOM with her “GU”itar. The same Blonde Hair bitch who SHITTED DIARRHEA on HOR COCK JOSH WOLF while he was RectuM fucking. It’s about the meaning of my GOLD CLOCK, which they want my SIGN of LEO and metal of GOLD, and MY Writings about Lee H. Montgomery “KEY to my Soul” to have meaning for them, through a sociopath fag name Tom Bridges who has the same birthday as me. He Bridged the GOLDEN GAYte BRIDGE with Connie Pecoraro the “Mother” with her sick SON JOSH WOLF, so that the meaning of my First name “SANDY” Signature on BENSON can have meaning for them. The reason why I was Set Up by Mercedes BENz Car Dealership, who are INFRINGING on MY ARTWORK to begin with.

It’s about having SANDRA OH as the ARTIST who DREW the DRAWing of BENSON from 1982. The reason why I drew this drawing is because of the movie BEN with Lee Harcourt Montgomery and Michael Jackson, which is about RATS and Mice, and Sandra Oh wants Rats, STAR backwards to have meaning for her. THIS ENTIRE AREA IN “MAL” CORNER, THE BUSINESS NAMES ARE ABOUT HAVING SANDRA OH’S NAME “GOING BACKWARDS” TO HAVE MEANING IN MY IDENTITY AND ARTWORK. Tom Bridges all the “G”s on BRID “GE” Way, as if Sandra Oh Drew the Drawings and all the “GE”s are who they are because of her.

It’s about the syllable of “RA”, and the word DRAwing to have meaning “Going Backwards” with ART. It's connected to all the "AIR" connections like CHAIR HAIR STAIR, and the Korean Word "DARI" which means LEGS and has the letters of the word "DRA"wings, because WINGS is the ARMS the Upper Body and anything to avoid looking at Sandra Oh is a Cancer rules the TITS "OO". This is why the name RICHARD is a big connection, they’ve been building on this for 3 decades, because it sounds like RICH ART. DT is a PERIOD and Period is about the meaning of BLOOD. RICHARD NIK Name is DICK, and DIK is about Josh Wolf who gets his Hard Dick filled with Blood to Fuck Doggy Style “Going Backwards”. Because he is a Air Libra STONE is DIAMOND symbol of Justice Scales and this sign rules the KIDne Y’S. The reason why Beverly Hills Court JUDGE’S name is RICHARD STONE.

RICHARD Sha”PI”ro. P or PE in Korean means BLOOD. Next to Effre Y’S. Gre Y’S anatomy and huge Y’S connections.

This is why they named the street MARQARDT in Norwalk which intersects with ROSE crans Ave, near where My TOYOTA RAV4L was Towed to in 2009. During this time All MY ARTwork was STOLEN.

“C” = 3 is the CODE, for ThoMAS CHRISTopher Bridges 3AR sound of his gay LEO and “OIL” BACKWARDS, because Leo rules the Heart and Back, for Jesus Christ OIL painting on page “3” and OIL BLUBBER ASSES. It’s why Sand”RA” “OH” who wants the Upper Left TWO links of MY Website to be her Name is LICKING Connie MA”RIA” Pecoraro through the word H”AIR” of MY Drawings, “BACKWARDS”.

These pictures were taken in December 2009 and their WINDOW Displays have changed a few times. ALL BUSINESSES in BEVERLY HILLS, especially Multimillion dollar Businesses of High Couture Fashion on the famous RODEO DRIVE is based on MY ARTWORK and MY IDENTITY, to BE SANDRA OH.

The BUSINESS Jenni KANYE is connected to not only my dog JacK, but KANYE “WEST” who wants to have meaning in my watercolor painting titled “Wang Key”. It has Red ROBIN BIRDS, because THOMas CHRIStopher BRID ges Th”ROBBIN” g Hor Dicks with Hubbard Lard BURDS on BRIDGEWay. The “S”ALON next door is about the Korean Word “SAL” which means RICE, and Rice is an anagram of the name ERIC, and ERiC is about the sound of the word EREC SHION, the reason why Billy Lazarus at UTA Sandra Oh’s agency is name “ERIC”. ANDY LeCompte “S”alon. = SANDY, my first name SIGNature on BENSON Dubois drawing of ROBERT Guillaume I did in 1982.

Next door there is M + B MATThew PORTer, which is about the Plus + Minus – meaning of MAT HE MAT Hics of are you “PI”ous Religious and Horney to make Money and get a piece of the PIE, based on MY IDENTITY MY ARTWORK and My Dog Jack, because my dog is the same color as the LION’S Body watercolor painting which looks like a Penis. The reason why it’s connected to “MB” Mercedes BENz. It’s also connected to a person name MB Marshall Brown, who lives in “FLO”rida and he has an MBA degree from FORDHAM, which is about Rex”FORD” Drive in Beverly Hills and Connie Maria Pecoraro who modeled for a FORD Mustang Car. PORTer is about my PORTrait drawing that both Sandra Oh and Connie Pecoraro wants it to be them.

Then there is TOTO, Toilet Bowl Gallery. TOTO is about MY Korean name WANG written in Korean Characters and it looks like the letters TOTO. Mathematics is connected to EUCLIDEAN ALGORITHM and the meaning of “PI”. The PI symbol looks like the letters “TT”, and when you add Jesus Christs Rings around his Eyes “OO” = you get TOTO. WANG in Korean means KING because my Father’s family lineage is of Korean ROYalty, the reason why people like LINDA “KING” was used in my life, the reason why there is a KING Company on ROSEcrans Blvd in Norwalk, where I my Car was towed to and I had all my ARTWORK STOLEN.

The SEATON in the Orange color Business is no longer there, but it’s connected to a book titled “SEAT of the SOUL” by GARY ZUKAV, the reason why Sandra Oh is SITTING on a TOILET Bowel. Sandra Oh wants Jesus CHRIST to be Looking at her Plastic Ass Implants, the reason why she is CRIST ina Yang on “GREY”S Anatomy” Grey. Gray. Gary. The Orange is about the picture of me and my Father wearing a GRAY Sweater with the ORANGE fruit basket and the HAWAiian BARrel, Sandra Oh wants MY FATHER to BE HER FATHER because my father had a 8 inch penis. Sandra Oh wants MY WET VAGINA to BE Hers, through the word “S” Wetter, and a block over is a street called “WETHERLY”. SANDRA OH IS A DISTURBED SICK GAY PSYCHOBITCH AND THE PEOPLE WHO ARE SUPPORTING HER AS MY IDENTITY ARE LICKING HER ROTTEN AT THE CORE PEPSI PUSSY.

TOTO is also the name of the Dog in the movie “Wizard of Oz”, and Tom Cruise’s movie “Knight and Day” was originally going to be called “WICHITA” because it’s in Kan”SAS” and Wichi TA upside down is MAT. Lick Ass.

This TOTO TOILET Bowl company has a “WAZA” Collection, because TB Tom Bridges Toilet Bowls, because you SEAT ON a Toilet Bowl like SANDRA OH and Shit. It’s about the meaning of “WA” in Korean which means to Come or Arrive, but in this sex game, it means to CUM as in Orgasm. The ZA is about the Beginning and the End, Alpha and Omega, of my TAO SAYING I created and my Registered Trademark 1=A 26=Z.

Just up the same block on Almont Avenue, which is not in these pictures, is a FURniture Company called LIEF 646 Almont Drive address, “429” Upside Down REPEATING NUMBERS, the reason why SANDRA OH has a Green LEAF on the NECK. Neck in Korean is MOK “AG”E, and she wants to “SUC” Stand Up Comic Josh Wolf. GA MOK in Korean means JAIL. Sandra Oh wants the word LEAF to have meaning for her because she is from CANADA and their Flag is of a Cracked and Dry LEAF. Next door to this LIEF Business, is a Business called NATHAN TURNER.

Inner G”ARD”ens address is 8925 MelROSE which is connected to Mercedes BENz address of 9250 Beverly Blvd. Mel”ROSE”, Jesus Christ the “SON” ROSE, licked and fucked a Chink Pussy, a Gold I Lock of Blonde Hair Pussy, so that MY NAME SIGNature on “BENSON” can have meaning for this Disturbed Sick Actress. Next business is Dry Cleaners Effre”Y’S”, it’s the same sick patterns, of mixing San”DRA” with My name of “SandY”, so that this sick Actress can be the Artist who SIGNed the name on the drawing I did of BENSON Dubois in 1982. Next to Effrey’s is RICH”ARD” SHAPIRO a very upscale Furniture store, and next to that is LEON”ARD’S” Dry Cleaners on Lapeer. Sandra Oh wants my SIGN of LEO and my Name SIGNature of SANDY TO BE HER, through Business names and other people’s names and for THOMAS CHRISTOPHER BRIDGES who is a LEO and has the same birthday as me, to “bridge” her with EVERYTHING about MY LIFE, the reason for the RAPING of my LIFE.

The “STONE” of Leo is the RUBY. BU JA in Korean means RICH. RICHARD STONE is the name of a JUDGE in Beverly Hills Court. RICHARD sounds like RICH”ART”. This is about MY FAC from 1982 and Writings connected to Lee Montgome”RY” to have meaning for SANDRA OH, through THOMAS CHRISTopher Bridges who has the SAME Birthday as me of “8/13” to bridge Connie Pecoraro’s Catholic Church Theme, the “VEHICLE” to ROB the meaning of MY FAC and MY IDENTITY. YR is about the abbreviation of the word YEAR, in 3AR sound of words. Lee Har”COURT” Montgome”RY”s Year is ONE, the sound of MY Middle name of “WON”.

This is why there is a BURberY’S in the same building of Sandra OH’s agency “UTA” in Beverly Hills. They’ve been building for 3 decades AS IF this sick actress was MY IDENTITY and AS IF she drew my drawings from 1982 and wrote my Writings.

RICH”ARD” STONE was the name of the Judge who had my case from my arrest on “4/20/09”. STONE is about the Stone of a Sign as in AIR Libra Josh Wolf Stone is the “Diamond”, and Sandra Oh who is a Cancer born in the EAR Sound of JULY Stone is the PEARL, the reason why a week before I was “Arrested”, when I went to the Beverly Hills Mercedes BENz, there was a car parked with the License Plates of “PEARL25” with a Chinese Female. RICHARD sounds like RICH ART, “DT”, the reason why there is a street called MARQ ARDT on “ROSE”crans Avenue in NOR walk where My SUV was taken to. Richard nick name is DICK, and KIDney is Josh Wolf’s AIR Libra Body part.

LOUIS SHAPIRO is the name of the Public Defender given to me by the Beverly Hills Court, and he is the reason for me being WRONGFULLY HELD CAPTIVE in Jail when I should’ve been released the next day. JACK ROTH “BERG” is the name of the Psychiatrist who told me I was “Mentally Incompetent” to Stand Trial, this “DOCTOR” couldn’t look at me in my EYES when he was talking to me, because he knew he was LYING. SHAMEFUL sick man, he should lose his License to practice Psychiatry like Louis Shapiro should be disbarred. LOUIS Stern Fine Art Studio is on Almont Drive corner.

Across the Street is another FURniture store called AVF Alexan”DRA” VON “FUR”STENberg, with signs of IN”NOV”ative FURniture, which is about my “SHAdows in NOVember” page. The address is 9001, 10/”19” is Josh Wolf’s birthday and with two “OO”, it’s Jesus Christ’s Eyes. It’s the store with the Neon “Fearless” sign, and the front of the DOOR handle is in the shape of a DIAMOND, because Josh Wolf’s Stone is the Diamond and he was born in the month of “TEN” October. When I took pictures of my dog Jack on 4/”19” I wasn’t thinking about this or even thought of the Date, but my Electronics are “BUGGED” and I have a RFID BUG Inside me and they know what I am doing.

AVF, For VaginA. Sandra Oh is a PEPSI “PUSSY”. A Rotten at the Core DisEZed Pussy.

The DIAMOND is about my drawing of NEIL DIAMOND in my FAC from 1982 with the drawing of BENSON. Because Neil Diamond is JEWISH and because in this drawing I did from the “JAZZ Singer” holding a “MIKE” on the Upper Left, they want the Writings I wrote “KEY to my Soul” to have meaning for JEW Josh Wolf. The DIAMOND is about THE PICTURE of me and a black girl.

There are a lot of FURniture Stores on these streets because it’s about TOM BRIDGES the Ear Sound of words with FIR FUR PHER. Josh Wolf lives in San “FERN”ando Valley. This is connected to the FURNiture Color of my Parents Sofa of Burgundy and the FERN Plant in my Parents pictures. The reason why his WiFEY has the same color dress. It’s why Sandra Oh is posing with a FERN Leaf, and also is wearing a similar “PINO” MERLOT color with Alexander Payne, who she made the movie “Sideways” with, which is based on Pictures from My life, of me on the Motorcycle in 1986, and my NAME SIGNATURE on BENSON.

CONCRETE TRIANGLE with THREE “BALLS” on both sides of the street. SHIN BAL in Korean means “SHO”es. This is about SANDRA OH who wants the Gap Space of the X rated dubbed Video Recording of me to BE HER, for MY IDENTITY and EVERYTHING about me to BE HER, through Business Names, Judges Names, Street Names ETC. They’ve been building this for almost 3 decades. IF SANDRA OH CAN’T SIGN MY NAME SIGNATURE TEN TIMES IN A ROW CONTINUOUSLY THIS SICK DISTURBED ACTRESS NEEDS TO BE LOCKED AND PUT IN A FEDERAL PRISON.


The only meaning they have in MY WATERcolor Artwork is CathoLICK MAThemathics of Tom BIRDges LICKING BIRD SHIT on STONES of “LYFORD TOWER” with View of MOON Rising in the East Bay, in my Watercolor page Two. TIBU”RON” Zip Code of 94920 and Repeating Numbers of 429 for ROLEX building address of “9420” Wilshire Blvd.

MAL, Talk and HORSE in Korean, who wants My Watercolor painting titled "PURPLE MOON" to have meaning for him, it's NIGHT M"AIR" at Night. IT’S JESUS CHRIST WITH BL”OO” EYES, FOR JOSH WOLF and his “WIFEY”, title of a book by JU DY “BLOO ME”. Tom Bridges his gay LEO with 3AR sound of “OIL” BACKwards, because Leo rules the Heart and Back. Cyk Jesus CHRIST OIL painting isn’t my Artwork and “ANATOMY” isn’t my Gaym.

The reason why TOM CRUISE and KATIE HOLMES went on a HOneyMOON to “MAL”dives in 2007. My Life has been RAPED and ABUSED for many years because of KAT HOLICK Connie Pecoraro and her sick Jesus CHRIST was a JEW JOSH WOLF.

The only meaning these SOCIOPATHS have in MY WATERColor Artwork, is Sandra Oh who wants the word “TWO” to be about 3AR sound of her name OH, “O” is WeT backwards, for the X rated Video Recording of the “VIEW of MY Gap SPACE” Wet Vagina to be her, it’s Watercolor page “TWO” of PUT, T is for TAO, UP Backwards, of Pick Up Truck, BLEEDING ASS of Sandra Oh’s Plastic Implants.


The reason why HP Head Profile, Hewlett PACKARD, connected to all the “CAP”S, have been INFRINGING on MY ARTWORK, for MY IDENTITY to be SANDRA PATRICIA OH, AS IF she did my Artwork. It’s why in 2009, I was SET UP, and then Arrested with PREMEDITATION on a specifica Date of Repeating Numbers of “4/20/09”, and WRONGFULLY Detained in LA “CJ” County Jail for 5 months. For “JC” fucking “CJ”, Jesus CHRIST fucking CARL YOUNG Hor Pussies to have meaning in MY ARTWORK. The reason why during this time, my TOYOTA RAV4L was taken to Specific places on PCH and in MALibu, and the reason why ALL MY ARTWORK and my Dog JACK was STOLEN. It’s connected to this THoMAS CHRISTOpher Bridges my identity and everything about me, with PSYCHO ACTRESS SANDRA PATRICIA OH, through the Vehicles of Connie Pecoraro’s CATHOLIC Theme OIL paintings and through her TV show “Grey’s Anatomy”.

For MY Watercolor painting titled "CARL JUNG" to have meaning for her Jesus CHRIST, for Dr. "CRIST"ina Yang on "Grey's Anatomy". Sociopaths Sandra Oh Connie Pecoraro who are both 3AR sound of JUNGER than me, they are the ones who need to be LOCKED in “Jail Cell” at “County Jail”. Tom Bridges is a Gay Male. My Watercolor Artwork “CARL JUNG” Profile is a MALE, like the MALE HEAD of my Watercolor “PURPLE MOON”. THEIR GAYM is Tom Bridges his gay LEO with 3AR sound of “OIL” and they are about ASS for Jesus Christ “OO”.

INTENTIONAL SERIOUS and SEVERE HARM CAUSED to my life, through "MAL"ICE. MAL functioning.


PCH is Highway 1.
My Watercolor painting titled “Purple Moon” has the number 3 and a Male Head shape looking to the Upper Left.

My Watercolor painting titled “Carl Jung” has a Male Profile looking to Upper Left. “13” is a Birthday Number. Tom Bridges birthday is 8/13/72 = Connie Pecoraro’s NEW address of “707” Bridgeway to complete a Fag’s birthday.
“OO” is the Horizontal Eye is Ass of Jesus Christ that Tom Bridges Bridged with sick Hor Dick Josh MICCHA Wolf in 2009 with GOLD I CLOCK of Blonde Hair White Pussy. So that My Birthday Numbers of “8/13” and MY IDENTITY MY WATERCOLOR ARTWORK can have meaning for SANDRA OH or CONNIE PECORARO.

“C” is = 3. PCH. HP is Hewlett “PAC”kard printer of TOM BRIDGES BIRD.


MAL in Korean means Two things, to TALK and HORSE. Pacific Coast Highway from Venice Beach to “MAL”ibu runs in a Diagonal Line. This Diagonal Line is PARAllel to Florida to the Upper Left state of Washington, where TV SHOW “Grey’s Anatomy” is set. SHOW, a perfect word to combine my name initials with Sandra “OH”. This is connected to my watercolor painting titled “Purple Moon”, the reason why Sandra Oh had FRAUD Birthday numbers posted on the web. Sandra “OH” wants any word that has “OH” syllable in MY LIFE to be her and have meaning for her. Like my Lake Ta”HO”e experience, pictures, and artwork. Any drawing or painting of “HO”rses. This ACTRESS needs to be locked in a Psyc”HO” w”ARD”.

Moon means Door in Korean. “Hor” “SE” Se in Korean means BIRD, Tom “BRID”ges Hubbard Lard Burds on Bridgeway with Mother Mary and Jesus Christ the Son. They want MY IDENTITY and MY ARTWORK to be “bridged” by a sociopathic lying fag Dentist name TOM BRIDGES who has the same birthday as me. THEY, Cruise Pecoraro and Oh NEED him in order to rob my Identity, because we have the same birthday numbers of “8/13”.

This is connected to ex South Korean President “ROH” who committed suicide on May 23, 2009 from “OWL” ROCK in Korea. The Businesses on “WA” Western Ave in Korea Town is all connected to having MY IDENTITY BE SANDRA OH, through Connie Pecoraro’s Catholic Church theme artwork and her disturbed little “no name girl” sketches. ROH said he was full of “SHAme”. He was going to be indicted for Fraud connected to a SHOE manufacturing company. SHOE is about Sandra Oh and her TV SHOW and the meaning of Korean words SHIN BAL. This is connected to Louis SHApiRO and Jack Rothberg from Beverly Hills Court. And Josh WOL f at the dog park with a dog name ROCKY, who was busy Sh”OO”ting his CUM in Chink Pussy and a Blonde Hair Cunt while my life was being RAPED. So that My dog JACK and my Watercolor ARTWORK can have meaning for Sick Jesus Christ the Son aka Josh MICCHA Wolf.

Sand “RA” “OH” who wants the first Upper Left LINKS of My Website “HO”me and “AR”tist, must be licking the Pussies of Connie Ma”RIA” Pecoraro who wants my Portrait Drawing “H”AIR to have meaning for her middle name, and GLO “RIA” LEE, through High H”EEL” SHOes.

LO LO LOW Flying AIRplane, EAR Sound of a sociopath name TOM BRIDGES who is a Gay “MAL”Eye licking fucking Anal Holes BRIDGES the GOLDEN "GAY"te Bridge to Bridgeway with HELen Keller Connie PecorarO, LO LO Louise SantopolO, Sandra Oh, Hell is Way down below.
MAL, "HO"rse, Eye = "OO" must be MALE as in HOmbre and Lo BALL LIQing Tom Bridges.

MAL means TALk and HOrse in Korean. MENTAL begins and ends with MAL, what’s left? “ENT” as in ENTERPRISE Car Rental who were USING my services in 2010, to have meaning for JOSH WOLF and SANDRA OH “Going BACKwards”, for I “TAL” Y Constance Maria Pecoraro’s CathoLICK theme of MAThemathics of are you “PI”ous and horny to make Money. For Mother MA”RIA” connected to Korean word “TAL” which means FUR, as in HAIR, For Jesus CHRIST to be Horney of PUSSY PY PI and “OO” form of ASS “Going BACKwards” for his BL”OO” Eyes. While they Wrongfully Detained me in MENTAL Health in LA County Jail in 2009 in a PREMEDITATED Set up Arrest. So that My First name SIGNature of “Sandy” on the drawing of Black male Robert Guillaume from 1982 can have meaning for and BE SANDRA OH through Connie MARIA Pecoraro’s Jesus CHRIST Eyes “OO” AS IF she DREW my DRAWings. It’s a PSYCHOBitch who should be Locked in a PSYCHO WARD in a MENTAL ASYLUM. It’s in her Name.

Everything about these streets are about Going BACKwards, connected to RICH”ARD”T Shapiro and menaing of RICHARD BACH and his book “Jonathan Livingston SEAGULL”. It’s why it’s lined up with “Y”S” and “ARD”, for SAN”DRA” OH is my name SIGNature of “SandY” on MY Drawing of Robert Guillaume from 1981.

Going BACKwards, connected to meaning of CARL JUNG, because JUNG DUNG in Korean means ASS, and they want “OO” to be Form of Ass Backwards for horny jesus CHRIST “CHA”rlie. CHA in Korean means CAR and TEA, for meaning of My Father who was a Musician and “TEA”cher to have meaning for Josh Mic’CHA’ Wolf, and his music band from the 50’s “MORNING STARS” to have meaning for Josh Wolf and Constance Pecoraro’s Astrology Vibe. AM is Morning for AIR Libra horny for Mother MARIA. MI”KA” and MARia = KAR “MA” built in.

MANny SILVER MAN gallery across from “TO TO”, for Carl JUNG sound of “YOUNG”, connected to Sandra OH’s Mother’s name of YOUNG “NAM”

meaning of MAN OS and HAND connections

meaning of Korean Wang “TO TO”
Sandra Oh who says she was born in “OT TO WA” Canada who is a CANCER rules the TITS “OO”

CONSPIRACY of TWO “Balls” down the street Rolling


HEDGE FUND for Sandra Oh is my “HED” Portrait Drawing for MAThemathics of making Money

Sandy WANG Portrait Drawing

Sandra Oh Psychotic Actress FEATHER and FLOWer in H”AIR”
Like RAj RAjaratnam of GALLEON Group



Repeating Numbers of “429” connected to address of “9420” Rolex Building on Wilshire Blvd
9420 Wilshire blvd ROLEX Building

GOOD GRIEF Charlie Brown, LIEF sound of LEAF, LEE “F” SANDRA OH
NECK connections
GREEN connections

LEE connections


Read above paragraph, LIEF NADEAU = DANIEL name backwards

Flavor of India NEMO Street Triangle
NEMO Street



Empty Vase “EV” and “HO”me and G”ARD”en DAG”MAR” how long has these businesses been here?
For meaning of My Upper Left two links of “HO”me “AR”tist to be Sand”RA OH” name BACKwards,
like she is my Portrait Drawing with “VE” Vertical Eight in my Eyes
the REASON why My DOG DAGmar, A, O, JACK and I were LOCKED out of 20360 Callon Drive TOPANGA on specific date of “10/18/07”
around the time MAR”GO” Leavin “Art Gallery on ROBERTSON Blvd opened,
DELUSIONAL Borderline Psychotic Actress SANDRA OH, the REASON for the RAPING OF MY LIFE and MY ARTWORK

Sandy Wang’s Portrait Drawing with Vertical Eight “VE” in my Eyes
Dag Dog A, O of RAPING MY LIFE and my dog JACK
Locked out from 20360 Callon Drive on specific date of “10.18.07”

Constance MAR MAR MARia Psycho Pecoraro’s jesus CHRIST OIL Artwork “CHA”rlies Find “OO”
Sandra Oh in October 2007 and her Website Registration MAR”GO” and SHAW SHOW A, O connections
new MARGO Leavin Art Gallery on ROBERTSON Blvd 2 blocks away
SHOW SHAW, A, O, Cres “SHAW” Blvd in CHARlies Find Jesus CHRISTina Yang “Grey’s Anatomy” connections
SHAW SHOW,of 2 psychobitches MARia and SANDRA OH in Her She Ass Pussy licking on “Gay’s AnatomY”

Jenni KAYNE, next to “SAND” Le Comp Business on this street, the REASON why MY JACK was Stolen in 2009 and SANDY’S LIFE was RAPED
all connected to PSYCHO SANDRA OH who thinks she is my Identitiy, ARTIST of MY ARTWORK and pictures of me and Jack.
Psycho Actress who thinks she is My name SIGNature of “SANDY” on MY ART

Jack stolen in 2009

KAYNE, KANYE “O” MARI WEST and Kim Kardashians Baby “NW” was conceived through ROBBERY OF MY ART and MY DOG JACK in 2009


Directors Guild of America “DAG”
next to LAUREL Street in Hollywood

LAUREL stalking me in 2007 LAW rel, STALKING is a CRIME

CHARLIE’S FIND “OO” CARL Jung and mother “MA”ria = KARMA built in


the bottom pictures on this page, of ANALWALT on Lapeer street, opens into corner of Heritage Classic Cars across the street from New since 2010 PAVILIONS Market


September 2012 New “J&P”
JP to have meaning for my dog Jack’s Pictures, next to the CLUB a DOG Boarding Facility
Connected to JP WILLIAMS, the founder of Parallel Entertainment agency in Rolex Building, Josh Wolf’s agency

Sandy Wang’s Dog “Jacks’ Pictures”
Jack was STOLEN in 2009
JP MORGAN, for “M”ontgomery ORGAN

to have meaning for Jesus CHRIST WHORE DICK JOSH WOLF

JP Williams founder of Parallel Entertainment, see “SIR TAJ” new business at bottom in 2012
James Perse “JP” all his new stores since 2008
Pressed Juicery “PJ” in 2011


MELROSE x ALMONT new Businesses since 2012

Sandy Wang’s Registered Trademark in SIR SUR CER CIR cle of “O” and COPYRIGHT Trademark LAWS

studi study “O” Sandra OH, who thinks all the circles of “O” from MY LIFE has meaning for her, because it sounds like her name OH


Inner g”ARD”en, effre “Y’S”, Rich ARD Shapiro, LEOn ARD’s,
for San”DRA” OH is My name SIGNature of “SandY”, and she is MY PORTRAIT Drawing and my pictures with MY DOG JACK through Business Names

connected to SEA and AIR DARI connections

WOLF “ARI” GorDON MARQ ARDT raping connections







New Business of CERRE with “O”, for meaning of “CO” is a Korean word for “NOS”E. For SANDRA OH who went to “SIR SUR CERRE” ROBERT BORDEN high school DREW my drawing of Robert Guillaume in 1981, through the vehicle of Constance Maria Pecoraor’s OIL Art of Jesus CHRIST, “CHA”rlie, reason why she is an actress who plays a Chinese DOCTOR “CHRIST”ina YANG on “GREYS Anatomy”, connected to MATHemathics of making MONEY connected to BUSINESSES like this, all around this entire area. CER sound of “SIR” as in Sandra Oh’s high school name of “SIR” ROBERT BORDEN high school in CANADA, which was BUILT and NAMED “AFTER” my pencil drawing of ROBERT GUILLAUME from 1981, as if San”DRA” OH “O” DREW my “DRA”WINGS. WINGS, Upper Body as in ARM, Korean word for “PAL”, which also means word for number 8 or “OO”, SANDRA OH is a CANCER SIGN that rules the TITS, this is WHY it’s just 1 “O”, sound of Sandra “OH” name, as if she is the OWNER of the CIRCLE “O” of MY Federally Registered Trademark.

For meaning of the “O” of the Magnifying Glass of my pencil Drawing of ROBERT Guillaume from 1981, who was BENsn DUBOIS the “BUTLER” to the Governor and the meaning of MY First name SIGNature of “SANDY” with OO made with letter S of my name signed SIDEways to be Sandra OH, through Jesus CHRIST OIL ART Eyes “OO”. “O” and “OO”. When neither has any MEANING for this DELUSIONAL SICK Psychobitch Actress SANDRA OH. OO form of my JOHN HANCOCK, to be Sandra OH, it’s called FORM of HANDCUFFS “OO”, that goes on W “RIS” T rhymes with CH “RIS” T, and folds into a “O”, the SOUND of SANDRA OH name. ART, HANDS. Like her SCHOOL Name, they MADE IT ALL UP, so that they can “PARALLEL” and “ROB” MY IDENTITY for this sick bitch.

CER RE “O” is a FASHION Clothing business/boutique. FASHION, see KATIE HOLMES and “YANG” page, and understand HOW they are ROBBING MY IDENTITY, through psychotic G “Riddles and Rhymes” of WORDS, NUMBERS, COLORS, Etc. ALL for meaning of MY ARTWORK, “TWISTED” and recreated, so as if it was DONE by SANDRA OH in MATHemathics of making MONEY.

CER RE “O”, See around the corner on ROBERT”SON” Blvd, SUR restaurant. Then there is TH “RUS” T Hair salon another 1 block away, and then “RUS”tica PIZZA, all within 2 block of radius from this location. LOCATION, LOCATION, LOCATION, for MATHemathics of making MONEY. EAR sound of “LOCK” O, in Spanish means CRAZY.

A Repeating PATTERN of RAPING MY LIFE MY ARTWORK, for this delusional actress through BUSINESS NAMES on specific streets, AS IF she was MY PORTRAIT Drawing, My Name SIGNature, MY SIGN of LEO, through T “HO” MAS CHRIST o FUR Bridges who has the same LEO birthday as me.

All these “SIR CER SUR” connections, to SANDRA OH who went to “SIR” ROBERT BORDEN high school and has been claiming for 3 DECADES she DREW My drawings, is why EDWARDS SNOWDEN is in “RUS”sia, a “CIA” HACKER. “DRA” “DREW” of MY ART, PAsT Tense, What is SANDRA OH’s Middle Name? PA TRI “CIA”? PATREEESHA. Because this DELUSIONAL sick actress also thinks she is ALL MY X rated pictures on the “TREE” at 20360 Callon Drive “TOP”anga where I lived in 2007. If it’s PATRICIA she is going to PRISON FOR LIFE and there isn’t anything anyone else can do about it.

LAP eer street, bet Melr”OS”e Avenue x Santa Monica Blvd
RIDLEY SCOTTS Film Company buildings

LAPeer x MelrOSe Avenue
CRAIGS restaurant painted in OG, Olive Green, see their menu JW “C” LAM SHOW
1979 Dog on my “LAP” YEAR Sandy Wang’s Childhood picture in 1979, OG Color BED “MAT”tress color and Yellow VIR”GO” SIGN with Dog “EATING MY H. A.I.R”

1999 SANDRA OH PEPSI PUSSY in 1999, likes to EAT PUSSY between ASS CRACK
2003? Delusional SANDRA OH in ‘OG’ Olive Green, EATing Vir”GO” Ma”RIA” Glo”RIA” ASS PUSSY Pubic H”AIR” BACKwards
Olive Green, across the street 1 block away was “OG” Oscar Generale
across street where Richard Shapiro closed, is new “GM” Gracias Madre in 2014

meaning of Over “LAP”ping Ass Pussy in a Group Conspiracy


LAPeer x Melr”OS”e Avenue
Melr “OS”e r.i.m.e.s with MAN”OS” for C”HO” CHA, Sandra Oh, “SO” Ass Pussy BACKwards


LC Leon”ARD”s Cleaners

HANGER begins and ends with “HER”, in SANDY WANG’s Childhood picture in 1980 with a Black Girl

meaning of monster C “L” PECK connection at Westwood
C “L” in Architecture of ROLEX building “BACK”wards “L” = B”L”ACK

Raping Sandy Wang’s life and art, Identity, is big business

See “ELLE” in the name of “YV” ette Dani”ELLE” MARQUis, 3AR QARMA built in
See “ELLE” in the name of “YV”ette CHAp”ELLE” on the DENTAL BOARD

C “L”, sound of SEE “ELLE” in “HER SHE YS” Chochacolate Ass Pussy game


reason why Sandy Wang’s Ex boyfriend from 1990’s MAR “SH” ALL BROWN committed suicide in 2012 in “HY”poluxo

Below 2 buildings in Orange and Gray are owned by director Ridley S COTT


“COTT” in Korean means “FLOW”er

TONY S”COTT” director of “TOP GUN” who committed suicide in 2012

SHONDA R.i.m.e.s with RHONDA S “COTT”









These pictures above are on MELROSE Ave and LAPEER drive, and the buildings on this block is SCOTT RIDLEYS Office buildings. Brother of TONY SCOTT, the DIRECTOR of 1986 “TOP GUN” who committed suicide on August 19, 2012.

This ENTIRE AREA is built based on MY SECOND ARTWORK Collection from 2003-2007 to be and have been DONE by SANDRA OH, through BUSINESS names in CATHOLICK MAThemathics of making MONEY. For My Pictures of me and My DOG JACK, to be SANDRA OH. = PSYCHOTIC.




April 2013, RICH”ARD” “SHA” pi ro, has CLOSED.

See how many “ARD” and “Y’S” is on this one block on “LAP”eer, for over “LAP”ping “LAF”ping OO creates () is Fish is Pussy.

“FP” of Constance Maria Pecoraro’s FISH POLE Sketches, connected to “OO” PEPSI PUSSY 1999 SANDRA OH, to complete the meaning of MY Childhood pictures from 1979 with PEPSI and “GRAYSONS” signs in the picture, as if MY IDENTITY was SANDRA OH.

OO HANDCUFFS go on W “RIS” T and Rhymes with CH “RIS” T, folds into a “O”, sound of SANDRA “OH”. PSYCHO PECORARO going to PRISON is a GIVEN. JOSH WOLF is going to HELLOW FOLLOW his CALF and COW.






REGEN PROJECTS is a “ART GALLERY” and a Entertainment/Production company, or whatever else they do
their new Location building on HIGHLAND Avenue in 2013


their phone number has my complete birthdate of “8/13/69” = 860-1903


TOTO just spent at least half million renovating their showroom in 2013, they’re CLOSED?

TO TO a music band from early 1980’s and meaning of AFRICA

Sandra OH on “TOILET BOWL”, when did she begin FEARING Toilet paper?
Sandra Oh who was born in “OT TO” WA Canada

TO TO on Almont TO TO on Almont in 2014

“EV” and “EU”
Empty Vase FLOWer S”HO”P and sign with “E U” by CRISTina NIC oletti in 2014


meaning of Sandy Wang's NAME and Name SIGNature


NIC “COL” Etti = EIGHT “I” sounds like Eye, As if SANDRA OH is My “NIC” name SIGNature on MY Art
While it's Conspiracy of T “OO”

Sick Spic CHOCHA 1 Sandy Wang's Catholic School classmate CHRISTINA BERN”ARD O” from 1987, Dun”KIN” DoNuts wait”RES”s
Sick Spic CHOCHA 2 Sandy Wang's Catholic School classmate from 1987, JACKIE LAFUENTE, JA IL is in HER FUCKING NAME left to right

TARGET sicovery of “COL.e” Place x Lexington, the 'OS” Other Side of PAM
Conspiracy of TOO, trying to build it Going Left to Right in 2014

all connected to this Deranged ITAL ian Psycho cunt CONSTANCE PECORARO, “FAN cy BO x” im PORT ant connections = LIFE IN PRISON

SANDY WANG's Vertical Eight “EV” in my Portrait Drawing “E”yes,
is Sandra OH through “CRIST”ina “NIC”oletti name,
EAST is U is what this is about, because “WEST” is connected to KEN”Q”WEST Niggers
TA “O” DA”O” Dow Jones of making Money is LEFT, SANDRA “O”, this is about changing this meaning in 2014

Sandy Wang's Portrait Drawing “E”yes Vertical Eight, “8”

through FASHION Brand Names, Robbing MY NAME and IDENTITY for SANDRA OH

E.U GO THERE CRISTINA NICOLLETTI new store “E.U” is she a fucking DYKE?

See Left Arm “O” SANDRA OH “CHRIST”ina Yang on “Grey's ANATOMY” Pussy Ass licking sick FASHION DESIGNERS
meaning of NIC and S “KIN” connections as if my name is “NICK” of SANDRA OH


EVERYTHING is ultimately about Robbing My IDENTITY, Name, ART for SANDRA OH psycho actress

ARLI$$ with SANDRA OH as “RITA WU” in 1990s
EU. EstherwU at Beverly Hills Court, Korean Pussy who's there to BRAIN WASH as if Sandra OH is My Portrait

New Sign of “CIVIC” at “LAW”rel and “WOLF” in Oct 2014
when the Evidence I have is “CRIMINAL in Nature”

Sandy Wang's Writings of “I WAL Y” from 1982

Why Josh WOLF studied Com MUN ications in college
Why my LIFE has been RAPED through JUDGES NAMES since 2006


meaning of Sandy Wang's NAME SIGNature from my 1981 drawing

I don't know how long ago EV Empty Vase FLOWer shop has been here, before or after My Portrait Drawing from Feb 2006 with “VE” Vertical Eight in my eyes.

E.U. By CRISTINA NICOLLETTI. Is she a DYKE? She looks like one. This FASHION DESIGNER and her name, is connected to creating meaning “THROUGH” HER NAME, as if SANDRA OH who is “CHRIST”ina Yang on “Grey's Anatomy”, is My First Name SIGnature on MY AR, as if “Sandy” is the “NIC” name of SANDRA OH. This is really combining a lot of what is REAL and what is MADE UP, to CONFUSE PEOPLE.

E.U. Eye is U. As if My Portrait Drawing with Vertical Eight “VE” in MY EYE is Sandra OH, next to Empty Vase business. Eyes is U. When everything about Sandra OH is built on Horizontal EIGHT of “OO” connected to Constance Maria Pecoraor's Jesus CHRIST CHARLIES FIND “RINGS” around his EYES built to be about CHO”CHA” is Pussy and ASS, reason why SANDRA OH is “CHRIST”ina Yang on “Grey's ANATOMY”. Built in by default for OIL goes on CANVAS and RHIMES with Seattle GRACE NAVAS, built connected to Constance Pecoraro's CATHOLIC THEME OIL ART, as if ME ATTENDING MY CATHOLIC SCHOOLS in 1980's is SANDRA OH. OIL ART of Jesus CHRIST, in a OIL ASS Pussy Conspiracy, connected to several of My CATHOLIC School classmates, CHRISTina Bern”ARD O” with San”DRA O” name in it backwards, and connected to JACKIE “LAF”uente, who has a HUGE OIL ASS FORM, and the meaning of Over “LAP” ping “LAF” fing ASS PUSSY FORM is connected to this Spic Chocha in Massachusetts where JOSH MIC”CHA” WOLF is from, and makes people' LAF as a comedian.

Because Going Backwards in T”OM” BRIDGES meaning of My John HANCOCK, meaning of My Gold CLOCK through GOLDen GAY te Bridge, through Jesus CHRIST, has turned out to be Cat”HO”Licking of NEGROS” ASS PUSSY BOWELS, connected to the coded words BLACK COLOR S”KIN”, built going backwards.

E.U. Through is DYKE'S POSTER on a BILL BOARD, on a specific street name, they are creating meaning as if My PORTRAiT Drawing on the “Upper Right” of MY ART WEBSITE Is SANDRA OH. This name is more SINISTER. It's about “CONSPIRACY of TOO” left to right, instead of Conspiracy of TOO GOING BACKWARDS through Gloria Lee's Birthday Numbers of “5/29”.

But they've already built EVERYTHING to the LEFT, connected to TAO DAO DOW JONES of making MONEY, all built through Constance Maria Pecoraor's CATHOLIC THEME OIL ART and MOTHER MARY Statue on “OCEAN Avenue” in SAN ta Mo NIC A, to the LEFT, the WEST.. As if all my childhood pictures in 1979 in Santa Monica is Sandra OH. “SAN” TA MO “NIC” a, SAN dra Oh is my “NIC” name Signature of “SANDY” on MY ART, through this Dyke's Name of NICOLLETTI.

The REASON why they are going Left to Right, as opposed to going backwards, is connected to meaning of TAO of JONES, and meaning of SCHOOL Names, the word SC.HO.OL has been built Going Backwards, connected to Sandra “OH” name in it in Cat”HO”Licking of Ass Pussy Backwards built through Eyes of Jesus CHRIST “CHA”Rlies Find, reason why Sandra Oh is “CHRIST”ina Yang on “Greys Anatomy”.

They're going Left to Right, because it's connected to what I've been discovering on “COLe” Avenue and “COL.e” Place in Hollywood in Fall of 2014, in the namem of NI”COL”etti. Jesus CH “RIS” T was born in the winter when it's COL.d, see “Other Side” OS of the MAP, built in by default for Sandra Oh “SO” name Going Backwards, like MAN”OS” is Hand in Spanish and C”HO”chan is Pussy in spanish with Sandra OH “SO” name in it Backwards. What I've discovered on these streets, is going to LOCK “COL.d”, SANDRA OH for LIFE IN PRISON and there isn't anything anyone else can do about it. FORM of HANDCUFFS go on W “RIS” T and RIMES with CH “RIS” T. For Psycho SANDRA OH who went to “SIR” ROBERT BORDEN and through her SCHOOL name, they've been building for 3 decades, as if she drew my drawing of ROBERT GuiLLlAUME from 1981.

This is connected to a SICK KOREAN PUSSY name “ESTHER WU” at the Beverly Hills Court, begins and ends with “E.U” who is the MENTAL HEALTH Liason. Her name is connected to SANDRA OH who played the acting role of RITA WU on tv show “ARLI$$” in the 1990's which is about SPORTS. What is SANDRA OH's Middle Name? PA TREEE SHA? SPO? This is connected to me being Arrested and Locked in Jail “WRONGFULLY” in 2009, after I was FRAMED. The Beverly Hills Police Chief is name David “SNOW DEN”, and it's about ALL MY PICTURES of me doing “SPO”rts that they've built as if it's Sandra OH. As if MY PICTURES in Lake Tahoe SNOW BOARDING is Sandra OH. As if ALL MY PICTURES of me doing “SPO”rts is SANDRA OH.

This is what this SICK FUCKING DYKES Message is about. E.U. Eyes is U, as if MY EYES, MY PORTRAIT FACE, MY ANATOMY, EVERYTHING about ME is SANDRA OH, while they plan for Conspiracy of Two to lock me in Jail in their “MH” Mental Health Dept, while they continue to build meaning as if SANDRA OH is my Identity and Artist of my Artwork, My Portrait Drawing. ESTHER WU, is there to “BRAIN WASH” people through her name.

EAST is YOU, as if My IDENTITY in NY in 1980's and 1990's is SANDRA OH. Because Jesus CHRIST the “SON” and EAR sound of “SUN” Rises in the EAST.

Because TAO to the LEFT has been built through ROBBING of My TAO Saying and MY TRADEMARK In circle of “O”, as if it's SANDRA “OH” and meaning of OYSTERETTE Rimes with YVETTE has turned out to be “BIG BLACK NIGGERS ASS PUSSY BOWEL” EATING Game on the left.

THIS SICK SHIT OF CREATING MEANING, LEFT TO RIGHT, GOING BACKWARDS, has been going on for 3 decades, it's how they “escape”, except this time, SANDRA OH is CORNERED from every and all ANGLES, BY ME, and she isn't getting away.

I don't want Sandra OH in a psyc”HO” w”ARD”, I want SANDRA OH LOCKED IN PRISON FOR LIFE, Sewing, SOWING, JAIL CLOTHES.

FACT, I lived in NY for 2 decades, I know a lot of people in NY and they all know ME as SANDY, and they know Sandra OH isn't my identity or Artist of My Artwork.

Interior De”SIGN” business, WOLF was at the location for a long time, they were in the BACK of this building complex and in 2014 they moved out to the FRONT. LAUREL and WOLF, in EAR sound of “LAW”rel Wolf.

They put this new SIGN up with “CIVIC” because the kind of EVIDENCE I've been discovering and gathering has become and IS ALL “CRIMINAL” in Nature. PREPONDERANCE of EVIDENCE is way greater than 51%, but it's CRIMINAL RAMIFICATIONS.

MAX FIELDS on Melrose Avenue around the corner

Sandy Wang’s Nude Pictures on TREEEE in 2007 all stolen


“O” sound of SANDRA “OH” for all the circles of “O” from MY LIFE to have and BE this sick psychobitch actress, a pattern that’s been going on for 3 decades
BAL connections

Sandra Oh as “CRIST”ina Yang on “GREY’S ANATOMY” and very important meaning of “SHOES”
StudY StudI “O” Psycho SANDRA OH PEPSI PUSSY 1999 and “GRAYSONS” connections

a few blocks down on Melrose “GRAY” FURNITURE

MaxFIELDS like the Animal Hospital down this same street, they’ve been here for decades, they KEPT what “FIT” and changed what didn’t
Window Display in APRIL 2012

this is next to LAPEER Drive and LEONARD’S Cleaners
next to RICHARD SHAPIRO Antique store

Video Summer 2011 MAXFIELDS Clothing store on Melrose and “WOLF”

Sandra Oh and GREEN LEAF connections
WOLF connections

WEST “FIELDS” in Century City
BERT FIELDS of GreenBerg and Glusker

Sandy Wang’s pictures on TREE in 5/07 at Callon Drive Topanga
20360 Callon Drive and Real PEACOCK in April 2007, then My LOCK was broken in October and I was Locked out

same month in OCTOBER 07, Sandra OH’s Website Registration changed to Create “MEANING” through Cyber Crimes
Sandra OH and BIRD FEATHERS in Her HAIR as if she is MY PORTrait Drawing


Window Display in MAY 2012
Orange Hair, to create meaning for Sandra OH left to right, isn’t going backwards anymore, because Going Backwards through word H”AIR”, SANDRA OH is Licking GLO”RIA” MA”RIA” Ass and Pussy Backwards

meaning of RADI”O”
JOSH WOLF on Bob Rivers Radio Show March 2008, horny for his CALF and COW aka Pecoraro and Oh
RA di “O” for Sandra Oh “SO” Siren on Orange “SO” EAR sound of Reap and SOW

What is this about at Window Display of MAX FIELDS?

It’s about JOSH WOLF, Tom CHRISTopher BRIDges Pea “COCK” is a BIRD FEATHER, as in My “FATHER” to have meaning for this Hor Dik, through “FLOW”ers. TREE, connected to PICTURES of me on the TREE in 2007 in TOPANGA, which were ALL STOLEN from MY LAPTOP COMPUTERS. I think these NUDE PICTURES of me were PHOTOSHOPPED with SANDRA OH’s FACE. The HEAD doesn’t look like it belongs on the BODY. This is the same SICK PATTERN as the secretly taped X Rated Video Recording of me from 2000.

This meaning of Tom BRIDges all BIRDS like Pea COCK, with FEATHERS, for meaning of MY IDENTITY and MY FATHER’S Name, through JOSH WOLF and the word FeATHER, to BE SANDRA OH, and for My Mother’s name to have meaning for Constance Pecoraro, is the reason why there was a Live Peacock when I had just moved into 20360 Callon Drive TOPANGA, where I was illegally evicted from about 6 months later on a specific date connected to this sick actress. LOOK at the BIRD FEATHER on Sandra Oh’s HEAD, the same reason why she was dating a person name ANDREW FEATHER STON in 2007 into 2008, who is a Musician. For meaning of MY FATHER who was a Gifted Musician, AS iF MY FATHER was Her Father and as if through the name AN “DREW” she DREW my Drawings, AS IF she is MY PORTRAIT Drawing. = PSYCHO.

You can find similar Body Types of people, but it’s very difficult to find the SAME FACE. Like MY PORTRAIT Drawing which they’ve been creating as if it’s SANDRA OH in MAThemathics of making Money. MATH, like NUMBERS in My HAIR in my Portrait drawing C=3 and 8, through Constance Pecoraro’s Jesus CHRIST with “OO” eyes on Page “3” and everything they’ve been building on through HAIR CHAIR STAIR and all AIR connections for this delusional sick actress to be MY IDENTITY, through her “MOTHER” MARY PSYCHO CONSTANCE PECORARO, two very disturbed sick bitches, who ENVY EVERYTHING about ME and MY ARTWORK, the reason why My Life has been sabotaged.

JOSH WOLF and SANDRA OH have been connected as a “TEAM” for 3 decades in ROBBING the meaning of MY Korean Name and meaning of MY FAC from 1981 and MY Writings. They’ve been building for many years, AS IF SANDRA OH was ME IN ALL MY PICTURES, beginning with all my BABY Pictures. Like SANDRA OH is ME in my Catholic High School with MY Classmates, Sandra OH is ME in Pictures working at CLUB MED in 1992. LOOK at the picture of SANDRA OH from 1991 wearing FLOWer Dress with lookalike of JOSH WOLF, this sick bitch CLEARLY isn’t me.


Sandy Wang in 1992 working in Florida at Club Med
My Portrait drawing from Feb 2006

Sandra Oh in FLOWER Dress in 19“91”


LORI “HUB” ble “telescope” monster connections in Raping Dental Mental Petition 2013


HUB CAPS at Billboard of DO You Miss Me? In 2013 ‘OC’ Opening Ceremony

CRAIGS new restaurant down this street



CAP ri “CORN” “PAC”hyderm is a thick S”KIN” mam”MAL” like “GRAY” Elephant

Sandy Wang’s Federally Registered Trademark in Circle of “O”
being INFRINGED ON and robbed for SANDRA “O”, through Wall Mural by Shephard Fairey

while they file DENTAL ME”N”TAL Petition by LORI “HUB”BLE in 2012



this entire area is built based on, Anal Parsons P.R.O.J.E.C.T.


AFRICAN ART with “O” on Stomach
Almont Drive x Melrose Avenue

Another view of this same corner

BLACK COLOR S”KIN”, and FRAUDULENT Barack Obama’s Birth Certificate


SANDRA OH and “DOT of O” on her Stomach
SANDRA OH at the “NA ACP” in 2013

meaning of My Parents Names and PEAR B”OAT” Ass Conspiracy connected to JUNG DUNG and KAM “DUNG” YEE “NEGRO” in Korean


SANDRA OH and PEAR B”OAT” ASS in Going BACKwards through Snake S”KIN” BELT
FOOT is “BAL” in Korean

This ART SCULPTURE that is hiding behind this Art Gallery has a “DOT” on the STOMACH. IT IS CLEARLY OF AFRICAN IN ORIGIN.

LOUIS STERN, STERN and AFT are parts of the R”EAR” of the B”OAT” in a PEAR BOAT Ass Conspiracy of Going BACKwards on Melr”OS”e is a “FLOW”er, for Jesus CH”RIS”T who r”OS”e on Third Day. Third Day for “O” = DOT is a Period is a “O”, sound of SANDRA “OH”. JOSH MIC”CHA” WOLF and SANDRA OH with Constance Pecoraro in a GROUP CONSPIRACY, to rob my Parents Names for Wolf and Pecoraro, and My IDENTITY, MY ART, MY LIFE, from BIRTH to PRESENT, for this Delusional Actress SANDRA OH.

“BAE”, my father’s middle name, means PEAR, BOAT, and the word for STOMACH, why does MY FATHER’S Name associated, like EVERYTHING ELSE, with sick fucking ANATOMICAL BODY PART WORDS?, because it’s all connected to Delusional OBSESSED with her PLASTIC ASS IMPLANT BAGS SANDRA OH of “GREYS ANATOMY” is a ASS Conspiracy, created and built to ROB MY Name SIGNature on MY ART.

Amazing how it all “FITS PERFECTLY”, everything I’ve been writing about, especially on this street of AL”MONT” Drive, in ALAN PARSONS PROJECT of “SUN RIS E”, Jesus CHRIST “ROSE” on Mel”ROSE” Avenue, like SANDRA OH “DRU” MY DRA wings and is my name SIGNature, My John “HAN”cock connected to creating meaning BACKwards through Spanish word for HAND, MAN”OS”. CH”O”CH”A” in AO, T”AO” of making Money of PEPSI PUSSY SANDRA OH “SO”, who loves EATING ASS PUSSY with GORILLA GLORIA and MA”RIA” R.i.m.e.s with NIGE”RIA”.

SO, R3AP and SOW.

SEE SANDRA OH at the NA ACP with SHONDA RHIMES, and then with “DOT” on her “BAE” STOMACH picture. None of this is random.

SANDRA OH needs to be LOCKED IN PRISON FOR LIFE, and SHONDA LYNN RHIMES of “D ART MOUTH” College, needs to be LOCKED IN “LYNNN WOOD” LA County Jail for a long time, it’s in “HER” Name. Same for WOLF and PECORARO who must be locked in CF Correctional FACE FACE FACILITY. SICK SOCIOPATHS, IDENTITY THIEVES, CRIMINALS, WHO SERIOUSLY NEED TO “PA”TREEE SHA LEARN their Lessons of “TAYSTEEEEE”, “BUT”ter flies TASTE with “FOOT” is “BAL”.

Sandy Wang's Grammar School Sacred Heart and Mrs "ARD"en class

Sandy Wang learning the Guitar in 1991

Sandy Wang Portrait Drawing Eyes of " o 8"

Sandy Wang’s watercolor “PURPLE MOON”

Sandy Wang’s watercolor “CARL JUNG”

Sandy Wang's Photography of "JUDGES HAMMER"

Sandy Wang’s Saying of TAO and “OM”

Sandy Wang in White and Red “14” = “AD”

Korean character WANG

meaning of “PI” and symbol “TT”

GOLD Clock “OO” on top of TV

meaning of GOLD metal




Judge RICHARD STONE in Beverly Hills Court


Tom CHRISTopher Bridges


“Charlie’s Find”

Connie Maria Pecoraro and her Catholic theme

T is for TAO HORNEY Jesus Christ ROSE on the T “HIR” D Day for Connie Maria Pecoraro

Josh Miccha Wolf who Talks for a Living “MAL” aka JESUS CHRIST the SON

Josh Wolf who studied COM MUN i CATions at TRInity University

WOLF ramite Scheelite

Josh Wolf is a lying sociopath

Constantine Alexander Payne “CAP” and his Business “AD HO Minem” Enterprises on 5th St and Santa Monica Blvd

Sandra Oh on MATTRESS

Sandra Oh with LIEF on her NECK

Sandra Oh S “HO” e “HO”rse

Yel"LOW" Conspira"SEE" of SANDRA OH is My "BORN IDENTITY" Korean Name on "WESTBOURNE" Street

Sandra Oh 2011 LOOK AT THIS DELUDED SICK BITCH LICKING CONNIE PECORARO Mai”DEN” Virgo PUSSY LIPS in 2011, is the only meaning she is going to have through Tom Bridges

Sandra Oh Birthday FRAUD

Sandra Oh wants my "Purple Moon" Watercolor to BE HER

A few blocks down on same corner on ALMONT DRIVE


MONT Rose Suites Hotel on Cynthia Street West Hollywood

Fair MONT Miramar Hotel in Santa MONica

the MONTage Hotel in Beverly Hills

PCH “PAC”ific Coast Highway

HP Hewlett “PAC”k ARD


Charlie’s Find in MALibu

Tom Cruise Katie Holmes MAL dives HOneyMOON

BAL is "FOOT" connections

Tom BIRDges Sandra Oh in PURPLE with a BIRD

"HER" Hammer In "MAL"ibu

NIKKI GRIMES Black Female “Son of Promise and Child of Hope”

Jesus Christ “ROSE” on T HIR D Day for Sandra Oh

Shonda “RIMES” and SANDRA OH Licking Taylor Swift’s Pussy


“942”0 Wilshire Blvd ROLEX Building and PARALLEL Entertainment


Camden Drive and Santa “MONI”CA Blvd

"TAYLOR" JEWelers on Four Corners on Beverly Drive


Jack "TAYLOR" of the KEN Quest building




ROBERT PattiSON KRISTen stewART Taylor Lautner

Center Bank on “WA” Western Avenue in Korea Town

BAN ks and NARA Bank in Korea Town LA

“4/20/09” Du FOUR GOLD DUST "US US US US US" connections to DUDAS

FRAUD DOCUMENTS created in 2009 connected to my TOYOTA RAV4L


429 Repeating Numbers of Terrorizing my life

"ROSE"enfeld at UCLA = UL RICH, Upper Left is "RICH" = RICHARD Judges Name at Beverly Hills Court, Sounds like RICH "ART"

BU “JA” means Rich in Korean, “JA” connections


Le Faubourg St. LOUIS


EAR as in Sound of Words

TWO BIRDS in the book “The GIFT” published in 1999

HERnDON Virginia

Dead and Abandoned Mark ISN”T That LIFE?

RICH ARD RICH ART on MARQ “ARDT” on ROSEcrans Ave with WOLF ARI and GORDON Inc, Jesus Christ “ROSE” on T Hir d day

JOSH WOLF on FACEBOOK in May 2010 “haven’t had DOT Sex in a few days”

PT 50 Billion is Real and “Criminal Ramifications” is REAL

Fraud Documents are “White Collar Crimes”

RAPING of MY LIFE through EXACT Dates in NUMBERS “Four TEN”


CHARLES MANSON 5 is "O" meaning

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