Sandy Wang in GRAY T shirt with letters “AWS” in 1998
Sandy Wang’s birthday of 8/13


Sandy Wang’s childhood picture in 1980 in White Red shirt “14” see planet EARTH on Upper Left, and image of Janice Jop”LIN”

Sandra Oh in 1999, EARTH on Upper Left and “White Red” Psycho Pepsi Pussy


GRAY 318
as if through “GREY”S Anatomy” and TOM BRIDGES birthday of “8/13” SANDRA OH is MY IDENTITY in all my pictures

TOM Bridges gay male who has same Leo 8/13 birthday as me
Sick Actress SANDRA OH on “GREYS Anatomy”


NP= Parents Names, Tom Bridges MY Mother with Constance Pecoraro, MY Father with Josh Wolf

meaning of PARENT he SIS


PATRICIA L “EAR”NED on “11/3” letter in 2009
EAR sound of words

What is SANDRA OH’s Middle Name? PATRICIA? = LIFE IN PRISON, and there isn’t anything anyone else can do about it. You can’t ARGUE with FACTS.

NEIL PASRICHA. His name is about MY Pencil Drawing of NEIL DIAMOND from 1982, that they've BUILT it to have meaning for JOSH WOLF AIR "LIBRA" Justice Scales, STONE of DIAMOND, AS IF SANDRA OH drew my drawings from my First Artwork Collection from 1981.

Josh Wolf LIBRA and Sandra OH CANCER Astrology VIbe number of "410", as if me wearing White and Red "14" Shirt in my childhood picture with a Black girl is SANDRA OH. This is WHY Josh Wolf says he's "104" yrs old on his Myspace page. Not 105 or 107, but "104". SO WHY ISN"T JOSH WOLF and SANDRA OH getting in on? REASON FOR RAPING OF MY LIFE, MY JACK and MY ARTWORK in 2009? it's 2013. It's MY IDENTITY MY PICTURE and 410 is LEO Wang and SCORPIO Montgomery Astrology Vibe.

His book is titled "AWS"ome. This is about a picture of me taken in 1998 on a Fishing Trip, and I am wearing a cut GRAY T Shirt with “SPO”rts images and letters of “AWS” on my shirt. For all pictures of me in GRAY color clothing to BE SANDRA OH on “GREYS Anatomy”, AS IF she is MY IDENTITY and ARTIST of MY ARTWORK.

This FISHing Trip, is the REASON why Daniel Ladinsky titled a poem in his book “The GIFT” published in 1999, “EAR THat was sold to a FISH. Reason why Constance Pecoraro has sketches of her No Name Girl with “FISH POLE”. As if through her IMAGINARY Sketches, SANDRA OH is MY IDENTITY, as if I have no name, but for MY NAME to be this sick actress.

AWS “O”ME, O sound of “OH”, ME. PSYK”O” SANDRA OH. AS IF SANDRA OH is the ARTIST of all the circular artwork in “O”, the sound of her name of “OH”. A sick pattern that’s been going on for 3 decades connected to my pencil drawing of Robert Guillaume from 1981, with a Magnifying Glass “E”ye in a “O”.

LOOK at the Copyright date and what is next to it, "GRAY 318". "8/13" is MY BIRTHDAY, that SANDRA OH thinks is her, through TOM BRIDGES Gay male DENTist and "GREYS Anatomy" TV SHOW, REASON for RAPING OF MY LIFE. LEO SIGN Is very important connected to Astrology Vibe Numbers, connected to MY Writings from 1982. LEO also is ruled by the “SUN” the center of the SOLAR SYSTEM, and this is about creating meaning, through other people’s names and book TITLES, AS IF SANDRA OH is MY IDENTITY. This is why SANDRA OH wants people to think she is a LEO, when she’s a CANCEROUS sick bitch, born in the month of EAR sound of JU”LIE”.

KRISTian BAKO, his name is about meaning of HOBAK, which means Pump”KIN” in Korean, for SANDRA “OH” is My First name SIGNature of “SANDY”, as if it’s the “NIK” of her name SANDRA, AS IF she is the Artist of My pencil drawing of Black male actor ROBERT GUILLAUME from 1981. It’s connected to RICH”ARD” BACH, 3AR sound of BACK, as in Tom “CHRIST”oPHER Bridges his gay LEO with 3AR sound of “OIL” ARTWORK of JESUS “CHRIST” by Constance Maria Pecoraro, in a Ass Conspiracy, of SANDRA OH’s P3AR B”OAT” shaped ass, plastic ass implants, connected to meaning of MY Parents Names, to have meaning for and BE Constance MARIA Pecoraro and Josh “MICCHA” WOLF.

The connection is “CHRIST”ina Ricci, actress, who used to have a crush on KRISTian Bako when they were young. CHRISTina Ricci, was a Guest on an episode of “GREYS Anatomy” with SANDRA OH as Doctor “CHRIST”ina Yang. OIL goes on CANVAS and “RHIMES” with GRACE GREASE GREECE NAVAS. It’s a CATHOLICK MAThemathics of ROBBING MY IDENTITY for SANDRA OH through the VEHICLE of Constance Pecoraor’s CATHOLIC theme OIL Artwork and her sick Pedophilish IMAGINARY, NO Name GIRL Sketches.

So through Constance Pecoraro’s new “SUNNY”, they’ve been building and creating MEANING AS IF SANDRA OH is MY IDENTITY on this “FISH”ing Trip, connected to MY WATERcolor Artwork of KRISTian Bako in 2004, from pictures I took in 1998. Through COLOR “GRAY”, words like “AWS”ome, all connected to Denial Ladinsky’s book ‘THE GIFT”, AS IF SANDRA OH has the GIFT of being the ARTist of MY ARTWORK. “EAR That was sold to a FISH”. FISH in Spanish is PECADO, RHIMES with PECORARO and it’s a HER SHE Y’S, ChoCHAcoLATe, Black S”KIN” Ass “HO”Le licking Conspiracy.

They’ve been building this in VENICE BEACH, through BUSINESS Names on specific streets, Main street and HILL. “VB”, for meaning of Astrology Vibe Numbers. They built a building complex called “EDGE MAR”. EDGE WALKER is the name of KRISTIan Bako’s BOAT. My LION BODY watercolor painting, shaped like a Penis is sitting on the “EDGE” of a TREE.

What is SANDRA OH’s Middle Name? PA “TREE” SHA?, because they’ve been building as if she is MY IDENTITY on the “TREE” Pictures from 2007, many of them X rated. This is like, and it can be considered RAPE.

"NP", his second book with same title has "PARENT" thesis. Meaning of TOM BRIDGES who has the same birthday as me, bridges MY PARENTS Names to be JOSH WOLF and CONSTANCE PECORARO and MY IDENTITY to BE SANDRA OH. Consistent with EVERYTHING I've been writing about since Jan 2010. This is why TOM BRIDGES lying fag Dentist, co Conspirator to ROB MY IDENTITY, hired a Lawyer name ROBERT AM “PARAN” in 2008, and tried to serve me a Restraining Order, when it’s him, who should be LOCKED IN PRISON.

PASRICHA, combination of Sandra PATricia? Oh and Josh Mic”CHA” Wolf. What’s left “SRI”, SIR ROBERT BORDEN High School in Canada where Sandra OH went to High School and has been claiming for 3 decades she DREW my drawing and is My Name SIGNature on Robert Guillaume pencil drawing from 1981, the REASON why she went to this school AFTER I drew this drawing.

PA “TRI” SHA? The REASON why JOSH WOLF went to “TRI”nity University school in SAN Antonio Texas. The REASON why he’s married to Bethany “ASH TON”. Meaning of sound of “TREE” goes back decades, connected to MY ARTWORK from 1981 and 1982, connected to LEE MONTGOMERY who lived at 20360 Callon Drive TOPANGA many decades ago, with “TREE” growing from the deck. They’ve been TWISTING it to “FIT” SANDRA OH and JOSH WOLF for 3 decades, AS IF she is the ARTIST of MY ARTWORK. This address is a very important address.

See the bottom corners of Always “LEARNING” and “PEARSON”. 3AR 3AR sound, What is SANDRA OH’s Middle Name? PA “TREEE” SHA? Reason why the person who contacted me from the Animal Center where MY DOG was taken to in2009 and ILLEGALLY adopted out, was name PATRICIA L”EAR”NED on specific Repeating Number date of “11/3” connections. The “CAUSE” behind DAVID “PET” PET PETRAEUS affair and Resignation in Nov 2012 from the “CIA”. Pa tri “CIA”? = LIFE IN PRISON.

EVERYTHING that has happened in MY LIFE, was all "PREMEDITATED" and it was all ORGANIZED C"RIMES", look at the "CHA" line up, where MY RAV4L was parked in APRIL 2009. “CHA” in Korean means CAR and TEA, and this syllable has been BUILT to ROB the meaning of MY FATHER’S Identity for Josh MI”CHA” WOLF, through the vehicle of Constance Maria Pecoraro’s Jesus CHRIST “CHA”rlies Find. It’s the REASON for the RAPING OF MY LIFE and MY SACRED ART. Reason why I was set up with a “CAR”, to make me look as if I was a Car Thief, so that “THEY” can avoid their own “KARMA”, while they fucking ROB MY LIFE, MY ART and MY DOG JACK.

I was FRAMED, Mercedes BENz, LEFT THE "KEYS" INSIDE THE "BT" BLUE TECH SUV, I never intended to steal a car, someone was doing something to MY RAV4L where it wouldn't start. Having the KEYS inside the CAR, makes a world of difference in charges, as in "GRAND AUTO THEFT" Penal Code, REPEATING NUMBERS of "1158".

THEY were SYNCHRONIZING meaning OF MY REGISTERED TRADEMARK, to have been DONE by SANDRA OH, through BEVERLY HILLS Mercedes BENZ NEW SERVICE CENTER in 2006, BEFORE I moved to Los Angeles in October 2006. There are reasons why Bruce Schulman applied for the PERMIT to build this building on "6/30" in 2006, a few months after I did my Portrait Drawing and REGISTERED MY RT on "6/8" in 2006.

TOM BRIDGES at "360" POST Street, BRIDGES MY RT in circle of "O" for SANDRA "OH" AS IF she is My Portrait Drawing next to Lee MONTGOMERY portrait date of “8/6”. 360 degrees in Geome"TREE" is "O". TOM BRIDGES at “360” POST Street in San Francisco is a Co Conspirator to ROB MY IDENTITY for SANDRA OH, for all circles of “O” of MY ARTWORK, to have been done by this sick BORDERLINE PSYCHOTIC PAT”HO”LOGICAL LI”AR” Actress who must be LOCKED IN PRISON FOR LIFE.

SANDRA OH thinks, and this author by this name, wants people to THINK that SANDRA OH is MY IDENTITY in the GRAY T SHIRT with “KRIST”ian BAKO in 1998. LIKE ALL MY PICTURES from MY LIFE. It’s for MAThemathics of making MONEY and it’s called Grand scale IDENTITY THEFT. LIFE and ART THEFT. This unfortunately is what “JOBS” in this country are made of, it’s about JOB TITLES and how it FITS into creating MEANING as if SANDRA OH is MY IDENTITY and ARTIST OF MY ARTWORK.

KRISTian BAK “O”, going BACKwards of Sandra “OH” ASSSS FORM for Horny Jesus CHRIST “OO” eyes, oil Artwork by Constance Pecoraro “CHA”rlie. Created to ROB the meaning of MY John Hancock, name SIGNature of “SANDY” on my drawing of Robert Guillaume from 1981, with OO made with letter “S” of my name. They’ve been building on Tom Bridges going BACKwards, his gay LEO with 3AR sound of “OIL”, as if SANDRA OH has meaning in MY Birthday of LEO, because Leo sign rules the Heart and the BACK. Meaning of MY Name SIGNature with OO, is WHY SANDRA OH got Plastic Ass Implants. Anything to avoid L”OO”King at SANDRA OH is a CANCER rules the TITS.

KRISTian BAK”O”, as if the childhood picture of me and a black girl in 1980, of me in White and Red shirt with “14”, is SANDRA OH, connected to Astrology Vibe Numbers. KB is about the word “Korean Blanket” in this childhood picture of me. And through his name, for this picture to have meaning for JOSH WOLF LIBRA and SANDRA OH CANCER Vibe of “410”. It’s My Identity, My Picture, and 410 is WANG Leo MONTGOMERY Scorpio Vibe. This is a REPEATING PATTERN with these sociopaths, like for MY STOLEN PORTRAIT Drawings of WANG and MONTGOMERY to BE OH and WOLF. “OW”, as if My “OM” symbol artwork in circles of “O” to have meaning for these two sociopaths who’ve been a TEAM since 1982 movie “American WereWOLF in LONDON”.

RICHARD BACK. sound of "BAK"O, ARD is about L”ARD” as in OIL, going BACKwards in Tom Bridges LEO and "OIL", connected to MY FATHER'S name of SUNG BAE. BAE in Korean means B"OAT" and P"3AR", to be about P3AR Ass going BACKwards through TAO is the WAY through B"OAT". Like RICHARD STONE judge at Beverly Hills Court. STONE of DIAMOND Josh Wolf AIR Libra symbol of JUSTICE SCALES. Just because someone is the sign of LIBRA with symbol of Justice Scales doesn’t mean they have meaning in the LAW, but they have BUILT it as if, which is about MY Writings of “I WAL Y” on my Architectural drawing from 1982 of My Parents Garage “DOOR”.

This author is like everyone else, anyone who’s NAME “FITS” into this MATHemathics of making MONEY game, in creating meaning through their own Name, in whatever product they sell, creating MEANING AS IF SANDRA OH is MY IDENTITY and ARTIST OF MY ARTWORK. Another perfect example is BROOK "STONE" Vacuum Cleaner by "NG" NICK GREY.

CAPriCORN the G"OAT" Sign of SHONDA LYNN RHIMES with B"OAT". AS IF MY ARTWORK on MY WEBSITE is SanD "RA OH", through Upper Left two links of "HO"me "AR"tist going Rich"ARD" BACKwards. Like the EARTH and WATER on Upper Left of my Childhood picture with a BLACK Girl that SANDRA OH thinks is her, through SICK FAT UGLY BLACK BITCH SHONDA RHIMES.

MY LIFE was RAPED through all the H"AiR" CH"AIR" ST"AIR" sick "AIR" connections, like MA"RIA' Stratton in LA County Jail through Penal Code of "1370" Mentally Incompetent to Stand Trial, all connected to "AIR" LIBRA JOSH MIC"CHA" WOLF. 3/17 JACOB WOLF Birthday, "Borned" on this date, connected to MY Leadership Training in 1997, LP "173" to BE SANDRA OH. What is the DELIVERY DOCTOR name on Jacob Wolf’s Birth Certificate? Is it MARIA? Connected to Constance “MARIA” Pecoraro VIRGO, JOSH WOLF may face LONG TIME IN PRISON. Quin “TARA” VIRGO? SUNNY SUNGLASS SUNSET, what is Tom Bridges YEAR of Birth? 1972?

PA “TREE” CIA? Because they have BUILT for MY PICTURES on the “TREE” in TOPANGA in 2007, to BE SANDRA OH, especially my private X rated pictures. Perfect example of this is the new LIBRARY in West Hollywood, next to ROBERTSON Blvd, where they’ve been building through BUSINESS Names for 3 decades, AS IF SANDRA OH who went to SIR ROBERT BORDEN high school in Canada is the ARTiST of MY Pencil Drawing of ROBERT Guillaume from 1981, when it’s the reason why this sick DELUSIONAL ACTRESS went to this school.

THIS IS CALLED RAPE. Evidence of this isn’t on my website for various reasons.

This Book title by this specific author’s name, is DIRECTLY connected to MATHemathics of making MONEY, connected to BUSINESS NAMES. It’s about creating MEANING, AS IF SANDRA OH is MY IDENTITY in pictures with “KRIST”Ian BAKO in 1998, when we went on a “FISH”ing Trip. BAKO, reason why BACi, business is on Main Street in VENICE BEACH. ALL BUSINESSES on this block in Venice Beach, is about creating MEANING for MY “SECOND” ARTWORK COLLECTION from 2003-2007, to have been DONE BY SANDRA OH. It’s TOO LATE, because EVERYTHING they’ve been building in their CATHOLIC “MAT”Hemathics of making MONEY is BUILT based on Constance Maria Pecoraro’s CATHOLIC Theme OIL ARTWORK of Jesus “CHRIST”, the REASON why Sandra OH is “CHRIST”ina Yang on “Grey’s Anatomy”. KRISTina Bako’s boat had the name of “EDGE WALKER”. See Venice Beach page, EDGE “MAR”, as if through Business Names, and through Constance “MAR”ia Pecoraro new “SUNNY” in 2011 with FISH POLE, SANDRA OH is MY IDENTITY.

This is WHY JOSH WOLF went “FISH”ing in “MAR”CH in 2010. JOSH WOLF is a DISTURBED SICK SOCIOPATH, an IDENTITY and ART THIEF is who he is.

JOSH WOLF loves going to Venice Beach, mainly because of a street called ABBOT “KIN”NEY, P3AR B”OAT” L”ARD” is OIL ASS BLUBBER LICKING FUCKING sick fucking JEW JESUS “CHA”RLIE, JOSH MIC”CHA” WOLF. It isn’t that he loves LOW LOW LOW FLYING AIRplane PEAR Shaped Asses, good for him, it’s the FUCKING REPEATED RAPING OF MY LIFE and MY SACRED ARTWORK, BECAUSE OF, and “FOR” THIS SICK MOTHER FUCKING HOR DIK FUCKING OO is over”LAP”ping “LAF”fing FUCK PUSSY “FISH POLE” connections. Go FUCK who you want, why RAPE MY LIFE? Because they’ve been building for 3 decades for MY IDENTITY to BE SANDRA OH, through Constance Pecoraro’s CATHOLIC theme OIL OIL OIL OIL ARTWORK. OIL and WATER don’t mix, like Psychobitches and I don’t mix.

Venice Beach, “VB”, because it’s about Astrology VIBE NUMBERS of “212” of WOLF Libra and PECORARO EARth VIRGO is “212”. So they BUILT for Meaning of MY Parents Names, to have meaning for and be JOSH WOLF and CONSTANCE “MAR”IA PECORARO, and for MY Identity to BE SANDRA OH. Why isn’t Horny Jesus CHRIST licking fucking his Calf and Cow? It’s a SICK RAPING OF MY LIFE, MY IDENTITYfor MATHemathics of making MONEY.

Vence Beach, “VB”, like Ventura Blvd. “VB”, and Vine street x Banner “VB”. It’s about Astrology VIBE NUMBERS, which they’ve been building on for 3 decades, connected to MY Childhood picture of me in “14” White and Red shirt, because WANG LEO and MONTGOMERY SCORPIO Astrology Vibe number is “410”, and they’ve been building for this childhood picture of me in 1980 to BE SANDRA OH, connected to JOSH WOLF LIBRA and SANDRA OH CANCER Astrology VIBE Number of “410”.

This is connected to BRITISH PETROLEUM “BP” OIL SPILL which occurred on “4/20/10” EXACTLY 1 year from the date of my “FRAMED” Arrest on “4/20/09”. During this time, while I was wrongfully locked in jail, they ROBBED all my WATERCOLOR PRICELESS ARTWORK.

BP “GREEN” SIGN in my 1998 picture.

It’s connected to the “EU” connections. 131 ST “EU” ART street, address of BLACK S”KIN” NEGRO Disturbed Sick Bitch name “Y.D”anielle Marquis in “SAN” Francisco.

Then in 2013, new “RH” EU MATology Center next to Cedars SINai Hospital, real life hospital where they’ve been buidling for 3 decades for my Korean name of “SIN” WON to be SANDRA OH, connected to “SHO”nda “RH”imes, BLACK S”KIN” NEGRO SICK BLACK UGLY BITCH, creator of “GREYS Anatomy” HOSPital show, created to ROB MY IDENTITY and meaning of MY ARTWORK for SANDRA OH.


AS IF SANDRA OH was MY Childhood picture from 1980 with a BLACK SKIN GIRL.

AWESOME, “RHIMES” with HANDSOME and “SANSOME”, which is about SANSOME Street name, next to MONTGOMERY Street name in Downtown San Francisco, where “131 ST “EU” ART” street is located next to “HO”W”ARD” Street, AS IF SAN “DRA OH” is MY IDENTITY in MY PORTRAIT Drawing, through STREET Names, and through SICK BLACK S”KIN” LYING SICK BITCH DANIELLE MARQUIS “DENT”IST at “131 ST “EU” ART” street connected to CAPri”CORN” SIGN the G”OAT” birthday of 1/13 SICK BLACK S”KIN” BITCH SHONDA LYNN RHIMES, connected to “PAC”hyderm meaning Thick S”KIN” Mam”MAL”.

RAPED MY LIFE, so that SANDRA OH can have meaning with JOSH WOLF Pyous Jesus CHRIST in MATHemathics of making MONEY in 2009, then they are creating MEANING AS IF MY STOLEN PORTRAIT Drawing with Vertical “8” in MY Eyes connected to “SS” SOLAR SYSTEM new planet number of 8, AS IF through the word ROP”E”, GOING BACKwards, SANDRA OH is MY Portrait Drawing and ARTIST OF MY SECOND ARTWORK COLLECTION from 2003-2007. AS IF she is the ARTIST of MY Drawing of LEE “MONTGOMERY”.

It’s all connected to creating meaning as if SANDRA OH is MY IDENTITY with a BLACK S”KIN” GIRL in 1980, of ME with White and Red shirt in number “14”. 410 is Wang LEO and Montgomery SCORPIO Astrology Vibe Number, which they have TWISTED to FIT and BE JOSH WOLF LIBRA and SANDRA OH CANCER VIBE of 410.
It’s 2013, why isn’t SANDRA OH getting Licked and Fucked by JOSH WOLF? REASON FOR THE RAPING OF MY LIFE and MY SACRED ARTWORK. What’s Wrong with SANDRA OH, why isn’t she being ASSSSTERISK, ASSSKED by JOSH WOLF to BO SUC his STONE Of DIAMOND “JEW”EL”?


Recreating and ROBBERY of MY IDENTITY and MY ART
As if it’s Sandra OH “THROUGH” Publications of OTHER PEOPLE”S NAMES

Sandy Wang’s Portrait Drawing done in Feb 2006, with “8” in Eyes
Sandy Wang’s picture on Halloween in 2002, with “8” shape of ROPE

Solar System changed planets from 9 to “8” in August 2006 “AE”

LIO n KIN g, LEO LION is ruled by the “SUN”
LEO Metal of “GOLD”

Sandy Wang’s PORTRAIT Drawing STOLEN in June 2009,
SANDRA OH in Sept 2009 in GOLD Dress with “ROPE”

SANDRA OH and GOLD BALLS and meaning of Snake S”KIN” BELT
Sandra OH who says she was born in “OT OT WA” Canada
very important meaning of “NG” through Napa Grill in Westwood

Constance Pecoraro’s “CHARLIES FIND” OO
reason why SANDRA OH is “CHRIST”ina Yang on “Grey’s Anatomy”, OIL goes on CANVAS and “RHIMES” with GRACE NAVAS “GN”



WANG in Korean characters of “TO TO”

Sandra OH who says she was born in “OT OT WA” Canada
SUNstyle and meaning of “OO” in this same position Upper Left and Lower Right


NG, National Geographic, what’s missing? “WA” + NG = WANG.

This meaning is connected to “LIO n KIN g”, WANG in Korean means KING, and I am a Double LEO SIGN, that they’ve been building for MY IDENTITY to BE SANDRA OH, through THO MASCHRISToPHER BRIDGES who has the same LEO Birthday as me, AS IF SANDRA OH is the ARTIST of MY ARTWORK from 1981 and My Name SIGNature, through Constance Maria Pecoraro’s CATHOLIC Theme OIL ARTWORK of Jesus “CHRIST”, the reason why SANDRA OH is “CHRIST”ina Yang on “Greys Anatomy” set in Seattle “GRACE” Mercy West Hospital. OIL goes on CANVAS and “RHYMES” with GRACE NAVAS.

Sandra OH who says she was born in “OT TO WA” CANADA thinks My Korean Name IS HER NAME. SANDRA OH is an IDENTITY THIEF, ART THIEF, a Borderline Psychotic Actress, who is very disturbed, and MUST BE LOCKED IN PRISON FOR LIFE. Everyone else WILL be PUNISHED accordingly.

SANDRA OH a psycho actress on “GREYS Anatomy”, set in Seattle “WA” upper left state of US, this show was created to ROB MY IDENTITY, meaning of MY Korean Name and My First Name SIGNature of “SANDY” on MY Pencil Drawing of Robert Guillaume from 1981, and MY SECOND ARTWORK COLLECTION. I created my Website in March 2004, 1 yr later Shonda Rhimes created “GREYS ANATOMY”, to ROB MY IDENTITY and meaning of MY ARTWORK for this Delusional Actress who thinks she is the ARTIST of BOTH My First Artwork Collection from 1981 and my Second Artwork Collection from 2003-2007, the REASON why over 250 pieces of MY Priceless Artwork was STOLEN in 2009, through ORGANIZED C”RIMES”.

“Greys Anatomy” is DIRECTLY connected to Constance Pecoraro’s CATHOLIC THEME OIL ARTWORK of JESUS CHRIST with “OO” rings around his eyes, reason why Sandra Oh is “CHRIST”ina Yang on “GREYS ANATOMY”, OIL goes on CANVAS “RHIMES” with NAVAS and IDENTITY THEFT is a SERIOUS CRIME. This is BEYOND just Identity Theft, it’s LIFE THEFT, ART THEFT.

Written by PATRICIA DANIELS. What is SANDRA OH’s Middle Name? PATRICIA?

Like “NEIL PASRICHA” above, the name DANIELS, connected to DANIEL LADINSKY, and his book “THE GIFT” published in 1999. AS IF SANDRA OH has the “GIFT” of being an ARTIST of channeling Powerful Information through “ART”. DA NIEL. “DA” in Korean means ALL. DA is equivalent to the numbers “41” and this is about MY CHILDHOOD PICTURE of me and a BLACK GIRL from 1980 to BE SANDRA OH, through SICK BLACK UGLY BITCH SHONDA “LYNN” RHIMES.

SANDRA OH has the GIFT of being an ARTIST and “CREATOR and OWNER” of MY REGISTERED TRADEMARK at the USPTO, she is MY PORTRAiT Drawing “EYES” with number Vertical 8, connected to why SOLAR SYSTEM changed their planets from 9 to 8 in August 2006. AS IF she is the CREATOR of MY “TAO” Saying I created. THIS IS WHY THIS SICK ACTRESS IS GOING TO PRISON FOR LIFE.

PATRICIA DANIELS, PD = Portrait Drawing. The meaning of MY Portrait Drawing connected to “SS” Solar System, is also connected to MY “SS” SOCIAl SECURITY” NUMBER that they have BUILT to be SANDRA OH. “SS” like they’ve been building for 2 decades, AS IF SANDRA OH is MY IDENTITY with MY First Boyfriend STEPHEN GARY GARRISON from the 1980’s, “SS” Stephen and Sandy, through “GRAY’s anatomy”.

What is SANDRA OH’s Middle Name? PA “TREEE” SHA? AS IF SANDRA OH is MY PICTURES on the “TREE” at the very important address of 20360 Callon Drive TOPANGA in 2007.

This is WHY SANDRA OH was on George Tonight in Sept 2012, “GT”, The Gift BACKwards. Sandra OH wants the meaning of Vertical 8 to have meaning for her, AS IF She is MY PORTRAIT Drawing, because GREYS ANATOMY and EVERYTHING they’ve been building is built THROUGH Constance Maria Pecoraro’s JESUS CHRIST “CHA”Rlie, with HorizONtal Eyes “OO”, built in Left to Right, and if it’s about MEANING of MY JOHN HANCOCK as in MY First Name SIGNature of “SANDY” with OO made with letter S of my name, it must be form of TITS for Sandra OH who is a CANCER born in EAR sound of JU”LIE”, rules the anatomy of Front of the body of Tits. The reason why she is “CHRIST”ina Yang on “Grey’s Anatomy”, AS iF she is MY IDENTITY in MY childhood “CHRIST”MAS Picture with MY MOTHER in 1981 and my dog Frenchy, connected to Pecoraro’s Jesus CHRIST “OIL” ARTWORK. OIL goes on CANVAS and “RHIMES” with NAVAS.

SANDRA OH who is a Cancer sign, wants MY LEO SIGN to have meaning for her and BE HER as if she is MY IDENTITY and ARTIST of MY ARTWORK, because LEO sign rules the Heart and BACK. Meaning of MY First Name SIGNature of SANDY with OO on MY Pencil Drawing of ROBERT GUILLAUME from 1981, is the REASON why SANDRA OH got PLASTIC ASS IMPLANTS in a very disturbing sick ASS Conspiracy in CATHO”LICK” “MAT”hemathics of making MONEY, through Jesus CHRIST “CHA”rlie, AS IF she is MY NAME SIGNature through Pecoraro’s Jesus CHRIST “OO”. This is WHY EVERYTHING they’ve been building, is THROUGH PECORARO’S OIL ARTWORK, and through TOM “CHRIST”OPHER BRIDGES gay male DENTIST who has the SAME LEO Birthday as me. He bridges meaning of MY Name SIGNature, through EAR sound of his gay “LEO” and “OIL” BACKWards in a sick ASS CONSPIRACY, connected to ROBBING OF MY PARENTS NAMES, MY FATHER’s Middle Name of “BAE” which means B”OAT” and P3AR to be about TAO is the WAY BACKwards, through P3AR shaped ASSES. Catholicking a lot of ASS for MONEY, throiugh SICK BLACK S”KIN” BITCH SHONDA LYNN RHIMES.

If this is her middle name SANDRA OH is going to PRISON FOR LIFE and there isn’t anything anyone else can do about it. Can’t argue with FACTS.

June 28, 2013. PAT riots “SPO”rts player Aa”RON” HERNANDEZ has been arrested and is a suspect in Murder of “OD” Odin Lloyd and another 2012 murder. =

Sandra “PAT”ricia? OH, “SPO” rts, mentally disturbed sick gay psychobitch CRIMINAL and IDENTITY THIEF, who thinks ME doing ALL “SPO”rts is HER. Reason why all my very valuable Property and ALL MY SPORTS GEAR in Public Storage was STOLEN in 2008. Scuba Diving gear, Snowboarding Gear, Rock climbing gear, Rollerblades, etc.

Reason why MY MY LIFE has been RAPED. “OD”, for meaning of MY Name “SIGN”ature of “SANDY” with “OO”, meaning of MY SIGN of Double LeO, my watercolor painting titled “Double LEO” of LION’S BODY Patinting in shape of a male penis, to have meaning for SANDRA OH, ‘GOING BACKwards’, as if this sick bitch actress who thinks she is the ARTIST of MY ARTWORK and Upper Left two links of my website “HO”me “AR”tist Going BACKwards, while creating meaning of Going Backwards in “CONSPIRACY of TWO”. See Sandra Oh George Tonight Sept 2012 connections, this ‘IS’ the Conspiracy of Two “Sending A Message”. CHRIST “SAM” SARA SANDRA OH.

“HA” “AH”. The REASON why over 250 pieces of my Priceless Artwork, my car RAV4L and MY DOG JACK were all STOLEN in 2009. THIS IS WHY SANDRA OH MUST BE LOCKED IN PRISON FOR LIFE, NO PAROLE, DIE IN PRISON.

This is connected to SNOW “DEN” name, Beverly Hills Police Chief David S”NOW” DEN, as if SANDRAOH is MY IDENTITY SNOWBoarding in Lake Tahoe. Reason why MY LIFE was RAPED through “Beverly Hills Police DEPT” in 2009. This is WHY the BEVERLY HILLS COURT “Mental Health” counselor is a Korean Female name ESTHER “WU”, connected to SANDRA OH who had an acting role at RITA “WU” on tv show “ARLI$$”, which is about SPO rts. Since 2009, since the ROBBERY of MY DOG JACK, RAV4L, MY PRICELESS ARTWORK, I’ve been summing up everything that’s happened to my life, all the horrors and terrors CAUSED TO MY LIFE all connected to this sick DELUSIONAL ACTRESS who thinks she is MY IDENTITY and ARTIST OF MY ARTWORK.

WHO HAS SERIOUS MENTAL PROBLEMS? I don’t want Sandra OH in Patton Mental Hospital, I don’t want Sandra OH to go “HO”melesS, I want this sick bitch LOCKED IN PRISON FOR LIFE. JOSH WOLF is going to FOLLOW LOW LOW LOW FLYING AiRplane, his PERFECT MATCH in P3AR B”OAT” ASS CONSPIRACY, “SNIF” fing her Ass”HO”LE in “AiR” into PRI “SON”. “CF” Charlies Find, CORRECTIONAL “FAC” FACE FACE FACILITY.

“AH” ArRON Hernandez of the PATriots arrested in June 2013, and “G LOCK” GUN connections

PATRICIA Ave in RA nc HO PARK neighborhood on “PIC O” Blvd
C”HO”CHA rlies Find, PAR “KIN”G Lots,
QUE HORA ? “LP” Life in Prison TIME for Sandra “OH”

What is SANDRA OH’s Middle Name? actress “CHRIST”ina YANG on “Grey’s ANATOMY”

Sandy Wang’s IDENTITY ART, NAME, LIFE, and patterns of “08” in MY ART and NAME

1 LINE Drawing inside “O” Sandy Wang’s ONE Line TRADE”MARK” in circle of “O”

Sandra OH thinks she is My Identity, Artist of My Artwork, OWNER of MY TRADEMARK and they BUILT IT

connected to Deranged Baby Murdering, Child Molesting, Adult RAPING OF MY IDENTITY ART AND LIFE = SICK NIGGERS IN US GOV’T

through RAPING MY LIFE HORIFFICALLY DURING OBAMAS T”OO” TERMS and creating “Fraud Documents” and “RAP SHEET”
OBAMA and his Entire Administration are Criminals, OBAMA NEEDS TO BE ARRESTED and LOCKED IN JAIL

SP “O” ??
SP “O” ??

SP “O” ?? Yellow Dress on Bunker “HILL”

SP…..”O” ? BARC “O”, CRAB “O” , down the RAB bit Hole, asap LIFE IN PRISON SANDRA OH

Downtown Los Angeles

Where ever there is a KFC, it’s about the word “FUCK”
for CHIC “KEN” is a BIRD, in Tom BIRDges, KEN .ya born raping OBAMA who is a “CHIC” AGO Politician
in Robbing MY IDENTITY Korean Name and “FB” First Birthday Baby Picture for Sandra OH

“CF” Charlies Find Jesus CHRIST OIL ART by Pecoraro
Delivery D”OCTO”R of KEN.ya born Barack Obama’s FRAUD Birth Certificate David “SIN CL AIR”

Tom “BIRD”ges all BIRD Names and CHIC “KEN”, it’s built it for my Identity to be robbed for Sandra OH through Tom BRIDGES
What is Tom Bridges YEAR of Birth? 19 “72” ? PRISON TIME

Anywhere there is a CHIC”KEN” KFC, this is what it means:

SANDRA OH birthday of “7/20” and Aud”RY”, Rhimes with Coin LAWnd”RY” monster connections
Watch the video COIN LAW nd “RY” on “WA” Western Ave and SHER “BOURNE” IDENTITY Baby Murdering Raping NIGGER CONNECTIONS


KFC, KEN..tucky Fried in OIL CHIC "KEN"

tom 'BIRD'ges CHIC "KEN", NEK meaning of NEK in Korean is MOK AGE, GA MOK is Jail or Prison

it's about you STRANG 'LE' the NEK, like you wring a towel

SIR "ROB"ert "BOR"den, Har"RIS", CHIC'KEN' "NEK" and meaning of STRANGE WORLD of TH

Robert STRANGE WAY next to "KEN" neth Trueblood at UCLA

meaning of GYEONG CHA....."L" in Korean is Police, the missing "L" in the word STRANG L E

LIFE IN PRISON HP Hancock Park new house of Raping Robbing Shonda LYNN RHIMES sick nigger pussy

LIFE IN PRISON PAM rhimes with HAM and Pearl JAM eddie vedder rhimes with nigger



All SCH “OO” L Names is also built in, to be about SCHOOL of “FISH” is PUSSY,
CHARLIES FIND “OO”, when “OO” Over”LAPS” it creates () is Fish Is Pussy and CLITO “RIS”
connected to robbing of MY JOHN HANCOCK on MY ART from 1981

meaning of AE.SCUL.APIUS is about TAO DAO “DOW” jones of making Money through SCHOOL NAMES = Licking Eating FISH is PUSSY GAMES

YEAR, EAR sound

Sandra OH school name of “SIR” ROBERT BORDEN, C “LIP BORD” of PUSSY LIP ASS Conspiracy

REAL “D” art mouth raping through Lies and Fraud, and fictional books, SANDUSKY PEDOPHILES
“G”YM nastics and CLITO”RIS” of “G” SP”O”? Hope “S”treet and Hope “P”Lace with CRAB “O”
“G”YM nastics and CLITO”RIS”

Sandy Wang’s Father’s GOLF BAG next to DOOR in 1980’s picture

Josh Mic’CHA’ WOLF
CHARLIES FIND “OO” Jesus CHRIST Oil Art by Pecoraro
WO The “LEFT”, in Santa Monica next to PACIFIC Ocean is “WO” Wilshire x Ocean

Sandra OH Looking LEFT, in her FACEBOOK Page, Licking Mother MARY Pecoraro MARIA”CHI” An”CHO”vy S”ARD”ine is Fish is Pussy
LF Shonda Lynn RHIMES address on “LF” Los Feliz blvd, “11 45” and monster Signature BARCO Raping


PIC”O” Blvd x Patricia, “Awards Plus”
“A.P” Anal Parson’s Project since 1981 which has become a RAPING ROBBING of MY LIFE GAME

EAR sound of PICK “O”, Sandra “OH”, to Lick Fuck Suck and MERRY MARRY,
everyone is waiting, why isn’t anyone ASSSSSKING SANDRA OH ?

Sandy Wang’s TRADEMARK in circle of “O”, 1 LINE Drawing inside the circle


M “IL” FORD LAW, next to HO d ES vision
Milford next to Hodes = “MH” Mental Health Dept in LA County JAIL conspiracy of PC Penal Code of “1370”
Conspiracy of TWO Deserve CAPITAL PUNISHMENT

Sandy Wang’s Korean Name of “SIN WON”, Ear sound of ONE in Koran is “IL” and “68” SSN robbing in MATHemathics of making Money = White House address

1370 = PRISON TIME for Raping NIGGER OBAMA Sandy Wang FRAMED and Locked in Jail in 2009 through Fraud and Lies, as soon as OBAMA went into White House

HODES PARKING in explaining what “HO” D. “ES” means

SE is BIRD ,in Tom BRIDges, D = FOR M UL A of “OO” is ASS PUSSY BACKwards of Sandra “OH”

D “AR” K S”KIN” psychotic fucking niggers, for Sand “RA” OH is “NIK” name SIGNature of “Sandy” on MY ART

While at the same time, terrorizing me, raping my life, robbing my art, and protecting their sick Psycho Actress SANDRA OH

My name isn’t “NIK, SY , or DY”, it isn’t what my Name SIGNature on MY Artwork says.

M “IL” Ford, next to PATRICK D”IL”LON
= CHICA go “IL LI” NOIS Pedophile Rapists, Shonda RHIMES and BARACK OBAMA
CHICA is “GIRL” in Spanish in robbing my CP Childhood Pictures for Sandra OH
built through CP Constance Pecoraro’s NO Name “GIRL” sketches

2005 I met Constance Pecoraro at PATRICK LEE’S Dental Office

Constance Pecoraro is a Deranged Sick I”TAL”ian bitch who MUST BE LOCKED IN PRISON FOR LIFE

why Constance Pecoraro created her No Name Girl No “NG”
Tom Bridges “LIO and OIL” OO = IL LI the No “NG” is to go with “LIO N KIN G” in robbing My IDENTITY and NAME of WA”NG” for Sandra OH born in Otta”WA” Canada

raping of my Adult Life and childbearing years, in the PRESENT, so that SANDRA OH can BE MY CHILDHOOD Pictures from MY PAST = PSYCHOTIC FUCKING DERANGED NIGGERS FROM CHICAgo ILLI”NOIS”

Constance Maria Pecoraro’s OIL ART of Catholic Theme

IL …LI NOIS niggers built in for Jesus CHRIST the ‘SON” OIL ART in “OIL BURNS” since 1981


Back to where St. Timothy school is on the corner


“HODES” P “AR”……..KIN…….g

“NIK” and S”KIN” as if Sandra OH is My name SIGNature of “Sandy”

it’s been linked to LAW Books

and “HO”Nor as in Judges Names



“G” YM meaning


Chinese Bible Church, CHARLIE”s FIND “OO”

Sandy Wang’s HAIR in 1979 and Black DOG eating My HAIR

Sandy Wang’s Portrait Drawing HAIR C =3 and H= 8
Sandy Wang’s HAIR in 1984, and in 2006, “HAIR CUT 1 O 4 OO” meaning

Constance Pecoraro’s CATHOLIC THEME OIL ART meaning of Charlies Find Jesus

CHURCH connections

EAR sound “C” HER “CH” = C = 3 and H=8, As if Sandra OH is MY PORTRAIT drawing “HAIR” Numbers
Jesus CHRIST OIL ART by Pecoraro, “OO” Eyes on page “3” = 38

CH = 38 it built for “City Halls” of US government

millions of CHINKS in TAO of making Money through Robbing My ART, as if the Artist is Sandra OH





UPS store in “GRAY” = Gre ‘YS’ + UPS = PUSSY is “CHOCHA” in Spanish
built in for Jesus CHRIST CHARLIES FIND art by Constance Pecoraro
G “RA” Y is about my name SIGNature of sand”Y” wan”G” on my AR…t as if it’s Sandra OH

It’s about robbing My TRADEMARK in “O”, at the USP “TO” and My Portrait Drawing for Sandra OH

Sandy Wang’s Portrait Drawing, to be “SPO”? Self Portait is “OH” and owner of My Trademark in “O”
Sandy Wang’s IDENTITY, NAME, LIFE being raped and robbed to be Sandra OH

Grays Anatomy created by Deranged CHICA go “IL LI” NOIS Pedophile IDENTITY THIEF SHONDA LYNN RHIMES

robbing My IDENTITY and ART for SANDRA OH on ‘Grey’s Anatomy as CHRISTINA YANG

Gre “YS” anatomy is about Form of Sandra OH Licking hre Mother Mom MARIA Ass Pus “SY” backwards
Constance MARIA Pecoraro’s OIL ART of Jesus CH “RIS” T in Catho”LIC” Ass Pussy in MAThemathics of making Money

meaning of “GREY”S Anatomy” is about GRAY PACHYDERM Elephant, like RHINO, built in for NOS”E” Eyes of SON Jesus

Linked to CONNIE Pecoraro through CONNIE and TEDS new Pus”SEA” FOOD and meaning of “TO”
Constance Pecoraros’ No Name Girl with “FISH POLE” = “Fuck Pussy” Pyous Jesus = psychotic pedophile feeding

SANDRA OH’s Posting on Facebook “NANTUCKET” School of “FISH” is PUSSY

SHELL, PUS”SEA” SHELL of Licking MI”CHELLE” OBAMA’S transgender Negroin Area,
through Raping MY LIFE and Robbing MY ART

meaning of “SHELL” on TREEE at TOPANGA from 2007
Sandy Wang’s Pictures on “S” shaped TREEE in 2007

my Life my Art, Raped and Robbed, for DEEPLY ENVIOUS BORDERLINE PSYCHOTIC Actress SANDRA OH,


SHELL in “HER SHE YS” chochacolate Ass Pussy Licking AP Games

MI” CHELLE” OBAMA is a Male with a DICK between his Legs RHimes with SICK



They’ve been building in Los Angeles for more than 3 decades, as if Sandra OH was My Identity and Artist of My Artwork, from 1981 and 1982. It’s about the meaning of My Name SIGNature, aka “John Hancock”, on my drawing that they’ve built as if it’s SANDRA OH, as if she DREW my Drawings, and is My name SIGNature, copied and rebuilt, recreated to be about ANATOMY of ASS PUSSY built through JESUS CHRIST OIL ART of CHARLIES FIND by Constance Maria Pecoraro. This is why in 1999 Sandra Oh is in a picture with PUSSY, and it’s about the OVERLAPPING ARE of “OO”. Same reason why in 2005 Grey’s Anatomy HOSPITAL SHOW was created by CHIC ago ILLI”NOIS” Born Raping Nigger SHONDA LYNN RHIMES who is a IDENTITY THIEF and a CRIMINAL, it’s how CHICAgo ILLI”NOIS” OBAMA became the PRESIDENT, as if SANDRA OH DREW MY DRAWINGS and IS MY IDENTITY.

My Name SIGNature on my pencil drawing from 1981 of BLACK Nigger Male actor name ROBERT GUILLAUME, who was the “BUTLER” to the GOVERNOR on TV SHOW called “BEN SON”, is about meaning of MICHAEL JACKSON’S ASSHOLE, that they converted and twisted and rebuilt it to be about FORM of ASS PUSSY of SANDRA OH, as if My name SIGNature of “SANDY” is her name, the” NIK” of her name, built through BLACK COLOR S”KIN” NIGGERS. D “AR K S”KIN”. = Sand “RA” OH Is “NIK” built going BACKwards. This was built in with OIL ART of JESUS CHRIST the SON by Constance Maria Pecoraro, reason why Sandra OH was “CHRIST”ina YANG on “Grey’s Anatomy”. So through “OTHER PEOPLE”S ART, Other People’s Birthday Numbers, Other People’s NAMES, all connected together, they’ve built as if Sandra OH is MY IDENTITY and ARTIST of MY ARTWORK. It’s called a GROUP CONSPIRACY which is a very serious crime like IDENTITY THEFT and TRADEMARK THEFT.

They way they linked it, to ROB MY FEDERALLY REGISTERED TRADEMARK registered in 2007, was through NAME of the Examining Attorney at the USPTO, MIDGE “BUTLER”. Linking of MY Pencil Drawing from 1981, of Robert Guillaume who was “BENSON DUBOIS” the BUTLER to the Governor, holding a Magnifying Glass with an Eyeball inside a “O”, with My TRADEMARK in CIRCLE of “O” in 2007, THROUGH “BUTLER”. BUTLER is a DENTAL PRODUCT name, connected to WHY my Dental Hygiene License was illegally revoked in 2013 by White Collar C”RIMES” of PREMEDITATED GROUP CONSPIRACY.

BUTLER is the name of a LIBRA”RY” where BARACK OBAMA was known to hang out when he attended “ CU “ COL…umbia University. Meaning of My Pencil Drawing of ROBERT GUILLAUME in 1981, is why they built Sandra OH’s SCHOOL SIR ROBERT BORDEN in 1981, AFTER I DREW MY DRAWING, and since then they’ve been building as if Sandra OH drew my drawing and is the artist. It’s been linked to AIR “LIBRA” Sign of JOSH MIC”CHA” WOLF, sign of JUSTICE SCALES as it’s Symbol, as if the “LAW” has meaning through FRAUD OIL ART of Jesus CHRIST “CHA”rlies Find by Constance Pecoraro, connected to ACTING ROLE of DOCTOR CHRISTINA YANG of Psycho actress SANDRA OH.

The DISCOVERY of this area, sparked the release and unraveling of OFFSHORE DOCUMENTS of MONEY LAWNDERING and HIDING ASSETS in “PANAMA PAPERS”. PANAMA PAPERS, PA is a NAM and it’s about Ass.

This has been secretly built through meaning of MY KOREAN NAME that they LINKED IT TO FIRST PRESIDENT of George WASHINGTON, as if Sandra OH is MY KOREAN NAME and MY IDENTITY built through Korean Words of “SHO…es” and “HOS…pital”, which are “CODES”. NAMU in Korean is “WOOD”, from a TREE, it began with “MU BARAK” HO SNI, president and dictator of EGYPT. The reason for this connection is the image of PYRAMID “TRI” Angle on the ONE DOLLAR BILL. MUBARACK HOSNI went to PRISON when his own Government threw him out for countless acts of Terror and Crimes. = BARAK OBAMA.

Paper, Tree, Wood, What is Sandra OH’s middle name? PATRICIA? SPO? As if she is MY IDENTITY from “BIRTH to PRESENT” in MATHemathics of making MONEY.



TOPANGA, Sandy Wang’s address in 2007, on CAL…lon Drive, next to PENNY Road and SYLVANIA Lane, = PENNSYVLANIA AVE “PA” address of WHITE HOUSE with BLACK NIGGERS makes GRAYS Anatomy.

The issue isn’t whether Sandra OH is “GAY”, the ISSUE is called IDENTITY THEFT, ART THEFT and LIFE THEFT on a Massive Scale, connected to “44 45” th PRESI”DENT”, who became the PRESIDENT through RAPING OF MY LIFE and ROBBERY OF MY ART, as if it’s SANDRA OH.

There are lots of DENTAL Offices on this street on PIC”O” Blvd. You EAT through your MOUTH. Shonda LYNN RHIMES went to “D ART MOUTH” College.

David SIN CL AIR is the name of the Delivery Doctor on Barack Obama’s FRAUD birth Certificat from Hawaii, conjured up to Rob my Korean Name, and MY “BOURNE” IDENTITY for SANDRA OH.

SIN CL “AIR” RHIMES with WELL FAIR, the entire DPSS government agency, like Police Depts, and LIBRARIES which are also all “GA” Government Agencies, has been linked through “GA” Grey’s ANATOMY Hospital show in robbing MY REAL LIFE IDENTITY for SANDRA OH, through making shit up, like fictional books, and fictional tv shows. As if she is MY IDENTITY and ARTIST of MY ARTWORK.

Tom BRIDGES Virgo Mai”DEN” I”TAL”ian psychotic cunt Constance Pecoraro through raping my life

Connie Pecoraro’s New EER Email on “OS” Other Side of “GREEN”
Sandy Wang’s DENTAL Hygiene License HEARING and LORI HUBBLE on EVER “GREEEN” Street


Greys Anatomy set on “TAL”MAN Ave crated by Shonda LYNNNNN Rhimes
is HOW “LOR”etta “LYN”ch got to be who she is, and LORETTA LYNCH NEEDS TO BE ARRESTED like BARACK OBAMA


11 58.

11 45.

Remember these numbers, they’ll come up again on other pages in important linking of NUMBERS, which they are using to RAPE MY LIFE and ROB MY IDENTITY for SANDRA OH.

GRAY Elephant is a “PAC”HYDERM, like the Rhino. GRAYS Anatomy tv show, was created by “CAP”riCORN sign of G”OAT” SHONDA LYNN RHIMES. SHonda RHIMES address in Los Feliz is “11 45”. Do you think it’s random that there is a ANA”WAL”T LUMBER COMPANY with Pachyderm Elephanto Logo address of “11 O 45”, next to DPSS on PIC”O” Blvd? it isn’t random. ALL NUMBERS FIT PERFECTLY in MATHemathics of REPEATEDLY RAPING MY LIFE, to ROB MY IDENTITY and ART for SANDRA OH, EAR sound of “O”.

Watch out for NIGGERS wearing “OG” Olive Green color clothes, when it’s convenient, it’s Overthrowing the Government. YOU DO THE CRIME, YOU DO THE TIME. DERANGED PSYCHOTIC FUCKING RAPING OBAMA AND HIS DERANGED CO CONSPIRATORS MUST BE LOCKED IN PRISON. Mubarak Hosni was thrown out of his position by his own people, by his own government, after 3 decades of dictatorship. It’s MU “BARAK”, NA”MU” is TREEE in Korean, BARACK OBAMA and SANDRA OH’s TURN. TERN is a SEAGULL is a BURD BIRD in THOMAS BRIDGES RICH “ARDT” MARQ “ARDT”, D “O” T for the Presi”DENT”. FEETUS, the biggest lying mother fucking sick nigger on the PLAN IT.

PANAMA PAPERS is just the beginning of a very LONG PER PIR PURPLE NITEMARES of MARE is a Female “HO”rse Sandra ‘OH’ licking her mother MOM MA”RIA” Ass PuCE Dari SIGN eye. Built through ALL BLACK COLOR S”KIN” NIGGERS WORLDWIDE.

Sandy Wang’s FAC from 1982

SANDY WANG in GRAY T shirt in 1998 with “KRIST”Ian BAKO in NY, his BOAT is called “EDGE Walker”

KRISTian BAKO picture in Sandy Wang’s WATERCOLOR Painting in 2004

Sandy Wang’s PORTRAIT Drawing from FEB 2006

Solar System changed from 9 planets to “8” in August 2006, SEE “ARISTS EYE”


Sandy Wang’s FULL SSN through 3 building addresses on this one block in WH

NEW SOCIAL SECURITY OFFICE on VINE in 2011 scroll to bottom for recent pictures “BOLD”LY GO with STAR TREK into SPACE

“BP” In GREEN SIGN and “BP” OIL SPILL on “4/20/10”


EDGE “MAR” in Venice Beach, connected to Pecoraro’s new “SUNNY” in 2011



Psycho Constance “MAR”ia Pecoraro’s “FISH POLE” and new “SUNNY”

Constance Pecoraro’s FISH POLE image and her No Name Girl sketches

JOSH MIC”CHA” WOLF “FISH”Ing in “MAR”ch 2010

Thomas CHRISTopher Bridges

who needs to be LOCKED IN JAIL

JOSH WOLF who thinks MY ARTWORK has meaning for him and his WIFEY

Repeating Numbers of 9420 ROLEX building address

Sandra Oh Psycho Actress

the reason why she is “CRIST”Ina Yang on “GREY’S Anatomy”

113 BARCO created by Sick Black Bitch SHONDA “LYNN” RHIMES for Astrology Vibe of WOLF OH

131 ST “EU” ART x EM”BARCO”Dero connected to SICK LYING BLACK BITCH at “131 ST “EU” ART” Street, “Y.D”anielle Marquis in “SAN” Francisco

ASTROLOGY VIBE NUMBER meanings in ‘VB’ Eye sounds like I “VIBE”

Sandra Oh who went to “SIR” Robert Bor DEN high school

connected to Virgo Mai’DEN” Connie Pecoraro’s Catholic Theme of OIL paintings of Jesus CHRIST the SON

SEA is the OCEAN of Mother Mary

StudY StudI “O”, Sandra Oh PEPSI PUSSY 1999 “GRAYSONS” connection

What is PAT”HO”logical LI”AR” SAND”RA” OH”s Middle Name? PATREEEESHA?

PA PA chyderm meaning S”KIN” Mam “MAL”


TREE See SANDRA OH’s Snake S”KIN” BELT, like the Icy planet Pluto in Kuiper “BELT” in the Solar System, “MAL” in Korean means Horse and to Talk

SHA “SHA” in the name of PA “TREE” SHA

RICH”ARD” BACH meaning in LEO “OIL” is L”ARD”

Fraud Documents

BRAINWASHING through BOOKS and AUTHORS, Titles Publishing companies etc

Copyright Trademark Laws and CRIMINAL RAMIFICATIONS


What is SANDRA OH’s Middle Name? PATricia? AARON HERNANDEZ of “PAT”riots Murder and LiFE IN PRISON connections

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