PCH Pacific Coast Highway 1 and Diagonal Line

L "OO" K at the Street NAMES, they've been building in Los Angeles for 3 decades since I did my First Artwork in 1981 and 1982, to have been DONE by Sand"DRA" "OH".

Diagonal Line to “MAL”ibu, micro of macro of US MAP, FLOrida to Upper Left State of “WA”shington
The DOTS are where I was taken, my SUV Toyota RAV4L with 2 Portfolios of all my ARTWORK and my Dog Jack


I was taken to LYN WOOD LA County Jail
I was taken to through WHITE COLLAR C”RIMES”

My SUV Toyota was TOWED to specific Street name of WASHINGTON Blvd “WA”
My SUV Toyota was STOLEN through Fraud Documents NORWALK
I was taken to Toyota National Headquarters on Western Avenue “WA”

My dog JACK was STOLEN by someone in CAR”SON” Is her name “DIMITRA”?

All connected to GROUP CONSPIRACY supporting SANDRA OH is My Korean Name of “SIN WON” through “Grey’s Anatomy” set in SEAttle WASHINGTON

My SUV Toyota was also taken to 3971 CARBON Canyon Road Malilbu “8/13” Connections
DIRECTLY connected to FIRE Station 7 on SAN VICENTE Blvd

LAS “FLORES” and “HOLLOWAY” Connections
FLORES and KING'S Road in West “HO”llywood


“ART”esia, Lei like a Hawaiian LEI that goes around the NECK and HULA Dancers, Street names built “Going Backwards” for san”DRA” “OH” to have meaning in MY ARTwork and MY Father’s Identity.

Sandy Wang’s childhood picture and HAWAIIAN BARrel on Upper Left and “ORANGE” Basket
White COLLAR Crimes Linda “KING” and “LEI”launi”HO”ltz
NECK Connections
I was taken to NICK connections

HOBART and HARVARD are Two Repeating Street Names in many different neighborhood in Los Angeles including HOllywood. "ART". Sandra Oh better know how to DRAW. She better know how to SIGN My Name SIGNature TEN Times in a ROW Continuously.

W. Washington Blvd
SHOE SHOW SHO nda Rimes Big Black Infringing Bitch "Diamond Mok Age" of "Grey's Anatomy" set in Seattle "WA"shington

H "ARV" ARD Henry Louis GATES Jr in July 2009
RAV is a RABBI and Jewish Journal

SHO “NDA” gre “Y’S” for meaning of my name SIGNature of “SANDY” to be SANDRA through Business names
like Number 5 is “O” in Korean, the sound of SANDRA “OH” Name


San"DRA" OH has always wanted my name Sand"Y" to have meaning for her, like through the word PUS "SY".
Study Studi “O” SANDRA OH Pepsi PUSSY 1999

“US US US US” connections

SAN VICENTE Blvd Hit by Car NOVember 2009
specific License Plates USS, “STALKING”
just down the street from “PY” Purple Yellow = PUSSY on Thanksgiving

LOOK at the STREET NAMES, they are all connected to Sand"RA" OH and her TV show "GREY's Anatomy" set in Seattle GRACE Hospital WAshington

"DARTmoore". SHONDA Rimes Black bitch went to DART MOUTH College.
"Wheat STONE". Richard STONE was the JU dges name for my "4/20/09" Case, Stone of CANCER is PEARL, the reason why this License plate was at Beverly Hills Mercedes BENZ the week before my arrest in 2009.

STONE of Air Libra Josh Wolf is the DIAMOND, and they all want The Picture of me and a BLACK Girl taken in the shape of a DIAMOND to have meaning for them.

Sandy Wang’s Registered Trademark at USPTO and “CONSTITUTION of US”

April 1999 a week before my PREMEDITATED ARREST Sandy Wang’s RAV4L parked on Alden
Mercedes BENZ "PEARL 25" 5+5= TEN
SOUND of “MY MONEY” DES, Jewish School with “SHA” Gate
connected to MERCY MERCY MERCY WEST Hospital of "Grey's Anatomy"

Mercedes BENZ "BLOOOOOOO TECH" for BT Tom Bridges "BACKWARDS" leo 3AR sound of "OIL" Jesus CHRIST the "SON"
Arrested on Specific Date of "4.20.09" Repeating Numbers, GOLD D “US US US US T” connections and Glas”S WIRE” with TOM SWIRE
All this happend while I was being WRONGFULLY DETAINED in LA County Jail for 5 months in 2009
"9420" Wilshire Blvd, CROWN of ROLEX Building
Josh MIC"CHA" WOLF is a lying Sociopath

Judge RICHARD STONE at Beverly Hills
meaning of JUDGES NAMES in KING ART Hurs COURT connections



SEA and “AIR” connections

Sandy Wang's TOYOTA 2002 RAV4L STOLEN through Fraud Documents by Toyota Financial
My Car was supposedly Auctioned on "7/7" in NORWALK next to ROSECRANS Blvd in 2009

for Tom Bridges KOREAN WANG because MY Father's Family Lineage is of Korean ROYalty

MIL ROY street name and TOM CRUISE as ROY MILLER

1982 “American Were WOLF in LONDON” shoes BALLoon connections

meaning of JUDGES NAMES

Sandy Wang’s Registered Trademark and USPTO DUDAS BUTLER connections
Sandy Wang’s Portrait Drawing

meaning of EXACT Dates and “FOUR TEN” RAPING of MY “BEING”

for SANDRA OH Psycho Actress on “Grey’s Anatomy” tv show as CHRISTina Yang “CY”
DIRECTLY connected to Constance Pecoraro’s jesus CHRIST OIL Artwork
CHA rlies Find “OO”

BALL connections

Sandra Oh Website Registration and “SHAW”
Jesus CHRIST “CHARLIES FIND” on Cren “SHAW” Blvd in Los Angeles

CHARLES MANSON 5 is “O” connections

PCH is Highway 1.
My Watercolor painting titled “Purple Moon” has the number 3.

“13” is a Birthday Number. Tom Bridges birthday is 8/13/72 = Connie Pecoraro’s NEW address of “707” Bridgeway to complete a Fag’s birthday.
“OO” is the Horizontal Eye is Ass of Jesus Christ that Tom Bridges Bridged with sick Hor Dick Josh MICCHA Wolf in 2009 with GOLD I CLOCK of Blonde Hair White Pussy. So that My Birthday Numbers of “8/13” and MY IDENTITY MY WATERCOLOR ARTWORK can have meaning for SANDRA OH or CONNIE PECORARO.

“C” is = 3. PCH. HP is Hewlett “PAC”kard printer of TOM BRIDGES BIRD.

PCH PH PETER HASON in New York City. C is 3 for Jesus CHRIST the "SON" on page "3". They've been building the Coastal areas in CA connected to PETER HASON for 2 decades. It's connected to PIERPONT BAY in Ventura County, on PCH 1, connected to my Catholic high school classmates and the PROM in 1987 at PIERRE HOTEL. EVERYTHING about the RAPING OF MY LIFE in 2009, connected to Psycho Constance Pecoraro's Jesus CHRIST the "SON" is connected to PETER HASON IN NYC who is involved in the MUSIC Business, for meaning of MY Father the MUSICIAN to have meaning for Jesus CHRIST JOSH MIC"CHA" WOLF.

THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT. In order to fully understand why my PROPERTY was taken to specific places in Los Angeles during the RAPING of MY LIFE in 2009, on PACIFIC Coast Highway in “MAL” ibu, is DIRECTLY connected to everything they’ve been building on SAN VICENTE Blvd in West Hollywood at PACIFIC DESIGN CENTER and the LAM “P CH” AIR.

MAL in Korean means Two things, to TALK and HORSE. Pacific Coast Highway from Venice Beach to “MAL”ibu runs in a Diagonal Line. This Diagonal Line is PARAllel to Florida to the Upper Left state of Washington, where TV SHOW “Grey’s Anatomy” is set. SHOW, a perfect word to combine my name initials with Sandra “OH”. This is connected to my watercolor painting titled “Purple Moon”, the reason why Sandra Oh had FRAUD Birthday numbers posted on the web. Sandra “OH” wants any word that has “OH” syllable in MY LIFE to be her and have meaning for her. Like my Lake Ta”HO”e experience, pictures, and artwork. Any drawing or painting of “HO”rses. This ACTRESS needs to be locked in a Psyc”HO” w”ARD”.

Moon means Door in Korean. “Hor” “SE” Se in Korean means BIRD, Tom “BRID”ges Hubbard Lard Burds on Bridgeway with Mother Mary and Jesus Christ the Son. They want MY IDENTITY and MY ARTWORK to be “bridged” by a sociopathic lying fag Dentist name TOM BRIDGES who has the same birthday as me. THEY, Cruise Pecoraro and Oh NEED him in order to rob my Identity, because we have the same birthday numbers of “8/13”.

This is DIRECTLY connected to “JU”dges names and “PU”blic Defen”DER”s names in Beverly Hills Court who are connected to my “4/20/09” Premeditated Arrest and then Wrongful Detention in LA County Jail for 5 months. It’s DIRECTLY Connected to street names Mel”ROSE” and AL mont Drive in Beverly Hills and the BUSINESSES on these streets. IT IS IDENTITY THEFT THROUGH BUSINESS NAMES AND OTHER PEOPLE’S NAMES, FOR SANDRA OH IN A BIG GROUP CONSPIRACY. The Business of Sandra Oh “being” MY Identity is BIG Money Making BUSINESS.

This is connected to ex South Korean President “ROH” who committed suicide on May 23, 2009 from “OWL” ROCK in Korea. He said he was full of “SHAme”. He was going to be indicted for Fraud connected to a SHOE manufacturing company. SHOE is about Sandra Oh and her TV SHOW and the meaning of Korean words SHIN BAL. This is connected to Louis SHApiRO and Jack Rothberg from Beverly Hills Court. And Josh WOL f at the dog park with a dog name ROCKY, who was busy Sh”OO”ting his CUM in Chink Pussy and a Blonde Hair Cunt while my life was being RAPED. So that My dog JACK and my Watercolor ARTWORK can have meaning for Sick Jesus Christ the Son aka Josh MICCHA Wolf.

His name is about the meaning of San"DRA" "OH" name and the letter "R" which is the "18" in the alphabet, which is about SANDRA OH who wants MY PORTRAIT DRAWING to BE HER. It’s the reason why my dog Jack and I were LOCKED out of 20360 Callon Drive Topanga on “10. “18” 07” “18” and “17” is Sandra Oh’s YR backwards. Sandra Oh wants MY Portrait drawing to BE her, she also wants Lee Montgomery’s Eyes to be looking at Her, through brands of “YO”GURT name brands and new Businesses on frozen “Yogurt”. Look at every single NEW Yogurt brand names, especially all the GREEK Yogurt “GY” Sandra Oh wants my name of sand”Y” wan”G”, to have meaning for her. “GU” is about the meaning of the year of my Birth which is 9 in Korean. It’s about the drawing of Benson Dubois, Robert “GU”illaume that Sandra Oh wants to have meaning for her. She wants his Eye with a “O” and “Y” to be about her, like she wants MY “DRA”wings to be her because her name has the syllable of “DRA”. SANDRA OH THINKS THAT MY PORTRAIT DRAWING IS HER AND THAT SHE DREW IT, THE REASON WHY ALL MY ARTWORK WAS STOLEN with MY TOYOTA RAV4L and MY DOG in 2009.

Sand “RA” “OH” who wants the first Upper Left LINKS of My Website “HO”me and “AR”tist, must be licking the Pussies of Connie Ma”RIA” Pecoraro who wants my Portrait Drawing “H”AIR to have meaning for her middle name, and GLO “RIA” LEE, through High H”EEL” SHOes.

They’ve been building on this Diagonal Line from Lower Right to Upper Left “going backwards” for many years. It’s based on my Name SIGNature on Benson Drawing and both SANDRA OH and Connie Pecoraro wants this drawing and name Signature to be THEIRS. This has been going on for almost 3 decades and TOM CRUISE “MAP”O”T “HER is the Leader. “O” is about the Magnifying Glass BENSON is holding, “T” is about the Tao and “HER” is about this HER SHE pussy ass licking game he has created based on Ear Sound of Hubbard “LARD”. They ENVY everything about me and want MY ARTWORK and MY Parents Names and Identites to have meaning for them.

The Naming of Streets and Roads, neighborhoods based on this “Name, Word, Number Sex” Game has been going on for many years and so they’ve had the TIME to build all of this. I think many of the Main Roads EXISTED already for many years, they just kept what FIT and started changing things, adding and building to make it “FIT” them. So it isn’t what it IS, as it appears, it’s what they HOPE it would be. Look at the street names I’ve placed dots on in Norwalk Map, surrounding ROSEcrans Ave and SHOEMAKER Blvd. MICA is Josh WOLF’S Middle name, and this street is behind WOLF Company on ROSEcrans Blvd and MARQARDT. ARTesia, DARTmoor, Mil”ROY”, WheatSTONE, FireSTONE, Etc. Like GORDON Inc on MarqARDT Ave, all these Names are Connected to TRAUMATIC Incidents which occurred in my life, because even when I lived in Marin County, all this was happening in Los Angeles and I didn’t know.

They’ve been building on Connie Pecoraro’s CATHOLIC Theme of Mother Mary and Jesus Christ for many years. Businesses throughout Los Angeles is built on this “Name Word Number Color” Money making monopoly type of game. They’ve been building this since the early 90’s, and Connie Pecoraor’s Artwork is an INFRINGEMENT of my childhood pictures and my IDENTITY. Anything I say about Connie Peocoraro is the same for Sandra Oh.

Sometime in 2003, they began incorporating the dubbed VIDEO RECORDING of me with her “CHARLIE’S FIND” Jesus Christ. They want this VR to BE Connie Pecoraro or Sandra Oh and for Josh Wolf Jesus Christ to be L”OO”king at their ass in this Video Recording.

The launching of MYSPACE in 2003 created by CHRIS DE WOLF and Josh Mic”CHA” WOLF with his Theme of “WIFEY” by Judy Blume was the Combining the meaning of this. Then in 2009 I was set up and all my ARTWORK and dog JACK was stolen, so that they can DELETE me from SOCIETY and any RECORDS attached to my name is full of LIES and FRAUDULENT information, to have meaning for them.

Thomas CHRISTopher BRID GE S, Jesus Christ and all the “GE”s Stars and Celebrities on BRIDGEWAY with her CATHOLIC Theme of “Charlie’s Find” on Lower Right Corner and “Bridge in Fog” in the Upper Left corner. UPPER LEFT of EVERYTHING IN MY LIFE and ARTWORK including my childhood pictures of my Parents.

There are SPECIFIC REASONS why my car was taken to specific areas in Los Angeles while I was Wrongfully Detained in LA County Jail in 2009. There are specific reasons why my DOG JACK was Stolen. This is about SANDRA OH and CONNIE PECORORO who both want MY ARTWORK and WEBSITE to have meaning for them, including my domain name of www.sand”YWA”ng . NET so that the MONTH of OctobeR, Reproductive Organ of Josh Wolf “TEN” going backwards can have meaning for PEAR BOAT Ass and for MY FATHER’S Identity to have meaning for JOSH WOLF and SANDRA OH. For my name SIGNature on BENSON drawing “SANDY*” to have meaning for them. The reason why Mercedes BENz set me up with the BH Police office DUFOUR.

SANDRA OH went to Sir ROBERT BordEN High School in Canada so that my drawing of ROBERT “GU”illaume of BENSON can have meaning for her and appear as if it was “done” by her. So that my Name SIGNature of “SANDY*” can have meaning for her, the reason why Sandra Oh always attaches herself to Other People’s names like NIC or NICHOLAS. It’s why NIC “OLE” Rosenthal was the photographer of her cover of TV “GU”ide in June 1999. “21” looks like the Korean Character for the name LEE, and I wrote the name Lee Montgomery in Korean Characters in 1982. “95” is Sandra Oh’s Bible Vibe Number of Linda Goodman’s Astrology book “Love Signs”, for her and Lee Montgomery. Sandra Oh wants people to think she is ME in MY Childhood pictures and wants people to think she is the Artist who did the FAC in 1982.

Sandra Oh wants The Picture of me and the black girl to BE HER. It’s why she wants Tom Christopher Bridges to bridge her with MY BIRTHDAY Numbers of “8/13” and BEVERLY DAVIS, black female who went to the same College as me in Brooklyn, so that Beverly Hills can have meaning for her. Because of this picture Sandra Oh wants to “OM” with any black female that “FITS” her name. This picture of me wearing the White and Red Shirt with the number “14” is one of the reasons why Astrology got involved. Leo Scorpio, Wang and Montgomery Vibe Number is 4-10. Sandra Oh wants to “OM” with Beverly Davis, so that her Dental Agency “DA” = “41”, Dental PLUS Medical can have meaning for her, so that Her Vibe Number of 59 can be 5+9= “14”. The same reason why Sandra Oh is in a TV show with SHON”DA” Rimes, a black female. Sandra Oh has BUILT her LIFE based ON MY IDENTITY, MY LIFE and MY ARTWORK, to have meaning for her and BE HER.

PCH PACific Coast Highway is connected to Businesses in and around PACific DeSIGN Center on San Vicente Blvd in West Hollywood.

This Diagonal Line is based on my Name SIGNature of “Sandy*” with an Asterisk, on the Lower Right on the drawing of BENSON, with the Upper Left of Neil Diamond from the “Jazz Singer” holding a Mike on the Upper Left. Because I wrote “KEY to my SOUL”, and Neil Diamond is Jewish, they want my Writings and my Artwork to have meaning for JOSH WOLF who is Jewish. The Picture of me and the black girl is in the shape of a DIAMOND, one of the main reasons why almost everything they built in the last 3 decades is Left to Right. Businesses and Buildings. Based on MY identity, my name Signature and my Artwork, to have meaning for Sandra Oh. STARBUCKS who says they got started in Seattle Washington in PIKE Place is a perfect example. It’s about the Upper Left of everything. They say they first opened their first coffee shop in 1971. This is about Penis I “KE”, Neil Diamond holding a “MIKE”. The movie BEN is about Rats and Mice. Star spelled backwards is RATS, and “GE” in Korean means Rats and Mice. Because Sandra Oh is a “STAR”, she thinks she has meaning in My Artwork and MY FATHER’S name, Identity and his Music band “Morning STARS”.

BUCK is a DOLLAR, and George WASHINGTON is on the One Dollar bill. The number “13” is a very important repeating Powerful Number in the Dollar Bill. David Ovason wrote a book titled “The Secret Symbols of the Dollar Bill” and he explains all of this in detail in his book. This is the reason why her TV Show “Grey’s Anatomy” is set in Seattle “GRACE” Hospital. Grace is connected to my High School classmate name Grace Navas. GN is about my name WAng. “WA” in Korean means Come or to Arrive, and in this Sex Game it means to CUM as in Orgasm. This is why Josh Wolf lived in Washington State and the Mother of his son Jacob still lives there. Josh Wolf who is CROWN of THORN wearing Jesus CHRIST in Connie Pecoraro’s Catholic Theme, has also been playing the role of my Father, a Gifted Musician and Teacher. They want SANDY WANG and LEE MONTGOMERY’S Identities, to have meaning for Josh Wolf and Sandra Oh. Sandra Oh wants my TWO LINKS on the Upper Left of my Website “HO”me and “AR”tist to have meaning for her name SanDRA OH going backwards, to have meaning for her TV Show “Grey’s Anatomy” on the Upper Left state of Seattle Washington. Pear B “OAT” is about my father’s middle name of BAE which means Fruit as in Pear and Boat, and Sandra Oh wants my Father’s name and Identity to have meaning for her PEAR ASS, and TAO B going backwards with my Name of Sand”YWA”ng, to have meaning for “SHE Showed me the WAY” for her TV Show. SICK GAY PARASITE ACTRESS.

This is why Sandra Oh on Thanks Giving in 2009, rented a DOLLAR RENTAL Car in Canada, because it’s the TOP painting on my Abstract Page with the Dollar Bill below the “O” and Triangle “13” is MY BIRTHDAY Numbers, and Sandra Oh wants my Abstract page Artwork to have meaning for her, THROUGH Other People like Tom Bridges, because the Yellow Legal Pad Sketch I did in 1997 is what they’ve been building on since the 90’s. “ON”E Doll”AR”. “O” sounds like “OH” and her year is ONE and “OO” HOrizONtal is built in to go Left to Right.

My Korean Name, said in proper traditional Korean Way is WANG SIN WON, and it sounds like WASHINGTON. My birthday is 8/13/69. George Washington was the First President of the United States. Business Schools and MBA programs teach Economic and Business Students about “VALUE of the DOLLAR”. Wall Street. SWA are the Upper Left Computer Keys and S. WAng is in my name, the reason why Sandra Oh wants to CONFUSE people as to who is Sandy Wang. SHAW. SHOW, AO, Tao is the WAY for Chinese Doctor Sandra Oh on “Grey’s Anatomy”.

This is why THOMAS CHRISTOPHER BRIDGES who has the same birthday as me of “8/13/72” “bridges and Om”s Sandra OH and Connie Pecoraro on BRIDGEWAY. They’ve been building for Tom Bridges to bridge MY IDENTITY through his birthday, with Sandra Oh and Connie Pecoraro on Bridgeway for many years, both Psychobitches who want EVERYTHING about me to have meaning for and be them. Anytime you see the numbers “8/13” especially on Buildings in Los Angeles, it’s connected to TOM BRIDGES, and there is usually a CATHOLIC C “HUR” CH nearby.

Sandra Oh’s Acting Career is all based on MY NAME SIGNature on BENSON drawing I did in 1982, my Parents Names and my FAC. In the BENSON Drawing, he is holding a Magnifying Glass “O”. Sandra OH wants this “O” to Sound like her name “OH”. “O” is 360 degREEs in Geometry, going backwards SANDRA OH and her PEAR BOAT is a Perfect Match with her BUSINESSMAN Father BRETT BERN. Sandra Oh’s Year is ONE, which you can’t Go backwards with and “OO” is HOrizONtal built in to go Left to Right. Sandra Oh, deeply disturbed SOCIOPATH Actress, has been attached to my life for many years. SICK DISTURBED GAY PSYCHOBITCH TRYING TO MAKE MY IDENTITY AND ARTWORK “FIT” HER THROUGH OTHER PEOPLE’S NAMES AND BODIES.

THOMAS CHRISTOPHER BRIDGES who has the same birthday as me of 8/13, is CONNECTED to Sandra Oh and Connie Pecoraro, because of the meaning of my FAC from 1982, which tells a powerful story of Gay Male Sex, and HE is a CO CONSPIRATOR to ROB MY IDENTITY for these TWO disturbed sick bitches because he has the SAME Birthday numbers as me. Tom Bridges along with Pecoraro and Oh, needs to SERVE TIME in PRISON for Federal Crimes of Co Conspiring to Rob Identity, for LYING on Police Documents, ETC. CONSPIRACY, “Chain Conspiracy” is a FEDERAL CRIME, he has been connected to Connie Pecoraro and Sandra Oh for many years because I’ve been a Dental Hygienist for 20 years.

The People involved in my April 2009 PREMEDITATED Arrest are all connected to Supporting SANDRA OH or CONNIE PECORARO as the Artist who did all the Artwork. They INTENTIONALLY kept me in Jail, so that they can continue building based on them RAPING MY LIFE. Through OTHER PEOPLE’S Names, Specific REPEATING Numbers and information written on FRAUD DOCUMENTS, they want MY IDENTITY and MY ARTWORK and EVERYTHING about me to have meaning for and BE These TWO DEEPLY DISTURBED SICK PSYCHOBITCHES.

PCH. My CATHOLIC High School Prom was at the PIERRE HOTEL on Fifth avenue in NYC, and this acronym of Pacific Coast Highway is connected to a person name PH PETER HASON in Manhattan. C is number 3, for Jesus CHRIST the SON on page “3”. Whatever Peter Hason and his Brother KEN have built in their lives is connected to Thomas CHRISTopher Bridges the meaning of MY FAC from 1982 with Contance Pecoraro’s CATHOLIC Theme in MAN HATTAN, for Area Code of “212” VIBE Number for Pecoraro and Wolf, connected to my high school classmates and other people’s names connected to my like PETER HASON.

This is why when you keep driving NORTH on PCH, and get to Ventura County, the Upper Left corner area on the MAP is called PIERPONT BAY. Everything they’ve been building is based on EAR sound of words, and meaning of MY FATHER’S Middle name of BAE, which means P3AR and BOAT to be about P3AR shaped assed for Jesus Christ on the Lower Right, to be bridged by TOM CHRISTopher Bridges, like “Bridge in FOG” FAG, A, O. for TAO is the Way.

When you align yourself with their Catholic Theme, in MATThemathics of making Money, TT is a He with a Hard Dick as in it’s a boy’s name, and Thomas CHRISTopher Bridges is a Gay Male Bridging Rectum Fucking through “O”, is a Hole.

Through meaning of HAIR CHAIR STAIR and any word with HAIR, it’ “OM” Sandra Oh with my Catholic High School classmate GLORIA LEE AIR Gemini, Licking MA”RIA” Pussies BACKwards.

THEY BUILT the meaning of MY High School PROM in Beverly Hills, especially on Burton Way and SW”ALL” Drive, AS IF Sandra Oh was my Identity and has meaning in my GREEN Prom Dress I designed but I wore it to my Junior year Ring Day, I never went to my Prom.

Everything about PETER HASON “AIR” Gemini, like AIR Libra and all HAIR CHAIR AIRPLANES, is connected to creating meaning AS IF SANDRA OH was MY IDENTITY in my childhood picture of me at the AIRPORT with my Mother, through Connie MARIA Pecoraro’s Catholic Theme. It’s connected to ANGELA PIERCE. “AP”. I think Sandra Oh’s Middle name is “PA”Tricia, which is about the Korean word, PA which means SCALLION, connected meaning of SIGN of LEO, and CALLON DRIVE TOPANGA.

The Diagonal Line runs from the Lower Right on the Los Angeles Map to the Upper Left of MALIBU and PCH Pacific Coast Highway “1”, and the Road Names on PCH is connected to JESUS CHRIST wearing a CROWN of THORNS on Lower Right of page “3” “OO” and THOMAS “CHRIST”OPHER BRIDGES bridging “BRIDGE in FOG” of Connie Pecoraro’s oil painting on the Upper Left and Sandra Oh’s TV show on Upper Left of WASHINGTON State. PCH is about Hewlett PACK ARD. PACK is about my childhood picture of me wearing a BackPack going to school in the morning, and by adding “ARD” to this word, they want SAN”DRA” Oh to have meaning in MY CHILDHOOD PICTURES, and MY birthday numbers of “8/13”. ARD is about “LARD”, as in Hubbard Lard Bird, OIL, in a Big Blubber Ass Conspiracy, because of a very old Porn Film made by Lee H. Montgomery and because of the Sound of the Word ASSterisk with my first name SIGNature on Benson “Sandy*”.

This is connected to SANDRA OH and CONNIE PECORARO who both want my LEADERSHIP Training LP 173 to have meaning for them, THROUGH TOM BRIDGES, “bridging” them with Other People’s names. This Training is connected to Connie Pecoraro and her CATHOLIC Church Theme, the reason why the Trainor was name CHRIS Spence. This Training and the book “THE GIFT” by DANIEL LADINSKY are the reasons why MY LIFE was RAPED in 2009, and they STOLE my ARTWORK and my DOG JACK.

This is about the VIDEO RECORDING of me which was Dubbed with another females body and it was about Connecting all these things ABOUT ME and MY IDENTITY with MY ARTWORK, to have meaning for SANDRA OH’S P3AR BOAT ASS Going Backwards. Sandra Oh wants ALL MY SEXUAL EXPERIENCES to have meaning for her. You have to be deeply disturbed and DESPERATE for any Sexual Meaning in your life, to RAPE and REPEATEDLY ROB someone else’s life so that Their Life can have meaning for you. SANDRA OH IS A “SOCIOPATH” AND AN IDENTITY THIEF.

“CAPRICA” the New TV Show is an INFRINGEMENT of my ARTWORK and another “WAY” to create meaning to Rob my Identity, my Name SIGNature, my ARTWORK, to have meaning for them. It’s connected to Hewlett “PAC”kard which rhymes with LARD, in a Hubbard Lard Blubber Pear Boat Ass Conspiracy.


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