Upper Left Connections

“ Q “ is the uppermost left letter on the computer keys. If it’s about EAR sound, it must be “Q” ARMA, connected to “EAR”th Virgo Maiden Psycho CONSTANCE MARIA PECORARO.

Like United States Flag built in Left to Right with STARS on the Upper Left, with EARth Virgo, everything they built in EAR sound of words, is WHORE EYEZ ON “TAL” connected to her Jesus CHRIST “OO” with HoriztonTAL Rings around his eyes, created to ROB the meaning of MY Name SIGNature, as in my John Hancock.

The Upper Left letters besides Q is SWA. What’s missing? “NG”, reason why meaning of “LIO n KIN g” is important in robbing my identity and my name, My ARTWORK for SANDRA OH who was born in “OT TO WA” Canada.

It’s about “KEY” reason why computer KEYS and letters on the Upper Left is important, connected to my childhood picture with my father and Hawaiian Barrel on the “Upper Left”, connected to Writings I wrote in 1982 about Lee Montgomery “Key to my Soul”. It’s about OO, my “John Hancock” on my Art as in My Name SIGNature, when you type the letters S and L, which fingers hit the keys.

This meaning of Computer Keys and what is on the Upper Left, has been built through meaning of My Intellectual property, my writings of “KEY” to my Soul which I wrote in 1982 connected to my First Artwork Collection in 1981 which I did for Lee MONTGOMERY. Then they linked it with meaning of My Childhood picture with a Black girl in 1980 with what is on the Upper Left in this picture, with the Hawaiian BARREL on the Upper Left of my childhood picture with my Father in 1981.

This meaning of Computer Keys, and what is on the Upper Left is why the FIRST CODE for HTML Codes on the UPPER LEFT is “!DOC” Type for most website pages.

The ESCape KEY is the Uppermost Left key. “ES C”. C “SE” BACKwards. Reason why Microsoft programs have “BACK” key button the Upper Left. SE in Korean means “BIRD” for TOM “BRID”ges meaning of MY Parents Names, connected to “LIO n KIN g”, in ROBBING My parents names for WOLF and PECORARO and MY IDENTITY for SANDRA OH. Tom BRID”ES” is very important because he has the same LEO Birthdate as me of 8/13, but different year.

SE is BIRD in Korean, and TOM “BIRD”gES, BLACK BIRDS, like Black SWAN birds in WESTERN AUSTRALIA, with PSYCHOTIC BLACK S”KIN” NIGGERS, like KEN..ya Born raping nigger OBAMA with CHICA…go and CHIC”KEN” is a BIRD.

PAC..hyderm RHINO H”ARD” S”KIN” mammals built in with C”HO”CHA is Pussy and BLACK COLOR S”KIN” going backwards for San”DRA” OH” is “NIK” through D”AR” K S”KIN” sick niggers.

The “C” is about the EAR sound of ‘SEE’, like SEA, connected to Horizontal Rings around Jesus CHRIST Eyes of OIL Painting by Constance Maria Pecoraro, Jesus CHRIST the SON on page “THREE”, C is the 3rd letter of the alphabet. This is connected to ROBBING MY IDENTITY for SANDRA OH in a Group Conspiracy, through the vehicle of Constance Pecoraro’s CATHOLIC THEME OIL ART of Jesus CHRIST, which is very closely connected to George “C” PAGE. PAGE “C”=3, of OIL ART by Pecoraro, “CHA”Rlies Find, Jesus CHRIST, reason why SANDRA OH is “CHRIST”ina Yang on “Grey’s Anatomy”.

A historical person in the history of state of CALIFORNIA, GEORGE “C” PAGE. Where ever this name is, 100% it will be connected to CP Constance Pecoraro and her OIL ART of JESUS CHRIST on PAGE “THREE”, 3, in P3AR Ass Form Conspiracy, connected to robbing of my childhood CH”RIS”TMAS Picture in 1980, built to be SANDRA OH, reason why this Korean actress was CHRISTina Yang on “grey’s ANATOMY”.

“C” as if through Constance Pecoraro’s CATHOLIC Theme OIL ART, as if SANDRA OH is MY Identity in all my CATHOLIC School pictures, especially my High School ST. VINCENT FERRER. Picture of me with my H”AIR” in shape of “C” in 1985. As if SANDRA OH is My Identity in MY Childhood “CHRIST”MAS picture with My Dog FRENCHIE and My Mother, through Jesus “CHRIST” OIL ART by Pecoraro and through TOM BRIDG”ES” LEO same birthdate as me. It’s called IDENTITY THEFT in a GROUP CONSPIRACY.

See the picture of my Childhood CHRISTmas picture, Tree Trimming in shape of number “THREE” 3. For this Number to be about P3AR shaped ASS FORM, connected to my Childhood picture with my Father and Hawaiian BARREL on the Upper Left, when you lift the Barrel a Baseball BAT like Stick sticks up representing the male organ. BAT, Tom Bridges the BAT in “A”ss Going BACKwards.

Letter “Q” is the Upper most Left letter next to S”WA”. What’s missing? “NG”

It’s about Robbing my Childhood Picture from 1979 in Santa Monica, with a Black Dog on my lap and the sign of YELLOW VIRGO, “YV”. VIRGO Rhimes with ARGO and ARGO is CORN Starch as in G’RAV’Y Thic”KEN”er. It’s about robbing this picture of me as if it’s Sandra OH, built through CP Constance Pecoraros’ No name “GIRL”, GIRL is CHICA, connected to PEDOPHILE RAPISTS from “CHICA” go ILLI”NOIS”, SHONDA LYNN RHIMES and the OBAMAS. Almost EVERYTHING is about robbing this childhood picture of me, as if it’s Sandra Oh.

Sandy Wang's 1979 childhood picture and “YELLOW VIRGO” Sign

Yellow Virgo.

YV ette is a very common nigger spic name.

It’s an EAR of “CORN”. EC. ELGIN “CHA”rlies Find “OO”.

CORN connections

PU “CE” Dari Sign Eye of Mother MAR.I.A..H EC and ELGIN Street in CANADA of Sandra OH

It's about BLACK COLOR S"KIN" and C "HO"CHA, Black niggers and sick Spics, who’s lives are built, as if Sandra "OH" is My Name SIGNature on my art of "Sandy", as if it's the "NIK" of her name, as if it’s the NIK of her name Sand”RA”, built through D “AR” K S”KIN”, and C”HO”CHA is Pussy has name of OH in it backwards. This is why Sandra Oh was Doctor CHRISTina Yang on “gre YS ANATOMY”. It’s connected to BLACK NIGGER PUSSY name “Y.D” YVETTE DANI"ELLE" MARQUIS in “SAN” Francisco who I met in 2006, and it’s about robbing of my name signature of ‘Sandy” on MY ART, rebuilt to have meaning for MILLIONS of BLACK and SPIC Pussies licking Sandra “OH” Drew Dra Dro her Mother MARIA Pecoraro Ass Pussy FORM”OSA” OO, and she’s licking it, Going Backwards in Mathemathics of making Money as if she is my Identity and Artist of my Artwork, twisted and recreated through Jesus CHRIST “CHA”rlies Oil Art by Constance Maria Pecoraro.

This LINKING of BLACK nigger pussies to my life, has been going on for decades, connected to my childhood picture with a half black girl in 1980. They built as if this picture of me in 1980 is Sandra OH, connected to countless nigger pussies worldwide.

COMPUTER “KEYS”, it isn’t just nigger pussies, it’s disturbed nigger dicks, in linking of meaning of “KEY to My SOUL”, my writings from 1980’s, that’s been linked to PSYCHOTIC SICK NIGGERS for decades through Computer “KEYS”. Reason why MY SECOND ARTWORK Collection from 2002-2008 was STOLEN at the beginning of NIGGER OBAMA’s PRESIDENCY, and disturbed deranged SICK MURDERING NIGGER DICKS, have all been building through Computer “KEYS”, for MY ARTWORK to be their SICK RAPING BLACK “DICKS” that SANDRA OH DREW. Past Tense. Black Pant..her r..ape..ing nigger dicks.

Sandy Wang childhood picture in 1980 with half black girl

CAM Dung Yee is Nigger in Korean, and Tom “BRIDGES”, Sandra “O” is “WANG”

COLOR PURPLE Sandy Wang childhood CH”RIS”T MAS Picture in 1980 and “TREE” THREEE Trimming is Ass

“AW” nigger Color Purple by writer Alice Walker nigger
“NG” nigger writer “NG” Nikki G”RIMES”

“Y.D” in “SAN” Francisco lying nigger pussy Dentist Yvette Danielle Marquis


CON…go C”RIMES” with Vir…GO CON..stance Maria Pecoraro.


TRINI”DAD”, FAT.HER, is LARD is OIL built in for Jesus CHRIST the SON Father and Holy Ghost TRINITY of Catholic Theme oil art by Constance Pecoraro.

TO BAG O, Cut 1 O, form of OO, FORM OF HANDCUFFS go on W “RIS” T and C”RIMES” with Jesus CH”RIS”T.


AL”ICE” is COL…d in niggerWONDERland

Connie MARIA Pecoraro and CON…go NIGERIA Niggers


Josh Wolf school TRINITY University of Father, Son, and Holy Ghost

built on Connie Pecoraro’s CATHOLIC THEME OIL ART

Upper Left computer key letters of “Q”, and SWA, has been linked to AFRICAN language of “SWA..HILI”. SWA….. what’s missing? Reason why CP Constance Pecoraro created her “NO Name Girl”, “NG”. It’s why “NG” Nikki G”RIMES” is who she is. How many names have the letter “Q” in it, very few, reason why in 2005, I met a Black nigger Dentist name “Y.D” Yvette Danielle MARQUIS in “SAN” Francisco. Breaking down and dismembering of letters in MY NAME, and rebuilding it to be SANDRA OH connected to PSYCHOTIC DISTURBED WOMB RAPING PEDOPHILES MURDERING RAING SICK FUCKING D “AR” K S”KIN” FUCKING NIGGERS. As if I don’t exist, but EVERYTHING about ME is SANDRA OH, connected to CP ConstancePecoraro’s pedophile sketches of her “NO Name Girl”, connected to GIRL is CHICA, and CHICA….go ILLI”NOIS” Rapists, Barack Obama and Shonda Lynn Rhimes.

2005 was the year “Grey’s Anatomy” first aired on tv, created by CHICA..go ILLI”NOIS” rapist SHONDA LYNN RHIMES, with Sandra Oh as Doctor CHRISTINA YANG, the RAPING OF MY LIFE TV SHOW that hasn’t stopped. It was when I met CONNIE PECORARO and then “Y.D” Marquis in “SAN” Francisco in 2005. This ushered in OBAMA’S PRESIDENCY, fraudulent sick lying nigger who has a fraud identity and has been using a Social Security Number that belongs to a dead man in Connecticut. If it was anyone else, they’d be in Prison serving a Life Sentence, why “Y”???? ISNT SIN…C..LIAR, this INSANE HUSSEIN NIGGER IN PRISON?

Meaning of Letter “S” of my name, signed sideways looks like shape of “OO”, reason why Psycho Pecoraro’s Oil Art of Jesus Christ has “OO” Rings around his Eyes. “WA” in Korean means COME, that’s been built to be CUM as in Orgasm, linked to robbing of my Korean Royal name of WANG, through Alice Walker nigger “AW”, and for SANDRA OH who was born in Otta “WA” Canada.

SWA “HI LEEEE” is the language of Africa. Reason why the name of “LEEEE” is so important to disturbed sick MON”KEYS”.

LEE in the word “ELE” phant Pachyderm H..ARD S”KIN” psychotic sick niggers in the Rabbit Hole

ELE vator

ELE phant and RHINO is built in for CHICAgo “ILLI…..NOIS” Raping Nigger “SON” Disturbed OBAMA

The meaning of Computer Keys on “UL” Upper Left, like US MAP on UPPER LEFT of State of WASHINGTON, connected to robbing of my IDENTITY and NAME, through robbing of my JOHN HANCOCK name signature on my ART, built through HAND in Spanish is MAN”OS”, and everything about words with “SO” Backwards, is about the word “SO…UL” MATE. RAPING AND ROBBING OF MY “SOUL”, for Psychotic Deranged soulless sick actress name SANDRA OH, for Mathemathics of making MONEY as if she is me and Artist of my Artwork, gets the DEATH PENALTY.


EVERYTHING is about robbing of my IDENTITY and ART for psycho actress SANDRA OH who must be Locked in prison for life

WHY would SANDRA OH be this Popular at NA ACP? With Nigger Pussies and Dicks, connected to OBAMA and RHIMES RAPING MY LIFE



Notice a PATTERN. EVERYTHING is about robbing of my IDENTITY built through MY CHILDHOOD PICTURES connected to artwork I did as a child in 1981 and 1982, built as if it’s SANDRA OH. Built through “CHICA” is GIRL in Spanish, through Constance Pecoraro’s NO Name “GIRL” sketches, connected to “CHICA”…go ILLI”NOIS” Womb Raping PSYCHOTIC MURDERING NIGGERS SHONDA LYNN RHIMES and BARACK OBAMA, both from “CHICA”go ILLI”NOIS” built in for OO RINGS around Eyes of JESUS CHRIST the “SON” is ANATOMY of LARD OIL ASS, both of them deeply connected to “AW” ALICE WALKER and CP Color Purple, linked to CP Constance Pecoraro, in robbing of my Korean Name of WA..NG, for Psycho SANDRA OH born in Otta “WA” Canada. Reason why CP Constance Pecoraro created her “No Name Girl” No “NG”, built to have meaning Going Backwards through “ON” and “AW”.



PEARL JAM 1991 album “TEN” and song “BLACK”. It’s about BLACK “SON”, Jesus CHRIST the SON, in carrying on meaning of “NE”w “GRO”wth of GREEN Chlorophyll made by the “SUN” in Photosynthesis. A Sick Twisted meaning of “BURNT OFFERING” 1976 LEE MONTGOMERY’s movie and meaning of my name signature on my art from 1981, which was about MICHAEL JACK”SON”s A”NUS” the BLACK nigger SON.

Her name has been linked to Robbing MY IDENTITY for SANDRA OH for decades, specifically my childhood pictures from 1979 and 1980. My childhood picture in 1979 with a BLACK Dog and the sign of "YV" YELLOW VIRGO. "YV"ette. EighT EighT, "88".

ELLE in "HER SHE YS" Chochacolate Ass Pussy Cat'HO'licking in Mathemathics of making Money.

MAR "Q" U.I.S. EAR sound of MAR "KEY", a PAC "KEY" Derm Raping Sick NIGGER RHIMES with VEDDER pussy who MUST BE LOCKED IN PRISON in San Francisco with TOM BRIDGES.

It's about SILENT Letters in Names and words. "T"AO is a Silent "T", or the sound of "D"AO.

MAR "Q" U.I.S.

L ......"O" U.I.S.

CORN in Korean is "OC SU SU", EAR sound of "OK" SU SU, or "OQ" SU SU.

"ROC" Star Eddie Vedder RHIMES with Nigger married to I"RIS"H KRISTen Mc"COR"mick, is a CAP ri"CORN" Sign the G"OAT" built in going Backwards in a OIL P"EAR" B"OAT" Ass Pussy Conspiracy. PAC hyderm a "GRAY" Elephant, connected to "GRAYS Anatomy" of NIGGER ASS PUSSY CLI "TO RIS" LICKING SANDRA OH Capri"CORN" PaChyderm Shonda LYNN RHIMES.

Sandy Wang's Trademar"Q" in circle of "O", thomas harris book EVIDENCE of True meaning
Sandy Wang's Name, Art and identity "o 8" Patterns

YV ette DANI “L” MARQ .U.I.S
Edw ARD L.O.U.I.S Sever”SON”, aka Eddie Vedder of PEARL JAM
Shonda LYNN RHIMES CHICAgo ILLI”NOIS” Rapist Pedophile

There are hundreds just like these, but below are two examples in Mathemathics of making Money

LOUIS STERN Art Gallery on ALMONT Drive = Anal Parson’s PROJECT street
YV ette Rhimes with OysterETTE and you find “BLACK” PEARL Nigger Pus”SEA” CLI “TO RIS” O CEAN Ave

RED Dragon, DRAG as in Nigger Rhimes with Ved”DER” and TransgenDER. MIS FITS of the Planet Earth.
Michelle Obama is a TRANSGENDER, a Male with a Dick
Like “SW” Serena Williams of TEN”NIS” Any “ONE”?

CHICA… No Name GIRL sketches of Psycho Constance Pecoraro, scroll down to TEN “NIS any “ONE”?
All GORILLA NIGGER MONKEY APES are built in for their White Mama Ass Pussy Cunt CONSTANCE PECORARO
like anyone who is involved in playing “O.C” Oedipus Complex games of NIGGER SON OBAMA looking for his WHITE MAMA PUSSY

"ELE"phant pachyderm in ELGIN “CHA”rles monster connections, and "ELE" vator CUT the "O" finish line

JUNE "Q"UT the "O" and Finish the LINE for Robbing my JOHN HANCOCK built to be Ass Pussy
built through JOHN HANCOCK PARK new house of Disturbed Rapist SHONDA LYNN RHIMES

JOON Sandra OH and her Father “JOON Soo Oh” and “DG” Dolce Gabana connections of D “O” G

Korean Words, YANG TAL meaning of “EWE” EAR Sound of “YOU”

Do Korean words have meaning for you? Y.E.S. you must be licking, “”” Eyes of Jesus Christ is “N..OO..N” is Ass Pus “SY” BO..g STAR SANDRA OH “””

Korean words don’t have meaning in my life. I am only translating, because many Korean words are the SECRET CODE, in ROBBING OF MY Korean Name and IDENTITY for psycho Korean actress SANDRA OH, who thinks and believes she is the ARTIST OF MY ARTWORK DONE BY MY HANDS.

reason why it's, TU"Q" the Dick in between Legs, JAMIE GUMB "JaGy" is Dick In Korean, SILENCE of the LAMbs


4 C day B 4, FORM “OSA”,

44th PresiDENT Raping OBAMA

SEA ttle in “KINGS” county. Area code “206”. 26 is the Last letter of the alphabet.

It's the same things RECYCLED over and over and used in different CONTEXTS. Tom Cruise with NIK LEO KID MAN in "Far and Away" directed by RON "HO" w "ARD", wants his lass to like his "HAT" in the movie, MAN HAT, what's missing? The "TAN" of 3AR sound SIGNtology, like "SEA" ORGS. Manhattan area code is "212" for Thomas CHRISTopher BRIDGES My Parents Names, My Father's Music band from the 50's "Morning STARS", with Constance Pecoraro and Josh Wolf in their "212" ASTROLOGY VIBE Number connections. His marriage, like to KATie HOLmes, is DIRECTLY connected to supporting Constance PSYCHO Mother MARYIA Pecoraro's CATHOLic Theme OIL and GLASS Artwork of MARY and Jesus CHRIST, created to ROB the meaning of MY FAC from 1981, My Writings, and MY Korean Name/IDENTITY, for SANDRA OH. The reason why she is "CRIST"ina Yang on "Grey's anatomy".

Jesus "CHRIST" is DIRECTLY connected to MY CATHOLIC Grammar and High School classmate name CHRISTina BERNARD"O", who's first boyfriend was name "TOM". TOM BIR ds BRID ges GAY MALE who has the SAME Birthday as me. The ONLY other person who I met in my Life who has the same birthday as "8/13" is another male name DARREN, who lived in the same Apartment building as CHRISTINA BERNARDO in Jackson Heights New York.

DARRE DARi DARY, means "LEG" in Korean. LOS an "GEL" es. SE in Korean means BIRD sound of "BER" in the name BERN "ARD" "O", BACKWARDS. SANDRA OH who has Plastic Ass Implants because of the meaning of MY First Name SIGNature of "Sandy*" with an ASTERISK and "OO", to be about Form of ASS BACKWARDS, through Jesus CHRIST Eyes, "CHA"rlies Find, connected to EAR sound of JOSH MIC"CHA" WOLF, sound of MI "KA". AsterisK. "RISKY BUSINESS" Tom Cruise.

They've been building on this meaning of "DARI" which means LEG for many years, connected to PERSIAN Word "DARYA" which means the "SEA". SEA connections of CHEL "SEA" HANDler, SEA is the OCEAN of Mother MARY statue on Ocean Ave in Santa Monica. Josh Wolf who used to live in "SEA"TTLE Washington, connected to Sandra Oh on "Grey's anatomy" set in SEA ttle Washington HOSpital. "SURI" Rhymes with "DARI", and SURI is a PERSIAN Word which means "ROSE". Connected to Jesus CHRIST who "ROSE" on T "HIR" D Day, Tom Cruise "MAP" O T "HER" Day. Jesus CHRIST who blows Air in Flute Holes of Daniel "LAD"insky's poetry translations of PERSIAN Poet name "HAFIZ", in his book "The GIF. T" T is for "T"AO. A, O what is the first letter of your alphabet? "FIG" ure it out yourself at the FIG restaurant on OCEAN is the "SEA" avenue in Santa Monica.

6/20 6/2

Portrait Drawing H”AIR” MA “RIA” backwards through Korean Word MURHI which means H”AIR”. RABBIT HOLE HAR3, H”AIR”.

HO me AR tist Upper Left.


Sand “RA OH”
RA bbit HO le

H”AIR” EAR sounds like H”ARE” is a RABBIT.
Sandy Wang’s H”AIR” and meaning of CENT SCENT SENTENCING of C”RIMES” in CA and Worldwide

Upper Left. Why is this important? It’s the HAWAIIAN BARREL in my childhood picture with my Father and BO Bassket of Oranges.


Sandy Wang’s Dog JACK Stolen in 2009

Upper Left STATE of SEATTLE WASHINGTON, in robbing my Korean Name of “SHIN WON” in the word Wa”SHIN”gtON, for SANDRA OH, reason why “Grey’s Anatomy” tv show was created in 2005 and it’s set in PUS”SEA”ttle WASHINGTON, connected to “DC” and BLACK NIGGERS in WHITE HOUSE makes GRAYS ANATOMY. Eddie VEDDER RHIMES with NIGGER lives in Pus”SEA”ttle WASHINGTON, CHO”CHA”RLIES FIND “OO”.

Pus”SEA”ttle WASHINGTON, C”HO”CHARLIES FIND, PUSSY in Spanish with NAM.e of Sandra “OH” Backwards. Reason why Eddie Vedder and Jill KRISTEN McKormick named their children “O.H” Olivia HARPER, same name of Shonda Rhimes children, and she created “Grey’s Anatomy” set in Pus”SEA”ttle WASHINGTON, C”HO”CHA rlies Find “OO”, reason why Sandra OH is “CHRIST”ina YANG on this tv show. This isn’t random.

It’s about robbing my Korean name of WANG, my father’s ROYAL Family name, for Sandra OH who was born in OTTA”WA” Canada. This is why it’s important to know what is Eddie Vedder’s childrens DELIVERY DOCTORS name in “WA”? is it Doctor name “NG”? This is how it’s connected, through Constance Maria Pecoraro’s OIL ART of JESUS CHRIST “CHARLIES FIND”, reason why Sandra OH was “CHRIST”ina YANG on Greys Anatomy created in 2005. It’s about a Nigger name “ELGIN CHARLES” and his H”AIR” Salon in Beverly Hills, linked to “ELGIN” Street name in OTTAWA CITY HALL Canada, where Sandra OH is from. Elgin Charles. “EC” EAR sound of Pu “CE”. Pu “SEA”ttle WASHINGTON, where Eddie Vedder lives, he was born in “EC” Evanston Chicago Illi”NOIS” built in for Eyes of “SON” Jesus CH”RIS”T, reason why he married a I”RIS”H clito”RIS” name JILL K”RIS”TEN Mckormick. C”HO”CHA is Pussy in Spanish for CP Constance Pecoraro and it has Sandra “OH” name in it backwards.

It’s about NAM….es and meaning of “MAN…OS”. EVERYTHING has been built to be about people’s NAMES, My Parents names, built to be about the GRO IN AREA, connected to NIGGER VEDDER psychotic “NE”GROS. BO “G” is Pussy in Korean, for Korean Actress SANDRA OH “DRU” Robert Guillaume through her School name “SIR” ROBERT BORDEN. Reason why “BO” Barack Obama became the 44th Presi”DENT”, through LIES and FRAUD.

MAN “OS” it’s about NAM ES

BURD SE is “BIRD” in Korean and TOM “BIRD”ges BT Body Types Backwards in LIO OIL = OO “IL LI” NOISE raping nigger vedders of the world

DEN Tom C”HAND”ler BRIDges the “DEN”tist,

TOM CHANDLER BRIDGES NIGGER VEDDER TRANSGENDER, “Q”U EEERS on the Upper Left built through CHICA.go ILLI”NOIS” rapists and pedophiles connected to Jesus CHRIST SON Oil art and No name “CHICA” by Constance Maria Pecoraro.

Nigger Vedder VERMINS of the World, see page 80, 81 T”ED” BUN”DY” PSYCHOS

Real Life RAPING of MY Beautiful ART, MY LIFE, MY SOUL, for SANDRA OH, by Mentally ILL SICK PEDOPHILE RAPING OBAMAS in WHITE HOUSE makes GRAYS Anatomy. It isn’t GRAY, it’s either BLACK or WHITE either SANDRA OH is MY IDENTITY and ARTIST of MY ART or she isn’t.

Kill one of me, so MILLIONS of Sick Niggers Chinks Jews Koreans and Spics can “GR O” in MATHemathics of making Money through RAPING and ROBBING MY IDENTITY and ART for SANDRA OH, built into this DE rang ED Presi”DENT” BARACKET”EEER”ING OBAMA, Rhimes with QARMA built in.

Upper Left, KEN “Q”UEST, Q letter, EAR sound of WEST, T “SO”, Sandra Oh and her Nigger Vedder Father Eddie Vedder Singer of P”EAR”L JAM Music Band. C”HO”CHA PEPSI PUSSY SANDRA OH, Reason why Eddie Vedder and Jill “CHRIST”en MCKORMICK named their daughters “O.H” Olivia and Harper.

Meaning of “T SO” Backwards in WES.T EAR sound

QUT the “O” and Finish the LINE, FORM OF HAND “Q”UFFS go on W “RIS” T and RHIMES with CH “RIS”T, “SIR” ROB.ert BOR.den Psyc”HO” Actress SANDRA “OH” in a GROUP CONSPIRACY of IDENTITY THEFT, ART THEFT and LIFE THEFT.

QUANTICO is for real

It’s the PUS”SEA”ttle WASHINGTON “DC” NIGGER RHIMES with VEDDER connections in “BLACK” We Belong Together. BLACK in WHITE HOUSE makes GRAYS Anatomy. It isn’t Gray, it’s very Black or White, either Sandra OH is MY IDENTITY and ARTIST Of MY ARTWORK or she isn’t.

Aud”RY” EAR sound of SANDRA “O”, pat”HO”logical LI”AR” Psycho Actress CRIMINAL who needs to be LOCKED IN PRISON FOR LIFE
CHICA go ILLI”NOIS” Pedophile Rapists, “CAPriCORN G.OAT” Shonda RHIMES with Thr”OAT” is “NEK” MOK AGE
CHICA go ILLI”NOIS” Pedophile Rapists, “CAPriCORN G.OAT” Rhimes with Thr”OAT” Like NIGGER and VEDDER

CHICA go ILLI”NOIS” Pedophile Rapists, “CAPriCORN G.OAT” MICHELLE OBAMA has dick

EAR.th is a TH”REE” Dimensional SPHERE. EER, sound of S “F..EER”.

This isn’t about “Ass Contest”, it isn’t about Sandra Oh is “Gay”. It isn’t a Her She Sherborn psychotic Chochacolate ass licking. It’s called PUBLIC REPEATED RAPINGS, OF MY LIFE and MY ART, MY ANATOMY, EVERYTHING ABOUT ME, for MATHEMATHICS OF MAKING MONEY, THROUGH TERRORIZING OF MY LIFE, to ROB MY IDENTITY, MY LIFE, MY ART, built as if it’s Psychotic Disturbed Korean Actress SANDRA “O.H”. DEATH R.O.W.

Sandy Wang’s FAC from 1982 UPPER LEFT of Neil DiaMOND holding a Microphone from “Jazz Singer”

UPPER LEFT “Water Earth” pictures in SANDY WANG’S Childhood picture

Upper Left of HAWAIIAN BARREL of my childhood picture of me and my Father

Computer Keys and HTML CODES of Upper Left

Thomas CHRISTopher Bridges

who needs to be LOCKED IN JAIL

P”EAR”L JAM Eddie Vedder on upper left State of Seattle WASHINGTON

JOSH WOLF who thinks MY ARTWORK has meaning for him and his WIFEY

All “LU” sh stores

Repeating Numbers of 9420 ROLEX building address

Sandra Oh Psycho Actress

the reason why she is “CRIST”Ina Yang on “GREY’S Anatomy”

Sandra Oh who went to “SIR” Robert Bor DEN high school

ISNt that Life ? “Q” uestion

Psycho Pecoraro’s NO NAME GIRL “NG”

connected to Virgo Mai’DEN” Connie Pecoraro’s Catholic Theme of OIL paintings of Jesus CHRIST the SON

SEA is the OCEAN of Mother Mary

StudY StudI “O”, Sandra Oh PEPSI PUSSY 1999 “GRAYSONS” connection

What is PAT”HO”logical LI”AR” SAND”RA” OH”s Middle Name? PATREEEESHA?

Fraud Documents

Copyright Trademark Laws and CRIMINAL RAMIFICATIONS

MARIE Nails and letter “Q” on building

Nightclub called “Q” on Beverly Drive

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