Marin County, a suburb North of Golden Gate Bridge in SF CA
SausalitO, CA 94965 is on the “OS” Other Side of MARIN CITY
Marin City is a community of PER”KINS” COIE Black Color S”KIN”
Negr”OS”, IM”OS”, MAN”OS”, Sandra Oh licking her Mama MARIA CHI CHOCHA

For 4 Decades, since 1979, this is what they've been building.

I am DE CODING what they built to ROB MY IDENTITY, MY ART, MY LIFE, for SANDRA OH “SO”,

Built through psycho tik CATHOLIC THEME OIL GLASS ART by Constance Maria Pecoraro in a monster Group Conspiracy

Barack SoeterO Rhimes with SausalitO, like Nige”RIA” Rhimes with MA”RIA”

TREEE niDAD and TOBAGO Rhimes with Yellow VIRGO and ARGO, like Wells FAR GO, ConGO VirGO PETCO RARO,

PURDUE is a Chic”KEN” Farm Brand, chic”KEN” is a BIRD, and it's about KEN “QUEST FOR FIRE”

connected to Barack Obama born in KEN YA with a FRAUDULENT Birth Certificate and Social Security Number



Built through OIL ART of JESUS CHRIST “CHARLIES FIND” OO, dor RING ton, bar RING ton

SIN clair,

YR “O IL” ONE burns


TEN “NIS” any “ONE”?

S….”HO”….W of SANDRA OH DAK tor C “RIS” T ina Yang, TAO TE, womb raping games of

SIR SER in CAR SUR RATE Sandra OH Shonda Rhimes

SUR ROB art and BOR ni DENT ity = Life in Peni TEN ia RY

Constance “MARIA” Pecoraro Psycho's Address in 1998
21 Princess Street Sausalito CA 94965
ISNT THAT LIFE? Qarma LIFE in Prison “9/11” HER”N”Don Virginia
MARIA”N” Building of HER SHE YS CHOCHA Cat”HO”Licking

1998 Constance “MARIA” Pecoraro, ISN'T THAT LIFE IN PRISON
“11/09” Constance Pecoraro's Website Registration on “11/09” 1998 HER “N” DON Virginia
CUT the “O” MARIA”N” BUILDING, next to KEN”Q”UEST?ion WEST in Bever”LEE” Hills
Conspiracy of 1
Conspiracy of 2

“Cryptic” “G”Riddles of Words and Numbers
Constance Pecoraro's Jesus CHRIST “CHA”RLIES FIND “OO”
meaning of Pecoraro's CATHOLIC THEME OIL ART


Josh “WOLF” = FLOWer TOWer = FT FOOture Tense with "Artist LOFT" based on my Legal Pad sketch, FOOT on BOX

PARALLEL Entertainment
TARGET Making it Happen with CROW and WOLF
FOOT is “BAL” in Korean
connected to HOS pi “TAL” in Korean


SausalitO CA 94965 MAP

Princess DIANA “MaiDEN” name
“CHARLIE’S and CARLOS” CHA in Korean means CAR
Connie Maria Pecoraro who modeled for FORD Mustang CAR
Tom Bridges Patrick “LEE” on Bridgeway
MILLER Ave and Katie Holmes of ART “HER” MILLER “All My SONS”
SKY and MILLER connections with TOM CRUISE

meaning of Rich”ARD”T BACH, BAK
connected to PERSIAN Words, BORDAN and BAK”TAN”

SO why did Princess DIANA “SPENCER” MAI”DEN” Name die in a TUNNEL in FRANCE? ON “8/31”
because ThoMAS CHRISTopher Bridges the “GOLD”en GAYte BRIDGE
my childhood CHRISTMAS picture of me my mother and my dog “FRENCHY”
and my GOLD C “LOCK” to have meaning for BLONDE HAIR
Jan 1997 Leadership Trainer name CHRIS SPENCE
William Connections

WALDO TUNNEL aka “Rainbow Tunnel” after you cross the GOLDen Gate BRIDGE to SAUSALITO
when was this Tunnel Named?

Sandy Wang's Writings of I “WAL” Y on my Architectural Drawing from 1982
meaning of Sandy Wang's Name SIGNature on my Pencil Drawing from 1981 of Robert Guillaume

meaning of “UN” in T “UN” nel
in the word CAM D “UN” G Yee “Jung Dung”


Alexander Avenue is the Second Exit after you cross the Golden Gate BRIDGE, which leads to Bridgeway, Sausalito. There is a street name Spencer, which was Princess Diana’s maiden name, and Connie Pecoraro who is a Virgo the “Maiden” wants to have meaning in everyones mother’s Maiden Name. Middle Name of Mother Mary MARIA. The reason why Jennifer Lopez, who is from the Bronx, made the movie “MAID in Manhattan”.

There is also a street name CARLOS. The Korean word for Car is “CHA” which also means Tea. This is connected to Nata”LEE” “HO”loway’s murder in Aruba, she was last seen in a bar called “Carlos and Charlie’s”. I met Connie Pecoraro at Patrick “LEE” dental office where she is a patient, and this is related to PATRICK Dempsey of “Grey’s Anatomy” and also to Patrick Demarchelier, photographer who took many pictures of the late Diana.

There is also a Cooper Lane and a Miller Avenue. Cooper is about the name of a school called PETER COOPER UNION School in Greenwich Village, where I took a few design classes in 1995. This school name and this street name is the reason why MINI COOPER cars have become popular. It got it’s jumpstart with “CHA”RLIZE T”HER”ON, in the “Italian Job” as in Italian Blow Job Connie Pecoraro who runs a Prostitution Ring on Bridgeway.

T”OM” Cruise Mapother “HER” and T”OM” Bridges, Birds and all the “GE”s, aka, “STARS” on Bridgeway with Connie Pecoraro’s shitty oil paintings and glass artwork, so she can have meaning in my Artwork, my FAC from 1982, my Parents Names and my Identity.

MILLER is connected to MILLER One Group who owns Mercedes BENz in Beverly Hills.

It’s why U2’s Bono sings about “Where the Streets have no Name”.

See how many times Connie Pecoraro uses the syllable of "CHA" on this page. CHA in Korean means Car and Tea, and this is about Josh Wolf's Middle Name of MICCHA, the reason why her Jesus Christ is named "CHA"rlie, because Connie Maria Pecoraro wants her Son Christ to be l"OO"king at her FORD MUSTANG CAR Modeling pictures and her ASS and for Korean Words to have meaning for them. It's their CATHOLiQ Church Theme of Mother Mary and Jesus Christ in a "Savage is Loose" Oedipus Complex of the Chel"SEA" on OCEAN Avenue, based on the Childhood CHRIST MAS picture of me. Gay Ass and Hanging Balls below.

“FLOW”er Tower”, like “CHA”ndeliers. ARCHI TECH TURE. St. Joan of “ARC” was MY Grammar School, St. Vincent FERRER was MY High School, NYC City “TECH” College was MY Collge. Sick fucking Disturbed Connie Pecoraro who says she got her Art Degree from SAN Jose University. Connie PECORINA, Long line of Sheep Fuckers from ITALY used to be a PROSTITUTE sucking DICK for Money and runs a Prostitution Ring on Bridgeway Sausalito. Her Artwork is a “FRONT” and everything about this PSYCHO PECORARO is a FRAUD.

MH Marin Headlands, “OS” Other Side of SausalitO “94965”

Sandy Wang summing it up through Music, GARY WRIGHT Song Lyrics of “OS” OTHER SIDE

Sandra Oh and PALM of her HANDS in Exact “TEN” Years of raping robbing my life

Sandy Wang's CA Housing

Sandy Wang 20360 Callon Drive TOPANGA address in 2007, across from MH
MH Mermaid House on Callon Drive


MH Making it Happen psycho Pecoaro “CROW and WOLF” in May 2009

MH Sandy Wang FRAMED and LOCKED IN “MH” Mental Health LA County Jail in 2009 through Judge name “MARIA” Stratton
through White Collar CRIMES and BAIL amount of over 3 MILLION

MH Conspiracy of “TOO”

LOC”O” is Crazy in Spanish like Cho”CHA” is Pussy for CP Constance Psycho Pecoraro and “LOC”k Al”ICE” in Wonder”LAND”
Psycho Pecoraros GREEEN on “OS” Other Side email to me in 2011
Sandy Wang's DENTAL HYGIENE Petition in 2012 from Ever”GREEEN” Street Hearing Date of “6/4”

CP Cassil Place “PAM” on Sunset Blvd, “64 64” building
OS Other Side of PAM on the MAP is “CL” COL.e x Lexington


D “ART and MOUTH” College, Den”TAL” Men”TAL” Raping sick Niggers, who are BOGE TAL ASS PUSSY Licking for SANDRA OH

LAND”ER” Rimes with NIGG”ER” only plans DEATH, scroll down to David Sexton's book




I, Sandy Wang, the person who is writing this, the person who is creating all my “What's the Connection” pages, the Artist of all my Watercolor Artwork on this Website name “', I moved to Marin County, a suburb North of San Francisco City in CA, in December 1999, from NYC where I had lived for over 2 decades.

I lived in Marin County for almost 7 years, 1999-2006, then for a few months in SF City in the Sunset District in 2006, and in October 2006, moved to Los Angeles.

I met Constance Maria Pecoraro in 2005, at “Patrick Lee” dental office on Cale”DON”ia Street Sausalito when I worked with him in 2005 to 2006 for 1 year, she was a patient in his office. A dental assistant name “Malia” who was from “Hawaii” introduced me to him. I was living at 20 Shelley Drive Mill Valley at the time, in a building owned by Gor”DON” “MAC”donald who was also a dentist in “Green”Brae Marin County.

Marin Headlands is a mountainous area on the “OS” Other Side of Sausalito CA 94965.

Marin CITY is a city of BLACK NEEGROS, who began settling there 3 decades ago, connected to the meaning above. It's a weird little city, because Marin County is a very WHITE place, which is about Barack Obama's WHITE MOTHER, aka Constance Maria Pecoraro PSYCHO, through her “MOTHER” MARY OIL ART of her Catholic Theme.

It's about the word SYN “KROW” NI CITY. Do you live in the CITY or the CUNTREE? Synchroni”CITY” has been built to be about “GREEN” NEEGR”O”. But if you live in the CUNTREE, there are lots of GREEEEN LEAVES and Trees everywhere. See Copper Penny page below. CP. Tom Bridges GOLDen Gayte BRIDGE with “CP” Constance MARIA Pecoraro.

It is where I was a member of the Presidio Riding Club, where I sponsored a Brown Thoroughbred Horse for almost 2 years. I took a few lessons in Dressage Riding and loved spending all my time with the horses. I spent a lot of time hiking, riding and walking in this mountainous region when I lived in Marin. Then from 2002 forwards, I began doing my Artwork again, painting in Watercolors. And I began going Snowboarding in Lake Tahoe, and did this for the following 3 winters from 2002-2005.

Fast Forwards to 2014.

I've been in Los Angeles since October 2006 and it's been a SLOW SYNCHRONIZED, SLOW KILLING, MURDERING of My LIFE, through PREMEDITATED ORGANIZED C”RIMES”, all connected to this PSYCHO Bitch CON ARTIST Constance MARIA Pecoraro and her CATHOLIC THEME OIL ART, created to ROB MY IDENTITY and meaning of My Name SIGNature on MY ARTWORK from 1981, built to be SANDRA OH, as if she is the Artist of my artwork, in a Group Conspiracy of MATHemathics of making Money through “PY”ous Je”SUS” CHARLIES FIND, connected to Josh MIC”CHA” WOLF, the “BIRTH” of his SON JACOB in Seattle WASHINGTON, reason why in 2005, “Grey's Anatomy” was created with SANDRA OH as “CHRIST”ina Yang.

Constance Pecoraro's CATHOIC THEME OIL Art of MARY and JESUS CHRIST was created to ROB My John HANCOCK as in my very important Name SIGNature on my Pencil Drawing from 1981 of black male actor ROBERT GUILLAUME, along with MY IDENTITY for SANDRA OH, and meaning of My Parents Names for Josh MIC”CHA” WOLF and Constance Maria Pecoraro. They are connected to CHICA”GO” IL LI NOISE Niggers, the Obamas and Shonda LYNN RHIMES in a Black Color S”KIN” conspiracy.

All of this is connected to several of my CATHOLIC HIGH SCHOOL Classmates, but most importantly 3 of them, GLORIA LEE birthday of “5/29” AIR Gemini, JACKIE “LAF”uente birthday of “11/17” Scor”PI of O”, and CHRISTina BERN”ARD O” birthday of “5/4” TAURUS. CHRISTINA BERN”ARD O”, with San”DRA O” name in it backwards, is the biggest sickest lying betraying bitch, SPIC C”HO”CHA who used to work at DUN”KIN” DONUTS in 1980's, connected to creating meaning as if San”DRA O” is the “NIK” Name SIGNature, as in my first name of “SANDY” on MY Drawing from 1981, connected to ROBBING of meaning of JACKSON HEIGHTS NY ZIP CODE Numbers of 113 72, where we all lived in the 1980's. BUT IT'S ABOUT MY IDENTITY and MY ARTWORK, not these lying bitches names or birthdays.

EARth TAU”RUS” Sign of CHRISTina BERN”ARD O”, 5/4/69, in the ZIP CODE of SAUSALITO “94965” BACKwards. What's left? “9” in Korean is “GU”, connected to meaning of My Pencil Drawing of ROBERT GU IL “LA” UME. GU IL In Korean is number 9/1, and through VIRGO Mai”DEN” Constance MARIA Pecoaro's birthday of 9/1, they've been building in “LA” Los Angeles for many years, as if San”DRA O” is My First name SIGNature on this PENCIL Drawing from 1981, built through meaning of BLACK CO”LOR” S”KIN”, CHICA”GO” ILLINOISE Niggers, connected to CAN”ADA” where SANDRA OH was born in robbing of MY IDENTITY, MY ART and MY LIFE in a Group Conspiracy.

TAU”RUS”, is connected to Sandra Oh who went to “SIR” EAR sound of “SUR” ROBERT BORDEN High School in Canada in 1980's, and through her SCHOOL name, has been claiming for 3 decades, as if she is the Artist of my pencil drawing of Robert Guillaume from 1981, which of course is a LIE. But they also built as if Sandra OH is My IDENTITY attending all my Catholic Schools in 1980's, as if she is my identity in all my pictures with my classmates at ST. VIN”CENT” FERRER, connected to a major street name SAN “VICENTE” Blvd in West Hollywood. How can that be? Sandra OH is only 2 yrs younger than me, how can she have attended two different high schools, in two different countries, at around the same time in the 1980's?

CHRISTina Bern”ARD O”, is why Sandra Oh is “CHRIST”ina Yang on “Gre YS Anatomy”, connected to Spanish word C”HO”CHA which means Pus”SY”, connected to Jesus CHRIST the Son oil art of “CHA”rlies Find by Constance Maria Pecoraro, connected to JOSH MIC”CHA” WOLF who went to Trinity University in “SAN” ANTONIO Texas in 1989. CHRSITINA BERNARDO'S boyfriend/husbands name in 1988 was ANTONIO.

It's about over LAP ping LAF fing FORM of “OO” creates () is Pus”SY” or C”HO”CHA, with Sandra “OH” name in it backwards. See this meaning in 1999 Sandra OH PEPSI PUSSY Pictures, reason why in 2005, “Gre YS anatomy” was created in a OIL ASS Pussy Conspiracy. When you “SEE” through Eyes of Jesus CHRIST art by Constance Pecoraro, you “CE” PUS”SEA”, reason why there is a Mother “MARY” Statue on “OCEAN” is the SEA Avenue in SANTA MONICA CA.

TAU “RUS”. Is why “UTA” United Talent Agency in 1990 was created and why this is SANDRA OH's talent agency, and her agent's name is BILLY LAZA”RUS”. Which is connected to MARY and IRVING “LAZAR” Plaza Lobby at Cedars SINai Hospital, another reason why “Grey's Anatomy” HOSPITAL Show was created in 2005, because it's DIRECTLY connected to this real life hospital with OO as their Logo.

5/4, these Numbers in Korean is “O SA”. Bern”ARD O”, San”DRA O” ASSSS is “O” sound of “OH” going backwards. This is connected to a street name “FORM OSA” in Hollywood. FORM, as in meaning of My First Name SIGNature of “SANDY” on my pencil drawing from 1981 with OO made with letter “S” of my name signed SIDEWAYS, with an AsterisK key * which looks like an asshole, rebuilt and recreated to be about FORM of ASS PUSSY, of Christina BERN”ARD O”, San”DRA O” name backwards in TOM BRIDGES, “BT” BODY TYPES. P”3AR” B”OAT” Ass Pussy conspiracy built through “JC” Jesus CHRIST, connected to extremely important meaning of “CJ” CARL JUNG, for CAM DUNG YEE “JUNG DUNG YEE”, Black Color S”KIN”, like Dun”KIN” Donuts.

What's the day BEFORE “5/5” CINCO De MayO? 5/4. Extremely important meaning of “4C day B4”, that was built connected to this Deranged Sick Chocha BERNARDO'S ASS PUSSY FORM BUILT for PYOUS JESUS “CHA”RLIES FIND. To read and understand this in detail go to UTA page, and TOPANGA page. 10/18 is the day BEFORE 10/19 Josh MIC”CHA” Wolf “AIR LIBRA” Birthday.

5/4 TAU....”RUS” Bern “ARD O” Dun”KIN” Do”NU”ts Sandy Wang's Catholic School classmate CHRISTINA BERN”ARD O” Twisted Sister Psycho Spic bitches
UTA Meaning of her birthday of “5/4” and CINCO DE MAYO is “5/5” and TAU”RUS” “UTA” Sandra Oh talent agency
SIR “SUR” Sandra Oh's high school SIR Rober BORDEN in Canada

Sandy Wang's Catholic School classmate JACKIE “LAF”uente in Boston Mass
Constance Pecoraro's Catholic Theme are and meaning of Over LAPping “LAF”fing “OO” creates ()

() Sandra OH on Arli$$ Foot Ball shape

OO overLAPping area of Sandra OH Pepsi Pussy in 1999

Meaning of “4 C day B 4” and Sandy Wang's address in TOPANGA with Bro”KEN” LOC.K on “10/18”
day B4, Josh MIC”CHA” Wolf AIR LIBRA Birthday 10/19

watch video on FORMOSA x LEXINGTON “FL” 1145 Merry Lee
11 “45” in address of Los Feliz, SHONDA LYNN RHIMES sick deranged nigger pussy

4C day B4, FORM “OSA” of San”DRA OH”, Ass Pussy Snake S”KIN” Dari BE”LOW”It the ASSSTERISK meaning


This is why SHONDA LYNN RHIMES who created “Grey's Anatomy”, who is a graduate of “AE.SCUL.APIUS” in making Money of “D ART MOUTH COLLEGE”, her address in LOS FELIZ has the numbers “1415”. 45. what's left? 11, November SCOR”PI” of “O” birthday of Spic CHOCHA JACKIE “LAF”uente, in OO, over”LAP”ping “LAF”fing eyes of Jesus CHRIST is OIL ASS Pussy, for SUC Stand Up Comedian Josh MIC”CHA” WOLF, who makes people LAF, sound of LAUGH, sometimes the sound of “LOCK” in names.

Jesus CHRIST was born on CHRISTMAS, in the 'WIN”Ter when it's “COL.d”. In a MANger in “BETH”le”HEM”. Josh Mic”CHA” Wolf and his wife “BETH”any Ashton, connected to “CHA”rlies Find Jesus Christ, in Robbing of My John HANCOCK, as in my name SIGNature, through ANATOMY of FORM of “OO” Tits Ass Pussy conspiracy built in by default through Eyes of “PY”ous Je”SUS”. “OO” is TITS left to right, and backwards is FORM of over”LAP”ping Ass Pussy. PAL is a Korean word which means number 8, or OO, and the word for ARM. ARM, Mother “Mom” MAR “Y”. This is built in with meaning of PERSIAN WORDS, “BORDAN and BAKTAN”, which means “TO WIN” and “TO LOSE”, built in to WIN for PIMPING of Anatomy of ASS and TIT “OO” FORM for JESUS CHRIST “OO” Eyes.

B”””OARD of SanDRA O

BORDAN and BAKTAN meaning and Fon”TAN”ELLE of raping robbing MY IDENTITY LIFE from 'BIRTH to PRESENT' for Psycho SANDRA OH

Los Feliz where Shonda Rhimes has her “office”, Production company of SHONDA “LAND”, “LF” is about Wilshire x Ocean, “WO” = WO LF. WOLF RIMES with GOLF. LEFT is the TAO DAO “DOW JONES” of making Money connected to KEN “Q” UE.ST. EAR sound of “WEST” like “O” is OH, in CATHOLIC Theme of MATHemathics of making Money through TOM BRIDGES “Gays Anatomy”.

Los Feliz, FELIZ NaviDAD is MERRY CHRISTMAS in Spanish like CHOCHA is Pussy in Spanish, for CHICAGO ILLI NOISE” Niggers, connected to Constance Pecoraro's Catholic Theme oil art and her “No Name Girl” sketches created to ROB MY IDENTITY for SANDRA OH, as if I had “no name”.

Los Feliz, when you go to FORM”OSA” street x Lexington, “FL” there are two circles of “OO”, and “MERRY LEE” apt building, all connected to MATHemathics of making Money as if Sandra OH is My Name SIGNature on my Art from 1981, rebuilt through Constance Pecoraro's Catholic Theme, connected to BIRTHDAY Numbers of these SPIC CHOCHA CUNTS from St. VINCENT FERRER who need to be found and LOCKED IN PRISON.

SHONDA LYNN RHIMES, her birthday of 1/13, is connected to ROBBING of the meaning of My Pencil Drawing from 1981, which I drew while growing up in JACKSON HEIGHTS NY “113 72” in the 1980's. SANDRA OH's Birthday is “7/20” Cancer born EAR sound in JULY. This is why TOM C”HAND”LER BRIDGES birth year is important, is it 1971 or 1972? Tom Bridges who has the same LEO Birthday as me of “8/13” in a Group Conspiracy of IDENITY THEFT, if it's 8/13/72, it's about COMBINING MY IDENTITY of LEO, purpose is to CONFUSE MY IDENTITY with Psycho SANDRA OH Cancer birthday. Like No Name Girl, as if I had no name, but for MY Korean ROYAL name of “WA...NG” built to be Sandra OH who was born in Otta”WA” Canada, reason why “No Name Girl” was created by Psycho Vir”GO” Mai”DEN” Constance Pecoraro's “no NG”. GIRL is CHICA in Spanish, connected to this deranged CHICA”GO” ILLINOISE NIGGERS in WHITE HOUSE makes GRAYS Anatomy.

SLOW KILLING OF MY LIFE, ALL PREPLANNED, PREMEDITATED. Mapped out in THOMAS HARRIS books, Silence of the LAMbs, in MIS”T”ERY of TAO DAO DOW JONES of making Money. For Hanni”BAL” the Canni”BAL”.

There are lots of “Discrepancies” like meaning of SCHOOLS above, MY SIGN of LEO, My Name “SIGN”ature of “SANDY” on MY ART, LIO n KIN g connections, etc, that is going to LOCK SANDRA OH in PRISON FOR LIFE for IDENTITY THEFT, ART THEFT and LIFE THEFT, through PREMEDITATED C”RIMES”. The important word is PREMEDITATED, meaning that it was all THOUGHT OUT BEFORE HAND, all pre planned, and then carried out, executed, in Los Angeles in APRIL 2009, in EXACT “TEN” Years of RAPING and ROBBING OF MY LIFE for SANDRA OH, almost to the exact date, which isn't random. “4”/1999 and “4”/2009. ARLI”$$” = 44 = reason why Black Nigger BARACK OBAMA became the “44”the Presi”DENT” of the US, through LIES and FRAUD and everything about these deranged CHICAGO ILLINOISE NIGGERS is built on ROBBING of MY IDENTITY and ART for Sandra OH.

I have overwhelming CONCRETE EVIDENCE as to why SANDRA OH MUST BE LOCKED IN PRISON FOR LIFE, especially if her middle name is PATREE SHA, SPO?. And there isn't anything these sick raping robbing BABY MURDERING fucking niggers can do. I, by myself, am not responsible and won't carry the “BUR DEN” of OG Overthrowing the Government. The NIGGERS can do that themselves. The DERANGED CHICAGO ILLINOISE “BLACK” in WHITE HOUSE makes “GRAYS Anatomy” sick niggers who are about PROTECTING Each other, and Sandra OH with PECORARO and WOLF, but at the same time ROBBING and RAPING EVERYTHING about ME and MY LIFE and MY ART, for them.

2014, Discovery and connections of “OS” OTHER SIDE meaning. OS Other Side of “GREEN” HILLS of SAUSALITO “94965” is MH, Marin Headlands, in Conspiracy of “2” to “MH” Mental Health Court “95”, built through GLORIA “LEE” Birthday numbers of 5/29, connected to CHRISTina BERN”ARD O”, with San”DRA O” name in it backwards, and ZIP CODE of SausalitO is 94965. San”DRA O” and Bern”ARDO” RIMES with PECORAR”O” in LEOnARDo DA Vinci Code of CATHOLIC THEME in Licking of ASS PUSSY, of Robbing My John Hancock as in my Name SIGNature, My IDENTITY and MY LIFE for SANDRA OH in a Cat”HO”LICKING GROUP CONSPIRACY.

This is connected to the SINISTER EMAIL PECORARO sent me in New Year 2011, about “GREEN” and OTHER SIDE.

Other Side of “GREEN” and My Dental Hygiene Petition filed in Sept 2012, from Ever'GREEN' street, connected to numbers “64 64” on SUNSET Blvd, next to “CP” Cassil Place, and “PAM” Left Letters at the CCHR. OS Other Side of PAM, on the MAP of HOLLYWOOD on SUNSET Blvd is “CL” COL.E x LEXINGTON, connected to My Catholic High School on LEXINGTON Avenue in NYC, linked to Catholic theme Oil art of Jesus CHRIST CHArlies Find by Constance Pecoraro. All of this horrific events of INTENTIONALLY FUCKING WITH MY LIFE through WHITE COLLAR C”RIMES”, in “Sending A Message” of MH Making it Happen, for Conspiracy of T “OO”, so that My Name SIGNature, as in My JOHN HANCOCK can be Sandra OH, while they premeditate to RAPE MY LIFE. Everything they built to do this, FITS THEM because it came from them. JESUS CHRIST isn't my fucking artwork and OIL and WATER don't mix, like these psychotic sick bitches and I don't mix.

CHRIST, RIMES with WRIST, like Form of HANDCUFFS and you get “AR” “RES” T ED, and “LOC”ked in Jail. PSYC”HO” Sandra “OH” Pep”SEE” C, PusSY pictures in 1999. Everything they built, fits them, because it came from them.

OS Other Side, connected to robbing of my name SIGNature on MY Pencil DRAWING from 1981, “AKA” also known as, My J”OH”N HANCOCK, and because “JOHN” has Sandra “OH” Name, and “DRA”wing has her name of San”DRA”, they've been building for 3 decades as if Sandra Oh is My Identity, Artist of my Artwork, My “Sexuality”, My Identity with all my Ex Boyfriends, etc.

AKA in Korean means “BEFORE”, connected to “4 C day B 4”, in PREMEDITATING TO FRAME ME, and PREMEDITATED and PRE PLANNED Terrorizing of my Life.

This is why MY LOCK was Bro”KEN” on specific date of “10/18” in 2007 when I was living at 20360 CALLON DRIVE TOPANGA, a very important address, connected to its the the DAY BEFORE “10/19” JOSH MIC”CHA' WOLF “AiR” LIBRA Birthday. AIR Libra. Then in 2009, I was FRAMED and LOCKED IN JAIL Wrongfully through a MH Mental Health Court Judge name “MA ….RIA” Stratton, connected to Constance “MA RIA” Pecoraro name.

4 C day B 4, FOREcee, day Be FORE, reason why Baracket'EER”ing OBAMA became the “44”th Presi”DENT”. Who has a FRAUDULENT Birth Certificate and his Birthday isn't “LEO 8/4”.

Birthday of “4/4” HEATH ANDREW LEDGER knew all this, in January 2008, exactly 1 year before this Deranged Nigger became the PresiDENT in Jan 2009. Him CS Committing Suicide is connected to this PREMEDITATED RAPING and ROBBING OF MY LIFE, all happening PRE and DURING this Raping Criminal Nigger's presidency in WHITE House makes “GRAYS Anatomy”.

OS Other Side as in my 1984 High School picture with “L”etter “C” shape in my H”AiR”, going left to right, that they've been building as if it's SANDRA OH, “OS” Other Side in CALIFORNIA, BACKWARDS. When I drew my Portrait Drawing in 2006, I had no recollection or memory or thoughts about this 1984 picture of me, I just drew my H”AIR” with “L”etter “C”, going the OTHER DIRECTION.

All these “AiR” LIBRA JOSH WOLF and HAIR connections of SANDRA OH, is about robbing the meaning of MY FATHER's KOREAN ROYAL Name, as in “HEIR” to the THRONE, connected to LEE H. MONTGOMERY who was born in Manitoba CANADA. It's why a Leo Gold I Lock of Blonde H”AiR” white pussy was PIMPED many decades ago in Topanga, and I think her name was “MA......RIA”. It's all connected to FRAUDULENT Birth Certificate of BARACK OBAMA, and Delivery Doctors name of David “SIN CL AIR” in robbing the “HEIR” meaning of MY FATHERS KOREAN ROYAL NAME, twisted to be about “AIR Ass Man”, MA”RIA” AIR CHAIR HAIR ST”AIR” ASS Conspiracy, in Tom Bridges BT Body Types “BT”, for Psycho SANDRA OH with a P”3AR” Ass who was born in Otta”WA” Canada. CANADA still has a Monarchy Government built into their System and so ROYALTY still has Influence and MEANING. The ENTIRE “OH” Family in Canada can go to PRISON, Sandra OH isn't My Korean Name of WANG, she isn't the ARTIST of MY ARTWORK, and My Parents aren't her parents.

CAL...lon drive “TOP”anga. The “OS” Other Side of Garage Studio on CALLON Drive is the “MH” MERMAID HOUSE”.

“4 C day B 4”, “POT” SHOP on “LA C”ienega Blvd.

“GREEN” is the Color of MARIA JU”ANA”TOMY, like STAR BUCKS Mer”MAID”en Logo in “O”, EER sound of Sandra “OH”, and VirGO MAIDENvConstance “MARIA” Mother MOM Mary Pecoraro ASS PUSSY CHOCHA LICKING.

meaning of “4 C day B 4” on 10/18, 2007, Sandy Wang's address at 20360 Callon Dr TOPANGA

MH Mermaid House across the street on Callon Drive

very important address of TOPANGA 20360 Callon Drive

I think LEE MONTGOMERY lived at this address many years ago, it's why he made the movie 1986 “MH” MIDNIGHT HOUR GLASS Cat'HO”Licking Nit3MAIR

MH Making it Happen with “CROW and WOLF” in May 2009
Sandy Wang FRAMED, Wrongfully Locked in LA County Jail in “MH” Mental Health Dept in May 2009

RE CREATING “MH” Making it Happen with CROW and WOLF and sending new Messages in 2011 and 2012,


Constance Pecoraro and AL “ICE” in WONDER LAND is COL....d

2011 GREEN on “OS” Constance Pecoraro's Email to me in New Y”EEER”, G”REEE”N On the “OS” OTHER SIDE

EVER GREEN Sept 2012 Sandy Wang's DENTAL HYGIENE PETITION in 2012 and H”EEEER”ING Date of “6/4” in 2013

“6464” SUNSET Blvd on “CP” CASSSIL Place, and PAM

OS Other Side of “PAM” on the “MAP” is “CP” COL.....e Place x Lexington

Constance Maria Pecoraro was born in OAKLAND CALIFORNIA, on “9/1” 1969 VIRGO MAIDEN.

The building of meaning of My First Artwork Collection from 1981 and 1982, connected to LEE MONTGOMERY is huge in SAN FRANCISCO and OAKLAND, because 1972 “BEN” movie and 1975 “BURNT OFFERING” movie was filmed there.

The building of meaning of My Pencil Drawing of ROBERT “GU IL LA U ME” is huge in “LA” Los Angeles, because it's about robbing of my Childhood Pictures in LA Los Angeles in Santa Monica from 1979, and my Name SIGNature on my drawing of GU IL “LA” U ME from 1981.

GU IL in Korean is numbers “9 and 1”, and through Constance Pecoraro VIRGO MAIDEN's Birthday Numbers, and her CATHOLIC THEME OIL ART of Jesus CHRIST, “OO” Rings around his Eyes, they've been building for decades, as if My Pencil Drawing and Name SIGNature of “SANDY” with OO made with letter S of my name on this drawing was done by SANDRA OH or Constance Pecoraro, through her birthday numbers of “GU IL”.

GU IL “LA” U and ME, U and Who? Disturbed psychobitches, PECORARO and SANDRA OH, in LEONARD RIMES with BERN”ARD O”, in Cat”HO”Licking of ASS PUSSY. MOTHER DAUGHTER Cat”HO”Licking BOGE “TAL” MAN”OS”.

It's about Robbing My JOHN HANCOCK, as in my Name SIGNature. Tom Bridges and “ROBS” My John HANCOCK, built through Birds in F”LOCK”S and the PEA”COCK”, for BIRDgeWAY Saualito CA, with Constance Maria Pecoraro's OIL ART of CATHOLIC THEME of Jesus CHRIST “CHA”RLIES FIND, JOSH MIC”CHA' WOLF. HANCOCK, HAND in Spanish is MAN”OS”, like C”HO”CHA is Pussy in Spanish has Sandra “OH” name in it backwards, through this Spanish word, and Constance Pecoraro's Catholic Theme oil art of Jesus CHRIST “CHA”Rlies Find, connected to robbing of MY NAME SIGNature and MY LEO SIGN Identity, through TOM “C”HANDLER BRIDGES who has the same LEO Birthday as me, they've built a monster disturbing Catholicking “OO” ASS PUSSY FORM in MAThemathics of making Money. There are lots of street names with “OS” in it, man”OS” RIMES with melr”OS”e and R”OS”ewood are the two major streets in West Hollywood.

Goes hand in hand with meaning of BLACK CO'LOR' S'KIN', Going Backwards, as if My name SIGNature of “SANDY” on MY ART is the “NIK” name of Sandra OH.

PAT”HO”LOGICAL LI”A”R, who should be locked in a Psyc”HO” W”ARD” has her name in it backwards, like FORM OF HANDCUFFS go on W “RIS” T and RIMES with CH “RIS” T for Sandra OH who's been claiming she drew my drawing of ROBERT GUILLAUME in 1981, through her SCHOOL name of SIR “SUR” ROBERT BORDEN. BORDEN BORDAN, “EA”sculapius” BAKTAN. PERSIAN words connected to Dani”EL” LADINSKY in “ELLE” Her She YS Chocha Ass Pussy CatHOLICKING Game of “THE GIFT”.

“GRAYS Anatomy”.

GARY Wright, his song lyrics of “DREAM WEAVER” from 1970s is what this is about.

It's called “BURNT OFFERING” BO, Midnight Hour MH, HourGLASS HOLE Night MAIR of “AP” Anal Parson's Project in Cat'HO”Licking a Nigger's Bowels, ANUS HOLE is a nicer word. Built through TOM BRIDGES Lying Fag Dentist, and CHRISTina BERN”ARD O” DUN”KIN” Do”NU”ts connected to COPPER PENNY and CJ Carl Jung CAM D”UN”g Yee J”UN”g D”UN”g Yee.

These are Deranged Psychotic sick bitches, WHO MUST BE LOCKED IN JAIL or PRISON, on the”OS” Other Side of PRISON BARS.


Art Hands. PALM of HANDS of SANDRA OH psycho Sept 2014, LIFE IN PRISON

OS Other Side of “101” Highway in Sausalito CA

every street name is connected to RAPING and ROBBING of MY LIFE and MY ART

DON A HUE “DON” In Korean means MONEY
HUE is a SHA de, like CO.LORS

BRAUN is a Dental Product Brand Name



Sandy Wang's Writings in 1981 and 1982 of “KEY to MY SOUL”, if Key is Penis, then Lock must be Vagina

Sandy Wang's Writings and INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY from 1980's

Sandy Wang's LOCK and “KEY” ART from 2003-2007


If you watch the movie “Midnight Hour”, Lee Montgomery is “PHIL GREN ville”, and he never says the name Sandra, he says “SANDY” in the movie

DRA KE = San “DRA” DRU My “KEY” DRA wing, and is My Portrait through RAPING and ROBBERY of MY ART and LIFE

San”DRA” OH who thinks she is MY PORTRAIT and ARTIST of MY ARTWORK

“RH” Rabbit Hole Sandra OH in 2010

Sandra OH Celebrating Raping of My LIFE in Sept 2014, PALM of HANDS = LIFE In Peni”TEN”Iary

MARIN CITY is on the “OS” Other Side of 101 highway, with SAUSALITO on the Bay side of San Francisco.

It is a small community comprised of mostly BLACK PEOPLE, which is very strange, because Marin County a suburb North of SF of Golden Gate Bridge is a very WHITE Place. That they have a little segregated community, with specific STREET NAMES, to make it all FIT.

This Community was BUILT DIRECTLY connected to meaning of DREAM WEAVER and meaning of Meet me on the “OTHER SIDE”. SausalitO “SO” = “OS” in Either Way of creating meaning for SANDRA OH. “SO” as if she is My Identity and Artist of My Artwork. While PREMEDITATING and PRE PLANNING TO RAPE MY LIFE and LOCK ME IN JAIL, in “MENTAL PSYCHO WARD” as if I had mental problems. This is the ONLY WAY how they can try to GET RID OF ME, so that SANDRA OH can pretend she is My Identity and ARTIST OF MY ARTWORK.

Look at my Watercolor Artwork, look at My Portrait Drawing, that they have built as if it's Sandra OH. And look at the CONCRETE EVIDENCE of YEARS of PREMEDITATED C”RIMES” to SABOTAGE MY LIFE. As if I had MENTAL PROBLEMS and for me to be LOCKED IN MENTAL HOSPITAL “MH”, so that SANDRA OH can PRETEND she is MY IDENTITY since “BIRTH”...... to PRESENT and the ARTIST OF MY ARTWORK. Are you getting this?

The UNITED STATES GOVERNMENT is responsible for hiring contractors to build and naming the STREETS. This is a separate “issue” than MY PERSONAL DIRECT GOAL of having Constance Maria Pecoraro LOCKED IN PRISON FOR LIFE.

We are all responsible for our own actions and speech. CONSTANCE MARIA PECORARO MUST BE LOCKED IN PRISON FOR LIFE. US Government cannot “protect” this sick bitch, I have OVER WHELMING CONCRETE EVIDENCE of YEARS of TERRORIZING OF MY LIFE, ROBBERY of MY PROPERTY, MY ARTWORK, MY “LIFE”, all connected to this Deranged I “TAL” ian Virgo Mai”DEN” PSYCHO on Tom “BRIDGES' BRIDGE WAY SAUALITO. Just like Overwhelming Concrete Evi”DEN”CE connected to SANDRA OH, who is really what this is about, it's about ROBBING MY IDENTITY since BIRTH for this Deranged KOREAN Actress who thinks she is MY Baby Pictures, My Childhood Pictures, MY IDENTITY and ARTIST OF MY ARTWORK, “Built” through Constance Pecoraro's CATHOLIC THEME OIL ART and her “No Name GIRL” sketches, created to ROB MY IDENTITY in a Group Conspiracy.

TOM “BRID”GES, Golden Gate BRIDGE to “BRIDGE WAY” Sausalito.

BRID, has the word “BIRD”, and Chic”KEN” is a BIRD, connected to “KEN” QUEST building in Beverly Hills next to MARIAN Building.

This is why Constance Pecoraro sent me the “GREEEN EMAIL” in 2011, and meaning of “OS” Other Side. And it's why, later that same year, MY DENTAL HYGIENE BOARD Filed a Petition against me, from ever “GREEEEN” Street in Sacramento.

San “RA” OH is “KE”, PHILL FILL the “LIPS” as in Pussy Lips, built through “CHAR”LIES FIND Jesus CHRIST Art by Constance Pecoraro, reason why Sandra OH is “CHRIST”ina Yang on”Grey's Anatomy”.

This same theme has been going on for DECADES, why isn't it happening? What isn't JOSH MIC”CHA” WOLF or EDDIE VEDDER, Sandra OH's Two Sick Jew Daddy's Licking Fucking her PERFECT ROUND “OO” ASS PUSSY “FORM”???? REASON FOR YEARS of RAPING and ROBBING OF MY LIFE. Yes, MY LIFE was RAPED and ROBBED for this Deranged KOREAN Actress and the FORM OF HER ANATOMY on Tom Bridges “GREYS ANATOMY”.

WATCH me “GRO”. NE “GRO” “GRU EN” in Either Way. “OO” FORM OF HANDCUFFS go on W “RIS” T and RHIMES with CH “RIS” T, like a Nice “ROL”ex WATCH.

BE.HIND the ROL ex Building
WRIST WATCH tells TIME like a C”LOCK” on KEN “Q” UEST WEST Watch on LONDON BERRY “1300”

GRU “EN” Watch company on Melrose

as if San”DRA” OH DRU my DRA wings and GRU up to be My Identity, in IDENTITY THEFT, ART THEFT LIFE THEFT Criminal Case


What's the Connection?


= SUNNY, I “TAL”IAN CONSTANCE Pecoraro's sketches of “No Name Girl”.

When you cross the Golden Gate BRIDGE, it's the First Exit on ALEXANDER Avenue, that takes you to BRIDGEWAY SAUSALITO. CONSTANTINE ALEXANDER PAYNE “CAP”riCORN Sign the G”OAT”, was married to Sandra Oh and this isn't random. See how many “NA ACP” CAP PAChyderm NIGGER connections there are to SANDRA OH. It's about ROBBING MY Name SIGNature on MY ARTWORK, through meaning of the word “PAC”hyderm, a Nigger's Word to RAPE and ROB MY IDENTITY for SANDRA OH.

There's a “NE”w “GRO”wth of NEEGR”O”S, every time they KILL a part of me.

When you go to MIDNIGHT HOUR page below, go to BURNT OFFERINGS section, and see the actor in the movie name MEREDITH “BURGESS”, connected to “MALIBU” address and Zip Code of “90025” in Conspiracy of T”OO” to Court “95” ,br>
Tom “BRIDGES” name is about “BIRD” Names, and He “BURGESS” BIRD Ge WAY Sausalito CA 95965 in a monster Group Conspiracy of IDENTITY THEFT, ART THEFT, LIFE THEFT, DISGUISED as a sick ASS PUSSY “FORM” ANATOMY Raping Game, built through Jesus CHRIST “CHARLIES FIND” OIL ART by Constance MARIA Pecoraro. Tom BURGESS the “HOWS” of the word Psyc”HO W” ARD, in the name of San”DRA OH” Backwards like Pat”HO”logical LI”AR”.


GREEN has been linked to be about “NEEGR” O
connected to 113 GREEEN BANK address of SANDRA OH's High School in Canada from 1980s
SIR in the word CH “RIS” T Rhimes with WATCH goes on W “RIS” T

ALICE in WONDERLAND Psycho Pecoraro LC Lewis Carrol, see CL Cole Lexington page below

OS Other Side of GREEN Constance Pecoraor's “GREEEN” Email to me in 2011
SEPT 2012 GREEEN Sandra OH in GREEN and White on “GT” with Sara Mc”LOCK” Lan
SEPT 2012 GREEEN ever “GREEEN” Street in Sacramento and My DENTAL HYGIENE PETITION in 2013 = WHITE COLLAR C”RIMES”

Ever “GREEN” is the NICK name for State of Seattle WASHINGTON, where GREYS Anatomy is set

D “ART MOUTH” College of this Psychobitch
GREYS ANATOMY created in 2005 by Sick Psychotic Nigger SHONDA LYNN RIMES See BARCO MARCO connections

H “EAR” ING Date of My Dental Hygiene Petition was “6/4” in 2013

“64 64” CMP on Cassil Place, WATCH DOGS are watching Worldwide
OS Other Side of “PAM” on SUNSET on the “MAP” is COL.e x Lexington

Then the Celebrating of RAPING MY LIFE for SANDRA OH and continue for meaning of Conspiracy of T “OO” in SEPT 2014 = LIFE IN PENI”TEN”IARY

Conspiracy of TWO Deserves LIFE IN PRISON, for DP Death Penalty

BO Night M”AIRS” M”AR”E is a female “HO”rse

GU IL LA U ME, you and who? U and “UG LI” inside out “IL LI” NOIS, Raping Robbing PEDOPHILE “CHICA'go NIGGER JEWS in TAO of TORAH of RAPING MY LIFE MY IDENTITY, MY ART, MY DOG JACK, for SAND “RA OH”, built through birthday of “9/1” GU IL Psycho Constance Pecoraro's VIRGO Mai”DEN” Birthday, in MATHemathics of making Money as if Sandra OH is the Artist of my Artwork.

GU IL “T” PSYCHOPATHS, Criminals, Rapists, Identity Thieves in a Group Conspiracy.

Marin County, across Golden Gate Bridge from SF

Marin County, First Exit after Vista Point is “ALEXANDER Ave”
that leads to BRIDGEWAY SAUSALITO CA 94965 to the EAST

To the WEST is MARIN HEADLANDS Golden Gate National Park




Marin County, to the North is CORTE MADERA “Cut the Wood”,
then “CENT”ral SAN RAFAEL Exit “452” Repeating Numbers








I moved from New York City to San Francisco, in December 1999. I moved to Marin County, a suburb North of Golden Gate Bridge of San Francisco. I lived there for almost 7 years and then in October 2006 moved to Los Angeles.

The terrorizing of my life has been going on slowly and quietly for decades, but openly it began around 2004, while I was living in Marin County and in 2005 I met Constance Maria Pecoraro and David Wardlaw Fettner and the RAPINGS OF MY LIFE, MY IDENTITY, MY ART, EVERYTHING about me hasn’t stopped. All connected to 2005 show “GREY”S ANATOMY” created by CHICA..go ILLI”NOIS” Pedophile SHONDA LYNN RHIMES, who’s gotten VERY RICH through REPEATED RAPINGS OF MY LIFE, through PREMEDITATED C”RIMES”.

Shonda Lynn RHimes from CHICA..go ILLI”NOIS”, and her HOS pi TAL show, gave way to ushering in CHICA..go ILLI”NOIS” pedophile rapist BARACK OBAMA’s Presidency in 2009. Both are connected to Vir”GO” Constance Maria Pecoraro’s NO Name GIRL sketches, CHICA is GIRL in Spanish, and her OIL ART of Jesus CHRISt the “SON” in the word ILLI..NOIS. REASON WHY EVERYTHING connected to JESUS CH “RIS” T OIL ART by Pecoraro is BUILT IN to go BACKwards, like her “NO” Name Girl “NG”, connected to “AW” Alice Walker nigger who wrote the book “CP” Color Purple.

THIS is called the SILENCE of the LAMbs NIGHTMAIRS. Robbing of my Korean ROYAL name of WANG, EVERYTHING ABOUT ME, for Korean Actress SANDRA OH born in Otta”WA” Ontario Canada, connected to CP NO “NG” name girl, through WA is “CUM” in Color Purple NIGGER ASS “PUCE” in THOMAS BRIDGES name C”RIMES” with word CHRISTMAS. THOMAS. MOTH in MOUTH.

They’ve been building on OIL ART of Jesus CHRIST and CATHOLIC THEME by Contance Maria Pecoraro for decades. To rob my IDENTITY, of me attending all my Catholic Schools in 1980’s, built as if it’s Sandra OH. Reason why Sandra Oh was doctor CHRISTINA YANG on Grey’s Anatomy. Believe it or not, MY CATHOLIC SCHOOL CLASSMATES are connected to ROBBING OF MY IDENTITY for SANDRA OH, all linked to CATHOLIC Theme OIL ART by Contance Maria Pecoraro. So the main and only question I have for Sandra OH and Shonda Rhimes is DO YOU KNOW CHRISTINA BERNARDO, JACKIE LAFUENTE, GRACE NAVAS, NANCY OXLEY, NANCY LYONS, MICHELLE FIGUEROA, GLORIA LEE?

EVERYTHING about raping of my life today, present day in 2018, was all built through CATHOLIC THEME OIL ART by a disturbed Con Artist Constance Maria Pecoraro, in a group conspiracy to ROB MY IDENTITY for SANDRA OH, connected to these SPIC BITCHES I knew in 1980’s, C”HO”CHA IS PUSSY in SPANISH, connected to “CHA”rlies Find Oil art by Psycho Pecoraro.

So this is a very small amount of evidence of MAP of Marin County, but I realized that in 2018, when I went to SF for a short trip, STREEEEEET NAMES I didn’t’ care to really think about, is now CONCRETE EVIDENCE to have people LOCKED IN PRISON and SENTENCED TO CAPITAL PUNISHMENT. BARACK OBAMA’S PRESIDENCY was built through RAPING MY LIFE and MY ART, and it is continuing through DONALD TRUMPS PRESIDENCY. THE SAME PATTERN OF “STREET” NAMES IS CONNECTED TO “DON”ALD TRUMP.

THESE STREET NAMES in MARIN COUNTY, is connected to HOW BARACK OBAMA, psycho Politician from CHICA…go ILLI”NOIS” became the PresiDENT, connected to CONNIE PECORARO’s OIL ART of Mother MARY and JESUS CHRIST the “SON”, and her pedophile sketches of No name GIRL, Girl is “CHICA” is Spanish.



2020 NEW Discoveries in T”OM” BRIDGES the WAY

CUT O in HALF, and make T “OO” terms of a deranged NIGGER OBAMA presidency


Is calling your name 8/4, HUSSEIN, “who’s sane”, INSANE RAPISTS OBAMAS

My Name SIGNature of “SANDY”, on MY ARTWORK on Paper from 1981

Magnifying Glass “O”, and name signature “John Hancock” of letter S signed sideways “OO”

TWISTED and rebuilt to be “O…IL” goes on Canvas with GeSSSSSO,

Built in for CUT “O”, in half, for FORM of JOHN HANCOCK is Anatomy of LARD ASSS FORM “OO”

RINGS around Eyes of JESUS CHRIST, is Anatomy Star ASS PEPSE PUSSY SANDRA OH, Daktor C “RIS” Tina Yang

Built through CHA rlies FIND, Jesus CHRIST black nigger “SON”, OIL ART by Constance Maria Pecoraro





Sandy Wang and my Father “Dad” in 1981 and Hawaiian “BARREL” on top of LC

66 or “2/6” of Sandy Wang’s POR trait Drawing in 2006



RA bb “IT” HO le, Sand “RA OH”

= RIS …ing pepsi pussy “STAR”, BO….g SANDRA OH

RISing STAR, raping nigger OBAMA
SIR “ROB” ART and then my BOR ni DENT ity through Sandra OH SCHOOL Name

T “OO” of everything. SS. RR. TT. NN. On PRINCE “SS” street, with be “NN” e “TT” on, Ba”RR”el House. = FORM OF JOHN HANCOCK HANDCUFFS.

In 1980’s when I was attending my Catholic all girls private school in NYC, on “LA” Lexington Ave, I used to carry a BIG TUBE SHAPED “GREEN” BAG from BENETTON.

66. or “2/06”, February month in 2006, date of my Portrait Drawing.

Twisted to have meaning for February is BLACK HISTORY MONTH of PSYCHOTICK WOMB RAPING SICK FUCKING BLACK COLOR S”KIN” NIGGERS, built in for Fraudulent Birth Certificate of BARACK OBAMA, in ROBBING OF MY IDENTITY BIRTH TO PRESENT, for Korean AKTRESS SANDRA OH. As if she is my Portrait Drawing, through NAME of DELIVERY DOCTOR David “SINCLAIR” on Baracket EEERING PSYCKATIK NIGGER OBAMA’S FRAUDULENT Birth Certificate.


GU IL “LA” UME, numbers 9 and 1 in Korean is “GU IL”, L”OS” An”GEL”es, DARI Beloit ASS PUSSY FORM of “SO” SANDRA OH’s ANATOMY STAR.

9/1 VIR..GO birthdate of “LAB”or Day weekend born PECORARO, C”RIMES” with CHICA..GO ILLI”NOIS”, Eyes of SON Jesus CH “RIS” Tina Yang


In Repeated Rapings and RobBERRIES of MY PROPERTY MY ARTWORK MY LIFE, and twisting it and building it to be SANDRA OH.

In a MONSTER GROUP CONSPIRACY that can only be Severely Punished with LIFE IN PENI TEN TEN TEN IA “RY”.


Is about FIRST Exit in SAUSALITO over the GOLDEN GATE “BRIDGE”, Alexander Ave “AA = 11” Exit, that takes you to “BRIDGEWAY” SAUSALITO CA “94965”. Where I met CONSTANCE MARIA PECORARO in 2005. It’s why Sandra OH married CONSTANTINE ALEXANDER PAYNE and divorced him.

“SIDEWAYS”, TOM Bridges “MOT” or cycle photo of me in 1987, built to be Sandra OH. This Psychotic Korean Actress has been secretly linked to my life for 4 decades, more than 40 years, and the MURDERING OF MY LIFE in 2007, is HOW BARACK OBAMA became the PRESI DENT DENT DENT. FIELD of GREEN BANK DENTISTREEE.

Tom Bridges the “WAY”, TAO TE, of CRIMINAL PSYCHOPATHS, LOONIES on the PATH, in a monster group conspiracy of SIR SUR SER AR “RES” T, it’s about ART, SIR ROB…art and then my BOR ni DENT ity, through Field of DENTistry, to have meaning for VIRGO MAI”DEN” Constance Pecoraro, linked to CHICA..go ILLI”NOIS” where the ADA American Dental Association is. The REASON why they illegally revoked my Dental Hygiene License of 20 years, in 2013, through WHITE COLLAR C”RIMES” during raping robbing MURDERING NIGGER OBAMA’S T “OO” Terms as PRESI”DENT”.

MEG EX “IT”. ME g HAN COCK is a CHICKEN, MUL ATTO Niggers ( Obama, Harris, Markle ) built in for OTTA “WA” CANADA, in “AW” Alice Walker ICE is COL…d, LOC is Ass Pussy Sandra OH drew


Obama’s FRAUD LEO Birthdate of “8/4”, is why they found this mulatto lying nigger bitch Meghan Markle C ‘rimes’ with Strangle”O”, LEO with same birthday, to LEGITIMIZE everything they built, through FRAUD LIO Birthdate of BARACK OBAMA who has a Fraudulent Birth Certificate and Fraudulent SOCIAL SECURITY NUMBER. PIMPED MEGHAN MARKLE through RAPING MY LIFE through BLACK JEEP “C HER O KEE” in 2017 into 2018, to MERRI MARRY a “ROYAL” PRINCE HARRY, to ROB MY Korean ROYAL name of WANG, for SANDRA OH who was born in OTTA “WA” CANADA. OC. SAN FRAN..burton..cis”CO”. SEE OH, EAR GHEE SANDRA OH. Reason why this mulatto cockroach Meghan Markle was living in TO “RON” TO CANADA as a low grade Actress.


GU IL LA UME, you and WHO????



GU AN TAN AMOBA single cell prison is calling your name OBAMAS.

Retail Location Alexan”DER” Ave

like MARA Escrow


Constance Psycho Maria Pecoraro's CATHOLIC THEME OIL ART and JESUS CHRIST

connected to Mother MARY on OCEAN Avenue in Santa Monica

next to Fairmont Miramar Hotel

Money Making Businesses through connecting WORDS and Names, Constantine Alexander Payne “CAP, PAC hyderm”

CAP was Sandra Oh's ex husband, who directed SIDEWAYS

Nata “LEE” HOLLOWAY and Van “DER” Sloot “CARLOS and CHARLIES” 2005

JORAN Van “DER” SL “OO” T Name and his CRIMES

HOLLOWAY Street next to SUNSET in SF, AND Exact same thing HOLLOWAY next to SUNSET Blvd in LOS ANGELES


“MILLER” and SKY connections

Mercedes BENZ in Beverly Hills owned by MILLER One Group who FRAMED and RAPED MY LIFE in April 2009

Carlos Bar in Aruba Natalee Holloway death Directly connected to Robbing MY JOHN HANCOCK, through HANCOCK Lofts and CAR”LOS” SETTI “NG”


CAT HOL ic Theme, KAT ie HOL mes


Josh MIC”CHA” "FLOW"ers a Regular on CHELSEA HANDLER

PARALLEL Entertainment Josh Wolf's agency and “SIR TAJ” BE.HIND the ROLEx Building

Constance Pecoraro who modeled for Ford Mustang Car

THRU LINE and “9452” of CHASE Bank on Rex “FORD” Drive Beverly Hills

Psycho Pecoraro's Isn’t That Life? Dead and Abandoned Mark

connected to why her “No Name Girl' was created

in a Group Conspiracy of ROBBING MY IDENTITY, MY ART, MY LIFE for Psycho Korean Actress SANDRA OH who thinks she is the Artist of my Art

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