eBALdi, Garfield Pharmacy and AJ Boyajian DDS 9400 Brighton Way in Beverly Hills

BHC = Butt Crack H = “OO” Jesus Christ the SON


ThoMAS “CHRIST”opher Bridges
Left Letters “BAD” Beverly Angela DA vis
and Black Female Shon”DA” Rimes Creator Writer of “Greys Anatomy” the VEHICLE to ROB MY IDENTITY and my Profession of “DEN”tal Hygienist through DENtists


with SANDRA OH Shoe Show SHIN "BAL" on "Grey's Anatomy"
7/3 Tom Cruise’s birthday “O” sounds like OH

MONTAGE Hotel on Canon Drive down the street
NIC’S MARtini is up the Street Sandra Oh who wants my first name SANDY to BE HER


TWO PUSSIES in “HER SHE” Pussy Licking Gaym of CATHOLICK Church theme of MATheMAThics

connected to Constance Pecoraro’s CATHOLIC CHURCH Theme of JESUS and Mother MARY
reason WHY SANDRA OH is “CRIST”ina Yang on ‘GREYS Anatomy’

BAL connections meaning of SHIN “BAL” and Byung “WON”
“SHIN” restaurant in Hollywood on “SW” Street in “GRAY” building

FOOD in Supermarkets and ALL restaurants


TEA in Korean is CHA and it also means CAR. Trying to CHANGE the meaning of Mother “MA”ria the FORD MUStang “CAR” model



GARFIELD Avenue and “SHO” “RB” in Pasadena
GARFIELD is a CAT in CAT holic Church theme
for are you “PI”ous Horney to make Money in a Group CHAin Conspiracy
RB is for Rolex Building of Sick Hor Dick fucking HOR CUNTS
WEST “FIELDS” building in Century City


Sick HOR DICK JOSH WOLF isn’t the “Messiah”

9400 Brighton Way. eBALdi Italian Restaurant and GARFIELD PHARMACY is in the same building. Garfield is a CAT for CAT HOLICK MAThemathics of making MONEY.
Why this Dentist, in this building, at this location? For many reasons that ‘FIT’s Constance Pecoraro’s Catholic Theme Oil Artwork, but it’s connected to the word E “BAL”Di, the Italian restaurant in this same building. SHIN “BAL” in Korean means SHOes. Byung WON in Korean means HOSpital. My Korean name is “SIN WON” which is pronouced as “SHIN WON” and these Korean Words, connected to BUSINESSES in MAThemathics of making MONEY, in ROBBING MY Korean name for SANDRA OH on”GREY’S ANATOMY”.

THIS DENTAL OFFICE IS EVIDENCE OF SANDRA OH, IS A “DOC”tor on “GREY’s ANATOMY” connected to VIR”GO” MAI”DEN” CONNIE MARiA PECORARO’s CATHOLIC Theme of Mother MARY and Jesus CHRIST, the reason why Sandra OH is “CRIST”ina Yang. The VEHICLE to ROB MY IDENTITY and the meaning of MY FAC from 1982, AS IF SANDRA OH was MY IDENTITY and She DREW my drawings from 1982.

SANDRA “SHA”KIB. What is SANDRA OH ‘s Middle Name? PATREEEEE SHA???? A VERY IMPORTANT question that must be Answered, that will fulfill MY GOAL of putting this sick actress SANDRA OH BEHIND BARS FOR LIFE.

AJ BOYAJIAN's Dental Business and his BANk account is with Union Bank. BU JA in Korean means RICH. UNION connected to Tom Bridges' Dental Practice on UNION SQUARE at 360 Post Street San Francisco. Tom Bridges Identity is important because he has the same Birthday as me of "8/13" LEO, and Leo sign rules the BACK and HEART.

The "BAL" in the word eBALdi is about Sandra Oh and her Tv Show "Grey's Anatomy". SHIN BAL in Korean means SHOES, and Through this Korean word, Sandra OH wants my KOREAN NAME to BE HER. SHOW sounds like SHOE. It's about the Korean word SHIN BAL, which means Shoes, and BAL means Feet. Feet is an Anatomy. Sandra Oh wants a sketch I did in 1997, and my Abstract Artwork to have meaning for her. FOOT on the Box. This is Repeating Pattern of RAPING my LIFE for the meaning of MY ARTWORK to be this sick ACTRESS.

Through Connie Pecoraro's CATHOLIC Church Theme of MOTHER "MARY" and Jesus CHRIST, and her sketches of "NO Name Girl", Sandra Oh wants ALL MY CHILDHOOD PICTURES, TO BE HER, especially the ones of me wearing RED "MARY" JANE SHOES standing on the Mountains in Korea.

Connie Pecoraro created her "ISN" t that life? for her "No Name Girl", because it's about my First Korean name of "SIN" which is pronounced as "SHIN". It's about the word SYN chronicity because "Carl Jung" COINED the term and a Copper Penny is a COIN. CO in Korean means NOSE, through this word, trying to create meaning Backwards for "OO" to be Ass. Eye of SON Jesus Christ "Going Backwards" My Korean name WANG SIN WON, SOUNDS like WASHINGTON, and the meaning of my Birthday numbers is a very important Repeating Number on the ONE Dollar Bill with George WASHINGTON the First President of the US. The reason why Sandra Oh is Dr. "CRIST"ina Yang on "Gre Y'S anatomy" set in Seattle WASHINGTON, which is DIRECTLY connected to Real Life Cedars "SIN" ai HOSpital, AS IF SANDRA OH, had meaning in my First name SANDY and My Korean name of SIN WON.

GARFIELD is a Cat and this is connected to Connie Pecoraro's CAT holic Church theme and to GLORIA "CAT"herine Lee who is a PH"ARM"acist. ARM is about MAR ia. I Eye is Ass.

GARY is my first boyfriend Stephen GARri"SON"S middle name. Both Sandra Oh and Connie Pecoraro want My first boyfriend of 5.5 years, TO HAVE MEANING for them. It's one of the many reasons why Sandra Oh's Tv Show is "GREY's Anatomy". GRAY, GARY "rimes" with MARY.

This is connected to a writer name Roger Housden who is BALD. The theme of BALD Men, No Hair has been going on for many years because the meaning of the Korean word for Foot and Shoes. BAL is Foot, and Shin BAL means “Shoes” which sounds like Show, as in Sandra Oh’s TV Show “Grey’s Anatomy”. The FOOT is about what is on a street called “FOOT”HILL Drive in Beverly Hills, where Mercedes BENz Car Dealership and Service center is located. The meaning of this was “reinforced” by a sketch I did in the privacy of my own home in 1997, which I never showed it to anyone until I did a watercolor painting of it on my Abstract page in 2006. They’ve been building on my Sketch, with the “FOOT” on the BOX since 1997, in Los Angeles, many years long before I ever moved here.

I think this is why in 2000, Lee Harcourt Montgomery composed the Music for a movie titled “The Legend of the Peldium”. Theme of H”AIR”, No Hair, Long Hair has been going on for many years, because of the meaning of my Mother’s name of “JUNG Ja”, meaning of my childhood pictures at the “AIR”port in Korea, meaning of the Korean word for Ass “Jung Dung” and the Same sound of the name CARL “JUNG”. Because of the Porn Film that Lee Montgomery made and I think her name was MARIA. Tom Cruise wants Connie MARIA Pecoraro to have meaning through her CATHOLIC Church theme, and for her name Ma”RIA” to have meaning in the element of “AiR” and any word that contains this syllable. It’s like saying all BEACHES in the WORLD is Mine, because it’s full of SAND and my name is SANDY.

So when I did my watercolor painting titled “PURPLE MOON” in 2004, with a Male Head looking to the Upper Left with a Horse, this “reinforced” their game plan even more, because this head looks “bald”, for MY ARTWORK to have meaning for them. The reason why the MALIBU JUDGE “JAY FORD” was Set up in MALIBU CA, to allow Todd Cummings to win the case when I should’ve won and Todd Cummings should’ve actually been JAILED. “MAL” in Korean means HORse and to Talk.

I worked for a dentist name AJ Boyajian who’s DENtal office is in this building with Garfield Pharmacy for 1 month from Dec. 2007 to Jan 2008. I was FIRED the week after Heath Ledger died.

AJ BOYAJIAN LOOKS like a better looking version of BRETT ALAN BERN. They PIMPED this dentist because it's about U2 WAR "BOY" drawing I did in 1982.

The Letters to the Left B “DA” on the Door is connected to BEVERLY “DA”vis, Black Female, who Sandra Oh wants Tom Bridges to bridge her with, so that BEVERLY Hills and The Picture of me and the black girl can be her.

His name is about the picture of me and my First boyfriend Stephen Garrison, of me holding his HAIR, I am wearing a T Shirt that says ZILJIAN which is a musical instrument Drum company. Z=26 IL in Korean is 1. AZ is beginning and end of the alphabet, this is connected to Writings I wrote in 1982 with my FAC and I created and designed my own set of Alphabet and created SCROLL DESIGNS.

AJ's Mother MARY is the office manager and she looks like an older version of Connie Mother Mary MARIA Pecoraro. AJ Boyajian is "ARM"enian. They want the word "ARM" to have meaning for the name "MAR"ia in their CATHOLIC Church Theme. They want Jesus Christ "OO" Eyes to be about shape of Maria's Ass. Connie Pecoraro's Jesus Christ is based on my childhood picture of CHRISTMAS Tree, with my Mother and my Dog Frenchy. Based on this picture the "SAM"= 3 is the shape of Gay Ass, with "OO" Hanging Balls and it's a GAY JESUS LICKING a GAY ASS, in their CATHOLIC MAT HE MAT HICS Gayme.

"AJ" "BO" yajian. JACOB is Josh Wolf's SON's name. "JA"gy in Korean means Penis, "BO"gy in Korean means Vagina. This is about trying to recreate and change the meaning of MY FAC from 1982 which is about Gay male Sex.

During this time in Jan 2008 when I worked for him for 1 month, I took pictures of my dog Jack in a Gray Fur Collar Jacket on Mulholland Drive. Mary has Graying HAIR, and Connie Pecoraro posted a picture of herself wearing a FUR Collar Jacket on Myspace. My Space, because it's connected to JOSH WOLF and his WIF"EY" Mariah CAR"EY" Make it Happen. They want the Great VIEW of San Fernando Valley on Mulholland Drive to have meaning for my Video Recording Gap SPACE View and for my Wet Vagina to BE Chapped and Dry Connie Pecoraro.

J "IAN" is about "i" Eye ANatomy as in "OO" Jesus Christ Rings around his eyes "OO". The reason why there are many "IAN"s. Connected to JOSH WOLF and "IANS".

It's why across the street is a Chinese Restaurant "X" IAN. X is for X rated. I is for Sound of EYE and AN is for ANATOMY. Eyes of Jesus CHRIST “OO” Anatomy.

It's based on this picture because of my Mother's color shirt "Turn Bull" the color in between Blue and Green, which is is everywhere, including the "LAMP POSTS" on Wilshire Blvd, and the buildings they've built in Beverly Hills in recent years all have a Turn Bull Tint in their Window Glass.

They've been building on the word ARM, through ARMenian People, so that the Element of AIR can have meaning for MA"RIA" through AIR Gemini GLO"RIA" Catherine LEE, for AIR LIBRA Josh Wolf, aka Horney Hor Dick Jesus Christ.

They want Tom CHRISTopher BRIDGES to Bridge Hubbard Lard BIRD BLUBBER, with Jesus Christ AIR Libra, and Mother MAR y Connie Maria Pecoraro, the reason why she does OIL Artwork. ARM is Upper Body and you FLY in Air with WINGS.

There is a female dentist at this office name SANDRA SHAKIB, and this is about MY Profession of Dentistry, which I've been a Dental Hygienist for 20 yrs, and TOM BRIDGES bridges all DENTIST at ADA in C HI Ca GO, with TAO is the Way, CHI Nese CHINK DOCTOR SANDRA Oh on "Greys Anatomy". O HI O Katie Holmes, High Sch"OO"l. Left to Right HIGH is TITS "OO", LOW is the BALLS and it's a sick Gay Jesus EITHER Way Licking a Gay Male Ass or Licking Balls.

RAMONA is the receptionist at this office, and I think she is Armenian too. She is a Buxom, Big Boned Big Breasted and Big Assed female. Her name of RAMONA is connected to Tom Cruise and his children "RAMONES" T Shirt on Bella. It’s about a MONA Lisa picture I took with my First boyfriend when we went to a “Renaissance Faire” in Florida circa 1989.

They want the syllable of SHA to be about Heart Shaped Ass. This is connected to Josh Wolf Fucking a Chinese Pussy in May 2009, like the SHAnghai Chinese Restaurant across from 9240 Wilshire Blvd, his Agency, for Tom Bridges the TAO is the Way on Bridgeway for Mother Mary Connie Pecoraro's BROTHEL on Bridgeway and for Sandra Oh TV Show. Josh Wolf is a SICK HOR DICK who's been fucking alot of HOR HOLES for many years thinking he has meaning in MY PARENTS Names and MY ARTWORK.

There are GROUPS of people forming GROUP Practices, whether it be Medical or Dental and they are combining NAMES as a Group for MY IDENTITY and MY ARTWORK to have meaning for and to have been DONE BY SICK ACTRESS SANDRA OH. It’s why Sandra Oh is a “DOCTOR” on “Grey’s Anatomy”. Her Mother is involved in Biotech or Pharmaceutical Companies which is the reason why Sandra Oh’s Identity is very closely connected to GLORIA CATHERINE LEE RX pharmacist.

The Medical Group next door in office “307” is a Perfect Example and this is happening all over throughout Los Angeles with Dental and Medical Groups. HOffMAN is about Sandra Oh’s Mother’s name YOUNG “NAM” and her father John “OH”. They are COLON Specialists because Mother Mary Connie Maria Pecoraro VIRGO the Mai”DEN” rules the Digestive System. Brett Bern’s middle name is ALAN, an Anagram of ANAL and Sandra Oh is a Perfect Match with Bern in the “MAN” hat tan born in Y3AR “3” “SAM” and who Fucked BEVERLY DAVIS, for CHRIST “Mas”, who wants the 3AR Sound of Bev3ARLY Hills to have meaning for her. Tom Bridges the MOUTHS in DENtal office and then Rectal Specialists at “307” on this FLOOR in this particular building. It’s very organized how Dental and Medical Offices are laid out in buildings.

Her playing the role of a “DOC”tor is about the Html Codes on MY Website. “ ! DOC Type is the first code on the Upper Left of my Webpages. If you want to see the Html Codes, go to the task bar, click on “VIEW” and then “SOURCE”. This is why Sandra Oh’s Website created a year AFTER MY Website is Blindingly LAVENDER, because she wants the code for the LINKS “ < a href “, which is about Ass HER “FIRE” of ME IN MY VIDEO RECORDING, to have meaning for her. Sandra Oh wants the Element of FIRE and my Astrology SIGN of LEO to be her, through Tom Bridges who has the same birthday as me. This Sick Actress isn’t a “Doctor” by any means, IT’S a SICK Fucking PARASITE with Plastic Ass Implants dreaming of Licking my Wet Vagina through DENTISTS and MOUTHS, since the day I was born.

This is why Sick disturbing NOISE of LOW FLYING AIRplane has been following me, to try to change the meaning of Upper Body of MARIA, and CANCER rules TITS of Sandra Oh’s Sign, to have meaning for her Lower Body. Compensating for both Connie Pecoraro and Sandra Oh Sagging DR"OO"ping tiny Tits. Low Flying Airplane is Sick SOCIOPATH BRETT BERN who wants to have meaning in Daniel Ladin”SKY”’s poem, “ The EAR That Was Sold to a Fish”. This Poem is connected to this SiCK pedophile Rapist.

"JA"gy is Penis in Korean, and this was about trying to create meaning "going backwards" for my ARTWORK of subconsious "Penis Shapes" to have meaning for TWO SICK PSCHOBITCHES PECORARO and OH, who both want MY FATHER'S Penis size of 8 inches to have meaning for their "OO" Horizontal Eight ASS.

Everything is about the BODY to these Sick Sociopaths, everything is about an "image" and how it looks, even if it's ROTTEN at the CORE, which it is. They PIMP BODIES, Plastic Tits and Ass Implants around me all the time, for me to "compete" with them. This is SICK BRETT BERN's PATTERN, a Fat Ugly Piece of LARD with a Ugly BODY and a Big FACE, who wants me to feel less than who I am, because I REJECTED this sick RAPIST with a RAPE RECORD more than 10 yrs ago. Like SANDRA OH who "ENVIES" Everything about me. I never claimed to have a Perfect Body and my Inner BEING of my Consciousness and my MIND is more important to me than my physical body which is all these SICK SOCIOPATHIC PIMPS know.



AJ is about AJ STERLING, a PRIVATE Investigation company. I think the people at this PI company are involved in my RFiD chip, I know for sure they are connected to MANY YEARS of SPYING on my life and Bugging of my electronics.

4 THE SOX, YANG “BAL” in Korean means Socks, SHIN BAL means SHOES, and BAL means FOOT
Sandy Wang’s CATHOLIC School “SACRED HEART” in 1979 Horizontal SOCKS in MRS ARDEN Class and 2 NEGRO Boys
YANG “BAL” means SOCKS In Korean
Constance Pecoraro’s CATHOLIC Theme OIL ARTWORK created to ROB MY IDENTITY for SANDRA OH
“CHRIST”ina YANG on “GREY”S Anatomy”


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