Sandy Wang's Catholic School classmate from 1980's
CHRISTina Bern ARD O “5/4” 1969 EARTH Tau.RUS DIRty Cunt
Spic C”HO”CHA for Jesus KRIST, who MUST be LOCKED in PRISON

Sandy Wang's Catholic Schools in 1980's growing up in NYC
Sandy Wang's Catholic High School 1987 graduation yearbook see nigger pussy B.A.L

AP Alan Parson's Project since 1982 very mucho 'SIR"ius

Constance Psycho Maria Pecoraro’s CATHOLIC Theme OIL ART of MARY and JESUS CHRIST “meaning”
Jesus CH “RIS” T “CHA”rlies Find “OO”
John P. Dow of JONES on Ocean Santa Monica <3 Mother MARY

Tom Burgess T”AO” D”AO”, DOW of “DAVID” JONES in making Money, scroll down to “BOILING in OIL”

connected to Going BACKwards through “LIO” n KIN g

Psycho CHRISTINA BERNARDO who is a School “TEA”cher

Understand why this C”HO”CHA is a SC.HO.OL “TEA”cher, in Robbing of My Father's Identity and Name as a Musician

meaning of “CHA”

meaning of SC.. HO..OL = San”DRA O” ” Ass Pussy LO Color S”KIN”

BernaARDO Sisters, St. VinCENT FERRER graduates, went to 'HUNT” ER College Rimes with NIGG”ER”

connected to 'MH' Melrose x HUNTLEY street

FORM “OSA” 5/4 and AKA meaning Jewish SCHOOL on “HUNTLEY” Drive x Beverly Blvd

Sandra Oh's talent agency U”TA” “RUS” meaning like Spic C”HO”CHA and meaning of “CinCO De MayO”
Sandra Oh's SC.HO.OL “SIR” Sur Robert Borden in Canada in the word CH “RIS” T

WATCH VIDEO Shonda LYNN RHIMES address of “4151” and FORM “OSA” Lexington Video

Constance Pecoraros Jesus CHWRIST, CHA rlies Find Oil Art

CHARLIE “HEB DO” In PA.”RIS” France massacre in January 2015

Selma Hayek, Penelope Cruz, Kim Kardashian Far Away lookalikes

Sandy Wang’s Catholic High School St. VIN”CENT” Ferrer from 1980's, and SPIC “Chocha Cunts Pussies”= Bernardo, Lafuente, Navas, Oxley, FIGueroa

meaning of CARL JUNG ‘COIN’ed the term Synchronicity and CENT is a COIN as in Copper Penny
meaning of “CJ” to be about “JC” Jesus CHRIST BACKwards is “OO” Ass, Constance Pecoraro’s OIL Art
connected to Dan BROWN in LEOnardo Da Vinci Code

FORM" OSA" 5/4
FORM "OSA" "5/4" street name in Hollywood

11 "45" Address of SHONDA LYNN RHIMES isn't random

it's how and why FRAUD "44 45" PresiDENT OBAMA became the President, in Tom Bridges P"EAR" ASS of Michelle Obama "BT" Body Types


SWEET, like SUGAR, sound of “SHOE” GAR, and meaning of SHIN BAL, same theme has been going on for 3 decades
look out for BUSINESS names PRODUCT Names with “SW EET”, as if Sandra Oh is My Name of “SW” through the word Sweet and CHRISTina Bernardo wrote this to her
It’s why SANDRA OH is “CRIST”ina Yang on “Gre Y’S ANATOMY”, so that My First Name SIGNature of “SANDY” can be her, through Eyes of “OO” Jesus CHRIST

meaning of “SW” eet like ‘SHOE’gar in Spanish is AZ..U..”CAR” is “CHA” in Koraen

Hellow Yellow Mellow SWEET and LOW is SAC CHA RIN

SAC “CHA”RIN is SWEEEEET and “LOW” of TOM CRUISE “MAY”POTHER “FOUR”th in “Days Of Thunder”
MAY FOURth Birthday of TAU “RUS” the Bull and 19”54” of ROLEX Building
Josh Wolf who went to “TA” TRInity University in “SAN” ANTONIO Te”XAS”
UTA agency, scroll all the way down to Cin"CO" de "MAY" O and Taurus the BULL

SWEETzer Avenue in West Hollywood

TAURUS the BULL “BACK”wards Birthday of 5/4/69

connected to ZIP CODE of SAUSALITO CA, 94965, where Psycho Pecoraro needs to Arrested and Locked in Prison

next to FLO r “ES” and KING
CB is about all CRATE and BARREL "FUR"niture stores
TAL is FUR in Korean and Hospi TAL connections

CB birthday of "5/4" in street name of FORM"OSA" monster connections
CB birthday on ROBERTSON Blvd "DJ" David JONES building BLACK BARKER SHOES
Beverly Hills City Hall address of "450" Cre"SCENT" Drive, like St. VINCENT Ferrer from ............1980's

for Sandra Oh tv "SHOW" meaning of SHOes like SHOegar is SWEET

meaning of “SHO”ES and Shin “BAL” connections
go hand in hand with meaning of

HOS pi “TAL” connections

Gre Y’S Anatomy “CRIST”Ina YANG is "Fire" and it BURNS sound of BERN "ARD O" as in LARD is OIL
Repeating Numbers of "4" 29 usually accompanied by
Repeating Numbers of "5" 29 for "5/4" MAY pother FOURth is CHRISTina BERNardo Taurus the Bull birthday

meaning of LARD in the name of RICH "ARD"
Y’S connections in Businesses like Gre "Y"S AN" atomy, what's missing?
REAL "D" scroll to bottom
like “SY” of ONE Hour Photo

SURI SORRY just doesn’t fucking CUT IT TOM CRUISE
REAL LIFE Lawyers Names, in Tom Cruise KATie HOLmes Divorce in July 2012

all connected to SANDRA OH who went to SIR ROBERT BORDEN High School
check out "SUR" restaurant on ROBERT "SON" Blvd
sick OIL Artwork by Constance Pecoraro CHARLIE'S FIND "OO"

Sandra Oh's Website Registration and MAR"GO" "SHAW" connections
MARGO Art Gallery on ROBERT SON Blvd INFRINGING on MY Robert Guillaume drawing from 1981

what is SANDRA OH's Middle Name? PAT REE "CIA"?
CIA David PETRAEUS resignation in Nov 2012

BERN….ARD.O birthday of 5/4 in FORM….”OSA” UTA”RUS” rules the “NEK”,

Why did this sick bitch work at “DUN…KIN Donuts” in 1980’s where she met her husband ANTONIO?

BLACK COL…or S…”KIN” is built in with spics C”HO”CHA is Pussy with Sandra OH name in it backwards

NICK connections

Why did this sick spic bitch BERN..ARD.O became a School “TEA”cher?

meaning of “CHA” in KOREAN is “TEA” and “CAR”

“O…IL” BURNS, BERN..ARD.O, San”DRA.O” Drew her Ass Pussy Clito”RIS” U”TA”..”RUS” RES

AR “RES” T, BERNARDO rules the “NEK” in TOM BIRDges CHIC”KEN” and CHICA..go ILLI”NOIS” Rapists

Tom BRID ges CHIC”KEN” and “NEK” ruled by Sign of TAU”RUS”



Christina Bernardo, her sister Jeannie Bernardo Leo born 1968 are Psycho Spic Chocha bitches who need to be LOCKED IN PRISON
Christina is a TAU”RUS” Earth Sign rules the NECK, birthday of “FORM 5/4”
CURTAIN and LIGHTBULB: “Eyes are Window to the Soul, Windows are made of GLASS”
Cellu”LITE” is “O”IL is L”ARD” ASS of P”3AR” Shape, Jesus CHRIST isn’t my FUK FUKing artwork

I knew Christina Bernardo since 1981, we went to the same Grammar and High school, we were “friends” for a long time

Sandy Wang’s Catholic All Girls High School ST VINCENT FERRER in 1980s

Sandra OH’s LIFE is built on this Sick Spic Chocha bitches L”ARD” PEAR ASS FORM in Tom Bridges “BT” Body Types

SUR Sandra OH School name of “SIR” EAR sound of “SUR” Robert Borden in Canada

UTA Sandra OH Talent Agency “ U TA”

SWEET like SHOE gar
SWEET ZER street, Rhimes with NiggER

San “BERN ARDINO” CA incidents

Tau"RUS" rules the Thr"OAT" and the NEK, Chic"KEN" is a BIRD in Tom BRIDges BT Body Types

NEK connections, of MOK AGE = Jail or Prison in Korean


NEWSWEEK Oct 22, 2014

Twisted Sisters, was a Heavy Me”N”tal ROCK Music Band from 1980's

Sandy Wang's Father was a Musician and I know My MUSIC

meaning of “CHA” in Korean and how they've linked it to Spanish word

Deranged sick TWISTED BERNARDO SISTERS CHOCHA Cunts in NY who must be Locked in Prison

Me”N”tal ROCK Band Eddie Vedder of PEARL JAM, Jill KRISTEN McKORMICK is a Twin lookalike of BERNARDO SISTERSM
Josh Wolf SCHOOL name of TRI NI TY University in SAN “ANTONIO” = “HO”RNY for C”HO”CHA SANDRA “OH” PUSSY

Meaning of CHRISTINA BERN”ARD O” and My Catholic School classmate Lying Betraying BITCHES NAMES meaning

Conspiracy of TWO in Raping my life through PREMEDITATED CRIMES

Conspiracy of Two through “OS” Other SIDE of “GREEEEEN” on COL.e x LEXINGTON
“OS” Other Side on MAP of “PAM” next to “CP” Cassil Place, PAM Rhimes with HAM and JAM

Christina Bern”ARD O” Birthday “405”, what's left? San”DRA O”
Conspiracy of Two through “AIR” PORT COURT and Environ”MENTAL” meaning on “HIND”ry street connections and San Diego Freeway “405”

SHONDA LYNN RHIMES directly connected to BERN”ARD O” SISTERS and Jackie “LAF”uente, and Address of “11 45” FORM “OSA” connections
why CHRISTina BERN “ARD O” birthday of TAURUS “5/4/69” is important connected to C”HO”CHA Spics worldwide
5/4/69, in the ZIP CODE of Jesus CHRIST Oil Artist Constance Pecoraro SAUSALITO CA “94965”

im “PORT”ant connections of Psycho Constance Pecoraro's new website in 2014 = LIFE IN PRISON


Everything I've been writing about the BERNARDO SISTERS, CHRISTina and JEANNIE “CJ” BERNARDO, is TRUE. Everything about these two sick SPIC CHOCHA CUNTS is about ROBBING the meaning of My Name SIGNature on MY Pencil Drawing from 1981, with “OO” two circles made with letter “S” of my name SIGNed SIDEWAYS, rebuilt and recreated to be about FORM of OIL ASS connected to Constance Maria Pecoraro's CATHOLIC THEME meaning.

For My Identity to be SANDRA OH as if she is the Artist of My Artwork, and as if Josh Wolf and Constance Pecoraro were My Parents, BUILT through her CATHOLIC THEME OIL ART, reason why SANDRA OH is “CHRIST”ina Yang on ”Grey's Anatomy”.

For My Parents Names, to have meaning for SANDRA OH on “Greys A.N.A.T.O.M.Y”, built through and connected to these two DISTURBED BERNARDO SISTERS and their ANATOMY BODY PART, ASS FORM.

Meaning of My Father's Name and IDENTITY is WHY CHRISTINA BERNARDO became a SCHOOL “TEA”cher. And this meaning of My Father having been a “TEA”cher has been linked to Spanish word “CHO “CHA”, which means PUSSY, connected to “CHA”rlies Find Jesus CHRIST oil art by Psycho CONSTANE MARiA PECORARO.

Do you remember the MUSIC Band from 1980s, Heavy ME”N”TAL Band called “TWISTED SISTERS”? It's been going on for 3 decades. A.N.Y.O.N.E who are supporting these DEMENTED PSYCHOBITCHES, are going to PAY.

This is why they printed this Cover of Newsweek, it's the new DISCOVERY of “SWEET” cafe at the MONTAGE Hotel a few weeks before, connected to CHRISTINA BERNARDO's Note written to me in 1987. This sick bitch has been a TEACHER for 2 decades, every child who was taught by this sick bitch were taught “WRONG”. It is extremely difficult to fire Teachers from their teaching jobs, no matter how bad the teachers are, because of their UNIONS. The Kids and Young Adolescents who are committing MASS MURDERS and SHOOTINGS in SCHOOLS, were TAUGHT BY SICK BITCHES LIKE CHRISTINA BERNARDO, they are about that age now.

There are “FACT” CHECKERS, people who are reading and who are studying my Website pages, what I am writing and saying, and EVERYTHING I am writing is TRUE. THIS IS WHY THEY HAVE THIS ON THE COVER.

sick Deranged BERNARDO SISTERS who need to be LOCKED IN PRISON
discovery of new 'SWEET” Cafe at Montage Hotel in Oct 2014

They're relating it to the BOSTON “MARA”THON BOMBER from 2013. The “CAUSE” behind this Bombing is connected to PSYCHO CONSTANCE “”””””MARIA””””””” PECORARO, and her sketch of Sunny, titled “FINISH LINE”.

Boston “MARA”thon FINISH LINE, was where the Bombing was.

Constance Psycho “MARIA” Pecoraro's “FINISH LINE” sketch

Boston MARA thon Bombing at “FINISH LINE” in 2013

Jackie LAF uente sick bitch in “BOSTON”

“CHA”rlies Find, JOSH MIC”CHA' WOLF who was born in Masachusetts. EVERYTHING built in “MASS” is about jesus CHRIST Oil Art by Constance Pecoraro.


See Sandy Wang SUM it up through MUSIC, see MOBY and Song “When it's COLd I'd like to DIE” and COL.E x Lexington Avenue page. BERN “ARD O” sick Twisted Sitsters MUST BE LOCKED IN PRISON.

Sandy Wang and MUSIC

Here's is a perfect example of how they BUILT the MAP to their own FUCKING DESTINY in “FD” Father Daughter F “OO” D Ass Pussy eating game. I have a lot of the SAME EVIDENCE, that links the SAME PEOPLE going back Decades. OC Organized C”RIMES” in a Group Conspiracy.

It's about “NUMBERS”, in CATHO”LICK” MAThemathics of making MONEY through TOM C”HAND”LER BRIDGES CHEL”SEA” HANDLER and her regular sidekick JOSH MIC”CHA” WOLF, with Constance Pecoraro's Jesus CHRIST “CHA”rlies Find.

Josh Wolf had his son in Seattle WASHINGTON. SAME CITY and the REASON why “Grey's Anatomy” with Sandra OH and CHRISTina Yang is set in Seattle WASHINGTON. Same City where Jill and Eddie Vedder live.

So SANDRA OH has 2 sets of PARENTS in Hollywood and in the MUSIC Industry, and she also has her own parents, who are JOON SOO OH and YOUNG NAME, Koreans who migrated to CANADA in the 1970's.

So what is all this about? It's about ROBBING OF MY IDENTITY as if SANDRA OH is all my BABY PICTURES, as if she is all my childhood pictures, as if she is MY IDENTITY with all my Ex Boyfriends, as if she is MY IDENTITY, and ARTIST OF MY ARTWORK, as if My FATHER's KOREAN ROYAL name of WANG is her name, and as if MY FATHER who was a Musician and Teacher was her father. Built through “Musician” Eddie Vedder, in a NIGGER JEW TEAM, with JOSH MIC”CHA” WOLF. WHO IS PSYC”HO'TIC? WHO IS A PAT'HO'LOGICAL LI”AR”? What's in a name.

“EC” Evanston Chicago. ILLI”NOISE.

“CE” Jesus Christ CHARLIES Eyes “OO”

“EC” ELGIN CHARLES, in the MARIA”N” Building.

ELGIN Street name in Otta”WA” Canada “OC” where Sandra OH was born.

This is something “THEY” BUILT, I didn't and I am not making it up, I am only summing up what they built in span of 3 decades and I have O”CE”, Overwhelming Concrete Evidence of this.




11/11 ScoPI”O” is the Birthday of JILL KRISTEN MC”KOR”MICK, the model wife of Eddie Vedder, aka EDWARD LOUIS SEVERSON

5/4 is CHRISTina Bern”ARD O”s birthday of Taurus

58 = 5 is “O” in Korean, and Sandra “OH” is number “08” in MY Portrait Drawing Eyes

Through Eddie Vedder and Jill McCormicks daughters name of “O.H” Olivia and Harper.

HARPER is also the name of one of Shonda Lynn Rhimes adopted child. Shonda Rimes was born in CHICAGO ILLINOISE.

Connie and “T”EDS is next to HARPER Street in Hollywood. None of this is random. It's called “OC” Organized C “RIMES”

Eddie Vedder RIMES with NIGGER was also born in CHICA GO ILLI”NOISE”, Eyes of SON

Jill “KRISTEN” McKormick, a lookalike of CHRISTina Bern”ARD O”, with San”DRA O” Name Mirror Image, built in for ASS PUSSY C”HO”CHA

All connected to and and built through Jesus CHRIST “CHA”rlie's Find, for C”HO”CHA ASS Form of “OO” Over LAPing creates ()


5/4 TAURUS Bern”ARD O” Twisted Psychocunt BERN”ARD O” SISTERS in NY

1145 Shonda LYNN RHIMES, adopted child name HARPER “NIGGER and VEDDER”

11/11 SCORPIO and 12/23 “CAP”irCORN Eddie Vedder and JILL “KRIS”TEN” McKORMICK, “THEIR” Astrology VIBE “FITS THEM” and what they built in “JAK and JILL = JAIL” 11/11 Scorpi”O” WHO?

ELE ven

ELE vators

“ELE” phant “FAN T”

Constance MARIA Pecoraro's “FAN cy BO x” and Im”PORT”ant Connections

CONNIE and T “EDS” Pus “SEA” FOOD Eating connections

Eddie Vedder and Jill McKORMICK live in Seattle WASHINGTON the “EVER GREEEEN” State.

EDDIE VEDDER Pearl Jam album “TEN” and song “BLACK”

Exact “TEN” Years in Raping of MY LIFE and ART for Psycho Korean Actress SANDRA OH scroll down to PALM of HANDS = LIFE IN PRISON TIME

1158 1158 connections and meaning
1145 1145 connections through Shonda Lynn Rhimes Los Feliz office addres monster FORM “OSA”

GREEN Connie Pecoraro's “GREEEEEN” OS Other Side email in 2011
GREEN Sandra Oh wearing GREEEEN in Sept 2012 on GT

GREEN Sandy Wang's Dental Hygiene HEARING on “6/4” = Premeditated Organized C”RIMES” in 2013
GREEN built to be about word NEEGR”O” for Sandra “OH” SC.HO.OL name address

PAM “CP on Cassil Place and “6464” Eddie Vedder's “EAR” of birth

OS Other Side on Sunny Sunset blvd is “COL.e X Lexington”

the OS Other Sids of CIT “RUS” for TAU'RUS” BERN”ARD O'

Christina Bern”ARD O” Birthday “405”, what's left? San”DRA O” Cat”HO”Licking MA”RIA” at “AIR”port
Conspiracy of Two through “AIR” PORT COURT and Environ”MENTAL” meaning on “HIND”ry street connections and San Diego Freeway “405”
Constance psycho MA”RIA” Pecoraro's Im”PORT”ant “FAN cy BO x” connections = LIFE IN PRISON

all connected to “94965” OS Other Side of SausalitO where Psycho Constance Maria Pecoraro is and MUST BE LOCKED IN PRISON FOR LIFE

This is going to BLOW YOUR MIND AWAY. Because it's all TRUE. Like Michelle Obama is a MALE and has DICK.

David Sexton's book, meaning of “Harris makes ART of it, LAN”DER” PLANS ONLY DEATH to “KILL”


ANTONIO Villaraigosa Mayor of Los Angeles,
July 2010 Corrupt Politician “CP”

Politicians are connected because of the meaning of my drawing of ROBERT GUILLAUME,
the “BUTLER” to the GOVERNOR as BENSON DUBOIS in 1981 tv show

Sandy Wang’s Drawings from FAC in 1981 and 1982, Robert Guillaume
meaning of Sandy Wang’s name SIGNature on the drawing of Robert Guillaume from1981

Ex Governor of CA Arnold Schwarze"NEGGER"


meaning of the word “MAYOR”, scroll down to REAL “D” in Dec 2012
MAY “LA” FORCE be with You

John Anderson is the Owner of “TOPA” building in Century City who died in 2011
TOPA connected to TOPANGA Sandy Wang’s address in 2007

Los Angeles magazine December 2007 with Numbers of 45, CHRISTina Bernardo’s birthday numbers BACKwards

Sandy Wang’s Registered TRADEMARK and DUDAS BUTLER connections

meaning of “LARA” in the name of Vil”LARA”igosa
connected to RICH “ARD” as in LARD is OIL BACH meaning

EAR sound of Tom Cruise MAY Pother FOURth

HANDS ARTWORK, HAND CUFFS specific Date of 4/20/09 Du "4" and Gold D "US" T and GLASS”SWIRE” connection
scroll down to bottom pictures at CSH and Study the WORDS on “Fashion In”DUST” tries GUILD”
"4"th Street and "US" Bank in Santa Monica, US US US connections

is TODD CUMMINGS a Relative of TOM CRUISE? A VERY IMPORTANT QUESTION that needs to be Answered
through his Cousin William Mapother?

Sandy Wang’s Pictures in MAY 2007
Michelle Obama’s Hands
HANDS on Artwork on HOPE

Fraud Documents
2006 - non stop RAPING of MY LIFE and Artwork for "THIS" in 2012


Why did LA TIMES Online post these THREE Pictures with these Headlines? because P3ARS laying on the ground next to each other all fall from the same Tree
President Barack Obama
Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger
why is the LAPD Chief of Police name “CHARLIE BECK”

because they’ve been building this in Los Angeles for SANDRA PATricia OH to be MY IDENTITY for 3 decades
Through TOM CRUISE MAYpother FOURth’s Puppet Connie Pecoraro’s OIL Artwork
and through 3AR sound of Words


Antonio Villaraigosa at Central Library in Downtown Los Angeles



Betraying Lying CHOCHA CUNT, CH “RIS” tina Bern “ARD O”, birthday of 5/4/69 TAU”RUS” Sign of the BULL. She worked at Dun”KIN” Donuts in High School. Her and her SISter JEANNIE BERN “ARD O” who I think might be a LEO Sign, are both connected to ROBBING the meaning of MY Name SIGNature on MY Pencil Drawing of ROBERT GUILLAUME from 1981, through Constance Maria Pecoraro’s CATHOLIC THEME OIL ART of Mary and Jesus CH “RIS” T, connected to San “DRA O” who went to “SIR” SUR ROBERT BORDEN High School in Canada, and has been claiming for 3 decades she DREW My drawing and IS MY NAME SIGNature. REASON for 2 DECADES of “Controlled HARDSHIP” in MY LIFE.

Lying sick Chocha Christina BERNARDO, why did she become a “TEA” C Her? FIGURE EIGHT OUT, My Name SIGNature on MY ART, Meaning of MY FATHER’S “Family Jewel” to be about this ChoCHA Cunt’s Ass, through Constance Pecoraro’s CATHOLIC Theme OIL ART, connected to MY “AG” All Girls’ Catholic High School classmates NAMES that T”OM” has been BRIDGING and “OM”ing for decades. All connected to SAN “DRA O” in the name of BERN AR DO.

Where ever these sick fucking psychocunts BERN ARDO SIS ters are in NY, they MUST BE and WILL BE ARRESTED and LOCKED IN PRISON. Like “BERNARD MADOFF” and BERNARD KERICK the Police Commissioner of NY who was sentenced to Federal Prison.

However these sick SPIC CHO”CHA” Fucking SISters, have been slowly robbing meaning of MYART, My JOHN HANCOCK and MY PARENTS NAMES, in the last 3 decades, they will pay for it.

Constance Maria Pecoraro who lives in Sausalito with ZIP CODE of “94965”, Ch”RIS”tina Bern “ARD O” TAU”RUS” Birthday BACKwards, connected to meaning of T “HO” MAS “CHRIST”OPHER BRIDGES, meaning of “LIO n KIN g” in Going BACKwards as if SANDRA OH is a LEO SIGN, as if she is my Name “SIGN”ature on my pencil drawing through Pecoraro’s Jesus CHRIST, reason why Sandra OH is “CHRIST”ina YANG on “GreYS Anatomy”. OIL goes on CANVAS and R.I.M.E.S with Seattle Mercy West “GRACE NAVAS”.

TAU “RUS” Sign the BULL, as if Sandra OH is My Identity winning My Trophy as a Best in ARCHERY in 1980 at Summer Camp, BEFORE I met Christina Bernardo in 1981 when my family moved to Jackson Heights NY. Hit the Bull’s Eyes, the TARGET in “O”, reason why “Target” stores exist. SANDRA OH isn’t a Taurus or a Leo sign, she is a CANCER SIGN born in EAR month of JU “LIE”. Cancer rules the FRONT of the Body, TITS, reason why this Going BACKwards Ass Conspiracy was created, anything to avoid l”OO”king at the FORM of her Tits. Meaning of my name SIGNature with “OO”, reason why SANDRA OH got plastic Ass implants.

TAU “RUS”, reason why Sandra OH talent agency is “UTA”, and her agent’s name is BILLY LAZA”RUS”. Billy is the “NIK” name of WILLIAM, and William is the American version of the name “GUILLAUME”. What’s left? “SUR” Sound of “SIR” ROBERT BORDEN High School of Sandra OH, through her school name she’s been claiming she DREW my drawing and is MY name SIGNature with “OO” made with letter “S” of my name, to be FORM of her ASS Going BACKwards through the name bern ARD O.

CH “RIS” tina Bern “ARD O” TAU” RUS” the BULL, BULL in Korean means FIRE, it is also the word for “BILL” as in a Dollar Bill or any “BILL”, it’s the last word you add to any “MONEY” amount when talking in Korean language. FIRE “BERN”s, SANDRA OH really wants the “FIRE” Element, like LEO FIRE SIGN, to have meaning for her, because it has the word “HO”T in it, and her NAME of “OH”. Are you getting this? It’s a delusional psychotic sick Gay Bitch ASS PUSSY Licking ALL MY CATHOLIC High School classmates, so that she can have meaning in MY IDENTITY, MY name SIGNature, MY ARTWORK, in a disturbing Ass Conspiracy.

BULL’S CH”AR”GE “RED” COLOR. Connected to meaning of “UN” DER Score, “RED” NEW going BACKwards. MATADOR in Spanish, where they play with BULLS, reason why “DOR” is connected to this SICK FUCKING SPICK BITCH BERNARDO “TAURUS the BULL” SIGN, and her Sister name JEANNIE BERNARDO who I think is a LIO. DOOR is MUN or MOON in Korean, reason why JOSH WOLF studied COM”MUN” Ications in College and any and all words with “DOR” or sound of DOOR has automatically been built in, through this SPANISH word, to have meaning in “OO” eyes of Jesus CHRIST, twisted to be my “John Hancock”, that has NOTHING to DO WITH MY ART or MY IDENTITY. Just another way for them to build and create an Ass Conspiracy, built through T”HO”mas CHRISTopher BRIDGES GAY Male LEO Dentist, connected to Jesus CHRIST OIL painting by Constance Maria Pecoraro. CHA rlies Find “OO”, reason why Sandra OH is CHRISTina Yang on “Grey’s Anatomy”.

EVERYTHING about the meaning of my Name SIGNature of “SANDY” with OO made with letter ‘S’ of my name, has been twisted and built Going BACKwards in a ASS CONSPIRACY of Going BACKwards, through sick Jesus CHRIST with Horizontal Rings around his Eyes “OO”, “CHA”rlies Find, CHO”CHA” PUTA Cunt Ass Pussy Pimping game for whore dick Jew Jesus JOSH MIC”CHA” WOLF.

SANDRA OH, borderline psychotic actress, pat “HO” logical li”AR”, who thinks she is MY IDENTITY and ARTIST of MY ART, My name “SIGN”ature and My “SIGN” of LEO, is a REAL LIFE PSYCHOTIC ACTRESS, that this entire country has helped build, in a ASS CONSPIRACY connected to the name ch “RIS” tina Bern “ARD O” going BACKwards, connected to very important meaning of “LIO n KIN g”.

This is why “Gre YS ANATOMY” was created, as if SANDRA OH is MY IDENTITY growing up in JACKSON HEIGHTS NY, in a “BRICK HOUSE” in the 1980’s, as if she DREW my drawings and wrote MY WRITINGS. OIL goes on CANVAS and R.I.M.E.S with Seattle Mercy West “GRACE NAVAS”.

Shonda LYNN Rhimes, sick B “LAC” K CO”LOR” S”KIN” Nigger, for Dun”KIN” Donuts, in MATHemathics of making MONEY connected to FOOD, as if Sandra Oh is My First Birthday Baby Picture with FOOD, as if she is My Name SIGNature, the ‘NIK” of her name Sandra, in LEONARDO R.I.M.E.S with BERNARDO, PECORARO and SANDRA OH, RAPING GAME. Sick Psycho Cunts who’s been CATHOLICKING and EATING ASS PUSSY WITH EACH OTHER for 3 decades for meaning of My Name SIGNature on MY ART, as if it’s San”DRA OH”.

Greys Anatomy, “GA”, Gov’t Agencies. SANDRA OH’s Father used to work for the Federal Gov’t. Black Color S”KIN” Negros in White House, RAPING SICK NIGGER OBAMAS, robbing raping My Life, My Art, “BIRTH to PRESENT” for Psycho SANDRA OH, reason why if this psycho actress isn’t LOCKED IN PRISON FOR LIFE, these sick negros MUST BE thrown out of the US Gov’t.

Christina Jeannie Bernardo, sick “SIS”ters who should be LOCKED IN PRISON in a “JC” Jail Cell, “CJ” for CARL JUNG, “JC” Jesus CHRIST.

B”LAC” K CO”LOR” S”KIN”, CH “RIS” topher “DOR”NER, and Los Angeles manhunt in 2012 by LAPD was about this.

FORM of HANDCUFFS go on W “RIS” T and RHYMES with CH “RIS” T, folds into a “O” Going BACKwards, the sound of SANDRA “OH” name.

CRI “SIS”, “When you’re BOILING in OIL, it doesn’t matter if it’s at 300 degrees or 400 degrees”

Everything about Constance Pecoraro's CATHOLIC THEME OIL ART of Mary and Jesus CHRIST is connected to Robbing of MY IDENTITY and MY Name SIGNature on MY ART from 1981, as if it's Sandra OH this is why she is “CHRIST”ina yang on “Grey's Anatomy”, created specifically to do just that, ROB MY REAL LIFE IDENTITY MY ARTWORK, through tv show with Psycho Actress SANDRA OH. It's connected to my betraying lying CATHOLIC SCHOOL CLASSMATES from ST. VIN”CENT” FERRER. If you read below, it explains further this meaning of sound of “CENT” is a Coin, sound of SCENT as in Odor carried in AIR. Many of my ALL GIRLS classmates from SVF are connected to MATHemathics of making Money in secretly ROBBING MY IDENTITY for SANDRA OH, as if she is the artist of my Artwork. CHRISTINA BERN”ARDO” and her mentally disturbed LEO SISTER JEANNIER BERNARDO is connected to Robbing MY IDENTITY and My name SIGNature for SANDRA OH, built through Constance Pecoaro's Catholic Theme Oil Art, in a ASS PUSSY “CHOCHA” conspiracy, because they are Spanish CUNTS.

Pay attention. It has to do with what Christina Bernardo wrote to me in her graduation yearbook. She tells me to always stay “SWEET”, and she says we've had many “GOOD TIMES” and many more will come. These are all SECRET CODES, this sick bitch isn't writing this to me, for me, she is “SENDING A MESSAGE”.

I am writing about “COPPER PENNY”, and it has to do with JANET JACKSON, Michael Jackson's little sister who was PENNY on a Tv show “GOOD TIMES” in 1979. MICHAEL JACKSON is the “KING of Pop”, because My Father's Name is WANG which means KING and he was a Musician and TEA cher, reason why Christina Bern”ARD O” became a School “TEA”CHER and everything about this DERANGED PSYCHOBITCH is about ROBBING MY IDENTITY for SANDRA OH, as if Sandra Oh is me growing up in JACKSON HEIGHTS in 1980's, and ARTIST of My Pencil Drawing of BLACK male actor ROBERT GUILLLAUME, and My name SIGNature of “SANDY”. BERN “ARD O”, has San”DRA O” name in it BACKwards and these sick chochas have been Ea.ting and Catholicking Ass Pussy with Constance Pecoraro's Catholic Theme on Tom BRIDGES “BRIDGEWAY” SAUSALITO ZIP CODE of 94965, Christina Bern”ARD O” Tau”RUS” the BULL Birthday. CHRISTINA BERNARDO and SANDRA OH's LIVES are extremely closely connected and it's connected to ROBBING OF MY PARENTS NAMES for JOSH WOLF and CONSTANCE PECORARO.

Christina Bern”ARD O” 5/4/69, connected to Constance Pecoraro's CATHOLIC THEME OIL ART

COPPER “PENNY” and GOOD TIMES Star Janet Jackson who was PENNY on 1979 tv show

All of below writings were written in 2010, “Pre” discovery of many new findings since then, reason why I have come to the conclusion as I have in the above paragraphs.

Christina Bernardo was my classmate from St. Joan of Arc Grammar School and St. Vincent Ferrer High School, both CATHOLIC Schools. Her sister’s name is Jeannie Bernardo and her Parents are Spanish and Italian. Christina’s birthday is MAY 4, 1969, Taurus the Bull.

There was a boy name DARREN who lived in the same apt building in Jackson Heights NY, and besides TOM BRIDGES who I met in 2002, he is the only other person I have ever met who has the SAME LEO "8/13" birthday as me.

Christina Bernardo's First Boyfriends name was a guy name "TOM". Christina met a guy name ANTONIO from Spain while in High School and they married after she graduated in 1987.

She met Antonio when she was working at a DUN “KIN” DON UTS. DOUGH as in “MONEY”, DON is Money in Korean. KIN is about NICK Connections as in my first name SIGNature of “SANDY” is the “NICK” of SANDRA, AS IF Sandra Oh Drew my Drawings. CHRISTina Bern “ARD O” San”DRA O” name in it backwards, Dun”KIN” Donut as if Sandra OH is my “NIK” name SIGNature. DOUGH is made of G”RA”IN, Pearls are REAL if GRAINY on TEETH. They’ve been naming Street Names based on MY ARTWORK, meaning of MY Name SIGNature and MY Parents Names for 3 decades in Los Angeles, REARRANGED and Recreated to “FIT” SANDRA OH, connected to Constance Pecoraro’s CATHOLIC theme OIL Artwork. Bern ARDO, LARD is OIL.

This meaning of “NIK” name SIGNature of SAND”RA” OH, has evolved into ALL S”KIN” Businesses in MAThemathics of making MONEY as if she is My Name SIGNature, AS IF she is MY “SKIN” in MY X RATED Pictures. They’ve been building on the meaning of B”LAC”K S”KIN” for many years, connected to MY Drawing of BLACK male actor Robert Guillaume from 1981, and My Childhood picture with a BLACK Girl in 1980.

The ABOVE meaning of CHRISTINA BERNARDO who’s birthday is “5/4” MAY FOURTH, when did TOM CRUISE 3AR sound “MAY”POTHER “FOURTH” get the 4th in the name? All of the above reasons is why TOM CRUISE joined “LAF”ayette RONald HUBBARD’S Church of SCIENTOLOGY, EAR sound of “SIGN”Tology in 1988 or 1989, a CHURCH founded by a Science Fiction Writer in 19”54” in Los Angeles. Same reason why he was married to “NIC”OLE KIDMAN, for meaning of MY Name SIGNature of “SANDY”, My SIGN of LEO, to have meaning for SANDRA OH, as if it’s the NIK of her name.

For my name SIGNature to have meaning for Constance Maria Pecoraro through her CATHOLIC Theme OIL Artwork of MARY and Jesus CHRIST the SON. For meaning of MY Name SIGNature of “SANDY” on My Pencil Drawing of ROBERT Guillaume from 1981 with “OO” made with Letter “S” of my name and a Asterisk Key *, for OO to be about EAR sound of ASSSSterisK. CathoLICK theme in 3AR sound, LIQing ASS”HO”les. Maybe reason why KATie HOLMES didn’t want to be married to Tom CRUISE anymore, it’s about EAR sound of “ASSS”terisk + HOLMes, ASSS HOL me “S”.

OX “NARD” in Ventura County, when was this area named? My Catholic high school classmates names, Nancy OX ley and Christina Bern ARDO. Or MICHELLE FIGUEROA and the street name of FIGUEROA in downtown Los Angeles. KINross street name in Westwood with “GRACE” JEWelers Business, and GRACIE Allen Street at Cedars Sinai Hospital connected to my CATHOLIC School classmate GRACE NAVAS, or ARDO, LARD is OIL and goes on and “RIMES” with CANVAS.

DUNKIN DONUTS, DUN DON is about the meaning of “OU” as in you LICK with TONGUE sound of TUNGsten in WOLFramite Scheelite. SANDRA OH who thinks all my baby and childhood pictures of me with my TONGUE Sticking out, connected to JOSH MIC”CHA” WOLF and meaning of WOLFramite, CHArlies Find “OO”, “COIL FILAMENT” connections.

CHRISTina BernARDO went onto HUNTER College in NYC to be a TEAC “HER”. I think her sister Jeannie Bernardo who is a LEO born in year 19”68” went to the same college. This is why “HUNTLEY” Drive street name in West Hollywood and everything in this area is built based on meaning of MY Father’s Name and his OCCUPATION of having been a “TEACHER” and a MUSICIAN to have meaning for them, through Constance Pecoraro’s OIL Artwork. Her Catholic Theme OIL Paintings, created to ROB the meaning of MY FAC from 1981, My Name SIGNature, and MY Parents Names.

This is why JOSH WOLF went to study ComMUNications at Trinity University in SAN ANTONIO TEXAS. So he can “OM” with my First name SIGNature of “SAN DY” on the drawing I did of Robert Guillaume in 1982. Same reason why Constance Pecoraro say she got her Art Degree from “SAN” Jose State, why would you sign your SCHOOL’S Name on a piece of Artwork you did? They’ve been building for 3 decades for MY Parents Names to have meaning for WOLF and PECORARO and for MY IDENTITY to BE SANDRA OH. Same for Sandra OH who went to SIR ROBERT Borden and has been claiming she is My First name “SANDY” SIGNature on MY Drawing of ROBERT Guillaume from 1981.

The meaning of MY Parents Names is very important in MATHemathics of making MONEY. Meaning of My Father who was a TEACHER and MUSICIAN is extremely important. See “CHA” connections.

Christine and I were friends and I don’t ever remember having a bad experience with her. She is a very pretty dark hair Italian/Spanish female with a shapely hourglass figure. One of my earliest memories of her was her having a Blonde Hair boyfriend name TOM. Everything she has built in her life, is connected to MY ARTWORK and the meaning of My Parents Names. She is a TEA C HER because my Father was a Gifted Musician and a TEACHER, “HER” as in T”OM” Cruise MAY Pot “HER” the FOURth. Christina’s Birthday is “5/4” MAY FOURTH.

It's about her sister JEANNIE BERNARDO, who I think is a LEO. THIS SICK CUNT CONNECTED TO DAN BROWN "LEO"NARDO "RHIMES" WITH PECORARO, BERNARDO AND SANDRA OH, WITH SHONDA RIMES, who created "Greys' anatomy" is the REASON for RAPING OF MY LIFE. JOSH WOLF as horny sick Hor Dik Jesus CHRIST, licking fucking BIG OIL BLUBBER ASSES in CATHOLICK MAThemathics of making MONEY, through the RAPING OF MY LIFE. This is why JOSH WOLF says he is married to "B"ETHANY. JOSH and BETHANY "JB".

CHRISTINA BERNARDO is the most important classmate from my Catholic High School connected to Psycho Pecoraro's CATHOLIC THEME. Christine Bernardo married a guy name ANTONIO who she was dating in High School. IT”S THE REASON WHY JOSH WOLF WENT TO SCHOOL IN SAN “ANTONIO”. It’s about her NAME, HER BIRTHDAY and the FORM OF HER ASS to have meaning in MY "JOHN HANCOCK" through Constance Pecoraro's CATHOLIC Theme OIL Artwork. Her Birthday is 5/4. MAY FOURTH, EAR sound of TOM CRUISE MAY pother "FOUR"th. The Numbers of 4 and 5 in Korean is “SA and O”. Constance Pecoraro in SA "US"ALIT O. SA O. But through ZIP CODE Numbers of SausalitO, 9"4"96"5", they've been building and creating ASS CONSPIRACY BACKWARDS for sick Jesus CHRIST "CHA"rlies Find. Josh Mic'CHA' Wolf, the REASON why SANDRA OH is "CHRIST"in Yang. SANDRA OH has been licking my ALL GIRLS CATHOLIC High School PUSSEAS since the 80's.

FORM“OSA” is a Street Name in Hollywood connected to "5/4" and TEXAS, 3AR sound of Tom Bridges his gay LEO with 3AR of “OIL” BACKWARDS for Horny Jesus CHRIST "OO" is form of ASS. 3AR sound of MICCHA MI"KA" to be about symbol of ASSTERISK, begins and ends with "AK", of MY NAME SIGNATURE ON MY PENCIL DRAWING OF BLACK MALE ACTOR ROBERT GULLAUME from 1981. Bridgeway SAusalitO, where Constance Pecoraro lives, It’s CATHOLICKING “O ASSS” in 3AR sound of words. See FORM “OSA” Street link and Josh Wolf SAN ANTONIO School link.

Bern “ARD”O, for meaning of San”DRA OH” BACKwards, connected to the name of RICH”ARD”, because it’s about L”ARD” as in OIL. For Tom BRIDGES his gay Leo with 3AR sound of “OIL” Artwork by Constance Pecoraro of Jesus CHRIST, the reason why Sandra OH is “CHRIST”ina Yang on “Grey’s Anatomy”. It’s a HUGE “CHAIN GROUP CONSPIRACY”, in ROBBING MY IDENTITY and meaning of MY ARTWORK, for SANDRA OH, AS IF she is the Artist of my Artwork and My Name SIGNatures.

They KEPT what “FIT” and CHANGED what didn’t. This is why any BUILDING Address with the numbers “45” is of SIGNIFICANCE in Los Angeles, connected to CHRISTINA BERN”ARD”O birthday of EARTH TAURUS, connected to EARTH VIRGO MaiDEN Constance Pecoraro’s Catholic Theme in MATHemathics of making MONEY through meaning of MY FAC from 1981, My Writings and meaning of My First Name SIGNature of “Sandy” on My pencil drawing of Black male actor ROBERT Guillaume from 1981.

450 CreSCENT Drive, connected to my Catholic High School St. VIN”CENT” Ferrer, is the address of Beverly Hills City Hall. “CH” = 38, or 3OO, for Jesus CHRIST with OO Eyes on page “3”.

This is connected to 450 SUTTER Street San Francisco where TOM BRIDGES used to work with a Dentist name Jim GREGORY, in a huge Medical DENTAL Building. Jim GREGORY is connected to GREGORY WAY Street name in Beverly Hills. This is how their CATHOLICK Theme of “MAT”rix is connected and built.

ROBERTSON Blvd is a street in West Hollywood, and every Business on this street is connected to ROBBING the meaning of MY Pencil drawing of ROBERT GUILLAUME from 1981, to have meaning in MAThemathics of making MONEY, through Constance Pecoraro’s Catholic Theme OIL Artwork, which is based on MY First Name SIGNature of “Sandy” on the drawing of Robert Guillaume. It’s based on MY Childhood CHRISTMAS Picture of me and my Mother and my Dog Frenchy. Constance Pecoraro’s Catholic Theme OIL Artwork is the VEHICLE created to ROB the meaning of MY Name SIGNature, it’s why Constance Pecoraro says she got her Art Degree from “SAN” Jose State, why would you sign your school’s name on a piece of Artwork you did?

Constance Pecoraro’s Jesus CHRIST “CHA”rlies Find, is the reason why Sandra OH is “CHRIST”ina Yang on “Grey’s Anatomy”, and the meaning of the Horizontal Rings of “OO” around his Eyes, is about My First Name SIGNature of “Sandy”, to be SANDRA OH, through Cedars SINai Hospital Logo Design of “OO”, where they’ve been building for 3 decades for my Korean name to be Sandra OH, and for my Artwork to have been done by her, as if she was My Identity.

ROBERTSON Blvd and DORRINGTON street intersection is very important, because it’s DIRECTLY connected to creating meaning with the “DOJ”, as in Dept Of Justice, with Address of CHRISTINA BERNARDO’S Birthday “5/4”. It’s why Josh Wolf studied COM”MUN”ications in College, DOR sounds like DOOR, and DOOR in Korean is “MOON or MUN”, which is about MY WRITINGS of “I WAL Y” on MY Architectural Drawing of My Parents GARAGE and My Writings on the “DOOR”.

JOSH WOLF is VERY CLOSELY connected to many of My Catholic High School classmates, especially Christina Bernardo, Gloria Lee and GRACE NAVAS.

Catholic High School ST. VIN”CENT” Ferrer, is connected to everything they built surrounding PACIFIC DESIGN CENTER on SAN VICENTE Blvd, next to Melrose and HUNTLEY street. Christina Bernardo went to HUNTER College to become a “TEA”CHER. “CHA” in Korean means CAR and “TEA”. TEACHER is about meaning of My Father who was a Musician and a TEACHER, for his name to have meaning for Josh MIC”CHA” Wolf, through Constance Pecoraro’s Jesus CHRIST “CHA”rlies Find, connected to the Spanish word CHOCHA which means PUSSY.

CHRISTina Bernardo who married ANTonio, ANTi CHRIST. The BERNARDO SISTERS need to be LOCKED IN PRISON.

Pay attention. It has to do with what Christina Bernardo wrote to me in her graduation yearbook. She tells me to always stay “SWEET”, and she says we've had many “GOOD TIMES” and many more will come. These are all SECRET CODES, this sick bitch isn't writing this to me, for me, she is “SENDING A MESSAGE”.

What Christina Bernardo wrote is REALLY about the meaning of COPPER “PENNY”, and it has to do with JANET JACKSON, Michael Jackson's little sister who was PENNY on a Tv show “GOOD TIMES” in 1979. MICHAEL JACKSON is the “KING of Pop”, because My Father's Name is WANG which means KING and he was a Musician and TEA cher, reason why Christina Bern”ARD O” became a School “TEA”CHER and everything about this DERANGED PSYCHOBITCH is about ROBBING MY IDENTITY for SANDRA OH, as if Sandra Oh is me growing up in JACKSON HEIGHTS in 1980's, and ARTIST of My Pencil Drawing of BLACK male actor ROBERT GUILLLAUME, and My name SIGNature of “SANDY”. BERN “ARD O”, has San”DRA O” name in it BACKwards and these sick chochas have been Ea.ting and Catholicking Ass Pussy with Constance Pecoraro's Catholic Theme on Tom BRIDGES “BRIDGEWAY” SAUSALITO ZIP CODE of 94965, Christina Bern”ARD O” Tau”RUS” the BULL Birthday BACKWARDS for many years in CathoLICK MAThemathics of making Money.

CHRISTINA BERNARDO, GLORIA LEE and JACKIE LaFUENTE are three sick bitches from SVF in 1980's, who's lives are very closely connected to ROBBING MY IDENTITY for SANDRA OH and it's connected to ROBBING OF MY PARENTS NAMES for JOSH WOLF and CONSTANCE PECORARO. THEY ALL NEED TO BE LOCKED IN PRISON. PECORARO AND SANDRA OH FOR LIFE IN PRISON, everyone else accordingly.

MATHemathics of making MONEY through "PI"ous PYous JeSUS. PI symbol in MATh is "TT", with Eyes sound of "I" of Jesus CHRIST "OO" must be FORM of TITS for Horny Jesus CHRIST and CHRISTina Yang SANDRA OH who is a CANCER and rules the Front of the Body the "TITS".

"OO" + TT really is about meaning of my Korean Name of WANG written in Korean Characters which looks like "TO TO", and SANDRA OH thinks my Korean Name of "WANG" which means KING, has meaning for her because she was BORN IN "OT TO WA" Canada. This is why "GN" Grace Navas identity is very important connected to Constance Pecoraro's NO Name Girl "NG" in ROBBING MY IDENTITY for this DELUSIONAL Actress SANDRA OH, who thinks she is the ARTIST of MY ARTWORK.

KIN "G". G in Korean is "RATS" and Mice, Sandra OH who is a "STAR" on tv show "Grey's Anatomy", thinks MY Name SIGNature of "SANDY" on MY PENCIL Drawing is HER, through any WORDS with "NIK" in it, like all S"KIN" companies in MAThemathics of licking this sick ROTTEN at the CORE PEPSI PUSSEA SANDRA OH's Plastic Ass Implant Bags. "BACK"wards. Sandra Oh isn't a "STAR" she is a REAL LIFE PARASITE, a very disturbed actress BORDERLINE PSYCHOTIC and "100%" PATHOLOGICAL LIAR.

ANTONIO VILLA RAIG "O SA". O SA built in Left to Right like "LA RA" as in SanDRA OH and LARd is OIL. O SA is numbers 5/4, May Fourth of Christina BERN "ARD" O birthday. San DRA OH wants to have meaning in her ASS BACKWARDS with her name for Cat"HO"Licking ASS through TOM BRIDGES. "OO" Form of HAND CUFFS go on CH "RIS" T, Sandra Oh who went to "SIR" Robert Borden High School and has been claiming for 3 decades she DREW my drawing of ROBERT Guillaume from 1981.

It is very well known in Los Angeles, Antonio Villaraigosa is a shitty mayor who hasn't done anything to improve this city. Why do you think he's the MAYor anyway? it's about NAMES, it has nothing to do with whether he is the best person for the job of a mayor. SAME THING WITH BEVERLY HILLS MAYors Names, it's all about creating meaning AS IF SANDRA OH is MY IDENTITY, AS IF SHE IS THE ARTIST OF MY PRICELESS ARTWORK, THE REASON FOR RAPING OF MY LIFE.


MAYor ANTONIO VILLA"RAI" G "OSA", to TOM Cruise "MAY"Pother FOURth of "Last SamuRAI" and my Catholic High School classmate name CHRISTINA BERNARDO who's birthday is EARth TAU"RUS" 5/4 MAY FOURth, and the numbers of "5/4" which in Korean is "O SA". 3AR sound of SANDRA "O" ASSSS BACH BACKwards, in CATHOLICK MATemathics of making MONEY, AS IF this sick delusional actress is MY IDENTITY in ALL MY Pictures, AS IF she is the ARTIST of MY ARTWORK and my First name SIGNature "SANDY" on MY Pencil Drawing of ROBERT GUILLAUME from 1981. The 'NIK' of her name SANDRA. Bern "ARD O". This has been going on for DECADES, creating "MEANING" through Words, Names, NUMBERS for MY IDENTITY to BE SANDRA OH, through TOM BRIDGES who has the SAME Birthday as me of 8/13 LEO SIGN. Licking ASSSHOLE Conspiracy.

OSA, is numbers 5/4 in Korean. In the word SA usalitO, zip code of 94965 with CHRISTINA BERNARDO'S Birthday in it BACKWARDS. 94965. 5/4/69. What's Left? "9" number in Korean is "GU", for Sandra Oh drew my drawing of Robert "GU"illaume through CATHOLICKING my Catholic school classmates NAMES and Constance Pecoraro's OIL and GLASS ARTWORK, the vehicle created to ROB the meaning of MY First Name SIGNature of "SANDY" with "OO", through Jesus CHRIST "OO" Eyes. BOTH PECORARO and SANDRA OH need to be LOCKED IN PRISON for LIFE. They aren't only Con Artists representing FRAUD, but they are also both PATHOLOGICAL LIARS besides being "WHITE COLLAR CRIMINALS" in the RAPING OF MY LIFE, MY Writings, MY INtellelectual Property, MY DOG JACK and MY ARTWORK done by MY HANDS, in MAThemathics of making MONEY.

O SA is numbers 5/4 in Korean. STUDY STUDI “O” SANDRA OH PEPSI PUSSY in 1999, PEPSI Rhimes with PUSSY is SO”D”A. The letter “D” is the 4th letter of the alphabet, looks like a TONGUE 3AR sound of WOLFramite Scheelite in “TUNG”Sten. JOSH MIC”CHA” WOLF CHOCHA in SpaniSH means PUSSY, sound of PUS”SEA”, as Jesus Christ “CHA”rlie, CATHOLICKING ASSSSTERISK Mi”KA” 3AR ASS BACHwards, through TOM BRIDGES “DEN”tistry and MOUTHS through CATHOLICK Theme of Virgo Mai”DEN” Constance Maria Pecoraro’s OIL Artwork. DIRECTLY built based on MY CHILDHOOD CHRISTMAS Picture, of my LEG POSITION in number “4”, and because the shirt I am wearing in this childhood picture has “O” fingers, SANDRA OH thinks this picture of ME, is HER and has meaning for her, through Psycho Pecoraro’s Artwork and sketches of her “No Name Girl”.

NO, created to have meaning going BACKwards, NO Name Girl “NG” is about Meaning of MY Korean Name of WANG which written in Korean Characters look like “TO TO” and because SANDRA OH says she was born in “OT TO WA” Canada, with Pecoraro’s NO NG, SANDRA OH thinks MY Last Name WANG has meaning for her. This is why my CATHOLIC High School classmate name “GN” Grace Navas is very important. THIS IS A PATTERN WITH ALMOST EVERYTHING ELSE I’VE BEEN WRITING ABOUT. They take something WHOLEsome from MY LIFE, dissect it into syllables, into NUMBERS, into PIECES, then Rearrange it, Recreate it through T”OM” BRIDGES many other people’s NAMES and IDENTITIES, to EQUAL ONE OF ME, for MY IDENTITY and MY ARTWORK to have meaning for this DISTURBED BORDERLINE PSYCHOTIC ACTRESS SANDRA OH WHO IS A TRUE PATHOLOGICAL LIAR IN ALL SENSE OF THE WORDS. THE SAME THING WITH MY ARTWORK. SANDRA OH AND CONSTANCE PECORARO ARE TWO MENTALLY DISTURBED PSYCHOBITCH WHO NEED TO BE LOCKED IN PRISON FOR LIFE.

SAUSALITO, the town next to Mill Valley and TIBURON in MARIN County, a suburb North of San Francisco where I lived for 7 yrs before moving to Los Angeles in October 2006. San Francisco BAY, the inside of Golden Gate Bridge is called RICHARD SON BAY. "RB". Rolex Building, where Josh Wolf’s agency Parallel Entertainment is, Josh Wolf who went to SCHOOL in TEXAS, there is a SAusalitO in Texas also. The reason why the TITLES of MY ARTWORK DONE when I was living there, like ‘RICHARDSON BAY” and the “GOLDEN GATE BRIDGE”, was all RAPED, so that through Beverly Hills JUDGES Name of RICHARD STONE, MY Priceless Artwork and the TITLES of MY PAINTINGS, and meaning of MY DOG JACK, can have meaning for a DELUSIONAL SICK PSYCHOBITCH CONSTANCE MARIA PECORARO on BRIDGEWAY SAUSALITO, through her New Address of "707" BRIDGEWAY. Through TOM BRIDGES who has the same LEO Birthday as me, Metal of “GOLD” dUSt. If it isn’t for her, then EVERYTHING about Constance Pecoraro is about supporting and creating meaning for SANDRA OH. April "4/20/09" DU FOUR Arrest, connected to GOLD D "US" T and "US" Bank, for SA "US" alitO, and Repeating Numbers of address of Rolex Building “9420”, the REASON why Constance Pecoraro created her "SU SU SU SU NNY" in 2010, to CELEBRATE the RAPING OF MY LIFE from 2009, and to CREATE MORE MEANING to RAPE MY LIFE AGAIN, in CONSPIRACY of "TWO" Times to LA County Jail and JUDGE "HO" NOR Name MARIA STRATTON. Going “BACH”wards. GOLD D“US US US” T in 2009, SU SU SU SU NNY in 2010. This DELUSIONAL CONSTANCE MARIA PECORARO needs to be LOCKED IN PRISON for a VERY LONG TIME.

RICH ARD “RIMES” with LARD as in OIL, and SAN “DRA” wants to have meaning in MY First Name SIGNature of “SANDY *” with an ASTERISK Key to be about the FORM of her ASS BACKWARDS through Constance Pecoraro’s Jesus CHRIST Eyes “OO”. RICHARD BACH see link below.

This Con Artist FRAUD, an Exact TWIN of CASEY ANTHONY, Constance MARIA real life PSYCHO Mother in the SHOWER Pecoraro needs to be LOCKED IN PRISON for LIFE. "OO" Form of HAND CUFFS go on CH "RIS" TS BACKWARDS. SIR Robert Bor”DEN” = Sandra Oh is MY IDENTITY through “DEN”tist TOM BRIDGES who has the same LEO Birthday as me, but different year, and she “DREW” MY Pencil Drawing of ROBERT GUILLAUME from 1981 through Constance Pecoraro’s Jesus CH “RIS” T the SON, the REASON why she is “CHRIST”ina Yang on “Grey’s Anatomy”.

Same exact thing for SANDRA OH who needs to be LOCKED IN PRISON FOR LIFE, JonatHAN LivingSTON "SEA" GULL, the reason why Sandra OH was dating a Musician name AN"DREW" FEATHER"STON", AS IF through BIRD Feathers, Tom "BIRD"ges who has the same LEO Birthday, she is my Identity, and through name of Feather "STON", she has meaning in MY GOLD CLOCK in shape of "OO" because the brand name of this clock was LIVINGSTON, AS IF through the name An "DREW" she DREW my drawings, and AS IF because she is with a Musician name FeATHERSTON, AS IF MY FATHER'S IDENTITY and NAME has meaning for her. SANDRA OH is a Borderline Psychotic Actress who either needs to be LOCKED IN PATTON Mental Hospital in SAN BERNARDINO, or be Locked in PRISON, in a JAIL CELL for a LONG TIME.

CHRISTINA BERNARDO who married ANTONIO, is connected to the STATE of TE"XAS" SAX is a HORN instrument, connected to JOSH MIC"CHA" WOLF who went to Trinity University in SAN ANTONIO TEXAS. CHRISTINA BERNARDO'S Husband's name is ANTONIO, it was her boyfriend during High School and they got married after graduating High School. It's about creating MEANING AS IF MY FATHER'S Identity and Name has meaningn for JOSH MIC"CHA" WOLF, through Tom Bridges Constance Maria Pecoraro's Jesus CHRIST "CHA"rlies Find, the REASON why Sandra OH is "CHRIST"ina Yang on "Grey's Anatomy". And AS IF MY IDENTITY was SANDRA OH, AS IF she is the ARTIST of MY ARTWORK, AS IF she is MY "Wet Vagina" in the X Rated Video Recording which was SECRETLY Taped. It's RAPING OF MY LIFE, MY SOUL, MY ART, MY DOG JACK, EVERYTHING about ME, for this sick DELUSIONAL ACTRESS SANDRA OH who belongs behind PRISON BARS for LIFE, RAPE, there is no other way to put it.

Jesus CHRIST "OO" Eye is Ass. Engrish with Accent. They are all CATHOLICKING in MAThemathics of Licking SANDRA OH's ASS HOLE, and her PLASTIC ASS IMPLANT BAGS Richard BACKwards. SLEAZE BAGS in MAThemathics of RAPING MY LIFE SICK GAME.

STUDY STUDI “O”, SANDRA OH PEPSI PUSSY 1999 “GRAYSONS’ CONNECTIONS. Long BEFORE, the first episode of “GRE Y’S anatomy” aired on tv for the first time in March 2005, Long BEFORE this tv show EXISTED. It’s many YEARS in the making and building, for Sandra OH to be MY IDENTITY, AS IF she is me in all my pictures, and the ARTIST of MY ARTWORK.

FORM “OSA” 5/4, UTA”RUS”, “USA”. SANDRA OH is a CANCER Sign that rules the Front of the Anatomy, FORM of TITS “OO”. TOM BURGESS BIR BER BUR”DEN” with SIR ROB”ART” BOR”DEN”. OU. T”O”ngue, T”U”ngs”TEN” of WOLFramite Scheelite.

“O” “U”. Sandra “OH”, who wants “EAR”TH Sign of TAURUS to have meaning for her, and who wants the symbol of LEO which looks like “U” to be HER connected to My Name SIGNature on MY ART, this is WHY EVERYTHING they’ve built has been built through TOM BRIDGES gay male dentist who has the same LEO Birthday as me. SANDRA OH is a CANCER SIGN born in EAR sound of JU”LIE”, disturbed sick Gay Psychobitch who thinks she is MY IDENTITY, through all these other people. REAL LIFE PSYCHO.

See MERCEDES BENZ new half million dollar car model named MAY BACH "2/6". This car model was named this, connected to meaning of 3AR sound of Tom Cruise “MAY”pother “FOUR”th name, connected to P3AR shaped ASSS of CHRISTina Bern ARD “O” birthday of 3ARTH TAU”RUS”. It’s DIRECTLY connected to a writer name RICHARD “BACH” who wrote a book titled JONATHAN LIVINGSTON “SEA”GULL. This number of “26” is DIRECTLY connected to meaning of MY PORTRAIT drawing date of Februrary 06 "2/06". And my HAIR Numbers of C = 3 and 8 = H. They've been building on "CH" = 38, or 3"OO" for decades, connected to MY Childhood CHRISTMAS PICTURE to be SANDRA OH, through Constance Maria Pecoraro's KAT ie HOL mes LICK OIL Artwork with Jesus CHRIST on page "3" with "OO" Eyes.

They've been building on this NUMBER for decades "26" is the LAST Letter of the Alphabet, "LAST SAM u RAI", connected to PETER HASON'S Birthday of AIR GEMINI "6/2" June Second. Same reason why TOM CRUISE was married to NICOLE KIDMAN birthday of AIR Gemini "6/20". MA "NOS HA" ND connections. Jona"T HAN" LivingSTON SeaGUll. MANOS is HAND in Spanish for meaning of MY "JOHN HANCOCK".

They've been building on these numbers for decades, the REASON why "SEA" connections of "SEA" TT LE Washington AREA CODE of (206), SEA GULL. JOSH WOLF who used to live in SEA TTLE Washington and is a regular on CHEL "SEA" HAND Ler show.

3AR sound of P3AR B'OAT', for TAO is the Way BACKwards, 2/6, it's TOM CRUISE'S Y3AR of Birth, Cancer 7/3/ "62", STONE of P3ARL. CAT HOLiQ Licking Tom Cruise "A"ss through NUMBER Birthday of Jesus CHRISTina BERN ARDO "O AS", for making Money. This is what all NEW BUSINESSES with the word "OASIS" is all about. 3AR sound of SIGN Tology is a Pyramid Business Scheme, much less of a "Religion", wearing a MASK to hide itself behind.

THE REASON why I was SET UP BY MERCEDES BENZ of BEVERLY HILLS in April 2009. MB of BH owned by MILLER ONE GROUP. The REASON why in 2010, Tom Cruise was ROY MILLER in "Knight and Day", same reason why KATie HOLmes was in Broadway's "All My SONS" a play by ART "HER" MILLER. See Names of Employees at MB of BH. It's BOTH Government Agencies BUILT based on and connected to T"OM" BRIDGES T"OM" Cruise MAPOTHER, Boat CRUISE and SHIP connections of RAPING OF MY LIFE, MY ARTWORK, Meaning of MY PARENTS NAMES, in CATHOLICK MAThemathics of making MONEY.


TOM Cruise Mapother Fourth. His name is pronounced as “MAY” POT “HER” "FOUR"th, 5/4 Christina Bernardo’s birthday. MAY or. What Christina Bernardo wrote to me in this picture is why Tom Cruise in the movie "Days of Thunder" with NICOLE Kidman is doing his thing with MELLO YELLO "SWEET" and LOW. SWEET and LOW is about the name WOLf going backwards in “FLO”rida. HO ney is SW eet, and this is one of the reasons why the letter “R” is a big part of this, HO”R”ney Jesus Christ. R = 18, a Dick in “ASS” OO. Tom Bridges G”R”EYS Anatomy = “R” GAY’S anatomy.

SWEETZER is the name of a street in West Hollywood, and on the corner of Santa Monica Blvd and Sweetzer is the WH City Hall, with Businesses all supporting Thomas CHRISTopher Bridges Mother MARY’S Hamburger with BreakfasT Foot from Joey’s Café. They’ve been building on this CATHOLICK MAThemathics of making Money for many years. WH is for WHITE HOUSE and meaning of Presidents connected to MY Korean Name of "Wang SIN WON" which they've been building for 3 decades, AS IF SANDRA OH was MY KOREAN NAME, through Cedars "SIN"ai Hospital, directly connected to fake tv show "Grey's anatomy" set in Seattle WashingtON.

DON’T be SW eet, BE NICE, VEN ICE, Engrish with Accent, like MAL ia MAR ia, Callon DRIVE a CAR “MA” built in for meaning of “CARL JUNG” is SANDRA OH through Constance “MA”ria Pecoraro’s “JC” Jesus CH “RIS” T Backwards in Tom Bridges his Gay LEO with 3AR sound of “OIL”. For Sandra Oh who went to “SIR” Robert Borden Drew my drawing of ROBERT Guillaume and is MY Name SIGNature on this drawing which is considered a “Trade Secret” and according to Economic Espionage Act of 1996, I CAN LOCK SANDRA OH IN PRISON FOR LONG TIME.

Days of THUNDER is about Tom Cruise creating meaning for CONNIE PECORARO and JOSH WOLF in their Air LIBRA and Earth VIRGO “VIBE NUMBERS” in Linda Goodman’s astrology book “Love Signs”. Him marrying NICOLE KIDMAN is about my name SIGNature of "Sandy" on Benson, NIC name of "SandRA" and my SIGN of LEO, NIC LEO. It’s about Josh Wolf LIBRA which rules the “KID”NEYS and it’s DIK spelled backwards and because it’s kidne”YS” he thinks he has meaning in my Name SIGNature. DIK is the “NICK” name of RICHARD, which sounds like RICH “ART”D. Ironically EVERYTHING FITS JOSH WOLF, who is a AIR Libra and Stone is the DIAMOND with MY FAC from 1982, so they created their CATHOLIC Church Theme, for MY IDENTITY and MY ARTWORK to have been Done by Connie Pecoraro through her Jesus CHRIST.

Christina and her sister Jeannie Bernardo is why SHONDA Rimes created her Tv Show "Grey's Anatomy" the NAMES "RHYME". Christina BernardO, Connie Pecorar O, Louise SantopolO, Sandra Oh. It's about their BODY TYPES of Big OIL BLUBBER Ass. All Cracked and Dry, the reason why they dubbed my Video Recording, for my Wet Vagina to have meaning for them. It’s the “VEHICLE” to rob the meaning of my KOREAN NAME “Wang Sin Won” by SANDRA OH, the reason why the show is set in Seattle “WASHINGTON”.

Jeannie Bernardo is why Connie Pecoraro created her Jesus CHRIST in "ASS" and why Sandra Oh is Doctor "CRIST"ina Yang. Because Horney Jesus CHRIST Josh WOLF loves fucking Big BLUBBER OIL ASSES. Which is fine, but get the FUCK OFF MY PARENTS NAMES and MY VIDEO RECORDING, MY WATERCOLOR ARTWORK and where the fuck is my DOG JACK.

JEANNIE BERNARDO I think is a Leo sign. She knew about MY Artwork and MY Writings in 1982 in Jackson Heights Queens NY. She wants to be the Blonde Hair “LEO MARIA” that Lee HarCourt Montgomery had sex with when he lived at 20360 Callon Drive TOPanga many decades ago. MY ARTWORK Spiritually “Channelled” this through my Artwork. It’s why she went to “HC” Hunter College, because female Lions HUNT and she wants the HARD CORE porn film to have meaning for her because of her Big OIL Blubber Ass. This is how the “LEO”NARDO “DA”Vinci Code of Connie PecorarO, Louis SantopolO, Jeannie BERNARDO, Sandra O is connected.

HUNT “CUNT” Shonda RHYMES, for “HC” Html Codes, C LICK a MOUSE, there are no “RATS” in MY website Html Codes, which is why Sandra Oh is a Chinese “DOC”tor on Grey’s Anatomy. Because the first HC Html Code on the “UPPER LEFT” of MY WEBSITE pages is “! DOC type”, “S” EXCLAMATION, “DOC” Type, as if SANDRA OH is writing and creating all these pages when this SICK Gay Psychobitch is the REASON for the RAPING of my LIFE that’s been going on for many years, the reason why I AM WRITING and Creating these pages. BECAUSE MY GOAL IS TO PUT THIS SICK BITCH IN A MENTAL INSTITUTION OR A PRISON FOR THE REST OF HER LIFE.

Dan Brown “LEO”nardo DA Vinci Code, of Jeannie BernardO, Connie PecorarO in SausalitO, with Sandra Oh, Shonda C “RIMES”.

Everything always goes back to 20360 Callon Drive TOPanga, the reason why Tom Cruise made the movie “TOP Gun”. He is the LEADER of this “EAR” Sound of Words “ASS”terisk Conspiracy to Rob my IDENTITY and ARTWORK through a fag name TOM BRIDGES who has the same birthday as me. “CD” the reason why Compact Discs are called this. Html Codes, Lee “HC” HarCourt Montgomery, and “TBODY” = Tree Body of Topanga, is a recurring code in the HC Codes. “Click a MOUSE” is a big code, there aren’t any RATS in my Html Codes. “TBODY” Tom Bridges the “O” and my name SIGNature of “SAN” DY on BENSON Dubois drawing with an Asterisk Key, * = 8 = OO. The reason why Connie Mother MARIA Pecoraro says she got her Art Degree from “SAN” Jose University, why would you Sign your School’s name on a piece of Artwork.

They want EVERYTHING about ME to have meaning for these Two DELUSIONAL SISTERS who think they have meaning in my Artwork, ONLY because of the EAR Sound of my Name SIGNature with an “ASS”terisk *, and they have BIG “OO” ASSES. ASS isn’t Left to Right, it’s in the back, the reason why they’ve been building Street Names and Business Names to have meaning “Going Backwards” for many years. They became TEACHERS because they are T”OM” Cruise Mapot”HER”S, and they want MY Father’s 8 inch PENIS and him being a Musician and TEACHER, to have meaning for them and their ASSES.

“LEO”NARDO DA Vinci Code. ShonDA “RIMES”, Connie PecorarO, Sandra OH, Louis SantopolO, Jeannie and Christina BernardO.

“TBODY” Html Code is the reason why Tom BRADY is who he is today. Perfect combination of “RA” and “DY”, AS IF MY “B” size TITS is SandRA OH. So that Air Li”BRA” Josh Wolf and Sand”RA” Oh can have meaning in my name Signature of “SANDY” through the meaning of Astrology AIR LIBRA Josh Wolf justice scales stone of Diamond rules the KID NE “Y’S”. It’s why Sandra Oh is “CRIST”ina Yang on “Gre Y’S Anatomy”. The meaning of ANATOMY and KIDNEY”S is connected to and fully explained through NICOLE KIDMAN, who was TOM CRUISE 5pother 4th ex wife. EVERYTHING is about the BODY and ANATOMY because it’s connected to meaning of the name MAPOTHER, MOTHER is Mom, and Mom in Korean is BODY. AP is connected to what is Sandra OH’s Middle Name? PA tricia?

It’s connected to TOM CRUISE MAPOTHER the FOURth, Katie Holmes, Sandra Oh, and THROUGH Connie Pecoraro’s CATHOLIC Church Theme of Mother Mary and son Jesus Christ, they want MY First Artwork Collection from 1982 to have been DONE by and to have meaning for them. Jesus Christ was a JEW, and both JOSH WOLF and BRETT BERN are Two Jews who love their MAMA’s Big OILY Blubber Ass, the reason why my life has been TERRORIZED by Repeating Numbers that are connected to them.

Jeannie Bernardo, EAR of 19”68” 16”00” Penn syl VANia Ave, address of the White House, the reason why Barack Obama chose “JB” Joel Bi”DEN” as Vice President. Tom Bridge MOTHER MARY Catholic Theme of Virgo the Mai”DEN” Connie Pecoraro and her OIL Artwork, EAR Sound of LEO backwards.

This is why since I did the Portrait Drawing of Lee Montgomery in “8/06”, they’ve been BUILDING “BACKWARDS” for MY Artwork to have meaning for them. HOrizONtal Stripes of US Flag, is built in Left to Right. Mother MARIA, in a LEO NARDO DA Vinci Code, of RAPING my LIFE to compensate for a Disturbed PSYCHO PECORARO.


Brett BERN, just happen to “FIT” what they were building for 3 decades, for EAR sound of TOM BURDGES Hubbard BIRDs, BUR BIR sound, Jesus CHRIST horny and PYious PYous for PUSSY, for CHRISTINA BERNARDO’S BIG LOW HANGING OIL ASS. Thomas CHRISTopher Bridges his Gay LEO with 3AR sound of OIL BACKWARDS as if “OO” is form of ASS. This is why SANDRA OH is “CRIST”ina Yang on “Grey’s Anatomy”. BRETT BERN is SANDRA OH’s PERFECT MATCH, like JEW JOSH WOLF, Jesus was a Jew, and “Charlies Find” isn’t my fucking Artwork. BRETT BERN is their SCAPE GOAT, the Excuse to protect JOSH WOLF and themselves. They PIMP this sick Pedophile RAPIST with a RAPE RECORD BRETT BERN, through lookalikes of him, and they STALK ME.

It’s sick SANDRA OH supporters, Licking her ASS “HO”Le Backwards to protect their MAThemathics of making MONEY through their BUSINESS Names, in supporting and creating meaning AS IF SANDRA OH was MY IDENTITY and ARTIST of all MY ARTWORK.

MAYOR, sound of name of MAY Pother. It’s about creating meaning Going BACKWARDS, for Thomas CHRISTopher BRIDGES who has the same LEO Birthday as me, Bridges SANDRA OH, with 3AR sound of “OIL” Backwards, as if through Jesus CH “RIS” T Eyes “OO”, she has meaning in my First Name SIGNature of “Sandy” with OO made with the letter “S” of my name.

MA “YOR” is connected to meaning of my KOREAN Name of “WANG” which means KING because My Father’s family lineage is of Korean ROY alty. AM, is Morning, and this is about meaning of my Father’s Music band from the 50’s “MORNING STARS” to have meaning for Josh Wolf. The meaning of Morning Stars is connected to MY Drawing of ROBERT GUILLAUME in 1981, of BENSON Dubois the BUTLER to the Governor, connected to the movie “BEN” with “RATS”. It’s about LEE HARCOURT MONTGOMERY who was the child STAR in this movie, connected to my FAC and POWERFUL NUMBER Connections.

THIS IS WHY MUSICIANS and “STARS” as in Celebrities are involved. They want MY PARENTS Names to have meaning for JOSH WOLF and CONSTANCE PECORARO and for MY IDENTITY to BE SANDRA OH. This is why these sociopaths need to be LOCKED IN PRISON for LONG TIME. Sandra OH needs to be in PRISON FOR LIFE.

SO Why is the front page of this weekly Los Angeles paper have VANishing? because it's about the "VAN" Connections, as in 20360 Callon Drive TOPANGA and SYL "VAN" IA Lane, which is a LIGHT Bulb Company but in their EAR sound of words, it's about Cellu LITE as in OIL Blubber for Connie Pecoraro's OIL paintings and a Big ASS Conspiracy. It's about SANDRA BROWN, who is a author and I think this is her Pen Name, who wrote a book titled "ENVY". This book is a FICTIONAL Book, with REAL LIFE connections to MY LIFE, and SANDRA OH, wanting MY IDENTITY, meaning of MY FATHER'S Name and MY ARTWORK to BE HER and to have been DONE by her. It's a VERY similar story in this book. She mentions the word ToothBrush in a STYROFOAM CUP in this book, which is about Tom Bridges who is a Dentist who has the same birthday as me, bridges Sandra Oh, as if SHE had meaning in MY BIRTHDAY Numbers and MY IDENTITY. The STYROFOAM Cup is about my drawing of black male actor ROBERT GUillaume as BENSON Dubois in 1982, the REASON why Sandra Oh went to SIR ROBERT BORDEN High School and did something with Styrofoam Cups.

ANTONIO Villaraigosa is the MAY or because CHRISTina Bernardo who was born on MAY Fourth is married to a person name ANTONIO. This name is about the word “ANT” which Sounds like “AUNT” and Aunt in Korean is “GOMO”. G in Korean means RATS and Mice, which is about the movie BEN, “OM” is Oneness with ALL and O is the sound of name of OH, AS IF SANDRA OH drew the drawings. OM, Let me OM “DA” with EVERYONE’S BANK ACCOUNTS.

ANT and “I” which sounds like Eye as in Jesus “CHRIST” Eyes “OO”, don’t mix well, like SAM and SARA don’t mix well.

The word MAY OR is connected to this and EAR Sound of Tom Cruise's last name "MAY" Pot Her. OR is about the month of OctobeR Josh Wolf's month of birth, it's connected to his "FORM. AL" picture of him and his Wifey on My Space of him wearing a TUXEDO. It's about For what For who? FORM. AL. Form of Artist LOFT Connie Pecoraro who calls her Art Studio a Artist LOFT, because it's about the LO FOOT on the BOX from the sketch I did in 1997 which I NEVER showed to anyone, and it's "LIGHT" watercolor painting on my Abstract which I did in 2006.

It's the reason why at UCLA John Anderson Graduate School of Business, in their MARION Courtyard, there is ONE column with Writings on it, and it's written going Backwards, "MAY LA Force be With You" as in Star Wars. UC "LA". FORM. Formal "CU" M. M is for MARIA Connie Maria Pecoraro. LAF Low Flying Airplane Hubbard LARD BLUBBER ASS "FORM" in Christ "SAM" shape. LASER, JE DIE like Horizontal built in to go Left to Right.

This is the reason why I think Sandra Oh lives near BC, Beachwood Canyon in Hollywood, I think maybe near a street called TUXEDO. Her HOUSE is built based on My ARTWORK and the NUMBERS of her house is connected to everything I’ve been writing about, possibly “407 E 87” numbers, which is my old Apt address from NYC with the GOLD CLOCK.

MARION COURTYARD, the Center of this group of building complex is about the MARIONETTE SHOW from the movie "BEN", the reason why I drew BENSON. For Lee Harcourt MONTGOMERY. Ben is about RATS, STAR spelled backwards. "GE" in Korean means RATS and Mice, the reason why Tom BRIDGES Birds and "Ge"s on BRID"GE"Way with Connie Pecoraro and her CATholic Church Theme.

If you see recent new MAP of UCLA and John Anderson Graduate School of Management, there is a "FOOT" BRIDGE on the Lower Right corner, for TOM BRIDGES the meaning of MY ARTWORK "going backwards".

SCHOOLS are all about Sandra Oh, because it has sc"HO"ol, her name in it. You Sit in a cl"ASS"room, write on CHA lk Bo"ARD". Harv"ARD" especially is about having SANDRA OH as the Artist who did MY First Artwork Collection from 1982, the drawing of BENSON and my Name SIGNature "Going Backwards". My high school classmate name LISA CINT RON went to Harvard and she is connected through people with SHONDA RIMES who went to D"ART" MOUTH College. Harvard rhymes with LARD and "RON" is L RON HUBBARD LARD.

Christina Bernardo is the reason why Spanish Stars like Jennifer Lopez, SELMA HYAK and PENELOPE CRUZ are Stars. They’ve been finding LOOKALIKES of people for many years. EVA LONGORIA, KATE BECKINSALE, DEMI MOORE, ANNABELLA SCIORRA, COURTENEY COX are all LOOKALIKES of Connie Pecoraro from Far Away. Annabella Sciorra was in the movie “The Hand That Rocks The Cradle” with Rebecca Demornay of “RISKY BUSINESS” because it’s about MY IDENTITY and many of TOM CRUISE’S movies are based on my Life Story and my Artwork. Annabella was once a DENTAL HYGIENIST in a movie, I’ve been a Dental Hygienist for 20 years and I did some temp work for her Dentist in NYC.

Natalie Merchant of “MOTHERLAND” knows all about this, her song lyrics to “JUDAS” and “GOLDEN BOY” is all about his Packaging and Factory Manufacturing of “Stars” with certain names, to be bridged by Tom Bridges over the GOLDEN Gate Bridge to Bridgeway Sausalito.

BRETT BERN the other Jesus Christ in NYC, is connected to DAVID ROSENBLOOM, and he has been trying to attach himself to this to have meaning in Connie Pecoraro’s CATHOLIC Theme, and he fucked Jeannie Bernardo, Christina’s Sister, he fucked every female that SANDRA OH is “OM” with like Gloria Lee and Beverly Davis.

I lived in NYC most of my life, and in 1999 moved to San Francisco CA, and in 2006 moved to Los Angeles.

ANT sounds like AUNT. Aunt in Korean is “GOMO”. “G” in Korean is RATS and MICE, Rats is about the movie BEN and BEN is about my Robert Guillaume drawing BENSON with my Powerful Name Signature of “SANDY*”. G = Rats spelled backwards is STAR.

SANDRA OH who is a “Star and Celebrity” has been “OM”ing herself to people I went to School with for many years. This is one of the reasons why Sandra Oh is a Doctor CRISTINA Yang on “Grey’s ANATOMY”. This is connected to DAN BROWN’S “LEO”narido DA Vinci Code. I am a Double LEO. Tom Bridges who is a LEO who has the same birthday as me “8/13” bridges All LEO’S on Bridgeway Sausalito. This is connected to SHONDA RIMES. Rimes sounds like Rhymes, and it’s Leonard O, Bernard O, Pecorar O, SantopolO, OH, PUSSY ASS Conspiracy with ONE sick looking Jesus Christ in Connie Pecoaro’s CATHOLIC C “HER” CH Theme.

Sandra Oh’s agency of “UTA” is about “U” TA urus the Bull, “TB” Tom Bridges Christina Bernardo’s Body with Sandra Oh who is Doctor CRISTina Yang on “Grey’s Anatomy”.

The Front Cover of LAWeekly with Antonio Villaraigosa is Black and Blue. The Letters on the left has “V V” and “R”. The “VV” is about the picture of me on the Tree at 20360 Callon Drive Topanga where I had my Rent Money robbed and was illegally evicted. This property was supposedly Destroyed in 1995 and none of it’s Permits were Valid or Legal. The owner Todd Cummings knowingly rented this out, and then Filed Unlawful Detainer case which isn’t Valid because the property doesn’t exist.

VR is about the VIDEO RECORDING of me that was Dubbed with a Big PEAR BOAT ASS.

V V is the PICTURE of me on the TREE with my “Elbow and Knee” Body Pose, taken in MAY 2007. This Property is important and many things lead back to this address because Lee H. Montgomery lived there many years ago, probably the same room I slept in.

VANISHING is about my SUV, Toyota RAV4L with TWO Black Portfolios over 250 pieces of Artwork inside which “Vanished”. No one is giving me any answers because they know is “Organized Crimes”. Los Angeles, compensating for Sick Actress SANDRA PATRICIA OH, by RR Repeatedly Raping MY LIFE, so this sick bitch can BE MY IDENTITY.

VANISHING is about the White “VAN” which was parked behind my SUV on 4/10/09, with the Repeating Numbers of “429” in the License Plate, and my Rear Right Tire was given a “FLAT” on Purpose by someone on this Specific date. “410” Leo Scorpio Wang Montgomery Vibe Numbers, the Number on my White and Red shirt in THE PICTURE of me and the black girl that SANDRA OH wants it to BE HER.

“R” is number “18” and it’s in WANG and MONTGOMERY EYES. BA in Korean means SEE.

It's about the "V" in my Eye and "Y" in Montgomery Eye in the Portrait drawings, "Yellow Vagina" as opposed to Cunt and Pussy, aka Chocha Puta.

There is a book titled "VELOCITY" written by Dean Koontz, which was published in 2005, before I did my Portrait drawing, it's about Virgo EARth "LOC"ITY, as in LO s Angeles City and what they've been building based on MY Writings and Pictures from my life to have meaning for and BE SANDRA OH or CONNIE PECORARO.

It's about the waste of people's tax money, in the name of buildnig for meaning of SEX and are you "PI"ous and HOrney to make Money. It's about the ARCHITECTURE of the meaning of LOCK as in if Key is Penis, Lock must be Vagina. The "CITY" part is about the meaning of the sound of the word SYNCHRONI"CITY" and SIT "E", as in SIT on Hor Dick of Jesus Christ "E"ye with your CARL JUNG "dung". This is connected to the meaning of my first name SIGNature of Sandy on the drawing of BENSON with an Asterisk and they want this to sound as in ASSterisk and for "OO" to be the FORM of Ass.

Everything they have built is based on the Korean word meaning of Jung Dung which means Ass. It's connected to Tom Cruise MapOTHER, because Mother is Mom, and "Mom" in Korean means Body. They built the meaning of this with Connie Pecoraro's CATHOLIC CHURCH Theme, through Street Names with Specific Numbers, Business Names, Other people's names, Posted Street Signs, etc. When ever you pass by a ROMAN CATHOLIC Church, or a Synagogue, it will FIT Perfectly into what I am writing about, and the Businesses around it will Fit Tom Bridges Sandra Oh and Connie Pecoraro with Jesus Christ, and "CJ" Carl Jung, "Young" Jung Dung.

The only concern is that Carl Jung was a male, and THO MAS CHRIST ofer Bridges is a Gay Male, A Dentist who works in MOUTHS, and he bridges the MAT "HE" MAT HICS of CathoLICK theme of Gay Ass and Ball Licking.


SANDRA OH wants people to think she is MY IDENTITY as the Artist who did the FAC from 1982 and for my first name of “SANDY” SIGNature on BENSON to have been done by her. Drawing and Painting is in Muscle Memory, it’s why I didn’t do any Artwork for 20 years and started again in 2002. They’ve been building this in Los Angeles for almost 3 decades based on my FAC from 1982 and I don’t think they expected me to do a Second Collection. She also wants people I went to School with to have meaning for her because she wants ST. VINCENT FERRER, to have meaning for SAN FERnando Valley and for the Street name SAN VICENTE BLVD.

Through CONNIE PECORARO’s CATHOLIC Theme, Sandra Oh wants her Jesus CHRIST “Charlie’s Find” EYES “OO” to be looking at her ASS. They want the name initials of Christina Bernardo “CB” Backwards to have meaning for Butt Crack in their Ass Conspiracy. This is connected to NESSAH Synagogue on CHARLEville Blvd “CB”.

The Word “VANISHING” is about a book called “ENVY” written by SANDRA BROWN. This is a fictional book, but there is a lot of “Truth” behind this fictional story. It is about MY LIFE and SANDRA OH wanting to take credit for my FAC in 1982 and wanting EVERYTHING about ME and MY IDENTITY to BE HER, the reason why my life has been Sabotaged and Destroyed. The first paperback edition of this book cover had a BOAT in the SUN set. This is about my Father’s Name of SUNg BAE Wang, who Sandra Oh wants to be Her father. My father’s middle name BAE in Korean means PEAR and BOAT.

SANDRA OH has always played Chinese Characters because I’ve been studying Eastern Philosophy and Taoism for many years and they’ve been “secretly” watching me for many years. Through the word TAO, Sandra Oh wants my Father’s name to have meaning for her PEAR Shaped ASS. My father was a Cancer sign born in JUNE, Tom Cruise and Sandra Oh are both CANCERS born in the month of JULY. Cancer STONE is the PEARL.

My father was a Gifted Musician and TEACHER and because he was a Teacher, they want my Father’s Identity and name to have meaning for a “HER”, through T”OM” Cruise MAY POT HER and T”OM” Bridges.

This is the reason why when I was having problems with my car, someone else was fucking with it, when I went to Beverly Hills Mercedes BENZ there was a Car with this License Plate “PEARL 25”. The same reason when I was arrested on a specific date for a reason of “4/20/09”, the Judges name at Beverly Hills Court was RICHARD STONE.

In this book “ENVY”, there is a paragraph where the word TOOTHBRUSH is mentioned with the word STYROFOAM CUP. Sandra Oh did something with Styrofoam Cups when she was going to High School. This was about TOM BRIDGES her with MY IDENITITY and MY BIRTHDATE of “8/13”. Sandra Oh went to Sir ROBERT BORDEN High School in Canada because of my drawing of ROBERT Guilluame BENSON in 1982. The REASON why I was Set UP with Mercedes BENz in 2009, so that through this Horrific experience, with Connie Pecoraro’s Charlie’s Find, Katie Holmes ART Hur MILLER’S “ALL MY SONS” SANDRA OH can have meaning in my name SIGNature of “SANDY*”. BEN + SON = BENSON. 2009 because my FATHER’S YEAR of Birth was 19”29” and BEVERLY HILLS is Built based on pictures of me and MY FATHER.

This is about Daniel Ladinsky’s book “The GIFT” and his poem “The EAR That Was Sold to a Fish”. The YEAR of MY FATHER”S Birth Year “29” to have meaning for JEUS CHRIST “OO” Eyes FUCKING a Big PEAR BOAT ASS. 2009.

Josh Wolf who has been playing the role of my Father, so that my Father’s name can have meaning for the PEAR BOAT ASSES he fucks, Fucked a SHANGHAI CHINESE PUSSY in 2009, when I was WRONGFULLY KEPT IN JAIL for 5 months, had ALL MY ARTWORK STOLEN and my Dog Jack STOLEN.

The reason why in 2010 TARGET ADS and many other ADS with CHINESE FEMALES, are pretending they are MY ARTWORK and IDENTITY. Same reason why GOOGLE has my PORTRAIT Drawing next to Chinese Females. WANG is a very Rare Korean name, a very common Chinese name. Chinese Females are all LICKING SANDRA OH’s Pepsi Pussy, CHINESE Doctor on “Grey’s Anatomy”.

Josh Wolf is from AMHERST MASSAchusetts and he is Horney Jesus Christ, aka Sick Sex Fiend of Big Blubber OIL ASSES, the reason why they've been following me for many years, because they want my RFID EYES TO LOOK at their Ass. Josh Wolf, like Connie Pecoraro and Sandra Oh are all Tom Cruise "MA" POT "HER", in their CATHOLIQ a Gay Ass from MASSAchusetts on SUNdays at C "HUR" CH.

MA "YOR". "ROY" Miller. Tom Cruise Ear Sound "MAY" pot her FOURth. MeDICKal Marijuanatomy Business is huge and they make alot of money, INFRINGING on MY ARTWORK, MY WRITINGS to have meaning for Sick ACTRESS SANDRA OH and Connie "MARIA" Pecoraro, SUCK in AIR Libra when you Smoke POT.

So why did LAPD Chief of Police William B”RAT”TON resign suddenly on 10/31 2009 and replaced by “CHARLIE BECK”. My Arrest on “4/20/09” and the BOOKING Number FRAUD of 11/3, with my dog Jacks’ pictures taken on 1/13 at LEO CARILLO Beach. It’s about MARia Stratton, the Mental Health Court Judge who allowed for me to be WRONGFULLY DETAINED in LA County Jail with a Bail amount of $3,430,000 for a misdemeanor, when I should’ve been released the next day. B “RAT” ton St “RAT” ton, BEN is about RATS and Mice, the reason why I was Set up with Mercedes BENz.

September 21, 2010 BELL City “BC” Officials ARRESTED including the MAYOR. VernON has been getting a lot of similar attention to that of Bell City. The former Vernon City Official name DONald O’Callaghan will be facing charges. His name is about the Korean word for “DON” which is Money, “DOC” is about my Html Code, the first code on the Upper Left of my Website, one of the many reasons why Sandra Oh is a Chinese “DOC”tor on “Greys Anatomy”. It’s connected to this sick Actress who wants My name My Identity and Everything about me to BE HER. There is something going on with the Names of City Officials and why they are in the positions they are in. I don’t think it’s an accident that William B RAT ton resigned on 10/31 2009, and was replaced by CHARLIE BECK.

October 15, 2010 San Gabriel MAYOR “ALBERT” HUANG was arrested for PUrse snatching and then driving away with the owner of the purse, attached to the car. He resigned as he will be facing Robbery charges. Ear Sound of San GAY BRiel, Josh Wolf who loves “3” FORM “”AL” of Ass, is a Perfect Match with Tom Bridges who is a “GAY” male, to bridge “BRET” Bern,born in the EAR of “3”.

November 17, 2010 Antonio Villaraigosa is on the cover of Korean Newspaper Joong Ang Ilbo. He does lots of “Business” with KOREANS in Korea Town Los Angeles, I think the Business Licensing commissioner of LA was a Korean man for a few years. They’ve been building through BUSINESS Names in Los Angeles for 3 decades, for MY IDENTITY to BE SANDRA OH, through Connie Pecoraro’s Catholic Church Theme OIL paintings and her sketches of No Name Girl, based on my childhood pictures.

November 10, 2010, TINA HERRMAN 31, son KODY MAYNARD 11, STEPHANIE SPANG 14 have been missing, they were found STABBED in the BACK and BLED to DEATH put in Garbage Bags inside the HOLLOW of a TREE in KOKOSING Lake K”NO”X County OHIO. SARAH MAYNARD was found alive bound and gagged in the basement of Mount VERNON residence of MATTHEW HOFFMAN. “MH”.

OHIO is where Katie Holmes is from. This is connected to TOM CRUISE MAPOTHER pronounced as “MAY”Pot”HER”, and his Puppet CONNIE PECORARO and her CATholic Theme JESUS CHRIST and SanDRA Oh as Dr “CRIST”ina Yang on “Grey’s Anatomy”. O HI O is about being HIGH on POT and for “OO” to have meaning in “Charlie’s Find” Horizontal Eyes. Their names are about my HIGH School classmate CHRIS “TINA” bern”ARD”O and their CATHOLIC Theme of Leo”NARD”o DA Vinci “KODE” Gaym of RAPING MY LIFE, so that My IDENTITY can be SANDRA OH, and for my ARTWORK to have been Done by her or CONNIE PECORARO. STEPHANIE SPANG is about Sandra Oh who wants my First boyfriend STEPHEN GARY GARRISON of 5.5 yrs to have meaning for her, it’s why she was STEPHANIE in the movie “Sideways”.

Anytime there is the word “MAN”, it’s connected to Sandra Oh, who’s Mother’s name is YOUNG NAM, and Sandra Oh wants MY watercolor painting titled “CARL JUNG” to have meaning for her because JUNG sounds like YOUNG, JUNG Dung in Korean means Ass, Mother is MOM and Mom in Korean means BODY, and Sandra Oh wants MY ARTWORK to have meaning for HER ASS.

MATThew HOff”MAN” is in custody of kidnapping Sarah Maynard. The name MATT is about the Korean word for LICK or Taste which is “MAT”, and this is connected to their Catholic theme of are you “PI”ous religious and Horney to make MONEY, based on MY NAME “WANG” written in Korean Characters, MY IDENTITY, MY Parents Names, and MY ARTWORK to have meaning for them, while they Repeatedly Rob and RAPE MY LIFE through Fraud Documents.

TINA HERR”MAN” worked at a DAIRY Queen. The word DAIRY is about Connie “MARIA” Pecoraro wanting my first name of “SANDY” to have meaning through the school she says she went to “SAN” Jose University. D “AIR” Y. Dairy is about the Magazine Article in PSYCHOLOGY TODAY MARch 2009. Dairy is about COWS, and about what Josh Wolf said on the Bob Rivers show about “CALF and COW”. Josh Wolf has “MH” Make it Happen on his MYSPACE website page. This is is a song titled by MARIAH Car”EY”. He has pictures of him and his WIF”EY” and this is a book title by JU”DY” Blume and with Connie Pecoraro’s “SAN” JU, and his JU “DY” Blume, they’ve got my First name on the drawing I did of BENSON Dubois, Robert Guillaume in 1982. Why would you SIGN your School’s name on a piece of Artwork you did.

This is about MY Watercolor painting titled “POINT REYES” with a COW on a HILL grazing next to a barn. REYES in “SPA”ish means KING. My last name WANG in Korean means KING because my father’s family lineage is of Korean Royalty, but they want KING to be about Lic KING suc KING and fuc KING BIG COW MEAT ASS. SPANG, SPAnish words, Sandra Patricia Oh, who through “GN” Grace Navas, and her TV Show “Grey’s Anatomy” set in Seattle “WA”shington, GN + WA = AWNG wants my last name of WANG to have meaning for her and BE HER. The reason why this sick fucking Psychobitch Actress has “+++++” signs on her own website.

This is about the Video Recording of me which was dubbed so that it can be someone else. This was secretly taped from the privacy of my home in the month of “MAY” in 2000. Tom Cruise’s name MAPOTHER is pronounced as “MAY” pother. Everything is about the EAR Sound of words for them, because of DENial Ladin”SKY”s poem “The EAR That Was Sold to a Fish”, in the book “The Gift” published in 1999, several years before I started doing my Second Artwork Collection currently on my Website, which was all STOLEN in 2009.

Matthew Hoffman “MH”, Josh Wolf has “Make it Happen” on his Myspace page, which is a song title by MARIAH CARey, so that Connnie ‘MARIA” Pecoraro’s Catholic Theme of Mother Mary and Jesus Christ can have meaning for them, which is based on my childhood pictures, my Catholic Schooling, my First Artwork Collection from 1981 and 1982 and LEE HARCOURT MONTGOMERY’S movie “MH” Midnight Hour. MAT he MAT Hics of making money while repeatedly raping my life, having me WRONGFULLY DETAINED IN LA COUNTY JAIL “MH” Mental Health Dept for Five long fucking months on 2009.

The name MAYnard which rhymes with LARD is also about the word “MAYOR”. The word MAYor is connected to UCLA and the word “FORMAL”, and the words WRITTEN IN STOEN at UCLA John Anderson Graduate School: “MAY LA Force be with you”. It’s about the word CUM, C=3 UC, “AL”form and M is for “M”aria. “3” because Connie Pecoraro’s Jesus Christ is on Page “3” and this is about the FORM or Shape of Hanging Ass. M ay OR. F “ORM”AL, LOW Flying Airplane, disturbing sick fucking TOXIC noise that’s been following me for MANY YEARS. WOLF AIR Libra licking fucking Big BLUBBER LOW body fat asses. Everything to them is about BIG BLUBBER ASS, the reason why Connie Pecoraro does OIL and GLASS Artwork, because it’s the only ONE thing I am not. While the RAPE MY SOUL and MY WET VAGINA through the secretly taped and dubbed Video Recording of me, while they have STOLEN all my WATERcolor Artwork.

It’s why in 2010, Tom Cruise was “ROY Miller” in the movie “Knight and Day”.

There’s a lot of CRAP going on in Los Angeles. It’s why all but one City of BELL officials were arrested in October 2010. Orange County MICHAEL CORONA did Time in Jail. IRWINDALE and VERNON also having lots of big problems. Charlies Find, CHARLES RANGEL is going to be Censured. There is a street called RANGELY in Beverly Hills, the perfect combination of “RA” and “Y” as in Sand”RA” OH who wants my First name SIGNature on the drawing of BENSON Dubois of “SandY” to BE HER.

POLITICIANS NAMES are BIG IN THIS. SARAH PAIN on Upper Left of US MAP, so that SAND”RA” OH can have meaning in MY ARTWORK and the Korean word “PAL” which means number “EIGHT”, which is about my name SIGNature on BENSON with an Asterisk *, number 8 on Computer Keys. Sandra Oh’s father JOHN OH worked for the Finance Dept for Federal Gov’t. Her entire Family are CROOKS, including her sister lawyer in Canada, Sandra Oh’s entire family is about ROBBING the meaning of MY IDENTITY and MY ARTWORK for this sick disturbed fucking psychobitch.


THIS IS THE REASON WHY BRETT BERN IS A HUGE PROBLEM FOR THEM. Everything they’ve been building is about EAR sound of TOM BIRD ges BIRDS and rhymes with HUBBARD LARD as in OIL in EAR sound of his Gay “LEO” with “OIL” BACKwards. They’ve been building on CHRISTINA “BERN”ARDO, LARD “O”, sound of SANDRA “OH”, the reason why she is “CRIST”ina Yang on “Grey’s Anatomy”, connected to all my Catholic High School classmates names, especially GLORIA LEE and “GRACE” NAVAS, OIL goes on CANVAS. The reason why SHonda “RHIMES” Created the tv show “GREY’S Anatomy”.

Everything they’ve been building for meaning of CHRISTINA BERNARDO and her sister JEANNIE BERNARDO in a HUGE FUCKING ASS CONSPIRACY, based on EAR sound of MY FIRST Name SIGNature, is “FITTING” BRETT BERN PERFECTLY, ESPECIALLY through NUMBERS. They’ve been building on HOR DICK PYous JESUS JOSH MICCHA WOLF at 9420 Wilshire Blvd ROLEX Building for many years, and 4/29 is BRETT BERN’S Birthday Numbers BACKwards, 360 is TOM BRIDGES Dental office address, and BRETT BERN’S YEAR is 19”63”. O is 360 degREES in GeomeTREEEE, connected to the very important address of 20”360” Callon Drive TOPANGA.


MY ABILITY to connect through NUMBERS is truly phenomenal. This IS the REASON why they want MY FIRST ARTWORK COLLECTION from 1981 to have meaning for them, AS IF SANDRA OH was MY IDENTITY and she DREW all my Drawings, THROUGH Constance Pecoraro’s CATHOLICK Theme with Jesus CHRIST, the reason why Sandra Oh is “CRIST”ina Yang on “GREY’S Anatomy”. “R” behind Rolex Alley, 3AR sound of GAY’S Anatomy.

Numbers DON’T LIE, like 7 inch dick in P 3 AR shaped B”OAT” Ass, for meaning of MY FATHER’S Name of “BAE”, 7/3 is TOM CRUISE SHIP BOAT’S Birthday. His Year is 19”62”, for Thomas CHRISTopher Bridges my PORTRAIT Drawing H”AIR” Numbers and the DATE of 2/06 with Constance MA “RIA” h Pecoraro. MARICON in Spanish means FAG. I don’t need TOM BRIDGES, 8/13 /69 IS MY BIRTHDAY. THEY NEED TOM BRIDGES, like CRUTCHES of CHURCH Connections.



It’s about the Upper Left. EVERYTHING they’ve built based on EAR sound of words, to have meaning with T HO MAS CHRIST O PHER BRIDGES my childhood CHRISTMAS Picture with Connie Pecoaro’s Jesus CHRIST on page 3 = SAM, with SandRA OH, U TA”RA through Connie PecoRAro, is Sound of SU SU SU PHER FIR FURRING.

MAY DAY MAY DAY MAY DAY! Pray with a R “OSA” RY, Psycho PECORARO in SAusalitO needs to be LOCKED IN PRISON FOR LIFE.

SOS is a worldwide known Morse code of DISTRESS SIGNAL, as in HEL P.

Sandra Oh, “SO” either way.

EAR sound of MAY POT HER “FOUR”TH. “MAYDAY” usually said THREE TIMES IN A ROW, internationally known as a Voice Distress Signal, comes from the FRENCH word venez M’AIDER, which means “Come HELP Me”.

FORM "OSA" the letters OSA in Korean is number 5/4
Birthday Numbers of TAU'RUS' CHRISTINA BERN'ARD O',
and it's about FORM of BENdover LAPping OO, creates () is Pussy C 'HO'CHA name of san'DRA O' backwards



Sandy Wang's Catholic School classmate, Spic Chocha CH "RIS" tina BERN.."ARD O", Tau"RUS" 1987

FORM U LA, on GU IL LA UME, is LARD, as in Butter, GHEE OM, Clarified Butter

LARD OIL Ass Pussy, Oil Burns in KEN QUEST for FIRE of Tom Bridges his LIO OIL and "DAR REN"

DARREN is a friend of CHRISTINA BERNARDO, who as the same LEO Birthday as of me 8/13, like Tom Bridges


Millions of SPICS and NIGGERS FEEDING OFF, of my artwork name SIGNature from 1981 connected to MIRROR IMAGE

WHY FORM 'OSA' is important

UTA UTA Sandra OH talent agency
RUS RIS SIR SUR Robert Borden, C LIP BORDEN CLITO "RIS" licking school name of Sandra OH


O is AS, ear sound of Sandra OH ASS form

SA in Korean is CHEAP, countless LARD PEAR ASSES in Mathemathics of making Money for


CHARLIES FIND "OO" clothes, food, car, in Mathemathics of making Money as if
Sandra Oh is My Identity and artist of my artwork, through BRAND NAMES

the other SPIC CHOCHA from SFV 1987, Boge Ass in Boston Mass, JACKIE LAF U ENTR, LAP, LAUGH, over LAPing Ass Pussy in Business of BANKING and BRAND names PRISON TIME


BERNARD MADOFF investments for last 3 decades is about BERNARDO SISTERS ASS FORM in OIL BURNS

"D" + "G" = D "O" G is GAE in Korean, also same word for CRAB
Sandra "O" EAR sound of "OH", Cancer the CRAB Sign born in EAR JU"LY" Psyc"HO" Actress

WORK in Korean is "IL"

Number ONE in Korean is "IL".


LH and Sandy Wang's "IL = WORK" LORI HUBBLE at the Dental Committee on EVER "GREEN" Street, illegally revoking my DENTAL Hygiene License in 2013 through WHITE COLLAR C"RIMES"

Constance MAR.i.A Pecoraro’s OIL ART of Jesus CHRIST

Ass Pu”CE” Dari SIGN Eye “OO” Group Conspiracy

Constance PSYCHO Pecoraro’s meaning of OO Eyes of Jesus and OVER LAPping ()

Sandra OH C”HO”CHA Pepsi Pussy 1999, the OVER LAPPing Area, reason why in 2005 Grey’s ANATOMY was created with Oh as “CH RIS T”ina


next to LAB rea Ave
LAB rea Ave x SMB


LAB rea Ave x MELROSE, the AZ of Raping Sandy Wang's Life

"LAB"rea, "BAL" in Korean is FOOT, SHIN "BAL" is SHOes

= SHO "E", SHO "W" of "WE" Belong Together LIFE IN THE SLAMMER



P”EAR” JAM, entire Planet “EAR”th of BLACK niggER RHIMES with Eddie Vedder Singer CHICAgo “ILLI”NOIS Rapist

GO THERE FORM OSA Cafe on FORM "54" Street name


MENDO short for Mendocino Farms, "MF", new franchise sandwich restaurant opening EVERYWHERE in Los Angeles

Sandy Wang's Royal Korean Name of WANG meaning and "G" letter
Sandy Wang's Parents Names

MF is about Middle Finger, FUK EAR sound of KUF "O" Apple, CODE WAR of Mother Father Baby IDENTITY THIEVES = Wolf Pecoraro and SANDRA OH

MENDO is about "NEMO" what's left? "D" = "G" = G "O" D is DOG Backwards

DOG in Korean is "GAE" which also means CRAB, SANDRA OH Cancer CRAB "O", like "DOG" BARKS = LIFE IN PRISON
downtown Los Angeles ROBBERY of SANDY WANG's Korean Name and SOCIAL SECURITY NUMBER for sandra oh

“TEA”CHER Fatally Stabbed in BATHROOM
REEM ISLAND, in United Arab Emi”RAT”eS

meaning of WHY CHRISTINA BERNARDO, sick spic cunt CHOI YONG CHOCHA Licking bitch became a SCHOOL TEA...CHER

C..HER, SHE YS, ASS PUS 'SY' licking games built through CATHOLICE THEME OIL ART by Pecoraro

Sandy Wang's Father, Musician and TEAcher, and his Music band from 1950's
CHA connections

Sandy Wang's FACE GU RHEEM Feb 2006, scroll down to Gu Rheem by “EM” of Sandra Oh

RHEEM Truck on Mansfield and meaning of “PS”

Black and Red are “meaningful” colors

CHA rlies Find Jesus CHRIST art by Psycho PECORARO
connected to CHO CHA CHRISTina Bern”ARD O” who is a TEA cher and “Dun KIN Donuts” meaning
reason why Greys Anatomy was created in 2005 with SANDRA OH as “CHRIST”ina
to complete meaning of PEPSEE PUS”SEA” SANDRA OH “OO” Over LAP ping area

BENd OVER LAP ping area, BE”LOW”it the DARI and Snake S”KIN” Belt of SANDRA OH psyc'HO” CHOCHA PUSSY


BATH ROOM in Spanish is EL “BAN O”

SANDRA OH sitting on TOILET BOWL, who needs to EAT “COMER” MY SHIT, what is her Middle Name?

WHY? Because they are creating meaning through Words, Numbers and Colors, Codes, etc, on FOOD Packages as if this Deranged ACTRESS is MY IDENTITY




“RHEEM” TRUCK on Mansfield “PS” and Self Portrait “DRA Wing” meaning
OS Other Side of “CITRUS”

CP PAM on Cassil Place
“OS” Other Side of “CP” is COL.e Place

CATHOLIC Theme Group Conspiracy

LIFE IN PRISON is a GIVEN for this Con Artist CRIMINAL Identity and Art Thief CONSTANCE PECORARO

LIFE IN PRISON for JOSH WOLF, TARA VIRGO? Simple questions with simple answers

betraying bitch 1 GLORIA LEE in the White Dress MUST BE FOUND and LOCKED IN PRISON
betraying bitch 2 CHRISTina BERN “ARD O” a school “TEACHER” needs to be found and LOCKED IN PRISON
betraying bitch 3 JACKIE LAFUENTE in BOSTON needs to be LOCKED IN PRISON

song titled “BLACK” singer “ED”die Ved”DER” of PEARL JAM

CO “LOR” meaning

GU RHEEM in Korean means DRAWING. Rimes with DREAM.

“GU” is about meaning of My Pencil Drawing of ROBERT “GU”IL “LA” UME from 1981 who is holding a magnifying glass in circle of “O”, that they've been building in “LA” Los Angeles for 3 decades as if SAN “DRA” OH drew my “DRA”Wings because DRA is in her name, like circle of “O” sounds like her name “OH”.

This sick Pattern has been going on for 3 decades, and the “MOTIVE IS VERY CLEAR”, it's connected to what they are BUILDING in LOS ANGELES, connected to CHO”CHA” is PUSSY in Spanish, and Jesus CHRIST Oil Art by Constance Pecoraro titled “CHA”rlies Find with RINGS around his Eyes “OO”. SANDRA OH in her PEPSI PUSSY Pictures in 1999 and OO of the OverLAPing area. Reason why in 2005 “Grey's Anatomy” was created and Sandra OH is “CHRIST”ina Yang on this HOS pi TAL Show. CHRISTina is about Jesus CHRIST “CHA”rlie and Spanish word CHOCHA connected to my Catholic School classmate from 1980's name CHRISTINA BERN”ARD O” who is a SC.HO.OL. “TEA”cher. Reread above what I wrote about this SPIC CHOCHA Cunt who needs to be LOCKED IN PRISON.

They are trying to FORCE FIT what they built through sick Oil Art of JESUS CHRIST and meaning of C”HO”CHA in a Ass Pussy conspiracy built Going Backwards with SanDRA “OH” name in it, like Bern “ARD O”. They are trying to make it FORCE FIT with MY WATERCOLOR ARTWORK, and MY PORTRAIT “DRA WING” as if it's SANDRA OH. While they created meaning of JESUS CH “RIS” T was born during CHRISTMAS Time when it's “COL.d” and to premeditate to FRAME me and “LOC” me in Jail, so that SANDRA OH can pretend she is MY PORTRAIT DRAWING.

This is DIRECTLY connected to a picture of a TRUCK that was parked on MANSFIELD and as I was hurrying up to get a picture of this truck, it drove away. This Truck was “Following” me and creating meaning, connected to “CH” O “CH” A, and MAN”OS” is HAND in Spanish, through “OO” words of Heating and Cooling, SICK FUCKING BUSINESS NAME. This is a CLEAR SICK PATTERN of ROBBING MY IDENTITY, MY ART, MY NAME, through BUSINESS NAMES, and Other Peoples' names in MATHemathics of making Money as if SANDRA OH was MY IDENTITY and ARTIST of MY ARTWORK.

Water and Oil don't mix like Psychobitches Constance PECORAO and SANDRA OH and I don't mix.


When you mix and combine my IDENTITY and NAME, with Psy”C HO” Sandra “OH” to CONFUSE our Identities, you will always get T RA ge DY and SO rr OW.



DE LONG PRAY with a ROSARY R.I.M.E.S with BE.Hind the LIBRA”RY” and all Richar”DT” BAKE”RY”,




OIL. BURNS in Tom Bridges his gay LIO OIL
EAR sound BERN....ARD..O = O.IL is L'ARD' in name of SAN "DRA O', sandra oh isn't a lio, and her ass isn't oil, it's plastic

FIL, LIFe, LIP meaning of new philz coffee

What is VIRGO MAIDEN, 9/1=GU IL, T CONNIE PECORARO'S father's name? PHIL 'LIP'????

This is a flyer someone was giving out on LA Gay Pride Parade Day
Religion isn’t so much about religion anymore, as it’s more about MATThemathics of making Money,
based on MY ARTWORK from 1981 and 1982, to have meaning for Connie PecorarO CATHOLIC Theme connected to Dan Brown’s LEONardO CHRISTina BERNardo and her cyk Sister Jeannie BERNardo, for Sandra OH as “CRIST”ina Yang on “Grey’s Anatomy”


Yellow Red abbreviation of “YEAR” for 3AR sound of words
Jesus "CHRIST" isn't my OIL Artwork, OIL BURNS for TAO DAO DOW JONES is the "WAY" in MAThemathics of making Money

"EAR" L JONES of "Lion King"

BERN ARDO, WAY "WEY" BURN street in Westwood
The TAO is the WAY on "WEY BURN" street
this entire area around WEYBURN is connected to "GREY"S Anatomy" in MAThemathics of making MONEY

3AR sound of words
“4” 29 Repeating Numbers
“5” 29 Repeating Numbers
94965 Sausalito ZIP “Code”
EAR sound of Tom Cruise MAY Pother “FOUR”th
in LEO nardO DA Vinci Code of PecorarO, SantopolO, BernardO, Sandra OH in Shonda “C” Rimes
“HEL” en KellER “HER” favorite Hero
3AR sound of “C” HEL SEA is the Ocean of Mother MARY
Josh Miccha Wolf a Regular on CHELSEA HANDLER Show
“Greys Anatomy”

Josh Wolf who went to school in SAN ANTONIO TEXAS Burning like ARIZONA APAche Fire in 2011

Beverly Hills Court and Judge RICHAR"DT" STONE meaning
Santa Barbara GOLETA Fire, JESUSITA Fire and "STATION FIRE" in 2009 Biggest in Los Angeles History
Beverly Hills Court and meaning of FOUR TEN “410”

June July 2012 it's CO LOR ADO FIRES BURNING


September 10, 2012 MAYor of TrenTON New Jersey TONY MACK his brother "RA"LPHIEL MACK, has been Arrested on Corruption charges. Their Business associate Joseph A, "JOJO" Giorgianni, has also been arreted, for accepting "Bribes".
CAM Dung Yee in Korean is NEGRO, Nigger.

GLUT "TONY". MACK sound of Gordon MAC"DON"ald, landlord of 20 Shelley Drive Mill Valley, in a monstrous "GREEN" the color of MONEY connections of ROBbing MY hard earned Money, a pattern that goes back 3 decades all connected to SANDRA OH, who went to Sir ROBert Borden high school on "GREEN" BANK Road in Canda.

"T"ONY meaning has been going on for decades, T is for TAO DAO DOW JONES of making M"ON"ey, built in Left to Right.

GLUT TONY, as in RAPING of MY ARTWORK, My DOG, VR, so that everything about me can be SANDRA OH, through Tom Bridges Constance Pecoraro's Jesus CHRIST OIL Artwork in a Group Conspiracy with Sandra Oh and Josh Wolf that goes back 3 decades, their LEADER is TOM CRUISE "MAY" Pother FOURth. MAYor, FORMal of ASSSterisK in a huge sick Ass Conspiracy, to ROB the meaning of MY First Name SIGNature on MY Drawing of Robert Guillaume. FORM "OSA" 5/4.

TONY SCOTT, director of "Top Gun" knew this meaning of GLutTONY, Tom Cruise's Lawyer Bert Fields is at law firm in Century City "GREENBerg and GLUSKER". Color of MONEY.

CHRISTopher J. CHRISTIE is the Governor of New Jersey, FLOrida Governor is or was CHARLIE CHRIST, these NAMES aren't random, it's all connected to meaning of MY Drawing of ROBERT GUillaume from 1981, of BENSON DUBOIS, the Butler to the GOVERNOR, for MY Drawing to have been DONE by SANDRA OH AS IF she is My Identity through Tom Bridges and AS IF she is the ARTIST of MY ARTWORK. Butler to the "Governor" the reason why Politicians are connected. "Black Male", the reason why Barack Obama is connected, it goes back 3 decades. Constance Pecoraro's CATHOLIC theme OIL Artwork is the "Vehicle" created to ROB the powerful meaning of MY Pencil Drawing, connected to Sandra Oh as 'CHRIST'ina Yang on "Grey's Anatomy".

Study Studi "O" Pepsi Pussy Sandra OH in 1999, and "GRAYSONS" connections LONG BEFORE the this tv show was created and first aired on tv in 2005. It's been put into the "SYSTEM" built in by default many years ago, and they've already BUILT everything for TOM BRIDGES Jesus CHRIST OIL Artwork by Pecoraro "CHA"rlie, connected to Sandra Oh as "CHRIST"ina Yang, for HER and "THEM" to have meaning in MY CHARLIE Brown SNOOPY DOG BANK, in their horrific MATHemathics of making MONEY THROUGH the RAPING OF MY LIFE, MY ARTWORK. The reason why the connections to meaning of Banks is huge. The reason why my DOG JACK was STOLEN in 2009 and the business of PETS is all connected to making Money through the RAPING of MY DOG, same pattern as RAPING of MY ARTWORK.

Everything has been disturbingly "TWISTED", where they've built for my Identity to be Sandra OH, AS IF she is the ARTIST of MY ARTWORK and MY IDENTITY, while they RAPE MY LIFE through Repeating Number Patterns, all connected to Sir Robert Borden on "GREEEN BANK Road" Canada where Sandra Oh went to High School, AS IF she is the ARTIST of MY Drawing of ROBERT GUillaume from 1981. Like she's my Portrait Drawing which I drew in 2006. The REASON why if Sandra OH can't draw or paint, or SIGN my name SIGNatures ten times in a row continuously, she needs to be LOCKED in PRISON for LIFE.

Sandy Wang's NAME SIGNature meaning on my art from 1981 of Robert Guillaume

Sandy Wang's childhood CHRIST "3" Picture with my Mother "ASS"

Sandy Wang's childhood picture with my Father and HAWAIIAN "BAR"REL "DIK"

Sandy Wang’s Picture on 5/07 V V “Elbow Knee” May 2007

Sandy Wang’s Father’s Music Band from 50’s MORNING STARS

meaning of Sandy Wangs Father as a Musician and "TEA"CHER and CHA connections

USPTO Sandy Wang's federally registerered TRADEMARK being robbed

Tom BRIDGES “8/13/72”

who should be LOCKD in PRISON for LIFE what is his YEAR OF BIRTH ? 72?

CAT “HOL”ic Theme of Mary and Jesus

Connie Pecoraro’s OIL Artwork of Mother Mary and Jesus PSYCHO who should be LOCKED in PRISON

Rexford Drive and Charleville Blvd

Ne SSA H=OO Synagogue

Santa Monica Fairmont Miramar Hotel and Huntley Hotel

Christina Bernardo who worked at Dun KIN Donuts and “NICK” connections


Josh Miccha Wolf

Josh Wolf who went to school in SAN ANTONIO Texas

UCLA Campus


reason why SHONDA LYNN RHIMES created Grey's Anatomy, with address of '11 45" FORM OSA meaning

FORM 'OSA' IS 5/4 of Christina Bernardo's TARUS BIRTHDAY

reason why this deranged sick nigger OBAMA became the "44 AND 45" presiDENT

BO ge ASS, built in for CHICAgo "ILLI"NOIS" pedophiles

Tom Bridges Billy Lazrus, Sandra Oh's agent at UTA....'RUS' meaning

CH "RIS" tina Bern ARD O, tau "RUS", linked to San "DRA O", school name of SIR Robert Borden

meaning of OIL art of Jesus CHRIST by Pecoraro Rhimes with Bernardo, in OIL BURNS with LIO FIRE

CRISTINA Yang on “Grey’s Anatomy”


“CHA”R Lies Find” Jesus Christ the SONS

Tom Cruise’s Leonardo Da Vinci Code



TON connections

FRAUD DOCUMENTS of White Collar Crime

8 13 Connections

Alden between Lapeer and Almont “4/20/09”

429 Repeating Numbers


AmBASSador HO tel and School CamPUS


Arnold Schwarzenegger

At least 8 City of Bell officials Arrested Sept 2010

Museum Rowe and big POTS

GRID LOCK and the LADLE in the SKY "G"RIDDLE Connections

Medical Dispens "ARIES" like Libr "ARIES"

New Renovated BH City Hall "CH" address of "450" Crescent Drive, 5/4 of CHRISTina BERN ARD "O" Birthday BACKwards, for San"DRA OH" P3AR BOAT ASS

TONY Scott knew the meaning of TOM CRUISE'S "GLUT" TONY

SWEET like Can"DY" and SHOE GAR connections


don't fucking tell me to be SWEET, you need to EAT MY SHIT,


manhattan "212" area code has been built to be MOTHER FATHER RAPING VIBE NUMBERS OF WOLF PECORARO

New Yorker


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