The Artist, Sandy Wang


I was born in Seoul Korea on August 13, 1969 to non traditional Korean parents and my family moved to North America in 1979. I started drawing from about the age of 11 until 20 then took a long break. I started drawing again in 2002 and also started painting with watercolor for the first time about a year later. Painting in watercolor came naturally to me.

I enjoy painting with watercolor for the characteristics of fluidity, versatility, pure transparency and luminosity that no other medium offers. When painting, I use transparent watercolors and many different techniques of glazing. I look for value and contrast in my composition to distinguish hue, and paint freely to allow spontaneity, and meticulously controlled for details. When rendering a drawing, I prefer sharp precise lines for defining figures, paying attention to light, shadows and line quality.

I have studied Spirituality and Eastern Philosophy for many years, including but not limited to, Tibetan Buddhism, Zen, Astrology, Taoism, Spirituality and the works of Carl G. Jung. Eastern Philosophy appeals to me because of its profound wisdom, clarity, simplicity, elegance and practicality. I am fond of Carl Jung's thoughts, ESPecially on dreams and synchronicity. Much of my artwork is created subconsciously only to be revealed later the true meaning of it. I do my art when I am feeling inspired by an inner creative thought which is spontaneous. Water represents emotions, and at times my thoughts and emotions are expressed on paper when I paint or draw, without me consciously controlling it or thinking about it.

Listening to music when I'm painting or drawing inspires me. Musical melodies and notes touch a chord within me which create an inner energetic vibe. I am inspired by nature because of its purity and natural beauty just as it is, nothing added and nothing taken away. The way sunlight shines and reflects or the way an evening sky shines.

Sandy Wang

My Artwork is for Sale. My Identity and My Life isn’t.

Sandy Wang’s BIRTH MARK “O” on my right W “RIS” T

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