MUZZAMMIL HASSAN and AASIYA HASSAN are MUSLIMS who were born in PAKistan, they had two children name MICHAEL and SONIA. Like Tiger Woods son name CHARLIE, like John Cryer’s son name CHARLIE, their childrens name is about Connie Pecoraro’s CATHOLIC CHURCH Theme of Mother Mary and Jesus Christ “CHA” rlie the “SON” I sounds like Eye and I is Ass.

The name HASSAN is about the meaning of my First name SIGNature on the drawing of BENSON DUBOIS, of “Sandy*” with an Asterisk key, to TOM CRUISE and SANDRA OH and people who support them, it’s the EAR sound of “ASS”terisk. My name is Signed with the letter “S” sideways with a Horizontal Eight “OO”, the reason why Jesus Christ has “OO” Eyes. The reason why Sandra Oh made the movie “SIDEWAYS” with her ex husband Constanine Alexander Payne.

Everything about the HASSANS Life was about supporting TOM BRIDGES, “Going Backwards”, the country of “PAK” istan is about the 3AR sound of PAC as in Hewlett PACK “ARD”, like Orch”ARD”, for San”DRA” Oh name backwards, to have meaning in “OO” is ASS and ASSterisk of my First Name SIGNature to BE HER, AS IF she DREW my DRAWings.

Their TV Station “BRIDGES TV” is about TOM BRIDGES the GOLD CLOCK on top of my TV which I had for many years, with the WRITINGS I wrote in 1982, “KEY to my Soul”, if Key is Penis, the LOCK must be Vagina. It’s about Tom Bridges “OO” GOLD CLOCK, with GOLDEN GAYte Bridge to Bridgeway Sausalito, with Connie Pecoraro’s CATHOLIC CHURCH THEME.

NIDAL MALIK HASAN killed 13 people in FORT HOOD in October 2010. The word “HOOD” is about my Watercolor painting titled “Double LeO” begins and ends in “DO”. This painting of the LION’S BODY looks like a male Penis, and the coloring is the same as my dog Jack. It’s connected to the SICK BITCH who has my dog JACK, to have meaning for Fucking SANDRA OH Big ASS “GOING BACKWARDS”. I think her address has “360” numbers in it, the same numbers as Tom Bridges address of “360” POST Street, Tom Bridges 3AR of BRETT BERN “63” BACKWARDS with SANDRA OH. Brett Bern who loves Grabbing Rolling and Fucking JEANNIE BERNARDO’S LEO OIL ASS.

HASAN has NASA backwards, H is the 8th letter, written horizontally it’s “OO”. This is about the Jewish SYNagogue on RexFORD Drive NE”SSA”H. This is connected to JARED LEE LOUGHNER shooting of Gabrielle Gif”FORD” and NASA astronaut Mark KELLY.

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