Buildings around the “Bridge” on Avenue of the STARS in Century City

JOHN ANDERSON owns the TOPA building
Century City



See the LADDER of White and Red building on the TOP Painting of my Abstract page
meaning of WHITE and RED in all my childhood pictures

EAR sound of LATTER DAY SAINTS as in Mormons
Chelsea Handler who’s parent was a Mormon


LEFT EYE Sandy Wang’s Legal Pad Sketch in 1997
Sandy Wang’s Abstract page created in 2006 and painting titled “LIGHT” with FOOT on Box

Reason for Arrest by Beverly Hills Detective LIGHT “FOOT” on my 41st Birthday 8.13.10

RIGHT EYE ONE Eye in MAGNIFYING GLASS that Robert Guillaume “BENSON DUBOIS” the BUTLER to the Governor is holding
Sandy Wang’s FAC from 1981 1982 and PENCIL Drawing of ROBERT GUILLAUME the BUTLER to the Governor and very important NUMBER connections
meaning of MY First Name SIGNature of “SANDY” on this drawing

ALL WORDS that “RHYME” in CathoLICK MAThemathics of making MONEY through Big Black Bitch SHONDA RIMES creator of “Grey’s Anatomy”
++++++ MAThemathics of making Money through supporting this DELUSIONAL Sick Actress, AS IF She is the ARTIST of MY ARTWORK
it’s why BUTLER is a Dental product name
to be “Bridged” by Thomas CHRISTopher Bridges DENtist in LICKING gl “ASSS” Holes

TOM CRUISE MAPOTHER “YOU COMPLETE ME” Left + Right = OO in Jerry Maguire
Eyes are Window to the soul, Windows are made of GL”ASSSSSS” psycho Pecoraro’s Jesus CHRIST Charlies Find ”OO”


MAT he mathic symbol of PI “TT”

Dr. SHEPHERD of “Grey’s Anatomy” PATrick Dempsey
ALLEN street name in Cedars SINai Hospital
MULLIN Management building at UCLA
MUL Holland Drive
CathoLICK MAThemathics of making Money
NICK connections


you can see the COLORS of the Above painting behind the building column

Tom Cruise’s Lawyer GREENBERG and “GL” USKER


MM is for Constance “M”ARIA Pecoraro and Josh “M”iccha Wolf, EAR sound of KARMA built in

JOSH and his Wifey BETHANY “JB”
Constance MARIA Pecoraro
White Trash from Oakland Psycho Pecoraro PERFECT MATCH with JOSH WOLF sociopath
LIBRA Wolf and VIRGO Pecoraro “MOURNING STARS” Vibe Number of 212 to ROB the meaning of MY Parents Names
WIFEY is a book by JU “DY” Blume, for “SAN” Antonio and SAN Jose + DY = SANDY

JB’s a few blocks down next to JOS. BANK
with Chel SEA Handler
for Mother MARY on OCEAN is the SEA in Santa MONica


BUTLER for Sandy Wang’s PENCIL Drawing of Robert Guillaume BENSON Dubois the “BUTLER to the Governor” from 1982
Korn Ferry “F u c K”
KORn, N is for NORth for “R” Going Backwards, in Tom CHRISTopher Bridges Jesus CHRIST with his gay LEO and “OIL”
FERRY, like a B”OAT” rhimes with G”OAT”, for TAO is the WAY BACKwards in CATHOLICK MAThemathics of Licking Assholes for Money
KORn, for Connie Pe “COR” aro BACKwards

Sandy Wang’s FAC and Writings from 1981 and 1982
Stephen MITCHELL and his version of LAO TSU’S TAO Te Ching
the reason why TOM CRUISE was PETE MITCHELL in “TOP” Gun
Connie Pecoraro and HEL en Keller
C “HEL” SEA Handler

KORN CONVocation Hall JOHN ANDERSON Business School at UCLA
CORN Yel LOW Connections
Josh Wolf who has a dog name “ROC”ky

lying sociopath fag Dentist in San Francisco

FER “RY” BOAT P”3AR” Ass Backwards and meaning of TAO DAO DOW Jones VERY IMPORTANT PAGE IN 2012

Josh Wolf “We Will ROCK YOU, RY” “WW”= MM upside down for MARIA and MIKA = KARMA built in by default


1880 = Left Numbers of 8 and 11 as in WANG August and MONTGOMERY Nov 8 0 in Portrait Drawing EYES
Wang Montgomery Portrait drawing eyes
SOLAR SYSTEM in August 2006 changed from 9 planets to “8”

SOLAR WAY street name in Century City


This is a BRIDGE Overpass built over the wide street of AVENUE of the STARS. They BUILT it Specifically for TOM “BRIDGES”, who has the same birthday as me of 8/13 LEO. There isn’t any FUNCTIONAL reason for this bridge at this location, people can walk across the street at the stoplight.

It’s the SAME with many De “SIGNS” of Architecture in buildings in Los Angeles, for Tom “BRIDGES” who has the same birthday as me of LEO 8/13, bridges my SIGN and My Name SIGNature with Psycho Constance Maria Pecoraro on BRIDGE “WAY” Sausalito, for TAO DAO DOW Jones of making Money, all supporting SANDRA OH is MY IDENTITY and she DREW my drawings from 1981 and 1982.

The TWO building across from each other are about TOM BRIDGES My Mother’s name with CONNIE MARIA PECORARO 9/1/69, My Father’s name with JOSH MICCHA WOLF 10/19/69 , and MY IDENTITY with SANDRA OH 7/20/71. ITALIAN Connie Pecoraro and JEWISH Josh Wolf were TWO Years old babies when they had Sandra Oh and KOREAN Sandra Oh looks a lot like them, don’t you think? PSYCHOTIC DELUSIONALS.

The numbers 9/1 and 10/19, PECORARO and WOLF’S birthday numbers are Repeating Numbers. 9 in Korean is GU, the number 1 in Korean is IL, and THROUGH Connie Pecoraro’s Catholic Theme and her MOTHER MARIA Birthday, SANDRA OH thinks she DREW my drawing of ROBERT GU ILLAUME PENCIL Drawing from 1982. GU IL “T” LIARS.

I didn’t do any Artwork for about 20 years, and I started drawing again in 2002 and doing WATERcolor Artwork for the first time. In 2004 I designed and created my Website. Since then, they’ve been slowly creating meaning for MY ARTWORK to have meaning for THEIR TOM BRIDGES CATHOLIC Theme of OIL and GLASS Artwork by Connie Pecoraro. THIS ENTIRE AREA IS BUILT BASED ON MY ABSTRACT PAGE, TO HAVE MEANING FOR THEM, AS IF SANDRA OH WAS MY IDENTITY AND SHE IS ARTIST OF MY ARTWORK.

1900 is the address number on one side of the Bridge and the other address across the street is 1901. 10/19 is JOSH MICCHA WOLF’s Birthday numbers, 9/1 is CONNIE MARIA PECORARO’S Birthday numbers. What’s Left? “OO” for Jesus CHRIST Eyes in their Catholic MAThemathics of are you “PI”ous and horny to make Money. PI symbol in Mathemathics looks like the letters “TT”, with OO + TT = TO TO, which is what MY Name WANG looks like in Korean Characters. The OO is about my First name SIGNature on the drawing I did of ROBERT GUILLAUME of BENSON DUBOIS in 1982 the “BUTLER to the Governor”. Connie Pecoraro and Sandra Oh both want MY ARTWORK to have been DONE by them. With SANDRA OH, it’s about MY IDENTITY and EVERYTHING about MY LIFE to be this sick delusional Psycho Actress.

I did a sketch on a Yellow Legal Pad in 1997, and in 2006 I created my Abstract page. They’ve been building on THIS ONE SKETCH Drawing I DID IN 1997 in CALIFORNIA since I did it. I started drawing again in 2002 after about 20 years of not doing any artwork, and also started doing WATERColor Artwork for the first time in 2003. In 2004, I designed and created my Website and it has stayed exactly the same as it is today in 2011. I created my ABSTRACT Page in 2006 and decided to transform the legal pad sketch I did in 1997 into a Watercolor Painting which I titled “LIGHT”.

I moved to Los Angeles in October 2006, because things were getting WEIRD in MARIN County where I was living, a suburb of San Francisco where I lived for almost 7 years.

The TOP painting on my Abstract page with the Connected buildings and the “O” with Triangle in the “7”th SPACE is why they BUILT the NEW CREATIVE ARTIST AGENCY Building a block down from this BRIDGE. Tom Cruise and many big stars are clients of this Agency. They moved into this new building WHILE I was WRONGFULLY Detained in LA County Jail in Summer of 2009, when I had over 250 pieces of my Artwork neatly stacked in Two Black portfolio’s STOLEN along with my Toyota SUV and my dog JACK. The year before, Tom Cruise’s agent at this agency name RICK NICITA left the company.

There is a LADDER in this Top Painting in the White and Red building. Ladder sounds like LATTER connected to LATTER Day Saints “CHURCH” of the Mormons. Josh Wolf is a regular on CHelSEA Handler show, and she was raised by a Mormon Parent. ChelSEA is the OCEAN of Mother MARY Statue on Ocean Avenue. DT DT, is about the word D “O” T D “O” T. T”OO” for Horney Jesus Christ Eyes, for meaning of MY Name SIGNature on drawing of Robert Guillaume in 1982, for meaning of “TO TO” my Name of WANG written in Korean Characters to BE and have meaning for SANDRA OH, through Jesus CHRIST “OO” and PI symbol of “TT”.

Josh Wolf’s birthday numbers is 10/19, Connie Pecoraro’s birthday numbers is 9/1 “Labor Day weekend”, Labor, like a MOTHER gives birth, month of SEP tember, connected to Sandra Oh on “Grey’s Anatomy” which is filmed in SEPULVEDA VA Hospital in Los Angeles. These NUMBERS are Repeating Numbers connected to NUMBERS on the Fraud Documents created by TOYOTA FINANCIAL in 2009, their sick excuse to “Repossess” my SUV when it was fully paid for. It was a Leased Car and I had the opportunity to purchase the car after making payments for 5 years.

9/1, the “19”th image of my Watercolors page is the LION Painting. This painting of a Lion’s Body is the same color as my dog JACK. They want MY ARTWORK, MY Pictures, MY DOG JACK to have meaning for them, because of the number “19”. This is connected to MY PICTURE taken on the TREE at 20360 “TOPA”NGA in 5/07, and SANDRA OH wants this picture of me TO BE HER. This number is important because of the meaning of Korean Words “GU” and “IL” which means the numbers 9 and 1, and because it’s the numbers in WOLF and PECORARO’S Birthdates, they’ve been building as if MY PENCIL DRAWING of Black male actor ROBERT GUIL Laume has meaning for them, AS IF SANDRA OH or CONNIE PECORARO drew my drawings. T is for TAO, 3AR sound of GU IL “T”.

It’s Red and Yellow and if it’s “RY” the abbreviated form of word YEAR, and if it’s YEAR and 19, it MUST be YEAR of WANG 9 and MONTGOMERY 1.

All of the writings above were written in 2010 and 2011. There has been so much discovery since then. 2016, FINAL SUMMARY:

It's about CENT is a COPPER PENNY, a 'COIN', and it EAR sounds like SCENT, as in O'DOR' is CUMMING, FE..TD...US d.O.t of TOD CUMMINGS in TOP"anga, and GREEN 'POT', the color of MONEY, for 'NE'w 'GRO'wth in SCENT CENT, S....E...N...T...E...N.....C...I....N....G of C'RIMES' of IDENTITY THEFT, ART THEFT, TRADEMARK THEFT, LIFE THEFT, in GROUP CONSPIRACY involving the presi "DENT", connected to robbing MY IDENTITY from BIRTH TO PRESENT, for PSYCHO KOREAN ACTRESS SANDRA OH. capital punishment isn't enough.

This one paragraph is the summary of my entire "WHATS THE CONNECTION" pages. P.A. TREEEE SHA? SPO? LIFE IN PRISON ASAP. others will follow.

New “BRIDGE” at WH Library Parking Lot in 2011,
and BRIDGE connecting PDC buildings across the street on OS Other Side

they love “BRIDGES” connecting buildings
Century City BRIDGE
Cedars SINai Urology Tower
John Anderson Business School at UCLA BRIDGES
the GOLDen Gate BRIDGE
Connie Maria Pecoraro on BRIDGE WAY Sausalito


down the Stairs in Front of the Library “JONES CAFÉ”
Jones Café
meaning of DOW JONES
Dow sounds like TAO and DAO
GRACE Cathedral on JONES Street in San Francisco
DIRECTLY Connected to “Grey’s Anatomy” set in Seattle GRACE Hospital
in CathoLICK MAThemathics of making Money
through Hos “PI” TAL ity connections


For TOM BRIDGES and “ROBS” my federally registered TRADEMAR”Q” in circle of “O”

Sandy Wang’s pictures on Brooklyn Bridges in 1989
Sandy Wang’s pictures on ROYAL GORGE BRIDGE in Colorado 1998

Tom “BRIDGES” all BRIDGES because it’s in his Name
BRIDGE of buildings of PDC across the street
BRIDGE at Beverly Hills Police
BRIDGE at Century City
BRIDGE of Cedars SINai Hospital buildings


BEVERLY HILLS City Hall and Police Dept "BRIDGE"

Thomas BRIDGES all BRIDGES with Catholic theme OIL Artwork of EARth Virgo Constance Pecoraro with BL”OO” Eyes of her Jesus CHRIST

what is Tom BRIDGES YR of birth? 1972? PRISON TIME ASAP

with Connie Pecoraro’s Catholic theme of Mother Mary and Son Jesus on BRIDGE “WAY” Sausalito


BRIDGES at Tower Urology at Cedars SINai Hospital
BRIDGES at PACific Design Center
across the street BRIDGES at new West Hollywood LIBRA ry



BEVERL........Y HILL...........S

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