Tower Urology Medical Building
at Cedars Sinai Hospital

These Identity Thieves/Sociopaths have been a TEAM for 3 DECADES to ROB MY IDENTITY My Name SIGNature on MY ARTWORK.

Constance MARIA Pecoraro and her CATHOLIC THEME OIL ART
Constance Maria Pecoraro’s Jesus CHRIST “CHA”RLIES FIND

JOSH WOLF and his “wifey” Bethany “ASHTON”
“TRI”nity University in SAN ANTONIO 1990
JOSH WOLF who used to live in WASHINGTON and went to SCUL in SAN ANTONIO TEXAS

SANDRA OH Oh’s agency UTA and her agent BILLY “LAZARUS”
MARY and IRVING LAZAR “PL” Plaza Lobby at CSH
this Hospital is DIRECTLY connected to “Grey’s Anatomy” set in Seattle WASHINGTON
in Robbing of my IDENTITY and MY ART, for SANDRA OH
what is SANDRA OH’s Middle Name? PA “TRI” Sha? = LIFE IN PRISON

Just down the street is STEWART Jack N Jills and CHELSEA FLOWers




WILLAMAN street name
Josh Wolf “TU” who went to Trinity University
his Agency on “WIL” Shire Blvd in Rolex Building
WILLIAM Connections
MAN Connections


“TOM” for MAThemathics of Plus Minus and =
CS, Corn Starch, Cedars Sinai EAR SIGN EYES of Jesus Christ

Sandy Wang’s childhood picture in 1979 and “CORN STARCH” and Yellow VIRGO C”rimes’ with ARGO

everything is DIAMOND Shaped connected to my Drawing of NEIL DIAMOND from 1982 to have meaning for AIR LIBRA JOSH WOLF STONE of DIAMOND



You know when a Sign says WEST TOWER that it’s the WEST TOWER, why do you need a “TO” as in DIRECTIONS on a SIGN?
because “TO TO” looks like the name WANG in Korean Characters

and Sandra Oh who says she was born in OTTOWA Canada, thinks she has meaning in MY NAME
“TO TO” Psycho Sandra Oh what is her Middle Name? PA “T.REEE” SHA?


“WE” WEST and EAST is connected to the WATER and EARTH Element on the Upper Left of SANDY WANG’S Childhood Picture with a Black Girl

Sandy Wang’s Childhood picture in White and Red “14’” shirt from 1980

PEPSI PUSSY Sandra Oh in White and Red 1999

UPPER LEFT CORNER, JUDI’s deli connected to JOSH WOLF who has “WIFEY” on his myspace page, it’s title of a book by JUDY BLUME
Hand”LER” R.I.M.E.S with ZIEGLER, KOEH”LER”, and MIDGE BUTLER, see below pictures in 2014 for what this means
Sandy Wang’s Registered Trademark in circle of “O”

any Words or Names that “RHYMES” is connected to sick Nigger SHONDA “LYNN” RHIMES


C “HEL” SEA “HAND”ler Josh Wolf is a regular on CHELSEA HANDLER Show, who wrote “Are you there God? It’s me VODKA” a parody on JUDY BLUME’S BOOK
CE “HEL”ing “HAND” G.I.F.T Shop En “DOW”ed CH”AIR” at CSH and HEL ping HAND G.I.F.T Shop


Chelsea “LAT”ely show, and HOS pi “TAL” connections

OG Olive Green color of CS HOSpital,
OG Olive Green Color on SANDRA OH and “YELLOW” SHOES on her ‘FOOOOOT’

Sandra OH’s talent agency “UTA” next to “FOOOOTHILL” Road in 2012 and what it means in IDENTITY THEFT and ART THEFT


BILLY ZIEGLER is my Grammar School classmate, he KNOWS I DREW ROBERT GUILLAUME in 1982, scroll down to St. Joan of Arc

the reason why SANDRA OH’s Agent’s name is BILLY Lazarus
PAY DAY at Cedars Sinai

KAS per WANG the “GHOST”, for I cancelled myself out because I once stole LE SPORTS “SAC” BAGS with Gloria Lee from BLOOMINGDALES, the reason why MIK BLOOMBERG Is the Mayor of NYC
meaning of SAK, SAC, BAG
GLORIA LEE and SANDRA OH have been licking each other ‘s BOGE TAL for 3 decades
PER iod is a DOT

Tom Cruise in “GHOST PROTOCOL” Dec 2011
Jennifer Lopez dating a CASPER Smart in Dec 2011


WOLF connections


JOSHI NEEL connected to MY Drawing of NEIL DIAMOND from 1982 to have meaning for him and his WIFEY Connie MARiA Pecoraro
his Suite number of 870 is why JOSH WOLF has his picture number with is Wifey “jb_0287 connected to MY SOCIAL SECURITY NUMBER

Sandy Wang’s FAC from 1982 of ROBERT Guillaume and NEIL DIAMOND

Virgo Maiden Connie MARIA Pecoraro
meaning of KNEEEEE BONE PAT ella
connected to SCUL BONE Of OCCIPITAL BONE on “Gray’s Anatomy” text book
AS IF Sandra OH on “Grey’s Anatomy” DREW my drawings from 1982
the reason why this sick actress is dating AN “DREW” Featherston


STU”ART” HOL “DEN”, HO rowitz Rich ARD
SanDRA OH who went to SIR ROBERT Bor”DEN” High School DREW my Drawing of ROBERT GUILLAUME In 1982, through Vir”GO” Mai”DEN” Connie Maria Pecoraro’s CATHOLIC Theme in MAThemathics of making MONEY
the reason why STUART BROWN was PIMPED in 2001
connected to LEONAROD DA Vinci Code by DAN BROWN “CATHOLIC Theme”


HO uck w ARD for San”DRA” OH” BACKwards


Thomas BIRDges BUR BIR BER “DEN” with Sandra Oh who went to SIR Robert Bor”DEN” School,
who through VirGO Mai”DEN” Constance Maria Pecoraro’s Catholic Theme Oil Art,
thinks she is MY IDENTITY, and MY Name SIGNature on MY Pencil drawing of ROBERT Guillaume from 1982
built through the Ne GROIN AREA in LARD OIL ASS conspiracy of psychotic NIGGERS and SICK SPICS

Thomas “C” HAND ler BIRD ges who has the same Birthday as me of 8/13 but different year

TOM BIRDges F”LOCK” of Birds of ASS is Pussy “LOC” through JESUS CH”RIS”T born in the “COL..d” in Bethlehem
connected to SANDRA OH SCHOOL name of “”SIR”” Robert Bor”DEN” high school


with “RB” Rolex Building and Jesus CHRIST “CHA”rlies Find JOSH MIC”CHA” WOLF the “SUC”

SUC through “NEK” in Deep Thr”OAT”, in the word Tom “BRID”ges CHIC “KEN”


Tom BIRDges RAIN BIRD in EAR sound RAIN, is REIGN as in KING at the Throne
in robbing of my Father’s Korean R”O”Y..AL name of WANG for Korean Actress SANDRA OH who was born in Otta “WA” Canada
connected to why Constance Maria Pecoraro created her No “NG” Name Girl

Sandy Wang’s Korean ROYAL name of WANG meaning

WA in Korean means “Come” or Arrive, built to be WA CUM in ASS PUSSYCLITO”RIS”,

through Eyes of Jesus Ch”RIS”t art by Psycho Pecoraro connected to SANDRA OH as CH”RI”Stina Yang on “ANATOMY” show


“AW” AL”ICE” WAL..ker ICE is “COL..d’ and “LOC is “LAW” psychopaths

EAR sound

being robbed for SANDRA OH who was born in Otta “WA” Canada

CUM….BR…”Ella” Constance Maria Pecoraro created her “NO “NG” to go with the ‘WA’ CON ARTIST PSYCHO IDENTITY THIEF

men “TALL” y ILL I”TALL”Ian Constance Psycho Pecoraro and AL”ICE” in Wonderniggerland

Cedars SINai Hospital is a huge Hospital with many building complexes connected by BRIDGES.

Bridge 1
New building going up in 2011


Bridge 2


Bridge 3


I think the proper way to say this would be The Urology Tower, or just Urology Tower. Tower Urology sounds WEIRD but it was named this way, so that it can have meaning going BACKWARDS. CE “DARI” SIGN EYE “OO” BE “LOW”IT the ASSSTERISK.

TU, what’s missing? A is for Ass. Sandra Oh’s Talent Agency “UT”A and her agent Billy Lazarus, connected to Mary and Irving LAZARUS Plaza Lobby at the main Cedars Sinai Medical Center building. T is for TAO, and U is the symBowel of LEO sign that Thomas CHRISTopher BRIDGES for have meaning for Sandra Oh.

This building was built connected to Josh WOLF who went to “TU” TRINITY UNIVERSITY school in “SAN” ANTONIO TEXAS. This is why the JEWISH SCHOOL Maimonides Academy behind this Hospital, has the letter “A” written on the “DOOR”. UT “A”, Sandra OH’s talent agency, came out of thes connections.

Tower U “ROL” OGY, connected to ROL ex building where Josh Miccha Wolf’s talent agency Parallel Entertainment is.

Urologists are doctors who treat the Urinary system and the Male Reproductive system. Like CUM squirts out of URETHRA and Vas Deferens Tubes. The reason why around the corner in the Middle main entrance into Cedars Sinai Hospital on ALDEN Drive is the name THE ODOR CUMMINGS, next to sculpture Artwork of PUSSY LIPS. For Connie MARIA Pecoraro’s JeSUS who is very “PY”ous, AIR Libra JOSH MICCHA WOLF as JeSUS.

They love TONGue sound words like THROB and THRUST, because it’s sound like TUNGsten in WOLFramite Scheelite. LITE, sound of OIL as in CELLULITE BLUBBER.

THE “O” DOR, odor is SCENT as in AIR, connected to AIR LIBRA Josh Wolf. Any word with AIR, like HAIR Salons, CHAIR Furniture stores, STAIRS designed by Architects, they are all connected to this CATHOLIC MAThemathics of making Money, through Creating meaning of TOM BRIDGES My Mother’s name with Connie Ma RIA Pecoraro Virgo MAIDEN on AL DEN, My Father’s name and identity with JOSH Mic”Cho” CHA WOLF. Connie Pecoraro’s CATHOLIC Theme connected to my CATHOLIC High School St. VINCENT FERRER, because this hospital is on SAN VICENTE Blvd, connected to Carl Jung Coined the term SYN chronicity and a Copper Penny is a COIN.

My Mother’s MAIDEN Name is “MIN”, the reason why there are many “MIN” connections. To have meaning for psycho Virgo MAIDEN Connie Pecoraro on AL DEN Drive, through THOMAS CHRISTOPHER BRIDGES who has the same birthday as me and in the same profession of DENtistry as me. This entire Hospital complex is built for MY Mother to have meaning for PECORARO, For MY Father to have meaning for WOLF, and for MY IDENTITY to BE SANDRA OH, through their Vehicle of CATHOLIC MAThemathics of making money BASED ON MY ARTWORK to have been DONE By Psycho Actress SANDRA OH.

“O”DOR, O sounds like OH, and they’ve been building on SANDRA OH drew my drawing of ROBERT GUILLAUME HOLding a Magnifying GL ASS with an EYE in a “O” and my First Artwork collection from 1982, for many years, 3 decades. This is why they’ve been creating meaning of MY ARTWORK in circles of O, and MY FEDERALLY Registered Trademark to have been DONE by SANDRA “OH”.

DOOR in Korean is MUN or MOON, connected to MY WRITINGS I wrote in 1982 for Lee Montgomery on a Architectural Drawing of my parents GARAGE DOOR. The reason why JOSH WOLF studied COM “MUN” ICATIONS in College in SAN Antonio Texas. He went to SAN Antonio connected to my High School classmate name CHRISTina BERNARDO, who married a guy from Spain name ANTONIO. Her birthday is MAY FOURTH, sound of Tom Cruise MAY Pot HER. There are so many connections with WOLF and CRUISE, I can’t begin to write about it. One of many is SEA ORGs of SIGN tolo GY, Josh Wolf who is a regular on Chel SEA Handler show, connected to SEA is the Ocean of Mother MARY Statue on Ocean Avenue in Santa Monica, connected to MERMAID HOUSE on Callon Drive TOPANGA, connected to Virgo MAIDEN Psycho Connie Mother MARY a Pecoraro.

There are lots of “BRIDGES” that connect different buildings inside this huge Hospital Complex. THEY NEED TOM CHRISTOPHER BRIDGES who has the SAME LEO Birthday as me, Gay male DENtist, to bridge Virgo Mai”DEN” Psycho CONnnie MARia Pecoraro. MARICON in Spanish means Fag. MRx is the symbowel of Virgo, RectuM BACKwards.

The name CUMMINGS is connected to TODD CUMMINGS of 20360 Callon Drive TOPANGA. The very important Question of IS TOM CRUISE MAPOTHER RELATED TO TODD CUMMINGS of TOPANGA MUST BE ANSWERED.

Urolo “GY” rhimes with AstroloGY, and Scientolo GY. The GY is about the meaning of my name SIGNature of sand Y wang G. Through the COLORS of “Y”ellow and “G”reen, they’ve been creating for the WAY HOW I SIGN MY Name SIGNatures of sand Y wan G, to have meaning for SANDRA OH.

Another reason why they like the “GY” words is because it’s SOUNDS like GE, “G” means RATS and Mice in Korean connected to the movie BEN from 1972 with LEE MONTGOMERY as the little boy in the movie, and Michael JACKSON sang the SONG for this movie. The reason why I drew the drawing of BENSON DUBOIS, of ROBERT Guillaume in 1982. The reason why SANDRA OH went to SIR ROBERT Borden High School AFTER I did this drawing and WON a Pin Award in 1983 when I graduated from Grammar School in JACKSON Heights NY.

Astrology is the reason why everything in these two towers is designed with DIAMONDS in the Architecture, for meaning of MY Drawing of NEIL DIAMOND from 1982, to have meaning for JOSH WOLF AIR LIBRA Stone of DIAMOND is a JEWel and they are both JEWISH. With Lots of BRIDGES connecting buildings, for Thomas CHRISTopher Bridges who has the SAME Birthday as me, bridges Psycho Actress SANDRA OH as DOCTOR CRISTina Yang on “Grey’s Anatomy”, connected to Connie Pecoraro’s JESUS CHRIST the SON OIL Artwork, as the VEHICLES to ROB MY IDENTITY, AS IF she drew all my drawings from 1982.

It’s the COMPLETION of the Childhood picture of me in SANTA MONICA, wearing a White Dress with Knee High Socks. There is the sign PEPSI on the Left, and the sign GRAYSONS to the right. This is why Sandra Oh was in pictures in 1999 wearing PEPSI PUSSY T Shirt and why she is on “GRAY’S Anatomy” connected to Connie Pecoraro’s Jesus CHRIST the “SON”.

Sandra Oh playing the role of a DOCTOR is connected to ROBBING the meaning of MY Korean name of Wang SIN WON, connected to meaning of First President George WASHINGTON, connected to President Barack Obama’s very controversial HAWAIIAN Birth Certificate and the name DOCTOR David SIN CL “AIR”.

This is the THIRD Street entrance into the Cedars Sinai Hospital complex. There are specific DOCTORS names in this building, connected to MY Name, MY Artwork, to have meaning for Sandra OH, AS IF she was MY Identity, through her role as DOCTOR “CRIST”ina Yang on “Grey’s Anatomy”.

The word DOC tor itself has big meaning, because it’s connected to the FIRST Upper Left Html Code of all my website pages. The UPPER LEFT is important because of MY FIRST Artwork Collection from 1982. It’s connected to the Childhood picture of me and My FATHER wearing a GRAY sweater and I’m wearing a Cadmium Yellow shirt. “CY”, the reason why Sandra Oh is “CY” CRISTIna Yang on “GRAY’S anatomy” connected to Connie Pecoraro’s Jesus CHRIST the Son. BOTH are VEHICLES to ROB MY IDENTITY for SANDRA OH. It’s all about CATHOLICK MAThemathics of are you “PI”ous and horny to make Money. Through JeSUS, for a piece of the PY. JOSH MICCHA WOLF as Jesus CHRIST.

The NAME JOSH WOLF appears through two different people, JOSHI NEEL and ROBERT WOLFE. These two names are connected to MY DRAWINGS from 1982, of NEIL DIAMOND from the “Jazz Singer” and of BLACK Male actor ROBERT Guillaume aka BENSON DUBOIS.

It’s why there is a Kasper WANG, Kasper the G “HO” ST, to CONFUSE MY Name and IDENTITY of being a KOREAN WANG. KW, how long has he been working here? Because I painted and titled my WATERColor Artwork “WANG KEY” in 2006.

There are LOTS of “HO” and “AR”, for meaning of the Upper Left TWO LINKS of MY WEBSITE to be Sand”RA” “OH” name. HOARD.

I created this page Tower Urology in October 2011, then the movies “JACK and JILL” with ADAM SANDLER was released, and the movie with BEN STILLER and EDDIE MURPHY in the “TOWER HEIST”. Just down the street is JACK and JILL TOO. All these “COMEDIANS” connected to SUC Stand Up Comedian JOSH WOLF who went to “TU” Trinity University. Josh Wolf’s agency Parallel Entertainment is in the “ROL” ex building, Tower U “ROL” O GY. UO, Orthodox Union, and “GY” in Green Yellow connections of MAThemathics of making Money.

JACK and JILL, connected to RADIO SHACK and RFD in Santa Monica and CAP Constantine Alexander Payne = JAIL, Sand”RA” OH, Lions and Ji”RA”ffes are from AFRICA with LONG NECKS. Psychobitch Actress who is connected to MY TOYOTA SUV RAV4L, MY DOG JACK, and over 250 pieces of my ARTWORK on PAPER in Two Portfolios being STOLEN in 2009, ALL CONNECTED TO THIS PSYCHO DELUSIONAL SICK ACTRESS, who BELONGS IN PRISON. Like on THANKSGIVING 2009 I was HIT BY A CAR with Specific Names and Car License Plates, because I was being STALKED, connected to SANDRA OH who wants the pictures of my GOLD CLOCK from when I lived at 407 E87 street to be her, connected to JOSH WOLF as “PY”ous JeSUS horny for PUSSY in Catholick MAThemathics of making MONEY.

JOSH WOLF IS A SOCIOPATH, A LYING DISTURBED HOR DICK who’s been fucking Hor Pussies all his life, for MY PARENTS NAMES to have meaning for BODY PARTS of CUNTS. He is Closely connected to SANDRA OH and everything they’ve been building based on Connie Pecoraro’s CATHOLIC THEME.


If SANDRA OH’s House Address has the numbers 407 87, and I think it’s “704”, this deeply disturbed actress BELONGS in PRISON.

Two Bridges that connect CSH and Tower Urology buildings






These are the SHOPS on the THIRD FLOOR of TOWER UROLOGY building, connected to Cedars SINAI Hospital, by “BRIDGES”.

There are several NEW SHOPS on this floor, and they are all connected to MATHemathics of making MONEY as if SANDRA OH is MY IDENTITY and ARTIST OF MY ARTWORK, while they Sabotage MY LIFE through PREMEDITATED “WHITE COLLAR CRIMES”.

Mathemathics of making MONEY as if SAND “RA OH” is MY IDENTITY and ARTIST OF MY ART, in TAO of “TORAH”, of RAPING ROBBING SICK NIGGERS and JEWS, all connected to JESUS was a JEW and Constance Maria Pecoraro’s sick CATHOLIC THEME OIL ART, with Jesus “CHA”RLIE, JOSH MIC”CHA” WOLF, as their “KING of all LORDS”. Very “PY”ous Je”SUS” sick HORDICK.

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