Chelsea Joy Handler 2/25/1975
from Living”STON” New Jersey

WANG in Korean meaning and “KING” ART hurs COURT and “ROUND O TABLE”
Sandy Wang’s Registered Trademark DUDAS SMEL connections
Sandy Wang Royal Gorge Bridge 1998 Colorado Springs CO

meaning of RENEES COURT Yard
meaning of Judges Names
Beverly Hills COURT

1158 Connections …………………. “WARNING”
Jonathan LivingSTON “SEA” Gull

C HEL “SEA” and AIR connections
C HEL “SEA” and “MA”AIR eating “C” FOOD “C” SHIT in Brentwood

C HEL “SEA” street and Chelea Place “CP”
SCUBA “HAUS” next to ChelSEA Street

CHELSEA COURT on Rossmore and Melrose
SEA Salt, GREY and PACIFIC connections in 2012
like VARIEITIES of Fucking STRAW BERRIES at FARMERS Market in Santa Monica

HOS pi “TAL” connections
TAL is “FUR” like FUR niture C “HAIR”

meaning of Sandy Wang’s First Artwork Collection from 1981 and 1982
meaning of Sandy Wang’s JOHN “HAN”cock and “Man OS”

What is TOM “C” BRIGES Year of Birth? 19”72”? = PRISON TIME
See SANDRA OH Watch “O” LF = WOLF vibe of 41 “O”

“SEA” and AIR connections


HEL ping “HAND” G.I.F.T Shop
meaning of “G” I FT and Sandra Oh “TAL”ent agency “UTA” next to FOOTHILL

J”OSH”, “SHO”nda, “S.OH”

“HOS” pital
“SHO” es


Constance Pecoraro’s Jesus CHRIST “CHA”rlie
DIRECTLY connected to Sandra Oh as “CHRIST”ina Yang on “Grey’s Anatomy”
DIRECTLY connected to the name of THE”O”DOR CUMMING on CSH building
Peter B "RAV" eman of CSH connections

Josh Mic”CHA” Wolf a regular on Chelsea Handler show
his agency Parallel Entertainement in ROLEX Building
Josh Wolf’s SON Jacob Wolf, was he born in “SWE DISH” Hospital? WE WILL ROCK YOU

KATIE HOLMES just finished with ‘SEAgull” and living in CHELSEA and hired Lawyer JONATHAN WOLF = CONSPIRA”SEE”

Chelsea HANDler can LOSE EVERYTHING in her LIFE if I SUE HER.


Chel”SEA” “HAND” Ler

Chel”SEA” “HAND” Ler

TURN BULL Color, same color of My Mother's Shirt
“TWO” Fingers, see my childhood AIRPort Picture of MY Mother’s FINGERS
See JOSH WOLF’s Two Fingers on his Head picture

Sandy Wang's childhood AIRPORT Picture of MY Mother’s TWO Fingers
Sandy Wang's childhood CHRISTMAS picture Color of My Mother's Shirt

Josh Wolf and TWO Fingers on head
meaning of Korean word SEKAL which means COLOR
meaning of Chelsea’s “TEAL” Color Dress and POPLI “TEAL SPACE” of a Hor’s Cavity
ROSE crans Avenue in NORWALK and NASA AEROSPACE on SHOEmaker
SEA is the O"SH"ION of E JACK U LA SHION of a Hor Dick in Hor Pussies

SANDRA OH'S all of sudden "new" middle name "MIJU" real name PATREEEE Sha?
Josh Wolf who went to "TRI"nity University
"TU" connected to Tower U"ROL"ogy of CSH
"TU" and Sandra Oh agency "UTA"

William Shatner of "USS" Enterprise
GUILLAUME, Monstrous WILLIAM connections
reason why JOSH WOLF agency is on “WIL”shire Blvd and PE was founded by JP “WILLIAMS” of Rolex Building


Chelsea and BIRD House Hat, mimicking Lady GA GA

ChelSEA’s FLOWers on ROBERT SON blvd and 3rd st
Robertson Blvd and BER BIR BURTON Way, BIRD TREE HOUSE and new “4 SEA sons” next to FLOWer De”SIGN”
SCUBA HAUS “HOUSE” and Tennis COURT next to CHELSEA Street = CHELSEA HANDLER will LOSE EVERYTHING if I sue this bitch
ChelSEA Street and ChelSEA Place

What is TOM BRIDGES Year of Birth? 1972? = SERVE TIME IN PRISON
SE in Korean means BIRD in the name of TOM CRUI”SE”
BIRD TREE House around the corner from Robertson Blvd and Third street

Chel “SEA” HAN dler, and SAE HAHN Bank
HEL len Keller hero Connie Maria Pecoraro
MOTHER MARY and Jesus Christ OIL Artwork of Connie Maria Pecoraro
C HEL “SEA” is the OCEAN Ave in Santa MONICA
HERN “DON” Virginia Connie Pecoraro’s Website Registration in 1998
connected to GOR “DON” and VIRGINIA Mac DON ald buildings in UCLA Campus
Mark GORDON producer of “Grey’s Anatomy”
GOLD I C “LOCK” 407 connections

Sandra Oh knows “UN HANG” in Korean means BANK
Cheasea Piggy BANKS at KIT SONS

5 is “O” in Korean, the sound of “OH”
Copper Penny is a “CENT”
“SCENT” of ODOR is carried by “AIR”
5 is “O” in Korean in Santa Monica


Oct 2010 Chelsea Handler and 50 Cent in New Orleans “Blue Nile” jazz bar DE NIAL isn't a River in EGYPT

CENT sound of SCENT in meaning of AIR connections
CENT connected to EAR sound of CathoLICK High School St. VINCENT Ferrer
Pacific Design CENT er CH’AIR’ smell 3AR of SCENT through NOS”E”

Connie Pecoraro’s PY ous JeSUS for Catholic MAThemathics, who died on + for your sins
Sheryl Gayle SUNDEEN lookalike at 21 Circle Drive LOOKALIKE of Chelsea = YEARS of HOUSING TERROR
meaning of FOUR TEN


Sandy Wang’s Green V Neck outfit in 2000

Connie Pecoraro’s Green Necklace and HAT
Tom Bridges HAT
Tom Bridges “UN HANG” = BANk
Josh Wolf and Thai BANgKOK female and their SON JACOB
for MAThemathics of making MONEY that go in BAN ks
Color of MONEY is GREEN GREED connections
NECK connections

VIBE Numbers
Pepsi Pussy SANDRA OH and VIBE

Discovery Sept 2011: CURTIS JACKSON “50 CENT” and ROBERT GREENE


CHELSEA HANDLER’s show, Chelsea “LAT”ely began in 2007 and ended in Summer of 2014. I moved into 20360 CALLON DRIVE TOPANGA in April 2007, I was LOCK LOCK LOCKED OUT on 10/18 in 2007, the DAY BEFORE JOSH WOLF’s Birthday of 10/19, in “4 C day B 4” connections, and MY LIFE HAS NEVER BEEN THE SAME SINCE. IT’S BEEN NON STOP RAPING, ROBBING, TERRORIZING OF MY LIFE, EVERYDAY, FROM 2007 TO 2014.

CHO “CHA” is PUS”SEA” in Spanish and RIMES WITH CHEL”SEA”, THIS SICK WHITE GOLD I LOCK OF BLONDE HAIR CUNT is the REASON for YEARS of TERROR and RAPING OF MY LIFE and MY ART, connected to JOSH MIC”CHA” WOLF who has been a regular on her show, connected to “CHA”rlies Find, Oil Art by DISTURBED PSYCHOCUNT CONSTANCE MARIA PECORARO.

It was “Cvs Phar”MAC”y” incident in JULY 7/26 2013, and Judge name EDWARD MORE MORE MORE TON, that BROKE THE CAMELS BACK. The Last Straw for this sick cunt’s tv show, OVERLAPPING LAFFING, LAUGHing, LOCKing, PSYCHO CUNTS TV SHOW, reason for YEARS OF RAPING OF MY LIFE.

If I SUE this sick cunt, she can LOSE EVERYTHING. My GOAL is to have Constance Pecoraro, SANDRA OH and JOSH WOLF LOCKED IN PRISON FOR LIFE.


CH, the letters needed to complete the meaning of CORN STAR “CH”. “CS”, Color S”KIN” meaning connected to SANDRA OH, who thinks she is MY name SIGNature on MY ART, of “SANDY”, as if it’s the NIK of her name. See CORN connections link below, it ties together EVERYTHING through “CY” “YELLOW CORN”, connected to “YELLOW VIRGO” sign in my 1979 Childhood picture.

CH Chelsea HANDLER, “CH” Corn Star”CH” sound, connected to “CH” O “CH” A, the AO, TAO of making MONEY through “PY”ous Je’SUS’ CHARLIE, Constance Maria Pecoraro’s Jesus CHRIST “CHA”rlies Find ARTWORK, JOSH MIC”CHA” WOLF. The reason why SANDRA OH is “CHRIST”ina Yang on “Grey’s Anatomy”. SEE SANDRA OH in 1999 PEPSI PUSSY Pictures.

Why is JOSH MIC”CHA” WOLF a regular on the “ROUND TABLE” of CHEL “SEA” HANDler show? For meaning of MY “John HAN cock”, R.i.m.e.s with Gold C”LOCK” and Tom BIRDges Pea”COCK” is a BIRD.

“O” EER sound of “OH”, as if Sandra “OH” is the ARTIST of MY ART in Circles of “O” and owner of my Federally Registered TradeMARQ, in a Group Conspiracy to ROB MY IDENTITY for SANDRA OH, as if she is My “John Hancock” as in My First name SIGNature of “SANDY” on my drawing from 1981, of ROBERT Guillaume through her SCHOOL name of “SIR” ROBERT BORDEN on “GREEN BANK” Road in Canada. EAR sound of HAND CUFFS go on W “RIS” T and R.i.m.e.s with CH “RIS” T.

“SIR” like SIR LANCE “A LOT”, and A LOT in Korean is “MANY” and in “many”, connected to LOTS of BUSINESSES in MAThemathics of making MONEY connected to 1982 movie “American Were WOLF in LON “DON”, DON in Korean means Money. 1982, and 2013 “WOLF of WALL STREET”. JOSH WOLF is going to FOL”LOW” SANDRA OH into LIFE IN PRISON and CHELSEA HANDLER Can and MAY LOSE EVERYTHING.

The most important connecting link is HEL ping HAND “GIFT” SHOP at “SEA” DARS “SIGN EYE” HOSPITAL, real life Hospital where they’ve been building for 3 decades, as if SANDRA OH was MY IDENTITY and ARTIST of MY ARTWORK, reason why in 2005, “GREYS ANATOMY” Hospital tv show was created.

“C” HEL “SEA” D”ARI” BE “LOW” IT the ASSTERISK for MIC”CHA”, EAR sound of MI”KA” Going BACKwards for “OO” ASS.

“KA BOOM”, T “HO” MAS CHRIST o FUR BIRDGES, FLO “RIS”ts at FLOWer S”HO”Ps with FLOWers BLOW Constance Maria Pecoraro’s SLATE “GREY” MIND.

C “HEL” C, HANDler. For meaning of MY John Han”COCK”, meaning of my GOLD C”LOCK”, connected to HANCOCK PARK neighborhood in Los Angeles, to have meaning for her and sick raping Jew Jesus JOSH MIC”CHA” WOLF, through Constance Pecoraro’s OIL Artwork of “CHA”rlie’s Find “OO”. For THO”MASCHRIST” opher BRIDges, meaning of MY Parents names for Josh Wolf and Constance Pecoraro, “THROUGH” the RAPING of MY Parents Names, MY Name SIGNature as in John Hancock, MY ARTWORK, MY IDENTITY, in a GROUP CONSPIRACY.

Tom BRIDges all BIRD names like peaCOCK, he “bridges” F”LOCKS” of BIRDS, with Psycho Constance Pecoraro on “BRIDGE”WAY Sausalito, through Businesses like CHRISTo”FUR” PEACOCK Cabinetry on Robertson Blvd, in MAThemathics of making MONEY. The main word is “TAL” which means “FUR” in Korean. Hospi”TAL” tv show “GREYS Anatomy”, connected to “FUR”niture Businesses everywhere in MATHemathics of making MONEY, all connected to I “TAL” ian Psycho Constance Pecoraro and SANDRA OH, psycho Korean Actress who thinks she is My Identity, connected to “KOREAN WORDS”.

It’s about My Korean name of SIN WON, “SHIN WON”, full name sounds like WASHINGTON.

SHIN BAL is “SHO”es in Korean.

Byung WON is “HOS”pi TAL in Korean.


CH = 38, or “300”, connected to my childhood “CHRISTMAS” Picture in 1980 with my Mother and my “DOG” Frenchy, to BE SANDRA OH, through Constance Mother MARIA Psycho Pecoraro’s CATHOLIC Theme OIL Artwork of Jesus CHRIST, on page “SAM”, the reason why SANDRA OH is “CHRIST”ina Yang on “Grey’s Anatomy” set in Seattle WASHINGTON. This show was created to ROB MY IDENTITY and meaning of My Name SIGNature on MY ARTWORK, for this delusional very sick disturbed IDENTITY THIEF Borderline Psychotic Actress.
CH Jesus CHRIST with OO rings around his eyes on George “C” PAGE “3”, reason why Sandra OH was doctor CHRISTina Yang on “Grey’s ANATOMY” in a LARD OIL ASS Conspiracy, is being changed to Sandra OH is My PORTRAIT Drawing H”AIR” Numbers of “C=3” and “8”. This is turning out to be a NITE M”AIR” of SANDRA OH Licking her Mama MA”RIA..H” Ass Pussy, built through SINCL”AIR” Fraud Delivery Doctor on Barack Obama’s Fraud Birth Certificate. They built as if Sandra OH was BORNED out of MOTHER MA”RIA…H” Constance Pecoraro.

This is WHY it is very important to know what Hospital JACOB WOLF was born in Seattle WASHINGTON, was it Swe”DISH” Hospital?, what is his THAI Mother’s name? is it TARA and is she a VIRGO born in “SEP”tember, like Constance MARIA Pecoraro? What is the DELIVERY DOCTORS name of Jacob Wolf? Is it a name with “MARIA”?

Jacob Wolf born “ed” in SW Swedish Hospital? What is his mother’s name? TA”RA”? Vir”GO”?

Everything about the BIRTH of Jacob Wolf is connected to creating meaning AS IF SANDRA OH was My First Birthday Baby picture with “FOOD” and Money on the Table. The ANSWER to this question, would ANSWER MY Question of WHY my life has been TERRORIZED for many years, LONG BEFORE I met JOSH WOLF and his Son at a DOG Park in 2008. This goes back 3 DECADES, connected to MY Childhood picture in SANTA MONICA in 1979 with a DOG on MY LAP, and a YELLOW “VIRGO” SIGN on the Wall.

It’s why MY Priceless Artwork, my Toyota SUV RAV4L and MY DOG JACK were all STOLEN through White Collar ORGANIZED C”RIMES” in 2009, all connected to these same sick people. Reason why I’ve HAD to de”CODE” the RAPING OF MY LIFE, which is connected to REPEATING NUMBERS, connected to “ZIP CODE” of where I grew up in the 1980’s in JACK”SON” Heights NY “113 72”. JACob is his “SON”, JACK”SON” Heights. This is WHY JOSH WOLF named his SON “JAC OB” who was born on “3/17”. ZIP CODE of JH, 11372, 3/17, what’s left “21”. FORVER YELLOW HELLO “BAGS” of Fashion store “Forever 21”.

If TOM BRIDGES YEAR of BIRTH is 19”72” his going to PRISON for a LONG TIME. Pecoraro going to PRISON is a GIVEN. SANDRA OH MUST BE LOCKED IN PRISON FOR LIFE and JOSH WOLF is going to hello FOLLOW LOW LOW Flying Airplane, over “LAP”ping “LAF”fing his way into PRISON.

CHEL “SEA” Rhymes with PUSSEA. For SEA is the “OCEAN” of Mother MARY on Ocean Avenue in SANTA MONEY Ka, in CathoLICK MAThemathics of making Money through supporting Constance Maria Pecoraro’s OIL Artwork of her Catholic theme Jesus CHRIST the SON “CHA” rlie and Mother MARY in Oedipus Complex sex game. Why was this Oedipus Complex game created? Because of Lee Har”COURT” MONTGOMERY, and his childhood movie “The Savage is Loose”, set on the “SEA”, and because of the meaning of MY “ART”Work connected to him.

Chel “SEA” HANDler, is connected to Constance Mother MARIA Pecoraro’s CATHOLIC theme OIL Artwork created to ROB the meaning of My Parents Names, My ARTWORK, and MY IDENTITY for SANDRA OH. See Constance Pecoraro’s Kaboom Email to me in 2005, “Sending Messages” through specific words used.

Why is JOSH Mic’CHA’ WOLF as regular on her Late night tv show, the “ROUND TABLE”? See all the “COURT” Connection links above, connected orginially to My Father’s Name of WANG which means KING. It’s about MY “ART”.

Through Constance Pecoraro’s Catholic theme Oil Artwork and her “No Name Girl” sketches, they have built for my Parents Names, to have meaning for Josh Wolf and Constance Pecoraro, and for MY Identity to be SANDRA OH. ROLE Playing is one thing, INFRINGING of someone’s Intellectual property or Copyrighted Artwork is another, this is called IDENTITY THEFT in the most insidous cunning ways possible, very high, well thought out WHITE COLLAR C “RIMES”. Except there are lots of loose ends, missing screws, and discrepancies that you just can’t miss and can’t avoid.

They have dissected my name, like Montgomery name, My Parents names, meaning of MY ARTWORK from 1981 and 1982, My Intellectual property as in my Writings, and TWISTED IT TO “FIT” THEM, through rearranging it through Other Peoples Names, Business Names, Street Names, through WORDS, Numbers, COLORS and “CODES”, in MATHemathics of making MONEY. COLOR, NAMES and NUMBERS, that are Repetitive in Repeating PATTERNS, because they have “meaning”.

This sick RAPING PATTERN has occurred with My Second Artwork Collection from 2002-2007, the REASON why over 250 pieces of my Priceless Artwork on Paper stacked neatly inside two portfolios were STOLEN as in ROBBED in 2009, through ORGANIZED C”RIMES”.

I didn’t know who Chelsea Handler was until 2009, when I discovered that Josh Wolf was a regular on her TV Show, she’s been connected to “THIS THING” for decades, it’s why she is who she is. A big part of the “A.P” Alan Parson’s PROJECT, of changing the meaning of my John Hancock name signature with was about Michael Jackson’s ASSHOLE, into PEPSI PUSSEE IS “CHOCHA” through “CHA”rlies Find Jesus CH “RIS” T, and ANATOMY Star SANDRA OH doctor CLITO”RIS” Yang.

DIRECTLY connected to Constance Maria Pecoraro’s CATHOLIC Theme of Mother MARY and Jesus CHRIST, and all the TITLES of her OIL and GLASS Artwork, like “CHANDELEEERS”. Connected to C HEL “SEA” is the OCEAN of MARY Statue on Ocean Avenue in Santa Monica, the reason why Connie Pecoraro has HEL en Keller on her bio as her childhood hero. CathoLICK MAThemathics of are you “PY” ous and horny for JeSUS “CHA”rile, Josh Mic”CHA” Wolf.

Thomas CHRISTopher Bridges who has the SAME Birthday as me, bridges My Mother with Connie Pecoraro, My Father with Josh Wolf and MY IDENTITY with SANDRA OH, AS IF She was my Identity in all my childhood pictures of me, especially the childhood pictures in SANTA MONICA in 1979. It’s all connected to supporting this Delusional Actress is My Identity AS IF She Drew my First Artwork Collection and wrote my writings from 1982.

She is from LIVINGSTON New Jersey. She was raised by Parents who were Jewish and a Mormon, “CHURCH of LATTER DAY SAINTS”. Livingston and Hawthorne New Jersey was where I went to Summer Camp and won many Trophies in early 80’s. Livingston is also the brand name of the GOLD CLOCK I had for many years. This is why they found her, and they’ve been creating meaning of LEO Metal of GOLD, to be about GOLD I LOCK of H”AiR” for AiR LIBRA JOSH WOLF, and for MY Writings of “KEY to MY SOUL” to have meaning for them. If Key is Penis then Lock Must be Vagina. THIS IS A TERM I COINED and it is MY INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY.

Her Father is name SEYMOUR and Jewish and her Mother is RITA who is a MORMON. SEYMOUR, like C HEL “SEA”, SEE with your Eyes “OO”, built in Left to Right. RITA is connected to why SANDRA OH was RITA WU in “ARLI$$”. Anagram of I “ART”, AS IF through Acting Role characters names, SANDRA OH is the ARTist of My Artwork. It’s all about supporting this ONE SICK FUCKING DELUSIONAL ACTRESS SANDRA OH, AS IF she is MY Identity and the ARTIST of MY ARTWORK. She better know how to Draw and Paint. SIGN my name SIGNatures Ten Times in a Row Continuously.

The Letter “C”, has been built to be EAR sound of “PUS “SEEE” through Eyes of Jesus CHRIST and that is what you see, C”HO” CHA rlies Find, Sandra ‘OH’ Anatomy, PEPSI PUSSEEEEE.

I don’t know when she started becoming “famous” but in the late 90’s, before I moved to California I took GOLF Lessons at “CHELSEA PIERS” in downtown neighborhood of CHELSEA when I lived in NYC. They were just beginning to build this Recreation area.

This is another reason why Tiger WOODS GOLF RHIMES with WOLF is connected. SHONDA “RIMES” created “Grey’s Anatomy” as the VEHICLE to ROB MY IDENTITY for SANDRA OH. I started doing Artwork again in 2003, after not having done any artwork for almost 20 years. In 2004 I created and designed my own Website which was launched in April 2004. SHONDA RHIMES sick big black bitch, was paying attention to my Artwork, and in MARCH 2005, the first episode of “Grey’s anatomy” aired on tv. Since then, it’s been HORRIFIC RAPING OF MY LIFE. Because they’ve been building for 3 decades for MY IDENTITY to BE SANDRA OH AS IF she was the ARTIST of MY ARTWORK from 1981 and they didn’t want anyone knowing the TRUTH. Words the RHYME are HUGE in their very disturbing CATHOLICK MAThemathics of making MONEY, THROUGH the RAPING of MY LIFE.

They want my Writings I wrote in 1982 “KEY to my Soul” to have meaning for Josh Wolf because of my drawing of NEIL DIAMOND holding a ‘MIKE’ from the movie “The Jazz Singer” and because he is JEWish. Because Josh Wolf who is a Air Libra STONe is the Diamond. They want my GOLD CLOCK to have meaning for Gold I LOCK of BLONDE H”AIR” because Josh Wolf is a “AIR” Libra. This all goes back to the meaning of my FAC from 1982, and Lee Montgomery who lived at 20360 Callon Drive “TOP” anga and made a Porn Film with a BLONDE HAiR female.

Neil Diamond, the JAZZ SINGER, Clothes is Solemates because GHEE OM is Clarified Butter fucking WOMB RAPISTS

LOCK and KEY go together, LIFE IN THE SLAMMER.

There is a connection between the name Chel”SEA” Handler and Scientologists the “SEA” ORGS. It’s connected to the Oedipus Complex of Mother and Son or “Parent and Child”, which got started because of the movie “The SAVAGE is LOOSE” with Lee H. Montgomery. THIS THEME of “O.C” is built into the Catholic Theme OIL ART by Constance “Mother Maria” Pecoraro, and all his JEWISH SONS, “CHARLIES FIND”. Josh MIC”CHA” WOLF. “CO”nstance Pe”CO”raro, the word “CO” or KO In Korean means “NOS..E”, and its about the RINGS around EYES of “SON” Jesus CHRIST in her OIL ART, for “OO” to be about FORM OF ASS. Anatomy of Jesus MIC”CHA” WOLF sherbourned in BETH Le HEM HAM, BETHANY ASHTON”S BIG TIT FORM OO.

This is connected to CHARLIES FIND Jesus CHRIST the SON, and OCEAN Avenue in Santa Monica, where there is a Statue of MARY. OC…ean “CO” is NOS”E”, Eyes of Jesus SON is looking for his Mother MARIA ANTOMY PUS”SEA” ASSS. It’s why this “Mother Father” gaym has been going on for many years, because in “Psychology” they say we marry our “parents”. This is why Sandra Oh is into the “EAR” sound of words, because Ocean sounds like “O”SHion, Sandra OH, “I” On, Eye of Jesus Christ “OO”. SANDRA OH’s House in Hollywood is up “BEACH”Wood Canyon “BC”, because she wants my First name SIGNature of “Sandy” with Asterisk Key on BENSON drawing, Ear Sound of “ASS”terisk symBOWEL to be about her “Butt Crack”. It’s why CHO Seung Hui killed exactly “32” people, which is equivalent to the letters “BC”.

Their THEME of “CO” is NOS”E”, SON Jesus CHRIST, Oedipus Complex, is deeply and seriously flawed, it’s become a mechanism of FEEEEDING PSYCHOTIC PEDOPHILES WORLDWIDE.

meaning of “O.C” Oedipus Complex built through MAN”OS” Jesus CHRIST the “SO…N”

Tom Bridges My Parents with Connie Pecoraro and Josh Wolf, while they Repeatedly Rape my life. As if My Parents were Pecoraro and Wolf and MY IDENTITY is SANDRA OH. This was built through JESUS CHRIST OIL ART of Constance Pecoraro titled “CHA” rlies Find, Father SON and Holy Ghost Catholic theme oil art.

Where ever you go in the world, you’re going to see these SAME REPEATING NUMBERS, and these Astrology VIBE NUMBERS has nothing to do with “LOVE SIGNS”, it’s about MATH, Numbers, Mathemathics of making MONEY through Creating “LIES” and RAPING MY LIFE for SANDRA OH.

Astrology VIBE Numbers of WOLF PECORARO “212” MANHATTAN hidden deep in “BV” BLACK VAGINA CLITO”RIS” Sandra OH Drew

Chelsea Handler is about ThoMAS Bridges meaning of my name signature “Sandy” on my ART pencil drawing of Black male Robert Guillaume from 1981, who was the BUT”LER” to the Governor on tv show, the meaning of my John “HAND”COCK name signature on this drawing, has been linked to her name of HAND….LER. They linked the words of JOHN “HAN”COCK” to HANDLER, and to the word CHANDELIER in my childhood picture of me and my father from 1981, creating meaning as if Hawaiian BAR..rel Baseball BAT Dick is JOSH MIC”CHA” WOLF’s DICK, in CHRISTMAS THREE Silver TREE Trimming is LARD P”EAR” OIL ASSS FORM…”OSA”.

Chandel EAR is about LIGHT Bulbs and the EAR Sound of Cellu LITE as in Body FAT OIL. Is "OO" ASS TITS or BALLS? They want MY PARENTS Identities and Names to have meaning for and to be "bridged" by TOM BRIDGES for Connie Pecoraro and Josh Wolf, while they RAPE MY LIFE. It's PSYCHOTIC.

It's why Connie Pecoraro does OIL Artwork of CHANDELIERS. The reason why Josh Wolf is a regular on her TV Show. In a monster GROUP CONSPIRACY of TOM BRIDGES My Parents, My MF Mother Father, twisted and rebuilt to be JOSH MICCHA WOLF and CONSTANCE MARIA PECORARO in their “Morning Star” 212 VIBE Numbers. This Group Conspiracy ultimately is about ROBBING OF MY IDENTITY from BIRTH to PRESENT, for Korean Actress SANDRA OH. EVERYTHING IS ABOUT THIS, AND EVERYTHING IS ABOUT COVERING UP OF THIS PSYCHOTIC LIE.

Constance Pecoraro’s OIL ART and GL”ASSS” ART

HANDLER is about HAND and you Grab with your hands. Grab Tits Grab Ass Grab Dick and get PULLED DEEP INTO “RABBIT HOLE” GU MONG is a HOLE, S”PAC”E of PAChyderm CAPricorn BIG BLACK NIGGER PUSSEEE HOLE. It’s why there is a Car “WA”SH called HANDY “J”s, because the syllable “WA” in Korean means to Come or Arrive, but in this sex game, it’s about CUM as in Orgasm and EVERYTHING they’ve built is based on the EAR sound of Words, BECAUSE it’s about the SOUND of name of Robert ‘GUILLAUME’, is “GHEE OM”, GHEE is Clarified “BUTTER” as in LARD OIL and meaning of my John HANcock Name SIGNATURE, which was about Michael Jackson’s ASSHOLE *, has been changed to be about FORM of LARD PEAR HANGING ASS FORM and when it over LAPS, it creates () is Pussy CHOCHA FORM.

Jesus C H OO rist isnt’ my Artwork, it’s Psycho Pecoraro’s Artwork, reason why SANDRA OH was DOCTOR CHRISTina YANG on “Grey’s ANATOMY”, isn’t my show. EVERYTHING they’ve already built is built on COMPLETE TOTAL CHOCHA is PUSSY, CP, connected to Constance Pecoraro’s OIL ART of Jesus CHRIST and Mother MARY. CHICA….go ILLI”NOIS” pedophile SHONDA LYNN RHIMES Tv Show “Grey’s ANATOMY”, anatomy pedophile peddling show.

Ocean is another word for SEA, and with the MARY Statue on Ocean Avenue, Connie Pecoraro’s CATHOLIC CHURCH theme is connected to the Chel SEA Handler, the reason why she does paintings of “CHANDELEERS”, because it’s about the Ear Sound of “ASS”terisk key of my name Signature.

There is a street name CHELSEA a few blocks from EUCLID Ave in Santa Monica, which is connected to CATHOLIC Theme of MAT HE MAThics of “EUCLID”ean Algorithm of “PI” symbol of “TT”. This is connected to the “PI” symbol in the movie “The Last Samurai”, the shape of the GATES into the Village, and where ever else you see this symbol of “TT”, it’s the “Secret CODE” for those in the “know” of some sort of PYRAMID Business Schemes.


EUCLID is a street name that repeats itself in many different cities and towns. CALIFORNIA is a COOKIE CUTTER STATE, it has patterns of the SAME STREET NAMES, clustered and rebuilt in another city or town. The way it’s differentiated is the ZIP CODE. EUCLID street name is especially important because it’s about the letters of “E.U” which is about EYES of Jesus CHRIST is “U” Sandra OH, in TOM BRIDGES the SIGN of LEO, EAR sound of “LIO”, through OIL ART of JESUS CHRIST, with SYM”BOWEL” of Leo Sign which looks like the letter “U”. It’s about EU CLI “DT” O RIS, and FEE “DT” US, D “O” T of circle of O is a BO….g ….SPO…..t in the NAME of SANDRA OH, Patricia? What is her middle name? SPO?

EU CLI…DT…O “RIS” “SIR” ROB…ert BOR…den School of SANDRA OH

Tom Cruise is connected to Daniel Ladin”SKY” who has been studying my “Artwork” and my Life for many years, to have meaning for Connie Pecoraro and her Catholic Theme. It’s what his book “THE GIFT” is all about, published in 1999, the “Vehicle” to rob Everything about me, through cleverly organized “Words” on Specific PAGES of his Book. They didn’t expect me to do a SECOND Artwork Collection in Watercolor.

This is connected to BILL CLINTON and his thing with MONICA Lewin”SKY” and the Santa MONICA Catholic theme of “PI”ous to make Money. CHELSEA Clinton married MARC MEZVIN”SKY”. It’s about MY “MARK” at the USPTO, that they want T”OM” Bridges to Bridge with Connie Pecoraro on Bridgeway, because her own Artwork sucks. It’s the RAPING of my Life to compensate for a sick Disturbed Psychobitch who has no Identity of her own, except to try to ROB MY IDENTITY and the POWERFUL Meaning of MY Artwork.

Chelsea married her father’s “SKY”, to carry on the are you “PI”ous Religious and Horney to make Money.

It’s about my Name “SIGN”ature on the drawing of BENSON Dubois, the reason why Connie Pecoraro did her sketches in “MARKER”, so that my “Mark” can have meaning for her “No Name Girl”, except my name Signature isn’t a “Mark”, it’s a “TRADE SECRET”. My current Registered TradeMARK is a Mark, SOLELY OWNED BY ME, SANDY WANG. No where is there the name Connie Pecoraro or Sandra Oh on My FEDERALLY Registered MARK.

It’s connecting common “Syllables” in words and names, with Business names, to create a Gigantic Fraud as to Connie Pecoraro or Sandra Oh to have meaning as the Artist who DREW the DRAWings.

Because the word Presi”DEN”t has this syllable, Connie Pecoraro Virgo the Mai”DEN” thinks she has meaning in Presidents. Tom BRIDGES the GOLDen GAYt BRIDGE onto Bridgeway with OIL Paintings of CATHOLIC Theme of Connie Pecoraro. This is all created and fueled by Tom Cruise Mapother and Katie Holmes, for Connie Pecoraro to have been the ARTIST who did the First Artwork Collection in 1982, and for the Writings I wrote to have been written by her. What I say for Connie Pecoraro is the EXACT Same thing for SANDRA OH.

SEA is the OCEAN connected to Santa Monica and MARY STATUE on Ocean Avenue. LAO TSU wrote the "Tao Te Ching". LAO Los Angeles "O" sound of Sandra OH, who has always played Chinese characters, connected to MY LEFT FOOT TATTOO of the TAO symbol from 1992 which I changed in 2006. TAO TE is the "WAY" on BRIDGE "WAY" SausalitO with Mother MARIA. TSU NAM i, is about Sandra Oh's MOTHER'S name of YOUNG NAM, connected to CHARLES E. YOUNG drive at UCLA Campus and the "TSUNAMI" Cafe at Ackerman Union Hall. NAM, MAN, as in "HO"mbre. Carl YOUNG was a Male.

C”HEL” SEA HANDler, SEA is the O”SH”ion of Mother Mary “Mom”, Grab BIG ASS with HANDs, through HANDi “CAP” signs everywhere. GOLF “rimes” with WOLF.

This is connected to the S “HELL” and the BELL on the TREE at 20360 Callon Drive TOPANGA, which is connected to the meaning of MY FAC from 1982, MY Writings and to LEE MONTGOMERY who lived at this address many decades ago and I think made a Porn Film with a Blonde Hair female name MARIA. The reason why there was a JOSHUA National park Sticker on the DOOR at the Garage Studio and with a WOLF.

Josh Wolf has pictures of him and his “WIFEY” on his myspace page. Wifey is a title of a book by “JU”dy Blume, one of my favorite childhood authors. It’s connected to Chelsea Handler and her book “Are You There God? It’s Me VODKA”.

Connie Pecoraro’s CATHOLIC theme of Mother Mary and Jesus Christ is their Theme, based on MY ARTWORK, MY PARENTS Names, and Korean Words to have meaning for them. Tho MAS CHRIST opher Bridges Everything about MY IDENTITY on BRIDGEWAY with Connie Pecoraro and her OIL Paintings.

Mother is also “Mom”. Mom in Korean means Body. My Mother’s name is Jung Ja Min. JUNG Dung in Korean means Ass. Carl JUNG Coined the Term Synchronicity. A “CENT” is a Coin. Turn Bull color, the color in between Blue and Green is a very popular color because of this childhood CHRIST MAS picture of me and MY MOM and my dog Frenchy. It’s the color of my Mom’s SHIRT. Going Backwards with her Jesus Christ, Tom Bridges him LICKING a GAY ASS and Balls in their MAT HE MAT HICS of “PI”ous Religious and horny to make Money.

It’s connected to Josh Wolf because of the meaning of my FAC from 1982. The drawing I did of NEIL DIAMOND holding a ‘Mike’ on the Upper Left from the movie, “The Jazz Singer”. They want Josh Wolf to have meaning in this drawing and in the writings I wrote about Lee Harcourt Montgomery. They want THE PICTURE of me and a black girl taken in the shape of a DIAMOND to have meaning for him because he is a Air LIBRA and STONE for Libra is the Diamond. BO SUC in Korean is “Diamond”. Stand Up Comic.

The Picture of me and a black girl was taken when my Family first moved to NYC and we lived in an apt on 51st Street. This neighborhood was known as “HELL’S KITCHEN”, and in the early 90’s, it was changed to “CLINTON HILL”. The Business of MAP making and naming streets to “FIT” MY ARTWORK has been going on for almost 3 decades. It’s why there are Two “SKY” street names on Mulholland Drive, near Laurel Canyon Dog Park.

I don’t know when Josh Wolf got involved with Chelsea Handler, but Connie Pecoraro seems to be on “Track” with his Comedy Career, as she loves to paint “Chandeliers” because they sound like Chandel EERS, and Chandeliers are about LIGHT bulbs and Light bulbs are about the Ear Sound of Cellu LITE, it’s why she does OIL paintings.

When I lived in Tiburon, my upstairs neighbor’s name was Sheryl Sundeen. She was an older version of Chelsea Handler lookalike. This was back in 2004, so I had no idea any of this was going on, but me living at this address of “21” Circle Drive, Tiburon, was about SYNCHRONIZING with whatever was happening in Los Angeles at the time, with 20360 Callon Drive Topanga. CD T. CD T. Josh Wolf has been busy licking fucking BIG OIL BLUBBER ASSES All his Jesus Christ the CUMDIANE Career, so that the Porn Film made at the address of 20360 Callon Drive with Lee Montgomery can have meaning for him. The same reason why his Perfect GAY Male Match Brett Bern was busy licking fucking TWO BLONDE Hair pussies name BARBARA LOY and Allison Kernohan in a THREE Some.

My Artwork from 1982, my Writings of “KEY to my Soul” and the meaning of GOLD which is a Leo Metal, Gold CLOCK, through their creations of combining with Other People’s names and Identities, through the porn film with Lee Montgomery and Blonde Hair female, it has come to have meaning for GOLD I LOCK of H”AIR” as in Blonde Hair, because Josh Wolf is a “AIR” Libra. Connie Pecoraro has tried to create meaning with CLOCK, another word for DICK is Cock, through her PeaCOCK paintings. This has changed to Gold I Clock of RAPING of LOCKS, as in my Broken Lock from 20360 Callon Drive, the same Gold Lock on my Abstract page, that they want Tom Bridges to bridge them with.

October 2010, Chelsea Handler is hanging out with 50 Cent in New Orleans at a Jazz bar “BLUE NILE”.

Number 5 in Korean is “O”, EAR sound of name of Sandra “OH”. It’s about JACKSON HEIGHTS NY “113.72” where I grew up in the 1980’s, and building it as if it’s SANDRA OH, as if she is the artist of my artwork from 1981.

Chelsea Handler is TEAM with JOSH WOLF, so that my drawing of NEIL DIAMOND from the “Jazz Singer” in 1982, who is JEWish, can have meaning for JeW Josh Wolf who is Air LIBRA and STONE is the DIAMOND, so that my drawing of BENSON DUBOIS, of Robert Guillaume BLACK Male can have meaning for them. Who is the “ARTIST” here? Constance Pecoraro? SANDRA OH?

TAO of TORAH, fir fer furst 5 books in the bible is the TORAH, in the name of SAND “RA OH”, and it’s about monster raping NIGGER JEW Teams built in for Psycho JESUS CHRIST OIL ART Charlies Find.

50 CENT is about the EAR sound of the word SCENT, as in AIR carries odor, as in AIR LIBRA JOSH WOLF, to have meaning for Mother MA”RIA”. It’s about Tom Bridges my ALL GIRLS CATHOLIC HIGH SCHOOL Classmates from St. Vin”CENT” Ferrer with Connie Pecoraro, for her JESUS CHRIST Josh Wolf, and Real Estate on Cre”SCENT” Drive”. Their Chel SEA is the OCEAN of Mother MARY Statue on Ocean Avenue in Santa Monica, is about OEDIPUS Complex, based on Lee Montgomery’s movie “Savage is Loose”. CENT is about Carl Jung who COINED the term SYNchronicity, and a CENT is a Penny, like the COPPER PENNY “CP” for Metal of Copper JOSH WOLF AIR Libra.

50 CENT is about the Korean word for number FIVE "5" which is "O". O sounds like "OH", and JOSH WOLF has been in this Conspiracy with SANDRA OH all his life, AS IF she was MY IDENTITY and AS IF she drew my drawings. Five is a NICKEL, as in Carl Jung "COIN"ed the Term Synchronicity. FIVE is about 5 dollar bill and ABRA ham LINCOLN which sounds like Air LIBRA WOLFramite Scheelite "LICKON". OBAMAS, SHONDA RHIMES, are from CHICA..go ILLI”NOIS” the State of Abraham Lincoln. It’s a GROUP CONSPIRACY of PSYCHOTIC DEMENTED SICK NIGGERS.

This is why in 2010, they created the new TV Show "HAWAII FIVE O", to celebrate the RAPING of MY LIFE from the previous Year. AS IF, Sandra Oh is MY IDENTITY in MY childhood picture of me and MY FATHER with the HAWAIIAN BARREL Statue on the Upper Left. AS IF she was MY IDENTITY in the childhood picture of me and a black girl with WAVES and SURFing on the Upper Left of this picture.

This is why in Santa Monica, next to OSHION Avenue and MOTHER MARY Statue, on the Beach, there are many new Houses going up, with the Architectural Designs of "COIN" SLOT shaped Windows. Mother is MOM, and Mom in Korean means Body "Anatomy". This is why JOSH WOLF says in one of his VIDEOS, he loves fucking Big Girls with "MEAT" because he likes to see ASSES in "WAVES in the OCEAN MOTION" as he's fucking. CHEL "SEA" is the Ocean of Mother Mary. SE in Korean means BIRD, A is for ASS, Tom BRIDges the 3AR sound of my First name SIGNature on the drawing of Benson Dubois, Robert Guillaume with an "ASterisk" key.

This was the reason why ever since I moved to Los Angeles in October 2006, more than a year before I met Josh Wolf, I had BIG OIL ASSED bitches Stalking and Following me everywhere I went. They knew where I was because of the RFiD Bug, they want MY EYES to be looking at "OO" is ASS for Jesus CHRIST Josh Wolf, for SANDRA OH as "CRIST"ina Yang on "Grey's Anatomy". It's the reason why I sent the Email on 4/19/09 about FOUR Ways to say Rectum, which HIT a NERVE because FOUR is about the Spanish word for FOR, which is PARA, and this is connected to Josh Wolf's agency "PARAllel Entertainment" in the Rolex Building in Beverly Hills. The REASON why I was Arrested by Beverly Hills Police Officer name DU FOUR, the next day.

50 Cent was born as CURTIS JACKSON and he is from Queens NY. I grew up in JACKSON Heights Queens NY, and it’s about the Ownership of the meaning of MY FAC from 1982. Josh WOLF, through Connie Pecoraro’s CATHOLIC church Theme, wants MY IDENTITY, MY PARENTS Names to have meaning for them, and MY ARTWORK to have been DONE by Connie Pecoraro, for TOM BRIDGES Everything about ME, so MY LIFE can have meaning for them.

CURTIS is about CURTAIN Ave in SAN Jose where Connie Pecoraro says she got her Art Degree. Curtain is about, PART the Curtains like Hanging Ass, and OPEN your Eyes “OO” because the EYES are WINDOW to the Soul and Windows are made of GL”ASS”, like the Color of Money and Color of GRASS is “GREEN” connections with JOSH WOLF and his “Wifey” Connie Pecoraro. This is why JOSH WOLF went to School TRINITY University in SAN ANTONIO TEXAS, connected to my Catholic High School Classmate CHRISTina Bernardo who married a guy name ANTONIO.

Both Connie Pecoraro and Josh Wolf wants the Korean word for “SAN” which means MOUNTAIN to have meaning for them, because it’s about MY childhood pictures standing on the Mountains in Korea, and it’s MY FIRST name SIGNature of “SANDY” on the drawing of BENSON DUBOIS.

meaning of “113 72” JACKSON Heights NY ZIP CODE

Twisted and rebuilt to be SANDRA OH

113 “SIR” ROBERT BORDEN on Greenbank school of SANDRA OH built AFTER I drew my drawing in 1980

7/20 Cancer Birthdate of SANDRA OH

This is connected to a High School Classmate name Nancy Oxley. “NO” New Orleans. Nancy Oxley knows I am the Artist who drew the drawings because I did a drawing of her. I think she married her first boyfriend from JACKSON Heights name MICHAEL. I think Chelsea Handler is Kissing Ass. I think she wants to have meaning in my drawing of BENSON Du”BO”is ROBERT GUillaume. It's why there is a Chelsea "FLOW"ers on ROBERT SON Blvd and Third Street. I think she's Kissing BARACK Obama’s Ass.

NO Nancy Oxley and all my “SPANISH” High School classmates are connected to CATHOLICKING BLACK PSYCHOTIC NIGGER PUSSY ASS CLITO”RIS” SIR ROBERT BORDEN that Sandra OH, through SHONDA LYNN RHIMES “Greys ANATOMY” tv show.

Tom Bridges “NO” Name Girls, Spics and Niggers built into CONSTANCE PECORARO’S Artwork

The NAMES of the Beverly Hills Court JU dges and Public Defenders are connected to this. RichARD STONe. JU lia LivingSTON. Chelsea Handler from LivingSTON New Jersey. Sandra Oh and Andrew FeATHER STON. STONe of Cancer is the PEARL, the reason why there was a license plate with “PEARL25” at Mercedes BENz a few days before the Horrific “4/20/09” incident. It’s connected to a book I read many years ago titled “Jonathan LIVINGSTON “SEA” “GU”LL” written by RICHARD BACH. “RB”. Rolex Building Josh Wolf. He also wrote “The BRIDGE Across Forever”, as in Low Flying Airplanes and Tom BRIDGES, a Seagull is a BIRD like a Tern. “GU” is about Robert “GU”illaume, it’s about the Korean word for number “9”, the year of my birth. The same reason why JUDY BLUME is the name of one of my favorite authors from childhood that they’ve taken a big spin off on for their “comedy” careers.

The reason why in 2011 SANDRA OH has a All of a Sudden NEW Middle Name of MI”JU”, because I’ve been writing that her name might be PATRICIA. If it’s PATRICIA, this sick actress needs to be LOCKED in PRISON for LIFE.

STEVE KATZ is the DA, the District Attorney’s name at the Beverly Hills Court, which is about “STEVE” is the “NICK” name of Stephen, which is about MY First boyfriend STEPHEN GARRISON and the picture of me and him in front of the Brooklyn Bridge which is what the BH CITY HALL Architecture is based on. Almost every person name STEVE connected to this Tom CHRISTopher Bridges Connie Pecoraro’s CATHOLIC Theme of MAThemathics of making Money is about having MY First Boyfriend STEPHEN to have meaning for SANDRA OH, as if she was MY IDENTITY with him. STEVE JOBS.

KATZ is about CATholic Church theme of Connie Pecoraro’s OIL Artwork to be bridged by THOMAS CHRISTopher Bridges BEVERLY Hills through black female BEVERLY ANGELA DAVIS, who went to the same DENTal Hygiene school with me in Brooklyn with Virgo Mai”DEN” Connie Pecoraro. Z is for HoriZontal built in Left to Right for Horizontal Rings around Jesus Ju”DY” BLUE ME, BL”OO” Eyes.

It has to do with MY FATHER’S middle name “BAE” which means B”OAT” and “PEAR”, and they built, through Connie Pecoraro’s “No NG” going backwards, to have meaning with ThoMASCHRIST opher BRIDGES the TAO istheway on “B”ridgeway with Amercian hanging low P3AR shaped asses going backwards to have meaning with JOSH WOLF playing the role of my Father’s identity to have meaning for him.

There is a Mental Health representative at the Beverly Hills court who’s name is ESTHER “WU”. This is connected to Sandra Oh who was Arli$$ “WU”. WU is about the way my last name SIGNature looks like doing a Backflip with the letter “G”. Sandra Oh’s entire ACTING Career is connected to MY Identity and the meaning of my Artwork and Writings from 1982.


The word “JU” is about the Sound of “JOO” or “JEW”. JEWish Josh Wolf is a Air Libra and it’s symbol is the JUSTICE SCALES. With Connie Pecoraro’s FRAUD Art Degree from “SAN” Jose University “JU” and Josh Wolf’s WIfey “JU” DY Blume, they have my name Signature of “SANDY” on the drawing I did of BENSON DUBOIS from 1982. Every piece of “Fraud Document” created during my Horrific incident on “4/20/09” is connected to them RAPING MY LIFE and recreating meaning through this, to have MY IDENTITY and MY DOG and MY ARTWORK to have meaning for them. This is CONSISTENT with everything else I’ve been writing about.

This is why there is something going on with anyone who’s name has this syllable, JULIA LIVINGSTON is the name of a GOLD I LOCK of BLONDE HAIR Public Defender at Beverly Hills Court, who has Plastic Tit implants, wears a TON of Make Up and wears Tight Clothes with 6 inch SPIKE HEELS in COURT.

It’s why JOSH WOLF was SO EXCITED to write about WILLIE JULIO, Juli A, Juli O, Tom Bridges the T, A, O, of DENial Ladinsky’s book “The GIFT”. It’s about “GOING BACKWARDS” with the meaning of MY FATHER’S Middle name of “BAE” which means PEAR and BOAT. They want Tom Bridges to Bridge the TAO is the “Way” through the word B OAT, for JOSH WOLF fucking P3AR Asses. Tom Bridges 3AR sound of his LEO with “OIL”. BLUBBER is the title of another book by JUdy Blume.

It’s about the meaning of MY GOLD CLOCK I had for many years in the shape of “OO” which folds in a “O”. They want the WRITINGS I wrote about Lee Montgomery “KEY to my Soul” to have meaning for HOR DICK Jesus Christ JOSH WOLF fucking Hor Cunts. The want the GOLD C”LOCK” to be about HAIR because Josh Wolf is a “AIR” LIBRA. They want Tom Bridges to BRIDGE “LEO” Metal of GOLD, with GOLDen GAYte Bridge to Bridgeway Sausalito, to Connie Pecoraro, because Denial Ladinsky says “ART is a Conversation between Lovers”. More like Art is a Conversation AMONG ANTiCHRISTS.

It’s why a person name JULIA ANGWin wrote a book titled “Stealing My Space”, which is about the X rated Video Recording of me which was dubbed to have meaning for a Big Low hanging blubber ass. Sandra OH thinks she is MY X RATED ANATOMY, it is why tv show “Gre’ys ANATOMY” was created in 2005 and the RAPINGS OF MY LIFE hasn’t stopped, and it is how and why SANDRA OH is getting to be BIG “STAR”. HOLLYWOOD IS DOING THIS INTENTIONALLY AND THEY’RE GOING TO PAY FOR IT.

JOSH WOLF said it in one of his many Video Clips, He loves to See WAVES of OCEAN MOTION ASS BLUBBER as he’s fucking “OO”. TOM BRIDGES 3AR sound of LEO and “OIL” backwards. DO SOME TIME WITH THE ONE YOU LOVE, Jim Carrey.

The COURT SYSTEM in Los Angeles is and has been INFRINGING on MY IDENTITY and MY ARTWORK to have meaning for them. It’s why they’ve created FRAUD DOCUMENTS of “White Collar” Organized Crimes.

The meaning of COURT is originally connected to LEE HAR”COURT” MONTGOMERY. EVERYTHING originally originated with MY ARTWORK and His Movies. Twisted and changed through the years, for 3 decades, to have meaning for their CATHOLIC Church Theme of MAThemathics of making Money.

3AR sound C “HEL” Sea, for 3ARth Virgo MaiDEN Psycho Pecoraro and Sandra Oh.

Josh Wolf is a Stand Up Comedian. MY FATHER was a Gifted Musician and Teacher. There is absofuckinglutely nothing funny about a SOCIOPATH who thinks he has meaning in MY Father’s IDENTITY, while MY LIFE gets REPEATEDLY RAPED.

Connie Pecoraro makes the CONNECTION of SYNchronizing with CHELSEA HANDLER, JOSH WOLF and SANDRA OH on “GREY’S Anatomy” by writing to me and mentioning the words “SLATE GRAY” in 2005. This is about Chelsea “LATELY”, like “AFTER” is about the meaning of BOAT Parts like the “AFT” which is the REAR, connected to meaning of MY FATHER’S Middle Name to have meaning for JOSH WOLF licking fucking P3AR ASSES. Tom Bridges PEAR BOAT, CRUISE and SHIPS.

It’s because of Connie Pecoraro and Josh Wolf and their CATOLIC Theme, that they’ve set up “JU”dges names in my cases, the reason why I was robbed of my Rent and Deposit Money by GOR”DON” MAC”DON”ALD in July 2006, DON in Korean means Money. GOR is about the ROYal “GOR”ge BRIDGE pictures of me from Colorado, that Tom Bridges for Connie Pecoraro on BRIDGEway.

The reason why “JU” JAY “FORD” was set up and allowed TODD CUMMINGS of 20360 Callon Drive TOPanga to rob my Rent Money and illegally evict me in October 2007.

This is about whoever JOSH WOLF, Horney Jesus Christ Fucks and Licks, to have meaning for Sandra Oh, Doctor “CRIST”ina Yang on “Grey’s Anatomy”. It’s why CHINESE PUSSIES are all “OM” with SANDRA OH, ever since JoshWolf fucked a BEAGLE Puppy Chink Pussy from the dog park where I met him. It’s connected to all NEW Chinese Real Estate Businesses which opened in 2010 throughout Los Angeles.

The names of the “JU”dges, PU blic defen DERs are about having meaning for Sandra Oh “Going backwards”, for my Artwork meaning “going backwards” to have meaning for her TV Show. For the “VIEW” of the Dubbed Video Recording of my Ass, to BE her. For my website domain name of sand “YWA” NG . NET to have meaning for her going backwards and the “WAY”, by combining with “Grace Navas” name initials to have meaning for Eagles “Hotel California” song lyrics of “SH” SHOWed me the Way. For my “407” GOLD CLOCK to have meaning for Blonde Hair females “OM”ing with SANDRA OH, because it’s about are you “PI”ous Religious Horney to make MONEY.

Yes, “SH SHOWED me the Way” in a sick HER SHE Pussy Ass Pimping Raping Gaym, the RAPING my LIFE through FRAUD DOCUMENTS and LIES Gaym, to compensate for a sick Gay Psychobitch SANDRA OH.

Tom Bridges 3AR sound of GOLDen GAYte Bridge, Chel “SEA” is the OSHION and the “SHO”re, of Sandra OH, licking Mother Connie Maria Pecoraro’s P3ARth Virgo Mai”DEN” Pussy and Ass through “DEN”tistry MOUTHS.

When a person is PI OUS, it means that they are “RELIGIOUS”. I sounds like EYE, which is about the EYE inside the “O” of the Magnifying Glass in the drawing I did of BENSON DUBOIS, of ROBERT GUILLAUME in 1982, what’s left? PUS. What’s missing? SY. PI PY. “USS”. ENTERPRISE. NASA. THE REASON WHY I WAS HIT BY A CAR ON “11/26/09” BY A GOLD I LOCK OF BLONDE HAIR PUSSY WITH THE SPECIFIC LICENSE PLAGE OF “USS429” for Horney CROWN of Jesus CHRIST address of ROLEX Building “9420” Wilshire blvd.

But THEIR definition and being religious is EVIL. It’s about CF, Charlies Find, EAR sound of “FOC”, COF..FEE bean looks like the FOLD of PUSSY LIPS of COCKROACH Niggers. Like FACE is PUCE of disturbed demented psychotic sick mentally ill niggers. Face is Puce because NAPPY HEAD HAiR of Niggers is like PUBIC HAIR = INSANE and PSYCHOTIC but this is what they built.

JESUS CHRIST “FUK SUK LIK” JOHN HANCOCK is a “HOLE”, KUF the HANDS, “KUS”tody and “KIL”. THIS IS THEIR “SECRET MEANING” in robbing my name signature for Sandra OH connected to “Grey’s ANATOMY” body parts, while at the same time, planning to MURDER ME.

Love and Hate cannot reside together in the same place at the same time. = it’s why there are more and more SCHOOL SHOOTINGS and TERROR BOMBING ALL OVER THE WORLD.

The TEAM is made of JOSH WOLF, CONNIE PECORARO, SANDRA OH with TOM CRUISE as their LEADER, Brett Hubbard Lard BERN is their EXCUSE. They USE him, whenever I get CONCRETE EVIDENCE of their cyk HOR DIK JOSH WOLF. KATie HOLmes joined Tom Cruise’s CATHO”LICK” “MAT”hemathics GAYM in 2006. Their CYK GAYM is: TOM BRIDGES my Father’s Identity with JOSH MICCHA WOLF, My Mother’s Identity with CONNIE MARIA PECORARO and MY IDENTITY with SANDRA OH, AS IF Sandra Oh DREW my Drawings and she is MY IDENTITY. I have OVER fucking WHELMING Evidence of this. JOSH WOLF says it himself, he gets very HORNY for MATHEMATHICS of fucking CALF and KOW, on the BOB RIVERS RADIO SHOW in MARCH 2008. A year later PSYCHOLOGY TODAY in MARCH 2009, they had an Article of this meaning. MARCH is “3” and this is THE CODE, because Jesus CHRIST is on page “3” SAM in Korean. JOSH WOLF says he loves fucking BIG BLUBBER OIL ASSES, he likes to SEE WAVES of OCEAN MOTION of ASS MEAT as he’s fucking in one of his comedy skit videos. The REASON why I’ve had nothing but SICK PUSSIES with BIG ASSES following me or waiting for me WHERE EVER I GO. TOM BRIDGES his gay LEO with 3AR sound of OIL backwards, because LEO rules the HEART and the BACK. JOSH WOLF can lick fuck whoever he wants, BUT NOT AT THE FUCKING EXPENSE OF MY LIFE BEING RAPED, WHILE HE PRETENDS HE HAS MEANING IN MY PARENTS NAMES AND IDENTITIES. SANDRA OH ISN’T MY IDENTITY, SHE IS A SICK TAPEWORM, A REAL LIFE PARASITE WHO NEEDS TO BE LOCKED IN PRISON FOR LIFE.

She’s With the Brand, with like the and is of are articles which aren’t included in acronyms
WITH sounds like WIDTH, as in Chelsea Handler has CLEARLY FUCKED BIG WIDE FAT DIK of JOSH WOLF as her “Friends with BENefit” type,
who they’ve been building for MY FATHER’S Identity to have meaning in

SBW is my Father’s name initials and his Music Band from 50’s “Morning Stars”
Sandy Wang’s old address in mid 90’s “407 87”
407 connections
meaning of GOLD metal
Sandy Wang’s SOCIAL SECURITY NUMBERS beginning with “078”

BAL in Korean means FOOT, J “OSH” Wolf with FOOTBALL and Champion Trophy and his Picture with “WIFEY” number of jb_0287
Don't l"OO"k at the PUblic Defenders NAMES at Beverly Hills Court, Especially JU JU JULIA LIVINGSTON
All of a Sudden, Sandra Oh has a "new" Middle name of MI"JU"
Sandra Oh LICKING GOLD I Lock of Blonde Hair pussies through Andrew Feather STON
Sandy Wang’s address in 2010 and DMV picture at 215 S ELM Drive
SEL MA and Cahuenga in Hollywood
SEL MA and WILCOX “SW” in “HO”llywood made SHOW
SHIN BAL in Korean means “SHO”es
Linda Goodman’s VIBE Numbers of “212” Morning Star
Tom Cruise and BELLA with BLUE H”AIR”
meaning of UN DER Score


Sandy Wang’s childhood CHRISTMAS Picture with my Mother and my DOG Frenchy
My DOG JACK in 2009 STOLEN and the name PATRICA L “EAR”ned
CHANDLER “AIR” Zona and Fraud Document to Steal my PAID For Toyota RAV in 2009
page “44” and address of 4458 MATILIJA Ave DOES JOSH WOLF LIVE HERE?
Hit by Car by R"USS"ian P"USS"Y with BLONDE HAIR with License plate of "USS" and 429 Repeating Numbers

Jewish Journal 2010
Jewish Journal April 2011


PAGE “45”

54 Sandy Wang’s Catholic School St. VinCENT Ferrer 1987 Classmate CHRISTina BERNardo and her husband ANTONIO
Sandy Wang’s Catholic School St. VinCENT Ferrer 1987 Graduation Yearbook

meaning of Repeating Numbers of “4” 29
meaning of Repeating Numbers of “5” 29
Josh Wolf who studied ComMUNications in “SAN ANTONIO” TX

CH “RIS” Tina BERN”ARD O is a TAU…RUS sign

D “ART MOUTH” nigger pussy SHONDA RHIMES address of “11 45” isn’t random
FORM “OSA” = 5/4 OPRAH WINFREY “W.O.N” isn’t random

Does Sandra OH know BERN”ARD O”?
EVERYTHING on the entire planet earth connected to “O”IL” ART of Jesus CHRIST

UTA Sandra Oh’s talent agency address moved to “FOOT HILL” in 2012
RUS, “SIR” Sandra Oh high school name “SIR” Robert Borden

Sandra Oh what is her middle name? PATREEE SHA? SPO? LIFE IN PRISON
Taurus Sign Rules the “NEK” the THR”OAT”
HANDCUFFS go on W” RIS” T like a nice ROLEx WATCH

May 2011 products sold at KITSON’S
Dwe GE is PIG in Korean and it has the letters of “PI” in it, G in Korean is RATS

Sandy Wang’s Childhood pictures in SANTA MONICA 1979

PIG is PORK like Tom Bridges “BT” BreakfasT” BACON sociopath JOSH WOLF
Beverly Hills COURT
PIGS in Malibu
the IPG at PACific Design Center
“C” HEL SEA is the OSHION of Mother MARY
meaning of BANKS

PACK a Lunch BAG and Save MONEY with PIGS on Melrose


Tho MAS CHRISTopher Bridges Sandy Wang’s CHRISTMAS Pictures for Connie Pecoraro’s CathoLICK MAThemathics theme of are you “PI”ous and horney to make Money

Sandy Wang’s Childhood CHRISTMAS picture with my Mother and my dog FRENCHY
Sandy Wang’s adult CHRISTMAS picture with Boyfriend Stephen Garrison

T HOMAS CHRISTopher Bridges
who needs to be LOCKED in PRISON for LIFE
like PSYCHO Connie Maria Pecoraro
Wi”SH”ing POT, like Tom Cruise Ma”POT” HER in HER SHE Pussy Licking gaym
TOM CRUISE scientology SEA Orgs and KATIE HOLMES
KITSON MEN in 2008
KITSON “KIDs” in 2009



THO MAS Bridges ALL Hollywood Stars and Celebrities, with SPECIFIC NAMES, “G” is RATS in Korean, “STAR” BACKWARDS, in building AS IF Sandra Oh was MY IDENTITY, AS IF she drew my drawings and is my Name SIGNATURE on the drawing of Benson Dubois from 1982. Like KYLE CHANDLER. Tom Bridges dental office is on 360 Post Street, his Receptionist Front Desk person is name LINDSAY. SYN chronizing with LINDSAY LOHAN. 3AR sound of LIND “SEE” LoHAN, connected to “EYES” of Jesus CHRIST JOSH WOLF, Connie Mother MARIA Pecoraro’s Catholic Crutch theme, RIMES with “C”HEL “SEA” HANdler, for “SH” on DA C “RIMES” of “Greys Anatomy”. Connected to HANDy J’S Car Wash next to SHERMAN Oaks LIBRA ry, near where Air LIBRA JOSH WOLF lives, and CHANDLER Blvd in SAN FERnando Valley. GOLD letters of POLLARD at the SHERMAN Oaks LIBRA ry, perfect word in “HER SHE” Pussy Licking gaym, Tom Bridges his gay LEO sign, metal of GOLD with GOLD I LOCK of H”AIR”, through GLO “RIA” Lee name, who went to the same CATHOLIC High School St. VINCENT FERRER, because it’s about on Carl Jung who “COINED” the term SYNchronicitY, because JUNG dung in Korean means ASS. GLO ria Lee, whats missing, “D”, is the FOURTH letter of the alphabet, connected to SEA Orgs and SIGNtologY TOM CRUISE MAPOTHER the FOURTH.

Everything is LO because Jesus Christ “OO” Eyes is ASS, in CATHOLICK “MAT”hemathics of Licking ASS of “AE..SCUL..APIUS”, to make Money. GUILLAUME, GHEE OM, GHEE is Clarified BUTTER as in LARD OIL, is built in for Female Body. What they built is about OIL LARD PEAR HOURGLASS ANATOMY FORM, through PI’ous Jesus CHRIST, JOSH WOLF licking fucking SPECIFIC BODY TYPE ANATOMY in Mathemathics of making MONEY. It’s like PROSTITUTION.

April 2011, I SEE what a WHORE CUNT Chelsea Handler is, very clearly. She’s probably getting it up her ASS by JOSH WOLF “Regularly” in between stage set and wardrobe changes. Like my PERIOD is a “DOT” which is very “Regular”. Getting WOLFramite Scheelite LICKED.

When I was in my teens, one of my favorite authors was JUDY BLUME. It’s why JOSH WOLF has “WIFEY” on his Myspace page, which is a Title of a book by Judy Blume, who also wrote “Blubber” and “Are you there God? It’s me Margaret”. Chelsea Handler’s book is titled “Are you there God? It’s me VODKA”. C”RIMES” with MI”KA”. KILLING ME SOFTLY, FU “G” es, reason why I met Josh Wolf at “LH” Laurel Hill Dog park in 2009. Then the RAPINGS OF MY LIFE began and it hasn’t stopped.

These 3 pages are from Newsweek “1/31” 2011.

“She’s With the Brand”. If you’re going to CAPitalize the WITH which is an article why not capitalize the “THE” which is also an article. SWB, is MY FATHER’S name initials of Sung Bae Wang. BRAND = “R” behind Rolex Building, what’s left? BAND, as in My Father’s MUSIC Band from the 50s “Morning Stars”. This is about Tom Bridges My Father’s Identity with JOSH WOLF, and My Mother’s Identity with CONNIE PECORARO, and their LIBRA VIRGO Astrology VIBE Numbers, which has the words “Morning Star” in their description, so they think My Father’s band name and his IDENTITY has meaning for them.

Not only is it about COLORS and FORMS, it’s about BRAND NAMES of anything and everything. Brand names in creating MEANING, as if Sandra OH is My Identity from Birth to Present and the ARTIST of MY ARTWORK. BRAND. Pay attention, this is a group conspiracy connected to MAPS of “L.A” GU IL “LA” UME, Los Angeles. Specifically BRAND Ave in GLENDALE.

BRAND BL”OO” Leather S”KIN” of disturbed womb raping nigger CHICA CHOCHA Black Pussy SHONDA LYNN RHIMES

BRAND, Jackie LAF LAUGH U NTER “” in Boston Mass


AIR LIBRA JOSH MIC”CHA” WOLF, mental of “COP….PER” Pir Per Ple Color Nigger Pussy.

My Father was a Gifted Musician and Teacher, who played Many Musical Instruments. He played several different types of HORNS, including Trumpet and CLARINET. They’ve created meaning through the word “HORN” to be about: you blow “AiR” through Horns, and AIR Libra Josh Wolf aka Connie Pecoraro’s Jesus Christ with a CROWN of THORNS is Horney for P “USS” Y for a piece of the “PI”. For Daniel Ladinsky’s Book “THE GIFT” and his Poem “EAR that was sold to a fish”, the VEHICLE to ROB the meaning of MY IDENTITY, MY Parents Names and MY FAC from 1982 and my SIGNature, through T HO MAS CHRISTopher Bridges through Connie Pecoraor’s CATHO”LICK” MAThemathics theme.

She’s wearing a Robe, with one SHOULDER exposed, which is connected to the Childhood CHRIST MAS picture of me and my Mother and my DOG Frenchy and my Mother’s “HAND” on my Shoulder. 3AR sound “SH”OLDER. I was born in 1969 and I am 6 yrs older than Chelsea. SHOULDER is an ANATOMY attached to the “ARM” and ANATOMY Body Part Pimping isn’t my fucking Gaym, it’s SANDRA OH “SHO” licking Mother MOM of MARIA. Her Eyes are Closed because it’s about the GOLD CLOCK I had for many years when I lived at “407 87” in NYC. This Gold Clock in the shape of “OO” folds into a one “O”, one of the many reasons why Connie Pecoraro’s Jesus Christ has “OO” Rings around his eyes. CATHO”LICK” MAThemathics of Licking “ASS”terisk of the 3AR sound of my First name SIGNature on the drawing of ROBERT Guillaume with Two “OO”. GU IL, connected to M”IL”ART Pharmacy on Beverly Drive in the same building as Beverly Hills Bar Association, connected to M”IL”BANK Street in San Fernando Valley, GU IL in Korean means the numbers 9/1, and Tom Bridges the “T” A, O, with Mother MARY on Ocean Ave with Daniel Ladinsky = GUIL “T” sociopaths.

Anatomy of “SHOULDER”, SANDRA OH Licking GOLD I LOCK of BLOND H”AIR”, SIN CL AIR, CL, EL.LE, Her She Ass Pussy Licking games of ANATOMY.

SANDRA OH and GOLD I LOCK of Blonde HAIR Pussies and GOLDEN GLOBE Host in Jan 2019

This is connected to the WRITINGS I wrote in 1982, “KEY to MY SOUL”. If Key is Penis, LOCK must be Vagina. And they’ve been creating meaning based on the word C “LOCK” for many years, JOHN HANCOCK is ASS PUSSY “LOCK”, through AL”ICE” is COL…d WAL…ker, and LAW is built for ASS PUSSY IS “LOC”, reason why specific Black Nigger Pussies are in LAW, like Kamala HARRIS. HANDS of C”LOCK” tells TIME…… psycho TIC TOCK TIC TOCK. Tom Bridges who has the same birthday as me of 8/13, LEO, and Leo metal is GOLD, for he bridges the GOLDen GAYTE Bridge to Bridgeway Sausalito with Connie Mother Maria Pecoraro and her Catholic Theme. 3AR sound of GOLDen GAYte Bridge. = Sandra OH hosting GOLDen MAI”DEN” GLOBE in Jan 2019 = Catholicking Her Mama MARIAH Ass Pussy where she was SHER BOURNED From.

They’ve given the meaning of my Writings, with the metal of “GOLD” to be about GOLD I LOCK of Blonde HAIR, to have meaning for AIR Libra Josh Wolf. EVERYTHING they’ve built is based on EAR sound of words, and for AIR, because of the name MA”RIA”. Connie Maria Pecoraro’s CATHOLICK theme is based on my Catholic High School ST. VIN”CENT” FERRER. Cent is COIN and “Carl JUNG” Coined the Term SYNchronicity. 3AR sound of SCENT is carried through “AIR”. Like on SAN VI”CENT” Blvd and the PAC ific Design Center and the CH”AIR”. As if through Mother MARIA and their Catholic Theme, SANDRA OH is MY BABY Picture of me sitting in a Chair, wearing a Knitted Hat.

This Gold Clock at this Specific Address of “407 87” isn’t just about the meaning of Gold Clock, it’s about MY SOCIAL SECURITY NUMBERS, the reason why Josh Wolf’s picture with his “WIFEY” is jb_2087. JOSH WOLF is in this Conspiracy to ROB MY IDENTITY for Sick Actress SANDRA OH, AS IF she drew my drawings from 1982 and wrote my Writings.

This is why Beverly Hills Police Officer “DU FOUR” wrote GOLD DUST in the police report, connected to the color of my Dog JACK and my Watercolor painting titled “Double Leo”. I was SET UP by MERCE MERCE MERCE des BENz, so that Sandra Oh on “Grey’s Anatomy” MERCY MERCY MERCY West Hospital, she can be the ARTIST who drew my drawing of “BENSON” from 1982. BEN + jesus christ the SON = BENSON.

During this HORRIFIC TIME while my LIFE was being RAPED, Connie Maria Pecoraro was busy doing her “Making it Happen” with CROW and the WOLF in May 2010 because Josh Wolf has it on his Myspace page, “Make it Happen”. She also moved to Specific Address of “707” Bridgeway Sausalito during this time. 407 87, 707, what’s left? “48”. For who? For what? For Eight “OO” of Jesus Christ EYES.

400 FOOThill Road is the address of MERCEdes Benz “new” Service Center, which opened in 2008 and this new center is an INFRINGEMENT of MY X raged Video Recording and pictures from MY LIFE, to be SANDRA OH.

4/8, Barack Obama’s birthday numbers BACKWARDS. Barack Obama is about Tom Bridges 3AR sound of his gay LEO with “OIL” Backwards. OIL paintings by Connie Pecoraro, because in Daniel Ladinsky’s book and his poem, he says “Art is a Conversation between Lovers”, it’s more like STOLEN ART is a Conversation AMONG ANTiCHRIST. C H OO rist isn’t my Artwork, it’s the REASON for Years of RAPING of MY LIFE. And I don’t need a sick lying sociopath fag name Tom Bridges “8/13” IS MY Birthday.

Her H”AIR” is to the Side, because it’s about my HIGH SCHOOL 1987 Yearbook Graduation picture of my Hair to the side, that they’ve been building as it’s SANDRA OH.

It’s about my New Driver’s License picture with MY HAiR to the Side when I lived at 215 S. ELM Drive Beverly Hills. South ELM SELM as in SEL”MA” and Cahuenga Businesses, Left to Right, SEL as in Connie MARIA Pecoraro’s CELL Tissue “TITS” as opposed to Plastic Tits. H”AIR” to the SIDE is about a NUDE Picture of me taken when I LIVED at 20360 Callon Drive Topanga, which they want it to have meaning for Connie MA”RIA” Pecoraro Going Backwards, because MY H”AIR” tint was BL”OO”. It’s why they’ve been building for decades, for SON Jesus Christ with BL”OO” eyes, to be Horney for his Mother MA”RIA” in Oedipus Complex Sex Gaym. I sent Josh Wolf a copy of this picture in 2009, to let him know that Western Avenue HAIR Salons were INFRINGING on this NEVER PUBLISHED picture. It’s the SAME Picture that TOM CRUISE knew about, the reason why His daughter Isabella had BLUE HAIR in pictures. Tom Cruise is a RAPIST who is deeply connected to JOSH WOLF in more ways than I care to “connect”. My LIFE has been secretly bugged for many years.

BLONDE HAIR cunts are being USED, for SANDRA OH to have meaning “Going Backawards” and NO Name Girl is LICKING MARIA’s Pussy backwards through the word H"AIR”.

Ever see the movie “Single White Female” with BRIDGET FONDA? It’s about my Fashion Drawings from 1982, because I was going to be a Fashion Designer. This “Name, Word, Number, Color” Gaym is being PLAYED through FASHION and Clothes, and FOOD, because these are two things EVERY HUMAN comes into contact with EVERYDAY. COMMUNICATING without WORDS. Same reason why KATie HOLMes has a “Holmes and YANG” Fashion Line, connected to supporting Sandra OH as “CRIST”ina YANG on “Grey’s Anatomy”.

Her Eyes are "C" LOSED because it's connected to 3AR sound of C “HEL” SEE. P in Korean means BLOOD connected to WHY MY DOG JACK and ARTWORK was STOLEN in 2009, because everything they’ve built is built Left to Right, and they don’t like my watercolor painting titled “Double Leo” with Red Eyes, connected to pictures of my dog Jack taken with Red Eyes on 4/19 2009 at Coldwater Canyon Park. C HELP. CHEL SEA is the OCEAN of Mother MARY statue on OCEAN ave for EARth Virgo MaiDEN “HEL”en Keller Psycho Pecoraro. She is part of Connie Pecoraro's CATHOLICK CHURCH theme of MAThemathics of are you PIous and Horney to make MONEY. CloseD begins and ends with CD, which is about Callon Drive Topanga. C, 3AR sound of SEE, SEA, C "HEL" SEA.

C “LOS” ED, for creating NU meaning “Going Backwards” for SANDRA OH is JOSH WOLF’S SOL MATE. If Jesus Christ Eyes of “OO” is Form of ASS, then he must be Licking Sandra OH’s Ass HO’le for CathoLICK MAThemathics.

BAE is my Father middle name which means B”OAT” and PEAR, which they’ve been USING to have meaning for Jesus Christ Josh Wolf “E”yes AB cdefgh alphaBeT “Going Backwards”, for Tom Bridges the gay male “L”eo bridges ALPHA with Korean word “APA” which means FATHER, meaning of MY Father with sociopath JOSH WOLF licking fucking Tom Bridges TAO is the way with PEAR LOW Flying Airplane Blubber Hanging Asses “Going Backwards”. C H = OO RIST isn’t my fucking artwork and “Gay’s Anatomy” isn’t my fucking gaym.

They built as if My Father’s NAME has meaning for PEAR ASSED Psychobitches ANATOMY, connected to Korean words and his NAME. Korean words are almost always about creating sick meaning for Korean Actress SANDRA OH. Like HARMONY and HARABOGE, deep in Nigger Pussy “GU MONG” RH Rabbit Hole in Retirement Homes.

It’s about PRE POST, which means “BEFORE and AFTER”. The word “AFT”er, has been linked to “FAT….HER”, AFT and STERN are parts of a B”OAT” in creating meaning going backwards of TAO is the WAY of LARD OIL FAT ASSSED BITCHES connected to JOSH WOLF, who they built as if he has meaning in MY Father’s Identity, through fucking specific ANATOMY BODY TYPE BITCHES, being FED by “Greys ANATOMY” show creator SHONDA LYNN RHIMES. Make Money and Fuck lots of PEAR BOAT GOAT LARD ASSES? It’s HOW HOW LIN…g JOSH WOLF has become who he is today.

POST is “AFTER”, and TOM BRIDGES at “360 POST” Street in San Francisco, bridges and “OM”s, ROBS My Parents Names, built to be CROTCH GROIN AREA of PSYCHOTIC NIGGERS and SPICS, WHITE TRASH CUNTS, that SANDRA OH Drew. All of this has been built through OIL ART of JESUS CHRIST the SON.

BA in Korean means SEE, with your “E”yes 20/20 VISION. Santa “M”onica for Mother MARIA built in left to right. WON is My Korean middle name, and TWO folds into a One “O” is MY MARK.

Chelsea’s is described as MONEY Machine, because it’s connected to the MOTHER MARY Statue on OCEAN Ave in Santa Monica, Ocean is the “SEA”, connected to Connie Maria Pecoraro’s CATHOLICK Theme of MAThemathics of are you “PI”ous and Horney to make MONEY. Which is based on MY IDENTITY, MY Parents Names, My Writings and MY ARTWORK, MY Childhood CHRISTMAS picture. WON is my middle name, and it’s about the ONE Eye inside the “O” of the Magnifying Glass of my drawing of Benson Dubois, of black male actor ROBERT Guillaume from 1982, the REASON why Chelsea is getting fucked up her Ass by “50” CENT.

Five in Korean is “O”, connected to KELLY HU of HAWAII Five O and the Chink Pussy JOSH WOLF fucked all Summer in 2009 while my Life was getting RAPED. For MY Childhood picture of me and my Father with the HAWAIIAN BARREL to have meaning for 3AR sound of SANDRA “OH”.

The theme of ThoMAS CHRISTopher Bridges this Hawaiian BARREL and the meaning of MY FATHER’S Name, is why CHELSEA “FLOW”ers on ROBERT”SON” Blvd and Third has a BARREL in front of their store.

So why is Chelsea standing on the Table with a Dog? Same reason why ThoMAS CHRISToFUR Bridges the Childhood CHRISTMAS picture of me and my Mother and my Dog FRENCHY. The reason why MY DOG JACK was STOLEN in 2009, along with MY Toyota SUV RAV4L and over 250 pieces of MY WATERcolor Artwork on Paper, neatly stacked inside 2 black portfolios. I hope she doesn't think she is My Wet Vagina in the X rated Video Recording masterbating and RIDING my Rubber Toy on a SQUARE piece of WOOD. DOG is a WOLF family, Oh your "HIGHNESS".

Why is this article on page “44”? maybe because “4458” MAT ILIJA Avenue is JOSH WOLFS House Address, or he lives near this house in San Fernando Valley.

Page “45” is about the meaning of my Catholic High School classmate CHRISTina Bernardo, 5/4 is her Birthday. Tom Bridges Jesus CHRIST “BACK”wards.

She says Russians, Asian, the Kardashians and Angelina Jolie bug her. This statement is about her Trying to PROTECT her BIG HOR DICK JOSH WOLF. KARda”SH”ians are “ARM”enians = KARMA in “Her SHE” pussy licking gaym, connected to ARMenian DENtist AJ BOYAJIAN in Beverly Hills who has a Mother “MOM” name MARY and an “ASS”ociate name SANDRA, SANDRA OH licking Virgo Mai”DEN” Mother MARIA’S Pussy, through MOUTHS in DENTistry. R”USS”ians is about trying to Undo the meaning of WHY I GOT HIT BY A CAR with Specific License plates of “USS” with “429” Repeating Numbers of Terrorizing me for many years, because it’s about Je”SUS” at Crown of Rolex Building address BACKwards of “9420” Wilshire Blvd, Josh Wolf’s Agency. THE REASON WHY I WAS BEING STALKED BY A SPECIFIC BLONDE HAIR CUNT WITH SPECIFIC LICENSE PLATES, WITH A SPECIFIC PERSON NAME “ALEXANDER KA KA KA KA MIN “SKY” IN THE CAR. Connected to Daniel Ladin”SKY”.

I have been STALKED by Specific people with Specific names for MANY YEARS, and MY LIFE has been RAPED because of this sick MOTHER FUCKING HOR DICK SOCIOPATH JOSH MICCHA WOLF, who is in this CONSPIRACY with SANDRA OH and CONNIE PECORARO, AS IF SANDRA OH drew my drawings from 1982, through the VEHICLE of Catholic Theme of Mother Mary and Jesus CHRIST, and the Vehicle of “Grey’s Anatomy” Sandra Oh as Dr. “CRIST”ina Yang. They built this, especially at CEDARS SINAi HOSpital and at PAC ific Design Center.

TOM BRIDGES is a Gay Male. 8/13 IS MY Birthday and it’s MY WATERcolor Artwork. Tom Bridges 3AR sound of Jesus Christ, “OO” BR Rolex Building BR EighT Backwards, as in JOSH WOLF Licking BREighTT ANAL BERN’S RECTUM. FOUR WAYS TO SAY RECTUM, Sphincter, Asshole, Rectum, Anus = “SARA”. Tom Bridges Jesus CHRIST on page “3” = SAM. SAM SARA means SUPHERRING.

C LOCK Tells “TIME”, PENITENIARY TIME, as in “Charlie’s Find” Correctional Facility. C H=OO RIST isn’t my Artwork, it’s the REASON for Years of RAPING of MY LIFE. GROUP CONSPIRACY of Robbing My IDENTITY and SOCIAL SECURITY NUMBERS.

November 2011, Chelsea Handler did an interview with PIERS MORGAN. I thought she was genuine and came from a place of integrity. 50 “SCENT” was mentioned, connected to the book I discovered in 2011 by ROBERT GREEN. Chelsea got the meaning of Black S”KIN” and NIK connections, connected to AIR “scent” Libra Josh Wolf rules the KID neYS. NIK isn’t my name. Gre Y’S Anatomy. SY isn’t my name, like “ONE HOUR PHOTO” SY and RW.

The word LINE is mentioned and Chelsea makes a “JOKE” of it, but it isn’t a Joke. It’s about SNOW WHITE and the 7 DWARFS, which is a “FAIREY TALE”, connected to the SOLAR SYSTEM, and connected to all the AIR meanings they created and BUILT, through HAIR Salons, CHAIR and STAIRS, for AIR LIBRA JOSH WOLF and his Mother Connie MA”RIA” Pecoraro.

They’ve been creating on this for many years, the reason why DAVID SNOW DEN is the Beverly Hills Police Chief, connected to Virgo Mai”DEN” Constance Pecoraro, connected to Sandra Oh who went to Sir ROBERT BOR”DEN” High School who’s been pretending she is MY IDENTITY AS IF She drew my drawing of ROBERT GUILLLAUME in 1982 for 3 decades. This is connected to ME SNOWBOARDING IN LAK TAHOE and MY SNOWBOARD Santa Cruz OSVOLT “LINE” SIZE 417 cm, which was STOLEN from Public Storage in JULY 2008. I contacted Detective LOUIS VELASQUEZ at the LAPD in San Fernando Valley, and he opened an Investigation, he told me he presented it to the Prosecutors/DA’s office and but they closed it, which were all LIES. Government Agencies BUILT for MY IDENTITY to BE SANDRA OH, not supporting or helping me fight CRIMES.

This is why in 2010, BRAD GREY got married on specific date of 4/17 which was about CELEBRATING the ROBBING and RAPING of MY LIFE, so that EVERYTHING about ME, SANDY WANG SNOWBOARDING IN LAKE TAHOE, can be Psycho Actress SANDRA OH. Snowboards are made of WOOD Core and this is about the X RATED VIDEO RECORDING of me from 2000 which they’ve been building to have meaning for Connie Pecoraro’s Jesus Christ. They want MY Wet Vagina, like MY WATERcolor Artwork that came from MY Brains and MY Hands to BE PSYCHOBITCH Actress SANDRA OH. This is what this DATE is about, CELEBRATING the RAPING OF MY SOUL for a real life Parasite Tapeworm.

Sandy Wang and Sandra OH. Let’s DRAW and SIGN my Name SIGNatures. Let’s get on the Mountain and Snowboard, lets go Scuba Diving, Horse back riding, rollerblading, do “SPO….RTS”. HANDCUFFS ON THE SPOT OF SANDRA OH H.A.N.D.S S”OH”N.

“FINISH the LINE” of Psycho Constance Pecoraro’s sick No Name Girl

like WOLF of WALL STREET Finish the Line of ASS CRACK

The NICK names is connected to all the NICK names or “Secret Names” given to specific things. Like I Nick named my monthly PERIOD “RADIO” and the ONLY person who knows this is GLORIA LEE, but they’ve been building on this Period is a DOT is BLOOD meaning for 3 decades. Gloria Lee’s Identity is VERY CLOSELY connected to Robbing MY IDENTITY for SANDRA OH, because we went to the same Catholic Schools.

The word “CO” is NOS.E, Eyes of SON Jesus Christ oil art by Constance Pecoraro, has been linked to Trafficking of “CO…CAINE”.

It’s connected to COCAINE which is WHITE POWDER as in a LINE, which is connected to the Nick name of “CINDY” given to the word Cocaine by my first boyfriend Stephen Garrison who had a friend from COLUMBIA and had lots of Cocaine, definitely not my choice of drug. Cindy, is the Nick Name of CINDER “ELLA” and ELLA is HER or SHE in Spanish. It’s connected to the meaning of the KNEE BONE PAT “ELLA” connected to Josh Wolf Air Libra which rules the KID KNEES, the reason why Connie Peocoraro had PAT sy on her website and a sketch of her No Name Girl with a C “UMBRE ELLA”, CUM in BRidgeway in HER, HELen Keller HER, Tom Cruise MapotHER HER . JOSH WOLF as Air Libra rules the KID KNEES, is connected to the word KNEE “GRO” as in my Pencil Drawing of Black male ROBERT GUILLAUME. AS IF Sandra Oh Drew my drawings and she is MY IDENTITY, the REASON WHY MY LIFE HAS BEEN SABOTAGED THROUGH ORGANIZED CRIMES OF WHITE COLLAR CRIMES.

It’s connected to MY SANTA CRUZ S”NOW”BOARD “OSTVOLD LINE” size 147, the reason why li BRAD GREY got married on specific date of 4/17, to CELEBRATE the RAPING of MY LIFE, the Robbing of MY Very Valuable Property in Public Storage in JULY 2008, including my very well worn to fit my body Snowboard and all my Sports Equipment. The number 417 is about Sandra Oh’s YEAR of 19”71” Going BACKwards.

My Snowboard which I rode for 3 Winter Seasons in LAKE TA”HO”E and they’ve been creating meaning BACKwards, through the word s “NOW” bo ARD, AS IF San”DRA” OH was MY IDENTITY and MY Korean name of “SIN WON” BACKwards connected to “Gre Y’S Anatomy” through S EKAL, which means CO “LOR” in Korean, for ROLex Building Hor Dick Josh Wolf “FUK”ing BACKwards as Jesus CHRIST horny for Form of Ass “OO”, for DOCTOR CRISTina Yang on “Grey’s Anatomy” with LOW Haning big P3AR shaped Ass.

SIR SUR SER ROB….art and BOR….ni…DENT..ity through SANDRA OH SCHOOL Name. = Capital Punishment.

This is why Chelsea says, all her ex boyfriends should get together and start a CLUB, which is about the meaning of DAVE WARD law F ettner, who grows POT for a living, connected to TOM CRUISE MA “POT” HER, Color of money is GREEN Connections. ALL MARIJUANA DISPENSARIES in Los Angeles are about having MY X rated Video Recording to BE Connie MARIA Pecoraro or Sandra Oh, in MAThemathics of are you “PI”ous and horny to make Money for SUC AIR when you smoke for AIR LIBRA JOSH WOLF. Dave WARDlaw Fettner’s name is connected to Snow White and the 7 DWAR F s, connected to SOLAR SYSTEM and the meaning of Planet PLUTO which became a Dwarf planet in 2006. As I’ve been doing MY Artwork, they’ve been “attaching” and Pimping through other people’s names, the SAME PATTERNS that’s been going on for 3 decades.

All “POT” dispensaries are linked to the Address of “TOP”ANGA where I lived in 2007 and this address is very important in robbing of my IDENTITY birth to present for SANDRA OH in a monster group conspiracy.

CHRIST MARTIN of COLD PLAY, “CP” PARACHUTE and his song Yellow, I Drew a LINE FOR YOU and it was called YELLOW, connected to JOSH WOLF of PARALLEL Entertainment in the Rolex building. White And Yellow is the TAO TE “WAY” in TOM BRID G “ES” SE…CAL…I FORNIA.

A “LINE” like the TAIL of my One of Kind First Name SIGNature “Sandy*” on Robert Guillaume from 1982, similar to the “WAY” how I SIGN my Name SIGNatures. It has “OO” made with the letter “S” signed SIDEWAYS.

The same reason why BRITNEY SP”EAR”S married KEVIN FEDER “LINE”. Brit”NEY” for meaning of KID “NEY” is ruled by AIR Libra Josh Wolf, connected to MY KNEE HIGH SOCKS in Santa Monica in 1979 and meaning of MY Drawing of NEEE GRO ROBERT GUILLAUME from 1982.

Through the Korean Word “CO” or KO which is NOS”E”, they’ve been building for Eyes of the “SON” OO to be Form of Ass for Thomas CHRISTopher Bridges his gay LEO with 3AR sound of OIL Artwork BACKWards.

CO CAINE LINE, through “OO” with “AIR”. “CHA”rlies Find, COKE FIEND. “R”. Connie Pecoraro and Josh Wolf.

This is connected to an Artist name SHEPARD FAIREY, who did all the Mural artwork at the new West Hollywood LIBRA ry, for AIR LIBRA Josh Wolf, connected to WH White House as in the Artist who also did Barack Obama’s Campaign Ad in 2008 “HOPE” and went on Trial for it in 2010. “FT”. Future Tense of F “OO”T is BAL in Korean of FAIRey Tales. NIGHT MAIRE at NIT3 for AIR and everything they’ve created for this to have meaning for Sandra Oh, licking MA”RIA” BOGE TAL Ass and Pussy Backwards. Two Mentally Disturbed sick cunts who BELONG LOCKED IN JAIL.

Through Thomas CHRISTopher BRIDGES who has the SAME Birthday as me, he bridges My Mother with Connie MA”RIA” Pecoraro, My Father with AIR Libra Josh Wolf, and MY IDENTITY with SANDRA OH, in all the AIR HAIR STAIR CHAIR connections for BARACK OBAMA’S very controversial HAWAIIAN Birth Certificate, and the DOCTORS name of “SIN CLAIR”. SIN WON is MY Korean Name and through RAPING MY LIFE by Beverly Hills Police with S “NOW”DEN in 2009, connected to Cedars “SIN”ai Hospital which is DIRECTLY connected to SANDRA OH on “Grey’s Anatomy” set in Seattle Grace Mercy West Hospital in Wa SHINgt ON, for MY KOREAN NAME to be this sick DELUSIONAL Psycho Actress. AS IF She Drew my drawing of BLAC Male actor ROBERT GUILLAUME of BESON DU”BO”IS from 1982, the Butler to the Governor. The reason why she went to SIR Robert Bor”DEN” High School, AFTER I drew this drawing. The REASON why BLACK male Barack Obama is the PRESIDENT. THE REASON WHY I WAS ARRESTED BY DU”FOUR” ON REPEATING NUMBERS OF 4/20/09, connected to 9420 WILSHIRE BLVD, Crown of ROLEX Building JOSH WOLF.



C HEL “C” is the OCEAN of Mother MARY, 300 connections of KID NEY Dialysis on ROBERTSON Blvd next o Cedars SIN ai Hospital, for SANDRA OH is MY IDENTITY and Korean Name, SSN, through Psycho PECORARO Mother MARY and her CATHOLICK MAThemathics theme of are you “PY”ous and Horny to make Money for JeSUS CHRIST, the reason why JESSUP and Cohen building is across the street from CROWN of ROLex Building where Josh Wolf’s agency is, the reason why SANDRA OH is DOCTOR “CRIST”ina Yang on “GREY’S Anatomy”, set in Seattle WA SHINgtON where Josh Wolf used to live. It’s the very important 1999 Pepsi Pussy “Graysons” connection.

Connected to “300” numbers in my Childhood CHRISTMAS picture with my Mother and MY DOG Frenchy, and MY College address number of “300 JAY Street” BROOKLYN, to have meaning of Virgo MAI”DEN” Psycho Connie Maria Pecoraro. The reason why the JUDGE in my Unlawful case from 20360 Callon Drive in TOPANGA, was name JAY FORD. For FORD MUSTANG CAR MADel Connie MA ria Pecoraro, EAR sound of C “ALL”ON DRIVE a KARMA.

If SAN dra Oh’s Middle Name is PA TREEEE SHA, Josh Wolf who went to TREEEE nity University in SAN Antonio Texas, connected to Virgo MAI DEN Connie Pecoraro’s PAT sy on her ISNT that life page, Josh Wolf will be in A LOT of Trouble. MaiMONiDES Academy with “SHA” Gates on Huntley Drive, next to Cedars SINai Hospital. IF THIS IS HER MIDDLE NAME SANDRA OH IS GOING TO PRISON, WHO IS GOING TO FOLLOW HER.

CHELSEA HANDLER is connected to CONNIE PECORARO’S ARTWORK in this GROUP CONSPIRACY. Her name of CHELSEA “HAND”ler is DIRECTLY connected to the meaning of “MAN” and the meaning of HANDS, in Spanish it’s MANOS, which is DIRECTLY connected to the meaning of MY First name SIGNature of “Sandy” to have meaning for them through Jesus Christ the “SON”, for MY JOHN “HAN”COCK, on the Pencil Drawing of Black male actor ROBERT “GU”ILLAUME from 1982 to have been SIGNED by Psycho Actress SANDRA OH because the name J”OH”N has OH in it. OH, left to right “OO” must be form of her Cancer tits for horny Jesus Christ “OO” in Mathemathics of making Money. Form of HAND CUFFS that go on RIS ts, Sandra Oh who thinks she is MY IDENTITY and Drew my drawing of ROBERT Guillaume through Connie Pecoraro’s Jesus CH”RIS”T, the reason why Sandra Oh went to “SIR” Robert BorDEN high school.

This is why Chelsea HANDler was fucking 50 CENT, who has a Record Label is called G-Unit. GU in Korean means the number 9 for meaning of MY Drawing of Robert “GU”illaume from 1982. 509, is a Vibe Number, it’s also the beginning and ending numbers of ZIP CODE of BRIDGEWAY Sausalito 94965, 95, AS IF the “O” of MY ARTWORK of my Second Artwork Collection, MY Writings MY Registered Trademark has meaning of PSYCHO CUNT SEA is the Ocean of Mother MARY Constance Maria Pecoraro and her Catholic Theme to be bridged by a lying fag Thomas CHRISTopher Bridges.

Like PeaCOCK is a BIRD, Chic KEN is a Bird, for KENquest and his GOLD I C “LOCK” of Blonde HAIR, for AIR LIBRA Hor Cock. Tom CHRISTopher Bridges the LEO bridges the Metal of LEO “GOLD” with GOLDen Gate Bridge, to BRIDGE “WAY” Sausalito because the Tao is the Way, with Psycho Constance Maria Pecoraro and her Catholic Theme Artwork, the VEHICLE to ROB the meaning of MY FAC and MY NAME SIGNature from 1982.

I have more than enough evidence to have a Winning Lawsuit against CHELSEA HANDLER who I think, thinks that MY GOLD CLOCK “OO”, Name SIGNature and MY Writings of “KEY to my SOUL”, if Key is Penis, Lock must be Vagina, has meaning for her Hor PUSSY because HOR COCK JOSH WOLF who thinks he has meaning in MY Father’s Identity fucked her. It’s MY ARTWORK MY WRITINGS and MY PARENTS NAMES.

It’s why I think Chelsea says she’s looking for something “UN ORIGINAL”. Because she knows what she’s created in her life is connected to EXACTLY what I’ve been writing about.

JOSH WOLF is DIRECTLY connected to the FOUR TEN connections of ME BEING RAPED and HAND CUFFED and Arrested. In 1999, at the age of 29 I was arrested for the first time in my life. I was temporarily living with a roommate in NYC name SUSAN “JOY”CE PROCTOR. Chelsea’s Middle Name is “JOY”. Then EXACTLY to the fucking DATE, EXACTLY TEN YEARS LATER, I was arrested and HAND CUFFED for the Second time in my life, connected to this SICK MOTHER FUCKING JEW Born in the Month of OCTOBER “10”, and his HOR CUNT CONSTANCE MARIA PECORARO, supporting SANDRA OH is MY IDENTITY and she DREW all MY ARTWORK that was DONE BY MY HANDS.

JOSH WOLFs LIFE Is built on this childhood picture of me in 1980 wearing “14” Red and White shirt, built to be SANDRA OH, through millions of BLACK COLOR S”KIN” SICK NIGGERS.

Sandy Wang in 1980 with half black girl

Sandra OH thinks she is my childhood picture in 1999

Chelsea Handler has very little MAKE UP on this interview. Not making it up. ALL TRUE and REAL.

C hel SEA hand LER, Blonde Hair parted in the middle, all pussies with their H”AIR” P”ART” in the middle is about my childhood CHRISTMAS Picture in 1981 with my Hair Part in the middle, of “MIDDLE” NAME of Constance “MARIA…H” PECORARO. MURHI in Korean is “HAIR”.



Sandy Wang in 1981 with my Father, and Hawaiian BARREL on TOP of LIQUOR Cabinet

Sandy Wang in 1981 with my Mother, THREE Silver Trimming is PEAR LARD OIL ASS

The above pictures and all my childhood pictures has been built as if it’s Sandra OH, through Constance Pecoraro’s “CHICA” GIRL, No Name Girl sketches. As if I had no name, but for My Name and MY IDENTITY to be SANDRA OH in a monster Group Conspiracy.

Constance Pecoraro’s NO Name Girl and why she created it

NO Is for Nepean Ontario Canada, where SANDRA OH was born


NO is for NEGRO ORGAN izations that Sandra OH drew

CHEL "SEA" HANdler, JOSH WOLF’s Comedian Co star, reason why KATIE HOLMES in July 2012, finished filming a movie titled "SEA GULL", and is living in CHEL"SEA" area of Manhattan. She filed for Divorce from TOM CRUISE and her Lawyers name was JONATHAN WOLFE.

SEA “GULL” is a BIRD, like CHICAgo CHIC”KEN”, in TOM BRID….g…ES “SE” is BIRD in Korean, BRIDGES and ROBS My IDENTITY for PSYCHO SANDRA OH through “Bird Names” and BIRD “FEATHERS, FAT..HER” LARD OIL is built in for JESUS CHRIST OIL ART.

May 2012 promoting new Business of “TAKE PART” on Foothill and “SIR TAJ” behind Rolex Building

scroll all the way down to HELL, New Business in July 2012 “TAKE PART”
scroll all the way down to HELL, New Business of “SIR TAJ” behind Rolex building in July 2012


Psycho VIRGO Mai “DEN” Constance Maria Pecoraro
S “UN” Winning left to right


Chel “SEA” Rhymes with PUS SEA, for CP Constance Pecoraro on Bridgway Sausalito

Sandy Wang on Horses
Sandy Wang’s HORSE Drawings and paintings
Sandy Wang’s Lion’s Body painting

Sandy Wang’s Dog JACK’S Pictures on 4/10/09
ALL New Dog related Businesses is connected to RAPING OF MY DOG JACK

JACK in the Box on CHEL SEA Street

Do You Miss Me?
MANOS and HAND connections

Strawberries in MY FACE
May 2012 Discovery “VARIETY” of STRAWBerries at Santa Monica Farmers Market
New Chief of Police in Santa Monica “JACKMAN” and then JAQUELINE “SEA” BROOK

Chelsea Handler has been paying attention and reading what I’ve been writing. She BETTER wake the fuck up or she is going to LOSE EVERYTHING.

Why is she going to Lose Everything? Because everything about her life is based on meaning of MY ARTWORK from 1981 and MY Name SIGNature of “JOHN HANCOCK” on the drawing of Robert Guillaume from 1981. To have meaning for her and JOSH MIC “CHA” WOLF, THROUGH the Vehicle of Constance Maria Pecoraro’s CATHOLIC Theme OIL and GLASS Artwork of Jesus CHRIST the SON “CHA”rlie.

C “LOS” ED Eye, 3AR sound of Thomas CHRISTopher Bridges SOL MATES, of Jesus CHRIST JOSH WOLF and his Mother Constance MARIA Pecoraro, or is it his CALF SANDRA OH, with is Gay LEO and 3AR sound of “OIL” Artwork of Jesus CHRIST “CHA”rlies Find. C “HEL” SEA is the OCEAN of Mother MARY. SEEEE.

MY LIFE was RAPED for “GOING BACKWARDS” for TOM BRIDGES Mercedes BENz BLUE TECH ‘BT’ with BL”OO” Eyes of Jesus CHRIST in April 2009. John HAN “COCK” CLOCK LOCK connections. My Life was RAPED because of SICK WHITE PUSSIES with BIG OIL ASSES and TITS “STALKING” ME for their sick HOR COCK JOSH MICCHA WOLF. JOHN HAN “COCK”. PEACOCK, for Thomas CHRISTOPHER BRID Ges all HUBBARD BIRDS on BIRD GeWAY Sausalito with Constance Maria Pecoraro.

What’s Wrong C HEL SEA? Repeating Numbers of Tom Bridges his gay LEO with 3AR sound of “OIL” at 360 and 9420 Rolex Building Crown of Thorny Jesus CHRIST Josh MICCHA WOLF BLOW JOB JOB JOB JOB JOB JOBBING and rectum fucking BRETT ANAL BERN BACKWARDS in Perfect Fitting Numbers hitting nerves? How about “HO” me and “AR”tist Links of My Website on the Upper Left? Tom Bridges Jesus CHRIST Horny for his Mother MA”RIA” ASS On Upper Left. Connected to MY ARTWORK and LINKS = it’s actually SANDRA “OH” Licking MARIA GLORIA ASS and PUSSY BACKwards. JOSH WOLF who is so horny for MAThemathics of his CALF and COW, his Mother and Daughter Pecoraro and Oh, why isn’t it happening? BECAUSE IT’S ALL LIES AND FRAUD. JOSH WOLF is a HOR DICK who loves HER SHE PUSSIES LICKING IN THREE SOMES.

DARI in Korean means LEGS. DARYA in “PERSIAN” means “SEA”. C HEL “SEA” is the OCEAN of Mother MARY in SANTA MONICA, and Psycho Delusional SAN”DAR” OH isn’t the Artist of MY FAC from 1981, my Name SIGNature, or My SECOND Artwork Collection with HORSES. WAKE UP CHEL SEA.


John Hancock, it’s about FORM of My Name SIGNature of “OO”, the reason why Jesus CHRIST has “OO” Eyes. It isn’t the LEGS, as in “DARI” CHELSEA DARLING. DARI, anything to avoid looking at Cancer rules SANDRA OH’s Tiny little sagging Tits, and Constance Middle Name Mother MARIA Pecoraro’s Missing Nipple. DARI, in Korean is LEGS, for AIR LIBRA JOSH WOLF, what’s left? “D”. D sounds like “DY”, for JOSH WOLF who went to TREEEENITY University in SAN Antonio Texas connected to Psycho Pecoraro who went to SAN Jose State, can have meaning in MY First Name SIGNature of “SAN DY”.
My name has been dissected, dismembered, and rebuilt to be about GROIN CROTCH WORDS, and it is deeply sickening. My name isn’t SY, DY, or NIK. These are letters linked to countless psychotic BLACK COLOR S”KIN” Nigger Pussies NAMES, like “Y.D” Yvette Danielle MARQUIS in “SAN” Francisco in robbing the meaning of my name signature of “Sandy” on my ART, built to be the “NIK” name of SANDRA OH, through D “AR” K S”KIN” Niggers going “BACKWARDS”. WA in Korean means to COME, built to be Orgasm Come, in PUS “SY”, as if my NAME dissected is SANDRA OH’s ANATOMY through disturbed and psychotic SHONDA LYNN RHIMES.

“Y.D” Yvette Danielle MARQUIS in “San” Francisco who needs to be LOCKED IN PRISON

EVERYTHING has to be about ANATOMY, because it’s connected to SANDRA OH on “GREY’S ANATOMY”, in ROBBING OF MY IDENTITY built through the CROTCH AREA, and “SW” Sex Words. “GU MONG” is a HOLE, in a very “SW” Strange World.

SW Strange World of Thomas Harris

Going LEFT to RIGHT, because I’ve been writing that if JOSH WOLF’s Son JACOB WOLF was born in the SAME HOSPITAL as the setting of “Grey’s Anatomy” Seattle Mercy West Hospital in WASHINGTON, he is going to FOL “LOW” Sandra OH into PRISON. Because it’s the REASON for YEARS of TERROR in MY LIFE and YEARS of HOUSING HORROR.

Going BACKwards in 3AR sound of Tom Bridges his Gay LEO and “OIL”, at 360 POST Street in San Francisco, with Jesus CHRIST at CROWN of Rolex Building address of “9420” Wilshire blvd, = 4/29/63 BRETT BERN’S Birthday Numbers BACKwards. APRIL 1999 Handcuffs “OO” for Pedophile RAPIST with RAPE RECORD BRETT BERN who should be LOCKED IN PRISON for LIFE, EXACT TEN Years later, set up and FRAMED for APRIL 2009 Handcuffs Arrest on specific date of Repeating Numbers of “429”, 4/20/09, address of ROLex Building BACKwards. It’s THOMAS CHRISTOPHER BRIDGING TWO JOOS RECTUM FUCKING.

It’s either way, BORDAN and BAKTAN is built in for JESUS CHRIST, and SANDRA OH SCHOOL name of SIR ROBERT BORDEN in Canada. It’s the WAY HOW MY NAME SIGNATURE is signed, going left to right, then TURNING AROUND and going Backwards.

JOSH WOLF, sick mother fucking lying hor dick, TWITTER, Get your DRIN”KIN” SHOes, Still on P3AR B”OAT” ASS licking fucking in MAY 2010 going BACKwards for OIL Blubber ASS. I have OVERWHELMING EVIDENCE of “Going Backwards” in Jesus CH “RIS”T FUCK form of ASS “OO”. HAND CUFFS go on W “RIS” TS.

They’ve been going BACK and FORTH like this for decades, creating meaning through images, colors, words, numbers, etc, for 3 decades, then they ESCAPE through numbers, words, images, names, etc. OO is TITS left to right and OO is ASS BACKwards. It’s the fucking BALLS that a fag name TOM BRIDGES in CathoLICKING of “OO” BALLS, LOW LOW LOW LOW Flying AIRplane, for AIR Libra Josh Wolf.

Either Way, BORDAN BAKTAN, is psychotic and it’s built in for SANDRA OH and SHONDA RHIMES Ass Pussy CLITO”RIS” Licking Games



Josh Wolf made his BED, MANY is a LOT years ago, he needs to LAY IN IT, with his “WIFEY” Jeannie BERNARDO Rhimes with Constance PecorarO in SausalitO and SANDRA OH, in LEONardO Davinci Code of CathoLICK MAThemathics theme. BETHANY ASHTON monster connections.

MORE, FILLMORE, PHIL MORE, What is Constance Maria Pecoraro’s Parents Names? PHIL and CA “ROL” INE Pecoraro?

PHIL ip Sey MOUR Hoffman

Chelsea Handler on PAPER magazine March 2014

Chelsea has had a lot of Plastic Surgery recently

PA “TREEE” SHA? Come Mierda


get the fuck off MY T “AO” sick bitch
Chelsea wants My writings about the T “AO” to be about her, “The TAO of TSUnami that is about to Hit the Coast…… Ocean is the SEA WAVES”

Sandy Wang’s TAO Saying
Sandy Wang’s TAO Saying that FITS my registered trademark



C “HEL” ping “HAND” G.I.F. t shop

en “DOW” ed CH”AIR” at CSH
Robbing MY “TAO” Saying, MY Registered Trademark, thorugh JOSH WOLF FUCKING A CHINK PUSSY in Summer 2009
While MY LIFE, MYART, MY DOG JACK was being “RAPED” Summer 2009

sick sociopath JOSH WOLF and “DORIA” BATH TIME with “ROSS” = LIFE IN PRISON
TAO of RAPING MY LIFE through “COURTS”, to ROB MY John “HANCOCK”, and Hancock Park neighborhood

FRAUD DOCUMENTS, mostly connected to COURTS and Judges names

CORN is YELLOW, in the word Capri”CORN” to be about Yellow H”AIR”
her name “CH” is the missing “CS” Corn Star “CH”

Vir”GO” Constance Maria Pecoraro’s “CHICA” sketches = CHICA “GO”

Vir “GO” Mai”DEN” I”TAL”ian psychocunt Constance Pecoraro’s “CHICA” SUNNY
“SUN” DENTAL and “CHRIST”opher “FLOW”ers on Doheny

CORN Star “CH” connections

is JOSH WOLF ex name “TARA? Is she a VIRGO” TV?

Obama’s from CHICA”GO”

Sandra OH was born in OT TA WA “CAN ADA”
T”HO” MAS CHRIST opher Bridges, “ADA” American “DENT” al Association in CHICA”GO” ILLI “NOIS”
with Constance Maria Pecoraro’s Jesus CH”RIS”T CHARLIES FIND “OO”

ILLI “NOIS” = I Eyes of “SON” going BACKwards

“CO” or “KO” in Korean is “NOS”E, for “E”yes of the “SON” BACKwards


PES cado in Spanish means FISH, is PUSSY, Cho”CHA”rlies Find “OO”

SEP t 2012 SANDRA OH on “GT” in “GREEN and White”
SEP t 2012 LORI HUBBLE on Ever “GREEEN” street and DENTAL MENTAL Raping Petition

“AIR” Libra JOSH WOLF who “MAL” Talks for a living and “DO RIA” BATH TIME
DO “RIA” R.I.M.E.S with GLO”RIA” and MA”RIA” on TERNER’S LIQUOR Corner, see and understand “IA C” Building made of MEnTAL


“MH” 370 “MAL” aysian “AIR” line that disappeared


CHICA go ILLI NOIS, built in for Tom BRID ges CHIC”KEN” is a BIRD, on BRIDGEway with No Name “CHICA” GIRL sketches by Constance Maria Pecoraro, and her “OIL” ART of JESUS CHRIST the “SON”. Tom Bridges FAG in FOG, the T”AO” of making Money, through “LIO OIL”, “OO” Charlies Find.

Jesus Christ isn’t my artwork, ANATOMY isn’t my FUKING Tv SHOW.



CHEL “SEA” “HAND”ler, with JOSH WOLF who is a regular on her show, in ROBBING the meaning of My JOHN HANCOCK, Name SIGNature on MY ART, for SANDRA OH. What’s the Connection? HOSpi”TAL” and SHOe connections. Cedars SIGN EYE Hospital, with HEL ping HAND GIFT SHOP in the name of C “HEL” SEA “HAND”Ler.

Reason why there is a building called CHELSEA COURTS next to EL ROYAL in the neighborhood of HANDCOCK PARK. Raping my life through “COURTS” of United States Government, all built and based on MY IDENTITY, MY ART, MY Parents Names, MY John HANCOCK, to be SANDRA OH, while they RAPE MY LIFE through White Collar C”RIMES”, created by the US GOVERNMENT.

New Jersey. New JaZy, George Wa SHIN gt ON Bridge to FORT “LEE”. E. A.

Bethany ASH TON, “WINGS” made of Plastic. “B” lacks and it’s “OO” FORM of HANDCUFFS.

CIG AR “ETTE”. R.I.M.E.S with


OYster “ETTE” and MAN DAR “ETTE”.

PA per comes from WOOD from TREE.

If you can’t beat em, then join em?




S “COTT” in Korean means “FLOW”ers.

“S” meaning of My name SIGNature of “SANDY” with OO made with letter “S” of my name Signed Sideways. My JOHN HAN HAN HANCOCK, to be and have meaning for HOR DICK Sociopath JOSH WOLF licking fucking “OO” is FORM of ASS and TITS, connected to Psycho Actress SANRA OH on “Grey’s ANATOMY”, for all MY ARTWORK to have meaning for “ANATOMY” TV SHOW.

FORM of HAND CUFFS “OO” go on W “RIS” T and R.I.M.E.S with CH “RIS” T. EVERYTHING they BUILT, “FITS” them, because it came from them. ANATOMY of “NECK” in Korean is MOK AGE, GA MOK in Korean is Jail or Prison.

CH “RIST” OPHERS “FLOW”ers, SUNNY “462” next to PETCO
CHELSEA “FLOW”ers next to CSH

TONY SCOTT SUICIDE in AUGUST 2012, “COTT” in Korean means “FLOW”ers

L’Wren SCOTT SUICIDE In MARCH 2014, “COTT” in Korean means “FLOW”ers. in “CHELSEA”

C “HEL” SEE “HAND” ler. CE “HEL”ping “HAND” at CSH. THYME S”KIN” LOTION “529”

For SANDRA OH has “THE GIFT” of being the ARTIST of MY ARTWORK on “PAPER” done by MY HANDS, while they Premeditate for “Conspiracy of Two” to HANDCUFFS MY HANDS.

“ROL”ex WATCH goes on W “RIS” T and R.I.M.E.S with CH “RIS” T, and tells “TIME”, like a C”LOCK” tells TIME. Tom “BIRD”ges, My John HANCOCK, MY LEO Metal “GOLD CLOCK” brand name of LIVINSTON, with CHELLLSEE’s GOLD I LOCK of Blonde H”AIR”, through F”LOCK” of BIRDS. See picture on top of this page.

“OO” FORM of HAND cuffs go on WRIST and RHYMES with CHRIST, and then CENT SCENT, SENT enced to “LP” LIFE IN PRISON.

JOSH WOLF and “DORIA” R.i.m.e.s with GLO”RIA” and MA”RIA” BATH “TIME”

Shin BAL in Korean is “SHO”es, for SHOE SHOW SHAW, in RAPING and ROBBING OF MY Name = it’s called IDENTITY THEFT for MAThemathics of making Money

In the MIDNIGHT HOUR, She cried MORE MORE MORE, with a REBEL YELL, she cried MORE MORE MORE “BAL” T Eye MORE “OO” raping sick fucking “AIR” LIBRA JOSH WOLF CRIMINAL
“AIR” Port Court Raping Game

CHELSEA needs to very carefully understand the meaning of these pages.

MERCEDES BENZ, “NG” “BO”SCH connection to MORMON Church on OVERLand Avenue
CHELSEA “COURT” next to “EL ROYAL” in Raping MY LIFE through “COURTS”, Josh and “ROSS” on DORIA’S RADIO Show

CH Chelsea HANDLER, “CH” Corn Star”CH” sound, connected to “CH” O “CH” A, the AO, TAO of making MONEY through “PY”ous Je’SUS’ CHARLIE, Constance Maria Pecoraro’s Jesus CHRIST “CHA”rlies Find ARTWORK, JOSH MIC”CHA” WOLF. The reason why SANDRA OH is “CHRIST”ina Yang on “Grey’s Anatomy”. SEE SANDRA OH in 1999 PEPSI PUSSY Pictures.

CHELSEA “HAND”LER in Group Conspiracy with JOSH MIC”CHA” WOLF
Constance Pecoraro’s “CHA”rlies Find,
Chelsea Handler can Lose Everything and GO TO PRISON

Why did “BILL WOLFF” leave Netflix.


“LIB” ra “RY”, YR of Sandra OH 197 “ONE”, Dollar “BILL” in Robbing My Korean Name for SANDRA OH

Group Conspiracy of IDENTITY ART and LIFE THEFT

left letters of “C” SEE “SBW”, CL “ARI” NET, AIR, EAR sound of “HEIR” to the Throne
being raped and robbed for “AIR” LIBRA JOSH MIC”CHA” WOLF,
built through Constance MA “RIA” Pecoraro’s OIL ART of Jesus “CHARLIES FIND”

“SBW” is Sandy Wang’s Father’s Name initials
Sandy Wang’s H”AIR” in 1984 and in 2006 meaning of HAIR EAR sound of “HARE”

SIN “CL” ARI NET, and “AIR” connections


meaning of LIBRARIES

Jesus CHRIST was born in the “COL……D’ in December on CHRISTMAS in a MAN..ger in “BETH” le HEM


RA bbit HO le 2010 Sand “RA OH”, in TAO of TORAH for Nigger Jews
meaning of TAO of TORAH explained



Sandy Wang’s CHARLIE BROWN SNOOPY DOG “BANK” from 80’s and 90’s

Why did I meet JOSH WOLF at a “DOG PARK” in 2008?
And why was MY DOG JACK STOLEN with MY ART and CAR “RAV”4L in 2009?

MATH emathics of making Money through RAPING MY LIFE and ROBBING MY ART and IDENTITY for SANDRA OH


GO THERE Korea Town BANKS, CHA rlies Find, OO () CHA se Bank “1370” Repeating Number connections

meaning of BANKS

GAE is “DOG” in Korean Robbing MY ART, Raping MY LIFE, for MATHemathics of making MONEY in BANKS “FLOW”er x”HO”pe
across the street on “OS” Other Side is “CL” Central LIBRA “RY”

CAUSE 3.10.16
EFFECT 3.19.16

CHILLIN OUT on “4/29” Aud “RY” RHIMES with LIBRA “RY”, and CL Coin LAW nd “RY”, LIFE IN PENITENIA”RY” don’t C……….RY


meaning of My Name SIGNature, My John Hancock on MY ART from 1981 is about MICHAEL JACKSON ASSHOLE
Chelsea, JOSH WOLF is BUILT IN to LICK FUCK SANDRA OH, no matter how much you try to change this

Meaning of “CHILL” is number 7 in Korean Sandra OH “4/29” Facebook Post, CHILLIN Out with SOLA RAY of licking A”NUS”, SON SUN


Chelsea Handler loves to show pictures of her TOP LESS. All going back to My Pictures on “TOP”anga S shaped TREEE in 2007, that they’ve built as if My IDENTITY is SANDRA OH connected to what is her Middle Name? PA “TRI” CIA?, PA “TREEE” SHA? SPO? = “TRI”NITY University of JOSH WOLF and his wife Bethany “ASH” TON.

The REASON why she’s Topless so often is connected to it’s about FORM of “OO”, as in robbing my John Hancock name SIGNature from my pencil drawing in 1981, which is about MICHAEL JACKSON’S ASSHOLE, that they’ve twisted and built as if it’s ANATOMY of OO ASS Pussy Tits of SANDRA OH, reason why she was CH”RIS”Tina YANG on “Grey’s ANATOMY”. SANDRA OH is a CANCER SIGN, born in JULY, and CANCER rules the TITS, the Front Chest and JOSH WOLF doesn’t want to ASSSSK Sandra OH with Wedding Rings “OO”, because it was already built through BETHANY ASHTONS HUMONGOUS PLASTIC TIT IMPLANTS. T ‘OM” Bridges GAY TITS of Bethany “ASH”ton, for Sandra PATREEE “SHA” OH, Cancer Rules TITS “OO”.


It’s to UN DO this meaning of CHOCHA is PUSSY EAR sound of Pus “SEA” ttle, “CP” like TAO is a CP Chinese Philosophy for TOM BRIDGES the “WAY” of Constance Pecoraro CP on “707 BRIDGEWAY” Sausalito CA 94965, where this deranged ITALIAN CUNT is going to be HANDCUFFED and LOCKED IN PRISON FOR LIFE.



Reason why when it’s convenient for them, it’s Number 5 in Korean is “O”, just 1 circle of “O”. Like ONE HOUR PHOTO. “OO” FORM Of HANCUFFS on WRIST RHIMES with CHRIST.

1 or 2 ? “O” or “OO” ? = FUK O, KUF O of Middle Finger Rhimes with Vedder Fowler and Nigger.


Sandy Wang's Trophy from Summer Camp in Livingston New Jersey

21 Circle Drive TIBURON 2002-2004

Sandy Wang’s childhood picture in 1979 DOG eating My H”AIR” and YELLOW VIRGO RHIMES with ARGO is “CORN” Starch

Sandy Wang's Childhood "CHRIST MAS" picture My Mother’s SHIRT COLOR Turn Bull

Sandy Wang's HAWAiian Barrel on Top of the Cabinet

Sandy Wang's Parents HAWAIIAN Barrle and "CHANDELIERS"

“407 E 87” GOLD CLOCK brand name LivingSTON

meaning of George WASHINGTON First President, My Korean name and CHELSEA Clinton

meaning of LEO metal GOLD

Chelsea ‘HAND”ler’s Life is built on Robbing My John ‘HAN’COCK on MY ART for SANDRA OH through JOSH MIC”CHA” WOLF

CHA rlies Find, Jesus CH “RIS” Tina YANG Sandra OH on “Grey’s Anatomy” GROUP CONSPIRACY

Sandy Wang’s John “HAN”cock on my Pencil drawing from 1981


CH C=3 H=8 or “3OO” connections


SEA and AIR connections

----------- FOUR TEN --------------


Tom CHRISTopher Bridges “GOLD”en GAYt BRIDGE “360” POST Street

who needs to be LOCKED in PRISON for LIFE


TOM BRIDGES all "BIRD"s and BRIDGES because it's in his name



Connie Maria Pecoraro’s ISN that life? and SNOW BOARD PAT’sy’ is Just HAPPY connections

Beverly Hills Police Chief name David “SNOW DEN” for Virgo MAI “DEN”

JOHN HAN”COCK and MAN HANDS connections

CHELSEA FLOWERS on ROBERTSON Blvd and meaning of Hawaiian BARREL and BIG 300 connections KIDNEY DIALYSIS Center


NECK connections

NICK connections, IE, Eye sounds like I for I “TAL”ian Pecoraro

CHURCH connections and “Latter Day Saints” church address with “407” in it on Santa Monica Blvd

“Lies That Chelsea Handler Told Me” new book in 2011

407 Connections

CHURCH and RELIGION connections



chel SEA ORG s of SIGNtology

KATie Holmes and CATholic Church Theme

Connie Pecoraro’s New SUNNY in 2011

Connie Pecoraro who loves painting CHANDELIEEEERS

Santa Monica MARY Statue and HEART Foundation

Santa Monica COIN SLOT houses on the Beach

GOLD Frames

“407” Maple Drive “OO”

FOUR ways to say RECTUM Email

Josh Miccha Wolf is a regular on her TV Show

Josh Wolf MIDGET

Josh Wolf and “JACKSON Heights” ZIP CODE meaning

Josh Wolf who went to TRINITY University in SAN ANTONIO Texas

Josh Wolf who wants My Birthday numbers and My childhood picture with MY FATHER to have meaning for him, THROUGH a Lying Fag name TOM BRIDGES

Josh Wolf on FACEBOOK

KELLY HU born in HAWAII is My Identity through JOSH WOLF fucking Chink Pussy

Josh Wolf’s entire family wants MY ARTWORK and IDENTITY to have meaning for them, CO U SIN crownicity of SCOTT WOLF

I met him at Laurel Canyon Dog Park

Making it Happen Jesus CHRIST “Sam”

CHELSEA PIERS in NYC Tiger Woods of “GOLF” and Elin “NOR”DeGREN Connection

CHANDLER Blvd and “PI”lgrim TV

POLARD LIBRA ry and HANDY J's LARD rimes with HUBBARD and BIRD and it's about OIL artwork

SSSSHHHHH it's about Middle Name of Sandra PATREEEE"CIA" OH

PEARL is a “STON”e for Cancer

“PI”lgrim Church on 18th St in Santa Monica next to Mercedes BENz car dealership

meaning of GOLD metal for Leo

Tom Cruise’s daughter ISABELLA with BLUE HAIR

Chelsea Street names in SANTA MONICA because it's connected to

Santa Monica EUCLID Street for Mathemathics of EUCLIDEAN ALGORITHM and “PI” symbol


“B” Lack Jesus

Tom Bridges Turn Bull GAY ASS “924”0 Perfect Fit with “B”rett “B”ern

429 Repeating Numbers of RAPING MY LIFE

Margaret “CHO”

Lindsay Lohan

CAP Constantine Alexander Payne and his Business AD HO MIN EM

Ad Ho MIN Em Enterprises Production Company

Sandra Oh is a Cancer STONE is PEARL and rules the TITS

Sandra Oh TV SHOW “Greys’ Anatomy”

Sandra Oh and Andrew FeATHER “STON”

Sandra Oh as RITA “WU”


Mai MONi “DES” Academy

JEWISH STAR at Cedars Sinai Hospital “HANDS on BUS”

HEL ping HAND gift shop

Cedars SINai Discovery Magazine and HANDS

"CHARLie's Find" at UCLA

MAL means to Talk and HORSE in Korean

Lin “DAK” ing of BUDGET Car Rental and “HANDS”

HANDS and Chic”KEN” at Reeves Park behind ROLEX Building

MORMON connection through name of MIMI ORMAN


Rich ARD “STON”e is a “JU”dges name

EAR Sound of Words

“HO” NOR BAR and SO. Beverly GRILL Restaurant 2010

Constance Maria Pecorina “I couldn’t paint like that in a Million Years” more like Billion Years “SLATE GRAY” COLOR

HIT BY CAR on “11/26/09” by a Specific License Plate SUV that was STALKING ME


JIM CARREY “Do some TIME with the One you Love”

Are you There CHELSEA?


CHANDELEEEERS connections in Real Estate New in Feb 2012

This MW Means War with Reese Witherspoon in 2012


the “JOY” of Cooking with POT Chelsea “JOY” Handler for Constance Pecoraro Virgo Mai”DEN”

meaning of MY “ART” and FARMER’S MARKET in SANTA MONICA S “TRA” W Berries in May 2012

JARED LEE LOUGHNER who shot Gabrielle GIFFORD who's husband is MARK KELLY an Astronaut at NASA


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