Combining Names to CONFUSE Identity

These are just a few examples of “Penal Codes” of State Criminal Laws, EXCLUDING Federal INFRINGEMENT Laws of Copyrights and Trademarks
Sandy Wang’s Registered Trademark


The Patterns of C"OM"bining Names has been going on for a long time. It has to do with my First Artwork Collection I did in 1982 and Writings I wrote while I was growing up in Jackson Heights NY. It has to do specifically with the drawing of BENSON of Robert Guillaume and my First Name Signature signed "SANDY*". This is why Sandra Oh attaches herself to people with names like NIC NIK or NICHOLAS, because “Sandy” is the NICK name of SANDRA. My Name Isn’t “NICK” and SANDRA OH is a Gay Psychobitch.

My Last name WANG is a very RARE KOREAN Name because my Father's Family Lineage is a direct descendant of Korean ROYALTY. Wang is a very Common Chinese last name, and there are CHINK PUSSIES with the name WANG all over the world who are all LICKING TOM BRIDGES who has the same birthday as me of "8/13" with SANDRA OH on "Gay's Anatomy".

Both Connie Pecoraro and Sandra Oh want not only my Artwork but my IDENTITY, Pictures of me, my Parents Names, to have meaning for them, by "OM"ing and combining with other people's names, business names and words. Connie MA”RIA” Pecoraro wants my Portrait Drawing H “AIR” to have meaning for her middle name of Ma”RIA” backwards, and Sand”RA” “OH” wants the Upper Left TWO Links of my Website to have meaning for her name going backwards, must be Two Disturbed SICK GAY BITCHES Liqing Pussies on “Gay’s Anatomy”.

Sandra Oh wants my baby pictures to be her, through FOOD company names and brand labels. She wants my childhood pictures to BE HER, because in these pictures I am wearing RED “SHO”ES and RED “SHO”RTS, in these are in her name letters. Like SOCIOPATH.

San"DRA" Oh wants to be the Artist who did the drawing of BENSON, because the word Drawing has "DRA" in it. This drawing is the reason why she went to Sir ROBERT BordEN high school. The Signature on this drawing is SANDY, a nick name of Sandra, the reason why Sandra Oh likes to attach herself to names like, NIC, NIK, Nicole, or Nicholas. It’s also why they like the color “PINK”, especially since I did my watercolor Artwork of my PINK LILY flowers in 2007, but the theme of PINK has been going on for many years because my Bedroom Color WALL where I did all my Artwork was PINK.

Sandra Oh wants a school classmate name Grace Navas to have meaning for her, and combined with Seattle Grace Hospital in "WA"shington, on "Grey's Anatomy", she wants my last name of WA NG to have meaning for her. The same reason why her Chinese character was name Rita "WU" in tv show "Arliss".

They both want my name SANDY WANG to have meaning for them. Connie Pecoraro says she went to SAN Jose University to get her Art Degree, which is a lie. Her cat's name is DudleY. She modeled for a M ust ANG car in the 90's, and this is about WANG upside down.

They both want the syllable of SAN to have meaning for them because it means Mountain in Korean and they want the childhood pictures of me standing on the Mountain in Korea to be THEM. Mountain is also about Mounting and riding a Horse, like you Mount and ride a Penis.

They both want the syllable of WA to have meaning for them, because in Korean it means to COME, as in Arrive. But in this Sex Game, it's about Orgasm. This is the reason why a person name Todd "CUM"MINGS bought the property at 20360 Callon Drive, Topanga. He is related to Tom Cruise through his cousin William Mapother.

They both want GLORIA CATHERINEE LEE's name and identity to have meaning for them because her name has "LEE" in it, like Lee Montgomery, and because we went to the same school, St. VINCENT FERRER, and they both want SAN "FER"nando Valley to have meaning for them.

They've got the Names AND found a person name T"OM" who has the SAME birthday as me but different year. T"OM" Christopher Bridges, a gay male dentist in San Francisco. I've been a dental hygienist for 20 years, and I think he went to Dental School specifically because he knew about my Artwork and the meaning of the syllable "OM", which means "Oneness with All". My birthday is 8/13/69, Tom Bridges birthday is 8/13/72.

This name combining, attaching to other people's names, connecting dots with people's names who have come into CONTACT with me, so that she can be my Identity, so that my LIFE would have meaning for her, is a very Disturbing Pattern that's been going on for almost 3 decades.

This is connected to ROBERT HAW"KIN"S of Omaha Nebraska, who went on a shooting rampage in VON Maur department store in a Mall on 12/5/2007. This was a month and half after I was illegally evicted and locked out of 20360 Callon Drive Topanga. It’s about a Hawk is a BIRD and Tom BRIDges my “NIK” Name SIGNatures on my drawings with San”DRA” who wants people to think she “DREW” the Drawings. Tom Bridges who is going to "bridge" BIRD and "GE" a Star, Sandra Oh, disturbed sick actress, so my birthday numbers of 8/13 and everything about me can have meaning for her.

It was VON Maur dept store because it's about my Shadows in "NOV"ember photography of watercolorpainting, which Sandra Oh wants it to have meaning for her going backwards. The name ROBERT is about the drawing I did of BENSON, of ROBERT Guillaume in 1982, the reason why Sandra Oh went to Sir ROBERT BordEN high school. Sandra Oh's ex husband Alexander Payne is from Omaha Nebraska, and the movie they made together "Sideways" IS about my name signature of "Sandy*" signed "SIDEWAYS", the reason why SANDRA OH made the movie "SIDEWAYS". She wants the 1986 Motorcycle picture of me to BE HER and like EVERYTHING ELSE in my life.

This isn't just with Combining NAMES and WORDS, it's been DONE through NUMBERS for many years in my life, through HOUSING TERROR.

COLUMBINE High School Shooting in COLORADO which occurred on April 20, 1999, is about Connie Pecoraro and Sandra Oh "combining" names. I had taken a 6 week Cross Country Trip to California from NY in 1998 and on my way back, I stopped in Colorado to visit with relatives. Many of Connie Pecoraro's oil painting titles and this SEX GAME is based on pictures I took on this trip. Connie Pecoraro registered her Website domain name on 11/9/98, and everything about her and Sandra Oh is about C"OM"BINING NAMES, so that my Name, Identity, my Artwork and my Parents Names can BE and have meaning for these two deeply disturbed sick Gay Psychobitches.

This is connected to my WRONGFUL ARREST April 1999 in NYC, Brett Bern was the EXCUSE they used to "OPPRESS" me and to instill FEAR in me. This was the First time I was arrested and Handcuffed at the age of 29.

In September and October 1998, a few months before I had taken my Cross Country Trip and went through COLORADO to visit with relatives. The next month in November 1998, Connie Pecoraro Registered her Website "No Name Girl" in Herndon Virginia and many of her OIL Artwork is based on Hundreds of Pictures I had taken on this trip.

“4/20/09” EXACTLY “TEN” years from Columbine School Shooting “4/20/99” I was SET UP with a PREMEDITATED ARREST in Beverly Hills and WRONGFULLY IMPRISONED for 5 Months in LA County Jail. During this time, they STOLE my CAR, MY DOG, and over 250 pieces of my ARTWORK, neatly stacked in TWO BLACK PORTFOLIOS.

The meaning of the word COMBINING is from an old picture of My Father's Music Bank "Morning Stars", the name on the Upper Left says "CHOI YONG" and COMBO Band. It's the reason why Sandra Oh is "CY", "CRIST"ina Yang on TV show "Grey's Anatomy", EVERY Acting Role this sick bitch has played is about ROBBING MY IDENTITY.

Infringments of my IDENTITY and MY ARTWORK through Businesses is one thing, AFTER a while, it becomes FEDERAL CRIMES of CHAIN Conspiracy. SANDRA OH is a REAL LIFE TAPeworm and a IDENTITY THIEF, I think she REALLY thinks she DREW MY ARTWORK and that MY FATHER'S IDENTITY has meaning for her.

On October 15, 1999 NICHOLAS WHITE was trapped in a “ELE” vator for “41” hours in the MacGraw Hill building in NYC. This is connected to SANDRA OH, and her PEPSI PUSSY, VIBE and TV GUIDE pictures from 1999. This is connected to the REPACKAGING of “PHIL GRENVILLE” actor “LEE” Montgomery from “Midnight Hour” “MH”, with Connie Pecoraro and her Catholic theme of “Charlie’s Find” which is connected to CHARLE “VILLE” Blvd in Beverly Hills and GREN for GREEN Connections. I think late 90’s is when they began building UCLA Anderson Business School which is very closely connected to Connie Pecoraro’s Catholic Theme, and they began remodeling Beverly Hills City Hall and the LIBRARY, See the LIBRARY “ELE”vator. It’s about my First name SIGNature of “Sandy” NIC of Sand”RA”. NIC “HO”LAS. SAL, Rice, Eric SHION, for Sandra “OH” going backwards. On this specific DATE because of LINDA GOODMAN’s Astrology book “Love Signs” and VIBE Numbers. Sandra Oh wants to have a “5-9” Vibe with “LEE” Montgomery and for my first name of “SANDY” to have meaning for her.

In the last few years, the number of businesses with business names ending in a "Y'S" has multiplied everywhere in Los Angeles. Like MartY'S, or GarY'S in Beverly Hills, usually attached to the syllable of a "RA" so that Sand"RA" Oh can have meaning in my first name Signature on "AR"TWORK BENSON of "SanDY". This isn't just Business Names, it's with everything else, there are people who are INTENTIONALLY creating, attaching and combining names, because they are in DEEP DENIAL of FRAUDULENCE and Identity Theft by a Sick PARASITIC ACTRESS SANDRA OH, who has been feeding off my life for almost 3 decades.

When you mix this psychobitch’s name with mine, through T”OM” Cruise Mapother, and T”OM” Bridges who is going to “OM” and bridge my Childhood Pictures, Artwork and Identity you get SO RR OW and T RA GE DY. SO CO RO.

Fast Forward, it is August 2011 and they are STILL creating meaning through OTHER PEOPLE’S NAMES, WORDS, for MY IDENTITY to BE SANDRA OH. This is being done almost EVERYWHERE where you see Businesses connected to and supporting their CATHOLIC MAThemathics of making Money. It’s to create CONFUSION, it’s to have SANDRA OH have meaning in MY IDENTITY, AS IF she IS MY PORTRAIT Drawing and she did all the ARTWORK and wrote the WRITINGS ON MY WEBSITE.

“RANDY” is one of their favorite names, because it has “RA” and “DY” in it. For Sand”RA” is San”DY”, MY Name SIGNatures on MY ARTWORK. THIS VERY SICK ACTRESS MENTALLY DISTURBED SANDRA OH, IS A REAL LIFE PARASITE, who’s been building her ENTIRE ACTING CAREER for MY IDENTITY TO BE HER, for MY ARTWORK to have meaning for her. There are many people who have been and are still supporting this because their “Livelihoods” are dependent on it. CATHOLICK MAThemathics of are you “PY”ous and horny to LICK a ROTTEN at the CORE PSYCHOBITCH.

Sandy Wang's Father's Music Band "Morning Stars", See Name on UPPER LEFT "CHOI YONG" COMBO

Sandy Wang ”PAT” and MATT S”KIN”NER from Ida”HO” for Sandra "PAT"ricia Oh

Sandy Wang’s NAUI SCUBA Dive CARD


Midnight Hour and Lee Montgomery as Phil Grenville

Tom Cruise Mapother "FOUR"th War of Words and NAMES

Tom CHRISTopher Bridges who has the same birthday as me

who should be Locked in Jail


"429" Repeating Numbers TERRORIZING my life for Years

"529" Repeating Numbers

Beverly Hills LIBRARY See “ELE”vator

ED HARDY perfect combination of names san”DRA” and sand”Y”

Sandra Oh and Alexander Payne Divorce Documents

Sandra Oh and NICOLE Rosenthal


SW eet Riot “CHO”colate


Combining names to Confuse Identity through FOOD BUSINESS is Huge

Rita WU on Arli$$


Tom Cruise and SIN a Wei Bo


Sandy Wang at O’Melveny and Myers

NIC’s Martini in Beverly Hills

NICK connections

Seattle GRACE Navas in WAshington WA + GN = WANG

Gre"YS" Anatomy Shonda "C" RIMES

another BLACK Bitch WA NDA SYkes to CONFUSE Identity and MY Name

DIRECTLY connected to Jerr Y'S and Mac Y'S, Cedars SIGN Eye HOSpital and "gre Y'S anatomy"

SHO U WANG Church in BEI jing China

SICK REAL LIFE who wants to take over my IDENTITY



“SY” or “YS” connections

NICK connections

Rodeo Drive, especially GEAR Y'S a perfect combination of Sand"RA" and SandY names

RAlph Lauren on Rodeo Drive

Mar “Y’S” secret G “ARD”en chicken “WANGS”


Columbine High School Shooting on "4/20/99" CO "LU" MBINE = Combine Upper Left

Ford Mustang Car

Gloria Catherine Lee "5/29/69"

"SW" Scott Wolf and Kelley Limp married on "5/29"

"Y'S" and "ARD" backwards, so that San"DRA" Oh can have meaning in my name through BUSINESSES

Beverly Hills COURT Employee Names

April 1999 ONGOING COMPLAINT against “HER”

Stolen Wallet 4/29/08

APRIL 2009 4/20/09

HOWDY’S in Malibu 2010

Stalking Chinese Females

Name Search ID FRAUD 2010

Sandy Wang CHINESE Females BIG Connections

Sandy Wang at O Melveny and Myers Law Firm

"AR"gyle Street on "HO"llywood Blvd

"8/13" IV"AR" and "ANDY" on Concrete in HOllywood



Santa Monica Blvd and Wilcox

RA and Y Photography and address of 8/13 on Highland Avenue in Hollywood

CHINK PUSSIES all Licking SANDRA OH’s BOGE in MAThemathics of making MONEY

Fraud Documents

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