The Crow and the Wolf MAY 2009
Constance Pecoraro attending a “BEN…e…FIT”

Framing with Mercedes “BEN”z Fits Perfectly = Life in Prison Psycho Pecoraro



Constance Maria Pecoraro in 2011 her new “SUNNY”


God’s “MAS”querade AS US ! Daniel Ladinsky’s book published in 1999



SYN “KROW” Nicity connected to meaning of “COPPER PENNY”, making it happen with CROW and WOLF, Constance Maria Pecoraro needs to be CENT SCENT SENTenced to “DEATH ROW”.

Constance Pecoraro’s “ISN” t that life, ten”NIS” anyone? the syllable of “SYN” is like “SIN”, connected to Robbing of My Korean name “SIN WON”.


This is DIRECTLY connected to Daniel Ladinsky’s book “THE GIFT” PUBLISHED IN 1999. A “REPEAT” of the RAPING OF MY LIFE in a Horrific way EXACTLY “TEN” Years LATER.

GOD’S MASquerade of pretending to not believe that they’ve been RAPING MY SOUL Secretly and Silently for YEARS.

See “FRAMES”, Sandy Wang “FRAMED” as in SET UP and ARRESTED and Wrongfully Locked in Jail, through ORGANIZED CRIMES. The most important thing about this event, is the DATE of when Constance PSYCHO Pecoraro participated with them, in MAY 2009, a MONTH AFTER I was Arrested and Wrongfully Locked in Jail in APRIL 2009, this sick psychobitch KNEW EVERY STEP of the RAPING OF MY LIFE. In fact this sick Psychobitch is connected to MY First Arrest in NYC “EXACTLY” TEN Years before in APRIL 1999, connected to her “CHARLIES FIND” Jesus CHRIST, and SANDRA OH’s PEPSI PUSSY Picture in 1999, in a GROUP CONSPIRACY Spanning 3 decades, Conspiracy of MY IDENTITY to BE SANDRA OH, AS IF She is the ARTIST of MY PRICELESS ARTWORK, the REASON why over 250 pieces of My WATERColor Artwork on PAPER neatly stacked inside two portfolios were STOLEN as in ROBBED through Organized C”RIMES” connected to the SAME SICK RAPING Constance Pecoraro’s sick JESUS CHRIST “CHA”RLIE.

This is why it is extremely important to understand, where MY TOYOTA RAV4L CAR was parked in APRIL 2009, and all the “CHA” connections. CHO CHA in spanish is “PUSSY” Studi Study “O” PEPSI PUSSY SANDRA OH in 1999 and “GRAYSONS” connections, LONG BEFORE tv show “GREY”S Anatomy” was ever created in 2005.

Also extremely important is the POLICE REPORT on APRIL 2009 and meaning of “GOLD DUST”, the name on the report of TOM SWIRE, and Constance Pecoraro’s GlasS and “WIRE” FRAMES. FRAMES. This was in 2009, and in 2010 or 2011 Constance Pecoraro created another new Website with a new name of “SUNNY” and “5 x 7” FRAMES Connections, in PREMEDITATION of “CONSPIRACY of TWO”.

In FACT, it’s one long sick fucking RAPING of MY LIFE, connected to these two deeply disturbed psychobitches who MUST BE LOCKED IN PRISON FOR LIFE. There isn’t any compromising of this.

Crow and the Wolf. Making it Happen. It’s a BEN efit for Everyone. FOUR CHRIST “MAS”querading of Tho “MAS CHRIST’Ofir BRIDges Hubbard Lard Birds on Bridgeway. For CAThoLIQ Church Theme of are you “PI”ous Religious and THOrney to make Money. CHRIST “MAS” querade Party of RAPING MY LIFE. Deep “DEN”ial of Daniel Ladinsky and his book “The GIFT”, for CATHOLIC Theme of MAT HE MAT HICS of “PI” “TT” Making Money, through the RAPING of MY NAME and ARTWORK, for Mother Mary Connie Maria Pecoraro, Virgo the Mai”DEN”. ThoMAS CHRISTopher Bridges BUTLERS and MAIDens.

CROW and WOLF in MAY 2009, is about Celebrating the word SYN “CROW” KNIT City. It’s about Josh Wolf and his COU”SIN” Scott Wolf and his wife Kelley Limp.

I found this listing when I “googled” Connie Pecoraro’s name in December 2009. Her website was no longer up but her name is connected to other people and happenings in San Francisco.

This occurred in May 2009, probably around the time Connie Pecoraro moved to her new address of 707 Bridgeway from 691 Bridgeway. “72” is Tom Bridges year of birth which he lied about in the Police Report he made. It’s about completing his Birthday Numbers of 8/13/72.

THIS EVENT is EVIDENCE of GROUP Organized Conspiracy. Josh Wolf has on his Myspace Website, his “Wifey” Bethany, and the saying “Make it Happen” which is a Song Title by MARIA h CAR ey. Connie MARIA Pecoraro who modeled for FORD Mustang Car, for REX”FORD” NESSAH H=OO ASS, did this event, AFTER I was Arrested and Wrongfully Held in LA County Jail in APRIL 2009. Its’ connected to MARA EsCROW and Property Companies, and the Business of Are you “PI”ous and Horney to make Money. At the Expense of RAPING MY LIFE.

There are MANY Connections like this with Connie Pecoraro and Josh Wolf, Mother Mary and her Sick SON. GREEN Connections is the most clear and obvious connection. They are TOM CRUISE MAPOTHER “Mother Father” Raping Sex Gayme. Josh Wolf wants MY Father’s Identity to BE him and Connie Pecoraro wants MY Mother’s Identity to Be Her. While MY LIFE is being RAPED so that SANDRA OH can be MY Identity.

It’s the “Hand that Rocks the Cradle”, Connie Pecoraro wants my FIRst birthday baby picture to have meaning for her, the reason why she registered her Domain name in HERN”DON” Virginia. A Dead and AbanDONed Mark.

CROW and WOLF is about the sound of the word SYN”CHRO”ncity, a term Coined by CARL JUNG. They want my Powerfully Synchronistic CHILDHOOD and my FAC from 1982 with MY PARENTS NAMES, to have meaning for them. RAPING of the SOUL from the CRADLE to the GRAVE.

CROW is about her CATHOLIC CHURCH Theme of Mother Mary “MARIA”, and a ESCROW Company called “MARA Escrow” on Ventura Blvd in San Fernando Valley, between GLORIA Avenue and DENSMORE Avenue.

5/29 is GLO”RIA” Catherine Lee’s Birthday Numbers, the SAME Numbers of Mercedes BENz Address “9250” in Beverly Hills, SAME Numbers as BIRD Restaurant in front of SCIENtology Celebrity Center in Hollywood. This number and Gloria “AiR” Gemini is about Connie “MARIA” Pecoraro who wants her middle name to have meaning for Josh Wolf AIR Libra. AIR is about MA pot her, GREEN Marijuana Maria, because Josh Wolf likes to get High and it makes him Horney. Jesus Christ Crown of THORNS, ROSE for his Mother Mary Maria. Through GLORIA Lee’s Name and Identity, RX SX ReXFORd MUStang Car Model on MUSeum Square. MA “POT” HER.

This is why MERCEDES BENZ was SET UP so that through the Car Name “BLUE TECH” Tom Bridges name initials backwards, Connie MARIA Pecoraro can have meaning in my BENSON Signature, my portrait drawing “HAiR” and a Blue Hair nude picture of me. Cracked and Dry Connie Maria Pecoraro wants EVERYTHING that is Sexual about me to be HER, because she’s a PSYCHO.

The Crow and the WOLF is about Jo”SH” Wolf the Stand Up Comedian. Pecoraro has similar letters and it sounds like Crow. She wants CARL JUNG who coined the term “Syn CROW nicety” to have meaning for her, the reason why she was a “CAR” model and wants Korean Word for Ass JUNG DUNG to have meaning for her. The reason why Josh Wolf has “Make it Happen”, a song titled by MARiAH “CAR”ey, “Midnight Hour” glass Ass Maria and he says he lives in StudiO City, SynchroniCITY with SausalitO.

The Crow and WOLF is about Connie Pecoraro who wants the movie with Bran”DON” Lee “The Crow” to have meaning for her. She wants SHElley Webster to have meaning for her. This is why 20 Shelley Drive owner Gor”DON” MacDonald was set up by Judge ROY C”HER”NUS to rob my rent and deposit money and he tried to evict me, so that Connie Pecoraro’s website registered in “HER”N”DON” Virginia can have meaning for Daniel Ladinsky’s book “The Gift” and the poem he translated titled “The EAR THAT Got Sold to a Fish” can have meaning for her No Name Girl and Isn’t THAT Life?. Dead and Aban”DON”ed Mark.

This is connected to T”OM” Cruise Mapot”HER”.

Connie Pecoraro and Sandra Oh wants “BLACK and RED” color pictures of me, many of them X rated Lingerie pictures to have meaning for them. These pictures taken at this address in 2005 is one of the reasons why the combination of the colors Black and Red has popped up everywhere in 2009 and 2010. It’s the Black and Red in the picture of me and MATT Smith, and in the picture of me riding my Thoroughbred Horse when I lived in Marin County, suburb North of San Francisco.

It’s a “MAS”querade “BEN”efit. SAM as in the number “3”, and CHRIST “MAS” as in Jesus Christ “Charlie’s Find”. LAST “SAM” U RA “I”. I sounds like Eye, and “i” is for Italian Mother Mary, Madonna, Maria, in Santa Monica. Eye as in “Charlie’s Find” Horizontal Rings around his Eyes. Tom Bridges the BIRDs and Crows Feet.

The BIRD has a Chinese Character and this is about Chinese Doctor CHRISTina Yang, ACTRESS Sandra Oh, and the word TAO, because the TAO is the WAY, and it’s about the meaning of my Father’s Name, and they want my father’s identity to have meaning for Josh WOLF. And TOM Bridges is going to Bridge the BIRD FEATHERS, with Sandra Oh and Josh Wolf. I DID NOT CREATE THIS “WHAT’S THE CONNECTION” PAGES UNTIL THE END OF 2009 BEGINNING OF JANUARY 2010.

The Crow is about the sound of the word Cro which is in the word SYN”CHRO”nicity, a term Coined by CARL JUNG. The reason why she modeled for Ford Mustang CAR. Connie Pecoraro wants my mother’s name of Jung Ja Min to have meaning for her because Mother is Mom and Mom in Korean means Body. JUNG Dung in Korean means Ass, JAgy means Dick and and she wants Cum”MIN”g of the JAGY as in Orgasm to have meaning for her Italian Ass. This is why Canon Powershot Camera has features like “Slow Synchro”.

“Charlie’s Find”, Charlie Babbitt, the CheaP Carsalesman, “Joshing with the Cameraderie” Jesus Christ and Whorizontal Italian Pecorina Mother Mary Maria, in a “Savage is Loose” Oedipussy Complex CAThoLIQ Her She Pussy Cat LickingTheme, the reason why he married KATie Holmes in R”OM”E, ITALY.

These people are graduates of MARYland Ins”TIT”ute College of Art. MICA. Josh Wolf’s middle name is MICCHA and Connie Pecoraro’s middle name is MARIA, as in her Mother MARY Maria and Jesus Christ CATholic Theme. These people got together and created this because of my BIRD “DRA”wing on my Drawings Page. Tom “BIRD”ges the Birds on BRIDgeway with Connie Pecoraro and Josh MICA Wolf. Tom Bridges FEATHERS of BIRDS and San”DRA” OH, Our Hero.

They describe themselves with the opening of “Making it Happen”. This is connected to Josh WOLF who has “Make it Happen” on his MySpace page. It’s a song title by Mariah Car”EY”. He also has Wif”EY” on his myspace page, this is connected to the lawsuit with Gordon Macdonald of 20 Shell”EY” Drive in Mill Vall”EY”. DON means Mon”EY” in Korean and Connie Pecoraro wants her oil paintings to be “HER”N”DON” Virginia. It’s connected to UCLA Campus and Charles “E. Y”oung Drive.

Making it Happen is about "MH" "Midnight Hour" mixed in with Connie Pecoraro's Catholic Church Theme of OIL and GL"ASS" of Hour Glass Ass Conspiracy for Horney Gay Jesus CHRIST "OO". It's about a BUSINESS on Ventura Blvd in Sherman Oakes called "Make it Happen", where Josh Wolf lives. It's a Production and Film Editing company next to a WEIRD Business FRONT called "NTR" next the BONE YARD BBQ and across from SHANE's Auto, "SHA" the reason my my JEWISH Beanie Wearing CROOKED Public Defender in 2009 was name Louis "SHA"IRO.

This "NTR" Business has TOM BRIDGES Business Card Perfect Orange Square, for UNION Square where Tom Bridges dental office is. These Boxes are in the same AZTEC Design as the PILGRIM Television on CHAndler Blvd.

Tom CHRISTopher BRID GE s, BIRDs, with Black male T BIRD and the meaning of my FEATHER’S Identity with Josh WOLF and Connie PeCoraRO. Mother MARY Maria, have some Jesus Juice, “I” is for Italian and “V” is for Virgo, Needle deep in Ecstasy.

Also in 2009, Josh Wolf was busy performing at HEWLETT PACKARD PAVILIONS and going up to SANTA ROSA and SAN JOSE, because Jesus ChristMAS was born the same day that SANTA cums down the CHIM spit Ney and Rose on T”HIR”d Day for Carl Jung YOUNG “Jung Dung”.

White Psychobitches who follow and stalk me want Korean Words to have meaning for them, for my Watercolor Artwork to have meaning for them, for Jung Dung which means Ass to have meaning for them, they want Carl Jung to have meaning in YOUNG Jung Dung, because “Charlie’s Find” is in UCLA Charles “E. Y”oung Drive, because they want to SUCk WOLF’S Dick, AIR LIBRA Ass Man aka Jesus Christ “Charlie”. The reason why I have Young females almost half my age following me all the time, especially Young BLOnde Hair females. Carl Jung was a MALE.

I don’t know who these people are, I’ve only met them a few times. Josh Wolf is not my father and Connie Pecoraro is not my mother. They’ve built all of Los Angeles based on these people, with Sandra Oh and T”OM” Cruise Mapother MOT”HER” and T”OM” CHRISTopher Bridges. My life has been TERRORIZED BY THESE PEOPLE, because of them wanting my IDENTITY my ARTWORK my LIFE EXPERIENCES and my PARENTS NAMES to have meaning for them.

The CROW and the WOLF, Our Hero. This comment makes me feel ILL. Not because I’m against these two people being together, Tom Bridges can bridge all the birds and peacocks, but WHAT THEY’VE DONE to my LIFE, while pretending my IDENTITY, my FAC from 1982, my current ARTWORK, my Parents Names, my Video Recording, ETC has meaning for them.

The CROW is about ESCROW, as in the Crow is a BIRD and “SE” in Korean means BIRD, and T”OM” CHRISTopher Bridges the BIRDS on BRID “Ge” Way, with Tao is the Chinese Way Connie Pecoraro and Chinese People, like Penny “MOY “ES”Crow.

The Crow, Tom Bridges the T BIRD and Mother Mary Connie Maria Pecoraro.

CROW. Engrish with Accent. WOR. WOL. F. “C”. “UK”. FUCK WOLF. ROC”Key”, Pe”COR” Arrow, Dick Head for Connie PeCOR “ARO”. FUCK a Ca “LF” C “OW”, Mom and Young Jung Dung.

Tom Christopher Bridges BIRDS and HUBBARD Lard Brett Bern with Connie Pecoraro, TWO people who I met as PATIENTS. Brett Bern’s dentist is on “CPS” Central Park South, MARK “ROWE” who lives in CHAppaqua NY and Connie Pecoraro’s dentist is Patrick Lee in Sausalito. Tom Bridges them through MOUTHS.

Low Flying Airplane. ROW Frying Ailprane, Mark FRYman Canyon Aprilane.

LOW F lying AIR plane.

SLOW RA RA RA ping of my life. First it’s the BLACK Jesus Christ and Virgin Mary plastic statues at 20 Shelley Drive Mill Valley, which as followed me since I met this Psychobitch Pecoraro in 2005, through 2007 in Los Angeles via “HOUSING TERROR”, then the Catholic Theme changed to PeaCOCK BIRDS at 20360 Callon Drive when her “Theme” and Website changed, , and it moved onto just plain fucking PUBLIC RAPING of my life in 2008 by PUBLIC Storage, and then MORE RAPING in APRIL 2009 with PREMEDITATED ARREST.

I once wrote in my website Html Code that Tom Cruise’s Religion, C”HUR”ch of Scientology is the “MASK” he wears and it’s his CRUTCH. I wore a MASK for almost 20 years working as a dental hygienist besides being an Artist, and Writing a lot, and T”OM” “CHRIST”opher Bridges the gay dentist male who has the same Birthday Numbers as me of 8/13, is going to “OM” and “bridge” my IDENTITY and EVERYTHING about me with Tom Cruise’s PUPPET to the World. It’s the “CHRIST” “MAS” picture of me and my dog Frenchy and my Mom. The “Last “SAM”urai”. While my life has been TERRORIZED and SABOTAGED.

Constance Pecoraro’s CROW and the WOLF fits “The Crow” perfectly. RAPING my life, while Masquerading, Pretending and in DEEP Delusion that this isn’t so. While Repeatedly Infringing on my Registered Trademark “RO”.

Crow rhymes with Sorrow like Pecoraro Bernardo Oh.

The Crow and the Wolf, Making it Happen, Our HERO. Sick Delusional PSYCHO.

JOSH MIC”CHA” WOLF is going to Kneel Down and PROPOSE to Connie MARIA Pecoraro, Ford Mustang “CAR” Carl Jung Car model, aka Demi MOORE in “The PROPOSAL”. The reason why he loves performing in LAS Vegas, because it’s about the word SAL backwards. LV is for Libra and Virgo.

SAL in Korean means RICE and rice is an anagram of the name ERIC and Eric sounds like ERECTION. Eric D”rav”EN, Rav 4 L for Mother MaidEN. The reason why my RAV 4 L with all my ARTWORK was STOLEN in May 2009 which was parked on AL”DEN”.

Making it Happen with the CROW and WOLF, and caLF and cOW.

“HER”RING SEASON. MONTER “EY”. Wif”EY” Mariah CAR”EY”, Make it Happen ALREADY, SHIT or get off the POT.

The Crow and the WOLF is about a picture of me and a friend name “ED” from Mexico, he was a GOLF GO at Club Med. He has a T Shirt on with FLAGS from all around the World in the picture of him holding a Glass of Beer. Club Med, a FRENCH Company literally has Vacation Resorts all over the World and when I worked there for 1 year, I met people from All over the World.

This is WHY BRANDON LEE was “ERIC DRAVEN” “ED” in THE CROW in 1993, AFTER I worked for Club Med for 1 year. The “MEANING” of what I am writing about in all my “whats the connection” pages is WORLDWIDE, like my 2007 Registered Trademark in a circle of “O” being INFRINGED WORLDWIDE.

ERIC “D” RAVEN, My Toyota “RAV”4L parked on AL”DEN” Drive x “LAP”eer in April 2009, was STOLEN through Organized CRIMES BY Toyota Financial Company, they ILLEGALLY REPOSSESSED it and then auctioned it, and ALL THE DOCUMENTS relating to this, is about CREATING MEANING as if Constance Pecoraro had meaning in MY SUV “RAV4L”.

It’s why Connie Pecoraro has a oil painting titled “ED’S WINDOW” because it’s about “OM”ing with the Writings I wrote in 1982 “Key to my Soul”. Eyes are Window to the Soul. And in her CATHOLIQ Theme, Charlie’s Eyes “OO” is about Ass. It’s the BALLS.

This “ED” or “DE” is why a person name CHRIS “DE”WOLFE says he is the creator of “My Space”, which is about “OM”ing my VIDEO RECORDING to have meaning for Jesus “CHRIST” DE josh WOLF.

The name TARA is a repeating name, and it rhymes with Sara. I don’t know if this is Josh Wolf’s son Jacob Mother’s name, the Thai female who lives in Seattle Washington.



Discovery in Sept 2015, “THE ORDER” released in Sept 2003 Heath A. Ledger


Constance MA”RiA” Pecoraro, Josh Mic’CHA” WOLF and SANDRA OH

Heath Andrew Ledger "HAL" was born on 4/4 in 1979 in PA Perth Australia

GO THERE THE ORDER released in Sept 2003


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