DEN iTALy TerMINology

PERIO”DON”TOLOGY : study of Periodontal tissues, GUMs; PeriO sounds like PecorarO. Gum “Perio” treatments usually require local injection of anesthesia and there is profuse bleeding.

DIASTEMA: the SPACE in between two teeth, the two front Maxillary teeth; the Gap Space in between MADONNA’s Two front teeth. When there is a Diastema, there is NO Contact Point, since your teeth are not touching, you cannot floss.
GAP SPACE has another meaning, the reason why “MYSPACE.COM” was created.

CAP is also known as a CROWN that goes on to cover a broken down tooth. A BRIDGE which has A”BUT”MENTS and PONTICS, connected the Missing SPACE in between Two Teeth that the “abutment” goes on, the middle portion is the Pontic. For CATHOLICK MAThemathics of are you “PY”ous and horny to make Money through Horny JESUS CHRIST at CROWN of Rolex building, connected to Thomas CHRISTopher Bridges Virgo Mai “DEN” Connie Pecoraro with the FIELD of “DEN”tistry. SUC as in Stand Up Comedian Josh Wolf, connected to SHONDA RHIMES who went to D”ART”MOUTH College, creator of “Greys’ Anatomy” with Sandra Oh as “CRIST”ina Yang.

Constance Maria Pecoraro’s CATHOLIC theme of Mother MARY and Jesus CHRIST with “Grey’s Anatomy” Sandra Oh, are the VEHICLES to ROB MY IDENTITY, AS IF Sandra Oh was MY Identity in all my Baby and Childhood pictures and AS IF she Drew all my Drawings from 1982. Thomas CHRISTopher Bridges my Mother with Connie Pecoraro, My Father with Josh Wolf and MY IDENTITY with SANDRA OH, and they built this at the PAC ific Design Center, “CAP”. The same reason why Sandra Oh was married to “CAP” Constantine Alexander Payne, who has a Production Company in a building called the PACific building in Santa Monica.

CAP is originally connected to MY FATHER’S GOLF BAG with this CAP. GOLF “rhimes” with WOLF, and they’ve been building for my father’s Identity to have meaning for Josh Wolf for many years, through Tiger WOODS. My Father’s name of WANG in Korean means KING, because his family lineage is of Korean Royalty and they want this to have meaning for Josh Wolf at CROWN of Rolex Building, where his agency Parallel Entertainment is. Through JESUS CHRIST the SON with CROWN of thorny roses, for LicKING sucKING and FucKING, for CATHOLICK MAThemathics of making Money, while they RAPE MY LIFE.

“DON” in Korean means Money. GUM in Korean means GOLD.
Tom Bridges is a Leo with the same birthday as me, 8/13. He is a gay male dentist and works in MOUTHS.

The name MONTGOMERY sounds like Mont GUM ery. Gum is also Gingiva. Gum pronounced as Goom means GOLD in Korean. Gold is the metal of Leo. The sound of his Name MontGUMery is one of the reasons why it’s about the EAR as in sound of Words and why Dentistry or Periodontology is involved. Like the sound of the name Robert GUILLAUME which is a FRENCH name and sounds like GEE “OM”. BENSON DuBois, the BUTLER to the governor. GUM is a big brand name like BUTLER and COLGATE.

They’ve been TRIPPING on his NAME, “OM”ing and USING his Name, like they’ve been doing with my Name, my Parents Name and MY ARTWORK from 1982, for MANY YEARS. It’s why there’s something going on with Words and Names of Businesses that rhyme with Montgomery, like Libra RY, Jewel RY, Bake RY, Cemete RY, Mason RY, Burber RY, Blackber RY, Found RY, SE MIN A RY, Rosa RY, Arte RY, Etc.

“MO”ntogome”RY”, they’ve been OMing backwards with his name, with Ear Sound, but his YEAR of Birth is ONE, and there is no” OM”ing with this word backwards.

In PERIO, which sounds like PecorarO and rhymes with RADIO, there is a lot of BLOOD involved because in Perio Surgery there is Cutting of the Gum Tissues is involved.

Ever since I got my period when I was 12 yrs old, I always put DOT, a large period in my CALENDAR on the date that I get my period. I’ve been doing this all my LIFE. This is why Tom Cruise’s movie “Days Of ThunDER” is titled this. RED “NU” TH robbing DOT Period Blood, because it’s in “FLO”rida and about the meaning of “CAR”l Jung and Korean Word JUNG Dung which means Ass, and creating meaning for Connie Pecoraro Virgo and Josh “WOLF” and their Libra Virgo LINDA Goodman’s “212 Vibe Numbers”. “SIGN tology”, “NIC”OLE, Nic name of Sandra “LEO”. KIDman, AIR LIBRA Josh Wolf, Libra rules the “KID”NEYS. TOM CRUISE wants to OWN my FIRST NAME SIGNATURE on the drawing of BENSON, Robert Guillaume I did in 1982, in this BIG GROUP CONSPIRACY. The BIRD drawing I did in 1987 is connected to him joining “SIGN”tology and the Sound of words, L Ron Hubbard Bird. ScientologY SY, the reason why “DAN” as in DAN Brown LEOnardo DA vinci code, and “DAN”iel LADINSKY is connected to ROBBING the meaning and “CODE” in MY NAME SIGNATURE. This meaning of “DOT” is why a person name TODd Cummings bought the property at 20360 Callon Drive, who is related to Tom Cruise Mapother through his cousin William Mapother.

Connie Pecoraro wants the word BL”OO”D to have meaning for her, because it’s about blood that fills engorged Hard Dicks. This is why she wants to “OM” herself to GLORIA CATHERINE LEE, because the “Secret Word” code for when I got my PERIOD was “RADIO” and the only person I ever told this to was Gloria Lee, the Pharmacist and St. Vincent Ferrer High School classmate. Connie Pecoraro VIRGO rules the Digestive System, when you eat F”OO”D a lot of the blood in the body goes to your digestive organs. If you think about this, it’s a sick way of connecting blood that fills a hard dick. BLOOD in MENSTRAUATION PERIOD, is blood that is being “SHED” from the Vaginal Walls that isn’t “needed” as there was no pregnancy. Why would you want this kind of Blood Filling your Dick. It’s the same WRONG WIRING as the sound of the word BIRD to have meaning for Oil because it’s rhymes with Hubbard Lard. It’s Light and Silent as a Feather. It’s because of the secret code of “RADIO” that sounds like PecoRARO PERIOd. GLORIA AIR GEMINI “5/29/69” is the CONNECTION among these people.

This is also connected to my Cross Country Trip I took in 1998 and hundreds of pictures I took, which many of Connie Pecoraro’s oil paintings are based on, like the ROYAL Gorge Bridge in Colorado.

Dental TerminologY begins and ends with “DY”. It’s the second syllable of my name SAN”DY”. This is important because it’s about a very Powerful Signature on the drawing I did of BENSON, Robert Guillaume in 1982, and there are many people who want ownership of this Signature.

The letter “i” depending on how it’s used can sound like “y”. This is about C”OM”bining Names, so that my name with a Y “SANDY WANG” can have meaning for Conn”IE” Pecoraro and Sandra Oh. They’ve been c”OM”bining names to confuse people. They want this signature to be Connie Pecoraro’s or Sandra Oh. It’s why you’ll see names like NICHOLAS or NICOLE attached to Sandra Oh, because she wants people to think it’s her “nick” name.

Tom Cruise wants ownership of this Signature and this is one of the reasons for ALL THIS. I think it’s interesting ScientologY begins and ends with SY.

I’ve been a Dental Hygienist for 20 yrs, besides being an Artist starting in 2004. This connection with TOM CHRISTOPHER BRIDGES MY IDENTITY through DENTISTRY has been going on for many years, especially at the ADA, American Dental Association in CHICAGO. CHICA “GO”. Vir”GO” No name GIRL, I met Connie PecorarO at her dentist office PATRICK LEE in 2005. You wear a MASK, LATEX/RUBBER GLOVES, and GOGGLES/GLASSES when you work in MOUTHS. Anything I say or write about Connnie Pecoraro, it’s the same thing for SANDRA OH.

The meaning of Blood filling and en”GOR”ged dick is connected to the Definition and symbol of “PI” which looks like “TT”, the definition of PI is explained in terms of “RADIUS” and “EUCLIDEAN AL”GOR”ithm. This definition of MAT is directly connected to MAT HE MAT HICS of CAT HOLIQ Church Theme and are you “PI”ous and Religious of Making MONEY in a GIGANTIC GROUP CONSPIRACY to Rob my Identity and Powerful meaning of My Artwork.

PI symbol is “TT”, connected to PYous Pious JeSUS “CHA”rlie with “OO” Eyes, Eye sounds like I, and it must be FORM of TITS Left to Right for Horny Jesus CHRIST “CHA”rlie on page “3”.

HC go on RIST. Jesus CHRIST isn’t my ARTWORK and “ANATOMY” with SANDRA OH as CHRISTIna Yang isn’t my tv show, it’s the REASON for the RAPING OF MY LIFE and MY SACRED ARTWORK.

Korean Words and the meaning of Korean Words and how it’s connected to this SEX Game is very big. I didn’t create this, I am Decoding it, because it’s the REASON for the RAPING OF MY LIFE. These are the basic Korean Words related to Dentistry and how it’s connected.

CHI KUA = Dental Office
CHI SOL = T”OO”th Brush
CHI YAK = T”OO”th Paste
EPAL = T”OO”th
IM MOM = GUM Tissue
MOM = Body

The ADA, American Dental Association is in “CHI”CAGO Illinois.

CHICA means “GIRL” in Spanish. GO is about my Club Med “GO” experience, and Connie Pecoraro, the Vir”GO” wants my CM GO experiences to have meaning for her.

TAO is the Way on BRIDGEWay, where Connie Pecoraro lives, and T”OM” BRIDGES is going to bridge her on Bridgeway with “CHI”nese Doctor CRISTina Yang, aka Sandra Oh on “Gays Anatomy” .

Tom CHRISTopher Bridges dob : 8/13/72. My Birthday is 8/13/69 and I am a Double LEO.

GUM in dentistry is gum tissue, in Korean, Gum, pronounced as “GOOM” meand GOLD, the metal of astrological sign of LEO.

IM MOM means Gum Tissue in Korean. MOM in Korean means “BODY”. But in this T”OM” Cruise Mapother SEX Game, it’s about MOTHER’S MOM, body.

Ever see the movie “Silence of Lamb”? this is why Jamie “GUM” is named this.

Tooth Brush has TB Tom Bridges initials in it. CHI “SOL”, with the other meaning of Korean Words and dentistry is the reason why Connie Pecoraro has Jesus CHRIST “Charlie’s Find” with Horizontal Eight “OO” rings around his Eyes. Because EYES are “Window to the Soul” and GL”ASS” goes on Windows, so EYES looking at “OO” shaped Ass “MOM” must be “CHI” SOUL MATES.

This has been going on for a long time. Then I started doing Artwork again in 2003, after almost 20 yrs of not doing any and in June 2006, created my Abtract Page with the GOLD LOCK and KEY. Because I remembered the Writings I wrote in 1982 about “KEY to my SOUL”. I moved to Los Angeles shortly after in October 2006 and discovered this ASS Conspiracy because of my Name Signature on BENSON with the “ASS”terisk “Sandy *”.

CHI YAK means Tooth paste. YAK means DRUGS. RX Prescription Drugs and PILS. This is connected to my High School writings and the Korean Word “YA” which means “HEY” like Hey you. “H” is number 8 and EY is about Eye, the reason why Connie Pecoraro’s Jesus Christ “Charlie’s Find” has OO Horizontal Eight rings around his Eyes. Gloria Lee is a Pharmacist who is a T”OM” Cruise Mapother. Both Connie Pecoraro and Sandra Oh want to “OM” with Gloria Catherine Lee, so that St. Vincent Ferrer High School, Jackson Heights where we both grew up, where I did my FAC in 1982, can have meaning for them.

This is connected to the Childhood Picture of me with the BLUE PILLOW. This Blue Pillow is shaped like a PIL. I think this picture of me and what I wrote in my High School Yearbook is the reason why Gloria Lee went to become a Pharmacist, because she’s been “OM” with Sandra OH since High School.

This picture of me with the Blue PILLOW is why you take a PIL in the movie the “MATRIX”. RiX. Matrix is connected to Connie Pecoraro’s “Charlie’s Find” because of Street Names in Westwood where UCLA is, and in Beverly Hills Charleville Blvd, REXFORD Drive, REEVES, and street names throughout Los Angeles and San Fernando Valley. UCLA is connected to Sandra Oh through OTHER PEOPLE’S NAMES Connecting Sandra Oh and Gloria Lee, with Connie Pecoraro’s Catholic Theme of Mother Mary and Jesus Christ. The reason why Sandra OH plays a Chinese DOCTOR CRISTina Yang, who’s mother in real life, YOUNG NAM is connected to Pharmaceutical and Biotech Companies. There’s Business deals going on in the background.

MAT in Korean means to Taste or Lick. This is about the picture of me and my father with the Hawaiian Wooden Barrel Statue on the Upper Left of the LIQ uor Cabinet. The reason why in the movie “Midnight Hour” with Lee Montgomery, the name on the Tombstone on the Grave says “Sandra MATThews”, with a GRAY SWEATER over it, because my FATHER is wearing a Gray Sweater in this picture. This is why Sandra Oh is laying on a MATTress wearing White and Red, because she wants all my childhood pictures of me wearing White and Red Clothes to be her. The combining of this sick bitch actress because of my FAC from 1982, my Name Signature of “Sandy*” on Benson, has been going on for almost 3 decades. THE REASON why my life has been sabotaged. While sabotaging my lilfe, so that MY LIFE, IDENTITY, my ARTWORK can have meaning for her. If not, then to just destroy me because this sick psychobitch ENVIES Everything about me.

It’s the VIRGO MAI”DEN” I “TAL” Y Connections, in TOM BRIDGES who has the same LEO Birthday as me, Bridges MY IDENTITY and MEANING of MY ARTWORK, through VIRGO MAIDEN Constance Pecoraro’s CATHO”LICK” Theme OIL Artwork in “MAT”hemathics of making MONEY, connected to JOSH WOLF and meaning of Sound of TONGUE, in the word “TUNG”sten connected to WOLFramite Scheelite.

Korean WANG = “TT” + “OO” = TOTO

Korean Words

Thomas CHRISTopher Bridges

Disturbed Sociopath who has the SAME birthday as me

Virgo Mai”DEN” I “TAL” Y Constance Pecoraro’s CATHOLIC Theme OIL Paintings

Virgo Mai”DEN” I “TAL” Y Constance Pecoraro

DEN connections

TAL connections

her DEN tist Patrick Lee on Cali”DON”ia Street

GorDON MacDONald “Dentist and Landlord”

Hern”DON” Virginia

Dead and Aban”DON”ed Mark Isn’t That Life?

PSYCHO Actress SANDRA OH who thinks she is MY IDENTITY

who was married to “CAP” Constantine Alexander Payne

“924” Repeating Numbers

9420 Rolex Building and JOSH WOLF

“Rhimes” with GOLF

for Shonda RHIMES Big black bitch creator of “Grey’s Anatomy”

DEN connections

PAC ific Design Center

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