Director’s Guild of America 7920 Sunset Blvd

This is just one example out of HUNDREDS.

Sandy Wang’s childhood picture with “DOG” on My LAP in 1979 in Santa Monica YELLOW VIRGO SIGN
CORN is YELLOW and CORN “STAR” ch brand name “ARGO” RIMES with VIR”GO”
“ARGO” with BEN Affleck

19 “79” year and Renee’s COURTyard connections
2012 Snow White and the 7 D “WAR” FS and Huntsmen

DGA bordered by Hayworth Laurel and F”AIR”fax, “HL” AIRies

Teles "COP" e properties on El "CAM"in "O"


COPPER Building
meaning of COPPER Penny and "CAM" Dung Yee

AIR LIBRA Josh Wolf sign metal is COPPER
for “CP” Constance Maria Pecoraro

Repeating Numbers of “4” 29
Repeating Numbers of “5” 29
connected to “9420” address of ROLEX building
Birthday of Earth Taurus CHRISTina BERN ARD O 5/4



S S Sandy Wang’s Social Security Numbers
meaning of Sandy Wang’s First name SIGNature of “S”andy and the letter “S” on my pencil drawing of Robert Guillaume from 1981

connected to “S” shaped TREE at Callon Drive TOPanga
What is SANDRA OH’s Middle name? PA TREE CIA?
meaning of “PA” and “SHA”

“TOP” Gun Tom Cruise M”AP”OTHER 1986
TONY SCOTT Director of “TOP Gun” committed suicide in August 2012 off VIN”CENT” “THOMAS BRIDGE”

What is Tom BRIDGES Year of Birth? If it’s 1972, he is going to PRISON


SAN SAI Japanese franchise restaurants specifically on specific street name in Los Angeles
SAN SAI restaurant in Santa Monica
SAN SAI on corner of GREGORY Way x Beverly Dr

next block of LAUREL and SUNSET Blvd


KELLER WILLIAMS is a major Real Estate company
Sandy Wang’s Pencil Drawing of ROBERT “GUILLAUME” from 1981

GUILLAUME is the “FRENCH” Version of the name WILLIAM
JP “WILLIAM” who created Parallel Entertainment in ROLEX Building

KELLER WILLIAMS in Oppenheimer Building in Westwood connections
KELLER WILLIAMS next to WOLFGang ZWEINER Steak restaurant

HELen “KELLER” is Constance Pecoraro’s favorite hero

REAL ESTATE Connections is HUGE, AS IF SANDRA OH is My Identity and ARTIST of MY ARTWORK in MATHemathics of making $$




New SIGN on Business of ANDRE, see below bottom pictures taken in 2010
meaning of SHOes or BOOTS that go on “BAL” FEET connections
ANDRE, ANDREW connections
why was Sandra Oh dating or is still dating ANDREW FeatherSTON?


FOOTHILL Road and PIPE NUMBERS, scroll to bottom
2014, UTA Sandra Oh agency moved next to FOOTHILL WATCH VIDEO and meaning of SANDRA D’AURIOL suicide


Sandra OH and “SNA KE” BELT like Liz”ARD” S”KIN” of reptiles
meaning of this “CO”BRA SNA KE Belt and overlapping “OO”

Work S”HO”P to confuse My Name initials of “SW” with Sandra ‘OH’

Sandy Wang’s in “GREEN” Dress in 1985
Sandy Wang’s in “OLIVE GREEN” Coat and Brooklyn “WORKS”! sign in1989

Sandra OH who went to SIR Robert Borden High School on “GREEN” Bank road
GREEN connections


“G”Riddles and RHYMES sound of RIMES of
words, names, numbers, etc, in creating MEANING for MY IDENTITY to BE SANDRA OH in MATHemathics of making MONEY
7916, as if Sandra OH who was born in year “71” has meaning in My Year of “69”
it’s to CONFUSE Identities

Shonda “RIMES” creator of “GRIDS and GREYS Anatomy” in MAThemathics of making MONEY and to ROB MY IDENTITY for Sandra Oh

Vertical “8”
Vertical “8” of Mark Taper Center at CSH


Horizontal “oo” = + PLUS and MINus of making MONEY
Horizontal “oo” Logo of CSH

Study Studi “O” Pepsi Pussy SANDRA OH and “OO” OverLapping RAY Gun connections

“O”, sound of “OH”, for all circles from My Life to have meaning for Sandra OH, especially my Artwork
A Pattern that’s been going on for 3 decades, beginning with my Baby Picture and my sweater “O”


Sandy Wang on “BURGUNDY” MOTORcycle picture in 1985 sitting “SIDEWAYS”,
Same reason why Sandra Oh is on Motorcycle in “SIDEWAYS” movie DIRECTED by DIRECTOR “CAP”
Constantine Alexander Payne

Color BURGUNDY, FURniture Color of My Parents House in 1980’s
Sandy Wang’s Parents House in Jackson Heights NY in1980’s

meaning of “FUR” is TAL in Korean and Hospi”TAL” connections
reason why “Grey’s Anatomy” is set in Seattle Washington on “TALL MAN” avenue

JOSH WOLF and his WIFE in “BURGUNDY” Jumping on ROOF TOP

scroll down and see WHY SANDRA D”AURIOL and KARL SLYM both “JUMPED” TO DEATH in Jan 2014
then the tragic death of PHILIP SEYMOUR HOFFMAN in Feb 2014

“TRI” shape
“TRI” White and Green of Sandy Wang’s Parents GARAGE Door
Sandy Wang’s Writings of “I WAL Y” on this Architectural Drawing from 1982

Josh Wolf who went to “TRI” nity University
What is Sandra OH’s Middle Name? PA “TRI” CIA?

SAME “TRI” shape in WATER Fountain at “PAC” ific Design Center


Above pictures were taken in 2012. See main difference in “ANDRE” Shoe and Boot store with pictures below taken 2 years prior, with “Work Shop” sign in White Green “Vertcal Sign”. AS IF Sandra Oh is My Portrait Drawing with Vertical “8” in my Eye, as if through Colors of White and GREEN Sandra Oh is My Identity in GREEN Dress in picture with Gloria Lee in White in 1985. Work S “HO” P, WS, to CONFUSE my name initials of “SW” Sandy Wang, to be CONFUSED with this Borderline Psychotic Actress Sandra Oh and her Tv “SHOW” “Grey’s Anatomy”, who thinks she is My Identity and Artist of my Artwork.

CRACKin. D RY S”KIN” of a Reptile, like Liz”ARD” and SNAKE that “SH”ed S”KIN” = “San Ke” of overLAPping Logo of Cedars SINai Hospital, Studi Study “O” Sandra Oh Pepsi Pussy in 1999 “OO” Ray Gun connections. Sandra Oh who’s been claiming for 3 decades, she is My Name SIGNature of “Sandy” on MY Drawing of black male actor Robert Guillaume from 1981, as if it’s the “NIK” of her name SandRA.



“Step and Stairs” DESIGNS in Architecture


Elliptical COIN SLOT shape connections
Santa Monica Monster COIN SLOT 1991 connections
“1991” COIN SLOT on KINGS Road
9/1 Sept First Birthday VIRGO Constance Psycho Pecoraro and “SUNNY” COIN Slot connections



BURGUNDY Color of My Parents FURniture
WINE Color of “Sideways” with OH and PAYNE
Josh Wolf’s and BURGUNDY Color MERMAID Dress
meaning of COLOR “SEKAL”



Chel “SEA” HAND ler
Mother Psycho Pecoraro’s OIL and GL”ASS” Paintings of CHANDEL IEEEEERS
Delusional Psychobitch who should be Locked in Jail
SEA is the Ocean of Mother MARY
CHELSEA St in Santa Monica



SUC Stand Up Comedian Josh Wolf
a few miles up LAUREL is the Dog Park


ANDRE = AN “DREW” connections of SanDRA Oh “DREW” My DRA wings
Sandra Oh and ANDREW Featherston
G”RIDDLES” Waffles and Rhymes

LEO the LION Crest, AS IF Sandra Oh was MY SIGN of LEO through Tom Bridges who has the same birthday as me 8/13
Theme of “SHO”es has been going on for many years, for Sandra Oh is My Childhood pictures me in RED MARY JANE SHOES through Mother MARY Pecoraro
19”71” and 19”69” YEAR of PECORARO and OH, the reason why it’s Two Psychobitches in “69” Licking Pussies and Asses
BAL in Korean means FOOT, SHIN BAL in Korean mans SHOes, very important connections

Tom Bridges who has the same birthday as me of 8/13
what is Tom Bridges YEAR of Birth? 1972?

Psycho Constance Maria Pecoraro 9/1 19”69”
Josh MIC”CHA” WOLF Air Libra metal of COPPER at “ROLEX” Building
CHA connections

meaning of SHOES and “SHIN BAL” and “Grey’s Anatomy” created to ROB MY Korean Name for SANDRA OH
SHIN restaurant in GRAY building
LAB rea and Santa Monica Blvd

“BAL” connections
like Tom Cruise and “LAB C”OAT” connectionsn in TAO is the Way BACKwards


AIR Libra Josh Wolf who studied COM “MUN” ications
“LYN” connections
LIN”DORA” Healthcare Facilities and Hospital Connections
meaning of Davita Dialysis

Hospi “TAL” ity connections
all connected to “GREYS ANATOMY” Hospital Show


Directors Guild of America is on Sunset Blvd and Hayworth Avenue. DGA, DAG, DOG, TAO DAO DOW JONES of making MONEY as if SANDRA OH is My Identity in My childhood pictures in Santa Monica in 19 “79” with a “DOG” on MY LAP.

It has continued through and connected to meaning of MY Clear Glass Charlie Brown Snoopy “DOG” BANK which I had for many years, with Bills and Coins from all over the world, connected to meaning of MY First name SIGNature of “SANDY” on MY ARTWORK done by My Hands and My Brains, that they’ve been building for 3 DECADES, AS IF SANDRA OH was My identity and the Artist of My Artwork. MY First Artwork Collection from 1981 and 1982 and My Writings, have been the “MUSE” of almost all movies made in the last 3 decades, and almost all Music Songs and Bands, connected to meaning of MY Father’s MUSIC Band from 1950’s “MORNING STARS”.

Hayworth and Laurel. HL, the name HEATHER is on my DOG Jack Wang's adoption papers, HEATH AN"DREW" LEDGER. DGA, Dag Dog, A, O, like Fag in Fog, Shaw Show, A, O, Thomas CHRISTopher Bridges the "TAO" with Constance Maria Pecoraro's OIL and GLASS Artwork on BRIDGE"WAY" Sausalito, because the TAO is the WAY through a lying sociopath fag Tom Bridges in San Francisco. Heath Ledger didn't want to be "Bridged" by a Fag, so he was found Naked and Limp.

In Order for MY ARTWORK and MY IDENTITY to have meaning for SANDRA OH, she NEEDS both Constance Pecoraro, because it’s about “ART” and she needs someone to demonstrate through Artwork, the reason why Pecoraro created her Catholic Theme OIL Artwork, and Tom Bridges who has the SAME LEO Birthday as me. THIS IS BUILT IN BY DEFAULT. Everything is about supporting this, for SANDRA OH to BE MY IDENTITY, AS IF SHE IS THE ARTIST OF MY ARTWORK, the reason for 2 Decades of Hardship in My life, pulling strings to Oppress Suppress and Repress me, so that I’d never find out.

Everything is “TRI” angle themed because it’s connected to the PYRAMID with an “EYE” inside it on the ONE DOLLAR BILL, connected to meaning of MY Korean Name to be SANDRA OH, AS IF she Drew my Drawings in 1982. The meaning of my Korean name connected to George WASHINGTON on the ONE Dollar “BILL”.

TRI angle has several layers of meaning. It’s connected to the TRI CONE HAT in my childhood Halloween picture, one of the reasons why Lee MONTGOMERY had TRIangle Face Painting in the movie “Midnight Hour”. The reason why Josh Wolf went to “TRI”nity University in San Antonio Texas.

What is Sandra Oh's Middle Name? PA "TRI" CIA? sound of PA TREEE SHA? If it is, SANDRA OH needs to be LOCKED in PRISON for LIFE. It's DIRECTLY connected to the meaning of 20360 Callon Drive TOPANGA and the TREE growing out from the Square Deck of the Garaga Studio on the property. Which is about meaning of MY FAC from 1982, connected to LEE H. MONTGOMERY, child Star in the movie 'BEN', the reason why I drew BENSON DUBOIS, ROBERT GUILLAUME in 1982.

ARCHITECTURE of buildings is a big theme connected to the Architectural Drawing I did in 1981 of my Parents Garage Door and the Brick building in the Alley way in the Back of my Parents House, connected to 20360 Callon Drive TOPANGA and the PYRAMID House across the street.

It's COPPER Tinted building, connected to COPPER Metal of AIR LIBRA Josh Miccha Wolf, and meaning of "Synchronicity", a term coined by Carl Jung. COPPER PENNY "CP" is a COIN, and Constance Pecoraro CP wants Carl JUNG to have meaning for her, because JUNG Dung in Korean means ASS.

It's connected to street name PENNY Road next to Callon Drive. Everything they've been building on for 3 decades is based on MY FAC from 1982, connected to LEE H. MONTGOMERY who lived at this same address many decades ago and I lived there for a few months in 2007.

They’ve been building for 3 decades AS IF SANDRA OH was MY IDENTITY through THOMAS CHRISTOPHER BRIDGES who has the same birthday as me of me 8/13. Tom Bridges My Mother with Constance Maria Pecoraro, My Father with Josh Miccha Wolf, for them to have meaning in MY Parents Names, connected to meaning of MY FAC from 1982. For my Father's Music Band of "MORNING STARS" to be about their Astrology VIBE Number description of Libra Venus "Morning STAR".

You have to understand the POWERFUL MEANING of MY FAC from 1982, My Drawing of ROBERT GUILLAUME of BENSON DUBOIS, the BUTLER to the GOVERNOR, his BIRTHDAY Number connections. This is why they've been building for many years, for MY IDENTITY to BE SANDRA OH, AS IF she DREW my Drawings from 1982. AS IF MY FATHER'S Music Band and his NAME has meaning for her, because she's a "Star". SANDRA OH isn't a STAR, she's a VERY DISTURBED DELUSIONAL ACTRESS.

The address numbers of “7920” is about “72” of Tom Bridges YEAR of “72” with Number “9” which in Korean is “GU”, which is about Tom Bridges Y3AR of “72” Bridges Connie Mother Maria Pecoraro 3ARth Virgo of 196”9” with “O” 3AR sound of SANDRA “OH” Drew the Drawings in my FAC from 1981 and 1982, she DREW ROBERT “GU”ILLAUME and she is my First name SIGNature on this drawing, which isn’t a “MARK” but a “Trade Secret”.

This is why in 2009 or 2010, they opened the new Hamburger chain restaurant “COUNTER”. CO “UN” TER, connected to 3AR sound of “NEW” BACKwards. Because they don’t want Tom Bridges His YEAR of “72” with Tea Leaves and Coffee Bean Established in 19”63”, Hubbard BIRD Brett BERN’S YEAR. It's directly connected to trying to change the meaning and "UN" doing of everything they've been building LEFT to RIGHT. OIL GL'ASS" artwork by Constance Pecoraro, ASS isn't left to right. So she created another name for her sick little girl "NO Name Girl", a new name of SUNNY in 2011. Continuation of the RAPING of MY LIFE, THROUGH Thomas CHRISTopher Bridges who has the same LEO Birthday as me, and Constance Pecoraro, WHO SANDRA OH NEEDS in order for meaning of MY IDENTITY MY ARTWORK.

SANDRA OH who is a CANCER rules the TITS, the Front of the body, through lying Fag name TOM BRIDGES wants MY LEO birthday to have meaning for her, GOING BACKwards, because LEO rules the HEART and the BACK.

DGA. DAG, DOG, Tom Bridges A, O. Like FAG, FOG, and SHAW in SHOW. TAO DAO, DOW JONES in MAThemathics of making MONEY, AS IF SANDRA OH was MY IDENTITY and is MY Name SIGNature through Constance Pecoraro's JESUS CHRIST on page "SAM", based on MY childhood CHRIST "MAS" picture of me and my Mother and my DOG FRENCHY.

Connected to MY CLEAR GLASS CHARLIE BROWN SNOOPY DOG BANK I had for many years. The reason why Pecoraro's titled it "CHARLIES FIND", amongst other reasons. It's all about making MONEY, in creating meaning and supporting SANDRA OH is MY IDENTITY, AS IF she is the ARTIST of MY ARTWORK, with WOLF and PECORARO to have meaning in MY Parents Names. THEY BUILT THIS.

It's why Sandra Oh is "CRIST"ina Yang on "Grey's Anatomy". Connected to Constance Maria Pecoraro's CATHOLIC Theme of OIL Artwork of her JESUS CHRIST the SON, in MAThemathics of making MONEY. The VEHICLE to ROB the meaning of MY IDENTITY and meaning of MY POWERFUL ARTWORK.

DOGS "BARK". Spelled backwards sounds like "CRAB". SANDRA OH is a Cancer the CRAB that WAL KS "SIDEWAYS". Like Tom Cruise is a Cancer the CRAB.


The restaurant The GRIDDLES is next to DGofA and next door to ANDRE Custom Shoe Repair Shop, then Rite Aid Pharmacy, with LINDORA Healthcare Facility.

The GRIDDLES is about Breakfast Table, “BT” Tom Bridges backwards through Food. The Business of FOOD is HUGE in this Numbers, Names, Color game of making it “FIT” as if SANDRA OH was MY IDENTITY and she did my Artwork. It’s connected to Sandra Oh who thinks my Baby picture on my First birthday holding an Apple is Her.

It’s about “G” Riddles and Rhymes of Words and Numbers. G in Korean which means Mice and Rats. RATS spelled backwards is STAR as in Stars and Celebrities. This is about the movie “BEN” with Lee H. Montgomery and Michael Jackson which is about RATS, the Reason why I did the drawing of BENSON Dubois in 1982 of black male actor ROBERT GUILLAUME, the reason why Sandra Oh went to Sir ROBERT BordEN High School, AFTER I WON a Pin Award for this drawing when I graduated from St. Joan of Arc Grammar School in 1983.

All the STARS and Celebrities that Hollywood has been carefully choosing because of their “NAMES”, grooming and packaging them to become Famous is connected to Tom Bridges all the “GE”S Stars and Celebrities on Bridgeway, with Connie Maria Pecoraro’s Catholic Theme of MAThemathics of are you “PI”ous and horny to make Money. AS IF through her Mother MARY Catholic Theme and her Sketches of her “No Name Girl”, SANDRA OH is MY Identity of me wearing Red SHO rts and Red MARY JANE SHO es. The theme of “SHO”es has been going on for 3 decades.

It’s about “G”RIDDLES which RIMES with LADLES that go into BOWELS, in a big Leonardo Da Vinci Code with the BERNARDO Sisters and Big OIL Ass Conspiracy. It’s about the meaning of the EAR Sound of my name Signature on Benson with “ASSS”terisk symBOWEL. It’s why a person name Nikki G Rimes is connected to this in a Big BLACK Female Conspiracy with SANDRA OH who wants THE PICTURE of me and a black girl to Be her. The BEYONCE KNOWLES and JAY “Z” connection. Z is for Hori”Z”ontally Wide Big Wide Broad Lower Body.

This is about combing the meaning of my Video Recording and MY Watercolor Artwork with what they’ve already built in the last 3 decades, for MY IDENTITY to BE SANDRA OH. The reason for all the Fraud Documents. It’s a Big GROUP Conspiracy for Catholic Church Theme based on My Life, to have meaning for and be someone else.

This is about SANDRA OH, who wants to be the Artist who “DREW” the DRAWings, it’s why the Custom SHOe and B”OO”T RepAIR store next door is called ANDRE and through the word B”OO”Ts, Sandra Oh wants TB, Tom Bridges Jesus Christs HoriZontal Rings “OO”. Tom Bridges is a Gay male bridging through MOUTHS of Gay Psychobitch Sandra Oh Licking GLORIA Lee and Connie MARIA pecoraro’s PUSSIES.

This is connected to Businesses and Organizations on ST. ANDREWS Square and Place in Hollywood. It’s the reason why in 2007, Sandra Oh began dating a Musician name ANDREW Featherston. AS IF MY Father's identity has meaning for her.

The movie that Constantine Alexander Payne directed and I think won a Oscar for “SIDEWAYS” is about the meaning of my First name SIGNature on the drawing of BENSON Dubois, of Robert GUILL aume, the reason why Sandra Oh went to Sir ROBERT BordEN High School. Because of the name SOUND of Guillaume, which is a French name that sounds like GEE like “guy” “OM”, everything is about the Ear Sound of Words. T "OM" CHristopher Bridges the meaning of my Name SIGNature with a DELUSIONAL Actress who thinks she DREW my drawings.

The ARCHITECTURE of this building “Directors Guild of America” was renovated in the late 90’s. The inside CEILING DESIGN is of “Steps and Stairs” in the color BURGUNDY, the color of my parents Furniture from the 80's. It's connected to why Sandra Oh was in "SIDEWAYS" DIRECTED by CONSTANTINE ALEXANDER PAYNE, connected to meaning of pictures of me on Motorcycle from 80's to be her, and for meaning of MY Name SIGNature of "SANDY" SIGNED SIDEWAYS to be SANDRA OH, as if it's the "NICK" name of her name Sandra. Sandra Oh is a Cancer the CRAB and they WALK SIDEWAYS, and so she thinks she is my name SIGNature and wrote MY WRITINGS of "I WAL Y". Anything to confuse or to combine "SW" of my name with Sandra Oh, who if she doesn't know how to draw, needs to be LOCKED in PRISON for LIFE.

They’ve been building on ThoMAS CHRISTopher Bridges my birthday numbers, and the meaning of My FAC from 1982, and the meaning of my Parents Names to have meaning for Connie Pecoraro for many years, through her Catholic Church Theme of Mother Mary and “Jesus Christ” “JC” because it’s Carl Jung “CJ” backwards and Jung Dung in Korean means Ass. It’s a GROUP “G”riddle Conspiracy to create meaning through words, letters, numbers, the meaning of MY IDENTITY to be SANDRA OH. Tom Bridge CHRIST “3” Gay Ass and Hanging Balls below, in “PI”ous MAT HE MAT Hics Gaym.

I think it was renovated around the same time when they built UCLA’s John Anderson Graduate Business School in the late 90’s and the same time they were renovating the Beverly Hills City Hall. It’s all the same theme of “KEY HOLE” Designs based on my WRITINGS from 1982 and my first boyfriend Stephen Gary Garrisons’ SWEATER. Sandra Oh wants to be the Ear Sound of “S” WETTER, she wants My Wet Vagina to BE HERs, because she’s a Gay Psychobitch. If Hollywood didn’t know it, then they all know it now.

“EW” Either Way, of “RA” and RA” of “OIL” as in T “OO” Gas Stations on F”AIR” Fax x Sunset



meaning of “GN C” and Robbery of Sandy WA”NG” Korean Royal Name for SANDRA “O”

EAR sound of Circle of “O” to be Sandra “OH”
Sandra OH, born in Otta”WA” connections

Reason why Constance Pecoraro created her “No Name GIRL”
Robbing IDENTITY, ART, Intellectual Property, LIFE, in Group Conspiracy

“ELGIN” CHARLES is the connecting link of BLACK “SON”
Sandra OH, Otta”WA” KEY and Aud”RY” connections


RA RA, Either Way, in Going Left to Right as in Forwards, or in Going Backwards, in Robbing the meaning of my name SIGNature, as in my John Hancock on my pencil drawing art from 1981, with OO made with Letter S of my name “Sandy', built as if Sandra OH drew my drawing and is my name SIGNature, copied, twisted and rebuilt through Oil art by Constance Maria Pecoraro, reason why in 2005, “Gery's ANATOMY” tv show was created with Sandra Oh as “CHRIST”ina YANG, in OIL Burns.

Meaning of Either Way, “EW”, is connected to PER..sian word “BB” BORDAN BAKTAN, in “WIN or LOSE”. WIN Left to Right, but if you LOSE, it'll be alright because Going Backwards, it's the EAR sound of “SOL” MATES, as in LOS An”GEL”es, LEG is BELOIT the “ASS” FORM of ANATOMY of “OO” Sandra OH, in EYES are Window to the SOUL, and Windows are made of GL”ASS”, in a MONSTER “ASS CONSPIRACY”, their DISGUISE, in real life Identity Theft, Art Theft and Life Theft.

PER sian words, connected to meaning of PERIOD is a DOT, a circle of “O”, EAR sound of SANDRA OH name. What's left “I DO” in robbing the meaning of My name SIGNature on my art from 1981 and meaning of “OO” is FORM of RINGS that go on RING FINGER when you KNEEL and ASSSSK for HM Hand in Marriage.

Origin of PERSIAN words, moder day IRAN, is connected to “OIL”, like OIL and GLASS Art by Constance Maria Pecoraro, in a monster OIL BLUBBER ASS FORM “OO” Conspiracy. It's about a Persian Poet name HAFIZ, who's work was translated by DANIEL LADINSKY, something they began building 3 Decades ago in ROBBING MY IDENTITY and MY ART from 1981 and 1982 for SANDRA OH. There are large numbers of PERSIANS and ARMENIANS in Los Angeles, specifically BEVERLY HILLS.

This is why you will almost always see TWO OIL GAS Stations on 1 intersection everywhere in Los Angeles, connected to or nearby “TWO” CHURCHES Next to each other, in CATHOLIC Theme OIL ART of MATHemathics of making Money. As if through OIL ART by Constance Pecoraro, connected to FORM of SANDRA OH's ASS IMPLANTS, Sandra Oh is My name SIGNature on MY ART.

Either Way, in “WE” Belong Together, of song “BLACK” on album “TEN” by PEARL JAM. Rhimes with HAM and PAM.

PER sian words, connected to JESUS CHRIST OIL ART by Constance Maria Pecoraro in ROBBING MY Name “SIGN”ature ON MY ART from 1981, reason why TOM CRUISE MAPOTHER named his daughter “SURI” which means ROSE in PERSIAN. EAR sound of “SCIEN”TOLOGY, why is there a SIGNtology Church on CHA rleville Blvd in Beverly Hills? CHA rlies Find “OO” OIL ART by Constance Maria Pecoraro.

PER sian words, and DANIEL LADINSKY who studied with HIN”DU” Indian GURU “BA BA ME HER”, is DIRECTLY connected to CHICA go ILLI”NOIS” SHONDA LYNN RHIMES, and “BA”rack O”BA”ma in “HER SHE YS” ASS Pussy Licking Games built through Constance Pecoraro's CathoLICK Theme Oil Art. ILLI”NOIS” built in by default for Eyes of SON going backwards, connected to Psycho Constance Maria Pecoraro's “No Name GIRL” sketches, created to rob my childhood pictures and My Identity and Name for SANDRA OH.

The WORLD is in a PER “IL” Either Way. Because “ILLI NOIS” NIGGER JEWS have RAPED MY LIFE and ROBBED MY ART, and MY LIVLIHOOD of 2 DECADES working as a Dental Hygienist. So that EVERYTHING about ME, can be SANDRA OH as if she is the Artist of my Artwork in MATHemathics of making Money.


meaning of EW Either Way, BORDAN BAK”TAN” PAL...m of HANDS of SANDRA OH

SPO? Either Way who needs to EAT MY SHIT sitting in a PC Prison Cell BE.HIND BARS for the rest of her life

“WE” Belong Togeth”ER” like NIGGER Rhimes with VEDDER, see David Sexton and FIERCE “WE” in LES FLEUR DU MAL

CHA connections, in ROBBING MY FATHERS IDENTITY for SANDRA OH connected to Spanish word C”HO”CHA is PUSSY, For CHOI YONG YANG

DIRECTOR Geoge “C” S”COTT” of Savage is Loose 1974


Lee H. Montgomery’s childhood movie 1974 Director GEORGE “C” SCOTT

GEORGE Washington the First President
Sandy Wang’s Korean Name of “Sin Won” sound of SHIN WON in the word Wa”SHIN”gt”ON”

reason why Constance Pecoraro’s CATHOLIC THEME OIL ART is connected to GEORGE “C” PAGE C= 3
Constance Pecoraro’s Jesus CHRIST the “SON”, on Page “3” with “OO” RINGS around eyes

GEORGE BURNS Road at Cedars SINai hospital, BLACK “Nigger SON”, RAY CHA….rles Cafeteria

reason why Sandra OH is “Doctor CHRIST”ina Yang on “Grey’s Anatomy’ HOS pital Show

O “ED” I pussy Complex, SANDRA OH and her JEW Fathers WOLF and VEDDER

It’s about MAN and WOMAN, and it’s about VIBE NUMBERS. Art is a “VIBE”, between Lovers.

ROCKS put in the way, of finding my beloved,


“RAV” and “MARQUIS” in YEARS of Human Trafficking = TIME FOR PRISON

Lee Montgomery child actor in this 1974 movie is set in the “O”Cean is the “SEA”

Sandy Wang’s childhood pictures in 1979 OCEAN Avenue in Santa Monica 1979

SEA is the “O”cean on “PAC”ific Coast

CO is NOS”E” in Korean, “E”yes of SON Jesus in “OC” O”ED”ipus Complex themes

MA”RIA” Constance “MARIA” Pecoraro’s “Mother and Son” MARY and JESUS OIL Painting, George “C” Page
Page C = 3 = “SAM” = THREE, CHA rlies Find “OO” Jesus born on CHRIST “MAS”

“AIR” AIR Libra JOSH MIC”CHA” WOLF, their very “PY”ous G. “SUS”
“AIR” “AIR” meaning
SIN CL”AIR” Sin CL”AIR” Fraud Doctor on Barack Obama’s FRAUDULENT BC

built through OIL Art of “JC” Jesus CHRIST, to be about “CJ” Carl JUNG Dung Yee is OIL Blubber “ASS”

Constance Pecoraro and CON Roys “FLOW”ers on BLACKBURN street

CHArlies Find “OO” Mother MARY <3 and John P. “JONES” in Mathemathics of making Money to the “LEFT”

built connected to PEPSEE PUS”SEA” Sandra OH as if she is my childhood pictures


Savage is Loose 1974 GEORGE “C”. S”COTT” movie
COTT in Korean means “FLOW”er, EAR sound of “C”UT
George “C” Page, came to California for the Oranges”

Alan Parson’s Project 1982
meaning of Sandy Wang’s Korean Name “SHIN WON” in the word and name of GEORGE Wa”SHIN”gt”ON”

MA”RIA” MA”RIA” the LEO “FIRE” Sign who was PIMPED for Lee Montgomery in 1981 or 1982?

COTT, CUT the “O”


The “Theme” of Oedipus Complex, “OC” was built connected to “BURNT OFFERING” Lee Montgomery’s movie in 1975

Barack Obama “44”th PresI”DENT” of US

BO connections

CUT the “O”, get two “C C” and FINISH the LINE of “OO”
CUT a SQUARE, and get two “L L”, = Sin “CL” AIR Sin “CL” AIR, on F”AIR”FAX Ave

"O" building of DGA Directors Guild of America, is next to "FAIR"FAX on SUNSET Blvd


G"O"RD"O"N GUILD Rhimes with "FIELD" of GOLD


GOL........"D ART MOUTH" College of Deranged GLO"ria" GORil"LA" Ugly rapist SHONDA LYNN RHIMES

D"ART MOUTH" and entire FIELD of "DEN"TISTRY connections

Sandy Wang’s DENTAL Hygiene License ILLEGALLY revoked in 2013, through White Collar C"RIMES" was about Robbing MY ART and TRADEMAR"Q"

GUIL "T" Sociopaths, Identity Thieves, ART Thieves, who MUST BE LOCKED IN PRISON







Rite Aid, "RA" is "NG", this is about robbing my Korean Royal name of WA"NG" for Sand"RA" Oh who was born in Otta"WA" Canada
RA "NG" ley street name, and the word STRANG"L"E the NEK

Sandy WANG Korean Royal name

Sandy Wang's Patterns of "O 8" in My Name and ART

meaning of "OO"

Sand "RA" Oh who was born in Otta"WA" Canada is an IDENTITY THIEF, ART THEFT, who needs to be LOCKED IN PRISON
SARANG in Korean is LOVE

"THEIR" LOVE seems to be a Sick ILL Twisted LOVE RANGLEY street name

STRANG"L"E World of David Sex "TON"
TARGET TON connections

Jesus CHRIST "CHA"rlie was born in "BETH"leHEM = Josh MIC"CHA" WOLF and his wife "BETH"any "ASH"TON the DIRECTOR
what FILM SCHOOL did BETHANY ASHTON attend, she can be LOCKED IN PRISON, as Co Conspirator of Robbing My Identity for SANDRA OH

ASH "TON" Street next to "FB"I buildnig
Robbing of Sandy Wang's "FB" First Birthday Baby Picture for Sandra OH through BIRTH of JA"COB" WOLF in Seattle WASHINGTON
Synchronized with Birth of "O.H" Olivia and Harper of EDDIE VEDDER and Jill "KRIST"en McKormick in Seattle WASHINGTON
Shonda LYNN RHIMES Harper and the tv show "Grey's Anatomy" created to ROB MY IDENTITY for Sandra OH and RAPE MY LIFE

Sunset KNOLL Be.Hind "C C" apt building



all these addresses with "14" is about robbing my childhood picture of me in White Red shirt "14" from 1980
they built it as if Sandra Oh is my childhood pictures in Los Angeles and it's called IDENTITY THEFT

Sandy Wang in 1980 White Red Shirt "14"

410 is a Astrology VIBE


"19" in Korean is "IL GU" or "GU IL" connected to my pencil drawing of Robert "GU IL" LA UME from 1981
Sandy Wang's pencil drawing from 1981 of Robert Guillaume
Sandy Wang's name SIGNature on this pencil drawing on paper from 1981
Sandy Wang in 1980 White Red Shirt "14"

built as if My Identity is Sandra OH, through "GU IL" 9/1 Virgo Mai"DEN" I"TAL"ian Constance Maria Pecoraro's BIRTHDAY = Two Sick Pussies cat'HO"licking in "MAT"hemathics
Sandra OH who thinks she is all my childhood picture, Licking "PC" CP EARth Virgo Constance Pecoraro's PU"CE"

11 45 address of Shonda LYNN Rhimes CAPri"CORN" the G"OAT" born in CHICA go ILLI"NOIS"
"11/11" birthday of KRISTen McKormick married to Eddie Vedder CAPir"CORN" the G"OAT" born in CHICAgo ILLI"NOIS"
meaning of "45" FORM "OSA" CHRISTina Bern"ARD O" Birthday, watch video

Constance Pecoraro's Jesus CHRIST teh "SON"NY
Constance Pecoraro's "SUNN"Y

Sandra OH as "CHRIST"ina YANG on "Grey's Anatomy", and meaning of "O.U" of Yang Wang and Oh in Korean


429 Repeating Numbers
address of "9420" ROLex Building, CROWN Logo of ROSE Thorns on Jesus
C "L" meaning of ROLEX building ARCHITECTURE

AIR libra Metal of "COPPER"
JP Williams of PARAllel Entertainment in ROLEX is connected to "PJ" Pearl JAM

WILLIAM connections


looks like a GRAY House with a circle of "O"
there is something going on with Sandra OH's HOUSE and it's connected to EDDIE VEDDER's HOUSE in Washington

407 704? Sandra Oh house?
107? Eddie Vedder house?
707 Bridgeway Constance Pecoraro



what's left? "14"
and EXACT "TEN" 10 years in Raping of My LIfe and Robbing of my Art


REAL Estate connections of ROBERT DURST RHIMES with ARREST

RA Rite Aid is next to “GN” C, on F”AIR” Fax ave x Sunset Blvd.

As if Sand”RA” OH is My Korean Name of WA”NG”, connected to where she was born in Otta”WA” CANADA, as if she is MY H”AIR” in 19”84” and in FEB 2006 of My Portrait Drawing.

All “GN” C Vita”MIN” stores is about this, as if MY Parents names of WA”NG” and “MIN” is Sandra Oh's parents names.

Sandy Wang's Father's Korean ROYAL name of WANG
Sandy Wang's Mother's Mai"DEN" Name of "MIN"

"C" with Vision, your Eyes "OO".

Sandy Wangs H"AIR" in Letter 'C' in 1984 and in 2006 COL gate and Og"DEN" connections

The building of “CC” Casa Cecilia BE.HIND the Directors Guild of America, CONFIRMS the meaning of “CUT” the “O” and FINISH THE LINE. The “LINE” of My Name SIGNature, as in my John Hancock on MY ART from 1981 of Robert Guillaume, who was Benson Dubois the Butler to the Governor on tv show, to have been done by SANDRA “O”, as if she is my Name SIGNature, through ARCHITECTURE buildings with “O”, as if she is the ARTIST of my ART.

Benson Dubois is HOLDING a Magnifying Glass with an "E"ye in a Circle of "O", and because the "O" Sounds like Sandra OH name, they've been building for 3 decades as if Sandra OH drew my drawings from 1981 and 1982 and is My name SIGNature, my J"OH"N Hancock because the name of J"OH"N has her name of "OH". This is why they built her school SIR ROBERT BORDEN in Canada, AFTER I drew my drawing of Robert Guillaume in 1981.

1414 building, in Cut the “O” of 41”O” VIBE and FINISH the LINE for FORM of RINGS “OO” that go on 4th Finger of two people who MERRY MARRY. As if my childhood picture in 1980 of me wearing a White Red shirt with “14” is Sandra “O”.

BE.HIND CC building is WEST.....KNOLL. EAR sound of LOK.

Jesus Christ Oil Painting by Constance Maria Pecoraro, was born in the COL.....d on CH "RIS" T MAS. "SIR" Robert BORDEN Sandra OH high School name in robbing my John Han"COCK" RHIMES with GOLD C"LOCK" the Pea"COCK" is a BIRD in Tom "BURGESS" Birds in F"LOCK"S. Reason why she is "CHRIST"ina Yang on "Grey's Anatomy".

AC. Action. "Q"UT.

Concrete Evidence of CUT the “O” in HALF, and you get “C C” and you use this, to FINISH the LINE of meaning of My Name SIGNature on my art from 1981, my J”OH”n HANcock, with OO made with letter S of my name Sandy signed “SIDEWAYS”, the incomplete sideway letter S.

Built through Tom “C”HAND”ler Bridges and Robs my Name SIGNature through her name of C”HAND” and Spanish word MAN”OS”, in creating meaning Going Backwards for Sandra Oh “SO”, as if she is My name SIGNature, built through RINGS around Jesus CHRIST Eyes “OO”, reason why in 2005, “Grey's Anatomy” was created with Sandra Oh as “CHRIST”ina Yang, OIL BURNS for KEN “Q”UEST FOR FIRE, in CHRISTina “BERN ARD O” U “TA” URUS connections of why they created Sandra Oh's talent agency U”TA”.

Sandra Oh was married to DIRECTOR of “SIDEWAYS”, CAPri”CORN” sign the G”OAT” CAP Constantine Alexander Payne, “GREEK Director” in GREECE sound of GREASE is OIL as in LARD and OIL BURNS for Jesus CHRIST “CHARLIES FIND”. As if she is the Artist of my pencil drawing from 1981 of Robert Guillaume, who was Benson Dubois, the BUTLER to the Governor on tv show. Reason for DECADES of HARDSHIP IN MY LIFE, and the REASON for Horrific Repeated ROBBERY and RAPING OF MY LIFE connected to Repeating NUMBERS in MATHemathics of making Money as if Sandra OH was MY IDENTITY and ARTIST of MY ARTWORK. As if she is My PORTRAIT DRAWING I drew in Feb 2006. As if My NAME SIGNature and MY PORTRAIT Drawing, is the FORM of this BORDERLINE PSYCHOTIC PAT”HO”LOGICAL LI”AR” ACTRESS SANDRA OH's ASS PUSSY FORM, HER ANATOMY.


CONROYS FLOWers, Tom “BURGESS” KAR..en BLACK BURN Nigger CLI”TO RIS” on LA C ie “NIGGER” Blvd for CP Constance Pecoraro's Jesus CHRIST “CHA”rlies Find

Y.E.A.R.S of Terror, Hardship, and Repeated “PUBLIC RAPING” of MY LIFE, MY ART, for Actress SANDRA OH, in MATHemathics of making Money as if she was MY IDENTITY and ARTIST OF MY PRICELESS ARTWORK which were all STOLEN in 2009 through WHITE COLLAR C”RIMES”.

Years of White Collar “CRIMES” which were PREMEDITATED as in PREPLANNED to Sabotage My LIFE

Sandy Wang's TradeMAR Q" in circl eof "O" and "QUT the O" meaning

SANDY WANG's H”AIR” shape in “C” in 1984, and in Feb 2006, OG”DEN” COLE.Gate, CENT SCENT SENTENCING of C”RIMES” in CA and Worldwide

PAL......m of HANDS of SANDRA OH in Sept 2014



Circle of "O", QUT it in Half, and get 'C C', and use these lines to FINISH the LINE of My John Hancock letter "S" of my name Sandy, signed Sideways with incomplete form of OO.

Robbing of my Name SIGNature on my Pencil Drawing on paper in 1981, copied, rebuilt to be about FORM of SANDRA OH's ANATOMY, of "OO" is OIL ASS BENding and OverLAPping creates () Pussy CliTO"RIS", in the word CH"RIS"T and W"RIS"T, like a nice "ROL"ex Watch.

Robbing of my John Hancock Name SIGNature on my pencil drawing on paper from 1981, copied, rebuilt and recreated to be FORM of SANDRA OH's ASS PUSSY in a Group Conspira......"CY", while PREMEDITATING and PLANNING to FRAME ME, to LOCK me in Jail in Conspiracy of T "OO".

This is why BE.HIND of "CC" apt is WEST "KNOLL". LOK. They've built as if Sandra Oh is My Korean Name through Naming of STREET NAMES in "WEST" Hollywood and throughout Los Angeles and State of CA. WEST "BOURNE, street name is next to WEST "KNOLL", and see my full Birthday Numbers of 8/13/69 and Social Security Number in Addresses in MATHemathics of making money as if Sandra Oh is My Identity and ARTIST of my ARTWORK built through Street names and Business names with specific NUMBER addresses.

Cut the ONE EAR sound of "WON" Circle of "O" to rob my Korean Name of SIN "WON", and Finish the Line for "OO" in Robbing of my American Name SIGNature of Sandy, and My Korean ROYAL Name of WANG in Korean Characters of "TO TO" with Two circles.

This is linked to SANDRA OH and "YV"ett"A" "YV"ett"E", AE.SCUL.APIUS in meaning of HER SHE YS CAM Dung Yee JUNG Dung Yee NIGGER'S Ass Pussy BO"G" Cli"TO RIS" Licking Games, and the PAL....m of HANDS.

WEST KNOLL connections to PAL..m HANDS SANDRA OH in Sept 2014 and "YV"ett"A" "YV"ett"E" connections

Valerie JAR "ETTE" and meaning of CUT the "JAR O" GL"ASS" and FINISH the LINE

reason why An"DREW" "JAR"ecki made "ROBERT DURST" real life Rhimes with ARREST

these ARCHITECTURE in Real Estate is linked Worldwide

Sandy Wang's H"AIR" in 19"84" and in 2006 connections, "08" patterns, and read about GL"ASSSSSSSS" GLORIA LEE ASS connections

Silence of the LAMbs, like Silent Letters in Names, BLACK, "EWE" Belong Together, Life in the S"LAM"MER.

MAR "Q".U.I.S.

B"RED" is staple food of I"TAL"ians, as in PECORINA is SHEEP in I"TAL"ian and "EWE" is a Female SHEEP.


Why don't you "TUQ" it in between your Legs. J a G y in Korean is Dik or Penis and John Han"COCK" must be a Dick. GOLD is GUM. JAM Rhimes with HAM and PAM, JAM ie GUM b in "Silence of the Lambs".

Real Life "LO REIGN NA" BOB ITT. BOB is the "NIK" of ROBERT.

MY NAME “SIGN”ature of “SANDY” on BENSON drawing

Sandy Wang's CHRISTMAS childhood picture with my DOG Frenchy

Lee Montgomery's Birthday numbers "113" meaning and connections

WANG in Korean Characters

The PI Connections

Sandy Wang's Parents

Sandy Wang's Father's Music Band from 50's MORNING "STARS"

Sandy Wang's Writings in 1982 I "WAL" Y


Sandy Wang's First boyfriend STEP hen Garrison AIR Gemini in the 80's

Lee H. Montgomery who was Danny Garrison in the movie "BEN"


Sandy Wang's Dog JACK's Adoption Papers and name of "HEAT HER" Leo FIRE Her

SOHO "R" NY, found Naked and Limp

LAUGH FACTORY across the street



Japanese Temple on Crescent Heights

Up on Crescent Heights on Mulholland Drive is the DOG Park where I met Josh Wolf


Tom Bridges LADLES Riddles and LAD in “SKY”

BEVERLY HILLS CITY HALL and LIBRA ry Architecture and SAME COLOR as Stephen's Sweater

Key Hole Connections

TRI PYRAMID on top of Green building at PACIFIC DESIGN CENTER

Sandra Oh Disturbed Actress IDENTITY THIEF

Sandra Oh and ANDREW Featherston

Sandra Oh who went to SIR ROBERT BORDEN high school

Sandra Oh who was married to "DIRECTOR" Constantine Alexander Payne



lying sociopath fag


of Repeating Numbers of ROLEX Building address 9420 WILshire blvd

a regular on CHEL "SEA" HANDLER Tv show

Josh Wolf who went to "TRI"inity University in SAN Antonio Texas

Connie Pecoraro’s CATHOLIC theme

Horney Son Jesus CHRIST “Charlie’s Find”

like the HP Hewlett “PAC” k ARD BIRDS

“CAP” Constantine Alexander Payne DIRECTOR of “Sideways” Sandra Oh’s Ex Husband

Dr. CRIST ina Yang on “Grey’s Anatomy” “GN” + “WA”shington = WANG

CAP’s Production Company “AD HO MINEM Enterprises”

Nikki “G”RIMES

The “GRID” Connections

Constance Pecoraro’s “NO NG”

Psycho Constance Pecoraro's "SUN"NY in 2011

JOSH WOLF's Blocked "new" Website in 2011

AIR LIBRA JOSH WOLF Copper Metal connections


EAR as in Sound of Words

HERnDON Virginia

Dead and Abandoned Mark ISN”T That LIFE?

PYRAMID Houses on Callon Drive TOPANGA

20360 Callon Drive TOPANGA and "PENNY" Road

FRAUD is in the Details


TONY SCOTT DIRECTOR of “TOP GUN” commits suicide off VINCENT THOMAS BRIDGE August 19, 2012

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