Carl Jungs Analytical Psychology involves the ANIMA and ANIMUS “ARCH”etypes. This is one of the reasons why Connie Maria Pecoraro modeled for a FORD MUS Tang Car. AN atomy of “EYE” i. There are FOUR basic levels in the development of Anima, and Carl Jung named them EVE, HELEN, MARY and SOPHIA. The reason why Connie Pecoraro’s favorite childhood hero is HELEN KELLER, the reason why they want Carl Jung “CJ” to have meaning for her Mother MARY and Jesus Christ Catholic Theme in SaUSalitO. She wants MY MOTHER’S NAME of JUNG JA MIN to have meaning for her because Mother is MOM and MOM in Korean is BODY.

Ani “MA” Ani MUS, what’s missing? RIA, MARIA FORD MUStang CAR MAdel. For AIR LIBRA Josh MICCHA WOLF in Mother Son OEDIPUSSY Complex, based on Lee Montgomery’s “SAVAGE IS LOOSE” and meaning of MY Parents Names. Can’t seem to make that AIR “FIT” with MARIA, originally connected to LEE HARCOURT MONTGOMERY with GOLD I Lock of BL “ON” DE HAIR MARIA from 20360 Callon Drive TOPANGA. Awww, Air Disaster.

This word ARCH etypes is connected to ARCH itecture, specifically the STEPS and ST”AIR”S Key Hole Designs in Architecture. This is about MY ARCHitectural drawing of my parents Garage and backyard in 1982. For Mother MA “RIA” and her SON Jesus Christ in OEDPIUS COMPLEX Sex Game. CAR l Jung, and MA ria don’t’ mix well.

PEC oraro, PECtoral MUS cle of the CHEST, her Son JESUS Christ MUST be looking for TITS through my Catholic HIGH school.

Connie Mother MARIA Pecoraro, wants the drawing I did of BENSON DUBOIS in 1982, to have been DONE by her. This drawing is a CARIA CATure drawing, one of the main reasons why she created her CAT holic Church Theme of Mother Mary and Jesus Christ the SON. CARIA rhymes with MARIA, and she has a CAT name Dudley. EARth Virgo, sound of KARMA.

CAR and the name “MA”ria don’t mix well, for EARth sign Virgo the Mai”DEN” Constance Maria Pecoraro.

Connie Ma”RIA” Pecoraro who wants my Portrait drawing H”AIR” to have meaning for her middle name backwards, with Sand “RA” “OH” who wants my Upper Left TWO Links of “HO”me and “AR”tits to have meaning for her name going backwards, it’s TWO DISTURBED Gay Psychobitches LiQing Pussies.

In the 80’s while I was growing up, I had a Red OX FORD Dictionary. It SOUNDS like DICK SHE ON AIRY, which is connected to AIR Libra Josh Wolf, Libra rules the “KID”neys. Like my name SIGNature on Benson with Asterisk symbol, through the EAR Sound of words, it becomes “ASS”terisk symBOWEL. This is connected to TOM CRUISE and SCIENTOLOGY and Ear Sound of words. I had this Dictionary for almost 20 yrs, and in 2004 I threw it out. This is connected to Brett Bern, or someone who is connected to Brett Bern, who sent me the Email about me “looking up words”.

I had my CHARLIE BROWN Snoopy dog bank for many years. I had no idea there was a Rex”FORD” DRIVE and a CHARLEville Blvd in Beverly Hills, until 2007. This was a reason why MAR”SH”ALL “BROWN” who went to FORDham University in NYC was PIMPED and whatever he is doing living in “FLO”rida, is connected to Josh w”OLF” in San Fernando Valley. These are the reasons why Connie Pecoraro modeled for a FORD mustang car, and named her Jesus Christ “Charlie’s Find”, and her her “No Name Girl” website domain registered in HERN”DON” Virginia, because “DON” in Korean means MONEY and Money goes into a BANK. NAB or NABE in Korean means BUTTERFLY, and Connie Pecoraro wants my childhood pictures, through her No Name Girl, have meaning for herself and for SANDRA OH. The REASON WHY MY DOG JACK was stolen in 2009, with all my Artwork and my CAR. It’s connected to Tom Cruise Katie Holmes, Connie Pecoraro and Josh Wolf. THEIR GAYM is “CAT”holic CHerCh Gaym. They HATE and ENVY everything about me, my Wet Vagina, my WATERcolor Artwork and my sweet dog Jack. WHILE ROBBING and RAPING MY LIFE and EVERYTHING IN MY LIFE to have meaning for them.

CHA in Korean means two things, it means Car and Tea. “CHA” is in the name Mic”CHA” as in Josh Mic”CHA” Wolf but his middle name is pronounced with a “KA”. This Korean Word meaning and MY father’s Identity as a Gifted “MUS”ician and “TEA”cher, was the reason why Connie Maria Pecoraro modeled for a FORD “MUS”tang CAR. The word FORD is about the number “4”.

Connie Pecoraro’s Jesus CHRIST is titled as “CHArlie’s Find” because it’s based on MY childhood CHRIST “MAS” “3” picture of me and my dog Frenchy and my Mother. Because there is a CONifer Tree, and because MY HAIR is PARTED in the Midline, Connie MOTHER Mary “M”aria wants the word H”AIR” to have meaning for her middle name, and because she is a Virgo the Mai”DEN”, she wants to have meaning in my Mother’s Maiden name of Jung Ja “MIN”. T”OM” CHRISTopher Bridges Connie Pecoraro on Bridgeway with her CATHOLIQ C”HER”CH Theme.

The word FOUR is about the way how my LEGS are positioned in this childhood picture, with a shirt that has “O”. The word “4” has the vowels of “OU” and this is about the meaning of T”O”ngue and T”U”ngs”TEN”, in their CAT HOLICK Theme of MAT He MAT Hics of WOLFramite and Scheelite, Josh Wolf born in the month of TEN, October. Based on this childhood picture, it’s a Gay Jesus LIQing GAY ASS and BALLS.

The reason why her Jesus CHRIST is name “Charlie” is about my CHARLIE Brown Snoopy Clear Glass Dog “BANK” I had for many years. NABE or NAB in Korean means BUTTER Fly. Butterfly is about the childhood pictures of me wearing a Butterly Shirt. BANK has this syllable going backwards. This is connected to a street in San Fernando Valley called “MIL BANK” which intersects with MATilija Avenue. They want the letter “M” to be Maria and “M”oney, IL is ONE in Korean, and they want her Catholic Theme based on MY Childhood pictures, MY Name SIGNatures on my BENSON drawing, my FAC from 1982 to have meaning and to have been DONE by Connie “M”aria Pecoraro, the reason why she registered her Website at “HER”N”DON” Virginia. DON in Korean means Money.

My childhood picture of me wearing Butterfly “HAL”ter Top standing on the MOUNTAIN, is why Connie Pecoraro says she got her Art Degree from “SAN” Jose University, because SAN in Korean means Mountain. The “HAL” in this word is connected to Heath Andrew Ledger. It’s connected to Tom Bridges Larry RosenT “HAL” the “DEN”tist in NYC with Mother Mary VIRGO the Mai”DEN”. It’s a Big Group Conspiracy with Many people’s names “OM”ing and being “BRIDGED” by a fag, to Equal ONE of me and MY Artwork.

“OO” Rings around “Charlie’s Find” eyes is about my GOLD CLOCK which folds in a “O”. Connie Pecoraro, through GOLD I LOCK of Blonde H”AIR” Females wants this Lock to have meaning for her and for a fag name Tom Bridges to bridge her with the meaning of LEO and it’s Metal GOLD. This theme has been going on for many years.

MUStang is about my Father’s pictures because he was a Gifted “MUS”ician and TEA C”HER”.

They want Josh Wolf to have meaning in my Father’s name and identity and Connie Pecoraro to have meaning in my Mother’s name and identity. And through Tom Bridges, who has the same birthday as me of 8/13, he bridges the field of “DEN”tistry for Mother Mary Virgo the Mai”DEN”. Anytime there is this syllable, it’s connected to Psycho Mother Pecoraro.

FORD is about the street name Rex”FORD” Drive in Beverly Hills, Nessah Synagogue and Beverly Hills City Hall and LIBRAry.

M ust ANG is about my last name “W”ANG, upside down.

The reason why in 2009 into 2010 there has been so many “TEA PARTIES” is about changing the meaning of CAR model “MA”ria, EARth Virgo Psycho Pecoraro. Mother Mary MARia and Jesus CHRIST the Son MIC”KA” = KARMA.

I think there are people who intentionally want Connie Pecoraro to have meaning in Ford Mustang Car. It’s connected to Rex”FORD” Drive in Beverly Hills. It's about the movie "Midnight Hour", I think the town in the movie was called Pick"FORD", which has Street Names in Beverly Hills. The reason why Connie Pecoraro had the name PHIL on her website page, I think this is her father's name. I think her mother's name is CAROLINE Pecoraro.

In the beginning of the movie “Midnight Hour” the Two Streets which has the same names of Streets in Beverly Hills “INTERSECT”, in Real Life, these streets run PARALLEL. I think it’s the reason why they created PARALLEL Entertainment Agency, Josh Wolf’s agent in the Rolex Building on Wilshire Blvd in Beverly Hills.

Connie Pecoraro says she got her Art Degree from SAN JOSE University. This is a LIE, like everything else about Connie Pecoraro is a FRAUD.

If you take M ust ANG “WANG” and SAN JOSE "SAN", and her cat's name DudleY "DY", you've got my full name of SANDY WANG.
San JO”SE” is about the Korean word for BIRD which is “SE”. Tom Bridges the BIRDS on BRIDGEWAY Sausalito.

The reason why Connie Pecoraro wants the Korean Word SAN to have meaning for her is because she wants my Childhood Pictures to have meaning for her, and to some extent to be HER. Almost all of her “No name girl, Anomiee, Abby” is an infringement of my Childhood Pictures. Pecoraro also wants my Powerful Signature “SANDY” on a drawing I did in 1982 of BENSON, Robert Guillaume to have been done by her. Why would an Artist Sign their SCHOOL’S name on a piece of artwork. If it isn’t for her, EVERYTHING about Connie Pecoraro is about supporting SANDRA OH as MY IDENTITY, connected to my All Girl’s Catholic High School ST. VIN”CENT” FERRER.

Sandra Oh also wants this Powerful Signature to be her. Because the word “DRAwings” has “DRA” in it, SanDRA Oh wants to be the artist who did this drawing. This is one of the reasons why she began dating a MUSician name Andrew Featherston. “DREW” is the past tense of “DRA” and she wants people to think she DREW the DRAWing of BENSON. Almost everything I write about Connie Pecoraro, it’s the same for Sandra Oh.

Ford makes Mustang and TAURUS as in Sandra Oh's agency UTA, UTAUrus, BONO and Brett Bern Taurus.

Through T”OM” Cruise Mapother “Mother”, Connie Maria Pecoraro is “OM” with Italian MADONNA. Connie Pecoraro is Tom Cruise Mapother and Katie Holmes “PUPPET” to the World.

Through words like M ust ANG, and wanting the picture of me sitting on the ROOF to have meaning for her "Perfect Teeth" through a gay dentist name TOM Bridges, Connie Maria Pecoraro, who wants her middle name Ma"RIA" to have meaning in my portrait drawing H"AIR" backwards, MUST be dreaming of licking my wet vagina.

Because my father was a gifted musician and Teacher, T"OM" Cruise wants my father's Identity to have meaning for "HER". This is connected to Connie Pecoraro's oil painting of "CHArlie's Find".

This is the reason why Josh Wolf has the saying on his Myspace webpage, "Make it Happen". Make it Happen is a song title of MARIA H "CAR"ey. Connie Pecoraro's middle name is MARIA and it's about the CATHOLIC Theme of Mother Mary Maria and her SON Jesus CHRIST "Charlie". I think Josh Wolf's mother's name is KATherine.

Make it Happen is also about the acronym of "MH" Midnight Hour, with Lee H. Montgomery as Phil Grenville. They want the word HOUR to be about HOUR GLASS body, the reason why Connie Pecoraro does Glass Artwork.

The name PHIL Grenville is the reason why Pecoraro has this name on her webpage. I think this is her father's name. Phil also sounds like FILL, as in Filling Cavities, which cavities, Oral Cavities, because T"OM" Bridges is going to bridge "Charliee's Find" by Drilling Holes and FILLing Cavities, and bridge Oral Sex, through MOUTHS.

This is why when I met Connie Pecoraro, she asked me to go to Union Art Festival and then to C"OM"ET Club on "FILL"more Street in San Francisco. We then went to a SUSHI Restaurant in NORthbeach. Tom and Katie's first date I think was at a Sushi Restaurant. I did my Blue and Red Korean Flag watercolor painting, with FISH in 2004.

GREN is the reason why T"OM" Cruise is Nathan AL"GREN" in The Last Samurai.

GREN spelling is similar to the word GREEN, the reason why Josh Wolf drives a GREEN MINi Van with the license plate letters with "KCP". The same reason why Connie Pecoraro drives a Green Station Wagon with the numbers 173. 3/17 is St. PATRICKS Day and it's GREEN, and this is Josh Wolf's Son Jacob's birthday.

Through T"OM" Cruise Mapother, both Connie Pecoraro and Josh Wolf wants my LT 173 Leadership Training to have meaning for them. I think it's the reason why Josh Wolf's son Jacob's birth was induced on this specific date.

The Card which was given to me unsigned is "Impromtu", and this is about the GREEN Prom dress I designed and had it made in high school.

GREEN is the color of POT, as in MA"POT"HER, and this is related to the Element of Air and to "MUS"eum Square on Wilshire Blvd, Miracle Mile. The street next to the museum is called "Courtyard Place". The reason why Josh Wolf's GREEN license place is "KCP".

The theme of Pot has been around for many years with Tom Cruise Ma"POT"HER. Another name for Pot is MAJIJUANA, and it rhymes with DEJUANA, and this is the name of a Cuban RUBEN Dejuana who I dated for a short time after I broke up with Stephen in 1991. RU "BEN". I never told him anything about my Artwork or my drawing of BENSON. His name initials "RD" are connected to Rexford Drive. He is a Tom Cruise lookalike except his has sexy "Bedroom Eyes".

He once asked me, if we had a child together, who the child would look like. He said to me, he would looke like KEANU REEVES. I now know why he said this and it's all connected to the street names in Beverly Hills. There is a REEVES Street and it runs Parallel to Rexford Drive. This is all ulitmately connected to the MATRIX, with Keanu Reeves.

REXFORD is the reason why Connie Pecoraro was a FORD Mustang car model, REX rhymes with SEX and Connie Pecoraro wants everything having to do with SEX to have meaning for her. Ruben is CUBAN, the reason why there is a Cuban Restaurant called "VERSAILLES" on La Cienega. The name of his restaurant is about "Art is a CON "VERSA" Tion" in a poem. The reason why there is a car named VERSA made by NISSAN. Connie Pecoraro who says she got her Art Degree from "SAN" Jose University wants the Korean Word for "SAN" to have meaning for her because it means Mountain in Korean, and it has to do with my NAME Signature on BENSON. MAT "RIX" "REX", IE SEX, Art is a CONversation. Charleville Blvd, "Charlie's Find". "i" sounds like "Eye" and it's about the BENSON'S "EYE"ball looking through the Magnifying Glass.

Ruben Dejuana worked for Jennifer Convertibles, "JC", "Jesus Christ", "Carl Jung", and I think he still does. I think this is one of the reasons why Tom was Jumping on the Couch "JC" on Oprah Winfrey. This is also why he was in the movie "Jerry MaGuire" with CUBA Gooding Jr. PAUL RUBEN.

There is also Versailles Properties, I think they are condos and they are building buildings throughout Los Angeles, and it's based on my Artwork and the Video Recording of me who they want it to be Connie Pecoraro or Sandra Oh. Real Estate is very big in this, because of the Architectural drawing I did in this FAC in 1982.

Connie Pecoraro modeling for a Ford Mustang Car is connected to Rex”FORD” Drive in Beverly Hills.

Like CHRIST “SAM” Ass and RA don’t mix well, as in SAM SA RA, “3”arth Virgo PecoRAro in SAusalito, CAR and MA ria don’t mix well.

CHA = Tea and CAR in Korean. The reason why Connie Pecoraro modeled for a CAR. TEA is about the word TEAC"HER" because My Father was a Gifted Musician and a TeaCHER, and through T"OM" Cruise Mapot"HER", and Catholic C"HUR"CH Theme, Connie Pecoraro wants my Father's Penis Size of "8" inches Hung like Wild Mustang, to have meaning for her.

2009-2010, Lots of "TEA" Parties, trying to "CHA"nge the meaning of Ear Sound EARth Virgo CAR MA del MAria. Must've meant and been something before it, to try to change the meaning.

CHA pped, Cracked and Dry Connie Maria Pecoraro, who wants My Wet Vagina and my 5.5 yrs relationship with my FIRst boyfriend Stephen Garrison to have meaning for her through the Renovation of Beverly Hills City Hall "S"wetter Design and "Key Hole Connections", who wants the Video Recording of my Wet Vagina to BE HER, who wants MY WATERcolor Artwork to have meaning for her, dreaming of Liqing me since the Day I was Born through a Fag name Tom Bridges birthday numbers "8/13/72". Tom Bridges Big BLUBBER OIL ASSES in their CATHOLIQ Church Theme OIL Paintings on Bridgeway.

Discovery 2012 of RENEE's COURTYARD in Santa Monica with connections to T "REX", connected to REX FORD Drive in Beverly Hills. This is the REASON why Constance Maria Pecoraro modeled for a FORD MUStang QAR, connected to the word "MUS KO GEE" on Colorado Royal Gorge Bridge.

MANG”O” Sandi = Sandy WANG and federally registered trademark in circle of “O”,
add “S” to Mang”OS” and Sandra OH is My Name on MY ART for MATHemathics of making MONEY =
Borderline PSYCHOTIC Raping Game

Monster LEAF on “MOK AGE” connections = SANDRA OH must be LOCKED IN PRISON FOR LIFE

Gay Psychobitch SANDRA OH CathoLICKING MY Ass and EATING my SHIT every TU“ES”days

through the word BAN “O”, in Going Backwards, Butterflies “TASTE” with their FEET, of SANDRA OH CathoLI”Q”ing MARIposA Glo”RIA Ass Pussy

Same reason why Constance “MA”Ria Pecoraro modeled for M ust ANG “QAR”
Ready to D “I” E on 707 Bridgeway psycho Constance PECORARO going to PRISON is a GIVEN


The above meaning of Constance Maria Pecoraro and the reason why she modeled for a M ust ANG CAR, which is “CHA” in Korean, is REAL. This MANGO company PROVES it. It’s connected to ROBBING of My Parents Names, My Mother to have meaning for Constance Pecoraro and My Father’s name to have meaning for JOSH Mic’CHA’ WOLF. And for MY IDENTITY to BE SANDRA OH. This is WHY Constance Pecoraro titled her Jesus CHRIST “CHA”rlie Catholic Theme OIL ARTWORK and the reason why Sandra OH Doctor “CHRIST”ina Yang on “Greys Anatomy” in a GROUP CONSPIRACY. OIL and WATER don’t mix, like sick psychobitches like PECORARO OH and I don’t mix.

EARth Virgo, in EAR sound of words, MARIA, MI”CHA”, MI”KA”, KARMA “Q”ARMA built in by default. EARth and “HOR”izontally built in FLAG of US Flag with STARS on the Upper Left, don’t mix well either.

MANG “O”. MANG is WANG upside down. 69 is My Year of Birth.

SANDI MANG “O”S, as if SANDRA OH “SO” is My Name SIGNature of “SANDY” on MY Drawings, as if she is the ARTIST and OWNER of MY FEDERALLY REGISTERED TRADEMARK in Circle of “O” the sound of name of Sandra “OH”.

Man “GO”, as if through color Olive Green, and her mother’s name of Young “NAM”, Sandra OH is MY IDENTITY working as a “GO” in Club Med in 1992.

Mang O, begins and ends with “MO”, as if SANDRA OH is ARTIST of MY “OM” Symbol ARTWORK in circles of “O”, the sound of her Name OH.

Mang “OS”, Going BACKwards, OO is FORM of HANDCUFFS and this Borderline Psychotic Actress SANDRA OH MUST BE LOCKED IN PRISON FOR LIFE. OO turns into “8”, TILT your HEAD SANDRA OH, who thinks she is MY PORTRAIT Drawing with Vertical Eight in MY EYES, PRISON BARS are VERTICAL and PARALLEL.

TAYSTEE, BUTTERFLIES, “NAB”, TASTE with their “FEET”, BAL is “FOOT” in Korean connections.

This Deranged PSYCHO Mother in the SHOWer Shoe Shaw, CONSTANCE PECORARO is going to PRISON FOR LIFE.

Discovery 2014, monster Thomas Harris HANNIBAL connections, in Raping of MY LIFE and ART, that's been PREPLANNED and all PREMEDITATED ORGANIZED CRIMES, connected to CATHOLIC THEME OIL ART by Constance Psycho Pecoraro.

Constance Pecoraro modeled for a MUSTANG Car, connected to My Ex Boyfriend Marshall Brown and his School name of “FORD HAM University”. Pecoraro is a IDENTITY THIEF, ART THIEF and LIFE THIEF, a Con Artist on Bridgeway SAUSALITO CA who needs to be LOCKED IN PRISON FOR LIFE.

She thinks she has meaning in Marshall Brown's Mother, because her name is “CONNIE”. = PSYCHO.

Marshall Brown of "FORD"ham University

Constance Maria Pecoraro and meaning of “OS” Other Side of Sausalito monster connections = LIFE IN PRISON

this is all explained in HANNI”BAL” the Canni”BAL” and the VERGER Family

Sandy Wang’s Childhood Pictures

My Father’s Music Band “Morning Stars”

meaning of Sandy Wang’s Parents Names

Sandy Wang's childhood picture in 1982 CHRIST “MAS” 3 “Ass”

meaning of “CHA” Syllable


Midnight Hour

Sandy Wang's LP 173 Leadership Training 1997

Sandy Wang in 1998 Royal Gorge Bridge See SIGN with "MUS Ko Gee"

Korean Words

Tom CHRISTopher Bridges “DEN”tists and MOUTHS

Tom CHRISTopher Bridges Birth Year 1972? PRISON TIME

Virgo Mai”DEN” Psycho Pecoraro and “DEN” connections

CAT HOLiQ C Her Ch theme

Connie Pecoraro Mother Mary CATHOLIC Theme

“OO” H=OO = Ass on REXFORD Drive Beverly Hills

WOLFramite Scheelite "FOUR" WOLF Brothers


MAT He MAT Hics of MATilija x Mil”BANK”

Marshall Brown of "FORD"ham University

Renee Leigh of "FORD"ham University

Tom Cruise Mapother "FOUR"th



JAY “FORD” in “MAL”ibu

Mi”CHA”el Davis Sapir

“CHA” Car and TEA

Element of AIR

GLO “RIA” Catherine Lee “AIR” Gemini

"MUS"eum Square


"HER"N"DON" Virginia

Dead and AbanDONed Mark of Constance Pecoraro

Pecoraro who modeled for FORD MUSTang Car


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