Front Door and Back Door
GOLD FRAMED Art by Psycho Constance Maria Pecoraro


GOLD FRAMES of “BO” BURNT OFFERING HORROR Nigh M”AIR” movie from 1976 scroll down to bottom

Kar”EN” BLACK from “BURN”t Offering = BLACK BURN Street x LA Cienega Blvd

FRONT and BACK D “OO” RS of ASS and TIT FORM for Pysous Jesus HOR DICK JOSH MIC”CHA” WOLF, Constance Maria Pecoraro’s jesus “CHA”rlie, OIL ARTWORK with big Horizontal Rings around his eyes, for meaning of MY “JOHN HANCOCK” to be about FORM of Ass and Tits in MATHemathics of making MONEY thorugh PIMPING of “ANATOMY” of “CP” Cunts and Pussies for JOSH WOLF.

Reason why if JOSH WOLF isn’t married to Bethany Ashton and/or can’t prove his marriage, he is going to PRISON for a very long time.

The TITLES and the FRAMES are much more important than any of the shitty Paintings by Constance Pecoraro. Pecoraro is a EVIL very disturbed PSYCHO BITCH who thinks she has meaning in MY Parents Names, MY ART, MY LIFE, EVERYTHING about MY IDENTITY and NAME.

Everything below was written previous to 2011.

How long has the Peeping, Spying, Claustrophobically Controlling of my life been going on? Since I did my First Artwork Collection in 1982, created a Powerful SIGNATURE on a drawing, and wrote Writings “KEY to my SOUL”.

407 E. 87the Street, NYC 10021.

707 Bridgeway, Sausalito, CA 94965.

What’s Missing? 48. For who? For what? For Tits and Ass “OO” “OO”, for TOO JOOS with 2 7 inch Jewish DKS Ball S LAP Fucking on Bridgeway.

For who? For What? FOUR EighT.

April 1999. Hand CUFFs FUC. “OO” Artwork Hands. CHARLES GRAVES.

April 2009. Hand CUFFs FUC. “OO” Artwork Hands. CHARLIES FIND, ALL MY SONS.

TEN. Sand”YWA”ng.NET. Tom CHRISTopher BRIDGES a fag Anal Oral hole fucking dk bridges Bridge”WAY” and T, AO. For SH SH SH SHOWED me the “WAY” because she’s got the MERCEDES BENZ.

GLO “RIA” Catherine Lee’s Birthday Numbers 5/29 AIR Gemini, and 9/25 “O” Mercedes BENz Address. “GOL”D D=4=FOUR. Connie ma”RIA” Pecoraro “OM”ing with Glo”RIA” Lee’s Identity, so that through HER, she can have meaning in the Element of AIR, for Josh Mic”CHA” Wolf, Air Libra.

So that the meaning of Smoking SUCking in “AIR” Green MA POT “HER”, RX Pharmacy SX, ReX FORD Mustang CAR model MARIA, can have meaning for her. So that EVERYTHING about MY LIFE can have meaning for and BE Her, THROUGH Gloria Lee’s Identity because we grew up together and went to the same ST. VINCENT FERRER High Sch”OO”l. MARIA Licking GLORIA, Maria dreaming of Licking my WET Vagina, like Video Recording Dub, since the picture of me sitting on Gloria’s Lee’s R”OO”F.

“O” is a HOLE. Robert Guillaume as BENSON DuBOis is a Male, HOLDING a Magnifying GL”ASS” with Lower Right Signature with Sound of “ASS”TE RISK. TWO ASSES of GAY MALES. Tom Cruise and his “RISKY” Businesses and Hubbard Lard BIRD SIGN tology.

They want my GOLD CLOCK to have meaning for GOLD I Lock of Hair Blonde H”AIR” females. If Key is Penis, the Lock must be Vagina. GOLD is the metal of Leo My Astrology SIGN. The ONLY reason why they want Gold Clock to have meaning for them is the Element of AIR, because Josh Wolf is a AIR Libra, and through the name “GLO” RIA Lee AIR Gemini, Connie MA”RIA” wants Element of Air and “GOL”d H”AIR” to have meaning for her. MY Gold Clock and Gold I Lock of Hair Blonde Females don’t have meaning in MY WRITINGS or MY WATERCOLOR ARTWORK.

The patterns of Connie Pecoraro moving to ADDRESSES with similar numbers that I lived in NYC is a repeating pattern. I lived at 169 E 91st in NYC in mid 90’s. Connie Pecoraro moved to 691 Bridgeway in 1999. She is trying to make connections with her New address of 707 Bridgeway, with my old NYC address, the apt with the GOLD CLOCK, so that MY Writings of “Key to my Soul”, MY beautiful Abstract Page Artwork and MY Website, with EVERYTHING about ME, to be bridged by a Sociopath Fag name Tom Christopher Bridges who has the same birthday NUMBERS as me “8/13”.

Boxes Full of Documents of Evidence for all my Cases were all STOLEN from my Public Storage in July 2008. Mail Fraud has played a big part in destroying my life, due to not receiving Important Mail. My Bags my Property my Artwork, were GROSS NEGLIGENTLY DESTROYED and STOLEN in April and May 2009.


BORDEN, BOR”DAN”, BAKTAN, “BB”, the AE in AE.SCUL.APIUS meaning of Mathemathics of making Money through SCHOOL Names as if through her School Name SANDRA OH is the Artist of my pencil drawing of ROBERT GUILLAUME from 1981.

“BO”rDAN DEN, BAK TAN TEN, “EA. AE, SCUL.APIUS in MATHmathics of making Money. EW Either Way DIRECTLY connected to SANDRA OH HIGH SCHOOL name of “SIR” ROBERT BORDEN in Canada. Meaning of HANDCUFFS go on W “RIS” T and RHIMES with CH “RIS” T connected to Sandra OH School name “SIR” ROB ART LIFE IDENTITY BORDEN, fits her perfectly, like everything else they built to FRAME and TRAP ME, to RAPE and ROB ME and MY LIFE and MY ART.

BORDAN and BAKTAN directly connected to PERSIAN Words, and Daniel Ladinsky's book of PERSIAN POET HAFIZ, “ART is a Conversation between Lovers” in the book THE GIFT. Sandra OH has the Immeasurable “GIFT” as the ARTIST of MY ARTWORK, through Robbery of MY ART and MY IDENTITY. These deranged sick bitches are CELEBRATING the Horrific PRE PLANNED RAPING and ROBBERY OF MY LIFE and MY PRICELESS ARTWORK, done by MY HANDS and BRAIN, reason why it's PRISON TIME for them, SANDRA OH for LIFE in PENI”TEN”IARY.

It's why Constance MARIA Pecoraro has “FRAMED” PAINTINGS, titled FRONT and BACK “D OO R”, in Robbing of MY Writings on MY ARCHitectural Drawing from 1982, of “I WAL Y”, and My “OO” John HANCOCK. It's a GROUP CONSPIRACY of YEARS of PREMEDITATED ORGANIZED C”RIMES” in Cat”HO”LICK MATHemathics of making MONEY as if WOLF and PECORARO were MY PARENTS and as if SANDRA OH was MY IDENTITY. It's called IDENTITY THEFT, ART THEFT and LIFE THEFT, through INTIMIDATING, TERRORIZING, ABUSING, REPEATEDLY RAPING and ROBBING of MY LIFE, all connected to these same CORE GROUP of people and literally thousands and millions of people in MATHemathics of making Money, as if through their BUSINESS NAMES, through NUMBERS COLORS CODES, etc, as if SANDRA OH was MY IDENTITY and ARTIST OF MY ARTWORK.

FRONT and BACK, EW, Either Way, of “EAR”th virgog Water cancer Sandra OH and Pecoraro ASS PUSSY Cat”HO”LICKING in Tom “BER BUR BIR”DGES, “DEN”TAL MENTAL RAPING GAMES.

IM “PORT” ANT, the word PREMEDITATION is what will determine a TEN YEAR PRISON SEN “TEN” CE and a LIFE IN PRISON CENT SCENT SENTENce in a Peni”TEN”i “AIR” Y.


TARGET Constance Psycho Pecoraro's FRONT and BACK D “OO” R = FORM OF HANDCUFFS go on CH “RIS” T and Rhimes with W “RIS” T

TARGET robbing of my JOHN HANCOCK through Virgo Mai”DEN” TISTS Name “SETTI” NG me up as in FRAMING ME

If you go to these pages below, it explains in detail of how this meaning of FRONT as in FORWARDS and BACKWARDS of “EW” Either Way raping game is being played out WORLDWIDE connected to Constance MARIA Pecoraro's sick JESUS CHRIST “CHARLIES FIND”, created to Rob my John HANCOCK as in my Name SIGNature on MY ART from 1981. REASON for Heinous Massacre in PA”RIS” FRANCE at CHARLES HEBDO in JANUARY 2015.

EXACT “TEN” Years in Raping Robbing of MY IDENTITY and ART in Group Conspiracy and CELEBRATING IT

Constance Maria Pecoraro's CHARLIES FIND “OO”

CHARLES HEBDO in PF PA”RIS” FRANCE January 2015 Massacre

Just like “BO...ston MARA thon FINISH LINE” Massacre in 2013, connected to Constance Pecoraro's “FINISH LINE” No “NG” Sketches.


like CHO “CHA” TS WORTH Train Crash in 2008

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