Glass Garage Art Gallery on Robertson Blvd

GARAGE is connected to Studio on top of the Garage at 20360 Callon Drive TOPANGA

20360 Callon Drive Topanga GARAGE STUDIO in 2007
2013 Glass Garage replaced by “FILMORE CLARK” sound of C”LOCK”

Constance Pecoraro and “GLASS” in 2013 picture on Facebook, scroll to bottom

What is this about?
LORI HUBBLE Ass Pussy licking Game connected to PSYCHO PECORARO in “Conspiracy of Two”


RED ROBIN BIRD in Cage painting on Display at Glass Garage Art Gallery


who needs to be LOCKED in JAIL “MOK AGE”
Constance Pecoraro’s BIRD Painting on BRID ge “WAY”
NECK connections

FOUR TEN and meaning of EXACT “TEN” Years in RAPING MY LIFE









GLASS GARAGE Art Gallery is about MY First name SIGNature on the drawing of BENSON DUBOIS, of ROBERT GUillame, it’s why it’s on ROBERT “SON” Blvd. It’s about Lee Montgomery who was Danny Garri”SON” in the move “BEN” with RATS, the reason why I drew BENSON.

It’s about the 3AR sound of my name signature of “Sandy * “ with an “ASS”terisk. It’s about the ARCHITECTURAL Drawing I did of my Parents House GARAGE in the backyard in Jackson Heights in 1982. I wrote something for Lee Montgomery on the “DOOR” of this Garage.

The reason why it’s about 3AR sound of “ASS”terisk is about Lee Montgomery who lived at the 20360 Callon Drive Topanga “Studio GARAGE” many decades ago with the TREE on the DECK, the same place I lived for a few months in 2007. When he lived there, he made a Porn Film with a Blonde Hair female who’s name I think was MARIA, and I think she was a LEO. I wrote writings about my SIGN of LEO to have meaning with the name LEE “O” Montgomery.

MY FAC from 1982 “spiritually” Channelled ALL of Lee Montgomery’s SEXUAL Experiences, the reason why everything is about SEX. Tom Cruise wants this Porn Film, the meaning of MY PARENTS Names, the meaning of MY FAC from 1982 to have been Done by SANDRA OH through Connie Pecoraro’s CATHOLIC Church Theme. He has KEPT the meaning of this Porn Film alive for 3 decades, like he has RAPED the meaning of my Video Recording, he wants anything and everything SEXUAL, to have meaning for Catholic church Theme of OEDIPUSSY Complex of Mother Mary and Jesus Christ the Son.

This is why everything goes back to the meaning of MY FAC from 1982 and to 20360 CALLON DRIVE TOPANGA, because Lee Montgomery lived there many years ago. A person name TODD “CUM”MINGS bough the property in 2004, he is TOM CRUISE’S RELATIVE, through William Mapother. KNOWINGLY Renting out space which has no LEGAL PERMITS is a CRIME.

Tom Bridges the DIGESTIVE System of Mother Mary Connie Maria Pecoraro, with a big TAPeworm Sandra PATricia Oh, living in it.

It’s why GL”ASS” Garage is next to AMadI CARpets, the reason why Connie MARIA Pecoraro modeled for a FORD Mustang CAR. It’s across the street from CARLISLE because it’s about the meaning of CARL JUNG connected to Korean word “JUNG Dung” which means ASS, connected to MY MOTHER’S name of JUNG JA MIN. CAR and “MA”ria, 3AR sound of KARMA. Wheel of “O” Karma.

Carl “ISLE” is about the meaning of MOTHER, as in OEDIPUS COMPLEX, the reason why Connie MARIA Pecoraro created her Catholic Church theme of Mother MARY and SON Jesus Christ, so that Lee Montgomery’s movie “SAVAGE is LOOSE” can have meaning for their CHEL “SEA” is the OCEAN of Mother MARY statue on Ocean Avenue in Santa Monica, connected to JOSH MIC “CHA” WOLF, who is SON Jesus Christ and is a regular on Chel”SEA” Handler TV Show. Both connected to TOM CRUISE and 3AR sound of SIGNtology of SEA ORGS. Same thing for SANDRA PATREEEEE Sha OH, on TV Show “GREY’S anatomy” connected to 3AR sound of SEE DARS SIGN EYE HOSpital a few blocks from this street, who wants the Drawing of Eye inside the Magnifying GLASS “O” that BENSON is holding, to have been done by her.

The AWNING color of Amadi Carpets is GRAY like CHRISTOPHER PEACOCK CABINE”TREEE” next door. It’s about ThoMAS CHRISTopher Bridges the childhood CHRISTMAS picture of me and my Mother with Connie Pecoraro’s Jesus CHRIST on page “SAM”. It’s about MY WATERcolor Titled “CARL JUNG” and because JUNG sounds like YOUNG, Sandra OH who is 2 yrs younger than me, wants the meaning of “Carl Jung” and MY ARTWORK to have meaning for her. It’s why Carlisle “O” is GREEN. The “O” of Carlisle WOOD is about the X rated VIDEO RECORDING of my Ass, to BE SANDRA OH. It’s originally connected to the picture of me in 1989 with a “O” with a BIRD and of me wearing a GRAY Shirt, then they added things like WATERFalls in the shape of “O” next to the BIRD, so that MY Wet Vagina, can be SANDRA OH. SAME reason why BEV3ARly Hills LIBRAry has the WOODen “O” at the Circulation Desk.

It’s about ThoMAS CHRISTopher Bridges SANDRA PATRICIA OH, deeply disturbed sick psychoactress, with EVERYTHING about ME and MY ARTWORK, through Connie Pecoraro’s Catholic Church Theme, the reason why Sandra OH is Dr. “CRIST”ina Yang on “GRAY’S anatomy”.

The X RAY pictures “artwork” displayed are about the RFiD chip in my body. It can HEAR, SEE and READ THOUGHTS. It can detect FORMS of Objects and Bodies next to me, THE REASON why ever since I moved to Los Angeles in October 2006, I’ve had nothing but BIG BLUBBER PEAR ASSED Bitches FOLLOWING ME ALL THE TIME. This RFid Bug was inserted in me by a SICK DOCTOR name ALAN RUBINS in San Francisco who conveniently has RETIRED in 2010 after I created the RFID page, this doctor needs to be TRACKED DOWN and SENT TO PRISON. It is THROUGH this bug that they’ve had such fucking TIGHT CONTROL OVER MY LIFE for Many years. It’s how sick BLACK BITCH SHONDA RIMES gets “IDEAS” for her SHOW, SHOE, For SICK DISTURBED PSYCHOBITCH SANDRA PATRICIA OH, to BE MY IDENTITY, while they RAPE MY LIFE.

SHIN BAL in Korean means SHOES. BAL in Korean means FOOT. This same theme has been going on for many years. Through the word SHOES, and through Connie Mother MARYa Pecoraro’s CATHOLIC Church Theme, SANDRA OH thinks MY Childhood pictures of me wearing RED MARY Jane SHOES is HER, because the word SHOES has the letters of her name in it. BAL, Foot, BAL loons, or BAL, as in BAL d?

ROBIN is a BIRD. This is ROBERT SON Blvd. What’s Missing? “TH” TONGUE Sound words, for “TH”robbing and “TH”rusting of LICK with TONGUE, CathoLICK church theme of MATheMAThics of are you “PI”ous and Horney to make Money. PeaCOCK is a BIRD. HERRON is a BIRD. ThoMAS CHRISTopher Bridges “JU”dges Names with Jesus CHRIST was a JOO, JOSH WOLF because he is AIR LIBRA STONE of DIAMOND, symbol of JUStice Scales, CATHOLIC Church Theme of Connie MARIA Pecoraro, AS IF she drew my drawing of NEIL DIAMOND in 1982. So that THROUGH it and her disturbed “No Name Girl” , SANDRA OH can BE MY IDENTITY, AS IF she is My Identity and AS IF she did my ART work. 3AR sound of RICHARD STONE a “JU”dge in Bev3ARly Hills Court, sound of RICH ART. DT. Dot. Period. The reason why there is a major street in NORWALK called MARQAR”DT”, next to GORDON INC, and WOLF Ari Wholesale Businesses. Tom Bridge circle of “O” Wang’s TRADEMARK through Midge BUTLER, EAR sound of BUR BIR BER for Mother MARIA 3ARth Virgo Mai”DEN” through “DEN”tistry, in CathLICK MAT HE MAT hics GAYm.

All of this is on ROBERT “SON” Blvd because it’s about MY drawing of BEN”SON” DU”BO”IS, of black male actor ROBERT GUILLAUME in my FAC 1982 and the meaning of my First name SIGNature of “Sandy*”, because it’s about the movie BEN with Lee Montgomery as Danny GarriSON, connected to where I grew up and did this drawing in JACKSON Heights, connected to MICHAEL JACKSON who sang the song for the movie “BEN”. And Through CATHOLIC Church Theme of Jesus CHRIST the “SON”, with KATie HOLmes ART HER Miller’s “All My SONS”, they want My FAC and My name SIGNature and MY SIGN of LEO to have meaning for them, AS IF it was Done by Connie Pecoraro or SANDRA OH. The REASON why I was SET UP with Mercedes BENz, who allowed me to take their “Bloo Tech” in 2009.

CROWN of T HORNS goes on the TH”ROBIN” HEAD of a KING. Jesus Christ the KING, the SON. What’s the difference between a ROCK and a STONE. A HEDGE, a BUSH and a SHRUB. Pebbles Stones and Rocks create Ripples, WANG'S BOULDERS and MOUTAINS create WAVES.

LOW Flying Airplane, CYK NOISE of TOXIC NOISE, LOW LOW LOW, because it’s about ANATOMY and ASTROLOGY, Sandra OH CANCER rules her TITS “OO”, Anatomy of TORSO. It’s about FORM”AL” of “AN”atomy.


ThoMAS CHRISTOPHER Bridges PeaCOCKS in MAT he MAT Hics of CATHO”LICK” Gay Ass Ball LICKING. SPANISH Words are big connected to Sandra PA tri”SH”a, CHOCHA PUTA, CU “LO” = C “U” symBOWEL of Tom Bridges his gay Leo “ASS” and “HO”le.

LOW FLYING AIRPLANE, sick TOXIC noise of TOM CRUISE in LO LO LO LO LOVE with AIR LIBRA JOSH MICCHA WOLF. MELLOW YELLOW Sweet and LOW is Sac”CHA” RIN, Josh Wolf’s MOM is KATH”RYN”, aka ASS PARTA Me. PART the ASS terisk SymBOWEL and take a big LIQ, TUNGsten WOLFramite Sheelite. Tom Cruise obsessed with MY PARENTS NAMES, for Mother MARIA and Son MICKA, KARMA isn’t in my name.



This is about PIPES, I have never seen so many EXPOSED PIPES as I have in Los Angeles
PIPE Connections
PIPES shaped like above painting at JERR Y'S
PIPES shaped like above painting


New Artwork on display in MARCH 2011, is about what I’ve been writing about on all of my web pages the past year. It’s about having MY CHILDHOOD PICTURES and MY Powerful FAC from 1982, MY Identity and MY Writings, My Powerful Synchronistic Life Experiences, through Connie Pecoraro’s sketches of “No Name Girl” in 2011 to have meaning for WHITE GIRLS. WG. It’s about diluting and changing the meaning of my name WANG, with the letters of White Girls.

White Girl, what’s missing “AN” to dissect and rip apart MY Name of WANG. AJ, Angelina Jolie is on display at Guy Hepner just a few blocks down, “AJNA” in Sanskrit means the “THIRD EYE” as in the INVISIBLE Spiritual Eye, and they want MY GREEN Tibetan “OM” symbol to have meaning for “White Girls”. The reason why these paintings of these White Girls look “Witch Craft” like.

Like having my adult life experience of the last few years of fighting for MY own Identity, MY Parents, MY FATHER'S Name and identity, "recreated" through the remake of "True Grit", to have meaning for a little GIRL, through Tom BRIDGES Jeff BRIDGES, Connie Pecoraro and her Anomie Disturbed "No Name Girl".

Hailee STEINFELD is connected to Marc STAEN BERG of Beverly Hills BAR Association and "3OO" connections. BERT FIELDS is Tom Cruise's LAWYERS Name. Tom BRIDGES Connie Pecoraro on BRIDGEway is Tom Cruise's "PROJECT", heavily supported by SANDRA OH and BRETT BERN loving Gov't Agencies and Politicians.

Pay attention to the “FOOT”, which is “BAL” in Korean. BAL d and BALLoons is a Repeating Pattern.

White Girl, like Connie Maria Pecoraro who wants "WS" to be about White SUPremist, like Sandra OH who wants the word SHOW to have meaning for her name because it has "OH" Going BACKWards, it's Sandra Oh licking MA"RIA" PUSsy PUbic H"AIR" "BT" Boge TAL Backwards. I "TAL" Y, Tal in Korean means FUR, MUHRI in Korean means H"AIR" and sounds like Maria, the reason why they've been building on the word H"AIR" or CH"AIR" "FUR"niture for 3 decades, for Connie MA"RIA" Pecoraro BACKWards. CATHOLICK MAThemathics of Two Sick Disturbed Psychobitches PECORARO and OH in HER SHE Pussy Licking Gaym.

What happened to Tom Bridges TAO is the Way on Bridgeway Sausalito throug the word B"OAT" for meaning of my Father's name BACKwards with P3AR BOAT ASS? TAO "B" in Korean means RAIN, and it's Sand"RA" OH licking 3ARth Virgo MaiDEN Pecoraro's PUSSY BACKWARDS.

Angelina Jolie at Guy Hepner’s Art Gallery down the street

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