The Grid Lock
GU “IL” L.A los angeles UME
GHEE, EAR, YR…”O..IL” Burns
SIR ROB…art + Occi”DENTAL” COL..lege
= CAPITAL PUNISHMENT behind is ASSK Gray Prison B.A.R.S

Purple Lips for “LP 173”, for Patricia Learned, for changing meaning of FOUR ways to say Rectum into “LIPS” for my watercolor titled “PURPLE MOON”
Purple color in Korean is “BO RA” for Sand”RA” Oh drew the drawing of ROBERT GUILLAUME in 1982 and she painted my Painting “PURPLE Moon”
TOM BRIDGS BL”OO” Eyes of Horney Jesus CHRIST

Sandy Wang’s DOG JACK Stolen
“BO” it’s a “NE”w “GRO”wth GREEN SPROUT Night MARE

CAL TOP Sandy Wang’s residence in 2007, “CAL”lon Drive in “TOP”anga, next to PENNY road x SYLVANIA lane
POT “LA C” ienega “POT” is Green, and “4 C Day B 4” connections on “LA C” ienega, scroll down to Y “MH 370” disappeared in March 2014

MARIA “U” ANA tomy, All Pot Dispensaries is about AIR LIBRA JOSH WOLF and MA”RIA” Pecoraro Vir”GO”

meaning of “GREEN” and NEGR”O”
Sandra Oh School SIR ROB “ART” BORDEN on “GREEN” BANK Canada
meaning of “NEK” as in You “SUC” AIR meaning
meaning of B”LAC”K CO”LOR” S”KIN” Josh Wolf in Black “CAP”

What is SANDRA OH’s Middle Name? PA TREEE SHA?

CL”ARI” TY PARTERN and REAL “D” connections
3AR sound of words

“NG” Nude Girls on FORMOSA Ave and PURPLE Building across the street from li “BRA”zilian BOSSA NOVA restaurant
MAL in Korean means Talk and Horse
Ma POT Her on MUSeum Row
Venice Beach POT Dispensaries
PL Purple Lips for a "PEACE" of the "PI"

ISN..t that LIF…e? behind Prison Bars, PHILIP PECORARO FAT..HER


Britney has had some big HAIR Issues from Wigs, to Coloring to SHAVING BALD,
and it’s connected to Connie Ma”RIA” Pecoraro who wants the word H”AIR” to have meaning for her Middle Name
It’s about my watercolor titled “PURPLE MOON” with “bald male head” figure

EAR sound of words


what is Sandra Oh's middle name? PA "TREEEE"SHA? SPO? = LIFE IN PRISON ASAP

Sandy Wang’s X Rated Picture on TREE in 2007 with BLUE HAIR

Sandy Wang's LOCK BRO"KEN" in "4C day B 4" BIrthday of AIR Libra Josh Wolf

Sandra OH and "MARGO VIRGO" like Cren "SHAW" SHOW" connections in October 2007 = PRISON TIME

Home with Cruises and BELLA’s Blue Hair
AIR and H"AIR" connections is GAY

EVERYTHING is about Robbing Sandy Wang's IDENTITY for SANDRA OH

Blue Hair on Western Ave
meaning of BANKS


meaning of Blue H”AiR” AIR CHAIR STAIR
M "BEN"z Mercedes “BEN”z BL”OO” TECH Car who FRAMED ME in April 2009
“1158” AUTO Theft CODE, GOLD DUST and a wholatta Bullshit FRAUD White Collar C”RIMES”

Discovery of “HOUSE OF LEAVES” IN 2014

LEAF Tattoo on Heath A. Ledger = "HAL"Ter TOP

TARGET THE ORDER, 2003 = LIFE IN PRISON TIME for many people



GRID LOCK is the name of Brand of JEANS.

Britney Spears middle name is JEAN. She is about My Father who was a Gifted Musician and his Middle Name which means PEAR and BOAT.

Grid Lock is about my Writings Intellectual Property “KEY to my Soul”. If Key is Penis, the Lock must be Vagina. They’ve been building on this for decades, for my JOHN HANCOCK on the Pencil drawing of ROBERT GUILLAUME from 1981, to have meaning for them, through Constance MARIA Pecoraro’s Jesus CHRIST “OO” Eyes. John HANCOCK CLOCK LOCK PeaCOCK is a BIRD connections.

It’s the TWO Drawings from MY FAC from 1981 and 1982, BLACK male actor ROBERT GUILLAUME and my Pen Ink drawing of NEIL DIAMOND from the “Jazz Singer”. For these two drawings to have meaning for AIR LIBRA JOSH MICCHA WOLF, symbol of Justice Scales, STONE of DIAMOND, through Constance Pecoraro’s “CHA”rlies Find “OO”.

“BO” SUK in Korean means DIAMOND is a ‘JEW’el, to have meaning for JEWish “AIR” LIBRA Josh Wolf. It’s about MY 2 Drawings from my FAC in 1981 and 1982, ROBERT GUILLAUME Black male actor who was BENSON DUBOIS in 1980 tv show, and a Pen Ink drawing of NEIL DIAMOND from the movie “Jazz Singer”. They’ve created the meaning of BO “SUC” is DIAMOND in Korean, to be about LOW LOW LOW FLYING “AiR” LIBRA, JOSH MICCHA WOLF the “SUC” Stand Up Comedian to have meaning in MY Drawing of Neil Diamond, to have meaning in MY FATHER’S NAME and IDENTITY, and for MY Drawing of ROBERT Guillaume of BENSON DU”BO” IS, to have meaning for “BO”, Barack Obama, as if SANDRA OH DREW MY DRAWINGS. Same sick RAPING of MY ART PATTERN with MY Second Artwork Collection from 2004-2007, the REASON why over 250 pieces of my Priceless Artwork was STOLEN through ORGANIZED CRIMES. ORGANIZED C”RIMES” connected to B”LAC”K CO”LOR” S”KIN” NEGROS in “GREEN” COLOR OF MONEY GREED Connections of RAPING MY LIFE, MY ART.

Meaning of “AIR” is all about ROBBING all the “AIR” HAIR CHAIR STAIR connections from MY LIFE, including MY Father’s Music band from the 50s “MORNING STARS” where he is BLOWING “AIR” into a CLARINET, to have meaning for “AIR” LIBRA JOSH MIC”CHA” WOLF, through Constance Pecoraro’s sick jesus CHRIST “CHA”rlie in MATHemathics of making MONEY through the ROBBING of MY IDENTITY and MY Parents Names. This is connected to BARACK OBAMAS’ controversial Birth Certificate and DELIVERY DOCTOR name “David SIN CL”AIR”. SIN WON is My Korean name. Why is there a Business called CLARITY PARTNERS across the street from CROWN of Rolex Building in Beverly Hills. Have you ever seen the movie “Silence of the LAMB”? CLARICE STARLING. Why is CLARENCE THOMAS a BLACK S”KIN” Male a Supreme Court Justice? Why is ERIC HOLDer Attorney General? My Drawing of BLACK MALE ROBERT GUILLAUME from 1981 who is HOLDing a Magnifying Glass with an Eye in “O”, and meaning of MY Name SIGNature on this drawing, and POWERFUL NUMBER connections, is the REASON why these NEGRO Males are who they are today. RAPING OF MY LIFE and MY ARTWORK, so that EVERYTHING about ME Can be SANDRA “OH”. OBAMA HOLDER.

Why was Barack Obama hanging out at “BUTLER LIBRA Ry” at Columbia?

MA “POT”HER, connected to MA “RIA” the LEO who made a Porn Film with Lee Montgomery many decades ago at 20360 Callon DRIVE “TOP”anga, the SAME address where I lived for a few months in 2007. DRIVE a “CAR” + MA = KARMA built in for Constance Maria Pecoraro’s OIL Artwork of Jesus CHRIST. SUCK AIR LIBRA “SUC” Stand Up Comedian.

Callon Drive TOPanga, the reason why Tom Cruise MAY “POT”HER FOUR th made movie “TOP GUN” in the 80’s that made him the STAR he is today. Shoot a GUN like you shoot CUM, the reason why a person name TODD CUMMINGS is the owner of this property. It’s the FOUR Questions which MUST be Answered. Director of TOP GUN, TONY SCOTT committed Suicide by Jumping over the VINCENT THOMAS BRIDGE in SAN PEDRO in 2012. For TOM BRIDGES MY CATHOLIC School ST. “VINCENT” FERRER from 1980’s, My LIFE, MY IDENTITY everything about ME, for SANDRA OH as if this sick bitch is MY IDENTITY.

SEE “MAP” of Callon Drive, PENNY road and SYLVANIA Lane, PENNSYLVANIA Avenue is Address of WHITE HOUSE.

It’s about MY KOREAN NAME of “SIN WON”, connected to Barack Obama’s very controversial for a Reason Hawaiian Birth Certificate with the DOCTOR’S Name of “David SIN CL AIR”. They’ve been building for decades for MY Korean Name to BE SANDRA OH, connected to JOSH WOLF to have meaning in MY FATHER’S IDENTITY. My Father was a GIFTED MUSICIAN and TEACHER, AIR LIBRA Josh Wolf is a Stand Up Comedian and there isn’t anything FUNNY about the RAPING OF MY LIFE.

This is why SANDRA OH is a DOCTOR “CRIST”ina Yang on “Grey’s Anatomy” set in Seattle WASHINGTON. Group Conspiracy to ROB MY IDENTITY for this delusional sick actress, AS iF she is the ARTIST of MY ARTWORK, who should be LOCKED IN PRISON for LIFE. CHO CHA RLIES FIND, STUDY STUDI “O”, SANDRA OH PEPSI PUSSY 1999 and “GRAYSONS” connections.

Everything is about the UPPER LEFT, which they've been building on for 3 decades, connected to meaning of MY FAC from 1981, of MY childhood pictures, of me and my father with HAWAIIAN BARREL on the Upper Left. All supporting in creating meaning for T "OM" Bridges who has the same BIRTHDAY as me bridges SANDRA OH, AS iF she was My Identity and the ARTIST of MY ARTWORK.

There are Specific Repeating PATTERNS. The SAME Reason why My SECOND ARTWORK Collection, of over 250 pieces of MY PRICELESS ARTWORK was all STOLEN in 2009, connected to ORGANIZED GROUPS CONSPiRACY CRIMES.

For SAND "RA OH" is the Upper Left of My WEBSITE Links "HO"Me and "AR"tist, AS IF she is MY IDENTITY in all my pictures from the TREE at 20360 Callon Drive TOPANGA, and AS IF she is the ARTIST of MY ARTWORK.

It's about my Watercolor Painting titled "PURPLE MOON". MOON or sound of MUN in Korean means DOOR. This is connected to MY ARCHITECTURAL Drawing of My Parents Garage from 1981 and I wrote " I WAL Y" for Lee Montgomery on the "DOOR" of this drawing. They want my INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY, MY WRITINGS to have meaning for Constance Pecoraro and Josh Wolf, for MY parents NAMES to have meaning for them, and for my Identity to be SANDRA OH.

Purple Moon, has a HORSE and it's NIGHT TIME. HAIR CHAIR STAIR AIRplane connections of it's a female "HO"rse as in a MARE, 3AR sound of NIT 3 MAIR, for AIR LIBRA JOSH WOLF who thinks this painting has meaning for him and his "WIFEY" Constance MA"RIA" Pecoraro. "HO" me "AR"tist, Sand RA OH WOLF"RA"Mite Licking GLO"RIA" MA"RIA" Ass and PUSSY Backwards in their Catholick MAThemathics of making MONEY Through the RAPING OF MY LIFE.

The meaning of this painting "PURPLE MOON" and male head looking to the UPPER LEFT is explained more in detail in the "MAL" Page. MALI BU, Upper Left of Los Angeles County MAP. O . T. HER.

NIGHT MARE at NIT3. 3AR th sound of planet shaped "O" for Sandra "OH", is my Identity through Josh Wolf LIBRA and Constance Pecoraro 3ARth Virgo Astrology Vibe Numbers and "MOURNING STARS" connections. 3AR sound of MIC"CHA" CHARLIES FIND, MI "KA" for his Mother MAR ia, KARMA built in. Jesus CHRIST isn't my OIL Artwork and ANATOMY Ass Tits Body PIMPING TV show isn't my show. SANDRA OH isn't the ARTIST of MY ARTWORK or My Identity in any of my pictures, she's a sick disturbed Gay Psychobitch licking GLORIA MARIA ASS and Pussy through 3AR sound of P3AR P"AIR" of SHOes, Rhimes with HAIR, CHAIR STAIRS, HAR3 is a "RA bbit HO le" on the Upper Left.

Upper Left, reason why MY SECOND ARTWORK collection from 2003-2007 and EVERYTHING about the UPPER LEFT has been built as if SANDRA OH is the Artist of My Artwork, because the upper left two links of My Website is “HO”me and “AR”tist. Especially “PURPLE MOON” with a HORSE painting.

I bought a ROBERT VAVRA Photography of Horses book in 2003 and was inspired to paint this painting and titled it PURPLE MOON. The MEANING of this painting and WHY it’s POWERFUL is because it’s WATERCOLOR and the HEAD you see facing the Upper left, which also looks like a PHALLUS, painted ITSELF into My Art, as this wasn’t something I planned to paint. It’s a SUBCONSIOUS MESSAGE coming through My ART, like My First Artwork Collection from 1981 and 1982. This is the reason why I respect Carl Jung’s studies on his Psycho Analysis, that they’ve TWISTED to be about CJ JUNG DUNG in Korean is Ass for PYous JeSUS CHRIST “CJ” for “JC” going BACKwards in a TOM “BURGESS” the ANAL Parsons Project.

PURPLE MOON, is a NIGHT TIME painting. To have it mean for “AIR” LIBRA JOSH WOLF is a NIGHT M”AIR”, to have it mean for Sand “RA OH”, who thinks the Upper Left two links of my Website “HO”me and “AR”tist is HER NAME GOING BACKwards, it’s “a female HO rse is called a MARe” and it’s 3ARth Virgo sound of NIGHT M”AIR” of Constance MA”RIA” Pecoraro and Sandra “OH” Ass Pussy Licking Going BACKWARDS, connected to their Catholick MAThemathics of making Money, THROUGH RAPING and ROBBING MY ART. Anything about ME or MY ART to have meaning for or to be SANDRA OH, through “OTHER PEOPLE” has this underlying energy, of a disturbed Gay Psychobitch Ass Pussy CAT KAT”HOL”IQING in MATHemathics of making Money.

The meaning of the word “MOON” itself has tremendous importance connected to MY Writings of I”WAL”Y on My Parents Garage “DOOR” Architectural Drawing from 1982, because the word MOON or MUN in Korean is “DOOR”. This is connected to “MUN”ICIPAL COURTS of United States, all built as if SANDRA OH wrote My Writings of I “WAL”Y, as if she has meaning in “HO”Nor Judges names and the LAW, connected to “AIR” LIBRA JOSH WOLF symbol of JUSTICE SCALES. So through this painting, they’ve been building meaning of “Conspiracy of Two”, that is turning out to be a NIGHT M”AIR” connected to all the AIR CHAIR STAIR HAIR connections, ultimately connected to BARACK OBAMAS’ FRAUD Birth Certificate and the DELIVERY DOCTOR name of David SIN CL “AIR”.

MOON is "DOOR" in Korean, connected to My WRITINGS of I"WAL"Y I wrote on a Architectural Drawing I drew of MY PARENTS "GARAGE DOOR" in 1982.

1980's MICHAEL JACKSON dance style of "MOON WALKING".

1981 early song by "POLICE" aka "STING" called "Walking on the Moon".

This has been LINKED to AL"ICE" WAL...KER and her book titled "Color Purple". CP has been further linked to "CP" Chinese Philosophy of "TAO" which sounds like "DOW" and they've built a EAR sound of TAO DAO "DOW" Jones of making Money as if SANDRA OH wrote my writings, as if Sandra OH is the ARTiST of MY Pencil Drawing from 1981 and MY WRITINGS on MY PARENTS GARAGE DOOR. BUILT through TOM BRIDGES the "TAO" with his FAG in FOG, and CP Constance Pecoraro on "BRIDEWAY", in a group conspiracy of IDENTITY THEFT, ART THEFT and LIFE THEFT, spanning 3 Decades. IT IS HOW AND WHY BARACK OBAMA BECAME THE 44TH PRESIDENT AND IT IS THE REASON, AND THE "HOW' OF WHY MY LIFE HAS BEEN MURDERED, COMPLETELY SABOTAGED DURING THIS RAPING SICK NIGGER'S PRESIDENCY IN WHITE house makes "GRAYS ANATOMY".

The COLOR “PURPLE” is a TITLE of a book by “ALICE WALKER” AW, who is a BLACK COLOR S”KIN” NIGGER PUSSY. What does this book COLOR PURPLE have anything to do with MY ART? Nothing, it’s to give it meaning for “CP” Constance Pecoraro, PSYCHO who thinks MY ARTWORK especially “PURPLE MOON” has meaning for her, because everything about this sick bitches CATHOLIC THEME OIL ART is connected to MY Childhood Picture on CHRISTMAS in 1980 of me wearing PURPLE Pants, that they have built it as if MY Childhood picture is SANDRA OH, through Pecoraro’s CATHOLIC Theme OIL ART. “AW” and “NG” TWO NIGGER PUSSIES LICKING IN “O” Sound of SANDRA “OH” on GAYS ANATOMY.

Black Color S”KIN” NEGRO Alice Walker “AW” writer, is connected to Black Color S”KIN” writer name “NG” NIKKI G “RIMES”, who is connected to BLACK COLOR S”KIN” SHO SHO SHONDA LYNN “RHIMES”. This is about ROBBING of MY LEO SIGN and MY Name WANG which means KING through “LIO n KIN g”, all created Going BACKwards, as if SANDRA OH is MY Name SIGNature of “SANDY” on my ART as if it’s the “NIK” of her name. SANDRA OH who was born in “OT TO WA” Canada, is WHY this name initials of “NG” is important connected to SHONDA “RHIMES” sick black bitch who created “Greys’ Anatomy” to ROB MY IDENTITY for SANDRA OH. It’s called IDENTITY THEFT for MATHemathics of making MONEY.

CO “LOR” word itself is built in by default to have meaning for Psycho Constance Pecoraro’s CATHOLIC THEME OIL ART of JESUS CH “RIS” T, CHArlies Find with “OO” rings around his eyes. CO in Korean is NOS”E”, Eyes of SON backwards to be FORM of ASS going BACKwards, LOR is about “ROL”ex Building where JOSH MIC”CHA” WOLF, Pecoraro’s Jesus CHRIST sick mother fucking Stand UP COMEDIAN agency is. LAFFING at the RAPING and ROBBING of MY LIFE and MY ART SOCIOPATH, who thinks and they have built it, as if this SICK FUCKING JEW IS MY “FATHER”S IDENTITY”.

This is WHY T “HO” MAS BRIDGES OIL ART of GAY JESUS CHRIST with Too Joos WOLF BERN BLOW BLOW SIN CL”AIR” NET JOBBING in MATHemathics of making MONEY. JOSH WOLF in SAN FERNANDO VALLEY and BRETT BERN IN NYC BOTH MUST BE LOCKED IN PRISON, there is no compromising of this. Tom Bridges is an extremely important variable in their MATHemathical equations of making MONEY, through ROBBING MY IDENTITY for SANDRA OH, because he has the same LEO Birthday as me.

THOMAS C”HAND”LER BRIDGES, and robs my John “HAN”cock, through MAN”OS”, which is HAND in Spanish, S”OH”N in Korean is HAND, as if My Name SIGNature on MY ART, is SANDRA “OH”. See MAN”OS” link below for full explanation, this is huge in their “O.C” SEE “OH” Oedipus Complex Jesus CHRIST SON and MOTHER theme.

It isn’t just the PURPLE MOON watercolor painting, it’s about my “LION BODY” Painting which looks like a male Penis, John Han”COCK”. Everything since the robbery of my ART and My Dog JACK in April 2009, is about creating meaning for MY Intellectual Property, Real Property, MY PRICELESS ARTWORK to have been done by SANDRA OH, as if she is MY IDENTITY and the ARTIST of MY ART. J “OH” N HANCOCK as in My Name SIGNature of “SANDY” with “OO” made with letter “S” of my name, like MY PORTRAIT Drawing Eyes of “8” Vertical Eight, that SANDRA OH thinks is “FORM” of her ANATOMY, in a disturbing ASS CONSPIRACY of Going BACKwards through TOM BRIDGES Gay Male Dentist, it’s why it’s the Han”COCK” PENIS Raping Game, anything to AVOID SANDRA OH is a CANCER SIGN that rules the ANATOMY of FRONT of the CHEST, her TITS “OO”.

Bottom Row paintings, the letters “H and L” appear in my Lion Body painting, in the name initials of LHM Lee Harcourt Montgomery, HL Heath Ledger who was found NAKED and LIMP on B “ROOM” Street in SOHO, “Raping Game”, all connected to DELUSIONAL BORDERLINE PSYCHOTIC ACTRESS SANDRA OH. What is her Middle name? PA “TREEEEEEEE” SHA? = LIFE IN PRISON.

SIN CL”AIR” R.I.M.E.S with PURPLE NIGHT M”AIR”. Barack Obama’s FRAUDULENT Birth Certificate from HAWAII, with Delivery Doctors name of Davis “SIN CL AIR”, hand picked name to ROB MY IDENTITY and Korean Name of “SIN WON” for SANDRA OH, as if she is My identity, since “Birth”, as if she is the ARTIST of MY ARTWORK. FORM of HANDKUFFS go on W “RIS” T and Rhimes with JESUS CH”RIS”T INA YANG on “Greys Anatomy”.

CP Color Purple, by AL”ICE” “WAL”ker. Constance MARIA Pecoraro, Raping Nigger Obama’s White Mother

LAW Firm of “PER….KINS COL….e”, for FRAUDULENT Birth Certificate of Barack Obama,
for Jesus CHRIST was born in the “COL…..d”, FORM U “LA” on “9/1” LA,
FORM of HANDCUFFS go on W “RIS” T and RHIMES with CH “RIS” T, like SIN “CL”AIR and WELLF”AIR”

through what they “MAKE UP”, IMAGINARY Sketches of “No Name GIRL” = CHICA….go Pedophile Raping NIGGERS, SHONDA RHIMES and OBAMAS

Every dick name “LEWIS”, “LOUIS”, is about EDWARD “LOUIS” SEVERSON, from CHICAgo ILLI”NOIS”
aka Eddie Vedder Singer of P”EAR”L JAM, RHIMES with NIGGER, like HAM and PAM.


AL”ICE” in “WON”derland by Lewis Carroll “CL”

Sandy Wang’s “LC” Letter “C” shape H”AIR” in 1984 and in 2006 and “0 8” Patterns in MY ART and NAME

H”AIR”, EAR sound of HARE is a “RABBIT HOLE”, AL”ICE” iN WONDERLAND “Group Conspiracy” of

Sand “RA OH” in “RA bbit HO le” in 2010= LONG OVERDUE for LIFE IN PRISON TIME
Color Purple, PER”KINS COL..E” CP Constance Maria PSYCHO Pecoraro

Constance Maria Pecoraro 7 “O” 7 BRIDGEWAY = LIFE IN PRISON TIME
Constance Maria Pecoraro, where is “SUNNY”? new website again in 2014 = long overdue for PRISON TIME ASAP
Study and understand how this PSYCHOBITCH is Raping and Robbing MY IDENTITY, MY LIFE for SANDRA OH

“BAR TON” and BAR acket”EEEER”ing Raping Psychotic DERANGED NIGGER OBAMA
PUR…PER…..DUE is a Chic”KEN” Farm, in the word “KEN” QUEST, CHARLIES FIND, “EC” Nigger Vedder in “MARIA”n building
PUR….PER PURPLE MOON NIGHTM”AIRS” of Mother Daugther Ass PU”CE” Licking through COLOR PURPLE
“LEWIS” CAR………ROL = Edward “LOUIS” Vedder of Pearl Jam= Last of the Mohicans connections of Daniel DAY “LEWIS”
Sandy Wang FRAMED by “CAR” Mercedes BENz in April 2009, and Public DE DE DE fen “DER” name “LOUIS” rapist
“ICE” is COL………d FITSU in the name of SAN”DRA OH”, PSYC”HO” W”ARD” EDWARD Pedophile Rapists

“COL”…..or LAF, LAP, LAUGH, sometimes the EAR sound of “LOCK” in Names

like FORM U LA, OO, HAND”KUFFS” go on W “RIS”T SHonda RHIMES with Jesus CH “RIS” T
“CHA” is “CAR” iN Korean, CHARLIES FIND “OO”, CHA rile and “CAR” OLLLLLLLL GASKO and TOPANGA connections in 2007 = LIFE IN PRISON


Stephen KING’s “MERCEDES” 2014

SE KAL. SE is BIRD. KAL or CAL is “KNIFE” in Korean. You “CUT” with a KNIFE. Why are Korean words important, to this detail, because it’s about ROBBING MY KOREAN Name, MY KOREAN IDENTITY for KOREAN Actress SANDRA OH and they’ve been building as if she was My Identity for 3 DECADES in Los Angeles.

SE "CAL" in Korean is COLOR
BLACK BIRD, in the movie “The CROW” in 1993, SE “KAL”. This “Theme” has been going on for a long time connected to BLACK Niggers who call themselves “PEOPLE OF COLOR”.

Tom BIRD ges all "BIRD" names

CUT The “O” circle, get ( Semi Circles ) as in “CS” Corn Starch, Color Skin, etc, and use it “FINISH THE LINE” of incomplete circles of “OO” made with letter “S” of my name “Sandy” on my Art, as in my Name SIGNature. Robbing of my John HANCOCK as in my Name SIGNature, while creating meaning of FINISH THE LINE for OO is FORM of HANDCUFFS. HANDCUFFS go on W “RIS” T and RHIMES with CH “RIS” T, like a nice ROLex WATCH, FITS THEM PERFECTLY because it CAME FROM THEM, created BY THEM, to ROB MY John Hancock, My Name SIGNature on MY ART for SANDRA OH who is “CHRIST”ina Yang on 'Grey's anatomy”, directly connected to JESUS CHRIST OIL ART by Constance Maria Pecoraro in a Group Conspiracy of IDENTITY THEFT, ART THEFT and LIFE THEFT.

This meaning of "CUT" the "O" and use the "C C" Lines to FINISH the LINE of incomplete circles of "OO" of my Name SIGNature on my pencil drawing from 1981 of Robert Guillaume, is THEIR CREATION, a FORMULA created to ROB MY IDENTITY, MY ART, My John HANCOCK on MY ARTWORK, as if it's SANDRA OH, and it's DIRECTLY connected to Korean Word "SE KAL" or SECAL which means "CO LOR".

Everything about the word COLOR is connected to Deranged Sick NIGGERS connected to ALICE WALKER and the book "COLOR PURPLE" and "CP" meaning of Chinese Philosophy of TAO must have meaning for "CP" Constance Pecoraro on Bridgeway, built in by default through a FAG in FOG TOM BRIDGES. CO is "NOS E" in KOREAN, for "E"yes of "SON" jesus CH "RIS" T, connected to Sandra OH who's been claiming she is my Name SIGNature on my pencil drawing from 1981 of Robert Guillaume BLACK male actor, through her school name of "SIR" ROBERT BORDEN. This is why Sandra OH is "CH RIS T"ina Yang on "Grey's Anatomy" tv show.

CO LOR in Korean is "SE KAL". SE is BIRD in Korean and KAL or CAL is "KNIFE" in Korean, you "CUT" with a KNIFE. CO is "NOS "E" in Korean, "E"yes of Son Jesus CHRIST, like "ROL"ex WATCH goes on RHIMES with W "RIS" T.

Everything about COLOR and NEEGROS in robbing my Identity, My Name SIGNature on my art, meaning of My Parents Names, is connected to GLORIA "LEE" my Catholic School classmate from 1980's who went to St. JOHNS University and became in PHAR "MAC"ist, in robbing my JOHN Hancock for Sandra OH connected to "CAM" Dung Yee is NEEGRO in Korean.

G "REE" N, EER sound of Sandra "O", as if my Korean Royal name of WANG is hers, connected to Otta"WA" Canada where she was born. G "REE" N connected to EVERYTHING PICTURE of me in "GREEN" Color Clothes that this Deranged sick actress SANDRA OH thinks is her because her SCHOOL name is Sir Robert Borden on "GREEN BANK" Road in Canada.

Sandy Wang's H"AIR" in 1984 and in 2006 OG"DEN" connections and CUT the O and FINISH LINE meaning


Almost everything they built is in some way connected to KOREAN WORDS and this is because it's about robbing My Korean Name for Korean Actress Psycho Sandra OH.

CO LOR is SE KAL in Korean
CO is "NOS E"
ROL ex is a WATCH that goes on W "RIS" T and RHIMES with Jesus CH "RIS" T


Sandra OH is very Popular at the "NA ACP", Negro Organization, connected to the word PAC hyderm which is thick S"KIN" mammal like GRAY ELE phant and RHINO, RHINO is "NOS E" built in by default to have meaning for "E"yes of "SON" jesus CHRIST OIL ART by Constance Maria Pecoraro. Like PER"KINS" COLE.

Sandra OH very popular with "NA ACP"
Sandra OH very popular with "BLACK DICKS" in Nigger Rhimes with Vedder

Sandra OH and Snake "SKIN" BELT, and Be"LOI"T connections

S"KIN" meaning

"NIK" isn't my name and My PENCIL Drawing Art of Robert Guillaume is on 8 x 11 PAPER, says my name SIGNature of "Sandy", it's been copied, recreated and rebuilt through RINGS around "OO" Eyes of SON Christ in a OIL BLUBBER Ass Conspiracy. CHRISTina "BERN ARD O" from 1980's ASS FORM "OSA" of DUN"KIN" Donuts. This is why SHONDA LYNN RHIMES who created "Grey's Anatomy" with Sandra OH as "CHRIST"ina Yang real life address in Los Feliz is "11 45" = FORM "OSA" connections. CHICA go ILL"NOIS" niggers, built in for Jesus CHRIST like PAChyderm is thick S"KIN".

NIK isn't my name and this isn’t what my Artwork says, my Artwork says my name of “Sandy” or “Sandy Wang”. NIK is the “Code” created to ROB My Name SIGNature in MATHemathics of making Money as if San”DRA” OH Drew My Drawings and as if My Name is the “NIK” of her name.

This is why Sandra OH was married to "CAP"ri"CORN" the G"OAT" Sign, "CAP" Constantine Alexaner Payne, a "DIRECTOR". the meaning of CUT the "O" and FINISH the LINE for "OO" is on "FAIR FAX" Ave, with "D"irectors GUILD of America in Circle of "O" building, and "W"riters GUILD of America in Circle of "O" building. As if all circles of "O" from MY NAME, MY ART is SANDRA OH because her name is "OH".

AL"ICE" "WAL"KER who wrote Color PURPLE, to have meaning in "LAW" and MY WRITINGS, because her name has "WAL".

Sandy Wang's writings of "I WAL Y" in 1982 and "ANAWALT" connections
Sandy Wang's Pictures, H"AIR" in 1984 and 2006 and OG"DEN" COL...Egate connections

ANA WAL T PACHYDERM word meaning and Niggers in US Government who are DELUDED
ANA WAL T ANA.."WAL"...T and "CAP"riCORN "PAC"hyderm SHONDA LYNN RHIMES "11 O 45" connections = LIFE IN PRISON


CAP who is a CAP, Sandra Oh's ex husband
"O" "D"irectors Guild of America
"O" "W"riters Guild of America

Sandra Oh very popular at "NA ACP"



W D, what is Sandra OH's middle name ? PA "TREEEEE" SHA? like "W OO D". SPO? = LIFE IN PRISON, eating My SHIT...........with her (greesy) SPO ON.


ICE is "COL....D", for Jesus CH "RIS" T who was born in the Winter on CHRISTMAS in BETHLE"HEM" in the COL...d. HEM HAM, DEGE, FORM of HANDCUFFS go on W "RIS" T and RHIMES with CH "RIS" T.

It's about linking JAN “ICE” JOP “LIN” in my childhood picture in 1980 with a half BLACK Girl, with AL”ICE” WALKER, NIGGER who wrote the book “COLOR PURPLE”. JAN”ICE” RHIMES with AL”ICE”, like Shonda “LYNN” RHIMES deranged sick Nigger Pussy. Alice Walker, AW, has been linked to rob MY Korean Royal name of WA “NG” for SANDRA OH who was born in Otta”WA” Canada.

THIS is what ALL NIGGER PUSSIES are about, robbing my IDENTITY in this picture of in 1980, for SANDRA OH.

This is about the words: JESUS CHRIST was born on CHRIST”MAS”, in the Winter, in the “COL......d” in a MAN ger in BETH LE HEM. For meaning of My Writings of “KEY to MY SOUL” I wrote in 1982, if Key is Penis, then LOCK must be Vagina, to have meaning for Sandra OH, as if she is “LOCK”, built through these words of “ICE is COL..........d”. It's why Sandra OH is “CHRIST”ina Yang on “Grey's Anatomy”, DIRECTLY connected to Oil painting of JESUS CHRIST by Constance Maria Pecoraro.

See PSYCHO PECORARO in “AL ICE in Wonderland”, written by LEWIS CARROLL, LC, Sin "CL" AIR RHIMES with WELL F"AIR", in the name of MA"RIA" Backwards, connected to EDWARD "LOUIS" VEDDER of PEARL JAM, in robbing My Identity for Sandra OH ni a Group Conspiracy.

SINGER of PEARL JAM EDDIE VEDDER "RHIMES" with NIGGER and COLOR PURPLE by AL"ICE" WALKER in a "BLACK" COLOR S"KIN" Conspiracy of robbing my Identity, My Name SIGNature on MY ART for SANDRA OH, as if My name of "Sandy" on MY ART is the 'NIK' name of Sandra OH connected to Black Color S"KIN" niggers and the loaded meaning of the word "PACHYDERM", connected to "EAR"th CAP..riCORN Sign of Eddie Vedder and Shonda RHIMES.

Furthermore, LEWIS "CAR"ROLL author of AL"ICE" of WONDERLAND has been linked to LAW, connected to "CAR" in Korean is "CHA", which is about CHARLIES FIND Oil painting by Constance Maria Pecoraro, reason why Sandra OH was CHRISTina YANG on Grey's Anatomy. The RAPING of MY LIFE through LAW Justice System, which began in July 2005, has been going on since then, RAPING and ROBBING of MY LIFE, MY IDENTITY, MY ART for SANDRA OH, DURING raping nigger BARACK OBAMA's Presidency in WHITE House makes GRAYS Anatomy of PEDOPHILE BABY MURDERING SICK RAPING NIGGERS.

Just "ICE" System.

SANDRA "DAY" OCONNOR was the First female Justice on the Supreme Court.

Linked to SANDRA OH, through Daniel "DAY" LEWIS actor of "LAST MOHI......CANS", and linked to Edward "LOUIS" SEVERSON of Pearl Jam, as if they have meaning in the LAW, as if Sandra OH is "HO"NOR, as in Judges Names. Like PSYC"HO" is in her name, PEPSI PUS"SY" O.

1. Color "PUR"ple.

“COL”or is built in for Jesus CH”RIS”T, “C.O” is “NOS.E”. Eyes of SON jesus CH”RIS”T born in “COL…d” on CH”RIS”T….3 backwards.

meaning of “COL…or” RO in “LOC” Backwards
CO CO is “NOS E” in Korean and MANOS meaning built in for Jesus CHRIST OIL ART by Pecoraro
ROL Jesus Christ “CHA”rlies Find “OO” “R.O.L”ex Watch go on W “RIS” T and RHIMES with CH “RIS” T



2. PUR, EAR sound of "PER"sian Words. Specifically "BORDAN and BAKTAN", that has meaning for SANDRA OH connected to her SCHOOL name of SIR ROB.....ert BOR.....DEN in Can"ADA".

SIR ROB….ert BOR DEN High School of SANDRA OH “BORDEN BORDAN” in “AE”..scul….apius” of making Money = LIFE IN PRISON, SLAMMER with Nigger Vedder
Bordan Baktan PER sian words explained through PALM of HANDS of SANDRA “OH” psyc”HO”

Either Way of SANDRA OH who needs to “EAT MY SHIT” WITHER….g “REES” y SPO on sitting BE.HIND BARS


3. PER..KINS COL..e The Law firm who released Barack Obama's FRAUDULENT Birth Certificate from Hawaii, with handpicked name of Delivery Doctor of David SINCLAIR, to ROB MY Korean Name of SIN WON for Sandra OH.

PER KINS COL…e Law Firm of Fraud Barack Obama’s BC and Delivery DOCTOR name of SIN “CL” AIR

PER”KIN”S is the name of “ARTIST” of PDC MENTAL “CL”
PDC and BALAN"CIA" GA, = Grey's Anatomy on "TAL" Man Avenue

TARGET PRISON TIME inside the PDC monster CONCRETE EVIDENCE all come together

4. HAR....PER name of Shonda LYNN RH....IMES adopted child. LOOK AT YOURSELF IN THE MIRROR NAKED NO MAKEUP. Mocking Games, she's so "GU IL" LA UME, UGLI, she has to adopt a child because no man will impregnate her


5. HAR....PER MOON "HM" name of EDDIE VEDDER Jill K"RIS"TEN McKORMICK Daughter name

HAR PER Moon, T "OO" Girls name O.H for Sandra OH

HARPER is about "RAPE HR"

6. HAR PER Lee Club members

Har PER Lee Club MEMBERS of the Mocking Club

7. LAST SUP...."PER" of Catholic Theme, and Oil Art of Mother MARY and SON Jesus CH"RIS"T by Constance MA"RIA" Pecoraro VIRGO Mai"DEN" rules the Digestive System for FOOD. This is about EATING PUS "SY" Backwards through "FOOD WORDS" like "SOUP", and you have a "SAL" is RICE in Korean, anagram of "EREC"tion. Connected to BLACK DOG on my LAP in my CHILDHOOD PICTURE in 1979, EATING MY H"AIR" and the YELLOW VIRGO SIGN, that they built as if it's Sandra Oh. = PEDOPHILE RAPISTS.

Catholic Theme OIL ART by Constance Pecoraro Virgo rules the “Digestive System” for Food

Sandy Wang's IDENTITY ART TradeMARQ raped and robbed through my DENTAL HYGIENE H"EAR"ING in 2013 = White Collar C"RIMES"
SH"O"W of Deranged Nigger SHONDA LYNN RHIMES 11 45 FORM"OSA" and BARC"O" CRAB connections = PRISON TIME
EAR sound of SANDRA "O" AUD"RY" connections = LIFE IN PENITENIA"RY"

8. Constance MARIA Pecoraro and her very good friend next to her on BRIDGEWAY, name MI"CHA"EL "LAP....PER...T" who owns and ICE CREAM Store. "ICE" is COL.....d, of BLACK Dog EATING MA"RIA"s ASS PUSSY. H"AIR". H=8 or "OO", over"LAP"ping Ass Pussy Form U LA.

Mi"CHA" el LAP "PER" t

9. This is connected to my CATHOLIC School classmate from 1980's name Jackie "LAF"uente. LAF, LAP, LAUGH, sometimes the EAR sound of "LOCK" in NAMES, like PAM MC"LAUGH"LIN. She is married to a "COO......PER..........MAN". PER. connected to robbing my John HAN.cock as in my Name SIGNature on my artwork through MAN"OS" is HAND in Spanish.

Jackie "LAF"uente in LAP LAUGH "LOCK" of SHO...rt L"ARD" Ass Spic, who's been licking Sandra "OH" Pussy for decades

10. Jennifer LYNN Lopez, with her cheating younger boyfriend name CAS..."PER" SM"ART". This sick SPIC CHOCHA really should be LOCKED IN PRISON. She is who she is today, connected to HUMONGOUS OIL BLUBBER ASS FORM of JACKIE LAFUENTE, who I knew in the 1980's.

Jennifer Lopez, I is Ass, JAIL is in your name sick CHOCHA

11. PER i WINKLE COL......or. A very bright Turquoise shade of BL"OO".

meaning of COL....or


13. PER SHING Square in LA

14 PER PIR "PUR" DUE Street name, is a CHIC"KEN" Farm

15 Cedars SIN ai Hospital, LOUIS "BIRDIE" HAL "PER" names on building

16. PER th Australia born HEATH ANDREW LEDGER

AL “ICE” “WAL”ker. ICE is “COL.........d”, LAW, AR REST, FORM Of HANDCUFFS “OO”, and “LOK” in JAIL or PRISON. Jesus CH”RIS”T was born in the “COL........d” in the Winter in a MAN ger, in BETH le HEM, Rhimes with W “RIS”T, as in “ROL”EX WATCH. Everything they built, fits THEM.

AW, to rob my Korean ROYAL name of “WA.....NG” for Sandra OH who was born in Otta'WA” Canada. BLACK CO”LOR” S”KIN”, my name isn't “NIK”, and this isn't what my ART says.

SANDRA OH born in Otta"WA" and ELGIN CHARLES Connection to Beverly Hills

"NG" Nancy Gaytan at Dental BOARD and her letter on "8/9" 2013 = C"RIMES" of IDENTITY THEFT

reason why Constance Pecoraro created her "No Name Girl" No "GN" to complete the 'WA'

Psycho Pecoraro and AL"ICE" in WONDERLAND, LOCK "O"

G "RAB" HAIR, like you G"RABBIT" a HARE by the EAR

Long way down the ALICE in WOnderland Rabbit Hole of "O" EAR sound of Sandra OH LIFE IN PRISON

CO “LOR”. “LOR”Etta LYNch. LORI Hubble. G “LOR”ia Lee.

"NE"w "GRO"wth of GREEN NEGRO'S through RAPING MY LIFE and ART

CHLORELLA in new FOODS in 2014 = SICK

CH “LOR”O PHYLL is the “GREEN” stuff in PLANTS. BO TANICALS and HORTICULTURE connections of LEAVES. GREEN Color to be about the word “NEEGR”O”, connected to Sandra OH and her School SIR ROBERT BORDEN on “GREEN BANK” Road, in Mathemathics of making Money, in ANAL PARSONS “PROJECT”, recreated through “REGEN” Projects.

For meaning of “SUN” gives life to plants and SUN rules the SIGN of LEO, for my SIGN of LEO and My Father's First Name of “SUN..G” Bae, to have meaning for SANDRA OH through OIL ART of JESUS CHRIST THE “SON”. This is connected to Robing of My Portrait Drawing with 8 in my Eyes, connected to New Solar System and “8” Planets, as if my PORTRAIT DRAWING is SANDRA OH.


It's called the “BLACK SUNDAY”, BLACK “SON”s, connected to CONSTANCE MARIA PECORARO's JESUS CHRIST THE “SON”. SON has nothing to with “SUN” in the Solar System.

NIGGERS WANT TO OWN THE WORD “CO LOR” and through COLOR WORDS they are creating MEANING. It's FUCKING PSYCHOTIC, because COLOR WORDS are being used to ROB MY IDENTITY, MY ART and MY LIFE for a Pat”HO”Logical Li”AR” Korean Actress SANDRA OH who thinks she is MY IDENTITY and ARTIST OF MY ARTWORK, owner of MY INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY.

It began with COLOR PURPLE. by Alice Walker.

Which they linked it to Jan”ICE”, is “COL.....d”.

AL “ICE” “WAL”ker. ICE is “COL.........d”, LAW, AR REST, FORM Of HANDCUFFS “OO”, and “LOK” in JAIL or PRISON. Jesus CH”RIS”T was born in the “COL........d” in the Winter in a MAN ger, in BETH le HEM, Rhimes with W “RIS”T, as in “ROL”EX WATCH. Everything they built, fits THEM.

AW, to rob my Korean ROYAL name of “WA.....NG” for Sandra OH who was born in Otta'WA” Canada. BLACK CO”LOR” S”KIN”, my name isn't “NIK”, and this isn't what my ART says.

C.A.L. SE"CAL" is COLOR, connected to CAL...on Drive in "TOP"anga where Sandy Wang lived in 2007 and had my rent money Robbed by TODD CUMMINGS.

"POT" shops on "LA C"ienega Blvd. POT is "GREEN", and all GREEN COLOR has been linked to be about SICK FUCKING BLACK NIGGERS connected to MATHEmathics of making Money that go in BANKS, through RAPING MY LIFE and ROBBING MY ART, as if Sandra OH is the ARTIST connected to her school name of SIR ROB.....ert BOR....DEN on "GREEN BANK" Road.

The word BANK itself is about Korean Word "NABi" which means BUTTERFLY, in robbing My Childhood Picture in Seoul Korea standing on the Mountain circa 1976, of me wearing BUTTERFLY HALTER "TOP" SHIRT, and RED SHOes with RED SHO rts. Through these Colors and words of CLOTHES they've built as if SANDRA OH is MY IDENTITY. I thought Sandra Oh was born in Otta"WA" Canada, did she ever live in Seoul Korea in 1970's? it's clear that the yellow writings in my childhood picture in South Korea.

Sandy WANG's Father's Korea Royal name meaning

CL "ARI" NET Sandy Wang's Father's name his Music band from 1950's "Morning Stars", i don't know who "CHOI YONG" name is

CHO "CHA" connections of Deranged Linking of "FAT HER" and SPIC FAT ASS LARDO GORDO PUSSIES for "BERN ARD O" oil burns

CL "AIR" NET connections is very Gay in Tom Bridges AIR EAR sound

Barack Obama's FRAUD Birth Certificate and Delivery DOCTOR name of David SIN CL "AIR"

CHA rlies Find Jesus CHRIST OIL ART by Psycho Pecoraro

TARGET GREEN POT "LAC"ienega POT Shop "LA C"ienega Blvd, "4 C day B4"

TARGET GREEN POT "LA C"ienega Barack Obama is " A Total Pussy"

Josh MIC"CHA" WOLF, AIR libra rules Kidneys, Symbol of "JUST I.C.E" Scales

they've built as if JOSH WOLF has meaning in My Father's IDENTITY, as if through his SON BIrth, Sandra OH is MY Baby Pictures


TECH nology of ALCATEL PHONE and "ICE"

AIM SHOOT DIE rapists pedophiles I"DENT"ity Thieves PER PUR PIR FEC connections at PDC

Remember, the PDC Showrooms are across the street from NEW WEST HOLLYWOOD LIBRAry and "PARKing Structure"


STILL AL"ICE" in 2014 movie

Grid Lock is about the G “RIDDLE” Connections. “G” is Rats and Mice in Korean, because it’s all connected to my pencil drawing of BENSON DU”BO”IS, Robert Guillaume, which is connected to the movie “BEN” with Lee Montgomery, the REASON why I drew this drawing in 1981. It’s a “G” RIDDLE, as in Acronyms and ANAGRAMS of Words and Names.

Sandra OH who went to SIR ROBERT BORDEN HIGH SCHOOL has been claiming for 3 decades she DREW my drawings and is MY IDENTITY, the reason for decades of HARDSHIP in my life. She went to this HIGH School BECAUSE of the Powerful meaning of MY FAC from 1981 and 1982 and MY WRITINGS aka “Intellectual Property”.

I am “DECODING” THEIR “Cryptic Codes”. They built through WORDS and NUMBERS, and when it’s convenient for them, they Escape through Words, Names and Numbers.

This is EVIDENCE of FOUL PLAY or ORGANIZED CRIMES connected to MERCEDES BENZ who “FRAMED ME” in April 2009 and me being Wrongfully Detained in LA County Jail in 2009. Copyright Trademark laws of PT 50 BILLION is REAL and Criminal Ramifications is REAL, especially of RAPING of my X rated Video Recording.

G “RIDDLES” and RHYMES of WORDS that RHIME, for SHO “NDA” RIMES black bitch creator of “Gre Y’S anatomy”, connected to Constance Maria Pecoraro’s Catholic MAThemathics theme of OIL Artwork of Mary and jesus CHRIST the “SON” CHARLIES FIND, the reason why Sandra Oh is “CRIST”ina Yang. Group CHAIN Conspiracy that’s been “in the Making” for many years, for SANDRA OH to be My Identity AS IF she is the ARTIST of MY ARTWORK, my FAC from 1981, specifically my drawing of Black male actor ROBERT GUILLAUME from 1981.

It’s connected to WORDS that RHYME in MAThemathics of making MONEY, through the RAPING OF MY LIFE, so that everything about me can be SANDRA OH, AS IF she is the ARTIST of MY SECOND ARTWORK Collection in MAThemathics of making MONEY, AS IF Sandra Oh is My Portrait Drawing which I drew in 2006. SAME PATTERNS going on for DECADES. I hope Sandra Oh knows how to Draw and Paint. CIELO is the “SKY”, 3AR SOUNDS like YEL”LOW” CORN the CAPRI “CORN” COB, and RHIMES with LEO CARILLO, SAL GUARRIELLO, and WILLIE JU MI JU “LIO”.

SHO “NDA” RH “Y” mes, R “I” Mes. Study Studi “O” Sandra OH Peps “I” Puss “Y” 1999, “GRAYSONS” connections, LONG BEFORE the first episode of “Grey’s Anatomy” first aired on Tv in MARCH 2005 for the first time. It’s YEARS in the “MAKING”, for creating meaning SANDRA OH is My identity, AS IF she is the ARTIST of MY ARTWORK. SHO “NDA” Rhimes, Gre “Y’S” anatomy = SANDY, for meaning of MY “JOHN HANCOCK” to have meaning for Sandra Oh through HAND “MANOS” connections.

NIKKI “G” RIMES, “NG”, For SANDRA OH who says she was born in “OT TO WA” CANADA, who thinks and has been claiming for decades she is My identity, and meaning of MY Name of “WANG” which in Korean Characters look like “TO TO”. “Grey’s Anatomy” set in Seattle WA Shin GT ON. SANDRA OH thinks my Korean Name of “Wang SIN WON” has meaning for her and IS HER, because it’s connected to meaning of MY POWERFUL ARTWORK. Why is this person even WRITING about BARACK OBAMA? It’s SUPPORTING SANDRA OH DREW my Drawing of BLACK Male actor ROBERT GUILLAUME from 1981, and she is MY IDENTITY with a BLACK Girl in MY Childhood picture of me in number “14” on White and Red Shirt. 14, equivalent of letters “AD”, DA in Korea means “ALL”, for EAR sound of TAO DAO “DOW” JONES of making MONEY, AS IF Sandra Oh his My Identity and the Artist of MY ARTWORK.

It’s connected to DANIEL LADINSKY and his book titled “THE GIFT” published in 1999, around the same time as STUDY STUDI “O” SANDRA OH PEPSI PUSSY in 1999. They tried to “RE CREATE” the meaning of his pedophilish poem “EAR TH at was sold to a Fish” in 2009, for MY SECOND ARTWORK Collection to have meaning for PSYCHO “KO CO” PECORARO, for SANDRA OH and TV SHOW “Grey’s Anatomy”.

This is why it is VERY IMPORTANT to understand the “FOUR TEN” connections. UNDERSTAND the WOLF “ARI” HOLESALE, GOR “DON” Inc, MARQ AR “D” T connections in NORWALK. Same GROUP of people TERRORIZING me for decades, all supporting SANDRA OH is MY IDENTITY, and the ARTIST of MY ARTWORK.

I not only have overwhelming CONCRETE EVIDENCE of Horrific Organized Crimes in RAPING OF MY LIFE, MY ARTWORK and MY DOG JACK, for their GREEEEEEEEEEEEEN GREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEED GLUTTONOUS CATHOLICK MAThemathics of making MONEY THROUGH the RAPING of my Life, but I have the POWER and the EVIDENCE to IMPEACH THE PRESIDENT, BARACK HUSSEIN OBAMA. KARMA isn’t in my name. For CARL JUNG to have meaning for Constance “MA”RIA Pecoraro, EARth Virgo MaiDEN, KAR MA built in.

Malia Maria, Eye is Ass, Engrish with Accent. MAGNOLIA is a “FLOW”ering TREE, riddles and GNOMES of “LOST” connected to WILLIAM MA”POT”HER JJ ABRAMS and JOSH JACOB WOLF. 3AR of CORN on the COB is YEL”LOW” connections, JOSH WOLF who went to TREEEE nity University in SAN Antonio TEXASSSSS.

CONSPIRACY of TWO means that the FIRST WAS A CONSPiRACY, this is called Deductive Reasoning.

Conspiracy of ONE was BUILT INTO Conspiracy of TWO, if One ever happened, they’re going to go for the T”OO”.


Barack Obama's early days and "POT" Group and BUTLER LIBRA ry since 1980's

1981 Sandy Wang's Pencil Drawing of ROBERT GUILLAUME in 1981 who was "BENson DUBOIS" the BUTLER to the Governor on tv show

1984 Barack Obama at Columbia in early 1980's and "BUTLER" LIBRA ..... ry

2007 Sandy Wang's TRADEMARK in 2007 and Examining Attorney "MIDGE BUTLER" at USP..TO

who should be LOCKED IN PRISON

BARACK OBAMA is a FRAUD, who was born in KENYA and should be LOCKED IN PRISON
MICHELLE OBAMA is a TRANSGENDER, a sick twisted fucking FAG who has a Dick so small, you can TUQ it it and nobody can tell

Baby Murdering, Cradle Robbing SICK DERANGED NIGGERS for SANDRA "O.H"

CHO “OM” Gang
is it random that Barack Obama married someone with name initials of “MO”?
OM is an Ancient Sanskrit word

Sandy Wang’s Father’s Music Band from 50’s “MORNING STARS” and the name “CHOI YONG”
My Gifted Musician Father and Teacher played many instruments

Sandy Wang’s Childhood picture with my Father in GRAY GRAY GRAY Sweater and HAWAIIAN BARREL on Upper Left in JACKSON Heights
Sandy Wang’s CHARLIE Brown Snoopy DOG BANK


extremely important meaning of “CHA” syllable
meaning of Sanskrit word “OM” in the name of T”OM”

MO? Michelle Obama



Barack Obama from OcciDENTAL College in CA to Columbia in NY
Barack Hussein Obama LEO 8/4/61

Barack Obama’s very controversial Birth Certificate and DOCTOR Name “DAVID SIN CLAIR”


VIRGO PsyKO Constance Maria Pecoraro’s “NO NAME GIRL”
Pecoraro’s CATHOLIC Theme OIL Artwork of JESUS CHRIST “CHA”rlie
AIR Libra JOSH MIC “CHA” Wolf Stand Up Comedian
LIBRA Wolf and VIRGO Pecoraro’s “212” VIBE Number and “MORNING STARS”

Sandra Oh as DOCTOR “CRIST”Ina Yang “CY” on “GREY GREY GREY’S Anatomy”

LUCY Rhimes with PUSSY from JACKSON Heights of “CHA”rlies Angels

Constance Pecoraro’s Jesus CHRIST “CHA”rlie Find “OO”

BUJA in Korean means RICH, “MO”JA in Korean means HAT, he looks pretty “STONED” doesn’t he?
why did a person name LISA “JACK” take this picture of Barack? Meaning of JACKson Heights Zip CODE of “113 72”

Sandy Wang’s drawing of Robert Guillaume in 1981, BENson Dubois the BUTLER to the Governor
meaning of Sandy Wang’s Name SIGNature on this drawing connected to ZIP CODE of “JACK”son Heights NY “113 72”

“TOP”anga Fast Forward 3 decades, in 2007 Sandy Wang in Straw Hat at 20360 “CAL” LON Drive “TOP”ANGA
Sandy Wang and My Dog “JACK” in 2007
Sandy Wang’s Money ROBBED and then Illegally Locked out in OCTober 2007
David Limbaugh, “CAL” C”RIMES” Against Liberty

Shonda LYNN C “RHIMES” “STONED” sick crazy Black Bitch
Meaning of POT is “GREEEN” connections to word NEGR “O”
‘131’ GREEN NEGRO Conspiracy

meaning of EXACT “TEN” Years in RAPING MY LIFE
for SANDRA OH, so that this sick bitch can pretend she is MY IDENTITY and ARTIST of MY ARTWORK

ex “CIA” Valerie Plame


GENEVIEVE COOK, is indeed a very THIN VEIL, she was Barack Obama’s White Female Girlfriend in 1984
Cook “FOOD”, for SANDRA OH is My Korean Name of “SIN WON”, as if she is My FIRST Birthday BABY Picture with FOOD and MONEY

Sandy Wang’s “FIRST” Birthday Baby Picture with FOOD and MONEY, and very important childhood picture in RED SHOES in 1976
Morning is “DAWN” Yellow Cab “YC” = CHOi Yong “CY” in Sandy Wang’s Father’s Music Band from 50’s, MORNING STARS and CL”ARI” NET

Repeating Numbers of “429” Sandy Wang’s Father born in year 19”29”
BLOW “AIR” in CL”ARI”NET, for AIR LIBRA JOSH WOLF in CROWN of Rolex Building address 9420
meaning of “UN” DER Score, Dawn E. Reilly “DER”

GENEVIEVE “C.O.O.K” Barack Obama’s white female girlfriend in 1984


Peter “FIRST” BROOK book published in 2010
MATHemathics of making Money through FOOD

Sandy Wang’s picture in High School 1985 with “AP” Angela Pierce and “HAT”
SANDRA OH who thinks this picture of me in HAT in 1980’s is her
meaning of BANKS

Angela Pierce “AP”, What is SANDAR OH’s Middle Name? PA “TREE “CIA”?
meaning of “PA”

Genevieve COOK lookalike SUSAN JOYCE PROCTOR in 1999
meaning of EXACT “TEN” Years in RAPING OF MY LIFE

Understand meaning of “NE”w “GRO”wth is a GREEN SPROUT. MARIJUANA CANNABIS Is “GREEN”, all connected to SANDRA OH SCHOOL name of SIR ROB”ART” BORDEN on “113 GREEN BANK” Road in Canada, in a BLACK YELLOW COLOR S”KIN” Conspiracy connected to Air LIBRA JOSH WOLF KID “KNEEE” YS are in the LOW BACK, for TOM BURGESS “GAYS ANATOMY”.

When did DAVID MARANISS begin writing his book, about Barack Obama’s Pot Smoking days, which is to be released in June 2012. Was it before or after the Pictures I took above in July 2010?

David MARANISS specific name, for meaning of My Korean Name “SIN WON” backwards. It’s why BLACK S”KIN” NEGRO Beyonce K”NOW”les is who she is, and why Mila Ku”NIS” is who she is. WON the sound of “ONE”, as in My drawing of BLACK male actor ROBERT Guillaume from 1981, HOLding a Magnifying Glass with an Eye in “O”. It’s MY ARTWORK and MY SIGN OF “LEO”.

1 circles of “O”, vs, 2 circles of “OO”. They go back and forth, depending and how it’s CONVENIENT for “THEM”, while creating meaning of Going Backwards in CONSPIRACY of TWO, to Mental Health Judge name MARIA STRATTON, so that MY Name SIGNATURES, MY ARTWORK can have meaning for Psycho Actress THROUGH Constance MARIA Pecoraro’s OIL Artwork. MA”RIA” MA”RIA” Two Times, through GLO”RIA” Lee Birthday of 5/29, it’s why it’s a SICK DISTURBING GLO”RIA” MA”RIA”, AIR CH”AiR” ST”AIR” RAPING SIN CL”AIR” Game, AS IF through all these “AiR” connections, MY KOREAN name of Wang “SIN WON” is SANDRA OH. Conspiracy of “OO”, as if my John Hancock, My Name SIGNature on MY ARTWORK is SANDRA OH, through the RAPING OF MY LIFE.

The horrific event in Summer of 2009 of me being Wrongfully Locked in LA County Jail, when MY LIFE WAS RAPED, making me look as if I had “Mental Problems” and AS IF I was a Criminal stealing Cars, when it was all LIES and CRIMINAL Activities of FRAMING ME, all to support SANDRA OH is MY IDENTITY and the ARTIST OF MY ARTWORK, my Second Artwork Collection, the reason why over 250 pieces of My PRICELESS ARTWORK with my Dog were STOLEN through ORGANIZED CRIMES during this time. FRAMED through “CARS”, so that “THEY” can avoid the meaning of their own Bad “KARMA” they’ve accrued in the last 3 decades.

My Korean Name of SIN WON is connected to Barack Obama’s very controversial for a reason Birth Certificate and the name of the DOCTOR who delivered him DAVID SIN CL “AIR”. This is one of the many and main reasons why there is so many “AIR” HAIR CHAIR STAIR Connections. It’s all about creating meaning AS IF SANDRA OH is MY BORN IDENTITY, all my Baby Pictures and childhood pictures, through the Vehicle of Thomas CHRISTopher Bridges who has the same LEO birthday as me, bridges Constance Mother MARY MARIA Pecoraro’s Catholic Theme of MARY and JESUS CHRIST. He Bridges MY MOTHER with Constance Psycho Pecoraro and MY FATHER with Josh Miccha Wolf, and MY IDENTITY with SANDRA OH. THIS IS WHY SANDRA OH IS A “DOCTOR”, CRISTIna yang on “Grey’s Anatomy”, connected to Constance Pecoraro’s OIL ARTWORK of Jesus CHRIST in their CATHOLICK theme of MAThemathics of making Money.

My Korean name of SIN WON, is the reason why DAVID S “NOW” DEN is the Chief of Police of Beverly Hills, which is a few blocks from Cedars “SIN”ai HOSpital, where they’ve been building for 3 decades for MY Identity My Korean Name of “SIN WON” to BE SANDRA OH, and this Hospital is DIRECTLY connected to “Grey’s Anatomy” Hospital Show. The REASON why I was FRAMED, and then Arrested by Beverly Hills Police in April 2009, which was PREPLANNED FOR MANY YEARS BEFORE it actually happened.

What exactly is the CHO OM GANG? It’s about meaning of MY Father’s Music Band Picture from the 50’s “MORNING STARS” and the name of CHOi Yong on the Upper Left “CY”. In this picture, My Father is Blowing “AiR” into a Horn, a CL”ARI” NET, and they’ve been creating and building meaning for “AIR” Libra Josh MIC “CHA” WOLF to have meaning in MY Father’s IDENTITY and his Name.

CL “ARI” NET. SIN CL”AIR”. Thomas CLARence.

It is THROUGH the Vehicle of Constance Maria Pecoraro’s Catholic Theme OIL Artwork, of MARY and Jesus CHRIST that they’ve been building meaning for MY PARENTS to be Pecoraro and Wolf and for MY IDENTITY to BE SANDRA OH, AS IF she is me in all my baby and childhood pictures, AS IF she is the ARTIST of MY ARTWORK.

CHOi Yong ‘CY’, is the REASON why SANDRA OH is “CRIST”ina Yang “CY” on “Grey’s Anatomy”. It’s connected to LU “CY” LIU, who is from the same neighborhood where I grew up in JACKSON Heights NY. LU CY LIU, connected to HO NO LU LU, with ZIP CODE Numbers of MY BIRTHDAY NUMBERS 8/13/69. Her Birthday Numbers of “12/2”, is about the ASTROLOGY VIBE Numbers of LIBRA Josh Wolf and VIRGO Constance Pecoraro “212’ and the description of “MORNING STARS” in this Astrology book, the VEHICLE to ROB MY FATHER”S IDENTITY and the meaning of MY PARENTS NAMES. JOSH WOLF is a Stand Up Comedian, MY FATHER was a GIFTED MUSICIAN and a TEACHER. This is what OCCUPY AMERICA is about, BUSINESSES all built supporting for meaning of MY Parents Names to BE PECORARO and WOLF, and for MY IDENTITY to be SANDRA OH. OCCUPY OCCUPATION as in JOB.

Constance Pecoraro’s Jesus CHRIST is titled “CHA rlies Find”, because it’s about a Clear Glass CHARLIE Brown SNOOPY DOG BANK I had for many years with bills and coins from all over the world, the reason why BANKS are connected to this. Josh MIC “CHA” WOLF is her PI ous PY ous JeSUS horny for PUSSY, and CHOCHA is PUSSY in Spanish. Spanish words are a big part of this, connected to CHICA GO, where Barack Obama was a Politician for many years, connected to Constance Pecoraro’s NO NAME “GIRL”, CHICA is GIRL in Spanish. GO is about Constance Pecoraro Earth sign of VIR “GO” and through this syllable, and her SIGN, they’ve been creating meaning AS IF SANDRA OH was MY IDENTITY working as a CLUB MED “GO” in 1992, like all my childhood pictures, like EVERYTHING about ME to be THIS SICK DELUSIONAL ACTRESS who needs to be LOCKED IN PRISON for LIFE.

Jesus CHRIST is Horny for GIRL PUSSY in CATHOLICK MAThemathics of are you “PI”ous and Horny to make MONEY, all supporting Sandra Oh is My Identity AS IF She is the Artist of MY ARTWORK. The reason why there is so many PUSSY connections, is because they all NEED a lying sociopath fag Maricon name THOMAS CHRISTOPHER BRIDGES gay male DENtist who has the SAME LEO Birthday as me but different year. Because he licks balls and fucks Ass holes, the reason for so many Pussy connections. Another reason is because the Korean Word “BO GE” means Pussy.

OM in Sanskrit means “oneness with all”, a spiritual definition. This is connected to meaning of MY POWERFUL ARTWORK from 1981 and 1982, MY PENCIL Drawing of BLACK Male actor ROBERT GUILLAUME, BENSON DU”BO”IS, the BUTLER to the GOVERNOR on TV show. T”OM” Bridges T”OM” Cruise MA “POT” HER. The REASON why Politicians are involved and the reason why BLACK male Barack Obama is the President Today. THE REASON WHY MY LIFE HAS BEEN RAPED AND ALL MY PRICELESS ARWTORK STOLEN, SO THAT EVERYTHING ABOUT ME CAN BE SANDRA OH, AS IF SHE IS MY IDENTITY AND THE ARTIST OF MY ARTWORK.


Barack Obama has known about the Powerful Meaning of MY ARTWORK from 1981, of my Drawings of Robert Guillaume and Neil Diamond. His entire Political Career is built based on it.


Sandy Wang’s FAC from 1981 and 1982, Black Male actor ROBERT GUILLAUME and very important “ZIP CODE NUMBER Connections”

Sandy Wang’s childhood pictures in Santa Monica in 1979 and meaning of MAThemathical symbol of "PI" Connections

Sandy Wang’s childhood picture with MY FATHER and HAWAIIAN BARREL on top of the Liquor Cabinet

meaning of Sandy Wang’s KOREAN NAME “SIN WON” connected to First President GEORGE WASHINGTON

Sandy Wang’s First Boyfriend from 1985 ROBB NUNZIO and “STONE” is the “GRID LOCK”

meaning of BURNT OFFERING and “GREEN SPROUT” scroll down to bottom

Sandy Wang’s WATERCOLOR Artwork titled “PURPLE MOON”

George Washington

Midge Butler USPTO of Wang's Mark

LEO MARIA with LEE MONTGOMERY at Callon Drive TOPANGA many decades ago

Ma “RIA” and “AIR” connections

Sandy Wang in GREEN Dress in 1986 with GLORIA CATHERINE LEE “AIR” Gemini

George Bush

PSYCHO PATH Barack Hussein Obama LEO “8/4”

Barack Obama’s Hawaiian BIRTH CERTIFICATE very controversial for a REASON, and DOCTOR who delivered him DAVID “SIN” CLAIR

Conspiracy of TWO

DAVID LIMBAUGH “Crimes Against Liberty”




MUSeum Row


Organized CRIMES of RAPING MY LFIE in 2009 and MAP of Los Angeles

Pacific Coast Highway “1” + “3” in my PURPLE MOON meaning, Tom Bridges my LEO Birthday of 8 “13”

Toyota Financial FRAUD

meaning of my Watercolor Painting "PURPLE MOON", "MAL"LI BU and MELROSE Avenue Businesses


MILLER One Group Mercedes BENz

Tom CHRIST "O" FER Bridges

who should be LOCKED in PRISON for LIFE



Roy MILLER "Knight and Day"

Tom Cruise MaPOTher


Mother Mary Connie Maria Pecoraro

Gay Actress Sandra Patricia Oh

EAR Sound of Words

The GRIDDLE Connections

The GRIDs next to DGA


Josh Wolf who studied COM "MOOOOOON" ICATIONS in College in TEXASSSS

WOLFramite Scheelite

GRID “LOCK” Al”ICE” is “COL...d” PSYCHO Constance “MARIA” U ANA TOMY of “LOCK” Pecoraro AL”ICE” is “COL......D”

Eat a lot of Elephant GAR LIC.

AL “ICE” OLIVIA, AO, TAO of RAPING GAMES of “LOR”etta “LYN” CH CH CH CH for NIGGER CHO CHA for “BLACK SUNDAY” and meaning of “NE”w “GRO”wth

FRAUD Documents

Heath Ledger

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