“CAUGHT” by Harlan Coben published 2010

RED DOOR at 20360 Callon Drive Topanga



This is a Fictional Book and but it’s connected to the RED DOOR at 20360 Callon Drive TOPANGA. An author name HARLAN COBEN has written this book, because it’s connected to the name of LELAND HARCOURT MONTGOMERY who lived at 20360 Callon Drive TOPANGA many decades ago. CO”BEN” because it’s connected to MY FAC and Writings from 1982 and my PEN”CIL” Drawing of BENSON DUBOIS, of black male actor ROBERT GUILLAUME from 1982, connected to the movie “BEN” with Lee Montgomery and Michael Jackson from 1972, the REASON why I drew BENSON Dubois while growing up in JACKSON Heights NY.

HC, the reason why EVERYTHING about "COMPUTERS" is connected to WANG and MONTGOMERY, the reason why Html CODES "HC" is named this.

THE "MAS"TER CODE IS "THREE", connected to this TREE, to have meaning for CHRIST on page "3". H=OO. For T"HOM" ASS CHRISTopher BRIDGES HUBBARD BIRD BUR BRETT BERN with the Childhood CHRIST "MAS" Picture of me and my Dog Frenchy and My Mother, Connie Pecoraro's CATHOLIC Theme "repackaged" as the VEHICLE to rob the meaning of MY IDENTITY and MY FAC from 1982, to BE SANDRA OH, AS IF she drew my drawings.

Harlan CO BEN, like CO HEN, “BH”, the Je”SSUP” and CO HEN Building across the street from ROLEX Building, connected to HEN is a ROOSTER like a CHIC”KEN”, and NEK is about SUC as in Deep ThrOATing and Suc a Stand Up Comedian Josh Wolf as Horney JESUS Christ. The same reason why CHARLES COHEN is the owner of PAC ific Design Center on SAN Vicente Blvd. CHICKEN same letters as in the word KITCHEN, the reason why the “HUB” of the House is the Kitchen on ROBERTSON Blvd. NECK in Korean is MOK AGE, GA MOK in Korean means JAIL, C H=OO RIST isnt’ my Artwork, it’s Connie Maria Pecoraro’s and NECK ANATOMY isn’t my show, it’s Sandra Oh who should be LOCKED in PRISON for LIFE.

HAR lan CO BEN. “C” HAR les CO HEN.

Harlan Cohen went to AMHERST College and lived in LIVINGSTON New Jersey. Josh Wolf was born in Amherst Massachusetts and he is a regular on Chelsea Handler show who is from Livingston New Jersey. Livington is the brand name of CLOCKS, which is connected to WRITINGS I wrote about Lee “HAR”COURT Montgomery in 1982, “KEY to my Soul” if Key is Penis, then LOCK must be Vagina.

It's connected to PEDOPHILE RAPIST BRETT BERN of "T BERN CO.com" in NYC, who is a CON TR ACTOR who did BILL CLINTON'S "HARLEM" Office in NYC. He got this job BECAUSE he met ME, sociopath who had me Arrested and Wrongfully Jailed in APRIL 1999. Brett Bern is CONNIE PECORARO'S Perfect Match PSYCHO who's be STALKING and TERRORIZING me for more than 10 years. It's TWO CYK JEWS who LOVE their MOTHER Connie MARIA and her CATHOLIC Theme of MAThemathics of making MONEY, WHILE RAPING MY LIFE.

They’ve been building for 3 decades AS IF JOSH WOLF was LEE HARCOURT MONTGOMERY’S Identity, and for MY IDENTITY to be SANDRA OH AS IF she did my FAC from 1982 and Wrote my Writings, through the Vehicle of Connie Maria PSYCHO PECORARO’S OIL Artwork of Catholic Theme.

CO or KO in Korean means the word “NOS”E. Through the meaning of this word, and through her CATHOLIC Theme of Jesus CHRIST the “SON” with TOO Jewish SONS JOSH WOLF and BRETT BERN, COnnie Maria PeCOraro wants the meaning of MY ARTWORK from 1981 and 1982 to have been DONE BY HER, or she is supporting SANDRA OH as MY IDENTITY to have been the Artist who DREW my DRAWing of BEN”SON” Dubois. KOrean words are a big part of this, like Spanish words and English words are a big part of this, because Writings I wrote in my Notebook in 1982, had Korean Writings, of Lee Montgomery’s name in Korean Characters.

They’ve been building on their CATHOLICK MAThemathics theme of are you “PI”ous and horney to make MONEY for almost 3 decades. It’s why the POPE is who he is today “BEN”EDICT, RATzinger, connected to the movie "BEN" with RATS with Lee HARCourt Montgomery, the reason why I drew BENSON DUBOIS in 1982. IT’S ALL BASED ON MY IDENTITY, PICTURES from MY LIFE, MY FAC from 1982 and MY WRITINGS, connected to MY Parents Names and Lee HARCOURT MONTGOMERY.

The Korean word for COLOR is "SE" KAL. SE in Korean means BIRD, and KAL in Korean means KNIFE. KAL SOUNDS like CAL Lon Drive TOPANGA and everything began with MY FIRST ARTWORK COLLECTION and Writings from 1981 and 1982, connected to LEE HARCOURT MONTGOMERY who lived at this address many decades ago, because MY ARTWORK and Writings "Spiritually Channelled" Lee Montgomery's Life, and they've been building AS IF MY IDENTITY was SANDRA OH for 3 decades. Through connecting these Korean word meanings, they've built a Gigantic FRAUD as in Tom "BIRD"ges who has the same birthday as me, Bridges all BIRDS and BRIDGES and my childhood pictures in COLOR ado, THROUGH COLORS, for MY IDENTITY to BE SANDRA OH. For the childhood pictures of me standing on the Mountains in Korea in the 70's, of me wearing BUTTERFLY HALTER "TOP" Shirt, with RED "MARY" Jane SHOes to be Sandra Oh THROUGH the Vehicle of Tom Bridges Mother MARY Connie Maria Pecoraro's Catholic Theme. AS IF Sandra Oh was MY IDENTITY in MY Childhood pictures in SANTA MONICA in 1979, connected to MARY Statue in Santa Monica.

I Don’t need a TOM BRIDGES, 8/13 IS My Birthdate, it's MY Year of 1969, it’s MY Parents Names, MY Writings and MY ARTWORK. Tom Bridges “CO” CLOCKWORK ORANGE” on BRIDGEWay Sausalito, with ALEXANDER Avenue.

My PENCIL Drawing of black male ROBERT GUILLAUME of “BEN”SON Dubois is the reason why Black male BARACK OBAMA is the President today. The reason why PRESIDENTS are connected is because of the meaning of my Korean Name of WANG SIN WON, which sounds like WASHINGTON, as in First President of the United States, who is one he ONE Dollar Bill connected to the meaning of my Birthday numbers. This is why Thomas CHRISTopher Bridges is important to them, because he is a “DEN”tist who bridges Virgo Mai”DEN” Connie Pecoraro’s Catholic Theme. They need all these people to equal ONE of me.

CHENEY Drive leads to Callon Drive, this is connected to George BUSH and VP DICK CHENEY. SYL”VAN”IA Lane is the street next to Callon Drive, which is connected to White House on PENN”SYLVANIA” Avenue.

The POWERFUL meaning of my FAC from 1982 MY WRITINGS and Designs in a black and white Composition Notebook is why “BEN BERNANKE” is the FEDERAL RESERVE CHIEF. Alan GREENSpan was before him, connected to the meaning of MY GREEN Passport and all the Green Connections. “Color of Money” is Green, movie title with Tom Cruise Mapother and I think Todd Cummings, the current owner of 20360 Callon Drive Topanga is his relative through William Mapother, and if he is, then TOM CRUISE is a TRUE CRIMINAL who needs to SERVE TIME.

It’s the reason why ANDREW “BEN”TON is the President of Christian University PEPPERDINE UNIVERSITY in MALIBU.

There are Specific Gov’t Agencies like Beverly Hills POLICE and the COURTS, who have committed CRIMINAL Activities as in Creating FRAUD and LIES through Documents to Psychologically and Emotionally RAPE MY LIFE, as well as PHYSICAL as in Robbing all my PRICELESS ARTWORK and PROPERTIES, which all occurred in 2009.

I think the reason why he wrote “I knew opening that Red Door would Destroy my Life” is about the Korean word for “DOOR” which is “MUN”, or pronounced as Moon. This is connected to JOSH WOLF who studied COM”MUN”ICATIONS at TREEEEnity University in SAN Antonio Texas. This is connected to ALL “MUN”ICPAL Courts, like Beverly Hills Court. MUN I sounds like Eye, “C” sounds like SEE, PAL in Korean means the number “8” and the word for ARM. This is why Connie “MAR”ia Pecoraro, thinks this Korean word has meaning for her middle name, connected to MY FIRST NAME SIGNATURE of “Sandy*” on the drawing of Robert Guillaume of BENSON DUBOIS with a Horizontal Eight “OO”, the reason why her Jesus CHRIST has Horizontal Rings around his Eyes “OO”. It’s connected to the meaning of MY KOREAN Name of WANG in Korean characters with Two “TO TO”, which is connected to MATHEMATHICS of “PI” symbol “TT”.

This is why Connie Pecoraro is good friends with MICHA el LAP pert of Lappert’s Ice Cream. MICCHA is Josh Wolf’s Middle name, and they’ve been involved in this GROUP CONSPIRACY for many years.

They’ve been building the Legal System as in “COURT” connected to LEE HAR”COURT” Montgomery’s name, for MY FAC from 1981 and 1982 and my Writings, to have meaning for JOSH WOLF AS IF SANDRA OH was My Identity and she DREW my Drawings. Because Josh Wolf is a Air Libra JUSTICE SCALES.


They’ve been USING MY LIFE, for many years, like PARASITES living through and feeding off my life, to create meaning for themselves. The Biggest one was through my LEADERSHIP LP 173 Training in 1997. The same year Josh Wolf’s son JACOB was born on specific date of “3/17” is St. PATRICKS Day connected to why I met Connie Pecoraro in 2005, at her Dentist PATRICK Lee’s Dental Office on Cale”DON”ia Street in Sausalito, connected to SANDRA OH and PATRICK Dempsey on “Grey’s Anatomy”. DON in Korean means MONEY, for CATHOLICK MAThemathics of are you “PI”ous and horny to make Money. ALL BASED ON MY IDENTITY, MY ARTWORK, MY PARENTS NAMES, MY WRITINGS, ETC, TO BE SANDRA OH. WHAT IS SANDRA OH’S MIDDLE NAME? PAT PAT PATRICIA?

This is connected to what a person name MARK LANDAS wrote me during my Leadership Training, there were people who knew about his many many years before I found out about it, many years before I met Josh Wolf at a dog park in 2007 and didn’t know his name until the following year in fall of 2008. JOSH WOLF Air Libra JUSTICE SCALES, who studied COM "MUN"Ications at TRI nity University in San Antonio Texas, connected to the TREEEE growing out of the Deck at this GARAGE STUDIO on Callon Drive TOPANGA.

MUN or MOON in Korean means DOOR. Which is about my GARAGE DOOR Architectural Drawing I did in 1982 and I wrote something on the DOOR for Lee Montgomery.

MUN I “SEE” PAL COURT in Beverly Hills. “THEY” should’ve never opened this Door, like 20360 Callon Drive Topanga.

MUN or MOON in Korean means DOOR. MUNJE or MOONJE means PROBLEM. As in having JE"SUS" CH=OO RIST isn't my Artwork, it's Connie Pecoraro's and "THEIR" VEHICLE to ROB the Meaning of MY ARTWORK and IDENTITY, for CATHOLIC MATHemathics theme of are you "PY"ous and horny to make MONEY. GLUTTONOUS MOTHER FUCKING SOCIOPATHS.

This is really big stuff, connected to why the POPE is “BEN”edict, Cardinal Joseph “RAT”ZINGER. Connected to MY ARTWORK Drawing of BENSON Dubois of Robert Guillaume from 1982, because it’s about the movie “BEN”, with Lee HARCourt MONTGMERY in this movie which is about “RATS”. STAR spelled backwards. STAR BUCKS LICKS SUCKS FUCKS.

Sandy Wang’s FAC from 1982

Lee HAR COURT Montgomery

11/3 his birthday numbers

Sandy Wang’s KOREAN Name


WANG in Korean Characters

meaning of “OO” connections

Sandy Wang’s Leadership Training in 1997

Sandy Wang’s SOCIAL SECURITY NUMBERS and Beverly Hills MUN I C PAL Court MUN or MOON means DOOR


George Dubya BUSH

Barack Hussein Obama

SEKAL in Korean means COLOR

Pepperdine University in MALIBU

ANDREW connections




20360 Callon Drive TOPANGA

RED DOOR of Garage Studio with TREE growing out of Deck

“TOPA” building in Century City

Pope “BEN”edict in VAticaN City ROME ITALY

The O "DOR" Cummings of Cedars Sinai Hospital

DOR is Stein Eye Institute in UCLA Campus

the reason why TOM CRUISE and CATHOLIC KATie HOLmes got married in Rome ITALY

Josh Mic”CHA” Wolf, Connie Pecoraro’s Jesus Christ “CHA”rlies Find who should be LOCKED IN PRISON for LIFE with the One he loves his MOTher Pecoraro

JOSH WOLF of Rolex building JE “SSUP” COHEN


Jim Morrison in Venice Beach of the DOORS

Josh Wolf studied Com MUN ications at TREEEE nity University in Texas

CHARLES COHEN owner of PACific Design Center and “BEN” isn’t random

HUBBARD HUB of the House is the KITCHEN on CHRISTopher PEA COCK is a BIRD

TOM BRIDGES at “360” Post Street San Francis”CO”

who should be Locked in PRISON for LIFE

“CO” nnie Pe”CO”raro’s CATHOLIC Theme Oil Artwork

Connie Pecoraro's Front and Back DOORS

Connie Pecoraro and her BOOK Marks

DELUSIONAL Actress SANDRA OH who thinks she is MY IDENTITY

ANDREW connections

“4/29/63” Hubbard Lard BRETT BERN of " T BERN CO " who should be LOCKED BEHIND BARS for LIFE


MICHAEL JACKSON who sang the song for “BEN”

U2 BONO’S book and meaning of MY First name SIGNature with a “ASS”tersiK on the drawing of “BEN”Son Dubois from 1982


Fraud Documents “Fraud is in the Details”

“CO” Clockwork Orange

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