Constance Maria Pecoraro's "Isn't That Life?" Dead and Abandoned Mark
Artist Loft “PRINCESS Street” address in Sausalito 94965 in 1998


GU IL “L.A” UME, GU IL in KOREAN is numbers 9/1 VIRGO Birthday of Constance Maria Pecoraro

Y would Korean words have meaning for this Men”TALL”y ILL I”TALL”ian psychobitch? Hold that thought.

YR “ O…IL” art of Jesus Christ BURNS with Tom BRIDGES his LIO FIRE on “BIRDGE WAY” Sausalito

OIL is a CODE, created to ROB MY IDENTITY for Sandra “O”, and her YEAR, EAR, of birth of 197 “ONE”.

ISN…t that Life? + YR “ONE” = SIN WON

TEN “NIS” any “ONE”?

SIN CL “AIR”, CH”AIR”, H”AIR”, HARE is a RABbit of SANDRA OH Drew Dru DRO her Mama CE CONNI’S Ass PU”CE”

And she’s LICKING IT FOR MONEY in “GREEN BANK” Road Canada, “SIR” ROB…art and

SHER BOURN, HER SHE, HER ding SHE eep NITEMAIRS of MARE is a female HO rse

SANDRA OH DREW DRU DRO, her Mother MARY Jane P”AIR” of “SHO”es,

GU IL “LA” UME, you and who? GU IL “T” psycho con artist, LIFE IN PRISON

T is SI lent, like benson du”BO”, ILLI”NO.IS”, SI Lence of the LAMBS, SHEEP Nitemairs SIN “CL” AIRICE STAR…LIN..:g

Constance Maria Pecoraro “Princess Street” in SausalitO CA 94965 Map meaning and monster connections

ISN’t that Life ? “Q”UEST ion “MARQ”

Y ASSSSSK for Hand in MARIA ge, Eye of Jesus “FIL” MORE, ASS PUSSY FORM “OSA”

ISN’ that LIFE in PRISON, KEN “Q”UEST building and MARIA “N” Building connections

Con Artist Fraud Constance Maria Pecoraro “NO NAME GIRL” meaning
Con Artist Fraud Constance Maria Pecoraro “NO NAME GIRL” New Website in 2014

Constance Pecoraro doesn't know how to SNOW board
EVERY NAME on this page is connected to Tom Bridges JOSH WOLF “SUC” Stand Up Comedian at ROLex Building and SANDRA OH on “GRAY’s Anatomy”
PAT sy, TREEEEE nity, SHA, What is SANDRA OH’S Middle Name?
see the name PAT”SY” CHO”CHA”DOR = D “OO” R of over LAPping LAFfing ASS PUSSY

Sandy Wang Snowboarding in Lake Tahoe
DAVE Fettner who used to live in Lake Tahoe was PIMPED

Beverly Hills "LAP" d Chief of Police name David "SNOW"DEN and the NIGHTMAIR of SNOW WHITE and the 7 DWARFS
Beverly Hills BH and “SY” *

I met Psycho Pecoraro at “PAT”rick Lee’s DENtal office in 2005
Pecoraro’s friend Michael LAP pert of Lappert Ice Cream
Psycho Actress SANDRA OH and meaning of OVER LAPPING OO creates () Pussy

PATrick Dempsey as Dr. SHEp HER d of HER SHE pussy licking on “GRAY’S anatomy” the reason why there is Sargent GARY Lee

what’s left? DAN for DAN BROWN LEOnardo DA vinci code

PATReeee SHA ? SPO? SPO rts, BORDEN meaning

RAPING MY LIFE through White Collar CRIMES for a Deeply disturbed PSYCHO CUNT PECORARO

ALL connected to “AIR LIBRA” JOSH Mic”CHA” WOLF aka Jesus Christ hor dick
CA “ROL” CHAp NEK is about ROLex building
and “NECK” connections
JOSH WOLF lying sociopath
Connie Pecoraro couldn’t paint or draw like me in a BILLION Years
Connie Pecoraro “Making it Happen with CROW and WOLF” is EVIDENCE of Organized CRIME

“No Name Girl” 2011 STILL infringing PSYCHO PECORARO
“No Name Girl” May 2011 PRAY HAIL MARY with a ROSARY for this sick bitch to be sent to PENITENIARY




the Owner of this Dead and Abandoned mark isn't unknown

GO THERE very important page Constance Pecoraro's old address of 21 PRINCESS St. Sausalito

Connie Pecoraro's address of "691" Bridgeway RE "TAIL" "LOC" ation
Connie Pecoraro's most recent address since 2009 "707" Bridgeway Sausalito

Connie Pecoraro is a DELUSIONAL PSYCHO
Connie Pecoraro's "No Name Girl" in 2011

Constance Pecoraro's Artist “LO...FT” isn't a “Loft”

Constance Maria Pecoraro’s Art Studio in Sausalito isn’t a LOFT, it’s a 2 Story BRICK Building on Bridgeway Sausalito
LOFT is about meaning of LOFT as in the movie “GHOST”, as in the movie “THE CROW”,
LOFT is about LO F”OO”T, as in Korean word for BAL, the reason why JOSH WOLF has a FOOT BAL, connected to MY Childhood pictures of me in CO “LO” RADO with FOOTBALL
it’s about the FOOT on the BOX from my Legal pad sketch from 1997

It’s about the name initials of “AL” as in Abraham LINCOLN, EAR sound of LICK CON nie as in you CathoLICK with TONGUE, EAR sound of TUNGsten of WOLFramite Scheelite

Sandy Wang’s Childhood pictures in MARY Jane Red SHOES, and childhood Colorado Pictures
Sandy Wang’s SKETCH from 1997 with FOOT on BOX
why Presidents are connected to this

691 Retail LOCA tion
Architectural Impressionism in GREYS
Connie Pecoraro’s Email to me in 2005 and “SLATE GREY” color
DR. SCHOLLS at Cvs Pharmacy “CP” for “CY” CRISTina Yang
Abraham Lincoln at Beverly Hills LIBRA ry
Abraham Lincoln next to LA Phil in downtown Los Angeles
LINCOLN Blvd is in San Francisco and in Los Angeles
WOLFramite Scheelite TUNGsten
MICHA el LAP pert LICK Ice Cream with TONGUE
What is CONNIE PECORARO’S parents names? PHIL and CAROLINE???

SE KAL in Korean means COLOR, SE means BIRD and KAL means KNIFE, the reason why she mentions PALETTE KNIFE
DISCOVERY July 2011: Rabbi SHO fet and ZAR GARY names at Nessah Synagogue


Letter “Y”, EAR sounds like WHY? As in a “QUEST”ion.

SY, DY, NIK, RA, “Y” isn’t my name.

SIN WON Wang is my Korean Name, my American name is Sandy Wang.

Everything about Connie Pecoraro’s OIL ART of JESUS CHRIST the SON, titled CHARLIES FIND, CF, is about the word “FUCK”, built to have meaning going backwards. What’s Left? KU. Key is U. COMPUTER “KEY” on the Upper Left most “COR NER” is the letter “Q”.


Don’t be fooled, it’s EITHER WAY. FUK and KUF. Like SUC and CUS tody. Like LIK and KIL. This is this DISTURBED PSYCHOBITCHES SICK MIND, creating meaning through “W…ORD…S” to rape my life, murder my life, so they can TAKE OVER MY LIFE, MY IDENTITY, built as if it’s SANDRA OH in a monster Group conspiracy.

When someone asks you a question, and the answer is “NO”, the “ON”ly other way to answer it properly is with the word “ISN’T”, as in “IT ISN”T…….”. N “OO” N in Korean means EYES and also the word for S”NOW”. S”NOW” is COL…d like ICE. ISN..t that LIFE “LOC”ked BEHIND PRISON BARS.

“Y”..MCA, is a CAM Dung Yee, “DY”, “Y.D” Yvette Danielle MAR “Q”””””U IS, SI lent “KEY”, BLACK COLOR S”KIN” NIGGER ASS PUSSY CLITO”RIS” that SANDRA OH DREW like her Mama Mariah Pecorina CHOCHA.


Me “RAV” and MAR “Q”U IS “Y.D” Yvette Danielle MARQUIS Nigger and HIN”DU” ME RAV on ST “EU “ART, Psyh”CHOWARD” street

RAV MARQUIS reason for ROBBERY of MY ART, MY DOG, MY “RAV” 4 L in 2009 on MELROSE, “L.A.B” rea

reason why and “HOW”ARD university HINDU NIGGER BITCH is climbing the Political Ladder through RAPING MY LIFE, to ROB MY IDENTITY for SANDRA OH

C “LIN” T ON, C..ON.nie the “NO” name girl Pu “C”


The “NO” is really about creating meaning of “ON” backwards, in robbing of my IDENTITY and My Korean R”O”Y …”A.L” Name of WANG, for Korean AKTRESS SANDRA OH who was born in Otta “WA” Nepean Ontario “NO” CANADA. The “Name Girl” “NG” is to go with the Otta “WA” in group conspiracy of IDENTITY ART THEFT FOR SANDRA OH.

The point and goal is to dissect my name and then rebuild it to FIT and BE SANDRA OH, to ROB MY IDENTITY, while raping my life, and sabotaging my life through premeditated ORGANIZED C”RIMES”.

Psycho Pecoraro’s “CHICA” No Name “GIRL” who keeps getting a new name Abby, Anomie, psycho SUNNY
NO is about “NE”w “GRO”wth of NEGRO ORGAN..izations where SANDRA OH is a BO….g STAR

Constance Pecoraro’s creation for her “No Name Girl”, “ISN” t that life? with a “Q”uestion mark, for the Uppermost Left left of the Computer Keys next to My name letters of “S WA”. Q. NO “NG”, is to complete the meaning of my last name of “WA NG”. GOING BACKWARDS “ON”. Her “No Name Girl” is about MY CATHOLIC High School picture with a classmate name GRACE NAVAS “GN”, which they’ve been creating AS IF it’s SANDRA OH with Grace Navas. Constance Pecoraro’s OIL ARTWORK goes on “CANVAS” and RHIMES with “NAVAS”. This is why SHO “NDA” RHIMES created “Grey’s Anatomy” as the VEHICLE to ROB MY IDENTITY and meaning of MY ARTWORK for SANDRA OH. It’s why it’s set in Seattle GRACE Mercy West HOSpital in WA SHIN gt ON. On Upper Left, like letter “Q” on the Computer Keys.

SANDY, for meaning of My First Name SIGNature on My Pencil drawing of Robert Guillaume, the reason why Constance Pecoraro says she got her Art Degree from SAN Jose State. Why would you SIGN your School’s name on a piece of Artwork you did? A PATTERN started by SANDRA OH and her School name of SIR ROBERT BORDEN on “131 Greenbank Road” Canada, BUILT to “FIT” the meaning of MY ARTWORK from 1981 and 1982. It’s a GROUP CONSPIRACY, “GREEN” the Color of MONEY connections.

SAN “D”. Y the sound of WHY. ? Q uestion. For meaning of the SOUND of MY Korean Name of SIN WON which sounds like SHIN WON, connected to all the Upper Left connections, like SEAttle Wa”SHIN”tON. For meaning of MY Name SIGNature of “SAND Y*” the letter Y has a ASTerisK mark attached to it. ASSSSK a “Q”, the reason why it’s 3ARth Virgo Psycho Constance MARiA Pecoraro, built in sound of Q ARMA.

SAN real "D" of Clarity Partners and Wolfgang Puck, next to ROLEX BUILDING where JOSH WOLF'S agency is. What's left? "Y". Sound of WHY. The REASON why Constance PSYCHO CUNT PECORARO created her "No Name Girl", AS IF I have No Name, but MY NAMES have meaning for HER through Riddles and Rhymes of WORDS. The reason why she created her "ISN" that life ? dead and abandoned Mark for her No Name Girl. "Q"uestion ? on the Upper Left, for meaning of Computer KEYES on the upper Left and letters of "S WA" nexts to "Q". No Name Girl, NO "NG". S WA + NG = WANG.

WHY? 3ARth Virgo, sound of “Y”? Q uestion, to keep everyone guessing and continue to play Catholic MATHemathics of making MONEY, AS IF I have no name, but MY Powerful name has meaning for her Psycho PECORARO and SANDRA OH in HER SHE ASS PUSSY Catholicking Game, THROUGH the RAPING OF MY IDENTITY and MY SACRED ARTWORK.

EAR, sound of “Q”ARMA built in for Con Artist Constance Maria Pecoraro.

D= 4, FOUR, NUMBER that has been USED in RAPING OF MY LIFE, so that EVERYTHING about MY LIFE and meaning of MY ARTWORK can have meaning for them in a huge Montstrous Group CONSPIRA"SEE".

Her Jesus CHRIST Oil Artwork of “OO” Eyes, based on My Name SIGNature of “SANDY” the “OO” made with the letter “S” of my name and the Y has a ASTERISK Key. The reason why Tom Bridges his gay LEO with 3AR sound of “OIL” BACKwards, for Horny Jesus CHRIST CHARLIE’S FIND horny for Oil ASS. The connection of Jesus CHRIST “OO” Eyes is Form of ASSSSterisK, with her “NO Name Girl” going Backwards is PEDOPHILISH. BOTH connected to creating meaning and supporting SANDRA OH is ALL My childhood pictures, AND she is MY ADULT X RATED VIDEO RECORDING of the “View of My GAP Space and ASS” from the BACK. It’s RAPING OF MY LIFE and ART, My childhood pictures, for these two mentally disturbed extremely EMOTIONALLY UNHEALTHY Psychobitches who are CON ARTISTS and FRAUDS. SANDRA OH is a PAT “HO”LOGICAL LI”AR”.

This HOSPITAL TV Show “GREY”S Anatomy” is DIRECTLY connected to everything they’ve been building at REAL LIFE Cedars “SIN”ai Hospital in West Hollywood, next to Beverly Hills and Police Chief name DAVID S“NOW” DEN. They are combining the “TRUTH” of MY REAL ARTWORK, with FICTIONAL “TV STORY” made up by big black sick bitch SHONDA RHIMES. So that MY IDENTITY and MY ARTWORK can have meaning for SANDRA OH. THEY HAVE A PROBLEM WITH WHAT IS REAL IN REAL LIFE, AND WHAT IS MADE UP AND “ACTED OUT” IN TV SHOWS AND MOVIES. IT’S A REAL MENTAL DISEASE CALLED “BORDERLINE PSYCHOTIC”.

SIN WON is MY Korean Name. And through the Korean Word meaning for SHOEs, which is SHIN “BAL”, and Korean word for HOSpital Byung “WON”, they’ve been creating for meaning of SOUND of My Korean name SIN WON which SOUNDS like SHIN WON, to be SANDRA OH, AS IF she is MY “BOURNE” IDENTITY. AS IF she is the ARTIST of MY ARTWORK, and AS IF she has meaning in MY SIGN of LEO, My Name SIGNature of “Sandy”, through Thomas CHRISTopher Bridges who has the same Leo Birthday as me. 8/13. 1+3=4. 8/4 is Barack Obama’s LEO Birthday.

Jesus CHRIST died on the + for your SINS, in CathoLICK Suck Fuck MAThemathics of making MONEY game, through the RAPING OF MY LIFE. This is WHY “THEIR” TAO is the WAY, is through a lying sociopath fag TOM BRIDGES the “WAY” through OMing with BRIDGE “WAY” SAUSALITO Constance Maria Pecoraro’s Catholic Theme OIL ARTWORK. Through EARth VIRGO Mai”DEN” PsyKO Constance Maria Pecoraro. Study Studi “O” Sandra OH PEPSI PUSSY GRAYSONS connections in 1999, long before first episode of “GREY”S anatomy” aired in MARCH 2005, it’s DECADES in the MAKING. PRE PLANNED of building for 3 decades, for SANDRA OH is MY IDENTITY.

This is why I was FRAMED and SET UP in APRIL 2009, for PEPSI PUSSY SANDRA OH and "BEN BEN" connections, and EXACT DATES in PATTERNS of Repeating Numbers. "TEN" Years for meaning of My Website Domain of Sand YWA NG. "NET", to have meaning for 10 OCTOBER born Josh Miccha Wolf and his "Wifey" Constance Maria Pecoraro, going BACKWARDS. For BEVERL "Y" HILL "S" RABBIT with "10". The reason why Sand RA OH was in "RA bbit HO le" in 2010. AS IF my SECOND ARTWORK Collection, which were all STOLEN in 2009, was DONE by SANDRA OH, and AS IF she is MY PORTRAIT Drawing.

This has been going on for DECADES and this SICK DELUSIONAL ACTRESS is the REASON behind all the White Collar Organized Activities and C "RIMES" in SABOTAGING and RAPING of MY LIFE, while living in Los Angeles since October 2006. SANDRA OH needs to be LOCKED IN PRISON for LIFE with CONSTANCE PECORARO, her "CO" "CO" spirator, in CO CO "KO" 3AR sound of PSY"CHO" Mother "MOM" ANATOMY in the SHOWER, for Per "KINS", for CONSPIRACY of TWO, deserves Life in Prison.

Sandra Oh is My Identity through EARth Virgo MaiDEN Contance MARIA Pecoraro in EAR sound of words, for all the “O” of circles from MY LIFE, to be and have meaning for SANDRA “OH”, through Pecoraro’s OIL Artwork of “MOTHER MARY”. Q EAR sound of K like “CO” is “KO” as in Korean word for NOS “E”. Q ARMA built in for Mother MARY MA RIA. What’s Missing I sounds like EYE, I is for ITALIAN Psycho PECORARO.

My Korean Name sound of Wang Shin Won, sounds like George WASHINGTON, First President of US on the ONE Dollar Bill. This and the meaning of MY Pencil drawing of Black male actor ROBERT GUILLAUME, the reason why Presidents have been connected for 3 decades. Tom Bridges all the sounds of “FIR FER FUR PHERS” from MY LIFE, with SANDRA OH through Jesus CHRIST and the name CHRISTOPHER, the reason why Sandra Oh is “CRIST”ina Yang on “Grey’s Anatomy”, set in Seattle Grace Mercy West HOS pital in WA SHIN gt ON.

JOSH WOLF used to live in state of WASHINGTON and the Mother of his SON JACOB who is a THAI Female still lives there. Every THAI restaurant and THAI business is connected to this Thai female, who is connected to CONSTANCE MARIA PECORARO, and her Catholic Theme OIL Artwork in MAThemathics of making MONEY.

“Q”uin TARA avenue and Sunset District in San Francisco address of 2087 31st Avenue, THOMAS CHRISTOPHER BRIDGES full birthday numbers of 8/13/72. My Birthday is 8/13/69. Is JOSH WOLF’s Son JACOB’S MOTHER in WASHINGTON name TARA? Was Jacob Wolf born on “3/17” St. PATRICKS DAY is “GREEN Connectdions”, born in the SAME HOSPITAL as setting of “Grey’s Anatomy” Seattle Grace Mercy West Hospital?

Josh Wolf is a regular on C HEL “SEA” HANDLER Show. Inside the “PL” Plaza Lobby of Cedars SINai hospital, is the HEL ping HAND “GIFT” SHOP. This is to connect Constance Maria Pecoraro’s OIL Artwork of Mother MARY and Jesus CHRIST, with MARY Statue on OCEAN Avenue in SANTA MONICA with a ‘HEART’ Foundation around it. This is why the HEART CARD with a boy was given to me during my LP 173 Training in 1997, it was to “Synchronize” it and to LINK this sick bitch PECORARO and OH, to MY LIFE and MY LIFE EXPERIENCES, so that whatever I do in MY LIFE, can be T “OM”ed with her. TOM BRIDGES BRIDGE “WAY” Sausalito, because the TAO is the “WAY”. The TAO is THEIR Way, through a lying sociopath fag name TOM BRIDGES and a Con Artist Psychobitch name CONSTANCE PECORARO who belongs in PRISON.

GIFT Shop, is connected to the ‘FIG’ restaurant inside the FAIRMONT Hotel on OCEAN Avenue, across the street from MARY Statue. FIG, GIF”T”. T is for TAO, DAO, DOW Jones of making MONEY in EAR sound of words. This is connected to DANIEL LADINSKY’S Book “THE GIFT” which was published in 1999. He writes “what is the first letter of your alphabet? A, O”. TAO, DAO. AS IF SANDRA OH has a GIFT of being an ARTIST, of MY ARTWORK. AS IF she is ME in all my pictures, AS IF she is ME Doing this Training in 1997, AS IF MY “TAO SAYING” which I CREATED and it’s on MY WEBSITE, was created and written by SANDRA OH. EVERYTHING about ME and MY LIFE, they’ve built it through Business names, other People’s Names, Words, Numbers, Colors, etc, TO BE SANDRA OH, in MAThemathics of making MONEY.

The meaning of “SEA” is the OCEAN is also connected to TOM CRUISE MAP “O” T HER, of SIGNtology and “SEA ORGS”. It’s all supporting Thomas CHRISTOPher BRIDGES MY Parents Names with WOLF and PECORARO and MY IDENTITY with SANDRA OH, AS IF Sandra Oh is My childhood pictures in SANTA MONICA on OCEAN Avenue in 1979. For EAR sound of “TAO DAO DOW JONES” of making MONEY. The reason why it’s the EN “DOW” Ment Fund and the En “DOW” ed CHAIR at Plaza Lobby “PL” at Cedars SINai Hospital.

WOLF and PECORARO “212” ASTROLOGY VIBE Number of “MORNING STARS”. The reason why Heath Ledger died on specific date of “1/22”, in SO HO NY. What’s Missing? “R” of ROLEX Building. CHARLIE’S FIND “OO”.

ISN t that life?. S”NOW” Board. Psycho Constance Maria Pecoraro involved in ROBBING MY KOREAN NAME of “SIN WON” to BE and have meaning for Psycho Actress SANDRA OH, in a Group Conspiracy that’s been going on for many years.

Her "ISN" t that life? dead and abandoned mark is about the meaning of CARL JUNG “Coined” the Term “SYN”chronicity and Connie Pecoraro wants Korean Words to have meaning for her, because JUNG Dung in Korean means ASS. She wants her Jesus CHRIST who was a JEW and all SYNagogues to have meaning for her. They’ve been building on this theme for many years.

The reason why she created her DEAD and ABANDONED MARK “ISN’T That LIFE?” with a “Q”uestion mark is because the Uppermost Left letter on the computer keys is the letter “Q”. The Upper Left is important because of my Childhood picture of me and my Father with a Hawaiian Barrel on the Upper Left. It’s about the PEN INK drawing I did of NEIL DIAMOND holding a MIKE on the Upper Left from the “Jazz Singer”. It’s about the meaning of MY FIRST NAME SIGNature of “SANDY *” with an ASTERISK key on the drawing of Robert Guilluame of BENSON DUBOIS in 1982. My first name SIGNature is signed with the letter “S” Sideways making a Horizontal Eight “OO”, the reason why her Jesus Christ has “OO” Eyes. They’ve built everything based on EAR sound of words because it sounds like “ASS”terisk and they want “OO” to be about FORM of ASS for CROWN of ROSE THORN wearing Jesus Christ.

Are you “ASS” KING a Question? My Korean name of WANG in Korean means KING because my father’s family lineage is of Korean ROYALTY.

This name SIGNature is the reason why Connie Pecoraro says she got her Art Degree from “SAN” Jose State, why would you sign your School’s name on a piece of Artwork you did?


Because of this sick Mentally Disturbed sick bitch, I have LOST YEARS of MY LIFE, so that this sick bitch can pretend she is the ARTIST who did my Artwork from 1982. My Life has been Repeatedly ABUSED, USED ROBBED and RAPED. During MY CHILD BEARING YEARS. You can buy many things in life with MONEY, you can’t buy back TIME you’ve lost.

It’s about my First Korean name of "SIN", as in SYNchronicity but it's pronounced as "SHIN". The "?" is about the letter "Q", the Uppermost Left letter of the Computer Keys. It's all about the Upper Left. "Byung WON" in Korean means Hospital, Sandra Oh's TV Show "Greys' Anatomy" is set in "WA" "SHIN" GTON Upper Left State. It’s one of the reason why Connie Pecoraro created her ISN t that life, so that MY Korean name of “SIN” which has similar spelling of “SYN” chronicity, Carl Jung who “COINED” the term can have meaning for her, like Copper Penny, the reason why both OH and PECORARO are connected to MY All Girls High School CATHOLIC School St. Vin”CENT” Ferrer, a Penny is a CENT, and 3AR sound of SCENT is “AIR”, for Air Libra JOSH WOLF Libra metal of COPPER.

It’s connected to DANIEL LADINSKY and his Poem “The Ear THAT Was Sold to a Fish” published in 1999.

It’s about my “GREEN” Korean Passport, because the Color of GR”ASS” is Green, and the word “ASS” is in the word P”ASS”Port, one of the many reasons why Connie Pecoraro does GL”ASS” and OIL Artwork. Color of MONEY, which is “DON” in Korean, is GREEN, the reason why Connie Pecoraro registered her domain name “No Name Girl” in HERN”DON” Virginia.

With the Combination of Connie Pecoraro's "No Name Girl" and "GN" GRACE Navas, and Sandra Oh's "SHIN" BAL which means SHOES which Sounds like SHOW, Sandra Oh wants MY KOREAN NAME, and the Upper Left keys of "SW" my name initials with her name of "OH", and the meaning of Upper Left of MY ARTWORK and Pictures from my life, to have menaing for her and BE HER. It's why it's the "No Name Girl", so as to CONFUSE people who did the ARTWORK from 1982 of Robert Guillaume, BENSON Dubois. So as to Dissect and cut up my Name into pieces and by combining it with Other People's names, Sandra Oh can BE MY IDENTITY.

Like CATHOLIC Church Theme of Connie Pecoraro's OIL PAINTINGS and her MARKER Sketches of "No Name Girl" they were created by her, BASED on MY Pictures and MY Artwork from 1982, to have meaning for SANDRA OH, as MY IDENTITY. They are her creations, not mine, it is THE REASON for the sabotaging of my life. So that while my life is Repeatedly Raped by FRAUD DOCUMENTS, Sandra Oh can SH SH SHINE and Be a Big STAR and Celebrity, so that MY FATHER and his music band "Morning STARS" can have meaning for her.

PAT sy CHA DORE. Sandra PATricia Oh, for CHO”CHA” PEPSI PUSSY, connected to meaning of “DOOR” which is MOON or MUN in Korean, AS IF Sandra Oh wrote MY Writings “I WAL Y” on MY Architectural Garage DOOR Drawing from 1982. The reason why JOSH WOLF went to TREEEE nity University and studied Com “MUN” Ications. I “WAL” Y, LAW, as in Beverly Hills MUN I ci PAL COURT.

CHA in Korean means TEA and CAR. CAR as in Connie MA ria Pecoraro who modeled for a FORD MUSTANG CAR, for her horny Jesus CHRIST JOSH MIC”CHA” WOLF, in HAIR CHAiR STAIR, AIR MA”RIA” connections, it’s the sound of KARMA.

EVERY Name on this page is about "OM"ing with Other People's names, so that Connie Pecoraro's Artwork can have meaning for SANDRA OH. Through her Artwork and Dentist name TOM Bridges, SANDRA OH wants MY NAME, MY IDENTITY, MY Parents Names and EVERYTHING about me to BE HER. What I write about Connie Pecoraro is the Same for Sandra Oh, they are TWO SICK CUNTS in a HER SHE PUSSEE LICKING GAME. The reason for the RAPING of MY LIFE. Compensating for Two disturbed IDENTITY THIEVES.

Almost all of Connie Pecoraro’s No name girl sketches are from my childhood pictures or from Real Events in MY Life. She’s been PARASITE secretly attached to my life for many years, like Sandra Oh. Connie Pecoraro and Sandra Oh doesn’t know how to SNOWBOARD, like they don’t know how to DRAW with a GRAPHITE PENCIL. It’s about having MY LIFE and Anything and Everything I DO to have meaning for them. Because the words Snowbo “ARD” and lake Ta”HO”e has part of san”DRA” “OH”s name, this Sick Actress thinks My Life Experiences and ME Snowboarding is HER, like the Upper Left Two Links of my Website “HO”me and “AR”tist. This SICK ACTRESS who wants people to think she DREW the DRAWings is the REASON for the REPEATED RAPING of my life, so that she can BE MY IDENTITY, through Other People’s names, Business Names, Street Names, City Names, ETC. They’ve been building this for almost 3 decades.

MY SANTA CRUZ “147” SNOWBOARD was STOLEN from PUBLIC STORAGE in July 2008. The numbers is about For Who For What” for “17” for SANDRA OH’s Year going backwards, the reason why I was ILLEGALLY LOCKED OUT on “10.18.07”, Sandra Oh wants the “R”= 18 in my Portrait Drawing to BE HER.

Everything about CONNIE PECORARO is about having MY FAC from 1982, MY Identity to have meaning for and BE SANDRA OH. Two sick bitches Licking HER SHE PUSSIES.

The domain name “Artist – Brush” was NEVER registered. Like her Trademark of “No Name Girl” Isn’t That Life? Is a FRAUD, it’s a Dead and ABANDONED Mark. This was about AB as in going Left to Right, as in Alexander Avenue exit to Bridgeway. It’s another piece of evidence of Fraud, like everything else about this Psycho Pecoraro. The “-“ Dash is about the Korean word “DA” which means “ALL”. DA “SH”, in a Her SHE Pussy Licking game. This is the reason why there is a “DASH” on the Lower Right corner on Sandra Oh’s website, because “Charlie’s Find” is on the Lower Right corner of page 3.

Alexander Avenue exit is the reason why Sandra Oh married Alexander Payne. I think it began from a CARD given to me during a Leadership Training LP 173 in 1997, and the quote which was written on this card is from Alexander Dumas. “AD”. This card was given to me by a Black Female, and it’s about The Picture of me and the black girl and I am wearing a White and Red shirt with the numbers “14” which is equivalent to the letters “AD”. This is the reason why Alexander has a business in Santa Monica called “AD HOMINEM”. I think Alexander Payne is from Omaha Nebraska.

This is related to Beverly “DA”vis, another black female, who has a Dental Agency “Dental PLUS Medical” in San Francisco and went to the same college as me to study Dental Hygiene, NYC “TECH” College in Brooklyn. PLUS is about Patrick Lee in sa”US”alito. PLUS is about Plus and Minus as in MAT.H. If you take Sandra Oh’s Vibe Bible Numbers of “5-9” and “AD” or “Plus”, it equals the number “14”. This is why Sandra Oh has “++++++” symbols on her Website.

This sick Con Artist Prostitute wants EVERYTHING about me to have meaning for her, and she had the fucking nerve to give me a Restraining Order, with the Number “140” on it. It was signed in 2006 but delivered to Callon Drive Topanga in August 2007. 3 Restraining Orders and 3 July’s in a ROW.

All of the NAMES on this “Artist-Brush” page is about Connie Pecoraro, wanting my life experiences and the VIDEO RECORDING of me, to be HER. Snowboards are made of WOOD CORE, and Connie PeCORaro wants the X rated Video Recording of me doing something with Wood to be Her. The reason why there are the names Sargent Gary Lee and his “WIFE” Joan WOOD. Sargent Gary is evidence there is Law Enforcement people behind this. It’s GOVERNMENT AGENCIES, including COURTS in Marin County and in Los Angeles, as you will see lots of FRAUD Documents filled with LIES.

This is a Repeating Pattern, through “OM”ing with Other People’s Names, Connie Pecoraro and Sandra Oh want my LIFE, my Artwork, my Identity to BE them. T”OM”. I did my “OM” Sanskrit symbols in 2004, and I started figuring out this Conspiracy in June 2006. In October 2006 I moved to Los Angeles where I have been TERRORIZED.

The name GARY is about an author name GARY ZUKAV who wrote a book called “SEAT of the SOUL”. It is a book I read in 1992, and a powerful spiritual book which changed my life. Connie Pecoraro wants the Seat of the Soul to be about ASS, and she wants the word CH”AIR” to have meaning for her middle name of MA”RIA” backwards, because you sit on a Chair. The reason why there is ZURBart on this page. The reason why Sandra Oh’s TV show is called “GREY’S” Anatomy, because it’s about the name GARY. They want the “Z” to be about the word Hor”Z”ontal as in Broad and Wide, but the word itself is built in to go Left to Right.

It's the same reason why Sandra Oh is sitting on a "TOILET BOWL" for Tom Bridges "TB" to bridge her with "U" symBOWEL of LEO. "T" OIL "ET". "OO" Sandra Oh is Cancer, and Cancer rules the TITS.

This is connected to Brett Bern who is the CHAIRMAN of his company TBCI. Brett Bern fucked both Beverly Davis and Gloria Lee, two females who both Connie Pecoraro and Sandra Oh wants to be “OM” with so their names and the SCHOOLS I went to can have meaning for them.

Connie Pecoraro doesn’t ride horses, doesn’t ride a snowboard, and this is about her wanting my Lake Tahoe experiences to have meaning for her, or Sandra Oh. It’s a GROUP “CHA”in Conspiracy, with Sandra Oh, Josh Wolf and Brett Bern. Tom Cruise Mapother is the LEADER.

This is the reason why the people’s NAMES at Lake Tahoe Ski Cabin were “pimped” to Fit her. Dave PECK is from Wis”CON”sin and he ran the house I was in. There is a street in Beverly Hills called CHARLEVILLE BLVD and a street name PECK intersects it. “DA”ve PECK sounds like PECoraro.

Pat”SY” “CHA”Dore is about the Korean word for CAR, “CHA”. SY is about my name Signature on the Pencil Drawing of BENSON. Connie Pecoraro wants to be the person who did it. PAT”SY” is also about Sandra Oh’s middle name of PATricia. DORE is about the word DOOR, as in Jim MorriSON of the Doors, because there is a street in San Fernando Valley called Morrison which runs PARALLEL to Moorepark, and Connie Pecoraro wants to be Demi “MOORE”.

PATSY Chadore is about the area in Topanga Canyon called EdMUND Edelman Park, MUN sound of Moon in Korean means DOOR. PAT is about PAT’S GRILL Restaurant on Route “27” of Topanga Canyon Blvd, Year of Tom Bridges, the Gay Male “DEN”tist’s birthday. They have a MERMAID Water Fountain outside of this restaurant, and they created the MERMAID theme, because of my First name SIGNature on BENSON drawing of SandY, for Mother Mary Connie Pecoraro Virgo the MAIDEN. They want the “TAIL” of the letter “Y” of my first name to have meaning for Tail of a MerMAIDEN. Inside the restaurant they have a Big OIL paintings of the Ass of a POLAR B”EAR” and a LOW F lying AIRplane below a BRIDGE = Tho MAS CHRIST o Pher BRIDGES CHRIST MAS Picture of me and my Mother and meaning of Carl Jung, and Korean Word “Jung Dung” which means Ass, and the BrookLYN BRIDGE picture of me and Stephen Garrison.

Mary Hammond is about Mother Mary MARIA, and the acronym of MH is about the movie “Midnight Hour” and PHIL Grenville, the reason why there is the name PHIL on this page. It’s the reason why Josh Mic”CHA” Wolf has the saying “Make it Happen”, a song title by MARIA H. “CAR”ey. They both drive GREEN Cars, because it’s about Phil “GREN”ville, and it’s about my GREEN PROM Dress. It’s also about the Color of Money, and the Color of MARY Jane and MARIjuanA.

“CAR”ol “CHA”pnek. JEWelry. Josh Mic”CHA” Wolf is a JEW, like Jesus Christ “CHA”rlie.

Adrielle ROSE, is about Jesus Christ “Charlie” who wears a crown of thorns and is horny, and he ROSE, so that Sandra and Connie MA”RIA” can SUC and Deep Throat the “NEK” of Wolf and Bern. Aka SCUM.

Around the time when Sandra Oh was doing the TV show “ARLI$$”, I think they were building on CAMDEN Drive in Beverly Hills to have meaning for her, and for LA SPORTS Club to have meaning for her, through CONNIE PECORARO’s Artwork. I think Connie Pecoraro’s Sketches of her “No Name Girl” based on MY childhood pictures is about having MY IDENTITY to be SANDRA OH. These NAMES on Connie Pecoraro’s webpage is about Sandra PATricia Oh’s middle name of “PAT”sy, and Sargent “GARY” is about the word GRAY. Her emails to me with the words “SLATE GREY” tells me it’s a GROUP CONSPIRACY to Rob my Identity through Business Names and Other People’s Names. Her Artwork is about “Art is a Conversation between lovers” which is based on MY identity, and because “ART” is a conversation, they needed to find an CON ARTIST to “Tell a Story” of FRAUD and CONSPIRACY. I think the words SLATE GR”EY” is about L RON HUBBARDS lectures called “A New SLANT on LIFE”. Jesus CHRIST “ROSE” for Doctor CRISTina Yang’s Gay Ass on “Grey’s Anatomy”.

I think CONSTANCE Maria Pecoraro’s Artwork and “ALEXANDER Avenue” Second Exit to Bridgeway is the reason why SANDRA OH was married to CONSTANTINE ALEXANDER PAYNE.

“GARY” is my first boyfriend STEPHEN GARRISON’s Middle name. GARY INDIANA was where Michael Jackson was born.

My First Boyfriend and my Sexual Experiences with him for 5.5 years is one of the many reasons why SANDRA OH was “STEPHANIE” in the movie “SIDEWAYS” which is about the MOTORcycle picture of me and the COLOR of my Parents Furniture. It’s about the way how my first name “SANDY” is Signed on the drawing of BENSON, of ROBERT Guillaume, the REASON why Sandra Oh went to Sir ROBERT BordEN High School in Canada. It’s how long this PARASITE has been attached to my life and IDENTITY, DRAINING my LIFE Energy for many years.

It’s a CHAIN GROUP CONSPIRACY meaning that the GOAL is the same but the individual parties don’t need to personally know each other.

TAO is the WAY on “BRIDGEWAY” that Tom BRIDGES in Sausalito. CHINESE Doctor CRISTina Yang. BIG GROUP CONSPIRACY to have SANDRA OH BE MY IDENTITY through Connie Pecoraro’s ARTWORK, Other People’s Names and BUSINESS Names.

A perfect example is Tom Bridges MY REGISTERED POWERFUL MARK at the USPTO THROUGH the Examing Attorney’s NAME, for MY MARK to have meaning for this Delusional sick bitch PARASITE, through Lying Sociopath Fag’s name T “OM” Bridges. This is with EVERYTHING IN MY LIFE, Especially MY “SEXUAL Experiences”.

ISN..... t that life ?


"YR" is abbreviated YEAR, ear sound of Sandra "O" name, korean psycho actress born in 197"1" YEAR sound ONE, in Otta 'WA'

in robbing of MY Korean name Sin "WON", and "ROY.....AL" name of WANG, MY ARTWORK AND MY IDENTITY

NA is "ME" in Korean.

NAME in Korean is EROOM.

EROOM rhimes with GHEE ROOM, which is "O"IL in Korean

NA 'IL'. rhimes with O."IL", thomas bridges his gay 'LIO and OIL' art of jesus christ, with sandra O, as chRIStina Yang on Greys anatomy, tv show created to ROB MY IDENTITY, ART, MY LIFE for this DERANGED KOREAN ACTRESS

WORK in Korean is "IL"

Number ONE in Korean is "IL".

O is ear sound of Sandra OH NAME.

Sandra OH born in Can"ADA", who went to SIR Robert BOR"DEN" high school

has been linked to my profession and FIELD of DENTistry, MY "WORK",

connected to ADA American DENTAL Association is in CHICAgo "ILLI NOIS"

Reason why and how BARACK OBAMA sick politician from CHICAgo ILLI NOIS became the presi'DENT'. 100% THROUGH RAPING MY LIFE, MY ART, AND TERRORIZING ME, TORTURING ME, to the point of wanting to COMMIT SUICIDE. So when I say and write things like this deranged PEDO BAL FETUS RAPING NIGGER should be ARRESTED AND LOCKED IN PRISON, I AM DEAD SERIOUS.

All of the above was built connected to and through VIRGO MAI"DEN" I'TAL"IAN CONSTANCE MARIA PECORARO and her OIL ART CATHOLIC THEME, Lord Lard, AO, the TAO of CP Chinese Philosophhy is built in TOM BRIDGES FAG IN FOG, AO, LIO OIL, gays anatomy. IF THOMAS RIMES WITH CHRISTMAS BRIDGES BIRTH YR, YEAR, IS 1972, THEY'RE ALL GOING TO PRISON.

WORK, has been linked to the word SYN 'KROW'nicity, in robbing my Korean name of "SIN" WON, built to be about 'SYN' krow, and licking eating of CJ, JC, JUNG DUNG of NIGGERS BOWELS, ASS PUSSY GROIN AREA. THE 'BUT ....TER, BUT...LER".

GHEE is CLARIFIED 'BUTTER', in robbing of my Identity my childhood picture STANDING ON THE MOUNTAIN in Korea, wearing BUTTERFLY HALTER "TOP" SHIRT AND RED SHOES, RED SHORTS IN circa 1974, that they've linked it to "TOP"ANGA address of where I lived in 2007, a very important address. They built as if all my childhood pictures, is Sandra Oh. This picture of me is very important because all BANKS WORLDWIDE is connected to this, because BUTTERFLY in Korean is 'NABi". They built it all connected to O.IL IS LARD, GREASE, BUTTER, DEEP FRIED DUNKIN DONUT "OO", in OIL LARD ART OF JESUS CHRIST by Constance MARIA Pecoraro. Reason why Sandra Oh was CHRISTINA Yang on Greys Anatomy, is going to be eating my SHIT in LIFE BEHIND BARS.



Constance Pecoraro's “BIO” of San Jose State SCHOOL LIES
“HER” as in C “HEL”en Kell”ER” Rimes with Nigg”ER”

Meaning of “LO FT” and HER She YS C”HO”CHA is Pus”SY” Ass Cat”HO”licking

scroll down to “HER” FETUS, FEED US meaning of FON”TAN” ELLE is a baby SCUL

TOM “C”HANDler? Or CHRISTopher? YR of birth 71 or “72”? Prison Time
Pecoraro's Email to me in 2005 “S LATe GRAY”, for CL Chelsea LATely connections

Josh MI”KA” Boom WOLF regular on Chelsea HANDLER Show

Tom Bridges KOR ean words, with Pe "COR"ro, in Korea Town

Korea Town L.A


"HER" fascination of social expression. "Photography of Black and White essays of her own Family life to capture the concept of light in motion and to create texture and composition."


IT SEEMS LIKE CD CONFUSED and DELUSIONAL CONSTANCE PECORARO Lives in an IMAGINARY WORLD of her own, of her "No Name Girl" sketches, who keeps changing her name, built to INFRINGE, COPY, and ROB from MY LIFE and MY ARTWORK, for MY IDENTITY to be SANDRA OH, and for MY MOTHER's IDENTITY and Name to have meaning for her through her "OIL" Artwork of MOTHER MARY.

SAME EXACT thing for SANDRA OH, who thinks she is MY IDENTITY, ARTIST of MY ARTWORK, MY "VR", through "Words of Objects", through COLORS, through NUMBERS, in SET UP PHOTOGRAPHS of her. It's BORDERLINE PSYCHOTIC. The REASON why if SANDRA OH can't DRAW with a PENCIL or Paint in WATERCOLOR ARTWORK, SIGN My Name SIGNatures Ten Times in a ROW CONTINUOUSLY, she needs to be LOCKED IN PRISON for LIFE. What is her Middle Name? PA TRI CIA? PA “TREEEE” SHA? SPO? = LIFE IN PRISON

Final Summary.

“Q”, on Upper Left corner, next to letters “S.WA”, reason why meaning of LIO n KIN g is important, in robbing of MY LEO SIGN, my name SIGNature on MY ART, MY Korean ROYAL Name of “WA….NG” for psycho actress SANDRA OH. Sandra “OH” who thinks she is My Portrait Drawing, who thinks she is the Artist and owner of My Registered TRADEMARK in circle of “O”, because it sounds like her name.

O sounds like Sandra “OH”.

Q looks like “O”, EAR sound of QARMA built in.

CUT the “O” and FINISH the LINE. FORM OF HANDCUFFS go on W “RIS” T and Rimes with CH “RIS” T.

Everything they BUILT to RAPE and ROB MY LIFE through PRE PLANNED, PREMEDITATED Organized C”RIMES”, “FITS THEM” PERFECTLY, including “KEN” is “NEK” and in Korean is Nek is MOK AGE. GA MOK in Korean is Jail or Prison.

PRI”SON”. Purple Red color of my childhood CHRISTMAS picture in 1981 is Sandra Oh, through Jesus Christ the “SON” oil art by Constance Pecoraro, reason why Sandra OH is “CHRIST”ina Yang on “Greys Anatomy”. SON or SOHN in Korean means HAND.

Tom “C”HAND ler Bridges who? With what? My JOHN “HAN”COCK, through Spanish word MAN”OS”, going backwards. Psyc”HO” C”HO”CHA PEPSI PUSSY SANDRA OH who’s been claiming she’s my first name SIGNature, My John HANCOCK on my Pencil Drawing of ROBERT GUILLAUME in 1981, through her SCHOOL name of “SIR ROBERT BORDEN” in Canada. FORM of OO HANDCUFFS go on W “RIS” T and Rimes with CH “RIS” T.

For My Trade “MARQ” in Circle of “O”, to have been done by SANDRA “OH” because it sounds like her name, through the name of a Nigger Pussy Dani”ELLE” MARQuis. ROBBING of MY TRADEMARK in “O” and MY INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY of “TAO” Saying, has SERIOUS CRIMINAL RAMIFICATIONS.

MAR”Q”, looks like an “O”, EAR sound of “Q”ARMA built in.

WATER and OIL don’t mix, and Sandra OH is “CHRIST”ina Yang on “Grey’s Anatomy” built based on Constance Pecoraro’s CATHOLIC Theme OIL ART, Oil goes on CANVAS and R.I.M.E.S with Seattle Mercy “GRACE” NAVAS. Which was created to ROB MY IDENTITY, not only my Art.

CUT the “O” and FINISH the LINE, “OO” FORM of HANDCUFFS go on W “RIS” T R.I.M.E.S with CH “RIS” T. Sick secret codes they built and created to “RAPE MY LIFE” is TURNING AROUND ON THEM and FITS THEM PERFECTLY.

Like “SUC” Culents in BO SUC is a Diamond in Korean for Korean Actress SANDRA OH, as if she is My Name SIGNature of “SAN DY” on MY ART, through this Nigger Pussy’s name of “Y”vette “D”anielle, “YD” + SUC culent cactus names = CUS TO “DY”. “TO” in Korean Characters looks like Sandra “OH” name. FITS THEM PERFECTLY.

“T” IS FOR TAO DAO “DOW” JONES of making MONEY as if SANDRA OH is MY IDENTITY from “BIRTH to PRESENT” and ARTIST of MY PRICELESS ARTWORK. Artist of my Pencil Drawing of Robert “GU IL” LAUME, GU IL “T” sick bitch = LIFE IN PRISON

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