Jack’s Fur Jacket on Mulholland Drive January 2008

Sandy and Jack


This picture of my dog Jack was taken in January 2008 on Mulholland Drive, in “Nancy Pohl Hoover Overlook”, next to Fryman Canyon, when we went for a hike one morning.

This was around the time Heath Ledger died. I was working for a dentist name AJ Boyajian in Beverly Hills and I was fired the week after Heath died.

AJ Boyajian is ARMenian and his mother MARY worked in the office as his manager. AJ looks like Brett Alan Bern and his mother Mary looks like an older version of Connie Maria Pecoraro with graying hair.

This is connected to Connie Pecoraro’s oil paintings, her CATholice Theme of Mother Mary and Jesus Christ.

The theme of the word ARM is big and has been going on for a long time. PAL in Korean means the number 8 and also the word ARM. They want this word, number and anatomical body part to have meaning for Connie Pecoraro’s middle name of MARIA. And through T”OM” Cruise, they want to “OM” with my Mother’s Identity and Name, to have meaning for her.

It’s about Tom CHRISTopher Bridges, her Catholic Theme of Mother Mary and Jesus Christ “Charlie’s Find”, with the picture of me and my first boyfriend Stephen and my mother wearing a “FUR” Coat. It’s the VIEW of SAN “FUR” nando Valley.

The same reason why they recreated “Variations on a Theme” of my CATHOLIC High School St. Vincent “FER”rer, with them “OM”ing and creating meaning with Classmates Names I went to school with, like GLO Ria Lee and Grace Navas. Catholic Theme, like the CHRIST “MAS” Picture of me and my dog.

The VIEW is about the “View of the Gap Space” of my Ass in the Video Recording. SAN means MOUNTain in Korean, and you Mount and Ride a Rubber Toy, like you mount a horse or you mount and Ride a Hard Penis. The reason why Connie Pecoraro modeled for “M ust ANG” car, it’s about my last name “WANG”. They want this VR which was dubbed with another females body, for my wet vagina, to be Cracked and Dry Connie Pecoraro. Same reason why Sandra OH wants this VR to be her, and for Mul”HO”lland to have meaning for her. MUL in Korean means Water. Sandra Oh is a Psychotic ACTRESS who’s been a PARASITE feeding off my life, and feeding of my SEXUAL Energy, because she’s a Gay bitch.

“Charlie’s Find”, all over Los Angeles, and UCLA.

It’s about my first name SIGNATURE on BENSON, of Robert Guillaume from my FAC in 1982, “Sandy*”. SAN in Korean means Mountain, the reason why Connie Pecoraro says she went to SAN Jose University to get her Art Degree, which I think is a Lie. This was so that my name Signature can have meaning for her. * is the number 8 in the computer keys. It’s why her “Charlie’s Find” has horizontal “OO” rings around his eyes. Why would you want to sign your school’s name on a piece of artwork?

One of Tom Cruise’s first girlfriend’s name was NANCY “ARM”EL.

This is a few miles West of Laurel Canyon Park, the dog park where I met Josh Wolf. My dog Jack is facing East in the direction of the dog park. This picture was never published anywhere, but they knew about it, and they want my dog Jack to have meaning for this Mentally Disturbed sick Identity Thief Con Artist Psycho Pecoraro. Through FASHION, they want my dog to have meaning for this sick bitch.

Laurel Canyon Park, they want “CP” to have meaning for Connie Pecoraro. Built in to go Left to Right like “Charlie’s Find” Horiz”on”tal “OO” Eyes. The same reason why Josh Wolf drive a Green MINi Van with license plate letters “KCP”, it’s about my mother’s Maiden name of “MIN”. Because Mother is Mom and Mom in Korean means “Body”. Because my mother’s name is JUNG JA and JUNG Dung in Korean means ASS and JA gy means Penis, “CAR”l Jung coined the term Synchronicity, they want MY Powerfully Synchronistic childhood pictures and FAC from 1982, to have been done by this Psychobitch Pecoraro. And they want the Porn Film made by Lee Montgomery at 20360 Callon Drive, “DICK CUMMING in ASS” to be connected to my Parents Names and for it to have meaning for Josh Wolf and Connie Pecoraro. For his Dick and her Ass. Leonardo “DA” Vinci Code, and Tom Bridges is a Gay Male.

They want my FAC from 1982, my Parents Names and Identities to have meaning for these 2 people, and I don’t fucking exist.

This picture was taken while Jack and I were Homeless and living out of my SUV. Because Todd Cummings robbed my rent money, and illegally evicted me. This is connected to Heath Ledger’s death, and the bottom row of my watercolor artwork, especially the one of “Double Leo” with the letters “HL” in it and the Lion’s body looks like a Penis. Heath Ledger was found Naked.

The PIMPING of Connie MARIA Pecoraro’s ASS, for Jesus Christ “Charlie’s Find” to be looking for her Ass, for the word ARM to have meaning for the name MARia, is connected to ARIES the RAM with Horns, Heath Ledger. JA gy in Korean means Penis, JA “nu” ARIEs. They were going to make Heath Ledger FIT with Connie Maria Pecoraro, as they’ve been doing with many of his movies. His movies and the titles of them are “synchronistic” with events in my life. Heath Ledger knew about all of this and Tom Cruise Mapother, Mother, and “POT” her, Marijuana Maria, DispensARIES. He committed suicide because Jack and I were locked out and evicted on 10.18.07 from 20360 Callon Drive, and Todd Cummings is related to Tom Cruise Mapother is connected to him through his cousin William Mapother.

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