Jack’s Pictures 4/19/09 Coldwater Canyon Park Beverly Hills

Sandy Wang and Jack in 2007

Sandy Wang’s Dog JACK STOLEN in 2009 see PAULA BLACKWELL and PATRI”CIA” Learned
David PET raeus and PAULA Broadwell in Nov 2012

WOLF connections WOLFramite Scheelite


Sandy and Jack
Sandy and Jack



Because these pictures were taken at COLDWATER CANYON PARK, psycho cunt Constance Maria Pecoraro “CP” thinks MY Dog’s Pictures have meaning for her.

Taken at NIGHT, for “AIR” libra Josh MIC”CHA” WOLF and Constance MARIA Pecoraro, KARMA built in, NIGHT M”AIR”. Wolf and Pecoraro MUST BE LOCKED IN PRISON.

Taken on 4/19, for who? For what? 9/1 is Constance Pecoraro’s Birthday of VIRGO Sign, and LIBRA Josh Wolf 10/19 birthday. These numbers are important, because the number 9 and 1 in Korean is GU IL, and they’ve been building through this sick bitches Birthday as if she is My name SIGNature on my Drawing of ROBERT “GU IL”LA U ME in 1981.

It’s about “AO” in the word T AO. GU IL “T”, disturbed sick sociopaths who need to PATRICIA “LEARN” their lessons and be LOCKED IN PRISON.

My dog Jack is a Chihuahua Mix and weights about 15 lbs. He is small but he is a sweet and very Smart ALPHA Male. My Dog Jack was STOLEN by a sick fucking bitch who wants my dog to have meaning for PSYCHOBITCH SANDRA OH. The word ALPHA is about the TAO Saying I created, the "begining and the end" Alpha and the Omega. It's about LH and HL, Lee Harcourt and Heath Ledger drawings, what's left "APA". APA in Korean means mean Father, and SANDRA OH wants MY father's Identity to BE HER Father, because of my Father's Penis Size of 8 inches. This is why Tom Bridges hired a lawyer name Robert Amparan in 2008. This is why Tom Bridges MICHAEL "APA" and Larry Rosenthal in NYC with PENNY MOY CHINK who used to work for him. This is why MY "CHA" my CAR and my dog Jack was Stolen in 2009.

Whoever has my dog to have meaning for Psychobitch SANDRA OH, her Identity FITS Sandra Oh and BRETT BERN Perfectly, Sandra OH's Perfect Match and her Businessman Father.

Jack’s Eyes and his body look like my watercolor painting titled “Double Leo”. The Lion’s Body looks like the “SHA”pe of a penis. I did this watercolor painting in 3/07, I adopted my dog Jack from Agoura Hills Animal Center in 9/07. This is not the reason why I adopted my dog Jack.

This painting has the letters “HL” in the TREE. I did not move into 20360 Callon Drive until 4/07. HL is Heath Ledger’s name initials. The bottom row of my watercolor pages is connected to Heath Ledger’s death, who lived in downtown Manhattan in SOHO, he also lived in BR”OO”KLYN.

Coldwater Canyon Park is connected to the name intials of Connie Pecora”RO”. I don’t know when they named this park or when they built it but this Children’s Playground, like many children’s playgrounds in Los Angeles and Malibu are connected to my Childhood Pictures, which Connie Pecoraro’s no name girl sketches are based on.

They want the letters “RO” to be about Reproductive Organ, and about the word TH”RO”BBING and Deep TH”RO”ating. Art”Her” MILLER’S “All My SONS” and Jesus Christ the SON “ROSE” and he is Horney and is throbbing and TH”RUS”ting. SURi in Persian means Rose.

This is why the public defender’s name from Beverly Hills court which was given to me was name LOUIS SHAP “I” “RO”. My dog Jack’s body and his Eyes is the reason why a psychiatrist name JACK “RO”TH BERG was hired by the court. This was about TOM BRIDGES the Video Recording of me, about the meaning of the SHApe and color of my dog Jack as a penis the “RO” reproductive organ, through other people’s names. LO “U” and “I” Sex, SHAP i sounds like Eye “RO”, engorged with Red BLOOd, Jack “RO”TH berg, THRO BBING for BER “G”. Tom Bird “ge”s and Brid “ge”s.

LOUIS is about St. LOUIS Missouri, where Daniel Ladinsky is from. The reason why I met ST U “ART” Browne who is from St. Louis Missouri. His book “The Gift” and the poem titled “The Earth That Got Sold to a Fish” which says “ART is a Conversation between Lovers”, is the Vehicle to rob my Identity and everything about me, so it can be Sandra Oh or Connie Pecoraro.

This is connected to all the BUSINESS NAMES on ROBERTSON Blvd which opened since I adopted my dog in 2007 and met Josh Wolf at a Dog Park shortly after. I did not begin talking to him until late fall of 2008 into beginning of 2009.

Chihuahua sounds like Chi Hu WA WA. WA in Korean means Come or or Arrive, but in this SEX Game, it means CUM as in Orgasm. WA is in my last name WANG. WA is also in the sound of the first name Josh U WA. This is connected to Sandra Oh who wants her TV show “Grey’s Anatomy” set in Seattle GRACE “WA”shington to have meaning in my Name, my Artwork from 1982, and the Video Recording of the View of my Ass from the back, dubbed with another Ass, to be her Body and Vagina.

This is the reason why when Beverly Hills Police took pictures of my Tattoos when I got arrested, they only took a picture of the LILY Flower Tattoo on my Lower Right Back, and not the one on my Left Foot. The Video Recording shows this Tattoo when it Zoomed in on my Wet Vagina. The officer noted in the Police report about my Foot Tattoo but not the Lily Flower Tatto they took a picture of.

My dog Jack is described as a GOLD Chihuahua 2 times. This is connected to GOLD DUST and to GOLD stream Way and T”OM” Swire. Same reason why Sandra Oh is seen wearing her GOLD Dress. Tom Bridge the Leo who has the same birthday as me is going to bridge everything about me, so she can BE my IDENTITY and have meaning in MY ARTWORK and DOG.

So while I am sitting in Jail, and being WRONGFULLY DETAINED, they are creating more new businesses, more new clothing, more new cars, more new everything all based on my Pictures, Artwork and my Dog, to have meaning for them, through Other People’s names, Words, Colors, Business and Street Names, Etc. Connie Pecoraro who only has ONE Male painting of Jesus Christ, which says a lot about who she is not only as a prostitute on Bridgeway, but as an Artist, wants my Writings, my Artwork, my Identity and my Parents Identities to have meaning for her, and Tom Bridges is going to Bridge her on Bridgeway, because she isn’t enough as an individual.

It’s about SANDRA OH, Psychotic Gay actress who plays a Chinese Doctor because the TAO is the Way on Bridgeway, who wants the name “SANDY*” on the drawing of BENSON, of Robert Guillaume, to have been done by her and for the Artist who did this FAC in 1982 to BE HER, as in Identity Theft, which is a Federal Crime.

Look at the Paper Trail of all the FRAUD in the Documents which are connected to these people, beginning with 20 Shelley Drive, Mill Valley GORDON MACDONALD, and the False information given on the Police Reports made by Tom Bridges.

These pictures were taken on 4/19th, same day I sent the “Four Ways to Say” Email, the day before my “Arrest”. “19” is Josh Wolf’s birthday, his month is October which is TEN. 9/1 is Connie Pecoraro’s birthday. I have “19” images on my Watercolor Page One, which has the watercolor painting of the Lion’s Body, and they want “Going Backwards”, including my website domain name of Sand”YWA”ng.NET to have meaning for Connie MA”RIA” Pecora”RO” and for my H”AIR” in Wang drawing portrait to have meaning for her middle name MA”RIA” going backwards because Josh Wolf is a Ass Man born in Massachusetts and is a AIR Libra. What’s the matter? Doesn’t Connie Pecoraro have her own HAIR? Doesn’t Connie Pecoraro have her own Artwork? Midnight Hour, Make it Happen, Mental Health 95 Mother Mary Judge Maria, Penal Code “1370”, Tom CHRISTopher Bridges on Bridgeway Connie Pecoraro and her Son “Charlie’s Find”.

This is the same pattern as wanting the drawing on the Yellow Legal Pad sketch which was done in OctobeR 1997, to have meaning for Connie Maria Pecoraro. Everything I say about Connie Pecoraro is the same for Sandra Oh. I think the BOX in this sketch and the picture of me with the Tuna Fish and “BP” Green sign on the Uppe r Left is the reason why Josh Wolf got a BOXer and Pit Bull mix dog. Bull is about the Korean word for Fire, it’s about the sound of the word LightBULb because it’s about CelluLITE as in Fat Ass, and Tungsten is in WOLFramite and Scheelite and you LICK Ass with your Tongue. They want the poem by Daniel Ladinsky “The EAR That Got Sold to a FISH” to have meaning for them, “Art is a Conversation between Lovers”.

My dog was STOLEN by the person who has it. This person, when contacted by Patricia Learned in October 2009, found the Microchip number, contacted AVID and changed the registration info in HER Name. It clearly says on this original AVID registration document with the official Microchip number “transferable only on the books of Avid by the holder hearof or in person or by attorney upon surrender of this certificate properly endorsed”. I called AVID in March 2009 and found this out, and my name is still the original name with this Microchip number. This dog is Clearly mine and I am the owner.

I think she lives in Long Beach somewhere and her name might be Dimitra, and if it is, it’s about my ART Dimi”TRA”. Whoever has MY dog Jack knew him from the pictures of him on my website.

They built a world around Jesus Christ, and they want GOD to have meaning for them, they took away this meaning when they took my DOG away from me. I am going to get him back, he is MY DOG.

This THEME of Dogs has been going on for a long time because of the CHRIST MAS childhood picture of me and my dog Frenchy and my Mother. All of my Pets and Pictures of them. The name and word LAUREL has followed me, because Josh Wolf takes his dog to LAUREL CANYON PARK up on Mulholland Drive where I met him. It’s about DOGGY STYLE F u C king, CF “Charlie’s Find”. It’s about WOLFramite Scheelite as in TONGUE and Tungsten and you LICK “MAT” with Tongue. Lick and Fuck.

It’s a few miles from Coldwater Canyon Park in Beverly Hills. The reason why Josh Wolf drive a Green MINIVAN wth license plates KCP, they’ve been building for this CHRIST MAS picture and my dog Frenchy to have meaning for “Charlie’s Find” and CP Connie Pecoraro for many years. Built going Left to Right.

This is why when I first moved to Los Angeles, after a few months, I got into a car accident with a person name LAUREN STEWARD. It’s about San”DRA” “OH” who wants Mul”HO”lland and LAUREL to have meaning for her name going backwards.

The reason why my dog JACK was taken to CAR”SON” Animal Center when I was arrested in April 2009. Ultimately connected to MI”CHA”EL JACK”SON”S death in June 2009 while I was being Wrongfully Detained in LA County Jail. Because it’s all about ART “HUR” MILLER’S “All My SONS”. They STOLE MY SON, MY BABY JACK FROM ME.

RO RO RO robbing from me through FRAUD DOCUMENATION is a REPEATING PATTERN while they want the BENSON drawing I did of “RO” bert GUillaume to have meaning for them. While they want my Dog Jack and my Watercolor painting “Double Leo” which looks like a Penis, to have meaning for their TH “RO RO RO” BBING DICKS, and I was Wrongfully Detained in LA County Jail with RO RO ROBBIE MONTGOMERY’S FOUL Smelling Black Pussy in May and June 2009.

Mentally Disturbed Connie PECORA “RO” RO RO RO PSYCHO needs to be put Behind Bars in a Federal Prison.

This was the last night I spent with my dog JACK. When I adopted him in 2007 and named him Jack Wang, I did not know who Josh Wolf was. The 19th image on my First Watercolor Page is the LION’s Body painting “Double Leo” on the Lower Right, same coloring as my Dog. Connie Pecoraro’s “Charlies Find” “OO” is on the Lower Right. CP, Josh Wolf wants my dog to have meaning for his RED Engorged DICK, WOLFramite Scheelite Licking and Fucking a Ear Sound of PC, Pussy. 10/19 is his birthday 9/1 is Connie Pecoraro’s birthday.

Josh Wolf, who thinks he has meaning in my dog Jack and my Watercolor painting of Lions’ Body that looks like a penis, and his pictures taken at Coldwater Canyon Park on 4/19/09, to have meaning for his DICK, MUST BE, HAS to BE a Complete Fag and a Loser, all my Artwork and Dog Jack was STOLEN, and my Life RAPED. Same for Connie Pecoraro and Sandra Oh who both want the dubbed Video Recording of me to be them. Sick USERS and LIARS.

My Watercolor painting of the LION’S body, the “19th” image on my website, Red and Yellow, it’s MontgomeRY and the YEAR is One and Nine.

They are CREATING for MY LIFE MY ARTWORK to have meaning for them and to FIT them, while they fucking RAPE MY LIFE, because they are SOCIOPATHS.

My last pictures taken of my dog Jack at Coldwater Canyon Park, “CP”, Connie Pecoraro Psycho’s birthday numbers of 9/1, 9 in Korean is “GU”, 1 in Korean is “IL” = GUILTY. Deeply disturbed sick bitch who needs to be INCARCERATED for LIFE with SANDRA OH and their TWO SICK JOOS who love their MAMA, WOLF and BERN.




Jack Wang’s Pictures taken on “4/19”, at COLDWATER Canyon PARK in 2009, connected to My WATERCOLOR Painting titled “Double Leo” with LION BODY Painting, which looks like a male PENIS, the “19”th painting on my Website page.

The REASON why All my Priceless Artwork and My Dog JACK were STOLEN in May 2009, connected to PSYCHO CONSTANCE MARIA PECORARO in a Group CONSPiRACY with JOSH WOLF and SANDRA OH, that’s been going on for decades. Josh Wolf’s agency at Parallel Entertainment FOUNDED by “JP WILLIAMS”.

The REASON why since 2010, EVERYTHING is about “COLD PRESSED”, as in JUICE, for meaning of all of the above, to have meaning of CP Constance Pecoraro PSYCHOBITCH IN SAUSALITO CA 94965, who thinks MY STOLEN WATERcolor ARTWORK done on COLD PRESSED PAPER has meaning for her. Connected to SICK HOR DICK JOSH WOLF

My Dog JACK’S Pictures “JP”, the reason for so many new businesses with “JP”, connected to MY LION BODY painting which looks like a make Penis. They RAPED and ROBBED MY “LOCK and KEY”, for PURE GLUTTONOUS GREEN GREED in MATHemathics of making MONEY, through the RAPING OF MY ART and MY LIFE. For are you Pious for PYous JeSUS, HORNY, for LOW FLYING AIRPlane “LIBRA” JOSH MI”CHA” WOLF Jesus CHRIST HOR DIK. “CHO CHA”rlies Find, built in by default for PEPSI PUSSY SANDRA OH, study studi”O” 1999 pictures.

PAPER is made from WOOD, TREES are made of Wood. This is connected to the X RATED VIDEO RECORDING of My Wet Vagina, dubbed with a big OIL ASS, so that it can have meaning for OIL Artwork of Constance Pecoraro’s Jesus CHRIST “OO”, horny for EAR sound of ASSSTerisK, is form of Ass. It’s connected to the Square piece of WOOD, linked to SQUARE WOOD of Callon Drive DECK in Topanga, with the TREE growing from the deck. SANDRA OH thinks she is MY Wet Vagina, she thinks she is the ARTIST of MY WATERColor Artwork, she thinks she is MY IDENTITY, the REASON why MY LIFE has been Sabotaged by sick Greedy people who are all supporters of creating meaning AS IF she WAS.


This BORDERLINE PSYCHOTIC ACTRESS THINKS she is the ARTIST OF MY ARTWORK, My Portrait Drawing and MY IDENTITY, especially all my childhood pictures in Santa Monica from 1979, through Constance Pecoraro’s “No Name Girl” sketches. No Name Girl, like I don’t have a Name, but MY Powerful NAME has meaning for these two mentally disturbed sick Con Artist Psychobitches who should be LOCKED IN PRISON for LIFE.


Everything THEY ALREADY BUILT has been built for TOM BRIDGES Constance Pecoraro’s CATHOLIC Theme OIL ARTWORK in MAThemathics of making Money, through AIR Libra Horny Jesus CHRIST “CHA”rlie. OIL goes on CANVAS and RIMES with GRACE GREASE NAVAS, connected to GRACE Cathedral CHURCH on JONES Street in San Francisco, connected to SHONDA RIMES who created “Greys Anatomy” in MAThemathics of making MONEY.

JESUS CHRIST born on CHRISTMAS Day of “12/25” in the WINTER when it’s COLD. “12/2” for VIBE Numbers of Josh Wolf and Constance Pecoraro and for my Parents Names to have meaning for them, what’s left? O, is the number 5 in Korean, the sound of Sandra ‘OH’. Study Studi “O”, it’s a GROUP CONSPIRACY that’s been going on for decades. Josh Wolf’s SON JACOB WOLF born in “SWEDISH Hospital”? in SEATTLE Washington, same setting as “Grey’s Anatomy”, isn’t random.

Psycho Constance PecorarO who wants MY “OM” page Artwork

EVERYTHING about Constance Pecoraro’s New Address since 2009, same year of the RAPING OF MY LIFE, it’s about CREATING MEANING, AS IF CONSTANCE PECORARO is the ARTIST of MY WATERColor ARTWORK My Second Artwork Collection, over 250 Pieces of STOLEN Priceless ARTWORK on PAPER, to have meaning for this sick Psychobitch, or CREATING MEANING and SUPPORTING, aka PUSSY LICKING SANDRA OH is My Identity and the Artist of MY SAC from 2004-2007 through her New Psycho Pedophilish sketches of “SUNNY”. It’s the two of these sick psychobitches, behind the “CAUSE” of ALL terror and horror in my life. I’m not playing sad “victim” game here, I am writing about and have overwhelming Concrete Evidence of INTENTIONALL HARM Caused to me and MY LIFE and ALL MY RIGHTS SEVERELY VIOLATED.

RFID bug that can “READ MY THOUGHTS” is the most horrific form of VIOLATION. This is also how they “SET ME UP” and know things a STEP ahead, to have time to “PLAN”. It’s TRULY PSYCHOTIC and beyond words of DEVILS ENERGY.

This sick Delusional Psychobitch CON ARTIST FRAUD, Constance Pecoraro at 707 BRIDGEWAY SAUSALITO MUST BE LOCKED IN PRISON FOR LIFE. Same for SANDRA OH.

See ROLEX BUILDING “SIR TAJ” connections in 2012. JOSH WOLF and SANDRA OH also need to be LOCKED IN PRISON FOR LIFE. It’s a GROUP CONSPIRACY Spanning 3 Decades, the REASON for 2 Decades of Hardship in my life.