Jim Carrey

"DO" some "TIME" with the "ONE" you LOVE
THOMAS CHRISTopher Bridges his gay LEO with 3AR sound of “OIL” and Jesus CH=OO RIST, going BACKwards

Tom Bridges MY FATHER’S Identity in the picture with ORANGE B”ASS”keT, Orange Jump Suit, H=OO = JOSH, HC go on RIST

Sandy Wang's childhood picture with MY Father in “GREY”and Orange B”Ass”ke T and Hawaiian Barrel
Sandy Wang's old address and GOLD C"LOCK" 407 87 C"LOCK" tells TIME "OO"
"407" connections
Sandy Wang's Watercolor Artwork "Double LeO" "DO"
Sandy Wang's dog JACK'S Pictures "4/19/09"
My dog JACK was STOLEN in 2009
meaning of GOLD metal of LEO sign

VIA ALLORO on Canon Drive

Orange Jump Suit what’s missing? H=OO I don’t need a Tom Bridges and Jesus CH=OORIST painting isn’t mine
Josh Mic’CHA’ Wolf and Brad “GREY” connections

Constance Maria Pecoraro OIL paintings of Catholic Theme
Mentally Disturbed sick actress SANDRA OH
Do some THYME
NECK connections

Study Studi ‘O” PEPSI PUSSY “OO” Sandra Oh ORANGE VIBE “Going Backwards” to 1999

GRE "GORY" Way on Beverly Drive M"IL"ART Pharmacy
GYM MORRIS on connections


Sandy Wang's Leadership Training "173" HEART CARD in 1997

T HO Mas CHRISTopher Bridges LEO bridges “BACKwards” with OIL
Constance Pecoraro’s OIL Artwork of Catholic Theme
Santa Monica HEART Foundation
I FOUND IT = it's about "DARK KNIGHT" and Sending a Message
the next day "MONDAY" with Repeating Numbers of "4/20/09"
Sept 2009 “I Hope things TURN AssisROUND” for you <3

8.13.10 Sandy Wang's "41"st Birthday Detective "LIGHT FOOT" at Beverly Hills Police
I created the basics of this page on "2.10.11", the next day on "2.11.11" Happy Valentines Day for MARY <3 Heart FOUNDation in Santa Monica
Beverly Hills Police CHIEF David SNOWDEN

All of JIM CARREY’S movies are connected to my life and to my Artwork. The meaning of Tom Bridges the CHRISTMAS Childhood picture of me and my dog Frenchy and my Mother and pictures of MY PETS, is why he was the PET Detective in “Ace VENTURA”. It’s connected to California, VENTURA Blvd in San Fernando Valley, and connected to what they’ve been building in VENTURA County, like OXNARD. Tom Bridges “JC” Jesus Christ with “CJ” Carl Jung meaning.

Jim Carrey of “LIAR LIAR” Two of Everything for meaning of MY Name SIGNature “Sandy*” on the drawing of BENSON DUBOIS with “OO”. For Sandra OH, with ONE “O” in her name, who wants MY Name of WANG with Two “OO” to be her, through the VEHICLE of Connie Pecoraro’s Catholic Theme, connected to “3OO” connections and BEVERLY HILLS COURT. The COURTS and JUDGES NAMES are all connected to MY IDENTITY, NAME and ARTWORK. To be “Bridged” by Thomas CHRISTopher Bridges Jesus CHRIST, for Sandra Oh as “CRIST”ina Yang on “Grey’s Anatomy” the VEHICLE to ROB MY IDENTITY.

Jim Carrey “rimes” with the name MARIAH CAREY, and it’s about Mother MARIA Connie Pecoraro, and her SON Jesus Christ JOSH WOLF, who has “Make it Happen” on his Myspace page with is a song title by Mariah Carey, who is married to NICK CANNON. Nick Cannon is about the CAMERA CANON Powershot, “CP”, BUILT AS IF, through Numbers and “Codes”, AS IF through TOM BRIDGES birthday numbers of “8/13”, CONNIE MARIA PECORARO was MY IDENTITY, because it’s about the First Artwork Collection I did in 1982. It’s about the street called CANON Drive in Beverly Hills where Josh Wolf’s agency is in the ROLEX building. They want the Childhood picture of me sitting on a CANON in Santa Monica in 1979, to BE Connie Pecoraro.

Jim “CAR”rey was with Jenny Mc”CAR”thy for many years. Kind of like the CRUISE and Penelope CRUZ “SYNC”ing. This isn’t Natural Authentic SYNchronicity, it’s Intentionally Created. It’s about Connie Maria Pecoraro, the FORD MUStang CAR model, for meaning of Jewish SYNagogue on RexFORD Drive and CHARLEville Blvd in BEVERLY HILLS.

E “WAN” Mc GRE “GOR” actor. His name FITS the meaning of My Korean name of WANG, which means KING in Korean because My father’s family lineage is of Korean ROYalty DIRECTLY connected to the GORYEO Dynasty. WAN, what’s missing? “G” or “GE” in Korean means RATS, Star spelled backwards, which is connected to MY Father’s Music band from 50’s “MORNING STARS”. This is connected to MY Drawing of Robert Guillaume of “BEN”Son Dubois from 1982, which I drew because of the movie “BEN” with RATS in Pipes starring child star LEE MONTGOMERY. Mont GO “ME” RY. GORY”EO”, my drawing of BENSON Dubois from 1982, holding a Magnifying Glass with “E” in “O”. I am a LEO SIGN.

This is why both SANDRA OH and Constance Pecoraro want MY BIRTHDAY and NAME to have meaning for them, through TOM BRIDGES who has the same LEO Birthday as me. This is called IDENTITY THEFT in a GROUP CONSPIRACY.

MontGO me RY EO. “ME”, Ewan McGreGOR name initials is “EM” backwards, the REASON why I’m never going BACKwards, because they’re all LICKING and Fucking Rectum Holes through Tom Bridges GAY male Dentist. Do some TIME with the one you Love, going BACKWARDS of “OO” is Form of “HC” goes on RISTS. Jesus CHRIST isn’t my fucking OIL Artwork and “Grey’s ANATOMY” of Cho”CHA” is Pussy through CHArlies Find, isn’t my fucking tv show, TWO SICK PSYCHOBITCHES PECORARO and SANDRA OH who MUST BE LOCKED IN PRISON FOR LIFE. Or is that JOSH WOLF and PECORARO, the one he Loves, look at his WIFE BETHANY, they lookalike.

Study Studi “O” PEPSI PUSSY SANDRA OH in 1999 and connections to My childhood pictures in Santa Monica in 1979 of “GRAYSONS”, the reason why in 2005, GRAYS Anatomy connected to Constance Pecoraro’s Jesus CHRIST the SON “CHA”rlie, was created, = GRAY SONS. Understsand the Chronology, the TIME Order of this.

The above meaning of “G” or “GE” in Korean is RATS, connected to meaning of MY Father’s Music Band from 50s “MORNING STARS”, is the REASON why “STARS” are connected to this, the same reason why Constance Pecoraro’s CATHOLIC Theme OIL Artwork is very closely connected to GE OR GE “C” PAGE, which was created to ROB MY IDENTITY and meaning of MY First Artwork Collection from 1981 and 1982 for SANDRA OH, through her OIL Catholic Theme Artwork and her “No Name Girl” sketches created and based on MY childhood pictures, for MY IDENTITY and MY childhood pictures to BE SANDRA OH.

This meaning of “GORY EO” Dynasty is why the name GRE “GORY” is a Repeating Name and Syllable. This is why TOM BRIDGES who has the same LEO Birthday as me, who is in this Group Conspiracy with SANDRA OH, was working in a DENTAL office with JIM GRE”GORY” in 2002 when I met him. It’s the SAME reason why in Beverly Hills, there is a street name GREGORY WAY “GW”, meaning of MY Korean name of “SIN WON” connected to “GW”, GE or GE WASHINGTON on the One Dollar Bill, for my Korean name to BE and have meaning for SANDRA OH.

It’s about the movie BEN, with Lee H. MONTGOMERY, and its about RATS and Mice. RATS spelled backwards is STAR, the reason why I did the drawing of BENSON DUBOIS of black male actor Robert Guillaume in 1982. The Letter “G” or “GE” in Korean means RATS and Mice. TOM BRIDGES Connie Maria Pecoraro, on Brid”GE”way, with all the Stars and Celebrities, AS IF she did my FAC from 1982.

It’s connected to MY FATHER’S Identity, who was a Gifted Musician and Teacher. His Music Band from the 50’s was called “MORNING STARS”, and in the Astrology book by Linda Goodman, it says something about Morning STARS, as the Star of Venus for the sign of LIBRA, so they want MY FATHER’S Identity to have meaning for Air LIBRA JOSH WOLF, and for MY MOTHER’S Identity and Name to have meaning for EARth VIRGO Pecoraro, and they Vibe Numbers of “212”, the reason for all my HOUSING TERROR in the last decade I have lived in California.

They’ve been building for TOM BRIDGES EVERYTHING about me, with Connie Pecoraro and Josh Wolf for decades in Los Angeles. It’s been going on for so many years, it’s why TOM CRUISE made the movie “Days Of THUNDER” in “FLO”rida where he met NIC LEO DIKMAN and they married. The Astrology Vibe Number describes them through the words, Goddess of “THUNDER”.

This is why Jim Carrey made the movie “Number 23”. It’s about all these “CODES” and meanings they’ve been creating for MY IDENTITY and MY ARTWORK to have meaning for Connie Pecoraro and her Catholic church theme. The Picture of Jim Carrey in this movie with all the Numbers and Letters on his Face is based on the “UNTITLED” Painting on MY Abstract page with letters and numbers on buildings number 6 and 8, with “OO” which look like Eyes.

The Number “23” is connected to address of “203” 60 Callon Drive Topanga, where Lee Montgomery lived many decades ago and I lived there for a few months in 2007.

This is connected to why CHO SEUNG HUI Massacred exactly “32” People at VIRGINIA TECH, in MONTGOMERY County connected to Connie Pecoraro’s website registered in Hern”DON” VIRGINIA, connected to GORDON and VIRGINIA Mac”DON”ald buildings at UCLA Campus. Almost all SCHOOL Shootings in the last 3 decades is connected to TOM BRIDGS SANDRA OH and CONNIE PECORARO with MY IDENTITY and MY ARTWORK.

Fast Forward Fall of 2007, after I adopted my dog Jack I started going to dog parks. I met Josh Wolf in 2007 but didn’t start talking to him until Fall of 2008 into Jan/Feb 2009. Then in April 2009, I was Arrested and WRONGFULLY Jailed for 5 months, during which time MY CAR and My PET DOG “JACK” was STOLEN, with Two Black Portfolios containing over 250 pieces of my ARTWORK.

From 2009 to present 2011, I’ve made lots of new Discoveries, and there is NO DOUBT in my mind about the TRUTH of almost everything I’ve been writing about. They’ve been USING MY LIFE, like PARASITES, Pimping specific people’s names and Addresses, so that THROUGH MY LIFE and the people they’ve pimped, for MY LIFE to have meaning for Connie Pecoraro’s CATHOLIC Church Theme of Mother Mary and Jesus CHRIST, the VEHICLE to ROB MY IDENTITY and EVERYTHING about me, through TOM BRIDGES who has the same birthday as me.

I LOVE YOU PHILIP MORRIS. This picture of JIM CARREY’S movie with E”WAN” McGRE”GOR” with the HEART shape and HAND CUFFS is connected to what I’ve been writings about. C H=OO RIST isn’t my fucking Artwork, it’s Psycho Connie Pecoraro’s OIL painting. They have their ARMS backwards, because it’s about the Korean word “PAL” which means the number EighT and the word for ARM, connected to Connie MARia Pecoraro who wants Korean words to have meaning for her, and for MY IDENTITY and MY ARTWORK from 1982 with a drawing of “E.T”, and MY Name SIGNature with the number “EIGHT”, to have meaning for her middle name of MARia.

Mc”GRE” “GOR” is about the meaning of GORDON MacDONald, connected to GORDON and VIRGINIA MacDONald building at UCLA, connected to TOM BRIDGES the Colorado pictures of me taken at “ROY”al “GOR”ge BRIDGE, connected to GREGORY Way street name which runs PARALLEL to “CHARLEVille Blvd” in BEVERLY HILLS, for definition of Tom Bridges JIM GREGORY, and MATheMAThics definition of meaning of “PI” symbol, explained in terms of Euclidean AL”GOR”ithm. This is why the Judges name “ROY” CHERNUS was Set Up with GORDON MacDONald CASE in 2006, where I had my Rent and Deposit Money STOLEN, INTENTIONALLY.

For ThoMAS CHRISTopher Bridges, the childhood CHRISTMAS picture of me and my dog Frenchy and my Mother, with Connie Pecoraro’s JESUS CHRIST on Page “SAM”, with the ORANGE B”ASS”KET picture of me and my Father, with JOSH WOLF who’s been Licking fucking HOR Holes with his EN”GOR”GED Big DICK, for Mother MARIA on BridGE way Sausalito.

For my COLORADO childhood and Adult pictures to have meaning for Connie Pecoraro.

THEIR “FOOT” HAS “LIGHT” coming through which is about the Detective name “LIGHT FOOT” who arrested me for not returning a Rental Car on time in August 2010, and I was Arrested and Handfucked on MY 41st Birthday, like I spent my “40”th birthday in LA County Jail, where I was WRONGFULLY HELD for 5 months in 2009.

FOOT has to do with the street name FOOT HILL road in Beverly Hills where the new Mercedes BENz Service Center is, “400” Foothill. 8/4 is President Barack Obama’s birthday.

“DO SOME “TIME” with the ONE You LOVE”. Is about the meaning of My Watercolor painting titled “Double LeO” “DO”. It’s about them Creating meaning “Going Backwards” through the SICK BITCH who has my dog JACK. It’s about the meaning of the GOLD CLOCK I had for many years, one of the many reasons why Connie Pecoraro’s Jesus Christ has “OO” Eyes. The REASON why I was HIT by a CAR by a people with Specific NAMES by a GOLD I LOCK of BLONDE H AIR cunt on SAN Vicente Blvd on 11/26/09.

ARM, the reason why BIG WANGS in Hollywood has their logo with a ARM MUScle, for MUStang CAR model MARia and her BIG OILY ASS, which is connected to GYM MORRI”SON” of the “DOORS” painting in Venice Beach, for their VIBE numbers of “212”, so that MY FATHER’S Identity of being a Gifted MUSician and TEAcher can have meaning for them.

One time when we were hanging out at the dog park, I had Josh’s Son JACOB hold one of Josh’s ARMS and I held the other ARM, and I told him to move Forward, like he’s Flying. This Stretches the Arms and it actually feels good. Josh Wolf’s middle name is MICCHA, the sound of MI”KA”, and he wants MY First Name SIGNature on the drawing of BENSON DUBOIS of “SANDY *” with an Asterisk to have meaning for her Mother EARth Virgo Maria, as in “ASS”terisK, backwards. Connected to TB Tom Bridges the ORANGE B “ASSSKE” T in the childhood picture of me and my Father with the HAWAIIAN Barrel. MARia + MiKA = KARMA.

I was WRONGFULLY DETAINED in LA County Jail for 5 months, while they want MY IDENTITY, MY PARENTS NAMES and MY ARTWORK to have meaning for them. It’s about my FAC from 1982 and MY Childhood pictures, which is what Connie Pecoraro’s Catholic Church theme is based on.

This is why this movie WASN’T ADVERTISED, they didn’t want to Promote it. I think it’s connected to the TWO ARMS “Going Backwards” of GOWER PSYCHO Connections, of trying to have me Arrested in PREMEDITATION for TWO Times in LA County Jail with Mental Health Court Judge MARIA Stratton.

So why is JIM CARREY, as of Feb 2011 dating a HINDU INDIAN female who was on “America’s Top Model”?. When in doubt “OM” it. LET ME “OM” “DA” WITH YOUR BANK ACCOUNTS. I hope Jim Carrey is chipping in.

C H = 3OO. RISTS. April 1999. April 2009. It’s JESUS “CH” RISTS TURN.

DO some TIME with the one you Love, Jesus Christ and his Mother “MAR”y HEART Foundation on Ocean Ave in Santa Monica. Tom Bridges 3AR sound of his LEO with sound of OIL “BACKWARDS” with Heart Shaped Asses, for Horney Jesus CHRIST JOSH WOLF. The REASON why I’ve been stalked by Sick Cunts in Los Angeles with BIG BLUBBER ASSES.

The reason why MY LOCK at 20360 Callon Drive Topanga was BROKEN on “10.18.07”. The reason why MY LOCK watercolor paintings, ALL MY ARTWORK was STOLEN in 2009. The reason why my DOG JACK was STOLEN in 2009, and JOSH WOLF is STILL creating meaning so that my dog JACK and the sick bitch who has him, can have meaning for him and MOTHER MARIA PECORARO and Psycho Actress SANDRA OH and her TV Show “GREY’S Anatomy”.

I fill with FEAR when I think of what can and should happen to TOM BRIDGES and TOM CRUISE. JOSH WOLF and CONNIE PECORARO need to be Arrested and Jailed, like BRETT BERN and SANDRA OH. The SAME fucking people TERRORIZING me and Sabotaging My life INTENTIONALLY for DECADES.

Whenever I get CONCRETE EVIDENCE, or make PERFECT Connections that "FIT" perfectly, they either STEAL MY CAMERA, MY COMPUTER, or "DELETE" Files of WEBSITE Pages I've created. This is a RECURRING PATTERN. THEY RAPE MY LIFE, so that JOSH WOLF and SANDRA OH can have meaning in EVERYTHING about MY LIFE, and when I get EVIDENCE of THIS, they want to destroy it, and prevent me from having it. RFiD BUG in my body, RAPING MY LIFE EVERYDAY.

I created this page on 2/10/11, the next day on “2/11/11” I was ARRESTED and HANDFUCKED at the BEVERLY HILL “LIBRA”RY, and spent Valentines Day in Jail. They said there was a Arrest WARRANT for me because I didn’t go to Court in January 2011, about 2 weeks before. I didn’t go to Court because my Public Defender wasn’t COMMUNICATING with me, she didn’t call me or Email me. If she isn’t communicating with me, I don’t know what to expect and I wouldn’t be fucking PREPARED.

This is connected to me being ARRESTED on MY “41” st Birthday 8.13.10, because I didn’t return a “ENTERPRISE” Rental Car on time. While this CAR Company ENTERPRISE was USING MY LIFE, to have meaning for JOSH “WOLF” fucking Hor Pussies with BIG BLUBBER ASSES “BACKWARDS”, for T “HO” MAS CHRISToFUR BRIDGES Jesus CHRIST with his Gay LEO and 3AR sound of “OIL”, because Leo sign rules the HEART and the BACK.

ARTWORK. HANDS. C H=OO, RIST isn’t my fucking artwork, it’s the fucking reason for the REPEATED HORRIFIC ABUSE and RAPING OF MY LIFE Psychologically and Emotionally for YEARS.

LUNA, Moon in Spanish and Spanish words are a huge part of this, Sandra Oh who wants MY Artwork titled “PURPLE MOON” and MY Photography titled “MOONlight Kiss” to have been DONE by her, to have meaning for her, it's a LUNATIC PSYCHO who should be Locked inside a Mental Asylum. It’s connected to JOSH WOLF who studied Com”MUN”ications in college at Trinity University in San Antonio Texas, which is extremely important. PSYCHO WARD, San DRA OH, Pepsi PUSSY DREW my DRAwings, “Going BACKwards” to APRIL 1999. Then EXACTLY “TEN” Years later in APRIL 2009 a HORRIFIC Trauma CAUSED to my life connected to this sick actress, so that MY Webiste domain of Sandywang.”NET” can have meaning for her AS IF she was MY IDENTITY and the ARTIST of My ARTWORK going Backward, because the Upper Left two links of my Website is “HO”me and “AR”tist. Every TRAUMA Caused to MY LIFE is connected to this sick actress and to TOM CRUISE.

The “NUMBER” 23
What's Missing? 6 OO, or “68”

it’s just all the Repeating NUMBERS and Letters in MATHemathics of making MONEY through creating meaning
as if SANDRA OH is My Identity and Artist of my Artwork

Sandy Wang's TOP Painting with letters numbers on buildings 6,8 done in June 2006
Sandy Wang's FACE and PORTRAIT Drawing and Psycho Actress OH

203 60 “2 0 3” 60 Callon Drive Topanga

23 of "CHARLIE'S Find"
Exactly "32" people killed by CHO Seung Hui
CHARLIE'S Find Constance Pecoraro’s sik Jesus CHRIST
meaning of REAL “D” next to Rolex Building

they BUILT my Abstract page in Real Life through Architecture on SVB in 2011


“G” Riddles and “RHYMES”, EAR sound of “RIMES” of Words, Names, NUMBERS, Colors, etc, “CODES” in MATHemathics of making MONEY through RAPING MY LIFE and MY ARTWORK, as if SANDRA OH is My Identity and Artist of my Artwork.

There are specific NUMBERS that are very important in MATHemathics of making Money, REPEATING NUMBERS, that repeat itself through Phone Numbers, Birthdays and Address Numbers. Perfect Example of this is the numbers 529, numbers 429, and numbers “5/4” Left Numbers of these two groups, extremely important NUMBERS in the ZIP CODE of SAUSALITO CA, 94965 built “Going Backwards” for Jesus CHRIST “CHA”Rlies Find, Constance Maria Pecoraro on BRIDGEWAY SAUSALITO CA, a psycho who I met in 2005, but this sick bitch has known who I am for almost 3 decades.

These NUMBER meanings is ABSOLUTELY 100% TRUE, and it's connected to TAO DAO “DOW” JONES of making MONEY as if through these “CODES” they built, Sandra Oh is My Identity and Artist of my Artwork. This is why TOM “C”HANDLER BRIDGES fag dentist in SF is very important in Robbing MY IDENTITY for SANDRA OH in a Group Conspiracy, because he has the same LEO Birthday as me, but different year.

20360 CALLON DRIVE TOPANGA, where I lived in 2007. this address was SET UP and PIMPED for specific reasons, connected to meaning of MY FIRST ARTWORK COLLECTION from 1981 and 1982, that they dissected and dismembered and rearranged and rebuilt it through JESUS CHRIST OIL ART of Catholic Theme by Constance MARiA PSYCHO PECORARO who is going to PRISON FOR LIFE with her “PC” Partner in CRIME, JOSH MIC”CHA” WOLF. CHA Rlies Find, 707 BRIDGEWAY SAUSALITO, OO, FORM of HANDCUFFS go on W “RIS” T and RIMES with CH “RIS” T. Like a ROLEX WATCH that goes on WRIST.

CALLON Drive is between “PENNY” road and “SYLVANIA” avenue, and “CHENEY” Road leads up to these roads deep in the mountains in Topanga. PENNSYLVANIA Avenue address of “1600” is the address of the WHITE HOUSE. “DICK CHENEY”. DC. Callon Drive.

Pennsylvania Avenue + “TREEE” + CIA = PA “TRI” CIA? What is SANDRA OH's middle name? PATREEE SHA? SPO? = LIFE IN PRISON and there isn't anything anyone else can do about it, not even the Presi”DENT” of the United States.

1600 , 600 can also be “68”, it's the “NUMBER 8” horizontally or vertically. What's left? Number 1, ONE, sound of “WON” which is My KOREAN “MIDDLE” NAME. My Korean Name of “SIN WON” sounds like SHIN WON, in the word Wa”SHIN”gtON, and My Birthday NUMBERS are important because it's a repeating NUMBER on the ONE Dollar Bill with George WASHINGTON. This is why it's connected to WASHINGTON DC.

My MIDDLE Social Security Digit is “68”, and it's about MATHemathics of G RIDDLES and RIMES of “NUMBERS” in MATHemathics of making MONEY that go in “BAN”KS. MY FULL SSN has been dissected, like my name, My ARTWORK, and rearranged and REBUILT to “FIT” and BE SANDRA OH, Borderline Psychotic Actress who MUST BE LOCKED IN PRISON FOR LIFE.

Sandy Wang’s Korean name of SIN “WON”


Sandy Wang’s Name SIGNature, John HANCOCK on my ART from 1981 meaning

Sandy Wang’s SSN being USED in MATHemathics of making Money in REAL Life REAL ESTATE connections
The “NUMBER * “


meaning of BAN.ks

MEANING of BAN.ks was built into the system, with meaning of “UN” in the word CAM DUNG YEE and “JUNG DUNG YEE”. MOTHS like BUTTERFLIES come from the same family of “Silence of the LAMbs”. BAN.k, NABi, BUTTERFLY of Ea.ting and Cat”HO”LICKING of Color of MONEY is “GREEEN” built to be about “NEEGR”O Ass Pussy “BOWELS”, for SANDRA OH.

BAN.ks is inevitably connected to COPPER PENNY and “UN” meaning

TARGET Life In Prison EVERYTHING is about ROBBING MY IDENTITY and MY ART for Psyc”HO” Sandra “OH” who thinks she is the Artist of my ARTWORK

MOTHS and BUTTERFLIES in “Silence of the LAMbs”


Alice in “WON”DER Land and PSYCHO PECORARO, JC, Jesus Christ was born when it's “COL.d” LOCK “O” Loco Chocha Psycho


very sick meaning of EAR sound of “UN”

Wang Sin “WON” is My Korean Name, Stephen Gary Garrison is my first boyfriend’s name

Tom Bir Ber BURdges gay male “DENT’ist bridges Virgo MaiDEN Constance Maria Pecoraro on Bridge”WAY”
For=D, ART and MOUTH, BLOW MIND, see Constance Pecoraro’s Email to me in 2005

Sandy Wang’s Korean name of SIN “WON”
connected to ONE Dollar Bill and George WASHINGTON
Sandy Wang’s first boyfriend of 5 year STEphen GARY Garrison

Bridges Constance Pecoraro’s Email to me in 2005, with S”LAT”E GRAY and BLOW MIND connections in “Sending A Message”
Brad GREY connection of PARAmount Studios, and JOSH WOLF connection at “PARA”LLEL Entertainment

Josh WOLF who is a regular on Chelsea Handler show Chelsea “LAT”ELY
connected to SANDRA OH on “GREYS Anatomy” HOSPITAL TV Show
Chel SEAS “FLOW”ers next to Cedars “SIN”ai Hospital

DEN connections
TAL connections
DEN and TAL with “BUTLER”, Richard “STONE” connections at Beverly Hills COURT on “BUR”TON WAY Beverly Hills

Constance Pecoraro and BURTon’s “Alice in WONDERLAND”

Psycho Pecoraro’s new “SUNNY” in 2011 and COIN SLOT and “5 x 7” connections
Y Constance Pecoraro is going to “PRISON is a GIVEN”


it’s the Upside down “V” on Lee Montgomery’s Portrait Drawing

Sandy Wang’s “Shadows in November” “V”
Lee Montgomery’s Face Cheek upside down “V”

WOLFramite and Scheelite in “TUNG”sten meaning
JOSH WOLF the Comdian on FACEBOOK and “Face Crack”


Sandy Wang’s High School pictures in 1985, C”HAIR” and WRIST Watch connections
Sandy Wang’s Portrait Drawing C”HAIR”

Constance Psycho Pecoraro’s CATHOLIC Theme OIL Artwork
Sandra OH and her “WRISTS”

STUDI STUDY “O”, Sandra OH PEPSI PUSSY in 1999, and “GRAYSON” connection to my childhood pictures in 1979 in Santa Monica
LONG BEFORE “GRAYS Anatomy” was created in 2005

PAM Mc”LAUGH” LIN connection in 2002, to “DOR” and “MAP”le Drive in 2009
meaning of Exact Numbers and Dates “TEN” Years

then SANDRA OH celebrating through “Rabbit Hole” RABBIT Is a HARE, sound of HAIR

Then creating meaning of Conspiracy of TWO = DE SERVE LIFE IN PRISON

Jim “CAR”ey and Steve “CAR”rell
lots of “CAR” for meaning of 3Arth Virgo Psycho Constance “MA”ria Pecoraro, KARMA built in
the REASON for the RAPING OF MY LIFE connected to “CARS”, it’s to avoid their own KARMA and what they built

“CJ” CARL JUNG Coined the term Synchronicity

Psycho Pecoraro on BRIDGE Way
BIRD + Virgo MAIDEN = BUR DEN forever


Jim Carrey’s new movie due out in March 2013, he is STEVE GRAY, in BURT WONDERLAND.

MOON or MUN in Korean means “DOOR”. This meaning is important connected to my writings of “ I WAL Y “ on a Architectural Drawing of my parents house Garage “DOOR” in 1982. This is why “LAW” is connected to this, connected to the name of Lee Har “COURT” Montgomery.

Through Constance Pecoraro’s Catholic theme OIL Artwork, and AIR Libra JOSH WOLF stone of Diamond and symbol of Justice Scales, they have built and created the meaning in MY Writings of I WAL Y, on my Drawing, to have meaning for them, through her Catholic Theme Oil Artwork. This is the reason why JOSH WOLF studied Com”MUN”ications in College.

This is about BURton WAY in Beverly Hills where Beverly Hills “MUN”Icpal court is. I was FRAMED and SET UP in April 2009, and the HORRIFIC RAPING OF MY LIFE is connected to Constance Pecoraro, Sandra Oh on “Grey’s Anatomy” with JOSH WOLF who is married to Bethany.

This is connected to my Watercolor painting titled “PURPLE MOON”, and my Photography page of “MOON”. My Life was RAPED, through Beverly Hills “MUN”Icpal Court in 2009, so that My Artwork can have meaning for Constance Pecoraro and SANDRA OH, the REASON why over 250 pieces of my Priceless Artwork was STOLEN in 2009 through Organized C”RIMES”.

After this Horrific Raping of my Life, Robbery of My SACRED ARTWORK, my RAV4L, and My Dog JACK, they began creating meaning for “Conspiracy of Two”. Burt “WON”derland is connected to My Korean name of SIN WON, which is connected to meaning of First president GEORGE WASHINGTON. This is why Constance Pecoraro PSYCHO wants My Korean name to have meaning for her.

BURT WONDERLAND, is about Beverly Hills COURT on BURton WAY, and Beverly Hills Police Chief is name David SNOWDEN. Ever hear of BURTON SNOWboards?. They have BUILT for BEVERLY HILLS, for My Identity, meaning of MY ARTWORK to have been DONE by SANDRA OH, as if she was My Identity, in a group conspiracy all connected to Constance Pecoraro’s Catholic theme OIL artwork created to ROB MY IDENTITIY and meaning of My First name SIGNature on my pencil drawing of Robert Guillaume from1982.

It’s about PSYCHO PECORARO “Sending A Message” or creating MEANING for MY Korean name to have meaning for her, or for Sandra OH, while planning, creating meaning, sending messages in “Conspiracy of Two”.

Li “AR” Li “AR”, Sand”RA” OH who thinks she is My First name SIGNature of “SANDY” on my drawing of ROBERT Guillaume from 1981, “OO” made with the letter “S” of my name, through Constance Pecoraro’s Jesus CHRIST “CHA”rlie’s eyes of “OO”, the reason why she is “CHRIST”ina Yang on “Grey’s Anatomy”. FORM of HC go on RIST.

N”OO”N in Korean means Eyes. NOON in Korean also means SNOW.

Jesus CHRIST was born in BETHlehem, in a MANger, on CHRISTMAS, in the WINTER, when it’s snowing.

Constance Pecoraro’s CF CHARLIES FIND “OO”, CF Correctional Facility.

Bridges Constance Pecoraro’s Email to me in 2005, with S”LAT”E GRAY and BLOW MIND connections in “Sending A Message”

Constance Pecoraro and BURTon’s “Alice in WONDERLAND”


Entry December 2013.

DISCOVERY of meaning of “ONE” the sound of “WON”.

Big “ONE” Birthday sketch of Psycho Constance Maria Pecoraro.

Psycho SANDRA OH who thinks she is My Korean name and My LEO SIGN Birthday.

Sandy Wang’s Korean middle name of Sin “WON”

Constance Pecoraro’s “ISN” t that Life? And S”NOW” board = “SIN WON”
Constance Pecoraro’s Ten”NIS” any”ONE”? and BIG “ONE” Birthday

meaning of “ONE” sound of “WON” in REAL Estate connections

Sandy Wang’s FULL Birthday numbers “8/13/69” and “SOCIAL SECURITY NUMBER” in BUSINESS Addresses

JOSH WOLF and “SIN CL “AIR” and RED RUBY connections

BARACK OBAMAS FRAUD Birth Certificate and doctor name of SIN CL “AIR” and his FRAUD Social Security Number

“AIR” PORT Court, and PORTRAI “T” Drawing H”AIR”

DUMB and DUMBER “TO” 2014

Sandy Wang's Trademark in circle of “O” at USP.”TO”

meaning of “CHA” syllable and how it's been TWISTED connected to TWISTED BERN....”ARDO” Sisters

Sandy Wang's DOG JACK STOLEN In 2009
Sandy Wang's RAV4L CAR STOLEN In 2009
7 “O” 7 Bridgeway Sausalito Psycho Constance Pecoraro
CONNIE and T “ED”S new in 2013, “TO” in GRAY SIGN
“T” ao

S “KIN” Color Car meaning


“TO” sounds like “TOO” and “TWO”.

It's spelled this way for a reason in EAR sound of words and names, as if MY TRADEMARK in a circle of “O”, at the USP.”TO” United States Patent Trademark Office, was done by Sandra “OH” because it sounds like her name.

For all two circles of “OO” from My Name, My ART, My Identity, to have meaning for and be SANDRA OH. The name “OH” in Korean Characters looks like “T O”, the name WANG in Korean “CHA”racters

“CHA” in Korean means “2” things, CAR and “TEA”. This syllable of “CHA” is extremely important in the “Raping Game”, connected to why Constance Maria Pecoraro titled her sick Oil Artwork of JESUS CHRIST “CHA”rlies Find, connected to JOSH MIC”CHA” WOLF. “CHA” in his name sounds like Mic “KA”.

Jim “CAR” rey.

Robbing of MY Father's Identity, MY CAR, MY DOG JACK, MY Priceless Artwork in 2009, through PREMEDITATED ORGANIZED C”RIMES”, so that EVERYTHING about ME can be SANDRA OH. It's called IDENTITY THEFT, ART THEFT and LIFE THEFT in a Group Conspiracy.

“TO” connected to ROBBING OF MY TRADEMARK at the USP.”TO”, for SANDRA “OH”, this is a City, State AND FEDERAL CRIME. Because it's connected to CONNIE and T “ED”s, and their ANC”HO”R Logo Symbol which looks exactly like “TO”, as if SANDRA “OH” Is MY IDENTITY and ARTIST OF MY ARTWORK, connected to Deranged VERY “SICK” PEOPLE who are in the Business of Making MONEY through REPEATED RAPING and ROBBING OF MY LIFE and ART in “LA” Los Angeles.

Circle of “O” of my powerful Trademark that fits MY INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY of “TAO” Saying I created. For MY ART and INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY to have been DONE BY SANDRA OH, as if she is MY IDENTITY, while they create and TERRORIZE MY LIFE with “CUT the O” and FINISH the LINE.

CUT the “O” and FINISH the LINE, premeditating to Rape MY LIFE, Handcuff me and Lock me in Jail, so that Sandra OH can be MY Korean name of WANG “TO TO”, My Name SIGNature on MY ARTWORK, as if this Loco Psycho CHOCHA Pussy Eating ACTRESS SANDRA OH, can be the Artist of my Artwork, built through CATHO”LICK” Theme Oil Art by Constance Maria Pecoraro in a GROUP CONSPIRACY, which is a very serious CRIME like IDENTITY THEFT.

O looks like “Q”, EAR sound of “K”ARMA built in. O Looks like a Q, CUT THE “O” and FINISH THE LINE, FORM OF HANDCUFFS that go on W”RIS” T and RIMES with Jesus CH “RIS” T, reason why SANDRA OH is “CHRIST”ina Yang on “Grey's Anatomy”, BUILT IN BY DEFAULT for SICK “OIL” Art of JESUS CHRIST. Water and Oil don't mix like these psychobitches and I don't mix.

Sandy Wang’s Parents

Sandy Wang’s childhood CHRISTMAS picture

Sandy Wang’s childhood picture with HAWAII BARREL and my Father

Sandy Wang’s Father’s Music Band “MORNING STARS”

meaning of Korean name WANG connected to GOR Y “EO” Dynasty

Sandy Wang’s GOLD CLOCK on Top of TV in the 90’s

Sandy Wang’s Leadership Training in 1997

meaning of GOLD Metal of Leo

The NUMBER * by Alex Berenson

Sandy Wang’s Untitled TOP painting on Abstract Page



Beverly Hills Det. LIGHT FOOT on “8/13/10”

“2/11/11” Arrested and Handfucked at the Beverly Hills Library

2/11/11 Morning before arrest

FOOT Hill Road

400 FOOThill the New Mercedes BENz Service Cntr

ThoMAS CHRISTopher Bridges

who should be LOCKED in PRISON

Tom Bridges lawyer ROBERT AMPARAN and TIME BOMB

407 Connections

“3OO” Connections


Beverly Hills LIBRARY

with Mother Mary Connie Pecoraro over the GOLDen GAYte Bridge to Bridgeway Sausalito

Santa Monica on OCEAN Ave Mother MARY Statue and HEART

Connie Pecoraro’s “VALENTINE’S Surprise”

GREEN Connections

Josh Mi”KA” Wolf “Make it Happen” WIFEY

ROLEX Building on “CANON Drive”

CANON Powershot

I met him at a DOG PARK in Laurel Hill, on Mulholland Drive

MATilija Ave and VENTURA Blvd

CARD on Donna Ave in San Fernando Valley

Sandra OH Psycho Actress

Pepsi Pussy ORANGE “VIBE” of Jim Morrison Album Cover picture

CHO SEUNG HUI killed exactly “32” people

William MORRIS street and UTA agency

UCLA GORDON and VIRGINIA Mac”DON”ald buildings

PHIL the LIPS SMO”KE” and LOCKS, through Philipino and Black Tiger Woods


“THANK YOU FOR SMOKING” is a movie title with KATIE HOLMES

Connie Pecoraro and KE HOLes

connected to CAPRI cigarettes and LA SPORTS Club “GYM” LOGO DESIGN

Josh Wolf and HAWAII Online

Josh Wolf EMAILS in Sept 2009


Baby Killer Pedophile RAPIST BRETT BERN who needs to be LOCKED In PRISON for LIFE

APRIL 2009 HANDCUFFS Jesus Christ the SON “4/20/09”

May 2009 Connie Pecoraro “CROW and the WOLF”

Emails sent on “4/19/09” to JOSH WOLF and GROUP Conspiracy I “FOUND” ation IT!

Pictures of my Dog JACK taken on “4/19/09”


Hit by Car “11/26/09”



MUScle Beach in Venice Beach with GYM MorriSON

GOWER Street Psycho with TWO ARMS

CHINK Owners of “GRACE” JEWelers on KINross and Glen”DON”

Fraud Documents to RAPE MY IDENTITY and MY LIFE

movies of 2010 like “TRUE GRIT”

“Dark Knight” Heathandrewledg”ER”

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