Bob Rivers Radio Show 3/28/08

Tom Bridges “Mother Father” P”EAR” B”OAT” Ass Pussy on Upper Left with Josh MIC”CHA” WOLF,
Constance Maria Pecoraro’s “CHA”rlies Find Jesus CHRIST “OO”

Tom the FAG in FOG Bridges and Robs My parents for WOLF and PECORARO

Father it’s about the meaning of HAWAIIAN BARREL on Upper Left in Sandy Wang’s childhood picture with My FATHER
Mother Sandy Wang’s childhood picture on CHRISTMAS 1981 and my dog Frenchy
Sandy Wang’s childhood pictures in SANTA MONICA 1979 and meaning MAThemathics symbol of “PI”

This VIDEO of JOSH WOLF is the REASON why my VERY valuable property was Stolen from Public Storage in July 2008 “AR” Andalores Reyes

Watch Video Josh Wolf with BASEBALL BAT on BOB Rivers Radio Show on March 28, C”ALF” and COW, Low Flying Airplane

the REASON why MADONNA was with Baseball Player Hor Dik Alex Rodriguez “AR” in 2008
same reason why CAMERON DIAZ is with Baseball Player Hor Dik Alex Rodriguez “AR” in 2011

Constance Pecoraro’s Jesus CHRIST “CHA”rlies Find “OO”
CALF and COW is about Mother and Daughter as in PECORARO and OH
C “ALF”, LEAF of Sandra OH the DaughtER

BELL Officials Arrested, creating revenue through BASEBALL GAME of Impounding Cars

for TOM BRIDGES PEA"COCK" is a BIRD, with Hor COCK Josh Wolf as Jesus Christ the SON on ROBERT"SON" Blvd

BOB “NICK” of ROBERT on Robert SON blvd and SOL U ZION I

meaning of SEA DARI SIGN EYE “OO” of CSH through Constance Pecoraro’s CATHOLIC THEME OIL ART
Constance MARIA Pecoraro’s Jesus CH “RIS” T “CHA”RLIE “OO”

Cho “CHA”rlie’s Find PEPSI PUSSY SANDRA OH “OO” Over LAP ping () PL, and “RAY Gun”

“RAY CHARLES” Cafete “RIA” inside CSH
over LAP ping OO creates () Pussy Lips and Plaza Lobby of CSH
“GRACIE ALLEN Drive” on SVB entrance into CSH
across the street at DOMI”NICKS” and JerrY’S next to Mac Y’S connected to Gre Y’S

DIRECTLY connected to tv show “GREYS ANATOMY” and meaning of Seattle “GRACE” Mercy West OIL goes on CANVAS

HOS pi TAL connections and “FUR” meaning

Josh Mic’CHA’ WOLF sound of MI”KA”
Josh Wolf who is a regular on C HEL “SEA” Handler show, who is from LivingSTON New Jersey
Sandra OH and Musician An”DREW” Feather”STON”

Rich”ARD” BACH’s Jonathan LivingSTON SEA Gull and HO BAK meaning

BOB is the “NIK” of ROBERT

NICK connections

ONE "RIST", why? Jesus C H=OO RIST has "OO" eyes
ONE Wrist connections

WATCH goes on “RIS”T, “RHYMES” with CH”RIS”T,
It all points to this SANDRA OH school name of “SIR” ROBERT BORDEN in Can”ADA”

CROWN of “ROL”ex Building
Watch me “GROW” HANDS


connected to his Perfect Match and SOL MATe SANDRA OH


Sandy Wang’s childhood picture with my FATHER and Hawaiian “BAR” rel statue
Sandy Wang on ROYal GORge BRIDGE in COLOR ado in 1998

meaning of Judges Names

Beverly Hills “BAR” ASSociation
Beverly Hills COURT

why did Beverly Hills “BAR” Association move into ROLEX BUILDIING?
connected to CHEL “SEA” COURT and El ROYAL

Psychology Today March 2009

DO the MATH, Josh Wolf says in March 2008, on Bob Rivers Radio Show, that his SON is “16” Years old. This is a LIE. JACOB WOLF was born in 1997, and in 2008 March, he turned 12 yrs old. If he was talking about an older teenager boy, it isn’t his son. Josh Wolf says that he has 3 children and his daughter’s breasts are size “D CUP” Bra, the way he talks about them in this video is creepy. Josh Wolf only has 1 biological child, son name JACOB, the other two aren’t related to him, nor are they adopted. The other 2 are the children of Josh Wolf’s ex THAI Female of JACOB WOLF’S Mother in Seattle Washington, and the CHILDREN of HER White Boyfriend’s EX Marriage.



BOB is the “NICK” name of “ROBERT”, Robert is about my BENSON DUBOIS, actor ROBERT Guillaume drawing from 1982, the reason why Sandra Oh went to Sir ROBERT Borden High School. Josh Wolf’s Identity and things he has done in his life are closely connected to Sand”RA” Oh, including the mother of his son Jacob, who’s name is TA”RA”. Sandra Oh has been wanting the “Nick” name of “SANDY” of Sandra, to have meaning for her because of this drawing I did, the reason why whenever you see the name “Nick” or “Nicholas” it’s connected to having SANDRA OH as the Artist who wants people to think she DREW the “DRA”wing because a part of her name is in it.


It’s also the reason why the name RICHARD is connected, because the “Nick” name of Richard is DICK, and backwards it’s the sound of KID, as in KIDneys, because it’s about Astrology and Air Libra Josh Wolf rules the KIDneys. The reason why Tom Cruise married NIC “LEO” KIDman. It’s about my SIGN of “LEO” and my name SIGNature on the drawing of BENSON, and SCIENtology sounds like SIGNtology. RICHARD SOUNDS like RICH ART.

My FAC from 1982 is the reason why Josh Wolf is a Comedian today, my Artwork tells the story of “Gay Male” SEX, the reason why they found a Gay Male Dentist name Tom Bridges who has the same birthday as me. Josh WOLF is about WOLFramite Scheelite as in EAR Sound of TUNGSTEN, which sounds like TONGUE. It’s about the “TH” sound made with the TONGUE, for TH “ROB”bing and “TH” Rusting, the reason why he is holding a Baseball Bat, because his Dick is Throbbing for Sandra Oh’s ASS.

Point Reyes is a beautiful coastal town in North West Marin County. It is known for their "LIGHTHOUSE". Reyes means KING in Spanish. WANG in Korean means KING.

I DON'T FUCKING SEE ANY ARTWORK OF COWS ON CONNIE PECORARO'S WEBISTE. What Josh Wolf said on this show is connected to the GRAND THEFT of my Property in Public Storage in JULY 2008. Josh Wolf and Connie Pecoraro, like Sandra OH, have been living like PARASITES, USING MY LIFE and for my ARTWORK to have meaning for them. This has been going on for many years because of my FAC from 1982, which they want Connie Pecoraro or Sandra Oh to have been the ARTIST who did the Artwork.

Josh Wolf says Calf and Cow because of the title of my Watercolor painting "POINT Reyes". POINT is about the plant POINTsettia which is a CHRISTMAS Holiday "FLOW"ering Plant. Connie Pecoraro's CatholiQ Theme is based on the childhood CHRISTMAS Picture of me and my mother and my dog Frenchy with the Pointsettia Plant and Stockings. This is why the color of my Mother's Shirt "Turn Bull" the color between Green and Blue, is very popular, same color as the Tinted Glass Windows of ROLEX Building and many buildings surroundings it, the same reason why MAESTRO'S Steak House GLASS Entrance color is the same color on Canon Drive Beverly Hills. Based on this picture, it's a GAY ASS "3" with Hanging Balls below it. Tom CHRISTopher Bridges is a Gay Male bridging TAO is the Way on Bridgeway, Anal and Oral Holes.

Josh Wolf is a BIG MEAT ASS man, Stockings on CHIMN"EY", Wif"EY", SPIT = CHIM Fuck a CHApped Cracked and Dry Pussy.


The meaning of Calf and Cow is connected to a SIGN, a street name “MOOMAT AHIKO” at the Santa Monica PIER on Ocean Avenue, a few blocks from Mother MARY Statue. Cows “MOO” MAT, MM, for Maria Mika what’s left? TAO of “O”. Catholick MAThemathics theme.

They’ve been building for many years LEFT to RIGHT, and then when I started doing my WATERcolor Artwork, they began building through Business names, street names, other people’s names, for MY Artwork to have meaning for Constance Pecoraro’s CATHOLICK theme in MAThemathics of making Money. This is all connected to my Childhood pictures in Santa Monica in 1979, for MY IDENTITY to BE SANDRA OH.

SANDY WANG’S TAO Saying goes:

TAO is the Way, Alpha and the Omega,
Sound of Vibration of the TAO is OM.

MOO AT. 3AR sound of “M”Aria and Mic”KA” in Sound of words is KARMA.

It is Sandy Wang’s TAO Saying and Registered Trademark. INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY.

3ARth Quake in JAPAN in March 2011. This RADIO Show was in March 2008. MARCH is number “3”, for Jesus Christ on page “3”. MARCH, perfect combination of the names MARia and Mic”CH”A.

REYES in Spanish means “KING”. Spanish Words “SW” are huge in this because Los Angeles has a big Hispanic population, it’s about diluting the meaning of my name initials to have meaning for something else, the same reason why Connie Pecoraro drives a green “SW” Station Wagon, same for Sandra Oh who wants the word TV “SHOW” to have meaning for her name “OH” backwards.

Josh Wolf wants my watercolor painting titled “Point Reyes” to have meaning for him, as Jesus Christ the “KING”, in CROWN of THORNEY Roses, for sucKING licKING and fucKING. He wants TOM BRIDGES to “Brid”ge the “BIRD” shape on top of the “BAR”N in my painting, for him and his Wifey Jumping on the “ROOF”. This painting with the grazing Cow of Green Gr”ASS” is in the same DIAGONAL Direction from Lower Right to the Upper Left, Lower Right on Page “3” of Connie Pecoraro’s OIL painting of Jesus Christ, to the Upper Left of Tom Bridges “Bridge in FOG”. Lower Right US Map of FLOrida to the Upper Left State of “WA”shington, the reason why Sandra Oh, who is Dr. “CRIST”ina Yang on “Grey’s Anatomy” is set in Seattle Washington “SW”. SWA is about the letters of the computer KEYS on the Upper Left.


Cow is about D"AIR"Y and my First name SIGNature on BENSON. Through this word, Connie MA"RIA" Pecoraro and Josh Miccha Wolf wants my name signature of San"DY" to have meaning for them. It's why Connie Pecoraro says she got her Art Degree at "SAN" Jose University, which is Lie. They want my name Signature on BENSON to have meaning for their CATHOLIQ Church theme, the reason why there was a BLACK JESUS at 20 Shelley Drive Mill Valley. AIR Libra Wolf and Connie ma"RIA" Pecoraro, too SOCIOPATHS who want EVERYTHING about MY LIFE to have meanig for them.

CA, CO is about CHO CHA which is Spanish for Pussy. H is the 8th letter of the alphabet and the numbers “8 8” is in WANG MONTGOMERY Portrait Drawing EYES. JOSH WOLF has been licking fucking Pussies ALL HIS LIFE, through meaning of MY ARTWORK, my FAC from 1982 and MY SAC since 2004.

The contact person at Public Storage name ANDALORES "REYES" is connected to this, and the "9/12/08" CHATSWORTH METRO TRAIN CRASH. There is a street called ANDALORES near where the crash happened. This is connected to Connie Pecoraro's "METRO". It is connected to the Grand Theft of my Property from public storage in July 2008.

Metro LINK is about Connie Pecoraro who wants to "LINK" herself to the LINKS of MY WEBSITE through the color Lavender. It’s about her being on a movie titled “METRO” as a office assistant in 1997, which is connected to MY PUBLIC STORAGE PROPERTY being Stolen in July 2008 and the CHATS WORTH “METROLINK” Train Crash on 9/12/08.

Tom Bridges “360” “9420”, Taurus the BULL, Bulls and Cows cum from the same family.

I discovered this video on the web of Josh Wolf on Bob Rivers Radio Show from March 28th, 2008, in April 2010. This was about 2 months after Heath Ledger’s death.

Josh Wolf lived in Seattle Washington because it’s about the Upper Left of “Everything”. The Upper Left of my FAC from 1982, the Upper Left in the picture of me and my father with the Ha”WA”iian Wooden Barrel Statue on top of the Liquor cabinet. The Upper Left of the drawing of Neil Diamond from the “Jazz Singer” holding a “MIKE” on the Upper Left, which is connected to my writings “KEY to my Soul”, and they want this Key to be a Jewish Dick Josh Wolf. The Upper Left of the Computer KEY letters of SWA, my name initials, because of the Signature of my name on BENSON Drawing “Sandy*”. ASSterisk, sound of the word “ass” and built in to go Left to Right. The reason why Connie Pecoraro’s Jesus Christ EYES have a Horizontal 8, “OO”, and they want the Korea Word for the number 8 in Korean “PAL” which also means the word ARM, to have meaning for MARia’s “OO” ASS.

This is why they’ve created all kinds of different meanings for the letters of “WS” or “SW”. From Station Wagon cars, to White Supremist, etc.

When I created and designed my Website in 2004, and created the Upper Left Two Links of “Home” and “Artist”, “HA”, I wan’t thinking of the HAwaiian Barrel or the

Bob is a NICK name for ROBERT. Robert is about Robert Guillaume drawing of BENSON DUBOIS with my First name Signature of “SANDY*”. Robert is also about THROBBing as in Dick, this is “THEIR” meaning. It’s connected to ROBERT SON Blvd in Beverly Hills and the Business Names on this street.

Every “FOOD” Business which serves SHish KA Bob’s is about Jo”SH” mic”CHA” KA Wolf and MEAT, Ass Meat Dick Meat Tit Meat. KA is about my First name SIGNature of “Sandy*” on Benson with Asterisk key and they want it to be the sound of “ASS”terisk. It’s why like Tom Cruise, Josh Wolf is about EAR Sound of Words in a “HER” “SHE” of THE PICTURE of me and the black girl, ASS PIMPING GAYme.

Josh Wolf is holding a Baseball Bat and wearing a Baseball CAP. It's about the Hawaiian BARrle childhood picture of me and my Father, and the picture of my Father's GOLF BAG, GOLF "rimes" with WOLF, and through TIGER WOODS, who is half black and PHILIPPINO, they want my FAC from 1982 of Gay Male sex to be about FILL the PUSSY LIPS. “Fresh Local CRAP”. It’s in MARch because it’s about CONNIE MARIA PECORARO. Josh Wolf loves his Mother Mary Maria’s Ford CAR model Ass, because his middle name is Mic”CHA” and Cha in Korean means CAR, which is about CARL JUNG, because Jung Dung in Korean means Ass. This is about the Hawaiian Wooden Barrel Statue, when you lift the Barrel, a large stick sticks up like a baseball bat which represents the Penis, if “Key is Penis, then Lock must be Vagina”. Josh Wolf, wants his “Key” to be for Connie Pecoraro, the reason why he drives a Green MINI VAN with License Plate letters “KCP”. STARBUCKS was originally started in Pi”KE” Place. The reason why the employees are called “BAR”istas. Its’ about the Upper Left of this Hawaiian BARrel.

WA in Korean means COME as in to Arrive. CUM as in Orgasm in White ASS. Sound of Formal Name of JOSH U “WA” on the Upper Left. The same reason why Sandra OH on TV show "Grey's Anatomy" is set in Seattle WASHINGTON.

Josh talks a lot about SEX on this Radio Show. Josh Wolf mentions his children, DaughtER, who is 14 and he buys her a “34D” BRA. He talks about his Son asking him how to touch a female. He talks about Spitzer paying for a Hooker. He talks about Calf and Cow. This is about STEAK and MEAT. Wolfgang Puck Fuck Porn Film, Ass MEAT, Tit MEAT, Dick MEAT. Ca LF cOW. Mother and Daughter. Mother is Mom and Mom in Korean means “Body”. Josh WOLF the “Father” loves MOMS and Young Jung Dungs, the same Young White Females he jokingly “competes” with his 17 yr old son. Josh Wolf Fucks and Licks Young White Females with Big Bowels in their late 20s and 30s. The reason why I have young white females following me all the time. Bulls and Cows Cum from the same family.

The word DaughtER is about the word “RED” going backwards. It’s about RED BLOOd cells that fills an En”GOR”ged Dick, like a piece of Steak Meat. Tom Christopher Bridges is going to bridge the ROYal “GOR”GE Brid”GE” pictures of me in Colorado with Connie Pecoraro on Brid”GE”way. This is connected to the meaning of the word RADIO, which is about PERIOD as in Menstruation, and BLOOD in PERIO”DON”tology. RADIO was a “secret code” I used for when I’d get my PERIOD, and I’d mark it on my calendar with a DOT. They want this “secret code” I told ONLY GLO”RIA” LEE, to have meaning for MA”RIA”. SPY”DER”.

“RO” is about Reproductive Organ, the Male Penis and Josh Wolf wants his engorged Dick to have meaning for Pecora”RO”. The same reason why because of the pictures of my dog JACK at Coldwater Canyon Park “CP”, they gave me “PU”blic Defen”DER” name Louis ShapiRO, who hired doctor JACK “RO”thberg. ROTH is about THRO “BB”ing engorged dick. BB. TH”RO” BBing Baseball Bat Dick for Mother Mary Connie Maria Pecoraro.

This is the same reason why I was given a “Restraining Order” by Connie Pecoraro and Tom Bridges. Tom Christopher is going to “bridge” the meaning of my FATHER”S WANGER “ROYAL” Penis, Reproductive Organ, with Hawaiian Barrel Picture, Josh Wolf and Connie Pecoraro, the T”OM” Cruise Mapother “Mother” Madonna. They want my FATHER’S Dick size to have meaning for them, while they REPEATEDLY LIE with FRAUD and REPEATEDLY ABUSED ME. Or want me to compete with Big titted and assed females, for Josh Wolf, who is playing the “role” of my father. ?!?!

It’s important to create other meanings for letters “BB”, like for the Upper Left letters of SW on the Computer Keys. BB can be Brett Bern who fucked BEVERLY Davis and ROBERTA Britting, TWO major street names in Beverly Hills. Beverly Blvd and Robertson Blvd. Both street names are about Th”ROBBING” Dicks and Cumming bevEARLY. So this is why Josh Wolf is holding a Baseball Bat, so to give the letters “BB” another meaning.

He also doesn’t have his usual B3ARD on this Radio Talk show because he wants the Upper Left of my watercolor painting titled “PURPLE MOON” to have meaning for him, as in MALIBU, Mal in Korean means to Talk and Horse, the reason why he is wearing a FOR”MAL” Tuxedo with his Wifey. If he had a B3ARD, then this painting with the number “3” in the shape of the Male Head, which also looks like the ARROW shape of a Penis Head, would mean Brett Bern’s 3AR of “63”. Josh Wolf doesn’t want to be fucked up the Anus and be bridged by Tom Bridges, 3AR “63” Taurus Bull Brett Bern. He’d rather St RO RO RO ke it.

Josh Wolf says the words “MATH CLASS” in reference to him getting “uncontrolled Hard Ons” when he was younger. MAT in Korean means to taste or to LICK. Lick “OO” CL “ASS” LiqUOr Cabinet “LC”. THIS IS CONNECTED TO THE MEANING OF CATHOLIC CHURCH THEME AND “MAT” HE MAT HICS OF “PI” SYMBOL, AND MY NAME WRITTEN IN KOREAN CHARACTERS. For Are you “PI”ous Religious and Horney to make Money

Jesus Christ “Charlie’s Find” Josh MICHA Wolf wants to “OO” Lick Connie MARIA Pecoraro’s Chocha Puta through MICHAel LAPpert’s ICE CREAM, and get a Hard On like a Baseball Bat Dick of the Hawaiian BARrel. Same reason why Sandra Oh is laying down on a MATtress, same reason why in the movie “Midnight Hour”, the name Sand”RA” “MAT”Thews name is on the tombstone with the Gray Sweater, because in this picture of me and my father with the LIQ UO R Cabinet, of him wearing a GRAY SWEATER. Because Sweater sounds like S Wetter, and “RA” is about Wolf”RA”mite Scheelite as in TONGue and TUNGsten.

The Theme and the Sound of the Words LIQ “UO” R and LICK with the Korean word and meaning of “MAT” is big. This is connected to Specific PEOPLE’S NAMES. It’s connected to BANKS and “ATM” Machines, because it’s connected to my CHARLIE Brown, SN”OO”PY DOG BANK, originally connected to the CHRIST mas picture of me and my Dog Frenchy and my Mother. Frenchy is inside my “Gap Space”, the Triangle Gap Space, the reason why Lee Montgomery’s FACE is painted in the same Triangles in the movie “Midnight Hour”.

Josh Wolf says SPECIFIC Words for a reason. It’s why any and every communication between him and I has been “monitored” and made meaning out of. I am not a SLAVE to WORDS but words are very important to them and they are OBSSESSED with it, because it’s the Way how their “MATRIX” System has been set up and built in the past 3 decades. Built Left to Right as in ABCD…Z. and Business Names built Backwards.

He is holding a Baseball Bat because he doesn’t want BOB Rivers to be about T”OM” Bridges the Fag Dentist bridges “Brett Bern” Y3AR of “63” as in GeOMeTree. O is 360 degrees. Geometry is about the SQUARE piece of wood I was riding my rubber toy on in the Video Recording, and the TRIANGLE Gap Space of my inner thighs. This is the “MAST” inside the Triangle of the Sail boat in my watercolor “Evening Light” DIAGONALLY opposite from “POINT REYES” with the Cow grazing on GREEN GR”ASS”. Same direction as Tom CHRISTopher Bridges Connie Pecoraro’s oil paintings “Bridge in Fog” on Upper Left and “Charlie’s Find” on Lower Right. fOg fAg, TAO, is the Way on BRIDGE”way”.

This was in March 2008. During the Summer of 2008, George CARLin the Comedian died. MADONNA was dating Baseball Player ALEXAN”DER” RODRIGUEZ. ALEXan”DER” Avenue is the Second Exit to get to BRidgeway Sausalito, where Catholic Theme Mother Mary Maria Connie Pecoraro lives. The reason why Josh Wolf says the word SPY”DER” and DaughtER. Josh Wolf the “Father” loves “Moms” and Young DaughtER Jung Dungs, his Baseball Bat Throbbing RED BL”OO”D filled Dick. Then Madonna began dating JESUS LUZ, a younger Josh Wolf with “BIG EYES” lookalike from far away. Josh Wolf is a LIBRA, and Jesus Luz is from BRAzil. “Charlie’s Find” “OO”.


It’s about my watercolor painting titled “POINT REYES”, “R” is the 18th letter of the alphabet, in Wang and Montgomery portrait drawing Eyes. WANG means KING, a rare Korean name but a very common Chinese name. REYES in SPANISH means KING, and in this Sex Game, it’s about licKING, sucKING and fucKING.

Josh Wolf and I had a conversation about this once at the dog park, we both knew about Jesus Luz and laughed about it. Except at that time I didn’t know about this RADIO PERIOD RED BLOOD Bob Rivers Show. Mother and Daughter, Calf and Cow. Mom and Jung Dung. It’s the reason why the email subject is titled “I FOUND it”. Jesus Crhist “Charlie’s Find” FOUND his Mother Mary Maria in Santa Monica HEART Foundation and the MADONNA LP 173 CARD. “1370”.

During the Summer of 2008, JULY 2008, I had all my Property in Public Storage in Canoga Park, be Illegally Sold and Auctioned by Crooked People who work at this facility. The representative from this company I was corresponding with about MAIL FRAUD and how and why my VERY VALUABLE PROPERTY was STOLEN, not “auctioned” as they say, was “AR” Andalores Reyes. Ma”DON”na, Baseball Bat, Alexander Rodriguez. An “DA” Lores “R” Eyes. “DA” in Korean means ALL. Lourdes Eyes. LO “R” Eyes. Lo because they don’t like “HI” because then “Charlie’s Find” would be about Tits. Mom and Young Jung Dung Daughter. Calf and Cow.

I’ve had the watercolor painting titled “Point REYES” on my Website since 2004. It has a COW GRAZING on a HILL. REYES in Spanish means “KING”. My name of WANG in Korean means KING because my father’s family lineage is of Korean Royalty, it is a very rare Korean name but a very common Chinese name. They want this word KING to be about SUC”KING” LIC”KING” and FUC”KING”. It’s the reason why LIN”DA” KING was the name of the lawyer BudgeT Car Rental hired to sue me in a Fraud Lawsuit.

Through CA "LF" and C "OW" it's about creating meaning for the name WOLF. D "AIR" Y comes from Cows and it's about the meaning of my First name SIGNature on the drawing of Benson Dubois, of black male actor Robert Guillaume of "SANDY*", the reason why Josh Wolf "AIR" Libra went to Trinity University in "SAN" ANTONIO TEXAS. The same reason why he has WIFEY, a title of a book by JU "DY" BLUME on his Myspace page. Through the HOLY TRINITY of FATHER SON and HOLY GHOST, and Connie MA"RIA" Pecoraro's CATHOLIC Theme as their "VEHICLE", to rob the meaning of my first name SIGNature and MY SIGN of LEO, through a sociopath lying fag name TOM BRIDGES who has the same birthday as me of 8/13.

“R” is the 18th Letter of a alphabet, and through this person’s name ANDALORES REYES, they want my ARTwork, Portrait Drawing “EYES” with “18” of Wang and Montgomery to have meaning for them. This is the reason why the person who “STOLE” all my PROPERTY from Public Storage was name R”EYE”S is the reason why I was locked out on 10.”18”.07, so that the EYEs in Wang Montgomery portrait drawing can have meaning for Sandra Oh of “G REY’s Anatomy” which is filmed in “NOR”thridge “HO”spital. Sandra Oh wants MY Artwork going backwards to have meaning for her.

RadiO BASEBALL BAT bl”OO”d engorged Dick has been Th “RO” “BB” ing, sucKING, licKING fucKING with “ca LF and c OW” Mom of Young Jung Dungs, as in COW in my watercolor painting “POINT REYES”, the same direction as Connie Pecoraro’s “Charlie’s Find” from Lower Right Corner to the Upper Left. Josh Wolf, “Charlie’s Find” OO EYES loves looking at MOM OF YOUNG JUNG DUNGS, the reason why Big Assed Young White Females, Half my Age follow me all the time because these are the White Pussies Josh Wolf fucks.

I think it's also connected to BOBBIE BRITTING who lives in COW HOLLOW in San Francisco, near the MARINA. She has a Horse at the Stable where I sponsored the Thoroughbred Horse for a year in 2001 when I lived in Marin County, a suburb North of San Francisco. Her name is ROBERT BRITTING, as in RB Rolex Building, her phone number had the numbers "429" in it, Repeating Numbers of "9420" Wilshire Blvd and she has a HUGE BIG "OO" OIL BLUBBER ASS and almost non existent tits. She used to work for Wells Fargo and now works for a company called TOWER GROUP. Catho"LICK" "MAT"hemathic theme of are you "PI"ous and Horney to make MONEY. LICKING ASS. HOL es.

This is known so WIDELY, that a person with email address of KILLIANGIRL890 wrote Josh Wolf “TWO” comments. O_O do you live in SC?. EYE “I” S”U”C. Un”DER” SCORE. Eye “ROC” Hard and filled with “RED” Blood. The reason why Josh Wolf’s dog’s name is ROCKY. KeY, pea”COK” FeATHER for Pe”COR”aro.

“UnderSCORE”. ORE is a “MIN”eral, but in this Sex Game, it’s about my Mother name, MOM, JUNG Dung as in Ass. Throbbing with “RED” Blood filled Dick Meat for “OO” Cum”MIN”ng. Trying to create meaning going “Backwards” with “UN” because EVERYTHING they’ve created is built based on going Left to Right. Same reason why Josh Wolf drives a “MIN”I Van and has a picture of himself mounting a “MIN”iature Horse on his Myspace page. MH. Cum”MIN”g, Mariah CARey, Ford Mustang CAR model Maria, CARL Jung Dung, Make it Happen. Making it Happen with “The Crow and the Wolf”. COW and CALF Crow Wolf.

TWO is about his TWO fingers in a picture of Josh Wolf on My Space. TWO fingers is about the “AIR”port picture of me and my “MOM” and family. Mother Mary MA”RIA”. It’s the FATHER role playing and Throbbing for Mother’s MOM, LO flying AIRplane MARIA’s Ass, because HIGH is about TITS, “Mom” body. Yes it’s about the ANATOMY and “ART”eries that supply Blood.

TWO fingers on Head because “Parallel Entertainment” in the ROLEX Building on CanON Drive, with CROWn logo is about the CHRIST mas picture of me and my MOM, and Jesus CHRIST “Charlie” wearing a CROWn of THORNS on his HEAD, with Throbbing Dick is HORNY for Mother MARia “ARM” mom, body. TWO fingers to finger her White Pussy with, the “Sex SECRETS” he won’t tell his Son. The CROW and the WOLF, Making it Happen, while I was Wrongfully Detained in Mental Health in LA County Jail, “CJ”, CARL Jung, Jesus Christ, the SON, and “All My SONS”, Th ROBB ing for Young Jung Dung. ROBBIE MONTGOMERY was the name of my Jail Cell Mate from May into June 2009.

It’s why a person with email or username of o24yeknom says CUM as you Are. Maria “ON” KEY backwards. Josh Wolf has KCP on his Green MINI VAN, and they’re trying to have the name MARIA have meaning “Going Backwards” so that “Charlie’s Find” OO can be about FuCking “OO” Mother Mary Maria’s Ass. It’s about Todd CUM”MIN”NG as in Orgasm, my Mother’s MAIDEN Name of “MIN” and the meaning of my name “WA” in Korean which means COME or to Arrive. JoshU”WA” NIR”VAN”A, in “WA”shington, CUMMING in MARIA’S ASS, En”GOR”ged with RADIO PERIOD BLOOD.

I was supporting what they built. And I was punished and WRONGFULLY JAILED for 5 months in LA County Jail because they said I was “Mentally Incompetent to Stand Trial”, as per Penal Code “1370”, repeating important numbers. Basically Mentally Incompetent to SUC “STAND” Up Comic Josh Wolf’s Dick, who’s been busy Licking and Fucking White Females MOM “body”Young Jung Dungs, Judy BL”OO”me, BLUBBER. Ca LF and C OW.

This Video of the RADIO show is a perfect example of how this SEX GAME is connected, and how they are ALL connected. Essentially, the EMAIL I sent about FOUR Ways to Say Asshole was just supporting WHAT THEY BUILT, based on MY First Artwork Collection from 1982 to have meaning for them. Supporting what they built, that they all love big COWS ASSES with BLUBBER, built to make me feel less than who I am because I don’t have enough FLESH and MEAT to GRAB on my Body in the Right Places. So Make it Happen, Leonardo Jeannie Bernardo Bev3ARly “DA”vis DA Vinci Code and Todd CUMMING Early, and Get the Fuck off me. I’m about Grabbing the “Key to my Soul”.

This is all connected to Connie Pecoraro’s Catholic Theme of Mother Mary and Jesus Christ “Charlie’s Find” in BEVERLY HILLS. The Rolex Building, Sandra Oh’s UTA Agency, are all on Wilshire Blvd, and the street names below it are CHARLEVILLE Blvd, Gregory Way, Olympic and Pico Blvd. Charleville intersects with Street names REEVES, PECK and REX”FORD” which are all connected to Connie Pecoraro FORD Mustang Car model, the Beverly Hills LIBRAry, KE”AN”atomy “U” REEVES in the MATRIX, Rix, Rex, IE, Miccha Mecca and Dave PECK which sounds like PECoraro. IT’S CONNECTED TO THE “BLOO” PILLOW Childhood Picture of me. The reason why in MATRIX, RX Med, you take a PIL.

On Charleville Blvd and Rexford, there is a SYNAGOGUE. “GOGE” in Korean means MEAT, as in STEAK. Vir”GO” on Brid”GE”way, built in to go Left to Right. A is for Ass, SYN is about the word SYNCHRONICITY, because CARl Jung coined the term and CAR madel Maria wants the Korean Word JUNG Dung and my mother’s name JUNG Ja to have meaning for her. SYN “A” Goge “U”, “E”ye, Ass MEAT “U”. This Synagogue is called NESSAH. H “ASS” Eye North. North of Beverly Hills is the “SAN”ta Monica Mountains and then SAN Fernando Valley. JEWISH Son Josh Wolf BLOO PIL “LOW” Dick for Mother Mary MARIA’S “OO” Ass.

This is why Josh Wolf loves CA “LF” and C”OW” Ass MEAT and walks his Dog in the “AM”, Morning, because he’s an AIR libra Ass Man for MARIA, likes fucking DOGgy Style with big Fat Assed COWS, and T”OM” Bridges is going to bridge his Neil Diamond Mi”KE” LIBRA Josh Wolf September “MORNING STAR” Linda GOODMAN VIBE 212 Numbers with Connie Pecoraro Virgo, Tom Bridges is going to bridge my FATHER’S Music Band “Morning Stars” and all the “GE”s on Brid”GE” Way with Connie Pecoraro, who wants to be my Mother through T”OM”ing with Tom Cruise Mapother “Mother” Mary. The reason why I was charged $500 in increments of 2,1,2 by JOSH at BUDGET Rental Car in July 2008.

I don’t know where he got the idea of “Ca LF and C OW” for meaning of Mother DaughtER, but it’s about my watercolor painting titled “POINT REYES” with a Cow grazing in the field of Green Gr”ASS”. The DIRECTION is the same as Lower Right of “Charlie’s Find” on page 3, with Tom “Bridges in Fog” Fag Upper Left of Connie Pecoraro’s website. Connie Pecoraro is T”OM” Cruise Mapother Mother Mary in Santa Monica who wants my Mother’s name and Korean Words to have meaning for her. Josh WOLF loves fucking ca”LF” and c”OW”s Big Father Mother Maria’s “Jung Dungs”.

This is CONNECTED to events which occurred to me in July 2008 where my Property at PUBLIC STORAGE was Illegally Sold, STOLEN, by a person name “RON REY” and a person name ANDALORES “REYES”. I think because of this RADIO show and things he said, Josh WOLF was busy Fucking Sucking Licking Big Assed Ca “LF”s and C”OW”s Asses. Licking the Big COWLICK of my H”AIR” = “OO” MaRIA Ass. While my life was being Terrorized and I was dealing with the heartache of my very personal and valuable property being stolen at PUBLIC STORAGE.

CALF and Cow, LFA, C Low Flying Airaplane, c = 3 3AR sound of SICK RAPING NOISE, that has stalked me for years, SICK RAPING NOISE of this SICK MOTHER FUCKING JEW, licking fucking Hor Pussies, THROUGH Meaning of MY ARTWORK and MY Parents Names.

CA “LF” C “OW” is about the Gap Space numbers of 313, CAC, the VIDEO RECORDING of the “View of my Ass” Dubbed with another females Ass. He wants him and his “WIFEY” jumping on R”OO”F pictures with same Arm Pose “Numbers” and Triangle Space to have meaning for him and his Wifey Mother Mary MARIA. Reason why CHRIS DEWOLFE was the original creator of “MYSPACE.COM”. Connie Pecoraro’s Jesus Christ “Charlie’s Find” oil painting was painted in late 90’s, long before the Video Recording of me was Dubbed with a Big Ass. “313”, Gap Space numbers are Wang Montgomery’s Birthday Numbers.

Must be the MOURNING STARS. Wif”EY”, Mariah CAR”EY”, ROCK”EY”, COR “EY” Haim. Horny for PeCOR”arrow ---- Dick Head SHAPI”RO”, FILL more PILLOW Flying AIRplane MAT licking RX PILS.

Gotta get Pussy and have a Good Fuck with Ca LF C OW big Asses, so that THE man can Perform and Talk about SEX on stage. Busy Schedule and Busy sucKING licKING and fucKING while my life was being TERRORIZED. So his Comedy CAREER can “SHOOT” like “ROCKET” full of CUM CUM CUM CUM CUM. 2007, 2008, 2009, Three years since I moved to LA, and 2 since I met Josh Wolf at the dog park. While my life has been DESTROYED and SABOTAGED.


TOM BRIDGES Calf and COWS from GOOD STOCK, solid thick Meaty LEGS and RUMP.

It’s PSYCHOLOGICALLY TWISTED the way how they’ve given these people “ROLES” of my Parents, and for my parents Identities and Names to have meaning for them. They built it, they built this SEX GAME with WORDS, and they should Make it Happen. But instead of T”OM” Bridging and Making it Happen, as in the Crow and the Wolf, they’ve been busy TERRORIZING my life.

Psychology says we marry our “mothers and fathers”. Josh Wolf, who they’ve given the role of my “father” has kids with another woman, he likes Big Assed Young Jung Dungs and my life has been fucking RAPED because they’ve created what they’ve created. Make it Fucking Happen already and GET THE FUCK OFF MY LIFE. I WANT ALL MY ARTWORK BACK, AND MY DOG JACK.

STEAK and MEAT, CALF and COW, the reason why I was Hit by a Car on SAN VINCENT and Santa Monica Blvd on 11/26/09 Thanksgiving “TurKEY” night. The Business names on this corner is American APPArel, APA in Korean means Father, next to Philly Fun “STEAK” DePOT. I have Cars and People with specific Names and License Plates following me all the time and this has been going on for many years.

This was all about my second watercolor page with paintings titled “Evening Light” with the Sailb”OAT” and “POINT REYES” with the Cow. These two paintings are about the VIDEO RECORDING of the “Gap Space” and view of my ass which was Dubbed with another female’s Big Assed Body. This is why in Psychology Today March 2009, exactly 1 year later from this Bob Rivers show, it’s about BathROBBING for the TRIANGLE Gap Space of the Legs, Drink and LICK a COW’s White Ass in a 69 SUCKING like a Vacuum Cleaner and “WA”, CUM”MIN”NG, my MOM’s “Maiden” name of “Min”. WA in Korean means to Come or to Arrive, in this context, it’s about come as in orgasm. This is what the state of “WA”shington on the Upper Left is all about, the same reason why Sandra Oh’s tv show “G”REY”s Anatomy” is set in Seattle GRACE “WA”shington because it’s about my name WANG, and through “GN” Grace Navas, Sandra Oh wants my high school St. Vincent “FER”rer to have meaning for her, in SAN “FER”nando Valley where the tv show is filmed.

The Sailboat MAS”T” is the “Rubber Toy” I was riding with all the Vaginal Fluid “FLOW”ing down. This is why he is holding a Baseball Bat, because there are TWO BIRDS on the Upper Left. SAM in Korean means the number “3” and T is for the shape of a male body with a Hard on dick, it’s why it’s “THE”, because T is a HE and it’s TAO is the Way. This was about TOM BRIDGES bridging Connie Pecoraro’s OIL painting of Jesus CHRIST “Charlie’s Find” on the Lower Right corner on page “3”, which is based on the CHRIST “MAS” picture of me and my MOM and dog, with these TWO pieces of MY ARTWORK. It’s Jesus Christ “JC” backwards as in CARL JUNG, as in Jung Dung of “MOM” body, “OO” looking for big Ca “LF” and C “OW” Ass, and Tom Bridges the “LEO” was going to bridge VR of my Wet Vagina “FLOW”ing with my fluid, with a Big HuBBIRD LARD Dubbed “OIL” Ass, with the Hawaiian Barrel “Baseball Bat” engorged with “RED” BLOOd Cells. Oil backwards sounds like Lio and “I” is for Italian. Tom Bridge LIO, with Italian LOwer body. TOM CHRISTOPHER BRIDGES is a Gay Male, who has the same birthday as me but different year.

This is why when I met Josh’s 17 yr old SON once, who was visiting from Washington, they went out to have “BREAKFAST” once. I met all his DIKS. Breakfast Table is about the piece of square WOOD I taped the rubber toy on, so that I can Ride it. TB, Tom Bridges was going to bridge the Upper Left of the state of “WA”shington, with Connie Pecoraro’s “BreakFASt Table” f”OO”d on the Lower Right, with Jesus CHRIST “MAS” the Son “Charlie”, with MY VIDEO RECORDING AND MY ARTWORK TITLED “POINT REYES” AND “EVENING LIGHT”. And Ca LF and c OW, WOLF fucking and licking White Fat Assed COWS.

This is why Josh Wolf wrote “I FOUND IT” in the email he sent to me, because it’s about “Charlie’s FIND”. It’s not my Artwork, it’s the TITLE of a oil painting of a deeply DISTURBED Psychobitch, THE REASON WHY MY LIFE HAS BEEN TERRORIZED AND REPEATEDLY PSYCHOLOGICALLY ABUSED AND RAPED.

Connie Pecoraro’s oil paintings of her CATHOLIC Theme of Mother Mary and Jesus Christ was done in late 90’s. The VR was in May 2000, and I didn’t start doing my Watercolor Artwork until 2003 into 2004 when I created my Website.

This was on March 28, 2008, the reason why the names REYES and REY, and Linda KING kept appearing throughout the Summer months. REYES. “EYES” OO. KING as in sucKing licKing and fucKing.

Steak, Meat, Hot dog, Sausage, Tom Bridges BreakfasT f”OO”ds like EGgs BENeDICK and Leo FIRE to C”OO”k it. How was it c”OO”ked? was it Poached Boiled in Water or was it Fried in a Frying Pan on a Friday. Maybe it was Slow Synchro Simmered in a Ma POT Her on a T HURsday on a stoveTOP fueld by Propane Gas like 20360 Callon Drive TOPanga stove. Maybe it was cooked on a WOLF brand stove which has become a major Kitchen Appliance brand name in recent years. Same reason why when you see the words on F”OO”D like “LOW Fat”, it’s about WOLF who likes to fuck LOW Fat Lower Body Fat. TOMatos are big in Italian Food. IDAHO POtatos, Sandra “OH” and Connie “PecorarO” must be licking pussies. This is why Roger HOUSDEN writes about the connections between FOOD and SEX.

Would metaphorizing FOOD, food names and WORDS, with SEX and People’s Names and Identities be considered a form of CANNIBALISM? Because I love eating RAW BLUE CRABS full of ORANGE ROE, marinated in brown soy sauce, with scallions and ginger, a very old traditional Korean “Ban Chan” like KIM CHI.

Tom Bridges “KIM’s ROSES”, with Korean KIM C “HI” brand names like Cosmos, with Connie Pecoraro’s oil painting titles “KOSMOS and POPPIES”.

Everything is built Left to Right and it’s about HIGH because you smoke MA “AIR” POT HER, and get HIGH, like St. Vincent “FER”rer HIGH, San “FER”nando Valley HIGH, T”OM” Cruise Mapother Mother OHIO KATie Holmes and CATholic Church Theme.

It’s why they keep pimping LOW F lying AIRplane. JeWish Josh WOLF, AIR LIBRA horny for Mother Mary Maria’s LOWer Body, with Good Ass Cleavage. LIBRA. Lower Body “i”, RA RA RA, WOLF RA RA RA mite Scheelite, LICK MAT and SUC in a 69. Sound as in 3AR, BLOO TOOTH goes on a EAR, sound of Tom Bridges bridging ORAL SEX through MOUTHS, on Bridgeway with the very COMPETENT and sEXPERIENCED Connie MARIA Pecoraro to SUC a Stand Up Comic Josh MICCHA Wolf. Penal Code “1370” T”OM” All My Sons Birthdays.

“CHA” GREEN Mini Van “KCP” = GR”ASS” is Green, and D”O”T Cum”MIN”g in Ford Mustang CAR model Connie Pecoraro’s VANna White’s White Vagina. “EAT ASS”, Earth virgo and Air libra, “EA”, GR “EAT” ASS as in Cow Eating Grass, Ca “LF” and C “OW”, Tom Bridges EATing at the Break”FAS”t Table F”OO”D “going backwards” and it’s Single Asian Female. MARIA, Married White Female, the WiFey. He “FOUND IT”, Mother Mary Maria’s Heart “3” shaped “FOUND”dation ASS in Santa Monica. GO GET IT. Studio City is the Lower Right of the Upper Left Sausalito on the CA MAP.

JJ is Ass, Laven”DER” “DaughtER” Alexan”DER” RED BL”OO”d filled Dick LICKING with TONGUE, my Lavender SAN SKRIT “OM” symbol. The reason why anytime there is the number “35” it’s about Sanskrit OM symbol, because the number 3 looks like the shape of ASS. CHRIST “MASSSS”, “SAM” in Korean is number 3. It’s why MICHAel Lappert’s Ice Cream store on Beverly Drive AddreSSSS was “153”, across the street from MICHAel’s “FLOW”ers. Beverly Drive, Birth Day, B ear D wearing Josh MICCHA WOLF, dreaming of MAT Licking EARth Virgo Connie PecoRAro Ford Mustang CAR model, DAY DREAMING as in Psychology Today March 2009,Throbbing for Licking and EATING GR”EAT” ASS is Green, and MILK is from COW like CUM, OU, WolfRAmite Scheelite.

This is the reason why Connie Pecoraro’s Second website, her first was with the GREEN Horizontal Lines, all her Female paintings have LAVEN”DER” H “AIR”. I have a COWLICK on my head H”AIR”, and MA”RIA” wants my H”AIR” to have meaning for her H= 8= “OO” Ass “backwards”. MILK is d”AIR”y, and AIR ASS Man Josh Wolf loves Day Dreaming of LICKing MARIA’s ASS, through My Hair and Watercolor Artwork. THE REASON why my life has been severely abused and terrorized, especially ever since I moved to Los Angeles in October 2006. This has been going on for YEARS.

This is why Connie Pecoraro moved her LINKS on the Upper Left, to a Horizontal RED BAR, like the Horizontal WOODen Beam in the bottom of the “POINT REYES” painting, with the Gap Space of the Video Recording of my Wet Vaginal “Water” flowing down the Rubber Toy “Evening Light” with my RED VELVET Lingerie “SANDWICHED” in between my Ass, moved her links to the Bottom of her Website, so that it can be “LINKED” to my “LAVENDER” color LINKS.

This SIMILAR Pattern happened with DAVE FETTNER in 2005, who was all about FOOD, loves drinking MILK in a BL”OO” GL”ASS”, LICKING with TONGUE and drinking CROWN ROYAL. Dave Fettner, who’s Birth Day numbers is the AddreSS of 20360 CALL “on” Drive, Topanga. Like in Psychology Today March 2009 issue.

Laven”DER”, Alexan”DER”, “DaughtER”, Spy”DER”, is all about the color RED as in red blood cells filling an engorged dick, but it’s also about the RED VELVET Lingerie which was “wedged” in between my Ass, in the VIDEO RECORDING that was dubbed. It rhymes with Wei”DER” and Schwarznegg”ER”.

This Theme of color RED to be about engorged dick goes back to NYC Arrest in April 1999, which was all connected to these SAME PEOPLE, where I was referred to a lawyer name George Le”DER”man of “CHARLES and GRAVES” Law firm, and Dr. Miles SCHNEI”DER”, with a prosecutor name Janet G”OM”EZ who wore a LAVEN”DER” blouse to the courtroom. LAVENDER is Sandra Oh’s BIBLE Color from LINDA Goodman’s Astrology “Love Signs” book. Same time Sandra Oh had her Horiztonal Earth Pepsi Pussy taken with the SQUARE on the Upper Left. Me wearing RED Lingerie, riding a rubber toy on a SQUARE piece of W”OO”D several years AFTER this, in May 2000, just happen to “FIT” and so they want MY WET VAGINA with “RED” Lingerie in between my ASS to be someone else, to be Connie Pecoraro or Sandra Oh.

Baseball Bat. B”O”B Rivers. Brett Bern 3ARth Taurus the Bull.

Tern is a Bird and rhymes with Bern and Turn. Turn Bull is a Color between Blue and Green. Cows and Bulls CUM from the same family. TOM CHRISTopher Bridges is a Gay male dentist, bridging Oral Sex through MOUTHS. When you Suc in AIR, as in Smoke Ma Pot Her, you Deep Throat BURNing Air. BR BR Breathe Air.

LOW Flying Airplane, Sound as in 3AR, of Josh Miccha WOLF and Brett Anal BERN Deep Throating in a D”O”T, O is 360 degrees as in Ge OMe TREE. T”OM” CHRISTopher Bridges the Fag Dentist Bridges TWO JEWS BUTLERS and my TIBETAN “OM” symbol MARK with Josh WOLF and Mi”KE” B LO OM BERG BIR BUR HuBBard Lard BIRDS and Brett BERN in a “69” through MOUTHS, O U symBowel of Taurus the BULL. HORNy for Syl”VAN”ia CelluLit3 BUL B symBowels. MATador, ThroBBing Bulls love to CHArge BLOOBBir RED. RadiO BLOOd En”GOR”ged St RO RO RO king Brett Bern’s Long Baseball Bat Dik. Sucking Licking Fucking KING KING LINDA KING “WA” and Cum”MIN”g.

LO Flying Airplane, sound of Brett Bern 3ARth Taurus the Bull with HORNS who loves fucking G “LO”RIA Lee, RX, AIR Ge”MIN”I, Tom Bridges BERN with B3ARD wearing WOLF, B “LO” W JOBBING, in a Leonardo Cumming Be3ARLY “DA”vis in Jeannie BERNARDO Broad Ass “DA” Vinci Code.

Tom Bridges Bur Bir BERn, TURN BULL, the Color Between BLOO and GREEN, the color of my MOM’S shirt in the CHRIST “3” picture, with Rolex Building with the CROWN of Brett Bern’s Birthday backwards “9240”, with Josh Wolf. Miccha Anal, Father Fathim, Two FAG Jews who love their MAMA, Sucking and Licking Ass “3” in a “69”.

“Charlie’s Find” CF is 36. FuCk 3AR “63”. UCLA W”EY”Burn, WOBern MASSAchusetts, WOlf and BERN in a “69” “63” Six Sex IE, 3AR SymBowel shape of “3” HuBBird Lard Ass. Tom “CHRIST”opher Bridges the fag dentist bridges, Brett Bern and Josh Wolf Anal Miccha Fucking and Ass Licking. BLUBBER JOO dy BLOO Eyes mi”KE” B lo W me.

Ca LF and C OW, Jesus Christ wearing a C”R”OW”N” of Tho”RN”s is HO”RN”y for Tom Bridges Bir Byr Bird Tern the Taurus Cellulit3 BULB Brett BE”RN” 3AR through BLOO TOOTH. Gr”ASS” is Green like Mapother, Hubbard Lard Bur Bird Burn Bern. U E. U Eye. Cows and Bulls Cum from the same family. Brett Bern, from a family of LONG LINE of LIVE STOCK DEALERS.

CROW, CLOW, ca LF and c OW. WOL. F. C. U. K.

PecorARRO Dick Head shape, L”OO”K and PO in “T” “R” Eyes, and SH”OO”T your KUM in Hubbard Lard Tom Bridges BIRD ASS. AN”DA”LORES REYES. Leonardo “DA” Vinci Code.

HEAR the Caw Caw of the Crows in MOTHERLAND.

CALF and COW is about C LFA, LOW Flying Airplane, as in AIR LIBRA Josh WOLF is a LOwer Body Big Ass Man. IT’S A SICK RAPING NOISE THAT HAS STALKED ME FOR MORE THAN A DECADE. WHERE EVER I GO IT FUCKING FOLLOWS ME, I HATE HEARING THIS SICK RAPING NOISE OF LOW FLYING AIRPLANE. COW is connected to the CHINESE CHOWS who are connected to the “TAO” and Chinese Doctor CRISTina Yang, Psycho Actress SANDRA OH, the reason why on CAMDEN Drive, next to MR Chow Chinese Restaurant, there are several other Businesses with “CHRIST” in it, and it’s about Connie Pecoraro’s Jesus CHRIST “Charlie’s Find”, Josh MIC”CHA” Wolf.

LOW Flying APRILane, sound of T”OM” Bridging April Taurus Brett BERN who is from the SOUTH, through 3AR shaped Bowels and through MOUTHS of LOWer JAW BONE, the MANdible which holds the AlcoholicKING TONGUE, WOLF BURN B LO W JOBB ing and Ass Licking. G LO Ria CAT”HER”ine LEE Rx Sx BLO OMingdales loving TWO Jewish Dicks. BULLS and COWS KUM from the same family.

Theme of Cows isn’t new, Dave Fettner played into it too, he knew who Josh Wolf was, the reason why he was wearing the “STUDIO” Shirt, because it’s about Studio City and the word SynchroniCITY, as in CARL JUNG who COINED the term. The reason why Connie Pecoraro was a Ford “CAR” model, sounds like KAR MA MARIA, and a vinCENT is a COIN like Copper Penny, is the ONLY “WORD” connection she has to Carl Jung, Korean Word mean of “Jung Dung” and my Mother’s name has no meaning for this Psycho Pecoraro Italian Lesbian who wants to “OM” with other FEMALES bodies and Identities. COPPER Penny, Air LIBRA Josh Wolf and Earth TAURUS Brett Bern, both have VENUS as their ruling planet and COPPER as their metal. Tom Christopher Bridges GAYS and LESBIANS, WOLF and BERN Deep Throating in a 69 and Meating in the ST”OM”ach, and connie MA”RIA” Pecoraro and Sand”RA” “OH” licking Pussies on the Upper Left.

PURPLE and RED “PR”, CHRIST “3” picture of me and my dog FRENCHY and my Mother. “POINT REYES”. PecorarO in T, “R” EYES. “OO” built in to go Left to Right. WOLF ra mite Scheelite, LICK MAT, Michael Lapperts Ice Cream PUSSY on a Connie like a ConiFER Tree Pubic HAIR.




BOB, "NICK" name of ROBERT, so that my First name SIGNature on the drawing of ROBERT GUILLAUME, of BENSON Dubois, 3AR sound of "ASS"terisk Key, can have meaning for him, Tom Bridges R O "BRET" BERN, 360 9420 of TOO JOOS ANAL RECTUM FUCKING Backwards, built in by Default.

FOR MY LOCK and “KEY TO MY SOUL” MY Writings from 1982 and Paintings from 2007, to have meaning for PECORAO and SANDAR OH with JOSH WOLF. Sick Socipaths who ROB other people’s LOCKS and KEYS, INTELLECTUAL and REAL PROPERTY, PRICELESS ARTWORK, don’t have Locks and Keys, they are ROTTEN AT THE CORE PUSSIES DIKS and CUNTS COCKS.

This is why LORENA BOBBITT exists. “LOR” ena “BOB” BIT. Tom Bridges I eyes of Jesus CHRIST “OO” with “ROL”ex building HOR DIK, for meaning of my First Name SIGNature of “SANDY” on My Drawing of ROBERT Guillaume “OO” is FORM of ASS BACKwards. “R” behind Rolex Building, it’s the 18th letter, 1 Dik in “OO” Ass. BOB “NIK” Name of ROBERT, AS IF SANDRA OH is My “NIK” Name SIGNature. My Name isn’t “NIK”, it’s the CODE they created to ROB the meaning of my First Name SIGNature of “SANDY”. The SAME reason why JOSH WOLF was on BOB Rivers RADIO Show in March 2008 and very HORNY for MAThemathics of making MONEY for his CALF and COW, “Mother Daughter” PECORARO and OH.

MATH MATHEmathics makes JOSH WOLF HORNY for his CALF and COW, “Mother Daughter” of CONSTANCE PECORARO and SANDRA OH. Is “4458” MAT MAT MATILIJA Avenue, JOSH WOLF’s HOUSE? = LIFE IN PRISON. For RAPING OF MY ARTWORK, MY IDENTITY, MY Korean Name and meaning of MY Parents Names.

JOSH MIC"CHA" WOLF giving his best for "HR" HOME RUN
when it's a FOUL PLAY and a STRIKE OUT
Foul Play as in PREMEDITATED Organized C”RIMES”

Sandy Wang’s ONE Headlight of Registered TRADEMAR”Q” UT the “O” and Finish the “LINE”

Sandy Wang's HOME Address in 2007
Sandy Wang’s pictures on “TREE” in Topanga 2007
Sandy Wang's "LOCK" BRO"KEN" on "4 C day B 4" FORM"OSA" of JOSH WOLF Birthday AIR libra 10/19

10. BAT and a BALL in Exact "TEN" Years of RAPING MY LIFE, and Celebrating it. "EWE" Belong Together, LIFE In the S"LAM"MER

TEN exact years in Premeditated C"RIMES" of RAPE and ROBBERY for SANDRA OH = LIFE IN PRISON
BLACK DICK NIgger Rhimes with Vedder, Bo Sucking JEWS WOLF VEDDER in TOM BURGess D "ART MOUTH"

“FORD” MUSTANG “QAR MA”del Constance Psycho Pecoraro

Home Run, for "RH" Rabbit Hole


TARGET, Driving it Home with One Headlight and Turning Around for Qut “O” and Finish Line for “OO” = LIFE in PRISON

Tom Bridges YR 72?
7 “O” 7 Bridgeway
7/20 Cancer Birthday of SANDRA OH Aud “RY”
“77” EAR of P”EAR”L Jam Eddie Vedder’s Wife Jill KRISTEN McKormick YEAR

“113 72” ZIP CODE meaning
JACOB WOLF birthday of 3/17, what’s left? “21”

GO THERE JAKOB DYLAN of “WALL FLOW ers” 1996 “One Headlight” song lyrics

Drive it Home with One Headlight

Base”BAL”, “LAB”rea x Melrose
“WE” WORK and song “BLACK”
All the way down “LAB”rea

“LAB”rea x Melrose, “RAV” and “MARQUIS” connections since 2006

CON RO “YS” FLOW ers on LA Cienigger Blvd

Reason for these Horrific “FOUL PLAY” C”RIMES”

Sandy Wang’s “RAV”4L Parked on ALDEN x LAPeer in April 2009
7 “O” 7 Sandy Wang’s RAV4L, Dog JACK, Priceless ART, ALL STOLEN in 2009 through White Collar C”RIMES”

BELL City Officials ARRESTED in “OCT”ober 2010, next to CITY of BELL FLOWER
BELL “FLOW”er playing Baseball Games in mathemathics of making Money and FRAUDING people

Baseball Field "BF" is a SQUARE
Baseball "BAT", in Tom Bridges Hawaiian "BAR"rel of Josh Wolf's 7 inch Dick in "OO" Ass Tits

Sandy Wang summing it up through MUSIC in 2015

TARGET JAKOB DYLAN "Bringing Down the Horse" with One Headlight

meaning of Josh Wolf's son JACOB WOLF birthday 3/17 numbers

TARGET Josh Wolf loves his Baseball BAT, like he loves RADIO, DARI"O", and "MATH"emathics of making Money

TARGET “RAYS” = G “RAYS” anatomy of Sandra OH over”LAP”ping PAL is ARM Ass Pussy
Very important “concept” to understand connected to my childhood pictures in 1999

Sandra OH and meaning of PEPSI PUSSY “Red Blue” for Rolex Building CHO”CHA” G”SUS” Mic”CHA” WOLF

Sandra OH and "SQUARE" of "TO ron TO" BLUE JAYS

De Long P “RAY” DE Long "P" RAY LIO TTA in Brain Washington connections


When EXACTLY this picture of JOSH MICCHA WOLF in “RAYS” UNI”FORM” taken?



FORM of what? Meaning of MY John HANCOCK name SIGNature on my art from 1981 copied, recreated and rebuilt to be ASS PUSSY through Eyes of JESUS, but this is about ROBBING MY “LION BODY” Watercolor Art of “PENIS” Shape FORM, my Second Artwork Collection from 2007.

Josh MIC”CHA” WOLF, built in by default for CHO”CHA” is PUSSY SANDRA OH, who is “CHRISTINA” YANG on “Grey’s ANATOMY”, connected to Jesus CH”RIS”T OIL ART of “CHA”RLIES FIND by Constance Maria Pecoraro. FORM of “OO” is ASS BEN ding Over”LAP”ping creates () is Pussy. OIL BURNS like “QUEST FOR FIRE”, for Catholic Theme OIL ART by Josh Wolf’s Soulmate, Partner in Crimes, CONSTANCE MARIA PECORARO.

It’s about FORM of Circles of “OO”. Robbing My John “HANCOCK” on MY ART, twisted to fit RINGS around Jesus CH “RIS” T Eyes, Rhimes with W “RIS” T, reason why My HANDS have been HANDCUFFED, all connected to this DERANGED SOCIOPATHIC HOR DICK JOSH WOLF in a Group Conspiracy of Identity Theft, Art Theft and LIFE THEFT.

Not only the ROBBERY of MY ARTWORK, but MY Father’s Royal Korean Name, to have meaning for this DERANGED SICK MOTHER FUCKING HOR DICK “CUM MIN G”, JESUS CHOCHARLIE IS HORNY FOR FORM OF ASS PUSSY TITS in MATHemathics of making Money.

meaning of Josh MIC”CHA” WOLF “A sss teris K” BACKwards, either way really

SPO rts Team. What is Sandra Oh's middle name? Patricia? SPO? Josh MIC”CHA” WOLF built in for CHO”CHA” is PUSSY, and CLI TO “RIS” through Jesus CH “RIS” T Rhimes with “ROL”ex WATCH goes on W “RIS” T.

GeseKE MiCHINOM, psycho DICK raping and Robbing My FAMILY JEWEL, KEY TO MY SOUL ART done for LEE H. MONTGOMERY.

RAYS. Sand"RA" OH of gre"YS" anatomy tv show, like Josh Wolf's biological son's mother's name, is it "TARA"? RHIMES with NARA and SA"ND"RA. If Josh Wolf’s Son JACOB WOLF’s Biological mother’s name is “TARA” and she is the SIGN of VIRGO, JOSH MICCHA WOLF is going to PRISON FOR LIFE with his VIRGO MAI”DEN” I”TAL”Ian Cunt Constance MARIA Pecoraro.

Changing meaning of "HO"me "AR"tist of UPPER LEFT of My ART Website, in Going Backwards of "RICHARDT BACH" BAKERY of HO "BAK" is Pump"KIN", of Robbing My Identity, MY ART, My Name SIGNature of "Sandy", as if it's the "NIK" Name of Sand "RA OH" Going BACKWARDS in ASS PUSSY Conspiracy. KIN KIN, on SUNNY Sunset Blvd, KEN"Q"UEST TIME MOK AGE "GA MOK" PRISON JAIL, FITSU.

Left to Right, BOTTOM ROW of My WATERCOLOR ARTWORK, My LION BODY Painting, meaning of My John "HANCOCK", My Family Jewel, being RAPED and ROBBED by JOSH MIC"CHA" WOLF as if it's his DICK, when his ENTIRE LIFE is built in by default to have meaning for CHOCHA is PUSSY in "PY"ous G"SUS" in Catholic Mathemathics of making Money for FORM U"LA", GU IL "LA" UME, FORM of ASS PC.

9/11. Constance Maria Pecoraro's Website Registration in 1998 on "11/09" of her "No Name Girl" website. 10/19 is Josh MIC"CHA" Wolf's birthday of "AIR" Libra, what's left? "O" EAR sound of Sandra "OH".

With only One Eye for sight, the Vision lacks Depth, lacks Distance.

You need “OO” Two Eyes for “20/20” CLEAR VISION.

So the PITCHER will become the BATTER. P is "ITCHING" of a Hor Dick for a Pussy Hole is a "O".

CC LL "Q"UT 1 O 4 OO. When you cut O you get CC, when you cut a Square, you get LL. SIN "CL CL" AIR AIR, MA"RIA" GLO"RIA" Conspiracy of T "OO" of SANDRA OH, CAM Dung Yee, Jung Dung Yee, CLI "TO RIS" PC Licking SHOE SHOW of Greys Anatomy when you have BLACK Niggers in WHITE HOUSE, NIGGER RHIMES with EDDIE VEDDER and TRANSGENDER. QUT the O, TUQ IT IN Pearl JAMie HAMie PAMie GUM B. GOL..........d REAL "D" ART MOUTH" Pedophile Mother Fucking CHICA go "ILLI NOIS" RAPING NIGGER JEWS.

HOME RUN. "HR". It's about the word and name of "HARPER". HR, what's left ? "RAPE".

Rabbit Hole, Tao of TORAH of making Money, in raping My Life and My ART for Sand"RA OH", as if she was My Identity and Artist of my Artwork.

How Narcissistic of WOLF like NIGGER RHIMES with VEDDER, in Robbing My Family Jewel, My Watercolor Art, RAPING OF MY DOG JACK connected to BLACK COLOR S"KIN" NIGGERS for SANDRA OH, to think that My Art, My Father's Family Jewel meaning, KEY TO "MY SOUL", has meaning for them, when HEATH ANDREW LEDGER died connected to their RAPING OF MY LIFE and MY ART.

H"AIR" EAR sound of "HARE" is a RABBIT. AL"IC"E in Wonderland, ICE is "COL.....d' like Jesus CHRIST was born in a MANger in December in BETH LE "HEM" in the "COL......d'. Everything "THEY" built FITS Them because it came from them.

ONE HEAD light.

It's Sandy Wang's ONE Line drawing inside circle of "O".

It's Sandy Wang's "HEAD".

HOME RUN, Silly RAB bit, TRICKS are for "KIDS".

"AIR" LIBRA ry rules "KID" Nee YS, in robbing My Trade"MARQ" registered in 2007 and My Portrait HEAD from 2006, for SANDRA OH in Gre "YS" anatomy, that "FIT" this SONG from 1996 PERFECTLY. It's why it's really important for you to understand and see "RAV" and "MARQUIS" on "LAB"rea x Melrose, "BAL" Backwards.

QUT 1 O 4 OO. 41O is VIBE of WOLF OH, built througout the ENTIRE WORLD, which is in a PER"IL", because Sandra "OH" isn't my Identity or the Artist of my Artwork or my John HANCOCK, and Josh "WOLF" is Constance Maria Pecoraro's Sick Jew "JESUS CHARLIE" OIL ART in OIL BURNS.

WON Sandy Wang's Korean name of "WON"
O Sandy Wang's "ONE" Line Drawing inside circle of "O"
HEAD Sandy Wang's H"AIR" in 1984 and in 2006, meaning of OG "DEN" and COLE.gate

It wasn’t Home Run, it was FOUL PLAY, as in a Crime Scene


April 2009, Sandy Wang’s RAV4L parked on AL”DEN” Drive and LAPEER, Facing CEDARS SINAI Hospital

Sandy Wang's "RAV" 4 L stolen in 2009 through White Collar CRIMES

CHA is CAR in Korean, “CHA”rlies Find, “R.A.Y” CHARLES Cafeteria at CSH

RAY CHA rles Cafeteria in CSHOSPITAL

Sandy Wang's "RAV" 4 L stolen in 2009 through White Collar CRIMES
HOME RUN on "LAB"rea x Melrose "RAV" and "MARQ"uis connections

It's a Group Conspiracy of IDENTITY THEFT, ART THEFT, LIFE THEFT, spanning 3 Decades,
Reason why they are going to LIFE IN PRISON

Constance Maria Pecoraro and AL"ICE" in Wonderland
"RH" Rosewood x Huntley Rabbit Holes of "O" and "O"
Constance Maria Pecoraro new website and picture of WHITE CUNT and "TREEES" "RH"

STILL AL"LICE" with Julianne MOORE

4 who? 4 what? 4 "OO". FORM OF HANDCUFFS go on W "RIS" T and SHOE SHOW NDA "RHIMES" with Jesus CH"RIS"T, then you get "LOCK" ed in PriS "OH" N.

RABBI is a Jewish Priest, "RAV" MARQUIS on "LAB"rea = LIFE IN PRISON TIME
Jewish Journal "CHA"INS on WRIST connections of "CP CP" of WOLF and Sandra OH conspiracy in 2013

CHA rlies Find Jesus was a Jew "OO" Oil painting by Constance Maria Pecoraro

WHO ear sound HOO “RAY” HENRYS, new in 2012 to CELEBRATE the RAPING OF MY LIFE in 2009
on OS of CS Hospital

H= 8 or horizontal number “OO”, Jesus CH “RIS”T Rhimes with HANDCUFFS that go on W “RIS” T

NEK HEN is another word for Chic”KEN” like a “ROO”ster, and you BOSUC through the “NECK”
JA C”O”B JA”COB” LA J olla Drive it Home with ONE Headlight in Robbing MY TRADEMAR”Q”

through Connie and T”ED”S new in 2013
Constance “MARIA” Pecoraro “CUT” O” and LIFE IN PRISON for Eternity “OO” for OIL BURNS

CHA rlie Taylor of SIERRA LEONE sentenced to 50 Years in Prison

RAYS. Like G “RAYS” ANATOMY of SANDRA OH Ass Pussy Form.

Understand meaning of SANDRA OH and her 1999 PEPSI PUSSY “GRAYS”ON Connections in Robbing My Childhood picture from 1979 in Santa Monica. This CONCEPT is very important to understand, and if don’t understand this, you won’t understand anything else on my Whats the Connection pages. Everything about JOSH MIC”CHA” WOLF’s LIFE is built to RAPE MY LIFE and ROB MY IDENTITY and ART for SANDRA OH. THEY BOTH MUST BE LOCKED IN PRISON FOR LIFE with CONSTANCE MARIA PECORARO, there isnt’ any compromising of this.

SANDRA OH PEPSI PUSSY in 1999 and “GRAY”SON connections to 1979

I wrote above that my “RAV”4L was parked on Alden Drive in April 2009 and it was facing CEDARS SINAI Hospital, which is DIRECTLY connected to Tv Hospital Show “Grey’s Anatomy”.



Constance PSYCHO Pecoraro, VirGO Mai”DEN” I”TAL”ian CUNT, Oil Art of CHARLIES FIND: "CHA" rlie and "CAR"ol GASKO Will Meet You in the "GA RAGE" on OS Other Side of LIFE, is "DEATH" as in LIFE IN PRI"SOHN", PENI"TEN"IARY.

as if Sandra OH is My Portrait Drawing, ARTIST of My Watercolor Art, My "SP" Self Portrait through "PS"

PERSHING SQUARE downtown Los Angeles
PIT...CHO....UN, "BO"U.LANGERIE = CHOCHA is Pussy in Spanish, BOge is Pussy and "UNG DUNG" is Ass in Korean

SQUARE "ROOT" "ROOF" in "FT" FETUS, FEETUS, FEEDUS, in MATHemathics of making Money


See Josh Wolf video on BOB RIVERS, he loves his "Calf and Cow" and MATH makes him HORNY

WOLF connections since 1981 = DON is Money in Korean
WOLF of WALL STREET in Real Life



TARGET PH Paul Hastings "5 O 5" WOLF Fucking Licking OH, on "FLOW"er x "HO"pe
PH Palm of Hands 5 5 = 10 TEN PH Palm of Hands of Sandra OH and VOYA Payroll connections, = LIFE IN PRISON TIME



CHARLIES FIND "OO" C"HO"CHA rles "DUNN", "DON" is Money = "O.U"


Rabbit Hole with Sand "RA OH" in 2010 "O.U"
"YANG" and "WANG" in Korean Characters, rearranged to FIT Sandra OH in TILT YOUR HEAD, "O.U" YANG
connected to Thousands of CHINK PUSSIES name "YANG" or "WANG" in Robbing MY IDENTITY and ART for making $$

TREEEE NIDAD Dy, PATREEECIA? they're going to EAT MY SHIT, when things are "SQUARED AWAY"

GO THERE PERSHING SQUARE Park in Downtown 6th - 7th Street, between OLIVE x GRAND

Downtown Los Angeles


David Sexton's book published in 2001


Go exactly where I say to go, or you'll get lost

GO THERE Page "115" HANGING PALMS and "OWL"et MOTH in same sentence as "PILCHER" isn't random

Pay Attention

Sandra Oh "SO" and "HANG" MAN

UN DER Score, "NEW" Backwards

UN "HANG" is BAN....k in Korean


“HR” HANNIBAL “RIS”ing published December 2006, and in June 2007

QUT 1 O 4 OO, FORM of HANDCUFFS go on W “RIS” T and RHIMES with CH “RIS” T



WOOD DECK in TOPANGA, Sandy Wang’s address in 2007






PALM of HANDS and CLITO”RIS” Eating SANDRA OH Life in Prison T.I.M.E.


TIME is the ECHO of an AXE within a WOOD

2001 WATER Sandy Wang’s Dubbed secretly taped X rated Video Recording and WOOD BOARD in 2001 = RAPE
2004 WATER Sandy Wang’s “Exhibit A” watercolor artwork 2004 WOOD Board on Pick Up Truck
2007 WATER Sandy Wang’s Trade”MARQ” in circle of “O”

KEN is “NEK” backwards for PRISON or JAIL “JP” Pearl JAM Rhimes with HAM and PAM


EAR sound

Q “WEST” T……I….M……E

meaning of W.E.S……T EAR sound T “SO” Sandra Oh name

TREE, WOOD PAPER what is Sandra Oh’s middle name? PA”TREEE”SHA? SPO? = LIFE IN PRISON ASAP

T “REE” , EAR sound of names and words


Sandy Wang’s Childhood CHRISTMAS picture POINTsettia and Stockings

Sandy Wang’s watercolor painting titled “POINT REYES” with Cow

WANG written in Korean Characters

CatholiQ Theme of MAT He MAThics "PI"ous and Horney to make Money

Sandy Wang’s Derivative of the Tibetan OM symbol USPTO Midge BUTLER

Sandy Wang’s 1998 pictures, ROYally En”GOR”ged BLOO BL”OO”D ROYAL GORGE BRIDGE

MATilija Avenue and “TT” Gate of UN HANGing ASS shape


Dave Wardlaw Fettner loves COWS and MILK

scroll all the way down to SIGN of “MOOMAT AHIKO”

EARTHQuake in Japan MARCH 2011

MARIA “SH” RIVER and her childrens NAMES

Tom Bridges RADIO “RED” BL”OO”D and “RO RO RO”

Tom Bridges is a lying sociopath

Psychology Today March 2009 MILK DAIRY

WOLFramite Scheelite

Making it Happen with STOCKING Wearing Mother Maria Whores

Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes NAPA VACY in APRIL 2008

Marin County suburb of San Francisco

MICHA el and Eva CHOW

Beverly Hills Businesses

Beverly Drive and Beverwill

BOB is NICK name of ROBERT SON Blvd x Beverly Blvd


Connie Pecoraro "METRO" and METRO LINK CHATSWORTH Train Crash 9/12/08

Beverly Hills LIBRA ry

Public Storage Grand Theft and the name RONJ “REY” @

LINDA KING of Budget Rental Car


Miccha Mecca IE


GREEN TEA House Chinese Restaurant on POINTSETTIA and SUNSET Blvd

Arnold Schwarzenegger and Joe Weider March/April 2009

Hit by Car on 11/26/09 “CIT”I Eye “OO” on WOLFgang Red “7” inch HOR DICK Jesus CHRIST and TH “RUS”ty’s Pizza DOUGH D”AIR” Y AIR Derriere

Hit by Car Documents SPECIFIC Names and SPECIFIC Car License Plates

Psycho Pecoraro Facebook LAVENDER May 2010

Throbbing RED BL”OO”D for “ARM” “PAL” Mother Mary MARia

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